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. ' NEW SERIES VOL. 7. NO. 31.
WHOLE NO. 1421
Tall of Rock' at IViaoaha. Somo Correspondence of the Lancaster Gazette.
: George weaver, joitobano proprietor
. -,--' John H. Wrigbt, Printer. . -
'CfFICE Tm'ag. BuildingThird F'om-
" Miin Siraet South Side. ' , ;.
"Terms 81,75 per annum in advanced
Thursday Evening. Dff. 4, ' 1 .
CtiBA l!xctTEMEi(T.-It would .com thBt
jf,' George Law is deeply interested in a
ff with Cut.. 8l7ld h W Pcrf tCf
tobringit about, he v-U make a handsome
.peculation-permitting others however, to
do the fightini- . New York ci.y 8 thread
quarter, of hi. operation., and there nearly
all the excitement originates. The New
York Evening Post, the leading Democratic
journal of the city, doe. not hesitate to
charge Law and hit associates, owners of the
line of the U. S. Mail steamer, touching at
! Havana, with "stirring up, during tne past
year, an unhealthy and feverish state of
feeling between this Government and the
authorities of Cuba" that upon the arrival
of every steamer for months past inflam
matory report, have been circulated by the
. jre devoted to the Interests of Law, and
le effort has been made to produce the im
pression that .ome offence had been com
raited by the Governor General of Cuba that
demanded war and subjugation of the Island.
The Post asserts that in case of war, Law's
-Ship, wilt at fee wanted by the Gov
ernment, and by the term, of hi. contract
itfcMr will have to be paid for with ten per
.cent, advance apon their appraised value,
. which will doubtless be twenty-five percent
Above' the real value; hi. J&O.OOO muskets
.n,.ht f he Government for $3 14,405, but
never naid for. will fi4 arket at eu ad-
r .t IbpbI half a million of dollars,
tend the great beaextof Cuba will doubt
In, be nermitted, under the new govern-
silent, to enjoy such privilege, for hiio.elf
ndln. steamer, in the port, m ".".
a. may . hav deemed a suitable. acVnowledg
- snen't of his patriotic service, in' their cause.'
Wa commend the above tJ the attention
-r the Filibuster pres..'..' They ought to
. know the source of their intelligence and
then tell their readers tow much reliance
can be placed upon it. The I'ost, we iai.e
' it, will uut have it authority disputed, even
, by it fillibutjr brethren. .
' Public Det or ' Aikah'sas. Te Loto
' foco State of Arkansas is iu a bankrupt
. - rendition, and has nut a mild of cunal or
' railroad we believe to show for its indebted
' i.,- l i.'-uinhaticallv a hard State, with-
L.t.; j,t,,M,t edit."witliout internal'
?mProvemnl,ad without a conservative
' Whig party to keep its head above water!
i, u'iil.i.iiv nopulated, is cursed with 81a-
'very, and has always bceii with the most
.tiKcniUeofocuim. U"V. Roake, in hi.
,t--mewage to the Legi.Iature, presents
the folloWing picture of the present indebt
; edness aud B-piying 'condition f Arkatt-
' cue. . Ifefsays: ... . - , ' "
. . m.nr. 1oM nf more than &9,0O0,000;
: ..hinh'wn are not paying one dollar ol
.1. .rinr interest, nor will our revenue
rnable us to do so.
one at Ningara Fulls writes a. follow, in a
letter to tlio Butlalo Courier:
"Ilwasmy good fortune to witnes., one
day atc week, a viglit such a. i. not often
.pen, beinp the deacnut of an immense mass
of .olid rock iirto the river below. Ou the
point where we are at work, (upon the Lew
iston Railroad,) a monster rock, weighiiif; n.
uear as I can calculate about two hundred
tons, projected out from the perpendicular
ledgo on which we were at work, with seem
ingly no support under it, but lieltl only by
the earth, roots, Sio., on top, and connecting
it with the main batik On removing this
earth a seam was discovered, and the rock
began to manifest nneusinei-s, fueling as
much . a rock could feel, agitation at the
prospect beforo it. The scam gradually o
pened, little patches of earth dispnuaged
themselves, and tho word .oon spread tha
the big rock was about to take a leap Into
the foaming caldron below. Quite a con
course of visiters gathered on the bank a-,
bove, and the men ran from their work, aome
in fear and trembling, to the top of tho
bank, 150 feet above, to be sure to be onto!
the way. At length the monster ;g.ive
sign, 'of acute internal, distress: th trees
which stood upon it Degan to nou goou-uyc,
the scam-rent and the rock fell, tlu full
therefore beinggreat.' Away it went, jump
ing, crashing, and tearing everyining uliuiu
it, two hundred feet down to the river below.
The tall trees in it. course snapped like
nine-steins. But when it reached the river
n most magnificent spectacle was presented.
There rose, like a great water giant, a white
column of epray and mist a nunareu leei
hiirh incredible as. it may seem, those who
witnessed it will attest that it rose to one
third the hfight of the chasm and spread
round in fulling a distance of from t wo to
three hundred feet, and moraysor uie sun
striking it formed a perfect r innow. It was
certainty the grandest sight of the kind I
ever witnessed, and worth a journey to. see.
It impresses one vividly with a pretty tangi
ble idea of the effects of an accumulation of
power." : -: ; '' .
The Cuban Fnss. The Cherokee .ailed
for Havana and New Orleans under com
mand of Cantain Baxter of the merchant
scrvlce.the administration having withdrawn
all naval officers from the line, tone liau
neither mails nor passengers for Havana.
The Republic say. the mails will be trans
mitted to Charleston, ana mence oy sieum
shin IheltoCuba. Purser Smith was re
tained on board, but as the vessel has nei
ther moils nor passengpr. to hind at Hava
na, it is hurdly probablo that Law and his
associates will be able to provoke a war with
tne Cuban authorities the present trip.- It
is possible tho Cherokee may be run into the
Columbus. Dec. I, 1852
Mr. Epitor: The attention, of ihi; e
sembled wisdom has been devoted since my
lust to the consideration of subjects of only
locnl importance. Judge r udffe, the venf r I
able and industrious Senator from Green
Niw Yock. Nov. 27.Th teamfi'
New Or-
f'ridnjr Evrulat:, Ut-t z, IHH I The I)t.ia.tv or Tun BoMiMiiTr.H I
''.'I J!i :'""':r:'. ' "Jl""-." Dmtkot the Du'e de ljcudt .a-j.-,li u a i Che-okw ail,4 tbt arWrnoon f,r
,U l',huA Tl. 7. .;,,. r- fiic rcimaUoce tlmt tl,- Safin- d- r
.hunt bxhumrii. I he Zineville Courier1 ... , . . l!sxtr, of tho merchant service. Purser
tate.th.t Fossil Ehpht w..dazouto;Tic' wh,cb ,ppr"c u ut '",u!'u"" r Smith i. on board. The U.S. mail, wer
mjuis .Tiopoicon as emperor oi i rsiire, ron- not ent Ly the Cherokee, nor was there any
Mayn't I stay, u:'id,1 I'll do anything
you give me cut wood, go after wattr, anJ
do all your errands.'
- .... klA.l r .1. - I. .1 t . , . J r.
u v. u v u ui .in if i a n i i urn i ii r- ii.i-r f i ri . npHr 1 1 1 ri'tini'iit r 1 1 1 1 1 m n ,
c 1 1 i .i t . . ... . .1 . r . i I . t r . t. i r.:..kAn I . a. . i .
niiea- wan learp. ii was ft laa mat 9Urm f r . - u r. t..j i- i iiuurmaiion oi irie ui-aiu oi iup iniii'r wrti'.ik ., uwru. nw uu unuiini.. unu-
a kioJIy . ,, , . .".., ... l-'-uchtenburcr. the second son of Eiiaene ' " naTr '"' nipmeuw
i - v. .ww... . . v anv iti UHorrta i jiw ipanirm loucuinir
i'..r.i. r,eBU",ni".nd n-in-Iutv of the htnpcror ' ' :.. .;. "
i. the third on found at tht.p l-tce,allof the
ame specie. The parts exhumed, and ihe
who isatthe head oftheummportant commit-,the outer door,, pleading with
tee on Hoads and Highways, has fairly mo- looking woman, who still rmed to doubt
nopolized the business of the Senate with ; the reulitv of his good intentions,
two or three hill, for the bolter regulation of The ro'ttsgesat hy itself on a black moor,
roads and highway, and although his la-1 or whsi in Scot, and would have been called t abearance of the ir-.vel bank in wl.i. l. tfii
bor.arei.ot very ambition, north matter j .Ul h. The time wa. near the latter end of ' "N""an" .of .,h( r"1 b3D,c ,n hh",
committed to his core of a very pompon, .September, ai,d a fierce wind rallied the fm-ud, indicate that an ent.re 'Mon.U-r
character, yet! doubt not that In the practl- ' bough.' of the two only naked trees near the j" '''' 'Pcie. ts b-en embedded in this
cal affairs of life and in the every day busi- house, and H d with a shivering sound into ! place, the fosiliicrou remain, of which arc
nesg or the people, tne legislation seenreooy the nnrrow Hoor-wav, as ii seeking for
tha indefatigable public servant will be us i warmth at the blazing' fire within,
sensibly felt and be as permanently bene- .. Nw .and .h' n a si .ow-fluke touched with
flcial as much other, of a moru ambitious jtB NMft chill the chi ' k of th liMt,-ner. or
whitened the iirary rednes of t!ie p;ior boy'
bciiumbrd hunds. .
, Ihe Woiimn was evidently ioth to grant
fie boy's requi-st, and th- jif.i-uli.ir look
stamped upon hi features, w ,uld liHve
geted to any mind an Idea' of depravity far
beyond hi. years.
character and a more sounding uppellation
- The House ha. spent the last two day. In
Committee of the whole, on the bill to regu
late the militia. U is exceedingly unpopular
in that branch and aftef 'ivoting almost two
whole days to its consideration, the House
this morning referred it to a committee, in
structing them to strike out all alter tho en
roling clause, and insert anew bill. ( n its
originul shape, the bill was drawn up tor the
purpose oi inducing tho formation ot uniior
med light companies. '. To accomplish this
end.it provided for certuin lexomptior. to
those who should become -member, of such
companies, exemption, from working on the
roads, front certain taxes, &o. Any attempt
to revive '-he old cornstalk militia of former
times, meets with no favor and it ia hnrdly
probable that much will result from any Ar
rangement that is at present likely to be
-"I" b, i in.ifn. !,,, ,.kiM(T Iiai.uj. ,,, I Ma j,t was
TUo elder brother fll.i ymwg ' una,h to shio S200.000 in .necie bv the
prince died hirl!y after bit irurrinyn witli t;hcrokee, a. was intended. Several paa
the Quecti of PortLj:,'., ii, the ft ,er of hi sencers went out in her, but they were all,
The duke himself wa ; ,,u lhirl . with one exceptmn, bound for New Urloans
a large ronrourc oi pcrHons assemoiva on
in a natnral state of preservation, and may
when completely exhumed, show almost the
entire bones and frame of the huge monster,
much beyond, pcrha ps, double the size of the
living Asiatic, or African Elejihant. The
molar teeth, four in number, all that the
specie. posg?i,were found in the j.iws sound
(and uiibrtik -n, ind two weigh twenty pounds
i each, and two fourteen pound, ench. The
But her woman heart could not r-siat ,tUsk. were not in as good condition, oneonly
the sorrow in those large, but by no means , M SOUI1(JVnough to bear moving. This
handsome grey eyes I . . .
'Come in at pny rate till the good man one 'hl feet in length, measures at it. base
come, home: there, sit down by the fire;! 20 incite, in circumference, and at the
you look perishing with cold;' and she drew j point eight feet distant, where it i. broken off, i
a rude choir up to trie warmert corner; men, ,6i jm,n,. jn rirrumferenre, the whole
:a of winch pr..bb-y 12 feet
the table for supper. . ' ' '
Presently came the tramp of heavy shoes; ,
sixth year, and had acquired a poHi ,n iii ll
imperial family of Rui, which emed to
destine him ti; b'tticr honors. - H is dcitlii
announced at the very moment when hi
cousin Louis Napoleon is kscc-nding the im
perial throne nf Frsnrc,
the pier to witness her departure, and to get
a sight or the celebrated Purser Wmilh;
pRoriTABt.c Hoc. In our 15th Oct. No.,'
(R. V. Work of Lancaster, gave an account
of a profitable sow snd nii?s. This ha. cal-
and the only link i led nut a statement from our friend Beards
which connected the Bonaparte familr with i ley of Mahoning county, who haa a sow,
.... . o . . ,. . , ,. ' ,n,v four years old, hich within the laat
that of Ro-sm is thus d;.solved. It seems, ,wo vpjr M ptod;icei M f,)n, ,;uerg
as if in spite ol the extraordinary advantage , wren p;ff( 0f whirb number fifty-one have"
of fortune which Las followed the descend-; been raiard. We knew that friend Beards
ant, of the Empresa Josephine, fe fatal;- hy had a handsomefarm.and first rate sheep.
i . i i . j i i j . , .1 j j
. . t . i .l r iiecsu-,0 we nave iiso noiu u i.tein, auu aro
ty interposed to prohibit the permanence of ... , :, . , . ' lrA
J ' r trlnd r.. Inftf-rt flint lit. ia enonlltf anrreSBftn in
wine. Hlsrtock is a cross of Bedford and1
llv field Ohio Cultivator.
their honors, and to obliterate the traces
they have left ooiongt the reigning families
of Europe. Remarking upon thu the Lon.
don Times &vs:
I TT,er t ever rencnn tn ftnnnoe ITimI
or ' Louis Napoleon will guard himself as mtirl
'-t7"Mi Converse, a youn lady of Le
ftnysville, Jefferson county, Kew York, who
has been missing tor somd days, and in
, -arch of whom more than a thousand per
ns possiMe against thete contingenci-n, and on8 were engaged, was found drowned en
that his mnrri-iee will follow very shortly the lOth.in a mill oond neor the friends houe
Tne Ar.nrac.' P.c .A ftr a lenrrfhv
the door wa. swung open with a quick jerk, j trilli the iurv in th- c,is of the State of "I00 hi. proclamation and ecccamon. But from which she had abseonded. On taking
and the 'good mail' presented himself, wea-j n. ,' 7 . , . it is an essential characteristic of the inti- th body ashore it looked so life-like thntit
ricd with labor.
, Some feeling is becoming m&nilet on the A look of intelligence passed between
Bill introduced by Mr. Cushing, to prevent ; his wife and himself; he too scanned the
the future immigration of the free blacks j boy's face with an expression not eviuciog
and muluttoes into this State. Its chunces ; satisfaction, but nevertheless made him
for passing the Senate were thought to be ! come to th table,' and then enjoyed the
somewhnt promising, hot it cannot go I zest with ' which he dif patched his snp
th rough tho House. It is a lion now, nnd j per; -
will be the -subject of a handsome fight. 1 . Jjav ofter dav .passed and vet the boy
You shall know-the particular, thereof, , braced to be kept 'only, till to-morrow;' so
when they transpire. ' . . ' the good couple, after due consideration,).
ii Another "muss nas i een Kic.Keu up nuum cnnciunon mat ns long us ne wis ?a oni, ,
the public, printing. Gray of the Plain land worked so heartily, they would retain j
Dealer obtained tho contract and ueiore ny , him. . - : I
O' e dav in the nii'td)'- of winter, n pc.l.ar,
wnio ag-nn,i t,mi ,. ki.ii -remi and otner j tilt;ong wli(. have lately been imposed on vvu. Uidon the green graaa, whete all eotild
forshootintr Dr Albers, in Cincinnati, found 1 France, that the security they confer is !ini- rjr;W jt. jjer checks were like roses. She
a verdict of shotting with intent to wound, -ited to the duration of a single life, if indeed ,ad on a rirh dress, and her hairwus neatly
sminst the princinal defendant: bnt return-' t'""1 be nl hY am' lt arranged.
The waters bad treated her very
I f . . . , 'llllill, .U-..1 M HI... il-IIIll-l,,. j.llllllll MIJBIIOHICVJJ Pll "
ed a verdict of not guilty a. to the three, r.hi, ,.,. rclv even in death. It ws. a sad and
friends who accompanied him tothe house of r.ii, ,,- r,ur,,., , iieart'-rr ndii!'' upectacle an only and ac
,.r 11... ..-.., i
KUIIDi I Lrl I.1I.U lit, ,11 - . . ,
' ,r iinn inn I
, w w.. .
newly created Hmpcro:
idopt if he has tn ir,ulo child himself:
j Tlie sons of Lucicn Boniparto by his sc-c-1
ond msrriaee, vix: Charles Luci'-n Bona-!
Dr. Aihers. The
have filed a m-itinn for a r ev trial, which
was to be argued on Wednesday. The pun
ishment for tho above offence is, we believe,
from one to twenty years in the penitenti-
matter can be printed for either , House, it
must be up to Cleveland and worked ofi'ond
sent back, and this causes a delay of some
two or three days, when 'the huninesM Ire-'
quently demands that it should bo done- al
most immediately. Another difficulty bus
arisen upon the terms of the contract, Gray
claiming that the State must deliver the
work at his offioe and the State officers
claiming; that ho must take it from the Secre
tary of State. ' The contractor offers to give
up the job and tho House discussed the tib- puck ov r liis si
i"ctone day upon bis memorial and conclud- he looks, I ?-aw
l Wit,.-.,
lotig nr-eustomed t
maX h's' nptienr-ii
goods re'viily. if h,- h" lr
Ynii tiaVfi i hov Miihlhere
I see,' he fuid (t'linting to th
'Y' s; doyou know hint P
'I hav.-si-en him, replied ihe pedlar,
eivly; ' - : .:
' 'And where who Is he! what is h' !' '
Aiailbird:' and the, pedlar swun bin
sii(iu,l.-r; 'th'il ooy, young..'
in t:.,urt invselt, and Ueird
his scn'ence n iriHiifiis;1 le-'s :i harr' one.
You'd do well to I ok k er'ully iftcr h-ii.'
()h! thi r m !omriiiiiii i horrMe in
the word jail ! poor .w ,i.-n,n trim (,...! .as
the she laid kwiv Ii- r pun h is-s. nor
I be easv till she .--ill -d the hov in, -ii
.rthelrotl..-r.oftbeLmpcr.'Mn;r""IB? Peclc!e-
, ,,, ., comulifched daughter, in the prime of wora
I, whom Napokon III, the nnhooAt aaicep in dCath by ber own hand.
'mpcror nf France, may a- (j;n f;-
A Sd Accmt sT. A n of Mr. Betts.of
Wayne, Erie county, Pa., wa. heating a
telile of nirita of turoentine on a stove,
.A . r r,.;., .,,! ,..lrn-irl r.l ... ' .1 A .!,.,
Italic, iiiMic .ji ,i.,,...it w vv-. . ... , lour yOUllger uiuvmn. .iiu .iDiimauvu.
n jof the Roman Cor.Miturnt Assembly, aged nj,n t,e mii,er in an adjoining room
13. Louis Lucicn. aged TJ. fVrre, aged wnenf n the young man putting some rosin
37. and Aiitoine. swd 30. ' in he kettle, it exploded or boiled over on
1 The son of Jerome, by hi s ;cond marriage, tj,e atc-ye, filling the whole room with flame
""I ivz: Nanolcon Josepti Bonnpane, ex-jioun- j inj .irikintr every person present
, i
will ccinraeiice bus,ncis under it iimneiM
ately. 1. Huii.ly, . B-iq., haa beun rhosen
President, and H.'li. Ilulhiirt, Hq .Cashier.
that .sin liii"'.v Mint dark 11 ,rr
the clii'ej hung e.w
a s-
. a r ... nf r..j,,4 n,,t nf anlta Kilt if
, '-ll .a Hnah,.,itf l.lu nn,lu- Uiai llll'T UUU 111, lUlinuiiuuu n.yi -u
Bins or CoMJiEncE. A company ol j ually nulli y Hie contract ny geiiingine pnn
herov eunilaliiits in Cleveliiid have bought I tine done here'. ' Such is the wisdom of tin
ihe ,-linrtir of the Bank of Commerce, ami I Fiftieth (ieneral Assembly.
i Senate udiolirnen lust cvenin, over nnreii iihu
until tf-morrow, to 'jive the use of their Hall j his history- '
to tue Colleire of Pre.ldenlinl electors, who Asham"d. ili-lii-fsn!
Both gentlemen have the confidence of- th" ! meet here lo-!av. IT is reported tlmt they : ,W .!: his ca-ek- se.-nied t ir --ting w i'h
business enminunily. Mr. Handy is well-, hnve voted for Mr. Pierce for President, the hot blood; h's lips .quivered, mid augm-h
i . ,..;,,.,, .ml f irr..eiCiiKl,ier ol I nnd Mr.- Kin-. of Alabama, for Vice Presi-1 was' pain ted at vivd-v u: on his forehead ns ii
the Merchants' Bank of Clovvhind. ' den. A pro w ot Mr. hinf. A report was
The chart r 'of the Bank of Commerce ivnrretit here l ist tiisht that he was dend: but
allows the us' of a rapltal'of hair a milli, iiii despatch front Washington,- at i o'clock
of dollars. Th-s commercial business ' of i to-day, Contradicts it. "
Cleveland requires exten.uve bnnuiiig nirn- ; l ue r.ieciors nave ijrueu n . en.u. m-
.j . ; tir i, f room for t he ' i,i)7 moral rharaclrr for Sum Mi'dary. re-
nrofitable employ nr-m of tho capital of the '.commending him to tho President elect, for nobody "cares at
new institution, the notes of which will he . a, place in the Cabinet ! ! ! O .If .. ours, to ruin at otict.'
. . . rr.i-,l KKnoTll?ll:s. . t Te 1 me." fiat
put ill circulation nr once.iicr ni. .., , ; .
Arrr.cTis. "In Luzerie county. Pa
; few d.ys aince," ays the Cincinnati Er.qui-1
i i:c "M r. Jorin Williams, shot Ins own son,
i,rtn,l jo. while he whs in the' undr-bn:i.!
'atherinir chestiiwu. ' The father took him i tainrer. aeed 30. The only grandsons liv- . m.-.j .-j i,eu..aa. Mr.. Betts wa. found
r... - .t, fi . ui . ,,,. lina of any brother of the Emperor, are those -g:r,ns,e, Bh( all her children .o burned
exclaimed: "Father why did you .hoot me!"
and afterward, added, "Fathcr.you will bury
me ori the farm, won't you!"' We ore re
joiced to learn that the poor little boy sur
vives, and is recovering."
11 gs! The total receipts at Cincinnati
ii - to November 30th, number 113,854 head.
L ist year to that date, 100,737. In 1850,
:i-t.4')l That shows considerable increase,
wliile it appeari that Kentucky ha. sentlor-
-S810. The total numbcrof -that
l ist reason was 72,000 head. The
the viiril were l;rarti!pil into the fief h.
"Well,' ho muttered, his wh.!e frini'' re
laxing as if u burden of guilt or j y had h;id
(lenly rolled off, ! may as well s' ruin at
onct there's no usin m;J iryiiitf to do'
better everybody hates nnd despises isie
about me- -I rnuy as well go
'I b 'V V
i The Stobm Sonn.-The
lp,ipers oi Mnday state that tho freshet bad
ofLucien, beinr the children of hi-son, ,.lt t1irPe 0- them died that night, and the
(yharle Lucicn, I'rinre ot tainno, v.z. two remaining were not ( xpecteu to survive
Joseph Laoien, Prince of Mu-ignno, aged , n.Ta j,eBrij from.
2. Lucicn Louis, "god 24, and XspoJeon j r-
Jacques, aged 13. Anyone of these eight j Rowdies it Off ice. On the trial of
Bonaportes is capable of being called tothe 'Burns for the murder of Burd, in Philadel-
accession, by choice of, and adoption by, Xa- phia, a few dsys ago, the fact came out in
polcon III. evidence that" several prominent members
, , : j ',, i of the desperate organization known as the
Sui Aer,Jent.-Oa yesterday, 5'r- "'. .jcjiers," are now upon the M.r.hal'. Po
Roberts, a young man living with Mr. O.v- rn a the district of Moyamensing, and
ens, on the Creed farm about seven miles others are holding equally responsible
we.t of this citr. met with a mo?t unfortu- posts. I ne development, in rereci io w.a
u i l l- i - r.r k;. ' boev, Ii is saiu, were oi me inoai om, v...i(c
by which he loses one ol his . -' , ... i.i:r
' eKracler. alninst bevoni beiiel.
Under this system, vir-
...i ..ll.tw.n-ia upon US, Willi ail us iriiiu
of odious and disastrous consequences. - A n
arrarigemcttt can be made w.th a majority ot
' our creditors, by which oar bonds c.n be a
ken up at less perhaps than their value, pro-
. vided the State will issue to tkrm new
future period, and
'ja :?5r aT. lrest thereof And in
addition to this, the present bondholders
' il o i like security, make further .dvan
ces to 0.e State of half a million or more,
to be applied to works of internal iraprove
ment calcnluted to develop the resource, of
; the Statc
- Thb PAC.nc.-Americans must have an
eye W the Pacific. Our vigilance must be
Jstle.. there for a long tune to come; or it
. W until the power and inOaence-andiit
least ununnej American name
i d r7fle7ted in the future. And
. while watchful in the Pacific, we must not
be lcs. observant of BrifwA tactici.
The above i. the commencement of a
long article looking to the future annexation
t.ifie nd "the rest of man
Camfocsia t'r to Tive! Vimng Cali
fornia is behind in nothing. n.y the lust
papers we see that the Free Democracy or-u-niiizcd
and nominated a Hale 'and Julian
Electoral ticket, nine persona being present
at Ihe State Convention that the Spirit
nippers hnve published a boolfand ure Aour-ishing-rthat
the sons of Temperance are
numerous enough in Sail Francisco to have
niihlic iiieetincrs and a rranrt demonstration
on the plaza nnd tliut immigrants who
had been iu tho Slate six months would be
allowed to vote ct the Presidential election,
the time to he counted from tho day they
pulled up stakes east of tlie Rocky Moun
tains. . , .,
OrThe Vermont Legislature haa passed
a atrinirent "Maine" law by one majority in
the House, and the Senate, by a vote of 10
to fi. Tho law is to be submitted to the
nennln ill March next, ond if they vote in fa
vor of it it will go into effect in May, nnd if
they vote ngoinst it it will go into operation
- i r 1 1 -. .. i.l
on thehrsiot ueccinucr,ioiiuwniK,Biiuuiu i
not previously bo repealed by the .begisia
turc. After the bill passed the House, a re
consideration wo. ordered by nine majority,
but after the vote was announced the ClcrK
stated that the bill hod already been sent to
tho Senate.
r .u. uilw.ln Pacific
r kind - which la now going H.e fonnds of the
ClUbnstdr' pre... ' If we were
: the advice would be followed, we would be
cotfeiitf but while they are hatching "Bnt
! s.h f.etieV Bofar a. annexation is concern
ed, thev are the confessed "practical allies"
i of the commercial policy of Great Britain
What hoots it. whether ourselves or ,Eng
land own the isle, of.tho ocean, so long as
. . : nermit her to hove the benefit of .the
trade orthese' Islands! Better, far better
will it be for us, if wo go to work and ren
". der ourselves independent of .the influence
. - of hor large capitalists. ' ' - ' ' '. '
' 1 y5-Mr. Jame. G. Birney is out again in
faVor of African colonization. -' In a late
' letter he allude, to the pamphlet which he
" publiahed l.t year on the subject, ond su.
. (.in. it. doctri ie. He say s : ' - i
., . '.rf.-v with many others,-. I
au vtlhat the emancipation of the slave,
thought that th eman P
r"?1" "IUJ," r in thi. country; that
?M nWel n7 hf- and consideration
to he free State.-for then I supposed that
- . ra.ni.nh a-to emancipation
. 'respeet. and, in the end, contribute to hu
KbeAttoi., In' these expectation. J am
. free to confess, Ihav-e oeen aiwtjeu.Dt ..
appointed. "; ; 1 "' ' ' .
" ad-t o Sai.b. -The public . ur
'.'lii-Aaia.. Snnerior Land Disirict
c witlbepretty much closedo, '
on and very large wacw oi n.....-. o
.' 1 1..,. ill h nffered at public .ale
we understand, early in the Spring. , If we
A .i ife,l there are some 150
are corruunj, iu.. ... ---
township, of .these valuable lands to b of
- tj, .vn, n.nnn.ooo acres. , Here is w
j -u.neo fnr rrnd 'investmenU
for the .capitalists ami; farmers, nd we sha.1
4xpectto W ru.h thlaW.ybom, that
nate accident,
arms. We are informed thut, while feeding
.fi'ur-s we gt from tho Price Cur. I a threshing machine, his arm wa? caught and CrreATiso. The Cincinnati Gazette say.
.u, . our deal.,, can make their own tor. off within about three inches of Lis iJ'VX
' ' ' I shoulder, having been mangled ana crushed r u naj,c application to the Superintend-
Charles'on ; m a horrible manner, ine siump was am- ent ,, the. L,ntle Jlmmt ttauroaii, as u mcy
putatcd by -Dr. KreiJer, assisted by Dr. had been injured
Pearae of this city and Dr Lurch of Ainan- ciain, uamsgej.
da, and at lr.st account he was doing well.
Cider Case. The Lowell News sny s t iat
Deacon Hollins, of Bruintree, o great friend
of the Maine law, was fined $10 and costs
for .oiling tvvo quarts of rider He sold two
quarts Which hud just entered its first stage
nf fermenlntion. to 0' nuiL'noor who cum
nlnined nf had cold, and thousrhl a little ci
der would do him good. The man offered
him ten cents in payment, but as the. deacon'
had no change, bo refused to take it, when
the neighbor laid the money on the deacon's
knee nnd went away. On taking the cider
home, tho neighbor treated a tt lrd party
who was at work for lum on ardent oppos
er of the linuor luw.nnd a mutt who hud one
been beaten bv Ueacon M. in a. iaw-Buu
nnd hnd heen a bitter enemy, to him ever
ainee. The third oartv entered the , cum
plaint. '..-.: . , ., - ' ''- .
C. W. &- 'A. Rail Road.' The President
ond Directors of this road ore at present
holding a session here, , the special .object. of
which, is to determine the locution ul tno
routcof Rood from Lancaster to this city.
The most, ititenso interest is exhibited .in
this matter, by tho citizen, of Perry county
along the proposed routes,, large number of
the citizens of which, one or two hundred
nrobablv. have been in .attendance bere,
since vestordav. The respective claim, of
each line are being presented to-day before
tho. board, and the decision will not be made
till to-mbrrow perhaps, which will settle the
quoslion of location i Somerset .or New
Lexington. zanetviue courier, lhx. i, .
ii'-TOn hundred and thirty canal boats
were built in Rochester, N. Y., the pan sea
.on, according to the Union, the average
capacity of which was about one hundred
ton..' mak nor tne toiai now mint"
the past season frorrt that city', 13,000.
The value oftheae boats will average about
f,300 each, malting a total of $196,000 as
.1iia nf 'the boats constructed In the
city or Rochester, during the year 1852
i - . I.l. a , iii ii i ' i iQ-'j ' 1 11 ' '
; ADAHGEot CotutTEKFErtC-Well e
eiiuted three dolla, eot-nterfelt, bills on tb
State Bank of Indiana are in circuiauonv
"CiviFifi a SAt-VTftroR pinfirE.nyOr n!
The steam saw mill, about eit'lit miles
smith of Perrysburgh, on the P. & F. plank
mnH. 1 , no a lew dav. since, creaiinj n
tremendous explosion, scattering pieces of
the boilers, und the effects of the mill, tor
some distance about it. The explosion was
loud thntit was Heard throughout that
neighborhood, and one of the neighbors who
was alarmed by it, immediately reparca to
the scene of disaster, tin arriving, no un
covered the fellow who had charge of the
mill, braced against one of its posts, appar
ently rontomuluting the ruins, and with ev
idently as good a head of stream on, n ho
. . t .. . L ! I.l. ,l.rt v
had tried tne oonera im, iu, .. ,i
nlnainn. but who from his position had es
caped unharmed, when he accosted him os
follows: ...
"Hallo! mister! what is to pay 1 .vlial nave
vou beon about here!" '
1. 1 ,-l-C ll-l-C giving a niuuLu ii.i a ,t.i.v,
by G d," was the response ol tne tenow,
who had been the conductor of so much
steam. ., ,
The Maumrt River lime is responsible
for the obove. ,
A New Isscrakce Case. During one of
the recent heavy gales on our Lake, the im
minent danger of the foundering of a brig
laden with Railroad Iron, drove the crew to
the long bout for safety. In their efforts;, o
rot into the boat, several of the men fell in
fo the lake, but finallv all but one were safely
3t0,-'ed in the boat. " He was a regular "Old
Salt," who had been lor many years engag-
'd in the "blubber trane m . atiu-,.-
Bont was crowded beyond her enpacuy lor
safety,.. nil the insiders resided all bis appeals
J . . , . ,1 .. . 1 liu t i. II miiR,
to be taken on tioarj, aiicgm
perish if they took him in. for nan an nour
he manfully hung on the gunwale, while
thev steadily plied their ours, hoping to
reach land, but finally his strength failing
him he culled out.: "Hold on ooym myuje w
tnmreJifor Jive hundred dollars, and I abandon
myself to the Company take- me on board and
claim tttiwgtt" " ,. ' -
' iiTA youngster tip town, recently mount
ed his first puirof boots, and after display-in-'
them for a time, was suddenly missing.
He was sought ftr and found standing in an
inner room with the door closed and his boots
outside it. "Charley, what on earth are yon
doin"' here!" was the question, and the re
ply was,"Whv father, I thought I might be
travelling, and I wanted to see how my boots
i i !.... tr nntatde mv bed-room door!
WIIUIU li'i'rt . . '
'PL,.. enn boast of Irish blood, though
his parents are not blessed with the 'brogue.'
Ckve. Her. . -." ',,' .- . '.,.' .: .
MAsSAonusETTs.J-The Whigs have se-
cored a majority of nine in -"" '
Representatives over locos una v,......
Ists ' This will ensure a Whig Senate,
Whin Governor, and a wmg unueu -
Senator. Messrs.' Wisthbop and; Ashmaii
ore spoken of as prominent candidates for
Senator. ' The' Coalitionists have had the
power in the State for the past two years.
i.l . r.,il settled, but the roturns indi-
It IB IIUV uu; r . t -i
tWiv will be a' minority n the
cvtc iiiai, -ii'-'v - i i
House opposed to the anti-liquor law. (
Tell me said tho woman, who stood off
lar cnmigh for lliglit if thut should be neces- j
gory huw came you to go so young to that
dreadful place! Where was yourmother!
Oh!' exclaimed the boy,' with a burst of
grief that was terrible to behold, ob! I haint
no mother nh! 1 luunl bad no nminer ever
since I wasu baby. 1 1' I'd only hud a mother,'
he continued, his nnguish growing vehement
und the tnar enshinir 'iut from Ins Strang -
looking grey eyes, 'I wouldn't a been bound
out, and kicked and cuffed, and laid oft to
with whipi". 1 wouldn't a been saucy an,!
got knocked down, and ran away, nnd then
stole because I was hungry. Oh!" I h-iiut
cot no mother I haint C"t no mother I
haven't had. no mother since I was a liahy.'
The strength was all gone from the j. ..r
boy, nnd he sank on his knees sobhinirgre'it
ehokinsr 6obs. and rubbing the hot fenrs u-
way with his poor knuckles.' And did that
woman stand there unmoved! Didjahe coldly
bid him pack up and be off the jail bird!
No no; she had been a mother, anil
though all her children slept under the cold
pod in the cnurch-yaid she was a mother
still. .
She went up to that poor bov, not to has
ten him away, but to lay her fingers kindly,
softly on his head to tell him to look up
and from henceforth find in her a mother.
Yea. she even nut her arm about the neck
of that forsaken, deserted child she ponrel
from her mother's heart sweet, womanly
words, words of counsel and tenderness.
Oh! how sweet was her sleep thut night,
how soft her pillow! She had linked a poor
suffering heart to hera by the most silken,
the strongest bonds of love; she had plucked
some thorns from tho path of a little.sinning,
bnt striving mortal. None but the angels
could witness her holy joy, and not envy.,
Did the boy leave her?
Never he is with , her still; a vigorous,
mnn Iv.nromisins youth! The low character
of his countenance has given place toan
open .pleasing expression, with depth enough
to make' it'an" interesting study. Hisfoster
father Is dend, hia trood foster-mother ged
and sickly, but sir knows no want. The
once poor outcast is her only dependence,
,l nnhiu ,l,,n-! be renav the trust.
ITa th'itsavuthasuul from de th.hideth
a 'multitude of'sius.' Oice Branch.
Telegbai'H Lise'is" I .tut a. A line of sev
ontv.twn miles of telesraph has been eon
Rtnictrd In India, and it is proposed now' to
connect all the important British possessions
in India in the same manner, requiring S,
805 miles of telegraph to be built. A dif
ferent mode of construction has been ndopt
ed in that affair. An inn rod five-eights of
an Inch tnicK.is suomuuicu ,r mr i.r
used in the United states, nna ins mm pan
of the way under ground, in a cement oi
melted rosin and iea, , , , . . , ..,
i'sti? jfi.led iind that large fuVee. had been sent
ut to rep.iir the damages to the railroad.
Ii w as supposed that travel would be resum
ed, on thut day, thrnugh Georgia and Ala
bama. Great riumaire has been done to
bridges, fences, lands and oustanding crops.
The PRnsiiiEnr's Message. The me3
sasie is in lypr and special messengers have
been sent wilh copies for the various cities
of th" United Slates. We shall probably
have it here on Tuesday, should there be a
quorum in boll. Houses on itloiiuiiy.so mai
th President can communicate wilh them.
nt the late collision, and
They did so, and one ob-
t.,ine,l 20. the other 25. The "cute" law-
yer received bis share.
C. IV. ij- X. KtilroaJ.TUrre is a rumor i Xovel Race. The Rochester" Advertiser
in the city, tint th'e Directors, at their ig:es an account of a race between a flock
meeting iii Zanesville, this week, have In- Sf wild geese and locomotive on the Utica
r Schenectady Railroad, a day or two
eatedtE road between t!.eto places, on Tne gecie..(!i!fUnced.. the "steam
the Lexington route. We have as yet no j nnff.. the race being between Fonda and
definite information. ! Little Falls, the gec.e gaining two mile, in
P S Since the above wn. in type, we j that distance. The geese must have been
of the rumor. Af- i S""'g " tne rn,e ' "" ' '"" "
have the confirma' i'jn
.er a long stru glf-, thi Souihfern men gain
ed the day.
Iti.LlGlnts. Last evnin, a Conrcr: ,-.-;:
to be jriven by the choir of the Enel'h Lu
tlioran Church in-Zanesville, to be nccni-
fnnied by on address frum the Rev. D.
H iinillon of this city. The proceeds aro !o
be applied to repairing the church edii 'e.
Cokgress. At the Inlet dtcs. nieinh :vs
of Congress were arriving in number'. It
is supposed thut a quorum will be prenf nn
the first day of the sus'jn.
Ohio Lesislatdhe On yesterday, the
Senate was engaged on the School bill, and
the House on th bill inci rporating and reg
ulating Insurance companies.
i It's as lit Wikd that Blows
IdoIjt aht Good. Mr. Philip Moml states,
iin iho Rnaor f Me.. Whiff.that a disease.
fjirThe following we see credited to t.ie j 5Uppo,ed xbi allied fo that which has in
Milwaukie New. It is good enough to last j fected the potato crop.has attacked the this
mr some time, and would undoubtedly pro- ! tie and mullenfboth serious pests to the far-Ivr-Ve
a smile on the phix of a beaten Whig I mer.)to such an extent n. to annihilate them
1 in portions or that estate
-i ili in, o elertirin. I . r
-A irirnil OI ,IU.r, WHO ,ucarB?i.o . -(mi.1 . .
Icein of humor, was recently on a visit to 'j fjirThc Hacks of Hayti aregoingto the
i Marviand and relates an. amusing account of; British island of Jamaica, apd are porchas
! n ....nl.r.,.l j-!,.-,riiM uilOSM. J hv the "rel.i-i H.r ihe Ktenm enTiiia aud fixture, of the de-
toi " a onu of the African churches. The I seried i-ug-ar plantations, for use in their twn
i wnsi-tiline darkies were orraneed "like four kingdom. This is a .trange sight. It give.
1 and twen'y black-binls in a row" on one fide ; some folks ground to arjuethat the blacks
land the femile's on the other. The latter i have more energy than the whites in the Is-'
I commenced the chorus with "oh! for a man-' lands ol the Gull.
, . .
So far as he hae
observed, none have escaped this year.
oh for a man oil! for a munMun in the Kirs; j
to which the other respond, d, "S.'rrd down
sal send down sal pcik! down salvation to
my soul!'' .
fc'The candles you sold me last were
very bad," said Suctt.toa tallow-chandler.
"Indeed, tir. I am very sorry for that."
"Yes, sir, do yon know they burnt to th
middle und woulJ 'burn no lonirer'.' "Good
r.mr v m the Fie-.d. The West Eaton
rmniur.'. The Scientific American Mates i (!nii"p f La.1 Vi.-a-Vis has placed the name 1 heaven?! vou surprise me; what, sir, did they
,i.,.i ii I., been Jiin.vereil that cami.hor is I of Winfield Scott at the h,ad of its columns I g.i out!" "So, no, sir, they 'burnt shorter!' "
an antidote 'to that terrible pqisnnj
A Wikdfall. A Mr. William S. Morri
son of Cincinnati, conicsinto the possesion
of 805,000, by the death of an aunt in Eng
land. ; i '; ':
fj-J-The Maysville Eagle says Kentucky
sends annually to market thirty thousand
mules, worth from 3,000,000 to 4,000,000.
Ex. , .
Isn'lita little Strang,',, then, that with
suchadrove leaving the Stale, Kentucky
atrreh for President in 18.10. R row n low's Whig
airyni- .. Fillmore, and the
UULS IIIU r...... - ,
t Inln nnmvr nrnnosea , lie 1 n n recei veil B K
t . ii ii . n..on, ! he was desired to take charge
,-inn . ii. 11. luiiL. inc ii.-iiik ..-II..I..1.- --- . . .
IItmes. Yesterday morning Marshal Rnf
fin received a telegraphic despatch, in which
of a certain
Mis. who had left on a boat for this
TV 01 ItlC lnXFnor, ior n e i rcoiueui, mi inc , j a --- -. - - . .-
nm'o ticket with Mr. Fillmore. A Whig , city, with her lover On arriving, it was
oarer fn Berks county, Pa., has rni-ed the ' fourid the young lady had become a weddcj
fla-oftheHon. Ed.'Stanley, of . C. for Wife on the Wov. The telegraph wa. for
president, while in several quarters we no- once too late. Cm.Aun.
tice that ex-Governor Jones, of Tenn , is j Cltot.rKA.-It is state
suseested as the W hig standard bearer in .,( f iU)n ,hat tfce prea.
1858..,. Menreof the cholera in the Polish town of
A Very In risTA.T Fact. The editor uf; Koval. the worst coses were quickly cured .
the Rochester J.mrnal made very eareful in-: hy (riving the patients copious draughts' of
should be so mulish us to vote for Scott! ; vestiaations n:d observatinns du-ing i he . colJ spring water. .-, . :j
Democratic Banner. .. . '.., late ra vases ft the cholera in mat city, r ew
persons, he ssvs, who wero perfectly ton.- y ur.ni uiiin , ,. .-.i ..,..
perate. died oU-hvlera. In th.-se few case, : Polhemos. sitnaied betwetn Aatona and
he found thai tlioy were very feeble hnd , Ravenswood, N. Y., or 100 acres, .old a rew
overtasked their bodily p.e.vers-l.ad l.nsi-; days since for S'.OO per acre. Another farm
ncss which led them to spend much of their of 10 acres, near Astoria, which belonged tor
time in some very sickly quarter, when ihe the late Isaac Van Alst, .old' for 835,000,
disease-seemed to have originated or hud being $870 per cre. ;. J';. '''''
ond ballot stood: Dobbin, dem. 74;Saunders, i been imprudent in regard to their diet. The (KrOver twelve hundred, square miles in
dem 22: Shehard, whi?,2l. and a number great taijority of cases among ihe tempt rate i ()1)iJ re unjeTnij with-Iron Ore. The
of seatterinr. Mr, Dobbin I ick-u nine were prompny e-uv. f r " "'"""-.t Whig policy ia to oig it ont and use u; me
Not , at all strar.ge, , Mr. . Banner. The
fuct of their leaving accounts for the result.
. North Caisouna U. S. Sewatok. The
Lpgislutnre of North Carolina, at the laid
aconnts, had had two unsuccessful balloting
fr IT. S. Senatur. The vote on tne sec-
I votes of an election. '
. Jij-A worthy but poor
requested a lo:m of filly
jvAWMVa . Nnnnins. "on old Long Island's
sea-girt shore," went to campeetin'last
week, and oft being asked if .she loved the
r j .it..r..iiWall. T Hi't o-ot hothine aflm
brml'V t. .t'. -t ; -i ' ' ' -'i-iS. I atnsburg Arr,
A raft or rather full regiment of rafts ex
tending a quarter of a mile in breadtn, was
towed in near the windmill, at the Canada
side, on the 31st Inst., and put up for its des
tination in tow ef a steamboat yesterday.
There was no less than fifty-one good sized
and well built timber shanties scattered over
thin- little village, and the villagers i me
nomher of one hundred subjects, or piiwens,
wecannotsay which, appeored in their best ,
. . . .1 ! .1 f .J. BU,-,a -I
minister recently
dollurs from the
cashier of obnnk.andin the note request
ing the fuvor oe s:iid lie would 'pay in ten
days on tho faith of Abraham.'- The cash
ier returned that by the rules of the bank,
the endorser must reside in-the State.
treatment. Hut the most .important lact
! connected wilh the matter is, ihut of I hi"
members of the different lemperance Or
ders in that city, not one lias, died the past
season of cholcrr.- This fact, as the Juumul
suggests, is truly of great sisrnidcaiwe, . ns
corroborating tlie poiiii maiine use u uu-o
Loco policy is, to let it
England und buv there,
nione and send to
Which is right!-
""Fast Trotting. The Now York Mirror
snys that Mr. George Spencer, a sporting
, gentleman of that city, hu-4 offered to bet 1,-
000 nninst ?i-2,000, tlmt he will produce a
. A Premium. The American Female
Guardian Society have awarded a premium
of $50 toRey'l Samuel Harris, of Pittsfield,
Massachusetts, for the best tract delineating
in its true light the guilt of these who read,
nnh ish or sell pernicious bction. inere
were 35- competitors. . .. . .-.-, '.'.
IIorribi.e- Somebody ';.ha's" g.tr'pe'tra,tcd
i ii :iMr r vail, ah.rts ; tho foilowinfr
Uveythe .lower, part p(-th, .trowsera,- Qj, ,
.. . C HI. IVVH WWMW . ' ' .
'.'.. - . ' - "
holic stimulants predisposes to 'disease, and i '.nre that will trot 100 miles in nine hours"
especially to that fcar.ul scourge the Asiut-1 a feat that bus never betn, accoin.Iulied.
I w Lliwii-.w.i - -- . . , I
j--- . 1 05Mnny men iofe much by be.njr too
Timr - The New York Snn says, a mt;n j rommunieative in their business. . The
76 years of age,' experienced religion at St. ! preat Incnnic philosopher, P.utke, says:
Paul'sMethodist Episciipal Church, on Tues-1 "Keep shady, and if you see a quarter on the
day evening. fground, put your foot ori' it."
The old man' though? it was tirru? to de-1 0-tTA Drunken fellow recovering from a
:- ...... i '..., u. - - IdanL'erous illness, was asked whehr h
.... ... I I..J n... Via An ' aTrain nf meptinor hia laOfl 1
"And wh e the lamp Uoli!s out to burn, " " .j . - '; :r,V
J.. .. . , ' ,. "No .' said he. "I wason v afeard olother
. . i ne viiesi sinner may return. , . -
. i , - chap:"
' MEXrrjo supports bnt one apothecary .hop. fjirSince 1811, the population or eight -The
population is sixty thousand. ' .' ! counties I Ireland has decreased 5.M.293.-.
tim. La superior uuurn.
H t -
)iZ if S

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