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' FFICE Foster's Building. Main Street upstairs,
Lancaster December it, 1849. dl3ti
It. P. EFFlNttER,
Tl AS removed hi. Ls Odico to Urn TtPmadge
M M. JSuUtlr t,n tho liooin on. 3ud lloor,
Mayor Creeds Oflire.
Lancaster. March 30, 18'd.
)Ii. O. E. DAVIS
OFIrE, Main.traet. opnu'ln the Kacln Office;
rtesidenca, N rth silsol W Seeling atreetJ'Olween
Broad and Hixh stress .
Liace tor, April id. l 77
NEWTON SCII?. KH'fl, '' removed his Taw
Otficetothe room occu,iiJ bv It P. Kdlioger. Esq..
adjoining Mayor Creel's o.Sce, in the Tal!mad.;e
buildings "
Atloruey. el I,a w,
HAVE Rdmoriiil rhAirOfflretn th rarm formerly
occupied by Wui.j. Reese, Esq.. immediately oppo
aitetho residence of Daniel iifurd, Esq.
uiumcr, m.run I,), tout'.
"I ff Violins received on commission, which will
JLVR J be disvoaed. of at relsil or wholesale, on very
reasonable term a. OTTO W. KItAEMEIl.
Lancaster. March 12, 180.'. . 47
- t - ..,i ,
For Sale 9(M),03.1 Pounds of Iron.
VTsVflOhave now In our Waro house 1110 tons rollel
rured at tho Id loom airt Ripid Forge Iron Works, and
la warranted to be superior to anv other wake in inw
. Lancaster, March 23, 1H52 65
White Lend and Oil,
FOR mint the groit Hardware store, sign of the
Pad Uck and Mill-Saw. :'
200 Kk Puro Wliito load,
1UBarrU Klx.,npd Oil
Warranted pure andnntial in -lATiIit v to nv ln market
MarchSi. t EmSQKR, IVIftTK UTTA..
LAW PARTNEItSHIl'-I haiv mtorlatod Chahlbi
O. Martiit with myncifln tho pr.iclic. of the
Law, and will in future adopt tm ttvlo of J. V.Ik C.
. MABTiM.intbo mini-r.iiiiunt of luisinosi entrusted
' rmyeare; JOHN D. MARTIN.
, Lancaster, October 8,185(1 Kogttcopy ly'2.1
DROP IN LADIES, and takea louUhroiighalarga
and splenilid asuortinont of Drees Uoodj, embrac
ing all the leadiny slid popular at vlun now in faihion
many of tlum entirely utw iu.1 truly oli'Knf.
NovemlmrH.lWjli . T WISH.
i- I'cl'i'd a larji and 'ninplnto as
Ni'cv ft t'lfshinmildo f.ooil",
,.-i!v eihibi'tn and selling at tho old
sU'uVo' R
t; v l Nl) tON
All v. a'f or r
. . :.. ;.- .,t.titn ... 1
fit. lTiiiUt-.'.iit i
! .i.'il Uai jtiiins, will give us a call
IV. di.-t:.
r.?rv. anii. M..,iui!s. mi nmynirr i,
s. otir goofii.o
i.i t,!l Mrni!vt.'
U--in Uiiv stock is un
i market, and n am snliatwd
Cuv htock in full !
Mi4 bv:.tit in a
I i! n'ii.xii f.'uiin. ii- v.ui aii'pi, inn i. u shiiiiui a i
wit h alr.iOst overy tliii-ij hi-art can wl.hfnr, Irom tt j
ounce of Ivliifo to s hoifihenrt uf ?nr; or frutn a
yard of 6 ertit Called bi full mtil of rluthm.furH. 1
Of Shoes, H.its, Dumi'.ds, Hosn, ni'ibuns, I'sraaols. !
sllka, lawns. hareg"s, d-liln-s, glii'iliaiiis, calicoes,!
cloths, cajul'imri-N, KiilinBlK.t'vecids, tic , we are wull ;
.. t.u . ,u ...... i, . i,'.. .1..
uppuad as rospoots Dun qiuiitie. anu pricos.
We hf.'p on hand the best of r'umlly iroc(-rles,
such as Tens, f oifbo, Sugar, Molasses, Syrup, liice,
Splco-s, &c.
And we ;ir.- at vavs eiip;ill ! with a Urg.i and valu
able si.), ( 1,1' Uiu'y .11:1 J 'i Clutliillg, madn here
at hom'i. 0.1 ., ,-Uil nrdrrt iid thovefovii gioatlypre
ferrfbl" t,.-. ft.., 1 impiirted Irom uaHtern alop-ahops.
. T""Ci .'.'. r :.i fjiiutrv Pi,0'.t:i',e nl .vavs tnken in ox-
chitirf '"!' tifU. KEIN.MUND Si MARTIJ
Aoril -1K IWJ. dHD
TIIIC unde signed lias just received a fine lot f
Extra New York linlden Syrop for the city
rade. , Call and try it. jOllN LYONS
Lam aater, May .11, HI 16
DUiolntlon of I'nrtiinrKliip.
rllllE Partnership heretofore existing under the
X name and linn of BOI'K Ik HECK, is this day dis
au!vud by mutual consent, the books and accounts are
In th hands of P. UOI'K.who will make all settle
nnnt-i.and by whom all claims agulnst sid firm will
bo paid. P. HOPE,
. Mircb. 30,1862. J. V. bKC K.
Neiv Arrmiaoineiit.
jli !!'" un lerjig ieil havini; bought the entire inter
.1. eai ol Jaooh V. Ubo he will continue Ihe Hard--,i.rv
iuivuiess at his old at a ml opposite the Taltmadge
wuure he will cnnstantlv keep on hand a gen.
rtiii.it.' of Hardware, which he will positlve
.:'ii;icr than any house in the rlty can sell,
.1 liii old I'liunds snd the public generally to
uitl 1 .
'i: liiilure puii;iaing uisewiuire, as no is aa
'i give general aathfacLlon.
. T'r""'i" knowing tlinmudvos indehtod to the
u :d or tho late firm of Hope & Buck, are
. requ'i iLid to rail and settle, as the business
ui mutt be settled up at aa oarly a day as
r. UOl'E. .
ter, March 21), 1863.
'I'IA; undersigned haataken into partnership In
1 the Saddle, Harness and Trunk manufacturing
businns., JouM II. Matlaoh, and the business will
hereafter be conducted under the firm name nl LI 7'
TLR & AM TLACK. The pitronajji) of the public
is respectfully solicited.
if i"Ali those indebted to the subscriber, are earn
estly requested to call and settle as the old huidtinss
m unt be closed up., JOHN N. LITTLE.
March 311, Wri.
Wliolcvalctlc Itct.ill terui'crti,
April-i0,1840 51
IVKW FALLG00DS A large an d general asso
ll men! nowoponing, and bargains to do had at th
cheap store opposite Shmller's Hotel.
NoveirborB.loSO. W.T.WIftK
A LARGE Lot just I received ombrarlng every
kind of Fashionable shoe now 1st use, for La
dies and Misses wear. ALSO, a good atork of Men's
Boots and Gaiters,. t WINK'S
Wlini.KSAr.il AND HktTAII. nslAI.HIt IV
Every Vuriely of Family Jrocerin, l'ro"
risionis, NotioiiM, ConLigc, Tnr, (ilnss
mid Stonewiire,
INVITES tho attention of the country and city trade
to his extensive arrival from New YorK, which
makes his assortment complete. He is ready at all
times to attend In the wants of his customers', and lot
it be understood at all times that he sells on the aver
age lower than any house in Fairfield rouuty , with
thu express understanding that any article liought at
. his establishment that don't give satisfaction, oil re
turn of the same, the money will bo M'und.'d
Lailca-ter, July SO, 1HTJ lmw3md
A R the track of the Rail Road passes through my
Isnd and many persons, ladies, gentlemen ami
children, in largo uuiiibers anxious lo sea Ihe work,
without thought, pass through thotgaloa, leaving them
open ao that the hurana and cattle get awav.aud the
constant pasalng through the fields tramps'dowii the
grass, subjecting me to much annoyance: This is
most respectfully t request all my friends who may
wiahto visit the work, to takuiho track oftho Hall
Road near Ring a mill n, return that way. This
will givethein no ad.lltl.nul (rouble and ssvo me
much. My wllllngiiesstn gratify the puhllc in any
reasonable way. 1 t link willnol be doubled, and '1
trust in this lespoct s word to the wall. disposed will
be sutlit'lent.
Most rnsperiiiilly, D. TM.LMADUE
Lancaster, August IO-3tn-Esgle Ik Telegraph copy
you wesr that exceedingly old list) I in vmi nnl
know that M. KM ALLEY has received the latent Full
etylreofJIaltt Also, all kinds of CAPS. Itemem.
bar the plaoe,oppusiln t he Tallmadg House, csll In
Lancaster, sclpembor 23, 1H6I. 3
Stern Old Winter liua Depitrled.
YOYare respectful I y solicited tn pall anil examine
the boautllul and varied assortment of arnnrle
opening at HES'LEW.
Willimn MnrNh'a IMnle.
NOTICE .Is hereby g! von that the subarribrr has
been appointed and qualified ss Exnrulornn the
eatate of William Mahsii, 'ate of Fail field county,
Dated at Lsiic.itr this Kthdsyol August, 1H51.
Natiianiki. Rtoi.k,
Esecut'ir nf William Manh,
It lit
floats, i
, st
Sugar Buckets, covered
Rv tin' 'ii I.I lit lllt Itfl,
tniiNC. AND SUMMER BONNETS Just recoiv
. e-i, v, H'u colored 'ace and straw Donnots
t.i li;. k silk, Bonnet Ribbons, Blue Denims
und I'ahn leaf Hots, at HENLEY'S.
Lancaster, Juno 1, 183
T.leu:riili Hullillnat, opposite Court Honee.
r.ni.oi superiorquainy,torsale atveiylow prices.
My John l. tuthill.
It I n it I. Mubpreuav.s
HslMSI.,aRio.ll.tir HekiH( Valley Bast Is,
aAYF.jitatrof iivT an l shall koep on hand full
and constant supply of Staple G-rxwi.. Fruits,
j.... Ku,..,i fklil .a. Ituui. &.- to-.;?th:r
with mny othar arliclean wetuvary in keeping House
two, largeaot weir scUMf! snicn m r-.iiec,
. n .7. . ,l.. IUU.. .
, Oils
nd fye-Stuffs. .Lancaster, May ISS-
i C!ie"l ChPM;!l t'lieeseJII-" '
JITST received, a fine lot oftngiish I'airvj Pine
Apple aW Bap Sago Choao o be ttnid low tor
cahby II. B. HUNTKR fc.
..fJLhLsK, f
LAllfllf and appoior lot of Ciiara and Tobacco,
Vforalat II. U. UUNTKt & C!.
May g. '',! , ' V i . j i: ) d3J
OLD Gov. JafcrandRin foir.To Orluana' Sn
(jar. I'hjladtdpVu cnulyd do.. Now Orlnaua Mo
laaae, Sitcar-houa and (.fold Sarnoat
Mav. .. ., ........ WI.B. Ill.'NTBR CO.
: i
Phuitiiaa Lauipa.
4 NEW and beatitifnl stvloof Phosjr-nn Lampa,
J. auitable lor LaJias' wor'i .tand jint rec-ivwlal
May 1H.
Pli, OH,. c.
A LARnE lot of White Lead. Red do . Ten
rv i
ithaive. rhrnm i (iroen. Chroinn Yellow. Lin
seed Oil, Turpentino and all kinds of Vs-ni h for sale
I ruu Veritlati
A NEW article, exproasly Tor Stores, Grates, Iron
2. Fences, etc., juatro .oivod at .,, , ,,
May IS li. If. HUNTER & CO. ,
Wfllll W GlM.a
BO.VES City liraJi 1, jud received at
' lt.ll. HUNTER SiC 1
Plekela, Pruati, llramly Peeeltra,
Nl) a variety of nice thinea, foi aaln lo-r
cash at
A Prime article, Daniol Roam's best wh!te wheal
A. Flour, foi-aale at II. B. HUNTER CO
rOARAGHTY.stthoslgnor tho floinits Watch.
, most respectfully informs the citizens ol Lanras.
terandthe public gHiierallv, that h ha opened, 3
d Kr East of the II irking Valley Bank, in the build
ing occupied by J. Frank, as a clothing store, a
Watch-Maker anil Jeavrlrr KuliabH-ihinrtlf .
and ia not only at all tiusisa prepared to repair
not en. but has alao a lino let ot new
Watches, Clock., Jewelry, l h ' Puckul Knives, Port
monniia and many oilier notions on hand, which hi is
willingto dispose of l a lam prirr.n as any othor os-
I tablishmeiic WOSI Ol inn uuui.nia.
I My motto is small profits and quick sales, ss my
I nam 1 is "neither Abraham, Lane nor Jacob," and
nam is
every article I sell.I shall warrant.
.... 3 - f. I LVn..l. MA Wln,,U.llk
J ilOSe WaiHIIlS a llll'I 1,1 JW .v4..u
bBrorB ..urcliaaMig elsowhiira. snd 1 in sure
h wm n-o( ,mvB aiasati.Htir.il.
in iiik iui. r r a 1 1. o it s .
If AVErece
I 1 LinilMKN
received at their Clotiiino Kstab
urn in Oicsv's buildintf. between
the Hocking Valley U-inU and I. IV raUmaitgo a r.x
change Olllco, and have just oponod a large and extun
si i o assorlinent ui
Whicli they will soil aj low as the same quality of
,..,., I. nrl irnri ran be nurchased at anv other estab
lishment in tho city. Their clothing is manufactured
under their own supervision ami Is consequently su- ;
pnriur to that which is brought from other places.- j
They have also on nana, a uoauuiiu variuiy oi
Which thny are prepnred to manufacture to order.
They have in thoit employ the best of workmen and
aro at all times prepared to make the heat fib and in
tilt latest styles. All thalr work will b warranted.
The public are respectfully solicited to csll and ex
amino their stock, and while thmkful for the liberal
patronage they have enjoyed, they assure their old
customers and all others that thoy will labor to give
general satisfaction both In tho quality and price ol
tnelr goods and work. SI'KIN'JER & TROUT,
laucaatnr, septembor 17, 185'J di08
JAMES GATES lias junt addod to his stock, at lis
oldxtnnd in thC'Tallmadge House," alnrgevi'1
splendid variety of tjto
'. WAKE, JEWELEY, to., o., &J S
Which he will disposo of st ss reason- jfct
.l.ln ni-lcos as anv othor similar stock ii-M."-asii-t
of tho same quality can bo purchased in the West-
n rn .ntmfrv.
His Wiitclien are oftho best make and of superior
quality. His Clock aro of every variety and of the
best msuufarture. Ills lot of Hllvei-Wltre is ex-
Iniisiva and cannot fail to nloase. His JeWt'lrV ia ol
Ihe moat beautilul patterns ami has been suiecluu wiin
ure.t r.rn
He keeps en hand, also, Cutlery, Caues, looking
liiaases and nates, nriiannia neis, musical insiru
menfs. Girandoles, Fans, Pocket Books. Ilnmhes,
lot of On Stat lonery and a variuty o' usoful and nr.
namental articles.
He has taken apocialnare in selecting his stock to
suit tills inarKot and invites mo putiiii' to can ami ex
amine for themselves. JAMES GATES.
Lancaster, June l'J 0
iTHMinir! niiM iiiiti::
GEOROK L. ECKI'.liT still continues at his new
stand en Main Htreet, in Stnilierru'e lluildint
two doom Eiut of the Hocking Valley Bank, where
will be found a usual s general assortment of CABI
NET FUIINI TURK, which is admitted by sll Jo be
tho largest and cheapest everbeloru kept inlhis place
aaai. nwiiiesi tome Jin
weTil; ' T csr,consisiiiig o; i
Ij-SS-Sii SOFAS, solid Mahogany
CHAIRS, Teto-a-totos, Divans. TA11LES, Stands, Bu.
ruaus and fine Hodstesds. he. &c.
CINCINNATI FURNITURE lie will also keep
on hsnd a general assortment of Cincinnati Furniture,
which will be sold at a small edvancnupnn city prices,
thus obviating the necessity of citizens going else
where lo buy liirnituru, Dy mnuiirp II tn their advan
tage to purchase nf the subscriber, offering them
either hoineorcity manufacture. All furniture sold
by me will be warranted tn be well made ami durable
A GOOD HEARSE Is alien v In readiness tn attend
funnrala. The subscriber has now and hereafter will
keep constantly on hand fntllns ready made, so that
he will be enabled to furnish them In a few minutes'
notice, lie will promptly attend funerals any whme
In the county without extra charge.
Thankful tnr past favnrs, he respectfully aski-a con
tinuance of the public psirnnnge. In the same build
ing is Mr. G. Smith's Ch ili' an I llndslead Factory, so
that customers can bu accommodated in either linn at
tho same place. GKOItGE L. ECKE1IT.
uncasier.novemtier i inou.
lA 1,11, OILS. AC.
nfl h'egs Pure While Lead 6 bbts Venetian Red.
rVV 10 do Red Lead.
1 do Yellow Ochre.
6 Kegs Dry White Lead,
10 do Lit Im age
UK) lbs Chrome (Irnen.
150 do do Yellow
40 do Linseed Oil,
5 do spi Turpentine
2 doJapan Varnish
4 do Cop.il do
300 do American Vermillion
1 do sup coach tlu&i'
just received snd for sale st the city Drug Store late
Lancsster, Tune 311, ISM
E X I'll A N ( i if OF F I C E,
Maln-ttreet, lMneater,0hlo.l n (Heny'ii Brick Build
ing.tioodoort Wett of the Hocking Valley Bank
IOANS MONEY and iliscuunts good paper;
J Make eolleetiont at sny point;
Buys and sells Exehiutge nn the East A Cincinnati;
" frol-f" and iV.i-er Coin;
" " Resl Eslato St stocks on commission;
J'eys Interest on DeponUet at the fulloivinit ratea:
6 per ronton depesites payable on demand,
lor 3 munths.
7 ii i ii o it
H it ii ij
Siecial Deposltas In Gold and Silver psid in the
same if required.
Discount, to Depositors st all tltnos have the pre
ference. 1 eraons holding money in trust or otherwise, hot
knowing at what time it will bo need-il, will do well
ioiem.iini.or that IUy can deposito in this ollice.and
tni""n "
lloitiity l.itnd WiirnmtHofall kinds will be
const. nllv on hand aul ...i.t r. .. i
the Goiernm .n, price, (or pubUc ui'S;
toed to answer the sameas Gold.
a. W. TALl.MADr.V.
Uncasler.Aprllt: IH51
J '1ST received at the city Book Slore, opposlti
V. Sh.otfer's. tho following works:
uiM.ur. iu.il a i.Aiii.x uy Airs, stows.
Five years in South Africa,
Bayard Taylor's Letters from California,
The Woild in a Porkot Book,
AI! of which will be ao'dat the lowest prices.
August 9, 1HM. JOHN S..AHI.KS.
f? Barrels Calcined Plaster, 60do Water Lime, 60
J ground Plaster, for sale by E. D. SLOCUM.
Lancaster, June 3H,
DON'T FOIIOET That the place to buy the bed
good, it the lowest pricei, la at the ehoap store
opposite Shatter's Hotel. W. T W ISE
Lancastar . November H, IHAII. 37
Pocket Ilookx, H'nlleU, Porte Monies
AND CARD CASES ot every kind and style,
just received snd for. tale very tow at tha hook
store of. JitiytW JOHN L. TUTHIU.
Hoi Ice to Untltler and fllcrtiitntcta.
filHE subscriber ia now establishing an EXTEN
II 01) Wharf,-fool of ralataaiaare amd
Mlh Kiracla, Laaeariir,
land i steeds keeping ron.tantiy on hand all kiada ol
Lumber and ' oal Kir aa'e.
Hii extvnaive acdMjinranceand knowli
edgeof Lnm.
U.litiea. and
-tronago of a
ber, will enable him to aelect the beat uu:
anil at U"h pricea, as will merit the patronage
having apecial billa to fill, will find it to their interval
to call on him before punhaaing elacwhere.
TTtHh will alo furnish at Wholosale and Uetail,
LIME and VKMESTnd aitpnrinr qua Itv.
lie iovint; in th. old maxim, that 4 a nimble Hiipenrt
ia butter than a J.'oir thillinw" my vrm a ill o ra.h.
Auguat 31. WXI. J. CA ID. .
EIWARO !... LOCI) .M,havhip purchased the
entire Stock of Drills nnl Iedicine o
(JworgoO. Hock.nox'- otlertthcjamefoi aale, together
with a lanji- and well selected now stock atthe Old
Stand, "tnnwn as tho City l)rn?i Sture.whero may
be found a lane a 'd eoirirlpua')!ortneiit iit'Dniga.Me.
dicincsind ('homicala, Paints, Oil", Dye Stulfs. lilaas
Ware an.! IMmlow Ola. Hnishoa. tiiW-rias. Fancv
Artich's. c, which will be sold wholesale and retail.
i upon aa reasonable turms as can be purchased in the
'it.. . L.r.i.' .nr. f r An,i
UncsKter. April U. Ih6l dAw61
iMinj.i ,r. I. V II I"S. .
A Now and desirable article recommended '
economy, comfort and avoiding grease on Car
pota, ke. Thoy only need being soon to induce my
onn to purchase them. The public are invited to cal
anil ana them at the city Drug Store.
Lancaster. June 36. EOWAltD L. SLOCUM
UF.MnVAL T. tn. Dodmmhaa rnmnred hia
Cabiimt ar.d Chair Shop rom Connell'a Row, to
the lionm nn Utnad Street, South qf John .tonj'
Hrnrrrij, and for.nerly orrupied fty J) K. Fitful,
where ho will rontinue t manufacture all articles in
his line aa heretofore.
Colli 11 is on hand at all times, with a good hearae to
ittund funerals in any part of the county, at redured
rates Thankful for past favors, he respectfully so
licits s conti uanre of public patronage. lie will
labor to givo general satif taction, both aa regards price
snd quality ol hia work.
Lancaster, April 8, 1863 6111 19
tiitt ir lV nlt:ul I'ufiot) SCi'iiiovod
GEORGE SMITH has removed his Chair and Bed
stead Factory from the corner of VYheoling and
Columbus streets, to Slnnbcry' .Bnildivn nn Man
'treel, hen dnorl Kant nf the JlorMng Valley Sank
and directly opposite the Checkered Store. He has on-
largeo nts ousinesa and intends Keeping on
hand the largest and beat assortment ol
5 over before kept in this placo ; consisting
in part, ol lane sear., cottsge, Jiiistu
trench, Scroll top, Village, common snc
Children's Cnoir.i. Sociables and Settees.
All descriptions ol BEDSTEADS manufactured of
either Cherry. Walnut. Mnpleor Sugar.
His workwillall be madoof the very best matorir!
by good workmen snd of the latest and most approved
patterns. It will ho inferior tn none manufactured
elsuwliere sn l wilt be sold at the very lowest prices.
A cent inuafi'in nf the very liberal eatrouaze of the
public is i-ospertlully solicited. It Is tho intention nl
tho subscriber to keep a full and general assortment
stall times, so that he will be enabledto aecomroo
date both old ant! new customer with anything in hi
line. In connection with his establishment is Mr. Q
L. Erknrt's Cabinet Ware Room.su that riistomorsrai
he accomtnnilated with all articles rouuisite to com.
plulea full assortment of Household Furniture. Call
Lancaster, November 1, 1860. 26
CI M. RKERY. having purchased the Interest of
J 9 George J. Bitler, has associated with himself
JOHN J K.S KIN'S, and thu business will in fuiiue be
ca. ried nn under the lirm name of OI0ERY & JENK
INS, at the old stand on main-street, one door East
oftho Checkered Store and opposite Smith and Eck
ert's Chair and Cabinet Ware Rooms.
riougrm! P!onghr.!l Ploughx!!!
They aro now manufacturing a
?N. largo assortment ol Ploughs for the
j9V3--"-assa Spring snd Suminortrado, such as
jJ!ZstZth Eagle steel sod Plough, the
'.VtSai.Wcrownhead, Bars:.. Klnu's well
known sod Plough, Lang's, Cast Iron, Rushvillo and
other patterns, all of which will be made of good ma
terial and wan-anted.
Stoves, Grate and Hollow-Wnrc.
They have also nn hand and aro manufacturing a
large assnrtmontof Stoves. Grates an. Hollow. W aro.
Among their stoves may bo mentioned the Ilucltnye
Ststo, Buck, Queen of ihe Wost, Preference and Pre
mium Cook Steves for Wood; they have also on band
and are receiving Coal Cook Stoves from Pittsburgh;
their stock of Parlor and other stuvos and their assort
ment ol Crates will be found complete. Thoy will
alw ys keep on hand a large assortment of Hollow
Waro of all descriptions. I'hey have nuw a line let
of large Iron Kettles.
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron Ware.
They still continueto msniifarlureal the old stand,
all kinds of Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron Ware. This
branch nf their business, as well as the others, will
bo conducted with earn. Tho best, material will be
used and the best workmen employed. All articles
in Ibis line will lie warranted and sold cheap for cash.
Thv are at all times prepared lo do all kinds of
JOB WORK, both at the Foundry snd Tin Shop, with
care and despatch. UKERY A JENKINS.
Lancaster, March 18, 1853. 46
P. 8. House Spouting made and put up at tho short
est nntlco. Old Coppor, Brass, Pewter and cast-iron
taken lu exchange lor any oftho above articles.
Dissolution Notice.
rflllE Co.Partnership heretofore existing hot woe n
A G.J. Bitler snd C. M. Beery, under the firm
nsroe of IliTi-KH A Bkkrv hss boon dissolved by
mutual consent The notes snd accounts am lull in
the hands nl C. M. Be rv for collection, and all know
ing themselves indebted to said lirm are requested to
call and settle immediately.
it. J. in i i.i'.H,
Lancaster March 18, 1863.
IT Is now generally admitted by all porsons who
have taken tho pains to inform themselves that
SMITH A TONG koop on hand the largest and boat
assortment lor
Of any establishment In Falrfleld county, and on ac
count of the caroused in selecting tho stock hv the
lropriotors, wno nave nan a long experience in ine
business. It Is equally true mat lor qtiauiy anu varie
ty the assortment usually kept on hind,
By any other in the State. And more than this, the
goods are purchased atthe lowest prices which ena
ble the proprietors to dispone of thorn upon
I'liK MOST It I"', Hi V HIil', I I', It MS
In proof of all this, the public are Invited to call In
and examine the line assortment which has been
With the nxnrnsa nurnose of clothing tho male por
tion of this community in the latest and most fashion
side styles snd in the very best manner. It can be
done and will be done, at prices which cannot fail to
please. Among tne assortment may ne anion,
r ine I loin rrncK and ureas l oan,
Cloth. Beaver and Blanket Over dn.
All qualitiea and colors of Sack do.
Black, blue and fancy cloth Pants,
do do do cassimere do.
do do dn satlnett do.
Black and fancy satin Vests,
Merino, cloth, plaid and woollen Vest s.
Also a fine assortment ol shirts, silk pocket snd
nock handkerchiefs, suspenders, collars, stocks, Um
brellas, Ac. &c.
The above embracoa a portion only of their Ready-
made Clothing, all of which la wull made and out of
good material, inaiiuiiinntotnis.inepuniic willllnd
Of cloths. rasslmeres,satinettsiSt vestlnis. of the most
beautilul style, and colors and ot tne beat, quality,
whicli will bo made up to order, and
Thus not only being prepared tn supply those who
desire ready-maderlothlng. but also being enabledto
sccnminiKiate any clasa ot customers with goods se
lected with much care, they expect to retain the pub
'" favor by pleaaing their customers.
1 bankfui for past favors, a continuance of the pa.
transient the eltl-.ensof this and surrounding coun
ties, is respectfully solicited. For good Goods, good
Uta, well-made clothing and low pricea, competition is
put at defiance. 1
Remember the place Immediately east ol Rober
uu ami .mi.,
re, with tha wnl. 'j..ikj at
painted above tha door in large letters.
Tncaater, October 30, 1861
WOOLLEN GOODS. I ant now opening . com.
nlete stock of cloths, cassimere.. aattiiu.i. Pi
lot, beaver and mackinaw over coatings. Twaeds, flan
oels, kerseys, leans, fulled cloths, sheep grey oatsi
nets, Unsays, fcc, W. T. WISE.
Lancastar. noTevbar 8.1950 87
U '
i I II I
Mm U
Jaaadle-, Dymprptl, Catrwaile mw MeiTK
Urbt Itr Uiaeaiacaiair Itae KMai -..
A NO all diaeasea arising from a disordered Live
and Stomach, such aa constipation, ftillneaa, e
blood to the rtead. acidity oftheatoniarh,iiause,hert
benMliagiiat for food.fullneas or weight in the aiusnach,
a our eauciaiiona, sinking or nuttenng ai tne pit ei toe
stomach, jwimruing of toe head, hurrii'dand dilticuh
Ie"11". "uttoring atthe he
"M,"',V,h",0 ?VV
: ? "" lto,7
heart.cnoakiiigor aunoca
ing poature.uintneaa oi Tie
aukt. lever, dull nail in
the head, deficiency of persuiralioa,yellownosol the
sun ana eyes, pain in tne into, oaca, cneai.iiuiDa, sc.,
auddeo fluahea of heat, burning in the fieah, constant
maginiuga of eril, and great depression of spirits,
r;Ei.i:nu rr:i cki man ht'tis,
fnparrd by Dr. C. M. Jackaen,
T r 1 1 R t J I ! K M A N 31 K I IC 1 MC ST 0 R R
' ' Nn. 140 Arct Street, PhlladclihU.
Their power over the abovediaeasea ia not excelled
If equalled, by any other preparation In the United
States, af the cures alteat, in many cases after akii
fulphysiriana had failed. ,
ine oiueraare wormy tne aiteniion ol Invalids.
"ainir irreat virtuea in the rectiOcation of
diseases of the liver and leaser glands, exercising the
mosi sean ning powers inweaknesa s aRorttons or the
digestive organa,they are withaLsafe.certaiuApleasant.
f From the "Boston Bee.") .
Tho editor said, December SHd -lir. Htwflamd't
Celebrated Herman Bitten for the cure of liver com.
plsint, jaundice, dyspepsia. Chronic or nervous debili
ty, is deservedly one of tho most popular medicines
, .1 1 T L . ... I 1 ' I . .
; ui ina u.y. i nese outer, n.ve oeea useu oy mou
j .ends, and a t'rien.i at our elbow says he has nimaelf
I received an effectual and permaiient euro of liver
complaint rrom tne use el tnis remedy, we are con
vinced that, in tho use of these bitters, the patient
constantly gains strength and vigoiwe fact worthy ol
real consideration. They are pleasant in tasto and
iniell, and can be used by'persons with the most deli-'
cate stoniacha withaafety, under any circumstances.
We sre speaking from experience and to the aflltcted
we advise their use."
'Scott'i ir'ons ol the best Literarvpapcr.
Sublishod, ssid, Aug. 36: "Dr. Hooflaiid'a Gorman
ittors, msnufactured by Dr. Jackson,are now recom-.
mended by some of the most prominent members ol
the faculty, as anarticleof much etlicacy in casneol
female weakness. As such is tho esse, we would ad
viae all mothers to obtain a bottle, and thus save them
selves much sickness. Persons of debili ated consti
tutions will find these bitters advantageous tn their
hoslth, as wo knew from experience the salutary of
fect they have upon weak systems."
The Hon D. HiNrLi.tK, Mayor of the city of
Camden, New Jersey, saya:
Hoori Ann's Gshmaic Bifrras. We have soen
many llatturing unticea of tliis metlieine. and the
source from which they came induced ls to make in
quiry respecting its merits, From inquiry we were
persusdeu to use It, and must say we found it speci
Ac in its action upon diseaso nf tho liver and digestive
organs, and the powerful influence it exerts upon i
nervous prostrat'on la really surprising It calms
and strengthens tlie nerves, bringing theni into a state
of repose, making sloop refreshing.
"It thbj medicine was more generally used, we
ara aatisfied there would be le.s sickness, aa from
the stomach, liver, and nervous system tlve great ma
ieritv of real and imaginary diseases emanate Have
them in a healthy condition, and you can hid defiance
to epidemics generally. This extraordinary medi
cine we would advise our friends whj am at all in
disposed, to giv? a trial It will recommend Itself.
It should, lu fact, be In every family. No other me
dicine cau produce such evidences of merit."
Evidence upon evidence has boen received (like
the foregoing from all sections ol Ihe I'uion, thu last
three ynars, snd the strongnst testimony in its favor,
is, that there is more of it used in ti.o practice nl the
regular Physicians nf Philadelphia, than all other nos
trums combined s f act that can oasil y bo cstabl ished,
and fully proving that s scientific preparation will
meet with their quiet approval when presented even
in this form.
That this medicine will cure Liver complaint snd
Dyspepsia, no om can doubt after using it as direct
ed. It acta specifically upon the stomach and liver;
it ia preferable to calomel in all biliout disae
Ihiennct is immediate. They can be administered
to female or infant with aafety and relial le benefit
at any tiroo.
Look well to the marks qf the genvine.
They have the written signature ol C. M. JACK
SON upon the wrapper, and his name blown in the
buttle, without which they are tpuriou.
r or saie, wnotesaie anu reiau, ai ine
No. .30 ARCH street, mm door below sixth, Phils
delphia.snd by respectable dealers generally through
out thu country.
Prices Reduced To enable all classes of Invalids,
to enjoy tho advautaiies of their great resterstivo
rowurs. SI, glr BoUle'h cents. Also for ssle bv
KAUFF.MAN A CO.. Lancaster, Ohio
Wholesale Ac tilts fur Ohio. SPINK HOWARD,
Woostur. Ohio, snj t. mSir In, 1852 18
'..vs-itl .Hi ilirlnc fur Worms In t Jiili:-
rt'it ,i!l ol !.
.urtTii ,isn ati4i:.-som' AVKntv'AN Wot'M Kt:.r.:a.
' aj in-; M dirine has been nianufactuii'd by Smith
m. snd Atitluson f'ir several years, and teis been used
with great u cess h.. Physicians sn.l uthers, in various
partsiflh i l'iiitid Vtatea. mauv thousand of buttles
hove boen sold, and the unlversa approval it hot met
wi'h in oil quarters where it has been introduced,
proves that it noedsnnly atria to satlbfv the most in
credulous of its gri at vslue.the size nf the Im ttlo has
been on arged, so lhat it is one of the ehc.apr.nt as wull
as most vaTuab'e Worm Meilicin'-s everoll'erodtotho
fiubllr; and the person buying this article gets (ho
nil value of his money in quality, which is a fact well
woitli remnmliering.
Uncareful tn ask for "8 inith and Atkinson's Amer
levn Worm Killer," and see that the nnnio of Smith
and Atkinson is on the llottle In raised Letters.
RF.AD! READ!! HEAD!!! READ!!!! READ!!1!!
Relief for msn snd beast. The horsomsn's hope,
or Fanner's Friend. Arrangements sre now made
fin' the supplying the public with this greet remedy,
which hss been used with wonderful success by those
who have had an opportunity of testing its virtues.
No family should neglect to have a supply: and all
persons would do well te koep some by thein to be
used in esse of accident to man or horse
For Honsv.s, etc Fortbecureof sprains bruises,
ssddlu and collar gslls, swellud Joints, stiffness snd
weskness of the Tegs, old sores, scratches, ete.
For Man For the cure of rheumstisin, lunibagn.
sprains, swellings bruises, sciatic pains, stillness snd
weakness oTtho limbs, and other accidents and alllic-
' tions to which men and animals are liable.
Pioparcd onlv by Smith and Atkimsox, 388, Balti
more street Baltimore.
For sale by Kaullinan ft co , Lsncsster; John Leo
nard, Basil; K. Gonhegin, Baltimore: Isaac Jones, Now
Salem; E. h'alb, Rushvil e; Otto H. MiellerAco.,
Somerset. A ao for as'c in Cirrlevil e, Ohio.
This preparation has been before the pnb ic s sufR.
clent time to have its merits fairly tested and tho re
ports received from various part, of tho country,
prove it to be one ol the most valuable rumodles ever
offered, bol h tn man and horse.
August M, 1863. 15
I T7"E oll'or at private salo two'six-horso Road Wag
V V ons, with broad tire. They will be so'd very
lowfnrcash.or wewill tradethein on fair terms for
Buggies or twohnrso Wagons.
We have a ao the HARNESS for both teams which
will be so d Uton reasonab'e terma or trade as above.
These artie'es can be seen at the residence or Mr.
E Martin, three miles North or Ruahrille, on the
road to Thoruvllle. E B. Mcl.AUGHLIN,
Auguat l'J 4wl3 J. D- ARTIN.
JUST received Irotn New York, by R FIELDING
thirty-three dazen Kossuth anl Magyar HATS
for men and boys. They will bo sold at low prices
September 34, 1853.
HAVING purchased the largo and valuable stork
in trade of T. U White, the subscribers are
now prepsred to oiler to the public, at the old
stsnd, first door East of tho Swan Hotel, on tho most
reasonable terms, a very superior assortment of
Dry Honda, Grncri'lea and Qureiiavrare,
in all their variety. We Invite the public tn call and
examine. WHITE, Jr. & JULIAN.
Lancaster, May 13, 185.'. dl03lf
OfUk Do, just received anil Tor sale at the CJT
,UU nil UU BTOllE. E. L: SLOCl'M.
Lancaster, June 36 9
BABIES CRY FOR IT It Is the best, cheapest
and pleasantest remedy In tha world for rouehs
and colds. Sold by K. L. SLOCUM,
Druggist, Lancaster, Ohio.
Nobember30, 1861 39
t,000 Ilewnrd.
TVTEVER slncethe science o'Medirlne dawned unon
11 tha world, has any thing been found so good tor
cough and coles as howi i couoit caky. waii pacK
roes received this day by K. L. SLOCUM.
Druggist, Lancaster, Ohio,
Sola Agent for Fairfield county. Nor. 40
jTusl Hrrrlvrd
AND for tale cheap, a large lot ol Carpets, Blan
kets, Wall paper. Bordering and Window binds.
Koaanth and Mncyar Hats,
STRAW, Palm and Leghorn, beautiful assortment
latest ttylet, at UEXLErg.
. It fas W
u :
i rear tka raptd. Caura of '
bronchitis, wuoonsG-corcn,
TN offer ine to the community tni. juatlv celebrated
M. remedy lordlse.se' oi ine inroat ana mugs, ii is i
notour wish te trifle with the lives or health ol the'
afflicted, but frankly to lay before them tha opinions
Af .ll.litii,iii.hnil men and some nl'the evidenci'S rd lis
suscesa, from which they cau judnO for thciusolvve.
We sincerely pledge ourselves to msko ao wild aa i
sertiont or false statements ofileetfiiscy.nnrwill e
bold out any nope tosiiu nn numaniiy wnicn ibci. i
will not warrant. ' .
Many proofs are here given, and we solicit an in
quuy iroiu m puout iniu.n i'uimi.. ii viiiiA
sured tnev will find them perfectly reliable, snd Ihe
medicine-worthy theirbest confidence and patronage.
From the dhtlngnished Professor qf Chemistry and
Materia Medico, Bvwiloin College. j
Dear Sin-1 delayed answering tho rereipt of your '
prepaiatiou, until 1 had an opportunity of witnessing 1
Its etrects in my own family, oi in the'faiuilies of roy j
friends. " ' -
This I have now dono With a high degree of satis- i
taction, in cases both nf adults snd children. . !
I have found it. aa its ingredients show, a powerful t
reinedy forcoldssndcouKh,ar.dmilmonarVdiesss. '
Brunswick, Maine, February 6, 1S47.
From an UverscerU the Hamilton Mills, Inthiscity.
l-ow :!.!.. August III. 184!).
Dr. J. C. Aver I have been cured of the worst
cough I ever had In my life, by your "Cukkkv Pkc
tohai.," and never fail when I have opportunity, of
recommending it to othera. Yours, respectfully.
UTRead Ihe following, and aee if this medicine is I
r th a trial. This patient had become very feeble, j chemistry, says: "An Artiliclal Digestive i luid, ana
the effect or the mediciim was untuistakeably lngous te the Gastric Juice, nay be readily prepared
United States Hotel. Sahatooa Spsinos,
July 6, 184.
Dr. J. C. Aver. Sir I have been afltkted with a
painful affection of the lungs, and all the symptoms of
settled consumption, for more than a year. I could
find no medicine that would reach my rase, until I
commenced the use of your "Ciikru v Pkctokal,"
which gave ine gradual relief and 1 have been steadi
ly gainiiigsirongth till iny health is well nigh restored.
While using your medicine, I hsd t ho gratification
of curing with it my reverend friend, Mr Truman, of
nuinpior i.'isirict, wno ni i oeen sua; eneen irtnn ins
parochial duties hv a severe attack of bronchiiis.
I have I'lpasuroin certifsing these facts tj you,
And sin, sir, vours respoitliilly,
J. F. CALIlOUN.of South Carolina.
IfTThe following was one of the worst cases,
which the physiciansand friends thought to Incur
able con unnplion:
Chkstkk. Pennsylvania August 00,1846.
J. C. Avor,-Sir:-l wss taken with a terrible cough,
brought on by a cold, in the beginning of last Februa
ry, snd was confined tn my bed more than 3 months.
Combing incessantly night snd day, 1 became ghastly
snd pale my eyes were sunken and glassy, and my
breath very short. Indeed. I wss rapidly failing. and
in such dis'trets for broath, that but little hope of my
recovery could be entertained. While in this situ-.-t
ion, a friend of mine, (the Rev. John Keller, of the
Methodist church) brought u.e a bottle of your Ci:kk
rv Pkctouai., which I tried more to gratify him,thsn
from any expectation of obtaining relief. Its good
effect induced me tnrontimin its iee, mil 1 soon found
my health much Improved. Now in three months, I
am well and strong, and can attribute my cuieonly to
your great medicine. With tho di-opest gratitude,
Sold in Lsnraslerbv E. L. Slociimand Dr.M.Z.Krei.
der andbyDniggists generally thioughoul the State
iiiarcn ii iri
Dr. S. I'. 'I owtwiiil'si i;irnil tf
THKremarkab'essnalivn powers of Tlr. S. P.
Towsend's Sarsoparilla, hate induced nuiiier
ous sttenii is to counterfeit it, end ina frsudu'eitt
use of Dr. 'I'ownscxij's N.ott: to s cure the sale of
seeniovs ahtici.ks.
These count 'rieit and imitations only pbovk the
vall'JC of the ohiui.xai.; and no iiiohkh coaiei.i
mk.xi cou'd be fiaid te Dr S. P. Townse:!.!' ixtrict
of Sarsa)iarl 'a, than laborious ellui ts that. Lave lu, n
made by muiy to ivt up something like it.
A suuu v of the (icu'.iine Articb
ept emu
on hand by K.YIVF
Lancaster, A.iti.il i, LSo2
j;;eat uevolctio-v in I'jJANt i'..
1AM usi now rccjiving and neiiirg out a
and well .e!..iicd
Stucli of Sjiiiil' ami .Slimmer GiinuV,
which I am do'ermincd to sella, luce as any otltui t
louse in utile.
who wish to purchase will find Ihe following articles
Dross Silks, fancy an. I plaiu; Silks do.; Fancy Lawns,
SiU Bereges, Fancy Deiaiies. Calicoes, Ginghams,
While snd fancy Robes, emlir'd; Parasols and Fans,
all kinds; Whitedarnaskcraposhawls
Worked Cull'., Sleeves snd collars; Bonnet Ribbons:
French snd fancy flowers; dro.s trimmings;
Dross buttons, of all sorts; silk and lUien blades;
Nuw Style HonuctH,
Edgings snd lace; black nV k lace: new style bloomer
combs: superior Polks; Marseilles Vestings;
Cloths and cassimeres, Sattinnts, Jeans and twoeds;
Muslins from i to 1 4 yard wide, sheeting;
nleachod muslins, cotton yarns, tickings, bagging;
Leghorn nut! l'tiliii Lcitl list-, new Htylen,
Batting and Qneensware. a very lorge stock of
and prices to suit customers.
All those who will avor me with a ca'l lu lore they
buy elsowhore, will be saving money hv doing so.
Lancaster, April 17 JACOB PLOUT.
Ol'l'lll Ili'llilliiB 'I t'M till (ill)'
KVER HALF a Million of Testament, have been
received by the Proprietor of McAlister's ALL
iVMVii Vnm Physicians the r
0?$s f!r!&Zk 1 1 r u I a n d celebra
y;.-: irom t.ounciners learneo
Afei , J in the law, from Judges of
la micui 11 y uu 1111. uuot 11,
from Ministers oftho Qos
i pel, whose undeviating iu
legrity have made them
C shining lights in the path
if of Truth, from enlithten-
js '-,'3 ed Professors, from acute
r-r'fetiiittS-i. Jr Morchtnls, ck from tlioto
' ."ijt";? uf every station, name
and d gree among inaiixind all of which, without
one dissenting objection, pronounce this Ointment to
be GOOD!
As day by day ll unobtrusively extends Its sphere
of action along the borders of our vast country, and ia
circulated throughout ila extent, new evidences of its
power snd new proofs of iiselfi acy are continually
developed. Three millions of boxea, applied to dis
esso within the Isst lour years have established the
astounding fart, boynndthe power of cavil or cont a
diction, that it ia isrAi.i.iut.K in the cure of all Tu
mors, Ulcere, Sores, burns. Tetter, Pile!, Scrofula,
Erysipelas, chilblains, scald Head, sore Eyes. Quinsy,
croup, Rhoumatisin, Broken Breast. Ague'in the Face,
corns, etc. It completely restores the Insensible pkk
seiit ation, and by this means opens those avenues by
which nature intended to expel the morbid mstterof
the body thus Is the system cleansed: the blood pu
rified: and the health restored.
It has power to cause all external sores, Scroful
ous Humors, and Poisonous wounds tn discharge
their putrid matter: andthenheal them. It is rightly
terme-' All Healing, for there ia scarcely a disease
external or Interns), that it will not benefit. I have
used it fortho last fourteen years for all Ihe diaesses
of the chest; consump' 1 snd liver; involving the ut
most dsnger snd respoiiMl ility; and I declare before
heaven and man, that net In one aingle case has it fail
ed to benefit when the patient was within reach of
mortal means.
J. McALISTF.H. 141 Fulton-st., NewYork Sole Pro
prietor. A . S. Hkniirt, Agents forOhio.
ooid oy Bj. Lt- oioctim anil tmo ss. nrwmer, i-anras-ter;E.
Kalb.Hu.hville; W.W. Hoed, Carroll: M.Camp
hell. Pirkerington; Leonard and Brother, Basil; A. E.
Mttthntt, 1-ocKvllle; Samuel nartlot.a Winchester: J
Endsley, Lithopolis; E. Geohegn, Baltimore; J. Clay.
?ool.New Salem; J. and 8. Ilenbee, Amanda; Daniel
lawkin. Sugar Grove; Aslibaugh and Beery, Bremen.
u-'oner a. inoi wi
THE Partnership heretofore existing under the
firm-name of FRANK CO., Clothing Merchants,
wtt dissolved by mutual content 00 the first day oi
April. The business will hereafter be conducted un
der the firm-name of O. SIMON s CO., at the OLD
STAND, (Aird door East of the Hocking Valley
Bank, whore may be found at all times a fine, large
and well selected stockfof
Heady Made Clothing,
For men and boys, as well aa a large assortment ol
Shirts, Drawers. Under-shirts, Cravats, Hand'fs, &c.
It must alao be remarked that the report, that
FRANK, who ia so well known for his fine fits am'
good bargains, Intended to leave town, is not true.and
he would assure hi friends, hia customers and the
public generally, that he will be ready to receive all
those who may favor him with a call.
Also, at the ssme placa and at all times, will be
found a Ana lot or Jewelry, Notions and (Vfcry.
Lancaster, Anrll 34, 1853 G. SIMON CO.
It l.nillt StllellltOI)
3- r its
teaaarat aaasswlar klittf Oaneaa, rn the rase
1M. J J. 8. UOIHIIITDN, M. 1)., ui Hi. elark's
OoVa el tka DtstrM Court aar Us basin .
. . . Kuuta ot Pano.jrlT.Bta.
. Another Scientific "Wonder J '
Prepared from Rkhuct, ortlia fourth Stomach or
the Ox, alter directions of ti isos Likuio, Uie
great physiological chemist, by J.S. Huuuutoii M
... . iuu ipm., i viei.yivuiia
Tuia Isa tiuly woudnrfulrenicdy for Iin!igei,t!on,Dys-
vpnia. tfiuuiuicv, una cempiailll, constipation, aliO
Dubilitv, curing aflir Nature's own muthud, by
Nsturu ow n Agent. thoCaslric Juice.
,J. - Halla teaapoonlul ol I'Kram, infused ia water,
will digest or dissolve, tw Poumls aflioutt Beef
i about two boats, out nl the stomach.
PEPSIN i tho drier element, or ,'ireot Digesting
Principle of the Goniric Juice luu minont if the
Food, the Purifyiig, Preserving, and stimulating
Agent of the stomach and Intestinos. it is extracted
fixim the digestive stomach of the tx. thus lorming
an ArUhcial J)igeslive Hum, urccisuK like the na-
tural Gastric Juice in lis rhi niu al powers, and fur-
nislung a complete and perfect substitute for it. Bv
the aid of this preparation, the pains and evils of ind
gestion and dyspepsia are removed, just as they would
be by a healthy stomach. It is doing wnnderBtorDys-
Septlcs, curing rases of Debility, vmariation, nervous
ecline snd dvspeptic consuinption, -supposed to be on
t ho verge of tne grave. The Scicnt ilic evidence upon
which it is baaed, is in the highest degree curious and
U t ill" im vaiAlttru, luu luuiadiiu hmhwi aiiua-
BARON 1 1EBIG in hia celebratod work on Animal
! in which various siticles of food as meat and, eggs,
i win no sqjienea, cnanrea ana aiecsica lu.f in ine
same mannerss they would be in the human stomach
Dr COM UK, in his valuable writings on the "Phy
siology of Digestion," observes that "a diminution of
tbedue quantity pftheCastilc Juice is a pnunincnt
snd all prevailing cause of Dyspepsia;" and he states
that "a distill, iiislied professor of medicine in London,
who was severely alllictod with this complaint, Inxl
gv-tsiuii j 'lut, ttuyn: 11 in reiiiniKa' u ittci 111 yny
siology, that the -tomftcha ot" Animal1, intctrnlfU in i
watt-r.'iuipnrt to .he lluid the jpropovty of dissolving
vovioiu nrtklos of food, and ot cHWini a kind 0( ar-
tifir.ial digestion of thin in no wmot 1 U-ivnt from the
natural digiiti' i rocess," ' . . '
f)7t all on tho Audit, and net a Dpftcrit'tire circu- !
n:..a m ai. . i.. i .. ... t...
lar, gratia ffiving a Turgo amount ol rjcivntilicttvult'iic, j
Mimuar totho above .u tnerwithrpportHoi rftinaru
able cures, Iron, all iU ol the Tni I States.
ah a Jjysprpttut i urtr,
Dr. HOlMiHTON'S l.WlN h-a produced the most !
iiiarvellouH effects, in cnrinif cases of Debility, frlma- J
ciudon, nervou JJeclinc and JtyKpeiic ctnutumptwi. .
. in iiupoBaiuie iu jj,iv i no aeiAiii ui cairv in mo 11111
itc of this advevtifiemenUbut authenticated certificates
havn been iriven of more than Two Hundred remark-
ablteuretti in Pliitadulnhia,New York and Uo&ton alone.
ihete were nearly all dospcinto casen, and thu cures
wero not only raf id and wond'jrlul, but permanent.
It is a grtiat Nervous Antidote, and particmurly
usoful for tendency to bilious diHrder, liver com
nlaint. lover and oino. or b.iil Iv trnaed fvftr nA
ague, and the ovil lfcti of Qnuiino, Mercury, and
otner urugs upon tne wigcstive Uptons, alter a 4ong
siclnps Uso.for excess in caling, and the too free
usr of ardent Bpiritx. It almost reconciles Health
with J.. tempera nee.
Old Stomarh Con paivh.
There is no form of Old 8oni4vhromplahtv, hU h
it does not a em to rach and remove at once No
matter how bad they may bp, it glvea instant relief.'
A single doser.'movesall the utiplensant syinptonts;
ind it onlv nee dn to be r pnt"d for n short time to
-UHlie thftseerwul ell' ctspjimaueut. l'aritytf lllood
ind risorof Body foil iw at one. It is particular
ly excnllrnt in chap of Nnusr a, Vomilinij, cramps,
sttrunoKs oftho pit of tl,flsomirb,(IistriMH sliereatitif;,
low, cold l'tate of the lilood. IIcnvino!t luwnosu of
!-pirits,desp(indrnry, rmaciivtton, weakness, tendency
to Insan't v, siiiriHi, Scc
Pr. HOl'GUTON'fcPKPSlN. Usold by nesily all
ihe dealers in finJius & PopuUrMedicinns,tl.nugh
out the United SuIpm. It In prep.'ired in Powder and
in nuidfi.-rm and rrvcii; iiuu vials for the use of
PriiuUi Cimtlars for tho use ol Physicians, may
be. obtained of Dr. Houghton or hi A gents, describing
the whole proci'HS nf pipp,,ration, ami giving theau
Iioviliet upon whit: li (ho clnims ol this new rem dy
are bastvl ,s ii is ret s necif t reimty( no objection
c..n !if x lined agninst ltd usebv lMn sici"n-'in rettpecta
hie sTaiulir.an.lrofulsrpvacti.e. I'ric .?! pur bottle.
(I OriSKBVK Tina: hv.ry buttle vf 4he tffnuv'e
PEPSIN bsr tho written siunature of J. S. IIOLGH
TON, M D., sole pniprii tor A'l.ilsdulphia, Pa. Copy.
i igiu anu ii aue eiarx secureu.
J.T"Sold bv all Druggists and Dealers in Medicines.
Agents EDWAIiD L. SLOCUM. Lncaste;
Dh. J. M. Wilson, Newark;
Tmoiii' & Kick am 11 r, Circle ville;
March25. G. RoHrars, C01 r.siaus 47
fTMlE subscriber having located himselfin Ihe city
L would most respectfully inform tho citizens bl
he same and surrounding country, that he is now
opening a Shop on Columbus street. West side, three
Doors North if Main, for the manufacture snd sale
of all kinds of
Tin, Copper nnd. Sheet-Iron Wnre,
Where he Intends keeping, st all times, t full and gon
oral aasortment, which will be sold on the most liber
al terms. Porsons wanting articles iu his line would
do well and save monoy by calling on him before mak
ing their purchases, ashe Is determined to sell cheap.
All mirk warranted. A. WHITE
JOIIBINO, Ike House Sponting mid Itcmf
InRVprepsrcd ami aut up on tho shortest notice, in the
best manner, and at the very lowest rates. A. W.
Lancattcr.Ohio, September 4,1851. 18
Marble, SnndNtoiie 11 ml Freetoue Fuctory.
O'JR Machinery is now in successful operation, and
persons wanting any oftho following named ar
ticlei, would consult their owu interest an a confer s
favor bv giving us a coll.
MOSOMENTS ol Marble, we will furnish at a
short notice.
UEADAXD F00TST0XES of the same; we
have nf beautiful forms ami highly polishod.
variety of forms. Head and Footstonea of the same
and ol Freestone.
1. t .. i a: i- ; e it n
work.Capt and Si Is.Canping for walls or Chimneys,
Flooring for Porticos, Flagging for Walks or Spiing
houses. Columns. Gtto or renco-postt, well-tons and
Lancaster, May 19, 1W3.
Look Out!
McKLROY&niLLING HURST have removed their
Boot and Shoe Shop to Oimy't building, lisrt
dooresstof the Exchange and immediately oppoosit
Mr. Samuel Beery's Grocery's, where they will keep
on hand and manufacture to order, Boots land Shoo,
ol the best quality; all warranted and sold at low fi
gures. Please call ut tlie Railroad Sign.
Lancaster, April 10, 1863 60
Groceries, Foreign ft Someatio Winei & Liquors,
Lsncsster; June 16, 1853 13m
GDEVOL & CO. are prepared to furnish all kinds
. of Steiim EiitfincH. upon abort notice and
at Cincinnati and Pittsburgh pricea.
Also, all kinds of Mill Gearing, Hoisting Screws,
Regulsting Screw s.Jack Screws; Fuller's Scrows and
Cider Screwa.
Mill Spindles or csst Iron or wrought.
Hales and Drivers, Ac. &c.
They will also furnish the Parker Wheel to
suit sny heed of water, and with either iron or wood
thtlt. Also, the Atkinson heel fit up as above
The palenton the Parker Wheel has expired snd con
sequently they csn be had much cheaper.
They also continue to make Devol's Threshing
Machines, and koep a lot constantly on hsnd; war
ranted the best in Ohio.
All theabovo articles will be made wltb especial
care and by the beat workmen, and will be warranted.
All kinds of reparing done upon the shortest notice.
They also keep constantly on hand, ALL KINDS OF
CASTINGS, usually kept in a Foundry. Thy have
completed their front shop, so that those who call,
can examine their work.
They are alto at thit time manufacturing the I,e
fell Cook Ntove, which received the first Premi
um it the Ohio State Fair at Cincinnati last Fall, and
will keep them constantly on hand.
The known quality of the work done at this estab
lishment tor many years past,is;the best guarantee that
in future, the subscribers will labor to desire the pa
tronsge of the public. Ther invite examination.
Lancaster, May 33, 1861 G. DEVOL & CO.
Fire, Fire, Hire, Fire, Fire.
THE undersigned as Agent of the CITY INSU
fiared to inaure property of any deseripioa against
oss or damage by FIRE, ia the town of Lancaster
and vicinity. Office- Main Street. Foster's Building
Uncaster.December8l.t849 alStl
iiik vivi ,'iiiuif eisu iu lau, iisii nrri'uiao ill lie; viii.- l T . ' . mu HMyi.i.ii, mr my (bur,
trie Juice, obtained from Ihe stomachs ol limine anl. I ?.f,'."?' S a aare.SNtf cxxtaislt re.
i , , , j , . , - , o ""J'y " aai, wsrs ssihm ns Midline mom stfvrs la
mats, which proved completely successful." arld its sosW. CW n tut m sU t ftMmUuT
Dr. GRAHAM, author oftho famous workson"Ve. ' ' ttrttra aut, anvm -
b: 207 HUla Street, Caffalt, h. T.
VTinTiTnlll 1ITT
Til 18 iMratMl osmdr b eoastaailr lastsasla ns saaas sr
Um asaar eMs U is mahlne
i ., ' ALL OVEB THE WOIUJ). ;. , ,.
MiasMt. bmoomtUtljf mtduini sr saailf ass, asd Is
. ,i ... .. BMPfTt ' , .
!' f " cwaulaist InsaMdl.ulr rsHmd,' s Ban
i.r how Una .tsnliH. MraireSMen This
dimwlsu InshllaluCeaLiaA, and Uw slow sod Inaitfal
pmsnM or th. mala4r. IiUmUiis th. arsUse te a lUsra. mhuk
ikZSmm! ' u feeaweae oi lu awsi
HITHEKrO raCTJEABlJa, '' ' ' ' '
k aew rMds as tliis nmlr-a!4 PbrsMant saa W pablliirf
andims.ulrwilh eailniiaaisiw Im tnr ea wee bus ..as
. . iS.y mp !"?. !. Un"'f.t r ekatsssav kMp uwarauU
kjr uum, and. II Uwy wu.M avoid th. ssnslaral ,
APPiicAnow or rat xsifx, ' "
at IMrTarale Hw srMsv and let Ik. aeosBBahttsd walls tew
awy, unl, u all sp aswn. ami Ha.llr u id In a dmullul
Uwsj ju saa this wassdr In ssaaon, and a mwl
is sura, la ih.ia uy It at any sua. ol Ink disMM. --
sanaia.il UiayeiusiiskafutrUd. VT
. ,., GRAVEL, . ,.
and all Sktaw of th. arlnary oriana; tor tkaso dUueadni
Mooie ainu, it suinil. aloe. : ne euW artkilo ou llm yooi
and Ui. ours. UjsdlMd te will couviooB tha sooai seauuoal
if aaMpklai - ... .
sronk back. WNiknws of the Kkliuws, ho., or innasinatloe
el Mian, I. InaoMilisiely ssliov by a low d.ys' IM of tais
sasiiiiiiiio, anu aours eaiwaysa msuiioi luaae. Its
Bpluiau, and alas for eetaaasaaola of tea Itesekt
for stub l
pnlafnl nHmatriialions. Ne aruolo has svsrbssii aJTarstf axotpt
tiiii, which would toasa this kind of dsrans.nsMiu. It astir
lie ralisd upon as a ism and oHoulive ramady, and did ws I.M
aetuntWd Is de so, tuald tlve
as ImAf nf uurM ii this diiuoasina elnis of uooapluints. 9t
anmehLrt. All bruhsn down, debiliuunt oonsututiona, frost
tlis.tisotof mwuiiry. will find ui. Iirsuins poww ol tins oru.
oie to aet UnoMdiaUHy, and the poiseaeua aunaral oradiMtsd
from tlm system.
Tlie Sa disliiMI nraiwrlMsi which eoBuoso this artlelo, aaaaU
lest Ui.nas.tvM iisniuulsrly in lit. applioatioa of in. eont.
voaiiil, lor lb. dMrasMns olu. of oompuiinls which kwi
Una piirnrr.eh. For ouilurioa Uiore ho. bsou used la lbs
anrui of fiurvpo, a ;
rfrhich In nil dhwnsss or doransMTHHiu of the fomal. fraaw.
I uiniruuiions, uiini'.uiuoi, painmi mwistni.uons. Ceo., no.
etleeltsl a our.. Tliis root is indiemioas to o.r soil, and kiunit
I in lame tu.ntiiit. and as a medicinal prouwty, stands wita-
I Ollt on .miltl t It form. an. nf the nnmnnund. in ih. imn.a..
Mon. which, as a whols, i. tlw ttoil ivnoUy ever givw to a
nuuuiipivii leuiiiie ; it snrs, una tne syiuua wiu ds i
ui nunun ur lu nim.
ror tne raiwi ol sit srspatkUu uuoasss atund.nl oa i
Slmr 1 it nlitiva tiinia ilintn ..inr .nil niiinTnl lm.hU m
nanny: it tilitiya UKM.iiistneMiiic.nd puinfsl troubles whi
olten occur botli to narriwd and tinowrrHMj fMnkyj, and ir-
vuvn uuiiur uuin w iwihu .no IIOOHUrHHl
Sieves Uiose urioiUuul oUtrautlona whiuh i
oo;.i, ate. i-.. . .. ..
CONSUMPTION aD Liva, ConrLAie, Bilitus Die.
f.!?' i""f, "C'H Lungs, Omtlu'CtUt. ifem,
.". v.' "". Weukneu, dsi., let ail tbsso films aa
Msilicin. bo. t.tr dm lb oqual. '
BWKI.LKO JOINTS uianTllunaa ..a itian
AKPK(J "IONS Ui'a Mtsiciut Asa ..d ia tirt.. iA.Mm.as
To Ihe Gmit Wut MpMiRllr. Snd whwsvr Umm twaa.
iar.wssss. fas, sail, lUOMluutai aaj QNUrVU.
no dclouiriooa tosn.oDnJ a part of this miliar.. It sans
ihoo l'hmm nl, u.rluii.1 aud osImii , and dot. set Im
J thy ay.Uiui torelii. 9
ll is muds of ruoli ulcus, sml is purely s Vaaotablo tnvn
lion, anil bu nollilns lu iu oomiikjii M hick ou ia lu. kuM
I lajur. any mil auilu any oiruaiiiitainsn whiiiw, N.
, Dsruaa uoillliuulM ol llw hisliast mincUibilily us psblUttW
i is tlie piimiilileis, wbmh aro iliauibuunl smtsiUittalr
' a aiaseluini of a most nuhilul cliuractw, is
and inn follows br a few days use of tliis article : ll b fat
lielon un.y ollnir pefiiarution for this uimhs.. or lor our otbor
disetueonxliiuuns Itoin iupnm blood. Set ponhtel.
will liml ilia niisruUva proiMrtlsa of till, article
d drive iiitli iIWusm from ttit n.um. Ilea piimphkt fat
Utumuny o osiis i. all iliwusw. which Uw braiuol in oosm.
Uwinmit will not painiH to b. himI nm. Ainu ti.lh.na
and u atronsiir
... . .. . w.wih I"!!!.. UI UT1 LIIIUUUM III 1UK. IIIIAMIIIIa.
rn j i l' -r
of Uw sirtuin nfa innllciii., ner.r auueaml. ll Is en. of iK.
pmjuliar leuluns ol Uu, tirllcl. that u ne,H full, to btiwlil in
tuy oiue. iiiiJ it Uuue and uiasvl. are wit lo build Buua Itl Uie
SBiui.-uiuel uud lmaiiii( invalid " 1,1 uw
and keep Intins Ih. nisilluiue ua loug at Iheys ia as Inprere.
Nivnt. Tliu proiirislor would
aaainil u leiniUr or articles w blah come out aiulw Ih. hied ol
0. ciim. tu, Drapiy Oni.l, ao,: Tliey ure hikhI f,hln,
suit oout.uid to lull llio unwary t
Tlilr liiventim iwvsr ilionslu ofimrini suoh diioaieitill thai
ariii.1. Iinil ilium ii. A iiuniiiulur study of the isiutpklal st
tiirneslly sollcltstl. r -
A smiis null nil wlm lell lb. neiutenre
srnii.it ly, put uu in 80 os. bollUa, ot 1 1 U oa. it. iU
BU I.U. l-l.cll llln lawn I...1.1. . ,1.1' '. . ,il l .
tit's. Ijwk MHl and not art iMtnuscis VDim. Em, kuiiU lu.
VUllallll , V.lfM.lll I.illi.inlm,tiH Mi.i.m I.I
the kIiiw, Uw wvittm Kigimture of " U. C. Vautlin " 0. the
ilineitioua. and"G.(J. V'uuslin, Buffalo," lawfe U.
enr. Mini, ollisr sr. gcmiiu.. Praeaml by Dr. O. C
tauihn, mid apld ut th. Principal Utac.,im Mais bum,
Uunulo, at wnelwal. .nd retail. No ntlantion givan ur krtktra
unless ihm pnsl post paid iMMss, tt serbul ouatnuokaUona
Bulii-tiiiis- uilvic promptly attendm! to, (reus.
VV hoanale Agents, I llcvlt, MuKimsoa st Robins, No. 1ST.
ladru Um. N.;y York Cily Mrs. fi, Kiddw ft CoT Bot
loo ; C. 8. Ksnlull si Co., Clmiinnuli 1 J. Utn i i lilt
S"" Bay.fhicaao; Fiak at Hull, CWroland. R
1 ? 1 f'tubamhi Win k Sima. Haaailu, C W.l
tint tr wtle liy all tlw miMotiibl. DrussiaU utruustsl Die
Ulliusl uu, unit Vauudu, uud at rttaU f ,"',,
l.oonl A Ken). Nasnra.
G. KstilTnian & Co., Co .Lancaat r, Leonard it Bro
ther, Ba.il; Shaw and Hirtrhinson, West Rushville
I). B. llniiihsrd, Lithopolis; O. II. Mcrllcr, Somerset;
Trrmp nnd Firkhart, Circleville; Henrv King,Tarlton
Dr. D. A Fisher, Baltimore. July 3y, lbo3 13
Crorjrc Hummers Prfmium Essence of CoiTcc
' MANurAcTORKn ar Dahikl Boiitra tt co.
One Package at 16 ren will save 4 lbs. of Coffee.'
THIS Essence was lately awarded with a silver
iikmIs' in he American Institute, New York, also
with the first premium for such articles in tho Frsnk
in Institute, Phi'adelphia.
Sold Who'esaie tnd Retail, st the Drnnrletns'.
Depot ,2l8,Calowhiil street .Philadelphia. Alanorsala
by onr Agents, snd st the principal Drugaad Grocery
stores throughout the United Stales. .
This Essence has been proven by many thousands
of the richest and most respectable families, ss well
as bv the poorer class ot people, almost through the:
whole United States, to be bytartbe best preparation
of coffee ever otl'erod to the public. Coffee made by
this F.sscncc is much more who osomo, more delicate,
finer Havered, porfoct I v clear, and, in every Instance,
superior to the finest Java Coffee.
in order to givo full satisfaction and proof that tho
above article is perfectly healthy, and to show some,
thing of the deserved reputation it has gained and just
ly entitled to, we snnexs few certificates and recom
mendations, particuarly relating to hea'th, from Dr
Booth and Dr. Chilton, practical cheniista and AnalyJ
aists of the cities or Philadelphia and New York.
College Avenue, Tenth street, below Market, 1
Philadelphia, September 4, 1851. I
I have cxamim-d the esaenco of Coffee manufactur
ed by Hummel, Bolder t co., and find that its con.
stituents are not 111 the 'east Injurious to health, it
may be used froe'y sud vii heeitect sslety.
Pro. or Chemistry spphed to Arts, Frsnk'in Institute.
Ao. (3 chambers street. New York, Aug 33, lb61.
I have examined an srtie'e prepared by Messrs.
Hummel, Boh 1 r snd co , Phi'adelphia, called Esaenew
ot coffee, which it intended to bn used with coffee,
fir the purposo or im proving it , I find il free not onl y
irotn any thing injurious to h-nith, but, en tha con
trary, the ingiodients or which it is composed are per
fectly wholesome. J. R. CHILTON, K. D. Chemist.
Forsalc by G KAUFFMAN & co., Agents,
and other Druggists and Grocora generally
Lancsster, Ohio, August 3, 1863
Ilonnctx, Ribbons and Fay
OF the newest patterns, all on hand at
April 6 1853 . HENLEY'S.
Prints, Ginghams, Lawns aud Shawls,
OF superior quality, can be found in endless variety
ft3) I7'ORK,SON a WORK would respect
W fully inform the citizens of Fairfield?
"" y1and the adjoining counties, that they are on
. hand at usual, at their old stsnd one door
West of Slocum's Drug Store, with a large and
splendid assortment of everything in their liee.
1 nelr spring purcuasus nsve ooen seiecioa who.
csre and are larger than usual.
LADIF.S! We ha vetsken special care it making our
purchasesso as to please you.
We have t little ol everything, from a Jeket Lijid
Buskin down to the smallest children's shoes.
We titvc also on hand and are prepared to maVtui
order. '
Oentlemen's Buskin ami Utemmtrs Gaiter, Con,
gress Boots, ike. W e also have on hand Lidiea' Quasi
FINDINGS, sc. We are also orenared lo furnish.
.Shoemakers and Finding Stores with Findings efevery-
desrription, such as Kits, Pegs, Boot-weboing, Sboe
strings, Lares, &c.
Sole Leather. Morocco bindings, fee., aiweys or.
la addition to tha work oa band, we are nronared
aa heretofore to manufacture everything in onr line
Our own work needs no recommendation. We hope
by proper attention to our business, to secure a fair,
share of tha public patronage, aa we willalweya be
on handle wait upon our easterners and do eurbeatto
WANTED. The subscribers will take one or two.
stood and industrious boyate learn the Boot and Shoe
Waking Basinet. WORK, SON a WORK.
Uncaater, May 19, 18C3. 3
at Oonttaellor at Law Notary FsaWle.
OFFICE Ia tha Tatfanadge Blockv secosd floo
adiotamg Mayor Creed 1 otneo.
aa,iooa . . . . tnt

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