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leWtthh) Gazette.
Wednckday Wenlng. Dm.8, 1833
ConGBsss.-We do not suppose that much
of any importance will be transacted at the
present session of Congress. The recom
knendationa of the President in regard to
changes in the present Tariff will not meet
with the approbation of the majority, and so
far as other great public questions are con
cerned, a disposition is manifested to hand
heraover to the tender mercies of the new
Administration. We are of theopinion that
some modifications will then be mado in our
present revenue laws; but so far as river and
harbor and other internal improvements are
. Concerned, we can expect nothing from
hem, if we are to judge from the "antece
dents" of the President elect., v
The presidential election being over und
that question settled to the satisfaction of
the majority, nothing now remains upon
which they can spend their breath and con
sume the time that ought to be devoted to the
public service, by making long-winded
speeches . to thin houaes and publishing
them to be read by a few of their constituents.
The session will of course be a short one,
ending on the third of March, and the time
that is generally spent in committee rooms,
will probably be devoted to Locofoco cau
cuses, preparing the appointments to be
made by Gen. Pierce. There will be rich
scenes, in Washington, this winter, and
those who can disinterestedly enjoy a peep
behind the curtains, will be amused, if not
instructed. But of all that mass of human
beings, on the Locofoco side, who will make
that city their head-quartersjfor this season,
how many will there be who can thus enjoy
' In Congress there will duubtlessly be a
display upon the part of tho filibusters.
Young America is bound to make itself con
spicuous, and of course a chance to talk about
Cuba, the Crescent City and Purser Smith,
is the very thing they want. Speech-making
will be confined principally to this one ques
tion, unless an Old Hunker now and then
takes it into his head to run a tilt against the
President's recommendations in regard to
changes in our internal economy. Any talk
about extra and constructive mileage and a
reduction of the expenditures in the various
deportments o( the government, is now out
' cf the question, the election being over; but
in the coming Congress, we think there are
some men elected,who will ring these chang
es in the ears of their associates until they
quake with fear, if they do not repent.
CoHgressiohal. Nothing of amy impor
tance was transoctedln CongreBs, on Mon
day, except the reading of the President's
message. A short debate arose in the Sen
ate on the right of Mr. Dixon, of Kentucky
ton seat. Sir. Gwinsnid there was no vb.
canry in the Senate from Kentucky ,and this
matter ought to be looked into; at tho close
of the last session there Were two Senntors
3iere representing Kentucky, and no vncan
cy has occurred since',' mid upon this ho
trained the question, wlivtlier there was any
v-.cancy in the Senate to bo filled by the
.Legislature of Kentucky.
Mr Jones said lite could set no cause why
Mr. Dixon slioulcf nut1 be sworn in, and de
sired to know vvhutlier there vyr any one in
attendance besitles Mr. DiSon', claiming the
seat made vacant by the res'ijjn'atibfl or death
or Mr. Clay. If there Wert ito'contestant
or cluimont for the seal, why Wa their any
objection to Mr. Dixon? He said tie under
stood that the gentleman who occupied the
seat at the last session, was not a claimant
or contestant for the scat.
The proceedings of Tuesday have not
come to hand, as the eastern telegraph line
avas down last evening.
OT Lieut. Governor Medill, by his castiog
vote in the Senate, decided against a spec
lal committee on the Temperance question.
-Cleve. Her.
As a matter of curiosity, we would merely
state that, when Co?. MedilJ was a candidate
for" Lieut. Governor, it waacluimed by his
friends atdrdT his organ that he was "as good a
Temperance man as Gen. Eckley."
ft-Friend Ely: Don't stir up the wild
cats again in mistake for the monkeys; else
we shall feel constrained net to keep that
ball in motion.
Cab art bodt tell Why! A friend who
fiasjust returned from Cleveland wishes us
to aU why oysters are selling for 90 cents
per can and 45 cents per half can, in tho
Forest City, while they ask $1,50 for them
iri'Columbus. Wedon'tknow. Themcans
of transporting, tliem from the dear domestic
homes of the bivalves to Columbus are al
most as perfect as they are at Cleveland.
The Railroad ought! to bring them here from
the headquarters of the trade at New York
in less than ten days, and if they be sold at
Cleveland for 90 cents, $1' would be a high
price in Columbus. A these delightful lit
. tie shell fish are becoming one of the prime
necessities of western life we trust some of
our enterprising traders will look into the bu
siness, and furnish the market.
Pi Si We learn that the Cleveland' prices
prevail1 in Cincinnatirand inasmuch as these
items- must pass through Columbus, the ques
tion1 of our friend becomes still more im por
tant, hy tntr people of Columbus can't have
oysters as cheap as their neighbors. Who
can answer that question! O. 8. Journal.
We hope our eplcurian friend of the Jour
nal will'settle that question speedily, aa we
are deeply interested down this way, where
the figures run up to 1,75 &. 87.
Legislature. Tuesday. In the Senate,
bill amendatory of the tax. law, was dis
cussed somewhat in committeeof the whole,
a. leading feoture being a proposition to
strike- out the- fJJOO exemption. A strong
flbrt,.on leave, will be made tocarrytlns
amendment through. We have no means
vet of knowing whether it will prevail.
In the House, the bill of Mr. Plumb to
protect the rights of persons claimed as fugi
tive slaves, was disensse somewhat in the
committoe-of'thV whole, and finally passed
through that b'sdy. Its provisions are
somewhat similar to the famous Vermont
law. Prosecuting-Attorneys ore to apply
for writs of habeas corpus whore persons
are arrested, and if either party ask, a jury
trial shall be allowed, die.
The House adjourned over till Thursday,
to give the State Board of Agriculture the
use of their Hall for their annual meeting.
Jurnah - - -
03-ColJ Benton has come out against the
filibusters,. and. the eastern papers' assert
that, the incoming Administration will- be
sufficiently - conservative not t rush hcadV
. long into ,wr with Spain. . -
aawaaaaii i n " pismaaiu mi i mm i i iiniilt.. '-
Hoi. T. Ewiao. A brief business letter
from the above gentleman, jut received,
suggests reflection both grateful and pain
ful. Jt is gratifying to be reminded, at the
close of this eventful and portentiousyear,
that there are yet left to our country a few
of the Intellectual giants, who have illustrat
ed her annals, within the last two decades;
and who nisy yet, In the emergency to be
created by the working of party pigmies, be
called to arrest the downward progress of
events. In quiet retirement, Mr. Ewing
habitually takes deep Interest la every
thing that attends public progress, whether
the direction be up hill or down. He is one
of the few hiatoricul characters of whom our
young State has reason to be proud; one,
too, which has been visited with the peculiar ;
sort of gratitude in which Ohio is wont to
indulge, towards ner womiiesi sons, a .8
by no means essentiil to his happiness or to I
n triliuiuiiiuiiit""1 ivikiiicu ill iiijuiii; ,
life; but had such as he been commision
ed to perform the people's service, instead of
the creatures which the noxious breath of
party has warmed into being-, the work would
not only have been better done, but the rep
utation of the Commonwealth, as the selec-
tor and rowsrder of the most worthy, would j
nave oecn secured. J Iiese are times wtion
plain speaking is required ; and if to dear-
bought experience be added wholesome in
junction and admonition, the more faithful
and effective the service performed. The
strength and elasticity of our republican in
stitutions are now subjected to most danger
ous and unnatural pressure, by the fashion
of theduy, which eschews botli the men and
the Iruits or history and experience, and
commits the most precious interests to the j
guidance of demagogic, rash and mercenary
experimenters. So mote it bet "As the
tree falieth, so it lies!" "They that sow the
wind, shall reap the whirlwind." Sci. Gaz.
A Troublesome Set. Ohio is not the
only State that has troubles with its printers.
Indiana has just had a time of it.
The office of public printer was created,
and that inveterate crower, Chapman, was
elected. - He sold out his contract to Ellis
& Sparx. Meanwhile, a Constitutional
Convention assembled, and they gave their
printing to the immortal ''Done Brown," the
Hon. A.H. Bbuwn, onre in Congress.-
Ellis & Spann claimed dumages.as Brown's
bill lor printing was over six thousand dol
lars, (quite moderate!) and the State passed
a Inw, authorizing them to sue the State.
This they did; and at the trial the Court tie
cided that the State printer was a politic offi
cer, that the sale of public offices was illegal,
and that, or course, that Jlessrt.. Ellis &
Spar n must go out of Court with several
fleas in their ears. The Supremo Court has
continued the decision
The Court also found that even if Cap-
MAN had retained his contract, it would not
have given a claim to damages, as the Con
stitutional Convention had the power to get
their work done where they pleased. So
the State escapes a claim of some three
thousand dollars damages, but pays its law
yers and settles a nice question. O. S.
Orllear how the editor of The Vermont
Mercury talks of the borrowing individuals:
"Got a paper to spare!" "Yes, sir; here'
one of our last. Would you iiko to subscribe
and take it regularly I" "I would but I am
too poor!" That man has just come home
from the circus, which cost him fifty cents;
lost time from his farm, fifty cents; liquor,
judging from the smell, a' least fifty cents
making a dollar and a half actually thrown
away; and then hedging for a newspaper, al
leging that he was too poor to pay for it!
That's what we cull saving at the spigot and
losing at the bung-hole.
Maine. The official vote stands:
Pierce, 41,fi0!)
Scott, 32,543
Hale, - 8, i30
Pierce over Sjott, fl.OGli
Xem Ilnmjwhire. The official vote stands:
J'lerce, 29,997
Scott, 16,147
Hale, 6Am
Pierce over Scott. 1 3,85 J
Alabama. The official vote stands:
Pierce, 2(3,881
Scott, 15,038
Troup, 2.174
Scattering, 1.28fJ
Pierce over Scott, 11,813
E. 0. Farr ell's Calo'brated Aruoian Lin'.ment
This trulv groat ra idicineatill goe on, ronqu rirg
dianaao, and anitchini tntny a poor pownrleaa ic
tlm from the Kiave. Hy ita powerfully atinmla'iog,
pnn.itratin? and anodyno qudilina, it-,eslora& th. uso
of liinba which hivfl 'been palid for yoar -j and by
ta ainf;ular po vor ol ruprorliirdng tho aynovial fluid
or joi'it water, It curea all diacaat-a of the joint with
anrpriaing rapidity. Kor i-heumatiam, and affoctiona
of the apino and aplnen, it haa proved it telf a speci
fic; and for all'nctiona of tho luni;, livorand kid 11 ya,
it la a moat valuable and powerful auxiliary; alao. for
all dlieaaea ol tho glanda, acrolula, goitre or awollnd
nock, etc .etc. And indeed for ahitoat any diaeaan
where an external application ia r quired, ihia mdi
dicineatanda unparalleled Sprain, bruiasa, crampi,
woundvliilbIaiin,burns,a'c.,a.ro apaedily cure l by it
From the Jlon. Peter Mellaril, one of the oLlxt
lettlem in Illinois.
It givra meploaaure to add my testimony tn Hi-- vif
tuet of ynur gri'at in 'dirlno. One of my blofd d
hor-iei Inula awelling over tho cjp of the knee, about
tin aieof a hen'apgl. Komoaoid it waa aatrai i,and
aoinn.tlul It the jo'nt wator from ihn knen, and
could not bo cured. 1 tried oil cedar nn it, and all th
lhil.'iienta and oiiitiiitnta, anj th -y d.A no morn good
than water. I then, by pormiaaion of my IVienoa.tiifd
If (. Farrell'a Arabian IA intent, and I waa happy
tu find it take ell'art after a fow day. and it finillv
cured the noble animal cntir. lv. I lliink it ia ducid
odly the grnttiat liniinaut fur iiorscta, aa well as hu
man fleali. 1 ever knew.
'J'reiiiont, Tutcwcll county, 111 . March 1G, 1H19.
Tliad.'ua Smith, of Mudd Cr;wk, Taew.dl outity,
Illinoia.aaya: "1 had lost tho u3 of my arm for more
than a year, by palay or paralyain; the II rah had en
tirely witnorod away .v.n nun nig .,u ..., ...
rlo and bone. I triad all lh" beat dnrtora.
aun an nio
remedies I conld hoar of, but th -y did no good. I then
romm 'iicod thi mo of 11 o. fvkh ti.l.'a ahaimav
linimknt, and a fow bottlea entirely rurod tne,and
my arm ia now aa atrong and lluihv aa tha otl.oi-, il ia
alao first r.ite fir burna, apraina and bruijia.
The public ara caution id ajainst another countor
fait, which hsa tata'y mado lt appr.aranco,ca'lcd IV.
B FarrcW Arabian IAnlment the moat dangoroua
of all tho countcrtoita, becauae hia having the name
of Farroll, many wiTl btrv In good firittn wi hont tho
knowledge that a counterfoil oxiafa, and thoy w itl'rmn
hapa on'y dlarover I heir error whan thaapurious mix
ture haa wrought ita ovilelloct.i.
The gonuina article ia manufactured only by It. Ct.
Farrell. ao'e Inventor and proprietor, an.f who'eaa'e
druggist. No. 17 Main street, Peoria. Illinois, to whom
all sup ications for Agoncioa must he addressed. He
, rrai it iihth itti II ti lu,fr, l.'arrell'.
H 11 H'tRRF-.I l.i.tanil hia alnatnria on tin,
wrapper all othera are counterfoils
Sod by O. KA'I FMAN & CO., Lancaster,
and by r gu ar'y authnried aganti throughout the (J
nited Hlstea. (S ice 05 and 50 conta, and jl t bottle.
AOKNTS WANTED in nvery town, vi'lago and
ham et In tho United S'aies, In which ono la not al-
roaily estab ished. - Address H. O. Farroll aa above,
..-...;.l .uh anA r ....... ..1 u
sp:viaibilty,otc Pec 9-lm'
SAPARILLA, for the cure ol disoaaea, or aa a Spring
nariIcr of the blood and aa a groi tonic for the
1 1 1 1 j
a - a
The curative powora of thia Extract are trul y won
d"rful, 'and all Invalids should make Immediate trial
of the "vKLtosr dock and bausapahii.i.a." It can
not Injure the most delicate patient.
SEEK HOPE, LIFE and VIGOR from thia ruxsLT
vstoETABtc msmkdt. Therefore, however broken
in health and spirit!, howevei loathsome to himself
and othera, let not one despair of recovery; lot the
patient only understand that his hops of physical ra
atoratlon lies in "GuyaoU's Extract of Yellow Deck
and -arsaparilla,'' andyersuaak him for his LIFE'S
S AKE, tfrtry it, and we hive no hesitation In predict
ing bis speedy restoration to health.- .....
(Cysts advert isemsnt. . 31
Fairfield County Agricultural Society lit
Financial Prosperity. probably no Society
in the Stale bus ever commenced under more
favorable auspicea than that of this county.
A few yesrs since, an effort was mode toes
tublikh It, but with the adjournment of the
meeting held for that purpose, all exertions
ceased, ami nothing or any importance was I
done until late the past summer, when com
mittees were appointed and in an incredible
short space of time several hundred members
were procured. The success of the effort Is
beat told by tne results. The receipts were
a follows, including in the first item ftlU.12
w(,,c) wefp coIlecu.d oriari n ta.1 Tjr from mem
From Members
For entries and admittance
For Lumber sold
For Booths
From Treasurer of cou nty
$ 1,917,09
The total expenditures amount to $857. 09,
leaving a balance on hand of $1,000 :G0. At
the meeting, on Saturday last, we under
stand that a committee was appointed to se
lect suitable grounds to hold our annual fairs,
and it is the intention of the Society to ap
ply the surplus for purchasing them. Can
any County Society, one year old, show as
favorable a condition! Can any of any age!
We feel assured that this prosperous state
of affairs will continue. We have a thick
ly populated and fertile county, capable of
producing almost every variety of agricultu
ral and mechanical product, and as a natu
ral consequenco our fairs will be of great
interest, owing to the quantity and quality
of the articles exhibited. What is equally
indicative of future prosperity, is the inter
est manifested by our citizens, there being
at the first fair, on each day, about eight
thousand persons.
I C. IV. ij- Z. Railroad. The reader's at-
tcntion is directed to the advertisement of
the Chief Engineer, invitins proposals ior
the construction oftho railroad between this
city and Zancsvillc. This is tho last link
in the chain of railroads connecting us with
the Eastern and Western markets, not un
der contract. The funds are provided, and
nothing now remains to prevent the early
completion ortho U. W. & Kuijroau. in
publishing the notice, the Zanesville Courier
says "the letting of the portion of the line of
the Cinciunuti, Wilmington and Zanesville
Rail Road, between Lancaster and Zanes
ville, a distance of about forty-two miles,
on the 12th of January proximo, is deserving
of attention. The work is tolerably heavy,
but the Company have ample means to push
it forward without any delay whatever.
The Company would prefer letting to those
who would take a portion of stock, but this
I will not prevent the favorable consideration
r 1 ! I . I. I .. .. 1 1 ,. I .. n - U nn.n,tB
For further particulars, ece our advertising
columns." . .
Meeting for the Relief of lite Poor. Owing
to the inclemency tf the weather, the meet
ing last evening was not os numerously at
tended us it should have been, and those
present consi.lered it best to adjourn over un
til next Tuesday I'Venintr. We hope at that
time that our citizens generally will bear it
in mind and be present. The season ia ap
proaching, .when the poor of our city will
need the help of our more fortunate cilizpns,
and anv delav in the mailer may cause con -
; sider.-ililo sufToriii"-. In other year., calls ot
i this kind have been liberally responded to,
I and we have no doubt but that the same
feeling of b"ncvolence will be exhibited
whenever objects for its exercise arc present
ed. . The Musical World and Times. This pa
per is getting a largo circulation. It is pub
lished by Messrs. Dyer & Willis, New Yrkf
and is a v-iluable paper for the 'Musical
World." Hy the wuy, the price of adver
tisements ought to meet with another ad
vance. '
Floods is England. The papers con
tain reports of losses and sufTerinj by the
grca-. flood in England, where the rivers have
risen higher than they had been known for
twenty years, and which was also attend
ed with loss of life. Factorieswere flooded)
thousands of hands were thrown out of em
ployment, and horses and sheep carred off in
immense numbers.
Ox3-giinlrtl lllttrra.
The an -ered Stalemat of Prof A. A. HA YES. U.
Ji., Slate A a . yrr, ample tciitimony of the KCien
1fi.c manner in which this meUrine inciimpoumlcil,
and recommends it lo Profeaniunal Men, an worth;
a fair trial in their practice:
An opinion having been oaked for of 1110, iu cnnai-.-qiience
of tho l-'ovinu a fjr priparin Oxygenated Hit
turn boi ig known to ins, I cx,jroa the following, in
form: ;
Tho compoaition of tlnseBittiraioc'uJeathoaa m3
d'u i.ial aiibataiicea which experienced physicians have
lung roioit 'd lo fur Hicial action on lh'.' system, w lien
ilorinitod bv Kcvera, Dvspepsia, Aguea and General
Doliility.roau linj from oicposurom -climate influence.
taart-nent. and rnaaln active, hi this
proparalinn, aa a conaeqiiniire ol the ai-ieuuiic man-
nor in which thov aro coinbinnd
It waa a wjII fo aid td in eren:.', that tho prepara
tion, used in larger or am illor doafls, would provo a
va'uab:e Otierai MaMcine, which cxporioico haa
domonstrated. '
Inthiam3dlcin0.no nin'allic sails can be found, by
the ma t dclirato choiuical trials. Respectfully,
A. A. HAYr.S, Ass.iyer to the State or Mass.
No. 1 Pino Street, Boston, Dec. I't, 1R60.
' RKKD. All.S riS. & Co., Wholesale Druggists, No.
2, Morchsnta' How. Boston. General Agents.
Piico, 1 per boitla; six hottlna for $0.
Der9. Sili by O. KAUr'FMAN & Co., Lancaster.
Thk 8tooii prepares tho elements of the bile
j .1 , 1 1. j !c :. i ik. ....... I f-....i.l 1...
i and the blood and if itdooa tne work toMjiy and im
I oerfoctlv, tiver disease is the certain rcault. As
n,ua ma nuin iutuij nun .iii
3 is the certain rcault. Ai
aoon, thiircfore. aaanv attaction of the liver is per
ceived, we may be aure that the digestive organs aro
out ol order. 1'he first thing to be done, is to admin
liter a specific which will act directly upon the ato
mach the mainspring of the animal machinory. Kor
thia Ditrnoae we can riTcnrnond nnori.An's Ovk-
man KiTrEHS. prepared by i). o. ai. jacKaow. Phil-
sd.di.hia ArtiiiL' as an alterative and a touic, it
strengthens thedigoslion, chants tho condition oftho
I bluo l und thereby Eivea regularity to thobjwela.
B3ee advertisement. 1 nil
Poisokiko. Thousaii la of parents who use Ver-
. . . . .i . . , 1
m""8" cotnpt.sa or c.aor oij, . caio. nei. 1 etc.. aro no,
1 war that while thoy appear to bcnifit the patient.
thov am .dual! v lavimr the foundation for
riea of disease, loss of sight, weakness of limbs etc.
In snot her column will be found the advertisement
of Hobeniack'a Medicines, to which we ask the atten
tion of all directly interested in thoir own aa well as
their children's health. In liver comp'ainta and a 1
disordera ariaing from-those of a bilious type, should
nrike use of the only genuine madiclne, Hobenaack's
Liver Pill.
HJ-'Beno deceived," but ask for Hob mack's
Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, snd observe that each
has the signature oftho proprietor, I N. Hobensack,
as none else are genuine. N. Y. Exprest.
OirHowe's celebrated Cough Candy is in
this place again. It lathe most effective
remedy, for coughs, colds and hoarseness el
cr known. Vjr it.' . . ' i
" FroirvIexle.
' Mobile, Dec. 4. The steamer. Black
Warrior arrived here to-day from Havana.
Capt. Adams and his son, of the hio L.
dy Suffolk, had been arretted at Havana
charged with being engaged in the slave 1
By this arrival we have dates from the i
City of Mexico to the 1 0th ult
Accounts from Sonora stste that the
Government troops, under General Glance,
Ion (flit the rebels under Count Deboulboo,
snd the former had be-en defeated.
' The authorities of Orixaba were treating
with the :r insurgent at Vei Cruz, and it
was thought the former would surrender, ss
two war steamer which bad been aunt to
Mszatlan, to blockade the port, had joined 1
me insurgents.
Steamboat Explosion.
St. Louis, December 4. The Keokuk
packet, steamer Geneva, burst her boiler,
twenty miles above this place, Jat night,
while wooding. TRe boat is reported a to
tal loss. Capt. Charles Dean, a-aasaenger,
aud (.'apt. Johnson, killed. Capt. James
Perry supposed mortally wounded. There
were others killed and wounded, whoso
names wo have not learned yet.
Johnson, the clerk, was instantly killed.
Capt. Deau was of the firm of Carson &
Dean, ulid is missing. He was talking to
Johnson, the clerk, at tho time of the explo
sion. Tho two engineers and the mate are bad
ly injured.
The boat took fire, and burned lot'ie wa
ter's edge.
-Melancholy Suicide.
Loitsville, Dec. C. Daniel Street and
wife, with four children, deck passengers on
the Jam;s Millingar, from St. Louis to this
city, when near Evansville.the mother seized
the youngest child, (an infant) and jumped
into the river, and the husband immediately
followed. The three remairing children
were taken care of by the passengers and
landed at New Albany, and placed in charge
of then grandfather. The passengers con
tributed 00 toward, the support of the Poor i
, ,
From llavan.-i.
Chari.esTjk, Dec. 4. The Coptain Gen
eral of Cuba expresses his entire satisfac
tion with Purser Smith's affidavit, and says
that the Crescent Cily and Mr. Smith may
now enter Havana.
From Havana., Nov. 26th, we learn that
the frigute Fulton had arrived, and that the
Empire City had sailed for New York. Old
crop of sugar much reduced advanced.
Itevolutioii In Northern Mexico.
New Orleans, . Dec. 4. Advices re
ceived here to-day from Tampico, say that a
great revolution had broke out in Tamauli
pas, nnd that the Capital had been taken by
the Revolutionists.
Breaking Telegraph Wires.
Marietta, Doc. 3. Nathan Smith,
charged with breaking the telegraph wires
a few miles above this pbee, was commit
ted and bound over in bund of -$200.
Pom a nt to DvBHFPrioa. Ihr. J. S. HOUUHTOVS
PKPSIN, The True flw-.sirit FUid.r Uastrir Juice.
prepared from KLNNl'.T, or th.i rowm-H aio.MAcii
orTitir IK. after uiivctionv ct Han n I.IKHII., the
reat PhyMtdcgifal rli.-niiisf, by J. S. ilcon-rn. M.
I)., Philadelphia. T!iit is truly a viotid rt'ul r.mifiiy l;r
ImliHstion, Dyapesta, Jaiindiru, livnr t-omplAirt,
i-oniiifatiftn anil ih'bilirr, ruring aff -r Nntun.V own
itiotliod.hy X.ittir ..'a iiw n n-t'tit, rhn Gust rie Juice
Pamfhltiti.'. cuntainirjf S.-i'-irif.c ..-iih-mri' il ita value,
f.n jiiih',cl hv Hirriita gratis, tit'if n.tice miuitg the
tuMii-ai jtilvt.-lti.tMiiP.iila. -ti
llecvl.ili lor th" il izetto.
Thomas Webb $2,00 Win. Cotrrtriarlit 1,50
Win. .Myers 2,00 Henry Work 1,7.',
James Grantham 1,73 John Johnston 1,7.)
Win Watson 1,60
I . -. -. .
! MARRIED On the 5th iint.,by!he R.;v.
1 ?jrt V,' ."'.'i'-V,.. ''V"
. .uina ivciiLitv-; iiitLti 01 i-i;:iawuy v u.
On Thtirs.-luy the 8th:f Nov. 13ji, bv
Jesse Stith, Mr. JACOU FRIE.VD to Mrs".
REBECCA ARNOLD all oi this County.
MARRIED. on the 18th ult, by Rev. J. II
Hamilton, Mr. Jac ib G. Cooimon, of Picka
way county, to Miss Mary Jamb IIokd, of
Fairfield county. Herald.
On tho 8th iiiKt., qy A. L. Simmons, Enq.,
On the 20th ult, by the same, Mr. JOHN
RADER and Miss M. M. MILLER, all of
Liberty township.
On the 28th ult, by the same, Mr. ISOM
G. Kindlo and Miss HARRIET TUSING of
Walnut township.
DIED, In Pleasant township, on Friday,
the 2bth of November, ELIZA, younoest
daughter ot J nomas idward aim iMiza Ew
ing, aged 7 years 2, months and 1 1 days.
"Those ashes too, the little dust,
Our Father's caro shall keep;
Tiil the last angel rise and break
The long and dreary sleep;-
Then inuitt tho grave cenfess the power
Of our Redeemer's grace;
And the long silent dust shall s;cak
In shoutsof endless praise."
DIED In this city, Mrs. MARY ANN,
wile of Dr. P. Carterter. Mrs. Carpenter
was born February 3, 1820.' Her parentage,
early training and education were respecta
ble, and she always preserved a good morul
charactftr in tho community ,st had the esteem
of the circle of friends with whom she was
surrounded. In the 22d year of her age, she
was united in marriage to hitn who now
mourns his sore bereavement. In 1842, she
united herself with the Methodist Episcopal
Church; and though convinced of the sin
fulness of her heart, over which she mourn
ed, she did not obtain a satisfactory evidence
of the divine favor through the pardoning
mercy of her Saviour, until her last protract
ed and painful illness, about six weeks before
her death. During her lingering disease,
she suffered no aberration of mind; but la
bored under great distress from a Bense of
her sins and a burdened conscience, and in
view of her approaching end. She sought
the Saviour with earnest prayers and many
tears, and she soon became fully satisfied
Unit she had obtained the blessing for which
she souoht. It was fully evident to her
friends that a great change had taken place'
, r i: .1 . i. . i. u.j -..:.... .j ' !
,. r..-ii..J .n,l .boa .ha y.A .it.i.aJ ,
" i"i"vi --; -
tlepth of christian experiencer and n en-
tirenesa of eonsecrntion to the Saviour, urt-
on which only ran be based a sure hope of
. . ... r 1 r j .l. ti
immortality in the hour of death. For six
weeks from this tiine.her sufleriiigs were in -
s i sa 1 iiafa ..lialMrlanfl nvnont . mnmonf
If IIBU j UUv IIIC tUlllllllOD nnu ffCIOUHy WI llbl
u.m.u m... , - i w' ,
fir i ii tor in I alalia. II nt ritl A lltflfl ShA In )Uff
colinly with her friends about licr Btate of
maul ahidinff confidence in her Redeemer I h Balaam hinee IS .6, uso "JY hMm " gooa pm-ifipd tW on funii,1i tUt tor eritbucv ol ennd .tattt of ruHii atiort. ami the U'nnce WI tin.br
moa abiding COntldence in ner Iteaeemer, require any medic.n. Hut if I tiould he theii ability to conpUt Him w..r' in thoWt vrac- a. Th-r rc fM-o tmn hou, antl'i Ivbarnon
anu uiwu P,WT v
brighter visions of a coming glory. Ib' her
last moments, as she was sinking under tho
waves of death, 'the waa triumphant. Her
conversation was the language of christian
faith, and will long be remembered by those
who were permitted to be present. She
breathed her last, on November 28; 1853, at
11 o'clock, P. M., aged 32 years,' 9 months
and 25 days. She baa left a companion, four
children, and a large circle of friends to
mourn. But she is at rest.
Tbe funeral services were performed r by
Rev. Mi1. Brooks, in presence of a largeana
respectable assembly of ministers and, peo
ple, . . irecemDerj looar
LaaraoK-r jfarkrls.
'""-'. vuc. v. ivueai oas steadily .
advanced during lb p.t week.and jrrsler- .
day sale, were made at 75, which i. the rul-;
'"2 rc to-day. In other articles there is
change to note.
Cleveland n.trkef.
.LtvttASD, Dec. 6. We heard of no
iransaciiooa takmg p.r.e in Grain. Market
dull at over 8s fur White wheat; 843
for Northern. Receipt. ivl,t and Lot lit.
tie ernlll gJUig (urward.
Flour Continue i ar-iaa l. r.n .l l,.
dailv falllr -a ofTin r.,.l7. w" i ' .
i la ! 7 M irket ateadv
iui airan bruiid kuperlilir;
extra 4,60(34.73. Sliipmenls My m4uV
and but little will be left in store at tWa of
naviirxl !n it
Halt-Fin 10.
Full White 8(28.50.
-a c: ar vricana iiaran, -
New Orlcars, Dpc 3, M Th
ea's letters were received by mfiif, an l the
Knropn's news liv N.i ionai Ti'l -Li-ra th.
ropn'S news liv N.i ional Ti'lv'raih
Cotton iannettled and the snb-s uuM. -',"' 1,19 ; n cnnfi.hnlv i r. -!ti
Buines of all kinds is checked, oAin; t.. h" "to-"i-''-,-.t hi. A5ency,.-i.-i ; .
hinh rreL'hta. Flour has declined twenty I I H E , j
cents. Kales nl Ohio at $4,70. Sales i.f. o nir
10,000 bmh Corn at 65f?5i8c. St. Loui j PF.RII.I Of SAVKiATIos, '
).-it5')C Rio CoS'ee 9ffit'Jjc. Weatcrn 1 he Jtra:.Lia urt'ua ronlract ray-d ii
Hay 25. Bacon Sides bfc. Lird conlin- l'17 U!1M" w'thy or mercUma. t r ", ,
ues scarce at II rail 1-fnrhBrrnlfH IVIiia nr:r nVrtit.anl ir th -v rfj, fir lvell.-n
t n Vl ' . baJrrp,td- V i whar fHWirraa. It h Mria.'U vaJualtla to L.lx,rin (
icyjoc. i here is nothing doing in Tobac- ,mcn, mcijnira:,j1,tti.T of moi.irjij fnpn-iK. I
Co, but holders are linn. The stock on sale ; pr,i!, ' vj littV-Mi j ihn a do.ii-; aal Iti n.ntrtiN '
is7000hhds. '" nu-,, . , ,. . i
, IJeceinuer 4.
Ohio Flour has further declined, nnd is
dull at 4.60(34.113. Corn his declined tn Mia
05c. Si m of 200 b ids Bacon at 9c for rih- :
ul-u aiues anu oc ior snouiaers. mess I'orK
19. Vlieat9ira88c. ;
NewObleass, Dec.G. The market for.
v esicrn rtoauce is nravy, owing to lugii .
freights. Flour has further declined, with :
sales of3.000 bbls Ohio at 4,40. Corn Is dull
n . . . ...
, r.n- l.i 1... :.t... o. i.
i.w' I hut. asti.-i-ij diuubj tf. ri'-TW 'irisil
19 to 19.50. Barrel lard 11(5 1 1. Whisky
20c. Rio Coffee Die. Hay 815. Cotton;
" . ..,u""" ulc,""-ci " UI !
but lia
i .. a i r...i j . i: j . i . r .
etc ior strict miuuiing. .
. B !
.iiicjibu:iii Jiaikri. i
Cisciknatj, Dec. 7. River fallen fi inch- i
es. Weather very disagreeable. Furd;,
very little doing. Whiekr declined to 13J(i i
I8f. Hogs firui; 3200 soid ct 6,35 to 6,50. -Nothing
transpired in provisions. Suleg of
5Iolas.-e at 27J(g28c. Sugar 4j5i for;
new. utner articles unchanged.
JryThaatt. titionof our rpadrr: la called tn t'io aJ- '
v, niajmntot KM. P. CHKKn, Ki t , ,Kr.nt f,r l!w ,
P. ,
rr.tirtirm In ui-an?. Th.t.iinlltMrpinl
v ...... .. ....... " j
piactL-e of insuran.'ft ia, in F-vr worda, very corr-ct- '
ly stated; anl Wrj r?com-nnl O'lr r.-a.lir to avul
themjelvoa of th advant: . oT.rpJ ,v thla old an.l
well tried Imtittition.
pi'nr.ic MKirnx:.
rflllK Cirizpna ol l.in-aat.tr are rqni?atJ to 1114
M. atthet'tty Hall, on Tti"ily the Mrtiof Decfnr.
btr,ataix o'clock, P. M.. fur the purpoao of rasbir.
arrangi.-m.nta to aupply t'la waiita of the 1'uor ol'
Citvdu.ir.g the Wiuti-r.
TLl.tM P flir.KD.
Ruitv.iiT iu:ro'
MW.i. RAnF.nAL'iJ!!,
W. I. JKFUlltd.
Ijinraati-r, Deormlirr. 8, 183J
O-l ajlo and Tul tgrapli ropy.
Lancaster I.lteniry Institute.
Therit will be a meeti-gof tbn Lancaster Lit'rarv
Institutrt in th fiTV MALion Kri.lay Ev-fc-nini Dc
c:nl r IIWi.
Th? Irtllowiiil; queati'itl will b diaciijiai hI:
llcn'tlvrl. That it fa CTpa-!ir:it ninpt in Ohio, a
hue xitvilar to the "Main IAtuor Law."
Ml'. M. K f.irit'ii. Ne,; Gimiiok WiMvra.
IVptihllc arniiirh-d. J. GAUA'jilTY fr.s
S. 11. .Viiiairr. scr ta.y.
WIST A r."S U I S M OF RIM) fll F.U UV
I'hr tir-l llriiiiHr ere ry uaioavn to Mian
Korcouh', rolja, Aallona. ci-otio. Dron liitii, Influ
ona, llloftlinrt ft tho I.uti,'s, Oiiil'-ult Breathing,
l.iv r Art--i.-t ions. Pain or IVeiknea oftho
Bros t or Sid . firit staoa Consumption,
etc., etc., etc.. etc.. etc., etc.. etc.-
I ""W.ims nuaam nicuiiariy ajnptpn to every
B lu.i.n nl tlm l,ini anH li.'ni' wlilctl 1'. nrnitn.'..l
bv..T.r,0,'''r V5 1 I1"' , .
Wild cherry Irts lone bon known to posses impor
tant m9dicin.il propatt ies. Thi-;f.itt.is familiar to
every matron in our lan.l, anj rhyaicians o!Un pre-
scribe H iiidilferentto m lora variety ol coro?la:ii-a
a., ...... ...... r..., ... ... a.
....o Vu, ... ..u., ....u -. . .. d
counicy. nsvrf goni ao ur ai3 arciara iiia; even cii-
culd b) cured by t.iat al.in. Tn o:har
hint. aS on. it was n-ariy v. uless, owin. no
doubt, to ihmr iSnoran"e in pn-partnc, and adin'nis
tonne lta dltllcllltv now Antlrvl I nhiiat,i4 mii.l
0 .. j ; -j . ..j ,
'? r i. . - .. .
IhoeMranrjinary niMici,,-.i po-vor.i in lti-si twi
stlt'stsncesare now lor the tirst tim. vnmfiln.-(t ana
embodied m Dr utar I Huhsm of If UUTurry.
Bya nica c.iem.cal roees, nvsry tiito d.tleteriou
or useless is rej.tcted. so that wlut r.-m.in. I, the
moat extraordinary and t uly ethcaciouj rein -dy lor
7 ' ,, ' j: ,u . il
jut -. icn, ai...ruci.y,juiy si, i-j. imin. it or-
r. ..... T- . .. ,1 n. .r-
cout-t, lliw.ir'l X t;;i. tionti: the "i)r. Wisttrs
Ihlsim of Will Cherry." that I b)ti;V of you, hn
bacaof su.'h si ;nal biidftt in m fam ly, tint I wish
lorn ikoita vit'tnsa known f.ir the benelit of the public
. Aly wife tojlcc.'ldat IhIiinof h tr conr'iajin tnt,
which settt-id on hor luns. Tha physi:i.ois pro
nounced h?r disea -o conium Hif.n. S.'io had prul'usa
night awvuts, and had coughs; shn was ftiven up, for
wadispairml of Ii -tr ro'ovry. and hir child pai-to ik
of hcrcoraplaint ShtlKn comrninc.-td taking4 f'i'.s
t ir't H.ilum of IVili Cherry," and thr.e bnt.l t ol-
focti'd an entire cure wit n fnr ana I ho ctmu both.
I havo tia dnibt th it thov would have no bi;n i it
thoirprav ts if they had not havered IVis'ar's ;iit
aam of Wild Ciwrry. SKTII It. SEAflOV
8etti It. Sjmvv, whose r. rtifl av 1. a! i "r. is a
of ai nv.i.-h v.inci'y as any i 1 -h'a ct u.i'y. t:J a 11: ...
of eo.id ju li;m.nt, an t -e 1 la on'ir-' -..livu-t. ..n ms
auiem -nt. IlAliCOUllT, 110 A' AH lj x C J.
CON'SUMITl.).-.' niMil.K
Rihcrt Sanderson, .lustiCit of tha Poace in Rush-
creek to.vuihip, Kuti1uld county, Ohio, an.! iiothcr
ol '"Nl.vj.ir General Sjndo on," an oH'if or in tho war
of ISli.cur.'dnf lonstiin tionby the Hsool "IVisUr's
uutd... r ivo.i ctta.v
KcsiicnKiiK 'l'ov-snip, Faiifioid county, ?
February 1ST, I . y
Djir Sir: As I condJ jr that my 1 fo haa boon great
ly prolonged by iny being cured of coiiiuiujtitm ii
wil1 state fh-J tyi.rpbiitiaol my case.'hatoth'rasi'nllat--
01 --ir. nisiars uaissm 01 uu 1 m-rrv. 1
ly aiuict'il nny no in tucw 10 try tins tavaiuaw. re-
- . . - . . .
111,1 v. I osd 'i-ionced creat il.tll.-ultv ill tl;eith.nj-
hud tho hevtic fev.-r wit.i violent dua ihs of ht am'
freriiient col l chills, w ith aereiooiin in my aide and ;
j bre,a,'t' '-mP'ni?1 ''V '.wj l"d co-h-. w-as very
rest less at ni 'hta, and had cr. at night aw.wts, pers-
'.;,, 1 ,ho.?d aav. at 1 1 two g.llonsa niy'it, -tt.
: ling the bedcnmpl't lv through. 1 ha In-'.r;. eu aid
i ' J . .... , ,
' ''' P Os WhOll I COrtl;fl mvctl ft VM;
t Jiaham nf ft ill Cherry. havc u? ! in a!l l b t-1
.t l I a . . il .1
myh.Uh wgood. '
uiy reium ui my i .jiuwiiiis ..uuiu i .
tar'a Uaiaam nf Wild Ch?rrv. I procured the roedi-
dicine ol M aara. Fall & Mar.crackcn, your ag -n! in
Lancaster, Ohio. ROBKHT SANUERsOM.
The gonulhe Wistar'a Balsam of Wild Cherrv has
tho fac aimilo of the ainature of Henry Wis'ar.M.l)
Philadelphia, and ' Sanford ft Park," on a finely exe
cuttvl a'eol engrav'd wrappor. No other can ba genuine
HTPrice $1 pel bottle aix bottles for 5.
Sold by J D. PARK, Cincinnati, O, '
Northeaat corner of Fourth and Walnut streets en
hance on Walnut street to whom ill orJ jra must
be addressed -
Alao for eale by Kiuffmin ft Co.' and M. Z. Kreidnr,
lncastorI.r'eiitlcr.Bsltimcfre.P. I lane Pleasantvillo,
Ruell, HolmesftCo.,Carroll;J.H.SundermaB, Aman
da; N A Davfason, Tarltonj E Kalb, Hushville: O.
n. Mreliera Uo., Somerset: B. u. uueitwater. Halls
ville: M AV Pattoraon,' AdVlpbij Trodp ft Tickardt,
Cirdevflls. ' ,, pecembor 9 1B5J 4mll ;
is really trim, wo rulor tn a lew ensaa ot cuiuj pjr- "T ,,' :,- hv.-n lia ...a t n w iiiVin ' 1 r'nr..nip n..raroioro exist.iiz nnoer inn
formed bv this woa.lerful modidne. I fn 'Lu h' t'-Vof n i- WMotlhJl ' - n'n" of ' Snr di.K.1 ved
a'H WHiQ. I ." gh , , -.cr"l irflor tM.K-and , . tll, nVath of Mr. Conrad Kettew. it beromMi ne-
aaqnqqun.aSBg I SarsapiUt,'' .nl t ruiw ecu.id.-rmrs.-lt re.l. I o ; ,l9 buatao,, of sU firm (aa waU a.
J ' 1 ' " 1 j at, los. for torasUs,-t:.i;i;.th. worth of II,.. niAl!- ; l. 4n knowins th-jmaeh-esradehfed-
two itv.ts a. ved ar T.tr. use or osi.Y 3 eottt-ks . cin,. or to expmsimy gr,i-.,.l,. for it 1... d.m- b ' ir oth..rB ie, will we the noceaaltvof
or 'wist ah's nunMorwiLD etiEBRT." forme. Imuat cal. it th iavior ol mi.-. 1.. tu uu,L- ; ..; illim;Ji,tjlv ,t tho olJ stand and aettle the
ll von an Hii vrtHDivii ami iivrmvnrtT
r. .-. ... ai -n
n, ,f ,u h.. r .P,r.,
. mnvj H r., ,i. .,4 .A awemv.lv.. ,....
a. dt
rvwr krxtarn u.r mM,.lM .JI anl h.irih- I
J na. I fvn -n" ! .n I'-.. rf i.i 't.i t4 i
I'tck.t. nal fit-: ll)Hh;S cot; I II c I V !".!
XoMfrvM t. Vit:i.KK.ll i-n-.
I.-Sfrjr. lw'-9. IVW 4m
5lJ'ftm aa7di,t, Hy in'.i( mtIikIi. .ru Imm
. n, bi i m.-v:u lv c- Hi-n. IV -ui.jll
' """'''J :I t'!:".r'".V- T'1" " ""'"'y
,,'v",'f'' r. .1MV wm. M uy.nn.
liwit,w..iiJj!i k.l ui .u, , 1 Sa.;!.
i1 '" " m " ' "
i PlUri;cri IK IViL it KCF. C'.fl? X
OV ll.t;!l ril(I ()M:rrii l. r. .
m. .
'li ,!',i;n""" ,7U"ul """ !
in,C ji '"r ""'Z'1 "T1
LlVlI7lTn' '"""'' '"-' ' :
rr at, vial 4 n ,t.
r .mini. (.-.it.
v . ".uriKv a t.-im-n-nf ah i;t I
,.. .., -iur
mr.; 'TFV;,T1, n 1. all Rll MI t.r I J t'll! fllf
'iBiniirPllllMru...- I ',.!. t .1 . '
' lnu-ai:c- -.l.'irhcan l..l,-..rl...n. ,i.-.: . ... -,
; may visil thim . anv liour. komM U-v ttifia, linn e-
,!. and with n.- r. ta mt i'-ir li r. t u-j u
' ftrureV of UK an I atara of toil ai l r'r h
VI". ' . V ' " :-.' "" ""'
duly. If Utui linjuai u nh
lilt 1-. th j r3"na
:ui; it htjovmr.u ii prc.p..-rtv. ii.itt i'ljit a
' tii:li;i, am) bv inv r'f::; a ..-.r'do!lari l ii alc. Il
i ... t L...! a' . -:i:..iii;l:.!
iiuiiiuv.'nia'uol mi.i'tuim,iuuiiiiaii ii,iijiaiir;i
nxrim a , in a riul tv.u.1 tn
bis lo.a, v unyui.u ri":j wi.t h own di'strf.y.i.
Pour.'.'.:. ' ''"!.? 'I-"" u' t"ni-'
1 ' "A'A v f-;.tr.i.i. Arj. rn, . i i
jt Liirartcr a id Fuir.eld co
! J " ir, -Sr.
1r. Oiaa aott'a Inaprira't'Kxlrael of
TELLDW 'POCE AH !U 1, 3 1 1' 1 K I ,! ',
The oriinal and only 5 :nu'in ro 'arati.-n fm l!ie
pnrtnancnt rur ..f ronaum.ii-n arid dUn ....i h.-
i.uiiea wih-b iiit ar.r a.ii'i. i biiblv i v j
. . t .
tint t'roe 1112 ol mrjary, lrtui. (iirMi
IT all wlio rih to rurg : 111 t lil.o.l frni 'uij-uii
tina. and pre; th "iv-t("i t, ri-.!-.!
rwurt to ot. a Latrart
I V i-li i-v lie- k
aiparn'.a," vhtch w pi"o ui; it lf ar.t .hi'o l-.r m
nv 01 thttaiat miiinaut d'-a-ea that li'ili ta h -ir 1
. "o, atid th.y vitl ni-vrr 1, d.aaj.roi.it l.ir in t:r.a
! rvmsdy Ihi puMic I'aitli hai nir r wivn;.l -ir.-vi r
; ran waver; l,r it I'j-ttiJjJ on eueriiu;e, juat a
; th jir want of fjith ia ntUor an-1 a'ur'uiui compt-u-via
; ia found -d on exirionri. Tli -y fly frnro luiiieral
noatrutoa lo atck b'lpi". Iit and vigor frrm thia pure
i yveffrtabU remtd j. howrvw bi-o-.-m d.i-wn in U-ii'ti
i andapint however Luth om .tohi'n.t-li and i.'h -n,
, let no ona dapair oi" rerovory, lot th t piiftit only
j un k-Mtar.dthat hi h'.p of phvai. al irit iration lica
! tinlv in :tIuvfolt'a Katrart ot Ytdlnw llork and Sat-
' aapirilla'aiid noriiad lr'ia. for hit lif-' a !:!, ttry i
IL, ail wp iuvp no neara-i jn u pr.-uuruuj mt aay . .j
r.-storallon to Health. 1
! Ths Sh.k.r pn-par.-d "YbJIuw Uck.''and i!i-"i;:
Honduras Sjr.apirilla,'' arn u inra li.al.le rnn.-nluil I
ag?nta from which lYr. Guyaftt's Improve 1 I !t 1 1
of Yellow Drvk and SaratariiU ia tanu.'d and the
Labaratory ol Dr. Guysu t bu g v.u ua ti.- virtu,., I
ul I 't 1 iiT-ll pel a t .11 011.11 iug 1
s-nLiin. ail the TP;,rA.Y !rao.'ia n: il, rrwfa.- '
cnmbu.rdntico:iC2n riled iii lh ir u'mwt r.-nth
tx;)priin 'nti were injidr ii l'r mtnuTactuiv of thit
mrdicius uuti it w&fuiitl Out U coulti nolU.-lunhar
A-u'irJini;' w fin I it r;'orf 1 to aimiit u.iiirer-
aallvinr.aansot'h-'oatic.sci.riiuiic a-i.l cutanenuaroin-!
ol liiiti.furn-ral 'pro-rtmion -l ail thivi al peters,
! and all t!na tonoe Wing iUa-t a otthsskin sjlrv- I
: inp- to tin pa-ion o and o ir.hjrk.ua t. I.ailth. " '
jjucatataafc-i-Ji-jfrJJta ;
I Lj j i' 'i i " V i "V i
r i, ' . t n - 1 11 -x ' -.i
( Tlie fullowmg camj of E n.jjli Huae. mow-ij-tl ,
, nn-it .aatoaiJiou on re--..rJ. A:U-r Ion . yeara s-k-
! ne.s, two yean.' excm-iitinj torture, the imputation
of on- le.'. an I the none an.l limb, aim., a bm m
I . a- 1- 1 I I , ,
I eatinit. potrdyiiK. dischirgin.' uUera. to becurd l.y
i eL'ht bottles nt tiuvsoti'. a airart 01 eilu aY Doc
ai.-dSarsapirilla. is almj.t mira -ulnua
bi:ao Tin: cr.'innrTr.
' D ar Sir I send von
. Extract of Yellow Doc!
ed one ot ttie utoat w.in i.-r.ui cure onoij ilut nia
evcrbern etfuct'-d on mn.
1 hive been afni't?d ior f.i-t : yeira with trruptiirfi
: onmv lB?,,d (0A: in liltft. cntso 11 that I l.,d
. - ..i:!j.,ii... . I . ..-.i
- . V. . . .nl in Kll I 1.. I r.n lo.imnnl.l.il
labovo tua knee. In aViu! 9 in nibs after mv otiiar
j i.w,., In li-. eitin . ml rtmnin; snr. aiVon, '
I mv kntc'ln rav foot, an l .li,-h.rs-.d a kh a', d-al of
o,fn4iv0 matter. Mv groin alio broke out in larpt
. w,:ch dich.r-ed ma. h nia.nive niii'ei-, an I ,
. ln t)usame UineniT i- n iiin.t in-oeouuia mini
: nfn, firr,w neai-
1 v i iii v '! , v. '
Tn.iniii-rvth'it I ha.'e sutfi-r-l fn'thj la-t two i
. . t J.,v.. ,,. l .ru i ... 1. .
, nnvcr rJ(.p() j, v , i,L j.;.,.n p to
Ai by , n ,p ( i h l mid V-"awr.oii '
... . ' : i .. ....... i . ... . '
t(JT rt.OTtai nl ( .:nT-.u lu mj i4ia ,y i.ii p.ac
whrs to hurv mv r-ir.a-.ni
, , Ort.ibrb it mv -o ihrjuiV m on- o! vour bo .
' .i 1 i, nlir,nnrH.w.ram...n
d ,rful ?um p3rfjrai5.1 .y your "Kxtrac! of yellow '
, ia l sjpirilb." 'l s,nt aud cut two b.ila ;
( f it. Inwn t , ?,.cl, . t .!,),,,,, ,. ,y
j , , ,j Se!)JU .1 H-p .11 niehl. 1
thine I hd nrt done f. Tt.ro yo-r. i hidiai--
rST W I A 1 1 V I HZ II P 1 1 HI
'." . .1. r .1. . .irni , ,1.: ;:,.i.., r
I bifllsvf it will cuch an kno n iis'iti inth. w,trld
Lav asid all prj-i-lico an I p-.-oc! int it a er.it woHh
to suffering min'.ind and ejtvj: th m to u'e It, fjr
it as-ill cure tfiin.
My ca-.eiiwdll Xn-iwi in a 1 .rsa portion of S.,uh
arolina, Gjcria and AlaVtmi. and if anv ahoi:l I
oust tho abovo cure. I invite th tn to call on m ,
an 1 1 will show th?m the aevrs. I can bo found
Tillvnnnaacnnntr. Alabanis. nni m'h frnm 'tfH,'..
. . -7 'at r--c 1 1 aa. - ;a-T w ii. ri
a-- ' "
AitJn 2 . 52.-?f'. Gajv-tt- ) I UohiiI U herehv n-itiii (rial hpcptitionpr liu
t!iit ic.ir if toyiirhtt vour fiie hit tilJon Kimt h-rin th f'lrk Otfire of
k an! Sir-upcrtlia fi p-rf.tm 1 nCnurt f fm.in.un Pl.frr l'airfiplrl countv. flhin.
tu-.tl t. a m r- -a(-it nuariv all ti, -Ml 111. I .VI is ai.
i, r : -
r erry. oi-.a.iiAa iiuiri . i.r, irei'iu.y wise nimi-Bmri'i twhu'Ib tenn.
Quart Bottlis, Jl p3r boitls tit hottafir $ , ! villrtami Mayaville Turnpilie Road,'' are further no
JOI1N D. rM'th', I tifud to prosnnt their claiinato the Court of Common
North eV corner of fth an l Walnut stroeis, Cincin- i'laaanf MusMnttum county, at tho adjourned aeaaion
nati, Ch'o. Oso-Tal Atr-nt fir the West, to whom 1 tner"ol.on the2!ih day nf December next. All claims
.n.,l n,,,:t .H !n. ...! 1 nrit lihsi a?remblv lo ttiia notlcit. aril I be forever rx-
l'or salo b-- Kautlnun 4V. n.. an-.l M. 7. Krci lor,
, Lsncast ir; C Kei ller. Biltnnm; P. Him. Pleusn -!
t ii:e; Bool!, IIii'm,sco.,tariull; I. H.Sctjdjrnur.A -
! man ia; N. A. Dawsaon: Tarlto'i;K. Kvlli. Ri hvill.t;
I O. H. M clHrai ra . H m -ra.-': S. I). Ilii-kwjt.'i.
iivtidvllln. . Pit-., ruin A l.li. Iii: IV, u ail
j TickirJt.t'ir.loville.
lec9 4tnt
ro!tincer' Oliiee, C'irelevill?, )
l)jtenibcr 2Ij I8ii3. j
S!-:AI.KI PllOI'tlStl.ft will lie rxeii-eil ttatil Ian.
uary I2th. lVi3, at tits ll'dee ;.f tlie Cincinna'i,
ivn.in.t ,n .! Z,i, .iiilli. It til loid Cninur.nv in
.-- . .
1 c'irclcvill-. lor In iiivhina all tin materials iron
materuli irnti '
ilitff all the work!
Ptitlce cr-mplntinn
asvlllu, a dt.U:icn :
..i ...rnto.l anil ,lnb.
isry t..r the coiili'tici.n i-I etitii
of th.-ir Itovdlrom l.tioa.t-.irtnZanuavi
1 ,
; inf
about fortv-l .vo miles.
Plant, irofiles. pecilicati'.na. and nil ths necessary
fnriuation w ill be lurniahod at the 1 mice of ih Com -
tinna.-. hv thrt KnMivr. nt 1 iri'Iiwil ,v
" K" 1 "-'" w ," " ' '" 1 asmi vn a a. v i
of ttW tHeiltlon of
e a. ,. n . . . , a a '
rif lii i lonlmn n I iinii Inr4 I n.-a I nnmitlv ruvn
mpio i nnaoa at their dpol to Pitr- tlr?
r ., . r . .
... ..... . ... - ... .... - t - -
rnnaos at their diapnaal to fwaw th- sp.fslv.!
i.'li.inol Iho Hnul, an I wni, d prefer Itm2 it
.ractnra who am ptt-pni d l- take a ,mrti..S.,l .
ck, ahotiid their li:d otnarwiso be as l.ivoriblo. j
'JV -
to Coninic
, Uctt.Jla (. l li.VLX Alrt;i.i i I O ,
y uec tt, m. o.iX un-i r ngu.c.r.
IStnte f John llntton.
II0T1CR' isherebv uiven that tho subacribn- In
boen'ajpouited'and qualified is K.xectitnron the
estate 01 Joint iiorTO.-s. d1
county. Ohio. AllporBonst
is having claims aeain.t said
f.,r ...uTement, l.Llly au-
cstato win pretcMit inein kit a'-uiemi-nt, lovtiy au-
:ai lU
Estate of 11. in.- Aiuswortua
ritlE creditora of aaid rV ato wii bo paid thedivi
3. alend declared by the Proba'.o Court upon anpli-
1 cation to John D. Martin. Attorney at Lawi
1 October 18-2m W1LUAM SIJOJE, Jr, -ttftn'for
it; uk the
I ATf. wuulj vain t!l attention
I W ll !wii.n.nu!
VVMtr l-ATTA, k
l..nl in lo.dav's papor. Tlir.
m..it,.halrat bxi tnrf mUtt
tfl toll h a k -
fcrnW I'll h.nA fhn ...!
rl m L i .f.wlc of .'.I ttJHVAHK I., be luunj In Iha
mfi. I nLr 't.U lytntitlx-ii Imimu kunn'l.
1. in, riar I f(,r l!irt l'f tliw yi-r. t their trM0
n tr .u..i.n- to d iul.il that o a'.y aimi'ut .UUU.
hi i t. .
I ti-v iuivhiu tlit lr cnmta ahnnat mllraW for
rs .h in I ,lm:ily froin tTt Mamifarrurvra at Intpor-
u r. in I r.. r.W eual.l'l toil.r1viiteclri i
I" '' twi.it.il.iv iil ihnir bm under-
I mA ovnr Ihur lvf'i1lwnnil, a.xi b aars
lutetic.il. 93
hoppiiiK 1'bornlutt Aef!
Ul.iii.IIS willDnJ I lluj (VnW AWt-r ,Syrf
np ut t'i - lire U ltl l -tfl itiwk of Au
" "'' do do a,n'.
' "
A11..I .h..,..:,. .,..wd p.turn, and warranted
,v , tr,
..... iv:..,
WlillT. St LATTA.
JnraMtfr, N
imi-m-iitr S3, IOJ a
iUi!l tll 'IM I'll! NM
A i't'.. U'ni ILjIjrid'a Mill Sawa fitim flto 7 loot.
3 t'.n. Ilot. rvt.t.nl d.. duftto? dit
l do ItoUll'a r.ma-c-ut ilo do ft to 7 do
4 do ll -a'a and t'ulun'a i!o do 6 to 7 do
Kor iui rhan hy
lli(ii:il UlilTE LATT.
I Anrti't-T, .Novnibt i- 23, 38
Iciiua.! 4 liutii:i Imtnxi:
l V- h r no .v in atari anj which wo purchaaad'.
tn'i-r. th Utnadanri, in Iron:
fc rir tart ti rat and trairlit link tnco Chlna;
a,i ir'nlin'al .2 thaina.
Alio a hrg' aamrtimmt of Brent!, Holler and Cot
thint, Uoral hima.otr ctr.
I U I.NtiKK. WIMtK 4. I.A.TTA.
fnciatcr. Ni-umier '2 1HVJ iH
I roil. Iron, Iron, lion.
... f T ii iah.m 1 1 v aitifiittxl that
Jfc, ,1 irnnsrild oy ua la anp riitr iu
! TfH5t r3 inality to anv ntbxr in tlta mar-
iit t. VV 1,4 ;-, now in onr IVare lion!,
; Slt'Oftt lial!d and liamm-rd IROV,
I 6 0. 0 " ( mtl. ahoar, hlia'ranJ apring STCKI,
! fj f!.-"lillji' will alao f,nd a Urge lot of Aavil",
I u l-t t'.. V ir.wc. Kih-a. Kaapa, te etc.
i I'.b i 'i will le oid cUeartlian tlicy can be bought
ar.v v.li ri. t a:
Kl nvriKlt. WHITE tt l-ATTA.
y,ivf.m'..r2,.1 IS5-J
NU.jeninlier'a I'indias
NO'V nscniez at the air 1'u.l lek ar.d
Mil! Haw, wji f tlw lari;t and bal aaanrti-d
i a:w iX Hn.iinira and KUerar betone btonsht to Ihia'
j ni.TKi't tuni-tb.e in part M'
i ti J... 1 xtra HnU I inin,
H ' No. . do. dn.
4 44 l!mra Coi-hinr'al oana
4 No. 'I. d.i do.
4 " t-a. 1. f'apo Goa. Kin!'r.
4 " l.atta TanipUo loot Moiurro,
fi ' I, Vaiirasa do do.
4 " I). A. I'ari- Calf Sldina.
4U 1 pound Sine Thi-irad aaiuirtf-J.
Al.o--B.)t lVc.b. Si-.o ju-"a, hoel Ball. etf. an.,'
nl.i. hwill bfn.ld rhrpor tlua th?y can no pur
chaafl at arr v.h tru el. ,
Lanrati:r, Dj'.-emcer 0, 1.
Kale tf Kent lt.te T order of Court.
ON VrUay Oit Stat Jcu of I'femler, A T ISH,
ht xrfn tht h'.ura of rJ o'i Vk-U A. M. and 4 o'
lotkP M. of aai'l dav, at tho door ol the court-r.me
intlrtcitvoi l.atiraerrf viii ..old to the i-'g... '
LtlaVr. t'i Wow in? II.'."! K:'itc, aa the prof .-ty i f
Sam jet H'arurr, a l.unjti-. t-ti!t: The one vis
wl;; 'h part of Nnrth l ull of hn Sf.utlioaat tJtui--t.r
o Si-cti n No. Or.'! f!1, in Townahip No. Si.1- :i
(1C). id"Hm'e No NnitiU.fi (l!)).eon:aining W) Ariv--Apyraitadat
i.': l' W-lnj. To be toil at not 1. 1'
tiia'i luil aiora:iMirj.nt
TermMof Sale Ot-s-fjurth in hand and raaiduo :
hrw e.pal annual ir.ftaliaar.ta, with int.or&it en
i-. ,, ... .,. w.vif
' A V.sO V IV AKN'i'U, Cirdo ,
ip i,'uaCy jr Samuel H'ai- er
xvim'M; 35 1S52. ifib 6aU
. . ,
pai,fi.j Common Plerts, Oct. Term, 1833.
litVVlff U'lll'lr
Petition for JMeoree
rT"MIK a;mve dHf1.-iKl1nt.bei.15 a non-rcaident of the
Stita of Ohio, wiil take notice that a potition waa
exhibited air.ir at hitn, by said Hannah R.-atner,at thai
. . . t 0 r t ' . r rl t tusi
jcloWT ifrmoi ne cog a m com:nua 1 ici., iwr i'-j
in and (or the rountv of rairfieid and htate of Uhio,
pa; ing that the marnaje rontrac eiiatinr between
'aid pelt' toner and aaid defendant be diaaolved. The
act forth in said tftit.on are, 1st. wiiful abaencd
no th-part of aaid defrn-lant fr mora than three years'
prior to tilinji aaid petition 2nd. habitual drunknetiS.
3rd, cro-a n 'K'icenc' and 4tb, extreme cruelly .
b y ,'Jv'TRr;sip iUnrcy for Petitioner.
October 2-2, " w54
,.-,, r Cra.n 01,. Fairfield Co.
III 1 isiart Ol sVVlU'HtiTU
. .. ..Tm.
Petition for Divorce.
I.O tI-:A t'. ATSOM
j pravii.4 lur a diMuliition 01 Uia I.n4ii ot inntriroony
iiitw aulmi.tioj5 brtwron tlmro, ncl assinine for eauM,
' hreU'f -tn mK and livui j iu adulury wiOnhe person
n.n.fel insail Psi..a; which pafiti'os) wi 1 tune on
. I.
. . i 1 . . . i ... T f : I ... .
r... p-KavA.-
Xovember 25. 13 t3.5U Gw2d '
ltl'"E' AM LOT FOH 8VLE.
A' A
I tVILL soil on reasonable terms, the property
JLa. "winch I now re"e, situate on RIain, ast
nt i i nch aT.ul. for nilU7.i!arj cn.mire nf th aub
lucast?r.Docoir.ber 2, Ioo2'
'. rirovptl mv oiBce from" TaUnuJ
.UV,'. irovl mv office from Tallraaim Block
o fnl'r KntMindj, ivrond ioor, w.d continued to
iv my uti'l-vuld at't'nuon to me U.n'eiH mna
j!lp.tun ti " Kini in Frt4i:ld an A adjoin-rt countiea
.IT'i hsve an horii:J Ma&is I.cvitrjko tt make
anv sjt'.lm -iita 11 x-easary to clnaint; the above huai
n'i. . I'lllUf BF.NAHUM.
I.xacaiter, NoveMiT)?r27, liVi Itvdarw38
, Xi)ticc t0THu Cretlitorso
j ,, .
JtMysvi.le 1 urupiate I
I the Znuesrtlle k
KouU Companr.
rT",iII-' crrditorsof the said Road Company, who have
I rot I
L rot herelolore Olcd their claim-with tho Receir-
1 eluded liom any i'.aiiiiition it) the ptocetds oftho
alo or said lioaJ, in' the eveui of the enifirhiation
. ther.-of. t ; - ...
Kor the rotivenionro nf creditors, claims may bo
tiled w ith th-. underi-rd. to be reported by him
to the scssioirof the court above mmit:oned.
I a. D.i.iii jrfinrcr.
l.aacaat.T.Octob'r 14. 1S.U 23
N. H. Mr. Johs C. WitAVrm.of Incaater, will
receive rlaiuu lo bo proJfciUcd to ihu Court by the
. ltT,iv'er. ,
I'.: tHle orAbrnhnm llitc.
; VjOTK'E isher 'l-vsivwn. f'.atthe undersiifned haa
j l bwn appointed qualified as Kxecntor on ttie
I r'.stal of AEnAtra-w II wis. deceased, late of Fair field
. louu'v.Kltio. All pron bavins claims apainat said
i Kstato ill prs nt them for settlement, legally u-
. ,-..!. : 1 11 j.. j..i.M-a
t tlnnticatca wunin una jfii-mo u mvn amic-iiia
tlnnticatca wt'nin 011a year ana an moan iiiucica
will inakoimmediat.ipaynicnt .
T- Mc.NAOllTEN. Lxecvtor.
November .Ri3 . . . 4w27
! rrs,ir. nndjrsiened. brine desirous to rhanao his hit-
i I . iii- . i - a a
! T AH.ll."l WIU all ini" iU""nil'i as natau vuilVTa
' . ... .. v .1 a-.i. .... p , . r
rri'iL1 rVr.r..Hj.s.f ft.... t ...
. I. l . ta..-A. i-. flluiai n-u l Via r IT.l.r.1.t aa a
. - a. .is i.Mir, ,nnn ni inn uiim cai Knvsiinn
! aviL- K..;,t Tarm r-nriliilit nt-AV Jl A. .
Said Farm contains over ml
;v-l ... ..... .,
ACitKS; more thaii two-thirla of Ihe tamo uiuler
: tame, and acvl orinra ol nt-r -r liiluii alPT,
, indaa or .harai of in-' vtiuii-uft auluctioa ot
of grafted
Said Farm cm 'an divid'id so aa t.i rr.ske two pood
I'jrins. and will bo sold separate or tnjtnhtr, to suit
I P'lichaa-rs.
rotta;f P'lr'haa i.s referred to A. Mc g'.
Lancaator. O:iio. or lo- the undersiRned, to will I..
i r ' j i:.. ,u . t.
"tTxRlSr"" j A ME8 A WON.
', 130PUSS. selling at uiiuaally low prtrea at
. - L Apvil8,lrSi; - HEX LB r 8.
Pr irioiilfM, I'uikct U'allrt, ;
CARD Cassia and Ponkniret, for tal H the ciljp'
book atote f , J0I1N 6aCAU,V

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