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SrticH or Ge. Lelib cooni. ...
ouse this afternoon was penec..,
The Reindif. CAlAeiiTY.-Lsptain srn
1 ham and Mr. Howlett, eno;ineer,ol the steam
u i,i..r nmiinut whom the irrand jury
i.i. I.Mr I in address of:., -.i, r...,.,d In unf indictment fur
jammed wnu ucuu.b - oi ic - - - - -
fien. Coombs, . The attention y i.e. maiisiauKiitcr, ......... - - --
: ence was e
ncuaiticd for two hour, by the Saturday and entered in bait in the aum of
Suturdar Evoailnir. Orf. i . . j ..i,nua applause, ex-i
.Am-aTouC. j hibited . to intervals ve evUenrc TCensu. ofNew Orb... ha. just
f lACTtCAL UUB". of the Fierce party, in j of the power over men's mind posseeJ by nv,kn J5.4,,,: the wnite pipulati
England, aeem determined to give all the aid jibe eloquent Kentiukian It v. as a C""-,bij i ,6.275, and the entire colored pop
and comfort powible to their friends in this 'ous speech and gloriously' wa it l"iten-, uui,un, 8,ve and free, being 29,174.
country. Soon after the nomination of Hen. j ed t.. Its effect was visible In the conn-, - SToVES,.The German mode
Sott, t he London Time entered the lists j trnance of every hiK, tor. ! is to fill the cracks with a compoaition of
In a masterly Planner, ncuiaiu. Mlt and wood ashec; nuxen to a proper con
..... .... r - .L
and baa been Dgnung oraveiy iur um hit-.
followed the example of that paper and now ;lWo parties of the country and ahowed up durable.
. . .. t i J:.,i.it Ilia ' ... . a" 1. . n.n d anrl
... s hl e.nnntrv. Other Papers .measures of nuhlic policy wuir.n ui. ratr-tiry witn water. v.i.in,.,
th. rndnn Chronisie is battliiiz for the su- ! conclusively the weakness of tne niiui.ee, AlloTHEI, Sius. Sweanngen, v nig, naa
premafjr. It has headed tho llritiah cam- j by which Modern democracy claim Thomas , beei eW,d , Cn ,acnney in the Missis
paign' papers, but will have to descend deep- ' Jefferson as its parent or even Gen. Jack- j,. jg-uiature from Amite county. This
cr into the pool of filth and detraction.before g0n as its god-father. . His contrast between .g , whig gain.
il bead some of the Tracticai suiu" in i Gen. Scott and Pierce, was severe but just, j "" QnlTM Tic.et.
this country, or before it recompenses the - and had a good effect upon the audience. Sl,cr8Son ; rapi,iy fining amonethe Ln
monVho cheered over the surrender of the All in all, it was a mignificent clTort, C0(,)CO8 f Alabama , and nomn of the lead-
thrae hundred brave and gallant Americans j worthy of the Cause and of the Man, and in j jng pp.rs are pronouncing in its favor.
to four timea their number of British and In- , its effects calculated to do good, intenaen as
dians at Quecnstown Heights. The CAron it wa8, to strengthen the faith of the saints
tele eaya ' and to call sinners to repentance. .
"A mono- the foremost men of the United 1 Gen. Coombs left at 4 o'clock for Circle-
I J I ... ... I ..l.Vn In-. ' ... . . ... t. ....I,... -itflNiM
jville, where ne win mono muurei ...vr
I this evening. ; - ' .
fresh arrival or groceries
At the Old Stand of tieorre J. Wrgnin.
THANK CTJI. fn pt fiivort, thn ini'mrritier re.
pp-tlulJy Informi hl iJd runnnr d ihppnK
lic nerHv. thM he h now .fnll attd enmptet
Stock of FAMILY OROVlCltlES, embracing, ill
. rr. the following irtkW
tX)FKKf'. Rio ...H Jv, of the heel quality:
.:i$ TK.A Vonni ilyenn iim! Imperii !
.DrilS siJGABS Pulverised, crashed, Loef, Cub
and New ()rlen; ,
MOI.ASSCS-lU.it Go'den Syrup, Fugar Hon e
ntl N Or!eaii; . .
w--MrtTrH.t"lSH White Kuh, Murkore1 ind Cod
53lA.II trenh; ln, Herring;
TOBAf'COS A prime article of l(uell and Do
blnaon'a Cavendish, anH AHen'i het prund lunip;l o.
agmxi article of spun. Nai Hod and six TwiM; Also.
Andprson'a fine cut chewing and amoking Tnbaceo;
SI'ICKS Pepper, A Ispice. Oing-r, I love, Cinna
mon and Heppr Suce;
DYK-STt'KKS-lndiuo. Ma-'diT. tjiewood S Allum;
I.IQUOttS Port.C aret, Muscat and Ma apaV ini-t;
a prime article ol (V.iii'C llramlv,New Kng and I. urn;
Rye and W heat WhUkey, aoU" in no lata quaniity
j than a quart.
B.sid'. a great vsrtetv oi articles usually itppi ai
sinii ar eatab ishmenta, all of which will be aodat
as low pricea as at any othi r houiein the city.
A rontinua ceof the ratmnai; of the pub ic is ro
spnctfully solicited. OKORGK J. YGl'M.
Taiwt'vil'KIS To :oi.i: Jl Ill's.
Jtetma) aujin(t to Act nf rAiiianaa, In tb y
UUI, tjj.i. UOUOI1TON, M. 1)-, laUwdarka
OOoi of th OMitot CauH lor taw Kaatarm
Inslrtct or Pan nay Iran la.
Another Scientific Wonder! '
: J laV aaaaj -,
States he is the only one whose public declar
ations strike ua as uniformly meriting the
epithet MUPnits reaped. And, after all,
the difgract and dangir of preferring such a
person to Webster nd Fillmore, have prob
ably been encountered for nothing, for Gen.
cral Scott does not seem one whit sur
er of the election than cither of his com
petitors." That .will do. It sounds much like the
tone of the tory organs in this country and
yet the Implied confession is humiliating.
This "muddle-headed" individual whipped
the best British commanders and their vet
eran troops, and conducted a campaign in
Mexico which is pronounced to be one of
the most glorious on record. But after all
the British campaign papers Will be tinder
the necessity of recording the election of
that individual whose prospects just now nil
them with so much dread and apprehension.
OSrNot less than 50,000 barrels of fish
will be shinned this year from a single dis
trict in the south end of Lake Michigan.
Value 8450,000.
Kanawha Another iVind Slide.
Tho last Kanawha Republican brings yet
another batch of Democrats seceding from j
the Pierce Committee. It would really seem
that few will be left in that region to keep
watch for the Yankee Free-Soiler. Push
oq the victorious banner!
From the Kanawhn Republican.
"Still they Conirl"
Davis Cbeek, Sopt. 25, 1853.
Mr. Newtob Sir: In looking over the
list of Committee men appointed by the
Democratic Association of Charleston, we
find our names recorded, and as we do not
I).M.V-S: Tt!l WK.KKf.Y-fr: V; Kl.Y-t2
fill IK Kino Packet Lancaster will continue to make
JL regular trips between Ijnraster and Columhus,
fnllnna: tavina- Lancaster on Tuelavs, Thurs
days and Suiuhwa at 4 o'clock. P. M., arriving in Co- j r leaspoiiiilul o
umlius in time lor tho moraine Mains of Can, cither - mi or di,nlv.
to Cleveland or Cincinnati; ii.avui i.oininmta on .uon-
lava. VVednendavs and Fridays alter Hie arrival oi the
( incinuati train of Cars, at half past right o'clock, l.
M .and arriving at Lancaster at half yast eight tho
next morning.
Kor inl r mat inn in r-grd to passngn or freight, sp
p V nnlmard at Um a.tor, or to It F.lton, pmprietur
ai'Columbua. Omnilmsos are in edinesaat t mumlfus
Prepared Imm Rfkhkt, or the fourth Stomach or
TiiK Ox, slier directions of Il.inott Liiuio, the
vgrt-at I'hvsiol.icalchi niist.byJ.S.IIouoHTO.X M
T). Pliiluil luhis. Pfnnivlvaiii
This isa truly wonderliil renicdy fur In'ligest'on.Dya-
pepHts, Jiliintllre, Uvtr coinnlalnt, constipation, ana
lVbilitv, curing alter Nature's mvn method, by
iNiluru'i own Agent, tlioirastnc juice.
I'KPSIM, Miused in WBTer,
For th rapM Gar f
Ioffarlnp to the community thia jnstlv eolebrated
remedv fordlseaaea of the throat, and lunes, it is
not our wish totrillewith the Uvea or health of tho
afflicted, but frankly to lay before them the opinions
of distingui'ihl men and some of the evidences of its
sycess,from which they can Judge, for thrmsolvea.
We sinceroly pledge ourselves to make no wild as
sertion, or false ststements of Ma efficacy, nor will w
Lold out aay hope to suit' r ng humanity wliich facta
will not warrant.
Manv prnrfx are here gieon. and we solicit an in
quiry from the public intoall we publish, feeling as.
surnd they will find them perlWlly reliahle, and the
medic ma worthy their Imii.1 cnnlidenrn ant patrnnago.
inl of Twenty to Wcekly.ftl caeh
! to carrv DassenEiTi between the packet and the cars
WrtlfillT. I.. B. HRL'KN. both ways. H. H JEKK1UKS, Captain.
nlcnd to lend our votes in support of rTerce, Ipieoi the West, has msdo hi
rou will please notify, through the Republi- I wants and n. reasitlcs Hesi.l
. f. .:- a .1... .!... I editors, who have i hsree of r
Fitfore efd Prnfirt'frra.
Incorporated and doing lucinens under U.e name of
The Cinrinnall Gazelle Company.
To whom business letters will he directed.
8,CH New Subscribers in Three Yrnr.
The Cihcissati GAZKTrr Compakt desire to in
vito attention to their several Newspaper isrues above
mentioned. nnd ask lor the same the ratronaee of
the People of tho West, to the especial interest, of
which the paper Is devoted. The senior editor is
Joh C. Wriout, who for twelve yesrs has been In
cliareo. His long residrnce in the'West. his various
positions, puhllc and private reinnons witn tne pen-
les wo hsve f;ve o her
September 92, IS5J.
Fire l'onrfj o Roast ISfJ .trom int nxn 'ffw-'nef. i ny. t . ....
in about two Aouct, out nf tho stomach. J.,? 1"c"'r" " h Zl.Zi r..,
PEPSIN is the chief element, or Ureal DiSstiug Dear S.r.- Id.-. yodanawe in e T ei.ip of y. nr
Principle ol tho (iastric Juice th aojee.tr oj me P"T'"":' ' '""r " ; ' V. 'r,mlll.. f ml
IW I ha l'urifui,i. Vrrtminr. ami arimiUuIfie; 'lis eiit-iia nij u ,
N. 207 BUIa Street, BoITU, N. ,
i ' DR. CK O. VAUGHN'S -
TUT salaksauS mswlr Is enaMaaur htaaaaalac Ma naaat ar
UN aaanr oaias h is waking
Il has sow basasm Us nlw tMlmst ar aauJa ma, aaal h
SutMialarlr rNommanas4 lor
all Mama f Uils caaaiilalat iraaaarilatalr mUstsiI. M aaattar
et how km .lamtlna. Stm PtmpAJH It T-umm. Thia
ilunuawas fnthllal Ciioi.aa , aod Ihatlow ami dnaadral
1-nNCnwa of lha aislsilr. blontina tha avium n a naaraa whloh
ramlm da. natlaat auarlr aMlila an. a, rstaas ea ( its awsl
dtauvauiiK taalunw.
. KiTHiHTO nrnrRABix,
k aow fMIs to this nnadr ami Phrsleiaaa 1st at nabttolr
aoil iwlTslMf wlin iwcim samaas. lalmwahiVa ac
ail a srmplpai of l)roir, of anr oharaolaf koop Ihla ardoW)
li llwm, Riul. If Un woufd avoid lha wuaalaral .
AjpiicATioir or thb mn,
a fMrfovato lha svttowi and lot tho acooaialmoa walav Soar
awar. unlr lo till an aaaln. and finallr to and la a dfsadlol
aeofa, lot team joal ass this rtraotlv in sonaon, and rooovory
tssnro. I elUHHfl Uv It at any "-r -'''r- -"-laas. anil a pilot
Is ertain, it that will givo K a faif trial.
and all iliaaasas of lha arinair onrona i for thaM dtatiaashi
oomplainU. it stands akms urn otlior artiola oan fallova roa
and tlw snraa tostiiioil I will osavwoa Uat asoal sSopUoal t
t?o iamtlilot .... ,
sebiijtt ot thb iystek,
wonk lisck, aronknsas of lha Kldnora, fce.. or biRasaatalloll
of snmv, is imaMilisurir roliovad br a faw dava aaa of thia
anadkiuo. ami a aai is always a rsaaH of its aaa, t( stands as
lor snch toasiilalats, and also for doranieavnla of tkt Rmato
Agent of tho stomach and Intestines. It ia extracted
juu win p.caov . i i e.titnrs.whn hive chsree of rarticulsr nepsrtments.
can, the ueinoortitic Association in.iiiu-v frtherclsim to the support of the n est in pro-
TiiESiciEa Gitow BnioBTEB, Still. A
letter from VVashinjrion city, dated Satur
day last, says "THE NEWS IS MOST
CHEERING." From all parts of the coun
try, the pronpocts of tho election of our
BRIGHTER. But no true friend of the
Cause should relax an effort or weary in well
doing, because of the CERTAINTY OF
VICTORY. His confidence should stimu
UNIVERSAL CHARGE along the whole
line, repeated from day today, and all the
while, is the best guarantee of success after
nil. The fainting JHER0 of New Harnp
shire can never stand up under a regular
CHARGE. Friends of Scott and Graham!
don't stop to defend your leaders. They
need no defence before those - whose good
opiuions are worth having or whoso votes
ere worth striving for. The great DEEDS
of Gen.. Scott are ombaltnod in the hearts
of all his TRUE countrymen, and HISTO
RY will take care of them, but pour the
hot shot into the ranks of the SHRINKING
adversary without ceasing. PAUSE NOT
i n your glorious work until the Election is
over and the Whig candidates elected to the
high offices to which they have been noml.
nated. ' ;
CHARGE! CHARGE!! Already the
ranks of tho enemy are giving way. Drij e
them from every point. Dislodge them
from ovcry position. During the last War
your great leader said the disgrace of Hull's
surrender must be retrived and it was dono.
Now make your resolve not simply, to c-
loct your candidates, but to gnin a glorious
and triumphant victory and go to work,
shoulder to shoulder, to do It. . It can be
done! Remember that .
had better tuke our names from their Com
mittee. We go for Scott and Grahnm in
this election. Yours, respectfully,
Archibald Burpitt.
Rufus Burditt
REAT WONDF.n! Tho undersigned
would rnsDectlullv announce to tho citi
zens of Fairfield and sdjoininr counties, that he hss
again opened the OM IIATTKU Y, U mile AW
Hf iMtnratter, on tlie Turnpike. The Old Fnrt was
once entirely evacuated tho guns spiked, and the
lienersl wounded, mil now navw; skuui ntwc
from his wnundi. hss enlisted tho old million slock
brigade, and is readv to fa.o the enemy: oased upon
the old adage of 'Often beaten but never tonqiertd '
As the enemy is yet far olf. the company ill he
('All Kl vi.
from the digestive stomach of the Ox, thus lorming
an Artificial Digestive Fluid, precisely like the. na
tural Gastric Juice in its chemical powers, and fur
niihing s complete and perfect sulMtitute for it.-t lly
the aid of this di miration, the ruins and evils of indi-
g'-stinuand dVfpep-iiaaroromoved.just ashevwould
bo ny a neauny STomacn. u isnoing wonuevs lunys- -
peptics, curing caseaof Debility, emanation. nervoua
decline and dyspeptic consumption, supposed lobe, n
the verge of tin-grave. Tuu scientific evidence upon
which it is based, is in the highest degree curious and
romurksble. -
sciKXTiFic k nnKsrm
BARON I IKUIG in his celebrated work on Animal
chemistry, savs: "An Artificial Digestive, Fluid, ana
logous to tne liasiric Juice, may oe reaniiy prepared
frum Ihn mucous membrane of the stomach oftliet'alf,
in which various aiticlca of fond as meat and eggs,
will be tr)'lcned, changed and digetted just in the
same manners? they would bo in the human stomach."
Or CU.MHK, In Ills valuable writings on tne -i-nv
This I hsve now done with hlch degree ofrfatia-
lacllon, in esses both nfaJulta snd children. ,
I have found it, as its ingredients i!io', a powerful
remedy for colds and coughs, and pulmonary diseases.
Ilninswic!:, Maine, February f, 1M.
an Ovtrnceriii the Hamilton anus, -.nwnrny.
I.OWKLI.. August :. 1N4!.
Dr. J. C. Aver: I have been cured of the worst
cough I ever had in my life, by your ''Chkhut Hko
torai.,'' and never fail when I have opportunity, ol
recommending it to nthois. lours, respecliuliy.
irrn-.sd the Intlmrine. snd see If this medicine is
wor th a trial. This pati' lit had become very feeble,
snd tno cucci oi me mouiciue was unmwi...oij
July f), l4!J.. )
Dr. J. C Aver. Sir I hsve been afllicti-d with a
painful alfoction of the lungs, snd all the symptoms of
Davis Creek, Sept. 24, 1852.
Mr. Newton Permit me, through your
paper, to notify my Democratic friends in
Charleston that I am going for Scott, and
will therefore make a poor member of their
Vigilance Committee. I decline the honor
of serving them in the present campaign,
With respect, yours, &c.,
Levi Claiike.
Coal River, Sept. 23, 1852.
Mr. Newtoh As I have determined to I
vote for Scott and Grub am in this Prceirion-1
tial election, I will tuke it as a favor if you
will, in your paper, request the Democratic
Association to lake my name from their ef
forts to put into the Presidential chair that
New Humpshire man, (Pierce,) that I know
nothing about.- Yours, &c.. .
The Ei.oi.ish ahd Irish Harvest. The
wheat harvest In England, Ireland and
Scotland was of average yield. The pota
toe disease is snid to be as extensive and
as fatal as in 1846. The London Ship
ping Guzette. of tho 17th, in its review of
the week, snys of the Market and the
fer-MV p to F.sstom ppi rs, tho (jszcttu is
Pilisieil III Inrli'iio.l on Strnin Presses,
SunnVcd with the earliest intell'ltrntefrr.m the vt-
bnar.l, IS A DAY A ST) A HALF, and from other
olaeee in a rnrreavnndii tlu short time
la tetegrapntc i ommutticatwn ir au pari tv
the rnvntry.
J wring ( i-rreKpnnnrnw oj ine mm renaoie eruir-
arter in Km npe, II axhirgton, lcw J or, and other
This psp'r tnf reach W'oatern peoplo with the
nnws esrlier than any es stern puhiicstinn
We have also engaged the services of F.. 0. Man-rii-i.n,
Miss Ai.ick Crr, Mrs Stowk, and man
others, who contrile.'fl Miseella'ieovt, Slatietiral.
Scientific, Horticultural, Financial and Commercial
Wo aie determined to ho behind no oilier psper.snd
will nnt spare mnnet nr labor to rr.ako otir paper val
unlde. to every one. ma e or female.
The Gazelle has l'n established SIXTY YFARS,
snd hi.a grown in confidence as a reading and adver
tiaingi'Spcr. Oirr ostshlishment has changed from a
I inn cab'n to a largo six story btiih'i' g Our pre
room nat. siso dot n gresuy imprnveo. j no oia iasn
ii.ned hand pre-tses hsve been discarded and ateam
presses introduced We now hsve six power presses
driven by steam, and many card, hand and other prea
sea Instead of employing but two men sslormnrly,
tne number nas grttiusiiy aweiieo it) two nuniin n:
our expenses have increased Irom ten dollars per
week to one tliniissnd, and instead of conducting but
one Itram-h nf the buslne.sa, we now undertako to ex
ecute almost any klndnf workportalning to Ihesrtol
prin.lng We can (111 orders fiir Newspapers, Rook
work, all kinds of .lob Printing, Rinding, Lithograph
ing. Wood Fngraving, Stereotyping, etc. Wo atate
t'.ns to show our onward progress.
Oar Daily Paper
Contains a much larger amount ofrosdiiii: thsn nv
other Cincinnati dsi'v paper We. devote especisl
pains te getting accurate and ro'iah'e news we sre
psrtirtrsrtr careiu insvniu persrna'iue. sun vu gsri
HTCJlOe I . , r .. .. . .. . . " f . .nJ, nit .in.ilmnilnn n. NUIW TUn I Vl'.r. 1 rtllllll
yi'HD joriK Ilitzevs nua y5FjtCll siomgy ot uigesuon, nnservea inava Diminution 01 ", .""',r"1;"' ,, ' ... ,
VfcfV? w A O N S. S&S-twi-m quaniity el theGast.ie Juice i. a prominent And no medicine that would reach my case.un'ill
, A " . f . TZ anH allpievailing cause of Dyspepsia;" amf he state, commence I the use of your "Ci.kkkv Pkctokai.,
:oSether with any and every WKto that '. Si.tingiil.licd professor if medicine in London, "hich gave me gradual relief sn-l I hsve been , stead.-
branch of business m.dofro.n the ta mofcr hh and ,Bvf.y tmeA with th, compl.int, fin.1- ly gainingstrongtlmll my .health is we 1 nigh ored.
byoineol the best workmen west of lhe m-iunUm, I. inf, werThinS elioto fail, had recourse So the Gas- White u4nR your modtcine, I hod Iho grat: ,!, t.on
the work all be warranted, sold at l a. price , P . J d f & OIn,ch, 0 ,lvig ,i. of curing with it my reverend rrrnnd, Mr 1
than any other shop or the same Kind for ready cash. . .. . d rnmBift(.iu mceenful " Sumptor District, who hsd been aurw Jed Irom his
Th.re.dv nsvsvstnm will be oreferable to any other: , mV," 7.S..P..mf.!fy."y!r'u...uv. .rM. A..ti. Av . .evereattsck J brnnch tia.
i i;r. uni iii.u. biulihi u i lit? laiiiiriin nuiuii i i -
J l : J J . . . - ... .
a. wo have long aince learned ny "P""""". ! g0t,l,i, Diet," says: i. . remarkable fact in phy
buggcy. run better, wear better, and look belter. hen ;:.,,,' ho ,im,, macerated li
wci,fT j i t im?1 ' i.. I. .rrh water," impart to the fluid the property of dissolving
AU kind, of ira''.7Wr various articles of food, am! ofWirting a kind ofor
T- o. , M. .WIN rtn, (icn rnl iij(.irti rf, onhem in nn.wtsoditlereill from the
June 24. lo2. dm7 j'. , .v
ltobcrt rifliling,
HotrsK, st the
nslural diizektiva rrocess."
U ft slluiilhi Agent, snd get a Descriptive circu
lar, gralis, giving a large amount ol scientific evidence,
similar to the above, together with reports of remark
ablo euros, from all parts ol tho I'ni ! States.
At a jyvncnxio (Urcr,
AT his new stand, in the Tallmadge lluil ling, th ird
" . i. f. ...... . ii. . i.
he nuT I.VT. h i mst sdded hi. bmner Dr. IIOOOHTON'S HKN ha. produced the -
supplv.the lnrgr.it andmo.it varied aemrtment ol marvellous ellects, in curing casosot Wluj, r.ina
HATS and CAPS, ever opened in the citv of l.sncas- cintwn, Neryou Decline and JiyipetitiC coiisumpiio t.
ter. His stock of Hats consists In part offino black I' la impossible to givo tho details nf rases in the Inn
and white Heaver; white Otter, a superior of this advortisementibut anthnticaled ccrlifieatca
Ji.rticle: Castor and Fine Hrush: fa b(""' 5vf 'Vh u,tt nf . "Tun.
iif -TT . ..,, naimAnt nf.tS I able curcf, in I'hiladelphia.NewYork and Uoston alone.
FINE BILK, beautiful assortment Of 4 Tnese nearly all desperate cases, and tho cures
Spring stylos, rich snd elegant, snd warranted to le- .,.,, no anv T,,,id and wonderful, but permanent. '
tain their lustre; Chil 'ren'a Pearl snd Silk Mala; t ia a groat Nervous Antidote, and particularly
Calilnrnia and Mexican HATS; useful for ten.lenev tn bilinua disorder, liver com-
Mexican Hrush and Tampico do j plaint, fever and ague, or badly treated fever and
Panama lists from fU to v. sguo, snd tlm evil ellects of quinine, .Mercury, ana
WOOOI. HATS, of all kinds, for Men and Roys; other drugs upon the Digestivo Organs, afters long
China Strsw, UraideJ, I'alm Leaf, Straw, Leghorn, aicknesa Also.for excess in esting, and the loo free
Kossuth and Hungarian Hats. use of ardent spirits. It almost reconciles Health
Children's Fancy Summer lints. with lnfempcr. , : ,
He also keep- on 'l"?, There i. nofcrm" .Kco'nwhlch
uTJZJ,XtLd y dacril"U"inS it doe. not. em to roach and remove at once. No
""""fj,"' .. mm. matter how bad they msy he, it giwsfHsfan rrfie'
vZj? CAPS! CAPS.! CAPS!! ! A single doio r imovessll Iho unplossant symptoms;
afc Thn .iihsc. iber would especlallv call ,nj ( onv needs to be repeated for a short time to
tno sttnntinn oi ine piinne io nis raneo ana mm. i maue tneae good ett cts permanent, runty nj uvmn
sive sssortment ol t A rS, superior snd cheaper tnsn : and vigor of lloriy billow at once, il Is '
any a'ock ever belore ofl'orud to the citizens of the j y excellent in case, of Nausea, Vomiting,
J 110 lOUOWU'g scueruiie HHIti-i.i..i. I in
I have pleasure in certil v ing these facts tj you,
J. F. CAl.llOUN.of South Carelins.
TTTlie following was one of the worst of cases,
which the physicians and friends thought to bo incur
aUe consumption:
Chkstkh. Pennsvlvsnis August 22,
J. C. Ayor,-Sir:-l wss t'sken wilh a terrilde rough,
brought on by a cold,intho beginning oDsst Februa
ry, and was confined to my bed more than 'J months.
Coughing incesssnllv nightand dsy, I hncamo ghastly
and pale mv eyes woro sunken and glaasy. and mv
breath very short. Indeed. I was rapidly failing, and
in such distress for breath, that but little hope of my
rordvery could be entertained. Whllo in tnis anna,
tion. a friend or mine, (the Rev. John Keller, of . the
Methodist church) brought mo a bottle of your Corn
rt Pkotobal, which I tried more to c ratify liim.thsn
from anv oxpectslion of obtaining relief. I: good
effect inducoil mo to continue its me, an 1 1 aeon found
my health much improved. Now in three months. I
am well and strong, and ran attribute my cuiennly to
. j:-7.... ll'l.l. I.a .l.-innA-t avtlluib.
your greai ineun;.i. ...... i" - e' ,
Jounfiw.. JAMF.S GODr BKY.
eni:PArn srj.c. Am, chkmibt, mhl.ii
Sold in Lancasterby E. L. Slocum and Dr.M.Z.Krel.
dor andbvDrnggista genorallv Ihroughoul th Fiste
March 11 !8SiJ .5m.,
"i"vris"n oowupi-aiiiT,
Jarindle. l'TTiIa', Clirenl or Cfitors
IV bllfy Dlaraaes ot Ihe Kldnajrs.
A ND alldise.se.. rising from a disordered Live!
and Stomach, such .. constipation, fullness, oi
hUn.l i a ihe lies'l.aeidtv ol f he stom.ch.nsuses.heflrt-
biirn.disgusl for fnod.fn'lness or weight in the stomach.
SOIir eiUCIBllons. ninut- It . iiu.-.-jiii). n. nt 'ii ui ..
From EcnoPB. The luto intelligence
from Europe docs not possess any marked
features. - The most interesting item conies
from Franco vvhero the effort to establish
the Empire still continues. It is difficult,
however, to form sny opinion of future re
suits. The Nephew of his Uncle has exhib
ited more firmness and caution than were
awarded to lilrn. From India, we hnve ac
counts of further British victories over tho
Natives and we suppose the Wsr will end
aa others hnvo done, by an increase of the
Empire.- From Australia, the gold news
eon'inucs favorable. The death of tho Duke
of Wellington .occupies the attention of Ihe
English people. His. funeral has not 'yet
taken place. The expenses are to bo paid
by the Government.
Gin. Soott'sj Vahitt. We feel inclined
to help our dosolote Locofoco brethren occa.
sionally,and for this purpose we publish the
following extract from Gen. Scott's speech
In Cincinnati. It was a reply to an eloquent
allusion in Judge Johnson's reception speech
to somo events of the last Wsr with Great
Dritain. Gen. Scott said: .
"Fellow-citizens, you could not henr all
of the able address of Judge Johnson.
Pardon in me the seeming egotism of allud
ing to a portion of his speech. Your speak
er alludod to that critical hour in
our' History when Hull had ingloriously
surrenderod, and the blackest clouds hung
threatening in the horizon of our beloved
country. It was then that I called around
ma men that could bo trusted, and told them
the honr had come for a decisive blow that
a work must he dono on that Canada fron
tier that would lift the hearts of the Ameri
can people from the gloom of recent events,
and enable them and their children to ring
bells, to fire cannon and build bonfires in
commemoration ol American Victories that
should obscure tht memory of Hull's surren
der. Wt fell to work and the. Mi'ny iiwm done.
(Cheers.) The battles of Chippewa and
Lundy's Lane followed."
Wisconsin. The Into election of Judges
n this State has resulted disastrously to the
Locoloco party. Mr. Larabee, the Locofo
co candidate, is badly beaten for Chief Jus
tice. Two Associate Justices, were also
elected, one of whom is probably a Locofo
co, though tho returns aro not all in so as
- to bomIo the question definitely. The State
ia regarded as almost certain for General
Ky-We learn that A. J. Smith, the fa
mous Newark financier, has been nabbed,
nnd is now In jail In that place. Public
feeling, we hear, was thoroughly roused a-
gainst him, end it was necessary to take
bim from the ears and conduct aim to the
iuil by privet way. In order to prevent
personal violence. His trial will create
great excitement.
"The weather litis, with the exception of
Wednesday, been fine throughout the week
which has enabled farmers in the North to
secure considerable quantities of corn in
fair condition; comparatively little, mere
fore, now remains abroad, even in the back
ward districts, and the weather, is therefore
not likely to have much Influence on the
course of the trade. We aro Inclined to
think that the yield of wheat, taking the
entire kingdom, will prove an average as
far as quantity is concerned; nut, in regara
to aualitv. our opinion is that in all the prin
cipal wheat-producing counties south of tho
Humber the deficiency will prove fully as
irrcat bb was feared at tho time of the har
vest. The quality is inferior to anything we
havo had for several years past, und farm
ers realizing miserably low prices. Red
whoat is selling in many of the country
markets at 28 to 32s per quarter; and so
great is the diuVrence in quality and condi
tion between the worst and Ihe best, that
prices range unusually'wido picked parcels
harvested before the rain set in, being worth
from 10 to 15s. per quarter moro than the
general runs carted al ter the fine weather
of July broke up.
"Theso remarks apply to southern parts
of the kingdom.. Oats ure rulhrr short in
England, but a copit.nl crop in Scotland nnd
Iroliinil. Ileans and peas were injuriously
affected by the inteiuie heat in July, and will
certainly provo very short. Tho potntoo
diaense isvery gencrui, anil tne pronntno loss
is estimated as liki-ly to he nearly, if not
quite, as great us in 1840. Undur these rir
rumslnnces a higher rniige of prices limn
those now current might reasonably be ex
pected, but hitherto tho urrivula from abroad
have provided sufficiently liberal to koep
down quotations.and the future is not regard
ed with nny great degree of confidence.
Quotations of town-made flour hove under
gone no change, the sales have been rather
slow, In consequence of the rontinuod arri
vals from America, tho hitter having been
offered relatively lower than flour of home
manufacture. Malt has sold qnito as well
as it did last week. In Indian corn noth
ing of interest haa transpired."
i ...i ti t I...,:-. H. t... - nMH,;,.n
....... . " t i no in nv rc nieiiiii" iniin i hi ...iiih.ii
t,eawe aoek to give I.cts we treat our rnaders as , .,,,,". .... .PBrrir.ion ,hern ire larize
rilmii mm ntnll jiml mnn .nil olMttliiim .iikIi Inlnh . ' " T ... '. . ...... u
mat ion bearing on tho subject, as win tend to en ight
Sale of Cattle. The sale of cat tie ad
vertised in our paper, came off in Chillcothe
on Thursday. The highest price obtained
was $2310; tho lowest $450. Most of the
cattle sold at pricea over 1000. Sixteen in
all were told, bringing 931,785. None were
purchosed to come to this county.
Silver Com. The complaint of the scar
city of silver coin ia general throughout the
country ,and we notice lliaUhe fcnglish jour
nals tire making similar complaints. The
bankers of London cannot obtain sufficient
amounts to accomodate their customers.
American Reapino Machines in Englard.
We notice by the Sunderland (Rng.)Timee
of the 18th tilt, that Hubsey's aud McCor
mick's reaping machines are still attracting
much r.otioe in that vicinity, and that at aev
eral trials and exhibitions which have late
ly taken place, various opinions have been
expressed aa to tneir respective morns.
Scene in the Illinois Legislature.
l(Uu nnnrtnnnt Mr Nnenker. nersistS In Sav
ing that he is entitled to the floor. Wheth
er this is so or not, I shall not enquire. All
I have to say is, that whether he is entitled
to the floor or not, he'll get floored II he in
terrupt i mo again." Here tho gentlemen
Irom Ilioody Creek pulled up nis sleeves aim
took his neck-tie off.
tho min
The Cincinnati flAf:TTri wl" maintain its pnsi
tion as a leading Wl;l paper in thi West, and it. pro
prietors and ettitors havo. tnroiign a series nt iutv
vears, ueen ine siesniasi menus sna snversins ni inose
princip'e. known as Wh:g princip es. They do not
permit tt.eir paper b tnrp. to tol'ow tne behests ol sny
nor blind y advocate every measure of Party with
out in yuip', whether right or wrong. V hi'n we pur
.uo that which is right, we wl I lo low the dictates
of none.
TheCommerelu! Nt w of tho Dal'v Gazette is
vervfu'l, and accurately made up from the book, of
the Merchants' Kxchsnge, and a'l tho best, source, ol
infirrmation, by one who devotes his who'e time to the
subject; snd we give s'l Ihe Financial slid Commer
cial News a business man msv wsnt.
. As nn Advertising medium, the Gazette
stands foremost. Its year'y advertisers number near
five hundred, anil our advertising charge, win reach
100 per day UurnumlH-r of transient advertiser,
aro verv numerous.
Our Tst-WKnar contains all tho now. of IheDal'r
Our Weekly
Is the largest, bent ami cheapest in the West
In CIuIm, itcsnhn had, as msy bo seen, for
$l.'flper annum. VYo commend, however, as most
satisfurtrrv and lndepnndant, tingle evbncription at
i'j This costs a life more, but is less troublesome
and more sal isi'setory.
Vi e invito aituntlnn to tho c'aimanf this paper tn the
Mippoit ol lhe li ra Without in tho least ro'axing
our exertions bi make the I'o itiral department of thn
I ia.elte worth v of puli'le confidence, nr sull'ei ing any
dim nu'iiin in the rarelii therln excrcbod over the
Commercial deportiimnt. and tho departments of Loral
and lieiiera' News, we have diiierinined to make in-
n r..-u,..l nvi.rti'ni-.ii te reiiili.i nnr n.'limns Mft ailjtrt lor
VI ICi'k'l I 1 NJVillW II I.' A III VI I mtiiw wnnt.hAlA!
our MtlKeiibcrs
In thi. d 'partmi'nt wi I a'wavs bo found a careful
iy chosen inn'aninnl Ta'es, Poetry, Moral F.aaays,
Dnacriplive and Historical Sk tchea, tdifying and
numerous F.xtracls from Current Literature; Agri
cultural and llnrllriiltural Information, and a column
of amusing aud instructive Selections lor the benefit
nf the juveni'e mmnbera ol the Home Firesid . We
svili les vo neither paina nor expense untried, tn ren
der our paper entertaining and useful tn tho busi
ness man and general mail, rand Fami y Circle
, Woollen asili'i.Wrafi'owi in' rodure wood cuts.
of vmlrl hnuect snd distinguished person, and pla
Our Ulitor.tl arrangements are such, that in t'l
departments of nm oitnblishment we rsn offer a guar--miee
of ability, correctness and dispatch. Few
Week ios in the United States contain more matter
wo havn nearly one third mnn thsn anv Week
from I incintisti, snd each Woekly is equal to 30(1
pages of an octavo vo'mne and not e are made up
with so great an expenditure nf labor and monov, es
pecial u tor the purpose ol suppling matter of pecu
iar importance to Weatern Headers, and of proper
presenting an I ronnistenty advocating Ihe great torn
tnerciai and Social interests of this section o tho
DAP.Y, psvsh'e ha.l-.ear'y R,(KI
Tm.WKEKLV. parable after six month, ol each
year. ft,00
WKl.KLY.I'J.llOin advance; during Ihe year
or at thevnd of the ear 3,00
Kor the cash in advance, we vrlh .end the Avow
ing number of Week tea to be stepped in all cases
when the time is out;
8 copies for tIS, .nd for each other, 3 to 8.. $1,211
H do tlu, do do 8 to S0....l,Ko
30 do ii), do do 20 and upwards. .$1,1X1
Cuts Annirioas New subscriptions to a cuh
can bit mad at the proportional rates and so that the
time expire, with tne oinera on no run
Agents) nnd Prospectus
Po.TMT. aki Karr PArcss We make s'l
Postmasters agents nf the Cincinnati Oaette, and re
quest ol them 1 1 obtain nd forward subscribers for
us and we wi p Ihe regu ar commissions on all they
obtain. . '
Wewi'l .'so send to anv rostmasrer ourooKiy,irce,
..,!, .1 1 .rt as our aue.nl. and win keen our Frotpee-
tut potted up In hisoilice.and aid in having it put and
kept in other p'acoa. II ho wilt designate his wish tn
ug; Beptemner inwowwi
qnsntities: firown and black plusii
. i - i i . ii.... ,j si
llineair iimwn ui, ;,i-it i. iiini);.ii,ii -n. .t
inis do.
Stephen's Dlsmnnd Fronts dn.tluchand jijohnson do
otar ciom .nil J ravening no.
New Style lint Cnp.
Velvet bands and Victoria Turbans, Men's Ssnd
wlrh and Albert caps, Ringgold and Rough and Ready
do., Panama and Polish do.
Also, all kind, ol MIK and common on ciom caps,
snroness ofthe pit ofthe stomsrh,dlr.lress slier eating, i ,..-),. awimniiniz of the heed, hurried and difficult
low, cold state of the Hlood, Heaviness, lownesa ol hrp,tnng, tlutti-ring al the hesrl.i hoakingnrsuffoca.
spiiits.dsponclency, emaciation, weakness, tendaiicy j ,jn(j anrlnst ioiitt when in s lyinp posture ,dimne. of vis-
.1, iii,.mi,,.uir , . leu. dots or wens neiore inesigm. icver-uuu usm ...
Dr. IIOUOHTON'S PEPSIN. Is sold hytnesrlyall
the deali-rsin linn drugs St Popular M .dicin -s.through.
nit 111.. United Sts'es. It is prepared in Powder snd
in fluid form and Prescription vials for the use of
J'rimta Circulars for the use ol Phy sicians, may
bcobuinedof Dr. Houghton or his Agenls.deseribing
the whole orocess of nreonration. and itivini! tho au-
fhorities upon w hie h tho claims of this now rem dy
And a Beautiful Style ef Cloth Caps for Children. ' are based As it is not a secret remedy, no objection
The caps aro of all size, for men snd bovs. of v.-1 fan he I -ised against its use by Physi. isnVin respects- ;
lea. and made ol clolh, nush, tin cliitn.rcc. u"' isnu.n3 mm n.-guui ..r..v, . . . ,...v,t.
rioua styli
AgentH F.DW AKfj L. SLOCUM. I.anca.tkh;
Dh. J. M. Wilson, owarV;
Taoirr & Ftcifaiinr, Circlovlllo;
MarcliOT. O. RosrsT., Coi.ti.vnf 47
Owrw lirlii'lnn IrMlriierj.
AVER HALF a Milllcnof TcstamonlsM.nve been
Me stsndin:
Il can safely besaid thai hie assortment, stylo snd.; O'Omksvk Tin.: r.very nomo oi ins
finish hsve never been equalled In this citv. The ; -l-.I'M bear. ,ne wnnon 'g';i'U'" ','"'",'
lon attention of the subscriber tothls psrticularlnisi- rON.M D.,soloproprietor, I'hilidolphu, la. Copy-
? i l: . :.....-A ...l.l, .L.Um .,,.1 t rhrht ami Trsde Mark fecured.
ness anil ins ca'iiusivi-' 'ii..".""" "".""'- " i - . . , , . .
msnufacturors in tho nrincinal citios ol tho I'uion, j rS.l.l by .11 Druggist, and Dealers in Medicines.
havo enabled him to msko the best select inm snd al
the most reasonable rate.. The t"rk it for sate, and
the public will find it to their sdvsnt.go to call .nd
see. bofnre purchasing elewhere. It cn safely he
ssid that in price, quality, varletv and elegance, Me
Stock iot tvrnmsed in Central Ohio.
To Merchants nnd Hotter".
The Urge stock on h.nd oilers superior inducements
to thoso who m.y wish to lav in t aupply. and the
subscriber will accommodate Hatter, and Merchants,
at'wholesale, upon very reasonable term..
ArrisXOT V. D HEAD!! !
F.stablished IR years ago, hv Dr. Klnknlin, Northwest
corner of Third and Cnlon streets, between
Spruce and Pino streets, Philadelphia.
F.lglitoen year, nf extensive & uninterrupted pr.c
tice spent inl Ii ia city, have rendered Dr K. the most
expert .nd successful practitioner far and near, in the
treatment of all di ease, of a private nature. Persona
allllcted with ulcers upon Ihe body, throst or log.,
paina In the head or bone., mercurial rheumatism,
stricture., gravel, disease arising from youthful ex
cesses or iinpuritioa ol the hlood. whereby the eon
stitutinn has become oni'eebled, are all treated with
lie who places himself under tho caro of Dr. K.,
may religiously confide In his honor a. a gentlem.n,
and confidently' rely upon hi. .kill a. a physician.
I'MtTICHLAR NO 1 !;.'..
the head, deficiency of porspira'h.n, yellowness ol the
skin snd eye., pain' in I heaide, bark, cheat, limbs, fce.,
sudden Hushes nf heat, burning ia the flesh, constant
m igmings or evil, and (Ji est depression ol sj irits,
d r. . noon. aitd's'
M.I ll't ATI l f.l.iwTI .M li TM H.i,
rrrparril l.y Dr. V. W, .Tecli-on.
vr rur. tii'.it m m .Mt:i):ci k s rcii r
n. 130 Xrcll Street, rtlllnitclpritn.
Their power over thn aVoveiliserse. is not excelled
If equalled, by any other rrcpar.tion in the United
States, as thn cures attest, in many cescs after skil
ful physician had faih d.
Tho Hitler, aro worthy- the attention nf Invalids.
Possessing great vir'ues in the rectification of
diseases of tho livor and lesser glands, exercising the
most searching power, inweakness affection, of the
digestive organs.they .rewithsl,safo,certalnfcple..at.
1 rfrnm the "Ilosten Tlpo."1
received by the Proprietor ol McA lister'. ALL I The editor aaid, December 21 "Vr. Hnvfaxd't
IIEAUNCl OINTalEST! Celebrated (fermnn Hitters lor ine cure oi nver com-
anm ih.r.ii.n. inn mosi 1 niHinr. lsunutee. uvsnensia. v. niniiic . ni . eni. ii.-h.i.-
. k 1 1 r. I n A rnlehratrd. 1 tv. Is deservedly one of thn most popular medicines
r-n,n rn.inelllora losrnod ! n'f the da v. Theso bilters havo boon used by thou
in the law. from Judirn. nf 1 sands, and. friend al ourelbow says he has himsell
elabritv on the II e n e h. 1 received an effectual and rermanent cure of livel
(Vm. Mlnl.ior. of the (ins. I Cfimolslnt fvom the use of this remedy. tVe are con
.,..1 u,hn.a undevtstlne in. I vinend thst. in tho use of these bitters, the patient
itv kirn made them i constantl v ealns si reiiL'th and viuor a fict worth v ol
shining light, in the path great consideration. Thoy are pleasant in tasto "and
r rEHEQTjLAairna. stjpfxessio8,
pnlnnd msnstriiailona. Ne aniela fcaa aearbaae ttfermiwf
tills, wliiuli would toaofi this kind of darangamenta. It aatif
he tvlie.1 uiion as a sara and anaetive nssaadjr, aasl dkl wa lirat
iMs-niuuHt io do so, could aive
as proof uf enrs tn this distrsaama dsss of eomplalnta. See
immiihlst. AH hroken down, debilitated consuialions. from
the alfecl of ssefrnriii will find the brauin. power ot tliis arti
cle to act rnimeiliutelir, and the iMHeaaeas aaiaani radioakss
Irom llw ty.tim. ... ....
The Zi dnlinut properties whioh com nose this article, assnl.
feel thenmelves psrtiealarlr la Ike applloaIMM ef the boss.
pnnn.1, for Ilia ili.lree.inll class nf oomplidnts which head
this piimjrrsith. For oentaries Ibare haa In .a eaad is the
eorili of KuroiM, a
litth lit nil diMfiaefl or dennfemmta of tlw rml fmitw,
olftnictionn, ilittictiltiM, pHint'nl nwnitroatknw, k., hui
tlVt'tfd a cur. Tlii mot It InHiKwiont looar tul, and fount!
in Itiree iinnntitim, nd nt a nwiiuinal wnortr, ttantlt wsttt
otit an nuul t it form on vr in compoamlt ia lha pvapstfa
tion, wliu-h, m a whol. it tha bmi rcawdr t a
fiUriiiaiM. rmiH; H it turo. and lha tyiteai will ba reatorail
u hsvilih ttr i- ne. , . . , , . .
Kor the -IW ot alt Sympathallt) Ditaaaat attandmnt on pwa
nrtmi: It ulluri tiw iHatr-in n4 painfol trooblat whtcll
ian outiur both to marriait and tinmamad famalaa, and ra
mi.rM thoai perioiliaal ob.traUom waioa aiiaa froai taamtf
COrrUMPTION kwx Liter Comw-aiitt, Bilitus TH
miu, tn f nmmation nf Ua ,nf. Coughs, CWi, Hamrf
fight StteatM, ffeaknm. Vot ten all thaaa duaaaia M
Mfftlieina hnaavar baan Haaqnal.
AFFECTIONS thia Mrttc. hms and is curin? thswsra
f.asftt; let no one afflicted with thoso compiminta or aay aCAar.
kssiteti to trw this Medicine mo m cart wU ciTirii,T ra
ault from its use, there being tta Mediiins now hefor$ tsm
world its oquoi. Coil on Agent and got a PsmphJsU
Tn the Omit Witt wpaeinllr. and wharavar lhatt com
plninta iref nil thia mailioina it oHmd.
no delMerioua compound It a part of thit mUtun. it enraa
ttiM tirasjsjt fvuii cartainif and ueleritf, and does not tear
the tern loniid.
It ti muile of root nlona. and it pnrelf a Veirctablo Pre para
lion, and liaa notliiiis in ita oompoaiiioa whlob can ia tho leaet
lijura tsiijr iwnan andr any uin:uniBinnvea wltatavjf. Na.
mefum oeriilieniet ol iKa hiffhtnt ratpectubilitr tra pablitbadt
Ui tlie puinphltt, which ara duiribulad uratoitoaaly -
a onmrtlithit of a mol painfnl character, fat
and a ear follow bv a few dnn ate of tMt article : It It faff
Itaiore nny oilier preiian.tion lor thia riiseiwo, or for anr olhof
, diwiuenrniniiiinK I mi in iinpuro blood. See pamphlet.
will find the tiltfrtitire proporliea of tlii axtiutw
nnd drive uuh diteanaa from the tritem. Sao pnmphlat for
te(imony ol curat in nil dibeiwa. whiuh tho limiuof an odver
tuenient will not iwmii to lw nnmed hare, Aaenta ia thwm
awny ; tbey ooniam 9t panel of oeriifioiiiw id high chart otar.
and a ttrniiffer
of the Ttrtnn of n meilicino, never apuanred. It It one of tho
tteauliiir leainrw of thit article that it never Atilt to benaftt io
any vitm, ami il bona nnd mil vela aro toll to build a pun lot tbt
Miix-inted and litiRerinc invalid
and keep inVinir the matlMne at long at there It am lmprvvo
aiant The proprieior would
anainti a another of artictaa which come oat andorthe konil of
a ttirt fur Irmpiy, imvol, Jtc.: They ure riknI for nothing,
and uonuoutetl 10 sail tlie unwary t 4
Their invenfim never ihonirht of nrinf tiioh dUeoatw till thn
oninle hud iIoihj it. A purtiuulur atudy of the pnmphlot ia
a'ini"ily olii'iiptl.
A ton in nnd nil who tell the nniute aro
irrrttttitnrttr. ltit up in HO on. botitat, nt 91 1 II m. do. at
Mi rU. eiu-ii the inrjfer itulilini 6 ok. mora limn two mall bet
llet. Jjutk ut and not iret imposed upon, iSvery bottlo haa
VliM K mi VeKetnnle Lithoniriutla Milium blown Btwwi
Ihe kIium, the written ucnnlura ol G. 0. Vaughn " on tho
direction, mim! ' G. f. Vanchn. RulTalo." stamved m tkm
evrk. Hon other are nemiine. Trepaml by br. O. C.
VttUfthn, iiml mux lit iho I'nncipnl Offloe, fl07 Main etreet,
Hulliilo. Ml wtwiiattula ami retail. No nllamlHHi alvsm la aaMiawa
uiileM hai pNtii post pbiil letien, orvi?rlnil ooramnnicauona
iHK'Hiiiit iiiivica, prom u ny attenimi to, graiw.
Maiden Une, New York City ; Mn. K. Kidder at Co.. Boa.
VVhosmala Asenn. Olcott, McKmsoii at Robins, Ne. 197,
linden New York Cilr l Mm. K. Khliler at Co., Boe.
ton ; U. H. Hunliall St f :o., Clneinnatl ; J. Uwea & Co.. lie.
ln.il: Hears S Bny, Cliieaaoi Fias. St Hull, Cleveland l R.
B Hellen. ruisburch; Winer k Sims, llamillon. U. W..
tnit Inr snla by all tlie reepeuuible DrugKisla Ihruuirhoal the
Uaitod tfUitss und Canuda, and at rotailbr
l orn! A sen v a Knsnr.
G. KsufTinflti .It t o.. Co . Lsncast. r, Leonard Ik Pro-
thor, Ilasil; Shaw and Hutchinson, West Rushville;
t). B. lleiiihard, f.ithopolia; O. H. Mieller, Semorsef,
Troon nnd Kirk-hart, Circlevillc; Henry King.Tarltnn;
Dr. IJ. A Kisher, Baltimore July , Ifra n
of Truth, from enlighten
ed Professors, from acute
Merchants, A from thoae
of every station, name
and d greo among manxind all ol which, witnout
one dissenting objoction, prononnee thi. Ointment to
be GOOD: . . , ..
Aa day by day It unobtrusively externa ua apnere
inell. and can he used by porsnn. with the most deli
cale stomachs with safety, under anv circumstance..
We are speaking from experience and to Ihe afflicted
wo advise their use."
'ScOTT'.lV'KMi.T,"ono ol the best I.itcrsrypaper.
published, said, Aug. 25: "Dr. llooflsnd'. German
hitters, manufactured by Dr. Jackson, are now recom-
mended by aomoof Ihe most prominent member, ol
of .ctioh along the bnrdciW our va.trniintry.and I. tho faculty, as an.rticleof much eHuacyin cases ol
circulated thrrhout it. extent, new Btidenoc. of it. , female weakness. Aarach is t he case, we wouldad
power and new prnot. of l s otfl-.cy are cent inu.lly vise all mothers to obtain a bottle.and thus save them
developed. Three millions of boxea, applied te dls- solves much sickness. Person, of deh.I. a ted ernsti.
e.w whlnthe Issl four ye.r. have est. bUshed the tution. will find theso bitter, advantageous to their
cibu mini. . j . . , .. ,. L.nn. rism AvnAi rmn fhn ajtllttarv nf
V h. am ,U1,A kivn Inlimtd tbemsnlves hv a eer.
tain practiro indulged in-a habit frequently loarnod
from evil companion, or at achool the otfocts ol
which are nightly fnlt, evon when asleep, and destroy
both mind and bodv, should apply Immediately.
Weakness and constitutlonaldebility,lo.of muscular
energy, physical Isssitude snd general prostration,
trritaniitty ami an nvrvous aueciiui.e. .huik,.'...",",
sluggishness nf the liver, and every disease In any
way connected with the disorder of tho procrealive
function, cured, .nd lull vigor restored. ,
Klnkello on Setf-Prsrrtle)r-Only 9 el.
This Book just published is filled with useful infnr
m.tlnn. m th itifirmiiiea and iliaeaae.of the Genera
tive Organs. It addreasoa itself alike to l'lmfA, Jlfun-
ftoort and l Age, anu .noma ua reu oj an.
The valuable advice and Impressive warning it glvea
will prevent years of misery and suffering and .ave
annually thousands ol lives.
Parenta by reading it will learn how to prevent the
n..t-.i-tinti nf their children.
.A remittance of 2ft cent., onclnaod in a letter,
addressed to Dr. Kikkkmh. Northwest corner of
Third and Union streets, between Spruco .nd Pine
atreets, Philadelphia, will ensure a book.undor enve-
Innn nav return nf mail.
t, T . i . I 1 n V 1... Ullnr
rersonsat a oisisncn may au... v. ... j .
nA.i n.1,1 .nd he cured st home.
Packsgeaof Medicines, directions, &c, forwarded,
by aonding s remittance, and put up secure from
J.m.M tr rurlnsitv.
Boolt-soller.. News Agent., Pedleir,ranvasaer,and
all other, supplied with the above work at very low
rate.. lapiemiwr i ,, i. .
astounding fact, heynndthe power of cavil or rent a-
diction, that it ia isrAi.i.in.R in ine curs in in i u
mors. Ulcers, Sores, IJurns, Tetter. Piles, Scrofula,
Krv.'P"l"s, chilblains, arald Head, sore Kyes. Quinsy,
croup, Rheumstlsm, Broken Breast. Ague in theKace,
corns, be. II rnmpletel y restore, tho Insensible
.riHATio, and by this means opens those avenues by
which nature Intended to expel the morbid mailer of
thn body thus is the system cleansed: Ihe blood pu
rified: and the health restored. ,"',,
Il has power to cause all external sore.. Scroful
ous Jlwnars, and l'oisnnovt woundt to di.charge
health, as we know from experience the salutary ef
fect they hsve upon wes systems.
The Hon. T. IIinelihe, Mayor of tho city of
Camden, New Jersey, says:
' llooi'i ami's Gkkman Hirrnsi-Wo havo seen
many flattering notices of this medicine, an I the
source from which they camo induced lis to niako in
quiry respecting its merits, from inquiry we were
nersusdnd to use it. snd must sny we found it speci
fic in ifsjartinn upon disease of tho liver snd digestive
thoir putrid matter amrthen heal them. It i. rightly Ly, p,stl,,i j, tmy ,rprising. It calm.
Fori; Trade at Louisville. Ono of the
dot It packers at Louisville haa Informed the
Courier that the orders they have received
for the oast few days for hos-a are limited to
3,60 gross and 4,76 net. This is a decline
of fully 60 etc per 100 pound upon the price
el be( two er uvree weM ago.
LOOK lIKItK, NKHJimOlll-Whstmakea
you wearthal exceedingly:! Hat! l)o you not
knovt that M. 8MAI.LK Y haa roreived the latest Fall
stylet nf llattl Also, all kind, of CAPS. Re mem.
bar ihe place .opposite thn Tallmadga Ilonse, k call in.
Lancaster, setpember 26, IH6I. SI
ARIhetrark nfthe Rail Road pss.o. through my
land and manv persons. Isdie. ejentlemen and
children, in large uumners anxious to see the work,
without thought, paaa through the gate., leaving them
open so that th, horses and cattle get away, and Ihe
constant parsing un..... Mm nemi i ramps uown tne
eras., aubiectlng me to much annoyance: Thi. i.
e .11 f.i..J. UL
moat reapfH lim'J lu , ... ... j . . inm. nnu mar
u.i.1. i vl.lt fhn work, to take the track of the Ball
Bead near Kins', nun ana return mat way. inn
will givethom no additional trouble and aaveme
much. My wlilingneaato gratify the public in any
.kl. . I think Will not be doubted, and I
trust in this res pact a word to the well-diaposod will
l.umiut. . n isiitminnc
Utieattor, Atrat liMnEaflt H Tlrah ropy
....r..l nr Internal, that it will not benefit.. I have
used it forthe last fourteen year, for all Ihe disease.
of the chest ; consumption and liver; Involving the ut.
most danger and responsintiiiyi ann i oociaro eeiere
and .trengthens the nerves, bringing them into a state
of repose, making aloep refreshing.
If this medicine was more generally used, we
are .atisficd there would bo Io s sickness, as from
tho stomach, liver, .wl nervous system tho great ma-
NOTICE is hereby given, to the Stockholder, of
1 1 the Cincinnati. Wilmington and Z&noaville Rail
Knad Company, that an Instalment of ten per cont.,
upon each share of the Capital Stock of said company,
is requind te b. paid to the undersigned, Treasurer
thereof, at his nlticu in I.anra.tnr, on or bofore the
KI'lSTDAYOFMARi II NK.KT, and like instal
ment ef ten per cen. every sixty days thereafter un
til the whole amount is oaid up.
By ordur of the Board of Director..
Cincinnati. W. & Zanosville Railroad Company
Notk... Interest will be allowed on all subscrip
tions nf stock, Irom the time paid in, until the road
is opened and in operation. v
And for the convenience of .ubscrlbera, Joki. L.
FnAKi.t, Ksn., ofCircloville. haa been appointed
to receive instalment, from .ubseriber. residing in
Pickaway county.
IIahici. Mcl.BAir, Eaq. , of Waahington, for those
residing in Kayette county, and
Lawhvvck Vithuoh, Ksq., of Wilmington, from
thn.a rf.si.tinf. In Clinton county.
e r . r.L'rf. rTC.tr a- -
jUl.li itii-,c.ufvi.lv.i, i reiinrer,
Cincinnati. W. & Zano.yiUe Railroad company.
FWiiaty 9. IK63 1
Onfl K'Rs Pure White Lead 6 bbl. Venetian Red,
r5UU H do Red Irfad, 1 do Vollow Ochre,
ft Keg: rrv White Lead, 40 do t.inseea im,
.111 dn Littwragn 6 do spi Turpentine
100 llw Chrome Green. 3 do Japan Varnish
150 do do Yellow 4 do Copal do
qjui At. Aim.vir.Ti Vermillion 1 do auo coach do&e
imt received and for sale t the city Drug Store lata
Ijr. HOCK. iu. Mwww....
hn.ven and man. that norineneaingierase na.n ibii- i . , , , . ... ...,- u.,..
dm benefit wh,a tho patient waa within reach of J"'", ' " "" Z.f :::r:.;;. Ki.id.f,.ne.
M.-..l mn.nl
J McAI.ISTKR, 141 Kulton-at., New York. Sole Pro
prietor. A.ftS HEMnar.Agenta for Ohio.
Sold hv K. L. Slocum and Otto W. Kraemer,T.anrs.-
ter;E. Kalb.Kushviiio; ..nwn.t..rro.,. e .i mp.
bell. Pirkorlngien: ueonara ami n.oin. . , n. i
MltthofT, lorkvills: samnei Dsruei.a .... ..u.vr;
Kndsley, I.ithnpolis; K. Geohegn, Baltimore: J. Clay
nool.New Salem; J. snd 8. Ilonbee. Amanda; Ilamol
llawkin, Sugar tlrovo; Ashbaugh and unory, "reinen
ruiAhn. us inni -"
rh-ilr A UsmUIoimI I'ut'iury Ki-movitl
tPfinrtV. SMITH ha. removed hi. Chair and Bed
VJT stead Kactory from tho corner nf Wheeling and
Columhu. .troet.. to Stanbery'tBuilditur on Jlfoltt
street, tteo doort Fast of tht Hocking Valley Bank
nnd directly opposite the Checkered Store. He lia.on-
hand the largest snd best assortment of
ueaasa. ne-ar befnin kontin int. mare : con.iatins
JTttlf in Prt. of Cane .eat. Cottage, Buatls.
V II French, Scroll top, Village, common and
1 Children's Chairs, Soriablea and Settee.
All descriptions ol BEDSTEAD8 manufactured ol
ell her Cherry, rvainuu mapieor ouger.
Hit work will ail be made of the very beat m.lerlrl
by good workmen and of the laleat and moat approved
pattern.. It will he Inferior to none m.nufctured
idaewhere nd will be sold at the very lowe.t price..
A continuation of the very liberal patronage of the
public is respectfully solicited. It is the Intention ol
fk. ...k.irlii. tn knee full and ceneral aaaortment
st all times, so tliat he will be enabled to accommo
date both old and new customers witn anyining in nis
line. Io connection with hi. establishment ia Mr. G.
U Eckert's Cabinet Ware Room, so that customer. ci.
be aaenmmnn.tMl with all article, reaulaite to COm-
plata , full assortment of Household t urnlture. Call
and as. tiKORQK SMITH.
Laotaater.KoTemberl.lBW. 90
1 AM Juat now receiving and opening out s large
and woll selected . i , ' '
Stock of Sprliiff and Summer Coods,
which I am determined to .ell as low a. any other
House in Ohio. ..... ..
who wi.h to purchaae will fiml tho following article.,
to-wit: ,
Dress Silk., f.ney .nd plain; Silk, do.; Fancy Lawn.,
Silk Borege., K.nry Delano.. Caliroe., Gingh.m.,
White and f.ncy Robes, embrd; Parasola and ran.,
all kinds; Wliite damask crane .hawls
uv.b.j sinnvna and collars: Bonnet Itibbona:
French and fancy flowers, droas trimmings;
Dress button., of .11 sorts; .ilk and linen brader,
New Style Bonnets,
Edging, and lace; black slUr lace; 1 w .tyle bloomer
eomli: .uperior Polka; Marseille. Veating.;
Cloth, and caaaimore., Sattinet., Jean, and tweed.;
Muslin. Irom J to 1 I yard wide, sheetings
uu.kl mn.lln.. cotton yarns, tickmum bagging)
Leghorn nnd Palm Leaf llntn, new styles,
Baltina and Qneenaware. s very large atockof
' boots and sfloiis;
and price, to ...it .tomer..
All thoae wnn win nr. - "" j
SO.000 ropir Mild In yr.
TIIK OHIO HARMONIST. Patent Note., decid
edly the beat and moat popular aelectlon. ol
'i k .A s.rn-A Muaie ever pubhshed poasea.
sing many great advantage to the learner, over
every other Book xtsnt.
The'Trade, AgenU and Teacher, .unplied on good
term.. ftibluh-dnd for aale by i, Jt WLIiy & u
Columbus, June 3, 159 8ro8
them In a healthy condition, and you can bid defiance
to epidemics generally. Thia extraordinary modi
cine we would advise our friend, who are at all in
disposed, to give a trial it will recommend itaeif.
It should, in fact, lie in every family. No other me
dicine can produce auch evidencea of merit."
Kvldence upon evidonco ha. been received (like
the fnreiroinel from all sections ol the Union, the Isat
three year., .nd the strongest testimony in ita favor,
is. that thnro ia more of it uaod in the practice ol the
. . .. . ! ni.!I.J-ll.:- .k... .11 .1,M nn.
regular rnysacianani rnnsnmpn..,."... ... -mm.. ..v--
..... mmUinnA a f.ct that ran easily he established.
and fully proving that aacientific preparstion will
meet with their quiet approval whou presorted even
in this form. .
That thi. medicine will euro Liver complaint and
Dyspepsia, no ono can doubt after using it sa direct
ed. It acta specifically iipoa the tnmch and liver;
it ia preferable to calomel in all biliovt diseates
tho ellect ia immediate. They can be administered
to female or infant with aafety and r. lisLlo benefit
at any time. '
I.ook well to the marks of the genuine.
Thov have tlie written sicnaturc oi C. M. JACK.
SON upon the wrapper, and hi. name blown in the
bottle, teiiaotir umtenmeu art spunovs
or sale, wholeaaio slid retail, al tne
No. .2(1 ARCH street. ono door below sixth. Phlla
dolphia.and by respectable dealer. generally through.
nut the country.
JViw Reduced To enable all clarae of Invalids
to enjoy Ihe advantage, of their great restorative
Lowers. axngte uoirte io eenrs. Aiaoioraaieoy
K A I1FKMAN CO.. Lancaster. Ohio
Wholesale Agent for Ohio, SPINK fc HOWARD,
Wooster. Olnq. .eptexnoer io, inoa io
9,000 Reward.
TVTEVER sincethe science o'Medicine dawned upon
11 the world, ha. any thing been found .ogood lor
coush and cold, a hoti i cooorr cisnr. aimu paca.
raes received thi day by . . E L. SLOCUM.
Druggist, Lancaster, Ohio,
Sole Agent for Fairfield county. Nov. -
R0P IN LAD1KS, and take a look through a large
..j .nUn.lid ..Mftm.nl of Dreaa Goods. embrac
ing all the leading and popular style now is fashion
r . i .1 1 anil .m.Iw alMirnf. .
Novamber8.18 . . . . ; WISH,
Lancaster, June 30, 1831
WE offer at private sale twosix-horse Boad Wag
ons. with Irroad tire. They will be sold very
low for cash, or we will trsde them on fair term for
Buggies or two-horse Wagon..
-QCi . .i 1 1 . t, L .iC r I .t. . .VIA
We nave a ao tne nAnnr.oo .ut miui iiai.., ....u
will be ao'd upon reasonab'e term or trade ss above.
These article can be aeon at the reaidence of Mr.
fe. Martin, three mile North of Rushville, on the
roadtoThoruvllle. K. B. McLAUGHLIN,.
August 13 4wl3 J. U-AKlir.
WORK, SON ft WORK would respect
fully inform the citizens of Fairfield
'and the adjoining counties, that they sre on
hand aa usual, at their old .Und one door
u-. .' Kinrum'a Drua- stors. witn a terra eo
splendid assortment of everything in their line.
Their Serine purchasea have been .elected vrltn
csre.nd sre ls'rgor thsn u.ual. " ' ;
LADIKS! We hvetakenpecial eareu man ing our
purchases so aa to please you. ...
We have a little ol everything, from . Jeitft li
Beams down to the amalle.t children's .hoes.
We have al.O on nsna ano are preparou to mt;u
order. .
Gentlemen's Jlusinn ana atamiett uauvrs, tn.
fress Boots, tc. We also hsve on hand Ladies uum
V1NDINUS. &e. AVe re also prepared tofurni.h
Shoemaker, and Finding 8tore. with Findings of every
decription, such a Kits, Psg,Boot-webbig,8hoe
' tofe Leather. Moroseo bladings, always en.
h"ndaddItion to the work on hand, we sre prepared
..heretofore to manufacture everytWng ia oarlui
Our own work need no recommendation. We nope
bv proper attention to our business, toaecure a fair
hare oY the public patronage, ss we 'JwT,,E'
on band to wait upon our customer, snd do our best to.
plAIWKD. The subscriber, will take one ot two.
good and indurtrlous Doy rore. uat m,
lalHCMIu. -- . - ' . mi
New snd desirable rtlcle wommeadea
economy, comfort and avoiding gsoasi ion Can
fcc. They only need being seen UiredoeeanT
otUpnrcn.JtheJ.. The public rei,vit.doe4

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