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By Jom. T. Biusej!, Esq., at th Fairfield
County Agricultural Society, October S3,
1862. - ; .-
and OcntUmen:Uit little more
Wednesday y.ventna, Dec. i, 1824 . u,,,, half k century has clapned, since the
c3cs- i. ' 1 """ ! territory now included within the limit.
Fairfield county
""ciTT Or LAS8TEE: T
firoOt than two acre partially cultivated. It
a not the man who till the largest ur.
face during the year, but he who -cultivate
hioil the W, who turn hi labor til moat
account. Unlese I am graatty deceived by
-- From California. '
New V.mif, Tint. '20. The Prnmetbeus
arrived i 7 o cioca tvitn nan rreuciaco
ri'Buc nvATTinu.
J FpilR CltiNit'of lAat-tei are rt-ijwtUll
becume ihe home of the
white man. Inaatato ofonture.it preseniea
attraction that wore rarely combined. It
soil waa variegated and rich, the face of the
country beautifully undulating ramified and
drained by numeroua amall trearo of water
and nil dotted over with permanent
sprint's. Since the ettlement of our county
comweucea, our nioj5iuv ... ..-.v
Wa.hiqto ArrAlBt. Justat thepres-
ent time, the President- meaaage i afford,
tug food for much .peculation.' It will be a
very important document, ttpon foreign af
fairs especially, end a great anxiety ia man
dated a to the Preaidenf view upon the
Cuban question. We have no doubt of
tbeir correctneaa for . whatever the lower
trier of the opposition preaa may have to
,ty against the foreign P0'"? of lhe Present
Administration, sensible and well-meaning
fcltliena throughout the country give it the
praise thatit 80 justly deserve. The Pre.
.dent's view., in part, may bo cons., ered
hvtha letter to the Collector
of New York, wli'icuwe publish to-day.
tk Preaident will, Hi supposed, recom-
:. x th inrDlua revenue of about 20 ;., .i.rij. ,.e wh0lp lenetli ol otircountv
trillion. be appropnaieu voiuc 1..-- u,0 un, ;- r
itntr-s debt, at the mantei p". nu uum, mc
stalls ut ' .a. .1: n. tn nliit.ia.1 even
effort in this regard, we have all much to
learn, and greatly to improve our system of
cultivation, before we ascerlaiu where our
true interest are. :. ;
The selection of the proper implement of
husbandry, require the Farmer's careful and
considerate-attention. Poor Implement do
bad yvork in the best of hands. On some
parts of the : continent of Europe, the name
description' nf farming implements are now
used, that were ued centuries since either
a great extent disappeared, aud the earth-! because 4ho people there know not of the
viehled to the cultivation, find been ren-' existence of any thnt are better, or, for Hie
dered subservient to the wants ofman. Our want of rtifensto procure better. , ,
population haa gradually increased, until we But our farmers are very " generally
now number more than 30,000 people, whose rich, and the Inventive genius of our coun
intellience, enterprise and industry are not trymen is proverbial; and there is no one
surpas'ed by tho people of any county in the jaubiect upon which that genius haa acted
West. 1 with more efficiency, than in the improve-
Ou central position upon the mop of the ment of the various implements of nusbao-
State, has enablod us to participate largely dry. ' In the spring and aumincr of 1851,
the judgment"! have formed of misdirected (atea to November 1'.. She salle l from
in the advantages arising from the construc
tion of the public canals. The Ohio canal
tlnited State.
The etock will, should the measure puss, go
upfront 120 to 140. The surplus ,rf twenty
million, will, therefore, extingu..!. fourteen
millions of the debt. Even th.awiUbebe
Ur for the Treasury than to pay tlx per cent,
intere.t on the debt for ten or more years
to.ay nothingof the danger of retaining an
Immense fund in the Treasury, subject to a
political and sectional scramble, and pro
motive of extravagance and corruption.
A Washington correspondent ay that It
is now generally supposed that both Gen.
Cass and Governor Marcy have given intt
mations of their positive determination to
accept no Cabinet station in the new ad
ministration. This is much to be regretted,
as Gen. Cas. appears to be remarkably well
fitted for the State Department. It .follows
. i .rjL.a. f.Antlpmfn to
also, from the reiusm ui " 5 - -
oitr,theCaVirtet, that Gen. Pierce, if he
nets upon the principle of perpetual Cabinet
tttiity, which Gen. Jackson esiaonsucu, .......
hot invite into his counsels any other mem
ber of Mr. Polk' fiabinet.
the ftepilbltc Announces that Coptain
h,.vniH0fl has beetl removed from the com
mand of the Crescent City and that no other
officer of the'Navy will be permitted to en
ter the service of the company so long as
the manager, adhere to thetf present prac
tice of converting the viaitsof their vessels
into a .ource Of annoyance to the Spamsn
It is also reported that, with a view to pre
venting a repetition of the injury which,
failure to deliver the Havana mailt indicts on
the mercantile classes, the Postmaster Gen
eral baa directed that the .nails shall not be
again despatched in the Crescent City , or In
any other of the Company's steamors which
nurser Smith on board, but will be
onnr W hfi steamer Isabel. Therefore, if
Mr. Liw choosss to retain purser Smith.his
steamers will be .tripped of olficinl charac
j i,nr.;nT no nretenco to
ler auu uiiviuu.Lti ....... 0 ,
claim immunities or , considerutinn
southern direction, bring to almost every
neighborhood in tho county, easy access to
water communication, lor the sale or ship
ment of its surplua products.
The .anesville at piuyaviue 1 urnniKe
Road, which traverses our county ennt and
wphL a.thouirh it lias latterly fallen Into
disrepute by reason of its misfortunes, is 1
when the inventions of the world were gnth
ered together at the World' Fair in the
city of London, the firt premium w award
ed to an American Reaper.
There Is no excuse for a farmer In Ohio
laboring with a poor implement. The in
vention to be met with at every turn are o
numerous, that he may be perplexed in
determining which is best. . Ho bus but to
exercitie his sound discretion upon this as up
on all other subject pertaining to hi calling
and all will be well.
The course of economical Imsbu ndry.com
nevertheless a monument of tho cuterpriso pels the Farmer to keep and to raise stock to
of our people, and is destined, wtien com
pleted, as there is now reason to hope it soon
will be, to be of great utility and in general
favorwith the public. '
The Cincinnati, v mninion unesTiiio
RailRoad. which is now so rapidly being con
structed, and by which we sre to bo connect
ed at Wheeling andut Cincinnati, with all
the Rail Roads or the East anil west, will
have twenty-five miles of its truck within
our borders. To this jrigautic work, worthy
of the enterprise of any age or country, we
have contributed more largely than th. peo
ple of any county through which it pauses.
Already tho construction of other Turnpikes
and ol other Rail Roads, leading to and
from the heart of tho county, have been pro
jected, and measures tending to their con
struction are in active progress.
Whilst the natural advantages incident to
our location have been thus partially devel
oped by the art of man, large expenditures
mid nmnlfi nrovision have been made for the
education of youth and for the moral and re
ligious instruction ol me people.
Every township in the county , under the
beneficent operation of ourbtute Hcliooi
Lnw, is divided into convenient School Dis
tricts, so that the children of every family
lire within the reac h or a gouU public scnooi;
Unless there shall be unwarrantable re
missness on the part of the purents in pro
viding competent teachers for these schools,
or in omitting to patronize them as they
should do, the day is at hand, when it will
be impossible to find a person whose youth
has been spent in Fairfield county, who is not
well instructed in all the rudiments pertain
ing to a good businessetlucalion. , .
Could I be indulged for a moment in say.
incr what mav not onDenr to so:ne to be per-
tineptto the occasion, I would improve that
moment, by commending to ull ol you. wno
are fathers, mother aud guardians, the sub
ject of educating your children, aa worthy
of votir increased attention and regard
... . 1 1 .1- f 1
...June in which is involved me oiat
linnna of narent. the dearest inter-
Usu of children mid the well beinjof
a greater or less extent. Horse, Cattle,
Hogs, Sheep and other Domestic Animals
are as Indisponsible as the Land be culti
vates. The different qualities of each kind
of stock are so various, thut'wc con h irdly
recognize tho extremes pertaining to any one
closs a beloiiL'in? to the same specios-
consequently we have tho widest range for
the selection of our domestic nnirnuU, and
much of the profit arising from the posses-
sion and cultivation of Lands, depends upon
these selections being properly made. Is
is not a matter of surprise as well as regret,
that at this late day, there is to be found so
few i.-nproved Durham Latllo in the oitter-
ent parts of our county! Especially when
it is so 0118I ly demonstrated, mai every r arm
er may by the use of such animiis, double
the value of every animal thnt he raises,
without increasing the quantity of food con
sumed - '
Every day's experience and observation
satisfies me that no Farmer can afford to
Panama on the 1st, w.th mails and $2,644,-
000 in specio largest shipment ever msde.
The Proint-lheus urines Brother Jona
than's psssengcrs from San Francisco.
She left SanJusn on the evening of the 18th
and bring two hundred and eight passcn-
Jlnrltet active, f lour nad aavanced;saie
at 832 for Chili and 2't for American bbls.
Mess and clear pork selling in small tot at
$25. ButtiT selling at 3! to 42.
Pulitirs quite animated. The piper
worn fillrd with eh'diiin articles.
. Coal ha been discovered in Trinity coun-
The best quality of cotton has been rais
ed in San Joaquine county.
' The northern Light arrivcJ left Aspin-
wll on the 18th,
The Georgia arrived from Apinall, and
brinjjs two millions seven hundred and forty-two
thousand dollars, and If 0 passen
gers, among whom are Senators Gwin and
.y From WaKhiogtoii.
Wasiiikotok, Nov. 30. The Secretary
of the Interior to-day, awarded the contract
for exeruting the brick work on the Capitol
Extcnsion.to Frederick A. Burshee, at 82,4
ier thousand, being the lowest bid. The
bricks to be luid are estimated at twenty
Fourteen out of about 20 clerk, who have
been engaged for two or three year past in
compiling an index to clcims, were discharg
ed to-day by Mr. Forney.
Among the arrivals are Senators Rusk and
A ml UmI l'y H!l.a Twiliv tlx ilhof l)r,,m.
br, ! six oIo--k. V. M., lot Ihe purrA is tnJf.''ir
aitinj(em ii rorM'ly t' ' of xh9 Hunt nl th.
t, I : da. in Hk u.lf r i .
.( . AVM.I.1AM P BKKD.
. tiUKKi l, 1 ,
. , II. V HV. VIIM1,' .
. -,, , .nil I. turn :Vil, ' ,
U I 11 J l Ull 3
I w : r. V r J ' r. 'T, I '' '
J !"l Klr ih4T.l.v'i tnjvi -.
Taiirfietd Con ttjr Atricirtt -irr"! Xucirti'.
TncDr Moso, D jc. 2. Wheat is
firm afJOc end in one or two instance 71
ha been paid for boat quality. Flour has
avanced, siuce our last quo'stlona, and we!
now q,,ole at 3.5033,73. Rye 42; Itarh-yj
t0; Oits 25'g2!iand scurce. Corn hna1-i
vanced, and our quotatio are 2930. Buck-1
nrai riour Urinj 1,75(02,00.
Grocrrie Coflee bis advanced ' and Is
now firm at 10J with an upward tendency.
MOUHSPS iT, iiar i. In Mh-r .rtlln. 1
there is no quotable rhnnr'.' "' "Fot'f'l' I'Wy t i a.Vro" tforv.'y ,
S ,C.' 8. The market con.tu" ,o"" t.i V' '"r ' " ",' V V"' T
supplied with Beef and Pork at the fZZ
high rate. About oi0i paid for the In;-
ler (or the retail trade. None wilt be pu k & r J "I1" Ut'CKI', J'.ij
ed here thi winter. RutU-r is firm at 16: Ua"'-r- I'.'S.
Ezet 13. In other article r have no -
change to note. :1 Hv
Dusines ha been brink. The fair wea- 1 " wm'i Smum,
ther of yesterday end Tuesday h is brought 'iXf.'V "T? d '''"'" "" m n.'
to the city a large number of customers ! Z 1' U
Sew fork .flarfce. ' . NtvriTi".
NrV YOBX. Nov. 80. -Hemp $120. iiW 'T'-'K rar-n-r Jiip W. lof..r i-xUM wl-r n,
rotted. Stock at New York, exi lu.iie of1.- " 'TJlK V."'"? ; rL'"''
jM70; unsr-iti a.' exchange on London
I03l'ij. The stcsmer to-morrow will take
out 300,000 in golJ.,, Cotton unchanged.
400 hhds . Muscovado Sujrnr at 4jS5ic
1000 hhds. Havana Sugur at 51 rSOlc. 700
' i t" 1 rK
I ofVs,
i i ivy
WE wnvl.1 ajriin call Mtenitott
to the ajv. rli.f iu ol .'r.
l'rom lljlticioic.
Baltimore, Nov. 30 Great alarm exists
hereon account of the-outrage committed
by rowdies. So insecure are the streets at
night that evening services have been aban
doned in most of the Churches on Sun;
dav eveninir. A gentleman named McCor
mick, whilst walking on Liberty street with
ladies, was attacked by a (ran?. He drew a
revolver and shot one, who Tell with a loud
cry. Hi companions retreated, bearing
him off.
tiv.xv Ann tf ejient.
rnum, Wh,t k Itti to W
Hini In ta-ilav'a uoarr. 1hf
ni.i'ic U, al kM rait
rmall fraflt, anil to krp co-
tMll' 1 V GO ha I! tl t.rflaat aiul bnt
! UstfdstnrtriirMlV HtMBK to h. f.v.M In this
j m r' rt. I n l r 'liii aval' n liVir tmaioma tiaaairau,.
I m rwt for th ll lhr roar., ant tlvvir trado
ii m 3i.wnu la iluubU tint el M.y similar oalabliah
; '.wnt. , ,
! 'I Ixn- f urrhaao fhrir pwda )nnat enttrely for
--h an I il.rK-ily fr m 'h.V Manufaritrrrrtuid Imnnr
au t arv Ihu- rnai.lol to od'vr advantage on Irada
j that prw'iu.tr tl ponibilllv of thoir bit tintlor
I 'M tjtnk i vur thr aJrartiti(l," and bo aura'
u Kill Hi ma rail. NorPJ
j CbnppinK Axes! Cbo)aius; AieslI '. -
I.StliMHN will find il,(!rratlorilvartSlor
nl ftwi laiami anil h.t artctnl nturk of A
' ovpt '-lirn o;unt in tlii. marku,oinltlnn of ' '
I.1! dv. ('kK. ('rmuaav a ima, from 5 to G
Vft . 1J Mam.'. do Ao to 6
I" " l.ipotnontt's !. do 8 (ft i
AIL. I llim it ai'i rorJ patlurn, ttii warranted
tiy ila n,inul-titrnt. . -
Itumn, Nori'Ui'xn iU, IViJ S8
Mill II II (I 'M 4 'ill It.-ivvit -
.lo'. W m RAiid'a Mill Sam from to 7 losf .
m" own.; All or-n tnowin; iiioKo- s,i b-,- j
i'h.r hv niijp i.rwthri iv ijj mj. ill. n,i,.u t,
railing iirni' di 'Uly at ILe old a'au.1 ami a-f'i t',,
-an,. '
TTlh.vii Iwi i'.J M.4ia r.rr:mci tii mJt' '
ny ai.-ttiPm-mlrf ndcoanary to rloini. flu, aliv h,i-
hhd New Orleans M la.ic 3031c. 4200 i"0."' , t"u?- 1; V'"
bag. Rio Coffee 8.9: Msracabo 99j I '"r.W.rff. lW '"
l.a;ruira 'Jaiaat. . 14000 bbls Uiiio flour.5,-1 F.tntc of John lialiou. ; I
3 lIll. ltlM n C4htt0v) . dv
ti do rtnl.iiid' no.v ut do
' do II 'a and biatun'a ' do
Vtir a. la cb p by
Kr"i:.(;Ki? WHITE
Ini ar, Nv, u.tK- 53, rf1
dd U to 7 do i
do & to 7 do
do 6 to 7 do
4 ,., v. i:tiiit! 4 hnlwn!! . .
WV. hv no-i in amro nd whirli w purcbucd
bclorrtli ll,lviir. n Iroir
K 0 pair ti.tl and ralsht link traco Chaina,
TfaiUr and Cot
"IflNI rill:n'tt 1. rK.in
25fJJ5,37; Southern 5,56 "Sier. 100 bbls i VOTR'K is W4IV firm Hul th mbn-ribir liu 1 Aiu,, !ars v.iinni of Brroa,
Kye flour 4,02(14.75 Buckwheat Flour " PP ni nialiltwt x.iut,.r ,m th.- cluina. Wood h.imes,r .tc
4 2Sfro firm U'catcrn Whont I lGfin "t" ' "'''" dxntri, 'tie of FairfielJ yi r'l.Nfil-.fl. H'HH E
tin A I n 1 """y.O'iio. AMpr,.h,r;nfcl.ioaK.inrtMid' UwvHt November S3, I M
1.20 depressed, receipts larae. BnrlHy 73. i Ktat. will ornt t,,e i,.r.ttimrnt. ii,u ... "W""T- """
Rye 93c. Mixed corn 78 i 82c. Ohio Vbis- j thitirat,;d within oh y.ur-od all Vaunt io.'cltrd
ky 20c unsettled. Mess Pork 18,75;,
tvill make imitiHut. i
t. paymfnt.
ii i i i i ti iir..Nr .
Primo 1,50 16.75.. Mess Beef 13 13.50. Nov.n,W H iwV-ot .
Beef haras 14,75 to 15. Waft plenty at 7 ;
toPc, Ham lO.Jc. Shoulders 8c. Lard, I TMiAe of Cbristism J. Aisd!.
barrels, 12jc to 13.- Butter and Cheese nn-'! rp'iOK Inie...ttJ wi'l ukp n-ii. that th i
v ' m. B.-rnK?r naa o n apiioinreo ana i;iu:na aa Ad-
mmitirarrpe tonwrda, of th ritt. ol t Hairrrir
lion, 1 1 on, Irou,
JTTTTTit gpmrally dmltted list
lion wild by ua ia auo- rior iun
'.?i..-t'2.iialitirloanvntlwrin the mar- f
! J. AnrnT, de'raHod.-l.tnl 'airfield rnnntr. th;o.
I Oct. t 4wS4 JOU.N D .MAn..A'li..W
From Baltimore.
Baltimore, Nov. 30. A great storm has
been experienced in Georgia. Rain fell for
days in succession, and much" damage was
apprehended from a flood. All travel had
keep tho inferior qualities of stock of any ; been suspended on account of damage jdone
kind. It is a conuminif moth upon his la
born ml the products of his Furm often
iwiit of the Government.
" - L.. I
. The publication of negotiations uy "'" country.
.1 nf PnlW fur thenurchase of Itis such improvement as 1 Mtinii'
Admin strat onof P.for t . p . uf k:mir0il n;itlire ,,,
Cuba, it is thought, has clesedthe door torn. bo menlionel. the tiOViprinff f encon.
rehetitiop or the offer. Spun docs not leci . n.,nu,ltil)n, wealth and -enterprise
:....i!.,,l ir. nnrt with Cuba, und there is no , , ren.ir ()Ur countv desirable as a Home
IUVI.III.W w .--- . -r- .
...i..i.;i;t ilwitit run be taken fr some and
' i. ii:l,i,tnrln.r exoedi- all its prodi
nine io co.no u, ..y "---,-- i" I trates the western
tion. Any thing ol me kuiu um; t
the Island further beyond the reach of those
who desire to steal It.
but little better or more valuable at the end
than at the commencement ol the year.
There is no country where the Lands are
more easily cultira'ed than ours; nor is
there any country, taking all the varieties or
crops together, whose products are- more
abundant than ours; yet I regard our Gras,
our Hay, our Grain.ohd all our other means
of keeping and growing siock, as ioo valu
able and as costing too much labor to justi
fy us in permitting them to lie consumed by
inferior animals. It would delight me to ace
Fairfield one pf tho foremost counties in the
State', in tha improvement. of nil her atock.
and her Farmers vicing with each other for
the mastery in this race ofiinprovcnicnt.
I would therefore recommend all those
who doubt the propriety or an effort to im
prove tlieir stock, and presume there are
many such, to seek information on this im
portant subject, from those who are better
iiif.iriiii-d and have a more extended expe-
t'r Iriene.e thnu I can claim If I nm mysplf
deceived tin this subject. I by no means insh
to be the Instrument of di-fteiving others.
I will pass from the cinidrrntii)n of th"se
rtieal topics pertainiii!.' to a pnilesaion in
VM. Vt have now iu nur WarwhouaC
' 3dUn Hi,lldanthammerti.lirtOV,
6.U-t - t'oat,almr,bliaierndaprint;8TKKL;
ft ntrkamitli will aUo find a large lot of Anrila,
nlid Box ire. Kfl.T.Rai.p. c. etc.
, VMirb ill be sold clioaprr than tbey can be bought
' am V tjrh-a' avian.
ofoh-". Mn'tily." '""- :" i v l KIViF.R. WHITE St I. ATT A.
VOTICr. is htiy gV. n. that the nad-vi-d haa "''' . ,H3, 1 , ,
iH he!i anpoiirtl am! it'll v noalil'iMl aa AdmiiiiJra-. I-... I. 1'i.iil.!
toroftheK-tateol Ioiib 8 W ,lt. d;--A b t ol I l itilf ICIH I miiiu
a'airfiod count r. OUo.- Al orrw l,au.s cliin ! ND -fnrlo Tom'a Cat :n a it i, fo sate i tn
levinat aaiJ tatill Wm.i t!a f..r a. ti!. n.i f.t. I city BrmW Mnrp, oppo-i. '"'e!'.D7
.'uremn, r iu, iojj
i I Of.,
Vv SIMIAN, Adiu'Ur.
Store, by.
lruiu Cinc'luUitti.
CixciMitATi, Nov. 26th. Henrv Lecount,
who murdered Clinck in this city iat spring,
was executed at 1 -o'clock this nlternnon,
privately, in theynrd of the county jail.
He said jealousy and rum led him to the ra
tal act. He died instantly without a strug
gle. '
JC.istorii It.) nk TVotcs.
CisctSKATi, Nov. '3'. The Bankers and
Brokers refuse all Eatern bank notes ex
cept at one per cent, discount.
Simmer S:tiJr!.
New York. Nov. 27. The msil steamer
a:lcd to-ilay for Liverpool with 60 passen
gers and 330 J.0OU in apecio.
TI tstsli ii5t Leil:ttHrc.
B'iSTJit, Nov. 27. T!ie Wligshave a ma
jority ol'nine in the House overHll others.
Cittlc ItUrkfti
New York. November 30. Offered 2,-:
500 Beeves, 1,000 Southern and Western.
market du!l;ales at t to 8; 200 left unsold.' j
Sheep and Lambs $2,00 to 3.504,50 fur j
former, 1,50 to 3,00 for the latter. Cows!
and Calves S2535.
Philadelphia. Nov. 30. (-attic market. ! isallv authttirated wlti in mi yw and
1.000 Beeves at 7lS 81 ner 100 lbs. Hoirs. iodetted -ill irV inim-iiM fivn,r
. . .... -,o, 'A : : r.- u
i.uoo boio bi itAaoi. uimi sij.uuiq in, O Win r3. 1"0J -4 -
Sheep 2,00 to 84. Lambs 1,00 to 82. ! -
i E.tirte of Abrrtlmtn llite. ' I
ClfVClaild iTlarkOI. ' XTOTICK iherel.veiven.H artl, . n l"rirnd l-a
Ti !. k... i:..i t. . : i lMn aosninleil inA uua'i'H-d aa K. M"- ' n rtie
, I in I c 19 uui ii i ,i . v.ii laiiisil ill nini Hru. in.. r . i i i i . ir : f il: V ' . . r. . , l ; I--L-
,,,, . , . ...... , ... 1 Eatate rt' ri:aj Hitk. l. lea.1. l.tei.t t-aotTM . I rn-BchluKiplea.! ly.iraied; Golden chain Imk
Wheat, steady at 88S89c for white; 8j nwo. All v.-r Uvin claim. ..id ..m hhir. iSist tbc city book .tre. oypo.it
T..S. n.lLo.n. aA,.ll.oM to. M.tT.aoa A .!,.. L' 1:1 . at f til - I....-II.. .... ".. ' . . 'intlV i:rl)f U
uol ui uui viiui u owtitll:i U uiiri cu aja . i rf r-Tt' i ntui iur t;i u nu -ni . ir-iui - ShUT'! llOti 1 "V JUI!.' nbAtautsii
UVTiurriHQ Mi n in ntifs yrmr xiq hi i t-.w m u
continue fair. Flour, slrail brand iiiper- . XovemWr H. :r3 ' 4k:7
fmrt slloLcAl 9?i. pvira A h(fit A 7.V Pnrb f r
Otd IIHl8 18.j19. Lr3,bbU0l(?lle. Salt,! Eatats ef Dav id tlaerrr.
fine 1,50; coarse 1,75. Fish, white 88,50. , JVOTICE i. hrrebr tnnh JgrnA
. . miiiinuMDTmuiituTau. uiivh nu.un.u
) of the Kitat of Dav in Ciia-niir, dueaI. late of
f aimi-ia ro.imr, U'nu. mi p-rw.. ..-.u.
to the railroad lines.
A report is current at Richmond that Hon.
Wm. It. King, Vice President eleef, wad or to arrive to-day at 85c, and we think this j thomirated
dead, but the papir consider it untrue. lis about the fair market price. Receipts' 81
llioioi t of the tlciirau War,
L'OK SI' at the city Goo!
V -VrtlU
!l i-i of ii U:t lu-loe.
VOfN( Man'. cnunai-Ilor, Paru.aa SiRhta and
1.1. r f i In- I'wprew JoWpSiiac,
BVJ T. H actlf-v, lifo of the Emperor Napoleon,
by J C Uykhii.foUst tl-
j Novem'wr ID .Jt" StABLfcS ,
4'iliciunafl .TIai-kel.
' Cixcis.iati,Nov. 30. River risen 2 feet ; M Kstiu-wili orew. thr-m fc- stl;tn-m -ebt
,ince yesterday. Flour in good demand; !lSat-7S,,-',,,,- 7t
1000 bbls sold at 3,95 to 4,05. V hlsky 20 J. HARHIsijV WVLT. i U K, A-! u'ti.s. Ttprtv.s
Hogn, 42,000 old at 50,25; 200 light at fi.15
in good demand . nt 6,25. Sellers meet
buyers pretty freely at this rate. Mes pork
'OctobeifJ. 1SW- 40'
CAM. A.n-SI.TTI.i:. . . ,
I fX'ffl! aaliacriiwb''intf un Ic-r-'Mftotii-n. 6j!oic lJie
- tVf.K'i-ii 1 vriitiil er.
roI(;E to th Younj.Woodworth Young Peoplo's
Br'.!.-, for .le at the ch v book atore
Jt'ovembor l JOHN SEAKI.M
mi'Iiiiiii cf fin" BookA.
. for .ale .t the cil
Fin Ai infill nl Itibles.
ftPrtl'.SM.Y for the Ladie., for .ale t the city
A J houk store
H 0. Farrsll's Ctlabriial Arabian Lintmsnt.'
' i.t..u X ...'.:. ..nl.- t.. tl. nnsitinn ,,f an I It is :t ' Ml -d M I w ..I o iwor.i;t to ri
wini.ii . .MausatUiiioUhtht iatht lta-rll.
ft nil therefore misht, especially
give iitereasiuif value to our laud and to vvlilip surrounded by so many
j . products. The Pioneer, who pene-, ad itillJnl master workmen, ti
s the western prairies, finds it eotmlry j my views and opinions spa
ready Tor the plow, with, a virgin soil, un-tir-;
-.1 : r...i;i;i., u...l tmu-r uf nrni'iiiirtinn. ;
..r ,.,n..i ,
hicliC4U -el tin. ivtul ivin-IJt.,wo'iliT anda!mi'0
iVi h t!i. ii, t'io ari r.c"i.f u'lem'rtry hid Itabir.h, and
January, ot 23. 100 libl on the spot at 29.
Coffee held firmly at IOC
easy; 400 bbls sold at 16.75; and 500 st TlETCT
50. ' 5000 bbls ofmolasseii, deliverable in i l.KR.re. tfullvinvi'e ill p.-r. knowimr tJaem. , w wosnuro .v....
.elr.ndloWfn II :.,,,W IVfliral WorUfi
AT I MA LIUUIM III UVIini w t -l.l v rim Jfc-T Irt I II l.". J
delayed ahr that time, ail cljim. will bs put l-.u the ritC'FPUR't: do; Wondwmtb's do; Kir Whites do,
han.fi of proper onweri .r N,! .vJin 1 CampVH'. dr; Miltr.o'a do; Young . do; bcott
Millerioort. Mpt. S3. 1V2-S j ;. C. KllJ.V.li ..; Bvron'. do: ttnrn'.do-.all for aileat the city boon
! 1 ,b. opooije fcieifer' Hotel . JOH.N fcKARLES
f nle of Renl Estat- br order of Court, v 1 ' r
Friday tUSM &; of crtmU', A 1W.. ' V maim ii".
tetweeii tb' hoar fl !i o .-locx A. JL an Ho.. tV all kimla. fr ulo at tne city rooj r'?"n
DIED, near Downicville, California, on j
the 20th of Septembpr lust, Mr. William i
Tuvpn tp - irotl OR vanrt . Lfo vae llit. ;
son or Wm. Thompson, or Rishcreek tow n- i
shin. Fuirfi:-ll countv. and left Lancaster in .rA.vVP. M. of .aid dav. t ttie of th-onr timim
April as one of the member of Crim & ; in -h-envoi i-aocaw--. nt tmstnai me mga . ; - :
(.,' . ... I ...l..l r..i:r,.-. ; bilijr. tin following lu-il Lt'tti a. tlw pr.ipriv of l'iat l.tlt ' Unveil,
S ure on s company, and reached Cahfor- w , ,0.,vi,: Tim f UUm f . le citv wv
niAonly a few weeks preceding; h:s detflh, jh p.rtof the NVrth h.iH of th- ftootheaaf Q.nr-! I .A '"1, . JoHS SEARLES
I HI urtlBACU n 119 a tliun!! mill III lire III I 'QUI UT Ol t.wii ..u. v...- rj lunimrp .
Novcmibcr 10 .
i THE MoBOAi Distbict There are some
individuals in tho Senatorial district com
posed of Washington and MJrftin, who seem
determined to ItaVe that district represented
by aLocofoco. f lie recent proclamat'on of
the Governor for a special election to rill the
vieancy caused by the death of the Hon. C
C. Covey, has caused a. Mr. , Darwes and a
Mr. Corner to get into a controversy about
their relative merits and should the tmis
continue, another Locofoco wiU be elect
e& Toslthem both overboard, gentlotnert,
and put (onrwd some good, sensible Whig.
There are enough men in the Legislature
now who, .old at their own valuation, would
bring much rooreUian they orojwrth.
Ca. McUiiE'e Case It i eA tliat
U was by the advice of General Scott that
President Fillmore disapproved the judg
ment of the court martial acquitting Cnpt.
McLaneof the charges on which he was re
oently tried. - ;
' fjiy-Tlte address of Mr. Crasee, which
niihlihed tfegterda. was just the thing
the occasion, arid will have a happy effect.
to the call
funds for the podr;
i he interest mat tins oeen
nr.,l in forlilitv and nower of production. ; thia first Fair of our countv. in winch Furm
which ho acquires for the small considers-: er6 'JVadesmcn, Merchants and Professional
of $1,25 per acre, whi.stoiirlan'isarcrenny : men, all, hnve united, must ue as pramyino
sale at from $30 to $75 per acre, and con-, to the othcers or the Society, who nave neen
tinunlly advancing in price. j specially charged with nl) the arrangements
What is it but the high state or improve- for our exhibition, as it is auspicious to the
ment in our county, connected with great Cnuse we desire to promote. From nil parts
en, to promub'ale t is.thor.dmu. n it t a'i tmngi th .t i puoph-o i m
rinirlv ; in.i itU suc." r:i! ill t'.l iholiiisur' aai ao,'-ri.iVM.
. . , : 1 ring'auJ dariiiK In characier, aiionti1, by sc'u.l and
;en manilesteil in I un!j..j11(, , xperinii-iit, din'on-rToniditafir urpia-
public enterprises in progress or in anticipa
tion, that causes tn: greni aiKpnrny i
In truth, every common road that is open
ed, every mile of turnpike or rail road that is
constructed, every telegraph wire that is
raised, every school-house that is built, and
every church that is erected and dedicated to
the worship or the Living God, adds to the
sunt total of the public improvement of the
country and also to the comfort and con
venience of its people. '
From these suggestions, we may learn our
true interests, in regard to the construction
or public Improvements. At tl is time,
there are greater exertions being mnde thro'
out the length and breadth, not only or Ohio,
butorall the West, to effect pubhc improve
ments, than ever have been mado before
since the settlement of the North-western
territory commenced. If we participate in
the movement of the public mind on this
subject, we shall preserve to ourselves and to
our posterity, our relative advantages as a
county it we ao not, e sunn itimun
tionary, while all aroond us oro energised
into action for the advancement of their re
spective districts of country. The people of
no other county or region of country cun ue
. . 1 1. . i. . ... ... '..... r ik.. ., .u r il.,..,. .l:..
oi iuc!.int hi them f wq th 'inn Kb- of 1 if i The Rr-
.1.1,1 nl...- n n I l.i. n n m n t ... -tanlt. ! . ' I 18V Ol K 'HSO M. MR lfl-n I ! SI ...THillinW Ml tVi
n.ic I.IKU.I ii i, aii'i hi, iririiiaiuc ucuui to t' , Mft- ... ,,,, ' . . ii. .1
, , .ii I .. ,i ApiiralseJat 111-1(4. To Im toll at not Yjtt
i friends in the neighborhood in which heresid :
ed. :o.M ...
nt: pp -in in nB'.ruiit ana
lie attehtioii of the reader is directed j expected to come here a nd construct public
Bear ii. in "i'iiii
fj5We have had" rio time nor room for lo
cals. We wilt make up hereafter.
' Wonderful Effect of Electricity'.
The attention of the skeptical is called to the
following story which we find in a late Gnlig
nani, copied from Bavarian journals: "Not
long since a young woman was struck by
lio-htnlng and driven perpendicular into the
earth, o that they had to dig her out, and
were sortie1 time in getting down to her head.
We firffli that it was carefully mentioned that
-u. ....a .in,,,! tin iY.ro thBv cxtricnted her'.
Thi almost equal the yarn we heard told of
an old darkey, wlierfhe went auer mo cow-..
"De first cfap dat struck me," said Sutnbo,
'knocked me into de sun an grabble, clean
up to my knees, and dar 1 stood and tuck
clap after' elap till I tuck nine on 'em.
oil roannrnei. in a word, il" we desire to pro
gress with the age, we must mane tnem lor
ourselves. A union ofelToit and ortrength
can by degrees accomplish oil that is desira
ble. .. ..
Suffer me then to commend to your Tavor
nble regard, every effort that is now making
or that"inay be hereafter made, to improve
the condition olyour county unu loum-iupc
its resources, by turnpikes or rail roads.
Lend to these great highway of trade and
commerce, your liberal aid and support; you
Will bo amply remunerated for so doing by
the monied income ofyottr investments and
doubly repaid by the indirect advantages
arising from the general improvement or the
rmntv '
Althouyh there is not in the State orOhio,
outside or Hamilton county, a better culti-
ated or more productive county tliun J' air-
a jt,.a;n onrrntv sViritewhere near ihjnset
lately discussed (his question: "Is a ewim
... i,l i or a ho?!" The wtes
ti.VwJrt lingth affJ with
.'t-.r'-d dbility,"butfiej argument onr both
Se. w'er! o ear etfu'af ir?. pofnt of fqVce
of the county, there has been gathered to
gether, as if by magic, orthe various growths
and products of the industry and skill of our
people, whatever was rare or cxceueiu in
its kind. Thetie productions mora numerous
in nuantitv and far better in quality than any
one had anticipated, have been the source
of pleEsure and delightto the thousands who
have visited these grounds. During the ex
hibition, we have seen more of ourselves,
and of the many articles of fine quality that
we possess, than we ever sow before. Our
platfbrrn i eo-extensive with the boundaries
of the county, from which none of any tige
or ex arc excluded, either os visitors or com
petitors. -
Here, all meet to advance a common cause,
in which nil have a common interest, here
no political or religious sentiments enter
tained by any one, can be brought into con
flict with the discordant view or opinions
entertained by others,
.... ....I. ...
It is for you, lor the people oi uie county
nt large, now to determine whether good re
sults are likely to flow from this exhibition;
whether industry will be stimulated,ambition
aroused and emulation increased; whether
nor labor, skill and exoenditures will in fu
ture be better directed and thereby rendered
more.proJuclive and available. Herealter
we can make each successive Fair better and
more interesting than the one which preced
ed it. The time will often be rofered to,
during the year, by the old as well as by the
vnmn". aa nn aonroachinar holiday that will
come laden with instruction as well as plea- j Xit'yTeto
pure. ...
Let lis then regard the little Fire that has
heprf hero kindled uoon the alter of improve
ments aVestal Fire.alwaystobekept burn
ingand let it be increased from yeor to
year, a the appropriate period rolls round,
(or holding our annual Fair, until its light
shall illuminate, not only our own, but all
our surrounding counties.
FMmo-Uiliiem: The printed notice or
the order orprocecd'tngs.promised the delive
ry or a short address. It wa4 foreseen that
time would not serve us for the delivery of a
leno-thv one. I have attempted to redeem
theprcmiso in the spirit frf which it was
mnili.. nnd now surrender the stand to the
tnr part ol tlnir timi. h'in.
bli'i'tv warlaro w.t'i the dill -ront tiiopn, th..y nr. ris
duhjict to th i innnt vin ent. .Mac!;, of rhi-utnitinni,
par i I y ni s n luralic p ibn, and Varum, iirlainina'o
ry dispai . a a o thomos! horrid wound. raim,
bruisps. lumora, ellit g.di asci of the jointj etc,
etc Allthuie diipasoa th.-y worn nn urpriinslv
cllU'innt in curing, tint tin mil: itUtod I Hiked with
won'.orand attrilmtPd thoir s'.;lll to tlm power, o
mngio. Jl. O Farrell'a Arabian li,il:nenl ia compo
sition of ual.nm ai'd nil, from rare plr.nt ppruliar ta
iliis country, an I it '. hv the um of tlio artii le
cninpusii'g t ii grpat rcimil . tnat not only their pliy
liii tan, but oven tho wild Arab, of the do.'irt wi'Vo
nahleiHo norlorm .tirh m'.riculou. cure. J nt
Col I'tin. The followinj notice, which
we clip from the Commercial, Lavaca, T,xas.
will be read with pain by the many Wen 's
of Wm. Irwin, j.iq., in this community:
"Died in l.avaci,on the loth or October,
after a short but painful illness, Wimiam
Urn, Esq.
In liitiifM. I'orkfl WalU'is.
than full aprfi'pmcnt : fUX) Caw and r.si.knivci, lor - mm i '"V''J
TrrmiP'N'-'f-Ose-f-iiirtli in bmd and ri.ln in ; Vyboo!: rtore
IIITVe eau.l annual in..t:m7iitii. Willi. Hwirii cm . .
i'urfi,; bavin -il'a
' AS-OS Wi.T., f,
I . I,unue rnf !
' NovjmV: 23. li. i. ' 'aA
i:, ti'.Mi - y-Tai-.n iirfi
. . . . . ... : a - -i
1 1 i,unar;r nt .icmmi anrr. VF,, tn ,
.i .vt-ptnij'e and retail orices
citv hook .tore, oppr.it shasffer" aobd '
Nm-Pniir 10 . ... n -
Ptt'Jiosor VU-JTrt
Arab steel u vsorltl-rc wic ictl Jit Am Itrautuul ym-
met.ryojjorm hu unaurpts.ed apped and apiltty,
and tho incredible futiiue he la capabl.i of enduring.
Whv is 111 B-caoso front the tiiiin of hit birth Ma
limht are care.full y watched, and upon ithe first ap
p"aranro ol dieaetlie magic totinn i applied, and
audi thing a confirmed tweeny, poll-eril. fi.tula,
ritih.ine, .cntclma, .(.avin, lainpne.,.etc, etc, tre
unlcnown. The .im r-.-sult vi 1 follow in at. rate,
whero II. G. FaireW Genuine Arabian l.iniinenf ia
used in time. Th3relore dlay not in procuring a good
tipplyoiit, torovory dollar apent in it will ave
voi twenty, ann agr aiikai m au.it'iiiig n noi..our
Tlift public arj cnuti jn"d againat anotlier counter
feit, which hat 'at,, y made it appearance, called IC.
JJ FarrtW Arabian Liniment the most dangprout
of all the counterloit. bncause hi. having the name
of Karrell, many w ill buy in good faith, wi'hont tho
knowlcilgeth.it a countoifjitoxiita, and they will per
hapa onty dincover I heir error wheu the apuriou. mix
'ure hat wrought it. evil effecta.
The genuine avtic'o i manufactured only by IT. O.
Farrtll, so'c invenlor and propri i'or. and who'ea'e
.li-uiririat. n..l7 Main strppt. Peoria. Uliuni.to whom
all app'ication for Agpnciea ml be addresaed. Be
! sure you gel it wilhthe etters H. f before Karrell'.,
i tliuo U. U. FAKIlKLL's tnd hi. aignature on the
wrapper all otner.i are counteripits.
M d bv O. KA'Ii'KMAN k CO., T.ancter,
and by rapt ar'y authorized agent, throughnnt the U
nited'Slatet. Price 5 and 50 cunt., and $1 t bott'e.
. AGKNTS WANTED in every town, village nd
ham'el In the United Sta'et, In which one It not al
ready e.tabi.hed. Adtlrp H. G. Karrell at above,
accompanied with good refuTunco t tn character, re-
. . - rnov. ii im
Statement of the Condition ol Fairfield
County Snvins Institute, .
MONDAY, November 1, 183?
r I have had tha Dv.pnpIa for about five year, j on th.'part orai'i d.-t'p.din! fur more ihan tlu-ee year?
H about two yean a;o I wa allicked with the Bron- : Pr:nr to fihnS said P0:i'inn Snd. habi'ual drun'tn a
... , ,.. . ,. .. . , - , ; 3nl, ?io ni-i'ieenc enrl 4;h.cxlreie crnettv.
litis alo. rhee two duces combined pertMly ! r- p V VNTP-I'MP l'.i- nifrr Pctit'o 'rr .
oatratod ras, and compelled me to coao from Ihe i Octo'x'T'22,lSti2 i . i&VO tiwVt
llzaajirlllllrd Rlltera.
The follnwins extract from a letter of ftov. John
Mather., 1 worthy of a perusal by every Dysporitic:
Jack.oiVii i August j, 1?49 Dr. UreenTkar
prostrated ras, and compelled me to cease from Ihe
labor, ot my cal'tin. 1 am a member of the Illinois
conference of tho Methodist Episcopal church, tr.d
1 ist spring, a year ao, my friend, had no expectation
of my recovery.
Tile groat dillicully, il not the only on", is the
j acidiiy of my alomach-the purest water--everything
I eat or drink instantly become, acid, and in a few
mom-rli I throw it up- At tiuie.it aeomcd to mo
that a stream of acid from soma part of my av.tpm
wa. constantly pouring itself info my stoir.irh. and
i Fairfield Common V.f.i. Oct. Term, ISii.
j JOIIN' lirREAMF.rt. Y
t TWIE above df. n.brnt. V-i.iv' s r.n-reilA-ft of the I
j I State of Ohio, wii take nnti'rf thiit a" petition wa" ' 1
j exhibited ag.li at hbn, hy aaii) Hannah It -amor. at rti"
Ilntate of It- AI AiuHWOrtiia '
'' riIir creditor. ofa: Vsiate wi l he piid the dir.
I I A-n I declared to the PThitcC'ri:fo& apvli
f ca ion to John . Mi rtin. Ailor.iev a: Uw.
Ocluber lH-'2m Wll.l.I..MSItK, Jr.. Adm U.
October Term cf In i-ou t of -mnmon Pb-a. f .r l-2
hanae his ba-
a valuable
6- i rnilK under iencd, being Hiaircus to
w..i ... ..r L-.;r...i.i 1 c... i ii.;A I i l;r nftw otter Ii"r ii
ill nu i ir iti iuui.lv in ra'inriii aiii. .-..i - , . uir-. ... .i..-. ----- .. . . i . .
paving that the. narriaee ci ntraf erist'og Utween ! VAKM,i'uate in Bloom towna.up, rairtieiu coanty.
afd petit inner and said di-f.-i iant be di.nlv.J The 1 Ohio, one half mile North of 'be ot Itoyaltmv-
cause set fjrtb insaM pptition are. If.. fulabaenc"; r-a-l arm conuum " 7. -
eari : waj pu n iit't 1BK AX I -i r1 I
! . .1 I. ..mi 11 o.-r a.
ACUtS: more inan iwo-inn.i. . v. -7-r .
! good .tato of cultii ation. and.the t-J'"
1 id. Thero are two farm house, and a fargo bara on
the urns.
and an orcUard 1
'l '"MA Farm can be jixi&i .0 a to
farm, and will ba told aoporate of togethrf, t tuit
and aavoral .priiig. of never failing ',
Uard of tho choueat tdloctiooa of gralted
pUTC'MliaTa ..... j
, For particulars, to price and term, prtaoiw de
ainnuofpurcha. ng.are rvfem-dto.A. McVeigh,ljv,
In Conrt of Common l'len, Fuirlield Co.
rt. ' Pcfiio.i or D.'rorce
Lrrn.v watso:., N
rrtllE Defendant (whoe plat-e ot r-tid.-nc 1 ii un-
I 1 t . l .--'1... .:c. 1 .1... l. I.. .
a. aniiivn; ia 11 iri.uv iimiiii-u i n .1 v 1 ' ' " ' " Binilla Ol uureiiM R,-. . , ... 1V
filed hi petition asini h rinth- thr!.' tuF-.-eof! .,n-,;p!-. Ohio, or to the uudorsi?ned, who wUI oe
thef'otirt i.rC.Vmnioii P1aafor Kau-uoiJ count v. UI1111. r nn he nreiniaea durm? the next iwo www-
Dravina fur a disa.dition of tlie tionda. of m.tr.:w.nv j Saot.l3.lSo2 . JAMtS A-
HOW Slli:siling Dfiwwn III ill, ann a.-i:.niiii; 1 ircaii.w.
h;r ol-ip .nin and living in ad'iit rv with he pene-n
kuai siirrit!.
i I rnii t '
Novem'.r,j5. iXi
to decide the quest:
have much room here for im
provemcnt, hotli in tlio mearrs ami in me j oilicers or the ocieiy ,ior iuu uuniB n 'j
mahficf of cultivation. Furmino;, perhnps monies of the Fiiir. . But I canrfot do tins
i ik.n nn ilier n rt nr acieni'i'. is con-' ..-ill. ii first omrpHHinir the hope, tnai an
.......... ' II1UI1- 11.11 UXJ ....... - .... ,-- l.l.l'W. .... - g. .
swine .. . ... ..j.,,... I. ,l,il. I ... e.: l, o hnrnrtenzed bv the
1 linusiiy uiiui-iKoiK inipii'i".iiw, w. .... , olir iiuuro a- una nit " . " .: ', , ,
I . . .i . 1 j J; I . J u.l .-.n.l fnalirtn u-ltiell
i.n . ia, ina ilia innnmnn in iiiiiiiniNiirrii 1 nn.M., tirxnn nrn r null , uuu .....k ,.
affd his profits increased.
The law of cultivation requires us, at the
return of each successiveseanon, to deposit
in the soil, he various seeds of the crops
we grow. There isnoming him more uis-
Notos anil Dill. Discounted. .
Eaatern Dnpositp.
Duo troin Ohin Ilankt
Personal Propo ty.
R.al lillato. '
Capital Stock.......
Surplus Kur.d
Din ti Ohio Bank...
Dividends unpaid...
Due Depositors . . . .
I6.cv:i Wi
1?,W1 li)
I.71U OR
53,606 74
til 6,939 9
. 4,614 tHI
. 4,47-J 95
. 1.R87MI
. '7963 27
IU aible fur. norr.av when due, a n-iie I
v giveiMhat I will not he rfrpon
av when due, a n-iie h.rnnj luo
dred and filly dollar., dated October 0."., IHW. pnva.
bletn Helen Stanton, or order, and duo Novi nbcr
45, 18VJ. Aisn,Jthat 1 will not jay or bp rinill
lor tho following imtpa given by tn to aaid lleii S?
Stanton, or order, tvlirti due. to-wir: tlnp mite jair
two hundred dDllar. dated Ortoiier OS. lii'2.
I nM .A ii tha r..miniaaionproTKairtie!d coUU-
i a- ik. wv, mvitlar aession. tn tFarato fhat rrt of
A tt,.rxryfvr J'tlilirr. SU)J Sot jnnin, ,t the r.oiise of Sainusd Kirk- .
sl M fin-M ! wooJ in c Mrrr pk tnwnah'p; tlienct aouthwardly o
where It intersect, the tsiif.vun ami
Eoad. Ortober-23, IdSs...
this acid Inflamed my throat and bremt. or male mv ""T ,n V'? T "V1" T " c""v " i IV OT1CE i. hereby given. i(.a a m nion w.h
uronciuiis worse: mypnysicianssaytuny never. aw
a per inn afflicted with such an acid stomach they 'can I
do nothing for me, so lar as afTecting a cure. I have !
used ;ho varijn alkalies, but I think lh"V only ag-i
gravate tin disease, it it !ruo they give me a little
relief for a fiw momenta
Dut I suppose you would li'.o to In w t!is cfTct
produced on me, by the Oxygenated Bittora. Al
though I am not cured, the medicine bat done mor.;
for me than all my physicians and thou- medicines. I
had not tmished one bottle before It produced a griat
Slitt BOOKS."
RKSTO?.ATI0N of Monarch yinljar.ee,
by Iamarune 2 vol .
french Revotulion of "!. do . do - -
a-, h. k.-aLlLnrrrf'tVlile WidellCrld. 2 VOl
ur . . .... . . . , ft. (, T.nr,.-9rf
e iroTi tne lieiv nm " i.. - - -n
A .tin frni the New
NiteNotoia' Ifowailiutiy George W Curtit
The Howadjt in Syria do . . "J" .
I)tu Viting do do
Tha Day ol Bruce, bv O. Auilur,2 vola
r'. ..h l.o . aafmm Western Wooda, hv Mtat Fuller
food dieestod pruttv well- I do mt throw lip much, tnerelore to rn an peiaon a ainsr tahing tnt-i.anie. ym and " omen ol toe in century, uj txouw5vT
toon oigi-aiou prouy won, i un mi into up mm .i, ... . , , .. u linu-e Creenwood
if;j . ' iit i iiliiV. sumir , . r. Rachelor. and other
uuc. - .. w. w.--. r ri.Bll , lll-B.l'i'lt-M -r -
. . . ... a . . a i--.. . I a 1 , .1 r
, . , , , . ., . ... i oie one vear mim aa.e. aim nn? ioi mu uuiinnn i ui-
change in my tlrangth, anl In overcoming the acidity . ' . J (lr,w Iy, ,., .p.-r-,,,,
of my stomach; while using the third bottle; the add-1 date, all of which .aid noteta-e'iithimti-oni-.kirtioii ;
itrofmv stomach aoem-tdlobo overcome a:ul mv and obtained bv ti-and and iiur-a. inis police ni
- .. i . - ii - .
and henco I felt very much eicouragd I believe i
Ijmcaster, November 1, Vfy'i
A 'atii:iIiN' l':i im lor at'.
. ; THE .ubscribpr w ill ell biiFartti, one riile west
worlrs oflfre Marvel, togother with many other now
and suable booU. and a "ftf (
O zl. 4. Tol cgnph U ui UingTi oppoait court-houto
' . ..... .1 . we ituwi
followinir words: -jrs i-w "j"-"" , finffuishe the careful, thougnuui tarmer
eha4a trentlcmen. mat, i"
chunit f hot..
. AeTitottoMicAt DiecovEBT. The new
monster telescope of llev. Mr. Cralg, in
gffi. h" revealed the fact that what
w MM 8at",0, rlnf .We
rha at att, birt in reality arches of the moat
perfect geometrical formation. ; - ;
MS. SAnrtEiv Pa, seventy years of
nee, ha. jtfst nvarrled .W rtth wife t Cin
'fni.tl. Bine. hi. first,l.e
vied widow, and never rerrfafned .VWidow.
fx logger than all month, at one tinre.
MEXiopiupporubntone.potriecurj' fhof.
The population le eity thousand.
from the improvident and negligent one,
than the auperior quality of the seeds of every
description; which he selects and cultivates.
The best seeds that can be procured for the
soil to be cultivated, are always the cheapest
In the 6nd. Labor . bestowed and expenae
incurred in procuring tbern. are not without
their amnio rewards. - i
But we shall reap only a email portion1 of
the advantages arising from procuring ana
using the best of seeds, if we do not prepare
the Mil well for their reception, afterwards
p.iiiiunio our croDS according to the course
of good husbandry.. It t great boil coirr
mon error, in the process, of farming, ttf at
temot to cultivate too much land. One acre
well and carefully cultivated, yield more
hnvo pervaded this vast assemblage during
(lie present Fair. l
ltecclpts for tlio Gnreitc.
Wm. T.nrumfieldlS Jphn Baldwin' $1,75
Michael A. Ieist 1,75 Frederick Beery 1 ,50
JohnB. Kemcrer 04i Isaac Good .1,90
John Paul 1.28 Jeb. Hoffer 2,00
Peter Brandt 1,76 H. E. Inoman 3,73
W.F.Williams 3,00 J. P.Beatty 1,75
' 1215.939 99
C. F. OARAGHTY, Ce.nier.
icfJ'TtIIEiubscriber having greatly in,
,' , ifr If ' X. rrcaacd his atock on hi mail I'nutei
from Ci)lu?7i)ti o iMiu-aster and from Lanraittcr tn
yUwm, is Inlly prepared to carry an wno may wian
to travel on thone roads, with tifrtg, control t und re-
iVn-i'fy Ilis coachea, horses and duvers are all a .10.
1 aVxtra. iioio.ma conuaeniiy ma I'fu'N. puini
lor increasing patronage. r M. Z. KHtHjtH.
Ijncaster, INovcmuor 10, in- uw .
I could uso it regularly, for six months or a year, aa
cording to direi tion., it would cure ma
Dr. O. fJ. Shirley, one of my phyiicion', l as r.r
commenaea your meuicinwio numeral p'rwua, in view i . . . . . ... ' q., rr
ot thi good effoct produced by it on me. which ln .iearMrt , ,lcl(,r ?or,. nilf.v-siion. Tner- : jV'-'
nespoctrully, your friend, tc. JOHN' MATHERS. , i. a good FiAv.iira MiLt on'thc as.no, aitiiati d with- . i. by
RF.EO,AnSTI2J.&Co., WVa.a.1, Drugjlsts. No. : isTw rod. M J? .". .iU; BnU.
Alere.iams-now, i.onerai .gpm. - """ : ' , v. ...,, i V-nrA.
Or rsnot wneei. uirntinjainTniii- j..n..TiM.r i - i,Ann nailll, a auujuy ".--ft : " -
I never tilling spring ot wal a.-ciromo.unus ann i DavB.w, etc
I CtlllVl.-lllflll ll.lllii lll'a.L,.i...iR .'...... .-n. -..
trr ANOTHER SCIKXTU'lC WOXDF.1' In- orrhar.1 of lint rale iruit. Hein-j neairuu to rrmov
POM!tT to OvseEHTio-Dr. J. S. HOUCilTON'S to tho West, the aulwcribe wi dpnse nf Ihe e!ive
PEPjIN. The Tne n-ire Fuf.',nr Oattrirjiice. Ui"l upon lerm that cannot -ail to iat any porson
prepared from RLNNET. or tlio rouHTit stomach wiihing to riir.l.a. Iri.iiu'aMe mle can i.'
of Trtt Ox. after ..irectiont ot' Baron UKUI, the ! Soot-mb. 2. loi- HtMlY S.U1-IN ,-,
great. Physiological rhemist, by J S. iiouuiiton, M. j
D. .Philadelphia. This is truly a wonderful ivmeHv fur i
Price, f 1 per bottle; six bottles for J5.
KovlO Sold by O. KAUFKMA.N & Co., Uncstter.
o Ti.,.an.lt of narenl. who uie Ver
mifuge composed of caster oil, Iomel. etc.. sre Hot
aware that while they appoar to bentelit tho patient,
they are actually laying tha foutiJaUon for a tu
. .r ji 'i.. ni aleht. weaknesa of limbatc.
In another column will be found the advertiaement
of Hobensack'a Medieinea, to which we ask the atten
tion of all directly interested in thoir own aa well a.
.1..1 u:u i. 1...11I1' in liver comoiaints arena 1
inau V...IUIOII iimiku. '- -- - . , . , ' . . .
ditorder. ariaing from thote of bilious type, should
make use of th only genuine medicine, Hobenaacjt
t Dirt . , . .
.1 I..., a- v..yf - hnt aak for' Hob mack's
Worm Synfp and Liver PlUt.nd obterve that each
Has the signature of the proprietor, 1 N. Hoberisank,
.. Bone et are genuine. 'if. pxprm. .
In.li r:.Mtii.li. Ilv-npnata. Jailililire. liver rmni.ljlllf .
conlipation and dehility. curing after Natuw'i. own
melbod, bv Naturii'sown aent, the Gastric Juice.
OisBoiuMon of I'artnnrship.
riillK Fartnprsliip heretofore eviitinfTbetween the
a tuhsenbera. under MienaCeof Clv l- r.Ksol.K
has been t'.iis diy dissolved by nt'itnal conaent All
VTKtV tORK nSVOnTS, hy rftjstoclt, for sale
JUn. ia l.aiii-aa
i'.,wli..r ",ith all kinds of ata-
' - ?. .1" I rl.a-. . ,haa
ll.ar.-,io';i uunpns-e - r--" r --
Nov 4 Tpgnp B iil'.linQT'i'e court-hottae
" fitili. 1 inn' Cttbiti.
-wTTTnlCit i having an unprecedented run is juat
W W rPi-Pircd tlHl hir tal at to ooota'ora-u.
July 3"
Telegraph Bui' ding
Pamphlets. containing Scientilie evidence ol Itsvalup, ' persons knoin thrniselves li:d Upd bv nn r.r
furnished by agents gratia. See notice aincrg' the 1 otherwise will see the
s necetitv of calllntr immediate-
Iv and settling. Tho not- a, hooka, etc . will be found
- 7 at their old stand, either of ihe psrtnersare authoriz-
AK OtT.VCK or ACT li worm poillltl 01 1 nrt .11 ' 0,1 to aettie. .J .ll tlU 11.1
mi.Jicai advorti-ienienrs.
r.iuiily ISiJik..
A LVnOK Assortment ol every variety of style,
from pVm to most beautiful Turkey binding,
and extremelv low pice, al lb" book '
aun.l aa. iviunaa
Notice to the Creditors of the Zauesvllle V
Maysville Turnpike Kond Company.
TI 1 K creditor, of I he .aid Road Compan y, who have
r.ot heretofore filed 1 heir claim with thefteeeiv-
r, agreesniy 10 tne notice iortn --an; ui lanr.
iiu anil Mavsvillu Turnoike Road." are further no
tified to preaent their claims to the Court of Common
Plea, of Muakinguin countv, at the adjourned session
theveol.on the 37th day of Decetritwr next. All cla,im,t
t LI . l.: .1... 111 L.a 1...... nv.
not IlICO agieeaoiv to 1111a noii 1,. ai ua i.i.o.v.
eluded fiom arty participation in the proceeds of the
ale of taid Road, in the event of the confirmation
.1 .r . . 1 ......
For the convenience of creditor!, elaimt mav be
filed' With' the dnrideralgned, to be reported hy him
to the teaaion OI the court aoove menuonea. -. .
. , A . . B ASSKTT,- Reteivm,
. - ' 1 :' r ..' l"- 1 1 auKfa O?
laaocaater,' vviowr 1 iaia - . t
N n Mr Jivu C. W.avra. of Lancaster, will
ravalva clai.tia to be Bresented to the Court by the
neceii-. . ..... i
th;. swann ol cnri-liiivo facts tint clust -ri-onnd that,
incomparable pref siaiion, f'ooftm'a (J.nieit Tlif
t.'n. pivpai-udbv Jr C M . JwAw, I'hila'lelphinjM
estahlifi); ita value aas Ionic and rntoraiive, are
siu h as would prevent incredulily itelf from qu -a-
. .! . .11 r J: k ,UA
iioniu ua eiucacy. in 111 cu. w w.a. v. ...c
stomach, whether acute or .chronic, it may be re
commended for ita toithim. cordial, and ronnvatinil
inltuiincn. Dyspepsia, lieart bum, loss of appetite,
nausea, r.ervoua tremirs, rehrstftinn, debility, etc.,'
areroliered.by the Bittera in' a Very short apteeof
time: atr.i a perseverance in ineir use ecvur uau iu
wiir a thoroneh cure. . ... . . - i
November o
lNoveinhorti, noi. abka.h t. t.iisuu.. (
IJfThankful for pait favors, the ulwrriber intend. :
continuing the bu .in. -as at tho til. I) STANIt, where
ran he found al all firnea thecreatpst variiiv of FAM
ILY OROtElUES, wtiich v. ill be so d on reasiirablal atore of
terms. j AV.U11 li. .
-Uncssler. November 0.18."n. . 06
IJtROM the pasture of Mr. John Shieirer, Ibrce
. miles and a half Weatof Lancastar.o'i, thn Pike,
about the SAth of Noveraber. a KI.F.E. BITTEN
OKKY HORSE, about fifteen, bands high, and aeven
yearaoia. lie nat no .car. trv wmcn ne couia oe
further diatinauiahed. hav'tna noblemiab abotit him.
V liberal reward will be paid to the person leaving-
nim at limtarani 01 r. A. Dnseuerin aaiaca&ier.,
-December 1.1 1863. . P T.BARNUM.
ta, Hj, aa I., . ,. . 1 , , . , 1 1. ., .
Important t FunulU-s. f
fTMIE suliscribi-T hat ooen-d a Rntcbor Shoo.
L In Martin'a Row. two door. South of tho Pott
Ollice, where he will keep on han'A, at ill timea.
Itrrai.'r.ae tamata- Mliisini'STvi.
andtaARD. ' '
a Dublic are.T.ir0Sctfull im-ited t" call when
they with anything in Ids line, an l he will mleeror
to reiuer taiuia.-t.ion, ooin 111
,.-0ctolwfi;i8S , i
n quslily and price.
Pocket BiV, Wnlli-t-s Torte Monte t
A NI) C.tRO CASF.S of every kind and style
A. just r-eceiv! ami for tele vers -w at the book
-L, -.1 ! '
, , FlltsT ARRIVAL. .
JFST received troin New York, by R TIEIjOrSO
thlrtv-tbree d-.7en Komuth tnd M.gyir HA I
Cor men and hoya. They ill be aoVin Ww f rteea.
Septainber'ia, IW'J. . . .
- rfcltftJIERY M
FflllK anbscriber his i'uit received e very Ce aa
i A aortment of the Oenutne Aotiatel erfumerU,
eons'tting of genuine Heel jnairnw, genuine e..
tlil Philocomb and Beef Marrow Pcannaade, lite .x-
tnrctt for handkatrchlefa, eu. etc
Nov. 33 .
Blank tuiinion";
dies sod Mitaos
Boot and Gaiters, at
fctoofi. a'sw shoes.
1 aceiveeV mbrai
able shoe now in 1
ALSO, a good stock of Mea's
. . . '- : WI61-7S
A LARGE Lot.iust ttcceived mbracinr ever
xV kind of Faanaonable shoe now iu aseKfer La
O. W. fcR.EUER.
H AVK Jtiet received s lot of FRESH
AVCTV11B aaiJ aa-111 keen eoBBtantlV era

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