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&talsrdy EvfUiaif, Dec 4.
; A Extra Lo Citizen AMary Sus
tained. Oar Columbus correspondent, a day
"ortwoaince, alluded to the endorsement of
Mr, Medary by the College or electors, who
were chosen to cast the vote orthe State for
Pierce and King and nothing due. We find
more extended account in tlieOliio State
'Before they finished their official busi
ness," ays the Journal, "they drew up a pa
"our distinguished fellow-citizen, Col. Sum-1 .
per, directed to "Mis r-xceuenry r raiimin tered a sturdy jJUtKcye orivui .b.- .h. i ment amounting to about
Pierce. President elect of the United i Now this bull, unlike some people, ma never lhc dollnr in addition to the t
States " wherein the claims aud services of""" "ne eiepnaiu - uc.uri-, ..u --.. V- ,ed lor the support and better
dates, wucrrm mi. t.iai,u uu i ....:... in nrlif. ronimencfd mukinff ..r r- 0..1 i.
uel Medary," were duly set forth, and clos- janj ,jg lungs familiar with their accustom
ing with a request that the said Medary led exercise. His driver and owner warned
..,:., ha i. I witb . -mi in iho forth-! Barnutn' ajrent to get his elephant out ol
coming Cabinet. This
petition was circ..-,
lated and pressed upon the Electors, eveni, jjg Uull." Whereupon the Western
rnmii the official business was completed. j Taurus renewed his bellowing, and made a
As near as wo can learn, eighteen or nine-
teen of the twenty-three Electors signed it.
Some of them peremptorily and sturdily re
fused, end we understand that Hon. Iiurna
bas Bums, of Richland, was not asked to
sign it j
"The fact, however, that a paper was got
up, and signed by a largo majority of them,
asking for tho appointment of Medary to
some post in the Cubluet is notorious. It
was seen and read by Whigs as well as Lo
cofocos, and no attempt at privacy was
made. The other fact, that the Medary fac
tion is now jn the ascendant in the party , and
that Allen & Co. are to bo considered as
mod up.castoff, anigaroted, is equally well
"The Miami tribe have hold a session for
some days in Columbiisjafter some nianoMiv
ering, we learn that they all wheeled into
line, and determined lo do their utmost for
their dear brother Samuel of the Ohio States
man. So this document was got up and
means taken to got signaturei-. Wash Mc
Lean, the Great Chief of the Miamis, was
selected as tho messcnucr to Washington,
and, at the a.no time?, he is to bear this oth
cr equally important document, to His Ex
cetleucy, Gen. Pierce, and urge the great
clniuid of the Colonel for a fat post. It is
also understood tint he is to give tho Presi
ilonti li i't, t'j ri;;ht start about the distribu
tion f t!u .-.)) ils in Ohio. No Anti-Miami
is to have even a uihblo at the cobs. Reemc-
lin &. Co. are to he prescribed. Allen &Co.
arc to be buried in the aches ol despair.
'In the 8th of January Convention, 1853,
Col. Morgan said, the reason no Ohio Dem
crat could get un office from Polk, was, that
if any one was recommended to him, at least
half a dozen others stood by, ready to cut hit
throat. This game of cutting throats has
heon coiimii 'need by the Minmis bofore the
inniijjni'&tion. All' n is done fo, ill advance
Wliethor enough, of his mourning friends
will be re.uly to apply the knife to Medary's
throat, reinuins to be seen.
TH.-r" I v good tlini- coming biys-wait a littln longer.
Wo Afi s rry for tho EnyXt and its friends.
All to be proscribed, if Gen. Pierce take
the i . ! (,f the Democracy in each State,
aalvn in nppoiutmcnts to office.
Who wiil be Postmaster! Will Col. Me
dill hn nominated for Governor! Where. I
V.n. A'.ii n!
t'.xthu; Tiiade or Lake Ports. Tho
rapid inert use of direct foreign Importations
to Luke) Ports,! beginning to excite atten
tion. The Sandusky Register publishes
'ha btutintics of eleven of these ports of en
try, for 1R50-5I and 1851-2, hy which it ap.
pears that the. total importations amount to
$37fl,000 for 1HS0-1; for I85l-2,tojifl43,000
an increase of 102,000, or about 44 pgr
cent, in ono yearl Tho amount of duties
collected at the less important posts on the
Lake, Is not given in the report.
Thero are, In all, in tho United Stales,
103 ports of entry, in which the total duties
of 1850-fil amounted to $48,688,000, and in
1851-62, to 47,3JO,33Cj thus showing, that
while there was a largo falling off in thoo
yrcyate amount of duties collected, there was
an enormous increase in tho duties paid at
Lake Ports. This Increase, simultaneous
with a decrease in the Coniniorce of the At
lantic States, indicates a change in tUp chan
nel of our Importations, and is the rcrult of. a
growing business with the Canadian Prov
inces. This fact alone establishes tho
claim of the Lake Ports to liberul appropri-
alius, for Harbor Improvements, and puts
them on the same footing, with regard to the
Foreign Trado, as the Atlantic Ports
mi. .1,. ,
i no taoio given contains sonic curious
results. The Commerco of Oswego in
1831-2, as compared with that of tho pro
ceding year, exhibits a slight docrease:whilo
that of Buffalo showa an increase of 824,000,
or about 28 per cent. In the Port of Clove-
land, the increase ia 1130,000, or 55 per cent,
nearly. Sandusky shows an increase great
er than that of Cleveland and II u Halo com
bined the increase being $03,000, or more
than three hunilrnl prr cent.
Mormons in Califoria. According to
the Alta Calilornian the Mormons at San
Bernardino are glng a-hoad rapidly. That
paper of Nov. 1st, says:
Il Is well known to most of our citizens
that these people are settled in a valley
mi the South, which is unsurpassed lor
fertility of soil, salubrity of climate, beauty
of scenery, and general desirableness by
any portion of the State. Their agricultural
Interest Is larger than that of Santa Barbara,
ho Angclos ind San Diegu Counties unit
ed, and tho capabilities ol producing are
i. .-hi """"""curnhg interest
Is rapidly increasiii(r. Tmpu ..,,,..i ,i.
null...... . . ."L i ' -ri" un
,UtllU.r,,..c"u",ry.wf,l.h 'u'nber, and for miles!
rouna, mey nirniah Hour from the line milU
which they have erected. They h.vo pur-
rhaaed tatul f .- .....- ,". .. . .r
tinn. .i nigiuiu iiua-
-. ,Jt , Bnvm ,n eilfriu O ailllil
.... , m.uun ui au innea anu mnrkela
S.7l, . ".P!d,,.?d Di'Bo - T -
wiit, r ip-
v.,, , vruuB 0( i0 Huuii,,
Ureal 1
I think Scrofula 1,.. . " . ' ..c,1 0,.u-
a Pirii..,..,... ... I tney reported 1.0J0 for corunert' inniipats
r Biirainunrl anua. ..i .i.-...l ... ' . r ni' P0t mortem examination In three
mportutico in ,,.,;., . r .i.t . I 'nontha at the rate of $4,106 per year! An
no-lheremnv.l ,.r ..i...i..i ... . annual exnenae of g 10.730 for vncrrnnte and
Uhed In thia country eJ1Ce te l.ai been l'a-?TJ reco"""'nd a chaln.gann nd awork
largely une.l, d fur lMo,e .,.,,. f " houie a palliativea the Maine Law a a
. whu nre of ac-ilentary habiu, and" eierclae
orth.ntmoitlmporttmeo. . MUe,r t
A Bull aud Elephart Fight. A cor
respondent of the Baltimore Patriot, writing
from Athens county, Ohio, November 17,
gives the following incident:
You will no doubt think I have deserted
the columns of the Patriot, so long has it !
been since I have ventured to appear in
tbem;but I assure you I have no such in
tention, but on the contrary, hope hereafter
like the "Cock lane ghost," to appear quite
I have just been wandering about the
country in search of land belonging to some
clien of mine, and in doing so have met
with many amusing incidents. Only the
.iihnr lnv n rnrnvan of rare animals, in-
eluding one that traveled with a trunk, was lbe
. "J - " . ,. , ...... i. i
passing up, n t federal mil, oui ' i"-1 was a proposition to slriko out a certain sec
Creek, in Alhem county, Ohio, it encoun- tion in the bill, which providt-s for an assess-
. , , . fUIijur wj,h the "free soil,"
Uhewav. But Mr. Barnum'a agent said he
, . .. , h , if CuT.kevt. Woua
desperate lunge at the huge monster of Iu
dia. The contest was somewhat similar to
certain poli'ical ones, for the elephant, with
one blow from his trunk, stretched the bull
upon the ground, breaking three of his ribs,
and driving his breath so far from his body,
that it has utterly refused to return. My
Buckeye friend was obliged to be content
with Mr. Bull's beef, tallow and bide, whilst
the elephant went on his way, driven by
his whistling and whittling attendant. True,
the beef owner consoled himself by saying
that he had been saved a great deal of trou
ble, and the fight had turned out just as he
had expected. This should be a warning lo
all Durham never to attack elephants.
Query Will John Bull let the elephaat
wade over tp t.uba without showing nght, or
not! This was my cogitation as I left the
poor victim of ambition weltering in his
Let it never be said hereafter that bull
fiirhts never nroduco philosophical and polit
ical redactions; on the contrary, I claim that
they are most fruitful of both. I have come
to the conclusion that when Jonathan shall
havo become involved in a war with his
brethren of the Poninaula and the Emperor,
lie will also tee the elephant, and though the
result will undoubtedly be different from the
battle I have just witnessed on the banks of
Fudrrat Creei, yet I doubt very much il the
hide and tallow of all the elephants Jona
than will ever see, will pay for cleaning off
the dust and purifying his escutcheon when
the fight is ended.
Land Pirates. The Cincinnati Enquirer
may be ranked among the Filibuster organs.
Hear it:
"For ourselves, being pcoceably disposed
naturally, but very belligerent when set on,
or where our rights or honor aro concerned,
we would prefer purchasing Cuba to fight
ing for it. But il Cuban insolence toward
us is to be continued, our peaceable dispo
sition will havo to yield. We are ready for
a purchase or a fight.. Cuba we must have,
and mean to have; there is no disguising
that fact."
The chap who steps up to a traveller,
cocks a pistol and presents it at his head,
says "Your money, I must have, and
means to hive; there is no disguising thai
fact. I prefer it without shooting; but will
shoot rather than not get it."
Oregon Emigrants. Tho Orogonian,
published at Portland, of October 23d, says:
The arrival of overlaud immigrants at this
point continues unabated. Every nook and
corner of our buildings are crowded. Many
are unable to find shelter in houses, and are
compelled to camp out for tho present.
Yeslerday a large flat boat Arrived from
the Cascades, with about forty wagons and
three hundred Immigrant passengers. We
understand that she started with 400, but
lelt 100 at Sandy.
Mining in Oregon. Tho Orogonian
Oct. 23d, says:
We learn by several persons direct from
the mines, that tho miners are doing unusal
ly welt. Largo quantities of dirt have been
thrown up, preparatory for washing when
the rainy season commences. There will
be a lurge quantity of gold taken from the
Oregon mines Iho coming winter.
Just So! In closing some excellent ad
vice, given In the English language princi
pally, to the young men of Zanesville, our
friend of tho Courier c'assically says:
Then to work, lay your plans and execute
them. Lot it not be said: " Amphra cornit
inntitui current ro. cur uccem exitl For
then "Speci-rum admitririsumnntteneama."
l.ogent, thut! and we would beg to add,
(including the young ladies among our inter
locutors:) "Quid est hoc! E Pluribu V-
num! sine qua n n! (iund erat demon
itramluml A ud may we ever remember that
to preserve our liberties, we must do our own
voting una our own lighting!" Ely.
Testimony none can Gainsay. The
Grand Jury of Allegheny County, Pa., dur
ing a session just closed of twenty-four days
found 30(1 true bills of indictment, Ignored
MO, milking tho liir'o total ol 4!)o cases ex
amined at a single term. No less than 3 13
tippling houses were indicted, mostly located
in Pittsburgh and Allegheny City. The
Dispatch says:
, The Grand Jury eomplain that, olhrty-five
ward and township constables, but twelve
have complied with the law and made returns
of the tippling-houacs in their respective dis
trictsand the twelve referred to are chiefly
those of the two cities. J hey say :
"J1 rom the examination ol ao large an
amont of crime, tho Jury have naturally
been induced to investigate the cause, and
find from an accurate memorandum kept,
that all the cases ol murder, and three
fourths of those of assault and battery, and
Iraceny, were committed under the influence
of intoxicating liquors. Where, then, are
we to find a remedy for so irreat an evil!
The Grand Jury desire thatfwhatever intlu
ence their united testimony may have, it be
expressed in favor of the procurement orthe
passage of some constitutional law, by our
iegiaiature,that wnl pronmit tne enure manu
facture and tale of all intoxicating liuuor$, ex
cept tor medical and munufarlurning purpos
es. It will doubtless strike all with sur-
prise when the large number of tippling.
t . ..."
uuuio mki an niiuw n , nrai as lliuir num.
her is thev would have been larirelv incres..
till had the conntable made their proper re
me uraim
The Grand Jury exhibit another item di-
ted with the aalo of mtoxicat-
I iimi;,,,,,... Tk.,.,,,ni,..nre.n...i.
l Nov, lei, wa. 1,2.10; and the total coat for
h mrce month:
a wait
,155 or at the rate
of 19,033 per yearl
In addition to thii
inque.U lit Allechonv county. Tha Or.nrl
B'M'-been appointed Comptroller under
1 theOetleral Banking l.w,or VYUcotiiin.
' (Carres poodaure of Ihe Lancaster Qaxotta.J
Colunbcs, C Dec, 3d, 1 882.
Mr. Editor: Things atj the Capital go
slowly along. Since yesterday morning
two new bills have been introduced in the
Senate, one by Mr. Finck, to provide for the
partition of real estate, and the other hy Mr.
Feppard, concerning divoree and alimony.
Both were read the second time to-day and
referred' to the committee of the whole.
The Senate spent the greater part of yes
terday, in committee of the whole, on the
School bill, and a spirited discussion arose,
during the progress of which a rpeech was
made by Mr. Rice, of Cuyahoga, by far the
ablest and most interesting, if not the only
one. wnrthv nf rithpr atvn.llnt;.tn rlelivr.il
preBenl session. The object of debate
one-halt mill on
ax already lev-
Atkinson and
Ferguson opposed the assessment and were
in fuvir of Htriking out. The chief argu
ment adduced by these gentlemen was one
which has become a standing argument, and
scarcely anything can be brought before the
senate in the discussion or winch the bug
bear does not stare them in the face. "The
Whigs will make capital of it," and with a
certain portion of the Locofocos, the argu
ment is conclusive. Such is the magnanim
ity of Locofoco statesmanship! Such is the
broad and fruitful legislation of Locofoco
policy! How must the young State of Ohio
rush up to a youthful vigor under the en-
ightened cultureol such intelligent husband
men! 1 he Senate was again in committee
this afternoon on the same bill and discuss
ed the same subject until the lime of adjourn
ment, when tho committee arose without
deciding it.
I he House has spent the last two days in
committee of the whole, on a bill to regulate
Inxnrance Companies, but did nothing of
sumcicnt importance to communicate to your
readers. A project is on foot to secure an
appropriation of five thousand dollars for the
purchase of a bust of Washington by Pow
era, to adorn the new State House. It is not
a little strange that while almost all the
States of the Confederacy are lavishing their
wealth upon this distinguished artist and or
namentiiig their capitols with the monu
ments of so elonous a genius, that his adopt'
ed State should be the last of his munificent
patrons. It is thought the scheme will
hardly succeed. If it were a gift to Kossuth
or to Kin kel.it would perhaps meet with little
obstacle. So we no.
Wash McLean pave a supper to the Loco-
focos on Wednesday evening, and a spirited
aflaint was. Wash is sure of being the
next Governor. It is supposed to have been
lixed up at the last eiahth ofjany. Conveu
tion, when the services of the Miumi Tribe
were secured in "killing off" Bill Allen by
promises that their chief should have the
next hitch at Gubenatorial honrs. We
shall see it all developed in due time.
Office seekers daily multiply around us.
"There's not a whittle in the unruly camp"
but wants an office from the incoming ad
ministration, and Pharooh'a leon kme were
not more ravenous than are the hungry
wolves thut prowl about the Locofoco trail.
L. A. time, "the Higher steeple man,"
lecturee in favor of tho School Bill at the
Representative Hall to-night. Encotiines.
A Change. We understand that the two
lilies of Coaches betweon Msysville and
Znnesville.the mail line run by Mr.Roberts it
tho opposition by Mr. Tallmadge, have been
sold to the Ohio Stage Company, and here
after only ono lino will run between tho two
places. j
Foreign Bank Paier. We learn from
the Cincinnati Price Current that the Banks
and Bankers in that city a few days since
reduced the value of tho paper of all for
eign banks excepting Kentucky, Indiana,
Western Virginia and Louisiana, to one per
cent, discocnt, by refusing to receive it on
deposit at any higher rate. It is attributed
to the low rate of exchange, which is bought
at J per cent, discount for sight, and inter
est and J percent, off fur 60 days on Ne'
Wisconsin Banks In addition to the
three new banks in Wisconsin mentioned a
few days a ifo, five others are already an
nounced: The State Bank of Wisconsin at
Milwaukie, capital $125,00); Badger State
Bank at Junesville, capital 25,000: Bank of
Northern Wisconsin at Fond du Lac, capital
35,000; Bank of Racine at Racine, capital
50,000; and another of 100,000 capital, by
lincelanii & Hull, bankers, at Aiiiwaukie,
A t.AnxiuA The official vote was counted
at Montgomery on tho 17th ult. It stands
fierce 28.H81, Scott 15,038, Troup a,174.
Pierce over Scott 11,843 and over all O.RllU.
In 1848, Cass received 31,387, and Tay
Ior30,604 votes. Tierce's vote now is 3,633
leu than Taulor't was in 1818. The wholo
vote In 1848 wns 61,791 it is now only 44,
093 a decrease of 17,608!
"The Iroic-IIorse is Comiho." Those
whohuvo felt so anxious in regnrd to the
coinpk'tion ol the Scioto and Hocking Valley
Railroad will he glad to luarn that the entire
rond i under contract, having beenletto
an Eastern Company and will be pushed
throticrh to completion immediately. Lo
yan IStar,
What's in a Name! One of our ex
change papers, speaking- of the candidates
for the Legislature, in one nf the counties of
Wisconsin, says that J. M. Knot is the Dem
ocratic, Itobert Hogg the Free Moil, and
T. II. Dye the Whig candidate. So with
the voters we suppose It will be Root, I logy
or Dye and no mistake. Christian Advo
cate. Dkatii or J. D. Booth, the Tragedian.
--We learn by telegraph from Louisville,
that J. B. liooth.the celebrated tragedian,
died on bon, .! the steamer J. S. Chenoweth,
on her passage up Irom New Orleans. His
body wns put into a motalic coffin, and will
be forwarded to his friends.
I, a rob Premium List. A correspondent
saya that the premium list of the Licking
county society amounted to about 1,100, a
large purtol which was drawn. UAio Ui
tiwator. Henry F.mmbtt Fitzgerald, infant son
ofTliomui Francis Meagher, died at Stan-
Held near Hubert-Town, Australia, on tho
8th of June last, aged 4 months.
Sikce the 1st of January, 963,000 imml
grants have arrived at New York.
Un I r .V fla-iMl'iHl I'm-Mn ) t''IIIOVf
KORnK SMITH has removed his Chair and Bad
JT stead Factory Irom the corner of Wheeling: and
Columbua atrorrte. to Staiiberj's i lluilding ant Main
tree!, turn doors East of the Harking VuUry Bank
ud directly opposite the Checkered More. He has on-
-tirjai largeu iiiaiiiininnaaaiiu iiitunus Heaping on
hand thu largest and best assortment of
5i5l ever before kept in thia place ; consisting
II " T in part, of Cane seat, Cottage, Bustlj
' 1 French, Scroll top, Village, common and
Children's Cnsirn. Sociables and Settees.
All descriptions ot BKITSTKADS manufactured ol
either Cherry. Walnut Maple or Sugar.
Ilia work willall be made of the very beat material
by g'Hid workmen and of Ihe lataat and moat approved
patterns, it will be inferior to none manufactured
elsewhere and will be sold at the very lowest prices.
A continuation of the very liberal patronage of tha
public ia respectfully solicited. It la the Intention of
the subscriber to keep a full and general oaanrrment
at all Hums, so that he will be enabled U accommo
data both oid and new cualrrmers with anythiaa In his
line. In cpiweoetloo with hie esubllshment la Ms. Q.
L. Kckart'a CcbUiet IV are Room, ao thaArastomera cu
be accommodated with all articles requisite- te com
plate s, full asaortmest of Household Furnitare, Call
andeee. QORQ 8MJTH.'
LaiKiWr,NoTsinikr 1; I860. 86
Front Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Nov 8. Blaise Skupins
kl was executed at noon, in the yard of the
county jail, for the murder of Lehman, the
iatcAts, km It avnertad unntliftr reinite
or Dardon. and when tho sheriff and others
entered the cell and proceeded to pinion his
arms, he trembled violently, turned pale and
sit down, he was so much overcome. He
walked from the cell to the gallows assisted
by priests, but mounted the gallows without
assistance. He said he had made peace with
God and was ready to die as a Christian.but
made no confession except to the priests,
which' csnnot be divulged. The drop fell
13 minutes before 12. He struggled violent
ly until life was extinct. The body was giv
en up for dissection, the pricsU having de
clined to take charge of it.
Iron mid Nails. .
Pittsburgh, Nov. 30. Iron akd Nails.
Prices generally have advanced, and we
now quote ome of the principal articles un
der this head as follows:
Iron Common bar
4 (!5lc
Gas Pipe
6j45c per foot
$3,75 per keg.
44,25 "
4,50 "
4,75 "
' 5,00 "
6 6,25 "
. 4,50 '
. 5,00 "
Nails 10 to 20 penny
8 to 9 penny
6 to 7 penny
6 penny
4 penny
3 penny
Spikes Cut 3 to 4 inch
" t ut 5 to o inch
Arrival of the Euro pa Advance
in BrcadsluUs.
Liverpool. November 19. Richardson &
Bros. Circular says Philadelphia and Balti-
more leahzed 25s 6da 25s d, western ass
Some very extra was obtained 27s ex-ship
ped some have also been in active request
to hold over. 25s 6d made on good western
Indian corn unchanged in price, but in
limited request.
White wheat, 7s 2d a7s4d. Extra held
at7s6d. Canadian 6s lOd a 7s. American
Red. 6s 4d a 6s Od a6s 8d per 70 Ib's.
Flour Ohio 25s25s 9d,; Philadelphia
and Baltimore, 25s 3d25s 6d(?i2Gs 0d.;
Western and Canadian, 24s 6d(Vi25.
Indian Corn, 31s 6d for yellow: no
Boston, Dec. 2 Chickering's piano es
tablishment was destroyed by fire last night.
Loss 100,000; insurance 57,000. One hun
dred men are thrown out of employment.
The lower floor was filled with stoves en
tire loss 200,000. A watchman was killed
by the falling of the walla.
From Lake Superior.
Detroit, Dec. 1 We have advices from
Lake Superior to tho 13th ull. The snow
was three feet in depth. Mining affairs
were prosperous. The increased business
has rendered the shipping on the Lake In
adequate. The Vice President.
Baltimore. Dec. 3. The editor of the
Richmond Enquirer learns from Senatof
Clemens that he saw Vice President wm.
R. Kind, on his way through Alabama, and
that his health wos greatly improved.
PiiiLAnrxpiiiA, Dec. I. The Whig wtro
obligated himself to saw a hall a cord of wood
if Pierce and King were elected, fulfilled his
task this afternoon amidst, a crowd of spec
tators composed of Whigs and Democrats.
i:. S. Senator.
Charleston. Dee. 1. Judge Evans has
been elected V. S Senator 'or the long term
by the Legislature of North Carolina.
it vii. hoah Mirier.
TOTICK is hurehv i;ivep,tn the Stoc!(hr,.ler o'
L tin Cincinnati, H iltithx'on ami Xunesiille llsil
'load Company, (list an Instalment of ten per cent.,
jfoi) o)ch share ol tliu A Stck of iaiu cumpsn y.
In reitiired to ha paid to tlie unilnrsignrd, Tioasurei
thereof, at hln oiUcb In lnra.ter. on or heforo tin
rriSTDAYOr'MAII. II NKXT, and a lilra inilal
ment of ten per cent, every sisty dtyi tlierealtur uu-
til ine iilik' a:ueuni is eaiu no.
Hy older ol the Hoard nf Hirer tors.
.YnKIIARmi. Treasurer.
Cincinnati. V. Ik ane,vi!ln Ifailroad Companv
Nona. Interest will he allowed on all sulisi rip.
'ions nf stock. Iroin the tima paid in, until tho road
is opened snd in operation.
And fur thu convenience of subscribers, Joati. I..
! hanki.in, Ki'i., of Circlnville, has been appointed
receive instslmenta from subscribers residing in
Pickaway cnuntv.
Daniki. McI.eak, Esq , nf VVashington, for those
residing in Fayette county, and
Lawiikitok I'lTiiuoH, Ksq., of Wilmington, from
those t-esiding in Clinton cnuntv.
JOKL ItAhKH AUIIII, Treasurer,
Cincinnati, W. & Zatiusvillo Hailroad company.
February 9, IH53 IH
OvflM llfllllllli: I -MlllHtll)'.
OVER HALF a Millicnnf TesfamnnisHhsve been
received by the Proprietor of McAliator'i ALL
V':V. kV. PI,. ,.!..!.. h. n.t
-J. skilful and celebrated.
'A 't l!T from Councillors learned
tin the law, from Judgea of
celebrity on tho Bench,
rfrom M misters of the Uos-S-
I P"'' VTno,e undeviating in
ItnKritv have made them
shining lights in the path
rf of Truth, from enlighten-
" TI eel rroleaaora. Irom acute
- "3r Merchants. eV from those
- af every station, name
andd groe among manaind all of which, without
one dissenting oMoction, pronounce thia uintment to
be (JOOl)!
As day by day it unobtrusively extends ita sphere
of action along the borders of our vaatcountrv.andts
circulated throughout its extent, new evidences of ita
Sower and new prnotanf its etIV acy are continually
oveloped. Three millions of boxes, applied to dis
ease within the last linir years have established the
astounding fact, berondtho power of cavil or cont a
diction, that it Is inkai.mdi.r in the cure of all Tu
mors, Ulcers, Sores, Burns, Tettor, Piles, Scrofula,
Krvsinelsa, chilblains, scald Head, sore Eves. Ouinav.
croup, Rheumatism, Broken Breast. A cue in the Face,
corns, sc. it completely restores tne Insensible ri:a
saiMATtoM. and by this means opens those avenuea bv
which nature intended to expel the morbid matter of
inn nou y i inn is tne system cleansed: the blood pu
rified: and tho health ro-lnrcd
It has power to cauao all external sorea, Scroful
ous Humors, and Poisonous w.iunds to discharge
their putrid matter: and then heal them. Itlsrightly
terine ' All Healing, for thero ia scarcely a disease
external or internal, that it will not benefit. I have
used it forth last fourteen years for all the diseases
of Ihechoat: ronnimptinn and liver: involvinr tha ut.
most dinger and responsibility; and I declare before
heaven and man, that not in one aincle case has It fall.
d to benefit when the patient was within reach of
mortal means.
J. McALISTKR 141 Fulon-at., New York Role Pro
prietor. A. ft 8 Hksjiist. Agents fnrOhin.
Sold by K. 1, Klocum and Otto W. Kraomer, Lan.-as.
.... li l'.lk D.,.kill.. lit tr 1) 1 r. (,.....
- i ivt, . n.u, iui,i,., . .iutu, i.irmii; m.tanip.
hall. Plrkerinirtnn: Leonard anil Hrniber ll.all. a V
Mitthoff. I-ockvilln; Samuel Rartlet.a Winchester: J
Kndsley, Llthopolis; F.. Oeohegn, Baltimore; J. Clay
pool. New Salem; J. and S. lloubeo. Amanda; Daniel
llawkln, Sugar drove; Ashhaugh and Beery, Bremen.
j-.;uwT a . inui yri
II KSTORATION of Monarchy in France.
JaV - by Lamartine 9 vol
rrencn itevoiunon oi irwn, an no
Oimerh v. bv aut hor of Widn Wide World. 9 vol
- A step from the New World to the Old. B.Tappen?v
-i riue rvouiaoia riowanji.Dv ueorge w i.urtls
' The Ilowsdji in Syria do do
Lotus Fating - do do
' The Day of Bruce, by 0. Aquiltir,9 vols
IPrMh iMvaafrom Western Woods, bv Miaa Fuller
Men and Women ofthe 18th century, by Houasage,9v
nmenwood leaves bv Grace Greenwood
Fresh Gleanings, Reveries of a Bachelor, and other
works of Ike Marvel, together with many other new
snd va'ueble books, snd s larm variety of Novels for
alsby JUIIN L. rui ttll.L,
Oct. 4. Telegraph Building, opposite court-house,
THE undersigned 'has juat put into open tion s
Steam Saw Mill. In Pleasant township. 8 miles
North of Lancaster . on tha Mlllersoort road, where
he Is now prepared to All all orders for Lumber of
wary aescripnen, ai tne enorassi nonce.
ant. 1 , IBfia-aia DAVID COTrV
Jmmmdtvr, nyeprps'a, rhrnei er Sfervewa
- Drbl lx Olseaeesef Ihe Klila.T.,
AND al I dieoaaea arising from a diacirdered Llvei
and Stomach, auch as constipation, fullness, si
blood to Ilia htd,trldlly crth'itnmarh.iKHwa.hnrt
burn dlurual for food.fullnrMenr aeichl in tliealooiarh.
our eructations, aiukirg or rllitterinc at the pit of thr
'JS!!' ail?f""
broathinit. tlurtcriue at ths hrart.rhnabinvnriuirora
tinfl annaatinna when In a lyins: poaturn.dimneaa of via
tm.dntaor weba Mora tlieail.t, ferer-dull pain in
th htart. Jtrtrlon:y ol" periira?ion,ypltownsxolthtf
aicinand eyps, pain in the aide, back. 'chmt.liinba.&c.
auddon llu'thoa of heat, burning in the Hoah, ennataut
tnagiiunga ol evil, and great dnpreaalon nl spirits.
'i:i.iii;iATin ;i:i!.mv nrriK.is.
Prrparril ! Or. C M. Jackson,
Sa. 140 Arch Slrrct. Phllail. lphlai.
Their powir overlli above diseaaoa la not excelled
If equalled, by any othor preparation in the United
Statua, a tho cure' atteat, in many caaev after akil
ful phvwians had failed.
Tho Hitters are wnrt.iv the attention of invalid.
Pnaseaains sreat virtue! in the rectification of
diaeaaea of tho liver and loaaer glanda, exercising the
moat searching powers inwoakneaa 4 atfectiona of the
Kroin tho "Boston Bee."
Tho r.,!itoi- id. December 2"Jd "Dr. llovfand't
Celebrated I term an liitins (or the euro of liver com
plaint, jaundice, dyspepsia, Chronic or nervoua dt bill
ty, la d'liHirvedly "one of the most popular medicinea
of the dav. These bittura have been used bv thou
sand, and a friend at our elbow aaya lie has nnnsoll
received an effectual and permanent cure of liver
complaint fvom the use of thia reined v. We are con-
vinceu inai, in me use 01 must' umu.a, uiu paiiriu
conatantly gains streneth and viitor a fact worthy ol
great consideration. They are pleasant in taste and
ainou, ana can bo used Dy persona vun me mosi aeii
rate stomachs with safety, uudor nnv circumstances.
... .. j i - . ui: j
wo are peaKing irom exporieucg anuio me siuicieg.
we advise their uae."
'Scott's WKKBLV,"one ol the beat Literary panera
puiilnhnd, said, A112. Mo: "Dr. Ilootland a German
d, salil, Ana. 'io: "Dr. iloofland'a 'Germai
Bitters, manufactured by Dr. Jackson, are now recom
mended by some of the most prominent members ot
uiu lavu.iy, uiuuufw miicn emvacy in casea m
female weakness. As such is the case, wewouldad
vise all mothers to obtain a bottle, and thussave them
selves much sickness. Persona of debili ated consti
tutions will find fhese bitters advantageous to their
health, as wo know from oxperience the salutary of
fset they have upon weak systems. "
The lion. . D. Hikklink, Mayor of the city of
usintien, xew jorsey, says:
lloori Ami's Gkhmax Bitters We have seen
many llattoring noticea of thia medicine, and the
aourco from which they came induced i.a to mak9 in
quiry respecting it merits, from inquiry we were
fierKuadeu to uo it, and must say we found it speci
ic in its'aclion upon disease of the liver and digestive
organs, and the powerful influence it exerts upon
nervoua prostrsfon n rosl'y surprising It calms
and strengthens thencrviM, bringing them into a state
of repose, making slsep refreshing.
'If this medicine wss more generally used, we
are satisfied thi-ro would be les sickness, aa from
the stomach, liver, and nervous system the great ma
jority of real and Imaginary disessos emanate Have
them in a healthy con litinn, and you can bid defiance
to epidemics generally. This extraordinary medi
cine wo would a lvise- our friends who are at all in
disposed, to giv? trial it will recommend itaelf.
It should, in fact, be in every family. No other me
dicine can produce auch evidences of merit."
KviJouco upon evidence has been received (like
the foregoing I mm all sections olthe Union, the last
three years, and the strongest testimony in ita favor,
is, that thoro Is mora of it nsed in t.e practice ol the
regular Physicians of Hiilailelphia.than all other nos
trums combined, a fact that ran easily be established,
and fully proving that s scientific preparation will
meet with their quiet approval when presented even
in this form.
That this medicine will euro T.lver complaint and
Dyspepsia, nn one ran doubt alW using it aa direct
ed. It acts specifically upon the stomach and liver;
it ia prefevablo to calomel iu all bilious rfwen
the effect is immediate. They can be administered
to female or infant with safety and rclial.le benefit
at any time.
Look veil to the marks q the genuine.
Thoy have the written signature ol C. M. JACK
SON upon the wrapper, and his name blown in the
bottle, without which thru are tpuriovs
For sale, wholesale ami retail , at tho
No. .2(1 AhXII street, one door below sixth, Phila
dolphla, and hy respectable dealers g-inerslly through-
ou- ins century
i'rlc Jlnduceil To enable all c!aes of invslids,
to enjoy the advantages of their great restoralive
jie. anir itnute n:n. A isti ilir suif uy
L'llll'L'lliV ft. t-l V . m.I-
KAUKKMN & CO.. Lancaster. Ohio.
Whnlesal.i Agents for Ohio, SPIN K It IIUWAHD,
Wooatrr. Ohio. September 15, IS
' 1 " 1
2tOt 1. !' I li
or Mir h.sl iinll r slu av r tin- il.
K-..AV RioCoiroe, Ureen do. Xiv., d..; Y.-.ttng
Tea.,. Imnorbl do; Black di; urh ans an.
Uef !.i.r!..l!otrm Svrnn. nri,..L. arti Oi l. an.
M'rnn, prim
House d:i; Tob.icco, Si
. tnnamon,
, Mace, etc etc at
JlHrule, SnuilNtoiit; mill I'rei i-tiine Fartory.
0"H Machinevy isuoiv In succes ful operation, and
person" wanting any of. the following named ar
ticle!, would couiult their owu iutorcst on i confer a
favor hy glvittu us a call.
MO.Vtr.MEXrH ol Msrble, we will furnish al t
short not ice.
IlllADAXn FOOTS TOXES of flu. same: we
have of beautiful forms snd itighl v polished.
MthVtnENTH OF S.i.XnsTOXE in a great
variety of 1'ortn.i. Head and Footstones ufvl!ie same
S.WDSTOXE FOIl nUlT.mXnS, Xc , Range
wnrk,('aps an I Si l.,Caiipiii for wr.lls.nr Chimneys.
Flooring fur Porticos, Flairging for Walks orSpiing
houses. Columns, Gate or Fence-posts, well-tops nnd
Hearths. A. J. LILLY II CO.
Lancaster, May I!), IWi-J. dw3
I'irc, Vvv Hi it, Fir I irv.
THKtinderslimeil sn Agent ofthe CITY INSU
flared to insure property of any descrlpion against
oss or damage by FIBK, in the town of Lancaster
and vicinity. OlHce Main Street, Foster's Building
Lancaster, December 31. 1840 olin
LOOK HF.Rr., NKIGIIItOUI-WhaTmalte-you
wearthat exceedingly old Hatl Ooyou not
know that M. 8M ALLEY has received the latest Full
styles of Hals, Also, all kinds ol CAPS. Remem-
oerine piace,oppositetne I allmailge Hussn, It csll in
l.ancaarer, aetpemner Vh, inoi. VI
Mrllixil Kiiiliai
WWOLF.SALE snd ReUil, at reduced prices-em
bracing all kinds used in onr school', at the
book store nl JOHN L. TUTH1LL,
South side of main-street, opposite rerrrt-houso
November 4
WOK K, SON il WOR K won Id respect
lully inform the citizens of Fairfield
'and the adjoining counties, that they arc on
hand aa usual, at their old stand one dnnr
West of Slocum's Drui Store with a tarts and
splendid assortment of everything in their line.
1 neir spring purcnasns nave ueen selected with
cam and am lsmnr thsn usual.
LADIF.S! We havetakenspoclal careli making our
pun nai.vn.fi mn in j n--or- .uu.
We have s little ol everything, from a Jkmut Linn
BnsxiNdown tothe smallest children's shoes
We have also on hand and are prepared to makcto
Gentlemen's Puskin and Seamless tiaitm r...
gress Boots, (xc. We also have on hand Ladiei' Qum
FINDINGS. Sir . We are also prepared to furnish
Shoe mskers snd Finding Stores with I indings of every
description, such aa Kits, Pegs, Boot-webbing, Shoe-
stiiiiuv, larri, sr.
Sole Leather. Morocco blndinga, &c, alwayi on
In addition to the work on hand, we are prepared
as heretofore to manufacture everything in our line.
Our own work needs no recommendation. We hnna
by proper attention to our business, to secure a fair
snare of the public patronsgo, aa we willalwayabe
on hand to wait upon our customers and do oarbeatto
please them
WANTK.D Tho subscribers will take one or two
good and Industrious boys to foam the Hoot and Shoe
making Business. WORK, SON A W ORK.
Lancaster. May If), 1RM. 3
Dr. S. I. Tiviieair ICMiucl wf
Kili'vipi. I'll In.
TIIK romsrkab'e sanative powers nf lh. 8. P.
Townsend's Sarsanarilia. hare induced numer
ous attempts to counterfeit it, and make fraudti enr
uae of Mr. Iownbknd a mams to secure the sale of
SPtrruovs AKTICI.KS.
These counterfeits and imitations only raovs: the
ViLun of the orioinal; and no riohbh compli-
sue nt eoum no paid to Dr. S. f. townsend a Extract
of Sarsaparllla, than laborious efforts that have been
made by msny to get up something like it.
A supply of the Genuine Article, kept constantly
on hand by KAUFFMAN It CO.
Lancastor, August 4, 1853
RF.MoVAL. T. G. Dodson has removed his
Cabinetar.d Chair Shopfrom Connell'a Row, to
the Room on Broad Street, South qf John Lyons'
Grocery, and formerly '.occupied by 1). K. Fishel,
where he will continue t ' manufacture oil articles in
his Une. as heretofore.
. Coffins on hand at all times, with a good hearae to
attend funerals in any part of the eonntv, at reduced
rates. Thankful for past favors, he respectfully so
licits a continuance of public patronage. He will
labor to give general satisfaction, both aa regards price
mum qu-uuj ui me worst. j
Lancaster April 8, 1863 fitn49
JsBtaral ssnoMnnf to Art ef (Vnrma, la tbe vrat
Ifcil, ay J. S. UOLGIIToN, M. !., Id Um clerk'a
OBloa as tba District Cuurt tat tha Kattara
IMssrtoi of PanaslTanU. '
Another Scientific "Wonder!
Prepared from Rkwrt, orthe fourth Stomach or
thi Ox, after directions of Bamon Li, bio, the
great Physiological chemist, by J. 8. IIouoiiton M
D. Fhilaa Iphia, Pennsylvania
This is s truly wonderful remedy for Indurost'on.P vs-
repsls., Juandice, liver complaint, constipation, and
lebilitv, curing after Nslure'aown method, by
Nature's own Agent, the Uastrie Juice.
J fllall a teaspoonful of I'ihin, infused iu water,
."will digest or diaaolve, Fire Pounds of Jioust Beef
in nhmtt too hours, out of the stomach.
PEPSIN is the chief element, or Great Diao1',.
Principle of the Gastric Juice-the aaiijit of the
Food, the Purifying, re)vtng. and smnfcHiir
Agent of the aomacli and Intestine!. It ia extracted
fvom the digestive stomach of the Ox, thus forming
an Artificial Digestive Kluio, preciseh like the na
tural Gastric Juice in ita chemical powers, sndfttr
nUhing a complete and perfect substitute for it. Hy
the aid of I his preparation, the pains ami ovils of itidf-
festlonand dyspepsia are removeu.just as tnov would
e by a healthy stomach. It Is doing wonders tor )ys-
Septics, curing cases of Debility, emaciation, nervoua
ecline and dyspeptic consumption, supposed to be en
tho verge of the g rave. Tho Scientific evidence upon
which it ia based, is In the highest degree curious and
BARON LIEB1U in his celebrated work on Animal
chemistry, aaya: "An Artificial Digestive Kluld, ana
legoua to the Gastric Juice, mav be readily prepared
from the inucnua membrane of t)ie stomach of tha Calf,
in which various articles of food aa meat and eggs,
will be softened, changed and digested just in the
same manner as thev would b in the hninan stomach."
Or COMBE, in his vsluable writings nn Hie 'Thy
aiolocy of Diepstion," obnorvett thatl diinintUion of !
.i ,e,J P.. . .. . . . .
the duo quantity pi tho Gastric Juice U pmmi
ani all prevailing cause of Dyflpcpsia;' and ho si
that "a distin.iiished professor of medicine in l.oiuton,
who was aovroly altlicted with this complaint, find
ing everything else to fail, had locourso to the Gas
tric Juice, obtained from tho stomachs of living ani
mals, which vroivd completely sureesif ul."
Dr. (,'KAHAM, author ofthe famoua works on" Vo
getable Iliet," says: "It is a rouiarkahltf fact in phy.
biuiugy.inat i nay Mninaciis ui siiiiuait, iiisci iairu in
water, impart to the fluid tho property of dissolving
various articles or tood, snrt ol ellortlni; a kind ol ar
tificial digeulum of them in no wiaodihVrent from the
nsturtrt dijoative process," , t
lfl"sll on tho Agent, and get a Descriptive circu
lar, gratis, giving a large amount of scientific evidence,
similar to the above, together witli reports of remark
ablu cures, from all psrU of tho Unital States.
As a )ispepnia Cvrer,
Dr. IlOl'fJIITON'S I'KPSIS has produced the most
marvellous elfocts, in curing rases of Debility, Kma
eiation. Nervous Decline and Dynpeptic consumption.
It is impossible to give the details of cases in the lim
its of this advertiseineiit:but suthenticated certificates
have been given of more than Two Hundred remark
ahlecures, in Philadeliihia.New York and Boston alone.
These were nearly all desperate rases, and the cures
were not only rapid and wonderf ul, but permanent.
It is a great NerDous Antidote, and paiticuiarly
useful for tendency to bilious disorder, liver com
plaint, fever and ague, or badly treated fovor and
ague, and tho evil elfects of Quinine, Mercury, and
other drugs upon the Digustive Organs, alter a Inna
sickness Also, for axcess in estinir. and the too fr, e
I use of ardent spirits. It almost reconciles Health
i ...i.k r..
T)e.lll all.w'il di " t e- e
Old Stomrieh Complaints.
Tliere ia no form of Old SomachcompHlnts which
It does not a em to reach and remove at onco Nn
matter how had they may be, it gives instant relief!
A single dose removes all the unpleasant symptoms;
and it only nei-ds to be r.'iwiited for short tune to
j mske these gond e!F rt-. pirmn'ient. Purity of JJlrod
f and tiunr lit Rntlv tnltriw nt mice. It is narrirular- :
I ly excellent in caaea of Nausea, Vomiting, cramps,
aorencis of the pit of the stomach, distress altercating.
low. Colli
I Ntnte nl'thn Rl.vul. llesvinertH. Inwnrtin nf
1 Ht,irit ,lm.ulnf-i. nn.iiitinn u-...'jnn4. lAiii.ni v
! to Insanity, suicide, ic
i)r. UOt GilTON's I'EIfllN. is sold hy nearly all
; tho deah rsin 'inedi ttgs.t PopiiUi-Mei'iciiii-s.thrnugh-
; nut the I'nited Stalls. It is pre pared in I'nuui r bi:il
i lltfhl Invm ai.tl lJn hcinptinn nA ler theuso ol
I ' .. ..... r-
! . ' .' 'i?'"?. " V.: UT, r"V"
"""" t. ii.mtinion or :ia Ageti..ti...cr,..Ing
( tlorii, prm which the claims ol this new renii dy
are bawd A il is net s secret reme'ly, no nijction
can lie t.iis.'d guiiiHl it luehv Phyiii'ii'n in i-i'specia.
ble sfsnding and regular iiactii'e. Price.;? I per untile.
JT'Oss. ,iv,' this! Kvery hottle of Ihe gemtiiii
PKi'SIN hear- the written signatiire of J. S. ilol'ljtl
TON, M O., wile nnipii. tni', i'iiitsdi lphia, IV. Copy
right end Trade Mark secured.
JTSold hv nil DriiKgisIs snd flea Iocs in Me iinines.
Da. J. M. Wilson, Newark;
Ti ftf & FicitARriT, Circleville;
MarchC5. G. BonrTS, CoLtiiiiaus 47
For the rapid Care of
Manir veara of trial. Instead of imnairin? the nub-
lic confidence in this medicino, has wrnforit an ap
preciation and notoriety by far exceeding the most
sanguine expectations of its friends. Nothing but its
ntrtnsic virtues and the unmistakable brnelit confer,
red on thousands of sufferers, could originate and
maintain tho reputation it enjoys. While many infe.
riorremodios thrust upon tho community, have failed
and been discarded, this has gained frie'nda by every
trial, conferred benefits on Iho afllicted they can ne
ver forget, and produced cures too numerous and too
remark able to be forgotten.
While it ia a fraud on the publ.c to protend that any
one nredicin" will infallibly cure still there is abun
dant proof that the cmkhrt fkctorai doea not only
as a general thing, but almost inva.iably, cure the
maladire for which it is employed
Aatime makes these facta wider and better known,
thia medicine haa gradually become the best reliance
of the afllicted, from the log-cabin of the American
peasant, to the palaces of Kuropoan Kings Through
out thia entire country. In every State, "city, and in
deed almost every hamlet it contains, cnc'nnv r:c
toral ia known as the best remedy extant for dia
cascs of the Throat and Ll'ng'i and in many foreign
countries, it ia coming to be extensively used by their
most intelligent Physicians In Great liritinn, France
and Germany; where tha medical science b(v0 retch
ed tlieir highest perfection, ohkrbv rRCToRAi, la' in
(reduced, and in constant uae in the Armies, Hospitals.
Alms-houses, Pub ic Institutions, and in domestic prac
tice, as the surest remedy their attending Physicians
can employ for the mure dangerous atfectiona ot the
lungs. Also in milder casos, and for children it is
sale, pleasant, and effectual to cure. In fact, rome ol
the most flattering testimonials we recoil ed h ive been
from parenta who have found it efficacious in casos
partir.ulatly incidental to childhood.
Tho chxrrv pkctoral ia.manufactiired by a prac
tical chemist, and every ounce nf it under his own
eye. with invariable accuracy and earn it is scaled
and protected by law from counterfeits, consequent,
ly csn be relied on si gonuin? without sdulteration.
, We have endeavored hero to furnish the commu
nity with a medicine of auch intrinsic superiority
snd worth as should command itaelf to Iheir confi
dence a remedy at oncaaafe, speedy and effectual,
which this has by repested and countless trials prov
ed itsell to be; and trust bv great care in preparing it
with chemical accui acy, of uniiorm strength to afford
Physicians a new agent on which they can rely for
the best results, and the afflicted with a remedy that
will do for them all that medicine can do.
Sold in Lancaster by Kautfman A co. K. L. Slocum
and Dr. M. Z. Kreider, Rushville, E. Kalb, and by
Dntggiata and Dealers in medicines every where.
November 4 18611 3m2S
rpHE undersigned has taken into partnership In
J the Saddle, Harness and Trunk manufacturing
business, Johh H. Matlaok, and the business will
hereafter be conducted under the firm-name of LIT
TLE & MATLACK. The patronage of tha public
Is resrwtfuUv solicited. . . . r
0AU those indebted to the subscriber, are earn
estly requested to soil and settle, aa the old bnsineaa
musr oe ciosea up. JVmJM n. UTTUS.
March . 1883. r dkw48
af? .
Wt . I NX aT A a
Ao. 207 Mala Street. Buffalo, K. T.
Iffll Ufflillllt Bffli
THIS oakbratad aaawilr t, aaanau huraaalai as fajas ay
Its, ataajr suras u a anafcu...
H has ixtw htrama tkr ml aasifenu sr aaaal as, aaat Is
sartjualwlr asoaasaiaadaa for
S&0PST: '
all staaaa af Uila raaaplaini Imaaariialalr aaHavaa, m saattar
mf hoar laaa .umllng. aas fraaaial ar 7!i!- Tha
enanu Inaliil.l aa Caoiaaa, and Ifta stsra, and aVaadlal
OTMraa oi in malady, bloaunf Ih ,Msm to daara wluca
raniiMS Ilia Dal
"'r. wivtcuiis un wrmmm id win. wu
attarir aoaLla lo aw.a. foraMOO or Itrai
JIOnwHiUi faatuiaa.
a sow rMil. to Una nrmadf aad Pbraieiana aaa it pali!llV
ami iMi.alMf wlln ncflwtsai
lat any an who hiu avaf
had a symptom ol Uropay, ol any
by team, ami. if thoy would avoul
ehamota baas thaartiuU,
tho anaalarai
M perforata tlia systaM am bt tho aeoamalnteS water flow
away, uttly to fill up acaln, and finally to and m a uTeudTvtt
aWla, lot tlim jnst na Uiii ramaily in nwon, and a raco.ora
baara. latlban, try it at any ftassoftlia Siaaaaa,aiMl sean
aaerlsiu.ll tuay will givs II a fair trial.
and all iliaaaa of tha urinary ortaas far Ihsse i)Mnaahra
oomtilainls, it stands uluno ; no othsr artiola oaa ratiova yoaa;
and tho auras issiiSsd to will eoavinsa taa nasi aaooUsal l
itaoiplilat aa
wonk Imek. aroakiwaa of tha Kklnsra. (to., oe rnflaoaatlDr
af lanKi, la iiniunlinwlr rolwvod by a few Says' al of thi)
awlioins, and aoura ia alwariansastsf Ms as. hiuuu- "M
fersaoh aomplainla, and also for Cra--'emntJ r Urs Itauua
frama, , . . . .
feREQTnjtRrTLEg, 8TJFF&E88I0HS, : .
pnlnful mnwtriiatlons. No aniols has nr boon tfertd saoanl
this, which would toaeh tha kind of doranfomonla. It rany
iu? iviiwl upon as a aura and affaouva ramody, and did wa fast
ImtmuukI lo do so, oouU aire
11 tHNMif ttf RiiMtn in tliia itiattwina flntkB af MMnnlaainlaL Rataa
pampliUi. All iMroiiM down. debilitatsMl oomtitutiom, from
Ihu trejt ir marrur. will fiml Um brmoinR powtrot thu aril
el to act fmmsMhfttely , tvnd tha poiwMut tninara. raiiioUcd
Iron) Ine iTitem.
Tl ifij dMUnat pronertiM wMuh wmivm thia articl. muU.
cm ineniMivM paniuuinrljr in Uw application ol tha com
poaitil, tor tht diMnmnit oltua of complaint whioh twatl
thii pumitraph.
For onturia iWa bus baafi uaad in tha
ftatrtnoi ci
whiuh In nil illivnMia or dtranRementa of tha fetnalt lYanw,
ubttrin-UOfii, ditficulli
atleoieu a cure,
in bnee qitantttii
atleoieil a cure. Thia root la iinllffefiotit to oar aoil. ant) Ibontl
lti t in ui isitniaixusiutMia. c.. num
m. snd mm a mwlielnal Drooartr . bAmbiU with
out an e'iuul ( it forma on of tha oompoBmU fa the pap4wor
titm. which, na a whoto tha bait rametly avar g ivm to m
ituiiiiitattHl terntil ; it m idio, uad tha ayttam will b laatoml
to nmnn uy ita um.
For tha retiel oi all Srrnpathetlu Dbaaaaa attandtutt on f
unity h allavi thime Huiraasinat and Dainftal trouhW w
often occur hoth to marriud and nnmamed femakw, and rr.
dmvn Ihoaa uwfiotliual ahtrnfitiona which aiiaa irotm tjakins
coi.l. ate. ,
CONSUMPTION and Livbi Cohplaiiii Bilious Di.
K"i A1 tfeaknmt. 4-o., lo ail lbM
MtkHttcina haaavar haan itaanuaiL
Mwlicino has avar bean lis aqual.
?,J'J':WtF,ii0,N'rS'HARD TUMORS, and BF1NAT.
ArrrXTIONS fAia Mrdiciiu ao snd it csmf Uatooral
ettrt: let ao aas aJUtcUi mtA tkott unaaaiata, ar any ttktr,
ketitatt to r tkit Mediant, aa s curt mil ctaTilNLY rs
tult frim tit utt, there teing as Mtditme maa, Seors tkt
world at equal. Call on JltemU aaa1 set a) Pamphlet.
To itw Omit Wast aapeciallr. and whanrar thaoa onav
plainu pra'ail. lha msilicina is arltrad.
ao dolrtrrioui oompnund is a pan of thia ml.tnrr, ft etlraa
thaw diMiws with oertaiiity and oslerity, and duaa not laare
ui .yatrm loriild.
Il is miule of root, alons, and is pnralr a Vaartablo "repara
tion, and has nouiina in IU oomuoailion whloh oau in tha laaat
injura any penon nndor any oiroUBt.tanoso whataror. Ma
sserous uortinoates ol tha niahcut rmpsouibility aro pobliahod
in Ui puaiuhlats, which aradutnbulsd (riuuitoa.ly
a onxeluint of a most painful character, b
and a onra follows by a few days uk of this artiola l It Is fat
Mora uny oilier preparation for thi, diKitso, or for any vlnoff
diKuas iMiamalina I rom impura blood. 8ea pBnplilak
will find Ihe nltcrtitiva ptoparliss of this article
and drive tuch diasnwa from lha ayilani. 8ca pnmphkit fof
ualimoiiy ol curat in ull iIimmms, which tha limits of an iidver.
Ilanneiit will not permit to la nsmnl hero. Agents aire UVnt
awny ; ibey ooiiiain aa puaes of wunuiioi ol liif h ohorastar.
and a tlronaer
of the virtue, wfa HietlKjiiie, never apneiirad. It is one or tha
I ueuuliiir Iratnras ol this ariuila thai u n.v..'rr,n. inii m
""' ii uofl. anu muauis an ialtu build uuua itl the
aturinitiUMl and lliixaruui invalid
pu tit kin the maiitjiiteiu Ionic iu tlmr it nn iniM4v
nwni. Tito propria lor would
niiam.1 a imiulier or artlalas whioh come ont under the hand ol
a. oiires for llroii.y, tlravcl, lie.-. They ure (rssl fur oethinx.
sum aun.ouleil lo sun the unwury ;
TlMtr iiivwiiinra twver tliuiixlit o( uarinc tuoh diMom till ihu
nriii hHti ilonu it. A ittriivnlur uil of th itawtuhUt it
ariia If tf)lit'lW'l.
A Kf uu iiml nil who mII the iirtlule urt
i iM'ii'iu ly. Tut tut in SOux. botil?, ut $ 12 ot. do. tit
; fOi.u. tin ti-- tlu iHrKfrtiulilliiittoii. niorv iliun two mnll boU
i lw; '4'!uk, ""J, I10' let 'l"s upon. Kvtry irotile hu
tuiitiMi vegefuMa Lnlioniripiic in ixtiire," blown npon
titu itiiiMi uit njiittrn mn:iture ot "it. C. Vjiiffhii" on Un
liivt'iinn, nml C. Vuuglin, Hitlfalo, ttamjieti an Urn
crk. Nou other are k!iiiiii, 1'rPi.Hrctl by Ut. U. C.
tiittftih, mid Mild ut the rrinuiinl IMilce, U07 Mitin tnt,
l.iiiiiiio, ut u tinlMHHlc nml ivtail. No MteiiiMm Riven lo leltcra
uuWk post imiil post Mkhl leilsfl. ot verlml ovmnnuiGatwitt
i.lii'Uiiij ttiUire, prumitily aitwitlmf to, f rutin.
Wlioit-.tl A !), Dkott. inuKiMoi. & Htlini, No. 137,
Mitiilt-ii I, une, Svw York City i Mts. B. Kiitder Si Co.. Botv
ton ; C. Ror.UHil & Vo.. C'luvinuHU ; J. Uwen At Co.. !)
uoii; ritfira St Hity. Clii.:.su; Kik U Hull, Clevplaml: R.
. oeut-ns, i iiiL)iirtf ii j frvinern nm, nam nt on, v. w.,
iht) tor Mile hjr ull rwpettuUe lriifffi-t ibrouKfconi li
'iinuil rtt Ho tinil C'uiiudii, unil ut Ktu,il by
f I,0m1 Afi.nN SnVAf,
j fher, Basil; Shaw and Hutf hinxon. Wwt Rushville;
. 1). H. Heintmra, tVirhop li.,; O H. MinUn-.
i Trono nnd t'irkhart, Circl u'illp; Henry King,Tarlfon;
ur. i7. a r iiier, Dauiinore, July jy, toaa yi
Crorgt Ilnmmrrs Prfraiiun Essciice of CoiTt7
MANtrvAcTrRan t DAXtrn. Bohi.fh at co
Out Pucknge at H cents will save 4 lbs. of Coffee!
''PHIS Essince was lately awarded with a ei'ver
J. moda' ill hn American Institute, New York, also
I wilhthe first premium "ir such articles iathei'rank-
in Im'itiit'i, Phi'adelphla.
Sold Who'css'r snd Retail, It tho proprietor's so'ef
Dopot,21KJCailowhi'l street.Philailultihia. Also.forsale
by our Ag'-nts, and st the principal Drug and Grocery
stores througboiit the United States.
This Kssence has been proven by many thousands
of the richest snd most respectable families, aa well
as bv tho poorer data ot people, almost through the
whole United States, to be by far the best preparation
of coffee ever offered to the public. Coffee made by
this Kssence is much more who esomo, more delicate,
liner Havered, perfectly clear, and, in every instance, ,
superior to the fiiiost Java Coffee.
In order to give ful' satisfaction and nrnnf tl..r tho
above article is porfectly healthy, and to show some
thing of the deserved reputation it has gainod and just
ly entitled to, we annex s few certificates and recom
mendations, parti.-u'arly relating to health, from Dr.
Booth and Dr. Chilton, practical chemists and Analy
sistsoi the cities of Philadelphia snd New York.
College Arenue, Tenth street, below Market,
Philadelphia, September A, 1851. i-
I have oxstnined the essortee ofCotfeo manufactur
ed by Hummel, Bohlor ts Co., and find that itl. con
stituents are not in the 'east injuriou to' h'oa'th, it'
may be used freely and with perfect safety'.
Pro. of Chomiatrv applied to Arts, Krank'in Institute.
Ao. 73 chambers-rtreet, New York, Aug 23, lt-61.
I have examined an artie'e prepared by Messrs.
Hummel, Iloh'er and cu , I'hiiailulutiia. called Kssencn
of cotfeo, which is intended to bfltised with coffee,
lot the purpose of improving il, I find it free not only
rrbin any thing injurious to With, but, on the con
rVary, the ingiodionts nf which it is composed are per
feclfy wholoaome. J. R CHILTON, M. 1. Choinlat.
vorsaioDy u n.Aur r mass &co.,Agonts,
and othov Druggists and Grocers goncrallv
Lancast r, Ohio, August 3, 153 .
1AM just now receiving and opening out a large
and well eelactod
Stock of Spring and Snmmcr Goods
which I am dotermined to lellas low ss any other
House ia Ohio. . .
who wish to purchase will find the following article
Dress Silks, fancy and plain; Silks do.; Fancy Lawns,
cm. u r. IV-l r, i; .
niiK uurrren, r aucy jcianes. vaiicoes, uingnama.
White and fancy Robes, ombl-'d; Parasols snd Fans,
all kinds; VVh'itedamsskcrapeshawls
Worked Cuffs, Sleeves and collars; Bonnet Ribbons;
French and fane v flowers: drAtatrf.?mln0'B:
Dress butrbm, of all soils; silk snd lineh Tirades;
New Style Bonnetv
Edgings and lace; black silk lace; new style-blooms,
comba: SUDAl-ior Polka: Marseilles VAHlinira -
Cloths and cassimeros, Sattinets, jeans and t n eeds; ;
Muslins from J to 1 4 yard wide, sheeting;
uienmeu uriiBiinn. vuuun vstbs, iicKingj, osaigjng.
Leghorn nnd I'nlm Leaf Hat-, new styles.'
Batting and Queensware. a very large stock of
and prices to suit customers. . '
All those who will avormewith a call before ibat-r
buy elsewhere, will be saving money bv drAruraa.".
Lancaaier, April ir JALUJJ rLOUT. .
A New and desirable article recommended
economy, comfort and avoiding grease on Car '
pets, 8tc. They only need being seen to induce any
one to purchase them. The public are Invited to cal -and
sea them at the city Drug Store.
Lancaster, June 36, EDVVA RD L. SLOCUM.
Wlmcr la Com! tie
AND every body should supply themselves with
Umt clothing.- Come and look at our stock of
Cloths, Over-eoatiiigsji csssimeres. Satinets, Jeans, ,
Flannels, Llnaea, Under-. hintsvand Drawers, just re-
ceivea ana lor aue cneap by
sept 37
' Kosianth and Magyar Hats,
STRAW, Palm and Leghorn, beautiful asaorfanent
1st. styles, at . ... HKNUiir.

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