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WHOLE NO. 1127
x ' p ir i r ii ii it n - v w . t v. Ni. v . f - ' ill i i i . 'i r . i i f m m my ,iii mm r. . rm - i i am- ,mi m r 11 i j . t i r aa r-- -" . ma r vt . , n -a
I Join If. 'Wright Prlnter.: :
Oft'lCK Xtllmwiga Butldinga Third Hour
i Mln Street South 8iJ. - ! " t
johk vvil on. uaiior tazau: - urn on Ktyoi.TiV!iAv Uocimests. A recent 1 Friday Evrniair, Jun
the lilt? of one of our venortible citizenn will ! Ifftin hi old nmnnloli dounc.at Thotnintoni
bp iiitc'rcstin to your readers. Ifyou uliould ' Me.) h brought to li;ht a man ofinteroBt
concur'with mo, please tpvy it a place in thu'j ing and valuublu revolutioimry docuinenti,
which nave never uecn made public
Tem $1,75 per annum in advance.
Thur4y vHiuir, Jm 13, 1H53
column! of the Gazette
. Joint Wilson, who now resides With his
'on-iii-law, William Upficld, Enq., in the
nortliorn part of our ctly, was born near1 the
Head of Klk, on the Pennsylvania aide of
the Stute line, on the 10th of October, 176'J.
When quite young.his father, Jnme? Wilson,
removed with his family to Kisliavoniiillas : now, for thu firm time, been discovered: in
Vallev, now Mifflin county,' IVnnnylvairiu, which thu various details of his private life.
Knox, as is well kndft n, wus honored with
the speciaf friendship and confidence of
Washington, who kept up with him afre-.
quentand familiar correspondence for many
years. Of the fruits of this correspondence,
mure than fifty of Washington's letters have
M.lM.fS ' A Rt'Oia Plait ator. The following hrc win t ;
( u..i.rn ask Iti.ii-(racb. The Rev.
Il.-i.ry W. !, I). 1 , Rector of St. Luko'a
i. I . . . . . ,i , . f :
pu, p., . n,.,.., " . , extract troni a letter written at Aew urlian "y "inn. r.m.in ti
1 HlfrVFOtH'HOBTT 0 J IllOIIT One of , . .. .. I ll.al h.f. ll,..
the resolution, passed at the recent Wolo- n . "y. ,en , ltl,. wrt, xm,v l..j Z;" ..Cl.ur. h, R.uhestvr. in a sermom preached
coponvention. read. a. follows: . f fneiid here, w.ll be read itb inU.sl l-' Fr my part I s..t a...p..ftl. ., nlP.. Tlai.ksvinjf day, gives, tbrillinjj ac
v uur renuera as nave mil riuu ine iu- reiiniluialiru all linnen nT r.T
". Geh. Piehck's CABiatT. Tlie triumph of
the Alien faction at the lata Locofoco Con
vention has jiven his friends new hopes, and
now instead of fighting tinder cover, they
" come out boldly aud ask the President elect
. U fiv. him a seat io hi cabinet, selecting
- for thia frar.o.e the office of Secretary of
State. There is to be a bold push made to
', aecura thi. object, and it will require a union
of all the oppoaiaf factions in the State to
prevent it. If all ruuiars are true, the Allen
triumph at the Convention and the uomina-
' tioa of Col. MediU were not socured by the
most honorable means, and it may be that
succeaa will be of that kind which only leads
- to a final and disastrous defeat. It is quite
certain that the defeated factions do not take
the event very cooly and should they be-
.come sufficiently exasperated to unite, with
one enemy to conquer another; the combi
nation would be too strong to be resisted.
Wt de not think with some that the Miami
Tnbc ii destroyed. It. members are not
oade of that kind of stuff. A defeat only
whets their appetrte. ..They united for the
. spoil, and the same object will still bold
them together. , They will fight harder to
obtain the loaves and fishes, when they be-
, ome hungered by lung fasting, and in the
employment of means to secure success, they
will not be saore choice than the Allen men
are reported to have been at the late Con
vention. '
Rut to close with the same subject with
which w commenced Col. Allen will not
' ,be Gen. Pierce's Secretary of State; ner
will he obtain any other seat in the cabinet.
, A foreign mis.i jn is the best he can get and
.even that is a matter of extreme doubt. .
then u frontier settlement. In the month of
July, 1781, and when the father and sun were
in the harvest field collecting in the groin,
, theyw ero both taken prisoners by a purtyof
Indians of the Six Natioim, ol l horn the no
ted Cornstalk was Chief, and hurried off
over tiio Allegheny Mountuins, throngli an
ent're wilderness of severul hundred miles
to liuffiilo creek, within a few miles of where
the city of Buffalo, in the State of New
York, now stands. " On their arrivul at Buf
fulo they were, after running the gauntlet,
separated, and the father adopted into an In
dian family, which had lost its head in war.
He was kept in the family during the winter
of 1781 and 1782, and was treated with
much cruelty, and would have perished had
it not been for the interference of a Unlink
Indian agent by the name of Johnson, wlio
took compassion upon tiiin.'sn J gave him re
lief. The son,' and' subject of this urticle,
after being separated Iron) hi father, was ta
as well as the great affair, of the nation, are
Irecly noticed. Besides these, there are i
pioportionute number of letters from Lafay
ette, Huron Steuben, Lord Stirling, Genor
als Lincoln, Greene, Wayne, Health, and deg
buies, major snaw, ana otnvr distinguished
revolutionary heroes. These letters, though
they have laid among the rubbish of the at
tic, in the old futility mansion house, for half
a century, are generally in a good state of
preservation and perfectly 'legihlo, -and may
yet prove of essential value to tbo biograph
er and historiun. ,
We may add, that, besides the mass of let
ters alluded to above, many other interest-
"R,mrJ.,l Tli.t tk imfTn.;iii ....I :...:. I
foreign policy of the present administration, i Porlunl,r or seeing how th? thing is done:
its utter failure to cause our flag nd thei The Geography of this Hute i on all thu
rights of our people to be respected, and its , maps and its surface so plain and rven that
tame submission to violations of both, met g'nnce comprises the tubule. The River
and receive ur .indignant condeinnatiun.',' i ' tne ,n'"n artery and the bayoim sr.- Meral P""va inej'"; c, but Hie veg. tjlile mat-
Upon thistheOhio State Journal remarks I nrlcn.c exactly like the principal, differing , - ' B" m - ."-
ii r . t r . in niA;. j lie rivrr liotril 14 auove Hie -f " r '' J tx
and ue it nn an auxilinrv fuel. ii. u ii!i
of the Jate Eightlujf January ConveutiuiiJ floudiii! the Ian J by levees, w hich vary in l''ir lii'ichinery I iivi-it convpynl iuli, a lar-
count of the siiffering of the intemperate
p..r(iuii of that community, ly cholera, dur-
L"MI!I! int..
smooth wuli-rn.'iin K.ir Ih-iit weuld it
have been, hail I Un u nrderril to i Irt-gwn. ' in;? its prevalrnce in that cily tho lust stltu
But I cm d. partii j Irom my topic ad.l ' no r. lie svs:
must return, l uu will pi'iueivc I havedi-
that 1
To this city of thi living the past year
bus been the must sad and trying of any in
its entire biHlory. God sent the pestilence
aiuonyht us, and lillid our dwelling, with
iiifiiirniiicr, and lamentation and woe. In
' soiun raxes, hr.imos were actually depopula-
If theru is any one tmng more ridiculou. J w according to the dintanre from the 1,,n"" purposely (otuiruct.d burn it; ,u.j i,y thoilread diiease and rerlain localitie.
ing documents were discovered among Gen.
Knox's Old papers: for example, what ap
pears to have been the original draft of the
article of capitulation of Corn wallis at York
town, containing the original signatures of
Cornwallis, as commander of the land forces,
and Thomas Symonds, as commander of thu
ken to Niuearu, , and from Niasora.i British naval force, in York River. Bonlon
he was taken to Carlton Islund. at the I Trmvltr.
1 1 I C .1 . o. . I . A I - '
I ncsu vi me river oi. j-tawrciiuv, wurru uu i
remained tnruugnoui me winter. iu ine
spring of the party to which he be
than another, it Is tbeaggcrof these 54 i """'!'" Thus the I;v.-e at Kort Jacksun, . uul I"""""";'"'"; ( '-"t
40 nun. gentlemen v. hen they venture H.h,Ml,., t.rs. Sl is ab.fut fiv io i1... n..".: throw it on the ei-je to help .rhck the rfrr-
t) talk about our foreign relations. Look you ascend the levees inrreae"in dimen- na' action of the i urrcnt ol the mihtv Mi-
at their conduct under Polk on the Oregon siot;. This is becauac the channel Is deep. ijippi. I staid three days on the ilanla-
er, the nearer you.approach the sea, and the j V B" remriieii mpiii ut lore iam. jusi m
uuierous outl:ls or bayous allord a more l,,,,u a Pnrl "' Kranu ceii uruiiou.
.imv fr:ni i.r m Hrriinniii.i ail .i , ur luucrai 01 caiuoun. iinv ana v e buti-r.
same men, with an infatuation wonderful to! l)ie F,es.u. Here the extreme rise never j W. T. S.
behold, really think the people have forgot-1 exceeds eight feet above the lowest water,! The writer gives a draw inn', which of
.n all iho.n thinirs. and aro i...t . ' whereas at Cincinnati the rise and fall oas- ;-our.e we nave no w ay oi puuii.h.ii.'
i,.i.. ...A ,h-t iham ... .i.. ! through forty feet. But these are all no-
tiunivoi' ) vuvus MK.IU ueuijii a. u rv n ctr
in 1844, with their blustering talk about na-
question. See how tbey lioutd, and then i
how terribly they fizzled. And yet, these '
:uere mude suilly desolate. About one
lii'litietli of our population were swept a
Iway by the pestilence alone, while other,
were removed by the ordinary disease,
which prevail in oiiinidot. Our own parish
by no uioaiis escaped. It suffered as it nev
er suffered before. The grave yawned for
victims from among ourselves; and we furn
ished o.fearful proportion of those who fell
beneath the denolating scourge. About
ooe fifteenth of the whole number of vic-
liand honor! and their heroic devotion toit!
The United State, may, indeed, be very
thankful if oursjoreign relations are manag
ed with aa much care and ability, for four
years to come, a. they nave
t c. . ' . tins u.'ere nominally of this narih: while of
torious facts, and need not be mentioned fur-! '., ? , . , rV , 1 . . : :""., V ' ' the deaths amoi.ir the Protestant portion of
! piuiwuiru u, i an iHirsi, on " I lie mat- i i
;ural History of Animals." -r v.-ral ill..-.,.. our P"P'lIion, Lhoutone .eventh W.re in
' . ' - ! r.....;i;A. ,i.;a
HHIIIIIIUMIIiri V U n llll llll
ther than to prefix my narrative.
On Saturday last, by invitation of and in
comoanv with a merchant named Morriann. , """" V oi ine super
longed, made a trip, with him, to Niugar
and back to Montreul; and in Juno of the
same year, ho was brought to Bullalo creek,
where he found his father. In a month or so
(after their meeting, they were both convoy
ed by tho Uritisli, in coniormity with the
treaty of peace between the United States
and Great Britain in 1782, by the way of
Lukes Ontario, Charaplain and George, to
Saratoga in New York, where they, with t
b:iut sixty other prisoners, were delivered up
and restored to liberty, their fumilies and
friends. ' From Saratoga, the father and son
returned through New York and Philadel
phia to their home in Kuhacoquillus Valley.
Mr. John Wilson emigrated and settled iu
Fairfield county in 1(W3. He is now in tho
84th year of his age, and may be seen, in
favorable neullicr, walking our streets, with
staff iu band, in good health and strength for
a man. of -his uge, und approaching that
bourne from whence no traveller returns,
with a strong and ubidiug hope of future
happiness "in that house not made with
bauds eternal in thu heavens." .
, , ,, An QldSettleb-
" Thu Harmo.iou Democracy. Taking
their cue from the five column official report
of the Eighth of January Convention which
uppears in the Statesman, the party press
of the State will iudito long leaders on tli
harmony of the Democracy iu Ohio. All
Corgbess. On the 18th, in the Senate,
"Mr. Seward made .peeeh in ' reply to
.Messrs Cass and Downs, in regard to the
.Clayton and Bulwer treaty, which was called
the Nicaragua Convention, which was sign
ed at Washington by Clayton and Bulwer, as
approved by the Menate, and signed by the
n.itiairird. in which liorti the Governments
tiulated tht neither one or the other wil' 'veiy well this, but the outside proceedings
..ii . .i I .. I j ... I-. 1
icii uuiviQui Mtiv. j nv it'awiiii; w ire nil
year. past. Our national honor and credit
never stood higher among foreign nations
than they do to-day,
W e have published the speeches of Masou
and Cass, wherein they tully endorse the
course of President Fillmore in his rela
tions with Cuba. They denounce the JUi-
lliiiitt arw uu.., ,.f ,!.n I.-....I.... 1
.i . ' .. . ilnnttvuavs. I was called to attend nttv
I embarked on the ateamboat Bell. Donna, j lZZZ The conm ' ,r!T .1" v rl I including thone of some who died of
bound up the coast,., the river is termed.-!:--
i ne wno e uae was maraea uv tunr oinnta. 1 . .... . ' " :
been for four ).:... ...I, r. . iti..j i .u.. J"'P two linncred times Us uwn lcni'tl..anl
A Dark Sereiade. Our Julio wasa rare
siuger, and, of course, a lover of music.
.Many were the h,ours we discoursed heaven
ly hurtnuiiy beneath her window; uud many
the bouquets und sweet flatteries The' Sur.
enadcrs" won from her bunds and tell-tale
llnj lif .....ra l.'I'l.a V. . II .. .. l. I......,.,,..
jealous of our success, and .oou entered the "wte"' nud ulterly wpit " '" "rant
lists to compete for our lady's smiles and fa- nonsense as is embodied in the above reso-
vor. ' Night after night, alternately, thei
bunds disturbed the fuir one's slumbers, un-
til the ctntest bcLrn to excite oublic atten-1
tiou, and draw other listeners than, Julia,'
for this is the crushing and boiling season.
those who were carried off by the pestilence.
. i ..i w e . .i .
-o., ...... I ... .a.. ...i i..A ever, my Dreinern, can I lorpei ine
l -. I i . . r I. - . . .
At breokfsst next morning we reached our "K .T" " ""'" "T. ?"
dctinntion, the plantation of Dr. Gourier.a ' lu""lh,Iof """" t,,P H"rf ' Mf,w
Frenchmm by birth, educated in London, a ' T V r .".'"". "? T ' V' '" "
surgeon in the'Frenr.h Navy and after a wan- i t.11ml'"? ,e'f.J ,UriZ ,u"'tred ""J, r,-'h'
dering life settled down in La. a Suar j yards, which would be an equu-aU-ut ex-
Planter. His wife is a native or Creole, ; , . r ',V ' ,
who car. nndPrstan.! a little KnMiah. t.nt in. !rer." of"" ''tic fports In.ifl.t be rather slart
variably speaks her native rrench. They
,eyer obtain or maintain any exclusive con
'ttrol over the proposod ship canal, and agree
otto fortify, colonise r assume dominion
over Nicaragua, Coata Rica, or Musquito
Ct, or any parlof Cenlrsl America. Sub
sequently, an unUrrstamtiiig, er cxplatiutorj
declaration was agreed to, that tho engage
ment regarding' neutral territory did uotap-
. ply to her Majesty's aettli woiit at Honduras
'nd itsdepeudenci '.. He then referred to the
charge made by Mr. Ch that this construc
tion was given to the treaty, without the
consent or knowledge of the Senate, and
that in this transaction the executive depart
ment of General Taylor's administration
had committed a great error. Mr. Seward
then went on at great length to defend Mr.
Clayton, arguing that the construction plac
ed upon the treaty by him was well understood
. -by the Senate when the treaty was passed.
: The House, the .aaie day, was engaged
principly in discussing the policy of Cuban
annexation. Mr. Bell said that the annexa
tion of that Island wou'.d be a curse to our
intorests and calculated to produce a War.
Ohio Legislature. The Journal says
that Mr. Ward, of Warren, has inlroiiuced
." bill into tho House, which is now being die
cussed in the committee of tho whole, revis
ing the act for the punishment of crimes.
This bill proposes to abolish capital punish
ment for murder, and substitute imprison
ment for life in the Penitentiary. The bill
' also make. It a penitentiary offence to mali
ciously destroy personal property, growing
trees, grains, or fruits above tho value uf
.. thirty dollars. . A married man, or woman,
commtting adultery ,is alsojto be punished by
' imprisonment in the Penitentiary. '
As there is a difference of opinion as to
- the policy of adopting these measures, and
as petition, pro and con are frequently sent
In, it is proper to notify the people that now
is the time to let their requests be known.
- Thi Caloric Ship. A despatch from
New York, dated Tuesday, says that
. tho Ericcson caloric ship, on a trial trip this
- morning, witnessed by a large party, went
ofT at 8 knots an hour, against a head wind
and a strong flood tide. Her speed aston-
' iBhed everybody. " .,: -
It may almost be considered a fixed fact
that hot-air for a motive power will now en
ter into competition with steam, and what
.improvement, will be mado itt. impossible
to conceive." It ia a wonderful Invention
ai tho imagination, run. wild in rttempting
tfo undeataRd iu power, of extension and it.
application to the practical . opei aliens of
. Sife. : ? .
'i.' JTorwor New. The uews 'by the Baltic
as not of much interest. . The new English
aCabinot 1. a strong one. : It will be noticed
that Napoleon has been compelled to give
-,, in to theEx-King Jerome, , , .
'" ' 'MtdBiOAR, U.. S.; Serator. The Hon.
IXharle. E., Stuart, Democratic member of
it he House of Representatives,' has been e-
lected to the United States Senate by the
- Michigan Legislature, in place of Hen. Al
- t pheua Felch, iw hose term will expire on the
'4th ot March,." '" ' -r . v- '"
0O"The express train arrived at Albany
'?. froro Utlc'a, "ti diets 'dee' dJfj 78 milesfin one
' tour and thirtfiFe minute., laat Wednesday.
lers remained in Coluibbus during Mondny.
and there was a guerl bear fight umonr
the faithful.' "Thinja had been workiiijr"
until they had to coin e out.' Crimination
.md recrimination t t re thi? order of the day
I tor Monday. It waaopeuly said thut the
jrriind. of the "tail chief" hud offered be
Ifore thu nominaiioii to support Many penny,
'upon receiving a pledge of assistance to a
! place for him iu the Cabinet, but that M.iny
I penny declined giving the pledge. Gov.
I Wood's friends (lien gave Medill their sup
port; with the understanding that the Medill
men were to vote for Rico for Lieut. Gover
nor. The friend, of ICnapp who preferred
Manypenny, were induced to support Medill,
by a similur promise of aid. Medill vas
nominated by the votes thus secured, but
Rice and Knapp uvr'nf. We give these
things as we get them from members of the
Convention, und we only add thut the "sold"
and the "sellers" must have parted with mu
tual goud feeling. Clew. Iler, , .
Great Excitement at Salem, Ohio. A
new mode of tax gathering was attempted
at Salem, Ohio, on the 3d iust., which has
created in that town quite a muss. The
Treasurer of Columbiana county, having cal
led upon the Salem Bank fur tuxes assessed,
several timet), und being refused, on the
grounds that the tax wus levied on the cap
ital instead of on the profits, entered the
Bank with a posse armed with guns, revolv
ers and sledges for the purpose of breaking
open the vault, and seizing the requisite
funds. At thisstate of the affray nn arnus
tic was declared, for the purpose of calling
the director, togetlie-, thut they might de
cide whether they would or would not pay
the tax so assessed. The directors met, and
protested against paying, und by the means
of guns, crowbars, &.O., drove the tax-gathering
party out of the bunk. On tho 4th, a
renewal of hostilities upon the bunk was ex
pected the result of which, we have not
learned. Meuhenville Her. ' '
Famny Paine, Cashier. It is even so;
Fanny Paine is Cashier of "The Bank of
Chicago." Ye old fogy bankers, put on your
spectacle, or take your detecting glass, look
wise with pen behind your ear, and -read
anny fume, Cashier: Ira B. ISddy, Presi
dent. There tics before us a two dollar bill
beautifully engraved, just issued, by our
triond. of the "Spiritual Bank," over the
way, with the above officers attached. The
President is said to bo one of our leading
spiritualists, and, doubtless" has had a reve
lation a. to this new and important feature
of "woman's rights." Ye fortune hunting
bacholors! don't get up "a run" on the bank
to see the fair cashier, for we learn she has
long since assumed other duties, which a cer
tain old antiquated book, culfed tho . Bible,
places fur above a enshicrship. Surely we
live in an ago of progress, Chicago Demo
cratic Press. ,. . ' ' r .
Last. Touch of Laziness. The niost
dangerous cases of this epidemic that, have
yet come under our notice, happened upon
New Year's day in New York, when some
gentlemen wh6 were down with it very bad
ly, laid in bed all day, and sent their cards
by servants to bucIi places as they were ex-
pected to call at the credulous ladies who
received them fondly believing that the gal
lant gentlemen were at the door in their car
riage., instead of being in bed, or puffing ci
gars in loose-gown and slipper.... This is a
bout the genteedeat laziness wo ever heard
fjirWe find tne following in an Ogdona
burgh paper: '' .
..... fVhigt to Democratic' Voter:
-'V'htt?cuti"'n,er: w" PrtP,in4 "m"
How kind to Ihaa diinI our cltmd l . i , :
But pray, hereafter, when a civil question's hut to
, you, , , . . , . . , " -Speak
one t tine, mnd not to thundering toudfj '
At this stitge of uffuirs, the fluttered wuiuun
quietly withdrew to a neighboring town;
trusting a few week s ubsence would lull the
passions of the excited players. Unaware
of her absence, and reinforced oy two fine
tenors from a troupe concertising in the
pluce, "The Serenuders" proceeded to the
accustornea seat, proud in the hope of a
grand triumph. A full half hour passed up
on the beautiful arias of Donizetti, followed
by his "Twilight Voices" by the two tenors:
tbo whole execution wus effective nud sweet;
und we concluded to fill tho cup with the de
licious "I love thee tenderly." The nc
companinient instruments were tuned, the
key note wus struck, and the window wus
thrown up. The bouquet was looked fur
with intense anxiety, and our hearts beat
wildly thut the many hearers in the ttrret
should witness our triumph. Soon, a dnrk,
otnitiH luce wus projected from the blind,
and, imagine our horror vt hen, instead of thu
messenger flowers, came ."Look n heah,
maiisas! Missus's gwan away, an' ilis lady's
doty. Ju's wit'Jr..w und save you' hri-fl' for
some proceeding Vasion, when-HrnYRpo-ciully
engaged. Wen dat is, you shall huh
due notification by leuliin who you is under
de door; so cleuh you'selvi s:" . And clear
we did, amid the eliouls and veils of more j
, Ihun fii'ty listeners.
Since that night Ilia air has slept quietly
bc-ncuth Julia's window no longer cmr Ju
lia ami "The. Sertiiaderb" have forsworn
An Anxious Inquirer. Some two miles
up the river from St. Johnrtbiiry, Vermont,
is a primitive sort of a little village called
"The Centre." Here, not long since, the
rustic vouth of the vicinity congreguted for
a "dance," "and dance they did," said our
informant, "with an unction unknown to
our city belles and beaux." One iuterest
ingyoung mun, having"iinbibed" rather too
freely, became too "futiinied" in course of
the evening, and wisely concluded to "re
tire" for a short rest. A door a jar near
the duncing-hail reveuled invitingly, a
glimpse of a comfortable bed, of which he
took possession with the prospect of an un
disturbed "snooze." It ao happened, how
beit, that this was the ladies' withdrawing
room, and no sooner had ' he closed
his eyes, than a pair of blooming dam
sels came in from the hall, and began adjus
ting their disordered ringlets, the dim light
of the tullow candle not disclosing tho ten
ant of the bed. The girls had tongues (like
most of the "seek") which ran on in this
wise: "What a nice 'danco' we're having!
Have you heurd anybody say anything a
bout me, June!" "Lu, yes, Sully! Jim
Brown says he never see you look so hand
same asyou do to-night. Have you heard
anybody say anything about me!" "About
ioul why, surtin:I heurd Joe Flint tell Sum
Jones that you was the prettiest dressed
girl in the roo.n." Whereupon the deur
.things chuckled, "fixed up" a little more,
und made off toward the ball-room. They
had hurdly reached the door when our half
conscious friend raisedhimself uponhis elbow
and quite intelligibly, though slowly, inquir
ed: "Ha' you heard ari lorry tay anything
about ve girls?" . "Phsnsy their pheelinks
at that juncture! .They fled with an explo
sive scream,
' Tobacco. The stock in our warehouses,
on tho 1st of January, 1852, was 17,699 hhds.
The inspections during the year amounted
to 48,332 hhds. which added to the stock on
hand IbI January, 1852, together with re
ceipts from the District of Columbia, (not
inspected) 541 hhds. makes a total of CG,
5.72 hhds. Of this'ainount there have been
shipped 54,813 hhds., leaving a stock on
hind, on 1st inst., of 11,759 hhds., being 5,
940 hhds. less than on 1st January, 1852.
Tho foreign exports tho pastyear have been
large, showing an increase compared with
those of 1851 of 18,233 hhds. Of Maryland
Tobucco the inspections show the crop to
have been near 5,000 hhds. more than in
1851. Of Ohio descriptions the sales have
boon unusually large, embracing the entire
stock leftover from 185 1, amounting to near
7,000 hhds., together with nearly the entire
receipts of the pastyear, forming a total of
24,000 hhds Bait. 8m.
lotion. They thank God that the Govern
ment is not in the hands of such men as
George Law, and the Ohio Locofoco Con
vention. We are content to hear such men
as passed this resolution make fools of them
selves, when tho endorsement of Cass and
Mason goes forth to the world, from the Sun
ate chamber, in vindication of the policy and
conduct of the President."
Whio State Convention. Wc ore pleas
ed to se u cull for u Whig State Conven
tion, or. i'iJ 22J Jay FJ'ntary next. Tho
object is to uuiuinale cuoJ:Jili fur Stute
offices find to tr;iiu:.ct such other business
as may come hefor tho iii-otitig. The Cen
tral Qoinmillee requ.t tho several County
Committers "to take measures for the se
loc'iuii oToue uvi-j.-ite to attend said C';ii
vt'iili n for each liw hundred Whig voters,
cut! o.i'j for I'ucli
nn:! fil't i v.it'.Ts in
have eirht children, four of whom are at
' school iu Mississippi ;the other four are small
and at home. We son bocaine acquainted
'and sallied forth to sue th premises.
: It was Sunday, but that rn.kes no differ
ence in the Griudin Season, for time is
I precious and the labor must uf necessity he
: continuous. So we found in the fields the
negroes cutting cane. The Doctor had a
boul 400 acriis of cune, one-half of whicii
had been cut and the rest was standing.
The slocks arc perfectly grecn.but the tops
led at such a performance. 241.1, lor a
I man to run ten miles within the hot r would
be admitted to be a tolerably go jd display of
pedeslriaiiisrn; but what are we to suy ol the
little fly observed by Mr. IMisle. "so inin-
nte as to be almost invisible," whiih ran;
1 nearly six im Ins in a second, and in that)
space was calculated to make one thousand '
and seventy steiis! This, according to the
1 e.ali ulatiou of kirl.y and Spence, is as il a
man u hose steps measured only two feet, '
I should ruu at th? Incredible rate of '2D miles
1 in a minute. Enuullv surnrisinir are the in- :
idrendlnl rceuca of August and September,
thus far the most trying uf my pastoral life.
By day and by niht, I w as at the bedside
'of the ding, pointing them to the Savior of
liSinnors, and endeavoring to help them to
prepare to meet tiieir God. Some de
parted in the triumphs of (aith and hope;
;siid sonje.nye, many, alas! wentdownto the
d'unkard's grave. Most oTlhe adult cholera
victims were also victims of imtempernuce,
.hurried into the presence of their Judge,
. with but m few hours' warning, and, to ail
human appearance I must say it unpre
pared for eternity !
Never did I more heartily deprecate the
vice ot drunkenness, than when on some of
those sad funeral occasions I was not only for
ced to think of the ghastly tenant of the cof
fin, as having, as it were, reeled and stag
gered into eternity, but was also forced to see
living drunkards a my attendants to the
low tho cutters nud curry the cane to the
t ml . . .1 I...
augur nouse. i neb car a are ..raw n uy iwu , tinjard of comparison, it i,
yoko of ..xcn or tliw mules abreast, andfive uf iiMrrize .hou!(,
such will about carry the cane of the thirty ; f ...i. . :,, ..r 1. ,...
cutler, provided the field is near the sugar
house The crown men and women are
cutlers; smart boys and men the drivers;; (pxAn acquaintance ot ours, and uy the
children attend to help load the carts and to by, a very clever fellow, who has much of- menjej to the ,!pof the failhfuIi by u,,,
; curry food and water for the cutlers. The ; tener visited the theatre and concert room c.enlra, r)ict8,()ril and let those twist and
Iwork.s hard 'in, generally continue, for . ban the church, wi. .persuaded by hi. wife irm wfao wi,,but re.t whodnre.
the whole looking more like a field of rush- 1
es than of corn with which it is usually com
pared. In cutting, each negro follows one
row, reaching up with the left hand above
the cane part, the right hand brings the
back of a targe heavy knife downward so as
to strip off the leaves; then cutsoffthe top
so as to leave the sugar cane stand bare.
The leaves and tops are thrown on the
ground so as to make a bed, and then the
cane is cut close to the ground and cast cross
wise on this bed of leaves. About 30 ne-
1 , 1.1 .... .1 . ...
rirroes were eiiLru!i(i uuucuuiu cuiuuoui lour
dilution uf two hundred acres a day. Curts with large bodies, mad.;
, . .. 1 .... ...... .1 1:1... ..I r..l
IjCO' tcspectlvy COUIIlies; ,oua iu uumji muuuii uiuiuaij iiiuu bull, iui-
th" vole at the liut Presidential election to)
bo taken us 1 1 1 - basis.' 't I
.) ibis Jjiijis F!i;ii..!iJ county is entiiled 1
to fuitr delegates, und the Central Commit- j
tee should immediately . issue a call for u j
county meeting to select pcrsc us iur this
Jl'dges ,ind Politics The Cincinnati
(iuzitte ol Weduesduy says thut "Judge
Flinn his nut yet returned homo from Co
lumbus, und tho Criminal Court was again
adjourned yesterday until Monday. The j
Jury and witnesses arc dismissed until that
time.". . j
This is a pretty kettle of fish. In those j
duvs, the execution of the luws must give
way to the political umbition of Judges, and
Courts aro adjourned while they attend po
litical conventions. Ilis high time fur the
people to begin to act for themselves und
not take everything as right because politi
cal leaders tell them so.
A New Coin. Tho New Orleans Pica
yune says they were shown yesterday a Swe.
dish Bilvcr coin of the issue of 1852, under
King Oscar, a very lnrg'1 quantfy of whieh
his b ion reentry brou'jh' into :iiis city and
now floods tin market. Their intrinsic val
ue is six cents: 1hey ar.-uf the size of a diuit
somewhat thinner, md much lighter.
There is a possibility ot these coins boing
passed oflT as dimes. The slighest exami
nation detects the difference.
. Ohio Cahal. The Engineer of this ca
nul publishes a notice in the Portsmoth In
quirer, as follows;
"The water will be drawn offtheConal
between Columbus and Portsmouth 'on the
10th day of March, and continue off until
the first day of April. Between Lockland
and Carrol it will be drawn off on the 1st
day of February, and will continue olfuntil
the 1st day of April."
tight Quarters. On splitting off a piece
of old marble at Washington Navy Yard, n
few days since, by Commodore Rogers, there
was discovered (four inches below the sur-
face)several holes about the diameter of a
mall pistol bullet, in eaihof which there
was a muscle alive and kicking. ...
Cuba. We learn from recent, accounts'
that confidence is entirely restored in Cuba,
and thnt business is prosperous and promis
ing in different brunches. One of the most
satisfactory evidences of this is the facility
and abundance with which money has been
ollered for the construction of railroads and
other cnterprizes. The government pro
me oiulk. uru j,i.-i ichij j;i,-trii,uui. uic ioj's . Jifii,(.(.g q insect strength p yen bv Mr l,vlon oru,,Baru3 B mJ aneiiuains w uic
and uuter leaves were touched with frost, i v , ..... , .i' ,. ,-. place of burial, and so under the influence of
..1 1.1 1.: 1:1 11 t. 1 ! Newport. The irreat stasbeetle, which tears ! . ' .. . .
ir .1' 1 i .1 . 1 , . . iniuKicBLiou, ai me vrry uravr, aa w uo UU'
on the bark from the roots and branches of c. . .. ., . -. t
, 1 . , 1 111 iu renuer ine iireutru siu iu luuav wuu uury
trees, has been known to gnaw aho eon .. , , . . . '
. ' .- . ., 1 ,u -i r the dead. On one such occasion I rcmon
incn in diameter, through the side of an iron . . , ... , ,
. . . . '. .. , , . ! strated with the on v persons, four in num-
cunisterin which it was confined, ir.d on , ... , ., ' . .u
uci 1 v iiw Luiiaii till. a vuiu y j j va tnu
grave, and all of whom were partially intoxi-
a...i. 1 ii. j it.. jj
injury, support and even ra.se very gre. l f aJld mn in thJr graves, near
weights, and make its way beneath .Imo. , 1 had forarneJ thim of their
any amount of pressure. In order to put j, J J
the strength of this insect Atlas to the test, i " . '
which the marks of its jaws were distinctly
visible. The common beetle can without
experiments have been made w hieli do pruve
that it is able to sustain and escape frum be
neath a load of from tw enty to thirty pounds,
The Locofoco Nomiiations. We cannot
answer lor other portions of the State, but
so fares our own is concerned, the most bit-
a prodigious burden w hen it i remembered , ter and extensive disappointment is leu ana
thut the insect itsell does not weigh as many 'expressed, by a large portion of the party of
grains: in fact, once more taking man as a our opponents, in this region, with the re-
is as though a ' suit of the nominations at Columbus. "Curs-
raise and get cs, not loud but deep," are beard on all aide.
from under a weight of between forty and 1 Some dislike one of the nominee., and olh
fifty tons. ers another; while the entire mass constitute
a bitter .111 indeed, lor anv one 01 tne faith
ful to sw allow. But, the chalice is cora-
ihe months of November and December,
The Sugar mill for grinding and boiling
ihc fiigar requires a more minute description.
A steam engine is the lirst item; its cost a
bout G000, erected at the end of the house.
The house is a lung rectangular building
wilh a shed attached. Under this shed the
cane is dumped; children and women pick it
up and tiirow it on the carrier; a man ar
ranges it so that the cane lies uniformly
on this carrier about four feet wide, which
moves up ubout thirty feet, where the strap
turns sharp to return. The cane tumbles
forward down nn inclined plane where the
rollers grusp il, and il comes out mashed
uud dry, nearly as thin as pasteboard.
Scarce a taste of sugar remains. The juice
in a liquid, like chocolute, runs into a pan
belu.v, whence ducts lead il into vats above
and neur the boilers. When sntth
i . c- l . I. : .1
iusiouiiubt, ine nrsi u.iii.. a.iice uo-ir mar- iV .. ...arnn nri.t:.
T'e' hich occurred several years ajo, to I fce most Jin Ul)l of uom(nonSi 8na
accompany her to John . church. Ho t lyel of thHe,st acceptable, of the nominees,
veryoneasily until the fine toned organ ijhat((f Df w,yne GrUwoldi of pick,way,
broke forth in the grandest drains ot de- j f fce Board 0"r pMic Work, We do
i.gn.u. n.rmony; ..e n.ieneu wi n ureawi.ess urpose toex,miDe all th(, objections raised
-' - - -.v- -- ,rainst him let those who r
mioai ine ecHouir urciu-9 01 ine vnuuea rooi,
raise them rec-
t.n.ila ikam f' lliamcatttaal Rut .tin. nf ,,,-
w hen forgetful of the sacred p ac. he was in, .nd illcomrolen(.ei from pro.
oudly and unvuluntar.ly applauded by sLn-jfeMi0Ba, cM nd Jlbit utaf ; rone
king with h.s cane vel,i;n,ently on the floor;. whicn erybod. can understand. If the
and did not discover hi. mistak.i until the , Sute fe Lo'co(J0t lIlot ia no zood reagon
eyes of the whole congregation were resting w)) , m,.n s,loulJ ba aced in nomination f0T
upon him. lis contusion can be brier nn- wl0 ,iavu nn sort of fitnes8 or the gv.
agined than described. (,t. lin. I en post "
A STUKz:uKUwuMlrTlw CinA , Wu fMX "Pect the Whig, of Ohio, in
...... ,. , , , , jdue time, to hold a State Convention, and
cinnalt 6:efr, speak. ng of the letters ' J brinff out tl.rir candidates. They can give
our foreign miiii.-ter?, in relation to tlm ade-; t,CI11 hjo.ooo Whig votes, and more if they
in those quacy of their salaries, refers ulsu tj anolh- 1 try. Let us nominate good men, whose qual-
Thb. Dividino op the Water. The
court house of Portage county, Ohio, in the
handsome village of Ravenna, stands in such
a position that the -water which fall, upon
the North partof its roof reaches the Atlan
tic Ocean through the River St. Lawrence,
and that which falls upon the Southern side
goes down the Mississippi -to tho Gulf of
Mexico. ' ? !.;,.
' fjr-james Gillespie has been sentenced
to forty year', impriaonment in the peniten
tiary, for the murder of Wm, Smith.la Cas.
coun ty, Mb. ' " " ' , " '' '.' .' ' ',
OCT' A free colored man ha. been tonvict
ed at - Wheeiing, Va,, - for .inducing R .lave
woman to ran away. He was sentence! to
the penitentiary for two years.
vats, it is covered with an ugly oirty froth, .,,,,,.:,: .1..., : j- ., iv..i,;n. ifications and integrity will appeal to the
und tlie juice itself assumes a greenish olive i . . .. , ... , ., 0 public (or support, and our great conserva-
color. In that form it is sweet and palatable, i,,,n' nud xvl"rh ,VI" Prub,b ' s"on assume a jfive party may prevent much mischief, tho'
and so very nutiilious that the negroes he- j "'or-' tangible form. . It is as follows: 1 it may not even attain a position to do posi-
come very fut and sleek during the rolling i The President . 100,000 a yeer, with a 'live good. Scio. (laz.
season. Thus vou see the roller is simple 1 finished house. '. - - - r
in form but most elfectual. To reduce the The Vice President 15,000 a year with a ! The Broad Gcage Road. This contem
juico to suar, aset of kettles somewhat like finished house. j plated Railroad, frum New V ork to Cincm-
your salt boilers is used. The number ol Tho Heads of Department. 10,000 a ; nati,(six feet gusge) is the subject of com
tour isgenerully adopted. The hottest fire year each, with finished houses. I went in many of our exchanges. The build-
is under the buttery or lust boiler. The j Ministers ol the first grade from & 10,000 : ing of such a road appears to be determined
juice first enters the first boiler, when il ia to 25,C00 a yearand like outfits. ' upon, but the route is the question. All the
skimmed and charged with a little brine; Ministers of the second grado Iroui 85,- ounty towns from Columbiana county to
thence into thosocond; thence tho third and i 000 to $10,000, and like outfits. j Montgomery, in ludmg the village of Colum-
lustlv into the battery. A man with ai : bus, are f be points; so their paper, say
paddle guards each kettle constantly waving j
back towards the first kettle the .cum. An
old hand, skillful injthe art, guards the bat
tery and judges when the sugar is done,w hen
he ladles it out fust into a large trough,
whence iu a liquid state it is conducted into
some one of the numerous coolers which you
see I huve arranged. Euch boiling produces
J of a hogshead or 300 pounds; but the boil
ings are continuous, averaging thirty a day
or ten hogsheads, equal to 10,000 pounds of
sugar. The hot liquid cools nbout two days
and then is potted, t e curried in a kind of pot,
and emptied into the large hogsheads stand
ing on end in the Purgery. a lurge room with
beams about a foot a part, under which are
large vats lined with cement to hold the mo
lasses which leak from the hogsheads.
When purged of mulusses, the hogsheads arc I
hauled to the levee and sent to market.
Dr. Courier's is about an average good ,
The Arctic Exploring ExrEDiTum.-Mr. j But the Pittsburgers think the best route
Henry Grinell will have his second expedi- , would be from New York to Pittsburgh,
tion for the search of Sir John Franklin rea- j thence to the Steubenville and Indiana road,
dy about the middle of April next. Il will ; and on the track of that road to Zaneeville
consist of the brig Advance, which formed ! (terminating here instead of Newark,) and
a part of the first expedition, and ia still in .from Zancsville to Cincinnati on the track
perfect order, with the exception ofher keel, j of the Cincinnati, Wilmington and Zanea
which was knocked off with ice. It is ex- f ville Road. This, we think, is far the best
pected shn will be taken into the dry dock route fur New York. The more Southern the
st Now York in about three weeks. She j route through Ohio, the greater will be the
will bo manned by n crew of picked men,
under the command of Dr. Kane, United
States Navy, and be amply provided with j
sledges and India rubber boots, with which j
to penetrate into the frozen regions. j
business of New York on the road.
A Large Mass of Iron. It is said that
the largest mass of wrought iron ever man
ufactured in Great Britain, is a hammered
shaft latelr completed at the extensive en-
irThe Chicago wags ore poking fun at.'-'ino factory of Mr. Nevil, at Linally, in
the issues of their wild-cat banks. On Wales. The piece of iron is sixteen inche.
Saturday Capt. Kclsry handed us a bill ' in diameter, mure than twelve feetin length,
which looks as though it had been engraved J and weighs four tons. It is intended for a
with a broad-axe, und printed on a cider team engine of two hundred horsepower.
press. It reads 1
barrels of molasses. The sugar is worth at
a .. ..1 a in .. 1 ... I Ci.ij nno
posed, a short time since, to raise aloan.l , , . A A , . R (lft
und received offers for more than they need-j ' " b 1 ;
ed at low rates of interest; and similar read
iness to invest has been shown for lung
terms. We learn, also, from sources in
which we pluoo full reliance, that important
meliorations are seen to be made itt the "
ministrntive department of the government
of the island, and that certain chunges of
decided advantage will tnko place also in the
political system. iVcir York Express. .
plantation, tie 11.1s nnoui oou acres, u iiinr (io is70(." - - "1 etter Be.'"
irontol river, auomo negros, ana wus year ,. a t , . ,,(.,., nn .
makes 600 hogsheads of sugar and about 700 t ... ' ' Rl,nrpr Que Dollar on demand. I menl-
' The New Hampshire Test. The lower
branch of the New Hampshire, Legislature
has concurred, by a large majority, in the
Sqhate's resolutions deprecatory of the re
ligious test in the constitution of the State.
I It is nut improbable that the people of the
urantie oiaie wiii) wiimii a year or iwu,
efface this foul and only blot from then-escutcheon.
, , ,
Ji I 1 . '
OCrThe Homestead Bill, just passed by
the Arkansas Legislature, exempt, from ex
ecution 160 acre, of land, or a town lot with
building appurtenances. It extends .to
heads of families, male, and female..
Besides wliicli lie raises cnn.ni'.n, swret
potutors, &c, for his family d negroes.
He buys his bacon, beef, every thing else,
and clothing for negroes. His own slaves
make tire hogsheads and cut the necessary
wood for furnaces, about 2 cords hogs
This is a favorable season, and at this rale
in Specie.
Bill Holder responsible.
densburgh, N. Y., Jan. 1. ISoX
The two dollar bills of the same
"let' er Rip."
M. TV: Marcoleta. t!ie Nicaragua Minis
ter, who has been dismissed by our Govern
ment, has written k letter to the Courier
I des Etats Unis, in which he says: "I huve
'done nothing but follow the instruction, of
n,v R.ivernment to the very letter, .nd that
. . u iih all possible respect; one day my cor
u.m k ure rr!l,ond,.nco will be published, and justice
;will be done."
Boston Jan 8,1, '-Tin. brig T I-ji j . 5IjTllllv Law Magazine,
has arrived w lib Port au Platte dates to iiec. " :.f v-.o, Vnrt rii rnntaina a lit
20th The report that the French had seiz- ! published in New York city, contain, a list
JUtn. I lie report 11 11 ini . 1 re Voves- 'of the most rminml lawyers in Ohio, among
ed Samana was who ly un.. in I, . No vi 1 . , rT)lirllis Tallmadge.
Mill nf tViir vvns sPPII HI InO lieilfIHriM wn. . . rv m i : .
j The ubhc .U'Sun Domingo was nnusu.ly ; SLiVbnt it wilf b;';; of
uuiei. j 1 uuuvuvov - -
tinner, wiui a itw i . t . i
planter, grow rich; but .erne seasons the of 20 men, hud been seized .1 Port ' I ouh'0 nlt'cminu.tlawycr.-in Ohio.-
levee ureaas miu an in ion. Aguin uie win anu Tast-ii 10 on fi.i..... .......
ter comes too soon, the cane Is frosted and j health of Port uu Platte was good,
immediately on thawing begins to ferment. ..""tT.T 7 tr..'..'Jt .,r
It must be cut, ground and reduced to sugar I (tt-The Editors from j diff rent pnrt. of
oris lost. It requires care and a cotnbina-1 me cuuiu - -r- - ' . Salt Lake alloy, poses.ing ui ery v. .j
tion of labor to cultivate successfully. i meeting, and passed Resolutions against rr 1 C(J.. jn ia0!, of VVry largo size, and v..
Thi. year i. a most fuvorableone & planters I pealing the law "'" f""'""."' tying from an inch in thickness to immense
. . . . r . 1 r inu,a in npursminer. und also against any x r . :.i .A k. An..nl
m' . n ' TV h.H. h.n . nnw lr(WT ' Wl w I . . .
A Marble Mountain. A mountain of
this materia! is said to exist in lho Great
Salt Lake Valley,' pawning every variety
any trost,
Roses are
are 'in clover, ' We have hardly
and the Weather is delightful
.till io bloom and among other flower. I no
ticed the common Touch-me-not. If. thi.
weather continues two week, longer, the
yield of .ugar will be a very large ono In
doed. Same of cotton; Indeed all classes
R'ty I t , .-T . ' !. . ... ...I,., ia aniil trt Kfl lniinl III
w. 1 . . . . . il I UIOCHS. 1 III: oimiri, i J ... . - -
reduction in the price paid for publication, j. Ularle, anj lhe supply inexb.au.tl
Bad Business. A young lawyer named ble . ' t' ,
turaon.of New YorR.na.- Doen senienceu
to tteenty years imprisonment at Wotherefield,
Connecticut, for forging certificate, in that
t A Liberal Donation A eitiien of New
York, on last Saturday, contributed 10,000
to the American Bible Society.

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