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WASHiireTuR Gossir. Ion, a Washing-
ton correspondent of the Baltimore Sun, is
e tolerably good Locofoco, and we take it
that ths following hat rather mora truth
than poetry in it:
"We hav fallen upon an age of non-committalism.
In the democratic rank there is
not now that tone of confident condemnation
or approval of measures or principles which
ia nival with an opposition about to isiume
the responsibilities of power. The demo
crata begin to be non-committal a wi ll aa
conservative- We must look to other quar
ters lor all the filibusterinin which the cnun
try can show for the next fonr year. Even
a to financial questions, and the tariff ques
tion, thsre is much hesitation and caution.
Th--re is no daugcr that the democratic par
ty wi 1 run riot with their power.
"The difficulties aa to the formation of a
Cabinet are increasing. No man scarcely
can be put up for a Cabinet post who is not
instantly shot down by some section or clique
of the party. Can Gen. Pierce make up a
Cabinet of Presidential aspirants! No; and
if be takes one ha must take all. Can he
take a prominent New York f ree-aoiler No;
but he will give a much offence by taking
ither of that gentleman's rival in bia own
State. Us can take no prominent man
from New York, and none, perhaps, even
from Virginia." . .
The Moboab District. At the special
election held to fill the vacancy in the Sen.
atorial district composed of Morgan and
Washington counties, BIr. Hawkins, the Lo
cofoco candidate, was elected ever Mr.
Diwes, his Whig competitor, by some 200
mnjnrity . There wis no interest manifested
in the result, aa both parties put on the
trsck the most unpopular eandidatet that
c uld be scared up, the Whigs beating their
opponents at that game eome two to one.
. The result will not change the political com
nlexion of the Senate.
Americah Industry. The House of
R-'-nrt snntatives. by a vote of 45 yeaa to 41
!., have declared that the doctrine of pro
..ti n to American Industry, should be a
'iMidnned and that duties should be levied
only for the purpose of raising revenue. It
is surprising that the party now in power in
Congress, professing to be American citi
zeua, should lubor for the rest of the world
and neglect tho highest intercuts of their
own country.
Hon. W. R. If i no. Advices from Wash
ington represent the health of the Vico
President elect as In a very precarious state,
and fears-are entertained that he will not
live to take his seat. Ilia lungs, it is stated,
are far gone with disease, and his congh is
incessant and harrassing. We notice that
the Senate haa passed a reaolutim which
permit him to sign bill in his room,instead
of in the presence of the Senate.
Thk Dionity or Senatobs In olecling
the Senate committees, the Locofoco party
did not put Mr. IIale6n any one of them,
"because the Democratic majority believed
that the Senator was outside of any healthy
political organization." If any debating
society of young 'una can beat that, we
would like tosocthe community in which
they live.
' Massachusetts. Tho next Congression
al delegation from this State will stand, 0
Whigs, 1 Locofoco and I Free-Soiler.. Jn
the present Congress, it stands, 7 Whigs, I
Locofoco and 3 froe-sollers.
What does IT Mean I The Scioto Gaz
etto of Saturday evening says:
' The Locofoco had a nice little love-feast,
at Bader's thi afternoon- Tt would take a
regiment of Doguerrean to gives faithful
picture of it. SamMedary was nominated
fur Postmaster Genersl, and William Al
len i convalescent. Two sets of officer
were appointed the Allenite absquatulat
ed, and everal of them were red out of the
party! More anon!
(rWe foarn from the Cincinnati Ga
tte that Madam D'Arusmont.better known
to the Public a Fanny Wright, died at her
residence (in Covington, Kentucky, wc be
lieve) on Monday evening last. Mrs. D.
was an eccentric, and In many respects, an
extraordinary woman. Her life, until with
in a fow year past, ha been one of great
activity and constant excitement, nhenau
acquirod much celebrity, both as a writer
and publio speaker, and might have been a
woman of extensive usefulness had her tal
ents snd Isbor been directed to proper ob-
Jects. Viqua Register.
Oldest Inhabitant or Uma Canada.
From sn authentic source we larii that
the oldest Inhabitant of Upper Canada is now
residing in the city of Toronto. She Is a
colore named Mrs, Longr and ho
resided In that nty for upwards or flity
years; ha been twice married; by tier first
msrriago ho had one child, and by the sec
ond had a Urge family. She is now 110
year old, enjoys excellent health, and retain
the most perfect use of alt her faculties.
Qarliec Gazelle.
1 The Shortest ArTxanooii. In ths good
old times now passed awayvin- which noon
always occurred precisely at twelve o'clock,
' the Sun, on the 91st of December rose latr,
and sat earlier than on any other day in the
year; but aince the introduction of mcau or
equated time, into general use, this has not
been the case, and the 9th of Decemtfor 1
no v, Incur latitude, the day In which the
sun snta the earliest, snd the 1st of Janusry
that on vi hlch he rises the latest, in the year.
The ahortest day, or the least interval be
tween the rising.end setting, occurs howev
er, a formerly, cm-December SUt, at the
solstice, or when his decleraaioiri the great:
est. Button Transcript.
The EtiRorEAR News. The New York
Tribune says: "The must important item
of Ot-w brought by IheArctic, is t lie passugo
in the Ituus of Common of Lord Palmer
stnn's resolution declaring Free Trade the
definite commercial policy of England by a
vote ol368 to 58. .This-resolution, our read
ers will remember, was proposed instead of
anotht'Mnore offensive in its terms, to save
' VJhe Government from the necessity of re-
siguin;, as out lor Lard I'alinerslun's inter
vention U would have Ween compelled lo do.
Th i affirmative vote for the French Empire
will be about eight millions. Thcreis novh
nj eiteor moment.
Lord Bvrun'idauirhtcft
l i.ead anil Oiuui uinnav'. ul.l.,u ,,..
tb. married" '
, NV Yorx, Dee. 17. A highly success,
rui trial at the engi.te of the clirhhip Er-
rtcKson, was made ycterdsy. The vcswdJ
however, wst keot moored ia ! U hi
wlH not beteady fo her regular trial trip
fjr two or three weeka. . .
fjirChwnid Bronchltl. adistringa4id
difficult of cure,, Da.jon a temady.
Howe's voozhCandy.
Moral or the Cescs.-The N- T.
' Courier tbua reviews the moral of the Cen
Isua returns for 1830, which are now in
course of publication:
"Men talk of intervention and propsgand-
r . - ..: L I If r I! .nil
liim, oi -material aid in wnwi i much
political justice; and flaming Cannon ana
glittering bayonets rise to the 'mind's eye.'
A little roll of manuscript has juft isouod
from one of our Bute buresus, that carries
within itself more elements of destruction
to lyrai ny in every form than all the hostile
fleets and" armiea our utmost power could
put in motion. It comes unhefuldi-d; it
makes no stir; the falling of the snow-flake
is hot more silent. Nay it as silent as the
light, for light iuelf, it is. It is a simole re
vealing to the world what thi Free Repub
lic actual y is. Rhetoric ha done nothing
to adorn it. Logic has spent upon it none
of her skill: no art or device of man has been
employed to give it effect. It is made up or
a single aggregation of naked facts and fig
ures And yoi in the cause of hu
mau freedom every column of these figures
has tho force of a thousand columns of in
fantry, and every line of these statements is
worth a line-of-battle."
A Taici: Worth Playing. Californians
are up to snuff The San Franciaco Trans-
cript thus relates how one of the shrewdest
snuffed out a fat office and put himself into
One of the shrewdest manoeuvres we have
noticed for some time was carried success
fully throuah at the late election. It seems
that according to the charter the office of
Clerk of the Superior Courtis elective. The
whig and democratic uonvenuooe.overiooK
inz this fact, made no nominations to sup-
s i the Diace or the present uieric. air. a i-
gernon tsyilncy smith quietly noticing mis,
hud a few tickets printed with his name on
them for the neglected office, and slyly gt
thirty of them voted. There was out one
vote cast azainst him and the consequence
is he Is elected by 29 majority precisely.
Shou'd the Supreme Court decme in uia ia
vorhe ateps into about jiio.uuu a year.
Very good for Mr. Smith (Whig.)
The "Cochtrt Sate." In olden time,
when the very best of men were apt to in
dulge in convivialities without very greatly
shocking the then moral sense of community,
two old codger, whom we shall designate
by the uncommon names of SniTlb and Jones,
J . i t -- l n ..
spent an evening anrosa in rrj nayyj
manner. Jones became considerably cle
valed" by the excess of indulgence, so much
n that ha was incaoable of self-volition.
Smith, though himelf omewhat excited,
undortook the grateful task of conducting
hia nartner in iov to hi residence. This
with much difficulty from the crookedness of
the streets and the up and downncss of the
sidewalks, he accomplished. Jone grasped
the handle of his own door, and oscillating
to and fro, with a look of comical gravity,
hiccoughed out "Well Mr. Smith, I guess
you can go alone now; you wont need any
more of my assistance."
Supplementary to the above, wo would
add another, which we cilhor hoord or read.
Another devotee of Bacchus, being absent
from home rather later in the day than suit
ed the sovereign will and ploasure of his
"spare rib," ahe devolved the task or an
nouncing the arrival of the delinquent
spouse upon her eldest boy. Very soon the
little urchin ran into the house exclaiming
"Alarm, here comes daddy leading two
Sever Toa or Aostraliar Gold Ar
rived in Erglard. On November 23d,
three vessels arrived in the river Thames,
from Australia.with the extraordinary quan
tity of upwards of seven tons of gold on
board. One of the ships, the Eagle, was
freighted with tho largest amount of the
precioua metal ever known to arrive in one
vessel, via: 150,000 ounces, (upwards of six
tona.'t snd of the value of more than G00,
QUO. I fte omer snips are me ounuoirc.iruiii
Sydney, with 14,668 ounces onboard, and
the Pelham, from Sydney, with 38,763
ounces. The Matlsnd also srrived a day or
two aince, fromSydney, with 14,338 ounces
Great, however, a ha beon the wealth
brought over by the Eagle, the ahip Dido is
expected in a tew days, wmcn win tar aur
pas it, having on board 380,000 ounces or
about ten ton and a half of the precious
.netal. The Neptune, with 17,000 ounces,
the Andromache, 43,051 ounres, and other
ships wi h as valuable freights, are nearly
Auricular CoRfESsiox. It Is well known
that, among the other practicea of the Ro
man Church, employed by the Puseyites, ts
that of confession. Several of them have
introduced it, more or lens openly, in their
rmriahes. But. according- to the tablet, a
Soman Catholic organ published in London,
an awkward inconvenience haa manifested
itself. Things whispered in the confession
al have been afterwards openly taixeu oi in
aoclotvi and it ia ascertained that the clergy
men to whom tho confessions were made,
are all married men ! Here Is developed one
reason for exacting celibacy of the Priest
hood in the Roman Church. The worthy
fathera of that Church know. It seems, how
hard It i for a man to keep secret from his
Ths Army oe Jams. A
writer in the
Inst number of the Edinburgh Review says
that the military force or Japan consists, by
the latest sccounts, or 300,000 infantry, snd
50.00Q cavalry, and that the aoldiers are
careless of danger and indifferent to life.
When one combatant fulla, another will step
into his placoj and another, and another, as
If their object were to exhaust the fire of
their enemies, and then overpower them by
sheer numbers. TWs would be called, a
display of courage in Christiana.but in pa
gans we suppose it only argues stupidity.
A New Wat I A 8onlheru editor Ohis
slyly duns his subscriber: 'Wgon can
not run without wheels hosts without
stesm bull frogs without legs, or news pa
pers be carried on without money, no more
than a Ana can wair hi tall wheu lie has
none. Our subscribers sre all good, but
whsttloes a man's goodness do when It apu t
do you sny good! We have no doubt every
una thinks that all have paid except himself,
ndaa wa are a clever fellow, and what he-
owes us ia a little matter It will make no dif
ference.'' Bm ia RATIO To Texas-. There appears
to be a constant stream of emigration into
Ten... I with from this country snd from
Europe. While ships are daily arriving si
G'alvcton,Indionola snd Aransas irom jmi
AlUd uilheniiirrauts. and while each
steamer that leaves New Orlvan is orowded
w ilh the sturdy son of the MiasiMalppi val-
. . !' si, A
ley, destined also lor wesirrn uit
noithern snd eastern portions of the Stale
are receiving conatant aere sblons by the way
of Red river and Arkansas.
The Liquor Law latelyv pssaed by- tlrir
Vermont Legislature, authorixe constable
trtarreatand summit to prison every man
thev find'swioesev.' and thern keep him
illl hu L In. ft. .uuiit liatlrv wherik lie
i li . in . r. .... ... ...,;RU
.. . . . Z1 . . . . . :.
mejuauce ue.ore w oin ne i urougiu.iip.
powtn m vommit iiu no win. i ne in w i iu
be voted on bv the people; it thev ssv "ve
it goes info-. Opsralion the first of April; if
" no," lhen-un the firat of December.
i Order. or tits Loke Stab. A new Di
vision of the above Order was organised at
Bavaunah on-, the 8th instant, it is to be
known as Angela Division, No. 6. This
make the second Division In that cltv. The
I others are located in Columbus, Macon,
ArrLiSTO&turoBsia. Larre quantities
of this fruit are being put up at the East for
shipment to our Pacific brethren, in the
land of blood, poverty and gold. They are
packd in a manner entirely different Irom
the usual mode of sending apple, and one
which we should think might prove effectu
al in preserving them from rot. Each ap
ple ia wrapt in paper apd then placed in the
barrel in layers. Between every two lay
era of apple is a layer of powdered charcoal.
The apples are thus prevented Irom coming
in contact witn each other, and from the
anti-pulrescent qualities of the charcoal, the
rot. even should it attack a part of ths fruit,
will be prevented Jrora communicating to
the remainder. Cleveland Herald.
(fT Sinirul irresnlt are obtained in this
City from a very simple application of the
nervous fluid, animal magnetism, or what
ever be the agenry, to orute nutlet. Let a
party of six or eight persons sit around a
common pine table fur twenty hiinutcs to
hair an hour- with the palms of the hartds
held flat on the top of the table: it is not
necessary that their mind should pay any
attention to tho process, or the ordinary
conversation be suspended; but presently
the table becomes so chsrged with the mys
terious fluid that it begins to move: tnen
rise from it, push away your chairs, still
holding your hands near, though it ia not
necessary to touch it, and it will turn arouna
from end to cnd, and even proceed rapidly a
bout the room, without any visible agent, on
which excursion the persons must dear it
company, or the current is broken sod the
movement stops. This simple experiment
may easily bo tried; it require no isitn ana
no outlay of physical or moral atrength; and
the result, with a table that is not too heavy,
is nrettv sure to follow: at least, we have
known of several instances in which It has
been most natonishingly produced. The
faet, when scientifically established, must
throw lisht on the obsecurities of Mesnie.
rism, Spiritual Manifes'stions and all that
iinexolored class of phenomena. New York
A Mear Maw. We have heard of mean
men in our days, but a correspondent of the
St. Louis Rs.vtilU mentions one to whom
must be yielded the palm:
Talk about mean men! Why, there is
that Bill Thompson, he's the meaneat man I
ever heard on. BUI was a consiuoie mere.
Whv. dont vou think he had an execution
against me for a little groceriea, and he came
and levied on my old 'oman'e ducks, and he
wanted me to drive 'em up for him. I told
him to catch 'em himself; and he cbaaed 'em
round and round the house, and every time
he' catch a duck, h'cd et down and wring
his head off, and charge mileage."
A Heal Miser. A laughable etory Is
told of an old miser, who, being at the point
of death, resolved to give all his money to
his nephew, at - whose hands he had expert'
enccd some little kindness.
"Sam," said he, for thstwsshi nephew'
name: "Ssm,l am aooui to leaveme worm,
and leave you all my money. You will
then have $50,000! only think! Yet, I feel
weaker and weaker;! think 1 shall die in
two boure. O, yea, Sam, I am going! give
mo two per cent, and you may have the mon
ey now!'
Bad Slow. By the latest new from Cali
fornia we tea that there was inSan Francisco
a large number of persons anxious to return
to the Atlantic States, but who have been
unable to do so for want of auflicient means
to secure their passage by the steamer. It
is possible that the destitution ot moss men
is the result of their own mismanageiaent,
or some peculiary unfortunute circumstance
which did not affect the great body of the
community, but the fact la certainly calcu
lated to arr :et the attention of pour men
who intend to seek fortune in that di
rection. SnuoTS or the British. The British al
lies of the Opposition in the late Presiden
tial contest, are delighted with the result,
and, like the South are already counting
their gaina. When the people of this coun
try take counsel of her Majesty's loyal sub
jects; or, rather allow themselve to he led
by party drill into the support of a British
instead or an American policy, they are in a
rair way to attain that happy atate of va
alage, which they enjoyed before 1776.
As attempt was mad by the State Can
vassers pf Wisconsin to throw Chief Justice
Whitor out of hi election.by rejecting the
vote intended for him in three counties on
account of alleged informality in the return.
They fell hort, however, just 3 votes, al
ter rejecting 3,050. The people gave Whi
too over 3,000 majority which the Cauvass-
er whittled down to 33, and still had the
mortification to give the able Whig a certifi
cate of hia election.
Teachers' State Corvertior. Wo
hope the Teachera of Ohio will remember
that the Annual State Convention will as
semble in Columbus on the 39th and 30th
of this month. The Convention promises
to be one or the largest and moat important
that has ever been held in Ohio, and much
interest ia felt in ila deliberationa. Let ev
ery Teacher attend who can possibly find
time and means. Set. Oar.
Model Lodgirq Houses are talked 6f in
Boston. A circular, signed by Samuol A
Flot, J. Ingersoll Bowdilch, George B. Em
erson, and John Ware, urgea forcibly the
practicability of their erection. A brick,
building, five atorics high, with accommoda
tion for thirty-six families and a dot. single
men, will cost 840,000, and yield an income
or four and a half per cent.
The NxwrousDi.ARD Telegraph ia pro
gressing rapidly. The ten mile supermarine
cable, from Prince Edward Island to New
Brunswick, the first link in the great tele
graph line or the Newfoundland Telegraph
Company, is now completed, and works well.
The line acroas Prince Edward Island wilt
be finished bv the 35th inst. A force 1 now
employed in stretching the-land wire across
ftTA woman went into an apothecary
shop the other day with two preecrlptlona r
one lor huarwinii.-aas ineouier iwuwcuw.
She inquired the price of them, and the apoth
ecary replied it wa so much for the man,
snd o much for the beaat. The woman,
finding she bad not money enough, reflected
a moment and said:
"Give me the cow'a at aH events; I can
send for my husband's to-morrow;
"Farry Fern." This dashing, dashing,
carving writer in the 'Olive Branch,' known
abroad nthe"si'tcrofN. P. Willis," who is
very much in rseor of the "Bloomer Cos
tume." wesr brecehes.amokes elgara, prom
enndea the streets in Wellington Boots and
s'tanding shirt colar, I said by ome oF the
neWipapersto be the Hev.Tom Norn, yr
(CThe Governor of Arkansas, following
In the footstep 6f the Democracy of Illinois,
Indiana. Wiaconaln. die. recommenda' In
bis recent message tp the Legislature, the
establishment ol a r ree uanxing oyeiem
that State.-. The "Hard Money Humous;"
will soon be ao'-ob'torvte idea" with the par
tyexcept in a few' of the Nortb-weaterrt
t-ountiealn Ohio. . ' ; v
.v , , , i ' i I, : r
OrtRiRd or T BALTmeRh ArD Ohio
Railroad. We see It is stated that the
President knd bis Cabinet,' and the Gover
nors of Maryland, Virginia Penaaylvania,
nkt. ami tniliatna-hsva libnn invited to at-
t-n.la.nd narttdnata in the ceremonies of
and oneningtha Baltimore and Ohio JUllroad to
w ncviiBgJDu me eisi rosiaut.-
Ahericar Slavkxt ir Ergiawd. The
address of "the Ladies of England," con
vened by the Duchess of Sutherland, forth
purpose of sddressing a memorial to the la
dies of the tTnited 8tates, calling on tbem to
use their influence for the abolition of negro
slavery acknowledges the, share Britain
had in ths Introduction of slavery into her
colonies, deplores the interdiction of religi
ous Instruction to the alaves, and suggests,aa
the means of abolishing the institution, that
the ladiea of America, "as sisters, as wives,
and as mothers, raiae tl.eir voices to their
fellow-citizens, and their prayer to God,
for the removal or tbia affliction from the
christian world."
It transpired, however, that a subscription
is to be collected as sn auxiliary to thla end.
It may be interesting to know that among
the ladies present, or who signified their
concurrence with the meeting, were the
Duchesses Bedford, Argyll; Dowager of
Beaufort; Countesses of Derby, Carlisle,
Shaftesbury; Viscountesses Palmeraton.Mel
bourne; Mesdamea Charles Dickena, Alfred
Tennyson, Mary Howitt, Macauley, Row
land Hill, with others of lesser position. An
office is opened st No. . 13 Clifford street,
London, and the whole machinery of the
movement set in operation.
The diainterested benevolence of our Eng
lisb sisters will no doubt be highly appre
ciated: but it would look much better if
they would first turn their attention to right
ing the wrongs of their own people and die
pose of their spare change In alleviating the
sufferings of Ireland and their own Work
shops. It would produce a far better result
and at the same time be more in accordance
with the scriptural injunction.
ErgLish Markets ard Gold. By the
Steamer Arctic we have the following item:
The "Mark Lane Express," London, the
organ of the grain trade, looks to higher
prices in the English markets, and quotea
largely from private advicea from the north
of Europe and France, showing a specula
tive activity at Paris, Hamburg, pantzic,
Roetock, &c. Large sales wore making for
delivery in the Spring. English orders were
at Hamburg fur wheat. The iron trade is
still on the advance. Rail have been sold
at 8 10s. Further gold arrivals to the ex
tent of 69,000 ounces, or $1,180,000, are an
nounced from Australia. The report that
the "Dido"ia on the way with 380,000 oun
ces, is r.ot credited by tho master or the
"Eagle," who left Port Philip st the close
of August, or esrly in September. The
Turkish losn is down to 101 per cent., snd
the subject continued to be discussed in the
Stock circles of London snd Pari.
Object" or The Revolution iSoiwa.
The French Courier, published ia New York,
speaks of Boulbon, who is reported to have
"annexed" Sonora to France, as a mere ad
venturer, for whose acts tho French Govern
ment is not responsible. The New York
Time on the contrary, says:
"We happen to be in possession of some
important documents in regard to this mat
ter showing the Interest tsken by France
in the progress of our country westward, and
the steps already taken in pursuance of s
frna design to check that progress, ana to
erect a harrier against our further growth.
We buve ifanon to believe that the great
.l.i.-rt of nlanilni ill fl French settlement
in Northern Mexico Is " orever.t the Vviled
Slat' from acquit ing a ea'flii ?ouu to Iht fa
Mr GftbKRoxun, the Artist. A Bos
ton correspondent of tho New York Post,
confirms the rumor that Horatio Greenough,
the eminent artist, is insane, and adds:
"He began a course or lecture on Art
and Social Life, a fortnight ago, tut deliv
ered only two of them. Tho second one
wa strango and unintelligible to the hear
er. A he haa once before been slightly
affected in the aame way, it is to be hoped
that he will recover. Having lived abroad
ao long, the change of social life, and our
aharp thin atmosphere, huve no doubt, had
an influence upon hia mind and body, which
ha led to hi present melancholy condition.
Frienda observed a change in him all last
summer, at Newport, but laid it to his not
being able to accommodate himself to our
way of life and living."
Labob Lost. Mr. Means, of Jefferson,
arose to a question of privilege In the Houae,
on Saturday, to correct the Journal' re
porter. Thereupon, two Democrata arose
snd vouched for the accuracy of the report.
Mr. Means didn't make much by that mo.
tion. He had told the truth, In excitement,
about the corruption of his party and wanted
to take it back.
Germar EmiGRARTa ton Salt Lake
The foreign news by the Arctic state
that preparation are making by aevcral hun
dred persona in Hamburg for emigration to
ths United States, their destination being
the Mormon City, at Salt Lake.
FirTY Certs. The Locofoco held a cel
ebration in' Syracuse, N. Y., on the 14th
Inst., fgr which 5,0 cent tivkots were issued.
This must have been a reflection upon Ex-
Gov. Msrcy . n
ExrxR'ik or the Government. The es
timates from the Secretary of the Treasury,
in a printed lorm, have been laid before
Congrossr It will'cost for the- next year a
bout 9 1 0,000,000 to govern the new territo
ry, and about 935,000,000 the old. Then
there is the interest and principal of the pub
lic debt to be provided, so that the entire ex-
peirses-witl exceed fty millions. The le
gitimate expenses of csrry ing on the Gov
ernmshtdonot exceed$35,000,000.
The total amount of appropriations for the
yearending June 30, 1854, is estimated at
946,303,7537 to Whicrfis to be1 addr-d 9460,
986 for several appropriations whicN'will be
carried to the aurplua lund. t here win aiao
be required for the aurvice or the last three
quarters of the fiscal year, ending June 30,
1853, made by rormer acts oi congress-, me
surn of (15,355,371,
ThV Straight Road. -The ceremony of
breaking ground for the Straight line road,
from Cincinnati to ' Jjayton, waa performed
at Cincinnati, with due ceremony ,in the rain,
on'the hill near the Queen City, on Thura
dar afternoon. The tunnelling la a heavy
job. Three shafts-are to be sunk, and the
work of excavation is to. oe csrnea- on trcm
each, as well-as from each end, making five
ooliiM where; the great, work will be progres
sing. The contrsctors ar men of energy,
nd Will put the big hole through with com
mendablo speed. O. S. Journal.
CiLiroamA Emiobatior. The number
nf naaaenirer arrived at San Francisco, sea
u,., fi-nm the tut of January to th 14th of
Wnu.mhnr. were 69.9 39. ineludiftg 4,618 fe
male. The departure eawar4, during the
same time, were 19,839, leaving 44,400 a
tha inwMii to tha oopulatiou by sea. The
...,l.nil .mtm-ntlon is estimated at 43,000,
making the total increase about 88,000. i
Political. As a relief to the monotony
which pervsdes the political world and In
the absence of sny spicy intelligence from
the present Legislature, onr Locofoco breth
ren ocessionslly get up a "near fight" which
serves to provoke a smile, for which we art
duly thankful. On Saturday last, aa waa
noticed briefly on yesterday, the Locoroco
of RosS met in county convention and had
a considerable time of it. Our Locofoco
readers here will be somewhat interested
and we ropy for their benefit from the Ga
xettc; "Briefly, then sHessseinbluge collected.
A row was expected, and there waa a crowd
of town boys forgathered, including a num
ber of Whig spectators. Judge Keith ope
lied the bali. Heaald he had been on the
bench 14 years, and a private citizen two.
Ilfl was not a nolitician. Democrats had
just "beat old Gineral Scott to death."
J ..... ! 1. Tka,
Democrat dnnK tneir own liquor, u,u. u.
Judge concluded by nominating David Crt-
der for chairman.
"John Ilough, Esq., objected to mis ar
rangement said something about "cliques"
and circumventing," and proposed Theo
dore Shereb for president. The question
was then tsken upon both nominations, anu
amid "conTusion confounded," now were e
ler.ted and took their seats.
"Then ensued such pulling and hauling
as never before were witnessed, in a meeting
or the "unterrified" in Ross. i.ach party
claimed to be the Simon Pure. Angry
wordsand gestures filled the room, but no
hi nod waa smiled. Ferdv Bader, alarmed
ror the character of his house, walked
through and commanded the peace. "Si
lence! centleman you shan't disgrace my
house! You must all leave, or behave your
selves!" But. Ferdinand invoked and com
manded in vain. The moment bad arrived,
when the long-smouldering feud, between
the "Allen" Taction, end all the concentra
ted elements of opposition, must hate free
"Col. L. W. Sifford seemed to be pfinci
psl spokesman for the latter. He was tre.
mendously excited called names! declar
ed that "Allen had destroyed we oesmemo.
rmt In Rn countv." and that the tall Sen
ator'a contact was tatal:- that his especial
friends had been boueht up by the Whigs
become rich and selfish bankers, etc, die.
Of course, tho colonel war not listened to
patiently, bv the opposite side; and thus
f. ' .." r ' .1.- .!M1.. .11 -
mere was "music lor me iiiiiiiuu, u -round.
Both organizations were maintained
throughout and two sets of delegates ap
pointed to represent "the democracy oi
Ross." in me State Cmvention of the
Eight prox.
"Afterthe Allenites had withdrawn sev
eral of them were formally read out or the
party. "There, tbey are gone," said one oi
the speakers; "and who misses themi
-PL.. w. atuinva a ntirhtmarfi nn ths nartv."
'vr ' !..-.
This msn becsme a voter long since me
SenatorV'stor 'gan to culminate towards
the zenith" butYoung America is bound to
go through! As one or them observed, "that
star is now in apogee:" ivous verronii
A Fact ob Two Totjchirq Camphor. r
L'amDhor is a veiretable gum, semi-trans.
parent and colorless It is exceedingly vol
atile. When exposed to tha ah-it flies off
in a vapor. On account ot ita airong ana
aromatic smell it is imich used to preserve
cabinets and clothe from moths and other
insects. From its etrong smell' ha arisen
the idea that it is a preventative against in
fectuous disorders, but, as it is poisonous
disease is more liable from the camphor
than from infection. ARhough- camphor I
dissolved in water only in stimall quantity
sufficient however is taken up to give live
water both its aromatic odor and Intlef taste
-If some shaving of camphor ore thrown on
the surlsce ol periectiy cican waier in
basin, the nieces immediately begin to mnv
rapidly, some round on their centres, others
tmm "lce to place. The cause of those
motions pr unknown. Camphor exists in
many planU; h.efly obtained from
two plunf!.,oneni..itf-"Pl China nd Ja
pan, much resembling tru. '"". It is ob
tained by chopping the leav, branches,
roots die, into small pieces ni;:1 placing
them in s still wilh water. The other Ci''
phortree is a native of Borneo and Sumatra.
The camphor is obtained by splitting open
the tree, when it is found in large pieces in
the Interior.
Opening or the Baltimore ard Ohio
Railroad. We learn from thePalriot that,
in consequence of the arrangements already
made, and the numerons invitations sent
out for State and other oflioera, to be prea
ent in this city on the Slat instant, iu order
to leave for Wheeling on the afternoon of
that day, it will be impossible now to post
pone the opening or the Baltimore and Ohib
Railroad on the Ut of January, The pledve
given, several years sgo, that s locomotive',-
starting from the waters or tne Atlantic
should appear on the banks of the Ohio, on
the Ut of January, 1853, will, therefore, be
redeemed, snd our Wheeling friends must
prepareTthemselves to greet the"lron' horse"
with a New Year's welcome. Sun.
Finances ir Virginia. The committee
of the Virgins Legislature, which reported
the new tax bill at the last session, estima
ted that there waa 500 millions of taxable
property in the State, and that the tax bill
would produce about $1,400,000 and that
91,200,000 would be sufficient for present
purposes. The returns it Is now said, indi
cate that there Is only 440 millions or taxa
ble property and that the tax bill yielda a
little less than 9 1 ,300,000. Of this amount,
licenses yield $370,000, and land snd other
property $825,000.'
New York Caral Commerce. It is esti
mated that during the present year the in
creased value of flour, grain, beef, pork, but
ter and lard, transported over tne new xorx
canal will amount to $7,877,000. In corn,
rye, bacon and cheeae, there will be a de
crease in the value or all. In corn and rye
the receipta at tide water have fallen off ma
terially compared witn last year. L-heese
ha fallen off about 9,000,000 lbs., owing-to
railway' competition, and bacorr a decline in
the receipt of 1,000,000 lbs.
CTThe Toledo Republican says that
Gov. Wood has received front the Commis
sioner of the General Land Office a list of
the swsmp land overflowed lands, subject to
ale in the District of Defiance approved by
the Secretary of Interior. The hat givea to
the State pf- Ohio about 29,820 acres, and
unless otherwise directed by the Legisla
ture, the Governor will prepare a request for
the patenta lo issue, aa instructed by the
Gener.l Assembly by the resolutions or the
1st of May, 1352.
RAVAGE"or the Choliha in Cuba. A
letter received in Bostou ssys that at St.
Jniro de Cuba f population in 1846, 34,000)
the death by Cholera preiiousio noi. ium,
. " . . . -a.i.
had been a high a 135 some aays. i ne
pristripal victim were in macaw, poor
whites ard soldier. It bad also been
very fatal in the interior, planters having
lost from 30 to 60 slaves. At the last ac
counts the sickness was abating, but the
weather was sultry and amp, and there hid
been further shock of-earthquakes:
Kotil. The ret ort gsins consistency that
Prince Frederick William, the heir of the
Prussian crown, is"betrothed to the Princesa
Royal of Enarland. The Princeas of Prus
sia, mother of the Prince, will make another
visit to England next spring. A ugsburg
iottmg. . . . . v,. v- -.- -
Th TaQmaJg Houses Chang an J Im-
prodement This House has passed tuto the
hand of Mr. John Wilson, and his guests
speak in the highest terms of his accommo
dations. He waa recently connected with
the"Winslow liouso" In Zanesville. The
House is undergoing thorough repairs, the
roome are re-furnished and the proprietor
intends immediately adding another story to
the block adjoining the main building.
When all the improvements are completed
we doubt whether a better kept house than
this can be roUnd in the State. It is the
determination, under the present manage
ment, to render full satisfaction.
The !bortor Register. The prospectus
of a Locofoco paper in Ironton has awaken
ed the sleeping sympathies of our good Whig
friends of the Register, heretofore published
as a neutral paper, and they now run up their
colors. They say:
"We have neither time nor inclination to
make any extended remark we will mere
ly say that it has siwsys gone against tne
grain for us to edit a neutral paper, and that
we most heartily emorace me present ni op
portunity to make a change that ia perfectly
in accordance witnour leenngn. mgut pinu
ly do we enter the political ring, andwe trust
that we shall receive efficient support. The
fact that we have ever been a Whig of the
strictest sect is, it may bo, a sufficient pledge
for the political complexmg of the Register.
Let our friends bestir themselves." .
Correspondence of the Lancaster Gazette.
Colcmbvs, Dec. 18, 1853.
Emma or the Gazette: If the people
of Ohio fully comprehended the method by
which legislative business is transacted,
they would not be astonished that so much
time is annually consumed and so little real
work effected ill that department oi me puo
lic ervice. The one beara no proportion to
the other. Such is the rule of parliamen
tary proceeding established by long preicrip-1
tion, that almost unlike every otner pursuu,
the time consumed and indeed the mere phys
ical labor undergone, is no pleasure Whatev
er of the results accomplished. Dr. John
ston tells us about a certain country gentle
man who held all the town meetings of bis
cous-ty in perpetual terror by the torrent of
words which ne was ever reaay io pour m
upon every subject and upon every occasion.
No business could be done for his declama
tion. To any one, a stranger, looking
into the Ohio Legislature it would seem as
if a generation of these intolerable pests
hod sprung up suddenly among us ingens
petebat tellus and as if by some miraculous
coincidence they had all turned up at once
in the General Assembly of Ohio, No bu
siness can be done for their declamation
and yet although they do nothing, they can
not be charged with idleness, for JeeFama
tionis hard work hard alike "orr him that
give and him that takes" and iw man ac
customed to the quiet avocations of life
could sit iu either branch s single day with
out pitying from his heart the poor victims
ofsnch horrible and merciless inflictions.
The Senate spent the greater part or
Thursday in committee or the whole on the
bill to amend the tax law. The subject dis
cussed in the committee waa a clause exempt
ing fifty dollar from taxation. The old law
you will remember exempt two hundred dol
lars. Tho object of this bill waa to repeal
that clause. It was discussed sometime ago
( every thina is done twicelin the Senate$50
was fixed upon as the proper amount. That
vote wa reconsidered and after a long, wea
risome and wordy debate, "fifty" was strick
en out and "seventy" inserted, j-ne oiu
was then referred" to the finance committee.
Ft wWI probably pass in'its present shape.
The House discussed an- amendment mode
by tho Senile to the biHforthe organiza
tion of the Legislating. The amendment
wa to cut off the per diem of member when
absent without an excuse. The motion to
strike outwa lost and the providfon sta-nds
so. Tho two branches could not agree as
to whether a majority or plurality should
elect the officers of the respective Houses
ard a committee of conference was appoint
A bill limitintr the fees of county Trcaa
-eT in the collection of school funds to one
per Ce "t pteeed the Senate yesterday. The
bill to reeJnW action, of replevin before
Justice of the PeaC W",B0 Pa"ea: ' ,
bill provide that where u? FP"7
:.. ... r rniovi,. it mi. ie cu.nged
I. nil M V V V. i.iivii - - . f. ,
into an action of trover without the necessi
ty of recommencing the suit onew Mr.
Riddle introduced a preamble and resolutions
yesterday, instructing the Ohio delegation in
Congress to support the bill introduced du
ring the late session, by Mr. Stanley of
North Carolina, for the promotion of African
Colonization by the appropriation of the
fourth inatalrae it or the surplus revenue be
longing to the teveral States to (hat purpose
and to 'secure tuc recognition of the inde
pendence of Liberia by the United States.
The amount belonging to Ohio is $33;455:
33-100.. The resolutions were laid upon the
table and ordered to be printed.
The House spent yesterday afternoon in
committee of the whole on tie bill to provide
for the safe keeping of the Legislative Jour
nals, but did nothing of importance. Bres
lin's' reply to'' the sinking fund commission
ers made its appearance to-day. It ia short,
but pithy, and is regarded as an ample vindi
cation of hia course in relatidH to' the pay
ment of the interest on the publio debt a
gainst the charges of his hostile and disap
pointed cotleaguea. The Treasurer suggests
relative to the imputation of, his having-held
illicit intercourse with the banks, that a lit
tle knowledge of the otdinary procest of trans
acting business would s6metimes save people
the trouble of making themselves ridiculous!
Rather peraonal. Ercothres.
What Plane RoAPs,DoThe Fajrette
ville (N. C.) Observer, under' thV head of
"Fortune in Spite of One's Self," soys:
"We learn that a aale took place in this
county a few days ago, amounting to about
916,000, or lands which would nol'bav'e sold
for hair the money until the plank roads
were built through and near them. The
owner never subscribed s cent to build the
roada, but haggled fof damages" against the
companies'fof passing through his lands."
Industrial Emplotmert ir Ireland.
A rreiitlemon from the north pf Ireland has
just settled down in Gslwey,where he is giv
ing employment to a consiuersoie numoer
of poor wesvers In the manufacture of cali
co a new branch of trade in that hitherto
neglected district. ' He brought the yarn
prepared from Belfost, and gives out work to
the artificers at their own homes. He ex
pects soon to be in a position greatly to ex
tend the field of his useful operations.
Stitching Shoes by Machinery, A'
Bridirewater correspondent of the Plymouth
Memorial states - that the introduction or
sewinr machines for stitching shoes is be
coming quite common. Ofitf eatablishment
In-Massachusetts; uses no less than six. . It
is said" that aa operator, with tha machine,
ill stitch in a day more than ten times the
amount usually accomplished oy a-anicn-
er,"and the cost is very materially reaucea
Railroad Ir PERRSTtvARtA. Accord
in to the census report there wef'ein Penn.
eylvsnia on the first of January,.! 860, 1148
miles of railroad completed, and 774 milea
in course' of construction. We find by' the
last number of De Bow's Review, that' the
number of miles of railroad in the State at
present completed, is 13Si3,and.the number
of milea 1n prdirreas is 663. The estimated
cost cf these r6ads is $49,603,918.-'
A Sao Evert. W learn h a .tJ
from Poolsvill Uiat on Friday last a rlrom
islng little child, aged four years, son of Mr."
Joseph White, or Medley's District, Mont-'
gorasry county, Md., set out, in company
wiiii two colored children ot about the aame .
age, to visit a near neighbor's kouse, but
mined their way, became lutwildured; ai'ij .
finally lost, in the darkneSl of night. Dil'
ligent Search wad made by the neighbors
generally, but the little sufferer! were not
discovered until Sunday morninir. theV
having wandered sear five miles from home;
Wnen found they were lvino? within a few .'
feet of each other, and life was extinct.-"
uau. Sun. . - - . ,. ; -
. Zabssvillb Courier. Edard Ball, Esq ,'
has retired from the editorial department tit
this paper, which he filled with much ability
and hereafter it will be conducted under the
joint superintendence of Messrs. Richards,
Cassel and Mercer. . The Courier is most'
excellent paper and deserves, as it receives
a liberal support. Both parties have our
best withe for their success.. - "
Gold at thk Mint. From the 1st to the
loth of December the receipts of gold at the
U. State Mint in Philadelphia, were $3,
870,000 -a large amount for the period,;
though not up to the unprecedented deposit'
of November. Of this sum $3,310,000 were
deposited on Tuesday, which, the Bulletin-
says, shows a remarkable correspondence
with the amount reported to have been
brought by the Illinois, which arrived at
New York on Saturday.
Oirln answer to a question from the Earl
of Clanricade, Lord Derby stated in the
House or Lords, that the object of calling
the Parliament together before Christmas .
was to close for ever the controversy of pro-
tection and free trade. And De'Isrseli said "
in the House, that the Ministers had violated
no pledges by retaining office, for they never
intended to repeal any measures of Freo
Trade. - - " -
. .- 1 ' (
The Popular Vote The whole num
ber of votes cast, at the late Presidential e
lection, was about 3,600,000. Gen. Pierce's
plurality over Scott and Hale is between
50,000 and 60,000. His plurality in the
New Encrland States is about 10,000, in all
tne other free States about 115,000, and in
the slave State (exclusive of South Caro-
Ima,)about 72,000. .
Singular Coincidence. Johnstown, in
Fulton county, N. Y., is a steady, strong,
snd reliable whig "settlement." A "live
whig" from that town informs the Albany
Reeistor that its whig majority on the Elec
toral Ticket at the three last PresidentisI
elections was as follows: 1844, CIsy 383
majority; 1848, Taylor 384 majority; 1853,
Scott 383 majority. Differing but a single
vote in eight years!
Opium Trade. The English are exert
ing the power and influence of the press to .
aboiisn tneir opium traue witn unina, as de
trimental to their commerce and manufac- '
tures. "Better late than never" is an old
saw, extremely applicable to this move-
ment, though not owlertslren- till the "pisgner
has relumed to plague the inventor!"'
Proscribed Pigeons. The Austrian Pb
lice, ot Parma.the famous little Duchy which "
was once transferred to Maria Louisa, the
widow of Napoleon, has recently discovered!
that carrier pigeons may be made the means
of diffusing political heresies, and so hsvo
made war upon that poor harmless race,
which they have exterminated.
Fatab- Disease. It is stated thatiu tlf
northern and western parts ot Pike county,
Mississippi, there is-a dieeaseraging which
is fearful hi its results. It is- called "flux,
attended with typhoid and congestive fever. '
It is fatal in almost every case much mors ,
so than the drsaded cholera. In a sprvee of
about 4 miles square, there have beeu up
wa?dof 40 death-
Cause of Insanity. Dr. Hewe lias
examined almost the entire number of cases
of idiocy known7 irr Massachusetts, and the
result is, in all but four instance, he found
the parents of these idiots were either intern'
perste, addicted to sensual vices, scrofulous,
pre-disposed to insanity, or bad iatermar
ried wilh blood relation. .' '-". -
President Fillmore. Several of the A U
abama journals indicate an Intention to ex
tend a formal invitation to Mr. Fillmore to
isit that State in or aftr March next, that
an oportunity may be afforded to the citi- .
zeni 0r expressing their appreciation of his
fidelity to '&uthern interests. ' r;
Yet Alic Hind, the
distinguished ostriOomer at Regent's Park,
London.on the 16th o.' l-t month, discov
ered another planet, the ,-'?nth firatseon
by him, and the twenty-first nC Jnlown
exist between Mar and Jupiter, T'1 a,w
planet, when first found, was in thfl con
eteHatiorf Taurus.
Extravagance. During the past week,
balls and parties were given iri1 New York,
st which diamonds and emeralds were worn!
worth $30,000, on the person. Thousand
dollar dresses were not uncommon. Din- '
ner parties" are spoken of, where ladies ap-
pear ' in' cloaks embroidered with pearls. ,
logal penalty of death, which abolished
many year ago by the great Eeoppfd, grand
father of the present rcignrh'ir' Duke, has
just been revived in' Tificafty by' the Ducal
decree, to the run extent ot u sppHcarnnrirr
olden tintear:
ffr-M.'Walewski, ambassador of France
to London, has.lt is again rurrtbred, received
orders to demand explanations of the Eng-"
lish cabinet as to its tolerance of refugeea.
A formal'dcirtand or expulsion is even men
The Lemmob Slaves. It is now stated
that these slsve are now in Canada, where .
a friend, who had preceded thent, owns a '
handsome fsrm. Before leaving New York '
they were presented with'1 something over a- '
thousand dollars. S .
frrThe B'iu'e RidgeTunnel has proceeded, '
in all, 1,705 feet, 400 feet mere, which will
be accomplished in about four months, will ,
complete half the work through the .moun '
ftrThe iaat'Cunard steamer . which Br-"
rived at Boatrfn, brought 271 firkins orbut
ter consigned to that city, and 813 to New
Tne amount contributed by the voters of
California to the Washington Monument,
at the late election, wui.v it is stated react
.. . - 1 " "e ' ' j :
Destbuctive Fibe.- A fire at Louisville;''
on the 17th, consumed eleven brick build
ing, valued at $40,000. ' .t .
; fjr-The new Catholic Cathedral, in'- A1-" .
bany, is considered one. of the fineet church-,
es in the country1. The great' window of
stained glass, brought from Europe, was in .
four thousand, separate pieces, yet not one oi ::
them was injured. It embodies the leading
events in the life of our Saviour, and cost -
$3,700.-' ; . ' ' ' ; , ;
Ak Ohio Yabxee has invented' 'EatR
Cutting Machine, and has sold fdr $56,000
three-fourths of his patent for the Eastern
States alone, reserving the Western. They"
say it'will cut a large Tog np into lath in the"
course of three minutes.
' -i
rC1 i k!VS

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