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The weekly Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1852-1855, August 04, 1853, Image 4

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Tiw4ay Morning, tt,
Frow the Ohio State Journal J
' ' J?' Memoir.
'Tie a cool and balmy moraiog
A ad I've arisen aoon,
- To mark the opening rose-bud '
Aod catch the rural tune. -
I hear the cooioj? of a tiiive,
I hear the thrush whistle,.
I hear lbs leadi-r linnet's lay
From thorn, and brake, auj thistle.
The bees are sipping honey tot-,
Upon the Ihymy knoll
I hive their humming melody , .
'Tis soothing to my soul.
I hear a distaot loarinj,
I hear a sound ol bells,
1 bear tho happy cow-herd's shout
Among tbe heathery dells.
- Hi bosom knows no sorrow;
He trill his roundelay,
A nd weavrs of flowers a ch-plet,
To grace the brow of May.
'Tiafc eool and balmy morning
How sweet you mossy batik;
There's many a bluliinr Howret there.
nun opamuiiguew-drops dank.
That bank is very dear to me,
Tliero mil 11 T trlnrf.nma h.n.r.
I've Rjieat with una who mou'lder now
i uu an mo iai year Bowers.
I'll go and kneel upon tbut od,
I'll bathe it with uiy tears
. I'll go and kiss the turf that wraps
l'lie kopx of other years.
EUWAKpL.Wl.OCl.H.hivin purchasetne
entire Stock al I'rags and Medicines al
George (i Beck. now otfersthcsaiiiclorMle, together
oiw,.niiwitj i mure, wnnni may
I be lotuiJ a lanre and cor.pl. te assnrlii.p-4 urth-iigs.Ma-
UKMng v.ww... a.a, rllll. 1.1118, ISVe-iMIIUS, ajtlaS.
Ware and V. widow latasa, liru.hes, Gr'iiceries, fancy
Aitiouta,c., which will be sold wholesale and retail,
upoa.t rtMaotuble terms at can be purchased in th
city ELiWAltD L. SLOCUM.
Lancaster, April 94..1R6I oftwfil
New and dosirabla article recommended
' Jl. economy, comfort and a void inn s res so on Car
pes, (tc. They only need being teen to induce any
i via nurtkauitkam TH,. ...ij;. i r
. i . u tWlil.llVIUtlHn hicii
t soe them at the city Drug Store.
Urn-arter June 36. KiivVARD L. S LOCUM
I'An rs. tllt S. AC.
Ortfa Kng Pt.reWhitel.e.dSl.bls VcnetUn Red.
-wl'Ut!) do Red Uad, I do Yellow Ochre.
R 1 n rv:. . i ' ....... . ....
- aog. urj I1UI MM, VJ GO l.insccfl VII,
do l.ith.rgn 5 Ho pi Turpentine
in .m-woe 1 1 rnon. . do japan tarnish
150 do do yollow 4 do Cop. 1 ,!0
3l do American Vermillion 1 do sup coach do&r
at received and lor tale at the city Drill; Store late
(1. J. Beck. KOWAUU L. SLOCUM.
Lancaster, IiiiteSr,, (KM
Marble, Sandstone and Freestone Factory.
uin,aaHiuBiasar nsengst r aciorr. Ji. WfflL UAAiii a
Ol'RMachinarylanoarinancceaaful operation, and , ft" fw A "f rF-TfT. "P.TTTT"
poraona wanting any of the following named ar- -----" Ui J, mm -IWiWW,
tides, would coaault their own internet and confer a
t - I l-.i -.11
MUXUMtiHTH ot Marble,
s will furnish at a
AKew Boxes Just received tt the city city Drug
tore. HOWARD L. SLOrt'M.
Lanratir Jni 2f M
Reboke. We would the fol
gentler; yet wa cannot sup
A Sevs-kb
lowing wcr
press it:
Prom the BufTiIo Commercial A Irertlaer. Julv 9.
Ingratitude So it is true that Alt, Ver
non oa been sold to speculators. An old
woman pennies canes at ten cents apiece by
the dsor of U'ashin ((ton's tomb; and pretty
aoon a whirl-gir and awing will be ernctod
" fc"uiiui, s.noon opened in the ven
erablo minsion. and ln
hw, with slow dignirid step, the best man
lit I ha a a. I 1 t
hi i7 " ,or feation, there
uo a una oi smokers and tobucco-chew
ers nil uieir feet up, puzzling n,i, iit.pH
and talking politics! Will the speculators
be good enou-rh nut to uo the sarcophagi in
-it o remain i, um imro and hi
iis,iurinfir contumptiblu pennv-ircttini
operation Vo hope that they won't sell
them to Itanium.
oeu uiount Vernon! It is uki to that
moan splr,t which ,,v0, ,lu letling
6.w...,llr uuiii.irnea and almoit un
known. It 1 akin to that di.raceful neg
lect f ill obligation, all gratitude, which
has cliuructe.r 7.nl ..,P wul:......i
p. . , , ' -Muiioi eviHiuiuro.
-,. "'V1 "rrrnory, Woallli, cuter-
ffil r,"d f rt,rtei,din h.. per.
...tied its old, ft-obiB, blind, to'subsia on
the cold chant of H,a i
U;ir VVestministor Abbey, our St. Paul's
, , -- vr.ere trio monuiri;ts
to our patriot., our statesmen, our gem-rals!
Ilr.araund thlaties overgrow their graves, or
liiua the mini Ju.im, ...i.i... .i . . .
it ' "ii" inarK the
spot, if a commission fur a foreign consul
Bach0' Pl'"0,hcL"J WCra PniJut ' head of
wch.and the whole hungry .warms of ot
hce.aBkers ,t upon tho hunt with such
prizes in project, not or.o in OI,o thousand
could hud tnem. The pnl.ry pirit , pu,
refused a memorial to Clinton; and a Lejis
latoro who could UndUr.a,.d or appreciate
a uy thinsf that did not bel,nS to party. Con
Rres, hurries and debutes over the co.npuii
tiunKhieb aoiiiaoriliu more patriotic of
mat miscellaneous crowd may attempt to
iinke loan old soldier, and squanders thou
and. .,. ,nle,lk:iJ 0(1 useless, and worse than
Wa saw a vcnoral.lo man to day who dad
feii and talked with Washington! : W
were g ad to take the hand which had been
clasped in that of the urt ut chief, to I.Hten
pk . . "tL,'.re',l", Incidents of his life ut
I h,lud..phla-tu know how ho lived-how
he looked.talked, and acted. When the ven
erablo fuca of our informant was M,ted
up with the memories of his youth which
were thus called to love and devotion to
Washington, we could understand some
thing of that character which impressed
lUell so indelibly on the age in which he liv-
rKs " ' n'" Wl' W"'ro hi ut"pur
Congress quarrels and wastes tho public
treasure in the Capitol, under the shadow of
wards the akies. and hut a few miles di-tant
from the acenaof his death and burial
Aluafor the gralitudo of republic! The
rrrava of Madison is unmarked, almost ou.
Iiterated. JeH'ers, n ....i.i .i... ...
graisai.d the brambles; the graves ol the
j,-... , nevoiution are, many ol
hem. forgotten; and the country which
they have establinhml ' ,
has consigned to obscurity tha memories of
those men whojo lives wera marbod by her
inirrutiiii.!., '
Qfifi i"" received indfor sale st tho CITY
nitlJU STOHK. K. L; SLOCt'M.
Uncaatnr. Junc'.'fi
ST Barrela Calcined PUter,50 Jo Water Lime, ISO
J ground Plintor. tor alo by . U. SLOCUM.
Uincasler, June 38,
p r: it vvm i.ux.
'Il.'lK aiiliacribcr hi ut rprcived a very find -M.
sortmroit of the Oeiniie Uoussel Perfumeries,
cntii slin r.f irenuino Kmf Mairnw, genuine Uear's'
tlil. Hhiloromband Heef Marrw Pommade, Fine Kx
tracts for handkerchiela, etc. etc
Ni'Va 0. VV. KWJKMEn
WILD fllKRUY AND II I. E f ' A M P A X K .
Iltl, articln r..fm.n.'w n.., .. n k M. i
sssrs. Burv& Keck, nnw mil tin L kntti.
taiilni nearly liwo times the quantity at ft per bel
li., r. y m 'Jl 1U VY . n.it.Tj .J Cj li.
Laucaator, March 10, IHS1
I91V.PARKD strictly in accordance to th formula
I nflhe llnital Ilk.. I. I. .-I
"-"".'piri., i.iiy revis
ed by authorily ol the National Medical C invention,
nn ll.ll.l .till in 1.. kir ll'l1r lit lll mifn
Lancaster, March 10, W,3
L Ma
HEAD AXD F00TST0NE3 of tha same; wa
have of beautiful forms and highly polished.
variety of forms. Head and Footstones of the same
ant! ol " Freestone.
work, Caps and Si.la,Cappini$ tor walls or Chimneys,
Flooring for Porticos, Fla'ging for Walks or Spi ing.
houses. Columos, Gate or Fence-posts, well-tops and
Hearths. A. J. LILLY CO.
Lancaster, May 19, 1883. dw3
Xotlro f a Riiiltlrrt :inl !flci'li:uiir.
'I'IRubacriberis no e'labliahina an KXTEN.
At Glc) Wharf, foot of Cnlntnbns and
High Mlreeta, l,aarnr,
and intends keeping constantly on hand all binds of
f nmhar nA t ra 1 fns I a
Hia oxtcnMve acquaintance and knowledgeof Lnm
ber. will enable him to select the beat qualities, snd
nil at such prices, at will merit the patronsge of a
gonaroiis public.
harina annclnl bill. a Rll will a.j : .l... . ,
- ... llflu It lo h,,,, inieresi
to call on him before purchasing elsewhere.
LIaIK and CEMENT of tuporlor qui'ity.
ti better than a slow shilling" my trmn will h cash.
Alienist .11 . x7 (if t nnn
"Sconce of Jaiiialm r.inppr.
TIIISEM?nr!it proparttlon of unuatial wrel
Irnre. Jnordinarv dianhrra, inripicnt cholera,
in short, in all of nmarrsii'mt k.
tunctiona it u of inestimable value During the pre-
valfsnr rt enidnmin rV-vl. ..J .. v i : .
o( fhiMnn. it n noculiarly efllcacioui; no family or
tnHlt'lHtlail ahntilflhsk uilhAi.t '
CAnTioK-IiPiuvetoKPt theKPnuinpKawnce, which
irtil mfnr AT V iMMu af al t l. r.. .
VhilfulBlnhtr anlr.a..l.l II a.1 .it
i j ataa xtm SVHlVKllf3 ADO
rhOTttriOR in tVm I nilaJ Ct.a-. '
Sold by M Z. Krieder.in Lancaster, E. Kalb, Bush.
" " uRgiais every wnera. IMov. 4
and will
II. It. Ill'VTI lt , riv..
tain St.,opoilie I he Hot klngVellrr Hunk,
('ASM D.!At..ltB I,
HAVF.jiiBt received and shall keep on hand a full
and constant supply nl Staple (irocerin. Fruits,
Nuts, Spires, Sauret, I'icklns, Catsups, he, lordlier
t aUllil
nary in
Lsntaater, May 0, IH52.
. , Unl,;., VKIHUll., C, I07IMI1II1
with many other a rlii l.isiiecn.Bary in keeping House
. V wi' oi-ioi-M-n niticK 01 i-axiiit
f'lieeseJ rliauuu.lt f...i.u.in
t-'HI received, a fine lot of English Dairv, Pine
" Annie and Sjn S.r.n 'hnnui 1.. kn u.l.i I r..
1, ..0 . r..i uiw UI
.. "' HUNTER :).
jVlay li, 1862. ,;)3
Tobnrro mid t'lirnra.
ALARfjK snd superior lot nf Cigar and Tobarcc
for :ild at . U. Ul'NTEV, & t o.
'.yD; d!(3
OLDOiiv. Java and Hin f 'nHin,, New Orleans Su
tfSr. I'llil.Hlllnlli. rrilihrJ .1.. N... ..l kf
n i. t-,T iMin.lll iflU
Ibss.m, Siigar-lmuse snd (lolden Syrup nt
- ii.ii nun i r,n i i;,
I roil VnriiUh.
A NKW.tPticlo.x(ix!)l-for Rtnvnu.Gratea, Iron
r riii hb. BIU.. IUalLrfJL'Bt fMl ll
l"ltONfie l.iiimia.
NEW and besntiful stylo of Phosgeno Lamps,
l """u, myiufii rnoageno i.smps,
a. 1. amiable lor Ladies' work stands. litHt receivedat
M .iy IH
I'Klllta. Oils. aV
A I.AIlnE lol of While Letd, Ped do., Von. Red,
- is". . i. mm., iiiwii, v niomn ioiiow, i.in-
mui Oil, Turpoiitine snd all kinds of Varnish lor salt
DOOIl Mats, Ilroonn, Sugar llurketa. covered
Uoxes, etc.. at II. U. I1UNTUR& CO.
Plehela. Prnnes. llranilv Piaiki...
NI) a variety of nlco things. I'm sale low 11.
tasliat . D HUNTER & CO.
K-'ieiv.. iliU,.,y t . . HUNTER A, CO.,
Muiii Slinet I.niii'n.ier Ohio,
A Large lot o au;Hrinr Wrapping Paper, which
.wil1 Ixi sold at very low prices.
Lsn'-astnr, march III, IH5S
Pninlljr Flour,
11. U. HUNTER 3c CO
.-m..i. r lull. .
Prime article, Daulul Ream's heat-while wheat
a L'in.. ...i.. ii ...... ... -
. m. riiiui,iiiHli,l
Wlnilnw Olnas.
rTlkHOXESCily Drsiid.just received nt.
W0RK.SON WOKKwonldrnaport
I'uHv inform tlinciiizcnsol Fairfiold
,,, " - I - ........ wuu UIIUI
Went ill Sliicuin s Uvug blore will a urrs and
Thu Patal WEAKatid.The Hon. Jl.
H. Kttapp, ex meinher of the Legislature,
and pres...it ediur of the Ashland Union, a
Democratic puper.thus ,paks of tho Presi
dent aud his appoiulineiits:
"Th number of rotte,, ,ue w, h(V9
found f'lvor w.lh Gen. Pierce leads ,,i, to
behove hat he Is . ,y deficient in firmness,
and Vh fatal w.akuu.s he ba hitherto e
v.need in a portion ol hi. public if0 it j,,
upon him," ite,
. I'lfT'' th." "f"lal allud-
d tol "iIithe,tothat is, before hi, e
lection to the Presidency-lien. Pierce e.
vinced, lif a very .pecial manner, two kinds
or weakness: one a weakness in the knees
and the other a weakness of tho n-rves.-l
The former wa. often exhibited, it is .aid
while ha was a meoibor of Congress. At
tunes it got tho better of him to such an ex-
tent, that bn coubl'm uu .
latter showed itself on one or two occasions
in iijiioo, ana it it mentioned in the ollicial
accounts of tha buttle nil HI Ilia Paiiilu I fa
generally attacked him just as tha fight' was
It 1 1 1 1 1 1 I t . . M ... - 1 I
w vw..,uicni,u, a no ihii mm alter the
danger was fsirljr over. Neither of these
weakiies.e., howev-r, wa. literally "fatal"
to hlrri, for ha survived them to-be elected
President. If Mr Knapp allude, to .nine
other we.kneae, it is due to tho cause of
science that he should explain himself.
VV hat, wa ask bim. I tha nature, and where
the aeat orthat peculiar pliy.ical, mental,
or moral defic lnc u,kii. .!,'. , !l
(....!. r .7 ' 'nilieBU liseil
71 1TORK.SON WOKKwonldrnapor
I . li fully inform tlinciiizensoi Fairfle
talr"iiidlhaad'niuliigcoiinlioH,thsl I hey are t
, hand as usual, at their old itatiil ono dm
fist ill' Inc'litTa llvnif Klnre uilh
litlflitliil tivu.tvtmi'nf ill' avarvlliiiiu In ll...i 11.
Their M'iiiMr piircliaans have been sulucled wllh
care and nrn larger than usual.
I.AIltli'til UIhi.l.l.iiim.l.l....l. i.i
piirrbsnaao as to pleaai vnu.
U.. I. ...... Itlll I .ui-.. t t
... n. vit nil in in wv-i yuniiu, unm a J KM NT LilNJl
Rusk in down to the sinalliistrbildriMi'aahnns.
Wil llavealHnnnhanilandarn npnnun n ...
hntlemtn'n Ruthin nnrf Rtmmlrt Oattrrn, Con.
sress Uimta, Kic. Wo have alno just lecoived a lot ol
('nni.'riintt liiiuis, a line artic le.
tit) .1 siidics. Wo Have on hand a large tndnx
rollmit atunrtmnnt of (luin Shoes and Snn.UI. a now
arllrle. Wuhavn both tho light and heavy kind,
which arn miith aunerini. In Inrmni. .i,i..ia. ii'.
have als'i Ladies' an I Misses' (lum Hoots.
FINI)IN(IS,i; -Wesre also prepared to furnish
Shoemtlterssnd Finding Stores with Findings ol every
lesriipllon, sii. h ss Klla, Pegs, Uoot-webbing.Slioa.
strings. Laces, Sir.
Nnle Le.lhar Mi.r..... I.I... II..... a.. .1
hand. B-......jaoa
In ail.llll.in In 11.. ,..,..1, ... k.J .
i. T ' uu ii. uu, nt, .rn preparea
aa hel'Mtn A,n I.. ......mi.liii.. .......1 l.. i
7, ....ipniniiiiii in nurune.
Our own work needs no rarammuudstion. V' hope
dv properaitaniiiiiicoiiur buainens. to secure a fair
. h. I'll nt iIim irtil.li I ... ...in , .
................ ,v ,,r, win always na
on hind to wall upoiiourcuntoiuiiraaiiddo ourbctlto
please thnlil.
WANTED The subacrihera will take one nrtsjn
i"" "mi nuiiairiousooya to learn I he Hunt unit Shoe
making Uuieim. WOJiK, SON a, WORK.
p.n. .hki , January i, inoj.
i. hai rriiAN o
U AVE been filling up their ttock again
koep constantly on hand all kinds of
which are warranted pure.
to which wo invite tha attention of tho trade.
Quinine, Opium, Morphine, Calomel,
1 annin.
Pink Root
Chloroform, Blue Mass,
aarsaparilla, henna
o , .-w.i. u.. H.J..I in., ovinia.
-an be had by the quantity or small parcels at
Sept 1 IB.-ii, KAUFFAI AN Xi, CO.
Of the best aallir always an hand,
YI-. -LOWItioCotroe, Green do. Java do; Young
Hvson Teaa, Imperial do: lllackdo: Orleans snd
Lost Sugars, Boston Syrup, prime srticle, Orleans
iiioisses, nugar Mouta do; Tobacco, Segars, cinnamon,
Sepieinlirr ' ' KAUKFMAN& CO-
li t M i ni 4 IV ,V fn..
KEEP constantly on hand, White Letd, pure, In
Kegt and dry, Venetian Lead, Yellow Ochre,
PriKKlsn lltlln UnA I . T llu. . ri 11-111 f .
VT"1 -."ii. ik", .inwiu uii.operm
Oil. Corn O l i.nn.1 V.h. .1. i. j. i 'v.i
, , , -..r-. .nllla.,,i, i.u.i.11 m,., cnruioe iei"
Intv Al. tiro an u.j. Ii:l. r I ! . n. .
inn, eniii.non, ump DlacK,
Turpentine, Urd Oil.Fiah Oll.AlcohoMapan Varnlth
KNOW WltlTP vivc iiiiMT
that will not turn yellow. Afl of which will be sold
low uir cbnii sept. I
rit't; Prool' I'iiltif.
C CHOCOLATE COLOR, a cheap and durable Paint
J inr mil. .1. la 1..... ..
u . i - J
o.-"riiiner M r I' M A N iV. CO.
YOU can get Logwood, Ext. Logwood, Fustic
cam Wood, Ulna Vitriol, Madder, copperas. Alum
Indigo, of Hie best quality at
ni.-pwinuar o. K A U t MA N St CO.
Itriishfsi! Itiiislira.
INT Brushei, all sins, shoe Brushes,
Hfllr Ant rtliaitlnsa. J . Ill- l 1
cloth Ho; Heshdo; RcrubMnic do; Kenflier Oimtor.
Gas. 1 I.. .a ! I .D r a Iiimmi . m.t .
a-s-ifst. tiuajt. HJCUiyOU (, IVAUT P JtJAll tX JJ,
TllAlMnira .rni.iu..iv;.i.... mi... n . ...
f" ..r... ...iiairi riiiii'i riirij HIS
I 1 rlfll'l. I.l.lwill M.lnir. a,.. 01.1 fl... UIUI.I
London Porter, Schotch Ail, expressly for the sick at
nnpieuionr 7. KAUFFMAN &. CO.
Vtro I'l'tinf ln i nl.
llinroi.aTP rnt nn . ..j .1 1.1- n.i.
for out tide work, just received at
nepiemiier. K 1J r r .MAN . I D,
WE haveon hand a large stork of cotton rolna
'r. 11 . 1 j ' ii ,.,i , .,
- - . -i'i-i .linn". uu ud, urumii 1 wine, r iNnL.ines.
Carpet Yarn, lied cords, saHh cord, tlraas and Hemp
Rope, all sizes KAUFFMAN & CO.
VTOULD resportl'iilly announce to tho citientof
. . ....... allu viviimy iiiri 111HV are, as usual,
in receipt of a very heavy tnd well iclected stock of
Einbrsring every variety and ttyleto be ltd 'n the
K. .turn ni.vliMt In u.hii.1 .... I.,li. k. ... .: .
... ...... .u., , Ib,, no iuiiid 1 no .iiuiiiiun ni
ni.orw l.nl .. .... i ... 1 H : i i
...... j ...... j,.. ..(.run rouina; cnr.p aa good
can bo told West of the Mountains In addit ion to our
urge siuck, win oo iouna a general aatortment of
Parasols and Umbrellas, Quoens ware and Glassware,
Iln!iili9 fll.a.a. . p,..i 1 .... ,.J R.f.:. nr. ,, n
' r - -".'..ift im i.i.i.uiiK, t.bii l"a-
mir. Ibu'iliipiniF .n.l V0ln.ln. llll.l. .... i .
i - e w " I..M1.1- u.iiihi viiiiuii coverlet
.ml c. vim! . i.ii II. ill.... 1..JJ1 t il.
. ...iimp, 11 nnuiiiu lllll ranuiB.wlCK.
A Inn . nniul .I....I. .f n.VLI IJUllllilll L'n m
. 1 IS . i-i.'ia u 11 iy t. r. run o, io-
baccoes, etc., tnd indeed, every thing usually kept
in atnrea .nil mm-. Inn
In PYchaniTft fny rinti.lu .1 llm 1.1. k... 1... i .
. , ' ; q ...v- iiiidiii iii.iHet price.
And let it be nnderslood that they will, in no casn.
riifti.a .11 nnn.l k.nl. ..U i . .,'
... h.m. u.,.. nun.., uiu sou apecie-sinoom
Mllll'tl.l'. ...I nilim.nn.n .. .. . ..J
T'--'-- w.i-IHT. IIU. VJnCOIIieUi
Lsncsttur, April an, IS53,
Consumption, Decline, Asthmt. Bronchitis; Wasting
ortha ( lesh.Night Sweats, Spitting of Blood, Hoop,
iua Cough, Ditlitulty of Cretthing, Colds, Coughs,
lndueiiz. Phthisic, Pain in tha Side, and all
Diseases of tha Chest and Lungs.
And; la Safe for tha matt delicate Child!
It h estimated that 160,1100 persons die annually in
the United Si, tea, with consumption, and Professor
r.berly aay t that a vast number of theso could be tar
ed by tha timely u of some prompt remedy.
I)K. HA.LI. 'a BALSAM STUIKFa at tho boot of the
nissASK at ohck, and such is its speedy effect, that
any one using ll freely according to directions for 24
or 48 hours, snd not entirely sstisficd with its merits
may return it and receive hack his money, hokkt
win. ac CHKKaroi.LT BKrnxnKn. The most dia.
tressing cough is frequently relieved hv a tingle dose,
and broken up in a few hours' lime. The afflicted do
not have to take bottle after bottle before they find
wlJ? ,hi rendy will tfford relief or not.
Call on the inml ... . . ...n.w :. m
-l B- " I' "' 1""' ' gl.n.. A M K
l i on eo'UMPTioH slone is worth more
insni no pricaol this medicine. You will find certi
ficateaof Phvsicias in CiacimtATi, and of others
WhOte CUriM h.ve Knnn n!T...J hnM .1 V. .1.
- - . --.-uWn.Kuuui..iiiuiunJ,-n
thev can be found.
The pub'ic have been Imposed upon bv remedies,
recommended hv nnii i;.. ... ... 1. ;.k k. .. .
originated from tome a nknown source. We be ieve
in. i touh iih pnneBftng rent merits will eff ect
Cure. wh.Mir. . . 1. 1 .,1 1 1 . .
. . ii i u.vni, ai nonie wfii aa anrnsd.
This is no Paregoric preparation, but one which if
used in .P. .nn mill ... k. 11.-.. .1 L . i ,
na, ma
n.rnin. m.vm. .nlnl.k.. !.l. i . r
r- J -..n.i.iii u.ig.iu nun ngeuis irom Wllom
they purchase, that in every cae where it is used
Irenlv accnrrlin ,n iliwnn.Inna . ..1 ...,..r
r--" ,. i'i i'it j wnere n is used
reoly according to directions, tnd entire satisfaction
I. nn, .inn. i n O I ill I . 1 . .,
...... gi.ii ... ui viiiuiiti. iiiey csn rnruvn rue me
dicine, and their stover will be cheerfully refunded.
Dr. Hattn JIA T.SAM. no Paregoric Preparation
but a Medicine vhich make evrei at home
where the parties tan be found.
The Great Congo, at Coatnmptlre Remedy.
READER! htre you a cough, which you ire neg
lecting under the idea that it la only a common cold,
and that it will toon "wear ittelf out?" Let a friend
tell you. In all kindneie. what will toon be the proba
ble remit. In t ihorttime, It you continue to neg
lect yourtelr, you will begin to feel a tense of tight-
AMI .nt nnn.a.. n.n I U ., . Ci. .
..ii .rr......... , vueai, sccompanied
with frequontshsrp darting pains. Then, a dry hack
ing cough will set in, and when you raise anything it
Ullll ha . Iklnlr .nn nnllnuii.k . ...I. . . i . 1 '
- . -uu . v.... n i.i., wi wiiiiH irninv m.rrni.
slresked perhtpt with blood If you Hill take no
.....m ympioma win increase,
tnd you will tool have hectic fever, cold chills, night
lweatR rnnlnii.nrnn.tnr.linn . . U .
lion. If you Hill neglect yourtelf, a few wooke or
ui.iiin win a:e yuu tunmgnea jn me grave, loaving
vnur rriend. ta mniirn hnunnMI. . .t i.'l
. ; , r " y .imiiiipuon am
itt work, and hurried you away. Friend! have vou
nn tailaiA tn ks llarmaiH fn n& 1. . '
. w . cu. .u uvv .ktoicn you may
OA in oia est Knur auhvu aaaa .a? - ..
... . B'-'-t rar. . y, CUniUmDTlOD DrO
Di'niaot larifh mna - lastaai Mna.l!t a r . . . ' .
.tinn f If .11 ttin lhnn..nn. ..J . 111!
, n " "iiiuona wnom thu
grasi uosi rover naa gainerea to tne tomb, everv tin-
,? i lvT. V ii . "v" "M "wn if tonded
trt ill mljht hiva haan utalliniii I ! i
riar tha fatal rtoliialnn that tt ... . , . 1 .,
in... ..cui-u ii.un.ui T .ri.uu io ma tutisfance of the
Lnngt.exciting there the formation of tubercles Cold
after cold added leu I to the flame, until these tu-
uercies uegan io auuen snu suppurate. leaving bv
their ulceration, great cavities in the Lungt At thfa
1 1 mi. tuu uiaraae is very uiinruit ol cure, and often
fin. a. .1.1 . . I .1 ii I'i . ... n . 1 1 kn... .
..... - .. ....... ... ."..ii.ii meant.
In ftin l.llnr n. ia..I ...... .1.1 . .
... .... .....,. n .,,.Be, una meuicinewill of
tentimes arrest the diseate.or check itt i rocresa and
will llwavi m.lie tlm n.li.nl n.n. c . . .
... ..... coiiiioninie, and
nrnlnn. hi. liTn .nl 1, I. lkn..r.. .1 . .
r........n .... ...v, ., ...diitiuii, wnnnv oia trial
but In itt Incipient or forming ,wiodi, coninmptlon
il II rtlMh'll n V nln.i Hit.... . . . .
j . : : .uu j,n. hall a tlal-
aam for the Lunirs. if taken st thi. tin,. :n ...
as turely at It is taken! We earnestly exhort all who
... . . , ""R". iu cmaa, to seep the me.
dicine by them, snd whenever you take cold eradl.
I-,." '"R.-ji -- ., or mil powerful y
healing compound, tnd leave your Lungt uniniured
tn carrr vnu in full vinnr tn . .nnj .u ?",,u,Jurea,
j j o . " - b age.
WHATEVER toncems tha health and htpplness
of a people b at all times of the moat valuable
importance. I take H for granted lliat every peraon
will tin all In tk.;. . ... 1 f .,
' e" o. io ravT. 1,1a urea 01 inoir
1 children, and that every parson will endoa vor to Dro-
nint. Fknir nwn kn.l.k -1 .11 :A . . . .V
. n...u m an astruicos. i reel It to
be my duty to solemnly asiure you that woKMt.ac
cording to tha opinion ol the moat celebrated phyai
ci.ni, are the primary etuaes of a Itrga roajoritvof
diseases to which children and adults are liable; If
you have an appetite rontioaally changeable from
one kind of lood to another, bad breath, pain in the
aiomacp, piraingat tbe note, hardness and I
t ha natltar d V l c . i ,
fill I IT M Of
. j '"" aaarivw irs v -ria , uuiia innruiin TO
member that all these denote WORMS, and you
should at once tpplv tha remedy:
I"MIE tubscrllier, at his simp on Cheanut
Hlrn.. liniiiniliuliil v 1.. ..rik. 11.1 11..-
Vrlil I'lllll'Cll. I. Il.lll.lll In.ln .11 LI..I. n ..I.
connertud with hi bunhiesain tho best niinner.
he haa in Ida employ one of the very best nr) If
..... . ....., ,,, .,, aurpasaeu in llilt branch ol the
malilHaa. Prices will lie in.il.i.i.....ii. I.I. Tk.. ...
tnmage of thenihlic is respuclfully solh ile.l.
Ltiuonaler, Mun.li !. i.,.. s, K.. N ICK.
AI.VAII PKmiV. lniiTiiii.-ri
THE Proprietor Informs the public that several
thousand dollars have been expended in entire v
rellttlnit .n.l liirni.l.i.m Ikl. I 1 ll- 11... l- '
ir 11 r I p.""" ii"ii". i ii.uurs nun-
tell that he can furmth to Ins boarders and to the tra
velling niinnc ...nn....n.l.tlnn. .....1 .1 .l.l..
1 tp r,' , ..i.i -ii.. 11. 1.1. miii.i 111 uiune 01 llie
best llolnls in I ho West. Hia tab'eis always furniah
ed wllh the best the market alt'onlihia atablo It
large and in line condition, Having had considera
ble experience in hotel-keepine.he hopot to receive
lllll alia fn nl A " -
ta inn tsiiativj ui tlltl M1IM- UsHninKlItfs
I at lli.aa ait.aas ftl.I. V ..! i SK,
(J T'Ohio S(M.)inan, Ohio 8tte Jourual. Ohio Ewle
an.lTul..i.e.r.ri 1 .n...l.u. 1 . 1 1 I. C. -
-.t.i Sa 5A !', i'iis,iaivui t iuuubii luruiie ypirt
Tub Diacovr.ay r CALirotA.The
San Franeitco lIar.ld puhlishea-the voy.Je
of Juaa Rodngue. C.hrilU, f,rrt discoverer
of Ihecoaat of California, fot bisXt
Bartoloma Ferrela. frnm . r. . V101'
7a tn. rayior, of Monterey."
1 hia oarratira date the diacovery A. V.
trhl " ""im V""-Uio letters
from Venrxula states tbat it Is probable tha
Coinan insurrections aetinat Mona?as will
t ba suppressed in that quarter. The irov.
twnroent haa been successful in Vulenrla
a tr, tha interior. They have also a
atreaj for, under Josa Tadeo. to match a-
SiVif !"""" ;Mreil" h thu. far
lelt an inconreuience fron. tha difficulties
ni:v iidi ii. wi
At tha City llm.k store, opposite 8l.o-lTra
inel, Unnrastvr, Olilo.
.1 JnuIKt:'' '"f h
In Venn. Mnn 111.7.. . N" """t, AdvIcO
Ian. Wa tanal by "c Vf K'T
nl Woman, Lbs of the E,n.,'!;:;;nInBNobl-
Bnok. of ..ftWs for tai?. Ibl J k,i1-nlt
roilte Shs-ll..r't hotel, by ' '
l'r"'-' JOH N 8E Alt LEU.
THE FOr-TrCAL V0R KS OF LfiH litv n'nu
rVXSIAN, Thompson. Klrke White. Moore, Rhelley,
Tapper. Scott. fimplMll, Millon, Mra. lloman;
and Poemtol Amela. sll (or sala at the rlty book
....m, iiiiniatieonwiiiur i nntei, by
Al"il -'' JOHN 8KARLES.
A .FINK Lot of Albums, of all kii)ds,and fine bonks
lxpreiy f, ihe'adius, at tha city book storo,
opoo.ua hhiallur'sboUl, by ara,
fl"the latest publications, for sals at tha city book
Vi'store, oppo.fi. bhusttor', hotel, br '
.1.. ... ...li .U , j """" no"v, and continue to
give ny undivided attnnt oa tn the settlaeaant ...
".. -a af O. MUAIAUUH
Wool Tiictorv far NiiIp.
rilUK undnrsigned oir privito b1p, Fovn
1 f ni t In ihn town nf llao...l...4 L'.i. n. i
"-" iTriiniiin, milllflU cotin-
tf. I lit in . ti linn ivhith im avulis.l It'-...! l- . .
, , , ...... , ........ ... ...,., L inj si in.ii i allV Hin
Curding aMMchlne, good Uwnlling homo, contiininjr
fin lift i-niittiti nnd m ri1la,r bh.I mi.Ua r i .
....... ., ,. .... ..... . uuriiui i ninnroiii
... . vui j iimiii ii Ra iRiniy Doen rout
tltil III mil 111 ffuvi nvilor 'iKn a..kin. t !l
ii "I at-" v.uv., sIID nisi MiiiiTi y in urinci-
pallv nnw Hid tn good condition, and "the hone powor
la) si 1 1 IITJ vt a IHBPIClOi y Mil ft gOOO llin Ot CUBtom.
Tho above property will ba irnld upon roaaunable
ormii hv applying to the aubsniiber, at hia reaidt-nce
ill I laL'trtlaMniat. An, tit lllifaa nnrl I. .ae.saia C I .
... . . , ...... r. itt veil , I.BIirilNIOr
Juno lu, IW. 3fi.
1-iin si a i l.v
A NUMBER nfihiairablA building lots. In Hunter tt
Weaver's addition to the city ol Lancaster. They
win us ."in on very reaannanie terms. Aa long de-
l.i . .1'. il.imni.mi. tl.n.n mil. k !.... 11 . 1
w. - Mv ....... ..i.a i.in . .inn,., c it soon snu
make your snlerllnn ol a lot, whilst they cm be
bought at a low price. Now is the time for thole
mi .ou wuu are uuairoua oivDUining t good location
enquire oi J. C. WEAVER.
rfUIIU IU, iouj,
C"J. DEVOL is prepared to furnish all kinds ol
, , i .iiui, num.. iwih
tincmnsti snd Piltsbilritb nrlcna.
Alao, all kinds of Mill Healing. Hoisting Screws,
Regulating Screwt.Jack Screwa; Fuller't Screws and
Oner Hrrnm.
Mill Spindle, of cast Iron orwrought.
Bales and Drivers, Ac. ac. "
tla will .1.. r...:.k . l .... . .
...i i . . '""""n ins t-nraer svneoito
n! t'AUo'lh' r.r.r' W"h '"
.i ..k . "neei naa expired and coa.
sequen 1 y thoy 'can ba had mnc h cheaper.
Alllheahova.rtlcl.. -Ill k . ...
, -- s oFoaineanonest notice.
lie also keens rnn.t.ntlw n. 1 j ... . . . .. . '
rZiemKna ' V, ' . 'Li ailUS OF
CA8TIN0S usually kept in a Foundry. He ha.
complied hit front .hop, to that thoti who call
can examine hit work.
Th. Ithawh ...til. -t Ik. . I. I ...... . .
if u i. ..j ... i... wurKuoiia at inis estab
lishment lor many years past,is;the best guarantee that
In future, the subscriber will labor to desire thaps.
trone of the publle. He Uvltet axaminttion.t
Lancastar, April 36, IBoJ Q. DKVOL
Mrii., Ri... It P. . ru..ol mi. ...
... ..... . . ,., on , i lie nn niic gen
erally are fully aware of the thousands of remediet
fnr rli.n..iiH l.nns. ....).. r n ...
.. n ,i ". hi. iiiiun ui psrssparillsa.
Pllla. Plaalera. I.in m.nt. nl. .1... j.i, t
. .i . : " u.iit orouent
to their notice through the newspapers, bv wtv of
advertlaementa. M v nliinct In u...:,:.. k:r-... J .
publication, it toinduce'the public, or at lotst tlinio
n,l.n in .Hlicnj ir.i in L ..... . snusa
.. . .,,, ... fium medicine), to
use one that contains articles of kkal usa in pitlmo.
abv piscASKt. I am conscious that, in so doine- I
am anting mn.t nmm.r.HAi..ll. 1 i Bi
the Interasta nf mailiml .'...I . RT orT 10
tilloner. of mexlicina. " S"" pr"
1 he Medicine to which 1 refer is "na. nr , ....
AM Ml. Tllv r w n . II k-.. . ii . .. .
!.... -7.nl . J M"" prearnnea It in I
j..Rn .......u.. ui snu sr.WAVS WITH SfCCKSt
. " --"- am-un wnnnii hoon
cal ed in conau'tation with m ntlf. The patient had
II HIA V m nlnma nl na tH J . - -
u ; ; k. L"""u. ,i,on. "ucn
..... ....... v n-rni, ii.rs.aing COUCH, with
continued pain in the lobe of the right Lung, attended
with severe ditrrhoia' Ho commenced iimnediatulv
tn int lint, nr ki. 1 1.. .... .I'll.. .1 . . . . '
... -. .... ... .in .uuve-nainea medicine,
snd Wss Bonn rn.tnrnl tnSil.ii.n.i klii-i il .
r n i uaiin: i nsve also
; ' "" r . , "'nosi vaiusDie Kxpec.
torant for breaking up distressing coughs snd colds
tint I have ever used. W. I. WH10HT. M D
Wrt. IllA limlnr.lirn. Pli..U.n. .fil..!. .1
iic .1 . n 11 ,T' .......ii. u, k.inrinnaii. cor
lifivthst Dr. Wright's ttttnments sre entitled to the
fullesyonfidence of the public, and csn fully rorrobo-
, .....i,R u.ru nn HAM'S BAI..
iam in s number of ctiet, with the hippinst ert'ecla"
J 8. LAWSON. M. I)..
The Oeruine tlened "0. 11. RAKER ft CO."
For tale by (). W. Kramer snd E. L. S ocum, Lan
"' March 17, 1863a
t. htve now received t Urge tnd complete aa
tnrtment of New A rnsliiomihle (ioods,
which we tru daily exhibiting and selling at the old
ttand of Rfinmund amd Sow.
All we nk or require, it, thtt persons visiting our
city in pursuit of good bargains, will give ut a call.
We defeat AumAuir...ii .n.l k..u i
7 . oo""jfi "'ni. !.uaiuii.,uiir gooas,c7firs
...... .. ...... ..., vii.. uur alOCK IS lllll
was bought in s cash mtrket, and wa sra satisfied
UV I , n amis 1 1 nvnTitai W. - I
.. ......... y ... ,uppiy our customeri
Wit h almnat everv thin. .... ... ...1-k c .
...n ....... va ..I.,!,,,,., irom en
ounce ot Indian tn r s. ' r
W'i fli f?" - to a AH suit Jclothnfor i.
Ol Shoos. Hats. Rnnn.ls lln.n n il... l:... i
iii , I , ', l .1IUW..IIB, i .lnOia,
ilka, lauina. Ii.rn.n. A I.I... -1....I i. '
. ."" . inn., Kiugnaina, calicoes,
clotha, rataiineros. Satinets, tweeds, Jtc , we are well
lupplied at respects both qualities tnd price t. "
Wa keep on hsnd the bottof Fnmily (iroe'erics.
tUch aa Tnss. CnHVia. Kim., f..l ' 1! V.,
Spices, to. "jrrup, nice,
And wo sreslwtys supplied with a larte and vain.
able atnek nf lis... II..I.. m..ii.. .' r1"
- . . , s ioiiiiii.,-, mane nere
at home, on speciul order, and therefore gte.tly pre
ferabletothat numn.j ir.. .... i."l. r"
nr, . 'C "iin.nmin .luu-Hllops.
enrfjash an.l .nn.,.. U...1 , r. r.
i , -. j . 11.t1111.-n .iwaya axon in ex
change lorgoods. KK1NMUND& MARTIN.
An article founded upon scientific principle com.
pounded, with purely vegetable auhstsnces. beina
period ly aafe when taken.smay be jtiven to the most
- ........ wi.ii ueciueu uruenciai enect. Where
I ooW'omplai ate and diarrfurab.ve made them weak
and debilitated, tha tonic, m nn.win. r
syrnp are such, that it stands without tn equil ln the
catalogue of medicines in giving tone snd strength to
the stomsch, which makes it an infal tble remedy for
those aliheted with dytpepsia, the astonishing cores
performed by this syrup titer phvsicisna have tailed
others eTulel,c" ot ' uPeriuV icacy over all
Thi,L hene,tlilncult worm to destroy of all that
inroat the human lyitem, itgrowt to an almost Indefi-
nifn I Ol1! fit th kaenmiHai - ii I 1 I. .
vVwU..s.us uii-.-!, snu (Mtenea in the
inteatinea and stomach, effect ing the health aoMr.lv aa
to cauae St. Vitua Dance, tita, etc , that thoae alllicted
-eldom if ever auapect that it is Tap Worm hiaten
Ing them to an early rave. In order to destroy this
worm, a verv nnvAiir Htwm.nt ma.. k. j
. . . r- - ssiuoi usg LU UUU,
would therefore be proper to take 6 to 8 of mv
liver pilla so aa to remove all obttructiont. that the
worm .syrup may act directly upon tha worm, which
....... ..u.i in uu.o. o, iwo imoie apoonslul threa
times a n.v. th... n:M.l... c.it , i
.. -r "I'll. luuuweo nave never
been known to tail In curing tha most obstinate case
of tane worna.
Nn n.rt nf th. .vatnn. I. IM I . . I
- - r j .. iimio n.uie io uiaetse tnan
tha I.IVH. It Umin. ... I.I. . . r. . . .
... . .B .. . ,. ,rl,.r , purity rne Diood.
or giving tha proper secretion to the bile; so ihat anv
wrnnv actlnn nfthn 1.1... .A-.... .i . i . b '
0 ... .uni.i. i.muuier important
parts of the tystern, and results variously, in Liver
mmnlnnl. I.i.nni.. Fl .. . .
....., u,rli., olc, tnould
th. refore witch every symptom that might indicate
. .nm. ..tlnn nCtkn I T1. Ml 1 . .
!j V " "se puis oeing com-
K" ....ni. uiriiiaiieu oy nature to
etl the tick: Namely, 1st. An Expectoraut, which
auamenfa the iwmtmn fmm ih. ...l
n ...... uuiuiuu.ry mucus
men.brane, or promotei the discharge of secreted
msttnr. Qit An 1.-.. ..v. wkl.k i
u TV .nn .., iiii.il cnanges in some
inexplicable manner the certain mnrhln ...tinn .r .u.
SVStlim. OA A Tn.m n-ki.k ni.... . 1 .
.......... .. . ..., , K,.r.. Ina strength
to the nervnut system, renewing h-tllh and vigor to
11 psrts of the body. 4th. A cathabtio, which acta
in perfect harmony with the other ingredients, snd
nDerstilis-nn thehnuinla .nil ....11!... .1 l-i
- , ......P.,( wmiiemiis
of corrupt and vitiated matter, and purifying the
n...v.vuc.i.Vjr.Mi9VUB snu resiorea neilln
Vou will find Ihete pilla an invaluable medicine In
many complaints to which you are subject. Iu ob
struclmns either total or partial, thev have been
i'e benefit, restoring their function-
THE tubtcriber haa jutt received at hit Jewelry
Shop, one door West of the Tallmadge nouae. a
lot of COLT'S REVOLVERS, which ha wil
sell at rsasotiabie prices. GATES.
Lracaiter, msr.h'J, 1853
Merchandize of every description,
. Upon tha most (avorabl j terms against
By Marina or Inland Routea. between Eastern Citiet
nd til pacta of tha Mississippi Valley, and upon the
Western Waters.
Alto taken as usual upon all kindt of Insurable pro
perty, it moderate rates of Premium, by
For Lancaster and Fairfield county.
February 5, 1863. lm
New Process of Sclf-actlor Galvanizing
JAMES GARAOHTY, at his Watchmaker and
Jowelry Establishment, three doors east of the
Hocking Valley Bank. Is now and at all times pre
pared to Galvanize IVatchts or any other metalie
asticlot with the purett Gold, in a manner to defy
the best of judges, snd warranted to stand better than
that done by the old principle of a Battery, on the
moat reasonable term a and ahoitest notice. Speci
mens c.n h. seen at hi. l..n Tj. . 1. .' i. . . . ...
faidor California Gold.
Lancaster, January 28, 1353.
found of ineatimab1
al sr angements to a hoalthy action, purifying tha
blond sndnthar Huin. .n ..C......1I . .
ii i . : ..." .iiw.iii.ny .. i put io nigni
Sll cnmnl.inl. uiki.k r r 1 , .
............. ,., irom lemsie irregu-
c.io. giuainess, aimness otsight, pain
in the tide, back, etc., etc.
Nnn. .annin. n.l... .I...J V ST tt.l .
ik .iguou . 11. noDonttcK, 11
others being btse imitation.
U rgenttwitiung new luppliea, ind ttore-keepors
. , . b 1 " stats amis tan a,itj rrn,
nriotnr I M 1, ni.l.ii 1 r.
r..s.vV. , . , .it iivwmatu, ruiiauieipnia, n.
Whnna.le air.nt. Cn. nkln 1 1, f u
...... .... ..v.v. .v. Y ..." i v w v unst.KT.
Cincinnati Ohln ' ,
M. 7.. Krelder. .
K. L. Slocum.... ,
R. B Wilker
E. Kalb
Otto H. Mceller...
J. n. Sundennan...
0. F. Hamlin
November 18, 1859
, . . Lancaster.
..West Rushvillo.
. .Hushville.
. .Amanda
..Oak 'and
GicaC lUcrilt'liir rorWorins In Child
'on nnd oiliria
, a an m sin. . ... k.. k. p . .. - ..
- ...... ....,.,.,. i-jou manuiaciureo nv smith
M. and Atkinson for several years, snd has been used
with great success bvPhyaiciant and othera, in various
parts of the United Statet, many thoutinda of bottles
ha Ira lu-aati Dr.1.1 ..JtL....! . a . . .
... .. ... ...., . ul,, universal approval It has me,
whinal 1 qusrtert where it hat been introducedt
r... ....... ii.cu.uuiy . ,n. io titisiy tnemost in-
Crnnlllnil. Ot It. n.n.t ... 1 .U ..' r A . ... .
. 7 t ' y" n . .iu,m aixe 01 me oouie haa
......... . ,,,.. uiioiu uie cncapcHi aa woll
as most valu.ht. Wn.m M ...i: .1 . . . .
kii , .1 "n. nveronereototne
py,, .no i ie person ouying thit article gets the
Mill Valll.nf hi. nmn.v in .... II... .LiA!..p . ..
. l ."H"""' J, "'""i isaiaci well
Worth remnmnei'tniF
Bersrelul totskror".?nirA..( ltu..n.. i
..... .. . ... ...... .. m . j, I,., -
j ... : : '"' name ot ft mil ft
j.ii.ii.oK ia on ine Dome in raited Letters.
ftnlinffar mm nA Uaal Th. L i l
. .. m, umoi. !, uura-iinin none.
or farmer a friend. ArranffPinenta ar now miAm
Tor the supplying the public with this great remctu.
Which ha. haun n.nrf ...ik .......l...r.. I ..r i .1
........ ... ,,,, nunncm, success oy inose
wlm have h.H an nnnn.i. .c . t. .
.......... .... ....,.,.,, leaung iu vinuea
No laimly should neglect to have a tupply: and ill
nersiui. nulil nn wnll . k. i.. . J
r.. ... ., , aoine oy tnem 0 be
Uted in caaanraccli nnt in 1 '
Vnaunn... .1. k . .
..Iii ---,.-- 1 tun in sprains onuses,
iddlo ind collar gilli, .welled Jointi. stiffness snd
" n,i o'u sores, icrticnet, etc
an. St.. ... tk. ..... r . 1 . .
. - "", .iiuui- ui rneumatism, lumbago,
tprtfnt, swell ngi bruises, aciatlc pains, stillness snd
weakness of the Inn lis. and nth.. .nnM.., i .nn.
tions to which men tnd animals are liable.
Ptepared only by Smith and Atkiniom, 888, Baltl
moreitreetiBtllimore. '
For aale hv Mr.nM"m.n a., r v i
. i n n " naimaaier; jonn InSO-
nard, Hssil; E. Ooehegtn, Bsltimore: Isaac Jones.New
Salem: a:. K.lh llu.hull on. ii i. .
, . .. , ... ,Jt ,u lt iiiinner oz co.,
Snmerant. A 'an f..i. ..i. !. p l..!i.
Thia nrnn.mU.. h.. k. k.r .1 ' 1.1
- .... r.r.. .,.,, mm m.i uiui-Hinn puoiic a sum.
cient time to have its merits fairly tested and the re
porta received from various part, of the country.
nmv. il In k. nn. nl,k. . 1.. II ..
rir "-" niniim.i vaiuaoie remedies ever
Otlarnil hnlh tn m.n .nd kn..n
August vti, Itib'i. 5
biiu veterinary Nurgpon,
REFERS his servicesto the public In
. - .-p.vn r up rrininury WUP
geon, and ospecially In the treatment of
Jii'fl..,r a ll! 1 1 ..
ti aantriairc;i. n i n 1 una exptaripnce in
linninir K.rdtia Ansa s.1atl (.intln .ahI,J..I
0 ...ai oiiaviun us u 1. wil 1 1 l t
Iv aa v ik.a ka .J ...III r..ll
srf.'f in. tJ I L.P ir. A 11
, "" liatai alTalllBU llliniWIIOI ll
the lightu of sclenrn in treating the various forma of
diseased feet to which the horae ia liable.
uia mop ia on Hroad atroet, near'y opposite the
NnWh nuh a.er.nr.1.1. "
IV.tlnH. aal II ! I l . ta
an. aJuKim 1 runt? a on snort nonce, ana an
0thr kint a nf Umlllllnrr Anne. .tlK na.ln... & .ln.n.l.,1,
. ft iiuug wuu iiFaiiroaa V MOauaitlli
rpu. - t 1. ir ........
t uu iiuuie norae puraues his dally toll
In Huv, Coach, or in the larnWa (inhl;
Straiiung each nerve to tread & turn ll soil,
J ith patient spirit not disposed to yield
lie malcoa & wins your money 1 declare it
And I'm the man to ahnea him right.
-Lancaster, March 11. 1843. B. OARRKTT.
riinii tVDt'tlmciHi Factory Removed
mi rnnnP BMITIl k J kl. nk.l l n i
--...nv... .....I i ii ii.. reran vnu ill. snair ,sa oca
VT stetd Factory from the corner of Wheeling tnd
Columbut streets, fo Stanbery' Building on Wain
ftreet, (io doors Kant nf the Hocking Valley Bank
..Wi...lfi.n.n.l. 11. ll I I II. . 1 1 I
...Mityvfriwiii is v fisi nnrrri aiure. no list on-
3. lamed hi. kn.iiu.annil Inl.nJ.I....!..
hand the largeat and best assortment of
lAitta ana iir-itsi kaijm
in part, of Cane seat. Cottage, Buttla,
French, Scroll top, Village, common and
fkii.i 1. 1.... r ...i.ii 1.. ...
,,, , viiimnin a i. nairs, ooci.Dies ana oetreei.
All dek-rlntlnn. nt livnaMnc . no r . i i
either Cherry, Walnut. Miple or Sugtr.
Hi. mn.l....lll.ll I i . . i n .t . . .
.... .....nniMiiuvmaiieoi ine reryeeat materifi
By COOd Workmen and nftll. 1.I..I tnmnil .nnmunn
n.ttnm. It ..til k. I. r i Kr. i
ri , . n in n. miorior io none manuiacitirea
elsewhere and will be sold at the vary loweat prlcet.
A continuation of tha very liberal patronage of the
publle li respectfully solicited. It it tha intention of
the subscriber to keep a full and general assortment
at all timet, so that he will ba enabledlo accommo
date both old and new customers with anything in his
line. In connection with hLa.t.bli.hm.nt I. M. n
L. Eckert's Cabinet Ware Room, so that customers can
be axcoramodated with all article s requisite to com-
Plata a full assartmant nritn.iUknln kSiMlt.. ri.11
and sea. rjkxiRnk' kmi'th
Lsncaster.November 1, 1860. 36
Received at tha Phliadai nKlal f"?AVM. SiamasA
.hi. Sfin8 fiU k on,- M,d bT n "" faahloa
abia Milliner la the United Slates. Call and tee.
incattar, April 13, lobs.
Ccorge Hummcl'i Premium Essence of Coffee
MANtrrACTDBBn BV Dakiel BoHr.Ea & eo.
one l'ackatte at 15 renin mill man i 11. .rn, . ,
w .... . .... 1 VICC.
rpHIS Essence was lately awarded with a silver
J medal in ha American In.tltntn Nn.. V 1. i
in at nit. Vhlu n Z . . 1U '8 "a
n .oVu ,, V".'1 Ket"' proprietor's sole
nnnnt.2IHC Ini.kiil.ti.nnt Dk:i..l.l JL:.r e .
- ... . ...u,,, iiiiuinwiiii.. Aiao.iorsaie
by our Agents, and at the principal Drug aud Grocery
ttorei throughout tha United Ki.t. 3
Thia KsSPnC. h.. knnn ......... k.. .1 .
.r.k. T J . I""'"" UJ many moutinoi
nl thA richa.t .nn m..t i.Lil r. .. . ..
uiipotiauie laniuiei, as well
as by the poorer elm ol. people, almost through the
whnln llnltnnKt.tnat.k. k.. c-.i.-i . n ..
- - "7 isriue oest preparation
of coffee ever ortered to the public. Coffee made by
this .Essence ii much more who esome, more delicate,
Bner Hsvored, perfectl y clear, and, in every instance,
superior to the finest Java Collee.
in order to give full satisfaction tnd proof that the
tbove article is perfectly healthy, and to ahow some
thing ortho deserved reputation it hit gained tnd hist.
Iv Alltitln.1 tn ui a ...... r.. ... . . r. . 1 J
-y ....in. mi. luruuc.ies ana recom
mendationtiptrtlcu arlyre'ating to health, from Dr.
Booth and Dr. Chilton, practical chemists and Analv
sisttol the cltiei of Philadelphia tnd New York.
. ..... (,. ..m-..iic, i nun iren, oeune market, I
Philadelphia, September 1H61.
I llttfA UTiminar. Itla, aas..A nffl.I' . . '
. ir 1 j. a s . QC",vo ' v 'iiipo manuiacinr-
H hv IlltaWitnnl Ur.k a. I a . t ...
-v .,T. . .ud una mac its con
atituonta are not in the least Injurious to health, it
ma v ba uatd fiftAlv n.1 t;k .. r.a .
si J mi" pun i y.
n rk i ., . JAMES BOOTH,
ornn1n,i"Ir'r PP"" " Arts. Franklin Institute.
JVo. 73 chamber ttreet. Net York, Aug S3, lcol.
I have examined an article prepared by Messrs.
Hummel, Boh er and co , Philadelphia, called Essence
ofcoffoe, which Is intended to boused with coffee,
Tor the purpose of improving it, I find It free not onl y
irom any thing injuriout to health, but, on the con
trary, the Ingiedionttof which it it composed are per
fectly wholotome. J. R CHILTON, M:D. Chemist.
or sale by O. KAUFFMAN av co., Agents,
and other Druggists and Orocen generally
j Lancaster, Ohio, August 3, 163
no conpitonisE or CONSCIENC.
JAMES G ATES his just added to hli ttock, at his
nlnatnmA i J. nrnn i ir i. a .
.Dlendidv.7l.,Vn. ' ,"eni
waits, JBWELBY. aVe.. Aa..
Which h. -Ill Ji... r ..
. . . -- ...m.uui . i mm reaaon-
Shl. nrir.a .a .... ... .1 ; 1 . 1 '
y . - ,11, inner ermiiar biock '"ai iai
of tha tame quality can ba purchased In the West
ern cnimlrv
His Wntehes are of the beit mike and of superior
qutUty. Hit Clocks are of every variety andofthe
beat manur.ctnr. I J I r u : 1 . .
....... in. I1M ui onvcs. svitrts is ex.
tentive ind cannot fail to pleaae. His Jewelry is ol
the moat beautiful patterns and haa been selected with
great care.
He keopi on hand, alio, Cutlery, Canei. Looking
Glutei and Plates, Britannia Sets. Musical Instru"
ments Girandoles. Ftni, Pocket Books. Brushes, a
lotOf flna Kt.llnnnn. . J . l...l ' r 1 1'
tie has taken apeclalcar In selecting his stock to
suit this market and Invites tha public to call and ex
tailna for themtelvei. JAMES GATES.
Lancnter.June 11 6
Administrators Notice.
The undersigned has been appointed and qualified
ai administrator of the estate ol Nicholas Beerv.
decessed, lata of Polk county, Iowa, those concerned
will tske notice accordingly.
May 2d, 1853. NOAH BEERY jWm.
la Room above Philadelphia Commission
lore. Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio,
WILL give special attention to the collection el
Into, mil annniint. Pnn.nn. .k.ln.1. .f.lll.
tn l.nn.. j: i ' I t 1 I .
w laiiu., wtubcmuuifgii in uartuiuu, aaies ol lanas oy
Administrators and Uusrdians and accounts for tettle-
miirf I'.l.l.. ... III.. .1 ...1111 J .
im.i, ui U.LH-,, me, sua viiargua win oe moocrare.
March 38, 1853.
ItTEagle and Tolegrtgh copy 1 year ind charge
this office.
Janndlee, Dyaprpala, C. rnnle or Nervona
Debl'lty. Ulseatesot t.Na Kidneys,
AND all diseases trisinc, from t disordered Livel
liil Stomach, such it conitipation, fullness, ol
hlnnn tn tk. I....1 .-1 11. r.l .f i i .
v.UVH . ... a iivau,.i:iuiiy oi me siomacn,niuins,neirT
burn.disgust for l'ood,fiillnestor weight in the stomtch,
OUr enictatinna aintln.nr Hiitmrin. ..Ik. nCkn
llnmicll. Swimmina nf Ik. kn.J 1 .'. J ... 1 1 1 it: I .
. ...... ....... vl nc.u, iiuiiiru.imuiin.uii
breathing, fluttering atthe beart.choakingor tuH'oca
ting sensations when in alyingpostnre.dimnessofvit
inn, dots or webs before the tight, lever, dull psin in
the hosd. deficiency of perspiration, yellowness ol the
skin tnd eyes, pain in thetide, bsck, chest, limbs, 4Vc,
sudden flushes of heat, burning in the flesh, constant
magiuings of evil, and great depretiion of spirit!,
be, trr actually CURED BY
Prepared hy Dr. O, M. Jacfcioa,
No. ISO Arch Street. Philadelphia.
Their nnv.nr . ,k. .k..n A I. ... . j
lf.nii.n.,1 k ..k. i .i" ., r!:
.. , . , - j .i.j uiimi i.iii.i.iiuu in ine unitea
Mites, as the cures sttest, in miny catetafter skil.
til nhviinian h.J T.il.n .
Th. Bitters sr. avnrtii. tk. .tt.n.t.. .CI 111.
- ' j -ii. .unuiiun vi lursuDSi
Ppssessing great virtues in tbe rectification of
diteites of the liver tnd letter glands, exercising tha
most sesrehing powers inweskness A affections of-the
nlaTflRtlVA nroina IK atis a .., k . 1 a. aAUA.I Q 1 .
q . v v.fj.MBjwicj 9AV '.iiipi.iQlvciriui(xpieasani
From the "Boston Bee."
TihA aHlfnr said I"ln..UM flOJ as T tr. . ai
ti--- n.'j . r .1 r 1 1
wwrawn jujuerm ior ine cure oi liver com
plaint, laundice. dvannniiia. Chrnnifa
tv. ia deserredlv nn nf tha mnat nnmiit
of the day. These bittnra have been n.ml W Iknii.
sands, ind a friend at our elbow tiys ha his himself
received an effectual and permanent cure of liver
complaint from the use ofthis remedy. Wesre con
vinced that, in the use of these bitten, the pstient
COntttntlv Paint .tromrth .nil i.lnn. a f.nt .P.k.. .r
great consideration. They are pleaaant in taste snd
smell, snd cin be used by persons with the most deli
cste ttomschs with iifety, under any circumstances.
We ire speaking from experience andto the afflicted
we idvite their use."
ScoTT'iWrBBi.T,Mone ol the bett Literary papers
published, laid, Aug. 26: "Dr. Hoolltnd't Geman
HttlMiai tn.1 nn Ta j-tn VaDirl Kssr n. T.ol -
.. J "v-;""t arc now iBCOma
mended by some of the most prominent members ol
lha faun Iv aa a. n awtnl. ..L. m .
... j , ... , iv .o n. niinn enicacy in caaes oi
fami Ilk Itiaalrnaaa A m a i U i.iLn . 11 i
t n -" -m-ii nits tino, wewouiaaa-
vlaoall mothers to obtain a bottle.snd thus save them-
suus-m skhiidh, rumom oi aeouiiaiea consn
tutions will find these bitters sdvantaireous to their
kmi'th ll wa Irnate ri.m ...!.... ik. 1... . r
.. . nuwrt I'uiu o-joj ioiu o iu aaiui-ary oi
feet they hareuoon weak avitpma."
Tha Hrtn T Tl If t . ... .
-....... ft- . ....w.j.ik, luiyur qi me city oi
C.amrlail. N loranv ara.
"Hoofiand'b German Bitti- ixu w
minv flattiarlntv nsliek. -A .i . 11 ... . i i
j ..g LVB Ul (nis meaicine. ana mo
source trom which they came induced s to make in.
quirv resnectina ltB mnriia irM !..:
. M n . a. a.. j.. S VISJ IIIUIIII WO W VI If
DAraillrfAri In llasa I taJ A . V...T II. .
tic in itaac!tion upon disease of the liver and digestive
ortnna. and Ik. M.Mr..l .-a t. .
n "io pvnwiui inuuence ir exerrs upon
nervous prostration is really aurpriainff. It calms
iiUNireiiuinona r in narvaa hv n ni... ... . .
o i"ij ""Jul mu m aiaita
01 rpooso. malfiniraUfkn vtri.kn
ir thi. j.-7 .5. A' .
" u.ii,f3 mmn more generally used, we
are aatisfind rhArs n.u i. .1.1. 1. i
un ,vr.9 sii.nnBri, mm irom
1 he atom tirh. H var .nA nnvA....n.. .1 a
, . -aiiasni uiuKruaT m
jnnty of real and Imaginary dlseaaes emanate Have
them in a healthy condition, and you can bid defiance
7 r -....a sais j . a ma vxirKurainirv ineoi
Cine We Wnuld arlv Ua ai fviexnAm a. im .1 .11 I
f "P0,dV V 5.iv? pi 1 will recommend itaelf.
rilrinn rmn niAtt..aA ....U : 1 f ti
V A aiitu v vitiHiiTB oi mrru.
u..Uw..s.v upuu avmoiicn naa onen receivea iiijce
thAfnrnirmnil f-n. .11 ...i: i .1 tt..: ,lJi .
... r "rj lasj.as an atrviiuiia ui nit) union, ine last
three years, and the strongest testimony in its fsvor.
..thai thnrA la f .. J t il. 1 ..i . a i
r ,,. . . " " ,l M.-icu in inn urarurc oi ine
- . B . - uTnitianaiu r 11 IJBUUipilIB,! Iln ail UT OPT HOB
trtima isfitnliincJ a r..tik.. : 1 1 . n .
j r 1 1 ' 1 ' r"' """j oaemaDiianea,
and fully proving that a scientific preparation will
meet With their nu.Ar annrnval uihan nHuAJ .....
I" "1'J-" " uou uaiB-3lll,f9U VVVU
In thia ii-sa'.ai
That thia medicine will cure Liver complaint, and
ed. It acts specifically upon the atomach and liver;
1. v.c.riauio m cnumui in ouxouM a8taCw
the. effect is immediate. They can be adminiatered
tO rnmam nv Infant uritk aafotav inJ tw.II.kl. 1 Aa
" v .M ativi iliu IV I IIU 19 UtJUOIlI
XtOOtt totll to th marhnnf th flnttnA
ThAV kava i-kaa H.Mtll.. .1 a a r Taa f A rm-w
'"J -m miitKU aieiiRiure Ol V. 11. J AIY-
bON upon the wrapper, and his name blown in the
DOttlA. llM.Ami. fS;l 1AV., n. MU.J...
KPVPn a a ami-irii.
THE pubUc ire notified that I hare disposed of m j
entire stock of Goods to Messrs. Rising ft Lyons
... .in iit smick 01 uooai so meitra. luainao. a.y
WhO Will h.r..ftn. .nnn..n. tk. k...t.u. .. k.
......... niWHUI w. H...HU.IB .ii. V. u
Those Indebted to mo are requetted to call and
aattl. thai. ......... 1 It. ...1. .i.i i k
...... .,.w.aiii. 11111UB111.1.1J .11 ii. v j can or
note. I return my acknowledgements to any old
friends and customers who so liberally patronized
me, I will ba found at all times at the old stand ree
dy to settle. JACOB PLOUT.
MBcasier, ftiarca io, iscki 4m 46
Ks 207 Oltla Street, Baffl, if, r.
traiB Diliiilii. iifiil
rPHIg sWl yaady U tttaml- tmrnmrnimm HanumW
laa avsaj eaeaa k ia asskl " "
all suits ef tMs MBplaliit ImMdlaUlr mIWvmI. aa na
eT bow loss atudlni. Km fmmvUmiJmr Tnasal. Thi!
4u.ua is aa fnbtl.l a. Choi,.a, uhI th. alow ssj Irasiirol
prosnas of th. aalailr. bloUlni tbe ,r1mm la Mtrm, w kick
K saw rWdt to Oils imdr.iBa PkrsMlu. aa. a p.bHdr
and nallr wltk MKfiMt saabMa. InH Mr wsa who Has ar
a" a sissploas ef Orowar, ol n JkarHtas laa LsnvtMii.
by Unas, and. if Iksr wouUI wl Ik. lasHaaT
bottle, without which they are spurious,
roriale, wholesale tnd retail, at tha
Kn 0(1 IOOII.I . J , n. !.
.... iv.i aiicri.iiiinuiiiir oeiow nxtn, rnua
delphia, and by respectable dealerigcnerally through.
JVirea JJ-ducirl To enable all clastet of invalids.
...juj . .nvtaiagea oi their great reitorativa
powers.- Sir.g Bottle 75 cenfs. For ssle
WhrtlfasalaB. mnA fi.t.ilk. ontvir a. rn . as...
wn. r.: ?"r' Mrf . A, m. . . A KL,
"vu,w" wmiu. ruin Azrnca. Also. Inr aaln h
,l,i,;!''MAp) CO., Lsnc.iter, Ohio.
R. If. W.lbnr W.ilP..eh. ll.. ti v.n. n . n
..ill., t ,5 , i ......mir, r.. ivaio, c.ssi misn.
villa; J.W. (.lemenf, Graencntle. John Endalav
Uthopolia; O. EoberU, Columbui, ind by dealen gen
oni.y. teptcmbor 16. 1862. fs
AitoriiAv t r..aur.
HAVK Removed theirOfficeto the room formerly
occupied by Wra.J. Reese. Ksa..immedi.lvnrmo.
of nanielSifl'ord.Eiq.
nk III IfiCII . .
litetha r..)il.n . .
Lanratter, March 18. 1860.
lllirlc Toin'a rnlslta
ANp ''Uncle Tom's Cibln at It It," for is'a at tha
cltv Hnnlr Stnr. el AT I- U...I i
-, J ".."i upuva... ojiioiirr a nuiuii U T
November 10, 1853 JOHN 6EARLE3.
Dr. 8. P. Townaciul's) Extract of
Sn ran iinrllln.
fTlHE remarkable sanative powers of Dr. B. V.
-a. - vwnmvnu m aurwjmtrwa, n.v. innucea numer
ous attempt, to counterfeit it, and make fraudulent
use of Or. Towwexirp's mami to secure the sala of
runauv. nn 1 1 1. 1... ..
These eounterfeits and Imitations only raova the
VAL0K of tha onioiaAM and no Risnma cojiru.
mkkt eou'd be paid to Dr. 8. P. Townsend'r Extract
.co. ......In. i... j.i 1 - -n' . .i . i .
uio.i..i.ian, .n.u laiiaiHiiii vuwii mat, uava oeen
made by many to get up something like it.
A supp'y of the Genuine Article, kept constantly
an h.ndhv Illlvri.'iMi.cn -
J . . . . wn... m vkt.
Lancaater, Augutt 4, lt3
... . . . afcarfan.
iSUn ot AiigaiU . " , ' f " '
. n .... n . i .rccrr wn.ii I w
i tt nr ii w wen vi Tp.v. ' r. '
I MoptUy in huojf bad repute.
t aManasttllK'ai UVU9.
caster to Z.ne.ville, and will toon ba put under coll-
tract Tor It. nnn.truntinn ..J 11 Ti . .
. ia now imperatively
aeoass.ry that the InsUlmenta due and Io become
V". --iy paia up, ss srell as that
Sttenarrtock U,ti,,,0,1 route. u also the uncon-
Klslmhlmuili nfltu..! a t.
jTk .II . r" .i. cn, era now oue;
and the 7th wiU fall due oa the 1st January next.
In. aiii.ihi.l,l. M.U!.. I. r . r . . ..
.u.un. . .caiuuigm r.irucia ana noraing
counUes are required to pay to the undersigned. Tree
turer of said company, at hia office In Laneutar.
Cincinnati, W. and Zaneavilla BaUroad rosnpsey.
Lancaster, December IT, 1863. ' bits
APPTTPTTnw nv snra aia-w
la pwrorau tfc. srstasa and Irt uw ucaasluiaa water Hew
.war, onlr la till as aaaia, a ad laailr ta and ia a Siaadlai '
4nu, Ut uwas j.st .aa ibis rsosadr in smsoo, ami . rauoiai.
ba.!.. Lm tbwa ut a ml an; ,ia. of tbia diaaaas. aad a .ate
la aaruUn. ll tus w lU gi. it a fur trial.
aad ill disMass tt US. arlnarr on ass I fiw tlwa ihstitjaaina
joaaplainta, it sundi .lens : n. otluw arttoUi mmm raliav. .ui
and lbs siitss uatisad la will woiiaea lbs sum tkiiiwl.
8m puipkUt.
debhitt or the btsteic,
srsak baok, weskitass er th. K Ulnars, k... or biflanmirtlea
a mam, U ItaasadiaUdr tsli.sU br a few dots' . mf this
aassnjlut, ijul a sunt is always a ras.lt ks Me. Uat.ad.aa
RrssosjMaspltinu. and alas for iMruisaHaU af uw bsaala
iS"" WOid sied ef dwaiiMBriua, ll iaaV
tl. raiwd uoaa a. . anm and .Aknii.. 1. i J..1 r I
MrauusdiaiHM.wMiU(is ,, ... ..
u piwr i of esras in this diauraslni clsw tt eoaptsmts. See
yampliliit. AU bpokan dowa. debilitated eonaiitiiUma, Irons
lbs eir-ot of .wrciirir. will Ssd th. bmiins P ol tba ani.
TinnMhl0.' h!"nd,ul'- aail lbs pouoinnis eain-rai wuueatsd
tl ,k? i n ""W" "Map-s. this artlele. asaai.
ftst tbsnsMlva, panlau arl in lb. applicties of IhaIs.
BSti'iJ. toummm .bu. of i'mphurTt, whS baad
Mk TES&i, a - bM. a ia lbs
CKETAUT botakicax aoeht,
which In all dims-, er dannsnnaata eT th. fem.1. ftaK
-Uootlona. dlHU-iilliM. painful mMLZnT fco TS
fffoctod . ears, . Thia roM it iadisanoaa la o.i . t,S h,.,3
ba lain. q.anUUs-. and as o madioiruvl pmpanr, auuvla wilh.
JTBt an u,l , It tbraaa an. of th. H,m,i.,ul. ft lU prenJii
dcbilitaust fen n.1. , h la aura, ud tbe srauai will C. iMtaml
to hmlib br iu nw.
rot Uw tslUrt .1 sll SrmuatkaUc DiaMata aitaav.nt em am
sanu: il allnra tbow dHUea.ns and painful troublM whiok
.IWi oocat both ut mirtiod and unmanud femaW.. nnd rH
aiores Uism iwaadioul obuU.sUaos which arias front ta.iu
CONIJtJMPTION ass Liv.a Cori.iT, A.Ywas Diu
uses, In t-mmaliim uf las l.mngt, Oiutkt Y-,ld,ir. iTiV
Mislicln. haa li. tutan IU anaal. 01 1
A , '"No this Mediant hdm md is tirinr IA mirmi
iw l r J: S7 " '" "itf caaTAiNkTr
. . -.. .... ... .ci . rempnitu
T tha Ureal JVsst npaciallr. .nd w harem Umm eosa.
alsisla pravsil, thia BMdicin. U eflinsd. mm'
wa deleterious compound is a part of Uiia mist.i. h a.sa.
oTSntzt u"uuni' Mi"" si
ll is mud. of roola .Ions, .nd is p.relr a Vesctahlo rrtom.
Woe, and ha noUiini in iu ooraio.iij.u whloh oa in lb. Emmt
lajai. wir perwo .mlet us oiwumaunos. wTS.V.r
la lbs paauikliu, which wdiwnbulsd iriuuiioaals """"
a enapUuni .f mart pahiful ckamstsr. Is
Ef.f.!!!t fj1)'"" b aw dars .w of this srtioU ll Is IW
Iwl S' i0"!?' P""ea er this dusuas, a. lor i etbes
aatas. onsinauns liom unpur. blood. 8w psaiphkrU
will find lbs alterallr. prapaniaa of this aJiiola
and drire anoh dUwan. from tin, aril.m. 8m aannhkw Aw
Mason, of 0UBT1 , ull (UW mL,JL. iHT,. , .P. ?J.!?
itfl1.'.".!".'" "ol " aa named Itm. Asenu atlwn.
Mia'itersl",:" wi - -wJS
HOPS 05,
asd koep taklns th. medicine as loss w then h n. MMML
stsat. Tbe piaprieler would Mp"'
Milast a nnmbet er anioleawhioh oonta Mt amler tha head at
M msm rbr Drepsr. Gravol, he.: Thu urs soul res ssuUaa
and aeaistoicd uiitull Uieunw, , " aataauj.
Of! '"k"!"? "J" tKWht er oaHni sash diseases Ull test
totiilrMlieSa. A ptlru'ul" K'"1' U ,pMrtS
Aswu and all who tell tha artiole ant
rrainiteatlr. Put ap ia Wot. botiles. at Hi II at. de.'at
ties. lM,k cut snd not set ntpmsed vpon, Kver. bonis am
Vlh's VeSetsbU Lilhontriplio Mislsri" bloM .on!
Uw iluss. lbs wriUsa simsur. of " O. 0 Vatuhn " ot? u2
lt5iU0U'nlnd L- - V"''n' Bunali s!.;-
V.r.k.N,,j ai. lenulna. Prepsmd by Or. S! o
Vausha, and sold at tha Princ ps OtBue. SOT 1IU1. unaM.
Bulo,.twh,l.rail. No atwniW iill,
nbPoel paid -post paid Mtera. m. .n.l ,w,J,...!
k'lUnS HStlca. nmmnll. ait...ll i. - - "'
-- r. r.. ...ciiiioii w. ar.ua.
imii. ii a liT. y"E;nu . uwen a vo., lit.
Local Agents Names.
u. Kaultman it to., Vo .Lancaster; Leonsrd ft Bro
ther, Basil; Shaw snd Hutchinson, West Bu.hvilie;
D. B. Keinhsrd, Uthojpolii; 0. II. Mreller, Somerset;
Tmnn nn1 Vl.kk.. I '- I 111 J 11 nr 1.
...... ..uaii, v.iii.aa,vaaio, aicury .ISS.ISIIIOU,
Dr. 0. A. Fliher, Baltimore. July 29, 1853 li
Ettabllthed 18 years tgo, by Dr. KInkelin, Northwest
corn., nf Tkiwi ..j if.:.. . .. ...
.. - ...u .j .uu a 1 1 m . , oeiween
Spruce and Pine ttreets, Philadelphia.
D j--.- i .Ai.ii.avo w uninierruprea prac-
tlca .nant In tin. nl,.. k. ... . J , n V .1 .
, ..... ... j , ii. . . i tthuci i"u ur n.. uie moss
expert ind successful practitioner far and near. In tho
tmstmnnt nf .11 i. ...... .C. : . . '
, 7 . ....tt. i paav.i. naiurti. i-ersons
It icted with ulceri upon the body, throit or legs.
nam. In th. huj k.... 'i .. . i B 1
r , - .i vuiav., mercurial rneumttitm,
strictures, gravel, disease ariaing fmm youthful ex-
..11.'. a", uainju, wnereoy ine con
stitution hai become enfeebled, era .11 Ire.t.J oith
He who places blmtelf under the eire of Dr. ST.,
miy religiously confide in hia honor a gentleman,
and confidently rely upon hit ikill as a phytlcian.
am . . w. n . ........ ...
i AtvCa rAiti lUULAK JVOTICE.. .
Vnnna nnn. wL. k . I...' 1 .1 1 . .
-iu.il Trim iia,n injui inemseives oy a cer
tain practice indulgedin a habit frequently learned
(mm evil a.nmn.nfnna . ..k..l .k . I
.uu.).i,iv.i. wa nuui i no enecia oi
which are nightly felt, even when aaleep, and destroy
Imtk nniMJ . ..1 1 I .. I 1 1 1 . i "
,M ,llu wut, anuuiu appiy iinmeaiateiy..
Weakness and constitutional dobility.loii of muscular
"ergy, physical lassitude snd general prostration,
irril.kilitn ann all . I 11 . .
, , j ... .ia n.rvaiu. aiiecuons, inaigesiionn,
lugguhneit of the liver, and every diteaie in any
Wav Cnnnartnn ... 1 1 k tk. Ji.. .r.l .
...,...! ninimn luiuiunrvi 1I1W tuCIV.UYBj
functions cured, and lull vigor restored.
Tt T! A r 1 t . ,
KInkelin oa 8elfPraaerratloas Only as eta
This Boole lint niih1l.fc.il I. Allawl i.ttn n..r..l tnrn-.
mat ion, on the infirmities arid diseases of the Genera
tive Orgsns. It .ddresiet itself alike to Vouf A, iUoa-
oood and Old Age, and should be read by all.
Tk... t...kl. - I - i : . ' . .. .
a no vaiu.iMtT.avacv.uiu impressive warning ri give,
will prevent years of miaery and tufferlng and sava
.nnil.lli. Iknlila.iia nl limn. '
U....I. k.H.Ji. It ..ill !.., k.. a .1.
. ...in ... I..U1.B ai T..a. i.uu aavTT HI waVTOU. Ill O
destruction of their children.
.A remittance ot .0 cents, enclosed la a letter
tddreiied to Dr. Kinkki.iw, Northwest corner of
Third and Union streets, between Spruce snd Pine
streets, Philadelphia, will ensure a book.underenve
lopa, par return of mail.
a-eaawjiiB.. . ui.umivo an.y MauTtlS. XJT, Jk. Oy lattOr
(pott paid,) and be cured at home. . .
llbnlr.iraMi nf Mlininn. im.I... A. 4 . 1
3.... , .... v..v'u., a.v lurw.raeu,
ing a remittance, and put up secure from
damage or curiosity.
Book-sellers, News Agents, Pedlerr.canvaitert.tnd
all others supplied with the above work at very low
rates. September li. 1853. 18
For tha cure of fever and ague, chill fever, dumb
aorlla. Intavtn iflnn, r.v.. ll.... li.
D , . ' ... . u . . . . iitiii 1.UI1IIJ ' . IIU, UUna
allCa. .nl.rcraam.nt nftk. ..I... 1 .11 T .
, , ft' wa in. .fJ ICCI1 . .IIU .11 II B
ii . '- .wain, ui iiaiuiu. uiaeawa.
THI. in... I. ..i.i. ....I.'.: . r
..... ......... u.c ...cuiniiT. .a, prepsnia irom anex
tentive pnetice of teveral yein In a bilious climate,
and il never known to fail of curing fever aad ague,
or any of the diseatei sboye aimed.
m-h'rnmft V f an. k' . 11 .. v .
the Agentsst Cincinnsti:
P... ...... "I.I.I .. ana. . n . . .
. ii.uia.au, viiuuer 1 1, icso messra. etnuiorq
ft Park:- In June bit I wis attacked with that moil
'inning ana unpleasant m.eaae, tne chill and lever."
The paroxitma returned dsilv.and were very severe.
My phyiicil rnerioi hid been much Impaired by a
nrnvinue attack nrhilinn. fn... It. .In. ,..:.. .
eral favorite remedies without relief, a friend in
whom I had confidence recommended Dr. Osgood's
India Cholrgogua. I procured a bottle, and followed
the accompanying direction!. The consequence wia
that I had but one paroxism after taking the first dole,
and my general health was rapidly restored wilbont
using any other medicine I dispensed the remain. .
der of tha bottle to two other persons similarly af.
filcted, wilh the saroa results. One of tbam thtkuig
for eight months, snd wss relieved ia two days bv the
nan nf .k. rthnlannan. T . 1 .1 la 1 . ' . I.
... w. .... ..w. ......... . 'vaamn a. ill J UUiy, SS
is myrpleaaure in its sanative power.
iw.iau.il, O. e.CAKI. "
r .-1. 1 'f n Bin. ni..i . i T. .
vara ..aw wj .. ... a.na, k.incinn.11, ln IO.
North-east comer of Fourth and Wulnut atreeta-ea.
trance an Walnut street to whom sll orders must be)
adddressed. Sold by KAUFFMAN Co., Lancaster,
March 17, 1853 . , . , . 4m45 . '.'
RIank Stibpicnati

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