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WHOLE NO. 1425
"Sin. 5J-- . .
JL)t )xtl Gazette.
' ' ' Joan H. Wright, Printer.'
OFFICE Tallnadga BulWlngi Third Flour
. . Msla Street South Bids. ' '
Term. $1,75 per annum in advance.;
Thursday Evening, Dec 80,1838
Uitm Disasters Lou ef Property and
Lift on th Lakes in 1852 The Buffalo Ex
press publishe. a statement, prepared oy
Capt. G. W, Bounds, Agent of the North
western Insurance company, detailing the
..loss of life and property on the Lakes during
- the past year. ' The loss of property is large,
being some $260,000 greater than the pre
, vious year. The loss of life is also large,
Capt. R. puts it at 390, which is probably
considerably under tho actual number. Many
persons, who were competent to judge, put
the number lost on theAlanticaa high as
300.- -
' The total loss of property is put down at
$993,659. , Most of this occurred on Lake
Erie, .. In closing the sad account, Capt. R.
says: .-;' '
- "Of the two hundred and twenty-nine dis
asters here detailed, seven occurred in the
month of April, nineteen in May, twenty
four in June, fifteen in July, sixteen in Au
gust, twenty-one in September, twenty-sev-en
in October, eighty-fire in November, (55
in one gale of the 11th and 12th,) and fifteen
in December.. In many instances the a-1
' mount ot losses as above stated have been
' matters of estimate, as many must necessa
rily be; but much pains and care have been
taken to procure, in each case, the opinion
of competent men who were most familiar
' with the circumstances. Regarding the loss
of life by the steamer Atlantic, there are va
rious opinions her agents and proprietors
contending it did not exceed one hundred
and fifty, while many who were somewhat
familiar with the circumstances, set it as
high as three hundred, and some even higher.
The former I deem somewhat - under the
mark, and the latter much above. ' The a
gents can no doubt tell quite correctly how
many went on board of her, but no one can
tell how any were carried ashore from her
. by the propeller" .
" Heavy FokgeRt. On the 14th inst., at
Cincinnati, a man clad in the garb of a Ken
tucky drover, with a pair of saddle bags un-
1 der his orm,' presented at the counter of the
' Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company
Bank, two checks one drawn on Ellis and
Morton, Bankers and Exchange Broker, at
the corner of Walnut ond Third streets, and
, -purporting to It signed by Evans &. Swift,
Pork Packers, for $7,500; and another on
, the Merchants' and Traders' Branch of the
' State Bank of Ohio, purpirting to be signed
by S. Davis, Jr., &. Co., (also extensive pork
packers,) for $7,321 65. These he desired
. to sell at the bank for specie, and he did so;
the money was paid him in gold; he took his
leave, and has not since been seen! '
' 1 No suspicion was excited until Friday lust,
when Ellis and Morton discovered thut the
account of Evans arid Swift with them was
overdrawn, and pn applying to them, the
check was ascertained to be a forgery!
When this information was obtained, it was
remembered that both checks had been pre
sented by the' same person! and on investi
gation, the other, too, was learned to be spu
rious! I , - , ,: , '-, - .. .
Ohio Legislature. The two Houses sat
on Monday and Tuesday ,but little of any inv
portance was done. Several bills were ex
mined in committee of the whole1, but we
do not notice that any final action was had
on any of general interest. .On Tuesday,
the House adjourned over until rriday, to says:
givo ' the use of their hall to- the
Teachers' Convention, when they will prob
ably adjourn over again until after New
Year's day, and thus will end the Holiday
week. It is to be hoped that, after that
time, quorums will not be so difficult to scare
up and that business will be despatched
more speedily.
Kossuth Expenses ir New Yob A day
or two since, the Board of Aldermen, of
New York city, appropriated an additional
sum of $3,800, to pay a balance on the
hoard bill of the Hunzarain and his suit at
the Howard Hotel. This makes a sum to
talof $13,739:36, equal to about $2,000 a
week for mere hotel expenses for the seven
weeks these men were feasted in that city.
If Ihis is not voting away the money of the
people for illegitimate expense, we would
like to know what is.
In Luck. A correspondent of the New
York Herald gives a rumor that a wealthy
relative of Mrs. Pierce, residing in Boston
has checked the President elect to the tune
of $30,000. If true it is very good news to
him; ' but then, what hare the Locofoco pa
pers said about the Webster gift from his
friendsl - ; - - ; '
Fueshetw IHDUSA.- The freshets in In
diana have been greater and more sudden
than ever known before, and have caused
great destruction of property. The Rail
tsUi have suffered severely, and some lives
have been lost. '
' , Newark. The population of our. sister
esitr.bya recent census, is 4,203, of which
161 are colored. This shows a rapid ad
ranee, and the Time predicts a still further
increase. ' . - .
. . fiThe citv of New York occupies
whole county the style is, the city and
county of New ions.
A late number of the Scientific American
tates that the smoke in the factories of largi
cities in England and Scotland is now con
sumed, it having been made a penal offence
hr act of Parliament for anr factorr' to al-
. low the smoke to escape, . The smoke is all
. burnt bv aimnle contrirances of furnaces
A committee of .Government firs established
that the burnimr of smoke was perfectly
practicable, and Parliament then enforced
fne tact oj law.
. Mors A mexatioi. Some people have
supposed our manifat dentiny would stop
when we have annexed all the continent
down to the Isthmus. . But this 'is a great
mistake.. The Caracas (Venezuela) corres
pondent of the New York Herald, writes, in
letter dated November 15, as follows.
There is a coolness about it that is quite re
freshing: ... ............ .
"I cannot say anything for the general
' . - r . I T L 1 - . -Til I. .
Foreigk New by the Canada.' The
Csnada brought Liverpool dates to the 1 Hh
December.' Sbe experienced a succession
of very violent gales, had 70 passengors,and
brought 2,500 in specie. The Times gives
the following synopsis of the intelligence
by the Canada: -
The newa from England is not important
A slight decline had occurred to cotton,
while breadstuffs had advinred. . The affairs
of the new steamship company, whose char-
:. .r.u' to .-..kill. r.u. k... " "'
iiiuviivriir ui ill 1 ncuuuui;i uiaiiv ui mo vni : . . . - . . . ,
informed and reflecting citizens look forward ' "hT. f "'I "'r"';'" "ttu
with anxiety to the only hope left-that of ft i,a "fj "7
the. eventual .nn.xallo. of Venezuela to Tbe .Mim.8t7 the. minority were at
.. ..., ... , . , jSworas-poinis, ana 11 was supposed that a
the empire republic or ereat American con
federacy. They say, when Venezuela shall
form a State of the Federal Union, the sun
of prosperity will reflect its beams on this
obscure planet, whose southern boundary
is the empire f Brasil. , They argue, and
justly too, that Californina is thirty days dis
tance from Washington, by steam, when
Venezuela is only seven days distant; that
the Floridas, Spanish colonies; Lousisiana,
a French colony; Texas, Calilornia, oik.;
test trial of the strength of parties would be
made on Friday night. -The meetings in the
Metropolitan borough in opposition to the
Budget had been numerously attended.
D'Israeli having pledged himse.f to abide
by his scheme, provokes Mttcr animosity.
The Board of trade returns for the month
show an export of nearly five millions. In
France, tho Emperor has set at liberty many
01 me political prisoners, and a proclamn
Mexican territories, have amalgamated with mtt .E .h "on' tw,r announces the -.r-the
Anglo-Saxons, without any inconven- .tnoBe notf f of.he
ience ti tho well berag of the- coufedeiacy ; h'gl'e' cr.mes-tl.e nature of the enormities
.l- . -w-f. 1. -j.i-.i .c: in question not beins indicated in the tel-
on the contrary, they have added to the
weal'h, strength and prosperity of the Un
ion." : "!. ..-.'t :.
following from the New York Tribune, a
indicative of what is to be expected in the
dry goods line. Calicoes and wearoblos
generally are to keep pace, in the advance
price, with eatables: . , , ...... . i
One of the most striking features of the !ln Je'ou. W "P" movnmems
dry -rood market is that there are no job His Majesty.the new Lmperor.' Rumors
. , k. n.k.j .,n h.. ......I . siariea 01 a pioi in oavoy to enaoie r ra
is season or the year. 1 he great woolen
jobbers have taken up, weeks ago, all they
could find, and the anticipation of a further
advance in the spring is such, that some of
the jobbers have resold at a profit to specu
lators. Woolen goods are out of first
ands, though not' out of market in' like
anner as the raw material itself is mostly
the hands or speculators,who have bought
up the stock,' anticipating large profit from
the necessities of the manufacturers. Stocks
of cotton domestic goods continue low, and
prices keep tending upward, and seem' dis
posed to reach a much higher point,' under
the influence of a large and increasing con
sumption. It is a common remark among
dry goods houses that there Is no knowing
here prices will go. t hese circumstances
are encouraging to importers, and our im
ports will be very large in the coming
season. ' The rise in prices abroad is
not sufficient to check the orders. Con.
sumption is good, at a much higher level of
prices. The country is rich. - Money a-
bounds all over, tli:trks to our golden State;
and goods will be bought while money holds
out, and that is likelv to be for a time indef-
nite. ' '
Japan. In the December number of De
Bmv's Review,' a work how so deservedly
popular, we find an elulxirute paper on the
Empire of Jjpani from which it appears thut
rcnuwiied empire consists of three thiitiauml
eight hundred and fifty island lying off the
const of China, having an urea about equal
to that of Germany, including Prussia unJ
Austria, or six tinu'S that of the State of New
York. It has mountains in suine of the Inl
ands from Pijrht to twelve tlioiiHiind feet in
A lean anu iiuiiffry rare 01 innciawru , j; , . ,i. n i a,, ip...,i,. ti.
. , , , , K.t .. I luuv iiic iiiiicu k.iiiiLo linn i. iiiiuuti. lint
piunucrcrs nnve s'A'arinou huoui mi: cujhui
nice me iMovemiier elections; anu cui
us been the condition of the dispensers
ublic patronnge, for tliere has been no
The Cormorants of .the Capital.
The Columbus correspondent of the Hamil
ton Intelligencer gives the following gra.
lie picture ofthe state of things at the seat
f government: s
n question not being indicated in the tol
egraphic sketch.' UumorB of a Ministerial
change were prevalent. The English and
Ueigian Ambassadors have pres 'ntod their
Dry Goods 'Trade. We . extract the letters accrediting them to the Imperial
Court. ' Louis Lapoleon has found a rival
for the hand of the Princess Vasa, in Prince
Albert of Saxony. The state of affairs In
France was perfectly quiet. From Belgium
we learn of the passage of the law to repud
iate the press. - In Austria the Court looks
FrMuy lv'ilisiK. ! 3l.l.Vi
Our New Year's Kkbmoi Tis New
Year's Eve. With the shades of fvening,
the year is drawing to a clone, and the
clock strikes midnight, all that is
evil of the past is beyond recall. Wbatliaa
been done well, 'tis well it has been done;
what has been omitted, is b'-yond the power
Tun Wiirti-iB Driooe. The Walking-' A Kailroah t ir. I'ACtnc The gi-I The Great Freshet ard its sab Ri
ton cnrresponWntof the llaltiqn.ro Sun y '"' P'jrt ufm tiiiiroad (-r.,i(,ur t-rri-latJtTs. For the past few dart the laad
that the public attention wiil soon be caltrd acifl '" befn introduced into I round abeut Owl Creek has bses InuMraed
. . .. . . . , ir 1 mo United Hiatus tnsU! by Mr. Uwin
to the remarkable cmfl.et betwrn the V. i . CPorjiB-. nlull ,. ..,u...
e-ood and S' 8uPrcn,e f;aurt B",! ' l-ji-h.livt- branch . at it eastern end. u the MU-.is.ippi river,
1 if 1 1. A '. - .t .. tar i t : 1 i. uu. II. .a. ...... i .i . a . i
' w jjwfuriiiiiwiii, in in; v nrrji iijj uriiir " s-.-t -ii-r-LUMj5 11 wn lite Atlantic
ewe. Tho Court, by a leue ai it !at ! ,hroutTh NrtU au.i South feipt'CtiTely,
uennion. after -a rehci.rin f ih Ao. ' "u. f.w " coiinecuiiff
uitla 1 r.A Doi'ICo l, l.t I l:
creedthat the bridge !,o.ill b removed as i,. Tho ciitruclor. fur it- o.u.trurtn
b'een'done ill, 'twould be better could it be ' ol"xr,KU'", ' ":""t.on, or elratcd , receve in .payment Iterate sections of
,ti ,l n...mn;'..,.- . . 1 1 to a certain height, and they nliowed a cer- P"c land forty im!e. wido through the
recalled ..Bu omnipotence .. not of mortal , &Mt aijd rlf hly ,uik, w,le lllt
man, and what is good and evilin the past: . .. ... - ' . 1 ' intervenuig Urntorws. At the end ol thirty
can serve only a. a guide and warning f..r cftm?,yiil1h lh.? "f lhf J,,""e- ; years it is to be surrendered t the United
the future. It wili be well, if men take j 7P'"' "'t':" after the ;. State.. The nnil mPs. and iher trans-
their lessons from the great teacherand im- (f1""''' "f 1 ,c C"urt' "".Utufd the f-or Utions of t he Goveriimen:. .M .U.ys
i . . ' ' i bridsre . nost road, with a viw in.i.n i oe iree upon it.
prove as they are thereby taught. Then.in- h .,. .,, ... .o . j lu a memorial to Cmi-res on the nece.
stead of crime and licentiousness, dissipation tnke
ana tony, seiusnuesssna pride, the morals on
mankind will improve with each new-born 1
year, and progress in the religious element
ty, importance, and practicability of a Rail-
and folly, selfishness arid pride, the morals of t . ? , - , " juu.w-ry ..as ue- r)I,j fn,m the liiw,0p, to the Pacific
'rti.Lii t,.i,os n.,; r i .i , . ...
mankind will improve with each rTT' o ... .IT'T!:
in I.UIUIIIJ, uic I, O. UUrBnil Will pro- ' . - ...j fip-iia nuiiuailjr fcu
''Oiiiornia, anu ii cosis earn 9 Mi) to
of civilization will keep pace with the intel
lectual and physical.
. Railroads and Canals and Turnpikes serve
their purpose; Education enlarges and im
proves the mind and makes it capable of
greater and higher efforts! but what are all
these, if the heart remains selfish and eor-
ceed to execute the decree, and summon a
. , ( .... I ,, .L I, .-., Mini run, "I IJ,VUU,UUU. SUP.
po.,e and if need be, call npon the Pres.- piwin? lh lU r,ilrM- ean caf h
utiuiui uniiinij an. 4 lie uorernoroi t ir-, 9uu, tins travel ui!l yield $.10,0
ginia, on the other hand, will resist the j 1'hf r0l,J be 2.000 miles long,
execatkn of the decree and employ the mi
litia for that purpose. There is a clash of
....... . ...J .. i t o.
,, , .,i ..l . . . , i giotmiiiciii mu in wuii n oiaies are
rupt, and each member of society strive, to ' , , . . . ., . ,
;. , , , . ... I deeply interested on one side and the other.
invent means whereby he may get the ad-1 . ....
f Lt , , Whether Congress or the Court is to yield is
vantage of his neighbor, or perchance erush !
him tn tho o.h 1. i. -. .u.. .a x .tbe question,, ;
v" iw iitib mill BUTaiivcu
stage of civilization necesKery totheimprovcp I
i mentand elevation of man, nor will it serve
slid it is
estimated will ct R50.000 per mile, or an
aggregate of $ 10 1,000.000, so that 50.000
nfKiAniririi n.-.tt1f w I a I.I Imaua 1 t ...
authority between co-ordinate branches of jeciit on travel alone. ; i. furthrr assumed
to annex that flourishing district, and the
Government journals go even further in
their denouncements of tho impending re
volutionary movements. Prussia, it is be
lieved,, will eventually prevail in the dispute
respecting the Xollverein. A simple Trade.
Treaty is now likely to be proposed in all
the German States. From Spain there ore
reports that Narvaez will be ngaln called
into power. The Overland Mail brings no
important tidings except the' spread of the
insurrectionary movements in China..
v The London papers report that the Rus
sians have met with a most disastrous defeat
in Circossia. The Russians it is said lost
80,000 men and 100 gone in a battle with
the united Circassian forces, under the lead
ership of Bey. - - . ; -
The Austrian government is making pre
parations to check the progress of Louis Na
poleon, while the French government were
adopting measures for: the subjugation of
Piedmont.. !; - , ' -
. . i luue as me unueu isiaies ami . anaua. i ney
f . j are volcanic, and subject tu earthquakes.
1130 -j Jedilo, the capital, is as populous as London.
rs 0 The agricultural products are sume us those
lln . . . f. ....
peace far them. A place a place a place!
as been the ceaseless Importunity ot polit
ical mercenaries, who hang about the war
camp ofthe victorious enemy, and certainly
victory must always be procured at a price
so difficult to pay, and so disgusting to dis
pense, the calamity of a defeat is not alto
gether without consolation. Never in the
history of the State, has rapacity ti r oihce
been bo gross, sensual, and meretricious;
and never has private decency and public
self respect been so UiBt in an unscrupulous
scramble after the scanty loaves as now. '
Worth Krowihg. Some of the papers
f late have had a paragraph recommend
ing the use of wheat Hour in the case of
scalds or burns. A gentleman at Dayton
saw it, and the other day, as he writes the
Empire,, tested it to his satisfaction. He
While at the supper table, a little child,
which was seated in its mother's jap, sud
denly grasped hold of a cup full of hut tea,
severely scalding its left, hund and arm.. I
immediately brought . a pan ol flour and
plunged the arm into it, covering entirely
the parts scalded with the flour. The ef
fect was truly remarkable the pain was
gono instantly. I then bandaged the arm
loosely, applying plenty of flour next to tho
kin, and on the . following morning there
waa not the least sign that the arm had
been scalded; ' neither did the child suffer
the least pain after the application of the
our. - . . 1
Thi Whtem ArtUnios. We lesrn
from the Cincinnati Gazette that the drawing
in water.. On Wedneod.y of last week it
commenced raining and tb water cam
down in t iireots during that night and tan
next day. The little streams were suddenly
swollen, and rushing vapidly into th. Great
Father of Waters old Owl Creek, causod it
to overflow its banks and flood th country,
around. The water in this stream became
higher than it has been since 1847, and a.
consequence brought about the destruction
of large .mount of property, displacing
fences and hay stacks, and dams and bridges
were swept away, and the water, of old Owl
Crpek carried almost everything before)
litem. The Railroad bridges at Banning'
Mill, Dry Creek and St. Louisville, &C,
were damaged to such an extent as to pre
vent the running of the cars through for sev
eral weeks. Ml. Vernon True Whig,
A Vcterar British Rbcimrrt. Th cel
ebrated 43d regiment of the British infantry,
known as the Royal Highlanders, ha. com
pleted the 1 12th year of its organization a.
000,000. i regiment, from May 1740. It wa. embod
ied in Perthshire, .Scotland, in 1730, a. a
jocal corps, and was widely known a th
"Black Watch." Tb corps ha. bn .
broad on active service more than sixty-four
years, and in England and Ireland thirty-fir
years only thirteen yeara being .pent in
Scotland. It bas served in twenty-nine ex
peditions and campaigns, and bas been en-
ofthe Western Art Union, advertised for iB0il,t, and over a country . 'little known,
Tuesday evening last, did not take place, but j nothing better tu be relied upon than mere
was pcsiponea to next tveanesiiay. r rom -e""-
topromote his happiness. '."'' t
In this country, above alt others, where
man is free to act as he Dleases. nrovided he
does not encroach upon the rights of others. ! the tone of tbo article, it would appear that J Statistics oFTns Presidential Elec
are the three great elements of civ
that at least $5,000,000 will annually be de
rived from freight, and that it will cost, to
keen the road in repair, ii5.000.ono. whirh
would still leave 10 per cent, for the Gov- 1 Raged in more than fifty battles, siege, and
ernment, or the stockholder, or tbe eontrac- skirmishes. During the war ofthe A men
tor?, whoever should build it. There are ean revolution, the 42d was present at the
many schemes for this enterprises and manr battle, of Brooklyn and York Island, and
.... . .' ' . i . . ii r i : . .
a project j "le capture oi r on anningio
I estimates, but they must all be, in a project
ngton, in 1776:
Brandywine and Germanlown, 1777; Mon
mouth, 1778; Elizabethtown, 1779; siege of
Charleston, 1780, and many minor affairs.
r. n : - -1 1 . 1 . : c . t
t OinerS, i 1 j i"n-w wi .nr. , ur.3Al,.nriAI. I'.Ltl i KJUll .lilt. i7BUllJUI IB W1U UVBUIIIU
:ii.f- 'the Art Union is not in as good condition os Tros. The New York Journal ofConunerc 'as the slow drooping mellow autumn of a
ilization 'j.tUWI.; .. I....:... t.:.l. ... i .u. u
nnretanrv In ikn ,.; ,l , initnil DC WIEnCO, WlllCn IS aiiriUUiea 10 SeV- !- - - f. n.cntm rir. Him IK iiv.il giunuu -uiuiiici. m mo uiu man, u.-
necessary to the convenience, the comforts h. ..... Greater than at anv nrevin... on. tw.,i, lt..Mh.. fulfill h, .ork- .he Im,. him
and the happiness of society, and the pros- i "al causc8- . 11,8 addea that the receipts , the gain over 48 ii0nly ,ItCng. 7 1, 2f2 i with ber blessings; she fill him with th
iiuiu v-u .uiu .,iu un; .nun.., iKn- , over 1844 aD(j oaoj over 1840 fruit of a well sDent life: and surrounded bv
Democratic vote is 905,246 ! his children and hi. children' children, ah
perity and perpetuity of our Institutions.
Men must be independent in property as
well as in name; they must be rducnted,.
with Intelligence enough to place them be
yond the power ol corrupt and designing
demagogues; they must huve implanted in
their breasts, that idea of human rights, of
benevolence and brotherly love, which will
enable them to enjoy their own without in
terfering with another's. The physical, in
tellectual and moral improvement of the cit
izens of this country, is beyond all doubt ab
solutely essential to the final triumph of lib
eral principles, and fuiling in either of th
three, we fail in giving that exumplu to the
world which would induce other nations to
follow in our footsteps. . ,
Mere resolutions to do good, without cor
bers will relieve the present embarrassment LTbe
and the institution may be saved." . 1 greater than in J848; 2 4G,5'JS greater than ' rocks him softly away to a grave, to which
m 1 cm, anu 4315,40 greater than in lrf4J : neis towowed dv a blessing
1 Ohio Legislature. On Wednesday, the
House was hot in session. In the Senate,
nothing of any importance waa transacted.
Louisville paper mill was destroyed by fire,
and two persons were killed and nine or ten
wounded by the fulling of one of the walls.
The loss is about $38,000, of which $25,000
was covered, bv insurance.
God forbid
The abolition vote is 130,880 less than in : we should not cull it beautiful. Iti. beau-
1848 and 93,756 greater than in 1344. 1 tiful, but not the most beautiful. There i.
Vermont is the banner State on the Whi? another life. hard, rouzh and thorny, trodden
'till lu V.tltf V.. pip .an tl.n Tl........ ll.. .Un will. 1. T I T .. f-A r, . . . 1 ...klnn It.nW I Vl A
Wr . i l.. p iv .ivn I win VII l(.l W IUVI-I Ulll., UIC Will, uicc'lixil ICl. unit nivilllli: wiu-i
e received no letter from our correspon-1 laltef hal.in ivcn Piercc , pur)it. of aV nfe of wUcllBtnu aoM ig the JmM; a bat
dent, who, we suppose, has joined the mem- j 269, and a majority over both Whig and A b-' tie which no peace follows this side of the
bers In keeping the holidays. jolition of 1836. But in proportion to the ! grave; which the grave grasps to finish be-
' - ; whole number of votes polled, Texas is the i fore the victory is won; and strange that
riRE Lattoj Lije. On Sunday last, the , banner . State on the democratic side, ha v- i it should he so this is the highest life of
ing Given nearly three times as many to 'man. ,ook back a!onz the great names of
Pierce as to Scott. Georgia comes next, history; there is none whose life has been.
having given Fierce more than twice as
many as Scott; then Arknaas and Florida.
.The least plurality in any State is 24 in Dol-
' ........ Tl. .. t... ii; . I . i i .
j iie .3 Laura pouinv me nifrncai ag-
, v i V " , i ' 'BreSJle voie.are new i orR, B2a,480; lVnn-
O-Tlie New York Commercial, refenng . eylvisnia, 336,272; Ohio. 353.363. The Stale
to the report thit Russia had fitted out an ' polling fewcstvotcs i Florida 7,161. Del-
Ohio Transfer Ac. est ir New York
We learn from the Ohio Statesman, that tho
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund have
appointed A. P. Edgerton of Defiance,
transfer. Agent, 4tc. in New York, in the
place ofthe Ohio Li Co Insurance and Trust
Co. removed- -Mr. Edgerton has given bond
in $300,000, an(i )g about to open an othce in
New York. Now Mr. E. is a member of
the present Congress, and has been ' elected
to the next; wilfhe resign, ordocs he intend
to reside in N: York as Agent, and hold his
seat atWashingtonlThe Trust Co.has been
the transter Agent ever since it was estab
lished, and has performed the duties not
only satisfactorily to all parties and without
the loss of 'a dollar, but Kilos more than
once, by Its own means, saved the credit of
the state. We believe the State paid her
for the service and the immense responsibil
ity, $2000 a year! ' We understand the hew
Agent has engaged a 1ierK iromme Trust
Co. office at f 2000 a year, and in addition
will have to pay othce rent and contingen
cies, besides the salary ofthe Agent. .'The
increased expense to the state by the change,
will be equal to. three or tour thousand dol
lars a vear, with a decreased security! w tiy
is th change 'made! Because the Trust
Company ask ofthe state to comply with its
contract as to the taxes to oe teviea on it,
and proposes to submit the question to the
Courts,of Law! C'in. Go. , ,,,. . '.
The White Water Cahal. Calamity
to routes of navigation could not well occur
without including tbi. Investment of our City
Fore-Father..' ! -. .
Tbe Dims of the Whitewater river that
make .the slackwater Which feed the canal,
are washing -away, and the town of Harri
son i. inundated; the lock, below Brookville
ara washed out; the bridge at Brookville
gone, and a score of minor disaster, occurred
along the whole Indiana line, ho as to make
ns conclude that this canal, this time, is pret
ty well used up. . The mill, at Lawrence-
burg, like those of our city depending upon
water power, are not grinding. Ct'n. Qax.
in this country, with the udditionul of tea.
The empire is rich in minerals, the precious
metals abounding. .The coins of the Ju
punese sre qu.idriluterul pieces, with a hule
in the middle, and bearing the value, dute,
and name of the maker stamped upon tliein.
Tho Government is a hereditary, absolute
monarchy. The laws are extremely cruel,
almost all crimes beine punished with death,
and in some cases the punishment extends
to all tho relations of the criminal. The
revenues of Japan amount to $100,000,000
annually. - The standing army of tbe em
pire, in time or peace, is 120,000 men. The
population is about 60,000,000. It: is esti
mated thut the trade of Japan with this coun
try, if she opens her ports, will be worth
more than $200,000,000 annually to us. The
whole world are now awaiting with intense
anxiety the result ofthe expedition about to
sail. for Japan. If. the object desired is at
tained, the result will be immensely impor
tant to the whole civilized world. Mobile
Daily Advertiser. '. ......
Results Outrurrisg Anticipations.
In answer to a circular issued in 1837, by
Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the Treasury,
requesting information in regard to the pro
priety of establishing a system of telegraph
in the United States, Prof. Morse stnted,
among other things, that he presumed five
words could be transmitted in a minute; and
now, only sixteen years subsequent to that
dute, the average performance of Morse's in
strument is 8,000 or 9,000 letters in an hour,
which i. about thirty times the estimated a
mount. The estimate was based upon tho
duta of facts as then known, but the results
in this, a. in every other instance of a great
invention, have outrun the anticipations of
its most intelligent and sanguine supporters
Bait. Sun. ' I..-:.
ftirThe Census returns, in giving some
facts - connected with the introduction of
hogs by the colonists of Virgins; it is stated
that many of them went wild, their progeny
becoming so numerous and dangerous that
it was necessary to hunt and kill them as
beasts of prey . Here in Western New York,
the Same thing occurred in the first years of
settlement.'. In several instances - there
were boars among the progeny of hogs that
had been domesticated,' that were hunt
ed and shot bocause they were as much fear
ed as any of the most ferocious of Wild ani
mols. Rochester Union, ' ' !
r..cw., .,!;, (r..ri- ,;ii i... ..r ..:i :r' rxn dilion for Jtinan. savs: "We think it awarecomes next 12,605.
any one has a desiro for improvement him j most likely that this expedition is designed g JJW fn' 'o!Z TUcon5 MaY
all times are seasonable, but .no better time to co-operate with tho scientific corps ap- jgachuseUs with 28,023, and New York with
ill ;iu iho present.. And. u itli hiuittcj, ' pointed by. the Rusnian Government to sur- , 35,433. In proportion to the whole number
work does not cease. He must look beyond ''""" '' Knnncliatka." of votes, Vermont is the greatest hot-bed of
tho narrow circlo and see tlliit his iiitluence is i ItR r."...M Australia. The Canada!" 1 """-"l.".. :.. '
foil wherever it cun reach. That is hisduty.a brimrj news u little later from Australia. I OfAn ingenious trick has been twice
duty imposed upon ..:, by being a part of so- . Ofthe N,w South Wales mines the Bin- f.tT
cu-ty.iu whose iinprovcment . odvaiicemel.t . ?ra hrlds were exciting the most special , a yeargjD(. a well-dressed l.dv called in
alien ion. lioiu was neing touna in iare ",,..., . , , . .
.... i , , , and selected a shawl, the price of which
quantities and of a charactersnnilttr to that . -,,. ok. . , . r .. , , .
r i i I, .... .. . i ,u ,'wa. $bU0. She handed out a thousand dol-
of Mount A lex.-iniler. It was expected that i.,;n i- ,. . . ,. , .,
. 1.. r d I i ui una, wiiiui mi; in in uiicaiiuuiru. one
other than this. Westminister Review.
ho is deeply in'U rested, ns liis own prosper
ity ami happiness depend, in u great meas
ure, upon those around him.
We speak of individuals, only in their col
lective capacity, as regards their influence'
prosperity and happiness in tho world, as a
part of society mingling together under a
republican government, with a bright and
glorious future before them, provided their
duty is discharged. Ofthe individual and
the great future in which he is co deeply in
terested, others will speak, and it may be
well with him to heed their counsel.
But, unless we are greatly deceived by
the numerous accounts of crimo.nf every de
gree, which daily reach us, tliere is a sad
state of public morals, absolutely incomput-
ble with the safety and prosperity of this
country, and which calls upon all good peo
ple to look at and discountenance. It is
..French Occupation of Samara. A
captain in the French marine, who arrived
at New York, on Wednesday; from St.. Do.
mingo, reports that there' is 'a fleet ofthe
Kmneror already in. undisputed possession
of the hitrbor of Samana. It is further an
nounced that it is the intention of Louis
Napoleon to send all the necessary rein
forcements to keep the prize he has secured;
and there is said to be not the slightest doubt
among the French residents of the island
that the ground taken by Napoleon will be
delcnded by the whole force ofthe empire.
OirWine-makinghas increased in Cin
cinnati to such an extent that it may now be
cohsldered One of the staple productions.
The " Times says: uentieman or capital,
connoiseurs and amateurs,, are engaged in
the crane Culture and wine making, on strict
business principles to make It pay. Great
activity and ambition to excel, mark their
courBe. IS o pains are spared, oy experiment
and correspondence the world over, and by
frequent interchange of opinions, to perfect
this branch or rural economy. 7 . -
OiTMr. Wallace, editor of the Dresden
Herat fiiei a few dayt aince.
1,000 licenses would be taken out for Sep-
,.,,.1. ;, I ..... t. . .. .1 ...... ,1 t... : .. .1 : . .
toinber. No particular, are however given , Z" floral College of Ohio to carry to Wash.
Treeate.ei) Division ir the Chttrch
or England. It is stated by the Weekly
Dispatch, that in consequence ofthe deter
mination of tbe Crown not to allow Convo
cation to sjt for. the dispatch of business,
tbe leaders of the High Church party, at a
recent meeting, have resolved to secede
from the establishment, and so connect
themselves with the Episcopal Church of
Scotland, which, while in all main points it
agrees with the Cliorch of England, add. to
its services an acknowledgment something
very like the Roman Catholic doctrine of
Transubstantiatiun. and regulates its own
affairs by Synods of Bishops and Clergy.
The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, one of
the leadera of the movement, has taken th
first step.
ftirWe regret to learn that Mr. Wash
ington McLean, who was elected by the E-
ui mm; y limn ui i line uiui'ihitd, rynii. ii ii.au- i : 1 1 , , .
i . .j,, -i r i, ., i r ! and genuine bill on the same bank, and re
pears are about 180 miles from Mail and. i , , , t., i , , . , J
rni i .i c j . .i quested that it betaken to a bank. This
They are lor the present confined to the i , . , ,
..J. . .' . . . . " waii done, and fhn hill nrnnnnnpii In
tableland at the head of the BiuiAa and
Courangoura creeks, and up to the end of
August the diggers had only been surfa
cing. Very little gold had reached Sydney in
the last days of August and the first days of
September. It appears that the roads are
so thoroughly impassable that no escort can
travcrB0 them for many miles; but small
parcels are now and then sent by private
horse transport. Thus, 356 ounces came
from Braidwood, 69 ounces from Major's
creek, 193 ounces from Sofala, 5 ounces
from Bathust, and 12 ounces from Hartly.
The Unicorn, which sailed on the 22d of
August for London, had only the small
quantity of.557 oz. on board. Two steam-
not confined to one place or a certain class. ,ers arrived from Melbourne, had brought in
It has spread for the past few years with fear
ful strides, and has reached, in one form or
another, almost every section of tho coun-
. , , , ... f ii .. .nut kv uui waa a diiuiiii. VUl
a con..derable quantity of gold; the Yarra Thfi , d J j hif d , - d
Yam. which .arrived on the 29th of August . t
brought H OOOoonces o by dney; and on bad one in thc of lhe S
the shawl pleased ber it was so very
tiful she would not permit her excited
feelings to deprive her of an article that
pleased her so w ell. Sbe would have the
shawl put up. The smiling clerk had it
ready in a jiffy. She handed out a thous
and dollar bill on the same bank the clerk
thought it was thu sume. They gave her
$400 change and the fair one left with the
shawl and the change. On making-a depos
it in the afternoon, however, they found
that the bill was aBtraight out counterfeit.
and bad to
leaving the
Qi... .......
. ... ... , 1 . n UUU UIIC III UIC ll.UUa III UH UKM.Il.,b.llT-
thc Considin, on the 29th, 5000 ounces. . ir.i:.6,nn.i j .,.:.
T. , ii , mi i .ill i . .u n, . I ill" uu Liieii giuu ui "nun iiiuui: auu Ull'll
try. It has assumed various shapes and in Tho armed escort hud brougljl on the 3 1st -j B,iawL "A fcw weekl) e m
many instances has defied the power of the August, from tho southern Diggings, 511 $ . . 8ani , ... . ,
law.' Man, unless he is awfully depraved ty !,,n"c',;'v ... ... . , ', ed on the same house, the only difference
J 1 - i A hut nl llm ntinntitv nf irrilil Rliinneil hv I . .... J . .
some accident of birth, does not at onoe ,.,;, nM1, , " , tt, 'sdnev-from'the first 1 being that the beautjln lady on this occa-
. . . . i . a . . .... i . .. T . , r i ' . . , . . . ' sion took two Siuo e iav,it, leu iwo ne
commit the higher crimes. A spirit of law- discovery to the end of Angu3t, is published, . . ,
. ... ..." ... mi VOOIlsanu I'OUlllcriCJl ll'inni uiiu rei:t-i,ru
lessness in any community gradually draws winch amount. 10 oio.uoj ounces. i uc' back $600 in irood cash in change. Hart.
.. ..... ... i . vu im ill tlio Rliinfiipnts nr. rne rn iimiil nnre . . w
tne unininKinginio iisvoriex, ann not Hav
ing the power of resistance, he is gradually
whirled along from one degree of crime to
another, until he has reached an abyss plac
ing hint beyond the control of all human ef
forts made to save him. Nipped in the bud,
that heart might have been preserved; but
upon crimcsof a lesser magnitude, men look
withtooinuch lenity; , a spirt of lawless-
genuine. 1 he lady then put it in her purse,
shaking ber pretty head ominously at the
clerk who had dared to insinuate that her
money was not good. She started to go
.1,1, (ha Hnnr In P tr n. ..1 i n a 1 1 mrmtt nf .
. r ......... 5 t ii.. ....i... nrik. i;ii k...i.
pologics. But on reflection, she returned i . ' , I "
ber it was so very beau- """. 'U"6C "'..""'"
ington its vote for President and Vice Pres
ident, was stopped while on his wsy, at Co
lumbus, by a violent fever, which at the lat
est accounts, had prostrated him to such an
extent as to render it impossible fer him to
proceed to Washington by the time limited by
law. 1 u the event ot Mr. McLean being una
ble to reach Washington by the 1st of Janu-
vitt, to forward the voto of the College.
Cut. k.nq.
Remains or Jobs Qcinct Adams. The
remains of John Quincy Adams were re
moved this morning from the burial ground
in which they had oeen deposited, in order
to consign them to a tomb under one of the
churches, with th remains of his widow,wbo
recently deceased at Washington, and which
were brought to Quiney this morning.
The coffin containing the revered remains
waa opened, and the features of Mr. Adam,
were found in a perfect state of preserva
tion. Mr. Adams has been dead., nearly
five years. The body was closed in an
air-tight we. Boston Herald.
A married woman was found in ber
room, in the village ol Lansiubdrgh, Penn
sylvania, quite dead on Wedneiday morn
ing. When discovered, the body was found
in a sitting posture against the wall, and the
room presented the appearance of the most
abjectwant. She had two small children;
one of them, a little boy three years old, was
found in the bed the other, an infant of fif
teen months, was found lying upon the floor
almost dead, its life only being preserved by
the warmth communicated to its body by a
dog, wnich had kept its midnight vigils, lay
ing close by and partly over the infant sbep
er's vital parts.
Extraordinary Lamp. Among the
value ot the shipments at the colonial price , , m
is estimated at about 2,000,000. The -
price of gold was GCs for Braidwood aud Tu- Fatal ' Result or Gambling. The
ron, and G7s GJ and 67s 9d for Victoria. , weekly report of deaths last week records
The Cliusan sailed for Adelaide and Syd-, one suicide. The victim was a young man,
ney 1st Sept. and had about 600 ounces of ' 23 years of age, who returned to his home
gold for London, 900 ounces for Siiiirupore, , late in the night of tho second inst., taking
and 3000 specie for the banks nt Adi laide. immediately before or after reaching hia
' home. a nuantitv of hiudnnum. Previous la
Teachers' Association T!ie attend- . rptlrii.r he railed un his mother 'and in.
! ahco at the Teachers' Association, Wednes-1 ffmed ,er wiat he had done; but in order
I An it tiMio At-tr fn 1 1 Wrt tt'Orn mnrIi t i h 1 1 . . . i i i.
. 4 . i I i " - - r ' iti iiruvi'ill hl'i -iinii" iui h inivauiuu, ux . o
ness, where laws tre not popular, is wtuked fi0jtu6ee so large an attendance of the la-, a iipr ,i,n. i... nnt i ken !.' fist of late English patents, is one taken
at by the multitude, and therein lies the dan-1 dies from various parts of the ttatt-. Every ; cj,.nt quantity of laudanum lo kill him. IV "ut by Mr. E. Whele, for a candle lamp of
ger; this is the origin of a large amount of thing indicated that the cause of education J WJ1S not on(r however, before: the mother ve'y moveable character. The lamp has a
crime ' It is easier to prevent than to cure, i is f?al,,i' rapidly ii proper fiwthold in the ascertained that she had been deceived. A ' J'"' "r clutk fBCe uJ' a he candle burns,
ti - 'm.vi. i, l,l nd m,d and if in tl.n PMW mi"11- We r"i'"0 "ilnat ' physician was sent for;but the ratal drag had , e hands mark the hours and minutes cor
The maxim is old and good, and i( in the , rt,j , , f .)riJr.1RS. Wc. , ' K . ....... .i... " reetlv. and a hammer atrkes the time. As
, , . -- - - - - - - :P, - - s--- - - uwiiv no ni n. iiwtv iiiiniiiiuiii" tiiai rvnv j .
moral world, or if in thoen-acluiont i.r laws, iiave seen no assemblage in Ohio, that con-1 effort was nuidc to save the life of the young ' chamber-light for a sick room, it marks
its teachings were more strictly observed, taiiied more fully , the elements of talent, i mani he died before; morning For about j 11,0 tinie ,nd can be set t0 trike at "nv
there would follow that improvement and character, and higB devotion to the great . tw0 montha previous to his death, the de- i P'ven periods, when the patieut require, at-
n iirificiinn nf gocietv so necessarv to the . , J "f , ceased uad been iir tne naint oi visiunp ! , .
purification ol socitiy, so necessary m me , ri;v.ctaclL' to see a ca?s of persons 1 r . - -...i.i:.. r' ... JITZi. .t..
, , i i . - - r , , puiiil- win: ui uic limit w "uihuiiii" inu-i. ii . p v th F TH E (J Jl IX.U OliTtl." X Ho
existence of good governments and the pro- j so devote j t0 til,ir f aiBg that they arc w,l-, thig ciIy hlul ue(!om futuale3 whh ie " .'.lib of the United State, a
gress of the world in all things tending to i ling, yea, anxious, to spend their time ond galnef ost iarp sum, r n)oni.y, nnd at a8t, I Jun t0 is,oo,000,000, and the popula
promote human happines.: ' - ' ' moans, to derate the tone of public opinion, 1 in a moment or desperation, committed the ' ,ion ,-g i4.ou0,000 of souls. The wealth, di-
. :. i ,"i"i " "" v....-F ' a c t w e ua ve re c oroeu .notion roa. yjjed by the population, gives eouu to e.cn
r, m .. r, . n f, , . . ii I,! autMlllull din on uiv mu 1.11-1, ,n 1 iiliuii
The TnotiDLEs on the Rio (irAnpe. , ' ., . , . r '.
s nn - r- . ... in tlm arriiHt rulle ill lln nrnn.
The New Orleans Crescent, in announcing fpfediicntion ofthe children ol Ohio. Willi-; burv. Ct.. which has a population of 7b'0, not
that Carvajal, with lour hundred, i exa.Kin- i out puy or assistance from liovcriiuient.tliy
gera, had crossed the Rio Grande, and was ! come up to tho capital, they otganizo a So
on his march for Monterey, shys: '
"It was generally supposed that this j
movement on tho part ol carvajal was at
the invitation ofthe Stat, of Tamaupilas.and
further, that Gen. Cruz, the military, com
mandant at Camargo, waa indirectly aiding
it. The force under Carvajal's command is
said to be Composed almost 'entirely of the
rangers called out by the Governor of Tex
as (or he defence of the frontier airainst the
Indians, and which the Government of the
Uuited States refused to pay, or receive ' in
to service. The friend, of the movement
feel confident that by this time , Carvajal is
In command of the whole Sierra Bladre, and
that his success is certain.". .. . , 4 ;
fjiT-School teachers, male apd female) are
much in demand in Texas.
ciely, they tax themselves to pay lecturers, j deaths in thctown; in 1849 but six, all of
! ...... . . .1 ..I.J- ...A ' unnnllnA Ana
. , DlTBIIIl, YUUIIi; l"II Wl, .uu, wu..hlllK 11 1 II
Healthy Town. In the town of M'M-1 pCrions to each Jamily, it would gir th
bury, Lt., winch has a population owou, hoi hantlsornJ uUe fortune of $ 2.500 to every
a single death has occurred lor Uic last sev- f iT of lhe republic, not excluding tbe
en months. In 1845 thero were but two: , 1
to publish an educational jourual, and to!whom were adults, whose average ages . y The Scioto was err high yesterday
were 7" years, and tne recoru ior -.iio-iriiiviii i ,uu w an ,un rnioui- m, mii,, i-. u uiutunj
vears shows the same remarkablj longev-j whatever, in steamboat navigation from Cir-
itr A very large proportion of the deaths cleville to Cincinnati. Our hno turnpike
lo JUUllll uu.. luubuuuiini juuiuai,
scatter abroad liirht and knowledge
the people. We liavo said before, and we
repeat it, that Ohiq has no, ctass of citizens
so" diligent, so self-sacrificing', and so little
understood and, appreciated by the masses,
as its teachers.' ' We rejoice that their ef
forts are producing results.' Public stten-
' lion is attracted and aroused,, and we hope
that prompt, and efficient legislative action
willba the response. We think the public
mind is ready to sustain it, and we know that
its importance demands it at their hands.
0. 8. Journal. . -' ' ' ' ,;
V'(y-The story Of a man who had a nose
o large'that he couldn't blow it Without the
use of gunpowder, ha. turned put to be a
ara of adults, most of whom were over sev
enty years of aire.
fjy-A. P. Miller, of the Board of Public
Works, informs the editor of the Cincinnati
Gazette, thtrt-the tonnage carried over the
Ohio canals during tho past year is one-third
greater than that of last year, though the
reveuue is less. '
G-tnThe Ripley Bee states that tho slaugh
tering sesson is nearly Over. , The price,
havekeptup. About 13,000 beg. have beta
killed, an increase of nearly 4,00Tj overlat
year. -
cast of the river bridge, is sadly washed, but
this can soon be repaired. No previous
freshet in our little river ever did so much
mischief to corn-fields and fence.. Scioto
A Democratic State. There are ninety
counties in Texa., every one of which, at
the last election, gave a majority for Frank
lin Pierce for President. In three of th
counties General Scott did not get a aingl
vote, and fourteen of them, gave him less
than ten vote. aach.

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