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i ' 1 II x- V - 3Ct' Se'.i' Vt.
.V i -M i M. 11 t- J
..i- ..' vJ , .11. . :
NEW SEUIKS VOL. 7. NO. 25.!.
i. . . John n. Wright, Priutcr. ,
! OFFICE Tllnadg Uullding. Third Flour
' , , , . Main StreotSouth Sid. ,
Tebms $1,75 per annum in advance
Thursday Evc-miiK, Oct. 28,
"v' Gold Deposits is Cahada. The provin
cial geologist of Canada, in his report for the
. year 1851 '02, gives an account of gold wash
inga on the river Du Loup, at its junction
With the Cbaudier.in which he states that
' during the present season 1,900 penny.
. weights of gold have been obtained by
.. the company engaged in' working the de
posit. Much time and money were lost in
, ponscquonce of their dam being carried a
way, but on the whole the labor has been
i remunerative. : The other minerals found in
connection with the gold and iron sand, a
. small quantity of plantinum, and irrodiuin
k tyith an indication of mercury.
-', Several 'prospectors,, both American and
" Canadlun,have . traversed the country arouud
and have been successful also in finding thu
precious metal in other localities, but had not
eacceedediu making its collection profits.
' ble. The geologist concludes, from the evi
dence, collected, that the deposits are not
generally sufficiently rich to render their
working remunerative to, unskilled labor;
nd that agriculturists and others engaged
n the ordinary occupations of the country,
would only lose their time and laburby turn
ing gold-hunters.
"This Hahd See STaucn me." Wo
recently keard the following most touching
incident. A little boy had died; his body
. was laid out in a darkened, retired room,
' waiting to be laid away in the lone cold
' grave.
His afflicted mother and bereaved little
, sister went in to look at the sweet face of
the precious sleeper, for his face was beau
tiful even in death. As they stood gazing
upon the form of the one so cherished and
beloved, the little girl asked to take his
hand. The mother at first did not think it
beet, but her child repeated the request, und
seemed very anxious about it, she took the
, the cold bloodless hand of ber sleeping boy
add placed jt in the hand of his weeping sis
ter. The dear child looked at it a moment, car
essed it fondly; and then looked up to her
mother through the tears of weeping oflec
' liou and love, and said; "Mother tkis little
hand never struck me."
What could bo more touching and lovely!
Young reader, have you alwiiysbccn so
gentle to your brothers and sisters, that were
you to die, such a tribute as this could be
paid to your memory! Could a brother or
. sister take your hand, were it c!d, and suy,
This hand never struck inc.1"
What no elevation of oar deepst grief,
when wo ore called to part with friends, to
be able to remember only word" anJ action
of mutual kindness and love. How bitter
must be the sorrow, and how Bcaldingthe
tears of remorse, of an unkind child, as it
looks upon the cold form, or stands at Ihe
grave of a brother or sister, a father or
mother, toward whom heor she, had mani
fested unkindncss. Let us all remember,
whatsoever we sow, in this respect, tliut we
shall also reap. Well-Sprint.
. . Mysterious. A writer from Pnrisburgh,
. Giles county, Virginia, snys: "At a dio
tance of some three miles from this place,
whero some workmen were blasting a rock,
having made an excavation of tenor twelve
feet, the earth gave way , and all were plung
ed into a large room apparently dug out.
At the further extremity of tho room a hu
man skeleton waa found in a leaning pos
ture, reclining, as it seems, against the side
of the cavern, and seated upon something
' resembling a chest. No clue as yet is known
to get at the history of the human relic."
03-A Mr. Mowry.of Auburn, has issued
a card in which he states he has invented nn
arrangement by which the elasticity of com
pressed air can be used to propel carriages
on railroads. The air is compressed by wa
ter power or otherwise, and carried in a tube
or pipe the whole length of the roud. He
also says he has taken measures to secure a
patent for the same.
High Prices. Four aharesof the Colum
bus, Cleveland and Cincinnati Railroad were
lnt week sold at an administrator's sale, in
Delaware county, and each share brought
$127, the original stock being $100. This
is the highest mark wo have yet noticed in
any railroad stock in the Union. But there
is no better stock than this same roud.
State Jour.
ftrMiss Elizabeth Duvall has been op-
pointed by the Postmaster Generul post.
mistress at Davidsonville, Anne
ettiuir it Subscriber, '
i Tired and fatigued with a long day's ride,
covered wild dust we had gathered on dry
sandy road, we called ut" Squire Hobb' Ui
wet our mouth, rest our.bunes, and Jiavji a
chat with the fcvuiru. Ou'our part, howev.
er, there wa a lisposilivn , wry soon to
tulk le,,and dots more. This Hobbs, a Lji
good naturea jouJ, perceived a by intuition,
and soon lui't us to the soft iullueiicvs or no-:
lure's "Bweetrdstorer.". -,.. j, . ,
Now, how long we slept we needn't tell,:
and our readers needn't know-, It wssu't
long, however, for the loud talking in the
Squire's 'office' souu aruui-ed us and we list
ened to a conversation highly interesting to
us. It seemed that Joacum (Julie, Old: Joe.
a clever, sober, close-tUtcd neighbor of the
Squire's, had called in to talk.. about lbe
crops,' and matters and things in general.
'Well, Squire,' said Mr, .Uulic, do you
know where a fellow can buy a riilit smart
chanceof a nigger boy these limesl ,
Heally, uncle Joo, I don't know at this
time., ;l here was a sale iu town last .week
of some six or eight at one tiuio.' ,,
1 here was!'' v..;-,: r 1 .
Yes.- And I guts right likely negro boy
I eighteen years old, for $440. My word for
it, i wouiun i laac a mousanu uoiiurs lornim
today,' .; .; ,,',,-j
, ,'Just my luck. - Why, I nuver., heard a
word of it. .. . . . ,, ,,, , ,. v
'Who told you Squire!' , ; ..'
. 'O, you know I take the paper. I saw
the sale advertised,. and, as I had . to go to
town, any way, I went on the day of sale,
thinking, perhaps, I. might hit a bargain,
WHOLE NO. 1115
I'riday KveniHK, Oct ,
Cat. Pobtkb is Washisoto.-W Icarq ,
Prom the Ohio State Journtl.1
t .......- ... ' W m...
W ... I l-.PT I'.liTl. i Wi..!..,,.. U.' UJILimU IUiltL)Ill.l.l.Jir.M,(,.
Ntw Yoar, , October 37.-Th Niap.nl' ,'"- th Washington Union of y. terday i n7, intrt amonV our "ftiiens V' mn,i WeeU circulate rles h.d pronounc,
dnp Crescent valuable mineral lands lying in the valleys roaS" the mail! at the following low rau-s ' Mr. Webster died,
arrived from Halifax at 3 o'clock this mum- that Capt. Porter, of the steams!)
CHEArPjtEPAr Postaue Rjites. Under I Ma. Webste Bdial Place. A let
the Cheap Poatage Law now in operation, ter trota Boston, after stating that Dr. Jeff-
need tha disease of which
to be dropsy In tha cheat.
..., w.iu uau. i U loin, .i.u o inruugn city, krrived In Washington on Friday eve- 'of Hocking River, Monday Creek.and Rac- lbe posuge to he paid quarterly or yearly, ' ccailuned by his late fall from to carrtaw,
possenners. bhe arrived out on tha 11th. '!.,' . , ...... .. . i. r- l. .. . "... '
ernew.causedahadvaaoeincotton.which " "S 'n,.e' "'l 'u0 ,cnl for, VZ . . ' . Z. ... """ "mce ut m""' or "
was further increased 6i.e-sixteeutb by the iew l"" is worthy of notice, that he baa pwpar-
arrivaUf the Pacific. - -j plain hi. conduct: : The Union add-: , ?hom". Ewng SwwVlfflS''' C"W 1-rter of a cent a eopy H himwlf al.straati.f Pl.c. durlnfth.
. Twentv-fourDolitical Drisonera war shot: Hni.k;,,Hi ,;..i. u.i...i.u LT....."' acquainted . f. s . . ft " paslseswn. The bous for the dead o( hla
i it. ... , . i . r iMinilv im made ridv. A mnhuniAit ofvaiu
. uniiL-rt'iice uuiween iiimnnii mnn in a mi nun. 't'um u-. - i. .- i. a w hair.. - . . , . . ' J -w
The yacht America was defeated by a new istration I, that the Crescent CyU he !of dwf.l syZ.' vZ .2 ZiZ ' '
. 1 . a - i - , w t - iniriiij n in uiU wuu aww w wvi w
. w,r woiu river, runu.njf .nrougn ids T Wttkly 6'wip--(.ukcrilion only tkl 75j without inscriptions, one M which Ufor him-
,nc a"-; Pfrnnumln adiaireeW.t 3, cents 's prop.oie no, tneinscripuon wm
' " " " y ...... ..V, w . V..I..I . rtt u I . .J.
at Kanigolia
a 1 he yacht
Swedish yacht, by twetity -minute.. 1 The 1 commanded on hor last trip to Havana.when place tf the Oh
'' "6' uwiic- ui mo auit-iitB w mie was insuiieu uecause an Innocent man i towns of
accepted by yacht Volantees, and also by the.; Mr. Purser Smith who was supposed to 1 Chauncer.
new iron yacht Disowned.
The Earl of Carlisle has written a preface
to Uncle Tom's Cabin, intended to neutral
ize the criticism of the London Times.
Lord Cambermore was nominated Consta
ble to the Tower of London, vice Welling
ton. ' ' ' " ' '. ' : ' ';' ,
' Earl of Derby elected Chancellor or Ox
ford University.""'' 1 '
At a meeting of Iron ' masters,'; held at
Woolverhampton,' relative to the present
prices of iron, the recent rise was approved.
' Phasce. Accounts oftbe President's re
ception and dazzling speech 'at Bordeaux,
placarded at Paris, to be posted in all the
communes of France.' .
Titles, high nobility, ministers and gen
soon be put upon that, and what an inscrip-
... i. . .... .i x. .. i . . - . . j. . . .umi
I " " rV'my UKKU 01 , pie iaci win seme mis lact. A tram or car. nu-rl "t ' peryesr, in ute oiaie oi i ,f , ..nmmntm hi. n.m. .nJ
fr.i ' r V 1 00' llA , bcen torered ht ' brine 19,000 bushels of coal from Ohio. At 6J wiits per ouarter, or 2G cenu,dd.. . Z 1 -
oUttie line from New Orleans to Havana. tha mines ta Clumh.,. In h,..,r. k . .. . V
r iviivniua ,sai,a wr aa vro m v vi V siv
To subscribers j quent article in Uie Boston Courier, of tha
however, the Week- ! 201h innf nt. In rifernr tn Vr. W.Kil.r'.
iiisirue, L.ieut. i'oru-r was only temporan- this latter pays, certainly the former will. 'J -waiefc goes potsgers,
v i. w. tiwMitw, DHswi It has been ascertained that Columbus (BrTran.iei.t p.persare charged one rent
Vessel. thoGeortna. beintr U dun fur ronn r. l.nJ Ml .:u.. . i i . f.i..rcvugi:uue rem
and it is also true that the Crescent Citviie. In
longs 10 me line mat does not slop at 11a-1 ten feet to the mile, and no deei, cutting Lot : "uu' "uu lwo ce"1" nen 1,01 prepaid. sustsiu him and wbicti article was evident-
i a f i
oui u.e line from New Orleans to Havana, the mine, to Columbus, in six hours, can be , per annum, to .11 other
and ibeoe to New York; and that hereafter run at but little more actual expense than a ! ST', .
he will run between New York end New canal boat that will require ten days for a . ' Territories.
Orleans alone, Mr. Smith being on board! trip, and carries only, loobu.hcU, and if , the county of Fairfield, I
illness, his retirement at MarshBeld, and hla
... 1. 1. . r. I.u r...a .mint r w I (K k. M..n
2.57' P-iholding power of con.cha. recUte" . to
vans on the way between
new Orleans.
Womas's ArrgcTioa. Conrad Schill en
listed as a German soldier aud served the
term of years required by the laws of that
eral amnesty are looked for as the first act 'nd lo qualify him to promotion. He grad-
of the new Emperor. Louis Napoleon was "illy mounted the ladder of fame and of bon
to enter Paris, in triumph on the 10th in- or, and imbibing from nature, as he advanc
stant.'"'. : ' -' " ' " . ,ed, tha doctrine of Equality, readily espous-
ew York and 1 little bridsrin?. and
distsnce from Columbus to Porneroy is 89
nntlinnpl nrfntil ..h. l.a
tween Athens and Porneroy. The whole
Spaiit Subscription for the the families
and I did hit a bargain sure.' .,,p..,,t i ....... ' killed and wounded in the Lope? affair 291,4
ed the cause of ihe Liberal Party in the re
cent Revolutions that have convulsed Eu
rope, uwingia this course he was
Well. I swow. I have uot to have a hand toon nlautf-ra. : ' ''
some how. . You see, I , have put'in morel: Dermark. It is rurnored that the Kinff (pelled to flee, his native land and find a home
than I liuva hands to work. Wh's got a i intends to abdicate, the constitution being ; ju America..-. Ha chose our city as his ab id
hand to hire ony wlieres ubout!' . (too democrulic for his liking. Prince Chris- j luS place, but alas! the sudden reversion of
. 'You'ro too bard for me again, uncle. Joe; l tian, ol (jucksburg, would be his succemir. j bis fortunes weighed heavily on his niind,and
thehireing season is over.- About a month j : Switzerland. The Prussian Ambassa. i,!re 'ng he was a subject fur tho Lunutic
ago all the negroes belonging to the estate j dor ordered all Prussian workmen to Prussia, I Asylum.
of II .deceased, were let at auction; and i !'or fear of the influence of Democratic doc- He had formed an attachment io his na-
.. .ll.l . . !.' .. ' .' I.' I '..A I. .1 f... .. 1'l lf
iiuiuiuuHj.ciii.iiijiv". ' i ,u-iue. i -ju..B "-"'"i"""' iverv rich above that fr n fHt U S-.I uni.
'The d-L You don't say. Why didn't i Austria.-A correspondent of the London 1. love was reciprocated; but to , S'7cla then a i L d .rfn f r .1 i ?,t
...ii . o...:.n , . .. n.: :.. : t 'r j... . l :, l,Skr.. i.;. !.., k...i i. .: nr- l-lay u,cn a secojiu vein Ol Coal 2.' ttl't
JfUU Will 11,13 tJUII17 " I 1 lllll'D, III VICW VI llJtUIUV DTUiUril llUlllt? I " uw. pcitUKU llllll
'1 hardly Know wny
New Yobx Cay.TAt Palam7 The New , Wfhlen ln n''cipaUon f his diaaolutioB '
York Post publishes a handsome vi-w .ifih I Bives a further idea f the great statesman's
'Pn.!.! V.I...I. I..M..I.J O - 1 . .
n.iles ,and o the coalreg.ona only 58 n..les,iSqilareifor the Exhibition of the Industry of t The ran at Marshfield is worthv to be
and the estimated cost of a road is SI2.000 Li m. ,;., i.. .i,i i j.:.. i e 'arm, al 31arshne d, to worthy lobe
.... . y ,.j .,,. M.,V lne r(,sllng p)ace 0 ,u musirious owner.
Vs'., . ,,rP'c"" UI,,luns It is shielded, by a range of beautiful kiii
Of a highly imposm? and ornamental chsr- ! from ihe violence of our aorlh-eAitef'.y
jacter, somewhat similar In in general as-! .torms. It has a distant view ofthawttat,
pectto its Loiidm predecessor, though of 'beyond the lowlands which every bJgb Uo
I much less extended dimensions', and diflVring 1 overSwa. On one side a wooded rr&on
jin many of the details of construction. - The i toryjuU into the sea, and on tha other ri
ground plan of the building forma an octa- L siting highland, on the brow of which,
jgon, and is surmounted by a Greek cross, jn the deep repose of nature, bis kindred rest
thatmunv hills near iIip ,i.nl r-.ir,.. .' l "'-tuon- -: in their long sleep, witti so sounds a-
exhauXa. oXn'JZl ZSenZl STf JA" W ' ."d the uiur.ur. of the
... .-a , "... "c C,,UI"H " iiii-rouiu uoor 1411 1,- . k ind ttrourli the lo isira nftLa arooointf
i'l (uin f...i .1 - II ..r.n r . . . I , P . . . . a
vir.,u5 jiuwifi oi.uou icci unai i tree., or the song of birds, or tha solemn
,ic. i fo,v'Ju icei, or auou
per mile.
J In regard to the mineral wealth of this re
Igion, I have bu little to say. Prof. Math.
er, as atate Geologist, published many val
uable statistics relative to the minerals of
Hocking. I will mention, however, a few
facts, for I have been engaged, in company
with I'. Hayden and others, in mining in the
coal fields on the Hocking river, and know
j Inr from the canal i- stratified a follows
i from the Ibvt'l of, lhd canal is a strata
sandstone thirty feet thick, next, a thin sirs-! jora(. wij, bc j' ,eet h
lauicum nuirai one 1001 in lliir.Kness and .;n !, -,.,...,.. ,t ,:...i ,.c. j i .
ul.u ...ii. .. uiiiuu aiiu ii ana.
ine quantity ol iron to be used will amount on which the house sUnds, tbet gently falls
ut four acres. The i voice of the sea, speakinv etersaUr from Its
:..u l.i.. l..:l.l; : . . . . J. .
ine uuuuing .vastdeptns. j tie undulating iunie sweeps
1 up from the marshes and torus a table land
I saAv it- advertised and the jealousy of the Austrians.thlnks (ha I
in our paper, and I supposed every body Americun Government not prudent in lesv-.1 'ouow mm
,t didn't Know you i mg their citizens without protection. ' woruiy oi i
rom bi. d ug her good bye or advising her to ! Z ,KJ .ku?.:".; . V. . ", . V .utl 44000 1unrc
took that. - More'n that, I didn't know you i ing their citizens without protection. ' I worthy of her steel, was true to her afianc-
wauted to hire. Did you know I have sold j India. Muil arrived at Marseilles with ed n,m on learning of his arrival in this
mv Harden tract of Land!' ' I Calcutta dates to September 8th. and China I country, immediately followed him. Her
uui sue, wno nau lounu "a lo8 I ,i,:.t ,u .,7i f, . .,.. r .,., t
'No, Indeed. Who too!
'Who, to a rich old fellow from Alabama.
It was day before yesterday; and I got the
"yellow boys" cash up only six dollars per
acre. He taid that he came ur.ross our pa
per in 'Old Alabama,' ho liked the descrip
tion of the country; saw my wee bit of an
advertisement, and came to see about it.
We struck a trade in no time.' .
'Jerusalem! And here I've been trying to
sella 1 1 iick t of lunil for the Inst twoy.'ars
and could'nt get a duller and a half an acre.
It's better lund thunyuurn toot and you know
it, Squire. Well, what if 'tis, and ctm't be
'tiser, but I reckon', Squire, I've beat you on
sugar - I bought, lust week, two barrels of
sugar at six cents, when every body else had
n... .i... t..
1 1 give seven ccnis, xeni mm, en:
to AugUBt 24lh
Abbott Lawrence aiid family are umong
the passengers. '
The steamer Creole, British built and un
der British colors, but owned by Americans,
was brought into Hamax as a prize by tier
Majesty's steamer. , ....
From Baltimore. ' '.j .
Baltimore, Oct i!7. Muil thoSgb from
New Orleans. The surve of , the mouth
of the Mississippi has been completed, and
a report will be made. "at once to tho Secre
tary of VVur. ',' . ,
Th'' assistant Treasurer of New Orleans
gives notice that dralts to 'Jhe amount of
anticipation of their meeting was murt rap
turous, and on: imagine ner horror on learn
ing that he was insane! But she forsook
him not, and for many long months she has
watched for the return of his reason. She
was often permitted to see him while confin
ed at Columbus the physicians hoping that
such a course would aid his recovery, but in
vain.. Some two months since he was re
turned to this citv as incu-uble.yet his guar
dian angel forsook liiin not. At her earnest
solicitation a friend signed the necessary
papers to keep Lira out of the Commercial
Hospital, and she administered to his wants.
A few days Since tho friend saw fit to deliv
er him up again to the authorities, but she is
yet with him, visiting frequently, endeavor-
speak and look consciousness into
over a million dollars, transmitted to the In
illan A went, have been lost, and cautions tho I ,n '
mm, anu is uooui nnving nun permanently
removed. Her love is undying, and if Abe
Ian! und Ileloise deserved a monument of
tukr.n uir.unr ' stone, uicse uuhapov couple should have one
I gut n rure j ground of oppositicn to the treatment of the I of solid gold. Cm. f.'at.
With all ease, uncle Jjc I bought mine 'public airainst receiving them.
at fiye cents.' ' j The Republic of this morning says, wc
.'No, sir I don't believe it. Now, say have the best authority for saying that the
where? Cabinet nt Washington hns
At the house ol V Ct Co
VTroHCent Lity at lluv.nina, nnd have no I
cb ulit that it will ho followed by speedy re-
dress oi the wrong complained ol. l Here
will bc im liackinir out by . the Adiiiiiiistra-
burgain. Y'ou see they advertised in thu pa
per that they were selling oil" ut cost. I
knew groceries would sio quick, so I went
in and bought a year's supply. Their groco
rka were all s.'M before night. I didn't pay
the money eitliur.'W they look -my United
Stutes Land Warrant at $lo0. .
'Now, now Squire! llint can't be, for my'
lawyer told me that wasn't legal to sell my
land warrant.' .
'Very true, some time ag; but the news
came lately in the paper that Congress had
made them assignable.' ''
'Well, tisn't fair! it's rascally! What
riL'lit bus these editors to get all the news
and keep it to themselves!' '
'Ah! undo Joe, you misunderstand it.
Eeditors and printers labor night and day to
gather the news and give it to the people
to instruct their readers lo iniorm mem oi
all the improvements of the age, and ameli
orate the condition of society, Their paper
goes abroad, recommending our people and
country to. interested and intelligent emi
grants. Can they labor thus for nothing!
Should they not be paid! Is there a man
who is not benefitted by a paper! Is not
eveiy subscriber repaid foor fold for a pit
tance of $2, his subscription price!'
'Stop, Squire! stop right therel I'm go
ins to tuke the paper. I'll take six, and send
some back to my kinsfolks in Georgia.'.
'You needn't go as far as that here's the
editor right in the room.'
Hero the parties rushed in upon us, where
wo were acting out most admirably a per
son fust osleep. It is enough for us to soy,
that alter an introduction, the name of Joa
cum Gulic was entered upon our note-book as
a subscriber paid in advance. And now,
when the parties alluded to Bhall read this,
wo hone thev will pardon us for giving to
the public the substantial fucts urged by the ' jn j Monument Square great ent
i so eitectuaiiy in -urning asm-largely attended. Motto "Scott,
tion, lind the rights ond honor of the country j
will be vindicated. l.ient. Porter was or
dered to Wafshingtou only to give full infor
mation lo Government, and at his own re
quest bus been, transfcrcd by the owners'to
the Georgia. '
From Boston. '.
. Boston, Oct. 27. Fishing schooner, Car
oline Knight, of Newhuryport, was seized
by the British Cruiser Charlestown, and has
been condemned valued at seven thousand
dollars. Fishing vessels, belonging to New
buryport, were lost in the gale. J
Boston, Oct. 27. Mr. Webster's remains
were yesterday removed to the Library.
Gov. Routweli will attend the funeral. The
Webster Executive Committee last night,
after various propositions for future action
resolved to proceed in political matters the
same as if Webster were living.
Elizur Wright, to-day, was acquitted for
for his action in the slave rescue.
The New Brunswick Legislature assem
bled in extra session. 4 A resolution was
moved, approving the action of the home
government, relative to fisheries.
Boston, Oct. 28. The meeting of the
Suffolk bar this morning was largely atten
ded. District Atlomey Lunt announced the
death of Mr. Webster. Speeches were
made by Hon. Chas. G. Loring, Judne
Spraguo, Rufus Choat and George T. Curtis.
It is thought several thousand people will
attend the funeral on Friday.
Postal Convention Between the Uni-
tkd btates a.id I'r.issiA. A Postal con
tention has been concluded between the
United htuu's and l riissni, bv which a clos
iuie. lire ciny, ana several slralas ol iron
ore; above that is about two feet black slate,
13 leet of shale and iron ore, und then comes
the fourth vein of coal 4j feet thick, includ
ing 14 inches kennel coal, about one foot
from the top of the bituminous coal, above
to 1.2.;0 tons.
to 15 foet
- j in ,027 paie, 10 by 34 or 33 inches.
exhibition wi
of May next.
A New Thick roa Ceeesrobks.
The roof will cover an area into a smooth and soreadino- laws Ik a. by
The class for the iWn.r ulnne. it amends Ln tha western
building will amount to 39,0'jO aauare frit. I r hill- .hM nniWiidt. shut in
U27 paie, 10 by 34 or 33 inches. The I tt.a nirture. and bound a aeena' of kormoni-
exhibition will be opened on the second day jous, yet richly varied and sweetly contrasted
ARC now receiving ly caalui4 nilraai 16U Tons
of Hardware. Our itsck is lbs largart wa bar
rir bought. And aa It baa bet? iukum aliaett
ficer Marshall informs us ofa new game
which has beencntroduced by the"sharpers"
that is five feet shale, ond above still is the !on the levee. It is as follows: The shsr-
heavy rouse of sandstone from 70 to 130 feet Pcr places a galvmr;ed counterfeit S3. , .mimlv tar e:ili Iron uaauraxiunra aA bspertan
thick, used for lock walls and for building ' Col(' piece into an empty pocket book. w Kara h m our power to otfei Haxawwa si lowss
purposes, and beneath this rock is found the netting along side of a green one, ho opens
alum rock. " and looks into it, holding it in such a way
Our coal is easily mined. One man can ,hat "greeny ".ees the "yellow boy." He
mine three tons per day, and place it in the pretends as if he does not see it, and closing
cars. Our iron ore is still more valuable. th.e book, declares he is out of money, and
We have six or eight different species of wi" sell the pocket book for a mere trifle,
veins. The most useful is the black plate He "sk'the green one if he will give &2 for
and kidney ores. We have also valuable ll and be supposing there is a $5 in i(, which
clays suitable for making Liverpool ware.
A Iso, abundance of salt water and sulphur,
alum, copperas, glaubcr salts, &c, sand, flag
grind, flint marble, oil, and whet stones.
Also as valuable lead mines as any in Mis
souri or Wisconsin. Our hills present the
same indications of metals as the Ozark
the holder knows not, readily irives the 82.
slaps the book into bis pocket, and slips off
from the sharper for fear that he will find
out that the money is in it. Scores have
thos been swindled out of their money, some
giving as high as three or four dollars for a
pocket book uol worth a quarter of a dollar.
Suuire aiding us
a Sidscribcr." Americun Artisul
'. Fran-
Ciiinesf. in California. A Sun."
cisco letter of the 15th ult., says:
A number of Chinese merchants and , la-
I n ., . .. I I
a ...,!oi , uorcrs are now en"azeu on l urroi a umunu-
uic, ii.i,c muuu, .tii:-" .u.. r nr..-.
countv. Maryland, vice IN. u. Duvall, ae-, , . - ,
cuuuiv, jaijriiauu, . i crnmnrv Ktrents. Thev a U Dear tu be a steailv.
ceased. The lady appointed periormeu iiie.e :.,.' .... .i-
sober und industrious Bet apparently very
slow but sure. They calculate with great
exactness and nicety, and turn out their work
handsomely. They are at present building
a queer kind of scaffold for masons. It is
made out out ol small pules it uamuoos, wnicu
are fastened together by small withes. It is
strong and substantial, and less liable to give
away than those genertlly erected by our
mechanics. The buildings on which they
were engaged will when completed, be the
most magnificent structure in California.
This structure is intended for Page, Bacon,
& Co's new Banking House. .
-. Il is curious to see the Chinese work In
MtunH of liniAlinir liv tnr.kle the laraa hlocka
lis she purled the Tinnicum Apple Dumpling ;0fgranite,as with us in Eastern cities, they
little nearer ner giwweB, .imply lasten ropes around the biocK, and
fides them French dancing girls be it says , uavjng gecured them to bamboo pole, eight
duties of the office for several months previ
ous to the death of her father with such ac
ceptibility that the whole neighborhood
unites and another candidate declines in
favor of her permanent appointment.
Z. & W. R. R. We are informed by a
gentleman from Perry county, that the
friends of the Northern or Somerset route,
are making the most strenuous exertions to
raise an amount of stock that will induce
the Directory of that road to adopt it, and
with flattering prospects of success. Zones.
fCr"Oh dear, oh dear," said Aunt Dolly,
v- .. . . .... . . r i:
that Marosello Meiisse, is going loazcwe
one of her grand pas on the stage this alter
lioon, and I wouldn't see it done for noth
THKLondoii Police consitsof5,625 persons,
and cost in 1851, $1,900,000. The New
York Police consists of less than a thousand
men, qd cost, in 1851 $584,000; or 50 per
pent, rno than London ia proportion.
r An old bachelor say a that women are so
fond of apperances, that if yon could make
them believe there were no looking glasses
in Heaven, they would set no more value on
salvation than they do on a poor relation.
Singular how age sours people.
All German wapts for dinner, Is three
sausages and a flute. To a gentleman born
in the vicinity of the Rhien, music is as ne
cessary to existence aa breath or long tailed
pipe :; ,.;'
bis strapping Chinamen take the block upon
their shoulders, and march up the staging to
the second story, and place it on the spot de
sired. : ' ....
Many of these blocks weigh three hun
dred to five huiufredpoundseaclK"
OjrA friend sunds us a miniature edition
of Pierce's Life, unabridged. , We think it
might be advertised for sale under the head
of 'blank deeds.' CAicyao Journal. .
: r ,
fj7The city councils of Savannah, Ga.,
have subscribed $500,000 to the Savannah
and Albany rai'.road, which is to be surveyed
and lo cated immediately. ., ,
fjr-The aggregate wealth of the United
Slate amounts to $13,000,000, and the pop
ulation Is 25,000,000 souls. . s
I fjirMore than $3,000,000, are invested! in
! churches in Pittsburgh, -. v i .
cd mail is hereafter to be regularly exchang
ed betweep thu olHces of New York and
Ai..-la-Cuipclli', and Boston and Aix-la-Ch.ipelle,
via London und Ostend -ihe most
expeditious route lo the continent. A un- J
form postage rule of thirty writs, of which
pre-puyment is to be optional in both coun- j
tries, has bcen agreed upon as regards ull
letters addressed from any part of the Unit
ed States to any part of the German-Austria
Postal Union, (embracing Prussia, all
the other German States, and the whole of
the Austrian Empire,) and from any part of
the German-Austrian Postal Union to any
part ol the United States. Newspapers sent
iu this mail from one country to the other
are to oevrt-vaul six cents each, this being
also the full postage. Provision is likewise
made for corrcspondenpe to and from coun
tries beyond the Postal-' Union; the rates of
postage established, pre-puyment of which,
in most cases, is also to lie optional on ei
ther side; and it is expected the arrange
ment will go into full effect on or about the
first of next month. In the mean time, post
age tables, containing particular instruc
tions on this subject, are to be sent to post
masters generally throughout the United
Gen. Scott started as a captain in the
army and fought up to the position of com-mauder-in-chief.
Gen. Pierce started as a
Brigadier General & fought up to no where !
Gen. Scott started on foot and rose up to the
back ofa war horse where he remained a
conspicious mark for the enemy's bullets in
every war. Gen. Pierce started on a plung
ing steed," and fainted down to foot back,
from there to bed home before his first was
ended. Kentucky Rifle.
A Gallant Onset. In the Cth (Bar
rere's) district, Caw raceivod 195G majority
over Taylor in 1848. At the late election,
Ellison, Loco, obtained only 274 majority
over Barrere. Here is a clean Whig gain
of 1682 in one district.
The Locofoco majority on Congressmen
in Ohio is not over sit or seven thousand.
The gallant Whigs of the Gth did their full
share in this labor, and will finish the work
by a still farther reduction on Tuesduy uext.
fjyWe do not rememfier to have seen a
better hit at your grasping, avaricious mind
ed individuals than the following:
"My son, would you suppose the Lord's
Prayer could been graved on a space no big
ger than half a dime!"
"Why, yes, falher,if ahalf a dime was as
large in reality as'it appears in your eyes, I
think there would be no difficulty in putting
it on four times." '
mountains and Potosi mines. j Cm. Jbnq.
In regard to quantity, there js fflcient, Laro Oiu-The improvement in the
rronoretolantheStateofOhiomrgoOyeirslnufef thil, oil ,BtonUbi ,t
...u ... reBru i ui .y u, our coal, i hag been only a few years since it was first
have a small tract which is estimated to con- introdnced ,and now it is mad e equal to sperm
tain 400,000,000 bushels, estimating 2,780 (oiI. Amo' yhe mo,t enterP?ising of th
-ii It if i m inn tu n It ho la Thu t t ho ".rn I . . - . . ..! . .
j. ....... manniactunng ol that article in the city, is
moil price in this market 8 cents a bushel . fiurckhard & Co. By invitation we yester
wil l amount to thirty-two millions of dollars, day vigjted their workl) M(J wer much
.ii i ki ' iy, j-1-, j pleased in witnessing the process through
which the lard is transformed into stearins
will probubly come to as much more when
used. 1 shall have in a Tew days all the dif
ferent specimens from Hocking; also sped
mens of oil-stone from the Ozark moun
tains, with silver; lead and copper ores from
the same place.
As soon as the necessary preparations'can
be made, the books for a ruilroad to this re
gion will be opened for subscription, and the
citizens of Columbus are earnestly invited
to subscribe, for it will much lesen the prices
of fuel. J. F.Sosebs.
nd oil. The machinery in this establish
ment is of the most improved character, and
capable of working out 100 barrels per day.
. . .... ,. ., i ... -
oiaciiuiery is aiso mi-re arranged Which en
ables them, through the aid of ice, to make
oil as well in the summer as in the winter.
The works are on Hammond street. Cin.
prima than ever belors. O a tarililiw for bay iflf uxi
tmr urn ir,i ivea n muywm aaraaiajw ovaw
aoT other aatabU
Xowooecinf atth iipo of tho pvl-lock ud milUamw.
7dozr VVaidroa s. L'lttuu: ., SlaU Soak saa
othor iftrrtu Graas Srytboi.
40 do Oarline a, loa d's WakirM's toraacyio
6 in W oUbnTa aod oibor m jk Vnim radio
III Crooa lodiaa Pod.', teytko staooooAd liAsa
3D do MUler'a and Loog'. aicVoli
60 do hay Fork; 1U" do EtU, ttaal bbda boas;
Uamea, Trac eluina. etc. ate.
I',nn will find it to their lotemt sot to mako
tlwir pnrchaica bfor t.lling aad loektBg through
ouratotk. EFrlMOtRrWlUXtk LATTA.
Uocsater.Juiw 11, 153.
Will fin) at tba Great lUrdvnwt Btore, .11 kiada
of nmchanii U too la, muted to every Uida amd moot
approved make. -
WU1 God Gun Barrel Gtta. Lock asd Monnting,
Gun rib, nipple a, sheet bru, Ucnau aUrer sad
ballet mould.
We hare col'd Oanuak', be, frfca;. amtcal laarh
errlap'd and tmml'd inattur. plufc,clth,braa, bond,
atwnp jointa, plated outu asi.rivoaa, scruia fnates,
arrinz, od &el. - . ' ,
Will alwaya find In oar war Sou" tV iareeit stock
nd bnt quality ol Iron, Eagliab. and Auwksabli
ter, iaurouaa cast od keu ateei.
We hxv Madras and Tanpieo Honece akini. id
aij pink lineieea, binding, boot webb, a hoe Uce
and ahoe thread.
A sreal variety of Japd, tra and plated aaonating
' ' aatfclw tre, Miami a leainpr. nog skuu, auw,
atage trace, getting and webbing.
county, (Ala.) About a year ago, a man' Vi'iU find the beat glue, mineral and sjabogany
calling himself Auderson, a irav and eleant knob5' veneara.uu locua, csator, c.
.1 . " . I rr.n a, VXTDJ
We Veep 1 C and I X Tin plt, Aeet copper, tta'a
Extraordinabt LosoEViTT. A colored
man, named Billy, the pi operty of the late Lothario in appearacce aud maimers. Wat.
Mr. Surah Inirram.died at Norfol k on Fri. led there as a st.honl tinrhi.r. ml mnn m
dnynight, at the advanced age of one hun-!ried a voung lady of respectable family. copper, aheet Zink, iheet Iron nd ri.
From Ititlliuiorc.
Baltimore, Oct. 27. Whig muss ineet-
hain, Union and Compromise. Speeches
by Senators Peurce, lsowie, Winter, and
From QttcLfc.
Quebec, Oct. 37th. Tho charter of the
Grand Trunk Telegraph Company from
Quebec to Detroit was passed in Parliumeut.
The trunk will be 850 miles long, with 800
miles of branches to principal towns. Some
800 mileB of poles are ready, and 400 miles
of wirelng finished: to be completed in the
spring.' One thousand business men have
taken stock to cost about $2SU,0UU.
From Washington.
Washington, Oct. 28th. A meeting was
held last evening at the Council Chamber
in the City Hall; the Mayor was appointed
President, Col. Seaton and Walter Lennox
Vice Presidents. Resolutions were adopt
ed declaratory of the feelings of the citizens
at the death of Daniel Webster, testifying
their sense of his greatness as a statesman,
patriot and man. Eloquent speeches were
delivered by James M. Carlisle, Colonel
Seaton and Philip Feudal. All business
suspended to-morrow. The President order
ed the public officers to close.
Great Distress Af Maderia. rThe fail
ure of the vintage, resulting from . the re
pent hlinrrit nnnn thefrrane. has produced the
greatest distress among the inhabitants of
Mederia, and threatens with absolute star
vation large masses of laboring classes.
The Civil Governor of the Island has issued
a circular acknowledging the importance of
the Portugese government to meet the emer
gency with any thing like adequate relief,
and appealing to the christian sympathies of
foreign nations for aid to avert the impend
iaf calamity. :
Naomi, the daughter of Enoch, was not
married until aha was five hundred and eighty
years : old! Don't despair, old gals, some ' tie was the only man in England he longed
hope yet ' ( to get drunk with.
ored and seventeen years, lie was a nn
live of Hanover county, Va.; born in the
service of Peter Garland, Esq, wag at Nor
folk when it was burned in 1775, and press
ed into his Majesty's service by Gov. Dun
more. 1 He was also at the battle of Great
Bridge, ond remembered all about the siege
ofYurktown. The Norfolk Herald says:
"Billy was stong, hale and hearty even to
the day of his death. He was employed as
a drnymnn until he was 75 years old, and at
the age of 68 could roll a hogshead ofsuger
weighing 1500 lbs, on his dray without assis
tance. He was always good-humored well
disposed, and scrupously honest. Itisare
markable coincidence that, for the last sixty
years, he lived in a family three of the in
mates of which have died within the last two
years, two at the ages of 92 and 94, and one
at the age of 76."
I Not long since, however, a gentleman and
lady, from liaton Kuuge, Louisiana, visited
All know that we alwaya keep on hand tfce largeit
theDl.ce and rernirniserl. in th h.n,lm- nrt " U'.".T. .. ""f w"'
u jl . dowah.buttaandHiiige,wnnieaiiaoM.
teacher and happy bridegroom, a man named Our atwk ia complete and we are determined to
Henderson, who had a wife and three chil- ' make it lo the iutereal of the great majority of aw-
Iron lii-inrv I).l,.n P TM. .. . f rhani lo Durrhaa from O.
..., lu.ia.g wiguiuioi, III a I. uigut, I
stole a neighbor's horse and sloped to parts
Trust to Providence for help! was the ex
clamation ol a husband, seeing bis wife at
tempting to roll a barrel of Hour upstairs.
Lancaster, Juue 11, 18S2g
Established 18 rear ago, by Dr. Kinkelis, Northwest
corner of Third and Unine atrerta, between
tipruce and Pine atreeta, Pkiladelphia.
"Trust to providence, eh !" was her retort; i Eighteen year of extenaive k anintempted prae-
"do you suppose that Providence will come Pdt
and assist me, while ths devil is standing trtmnl ofalldi eaaea of. private .are. Peraon
ookingon!" iafflictml with ulcera upon the body, threat or leg,
i paina in the head or bone, mercnrial rbeiun.tiara,
TEXAS Wine. We learn from the IIous- ' alricturea, ei-avel, diaeaae .riaing froam yovthfulex-
tr.n T1ennnh ,ht Urrra nn ntit nt u-l n A i cpsae or imDuritiea ol' the blood, waereby the con
has been made in Texas, this season, trora
Nebraska Territory. The people re
siding within this Territory are determined
to take the initiatory Bteps for organization,
and for this purpose will, in a short time,
hold an election for a Delegate to Congress.
There are already some four or five candi
dates out for the office of Delegate. The
Government cannot avoid taking up the sub
ject of organizing this Territory. The peo
ple will not much longer be restrained irom
taking possession of it.
(7"A Mt- J0 pitches into Greely of
tho New York Tribune because he stated a
protective tariff' would benefit a woman who
made artificial flowers, &x., &c.
That Rose does not seem to be without
its thorn. : -
What a queer way some people have ol
expressing their admiration. Byron waa so
in rapture with Walter. Scott, that he said
The Fishing Fleet. The Gloucester
Telegraph learns tlmt most of the fishing
fleet is now in the vicinity of Margaree Is
land, where a large number of men are plac
ed to look after the Americans. Schooner
Potomnc has arrived from Canso, and reports
that a Newbury port vessel, name not known,
has recently been taken by the cutters.
Vehbict Against Railroads. James
liegeman has recovered $9,600 damages
from tho Western (N. Y.) Railroad, for an
injury (by which he was made a cripple for
life) sustained by him two years ago. A man
named Douglas has also recovered $1,813
from the Buffulo and Rochester road, for up
setting his wagon.
(7""Jerotnc, Jerome," sereamed Sirs.
Bntterfield to her biggest boy, "what are
you throwin' to those ' pigeons!" "Gold
beads, mother, and the fools are eaten' em;
I s'pecl they think it's corn!"
A Large Lump of California Gold. i
A solid lump of gold, in its rough 6tate, !
weighing twenty-six and a half pounds, aver
dupois weight, has been deposited at the
importing house of Messrs. Richard Patrick
& Co., in New York, by a Texan miner,
who dug the same from a mine seventy feet
deep, in California.
Fkauds in Trade. The St. Louis Re
publican learns that extensive frauds-are be
ing practiced in flour, in short weight, wrong
tare on barrels, &c. Some barrels have
been found to fall short of the proper, weight
as much as eight pounds.
The Erie Railroad Company have re
cently forbid entirely the sale of intoxicating
drinks in any of the refreshment houses a
long the road, or in any of the grounds of
the company, and absolutely refuse employ
ment to any person who makes use of such
native grapes. Most of this wine has been
made from the mustang grape, which yields
atitution ha, become enfeebled, are .11 treated with
He who plare himaelf trader the cue of Dr. K.,
inav renziousiy comioe in ma nw B . ""
a wine or a bcautilul claret color and Beems ' .Boconuaemi j re.j f- " - r-j
to combine some of the qualities of claret TKK PARTICULAR M1 ICfc.
and port. ' Young men who have injured thpmaelve by . eer-
I tain practice indulged in a habit frequently learned
OirThe Dayton Empire says,that D. ; from evil companion, or t echeol the effect of
B eckel, Esq., has purchased the entire prop-1 hjf h niSh.tl fFlt- tZmutl7rM1
r.i r! . n l r ' , both mind nd bodv, hould .Pply immediately.
erty of the Dayton Bank.coLsiating of stocks, Tcon7tWutioD.ldeblfity,U.a.ef m.acil.r
circulation, real estate, &.C., at a cost of Irom i energy, phyaical lanitadeand general proatration,
eighty-five to ninety thousand dollars. He ' irritability and all nrou affection, indigejtiona,
will redeem the circula'ion and close up the ! ed X'sVfi&'TZZW.
DUUH. I f..".r mmA tatll vlunr KufJtnL
IU1UUUUI VUlCUa w-u aeaij
KlnkrllH en elf-Pre-rvloi-0ily 98 els
Tbi, Book juat jnibliahed ia filled with useful infor
mation, on th iniirmme mo oir o, in,
live Organ
Look Out!
FOR that hackinj! rouh, it willleailto ronaump
1ion, raK nowk'i couoh CAKDV,nld by
Nov. 50
Titif;i-.t, Laucuter, Ohio.
Iladdreaaeaitaeiralikc to Youik, Man.
QATES in the T.l.m.Jse;no0,e, ha. a fre.h -1pE;i,g
Va anpply of every duacriution of .oodain hi line! .':"".?:" 1 j .---i. ,j ....
; annuallv thoiiaand ol live.
. I Parents bv reading- il will learn now to prevent tha
i..i.,i.. v,u " I dentruction of their children.
Dissolution Notice. . ,A of cen, enrloed In letter,
fiVIE partnership hnrotofore rxistlnt betnTfn Hr. i ,,)reMCd to l)r. Kisxkt.ih. (nh1et romrr of
-SL U. K. Uavi and Ur. J.mea an feaw . .," I '
loo tedious 10 mom ton.
Lancaster. May 20, 1831.
,lianlvpi1 tliia ilav. liv mutual consent. Till) n'tloa
.nd account are in my hamls. 0. 1.. l)AIS.
Laacaalr, 'August 1R.1H5J.
Fealiinuabie Brb. r. mod Illr-Ir.. r.
KEEP conslantlr on hand . splendid .rticle oi
Hair Oil tod Verfatnery for sale, .nd are r re
pared to do Shavirg iu the most PP'oved .tyfo at
their Saloon, one south o the Post OJlee.
Lancaster, August IU, IBM
OK A HOTS AIN1 l.i:itl4!N.
A Few Boxes juet received at the city eity Prug
.lore. KDWARD L. SLOCtW.
Lancartrr Jn 2f S
Of the Cinsillljr wax hand.
YELLOW Rio Coffee, Green do. Java do; Young
II v ton Teaa, Imperial do; BUckdo; Orleana and
Loaf Sugar., Boston byrup, prime article, Orleana
Molaaea, Sugar House do; Tobacco, 8egar, cinnamon,
clovea, Nutinofra, Mace, etc etc at
September fi. . KAUFF.MAN i CO.
1 other snpplied.with the above wcrk t very low
tes. .cptcmber 14. Xhoi, 13
Thin! and L'nion at reefs. Lctwrrn Sece anr Tian
,rn;ot,Pliilsdelphia,willenur" tot:k,nritTBve-
lope, porreturn ol mail.
Persons at a distsnce mar .doic.ts Vt. K UtTtr
(poHt paid,) and bo cured at lion..
Packaen of Medicine, tlirecu-r.;.. it forward .o.
by onding remittance, .nd pi.; up e.c-oi fu.i
damage or curiosity.
liook-aeiiera. newaAgenia. i i'..u:ri-,ri,;iMFeiit,a.-.
,11 1
Dr. Homer C. Shaw,
TENDERS his profeasior.nl service to th citizen
o Lancaster and the public generally, and hope
by . diligent and careful attention to thn buaineaa of
his profession, to merit share of publi patronage.
When not absent on professional buainesa. be may be
found at Dr. Whits' Owe.
Lancaster, March 9, left. 6n4
INTKJW G1VA88.-.20 h.ll boaes 8 by 10
nd 8 half boxea M by 19. McCally". saperiot
Window Glaa for al by
Caw paid for broken Ola.
Lanfuter, May 29, 1961 ..
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