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IL Iff.
,i m a urn ! i' nu
V1 trS'f R lit 111
SI) Wrclvli) (Siaztitc:
. 4ohn H. Wright, Printer. ,;.
Off ICE TaUtaadg Building) Third Vlour
. - Main Strt South Sid.
Terms 11,75 per annum In advance.
Thursday Evening, Nov. 4, 19S9
Iboebious Bark Note. The Bank of
Hartford county (Mass.) has adopted the At
water patent In its bills, by which the de
nomination Is ascertained, in addition to the
usual figures, &c, adopted by the engraver.
Mr. Atwater's plain is to manufacture the
bank note paper in such a way that no alter
ation can be made from a low to a higher de
nomiuation. He introduces borders on the
end of the note paper in such a way that no
alteration can be made from a low to a high
er denomination. He Introduces borders on
the end of the note, in addition to the figures
which iudicate its value-a single border for a
one dollar bill, two borders for two dollars,
and five borders for five dollars. These are
inserted at the left hand of the note. For
the ten dollar notes a single border is intro
' duced on the right end; two borders for a
twenty dollar bill. ' These vrrious borders
change the position of the names of the
President and cashier, and also of other
potions of the bank note.so that the general
appearance of each denomination is entirely
different from any other. ,
How they Puhish Trrasorir Persia.
We mentioned recently, the attempt against
the life of the Shah of Persia. . We now
learn thai Hajee Suleiman Khan, accused
as the instigator of the crime, was seized,
his body carefully drilled with a knife in
parts which would not at the moment cause
death; pieces of lighted candles were then
introduced into the holes, and, thus illumin
ated, it was carried in procession through
the bazar, and finally conveyed to the town
gates, and there cleft in twain like a fat
tarn. The Kurret-il-Ain, better known as
the Bab's Lieutenant,' or the Fair Prophetess
of Kazoeen, who, since the late religious
outbreak, has'been kept a close prisoner at
the capital, has been executed, with some
dozen others. His Majesty received three
slug wouuda in the shoulder, but all of a
very slight nature.
, Railroad AcciriENT. A despatch dated
gH:'nefieH,Mass., Oct. 30th, says that when
the exprCB8train from New York to Bos
ton was pitting over the canal at Windsor
locks, one of the fIU broke precipi
tating the Isstcar.in whiol. there were 3o
passengers, into the canal. ne e.
a short time, by which many of the passen
gers wero enabled to ecsoe; but, it filially
sunk in ?0 feel water, tniu it is iVuTr'1 ssver
at went down with it. Two bodies,' Wotn
ers, whojiad just returns d-fr-m California,
have been .'taken out. - The cr was broken
to pieces.'' The Rev. Mr. Clavk, of-Worcester,
and severnl others are badly injured.
05"MrT Webster's will, it is said, gives
thb Marahfield property to his widow durii.e
her lire time, and then transfers it to Fletch
er Webster, the only living child of the de
ceased statesman i whoBe son Daniel an un
usually intelligent and manly lud of about
twelve years succeeds to the inheritance.
Mr Webster's grandchildren by his daugh
ter, Mrs; A ppietoii, are already very wealthy,
so that no injustice is done them la this be
quest, j He did: not forget his numerous
friends and relatives, but left to very many
nf them little marks of his favor and memo
' :r.L.'i.'.j -'n ' '" " ' ":' '
Tiais 01 me ueau. , , , .
A Mother's Love. The Sandusky
for say s that as the slave-hunte'S were ar
resting some . fugitives from slavery on the
Mad river dock, one of them, a young woman,
who had a young child, eight or nine months
old in hef arms, ran from them a short dis
tance and threw the child upon the grouud
and then returned to the slave-catchers.
When tried in the Mayor'a office, she dis
owned her offspring, preferring to desert it
to the tender mercies of strangers, and hav
ing It raised breathing the air of freedom, to
returning" with herself to her own doom of
slavery. : ,'. ;
A Curious Spectacle. On Tuesday last;
a large majority of the Native Americans
and Adopted .Citizens, were voting for the
same candidato.Frank Pierce of New Hamp
shire. What bargain next takes place, time
alorio'Wni iisclose.', We are prepared for
-.1 A.iiii'nn of Locbfoco candidate and
" . , . i i .. r 1 1, n . I ail.
,any quantity oi leai on ina pari v.
'herents, to get the spoils of office; but mis
representation, falsehood, fraud, forgery and
corruption will notalways prevail. ..
..Sir JohrTrahklih. The news of "open
water in Wellington Channel,'! just brought
.to England by the Prince Albert, seems to
:have animated every bosom with renewed
'hope that the mystery which hangs about
the fate of the missing navigators is at length
an a fair wav to be found.- All eyes now are
Sfixed pn Sir Edward Belcher, who, at Inst
.dates.' was pushing his way up the channel
With every expectation of proceeding with
out material Interruption when Prince Albert
aeft.-:-'1' " 1 - : 1 ;"' '
1 Private Lire or Webster. The liar'
n.n announce that thev will , publish, iu I
few days, the private life of Daniel Webster,
by Charles 'L.anmen, ior -uiuo years nn
private secretary. ' ' ' ""
U.. S. Stkambrs, The appointments to
the command of United States steam vess
l. i made from amonir officers of the United
States Navy, by . the owners, with the ap
proval of the Navy Department, under .an
riof Confess. But it appear that Lieut.
P,.t4m- u nermitted to Uke the temporary
coauaaai of lira ..Crescent City' while the
" -nrglt was undergoing tepalrt. Without the
ThrAicb Demagogue. The editor of
the Oshkosh Democrat, a Pierce and King
paper, who attended the grand Locofoco
gathering at Milwaukie, a few weeks since,
gives the following graphic description of tho
"Utile Giant" who held forth to the assem
bled multitude. What he says of Douglas,
is equally applicable to "Olds and Medill."
"But I was ashamed, disgusted and heart
sick. The speech was characterized by the
lowest demagoguigcal, partizan scandal. I
was ashamed, because, from his position, I
expected something manly ' from him.
He aspired to the Presidential nomination.
got nearly one hundred votes in Convention;
tor tne honor of humanity and our country,
such a man, when he addresses the people
upon elections, ought to address the reason,
the conscientiousness and the enobling
principles of our nation. But instead of
this, the speech was full of the lovvest party
slang. Not a manly sentiment was uttered.
Not a thought was iriven adapted to make
men wiser or better nothing to liftup the
aspirations of progress and social improve
ment. Not a single attempt to reason to
show the fallacy of whig'principles, andthe
beneflceuse of democratic principles. It
was wholly a personal tirade against whigs
and the whig party. It is true that the
whigs are obnoxious to the greater share of
this, but it should be left to the common loaf
ers und gutter politicians it is too degrad
ing for the soul to endure, when a United
States Sebator, and a prominent aspirant
for the chief office of the nation, eclipses
them all in this particular line."
The Urited State ahh Cuba. We ob
served in one of the New York papers of the
21st inst, under the caption of "Important
from Washington," a letter from Washing
ton to the editors, of which the following is
an extract:
. "I hear it stated to-dav, from such a source
as seems correct, that Mr. John P. Kennedy,
the Secretary of the Navy, has ordered
Capt. Porter, of the Crescei.t City, to repair
to Washiugton to give an account to the
Government of his recent transactions at
Havana. The President and Cabinet have
had the matter under consideration, at the
request of Mr. Calderon de la Barca, and it
is surmised that our government has disap
proved the conduct of Capt. Porter, and will
withdraw bim from the Crescent City , and
order him to sea immediately."
We have taken some pains to inform our
selves correctly ' on this subject, and have
learned from au authentic source that tho
letter, in all its material statements, is a tis
sue of misrepresentations.
It is true that the Secretary of tho Navy
has ordered Lieut. Porter to repair to Wash
ington; but this was done, not at the request
of the Spanish Minister, but from his own
sense of what was proper under the circum
stances of the case. Complaints have been
made from various quarters of the conduct of
the authorities of Cuba in regard to the Cres
cent City, and it was therefore deemed ad
visable to ascertain from Lieut. Porter in
person what were the facts of the aifuir.
When thry shall have been made known to
the Government' it will have the means of
deciding what course it will be proper t-j pur
sue. Sal. Intel.
.' Horrid Butchery Time Men Murdered.
The Louitville Courier states that three
!men wore murdered on the Ohio river, on a
fLt boat, about three miles below 1 roy, la.,
last Friday of . J?-'urday. The boat was
scuttled,- aud sunk In 6v fetU-s'r. and
hud been deserted 43 hours before any one
had curiosity enough to cxaiiiiii.; her. It
was a Urge boat about 93 feet in length,
and was laden with flour, whisky and gro
ceries, and valued at $7,000. It was named
Elizu No i, anil belonged, it is thought, to
Cinciutiiiti. .Papers were found in the boat
with the names ol Miner und i,ar(iiiior on
ilium. Tho boat presented a dreadful sight,
with murks of bloud and. stripes clearly vis
ible from one end to tho oilier, ant! the cub
in or sleeping room clearly indicated tliutal
least two of the men had been murdered in
tbeir beds. The bodies of the men ' were
found in the river, sunk to tho bottom with
weights, just at the stern of the flat boot.
No clue to the murderers lias yet ueen
found, but it Is supposed that's portion
of the crew of ' the boat are the guil
ty parties; and that robbery was their ob-
ect. ' ' . ' ' '
Coiioress Boots, A singular topic for a
oiudical discourse nevertheless shoemakers
seem not to. have discovered that the pat
ent Congress boots and shoes, which are
kept as tichtly ntted to the ankles as a uoa
coustrictor would hold his prey.are injurious.
It would constitute, we think, a lorimduoie
list, were some' one to write down all the
swelled feet and dropsical limbs, made so by
the use of these very graceluiiy ntting, out
objectionable India rubber coutrivances.
They bind Hie veins as closly as a iigaiure
tor bleeding, anu tnereiore very senouaiy
interrupt the functions of the superficial ves
sels which are under their unreluxable
pressure through the day. The fact is unde
niable that our ancestors understood the
art of being comfortable far better than
ourselves. They lived longer, and wero
freer from the thousand aches and pains
with which the present generation are fa
miliarv iTight cravats, gum-elastic garters,
ladies' under garments are held up by cord
ing the walBt to the Injury of all the vital
apparatus, instead of suspending them from
the shoulders as they used to bps these have
bfeD the beginning of thousands of cases of
sickness, tht . have ended in premature
death': But the Congress bodts are the la
test heslth destroyers, insidiously beginning
the work of destruction so low down as io
have long escaped observation. The utmost
freedom should De eiven loine vessels
bout the ankles, where such a variety of
tubes and Vessels are converged into a
small space. If they are unnaturalfy girded
and the now ul fluids impeded, a disturbance
in the system must follow; but the true cause
in numberless instances nas-ueen overiooa
ed. Medical and Surgical Journal.
Foreign Nw The steamship Pacific
arrived on the 1st lost., bringing Liverpool
dates to the 20th. Breadstuff's were no
changed at the advance voted by (he last
steamer. Wc glean the following items :
The British Parliament is summoned to
meet on the 4th insU, and it is reported that
soon after the meeting the liberals will try
their streugtb with the Government on the
free trade question.
The funeral of the late Duke of Welling
ton will take place on the 17tb inst.
Mr. Ingersoll presented his credentials on
the 16th ult., and was introduced by Lord
Lord Londesborough has accepted the
challenge of the owners of theyatch Ameri
ca, for one thousand pounds, the trial to
come off next September.
A Convention of the English Church, is
agitated among theclurgy.
The Irish Roman Catholic press is greatly
elated at the prospects of a French Empire.
Louis Napoleon entered Paris on the 16 th
in great pomp, the city was decorated with
triumphal arches, having inscriptions upon
them dedicating thero to the Emperor Na
poleon the Third. It was expected that the
Senate would that week offer the crown to
the President.
Abdel Kader has been liberated, and will
be conveyed with honor to Turkey ; he
having sworn on the Koran not to disturb
The French government advertises for
five and a half millions kelgormes of Ken
tucky, Maryland and Virginia tobacco, of
tho crops of 1851 and 1852.
It is reported therrenchurmy will be re.
WHOLE NO. 1416
Friday Evenly;;, "toy. .J, si."?2
A GbfatCourtrt! Several De feats,
a the late election in tail city, doe.r.c J it
their duty as well as a Drivilcpa to ret 0 -
Gen. Scott. Yesterdsv's Eaab. illudinv to h?uiJ hir, though depending upon gencr-
" .. . 1 I ' 1
tho result in this township, holds the fol
lowing Ianjucc: .
"Every e Jort in the power of wbiggery,
urougiii to soar in mis township, men
iAH LEAUVT. fhe following rnri. I it... .. u . . ..i
ous. facts . ecpscting fem.ie beauty in the 1 .goTX", laL !
tmous coon ne, oi the world are Interest-!.,.vCifle ,h,o..irh The western part if the'
i-g. TLey show how the standard of bean- guta of Nw .n ; .t. . ill I
TV Vli.as -i f,lMsiif J 1 I . . . "' iiisii I
a 1 i s a vj w vmessv v i iu liic v v a i o i u m iisr uuauuiL' I v iiu
and who wasin nuestof a brother that rame 'ni.l..H ..i k;K j ... t.x.t
govern I .e on before f.m .ad aettled in some of the TT. ...... I I ,17-
wiiverje, is, without any alventitons aid, !d7i:igsin thalvicinitv u,w' 1 London gin-shop called "The Punch Bowl,'
appreciated only in proportion as eiviliza-1 Pat was a strong, athletic man- a true' mistress, the jacdily
tion advances and taste improves.
Catholic, aad had never seen the intsrio
The Ir.diej of Arabia otai.i their fingers 1 a Protestant church. It
r , j,.c ... ..... v j t, , avail, men iukt-i rrmmini cnurcn. it was a oleaitant '7. .
who rere democraU, ondvotsdAe Jor-.o-jand toes red, their eyebrows blaok, and -Sabbath morninv that brother Intans met' " ,vh7 Mr-(
cratic ticket at the State election. .were in-: their lips Hue. In Persia, they paint a Pat, who inquired the road to the nearest !you have thln?s
timidatedaud forced to vote for Scott.r.dcr , black stieok around the eve, and ornament church. ;e?at pepenng!
dressed Mr.
. Crowder, conversiug with aa obsequious
the evo oi iiieir task-masters. . God help
such poor miserable creatures. So too of them
look now as if they had been draw
their fices with Various figures.
You are unworthy the same ofdem-, Guurat.
Why, Mrs. Crowder, I really most say
in th-firut style! Whatei-
what noble chairs! what a
The Jap- i Ingallsi.rd an ! pious man. He told P'r ol hro screens! all so bright and tree !
' to church himseir. and in-' : ' "' "ya-"' SYr"' '"J . ,
Je acquaintance to keep r" "I . reacu w.nuuw
Anu you nave seen senuing jour
The Hottentot women, paint the jtion beings umall M-;thodi.:t rieetirij-houss ;
ioof them anws woma;i gild their teeth, and those of : Pathe was goiu t
n throiitii j the Indies pai;it them red. The pearl of the ' vited his new-made
as ml hAst w:il. . t n J ' a..!. .a. a a . . , . - . ... . .
- - -jr wf rww. wr . . r -. mftm.m w vvasniui iu hum imm miiy lIIILMPr, V'.IC OI UflUIia i ... . .... w . .
Vftl f t I ,n IM I Wo Ctt.,1 : .11 el'.. m.mm
trre vas a .rreatrev.a tnere . ,1 t-rt T . r .
. ui LAJiiuun. npm can vmi nnd noun.
its, gol
ocrau- lei.tire body in comDartmenLi of red sad I near br. Th.
fin f . - mm Um .1 l.tlU..! ( . i b I &C. It . I fl CI T fl ! B Tl i ill. ivai.Ki nnln. ll..i. . ,1 tl.ttt l!)n. - . J . r'.l , . f I.
concerned, it i. a miserable libel upon those ! r.Tn ! e?.y'" y I b7 ? w,7 w; VKT7 '-J I how do vou manager
,,,.,, n , r, . . ly tatoo their bodies by saturating thread in t vitd brother I. to take 3 sftt iu hU tew. 1 niunage
who voted for Gen. Scott. The whole art,- j SOot, inserting them beneath th.kin, and He accepted the invi. ation Li ralkJin,' -V. Crowder simpered, and cast . look
cle is a sad commentary upon , the name ! then drawing them througn. Hindoo fc- followed by Pat, who looked in vain to find '".'hg contempt rough the halfpen
which thenartv claim as their own Tie. I males, when thev wbh toaooear oarticulur- the altar. Ac. After i ......i.ilu 1 door ,r,to Lie ahop filled with droughty cos-
. t . 1 ,V lOVeitf . 1II.I.III. I iflmu rrfl w.lb .1.... .1. 1... ,v am I m. A ... . I . . L 1. IJ
n nn WPI man urn A .hM... J . .N.umii. w itu m iuiaiui c w uivmici I . . uu ill r lll.lfri mn rn cnu a
iu, aurun.iuuieric anu grease, in uearl7 1 ne heard an around, inquired:
mocracy! And yet a man who chooses I
act the freeman and vote as he pleases, is
branded with such epithets as the above!
How contemptible Locofocoism haa become.
The Emperor of Russia ssys to his subjects
"Do one act or say one word against my
power, and off goes your head!" The pet
ty tyrants of Locofocoism say to all men
who have acted with the party "Vote your
own sentiments if you dare, and we will load
jyouwith opprodrious epithets, we will take
duced, and that the Pope will come to Paris ( from you all our custom, you are poor, mis
to crown Louis Napoleon Emperor of the ierable, unworthy creatures!" Give these
FThelatest advices, previous to the ,.i ling """P ,cade"; liltl more Pwcr' nnd
of the Pacific, say that the French Senate t,IPn lhey would act the tyrant with the Em
peror Nicholas. The above extract from
the Eagle is the best argument that can be
Mr. Webster's Letter. In rcnlv to a!U9ed to exhibit the demapoguism of those
had been summoned to meet on the 41 h inst.
todcliborate on the question of the Empire
all tlio islands of. the PuciQc and Indian
"Sure, and isn't this a heretic church!"
'The fool's pence 'Us the fool's
fpence the.t does it for us," she said and her
i voice rose more shrill and loitder tnan usual,
lliuli!" said I ntrlls"if you speak a loud !
word thev will nut von out." I
i with the triumph she felt.
Her wof'ls reached the ear of one custom-
"Divil aword will I sneak at all at a'l " VJloroe wwy, iuu "rprnwr, wuu
UIVII aword Will J spCtK SI all at a. I, near th rm.nler Turninir hi. eves
.nil. wBsuuriieu wi n a urBTfr ut . . a . . -
time, form deep scars in the flesh, which "the pastor. Pat was eyeing him very close
they deem highly ornamental. And anotb-! ly, when suddenly an old gentleman sland
er sniKuiar auaiimn is made to their
bytalun? off. in their infancy.
finger of the left hand, at the secon
In ancient Persia, an aqucline
often thought worthy of the crown;
Oceans, the women, as well as the men, tat
too a great variety of figures on the face,
the lips, tonsrue and the whole bodv. In
New Knlloml tlion lk.m..l... I ...ll.il D.I
shells, and. h Leenin th. ,,...n,i. . i..n ' Vhe ..... ..a v.- uPn hose atouud him, he saw pale, i
r j ' r J. .. - " - r .. ' 3 . 1 i heelta. infiameJ ea. atiil ravcreJ irarmenta.
He theu t jrr.ej up .n the stately apartment.
Sematran mother carefully flattens the nose
oi ner daughter. Amonj some of the sav
ne lai.iod tlirounh ihB juur into Uie narlor.
beauty ing in a pew directly in front or I'at shouted j ..,. t: . .-a . . j
the little "elorv." "His s-s.ve clear devil." retofnsd ; f. ".V--' "m" I'TTf" "
. . . t r, . ... i , ,'. ,. . . i '':iain, anu nus larunure ana a ricn carpei,
id joint. rat with his loud whisper, i?iicn wss h?ard . , . . . ... . .. v..
nose was by the minister. "be dacnt. and dout make . , F. t
, . .i, , , f i auj ne tuouni io iiiuisen, now sirangs ii is:
but the a blncksuard of vourself." l. ..
correspondent signing himself "AfiVyuis," the
New York Commercial Advertiser says:
"Mr. Websters memory it free from what
'Aliquis' calls a stain upon his political ca
reer. A letter vat written by Mr. Webster,
acknowledging the binding character of the
nomination by the Whig Convention at Bal
timore, and withdrawing all opposition to it
on his part. It was written by himself, and
given to a gentleman to copy; and he would
have signed it, and sent it to tho New York
gentlemen who wrote to him on the subject
but tor his sickness. The letter to and tho
substance of his reply may yet appear."
Arctic Comforts. Icicles hung rouna
the duck; peaches became a massofcalce
leaders who prettnd to he Democrats! For
such men as the oditors of thut paper to talk
io this way, when, wc venture the assertion,
every Democrat who voted for Scott has
more good sound sense than the whole threet
is . absolutely ridiculous. But so it is. The
cloven foot sticks out upon every occasion,
and if honest Democrats will only look,
they will see the corruption of their leaders
and learn what makes them so zealous in
holding the party together. .
i k... : : .l.-. -ll .I.:-
mi i, , e I'.friuu. i m, iiini ail iui
...u- rarao,, grew ...ore . m more .erren. ; G Up(, hg m.io , turn
in the devotions. Presently the deicoa ui- ... c . .
sge tribes of Oregon, and alsoin Sumatra ' tered an inaudible groan. li;--t,ye black-j . vv'ell and what's for yon'" said a
,"I?VODin07l r.?0",1' '5p.l!ed SW,rd',h.rejr9 " dallR,.y V tI!r"'6ai,,;hrill voice which made the "Li's pence"
to the skull in order to flatten it, and thus Pat, at the same moment g.vin the dttcon rj j jjs earj 1
Sive it new beauty. The modern Persian. a punch in the rib., which cau,ed Mm to. A of m8,em ia wh X .m
have a stronff aversion to red hair: the lose his eauihbri'jrn. The nuii itor -.naed. ... b r t . . . ... .
ln. i .u . i . j . . . . 1 a:iina ior: out i minx i ve paiu me wi
Turks, on the contrary, are warm aJmirers and extending his hend ;n a suppucatmg 1 , ? '.. , , u .. . rdow- on lhe
ol it. in China, small round eyes are liltfcd, , manner, said, "brethren, we cannot bo "'S-i eounUr for i.iauy alonedav.'
andthe girls are continually plucking their turbed in tbia way ; wilt socie one put thut j M.nlev bastetd home. Ilia wife and
twoliule "lta were seated at work. They
The Presidential Election. We will
not inflict upon our readers the mass of tel
egraphic returns which reach us through
dony, butter was cut with a chisel, heel with I various sources, as with the exception of a
pic.ttxes ano rowuaia. uim..S oui.iaccs ( Mj;ht sput ieri?an(j there, all is dark.gloomy
are riuzt u null li.r. s m uui tuui ..'.iuf
and it is frozen to your chin. Wulklng out,
you pet into a fine glow; often into u per-
and pecu.iar. U e may sry for certain that
Vermont, "the star that never sets," still
spirution, but it the wind rises, men you ; nruins briglitly upon the n hig eniiimn, in-
huve a sensutmn oi pricking puis, r.x-1 v i t i n or it to future effort and future victory.
trcmcs meet. Extremes of heat und cold
are ulike. In our new life, cold 'gave a pos
itive character to our existence iilumst im
possible to describe. We protected our
selves frjm meUUwitli fur und buckukin-.
The crawl, the chill, which is with us at
l. ....... iI.a ! n .11 ..niii.n ' ,.n rv't 11 n I nm nnr-.i liir...
II vine luc u'iifc unw.i v. . ... . q ... ...j. r , . . ,
u-na ihnm iMiknnwn. Ill fact, it wad oulv ; P"Sili vei
The Green Mountain boys, ns in other d
isre true o the principles of their revolu-
tionary sires. M.isuchnsetts, Rhode Island,
Kentucky and Tennessee may be with us,
I but we have not sufficient returns to speak
All else are for Pierce, and we
eyebrows, thnt they may be thin snd Ion;;, i man out!"
But the great beauty ola Chinese lady is i " les.'jour riverince," shouted Pat," ictt," ! .r, " 4 r.. malic in want nf fund.
in her feet, which in childhood are so com- j and suiting the action to the word, he col- ' room looHed very cheerless, and their
pressed by bandages as effectually to pre- ; lared the deacon, and to the utter horror ,firew:. 0 tnji'. 3, hardly to be felt, yet tho
vent any lurther inccase in size. The four j and astonishment of the pastor, brother In- (Jui'cat observer would bel struck with the
smaller toes are turned under the foot, to galls, and the whole congregation, be drag- n,.a,e -s.. re:pt.j
the soleof which they firmly adhere; and ged him through the aisie.and witn a tre-, f , rL iM ... ,,... hi re-
thepoor girl not only endures much pain, inendous kick, aUrion,, as the logicians tUrniRir so early ttat nMit, aud ri-turriing
but becomes a cripple for lire. Anolher ,say, ne lanueu mm in uii vesuuo.d ci me ; sobpr tt(J ja jj .uroof
mark of beauty consists in finger nails so ;cbirch. j youre,es are weak to-night, wile," said
long thot casting of bamboo are necessary to j Lrother Injalls nuzzled. 1 do not believe G(JorKe ,of ole have been cry iif 1'iu
prevent them from injury. An African , that he ha seen the interior of a country j afrhi)f ,.'ou wori o0 by e.Bdleh-'bt."
beauty must have smoll eyes, thick lips, a j cuurch since. u ife .mileJ mud said, "woikir do. s
large flat nose and a akin beau'iliilly Muck .j- -- - j- j not afr.-Lt tay eyes;" and she beckoned to
In New Guinea, the nose is perforated, and j . Lw R'DI -I' ' Lef P Pr- hsr little boy, who was standing apart iu a
a Isrge piece of wood or bone inserted. ! ject wit.i us for the lust year, to i-ncourage cornirt.vicatly . . culprit
On the north-west coast of America an in- , the practice of Ladies' Horseback riding. j Vliy j1)nD hai'e this I aee" sui.' i n
cision is made in the lower lip and thn fill- j Our remark, on this subject have been ex- , fmther. "CoB;e tnd ten me wh,t" ,ou b
ed with a wooden plug. In Guinea the lips teusively copied Ly the Press, and highly , uePQ!is;n '
are pierced with thorns, the heads being in- approved, aud at maoy cf our fairs this fall, UJiit bJker Mme fof m to.night,
side tin- mouth, und the points resisting on ' prizes have been awarded for adies saddle ad woM uot Ujtve lUo r,. wilhout it. bot
the chin: The Tunisian women of modern : horses, f his is well enough, but what ; t;10urh he was cross and rough, he said
prett niimisto beauty, needs a slave under ! wish most to promote is thy practice of na d , . H
er days, j ea(.n ;im, to sup.,rt her while she walks, !"? tttwtf. Good horses are desirable, but . , . j-u:,.,, ,n the
unH a perfect belle carries flesh enough to I let the encouragement be ottered to the n- j mo ' . anJ whpB ne WM one) ner cried
load down uccmel. dera rather than the horses. We have seen ; over jfgr WOfJ( bu, he dlBot M. ,nything.
' - . - i jaTeally good ridei 'lo-e xhn prize, on account i i uid aotinow ,be WM cry iDg till I saw her
CcriocsEspkrimests A late number of of coming out with a hatd trotting na?,vben te&rs it)T) on ,.er Ua03 ,nd Uien i gaia
tna t.nnstian r.nnuirer. nuu:i.Si.ea in mo i '" wim wuu, -.c.i i.u ......... .m.
itained in tho mjtto of the Wliis of Old
' iM.r: I - l . i .
pour r aiiiciu tfiiei. oeuiu..,uuL never contjuer-
hv the direct attack of cold thut we were do th'iik th-.t,for the present, we are "essen-
awaro of it, und officers and men nrocd that tialfy' beaten," and e can only offer to the
we hud suffered more ut home fioni col.l. , Whigs of tlic Union, the coaso'lution con-
W all suchun liivcteruto enemy, nnwi ver,
weculdnot hope to esrape scars, but we
nil r..luri:l. alive. On one occasion a
fellow, recovuriuw from 1iiIiininiation oi ilia cd." Uut it is lolly to despair. Uur prin-
lungs, being asked how his frost-bitten ear , cijilen areas dear as ever, ns well worth
caiuoun, produced it in a piece of paper, gtnvjn for, and Truth must ut length tri
und said "Doctor, I did n't wunt to troubl- I s . ,
you.bul it dropped off last night "-Dr. j "mpli ovcr.Eiror. Whigs, stand firm and
Kiine' Lectuieson th Arctic Expedition. abide your lime. Instead of working a few
... . , , , . months or weeks upon the eve of theclec-
"The Last Shall be First." A week !.tion wh(,n men's judgments are warped by
or two a"t,. lour creditors started from llos- j .u
tourinthe,,me truinofcars, for the pur- I excitement, work without ceasing andthe
...... ii, l,,i,,f ihrt i.rnnenv of a w-riuin triumnh will be yours. Gen. Scott hss ex-
RErCRRiHo to His First Love. The
Paris correspondent of the Journal of Com
merce, gives currency to a report, general,
ly credited there at last dates, thut Count
Pul sky has petitioned the Austrian govern
ment for loave to return, promising import
ant disclosures. ; If this be so, it ia a melan
e.hnW enmmentarv. not only upon the per
sonal character of Pulsky himself, but of
the stuff of which European liberalism Is
made. ;Thoeo who. listened to Pulsky 's
objurgations against Austria in this city, and
hia Milooriea of Kossuth', republicanism, will
best understand what we mean. Pulsky,
we believe,- never professed much republi
canism himself; but then nobody ever dream
ed that he would be so ready to go back to
AuatriBi JV. Y. Exyreti. r I .vi
debtor in Farinington.in the State of Maine.
He owed each one separately, und they each
were suspicious ol the object of the other,
but dared not say a word about it. So they
rode, acquaintances all, talking upon every
thing except what they hud most ut heurt.
When they arrived at the depot at Furmiug
ton, which was three miles from where the
debtor did business, they found nothing to
"put them over the road" but a solitary cab,
towafdswhich they all rushed. Three got
i . . . . f. . V. I
in and reiusea aumiiiuncevo a.uun.., u..u
the cab started. '
The fourth ran after and got upon the
outside with the driver. He asked the dri
ver ifhe wanted to sell his horse. He re
plied that he did not want to thut he was
not worth more than $50, but he would not
sell him for that. He asked him ifhe would
take 100 for him. Yes, said he. The
"fourth man" quickly paid over the money,
took the reins, and backed the cab up to a
bunk slipped it from the harness and tip
ped it up so thattho'door could not be open
ed, and jumped upon the horse's back, and
rode offlick-a-ty-switch," wnue me insi
ders wero looking out bf the window, feel
ing like singed cats.' :..'
. He rodu to a lawyer, and got a writ made
and served, and his debt secure, and got
buck to the hotel just as the"insidors" came
up puffing and blowing". The cabman soon
bought back his horse for 850. The "sold"
men offered to pay that sum, if the fortunate
one, who found prosperity sufficient to fay
l's own debt, would no', tell of it in Bos-
But as both parties have torn a menq oj
ours.thinkingthe story"too good to be lost,
we feel at liberty to "let the cat out or the
bag," more particularly so, as it illustrates
a passage that we never heard fully explain
ed but once, and then by a schoolmaster
who said "Scholars, this verse is pluinj
when you tie up your cattle,- om uuc goes
in Orst, and old Broad next. Broad wontin
last, but he will come oui urs., ..u u.
went in first, but shall come out last.
Manchester Mirror.
Now York, on Wednesday morning, Mr.
Moeee A.Dow, editor of the Boston We
verly Magazine, was swindled out of $150
by the purchase of a watch.. The money,
however, was subsequently refunded, in con
sequence of the arrest of two of the swin-
HeVT!ir State in lhe Union bat now
.u":..'. n. .nnTon u tlort of .tone or tnarVle for the
fc' , C.!.m w " " I - . .u. n Wi.Ti.
" Patirothe Erslish Debt. The Com
miuione,. nfihn British funded debt have
given notice that 428,740 7d will be ap-
plied toward the reoucnon o. u.o uu
ring the quarter ending January next, that
amount being ono-quarter of the surplus rev
enue over expenses for .the fiscal year end
ing July 5, 1852.. . " . .. ,.
A flrnina "Whiter. In alate volume on
the social condition of Great Britain, ob
serves tha there is auch R ; starcity of
thieves ) England, mat tney are oungeu
W offer large rewrdi lor tnem.
perienced darker henrs than this and yethas
fought his way over all difficulties.
August Belmont. The card of this in
dividual, railing upon the leading Locofocos
of New York to meet ' to devise means to
secure the election of Frank Pierce," which
we published a day or two before the clec-1
tion, is admitted by himself to be genuine.
tie excuses himself upon the ground that he
is an American citizen, having been in the
country for sixteen years. That may all be;
but it looks suspicious to see the Austrian
Consul and Agent of tho Rothschilds inter
fering in our elections. He is" not only a
Consul, but is the Acting Charga d'Affairs
of Austria. The party fwho now warmly
return his embraces, a short year since was
clamoring for nOn-intcrcourse with Austria.
But that country has money, the Rothschilds
have money and their agent, August Bel
mont, has the control of it. Look at it, A
nierican citizens. . . ,.
Good Coubsbl. The following excellent
advice is from the Wheeling Intelligncer.
We commend it to the notice of the business
community : "Ifyou wish to sellmore goods
this yeur than you ever did before, advertise
more.1 The unparalleled success of those
merchants and traders who have kept their
goods before the people, is a lesson not to
be disregarded by any one who depends up
on public patronogo for a living. The best
customers are lliose who find out what they
want before tbey Ipave home; und these arc
the ones who invariably look in the newspa
pers to see where the articles are to be
found.' ' .,' . ' ' ' '
Great Depreciation of Manufacturing
PRorERTT. The Poughkeepsie Eagle, says
the property known as the Wicapee Facto
ry, near the mouth of the Matteawan Creek,
in the town of Fishkill, was sold at auction
week before last, and brought with the ma
chinery about 626,000. The original cost
of the whole eight years ago, was about
$120,000." The Eagle adds,"that from the
mouth of theMatteawan Creek to a point aay
five milcsup that stream there has been sac
rificed within ten or twelve years the enor
mous sum of $800,000 in manufacturing, and
three-fourths of it in cotton. .
. j I had words, and mother put me in tho cor-
city of New York, contains details of some ",u V "r r ; ner."
. . . ,m I riderf ike Mrs. Corwell who rode atCIeve- ut..u mo u-h. ,n, hA unnla were John "
very snguar experiments. The statement inn(n ;il m E'm.t how the' "ie ? 7 wfre,J", '
. a . . land,; villi manage a.mosi any norse, tne , gaid hit flln er ..uot weanng, I hope!"
of the editor is clear, and he seems to bo c-n-. merits is in the woman, rather than the am- xu," said John coloring, "I said you
tirely satisfied in regard to the exiitence of! nial. ,, I were a'bad man I said, bad lather."
the facts detailed. The matter is worthy of i "l.,r ColuDiisna friends hsvetaien ho.d , ..A,1(f they wwe bad words, sure," said
,;.,.. ! "f,lh,s ;"J,tpr rlh,.: la T .8I"r,leJ cavaliers hiu mother; ..but you are forgiven; so now
.A - -.it .t ,i i r ' '"'kf the business ,n hand m every county, bfi me aome coal from the Lox."
"A fr.cnu told us, the other day, of a very : und make up prizes thut vviH call out a wor- GurTe tt lhe f4ee wife ,nd
curious experiment, which led us to try otb- j thy competition. Then shall we see rosy j ga he the tend(,r of her mild bIue
ers equally curious with the same success. cheeked lusei., i.t sunrise or iu twilight,! t dt hi ve f ,t the
His experiment was this: lake a gold ring, j training their best stock, and while fitting t(J hu 0,xa ilfl rn,e up, and putting
and suspend it by a thread about half a yard themselves to enter the urena in public, ' i t . haud, ve aiu .'There are
Ions:; then hold it hy the thumb and hnjrer i in a better nrize from the invim.ratintr ex- r.n. tW.u.. hold out
of the right baud over the palm of the left j ercise of the field, in a robust physics! dc- h h.ndB ,f0o'uhav notgot all yet.
hand, so that the ring may swing irecly as a , ve.pmeut, qu.et r.crvee.a;; : buo ar.t spirit?. Liy it oul forthe best, as yon always do. "
pendulum; it will oscillate to and fro in the o,o Cu'tixaU.r. ' t)lU wilj ue a beginning for better
direction of the arm with increasing force. . -- -- . j imJ oa t auJ happicr day. on
Then let another person form a connection First Ixstaixmi st of Filmll'sterisv. j " .,
between tho tliuinli and lorthngerot the op-;a gang ofiowily l'itRi:E men piradod ..ur (i,.or.r(, told his wife, after the children
erator's left hand by his own thumb and jstrceu on .Tuesduy night, and commuted h&J on to bcd .that when heaaw what the
finger; the motion ot the ring will change , numerous outruns. Several bir..tis are , e ,lie m boy could do towards
Irom a straight line to a circle, at once, and reported to have been hurt, some uf theiu ; KeepiUgUp afine house and dressing out the
on the withdrawal of the connection it will . su-vc-relv. The predisposition to force wa '. ,nd)td.. wifB knd daughters, and when he
return to a straight line; and on touching manifes'ted at the ;m.I1 in some of the urds j ,hu,-hl 0f his own hard-working, uncoro-
me operator s , ion snouioer w.m .ne nana, j durin3 the day, u here allempts wero niaae hDd Lis children in want,
the motion will cease, and the ring be at rest. 1 10 (,row-bcat and bully the voters. l'adnd almost
in rags, while he was sitting
... , , , : . -: . .. anu o.iuud. ,u
. "Wetneil the experiment succesiuiiy, ana, tbese things been conhn-d to the orumary drjllkilw night after night, destroying bis
i. hi no uui ii wuuiu .uttreu r.uii) n mi , niirni, however ooiaierou-s . tireuuu yno- bealth andstength, be was so struck with
key instead of a ring, or with any body of!sj0s, we should have said nothing. The j gjrrow aj s,aine, that ho seemed to come
proper size similarly suspended, whether of ' time, however, has not come for citizens cf , o bimself, at last. He determined from
metnl, or glass, or wood. We found, also, j tbi9 community io be assaulted, houses to ; hour never again to put the intoxica
thut if suspended over the knees, the pendu-, be broken in, and the streets rendered dan- j . jM to his Hps.
lum would swing Trom knee to knee, und nn-jgerous by gamjs of banditti. The signs are, jXjre than a year afterwards, on Sunday
mediutely begin to revolve as soon as the i that we arc entering upon a gneral nation- j tt.-terr,ol., M Mrs. Crowder of the "Puncb
teet were ureugut ir.getiicr. ouspenoeo ai course ot niiiuiislerism anu iaw-r,roBRi..,
over the heart, the penduhim revolved of it- but this is bringing it home to our doors
self in a rirclo of considerable diameter; and I sooner than will be found profitable or ex-
over the forehead it revolved in an opposite
direction from' its course when held on the
back of the head. These experiments vary
somewhat with different persons; yet, with
greater or less force they seem to follow the
same law in nearly all cases. What does it
ineun! Tho force. is not electrical, for it
acts as well through nonconducting as thro'
conducting bodies, and a silk instead of a
cotton thread makes no difference in the re
sult, i It is no mere imagination, for th, re is
too much uniformity in result to favor, that
supposition. In some cases the revolution
is in an orbit a foot iu diameter if not. more.
"We have not Reichenbach's book on the
Odic Force. Will any savan tell us if he re
cognizes the above facts in his researches
into that mysterious attendant oflife!"
A Novel Exchange. Carpets have risen,
apparently -not in price that we know of
but risen from the floors which they used to
pedient to those who feel disposed that way.
O. S Journal.
f-Col. Isoac Wayne.t'ie only sen of Maj.
Gen. Anthony Wavne of the Revolution
ary War, died on Monday last, at his resi
dence in Chester County," Pa., in the 83d
yearofhis age. Col. Wayne was an excel
lent citizen and well worthy of the distin
guished name he bore.' In early times he
took a prominent part in the politics ofthe
State, and was formerly in the State Senate,
besides holding other offices. He was also
lhe candidate for Governor ofthe Federal
party in 181-1, in opposition to Gov. Sny
der. ' . '
(fJ-A public-reform league has been
formed in New Orleans, to suppress public
ilrinkinir.lii.iijt's. end th? True Delta say?
its meetings are thronged, mid hy citizens,
too, of churacter und standing in tnecornmu
, 0T-Who leads the column! Eagle. V
. SCOTT leads the American column! ,
. : PIEUCE leads the Britsk column andthe
Austria Conse.1 and Acting Charge Af
fairs'! . ' '. .J. ' .. t
who that walks Broadway can doubt it! that
the ingonuity of makers ;of pantaloon stuffs,
which have been put to such . exceedingly
A Duo Killed r a Her. a '
m ilnif nix months om,
cover, to envelope the persons of the rapid j se r,.ei:re is rarelv mot with at
youth of this metropolis. It is sai.I and pai nemblits where nffices a rid per
sonal aggrandizement nre the stokes to ue
played for citizens who are very likely,
ihun tl ev nut their shoulders to the wheel,
. . J .-..... ...-.ni.91.Kf. I ' .. . ....
severe icsis uur... me mv .v.. fi-uif, !;-1 (0 cnrry ol,t any measure lliey unucrtsu
out, a tew monius since. inuc,a..,...c .
ofthe leading menln mat nranen oi uusi-
ness, sal ruininatmg so tne story-goes
with his eyes fixed gloomily on tho carpet,
which chanced to he of a vociferous pattern,
a very noisy pattern indeed; 'loud, in short,
or 'stunnins.' as the Enclish aay. An idea
seized him. He rushed ; to the counting-
room of a large carpet manufactory , near by,
and borrowed a little library of old pattern
books. ' From that hour all was well. He
sat up half the night, examining, admiring.
selecting. In the morning tne requisite or
ders were given, and all hands were set to
work. The result, he who runs may see.
Carpets have risen, arid now perambulate
the streets.' ' Accelerated youn gentlemen
wear their blushing honors thick, very thick
and broad, upon them. Home Journal.
To i Business. Advertise freely.
" REMOVAL of Gov. UjhaziGov. Ujhazi,
the Hungarian, and Governor of Comorn,
advertises his farm and possessions vn loiVa
for sale. He is going to Texaa, the elitnate
of Iowa beintf too rigid for him.
since, a
-u- a ii. unfortunate cur,
s ingle blow nn th baek. h w.J retreat-
fug, so injured him that he died in a few
hoaw.-ro.utt.C-V. Chronicle.
p-The Railroad Journul of the 30th ult.
nccusiomraio sjior. ... - - i ;f TOu please, now ior iwn
anshaes. unluckily npproacnen n .: . ! d dcen, cothes, I'll
of chicks, with a .-avatre ;with sny man's wife and children.
or. A L'reat nil"' ""S , ' ., ' mil:im. I tell vou. as you low a
.nrfioed the old n"n inai , . ' j, .... .
. Will I. .w'-i-- ...
tea... M.ilh . I
n ml n ii ii n
Bowl," was walking with her daughters to
the tea wardens, they were overtaken by a
violent shower of rain, and had become at
least half dreiuied, when they entered a
comfortable looking house, distinguished by
its comforts und tidiness from all others near
it. 1 ti good natuied mistress and her two
girls did all they could to try and wipe away
the ruin drops and splashes from the ladies'
fine silk dresses and persons.
When all had been done that could be
done, and as Miss Lucy said "they began to
look like themselves again," Mr. Crowder,
who was lolling in a huge arm chair, and
amusing herself by a stare at every one and
everything in tlfe room, suddenly started for
ward and addressing herse.l to the msster oi
the home, whose face had just caoght her
.ye, "Why, my good man, we are oid friends;
I know your face, Tin certain; still there is
a change in you, though I can't exactly s.y
what it is."
l.t 3 m. - r
"I used to be in rsgge.1 clonics ano oui oi
health," s.id George JIanley, smilingly ;
"now, think God. I am comfortably clad and
in excellent henllh." - - ' "
'Hut how is it," said Mra. Crowder, "that
we never get a sight of you!"
Madam," said he, "I am sure I wish you
well; nay, I have reason to thank yon, for
words of yours first opened my eyes to Ray
own foolish and wicked course. My wife
and children were half-naked and half-starved,
only this time last year. Look at them.
match them
And now
friend of
... r.uti .
your s one nj . "--PE5CE
that have dore all this for us. I
ought rni her to ssy the pence earned by
honest inausiry. ana spem
ask the blessing of God upon the pence."
Sirs. Crowder never recovered the custo
mer she hai! last. ...
Praiciesor Firs. During the last few
days the Proiries in the vicinity of St. Paul
have been onflre, causing "a cloud of smoke
by day and a pillo of tire by night." We
hear of mucb daniage resulting from this con-
flagration vast, amount of .hay and wood
hoinu destroyed. Some farraera have lost
' "There is on improved feeling in the stock
market, which hss extended to every variety
of securities, und prices arc considerably in
advance of tho past week. Money contin
ues abundant, and there is an active demand
for first class bonds: ' Fbt securities of new
. . t 1 HJI. f.l. .ml unmnilhlM fen-
tfSd to VredU, find no dSy Tn supply, all the hay they had by the devastating ele
ing their Wants at favorable ,rate,'V , 1 1 ment. AIiiK-watoan.

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