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Satarrtnr Evrninsr. . I. ...
""buTRAUKouo CoiiDUCT Locofoco Love for , Towksmim
FnrWmer.. The love of foreigners on tho Hocking
part of such taenia Co). Medill, and the
men who do his dirty wort, wt.ilo he does the
. . . 11 ... - : - lj:. itnAii Uliiiiiiuqt
dirty taiKiny, i u'jr " v ..s j -as
long as they vote to elevate the dema
gogues to office and no longer. Should
these men by any possibility ask for au of
ficei they are told asiu New Hampshire that
they are not cjualihcd ana are laugiicu ai ior ( Madison -
thoir simplicity ;shoulri they refuse to vote the Clearcreek
cgicial. V It. of Fvfi4 Couni.-Below
we "publish the official vote of this courtly,
i.t Tuesday. We compare the vote
Cuba -am thb Upited Statm. TV
S2oop-of- War Cuane ordered to Havana. We
learn from the new ior nines, vi jo..,..-
A. Nutty -Flavos A recdote. Med
dling with others sometimes brings us into
crapes, and thereby one oi uiecuic..
I -idtf.urroc Bench i te; Gsrs
IU11HI'V'""" . - - - f-
CaldwelL Hun-'
1351. .
'Wood- .nt.n
dav. that orders were received from the Kavy cnurcn maue -oaa worse.
IS . relied him tske it om Hisreqo
for sen. ami tos:,il for Havana at the being complied w itb, he cajr to Jhe young!
threat lUcdWIiic forWorm In liilrt-i.
riMUS Mudirine ha been manufactured by Smith
A anil Atkinson for several vcar. and has boon used I
with gmturrMbWhiManiiUoth('n,tn vrinu ,
partaol tne I'nitea Mows, many uiousana oi. o e.
have been sold, and the universal approval it haa met
ir sea, and to s:m ior uanimii me i uciuj --- - , ;,,' j ,l
moment ,M,Me, As the Cyan, man a sccon d time ,-nd ,U .he ; bU
.Bloom - -
Mulct - -Liberty
Pleasant -Richland
Berne -
Amanda - -
Locofoco ticfcet.they arc cnlL-d rcnegaJesand
traitors, as much as to say they have no
riffht to exerciae tlio privilego of a freeman.
So much for that. Vo have just at hand a
new fact, going still further than this, pro
scribing them for opinion's sake. In Ham
ilton county, the Germans voted against the
Miami tribe and beat the party. Jesse Tim-
anus was Chief of Hie tribe aim as oinmis-
i sioner of. the Court House, now" erecting,
bad a number ol" foreigners under his employ.
Thev didn't vo'te the ticket, and what was
the consequence?
' "On IViday U.t," says the Cincinnati
were upwards of 160 laborer at work on j
the new Court Iloue, woriuy loreigner . v 1205
j j
400 ' had hist arrived fr.m Norfolk, she was re
177 for s'.-a, and sccardingly took her departure
'.. 79 on Sunday morninir. she was towed oul-
'(56 'side the Hook, in order to get a fair breeze.
and is now on her way to tuba. It is also
reported that therU. S. stenin fripate Mis
sissippi has been ordered to lollow the Cyane
with all despatch.
TIip nliiei-t nl this movement, although
nothinij certain can be known in regard to
X llv
In the City, the different Wards voted as
follows: 1st Ward, Caldwell 100, Haynes
130 ; 2d Ward, Caldwell 44, Haynes 73; I
3d Ward, Caldwell 53, Haynes 53 ; 4th
Ward, Caldwell 87, Haynes 70. ,
We have not deemed it necessary to com
I pile an abstract of the votes for the other
candidates, and wo merely give the footings :
For the Board of Public Works Steed
man 23G3, Beardsley 1692, majority 1 170.
For Sheriff Weaver 2816, Simmons
1671, majority 1145.
i. 445
. m
. 393
' 2b l
. - 303
--H1 u77 ! it. -nm,t Ia Hilfirnlt of conjecture
ia 102!treatment to which American vessels are
' 150 99 J now systematically subjected by the fcpanish
i t..i,nriii.a nf rhn. renders i ndispensablo
the presence of & strong naval force for
their protection. The Times says :
" We take it for granted that the com
manders of these vessels will b instructed
,.uni ou.-rvtliinir which can eive tne fcpan-
ish authorities the siigniesi grounu u.
complaint, but at the same, time to resist ana
repel, at every nazaru, unu uj y
measures, every attempt to exercise umiue
authority over vessels of the United States,
tr. infrinire in unv way the riirhts and privi
leges to which Americun citizens in Cubo
are entitled."
ortv 1 elder "ently lifted itoff, when to his (the ci
lure i der's)" chagrin, out rolled a quart of shell-
barko, nuking rather more noise man was
ronsistcnt with the rules of the church.
"Man," quietly responded the youngster,
looking composedly, "see what you havo
done." ' .
2886 1690 ' 3043 ' 1738
Mercahtile Marine is the World.
The Belfast (Ireland) Mercantile Journal
;., tnl,l nf the number of vessels and
tonnage owned by twenty nations of the
world. The table of tonnage foots, without
including Russia, 10.1 18,841. The number
of vessels, exclusive of the United States,
Austria and Naples, 67,184. Great Britain
registers 4,144,115 tons of shipping, and the
lUnited States 3,535,451. France has only
595,344 tons. .
ntt-rad aenonMnir to Ant of ConKKW, In th TW
, AMI, b A. S. mtlTOHTON, M. B., In thrtrk'a ,
Ufllo or (h lMctrlr Court Ibt Um Kutxm
.... .-. nunrtot of rwBrlTaia. . '('
Another Scientific Wonder!
Good, if hot True. We find the follow
in" in the spirited R .ugh Notes of Buffalo:
'Somebody tells a story to the eitcct that
under the superintendence of Jesse Timanus,
Commissioner. They were expected to vote
for the Tribe, and the Chief had an eye upon
. them, to aee if they were faithful, and voted
according to order. Well, the remit disap
pointed Jesse the tribe is defeated and in
his wrath he yesterday discharged these la
borersleft them te beg, to starve, or find
employment elsewhere. Why was this done!
We cannot say, but it is said that some of
these laborers are Irtovn, and other areij-
vn, A,lito,Jw(rri... 2859. Shajficr 1654, Martin Nan Buren, while on a tour tnrougn
V1 " ! u n ...... ... n.-At a n k atnrvn
:ine wc8i in ico. bub uvnsci ik'
. U au ka mirA lirt in h IfllAPA 111
" - . l tUHLIl. aiiu mn no fiwu w t w
For Prosecuting Attorney Shaw iau, m h(f aske() lh(J (i;ivcr how u,e acoident
MrLin 1687. muioritv 1165. haDnened. and was told by that personage
For Coroner Mitchell 2804, Little 1685, that ho had ulready upset eleven Members
. .. ofConcress, and by so doing, had secured
J-"v - Wnl. l, lfiS7 i the votes ol every one ol tnem ior appropri
For Congresar-Ritch.c 3874, Wolcli 1087, Nntiola, Ro8ll) nnj ag he nev,
innioritv 1187. ' I er beforo had a President for a passenger
r,mm;innir.TschoDD received 2933 he thourht he would imorove the onportuni-
votcs and for Infirmary Director, Miller re- ty by doing his duty to the West in endeav-
ceived 2864 votes.
It is rather remarkablo that with all the
efforts made by the opposition to get out a
ptcted, of having voted for Whigs and other j fu,j vol6i thcv fn ,hort even of last year's,
opponents of the Tribe. They were indc- ! b hundred and seventy-five. It will be
. L . r I .1 I . ...
pcnaenienuusii to voiu ior wiioiii inejr incas
ed, like freemen I This was presumptuous!
They are dismissed, and tho reader can
guess why, as well as we cun.
"The. Commissioner, Timitiu?, has hap
the handling of the money appropriated for
"the public buildings, and we understand he
'.old the laborers, he had not funds to pay for
'. more labor, and they must go! Having done
this Biiamctui act ot dismissing the workmen, i erai calculation for a gain of nt least 200
he went into tne Auditor's oliice, and
be did not hang himself, but entered his res-'
ignation of the office he lipid on the books!
Alas, poor Jesse! we hope nothing worse
may follow this act. We can bear up under
the resignation, and should ho ask a re-election,
tlio people will repudiate- him und his
tribe rebuke him, in tones not to be easily j uy nIj wa C14n' an j wil triumph tinder tho
, "Much money has been bet and lost on the
noticed that there was very little splitting
of tickets, caused principally from personal
We are perfectly satisfied from the figures
.above, and judging from votes heretofore
cast by the two parties, that the Loeofocon,
with all their eflorts, cannot he it Scott a
! thousand votes ; and we may safely ndd.thut
Fairfield county nmy be set down in tho gen
Largo Whig counties can do better than this,
nnd an average guin of that amount will
carry the State handsomely for Scott.
Whigs of Fairfield I Let us go to work,
all of us, and do ur share towards elevating
Gen. Scott to the Presidency . He lias done
nfinitely more than that for us and the conn.
frj-The Duchess ot Orleans, while trav
cling in Switzerland, on tho 17lh ult., with
her two tons, and a suite ot nueen persons.
met wiih au alarming accident. Her car
riage fell into a ditch near Promasens, and
was turned completely over. Her collar
bone was broken, and hersell, tne two prin
ces, ner mnia oi nonor, anu ouiem wcio
drenched to the skin. She was doing well,
at the last accounts.
A, Speculation. A letter from Califor
nia says : "A man from Illinois had just
arrived from Independence, having driven
the entire distanje two thousand turkeys,
all hale and hearty. . They coBt him about
fifty cents a piece in the States, ond the cost
of feeding them on tho way was nothing ;
they fed themselves. He has been offered
eight dollar apiece."
Mons. Peti i Narrow Escape. This een-
tleman, who made a balloon ascension from
Springfield, Mass., a few days ago, with his
comrades, descended about two miles out
side of Long Island, in the ocean." After
clinging to the net-work of the balloon about
an hour, they were seen and taken off by a
lil'e-boat from Southampton having nar
rowly escaped with their lives. They went
at the rate of 70 miles an hour, by a north
westerly current.
wt h ItiuM qurten ht it h bcftl introduced,
prow " necupouiy imh.ij uruiu.iii'
rralii'iMM of its a;rrt valuc.the aie of the Ix.Ule ha
burn awged, o thtt it i one of the thtaprxt u well
mot vtlible Wcrm Meiiidiu' nverolfiTedtoths
nnl.lif. .ml (Iia nonnn huvim nrllcle iteti the
'ult vilar ol hi money io quiJiiy, which li a fact well
worth miHMnberin(t.
Bemroful tniWfor4-SmfMrf Atkiaton't Amer
icon Worm Killer," and ace that the name of Smith
and Alkinton la on tne Bottle In rained Lelti-ra.
RKAD! KKU!! RKAO!" BKA1)!!!!-BEAD!!'!!
Relief for man and bat. The horanman'a hope,
or Karmer'e KrWnd. Arranu'-mi'iitf ru now made
r k ...r.r,K- n tho public Willi tliw fcuj Tcmciu,
U.i tJ.UH ..aa.! with wnnfWful tlU'CeflubV thO4
wniri, " 1 .
wholiavn had an opportunity ol teating Ita virtuta.
No family enouia neieci io nuvo
pertnni would do well to keep eomP by them to be
used in cao of accident Io man or homo
Koa noitBKa, eic r or me euro n p,"
idJIe and collar glN, awcllod JninU. tiffn"a and
weaknoaaoi ia nw. mo '7 r , . 1 Prenar.d trom RmHKf. orthe fourth Stomach or
r.. M..or the cure ol rnaumaii.m, iuiniau. ---r ,. ,. -. . - ....
apraina, awellinja bruiaea.arialic paius.aiill'neaa and
f..Wnea of Iho lini'.m. nd oilier act'id-nta and atllic-
tiona to which men and animala are Uable.
Pipnarod only bv Smith ami Atkinbon, xno, uhi-
move alreet, Uall'nnore. ' T . .
Koraale by Kauftman ft co , Uncaiter; John Leo
nard, Basil; E. Ooehegan, Baltimore: Iaaac Joneaew
Salom;K. Kalb, Ruahvile; Olio H. Mcpller Co.,
Somenet. A 'ao for aa'e In Circlovil 'e. Oh to.
Thia preparation haa been beloro the public a aulh-
. . ..r . i . :.- C.:.l.t atA.I an.l thA m.
cient liineio nave us mi ma --
porta received from vavloua parta of the country,
prove it to be one ot the moat valuable remedies ever
ollcreti, noin io mn in
. Augmt9fl, mi. .15
th Ox. alter dhrectiona of Hahok Lubio, the
arrest I'hyaiologicalchomiat.by J.S. Hpuoiitoh M
n. PhilnA lnhi.. PfuinavlvanU
Thia la a truly wonderful remedy fcr In.Ilgfst'on.Dya
Jiinmllbr. I'TaP' liain, Clir"nlr or Ktrram
'pepsia, Juandice, liver cempiamt, consupauon, anu
Ueoilitv, curing ait"r iaiuro on meinoo, uy
Nature's own Agonli tho (ipalric Juice. , .
T"Holl'a tcaapooulul ol I'ttrais, infused Inwiiff,
"will digest or dissolve. Five Pounds afltoaxt her
in abmU two Aoum, out ol tho stomach.
I'Kl'SIN is the chief element, or (Jrnnt Digesting
Principlu of tho Osslric Juice the aoJreiit of the
t ooa, tne ruryywg, rrmrnug, ...u ...........
Ag'-nt of the stomsch and Intestines. It is extracted
from tlie digestivo atomach of the Ox. thin lorming
Ian Artilicil Uig'Uilive Huia, oreciax-lv liko tho nm
j tural Uastric Juice in ita chemical rowers, and fiir
nMing a complete ami perfect substitute for it. By
the all! 01 THIS preparBHUIl, inr ji.innai.u -
auspices of bis name nnd his successes.
election In Hamilton county, but wo hope
th3 losses, severe though they are, may not
bring out any new batch of Galphins. Be
' that as it may, the work on the Court House
. ought not to be suspended, because the
Chiefs of the Miami Tribo bavo been re
buked the workmen ought out not to be
turned out without other cause, than daring
to be freemen, ayen under the new Constitu
tion; and may we not hope that the new
Commissioner will take his seat as promptly
as Timanus did, appoint a new Commission
or of the Court House, resumo the work, and
then take timo to investigate what has been
done heretofore, and how Oitx money has
boen disposed of." ' '
FnoM Iowa. Gov. Lucas is working hard
fur Scott. The last Iowa Republican con
tains another article from, him giving his
roasons for going for the old Heio. He sup
ports th? sumo pulley now that ha did when
he supported the administration of Gc-neml
Jackson. Ho remarks:
" With regard to genera! prvliey, t&, & nuv
cratic administrations of JcffrOv HitW.c
and Jackson, all united tf y nrt'.r:,iii. i
the industry of the country; t 6nliitnr mih.i: -faeturers
to make hat we irnii frii'
such materials as wotiM r.'r,i-r ixe i-cw
of tho country completely iniVrrti it ft f
sll control of foruign nations. The jrrr-jt
Uniok of Locofocoism and Native Amer
icanism. The returns from Pennsylvania
render probable the election of Judge Wood
warp, to the, Supreme Bench of that Stale.
This has been caused by tho union of tho
Locofocos with the Native Amoricnne.
That Judge Wuodwabd is u Nativo Ameri
can of the rankest kind, will uppearfrom tlio
following extracts from a speech madu by
him while a member of tho Pennsylvania
Slate Convention, and then pub.lishct:;
''Sir, 1 appreciate as much us any man liv
ing, the many political rights and privileges
which I, iu common with the people of tho
United States, am how oniiivinir. and It is
my honest impression that we Jo but tquander
uiose. vrtvtuii, in conierring mem upon eve
ry individual who chooses to come and claim
them. ' Ho knew thut a great portion of
those who come among us from foroign parts
consisting frequently of the tcortt part of Hie
jmpultUion of those countries, and they are un
aijuaintcd with the value of these privileges, and
that therefore they do not know how to value
them. 1 think that in thus conferring indis
crtoiini t j on a!, we axe doing injury to our
tthertis mi uvr institutions; and I believe,
tilat id! fit licaue hvi Q't yet com?, it iril.1 sp&d
iii. m, V it mill b itiiK.iprnailily nec-
w.t.T in nt tas bai:r, .or some other
orinir to prevent a veto, in case another ap
propriation should pass. Thn argument of
the driver was certainly a forcible one.and it
would be well if he could have the handling,
for a few miles of travel, of the Democratic
candidates for the I'reridency and Vice
Presidency. However, it matters very lit
tle, for the people have determined to upset
them both this lull."
Chloroform as a 'Motive Power. A
year or two ago, M. Du Treinblay, a French
civil engineer, exhibited at tho Novelty
Works, in New Y.rk, an engino in which
the vaporof ether in combination with steam
was used as a motive power. Considerable
interest was excited by this invention, but
more particularly in France, and the French
government ordered an engine to be built on
Sf. Du Tremblay's principle. It was found
to work 'admirably, and a saving of fuel
enual to hltv ner cent, was expected to no
realized, when a discoveiv of the lik'tily in
flammable nuturo of the other employed,
rendered its adoption on steam vessels inex
pedient.- Tins dilhculty, however, has ueen
removed through , tho instrumentality of M
Ln Fund, a French naval officer of hiuh sci
entific attainments, who. proposes to make
Du Tremblay's invention available for ma
rine purposes by substituting chloroform for
ether. The French government has order
ed two engines, of GO horse powor, to be
built and placed on hoard thtuailtiee, a man
..r.itriir r.,natrne;tnil pxrirpttslv tor the nur-
Dose. Two other vessels hove olso been North Carolina Senate. Dr. Shaw
ordered to be fitted with engines upon the democrat, lias been admitted to his seat in
thn North Carolina Senate from tho ('input
ed district of Kurntuck nnd Cuindn.
. Urbl Hr Illnn-e of ine It Kin. y., . gestion and ay-.pcpi.ia are rrmuv,ju. ""
1 ND sll diseases avisinc from a disordered Llvei ! bo by a heallhy aloiuach. It is doing wonders f,.r l a-
stomach, swimming of the head, burned and difficult , rtniaiuame. VVIPEXn:'
breathing, fluttering at the heart, choakng or sulloca. ) 1 F ON 1 1 KB If i i ii h i s c eiebra ted work on Animal
ii..ii.. r hn., i,.,rnin,r in thn flesh, constant ' in which various ai
auuui-fi "11.111' mm. - - . .
tmginliiis of evil, and great dGpression of apmls,
n:i rn:?.T i sK!-ai? bitti-t.s,
I'rrpnred by Dr. V SI. Jetk-on.
T .THISCS Kit. M .MKIHCIM'.Sl tmi-
Ir. tao .rch Street. FhliarTaipnin.
Coin for table. "Mr. Sailor," said an old
lady to a weather-beaten tar, who had called
at hor house for a luncheon, "you must see
a great mnny curiosities at sea."
"Oh, yes," said Jack, and immediately
commenced telling of tho great leviathans
of the deep.
"But how do those fish live!" queried the
old lady.
"Oh," Raid Jack, "much as the large fi.-di
live on land; by devouring the small ones."
"But they don't eat them raw, do they !"
"Oh, no," was the reply, "every fifth fish
carries a kettle, on his tail lor cooking.'
tirln rf fend as meat and eea.
i will b eixflened. rhavgrd and digested just in the
-.TIP. Ilii:iiiir .3 wio wduiu ,ir . -.-
I Dr ( OMBK.in his valuable writings on the "Phy-
! aio'.ogv f Digestion," obsoivea that "s diminution ol
Ith'diie quantity el'the Gaalilc Jnice is prominent
I and all-prevailing causo ol Dvapepsia;" and he ttates
i that "a i istinj. vished profeafor of medicine in l-on.lon.
' who waa aov-ri ly ail ictnd i:h this cempiamt, find--!
ing everything elsoto fall, had it-course to the Uas
' ,e Jni a. oh! 1 led from I he stomachs of living ani-
Tholr nower ovarlhn ahovediseasea is not excelled maJs. which proved rompletelv successful." -
B oiiualled, by any other preparation in the United j ur. UHAHAM, sutler of the famous works on" ve
Statos. as tho cures attest, In many cases after skil- getabl Diet," soys: 'It Is a remarkable tact in phy
fnl nhvsicijns had failed. 1 sioleev. that tho tomai hs of snimnls, macerated in
riA.. .... .....Mtl.v tt.A aftantinn rf invalid. 1 Imr.rl In lha lltil the nronert V of dlt-'SOlVlnff
I 111, UlUDin Hin Wl' 11. , 11," ... jnni..,.ii.'"'i ''-J .l . .. . .. "
Possessing grest viitui a in the rectification of , vaiious artic les of food, andnl elli ctmg a kind ol or-
diseascsof tho liver and lesser glands, exercising II e , tifcmldigcshuv of them in nowisoililieieni irom ma
moat searching powers inwealoioss 81 sllortiona 01 me natural iligestive roress, ...
digestive orgnns.they arowilhal,safo,ccrtains:pleasint. 1 7' all on the A
K. 207 Mali Street, EaffilQ, Bl. T.
DR.-O. O. V AUailN'S
T'HISssaskratH imrnnSf a, eaaWlf UlMaslaS ItlhaMbr
the aasiilr asras U Is ai.kins
' ALX 0VKB THX W0ELB. .5 v
tl ha, nnw Imwi Us mUsm asoiuux ar aeuly aaat Hal It
psmtlkmIwii nwiHuaaaoilsd nn?
all ataaca T tkis oomplatnt tmmcxttiutr ratWrad, M aaattat
ef how lens tuailina. Sis) tmmpJLH fir Tt4Umns- Thi.
dmikM w si fiiabttnl as Cholbk. sjvI Uw slow and aramilr.l
iniiaiws of lh atslmlr, bkmuns lha HlMt to a ooai which)
rendere tho nslioiii auarlr aubia Ui asava, focsss aas of iu aoot
UUlsvoMnf foamnss.
k now .Mils to dila nmsdr oaS Phrioi ssa It pabltclr
.nil privaulr with mkI'mI aoooon. M any an who has over
hail a araiiitom ot llraosr. of anr ohuwitor kosp uusoriiole
lr Uasm, antL U' Uwr woukl avoid tho saaataral
. porrorala tko sysism and tot dia aceamalatoa water flow'
awo. unlr to fiH op oasin, awl Anally Io ond la a SionuTut
owatA, bl th.ni j.A aw this romorir is sosmmi, and a rooovor
toonro. 1 oiihoni l't H nl anr auaool Una disoaw, aad aciuar
ai oonaia. li thor will give It a fair uiaL ,
; ' . GKAVZI,
ami all aiasosaa of tlw arlnarr ortaas 1 for Uiaae diaUosalniK
ooniplnla, it Matiit akino ; no ollm artiolo osa rrlwvo riwa
and lha cares lesiUiad to will oosimoa Ike aaost atopuoalj
0o uamphlat
wtk baok. sronkiMs orthe KMnsn, o., ot InRaaaautlofi
at Kimu. is imiooilislolr ,-oliod 11 a few dara' aaa of thai
mucins, and asura is alwars a naall of itsaso. 11 suimls aa
for snek aompUala, and also foe noTanitiaoBta oT lha fcssnlo
pnlnful nwiwruations. No articlo has aosr boon aersal aaoaM
this, wbioh would tonoh thia kind of deranfosnnts. It nur
he ralieil upon as a ssro and oHoouve lOBMilr, and dul we foal
pernutll Lo do H, cilubl aivo
aa proof irtT nina In this ilirtrsasint olaw of complstnte. 83ea
psmplilcl. AS brohan down, ikbiHtateil aomtilnuoiw, frool
tho eir oT ssorenrr, will And Iho hrsoina pawn ot Oils anu
olo to sot immadiatslr, and tho poisooau Hsaral oraUwatoa
from Ihv srslpm. ....
The 19 Jistin.1 propsrtioo whloh aompoaa this artiolo, aani.
feat UwniaslvM psmuulMrlr In lha appliontion of tho oons
poniHl, fur tlio dintrraains elitsa of oompUints which hood
ibis purniiraph. tor aontunai them kaa boao essd la its
nirili of buropo, a . .
which In all diwnass or doranarsnmts of tho femalo framd,
obstrnuiiona, ditticultios. psinlul menstnialiona. fce.. ana
anV-Jed tt ouro. This root is indisnious lo onr soil, and found
in lone, nuantiliea, and ns a medicinal property, stands with,
oot an ennal ; it forms one of the oompooiwls m the prop ora
tion, which, as a whole, is tlio beat remedy ever aivon to a
Mulitaled lemnle ; H io sum, and too evMeas will be raeuereil
u Iwiilth by Its um. .
For the rebel ol all Sympathetlit Diseases attendant on pre
ninny : k allays tliww diatreMint and pmnltil troublos whiuk
often oocur both to married and unmarried females, and re
moves those perioiliaul otultaotiam wkiok arts, from takuut
colli, AO.
CONSUMPTION md Livsa Conpnurr, Bilitut Dit.
earn, Aammatitm nf fAe- I.ungi, Cmngkt, Colae, mth.
nM, jviac Awrsir, rreaaness, a-c, lor ail woe as
Medicine hoe evw been lie oqasl.
f From the "Boston Bee."
Thn editor said, I ceniber 92d ")r. ITonJland's
Celebrated German Hitter (or the cure of liver com
plaint, jaundice, dyspepsia, Chronic or nervous debili
ty, is deservedly one of tho most popular medicines
of the day. These bitters hsve been used by thou
ssnds, snd s friend at our elbow says ho haa himaell
received an effectual and permanent cure of liver
complaint f-.om the use of this remedy. Wo sro con
vinced thst, in (house of these bitters, the patient
constantly Rains atrencth and vigor a fact w orthy ol
IW A VVnhinrrtni, nnnnrsfiVR: An Indus- tfteat consideration. I hey are pleasant in iasiesnu
. , . . . H , . j 1 r . ; smeit and can he used bv persona with tho moat dell-,
trious friend lately returned from a two ;,ntol8,,,;h",n;.itn..fnty ,puder .nv circumstances,
year's residence in California twenty thou- We aro speaking from experience and to the afflicted
sand dollars in experience, end broticjht I we advise their use."
homo w ithhim sixty-two centsinjash ! XXi Hrini'ndTTO..
nay a that thft committee appointed by the thn fatuity, ac-anuHxlvnl" much ertlcacy in cbsp. ol
railroad convention, lome weeks 0t?o, will Ifpmnlo wi-akness. Ar nirh th pim, we would ad-
APFKCTIUNfl tki$ Medicine km mmd i curing the worst
a ,' let mm one ajHirted with tkot$ cmpiatUt or aity otkor,
hetitete to try thtt Meulictne, u ture wUi ciaTAiMLT r
tult from its tksre being no Medicine now heftrrs, tai
world its oqual. CaU on Jigent md got PomphlU.
To lh GrmJ Vtt MiHKjiallj:. atwt whcfr Umm eoaw
plninti prernil, thia mailiciite ii oftcretl.
no ilolettrlotii cotnitnnntl it a part of this mi i turf ft ear
iIicnc -Jiavflt, wiih uefutiuiir aitU Mlaritjr, andduaaaaai
ih yitftn tofitit.
It w iDtwJtj ol ruott ulene. ami it purely a Vetotablo Prcnam
r.i m"nA tmt a TlnscTi ot i v rlreu- ' tHii, uikI Iiui no.li.ii in iu comiiosition wiiioh out. in th leul
imeruiu uertiricttn ol lite highest fititubiiit ara pablUhw
in tKt imitii'ltleia, which are (list nuu ted (fratuitootly
''''.. piies. " - ''
a oitnir'Uinl or a mont painful olmrtwtef. It ' ''
nml aouw fbllowt bjr a Tew dayi nttof tlitt articlo t It h Tat
ltt'o nnr oilier prepnnition Inr tlii riinenw, or lor any olhor
distensv imiri'-tiiiiitt Irnm impure blood, ttoo pamphlet.
will find iho nliarfiiiiv propertiM ol' thia ariiola
nnd ilriva uuh iiiie from tho iritem. 8a pnmphlot for
iviinii)nr -nfonroi in all diiiis, wniuh tho limlUor an tulvr-
UH-munt wMI hoi Nrtnil to Iwnnmed horo. AkoitU aiTotboni
awn? ; ther contain W piitt of uertiliuatM of nigh chummier,
and a itronitcf . . .
probably repon a hlher tnrilTof prices, to bo
adopted by tho New England roads.
same principle.
A Sttptic. A phiirmiicicn, ut Rome,
Signnr Pagliare, has recently succeeded in
discovering u liquid possessinj; so extraordi
nary a power of coagulating blood, that if.to
a Jar" vessel containing this fluid, ono drop
vise all mothers to obtain a bottln.ond thus save them
aelvoa much sickness. Persons of dehiii rtod censti
tutiins will find theso biltora advantagemiH to their,
health, as wo know from cxporlenro the salutary ef
fect they have upon wrali systems."
Iar, gratis, giving a large amount nl scit ntuiceviucnce.
similar to the above, togi'tnerwiiii repon s in rum.s
able cures, from all parti- of the 1'nl el States.
As a Dyspepsia. Curer, I
Dr. HOUGHTON'S I I WlN has produced the most 1
marvellous ellocts, in curing esses of Debility, Kma- ,
eiatiim, Venous Decline uA Dyspeptic consumption.
It isimroksible to give the details of rases in the lim. I
Its of this sdvertisement:butsulhenticstrd certificates
hsve been given of more than Tico Hundred remark
able cures, in I'hiladolphia.NewYoikand Boaton alone.
Those were nearly all desperate esses, and the cures
were not only rapid and wnndorlul, but j ormanrnt.
It Isagveat A'ervovs Antidote, and particularly
uteful fur tendency to billons disorder, liver com
ulaint, fever and ague, .or badly treated fever and
ague, snd tho evil etl'ects of Quinine, Mercury, and
other dings upon the Digestive Organs, alter a long
sickness. Also, for excess in eating, and the tno free
uso of srdent spirits. It almoBt reconciles Health
' with iidemptraure. .
Old Stomnfh Comflahts.
There Is no form of Old Sowacheomf lai nts which
it dees not em to roach and remove at once rs'n
matter hnw bad they msv bo, it girt instant rclirj!
! A single dose removes sll the unpleasant sjmp'cuns;
and it onlv needs to be repeated for short timei to
I male these gord etlrrt permanent. Purity nf 'Blood
and vignrnj liorty lollow st once. H i" fsiucuinr-
ly rxccib nt in cases nl iausea, .omiupg, rump.,
' xi,. !'n ! n IWtivr Mavnr of tho citv of scrcness oflhe pit of the stomsch, distress H'tereotiiiR
clTo N i'jl f,'Z ' 5 y I low, cold slats of the Blood. IleavinesH, lownrs of
i iieor, avo's (KisatAit i'lTTKRS We have seen I .pWts.do.printloncr, em.d.ln, wes-W, tendency
of thb styptic bo added, complete snliilifica- tonguo.
Hon. Wat. II. llAYW'onn, form-.-rly U
Senator frnm North Carolinn, died at Ral
eigh, on Thursday luet, of cancer oil the
tion ensue-'. that the basin may bo invert
ed without Co'tRllifT ny olooa to Do lost.
The following jf" preparation: Take 8
ounces of gum benzoic, one pound of alum,
and ten pints of water. Boil all together,
ror the space if eight hours, an earthen
ware glazed vessel, frequently stiiIn the
mass, and adding water sufficient to make up
the original quantity of that lost by ebulition, ,
taking care, however, to add tho water so
gradually, that boiling lany not bo Buspcn
ed. ' Toe liquid portion of the compound is
now to be strained off, and preserved in well
corked bottles.
A Smomo Movse. The BulTulo Com-
fji7".t Lisbon is soen the following epi
taph: "Renilertf I ImVo left a World
In which I'd much to do;
Imsnv tlstt 'lini notices of thit mu'lcino. and tho
H : sour.'e from which they ccmc indue" d us to tnalie in
quiry resierting us nv rus. rrnm in'jiiiry we wi re
in rounded to uso il, srd lnusl say ye trued it spf c.
tic in its ai tion upon disessp of the liver nnd ei. e-lit e
rrgsns. and Iho ov.i'iliil irta iw il exerts ttpon
nervous prtvat'on is real'y surj.rising It calm?
and rti'cngihfiii the r.cvvps, briT'tig them into a state
u! r"TO"''i inaiiifg si-op reiresi.ing.
ll lids medicine wss niore ci
are sati-fird thiro would bo 'o a aicLness, as from
the stnrrnch, livrr, ard nervous sysfi m the great ma-
to lussnitv. suicide. &c
Dr. HOt tillTON'SHTSIN. is sold t.yearly all
the dealers In line drills & l'opiiluiMeilleines.throiigh- j
mil the t'ni'ed Slates. It is mei'sred in fowder nd 1
in. fluid Firm snd Prerciiption vials 'for thu use of
Private Cirolnrs Tor the use ol rhysieisns. may
beobfiiinod of Dr. Ilunu'liton or his Au'ents, describing
hn whole I rocrss of prepimiiion, snd givinir the au-
ilirrmrs I'pcn wnicu int. ci
.. , ii .. ii.. r .... . ini'Ti rs iiocn w men rnc ciiii;
nils meeicinn was niore Li-ir-inu usvu, ww; -v -rtl, vv
sn he I ur d .ifnins! its use by I'hvs'raiw.ui respects- . "
of lha sirmosofn moiliuiiie. nerer appeared. Ilieonof the
lieulilinr leuturca of this nrticle Ihnt It sever fulls to benent in
anr iswe, nml il lioue nod mmule ara lell Ul boild opua let the
aoMeiiilvil noil llnsorina invulsl
HOPE ON. : ,
aad km Inhin the modiHne at long at tbera ia na Imprava
utvM. Tlw proprietor would : . . U
Mninit a nunilwr of urtfulea which uoiae out aader lha bead ol
(DM Tor DmtiMV. nrnvol. ko.t Thef urt iynnI for DOtbina.
j and cuiiiiocttd io null tlieanwaryt .
Their inventon nvt-r tlioiight of luring inch d.eae till thnj
nrticle IihiI tlmw n. A purtfvuuir ttodr of the pamphlet w
'iriif," olnjii(tl. ,
ioKi-utK ""j ttU Kvha W tb ftrnoTeara
irniiittottftr. Put up in 80 ot. bottle, r.t 41; H ot. An. at
m lU. pi.lIi the lurxer holdini a ot. wore than two tmtill bot
tltn. I ,oik twt mid notrM imposed vpirn. Kvery hottlehaa
Vnnslm'a VrKifth1o laillmiitripiie mik.2 blown upon
tli iliiM, I tie written witnMure ol (. C. VaOgrn. on tha
ilim-iion. timlG. C. Vuufltn, BnlTitlo,' tamped on tM
turk. iNim oiltor arc genuine. Pninn?d hy IJr. ii. Ot
ViMiithn, nml miI1 at the IVmcii-tl UtRce. JJU7 Main ireet,
Btitlnto. Ht wlioW-Hr ami retail. No attention given to lettera
unies vA nMl pud tMtm. or verbid cunBaiviontioaa
a ul thU now romcdy j tiliriting nfvif, promptly nttrnded to, tniiin.
J i ton ; C. 8. BimUall St Co.
Havo I b.ewanflii.gaiirt 111 ar pnutlr.'. rnro.ei pvr ouuw. troll: Heare ft Buy, C'littrintoi fink & IInt Uiovelawl ii.
vi.l itriie lir all the itauaHtabla IHukkUm throuirtwai the
1.-., aiu aiij iiii!fir9rT intirnst'S imntirtte
Swe.tU.g. aDd frottintf.to ptricb, :t..e,ilna l.cahhy condlineJ rdV0 c.n f
Just such B fool as you!' loepulnnics crnrrally. This cxtrsou. . v liCdi tqk )., sole rro, rietev.Tbiladelihia. Fii, Copy
. j cine e would advise oui fnerds who ere at all in-j jThJo Al'irisccmfd
OrDurinK the pnst month, tlio American disposed, to ,jivi. a irl.l-it ill reccmirerJ Itself.- , "Hi' b ,. , i,,.,,,, ,nil Dr,ivr9 , sjedicinea,
Bitle S-t, has' issued 83,304 bibles and j ZV' tL'W 1 MMVlh.ne-,
.. ....., I i ; :.i i,. i ...!. in,. I)n. J. M. Wii.soh. ftowsrli:
I 11. eiUlJlCllkO. 1 .T..VIUL lilt- Ullllll VIIIIIIU IL. , ii.nc I o r, I 'II
I- .L-r : i'r. n i ,i, t-.,i,. il... 1..1 1 Tkou & f ickaiibt. Cirrlcville;
- in ,K llllt'lM'llll- I I 11)111 .11 B..-I.I IUII1 I" I ID k 1 "n .a 3, ' .. .
:Jir .t ; iwt riht to put the
..'khi. by w hich . foreiL'iiers
vti'.'.-d from controlling our e-
Lfi ,v-l.i ;ilni3 our Amuncan oit-
olls: .. '
KHrfU1! .ii 1"
Jrt'.i!!, jiju
iz' n t,'. the
"Am! wlml rliiini have furi.-K'ilers trnni nil
light of detnocraey also, considered it both country tiye, sir. I'rouwHy .uiititrv' -which
constitutional and exiietfmnt, fit ,re(iiiatinir , j B.truiiH ciiiiirle,to.jii.ttify us m pras.il:ithij
. 1 . .
lumnierco betweon tlio cttates, to improve
rivers und Harbors whenever curli improve,
tnenta niiL'lit bo deemed necessary to ad
vance tho general interest and prosperity of
tlio country."
Ue will vot Tor Oen. Scott not only bo
cause he is tho advocate) of this doctrine, but ,
because he will be tho President in fact.
Ho says he wants no more nominal Presi
dents, such as he is convinced Mr. Pierce
would make. Hut the Eagle says he votes
for Scott, bersuso ho cats opium. The
young men of that sheet think old men huvc
no right to think for themselves. The above
extract shows, however, that Gov. Lucas is
a member of tho American, and not of the
British pirty. ?
False Rumoks. It is said considerable
sensation was crested in Boston on Friday
evening, by the circulation at a rumor that
Gen. Scott waa lying ill in Ohio, and not
expected to live twenty-four hours. This
rumor was soon followed by another that ho
waa dead. Of course these rumors were
without the least foundation.
.:..! U Set!, or oil tV ITiifieJ Hut.-. '"i'1 relates a curious fact In natural
History juieiy iieveiopeu nt ins American
Hu'el iu that city A fninily having rooms
iu that hotel, liilely left town for a fow
wt't'ks. ,' On their return they found that a
uiouiHi was in the habit of constantly visit
injj thn cape of a caiinry bird which had ro
tntiined in the room iliirinp; their absence,
Inn im' l iken ilie opportunity of forming1 the
iicriiiiiiiitntiee duriii"' the usual stillness of
tho itpiirtiuout. To the surprise of the
Umily it was found that the mouse had
been taking- lessons in singing of its mu
sical friend, and would constantly givo forth
notes in exact imitation of the canary's
tone, but low and sweet. Tho littlo crea
ture now visits the cage nightly, cats of the
seed, and endeavors by its singing to excite
the attention and cull forth the notes of the
r :..x
1111 t"U' Hilt I 1 1 sill) It BI.I.IIUIIS hid ni-uii, iiiiisii .. 0-
...It.11.. -i- f xr.ls f.. .- ih,l Ik atMn..a.t tuatlmmiv in i( hvn iMarrltfft.U. nODr'RTt, v Ot TJSIHVat , 4
ZJ I ue uunai ictug ot nuw I urn, bu iui -b- -""j "-"'' . -
this year, .how a decrease of 203,007. I ZVV: Ctor.M Ilumillf l' PRfflinm EssrilCf of Coffre
MArterAcTrnKn nr Daiiki- lIont.ru co
QflrGen. DiitT Green is said to be tho t.U
tor of the New York Democrat.
our political privtlt e.t, by cnpiferrlii',' tluiin
eiirelessly iind iinljncriiiiiiiiitcly on every in
dividual who may reside hero for' two or
three years, become a naturalized citizen,
nnd then command our ullices! There lire
very many ol theso emigrants w ho Know
nothing of political privileges in their own
country before they emij:rHtH to this. , The
word is unknown to them; or, if they hear
of it at all, tlioy hear of it as something in
which they have no participation. Is not
this the fact) Sir, we all know that ills;
we know that very many of these emigrants
never enjoyed any politicul privileges them
selves: thut they have no hiowUJi of them,
and least of all have they any knowledge of our
people , Jour govtrnmrnt, and our iiistiiutitms.-
1 lie ucquiiemeiit ol tins knowledge Is not
the work of a day. They have no. sympa
thy In common with ui have no quali
fications to render them fit recipient of these
high political privileges.
How Judge. Woodward's views were re
garded at the time will bo uianifeol from the
following extract from a speech bv Mr.
Cummin, an Irishman, and a member of the
Convention from Juniata county :
. "Tho whole tenor of tho gentleman's argu
ment went to cast rr proach upon foreigners,
and to show that they were not worthy to
. 1 lie trusted.
fjirMr. Webster's health, ao reports from "The gentleman reasons rather out of the
1 book in one point, when he says that the
nine is now como when the United States
I can do without foreigners that there is nn
necessity for them that the people of the
United States are now able to fight their
own battles, and that they can live safe and
I free wilhout their presence. He is niiatnkon
if ho supposes that he tan find a iiiatifiention
I in such reasoning as this tor the argument
I which he has offered. There is no rround
! .m uilii..h U e.n ho tn.ttti.1 t 1. . - . ,
American. Iu 18 1J he went for the rupeal ' c., ,., ho will w hh.ir.w, ' r."
II VSI IIH IIV ss Mi ""'" sssao Will V 111, ltlVTll ,
and that he will mnke an apology (or what I '
w .... eu..,...w i.oi.ro invriuoii no- regard as gry$ insult upon the Irish and!
sociation, In which he says; I the other foreign population or the State."
I Xalivt American, because I believe ! A Fatal Mutaii. The Dayton Ga
th perpetuity of our beloved institutions tette relates a most singular circumstance,
""i""" "ijny yeretgn iryiueiK? wnirn occurred initsrxe couotr,on weunes
Marahfleld says, has be.cn very bad for the
past week. In lieu of his annual catarrh,
he haa had the bilious colic badly, and Dr.
Jackson was sent for froni Boston, He jo
now better, but not well eiiuligh to entertain
or even see company. , . . . ;
CrThurnasG. Davidson, ono of the Pierce
Electors in bouislona, ia i red-hot Native
A Preached Subi-hised. Last Sabbath
there occurred rather a curious scene in the
parish church of Campsie. A reverend gen
tleman proceeded to tho pulpit to officiate
fur the. Rev, Thomas Monro, the minister
of'the parish. Mr. had gono through
the usual routine of singing, praying, &.c,
nml had just given out tho text, and was
commencing his discourse, when a woman
got up, and ut tho top. of hor voice exclaim
ed, "Gae hame wi'you, sir, and learn your
lesson, (a slight pause;) guo humc, I say, an'
learn your sermon afuro you come here.
We're nao accustomeu wi' a mini readiu' a
sermsn tae us we can rend ano at hame
oursels, Gae hame (louder than before,
accompanied with a stamp of her foot,)
gao hiimo an' learn your lesson, guo hamo,
sir!" who went on in tins strain ior some
vtm lif Iniluc Totlinoity.
OVTM IIAI.V' a Million of TcslamonisUhsve been
received by tha Proprietor of McAlistcr ' ALL
from Physicians the most
skilful a n d celehrateili
from Councillors learned
in the law, from Judges of
celebrity on the Bench,
from Ministers of the Ons
pul, whose unduviatinp, in
egrity havo mado thorn
dhiniiti liirlit. In ,li nslh
of Truth,' fvom enllRhlen-
od Prnfoesors. from acute
Aiorclianta, ot trom tlioso
of every station, name
Robins, No. tat.
. rvuiiier 01 io. Due.
CinciniiHli ; J. Owes at Co., lie.
i rink b 11.11. :U.vl.n.l! tt.
K. rlellers, filt.btirarh ; Winer S rjims, HansiUon, C. W..
soil Inr siila nr all in rrepeiituUI IfruKam
Unitvil tftiiiw nnd Csnuila, anil SI sMUl by
: t.nenl Aenls Sfnniee
G. nTaulTinan Si Co., Co . Lancut r; Leonard & Bro
ther, Basil; Shawr and Hutchinson, West Rushville;
6. B. Heinhsrd, Lithofiiis; O. H. SlcellHt, Sornerset;
Troop nnd Kickhart, Circleville; Henry Kine.Tsrlten;
Dr. D. A Kisher, Ualtimore. July 29, tr61 1
CLOT II. 9TO R a .
, - Co-pnrtnership. !'''-'
rjlilK Partnership herfrtofore existing nnder tha
Jt. lirm.name of FltANK CO., Clothing Merchants,
waa dissolved by mutual consent on the first day cf
April. The business will hereafter be conducted un
aZt th firni.n.ntn nl ft. SIMON Ik CO.. at the OLD
tor's so'e c rsNn ihlrd Ar,nr F.ant of t!lf Hiirkinr Vnllru
FO.I'orsale I nni. when, niav he found at all times a line, larso
focery ' snd wnll selected stocli5)f
stores throughout the Unitoil Moles. i Rendy Made C'lothin?,
r This Ksscnce hss boen proven by many thousands , .. ,..
,.r ,k. .;..h.r .A m .i.eeiabo famifiea. well For men snd boys, ss well as a largo assorfmenf ol
Thcv have the written ala.-stur. ol C. M. JACK- Bv the pool. c , r,:pa, ,lmot throl, the 'l"" ",t
SON upon the wrapper, anu his uame mown m ine , whole United Matos.to be by larllie Deal prepara'ion
bottle, wiliout tchicnt hey are snuj . ' I of coll ee ever oitercd to tne punnc.
For sale, wholesale and retail, is Ine
- . a("wnnr In ISA lini'HI JIVi I fit l8. r. C J' .. ... n '
tintnshnmm lavnr him Wl n ICS1I.
Also, ot Iho same place and at all times, will ba
found a lino lot ot.(cieelry,lfotions and Cutlery.
Lancsster, April 24, 16Q O. SIMON a) CO.
reiMilsv flivsiciansnl fhliaiiniu hi
Iriiins comliiiied a fact that ran easily bo established, I
and fully proving hat a aclentnic pn-paration will ,,arkn.e of 5 cents will save 4 lbs. of Coffee!
'uioet with their uultt approval when riraortcd even ,,,J,B , . ,. .
I tide form i rpilIS Kssence was lateW-awavdi d with a si'ver
I atthia'niedicinowill cure Liver complaint and 1 meda in he Aiflericnn lnstitute New York, also
I nvsnuaia. no one can doubt ifter using it as direct-1 with Iho first premium fur such wttdes in the I rank-
i ed.
u ;r. ii.. . . .1... ....m. i n.i ii..av in insiii iin. r ii suoiu ua.
liac.- i'""7 "17 V . "'" ' , u i.;-...on.l 'llt.il. of tM nrnnrle
it is Oi era.''e to caiomei in au omar a.scvum " "',', . . . , . .," i i ' i
.. ... P . :.,ii.,a Th. r.n hn sHminisieied Deeet.SIH.C'ailowhiil alreet,Fhiladel.hia. A I
" r. "T:- lrn,i with aafelv and reliable benelil i by our Agt nts, snd st the principal Di ng and
at anv time.
Look u-ell to the rutrksqf the genuine.
It mii.it alao be remarked that the report, that
rifee itikIo hv I FHAPih, who is ao well Known ior nis line ms sn
ivoiii e maue ey , . Intended to leave town, is not tnie.anct
i .. , . ... ..V. I..,:..... ' irnnd bari?
I this t.ssenceismucnmnre wno esnire.moruui-iii aiB, ,p -- ,3 .. . , hi customers and tho
andd 'gruu aiming inanKinn all ot wnicn. without . to eniov the advantages of their great restoi-stive
in, uiiiiiiimuio ; .owers Ult.gl Home 10 cents. Also lorsale by
time, and it Is said Mr.
looked unut-
frtum nr tnttnmU. Thia made me'd Native
jtmnriemt, aW for this I shall ever be found
tvrrm$r have seen, and deeply deplore
fills I'ricf, thAtthio) holy and sacred aues-
t1n hn beetv t'.f prostituted by men pfl
Ml parries."
Hi,TiCrafn.Th excitement rela
tive tr tlit wothr hnif snrWUecJ, and the
IMrvt-st at the North had' newly all he'en ae
cnresl' The' wheat- crops on tai wool
day last. A Mr. Robbins and a boy, while
out bunting, discovered what at first they
supposed to be a grey squirrel, just beyond
a pile of logs in the distance. On closer
examination, thev, concluded it must be a
ground-bog, and Robbins fired at the object.
On reaching the spot, what was his horror
to find that no had shot a man through the
bead. ' It appeared that a pedlar of jewelry
who wore a skin cap, had seated himself
beside the logs, so that bis cap was just vis-
Mi.i.li.isiuwii' .-.,..,.' i.i i wi? s4 wmm In tbe set orcountiug his mon-
i-i .1 v. Z rtT" Tb rrtt of hU grey skin can 4e-
wl.ile-the trual.ty ,tl most inal.nws wHMld: bsri ' U th. Kt-. TU .nfortnnate stran.
Ujirrmr, .... . ... . . .
! gmr ttU aV sfcVf UM.
tcrable things. Dumbarton (Scotland)
Herald, Sept., 4. , .i
School Scehj. It was examination day
in our School we hod "rend and spoil"
and told the sound of all the letters that had
any sound said tho 'breviations' and 'mor
tification table' without missing a word
and then wo were ranged on the floor in
front of the 'visitors,' to be looked at and
answer such questions - as 'they or the
teacher saw (It to ask. " " " ' -
"Where was John Rogers burnt to deathl"
said the teacher to me in a- commanding
voice. I couldn't tell. ,
1'Pl.a n .......... ' ' " -
'Joshua knows,' said a little girl at the foot
of the clan.
'Well .'said tho teacher, 'if Joshua knows
he may tell.' .
'In the fire,' said Joshua, looking very
solemn and wine.
This was tho last nucstion. Wo had lib
erty to make all the noise we pleased for five
minutes and then go home. , ,
A Handsome Costributios Madame
Elir.a Blscacciantl, the populur American vo.
enlist, who Is now giving a series of concerts
ill California, -lias recently forwarded to
Washington city theluiA of five hundred
and three dollar).' the net proceeds of one of
her musical entertainments in that far-oh
State, as a donation towards ths rsclion of
ths Washington National Monument. i
ou dissenting objection, pronounce
be (iUl)ll'. i
As day by day it unobtrusively extends its aphere
of action along thn borders of our vaal country, and ia
circulated throughout ita extent, new evidences ofits
power and new prootsnf its etHcacy ara continually
dovoloped. Three millions o( boxos, applied to dis
ease within the lsst four yesrs have established the
astounding fact, beyond! he power of cavil or cont a
diction, that it ia iNrAi.i.int.H lu the euro of all Tn-luoi-a.
Ulcers, Sores,. Burns, Tetter, Piles, Scrofula,
Kryaipelas, chilblains, acalu Head, aore byes, Vulnsy,
croup, Khoumatism, llrokcn Breast, Ague In the Faro,
coma, &c. It completely restores tho Insensible pkk-
spihatioh. anu uy una mean opens tnnaeavenuea ny
which nature intended to expel tho morbid matterof
the Iwidv-thus is Ihesysteni clesnsed: tha blood pu
rified: and Iho health restored.
It has powor to cause all external sores, Scroful
ous JIunXort, and Poisonous w,mnds to discharge
thuir putrid matter: and thoa heal them. It is rightly
terino'' All Healing, for there ia scarcely a disease
external orinternsl, that it will not benefit. I have
used it fnrthe last fourteen yeara for all the diaeaaes
of the chest; consumption and liver; Involving the ut
most danger and responsibility; and I declare before
heaven and man, that not in oneainglecaac has It fail
ed to benefit when the patient waa within reach of
mortal mesne. - '
J. Mc.VLISTKR.Ml FuUon-at., New York. Sole Pro
prietor. A.&S IIkmdbt, Agents forOhio. .
Sold by K. L Sloruinand Ottn W. Krscmer, Lanraa
ter;K. Kalb, Kuahvlllet W.W. Reed, Carroll: M.Camn.
bell. Plrkeriligtnn: Leonard and Brother, Baail; A. t.
Mittholf, Lorkville; Samuel Bartlet,a Winchester; J
F.ndsley, Llthnpolls; K. Oeohegn, Baltimore; J. (lay.
Pool. Now Salem; J. snd S. Henbee, Amanda; Daniel
lawkin,Nugar tlrnve; Ashbaugh and Beery, Bremen.
Ocl(ibera3. 1861 ... 116
-iiili',V ltlsieiil I'lM'loi ) l(i iiiov4-l
KOKCK SMITH haa removed his Chsirsnd Bed.
If itesd Factory from the corner of Wheeling and
Columbus atreota. d Manbcry's Building on flfain
No. .20 A DC1 1 street, one door below s".-tli, Phila
delphia, and by respectable dealers gcnorally ,'hrouh
l'rtres iieaucea. ia cnitiin su classes nr invsu i ly entiiiea to, wo nn,- k. muuiuu. .mi i-m-m,,.
five 1 mendations, pai-tlcu'arly re auug to nea'tn, irom jir,
In order to Live full satisfaction ami proof that the
I. nv article is oerfrcHv heslthv. and to show aome
thing ol'thc deserved reputationit has gained and just
KAUFFMAN H CO.. Lancaster, Ohfo.
Wholoaaln Agents for Ohio, SPINK Hi IIOWAKD,
VVoiistor. Ohio, ' - anptcmbvr 16, lbT3 1H
Established 18 years ago, h- Dr. Kinkolin, Northwest
corner of Third and Union si roots, hetwi.cn
Spruce and Pino stroeta, Philadelphia.
Eighteen years of extensive St uninterrupted prac
tice spent in thia city, have rendered Dr K. the moat
expert and successful prartitioDnr far and near, in the
treatmont of all di eases of a private nature. Persons
alllicted with ulcora upon the body, throat or legs,
pains ill the head or bones, mercurial rheumatism,
strictures, gravel, disease arising from youthful ex
cesses or Impurities of (he blood, whereby the con
stitution has become enfeebled, arc, all treatod with
He who places himself under thn caro of Dr. K.,
may religiously confide In his honor aa a gentleman,
andconlidently rely upon Ida akill as a physician.
Young men who have Injured'themsclves by a cer
tsin practice indulgodiit a habitjrouuently learned
from evil companion or at achonl tho ellerts ol
which are nightly felt, even whpnaaleep, snd destroy
both mind nd bodv, should apply immediately.
Weakness and constitutional debility .loss of muscular
onergy, physicsl laasilude and general prostration,
irritability and all nurvous stfei tions, indigestions,
sluggishness of the liver, snd every disesse in any
way connected with tho diaorderof the procroative
function cured, and lull vigor restored.
Klnkrlln on If-Preaervmlosa-Oaitjr a el a
. Thia Book just published Is filled with useful infor
nutinn. nn Hie infirmiiies snd diseases of the Oenera-
. .. . .. .. t- i-i sr....... SI
It suitresses itseu anico io m umn, i.io.
ever before kept in t his place ; conaiating
in part, of Cane Beat, Cottage, Bustlo,
French, Scroll top, Villago, common and
Children's Chain, Rociublea and Settee.
All deacrlptlon ol BKDSTKADS manut'aetured ol
either Cherry. Walnut. Maple or Sugar, .
Hi work willallbe mads of the very best material
by good workmen and of the lateat and moat approved
pattorna. It will be inferior to none manufactured
elsewhere snd will ba sold at tha very lowest price.
A continuation of the very liberal patronage of the
public is respectfully aolicited. It U the intention ol
the subscriber to keep a full and general assortment
at all times, so that no will bo enabled to accommo
data both old and new customers with anything la hk
linn. In connection with his establishment is Air. G
I.. Kckert'a Cabinet Ware Room, so that customers cat
ba accommodated with til article reuuialt to com
plot a full assortment of Household Furniture. Call
Uacistar, November 1,1880.,: ' ' ' 98
' Bonnets, Ribbons and Fans,
Of tha nejweat pattern, all on hand at
Amu s. law" - ' nm
street, two doors r.tuu qi ine nocmng vauey Bonn ,: i w.n.
and directly opposite the Checkered Store. He lias on-1 A,)0rfand Old Age, snd should be read by ll.
lai geu nisousiiivs.nn iiiihiius seeping on j The valuable advice and impresaive warning u gives
hand Uie largest and best assortment ol ; will prevent vesrs of misery and suffering and aave
rilAinS snd nRDSTP.AIM l...ii ,k.',...l. t li,... . ... .
Parents by reading it will learn how to prevent tne
destruction of their children. , .v ... 4 .''
,A remittance of 25 centa, encloaea in letter,
.Mre..od in Ilr. Kinkklim. Northweat corner of
Thiid and Unlnn atreeta, between Spruco and Pine
atreet. Philadelphia, wlllenaure a book.undereuvo.
1... n..,,.rn r ,...il
rersonsat a aistance nr auarw" . j
(post paid,) and he cured at home. ' ,
Packages of Medicines, direction, e., forwarded,
by sending remittance, and put up secure from
damage or curiosity. ' ,
Book-seller. News Agents, Pedlerr, canvassers, and
all other supplied with the above work at very low
ratea. September 11,113. . 1 .
8O.O0O r.flplf sold Ilk ii join . , , ,
THE OHIO HARMONIST. Patent Note, decid
edly the beat and moat popular selections ot
Church and Sacred Muaic ever published posse,
sing many great advantage to ths. learner, over
very other Book extant. . '
Tho Trade, Agenta and Teacher, supplied on good
term. Published and for sale, by J. H. RILEY e Co.
Columbus, Jun 3, IbW ' ' - 3mS
kViothand lr. Chilton, practical chemista and Analy
alsts of the cities of Philadelphia and New York.
Collcue rcnue, Tettth slreet. bclnw Market, )
, , Philadelphia, Septemeri, 1851. S
I hsve cxsrm'..'i v.''" "" ol-Coflre maimf actnr
.11... n i n. Mm- CO.. and find that it:, con-
1 . ti .'. i.. ut iiiiiivimiH to hoalth. it
stliuema are nor in it" : " ,
may be used freely w ' iiVs BftOTH ,
Pro. or Chemistry applied to iHs, a'VjM
No. 13 chambers atreet, A'cw lor-, ff01
I havo examined an article prepared b.v tjiessrs.
Hummel, Boh'er and co ,1 hi adelphia, railed senco
of ciitl'oe, which is intended to he used W'ilhci. '0',
for the purposo of improving il, I find it free :'ot ou.
irom any thing injurious to n.allh. hut, on t lib con
trary.'the ineiedienls of which it is composed eve pt.r
foctly wholesome. J. R. CHILTON, M. D. Chemist.
..... For sale by (. KAUFFMAN & co., Agenta,
and oilier Druggists and Orocera generally
Lancaster, Ohio, August 3, 1H62
Dr, S. I. 'I'uu ii!t'iifi'v Kli'icl wi
THK remrlabid Banstivo powers of The. S. J.
7'omncni' Sanmparilla, have induced numer
ous attempts to counterfeit it, snd make fi-audu'ent
use of Dv. Towmsksp' namk to secure the sale of
suVkiovs auticlks.
These connljort'eits and imltationii only mors the
vamik of tho ohioin.m.; and no uiiihkh comph
mkkt could be paid to Dr. S. P. Townsend' Kxtracl
of Sarsaparina, than lalmrioua ejlorts that havo boen
made hy msnyto get up something like it.
A mipp'v of the Genuine Article, kept constantly
on hand by ' KAUFFMAN & CO.
Lancaster, August 4, 1853
' NKwTiiE.vr, citv Tirr shop.
THK subscriber having located himself in I ho city
would moat reapecttuliy inform tho ritizece ol
ho same and surroiindiiiir rountry, that hn is now
opening a Shop on Columbus street, U'estsitle, three
Doors Worth of Main, fur I he manufacture aud aale
of all kind of ... ,i,' .
Tin, Copper , nnd Shcet-tron Wnrc, .
Where ho intends keeping, at all times, a full and gen
eral assortment, whicb.w ill be sold on the most liber
al tevma. Person want ing article in bis line ould
do well and save money by calling on him before mak
ing thuir purchases, sa he is determined to sell cheap.
All work warranted. A. W'HITE
' JonHiNO. Ac. --House Snontin. and Itoof-
lng,tpre pared and put Up on the shortest notice, in the
0ai manner, snnat tno very lowest ratee. .. a. rr.
. Lancaster, Ohio, September 4, 1861. '. .18
i.;t. '' it 1 iook ott ' '-
McFXROY&BlLLINGIIURST have remored their
Boot and Shot Shop te Giesy's building, lisrt
door eaat of the F.xchange and Immediately oppoosit
Mi. Samuel Boery's urocery a, wnere uiey wiu ssop
n h.nn end msnulsdure to order. Boota .and Shoes
of the best quality, all warranted and told at low A-
anxei.'i s tease cau ai wi iisureso crian.
- tnctet, April 10, m - ' ' - l'--' ' W '
-; ; - FIHST ARRIVAL. . " !
JUST received Irom New York, by K ' FIELDINO
thirty-thrflO dozen Kossuth snd Magyar HATH
for men and boy. They will ha o)d at low prices. .
September 34, 186SJ.
rf F.M iYAL. T. (1. Dndsnn ha removed his
V Cabinet r.d Chair Shrprrem Conneli'a Row, to
the Iloom on llroad Street, South of John Lyons'
tlrorrri),and formerly '.occupied by 1). K. Fishel,
whoro h will continue t maniitVe'ure all article in
hie line as hc-retotbre. . - -
Coffins on hand at all times, w-ith. a good hearse to
sttond Minerals in nny psrt of the county, st reduced
rate. Thanktul lor past isvors, ne rcspeciiuuy so
licits a ronti' uance. of public patronage. He will
labor to give general rtu taction, both a regards pricoj
and quality ot his worlf. ,
Lancaster. April 8, 1K53 ' ' '.' 6m-9 ,
(? DEVOh & CO. are prepared to furnish all kinds
X. cf Stemn Urtsincs. upon short notice and
i r,. "Ini " " rinsnurgn price.
Also a, 1 kll. ul '""Tl. iionon ocrowB,
Regulating s.-rew s. Jack Screws; Fuller' Screws and.
Cider ScrmvB. . v. '" ' .
, Mill Spindlo ot faj 'ron otwrougiis. .
Bales snd Drivers, iC'c . .
Thev will also furnish Iho Parker M'heef trt
suit any head of wste.r, and Wi'.h either iron or wood
shall. Also, the Atkinson Wheel fit up aa above
The patent on the Parker Wheel has expired and eon-
semientiy tney can be had murn cneaper.
They also continue to msks Devol's Threshing"
itlnrhine, and keep lot constantly on hand; war
ranted the best in Ohio. - - i '
All the above articles will be rosde with especial
care and by the) best workmen, andwillbe wainranted.
All klnda of repsring done upon the shortest notice.
Thev also keep constantly on hand, ALL KINDS OF "
CASTINGS, usually kept in Foundry. Thy have
completed their front shop, so, that those who call,,
can examine thoir work. .
They are also st this time manufacturing the Ie
fell Cook Stove, which received tho first Premi
um at tho Ohio State Fair at Cincinnati laat FalJ.and i
will keop thom constantly on hand.
The known quality of tho work done at this eetsb- -lishment
lor many years paatislthr best guarantee Uuttr'
in tuture, tho subscribers willlabor t desire the pa
tronage of tho public. They hwite examination. ,
Lahcaster, Miy 33, 1861 O. DKVOL & CO.
JOARAGHTY, at the aign of the Golden TVATcir,'
. moat respectfully informs the citizens of Lanes-
tor and the public generally, that he haa opened, 3
d'Kirs V.aat of the Hocking Valley Bank, in the buildr .
ing occupied by J. Frank, as clothing store, ' 1 '
Watch-Meilcrr anrl Jewelry Kstabllshsueiat
and is not only at all time prepared to repair
on the shortest notice, but hss also fine lot of new
Watches, Clock, Jewelry, Fins Pocket Knives, Port
monnaia and many other notion on hand, which he is
willing to dispose of ai as low prices a any other e-.
tablishment west of the mountains.
- My motto is email profit and quick sales, my
name is "neither Abraham, Isaac nor Jacob,'1 anid .
every article i sell, I shell warrant. , .
Those wanting a fine Clock or Watch are requested
to call before purchasing elsewhere, and I am suro -,
that yon will not leave dissatisfied. - '.,
May 18. dl04 , JAMKS GARAGHTV.
-i . . . : 1 r - ,. .i..'
' ftlaiiK Subpocnao

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