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SljcWkU) Gazette,
John II. Wright, Printer.
JOjCaCE Tllmdgo Buildings Third Flour
Mln Straet South Side.
Terms 81,75 per annum in advance. "
Thnrsday CvrninKi Oct. 11, ISM
. - - -vThoma-
.On. last Saturday,
d Dr. Olds' charge a-
Col. Med ill. reiterated
cnarge a-
gainst Thomas Corwin, and
ifter we showed',
' . j, r "iiMBMM mm mm M MM 'MIMinMMMfe
hia meanness in so doing, he stated on the After a series of successos, tho American , y' ,wa" ,senl out, t0 ""'"cept some bat
day of the election, that the editor of tho l"'"? entered the city of Mexico on a bright '"x,. '", 'e,.n eis 'W borh.00 of Kingston,
r. . . . j j , ' jniorn nz, the 14th ofSeDteinber 1S47 ' Cun,ll' wns overpowered after a brave de-
had received a despatch from Sam The j,. GoyZZASZ wounJs he received I. till upon
Medry, stating that the telegraphic report city at one o'clock the night before- Three bodjr') an(' tskcn Pnsoner- Ifp oth
was false. Since then, the Washington pa- thousand of tho Mexican armv disbanded """ SCT1' doirn to Quebec, and teas on the
pers have come to hand, containing the re-
port of the committee.
focos and one Wh
win, anu we now puonsn tne tact in order to
i.i.i r inm t unri . . '
. . ....... .
hold up the LIBELLERS to the contempt
of every , honest man. Let the brand be
nlar.ed ,.nn thpi- f,.,ol...l. .,. r.
I . j- - .uivnvu miuvtuu 1 1 n t.
, oi scorn may be pointed at both. So far as
Pvnln.iin m i'"c,,l ut lne "iHugauon oi KutiU Anna,
ig, exculpating Mr. Cor- l lm nnn ,hn iiif..i ..;o,.. r m...:
Dr. Olds is concerned, this office was per-) This rrowd of liberated miscreoms swarm- I ra?n' who hai 110 duul,t iwn lnci'"l to corn
formed for him by Col. Medill and his friends j ed uPon ll'e Hat roofs of the houses, which I !"" th(P'ns.u't '." consequence of the sixty-
vearsaeo-but justice will not be satisfied MeJtico ore 80 constructed as to be ad. ''f ft' low-Irishmen having boldly
years ago, but justice w 11 not ntiafiod Iniral)1 nd te( for fifi 8n proela.med their devotion to Scott, interrupt-
until th other is similarly situated. That the narrow streets below, and poured upon ed tne 8Peaker ,n a lo(1 nd boisterous man-
which Medill then said through the OAto my gallant soldiers the most incessant and I nerwl";h was immediately arrrested by
E'tyle against Dr. Olds, can now be applied gHing fire. In the wido streets the can-1 , I?.n.r l!,,eMil.yr' Mr-J-D- Wallace,
by some of the latter's friends aoainst him- non ccuId not be brol,Sht t0 ue"r upon these I J0 " Ul,!8clf '"'n and a Democrat.
.I.r r...... u ? . outlaws, who were thus destrovin-r our men l?ne C"c.nnat. Atlas says that Mr. II.lt has
urauua.ij,, uui B..rC.y, niey are 00111
sinking into the grave of dishonest politi
cians, and Medary's epitaph, though written
years ago for the one, can then be inscrib
ed upon the tomb-stones of both
PLES!" :
"From' Frasce. The London Times on
the authority of letters from Paris states that
the official act towards the confirmation of
the Empire would probably take place about
the' 15th of October, when on the Presi
dent's arrival at Louvre, a decree would bo
published in the Moniteur for'an extraordi
nary convocation of the Senate. The sub
ject of examination would be the address em
anating from the Department of Councils,
and of either framing a report thereon, or
,. passings Senatus Consulate; inviting Louis
Napoleon to assume Imperial dignity. The
return of the President to Paris afler com
pleting his present journey is to be celebrRt.
ed with a Royal and Imperial pomp, magnif
icence that is to eclipse anything of the kind
cverseenin France;
R iss CoUSTY. In the days of otherycars,
the Whigs of this county have gallantly
"battled shoulder to shoulder and wou many
4 laurel upon the political battle field. But
times nave changed. Ditappointed aspirants
have used their former influence to sow seeds
of discord among their brethren of the same
political faith and the result of their labors is
fully evident. At the election last year,
some of !',e principal offices were given to
the Locofocos, anucn U Tuesday, the same
U Jc .,. .. !a.i tnn
nurtv oIwffiri I h PIT Ah Or 1 TT A II II CQlTlli J001'1 -1 I
Alie DHIC Vlt.Ul tuwivcu VII7 iuv .vj ,
and Gen. Taylor, one of the best Congress
' man from Ohio, only obtained a majority of
300." If the Lion sleeps, the Fox can easily
obtain the spoils.
, OCrW hat folly for the Telegraph, in an in
direct way, to pretend to bo friendly to Col
. Medill, when we know that it was started
, under the influence otthe-Old's faction, and
would atab the Col. to death, the first-good
' opportunity, that presented itself. It has
, not the courage to openly oppose lain, but
. under the cover of a protended friendship,
. f pwardly operates against him,
' '05-Th e assertion in yesterday's Telegraph
that the Whigs were the originators of the
' Native American Party, is simply a lie.
The Locofocos of New York city have that
honor, if there is any honor in it.
, KrThe number of buildings constructed
.at New. York, during the last ten ycarB, was
16,409, those of Cincinnati, for the same
period, numbered 9506. ' In relation to the
amount of population Cincinnati has pro
gressed three- time's' as fast us New York,
. Asiatic Cholera Wliat i'itt-i-A- phy
sician in New York cityrrDr. J.X. Chubort,
has published a pamphlet on "Asiatic chole
ra," in which he says: '
"I believe Asiatic cholera Is anierialepe
idemlc, or a-poison diffused through the at
mosphere. - This poison is a small green.. in
sect; invisible to the naked eye, but. easily
to be seen under the action of a powerful
' Microscdpe. ' This insect is inhaled from
the atmosphere, and by fixing itself Into the
mucous membrane of the stomach and lungs,
produces irritation and inflamation of the
lungs, stomach and small intestines; which
irritation is trail smitted to the liver, through
the ' duct leading from the stomach to the
fall bladder ,and extending itself to the spine,
tbra-in and heart, through the irritation of the
'nerves, .and thus producing all the symptoms
-of cholera. Of the existance of this green
insect there is no doubt, and only where
cholera existi.-' ? ''"'. '
i I have made numerous experiments in rc-
'gard to . them. , Among the most important
ifl'tnis in a place .where cholera exists, .!
bare my arm to the shoulder, anj hold it
over my head tor some tiiine;' wheh I'take-'it
down it has a perfectly natural appearance,
but, on submitting it to the action of the. mi
croscope, it appears to be covered with mil
lions of these green, in secta. Blivet"-' They
.will not be found where cholera dpes" aotfx
ist ip, some form... These insects, are, ho
doubt, the Exhalations (malaria) of decaying
animal and vegetable' matter", caused by ; the
Iheat of the sun acting -on low.wet or marshy
places, or where the ground is subjected to
frequent changes from wet to. dry., f n ,
.'ilTn. Ewokso. It is expected that the
jeaioile WP Erickson, .built at New York,
Cili he readv for sea about the first of No
vember. One of her engines ishearlycorn-'
pieteana.tnp wvta.s -yy'j v...
7. NO 23.
Ge. Scott. 'We bavo not room
publish all tho Rddresnei of this diKtinguieli -
cd man. At every point, he U called out
by bin fellow citizen, and at every place,
we find something new. We make two ex
tract to-day.'
An Incident oftlie War. At Hamilton, in
reply to some illusions to hia own scrvicea,
he said:
Having no doaire to allude to my own
deeds, ullow me the pleasure of bringing to
your attention one of those of my brethren
in arms Thev were the bravest of m.n
I ""J"! itllout tllem the glorious victories over
? "U V' "tlon. could '.never
nave been . nnra ,,.,.,,, ...
my officer, and under these circumgtonceaT.!
tlircw K their uniforms, but retained their
. -rv.. ...v juiis Hun imnuua vi UlCAIUU,
and turned laose upon the city a small armv
I r ir. i . "l . .
I of malefactors, more degraded and desperate
l!'a? ""'"I Possibly be found in tho peniten-
I l",r,es " "ese "lle WtP- 1 " was in
to Santa Anna U I.U ,i....,..,i
after npm,H K1,rrn,ir j ;..,,,
Now comes'my storv
These irallan cor-
poralajand sergeants instead of inflicting the
punishment due to murderers, brought into
me in the palace of Mexico innumerable
prisoners. These generous hearted officers
protested that they could , not slay, with a
bayonet those who had fallen on their knees
and begged for their lives. O, Generul, the
sergeants cried, too many have fallen in the
bloody battle we have won without the
gates for us to shed, any more blood. I
clasped to my arms tho nubleheartcd officers,
and said, my. noble fellows, 1 am proud of my
lellow-soldiers, (for with thcin, all who
fought with me, will testify the most kindly
relations ever existed.) In nil the records
of man, in the pages of all bloody wars, no
spectacle was more sublime than t he con
duct of the Aniericun soldiers after the' cap
ture of Mexico. In other wars the ofilccrs
have found it impossible to repress the. soldi
era' cry for revenge, and stay them from the'
perpeiruuuii oi. nioouy outrages; out it wus
not so with the American Lnny in the City
01 iuexicv. ,
I do not deoire to give' any more military
reminiscences. Hereafter J may. I have
only to thank my fair country-women who
h:ive assembled in .such.. numbers, to see nn
old soldier. But 1 assure you I am only three
months past Co', and very yciing for my age.
If I hud the power, I'wuuld gladly shower
blessings upon, you; hut. I can only invoke
Heaven to bestow its choicest blessings 011
the fair faces and forms before and the man
ly hearts around me. I thank you, uiy fellow-countrymen,
for your kind greeting nud
cordial welcome, and bid you farewell with
regret, . , . j
OenScolt anil lhe Ohio Soq.'.s,T-At Day
ton, in reply to the remarks of tho venera
ble Judge Johnson, he said anion"' other
. .
. 1 - . 1 . . .....
' Foiivw-citizch's,aft yoO 'could not well hear
the volco of my venerable friend, Col. John
son, let me allude to some points In his ad
dress, ' In your behalf, ho spoltfi of the un
tarnished faith and credit of the State of
Ohio. Let me briefly relate an anecdote,
and. show how your humble speaker, improb
able as it may seem, once had something to
do with the credit of your Statc.in Europe.
It so happened that I was in the city of
London wheti the first bonds of Ohio were
offered for negotiation in the English market.
It was at the commencement of that system
of internal improvements which has secured
to this State her proud position of the third
in run k, in the Republic, and changed her
wildernesses and waste place to a garden.
By chance I was invited to dine ut the tables
of three or four 'of the principal capitalists of
Europe, , They knew that I, like all sol
diere, was poor;. (Cheers) but they seemed
to think that I might have a reliable knowl
edge of tho resources and uiCjutcgrity (these
money-lenders are very cautious peoj;J") of
the people of Ohio; and might tell them 'as
to the safety of the investment, and the cer
tainty of receiving their intereot. How did
I answer! Gentlemen, I told them that
Ohio had more acres of arable land than any
territory of like extent on tho globe; (Ap
plause) and I described this magnificent
State, with Lake Erie on the North, and the
Ohio river on the south;' it vast agricultural
and mineral resources, its climate, popula
tion, and more, with which I will not detain
you here.. But this was not all. . It is easy
to say that a people are enterprising, "arid
capable, and economical,' but to provo it,
"there's the rub." (Applause.) I said to
those capitalists, that even at that early day,
a man might travel rapidly over Ohio, and
should ever have a school house and a church
under his eye. (Applause.)- . They knew
that with religion and learning good faith
and public credit were inevitable, and this is
a truth that cannot be too often enforced.
Without morality and intelligence there is
no fuith in man; no, nor woman either.
(Choers.) Thecapitalistsof Europerepliod,
we will bity Stocks of Ohio, and ut good pric
es. (Enthusiastic cheering.) . . :,
Thus waa.it my .fortune, to, be. connected
with tlie subject. of your public' credit,, and
if all had been at stake,. 1 should have risk
ed it on this people, who have gloriously, re
deemed every pledge I made .in their bchajf.
(Cheers.) .,; ... , . . ' . 1'
Pateut Cider Mill. A cider-mill pa
tented bjrW: C. Hickod, of ' Hartisburgh,
Pa., was exhibited in Philadelphia, au fow
days ago, and in ton minutes nearly, a half
bushel1 of apples were : ground, producing
several quarts of cider;- - The process is -in
placing the apples in a box,, and by. means
of twprollerswith knives on, each, in the
bottom of the box, the fruit is grntcJ into a
fine Ipulp...,.'Thui ialls.tt'oderneatbi; jhlo'Ja
tub, which is' opon' between tho staves) .'and
after covering the tub with the cloth 'which
tines it, it is transferred to the press, t, lb
other end of the machine, and the cider is
pressed oiitfn "a , very; 'short pcrjoi of timei
The' .mill produces' one-fourth, there1 'iddr,
from the same quantity of appfes.'than ' by
the old ponderous and tedious operation.1 '
, signed by two Loco- ; Brn,g; ln ,ret'.rlnS. "iat distardly Govern-
of every rule of civilized warfare, and of the al,.0,lt ,C,BC,.n.,"l,,. been Uilliently pur-1 ate Mr, 'Rttnelu e,JjtPor f t jj 0 asB" n I adopted against the native and in his heart i docs not 8toI) thtre- Tt Mrik"' at ot of . 1'3,B' to, l,h rnc,""ry of l,e of
laws of nations. In this crisis I ordered I8 culling, is an honest and , H e I h ro n t j Star, by William A. CornwalirSocrctttrv o 1 ho depises tho very men who are deceived la progress, and when there n advance-1 I",n" delR1py "nd rhaP"ItcPer:
the soldiers to force the doors of houses irom im.an'. 'lyf. voted the Democratic tick- Qoverno Dialer. ocrctary of I 1 men,M those,vho ,,.v. . uu ...- 9.""' lhe of ob"'k ver
wheh the firinir proceeded and to bavnnet lcl f" "as cieiermincd to support ns o d at,,o ; ,i.i i v. ui- ' i""- their remains.
every Mexica,"th arms hi- hani! I I eomm-ndor.-nd vUIthi- felYow-conntry- .uJ? Nl . cb do.nS j - I are not obliged to subscribe to pubiic objects Letter, from Jalisco of the 3d. represent
commanded thnm tn lirin mn.. ,!.,! mum every ward in the city and township 1 j i. . : I . . . -ai". " must e t.-,inde mi mtoycj It tliedin tul liiiiil.ltlnl Sutc in a piteous condition. From
to A I1UrKEYP.lRIHlIMA!-jAt Fnpan. Rx
' meeting in Wurrcn county, Ohio, there wu
.f.viuu ui dixij-iwo iriHimicn wno in
"v uuujr I'.nnie 10 pniiicipaie in ine celebr&
tion in honor ofGnncralHcoft. A Mr. Wm
i . r.i.- t . .
I. .J w mi. cuuniry wun
uiusks uawson, wno was afterwards the b -
nuti Ha iir r:i.:nH..i i i.
out in 1812, with the packhorse company,
under Capt. John H. Plait. He1 afterwards
...... a ii.urcoi mo nonnoi ireiana, trom bout TVS TUOFTHAvn i-iii" mi-v
the countyof Antrim, Was introduced, and ! DRED for the fflSi l i 1
recounted some of the incidents ol his life I 1 . W.'"K- Reserve
and Am knowledge cf Gen Zlt It appear.' ' rTl!"' fnT T"p0Tl'!,i f"w-
th.t m, hiii JV' "'.vcyZ.tiunWti,hAt !80.Ash-
. ... .ymu.HiBii,wHBuuiowdruroKirnt(IPr ulll j :.i 1.1.. .
jwicrt the 1 1th regiment, under Col. Miller.
UurlnSt''at winter, with part of his compa-
! "W. w'le.r1e u!ott.intert'0'c1 ' nM
... ulhuij uj UK inwi prisoners, iienitiwa
vhal he knew personally of the then Capt. Scott
how ho watched hv his bedside when sick.
I ..: I . V '
1 . . quarters nay uy day, and gave
i him tnnnpv t.i in ti hi m Km. L- ... rt:....:
him money to take him back to Cincinnati
when the prisoners were exchanged. Mr,
Hill was relating these facts in the simple
lyie oi iruuuui ana manly eloquence, when
isome twenty or thirty misguided fellow-Irih
Ueen lor 17
in the county i 11 suonort of his friend a
IKcucrouscommauuer. w e are glad to learn
1 ii.. ; . . 1
that this lntcrruptuin has received the dis
approbation, of right-thinking men of all
The McDonogh Estate A djodged tothi:
Hkirs. We learn that a telegraphic dis
patch, received In this city yesterday from
New Orleans by the Hon. Reverdy Johnson,
states in effect that the courts of Louisiana
have decided the McDonogh contested will
case, in which the cities of Baltimore' and
New Orloans wero parties, against the said
cities nnd in favor of the heirs, on every point.
Thus tho will, as mado by Mr. McDonogh
with its peculiarities and aims for prospec
tive and almost indefinite accumulation, is
declared Invalid, as such wills generally are
in this country, hn the ground of subversion
of the public go(dand injury to the general
interests of s.n-lety. - Tho will beiii'' thus
swepl'iiway, unless it is taken up by the othor
parties interosff'l, the natural and legul heirs
come in fur their rospi'r-tive shares ol the
I property -?'. S::r.
Tne Line of Battle Ship FtKXsyi.YA-NU-
Thiship, which was built at Phila
delphia. in )835,ut a cost to the nat.i-.in of j
istOO.OOO, is now lying in the Norfolk Navy
Ynrd and has recently been converted into a
ball-room for 1 he entertainment of 'the offi
cers nt that station. She is the largest ship
in tho American Navy, and the most costly.
She carrys 1-10 guns, and the only voyage
she ever mude was from Philadelphia to Norfolk.-
The narrow ink-t which is her present
quarters, not allowing her to swingnt an
chor with the tide und exposing constantly
the same aide to the sun, her timbers have
decayed. Tho sand has formed bars around
her, the oysters taken up beside her and
fastened her to the bottom, and ifever she
moves again, it is expected that it will be
done by carrying the country with her.
" " r u
A Teacher or the West. -The Boston
Chronicle says:-rAmong the women now
at Hartford, . Conn., preparing to. leave as
teachers for the West, under the auspices
of Gov, SJade, there is ono . young woman
worthy of special mention. - An orphan and
penniless, she resolved to educate herself
and move in a. higher. sphere. Amid pov
erty and toil, sho began - her labors. ' She
entered a factory to earn her ' bread and ob
tain the means to educate herself.- Her
nights she devoted to study. Her object
has been reached. Her -work is done, and
well dnno. She is a . fine scholar. She
can teach French and Latin; she is a fine
performer and instructor of music,' and is
now ready fo the field before- her-"- the
Illimitable West. 1 - '.
. Richard Hocan, a boy about nine or ten
years of ago, having received, while - in Ire
land, a remittance from his father of $2 j to
defray his expenses to this country, has ar
rived, nnd is anxious to find hia father, John
j Hogkr,, a resident of this city. The modest
little fellow ha traveled, from Ireland to this
city alone, and unprotected by friend orrel
I ativo. Ilia father,- or friends, interested in
the little fellow's, welfare can find, him by
calling on H.. W. Smith; or Jas. Kelley,
Travelers Home, Rivor street. Forest City.
Fjhe!. Foster & Kramer's Woolen Fac
tory, on Water street, near Bridge, was de
stroyed by fire, about 1 o'clock jast night.
It had lately been placed in 'the .hands of
Mr. Jacob Wolfe, as Receiver, tho proprie
tors having failed, and had not been work
ing for several -weeks until, yesterday. ' We
learn that considerable unfinished material
was-destroyed -in the factory. The whole
lots is estimated at $8,000, $6,000 cf which
was -insured in tho-Protection and -Etna
companies. Chillicothe Metropolis. i
Nebraska Territory. "Westward the
Star of Empire .takes , its way." Another
territory is about to.be added to the United
States, by the organization of a local gov
ernment, and the election of a delegate to
Congress, ' The people of the Territory of
Nebraska, feeling that their interests would
bo better attended to, if represented in the
Congress of the United States, have deter
mined to elect a-.delogate, probably in time
to take his seat in the next House of Repre
sentatives.. or.-.v;jvwj2zLi
'""Sale !b' Mr'. Dowimto's ' Residence.
The beautiful residence of : the - late A. J.
Dowhlhg, at Newborgh; N'.1 V.,' was sold at
public sale on Thursday, for the sum of $ 18,.
00(M-the bronze vases, &'c;',n at $8357'J'H.
Ramsdelland Frederick J. Betts; Esq.1, of
Newburgh,' were thff -purchasers.' These
gontlemen were offered '. $20,000 .for. the
property before leaving the grounds, but de
clined.' ft ei .! : t.iiii.d i.,- .-i
, ..''CijBcuMsTAHp'E.n-he'Sandu'sky Reg
ister states th'iit while Gen. Scott was re
ceiving the greetings of the people, the
sechboner Lewis -' Cass was in port " with a
flag at mast head inscribed "Scott and Gra
ham! Harbdr -and Rirer Improvement. "a
"'ClfeumitHneestf somehow! often prove on
fortunate for Qen. .Cass.
- Vyi
years past a stone mason in anil ,i. , . . his aim to excite tne Door against th rleh iho t"ursc rl ac" lunner innn politics. It ; by authority of the otncia I of Tacn-
I frTrnB iTTrvn
- , nAU lfl 'UUM-
, Ohio 1;!4 'ioii
CoLUMBi.it, Oct, 1C Fifiy-three counties
-.vhuwhju. wiiilu nwi no a n ffmn ni m -
tabula a Ifi. M, ...in i . .
r.s t, .: 6
- wr w-.i, me xicuioco
: . ' J " 1 "-u tuiiiiiirroiy u.
low half of what it was in 1851.
In Hint
New York, Oct. 12 The steamer III!
hois arrived, bringing l,f,00,000 in gold,
300 rmsaoniTR. Ciilifnrtii-. H-.tn.tr. ii,o"i'.,K
and Panama dates to the 2dth. v
Trade lively. Flour unchanged. Bar-
Linseed oil 2. Coffee in moderate demand
at 20 to 22. Good demand for lard at 221 to
2G. ... , .
Reports of , sickness in the mines exag
gerated. At Salmon Falls a few cases oc
curred resembling cholera, and 25 deaths
from the same disease at Barton's Bar in
Yuba county.
Thomas R. Coats and Mr. Long and broth
ers wore. in a fight. with Indians on Rush
. ".lr"",TT "re ccl'rre ln me v.c.nity
f A f- ': .. .. ...
artinez. , . '
., The steamer Columbia left with 300 troops.
Advices from the Society Islands Ze
Th! a7 -r' 'fh rr,ptP8.W.e,ie alI,hiua.
1 ho Admiral threatens to take possession of
-iit l.UU .nJ R.,. . ". . .
Great excitement in California about the
imposition practiced on overland emigrants
ot Knox, Holmes, Tuscarawas and Coshoc- K cnar'ictpr ' these dctnagoguna if ""-meii: nowwi ne "ul onai,; aim uemocrats woo
ton, which is largely democratic, Sapp, whiff, i they will. Vote for them, and it is all right; "cl ,cw,lrd" thoe w," bor for him 1 ,e , J nonriC,'t to. makvt,J,UCh
uelectodhy about 400. This n.ak sevc,' (Medill .Ud. ready to dive deeper ioJtUe ! ,ib"" -h tr,WBt .f them or in Ult "I f
SEnTJ. -I,r,h- "rH",he "' I --i-Ab,iUu4s?Fi.en.nW
No' more definite returns from Pvnuly U , Ut "hOU,d thry bo induced trom ny circum- , V m,ch!"1'c?. m-n, aim-uann men, l anff and ant.-Tariff
vania. ir.iniu.nsy 1 .Unccg (j party, and what rr""n' " Eive " frw pwiflctlons. 1 1" 'n. Internal Improvcinent men, anti-In-
. . ' 'Let ushavesome el,fl.;.:n .i... n I temal Improvement men, Benton and anti-
Arrival Irom (ilif,. ' ! .. :G' .""'f .''' " , ;Ie I men.nd , he l.rd know, whate.se;
by Governor Bigler's relief train. undcran act of a Locofoco Congress. The
Another rich mine had been discovered at Attorneys for Mr. Gardiner were really act
San Francisco, at Mission Point. ' ' inginhis behalf against Mexico and not a-
,., A rir,8 Irt,t!'e,SiindWill.h l8l?d.rtale Sttinst tl,e United States. When the claim
the fever abated at Honolulu. The Maine , ...
Liquor Law is agitated in the Island. ' was allowed,' with tbo exception of one in-
A great fire broke nut at Nevada, destroy-
ing the National Hotel, Adams' Express Of-
C I .l 1.. -I I:
ficc and other buildings
m'rXredTt o:
T:... II-.... A I.. rr. n I
Larjre bodies of overland emi"r.mt orriv -
ed at different points.
Colonel Ransom and C. C. Marcy of the
from the Salt Like arrived; alio large droves
of sheep, from New Mexico. '
The Brother Jonatlian nrrivrd at Sun
ranwTo on ne ijvn, wi n ixew t orK dates
oi me auu oi a "jjosi mo snort si trip on
rrcm Ui? Hutiih.
Neu" York, Oetober 14. Three
Orleans mavis received.
Tlio nptiiin nf 1 1, n f'nl.-.n rt.i1.,.v?f tn
wards the sreamer Cr:-seent Cily has created
immense indignation in New Orleuhj. The
papers are filled with accounts of the matter,
fn0?.?!1! Strtn7 Vt-xT ,t ",,ett-
ing was held to protest, said to be the larg-
est ever assembled in New Orleans.
The passengers on board the steamer held"!
nn indignation meeting, of which Hon. John
S. Slidell was chairman. "
' Texas dates to the 3d instant received.
Rumors prevailed of tho Indians again be
coming troublesome. ' '
A Tmnp and Qnitmnn meeting was to be
held at Mobile nn the 7th', and several meet
ings had already been held in the interior.
The Tribune says the movement is gaining
strength both in Georgia and Alabama.
The Mobile Tribune and the Savannah
Republican say thatCabel! andWard, Whigs,
are elect"d to Congress from Florida.
rrftm Now York.
New York, October 15. Arrived steam
er Star of the .West, left San Juan on tho
2d, with 100 passengers and 8150,000 in
dust in the hands of pussengers. . She left,
in company with the Daniel Webster, for
New Orlean?. San Juan was healthy
river navigable. -
Florida Election. Twelve counties to
hear from which gave three hundred and
seven Whig majority in 1848. Cabel, for
Congress, runs 54 voteB hheadof the Whig
candidate for Governor. i .T
From Boston. '
Boston, Oct. 15. Tho State Temperance
Convention, in Faneuil Hall, passed a reso
lution expressing confidence in the working
of- the Maine law. and refusing to vote for
any man not in its favor..
V. W. R. Smith, telegraph operator, is
under arrest here, charged with forgery, and
attempting to defraud the Life Insurance
Company of five thousand dollars.
From Detroit. ' "
- Detroit, Oct 15. Tho!houscs of C.i C.
Jackson, Editor of the: Free? Press,, and D.
C Holbrook , were burned this morning;.
Jackson's loss $3000 insured for $1000.
: - From Iflilwaukic, , , -
- Milwaukie, Oct.-: 15. Yesterday, Ann
Wheeler, shot dead in the street a man nam
ed Lace, who seduced her and reported the
fajst in saloons. '
From Boston. .
. Boston, Oct. 15. -Snow storm this morn
ing. . A letter from a merchant at Sandwich
Islands says more oil taken this season than
ever before in one season'.
F.re. This morning, at about two o'clock,
our citizens were aroused by the cry of fire,
which proved to be in the White Lead "Fac
tory of Dr. Wm. A Graham, situated in the
4th ward, in the northern portion of the city.
The fire had made considerable progress be
fore it Was discovered, and some time elaps
ing before - the ' hose companies' could be
brought' on the ground, rendered their effort,
unavailing to save the factory itself, but pre.
vented , it from extending to the, .adjacent
buildings.' The' loss will be heavy, but is
partially covered by Insurance: ': Dr: Gra
ham purchased this factory some six months
since of H.,L. Case & Co., and. had made a
number of improvements, and was doing' t
very fair business. ' We trust that it Will be
speedily rebuilt. Zanes Cour;"1'1 biin ir-M
1 'OA tontraetor oTltherTCentrnli'ininois
Railroad has disappeared, with' $20,000 In
drafts.. ij-'. ii l ni via avi 'ni .m 1 . iki in.i
JlUJt J Cul" M'"-Thi. individual mJe an
The JlrrocRlcv or LocorocoisJt. On ?,"',''r"rt l"t f vn;n. In hin capacity oi
.... .-. Vk...,.v , iii.'n, mo ..JIICIU
nan trnjuirer mae iw roiiwing announce-
"! . ,
' "Priv, JviJCM Murta u '-'
f otea of adopted citiiens in Franklin ronn.
: -r. . m - ..
tv will h ..L. . .... .1 - r. .. .
l . , ...
.fi.lrAtt '
' .'wijf imbwuu nu tuib me vw nir
Tho .nn.... . n u...
I ," 0.1 "-""'"'' 'd to represent
lOiieofthe deadly sins, and the mass in Tin.
- -
cinnatt is called the "damned dutch." The
'demagogue, in hit rashness, sometimes ex -
bi-true disposition.. nd at that time
can his real feelings be learned by those
-Lm h ... a...-...:
i .w,.. is niiru a -traitor, an Independent " ' j '- .rts, yei, unen cieciions come on. tnev exnect to
" Sw an UUV Iff I'll J W'WTVC J !) 1 ------ u i , .
man. who pub.ic.y or priv.te.y, attempt, to r.y them j 3:
array one class of citizens against another, , a?anst.otuer; easy it is to get class to hate ; touched upon iu ell the papers we hare be-
ia a "traitor" to hk country, and unworthy claM nd thus retard all pr .gress among a , foro n.
the support of any honest voter He ii no ' PPu,ation mutually dependent upon each j The officers of the p.rt of Mazailio are sen
more a Democrat than the despised Nero of ' ,tj does it show a pro- ! '27
ancient Rome. And this is true, whether iti')er KPirit' would an honest man doit!S.ich A prnd benediction was given on the
. ...
mcmhere.I that.tl:
tT ., , -o--"
us Claim a-Afl nnt nrrn.nat
Z ".ernment, out against
' J P"' he in -
8 "lments dueto that country upon the rur-;
chase" of a Peace for S15.000.nnn. Tt
. -
7" . n" .7 -"r U " "
uy a unara ' omnnss.oners appo.nted
uvmuai, the 1'rinclpal ami all his Attorneys
were members of the Locofoco party. Mr
1 - " 1 J
Corwin at that time had no interest what-
i ever in the claim. Mr,
Souh', Locofoco U,
1 S- ""tor f'om
Ixiuisinna and a warm
' Pierce man, has practiced before the Board.
' others of the same party have done the same
i u-d f rr in hi -share of
lhe dcnunnation and abuse of their own
: party. But Mr. Corwin is exonerated en-
tirely by a Locofoco committee, and the
( LH3EL against his character
was again re-
1 i... i I .. n i .fAj-it , , ..
.(.iterated by C..I. ; Medill. Nature's great
uor tI,nn. wl,om no one understood human
.nature better, has declared that he, who
i would rob his neighbor o! hia good name, is
inliiu:,'y vvrue . than be who steals ins
i . - -- '. '
! A Contrast. Hamilton county has gone
I Whig corruption there has been signally
rebuked-and the Locofocos say that it has
. . , .
been "mainly owing to the damned Dutch."
Last evening, Col. Medill labored hard to ar-
ray them against the Native citizens and
congratulated Locofocoism upon their victo
ry "won mainly by tho aid of the Irish and
Germans." Tho contrast will show this class
of citizens where they stand and how much
reliance they can place in tho sincerity of
the miserable demagogues who do their best
to induce naturalized voters to place them
selves in opposition to those who are native
born. ' ,
Foreign News. The America arrived on
Tuesday last, but brings no very important
intelligence. The Grain market had not
changed in prices. There hud been violent
gales in the English and Irish channels, and
much damage had been done to the ship
ping. . The cholera wa9 rapidly disappear
ing in Holland and Prussia. The most im
portant items come from Fronce. Two gov
ernment nominees had been chosen to the
Assembly in place oT Cavaigouc and Car
not, resigned. The public mind appeared
more made up for the immediate confirmation
of the Empire. It is even said that Napol
eon will return to Paris as Emperor. On
the laying of the foundations of the new
Bourse at Marsoiiles.Napoleon said he hoped
the prosperity of that post would contribute
to advance the Emperor's grand idea, that
the Mediterranean should be a French link.
This is thought to liavo reference to a hint
thrown out in the Government papers, that
when a few more Bteamers should have been
launched, England will be called on to show
her'--titlo to certain islands.' - The death
of the Duke of Wellington appears to have
stirred np the slumbering ; hatred , of the
French towards, tho English.. ' . " '
Ross County. The majority on the State
ticket, in this county, is. only 3"00. The
Gazette, says .that tbp Whigs Can give 000
more for Scott and Graham. ' Had the Whig
vote been out, the State would havejbeijn
redeemed.on last Tuesday.' Let the lesson
be deeply, engraved upon, the minds of i,he
Whigs of Ohio, forall future tinie. '-.. i
. fj5The Eagle would destroy, Uio force of
our attack upon C7l. Medill'sepcech by de
scending in the gutter of filth' and hurling it
at tho Gazette. Ttiat is all nonsense. , In
the absence a, man. at the post pf editor.of
that-' paper -with any capacity 'Twhatever,
blackguards pan play away until'they are
tired. ,YVe elioqt higher gameand that which
is known. ,ij -.f-i;! v.i ,, i .-..v
0i7-Brigadier Generaf 'I'hotnasawson,
Surgeon General of the United Statpa. Ar
my, returned to W'ashii'igton.ori Fridaylhorn-
ing from the B.Iue Lick, Springs, Kentucky,
wnerenenns neon in company wita uenerais
Scott and Wool, for the purpose of examining
that locality in ' reference to the' establish
ment of a military asylum.' t Gen.- Wool.
some -days aince, returned to bisi beadquar-1 deadly Bnemreif leveal.d roJigloa in En
ter, at Troy,, H. y. ) v.:.?.v.j. 1 1 u-j ''rope, ' .! , to -,.:( r i; .,
yosne.to .-r-Y rln.-i 07Ninst claw, anil
thua induce the dtiren of thin city to set in
opposition to earh other. Bat what d..r ,r
care! What Ins he ever done f.ir the j.r(j.
greea of the city aMit. interest.! What
I... k. ..
, aic nia own acvance-
cufM ht? for tf.. T.ihnpin(rrnnrf l t
1 "
- - '-v- ....... .n tiir iii-cir-in
'ic! When has he exhil. te.I t!.f r.lr;
which characters th good citizen of any
place. All he hns, or nearly all, h 1B1i
m af,e " tne P'jlic Has he been liberal
return? For twenty yeaM he has been in
'C " e' " ?
i for kecPin him ,hnreJ
' An easv task it U mr i J.e t,. i,a
... . . . . .- .....
oi a prosjicrous popuiaiidD. ' I Ins may euiti.
omfi meB. but will no, suitother,. it may
, look right in the eyes of one person, but it
is not the characteristic of a publicpirited
i . .. . ' .
citizen, it may K-jep mo9 men rich, wbo
I w "cb " ' fea" "'ne rich by re-
uuciiij uiu price ui louur aim increasing me
J : .u .n.i ,; ..
solarits of office-holders; hut the man who I
lias a bold heart and
.d a strong arm to work
..... L, - a ... . .. :M f - . ..
-u. ... v.. . , .u.ff. ....! anre i aster l.r-
ing in a turning community, where men of
nfluence and means, not only profess regard
for him, but labor to make lain comfortable
and happy But ifdCmaSo2ucs can succeed
: i u;, i .1 .
n their efforts and induce the poor to hate
the rich and as a natural consrauenca thi
rich to hate the nnor .nf., !..nr,; ... i.,..a
. . r--
the merchant and the merchant to hate the
,i... , ,. ...
mechanic one class distrust ng the other
' " 1,r " r
upon all occasions and holding off, from this
cause, in every enterprize, and all for the
sake of a few votes for this or that political
party, they will succeed in arresting all pro -
, , . ""r"
gressand make the Commilnitr m n-hieh thev
. -
live as a mete stagnant pool of water, only
calculated to create disease in the body do!-
itic. Men's efforts sometimes reach further
than they intend, ond there are Some who
don't care for this. ' But at the same time, it
will be well for the public to consider that
the peace and progress uf.the community in
which they live, is of infinitely .more impor
tance than the advancement of a demagogue
to place, power, and spoils. ".
: Lawlessness. It is 'outrageous that the
law in relation to extreme cruelty to animals
should have been violated last-evening by
the Olds' men in thicity. They called a
meetingto rejoice over bis election, and then
called Col. M- dill out to make a speech.
Such conduct ahould not go unpunished.
Frasslin County. Th.),. Whigs of this;
county have done nobly, carrying the coun-
ty and gaining 315. This will do. It slt-jws V "!im,,lry ; , 1 "e """""""us capital of Eng
, i . . ii-. , , , 1 land was able to sustain her manufactures
clearly what the U lugs can do, when they r, :,, ,k;, , , . 'u""-lu":
, . , . . - 3 (from. U4 dishing eliects in that ceuntrv,
are determined, active and vigilant. ... I helped as they were by their-allies in this
Democrats Rallviso i-ni-er a British I'ouiitrjr. by - tbi. mean, averting the ruin
Flag. The Wilmington (Delaware) Jour- "'V "ul.,M wmeweere. from themselves,
nal. ofTuesday, inform us that at a Demo- nd P0-"n? on operatives. W e think
cratiCmars meeting" held there on Satur-
day last, the British national flag floated o-
ver the platform on which the speaker stood!
And under that fl:ig a Democratic orator is j
reported to have denounced Gen. Scott as
a coward and a thief!
The democratic party is entitled to all the
benefit that can accrue from a general
l 1.1 f . I r . n-i l . 1
miuwicueu ui uicae meis. . I uev urilizio -
onies as peculiarly favorable to British in-
l . - r .u i- . . i i- . -ipriees, or even sucu events as mev nave
gether two of the distinguished feature, of; h.e or no cnntr, of- 7
Democratic organization in the canvass and , ; - -
appropriately symbolize the inlluenccs that j Scott is Louisiana. There are every
are at work to promote the election of the 1 d.iy new and cheering indications of the
Democratic nominee. It is proper that a j growing popularity of Gen. Scott in this
party which is huiled by Britain and her col- . State. Hia supporters, and even the most
teresti, should display the British flag wher- j dent that the voice of Louisiana will not be
ever Democratic machinery is in motion. ! the least heartv and enthusiastic in the
It is natural that the men who are not asham-1 throng ol her sister State, onilino- in corn
ed to rally under a foreign flag nt on Amer-, mon phalanx to call him to the Presidential
ican meeting, called to discuss American j chair, and, under his lead, to win for him.in
politics, should be bold enough to heap epi- November next, a new victory,
thets on the name of Gen.' Scott.- British ! Letters from every section of the State
intrigues, and mayhap British gold, deserve j speak in the most cheerful and hopeful tone.
dome acknowledgment; and the Delaware
Democrats have only played a candid part
in hoistingthe British flag, and in outraging
tho charocter of one whose e4rlier glory is
associated with the humiliation of 'that flag
upon the American continent
The American people will readilvcom-
nrehend the whole affair rWashihoton Kf -
pullic.' , ' ". .," v;. "
A Sign. A Whig, in' going home to din-
neryesterday noon, met -a Locofoco mnnu-
facturer, who has some 25 or 3b men in his
employ. "Werl," says the WIiig,""have
you been to see the Scott demonstration to I three or .four - weeks' aince hi. parents
"day!" "No," replies the Loiiol'oco, "I enn't wvt'i.another family, in all6, arrived, and lo
go if I wished to, for all my men arc off in j gether they removed to a farm a few miles
the Crowd. 'I had supposed they were all 'distant. Abdul a week after one of their
Democrats, but now I find out they all go I number was taken sick with the cholera and
for Scott.'' We leave out the adjectives died; in n few days another was taken sick
employed 'by the libcofoco,' to'cxpress the ! who also died. In the meantime, Jamea.the
degree Of his ehkgrin arid disapnointntnt. i "Id nian'a son came on a visit; he was also
Ant Haven raltadium." " ' --
. A . Fraternal -Contrast. A -scorrl of
years ago, or may be inore, nhere wore two : girl that lived in the house also died, and-3
brothers eminent lor ast.anl -varied learn-1 others, numbering in all sine. Out iif the
ine, kirnibtla- and capacious .intellect, foriwhriie
-loveof truth, and.- many -gentla and zealous
VirtUM. who studied tniretfinr in lh.ini...i.
htyof Oxford. One- was named John Henry
Newman, and the other Francis. vThe first
ranks to-day and Will more - memorably
hereafter in the.'very first rank of lhe di
vines the Roman Catholic i-Church: the
1 other is counted one of the most earnest and
WHOLE NO. 1413
What 11 DsixoctATicJ The Hannibal
li .iMi'nM, a Miiwouri paper, is at aomo
i loss l:fi:.iv u. hit U Ti.n,P.i: tl.nu J...
and what i not. There i no authorized
'exponent thnt we know of who can Jlt
' ,,ir i"f,"":"ion required. The Messenger
. "IV.- .
1 - e nave uemocrats i. th a Stat mho
are fur the fugitive Slave I aw md Tamn
ananon. .now, we irould
. -
like to know
i tl . .
.-.-.. .....Huemocru.
I be a unit. How can urb things be, ex-
: ' ept by the 'cohesive attraction of public
plunder!' "
Later from Mf.xico.-
By an arrival at
v lorl' we have dates irom Mexico to
'the 11th ult. The who' c country appears la
uc Tioniuie revolutionary conauion.
.1 . w f A .1... l.n.ll.nn A ...
'- , - .
; "'AW' ,. ()r the th is oecuniei
i Hon in M-zaUan. One is an energetic
,.,;. ,.i ,h m.,-,.:...i
, ... .....um.. u.c.u-
, -J TL'Z
The Iros Bt i.tFss We learn from the
PjfburSh VauUe. that the great majority
! r. I K n I. a n ...... . nr.. . . 1 . . - .. II r . I
AW!lenv. have succumbed to the nr,rP
w" mr iiui. luiuav' s ill ui.5 I alley Ol lllu
br uiht about by the operation of the tariff
; of lt4, aided as that truly British policy
j waa 1,7 unusually low prices in England.
I Ti,ei": ,,rire8 were 80 low 'he P'ttsburg
minuiacturers were undersold in the ama i,
and profitable varieties, in the market, that
i then- iisimltn- siinnlic.fi nn
I Ohio River. The consnmminn nfthA
"?' .,al K'". ott xe7 consequence,
the mills only working half time or stopping
L.;.i,. ti . , 'I"uFr';"B
I entirely. The market for pig metal being
i lessened by this compulsory closing of the
(demand for its the prices fell below the cost
of production, and all the weak establish-
1 "'l T. ufA- l "t' """V'
them being sold at ruinous sacrifices under
. .i,a .i.-.iri. u .i
..... -r- -
n.o d..i7,ii. a imuiuicr, uuiirra ijniiiii. iuiv
partial dilapidation, the operatives being
.M'terod aud the proprietors imable to sell
, v. t v., iu. .ne nun. ui means. . ne unk-
A. A am r.,.lk ....l.r.. TI..DJ.
ish policy places our manufacturers at tho
mprcy of contingencies over which we
have no control, no one being able to fore
see with reasonable probability the state
of the market for a year to come. It is trne
that new events in the hUtory of the colo
nies of Great Britain, have raised the price
of iron there, so that our works .re partial
ly in operation again. But even if it should
increase so ns to put our furnaces and mills
in operation, it is humiliating to be thus at
the mercy of any country, particularly of our
ancient enemy, whose tender mercies and
iaparenul care we have had quite enoughjex
jperienceof. In 1348 the rail road bubble,-
wnirn had oeen increasing lor several year
In England burst suddenly, and its effect,
on thin country for want ol tuifiicient pro
tection, was disastrous in the extreme.
! breaking down most effectually this branch
J " """ "V ' "T ?"c " Party Ul"
5, " r rrpub ,Can to ",d . ,n break"
I -Wn T V ,ntfre ,8' or wh.ttf the 8ame
n.iiig nnuuM iii-iHo uieui suojeci to toe
fluctuations of the British market, rendering
the employment of capital' in almost every
branch of bosmess hazardous, and instead
of making us independent of . foreign na
tion, placingusat their mercy, or their ca-
i : . . - .. .
cautious and intelligent nf thm -;
Everywhere the friends of K)ld Chippewa,"
counting .in their host net a few of their
democratic fellow citizens, ore moving in
his behalf, and the opposition to him is total,
ly wanting in energy and zeal. '' We scarce
ly open a single exchange from the parish-
ea.u-riir.fi. whether whiir nr ftpln.iemtie. 1m
t not filled with notices or announcements!:
! Scott and Graham rallies. X O. Cre.
j n , .... , ,.' i
I -0F -. Whole Family. James
' Hunt.a young German, arrived at Cleveland,
i Ohio," three .' years ago,- and about
taken sick and died the first day; hi. wife
tended on them until the old man died, when
she WPllt to her fnther'a u-hm-A et,n ille.
j They left $2,000 worth ol property.
I V . , : 1 ' . .
j! Hoes. The Louisville Courier .ays that
1 350,000 hogs will be slaughtered there this
aeason. . "At Madison about 115,000 have
been contracted for, and $54)0 nett Is the
highest 'price in- that . vicinity for several
weeks past, i la Cincinnati' price, have de
clined 25 Cents, though contract have been
I made for 175,000 hags at full price.

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