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Honday Eveiainif.Oet. II.
Col. MEiMiL'a Vebacitt. We have but
iittlo additional room to devote to this gen
tleman, and must consequently be brief.
He admitted, that Gen. Scott had come out
in favor of an extension of the naturaliza
tion laws, but claimed that he was not in
earnest, became he had hunj tip Reilly and
other deserters in Mexiro. In the first placo
Z. Si M. Road. We learn that the Zanes
ville and Maysville Road was purchased, on
Saturday ltat, for the Creditors. Several
conditions remain yet to be complied with.
but we have hopes that satisfactory arrange
Tuesday Evening, Oct. 1. 185.
Ot.. Scott im Mexico.
There are few American patriots, what,
ever be their party predictions, whose hearts
will not swell wiuim mei. """ - r
A Pai or Demagogues. There was a
L.nrt limn im. when we really sympa
thized with our fellow-townsman, Col Me- j Reil!y was not hung but branded and drum
dill. Knowing as we did that Dr. Olds ed out or camp, for the martial codo did not
possessed more talent and cunning than he, permit of his execution, and all of them re
and at the same time thinking him more un- cieved a fir and impartial trial, which Col.
scrupulous, we considered thnt Col. Medill Medill tried indirectly to deny , and the sen-
had been overreached by him, and w'len he
atln his office, on the evening after the e- the Commander-in-chief. I not tins a ricn violating the provisions of the act ot con
election of 1843,'and rroked the picture of argument! Should a naturalized citizen be grc8!,, wh'n h requires them t blow off steam
misery and despair, we felt for hiin and com- j tried and convicted for some crime.and Judge j st the landings or other stoppages of the
missprated with him. But wc were young Whitman should pass sentence upon him, boat, and also tint they find most con.
iho practice 01
menu can be made between all the creditors. ruMl of tbe ,ui,'oined article. For our
sothat the sole will be confirmed, and the i ... era to confess that there is
road completed between Zanesville nd j more than one passage of it which moved
lour feelings in more than one way.
mortified and ashamed that he should have
received such treatment. The whole mat
ter of the court as every one knows, proved
to be a magmificent farce, and finally drop
ped as if the only object of its instigators
had been to degrade Scott upon the very
thetter of his glorious renown..
And now the scene changes again. '
On the morning of the 23d of April it be
came known to some few that Gen. Scott
was about to leave the capital of Mexico for
w .,... n..,.. Tu.n.i!..,.fV1.l fThe follnwi
.nt '"' - ; - I General Scott
York city bus inailo a presentment in wn.cn .. .
thev stute that tho steamboat navigating Mr Warland. now the editor of the Lowell i '",
who served m ine Mexican cam-, , . - gmril-stirrin sounds of
paign. It appearea in .n paper on me an- o he chief ,e commanding form
niversury 01 mu uy.j
From the National Intelligencer.
Letter from MnJ. Jack Downing.
Dowrirqsvillr, Stats or Mairi,
Saturday, September 18, 1853. --
Ma. Gales &8eato-. My dear friends,
I wish I had better newa to write to you.
I'm pesky afraid Gineral Scott is coming in.
And, arter all, I don't see why I should feel
so much afraid of it, especially on my own
account, for I don't apose he's a very bad
man. But I leel ban lor uncle Joshua. His
his home. In the evening of that day a large f whoe neBrt , bound up In tho post-office,
i . I ri asaenioinco oi u menu.
mg excellent descnpt.o n of, d , f tof hit
t's entr.nce in the city of Mrlic0,y ua(k. him
' the ffn La 7.W ! ! rr...d serenade Several vc
asaemblnge of the friends of the gallant
isquarters id inn
m farewell by a
very appropriate
l ' ! - . uln.A i 1 . nrl and at t hrt
. r .t. , r-.... Kt .1 ...i nnnrntffwl Sv i.L. V .l .1.. .....Iinl hat.it of I Inurmnl u-hn aprVAll Intha Mexican Cam- I . . . -. ..::.. ....A t
truce m in c iuui . in., , . ri - j me A ijriii nvt-r are in uiu mu.-. . ..... , .. - ---
then and had some confidence in the mo-M the Judge, according to Medill, must be set
rcssioas of himself and of his friends
That was several years ago and events since j
then have changed the wholo aspect of
Jthings. We now look upon the contest for
power between these men with perfect in
difference. When we saw them last winter
struggling for Congressional districts, we
didn't care which whipped. It was imma
terial xo us whether Fairfield or Pickaway
were joined or not. When wc saw them
arrayed against each other upon the Presi
dential candidates, we cared little whether
Ohio's tall young Senator or the Iittlo Giant
.prevailed, and when both were lost and the
New Hampshire Militia General was nomi
nated, we have looked with perfect compo
sure upon the efforts of these two individu
als in their strife' to gain his confidence by
misrepresentation, falsehood and blackguard
ism aimed at their political opponents. It.
has been an equal contest so far, Medill
making up in positive falsehood, for what
Dr. Olds gains in cunning nd shrewdness.
The former has had one advantsgo, having
the privilege of stumping the State, while
Dr. Olds has necessarily been confined to
hit own District, and yet this has been in part
compensated for, as the latter hud the priv
ilege of commencing his work of detraction
and vituperation in the Hall of the House of
Representatives. They arc truly a brace of
worthy Demagogues, and we doubt whether,
outside of the city of New York where Capt.
down as an enemy of naturalized citizens.
Is Dr. Olds capable of making a more miser
able argument than this! And who is a
greater enemy of naturaliz-d citizens than
he who would thus attempt to impose upon
their good sensel ' -.
Col. Medill stated that the $53,000,000 ap
propriated to tho expenses of the present
Administration during one year, did notem
bruce items which grew out of Polk's Ad
.;;u.mt!,.n. This has been so often re
clusive eviihnce that
rrini? in the various forms of racing a
,infrivnl Imats. mcins against the mil
road, and racing against tim
General &-oU'$ triumphant entry h.to the City
of Mexico J a Conqueror his departure
from it at a Prisoner.
Five years ago this morning Gen.- Scott,
at the head of his brilliant staff, made his
has been of I triumphant entry into tne ancieni capuoi 01
Ltevev gen constant with .,ny the Aztec. He had already ordered up
I . 7 .5 . v ,i. rwr np.idP. the im- I portion of the troop to the Grand Plaza, and
mediate and lerriblo dangers ot explosion
and fire to which this recklets and profligate
practice directly leads, the grand jury con
BiHer the ureal hnrrv at lauding as involv
es, at a little after nine o clock, lie rode up
from the western garita among them, in lull
nniform, and mounted on his splendid charg
er, the spectacle was one of deep and thril-
7 " :. .:.i..i.i.. -i i.. lif.. iin.llimh. lina interestto every American, inestsrs
llltT lin I LWIIIUI.iuimi , v a
. .. i i V. I....I a ii,;. s. and Btrinos floated to ino Dreeze rrom me
h" VZ nuioirgTve:;;:;:;,.; of , s p.i.. The M mm
reat macnitude. Cose not unfrenuently , ed magmflcently tip on one side of the square,
. i- . r ., , , i i: ami tri.m thA haii-unips ni tne oia iortez eu-
futed and the item, have been so frequency occur ot P"" Mexican
any rcgaru . i t i were seen to wave their white band-
11 3 U 1 1 ur.lllllii'H'ii . vaui. " . . . . . .
published, that no man who has i
and if he should lose it, I'm afraid It would
almost be the death of him. He's had it
now moro than twenty years, and he's more
fond of it because It was given to him by
dear old Gineral Jackson. He loves U now
like one of hisown family, audi think it
u.Aiil.l ha lha ti . a.1nst nnanf thfl fnmilw In
of the general was seen to come to the front part with, unleBsitis Aunt Keziah. If he
or the balcony, from whence he bowed his wer. t0 jog0 ,ry one of 'em, that is Aunt
thanks, ailently, it is true, but the feelings I Kelian or the post-oflice, I know it would
of many a bounding and warm heart re- j break his heart. And that's what makes
BnMtiituH. and three loud and hearty chcors
fool an linil at ttiA turn tltinoi( ll.lfl took
were given for General Scott, as he disap- down this way in favor of Ginnrul Scott, If
Beared from the window. - lnnv way could be contrived to keep Uncle
The next morning there was an anecting j03hua j,, the post-oflice, I wouldn't care a
scene in front ot Ins qua-iers, as "o i . nan if Gineral Scott did come in. And I
out to start upon bis journey to Vera Cruz.
The Rifle Guard was drawn up to receive
him and as he passed they presented arms to
their beloved commander for the last time,
and shed tears like children; and so affect
ed was the old Hero that he could hsrdly
get into bis carriage. Officers and men
crowded around him, a nd ase was too much
overcome to receive them all, those who had
t "But, may be, Uncle Joahua," says I, "the
Whigs havn't trained as much aa vnu think
for, after all. It looks bad in the Legisla
ture, I see, but may be all owing to the rum
business, as you say about the Governor."
"No, no, it Un't that," said Uncle Josh
ua with heavy sigh; "you may depend up
on it the State has got a Whig drift. The
Congressmeu tells the story, and there the
rum business has nothing to do with it. In
ino iasi congress we have Ave Democratic
Representatives, and the Democrats have
made out to elect three and the Whigs three.
It's jest an even balance, and a few more of
them foolish hurrahs for General Scott will
tip the State again us."
"Well, we must stir round," says I, "and
try to stop this hurrah business, and may
be we can save the State yet. If Demo
crats can't hurrah for Pierce they mustn't
he allowed to hurrah for nobody. But, af
ter all, Uncle, suppose we should lose this
State, the nation is safe for the Democracy;
You must remember we have Urge major
ity of the States, snd nigh two-thirds of
tlie members of the laat Congress."
"Well," says he, "that don't pfoVa
whether we shall have two-thirds or one-
third in the next Congress. If the States
.i l r . i . p
Cliess mere is Biroou ueai oi me same son oi - - , ; v..a -
? .. . . I . I I fTl, nn thnt) k.v. kaniil, tt ...Ml 1,. kmII.
feelin' amongst a gooa many oi me vemoc- e- 7,7' 7- j "nn. T F '
a samDle or It. iiifiuu, nwri ouiy uiree
' . . k l i -. i . i T -
rnrv. I'll nisi trive you
There's Cousin Hurgeant Joel, ne can't
live withouthurrahing for somebody as much
as two or three times a day. He got in a
habit of it in old Hickory's time, and he
couldn't never leave it off since. Two or
three weeks ago Uncle Joshua and I was in
cure a vic tory in the through trip. They al- kerchiefs and emblems of peace, and silent
. 3 . r nA, , ..ni... c., f.w,.. r.,,miKp.ilviiiirinr r.nn.
I .. 3 . r .... r ' nalilinn,.., fur fnvi.r frnm Ihp ariviinrinff COn
sn mil attention to tne necessuyoi more - -
orovidint? asrainst accidents
for his own reputation would repeat
Th. .nnnknr r.rtrntinl the choree of Dr. curcfullv
..-m. n :.. ..ntu.itlitaiid. ibv fires. and for better discipline
uia.-p.n. a .-. " - I, tilC officer, of boats by providing
ing the committee of his own party have ' re th,m.,tl hlllSpa .ot,atin cases of alarm
ported hiin blameless; and what he sa.ul of ; (jC passoei,ri, mliy ,e able to recognize said
Secretary Orawlord, no co muc w
party, as that individual, finding that the
Whigs did not endorse his conduct, is now
acting under the flag of Pierce and King.
But after all, the greatest presumption
upon the intelligence of hi" audience, was
the statement that the 43,000 which Imd i-gom it , im...... w...... - " ch lu, c uned here ,nt there, all dis-
. ... , ... r .i. ,i;u.r:i,..t;n ne.:iinen of the wnv ho "troes it," which .' '.'J . . j , i. r.t.
fallen lO mis couniy irvm wm I".....'.. i . ciunie lor iiiu iiiuuicni. .cemvu
of the proceeds of the public lauds, had gone wouu. lean to me m pres.. ... -
1 . . ' , j ier iiian's idea of "going it" are of the mo -
into the old Lancaster Bank and was entire- trnte g rt Tiu fcocog undertook to
Iv lost to the county. The fact is, the crmn- , meetiii'f on September 10th, at
ty has obtained every dollar of the fund I Vincennes, Indiann. Hon. John Pettit was
i. i t .i r nt ,tn mi, tlw, I ,1'iit for to make a speech, and ci me. The
oacK, niiu oy ..cm u. .... ...,.: ,n ,,,,1 ,h Chair.
wi me t.ouri liouou.
officers. In conclusion they call upon the
prosecuting attorney to punish every viola
tion of the law in relation to steam naviga
tion. The Way Piebce' GoesIt" ih Indiaha
queror, beneath the pillars oi me oazaar,
and under the shadow of the Cathedral,
might be seen grim Mexicans, scowling from
their scrapes and beneath their broad som
breros wonder-struck at the Idea of their
beautiful eapitol of 250,000 souls having
thus suddenly fallen into the hands ot less
than 8,000 American troops.
As the General rode through tho Grand
Plaza, amid the Yankee bluejackets drawn
up in perfect order on either side, and the
Tl,t H,ifT:.l,i rmir'u-r savs that Pierce is heavy cannon, whose thunders Out the uoy
..:.. i l.i;.. will, n r.,l.hertf's a I before were heard will such fearful effectat
t n bv the eallant soldiers,
" .
They loved their chiel to adoration, i ney
had been with hlnj in his perilous march from
Vera Cruz, and hnd followed hiin into tho
blaze of every victorious battle field, and
now on this morning to see him triuinpbont
farms and lots for more than the
Rynders and Mike Walsh ploy their different ie(jthem for the property, li'any one dou'.ts ire8fn,v Mr. Pettit arose, mounted the
games, any other State can boast of such a !,e statement, let him consult Esq. McVeigh : Judges bench and with an indignant uir
pair. I wl,0 was auditor at the time of tho transfer, viewed (he auditory and exclaimed:
Whatever may be their hope, and fears, But who manttgcd the fundi Who placed it j
however now they may work together in j the Bank! Was it the higs! No, sir, ; . . tljB aujit.,.e, 1 do not feel
harness after their protracted personal War, ! ;t has been controlled by the Lucoforo pir-1 ltt jiK.riy to waste time und breath (and by
it is hard to toll which possesses an advon
tage over the other, and tho outsider may
look in vain for the difference. Neck and
jieck, without a perceptible space between
them, tbey are both pulling lustily to their
place of destination. And yet they maybe
disappointed. Ambition, when springing
from selfish, not from puro motives, frequent
ly overreaches itself, and he who has look
ed forward with confidence to place, power
and spoils, is disappointed In his aspirations,
and sinks into the gulf of disappointment,
covered withlufamy and disgrace. Success
sometimes will cover a multltuJe of sins
but he who places his all upon the hazard of
the die and loses, finds himself irretrievably
ruined. So with the dishonest politician.
When the future looks gloomy; when losses
ty and had there been any loss, that party j
would have been responsible Tor it. And
what has become of tills fund and othor
money) This we will show in a future num
sivero exertion probably couso hemorrhage
of the lungs) in addressing this meager as
semblage this evening. If the people do
not feel any more interest in the success
and prosperity of the principles of the ereot
bcr, and it will bo seen that Col. Medill has ; democratic party, and the election of Pierce
....ndmniiv hundred do ar ecs. biiii rving, i am not u 8u..ik vu i.uu....
The Col. stated further that, of the three !
ways proposed to dispose of the public lands,
he was in favor of giving tlicm to the house
lees and homeless. By this, we infer that
ho wished to make the audience believe that
he was a friend of the poor man! Who will
believe him1 Not the poor of his own par
ty. Wo might call up evidence to expose
the shallow pretension, but will not unless
we are forced into it by a denial. Homo
men may bo very liberal in disposing of the
oronerty of the people, but to judged their
upon every side turn his hope Into despair, liberality, you must find out how they die-
and in that unfortunate moment he surpas
ses himself in the work of villification and
detraction by attempting to blacken and de
stroy the character of men whose hold upon
the affections of the people has been
strengthened by forty years of patriotic de
votion and successful services to the coun
try, he only hastens his own destiny, for in
the defeat of his aims, he falls never to rise
again. Over his prostrate form, younger
men who have done his bidding and labored
for his elevation, having no more hope thro' ',
him, keep him down and work thereafter for
themselves. While he had power and influ
ence, they were willing to sacrifice their
personal respect by playing the sycophant,
but that power and influence having depart
ed, they are Iho first to trnmplo upon the
rums of the disappointed demagogno.
Dr. Olds, by means ot bis position in Con
gress, attempts to throw doubt over the
character of one of the members of Mr.
Fillmore's Administration. A party com
mittee is appointed to examine the charges,
and by the request of tho accused himself,
have K'ave tojrtt during the recess of Con
gress. The charges are scattered fur and
wide over the country, and upon tho eve of
the election, this committee concludes to
publish the result of their deliberations too
late to reach many points, while where it
does reach, men are found, who worse
than tho accuser, would attempt to throw
doubt over tho correctness of tho telegraph
ic despatch and still persist In defaming the
accused, whoso ' Jnnocenoo Is testified to by
members of the Locofocs party and sustain
ed by a I.ocofoco committee In violation of
truth and justice, tho charge was originally
made. Tha author merits the contempt of
every honest man In the country; but what
shall be said of him, who, knowing that the
accuser is one olthc mist profligate and cor
rupt politicians in the world, not only lends
his aid in propagating the foul chargo thro'
out Uie State, but even insists upon continu
ing his work of defuination, ufter a r.omniit-
poseot ttieir own.
Col. Medill had a great deal to say of the
allowances made to Gen. Saott for his dis
tinguished services. Well what of it!
Gen. Scott has been paid the usual salary
and allowances for forty years of puublic cr
vice, and that it has all been well earned, is
sufficiently made manifest by almost every
pagolnthe country's history. But how is
it with him who made tho charge! Ho has
been in public life, with a slight intermis
sion, for the last ejghteen years, and altho'
not the happiness of shaking him by the the barn) planning a little about getting out
lmml wirei'lad to iret a eicht of him as het., . . .ho election, when all to once
departed. Those who had not even a chance we heard somebody back of the barn holler
ly entering the enemy s capital, their hearts
with joy and exultation inrowing
self in exerting my powers in
the cause in this community.
After concluding, he descended from the
rostrum amid cries for the old champion and
war horse of the Whig party, John Ewing,
who, being present, arose and stated he
came not to spe ik but to lisi n, and respect
fully declined. The meeting being over,
three cliers being proposed, were loudly ac
ceded to for Scott and Graham.
The obovc, though ludicrous in tho cx
tremc, m n true sletch of fuels without any mit'
represmtaliim whatever.
"Go it" Pierce! and he will "go it" much
after that style throughout the Western
States. Pierce knows no West the west
will know no Pierce!
The Cause or VVellirgtos's T)ratu
It has been stated that tho Duke of Well
ington died of an apoplectic lit. The im
mediate cause of this attack appears to have
been an over-indulgence in venison steaks.
The London Times says that the day pre
vious to his death the Duke exhibited his
usual bodily activity. He took his custom
ory walk in the grounds attached to the Cus
tle, inspected thetibles, ma le many min
ute inquiries there, and gave directions
with referance to a journey to Dover on tho
following day. His appetite was observed
to i,.' koener than usuil,and he dined heart
ily of venison. The next dny, when his
vah.-t we.'' to waken him he refused to rise
and sent for thn apothecary. A surgeon
cam?, and found tho Duke to all appear
ance suffering from indigestion, and com
plaining of paina in tho chest and stomach,
llo was in ilia full possession of his facul
ties, and ilescrioed his ailment very clearly,
ismnn drv toast und tea were prescribed.
Suiisenuentlv. several other attacks ensued,
and though emetics were administered, his
d ath ensued speedily.
thrilled with toy
o7 all restraint, as tho old hero came for
wiird upon his prancing steed, the hearty
huzzas and cheers rent the uir long and loud.
As the General took off his cap, in acknowl
edgment of the cordial greeting from his vic
torious men, one of the bands struck up our
national air, aud again, and louder than be
fore, the huzzas broko from the lips of the
exultant troops. General Scott, dismount
ing at the gate of the National Palace, en
tered tho grand hall or saloon, Irom whence
the edicts of Viceroys, and Governors, and
Presidents, for centuries, had been issued,
and immediately wrote an order announcing
his occupancy of the aiexicun Capital, in
thnt anouncenient, a copy of which is before
u , he snys, and beautifully says: "l'n ler
the favor ol God, the valor of the army, after
many glorious victories, has hoisted tho col
ors of our country in the Capital of Mexico,
and on the Puluce of its Government. The
honor of the army and the honor of our coun
try call for the best behavior on the partol
all. Tne valiant must, to obtain the oppro
bation of God and country, be sober, order
ly and merciful. Mis noble brethren in arms
will not bo deaf to this uppeii I from their
commander and friend."
On the afternoon of the same day General
..r aipinihim mounted their horses and fol-
. ... . J .L.A 1.
lowed him on the rood, determineu mui m
who had led them from victory to victory
should not leave the valley of his great op
erations without one adieu. Around his
carriage for bo was too much exhausted by
his heavy labors, and the emotion of part
ing with his brothers in arms, to ride on
horseback as it proceeded along the cause
way to El Penon, the officers crowded, and
as fast as one could give the "God blessyou,
General," and fall back, his place was sup
plied by another, and so the adieus continu
ed for a long way on the road.
And thus did Winfield Scott leave Mexico
going, virtually, a prisoner from the cap
oifal which but a few months before he had
entered as a triumphant conqueror! Will
not the people bear this fact in mind, now
that they have an opportunity of bestowing
their loftiest honors upon one who has re
flected such lofty honor nnd renown upon
their country!
Disgraceful The American Flag Torn
Down. A New Hampshire spirit, as pro
scriptivo as that which in New Hampshire,
disfranchises Catholic voters, took posseB
sion of the Locofocos this evening. Not
content ith disturbing our meeting, while
in session, they assembled alter its adjourn
ment, and proceded to tear down and mutil
ate, our glorious Nutional Ensign the ban
ner of the stars and stripes. Had our flag
been an exclusive one the cose would ap
pear different; but it was our Nation's ban
ner a flag, the very oppearance of which,
should have protected it from insult. When
nart.v violence races so as to cause acts oi
this disgraceful character, it is time for sober
thinking people to consider the tendency of
such events. The American Flag, wherev
er it floats, is the ensign of Freedom Our
party had planted it ou their own territory,
over their own bnilding, ond thvy supposed,
as they had a right to suppose, when doing
so, that American citizens would respect it.
They felt that it was a rommon banner, in
which all parties had a common property,
and that aotueM party feeling could induce
uny man or men to l.iy violent hands upon it,
rend it, or trail it in the ilurt This was
work which they suppposed belonged to the
enemies of our country. Rut the remnant
with nil his mmht "Hurrah for Uinerul
Scott." We both started and run round tho
corner of the barn as fast as we could, and
who should we see there but Cousin Sargent
Joel, standing on a stump, swinging his hat
all alone, and hollering at the very topol nis
voice, "Hurrah for Ginerul Scott." Uncle
Joshua looked as cross as thunder, and Cous
in Joel colored a little as soon as he see us,
but he swung his hat again, end sung out
once more, "Hurrah for Gineral Scott, nnd
I don't care who hears it."
"What's that you say !" said Uncle Josh
States that has elected their Representa
tives to the next Congress yet, and that is
Maine, and Missouri, and Iowa. And only
jest look at em. Three years ago they
stood twelve Democrats and two Whigs,
and now they stand seven Democrats and
six Whigs. How long will it take at that
rate to turn our two-thirds into one-third 1
I'm afraid there's a Whig drift going over
the country that'll swamp us. Sailors tell
about the big tenth wave that rolls up and
carries cv ery thing atore it, and I'm think
ing it seems to be a good deal so in politics.
There was a big tenth wave in 1840, and
you remember what work it made. It looks
a good deal as if there is another big tenth
wave rolling up now, to swamp the Democ
racy and upset Congress. We've got to
have "trying times, Major. I don't know
what'H become of the country if the Whigs
get the upper hand." He said this with
such a mournful expression that I see the
tears como into Aunt Keziah's eyes. She's
"I say, hurrah for Gineral Scott, and I "good Christian woman, and she hidher
n't care who hears it," says Cousin Joel, hnu on his shoulder, and says she, "Oh, Mr.
ittineon his hat and jumping off the stump. Downing, pray, don't be so worried, but
outtincon his hat and jumping on the stump
"Well, this is a pretty piece of business,
said Uni le Joshua, "setting such an exam-
trust in Providence."
And now, Mr. Gales & Sea ton, if toucan
There's many '8ay ny thingto encourage us, or to relieve'
pie as this to the neighbors
careful how yon set such hurrahs agoin. If
you once get em started, there's no knowing
what II be the cndon'l."
' I don't much care whafll be the end
on't," said cousin Joel.
"Why, Joel, what do you mean!" said
uncle Joshua: "if you are eoing to turn
Whis eav so. and let us
synagogue atonco, nnd done wnn 11. i wani H drew a pen8ion of nearly
word spoke injeest that's turned to arnest Uncle Joshua's anxious mimI, you i would do
.fore its done with; snd you ought to be fewest kindness to T old friend.
The Duke of Wellirotoh. The fate
Duke of Wellington held an immense in-
j come during life. As Commander-in-chief,
the Duke was entitled to draw something
nvpr pinhln AiJInrt a risv. or about 830.000
.re g'nL' ""iannuB ly and as Colonel of the Grenadier
put you out of the GnBriI'he wa9 enti(led to nearly $6000 a
a plain right up and down answer, are you
going for Gineral Pierce or not!"
"I spose I shall," said cousin Joel.
'Then, why in the nome of common sense
don't you hurrah for him I" said Uncle Josh
ua, "and try to get up some enthusiamusy.
You otijrht to be ashamed to throw your hur
rahs away on 'tother side."
"Now, Uncle Joshua, I'll tell you what
'tis," said Sargent Joel, straightening him
self just as he used to ot the head of the com
pany in Nullification times, says he, "I'll
tell you what it 'tie, Uncle Joshua, Pm wil
ling to vote for Gineral Pierce to help you
keep the post-ofiice, and I mean to; hut you
needn't ask me to hurrah for him, for I can't
stand no such torn-foolery as that. I'vo tried
it. and it was no .to no how. It mukes me
,000 annually, and was in possession of
property given him by the British nation, to
the amount of JE700,t)00, or nearly $3,500,
000. Tho pension will continue to be
paid to the Duke's two next male heirs,
who also inherits his large estates and ti
tles; but most of his offices and emolu
ments ore to be scrambled for by the no
bility and others; and rich prizes they will
be for the disposal of the ministry.
The new Duke, at the time of his fath
er's death, was at Frankfort, whence ha-wav
sommoned. He has hitherto borne the ti
tle of Marquis of Douro, and until the last e
Icction he enjoyed a scat in the House of
Commons as member for Norwich. He is
45 vcors cf aa.. and-hear a. considerable,.
I nitliough not a striking, resemblance to his-
any promiB-
""" ft ,. . . aUliougU not a etrixing, reseu
feel so much like digging small rta oes- audi, . , " H bag nev( uken
tew in a lull, but when I get rigni nungry ; . ... . js h(J ,ike, ,
for a hurrah. I cive it to Gineral Scott, and 1 i , ,r. ,nF,. .,! i ,1Pa rrwioa
find there's relr. she aivd nourishment in; w ,'Micy wa8Wjth him at the time of his
Scott a gun addressed the troops in these of our Ensign drooping, tottered, denied l.y " " r. .l,..n -o trii. the loudest ueoln- "e " " " "B """ -
words: "The General-in-Chief calls upon the hand, of American', by member, of .he Ati rJStwZ wZu" 1 f Commq, "
his brethren in arms to return, both in pub- Loca. Fouo party, is still clinging to the 11 ' , t(H' ."j " v.' Jui,; , , lti, ,r ber from South Hampshire,
lie and privute worship, thanks and gratitude mast, ubove the cabin, left there ns nn evi- . in the mou'h mi l s win" "h" 'di lii'l Tho late Duke's personal habits were
to God for the signal triumphs which they ; , .11Ce, of the patriotism and za(. of New '." . , '"j c'ninual " extremely temperate, if not abstemious
have recently achieved for their country j Hampshire Locofocoism. nnd lln e wc hope j ' . .. j' ' ,ne"J ,.s' r01, He slept little, and. whether from old mili-
BeirinniiiL' with the 19th of AuL'iist at.d end-; it may remain until the electioiv. Iv t every V,j " ' .' ., . , tary associations or for health's sake, used
uia hnvn't considered It necessary to have a
resolution of Inquiry passed as to tho amounts
received by him, we may safely stute that
he has taken all which the law allowed him.
The reader may consult the records and find
out if he can, Whether it has been earned or
not. We will admit, however, that he U on
a par with his candidate for the Presidency,
equal in talent, equal in influence, shrewd
ness snd cunning, and about equal in State
Legislatures, Constitutional Conventions
and iu Congress. In being a member of the
Senate, it may be said that tho Militia Gen
eral had a little advantage in position over
the Militia Colonel; but even this was coun
terbalanced by the lutter's sagacity in not
asking for the post of Brigadier General in
tho Mexican War and consequently meeting
with no unfortunato accidents. The Colonel
went further and stated that Gen. Scott had
received more thun ho would have earned
hud ho remained at tho Bar. Wo are free
to confess the fact, providod wc nro con
vinced that ho would have made no better
Attorney than his accuser, hut we happen
to know that thore are gentlemen among
the profession who have matlo more in a lew
years than Gen. Scott has earnod in forty,
without one-tenth the lubor and without one
twentieth part tho advuntago to tho country .
We aro not yet done. We happen to
know that our opinion of the speaker is ap
preciated by a large portion of his own par
ly. We are advised that the young men of
tho party are nn longer willing to hlop him
tee of his own party pronounces thn charge to power and influence, and ho may as well
. . - , in iinnr v nil i n i iriniLirr iiiillii-h. win: tit 1111-
false! We have words ullicient to brona know now as at sny other time that such mis-1 wo ,iH (irii lnllroa. Mr.
Gov. Jom:n. Gov. Jon of Tennessee
in the eppiiiu:' remarks of u late speech at
Hhelhvvilli! in that State, said he had been
offering u dollar a day to any Democrat who
would accompany him in filling his uppoint
monts. Alter the close of his speech, Col.
Guild, o prominent I.ocofoco, mado a speech
in reply, adding at the close, that he accept
ed Gov. J linos' offer, und would follow him
to West Tennessee and back again. Gov,
Jones finished th' discussion with one of his
masterly efforts, and subsequently halfa doz
en Democrats, in the presence el Col. Guild,
expressed the desire that ho would estl
mate how many days ho would be engaged
in making the tour to West Tennessee und
back, that they might pay hiin a dollur a day
a'ld di.ipt ns with his further services. Lou
Going for Scott. The Fitchbtirg(Mass.)
llrvr.ille says:
Wc hear of democrats and freesoilers in
every direction who declare their determin
ation to vote lor Old Chip at the cominge-lection.'-
Ono of them is Mr. Cephas Chase,
of Leominster, a bravo old veteran of the
war of ISl'J. He enlisted in 1811, and eerv
cd till 1815, dtirinff which time ho was Ser
geonl in Col. Boyd's Regiment, and toogtit
in nearly all the frontier battles, where the
such, a courso as it deserves, but they aro
not such as we are in the habit of using.
We might extend this comparison further
but already our space Is more than occupied.
We shall pursue it in future numbers. We
are not willing that such a man ahull with
impunity circulate his foul charges against
the party of which wa are a member. He
may make them if he choose; he may testify
if he please; but before the court of the peo
ple, we shall claim the right to impeach that
testimony, and show that the witness, in his
political capacity, is unworthy of belief.
frThe coalition bctweeu tho Pierce
men and the Native Americans isniw per.
feet. The only Native American paper
in the country is out for Pierce, Lkvib,
RMlTKiud their associates; tho head and
front of that party have also declared them
selves for ikrcc. Shaw, thrir candidate
two or three years agqpr Governor of Mass.
aclmsctts, is now the Locofoco candidate for
the Assembly from the . tenth ward of New
York city These men all know the oppo.
fition Of Scott to ttoelr plans, and theyo
for Pit tec.
erahlo and contemptible attacks as he has ! (;laie regards his old commander , with al-1
made upon the Whig party shall be met in most reverential attection, and though a
the .nrno spirit ad with similor weapons. staunch democrat In his political creed, ap-
peared surprised when asked if he should
Thk th V.,,.. n . r . I vote for him, that it could for a moment be
I. Jl 3,17'! , re supposed he should vote for anybody else.
highly gratified to Uarn, that thero is a " -
charter for a Rail Road from Columbus, pur-! Dkmocratio Harmony. The Democrat
suing the Hocking Valley ,tu tho Ohio River 'cB,Ble Central Committee met in New
Ti.i. i . r,. r,.. . I York on Wednesday, and mado an attempt
1 Ins is a source of great encouragement to to .,,. T,0 jullkors had . majority,
our people, or all classes, and ad.U greatly ad were about to proceed to organize,
to the value and importance of our position,! when iho Barnburners bolted and the thing
as a town and county. We will make it the 1 n"lod out- What's the matter with the
subject of future articles showing iu great! V'" ! . . . .
, , , , . I ne Evening Post is in great agony over
Bll T llinua .1. III. IVW.W ," ia.iv, H,,v,
1 the county, generally.
"What are you writing there, my boy!"
asked a fond parent, the other Hoy, of his
hopeful son and heir, n'shaver of about ten
years or over.
"My composition thir.-
"What is the siibieet!"
"The higher law, thir," replied the youth
ful Psrkente, "But, really, Lshall be us
able to concentrate my ideas, and give them
a logical relation, if I am to be constantly
interrupted in this manner by irrelevant inquiries."
the Whig County nnminations. "There arc
too many Seward men," "too few Fill
moro men," t,m much Anti-Slavery ,"&.c,
to suit the Post! All this sounds beautiful
from the organ of Bummer, the Van Burens,
and Free Soilora BotUTallv. and nsnnr.iallv
from a press which holds the platform of its
party in contempt.
A Loeofoco newspaper, sneakinir of Its
support of the Loeofoco party and General
Pierce says:
"The party Is worthy of the man. The
man is worthy of the party."
Never -was more truth uttered in fewer
words The party and the man are exactly
aittd to each.other, Syi-octo Journal,
inithe 1 4th instant, this army Iihb gallantly
foueht its way throuirh tho fields und forts
of Contreras.San Antonio, Churubiisco, Mo-
lino del R 'y, Chepultepoc, and the gates or
San Crnsmo and Tacubaya, into the capital
of Mexico. When the very limited numbers
who have performed such brilliant deeds
shall have become known, the world will be
astonished, nnd our countrymen filled with
joy and admiration."
In such titling language did tne victorious
conqueror address tho men under his com
mand upon his triumphant entry into mo
Mexican capital. How well hiH words were
heeded, and with what devotion and patriot
ism he proceeded at once to tho work of se
curing the great object of his mission an
honorable peace is known to tho nation
anil the world. There never was an army
whose bearing and conduct In a conquered
country reflected such honor upon itself or
upon its own country us the American urnty
In .Mexico. Upon its entrance Into the cap
ital, the Republic had no Government, and
it therefore became the first duty ot uenerai
Scott to give the peoplo an administration
which should protect mem 111 ineir tignis 01
property and their religions observances.
lloro it was that the victorious Chief dis
played those high civil and administrative
talents which won the admiration or the
whole army, nnd proved his unquestionable
claim to the possession of the higher attrib
utes or the statesman as well as or the sol
dier. Wo shall not dwell upon the adminis
tion oraffairs during General Scott's occu
pancy of the city of Mexico further than to
say that it was brilliant, nnd in all respects
successful. Through his devotion, persever
ance, and incessant labor, peace also was
finally secured.
We huve briefly sketched the Conqueror's
triurnphnt entrance into the National Palace
on the morning of September 14th. Now
tho scene changes, and the picture is re
versed. .
In six months, to a day, from the date of his
own announcement of the occupancy or the
capital, General Scott stood in the National
Palace a prisoner, and the chains forged by
American hands at home. He was summon
ed belore a Court or Inquiry In the Palace;
and as he stood up before Ins judges, his in
feriors, his tall and commanding lorm tne
observed of alt observers, pleading his rights,
modestly alluding to his own services, ond
portraying the wrongs ho had received, one
could not but say, "alas, there is reason to
complain of the ingratitude of Republics!"
On the morning of the 14th of March fol
lowing his entrance into tho capital, he stood
before tho Palace and addressed his accus
ers. His words, as he stood boldly and re
pectlully before them in the great saloon
we have referred to, were as follows:
"Herein the capital or Mexico, conquered
by the American arms under my command, I
find myselt buta prisoner atlarge the chief
criminal before this court. Jstncsen down
from a high command, from a high military
position, the highest, perhaps, ever occupied
bv any individual since the days of the Fath
er 01 ins uountry tne immortal vvasning
ton I foel deeply wounded; my military
pride has beetveastdown into the dust, nut
by the public enemy, but by the long arm of
power from home. All mat couio oe done
in that quarter to degrade and humble me,
has been done. Hut sustained oy tne Al
mighty's arm. feeling strong in eoncious rec
titude, strong in mitid and body, Lbid defi
ance to my accusers.
There was not an American in Mexico
who, as he listened to these words, and saw
the old Hero, like Columbua in chains, dn
honored by his own country
man, whatever are Ins politics iook ittii,anu
when ho does so, remember that its present
torn and tattered condition, was fcvted by
the Locofocos. the Pierce men, the Now
Hampshire democracy of Toledo. Toleito
Horridle Accipent. A few days ago.it
is stated, a fireman on tho Georgia State
Railroad was caught by the feet, between
thn Locomotive and the tender, and held fast
in this position, his head hanging downwards,
and his feet dreadfully crushed. Neither
the conductor nor the passengers had the
presence of mind to use proper exertions to
relieve hiin, and the poor fellow in his ugo
ny entreated tbem to saw his lefts off. Final
ly, this was actually done by somo one,
with a common hand-saw, and the man was
allowed to drop down to the ground, bleeding
to death. No-effort was made to stop the
lemorrahage, and the victim of this more
places t'in, that's in tlm same fix as cousin
Sargent Joel D iwning; they've tried to hur
rah for Gineral Pierce, and can't. Over to
theruisinof Squire Jones' barn 'tother day,
artcr they all got through, SrjnireJone8rwlio
is a great Democrat, cahed out, "nuw let' ns
gfvc three i beers for Gineral Pierce." As
quick as luok 'hey nil swung Choir hats, and
about tlirce-qnorters of rem song out ns lonnl
as they cosld holler, "hurrah for Gineral
Cbssk" A lliat Squire Jones flew in 11 rage,
and mid em they was truitors to tho party,
nnd no true Democrat would hurrah for any
body but Gineral Pierce. That touched
the dander ol the rest of em; nnd about twen
ty swungtheir hats and cried lustily, "Hur
rah Tor Gineral Scott." und osfced Squire
Jones if he liked that any tetter.
a heard mattress and camp bed. He appear
ed to avoid display in his dress, equipage
and attendants, preferring horse exercise to
tho s ate nnd luxury- or n'carritfgT', snd even
when increasing weakness rendered it s
fa 8 k of some difficulty to sit erect' Upon
horsebackv day after day he was still to bo
seen amblingslowly down to the Hcuse of
Lords, touching his hat to the crowds assem
bled round the entrance to catch a gliropsft
of the veteran warrior.
His household was said to be a model of
good order and good management. He in
curred no debts, punctual and frequently,
though privately, generous His Waterloo
banquets, wbick for many years drew a--rowmT
m'lrr surviving companions :n arms in
j his last glorious field, were the only ex
' ceptions to his usual indifference to display.
These things has kept Uncle Joshua very on thuse occasions onlv. the massive servi-
uneasy olong back, and before our State ceg of piate ad priceless china, pictures,-;
statues and all the other favors, howors tth'd
presents which had been conferred upon
him by the soweigns of Europe, were not
election which come along last Monday, he
than savage stupidity and barbarism soon j got quite narvous; and he aint no better yet.
bled to death. After the fireman was thus We've been in ouito a state ot conbobera-
relieved from his position, a bar or iron was tion all the week, trying to find out how the ; inappropriately displayed
nhtninnil.nnit the loe.ininlivn and tpnrlpr nripd f election's ir ,ne. but its a hard sum to work
out. 1 went over tnis morning to ncip uncie 1 valuable lavLanoj in jrivovro
Joshua figure up. He was silting at the ta-, has seen drawings or an invention for pre-
ble with his spectacles on, and the papers venting great damage py rauroao coinssion
apart, so that tho feet were rescued and drop
ped out from between them.
Fall ExrEDinoRs to Liberia. We learn
from the African Repository, that tho ex
pedition appointed to sail from this port to
Liberia, on the first of November, will prob
ably leave on Saturday, the 30th inst , in
which caso the vessels will touch stand sail
from Norfolk on Monday or Tuesday follow
ing. About 300 applications have been
made for passage, nearly fill of which come
from Tree born persons, principally from Vir
ginia and North Carolina. Emigrants who
purpose embarking at this port, are to report
to Dr. Jas. Hall, at the Exchange buildings,
and at Norfolk to the Rev. Wn. II. Starr.
Another vessel will sail rrom Wilmington,
N. C, about the first or November; upwards
of one hundred persons have applied for pas
sage from that port; and on the first of De
cember, a third expedition will sail from New
Fro Mexico. -The Picayune has re
ceived late advices from Mexico. It appears
that new and important proposals have been
received in regard to theTehuantepec route,
which, it is thought, may be looked upon
with favor. The nature of the propositions
is not stated.
An important change has occurred In the
Mexican Cabinet, which is looked upon as
more favorable to the stability or the gov
ernment. The National Guard at Vera Cruz is to be
placed under the command and at the pro
posal ofthe Minister 01 war. jnis move
ment is made with a view to harmonize the
disaffected, and, it is believed, will be more
acceptable to the people.
All fears ot a revolution in Mexico have
subsided, and the general state of feeling is
much more pacific and nopeiui.
The Council and Uovernment have de
cided emphatically against calling an extra
session or Congress.
The general tenor ot tne aovices trom
Mexico is of a decidedly more favorable
ftrVA rampant Loeofoco wrote to-hie
brother-in-law in New York for betting in
formation in regard to New York', and re
ceived in reply a letter, which he yesterday
read to a live Stiver Gray betting Whig.
In substance tha reply waeNew York
will go for ScoTTrf and he will 'be President
in spite of all the influence of Great Britain."
That's true, "sure as you're born." Clew.
did not iecl! IfiraSi.. ' s
spread all around him, and a pen in his hand, ; The idea is to have the ends or the cars and
und a dark scowl on his brow. He was 1 platforms built with one corner projecting.,
thinking so b ird hedidn'tseemtoknow when far beyond the other, diagonally instead of1
I come in. Saya Aunt Keziah, says she, I square. Accordingly, when they coaWfteV
I'm dreadful glad you'v come in Major.your , gether with great violence, the forceofffti'
uncle will mako himsell sick working over : shock will be relieved, and tne cars, in-
them figures." stead or breaking tc pieces, will simply shove
Says I, "Well, Uncle Joshua, how are we each other off the track. In the projecting
coming out! j corner tho brakeman is to stand, where, in
"I am afraid we are coming out at the lit-, a collision, his position will be comparitave-
tle end of the horn, Major," said Uncle Josh-j ly free from danger. The inventor is Mr.
ua, and ho looked up over his spoctucles so Seleck, Greenwich, Connecticut.
pale and melancholy it made me toel bad.
. ... .1. f : 1.:..
Says he, "I don't like the looks of it a bit;
the Stute is on the back truck aguin toward
Whiggery, jest as it was when Harrison
came in."
"Oh, I guess not," says I, for I wanted to
cheer hiin up as much as I could. "The liquor
law hus played tho mischier with this elec
tion all round, and got things badly mixed up,
but ir we sift 'em out carefully we shall find
the Democrats as strong ns ever." Uncle
Joshua shook his head. Says I, "Let us see
the figures. Here's the returns from throe
hundred towns, all the State, except somo or
the outskirts. Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Chan
dler, the two Democratic candidates for
Governor, has together more than fifty-eight
thousand votes, and Mr. Crosby, the Whig
candidate, has a little more than twenty-sev-
en thousand. The Democratic vote is more j j
than double the Whig vote. This don't look '
Advance ir Butter. The Demand from
California. Within a week or two butter
has advanced in price in the BoBton mar
ket from five to to ten cents per pound. One
cause of this advance is stated to be the
large orders sent from California. One
firm has received an order to ship ope hund
red and twenty-five thousand pounds; and
probably in all a quarter of a million pounds
been ordered from that state within have
shorn ime. '
From New Bburswick. We have re--ceived
St. John papers to the Istinst. The '
agreement in behalf of the European and i
North American Railway, was formally sign-
ed on the 29th. It is, however, subject to
the ratification or the Legislature, of which a
special session will be summoned at an early '
as though the State was going back to whig
"That don't amount to notlnn at all," said
A B,nrrr ip MPT ma. 'THESE DATS OF Lo-
comotioh. Mr. Polly Hemingway, who died I
in Northbridge.Mass., on tne sum uK.,.ai -
"1 hat uon 1 amount 10 not i n i nn, iu - . - , . , l Ki,. 1
iiiuiuu, lL,1,i r the ege or eighty-three, had never been but
Uncle Joshua; "a good many thousand of,"' mi,.Vn m the nlace of her birth. -
temperance Whigs voted ror Mr. HubDard,
and a good many rum Whigs voted for Mr.
Chandler; nnd when the Legislature comes
to meet Crosby will stand jest as good a
chance to be chosen Governor as any one of
em, and better too if the State goes over the
dam .the 24 of November, and you may de
pend its drifting that way, or else I've lor
got how to cipher. Jest look at the Legisla
ture. Last year in the Senate there was a
bout five Democrats to one Whig, and now
the Whips have elected fourteen Senators
and the Democrats only seven, leaving nine
or ten no choice, or doubtful. And then in
the House it aint much better. Last year
we had a clear majority of more than thirty,'
and now it don't look as though we should
have more than ten majority. And if the
State goes for Scott, I believe the Legisla
ture will go that way too, Governor and all.
fifteen miles from the place of her birth. -
She was born in Uxbridge, and once in her'
youth went to Worcester, fifteen miles from '
her home. ' .
(y-Count Penalver, well known in the '
United States for his urbanity and courtesy
to Americans visiting Havana, died a few
weeks ago. His eldest son died in Madrid '
last year. Count P. ia succeeded in hie tit
tles and large estates by his second son and
sole heir, a young gentleman of great ele-
ganee, ano nneeoucauou- .
What kid Glovis are made of: How'
maarof readers, as they d0"
their - "French kid" gloves are aware that
those same gloves ire ntadeof rat-skini I The
catching of rata for thia purpose ha lregulsir'
trade in: Paris, at wttlch'- bundrtds! oa
find employment. ' .

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