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AIT i i Ml ' fj I ki I y . II ll
lA if f
OFFICE Old Public Building South-east Corner
of the Public Square.
. Teems $1,75 per annum in advance.
Thursday Morniaag.Auij. 11, l5.
NO. 66,.
,PaUock & Mill-Saw.
"or, o Hardware they that tho war cry raised on the Neva, w
haw ever had. v can aay anm""
lw,..ilnir. thai our itock la equal to
1ht of any hardware eatabllahment in central Ohio,
and by far the largeat to be found In thla market. v e
have always hal the reputation of keeping the treat-
eat variety and beat quality of gooda, and aeuiiui a
little lower than any other eataMwnmom. .
tarmined to be ahead of all competition iu the y or
good bargain!. May 4, lHol ,
U.msf Biiililiiit; MrtlfirlHls..
ITn'FlN'KKH. WHITE &HTTA offerextra
U ordiiiirv inducements to Carpenter and
.t .1 . l..:i.i:.,. knuvAM and barn
The ana .normality of the Nail, White jAad.tilan
aid 8th aalil by ut ia gonurally admitted.
Wo now otfor for sale, .
6 )'J ICsus Jnniata Nails, Spikes and Brads
4,H)0 l,iht Sx'lt, 111J and 1014 Window Sash
3'KI Boxes Window Glaea
2I Keg, pure White Lead ' ....
SIM Do. White and Davk Knob Locks i Latchca
2U Barrel" Linsoed Oil ,
Alan, Strap Hinges, Door Bute. Hp, Hooka and
Staples,. - KVr'INOKK, W MTL & LAT1 A.
Lancaater, May 4,
r;timiir liupWiiH'iiis. . '.'
IIURMERS will find at th', (treat Jhvrdware Store
every deacription and the beat quality of aim
ii mplomonta- We have now on hani, -..
" Amea" and Unpineott-e sirei
Snyder'a and Bowland'a long handle do
8ot Cultivator Teoth
' Waldron'a,Darling'aSiUmb(5raaa Scy thea
. do do do Corn do
Oriffln'a and Waldron'e Briar do
Wollord'a and Yaukee Gra'.n Cradlei
Scythe Smthof
Beat Hy Rkei , . . ',.
Scythea Ui!l. Crumcreelt and Indian
; rona scones. .
Jowerthanlaatyarapricea- , , .
K.KKlMir.B. a a
lUncaator, May 4, 1853
st...i.r(.. I'lrks and WiiliorU-
EFFlNfJEK, WHITE & tATTA of the aign of the
P hock and mi Sow, offr for aale
"'.J . oi.j . II Jr., Hlickamith'a do.
.S u Hand Haminera; oo.
3 doT Ca Steel Mattocka; 8 do. Crow Bara.
lABcaator, May !
F It E S If A BB1YA I..
... a . a. - r KIU 1 .
nATINO pnrchaaed the interaai o.
Ptenrlnthe Dry Good, bua.oew, '"h
darken JUom, one door WertofMe,. Heler and
Xz?8tore?MaU Street, rnca$ter, Ohio, and
iavuieaddodthoretoalargeaaaortinent of
Selected with tlie greatest care in tlip Eastern ci-
Their atock eon.Uta In part aa follows:
Liiik.' l)Risaa(ioai.':lBrego,G8',m.
Law n. callcoos,iilka,aatin, linen luatrea, Alpacaa,
da laae. etc. Tho above asaortnient rnnaiata ot eve
?yVarieT of the iU,t and mot beautW ityhwi
wiU beaold aa low a.,t any houao iu K.lrliMd county.
UrviT.miK' 1)kk Ooona, audi aa clotha. ca
i,nwo,.atln9tJ.iana,Gambrooin.1la.ting,tweeda, ? in"7, pUIn and bafd. twilled 'n "metl
i.l.,n .re. aatln, ailk and M.v.o.Uoa Vesting- T heir
lrt nmt of Coma .sn CAatMK itafthtbat
Inde nt 4rablekldi. Their aaamtmenl o htrar.
trVa VVraa i. compoaed of tho l.ttet und mmt
'fkioxablr mrictu, and embiacra alino-t every de
cr"otu Inaaditionto tho above they have ti e
ul artmont ol ,Iu-::..,
i- n..hx.llu .n,l P.raaola.ina!' their anctioa.
Xfiaoaa.ormentof the most FAnio.LJi Moh-
t-.ii -n. MUaaa1 Bonnrf and l'lata,
Man and Boya" Palm Uofand Leghorn Hati.
J,ttWa. Alao, all other arttclea uaually found In a
Dry Goo'laatore, together with a Urge aaaortment ot
QUEENSWARB, eery cheap.
The citizona of Kairfield and adjoining counties are
rmpectatully invited to call and examine the above
lock of Good,. Evory effort will be made to please
t him aa to variety, quality and to price.
TT- Ve invite o'ir Aumiah friend to call, aa we
Uiaveeaen carrfalto purehaae goods to auit them.
8n ir, Cofee and all kind of Spied at U timet
""we ?nv!t the attention of country morchants to
our atock of Dry Goods, which we are prepared to aoll
to them at pri -ns which cannot fail to pliaso.
(rj-Casli paid for Wheat. Rye, Corn, Oats and Wool.
Lancaster, April 13, 1853 .
s:tt op.oob?.t'otc?.3!
Out 0r Beat of the Hocklnej Vle- Bank,
Main Street, tanceater. Ohio,
THE iinderaigned motroapertfiillycallathoatten
ion of his fvienda and the puulio in general to his
If not tho largest In the city, atill he flattera himaell
on its being one of the moat aupevlor, choice and jrol.
lectnd aasoHmont of Groce'ien that has ever been
brought hare. Therefore, be it known and understood,
Hut everybody who wishoa to pnvciiaso cheap, good
ariicloa, aud get the worth of their money in m l, to
call at tins celobra'ed e-talilisnmnnr. .
TiiO stock consists in part of the following attlclos:
Sutrnrs. New Orleana, Loaf, Cruah'd and Pulverized-
New Orleans Mo'aases and Sugar-houae do., Su-gir-nouae
Syrup and Natural do., or Crane Syrup.
Imperial, Young Hyson nnd Black Teas;
Hlce, etc., Frulla, Oranges. Baisans and curranU;
Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Filberts, English Walnuts
and Pea Nuts; .
Spicea. Pepper, Alspice, cloves, cinnamon, Nut
megs, Mace, Ginger, etc.
zltttvn f'ish. Mackerel No. 1 and 9, cod
G5T33i?I.K. andalaree lot of White Kish.Pick-
oral'etc, expectod on,and will be here in due season,
at Wholesale ana remi. .
c -:... nnrvll aizna. Rad-cnrda.Wooden-ware,
amchaa Washboards, Buckets and Tuba, also Bishop-
Vicks, Bakinglf owuer, omoxing ana cnewwg i
Wliiea and Branfly.-Poit and Muscat Wines
of tho very best, also of th,t fine Pale Otard Dupuy
Brandy, not to ea soiu ie u,u uj m .
Walker's and Cleveland Ale,
And a (treat many articles too tedious to mention.
Persons will please call and examine for themselves,
"IT" r.w will he deliehted wlththelr viaitto
..v .mnr. and not eo away without
LnerhaalnV H. A. GEBELE1N.
"S5'r. April 51,1853. W3m50
n fhe nermann of Fairileld Connty.
M '"..." "! r. r.,.wi gAl.EaMAK. who
ea in, hutikw vl . n
r j . .ik,n nn acouaintance. Come
Mdaeehim. JOHN G Vl.LOCK. Agent.
uScastor, AprU 26.-E.gl. and Telegraph copy.
War hi Eubope. A writer iu the New
York Tribune, unuWAite London, July 15th
ult., aays:
At bat the Rmaians have entered the
Principalities. The harvest had begun a
bout the 20th of June. On the 3d of July,
tho first, corps of the invading army, about
12,000, crossed tho Pruth, to be re-inforcpd
subsequently by another corps of about 13,
000 men. Bnt far greater n:asra of troops
aro marching to the frontier. The prepar
ations of Rusaia are on a larger scale than
before the Hungarian campaign, in which
190,000 men were aent out of tho country.
The Czar has issued a proclamation appeal
ing to the fanaticism of the Greek Church,
and charging the inoffensive Sultan, the
Khalir, the head of the Mussulman religion,
with perfidious perjury. This proclama ion
was not known in Constantinople when the
last post left that capital but it is easy to
... . ... , m
predict that the '.runts, anu an uie niiieniu-
hp re
the Russians, at Ihe last solemn procession
of the Czar to the Church of St. luauc, im
plored him to lead them on a boly crusade to
St. Sophia, at Constantinople, win oo re
echoed from the Dosphorus. Yet the ex
changes and tho diplomatists of Europe cling
tocvery trifling incident which can afford a
hope of mninlaining peace. When the news
of the occupation reached Constantinople,
and it was known that the Russians had real
ly crossed the fronli'-r, the Ambussudors ol
Emrknd. France and Austria went to the
Sultan, requesting him not to take the inva
sion for a casus Mli, itnd not to summon the
Ueeta to the capital. The biiltaii reluctant
ly accepted tho advice tiiking it for a sign
that, after all, he cannot rely upon England
and France, and will have to carry on the
war unsupported by the Western Powers.
The influence of Lord Stratford has accord
ingly materially declined.
Iu the mean time secret negotiations have
been carried on at London, and proportions
made to tho Czar, without the know ledge of
the Sultan, about the terms under which the
combined powers are re any to tnuke a set
tlement. But the conduct of Baron Bruck,
the Austrian Ambassador at Constantino
ple, becomes daily more suspicious. He of
fered tho good oliices of Austria, bnt at the
same time he once more insisted upon the
cession of the Suttorina and Kleck, the two
strips of Turkish territory intersecting the
contintiily of the Austrian possessions on
the Adriatic, which had been refused to
Count Leiningen.
.While such negotiations aro going on at
London and Constantinople, Russian em
missaries are preparing an outbreak in Ser
via against Prince Alexander Karageorgc
wich, and it is hinted in the papers advocat
ingthe Russian interest, that an occupation
ofServiamay follow the invasion of the
principalities, and Austria has in fact sent
two regiments to the fortress nf Peterwar
dien, close to the frontier ofServia. The
Turks, on the other Imnd, have succeeded
from the port of Butoum, ou tho Black Sea,
where their garrison has been considerably
reinforced in stnusolitiir exeat quantities of
arms and ammunition into the mountains of
Circossia. A force of 80,000 men, too large
for the defensive, has been assembled nt
Erzeroum, which, if war is declared, can
reach Shatnyl nnd his heroic mountaineers
n ten tlnys. Tho preparations on both
sides are enormous, the price ot arms nns
suddenly risen in Constantinople some sixty
per cent., but neither (Jcorgi'Law mr Col.
Colt has taken advantage uf .this splendid
FrtEE Trade ano Direct Taxation.
The New York Courier and Enquirer says:
"That Jefferson Davis, in his late visit to
thut city, proposed the summary abolition of
tho entire revenue system, tho extincion of
duties, the suppression of Custon Houses,
and, more and worse than all, a sweeping
dismissal of tho whole army of Custom
House officers. He wanted no half-way re
form, under the name of a judicious revenue
tariff, but would be content with uollnng
iMBthan nhsolute, unrestricted free trade."
We are elad to boo any development of
the policy ol the present uuminisirnuuiii uhu
thin r.nminn- from one of Gen. Pierce's Cab
inet, may be considered almost official,
How wili the manufacturers and mechanics
of the Northern and Middle States like the
new policy! All duties are tobe abolished,
and foteiifn fabrics are to be poured in upon
us, to the ruin of our own laborers. . But the
absurdity of Mr. Secretary Davis plan will
nnncar in this, thut it must end in direct lax
ntion, which a portion of the States in this
Union could not possibly bear, now wouia
Sir. Davis' own State tho poverty-stricken
and reDiidiatintr State of Mississippi, like to
bo called upon to pay three or four millions
annually, to support the Government, in all
its mud schemes of foreign conquest! We
should like to see how direct taxation would
he received bv the Democratic States of II-
linois, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Maryland
Arkansas. Texas, &c, States wlncli can
hardly pay their presont debts.. We hope
President Pierce will recommend direct tax
atiuii in his Message at the oponlng of Con
gross. This would bring me sunjeci oeiorc
t'.ie people in a tangible rliape,nnd give them
n opportunity to be neuru on me buujlxi.
National litleiliyvticer. '
Murderer Burnt at the SUkt.Tbo negro Route. The passengers on the John L.
man, says the Boonvllle Observer, belong- Stephens published s statement to show the
ing to II. France, of Heath's creek, Pultis ; actual cost to a cabin passenger anjjunting
eounty, Missouri, who murdered the wife of
John Rains, living in tho same neighbor
hood, was burned at the stake, in or near
Georgetown, on the 13th - instant. The
circumstances attending this murder, so far
as we can learn, were aa follows:
Tho negro man, aged nineteen or twenty,
visited Mr. Rains' house on Sunday morn
ing, the 3d of July, while Rains was absent
at meeting, for the diabolical purpose ac
cording to his confession of committing a
rape upon the person of Mrs. Raim. The
consequence was that this lady, within a
few weeks of confinment, was brutally mur
dered with a club;, the negro attempted to
kill ber oldest boy, and fancied he had kill
ed him, fearing as he said, ha would tell on
hnn and two younger children wero sadly
bruised, and thrown in a fence corner, be
cause, aa the negro said, they annoyed him
"by crying about their mother."
When Rains returned home he found his
wife dead, and his eldest boy so badly bruis-
i e l that it was thought he could n t recover;
but he distinctly told his father who it was
hsd committed the outrage. This demon
inhuman shape was Immediately, appre
hended for trial, but the citizens took pos
session o him to burn him immediately,
and delay the execution only to ascertain
the motives of such a villianous outrage.
Tho negro at first said, as we understand,
that it was not him who committed the mur
der, but his brother; and next admitting
his guilt, said he was instigated to the act
by his young master. His young master
was immediately taken into custody, but
was released because the negro exculpated
him from the charge, admitting that it grew
out of his intention to commit a rape.
The only excuse which can be offered for
the awful retribution of burning this negro,
is the nature of the offence, and the fre
quent attempts of late years, of negroes to
rape white women several instances of
which have occurred in this country and
the impression among the community that
it required such an example to protect
them from the (repetition of similar outrag
es. The negru's crime was horrid indeed;
but his punishment will be regarded by
many as cruel, if not barbarous.
Had it been a white man, instead of a ne
gro, there is no doubt but what he would
have shared a similar fate.'
'ITte jVegroe's Master ordered out of Ute
Slate. Tho citizens ot Petts county having
suspicion that tho negro was instigated to
the perpetration of the deed by his mas.
ter, or that he knew more of tho murder
than had been disclosed, and iu considera
tion of past offences, held a meeting on tho
13th inst.,and passed. the following resolu
tions: ' ",
R sotv(l, That Henry Franco and fam
ily be notified to leave IVtlis county within
ten days, and thut Win. trance be noti
fied to leave ft at the same time.
7aoZt','That Henry France he unified
to leave tho state within thirty days from
this date. .
llitolvcii, That we, the committee, guar
antee s.ifely to himself and property for
ten days provided he behaves himself as a
following white man should and for tlie
to fill 30 of crossing from Aspinwall to
Panama, in the present execrable condition
of the Cruces road, of which no description
can convey, they say, a correct idea. Tbey
give' the following as the items:
PaESEaviaa FauiT li Bottles. Straw
berries, raapberriea, blackberries, currants
peaches, in fact any fruit nay be preserved
in air-tight bottles so as to retain its natural
flavor, with bet littls labor or- expense.
The following is an excellent mode:
s 7 A new motive power, it ia said, has
been discovered by some one at Providence,
R. I. The force applied is magnetic attrac
tion, and the power is applicable to driving
machinery, locomotion, navigation, aad all
other purposes for which steam ia employed
Ill HIS buttles quite full With fruit not ! I, U ,IM enable of lio-htin and warmine-
ter up to the neek, and iraduallv raise the U6'1' ' chepn nothing being coa-
Porter's charge for handling trunks on temperature of the .water tu ltiii degrees,
Illinois, 50 cents; wailer's'fee, plate handed
round at dinner, SI; one day's board at As
pinwall, S3; porterage from ship to hotel,
and from hotel to cars, $1; railroad charge
from Aspinwall to Barhar.ua, . gS; "extra"
trunks weighing over 100 lbs , dinner
at Barbacoa, f I; porterngq at K.irbacoa. 50
cents; boat from Harbacna to Cruces, 810;
provisions while on ooat, f2; porterage at
Cruces, 50 cents; one day's board at Cruces,
83; saddle-mule to Panama, (some paid 18, j week fur two or three weeks;
20 ami $35, ) eiut transportation or two they will need no further care.
and not exceeding 170 degrees, Fahr.
n.eep meoi at tins temperature half an
hour; then take each out separately, and
fill it up with boiling water from a kettle to
within an inch of the rork; drive in the
cork firmly, tie it over, and dip it immedi
ately into bottlo wax, and lay the bottle
down on Its side to keep the cork always
damp. To prevent fermentation turn each
voitie nan round twice or three limes a
after that
Tlie corks
trunks weighing 170 lbs., at 13 cents, 25,- should be soaked in water two or three I
50; half charge for extra boy and mulo for days before ned."
carpet-bag, s'j; eating on the road (some Another mode is to tie the corks before
were two days, and spent more,) 2; four . putting the bottles in the water. Tlie heat
day's lodging at Panama, at 2.50 per day, ! expells thp air from the fruit. As soon as
10; four breakfasts, $1; four dinner, S(8; ! the bottles are cool enough, apply the seal
four baths, J2; Port and Hospital foe, 2.50; ! ini-wax. The secret exists in exhau-rtintr
baggage to boat 50 cents, wlnrfage 30 cents, the air from the bottles and making the ! of her beloved chili beyond the threshhold
80 cents; boar to ship, $1. Total $111 30. corks air-tight. I without violating thedread laws of fashion.
suiued, and no cost being necessary in gen
erating it. The Providence Journal say:
The machine has been applied to the
magnetic telegraph with entire success.
An engine ia nearly completed to test the
invention as a motive power on a large
scale. The stork is in the hands of some of
1 the shrewdest business men in Providence,
jand so much confidence is felt in the suc
cess of the experiment, that shares, the orig
inal cost of which was $50, have changed
I hands at &25CV If it answer the expecta
tions of its friends, limit ran hardly be put
to its value, if it fails, it will be in the cate
gory of many other good things.
Fasiuqr is Funeral. It has become un
fashionable in New York for ladies to attend
funerals to the crave. Even the mother
may not accoiniianv the little lifeless form
. lliey ay that Panama Ico was $1 per
lb., drinks 25 cents. ; Those with their fam
ilies spent from 130 to $150 for each m7m
ber of their party. O.ie party wero obliged
to pay 13,50 each for their boat and provis
ions, and the majority paid 18 and $20 for
their mu.es. '
Operations of the United States Mint.
The gold coinage at tho United States
Mint, in Philadelphia, fur tho month of July,
was $l,(i)a,47ti, over and above $2,7d2.0!)3
made into bars. The silver coinage of the
month- was $710,000, about one-half of
which was in quarter dollar pieces. There
wero also IS2,2J8 cents coined. Too
whoie number of pieces coined in July was
3,510,703. The following is a summary of
the gold and siver coinage for the month:
Double Eagles
Half Eagles
Quarter E igles
Gold Dollars
In Burs
Half Dollars
Quarter Dollars
Half Dimes
$1,001 5fi0 00
208,000 00
215,000 00
203,040 00
fl0,27ti 00
257,508 $l,GfHi,47B 00
2,7fi2.'jy3 28
; It is no new thing for fashion to usurp a
: ,l . l. lAd ...1 . t l
Demavkd State or Societt in Austra-
are. I I . : .1 II.... L a fun E I' l . . " . . .
-i. ii. i earn tuere ere euuui uuu r.iipiii-ii j ,ngi or the human Dearl. it is no new
convicts from Van Dieman's Laud, in Mel-.thing in the world for this greatest of all
bourne, Amlralia, and vicinity, and on 'tyrant to forbid the expreaion of feeling or
meeting a man in the street, think nothing
j the display of emotion. It is not new that
fjrA husband and vile, traveling
through the wood in haste, met with a mel
ancholy accident, which I recorded in the
following felicitous strain;
And wbl'e retreating tira'igh h weed,
Aad through, the tangled lera.
Be tor hie aaaut a't-aaonlioev-'eaaa,
Aad a)a) to part on fcrrat
Beleive m, aay corpulent (air, ..
I love yoaar (at arsis and full faci
O, aay heart! your eye kia tie for I her,
Aavl I sigh lor your mamwr braie.
The poor baz-zlpg fly do the arm-,
Wails yet ixpriuac! aad callo ;
First bnras hia bright winga In the flasM,
Aad then tambU lot the tallow.
A man who a op to a thing or
two, once offered to bet that he eon Id prove
that this side of the river was the other tide.
His challenge was soon accepted, and a bet
of ten dollars made; when, pointing to the
opposite aide of the river, he shrewdly ak
ed: 'Is not that one siJe of the river I'
4 Ye' was the immediate answer.
'Agreed' aaid the man, 'and is not thi
the other idef
Yes' said the other.
'Then' said the man, 'pay me my ten dol
lars, for by your own confession I have pro
of presenting a pistol to Ins breast and de- . propriety, and every humanizing law of na-
manding his money. A letter from Mel-: ture; but it is something new that, in the
bourne to the Newark Advertiser, afier re- J republican city of New York, the mother
,. .. may not pay the last tribute of affection at
cording numerous assassinations, says: .. r 3 c, ... ...
e ' ' 'the arava nf hpr rtnld. nor tha aiater nrnn a
Ingoing ti Forrest Creek. Campbell s ,ei,r in lUv re , that is mortal of a
Creek. Bendtgo and Golden diggings, you brolher ia from ,igbt frever.
pass through what is called the Black For- j Whilt ,, ,,tjd they n0, 0h TeB, lhey
est, a dense and thtrk wood, about twelve i mnv jr ,, p Uve the coura?e ,. brave the
The other day, while four , M.urn(ui remarks of the hiab priestesses and
fashion has set aside modesty, every rule of j ved that thU aide of the river is the other
miles in length
of at were passing through this forest, we
found Ihirty-five who had been stuck vp,
(that is robbed and then tied up to a tree.)
and one poor fellow, who unfortunately had
but thirteen shillings and six-pence, was
tied to a tree, and his body rilled with shot,
which they had fired at him. I suppose be
cause ho had no more. They also "stuck
up" a young ladv within sight of her fa
ther's house. This was never done here
before, and accordingly you may judge of
the stale of society.
Emigration to Nebraska. A Urge num
ber of emigrating squatters, in many cases
8 t.459,4! 28
$27f,000 00
351.000 00
54,000 00
2.1,000 00
devotees of fashion. They may. if they can
disregard the hispcrel remarks of the ear
nest expostulations of thoe who are more
concerned that fashion shall not be despis
ed, than that the natural emotions shall not
have free and healthy vent. But how many
have senee or nerve to despise tyrany of
fashion! Alas! too few have the courage to
trample on the demon that mocks at their
griels and aims at corrupting their princi
ples by cncouragii g their vauities. .V. 1'.
A Jail I India. Bayard Taylor, cor
respondent of the New York Tribune, i-
ctnsistmgof whole families, are said to be,jted the Agra Jail, Northern India, and,
wending their way from .Missouri to Ne-, . uiher things, irives this account of
3,070,000 710,000 00
The deposits of gold at the mint for the
first seven -months of 1853 exceed those of
the same periyd laslyear by $3,898,381.
Tho "excess over the first soveu months oft
1851 is S9, 102. 505.
New York CnrTAL Palace Exhibition.
The following table shows the number of
visitors for the second week:
Scoso.i Tickvts. Transient Vislton.llec'dat Do 'r
Monday 1,300
Tuesday 720
Wednesday 833
Thursday l,i33
61.307 73
1.003 25
1.150 75
1,920 00
1.U32 50
1,400 00
reason?, viz:
1st. For aiding and abetting, as wo be
lieve, of the murder of Elizabeth Rains, on
the 3d day in July, 1853.
2d. I'or various and divers depredations
committed on the live stock of this neigh
3d. Forvnrious threats to commit depre
dations and injuries upon the neighbors.
4 th. For a bad examplo set before slaves
by conversing with them in relation to the
virtue and chastity of wliite woman, and in
nomination o, mo.r cn r ou r, u.er.oy ...no-, , b u d ea , w(jek aJ.
encino; them to commit deeds of crime and; .,.,... r .
2d week 6,816
Add 1st do 11,500
Total 10,323
Tho directors
2,0 -1
$8,420 23
8,147 00
$10,507 25
fioe dollar
braska territory, and settling there. A
letter from St. Louis says:
"Col. Benton, in one of his late letters,
maintains that such settlements are legal,
and urges our poor and industrious citizens
the exercises:
"Here were hundreds of men seated at
their looms, weaving carpels, singing the
tnuliiplicaibn-Uble in thundering chorus.
"Tie-slue timet hrew," sang the monitor in
to avail themselves of the opportunity to i a shrill solo; "One hundreil and forty four,"
better their lortnnes by securing perma
nent and fertile homes for their raising fam
ilies. Senator Atchinsnn, on the other
hand, denies that such settlements ran be
legally undo, and warm tho people that
attempts to make them will be checkd, if
need be, by tho intervention of military
The CitrsTAt, Palace Exhibition.
The following table shows the number of
visitors and the cash receipts of the N. Y.
Crystal Palace Exhibition for tho past week:
Season, Ticket. Transient Visitors. Ree'd at Door.
Monday 3.500
Tuesday 1,800
Wed'sday 1,200
Thursday 1,000
Friday 1,100
Saturday 900
6th. And in view of theso reasons, wo do
not feel that our families and interests are
safe whilst thvy remain in the neighbor
r& are now In the receipt or our New P""K
and Summer stocn oi iooun,
. eusrierv. In th
Which we offer to th public as the moat Intereating
.d eheTJeat atock of Good, brought to th market
i4neMtar,Afr.!lS7,18i3 r . .w85J
An American Female Pedestrian in i
Enolanu. An American feinalo, colled by
tho roinnutio name of Miss Kate Irvine, has
commenced at Sheffield, in England, the
arduous tusk of walking 800 miles In as
many consecutive hours, for (it is said) a
bet of 500. The lady pedestrian is de
scribed to be about 30 years of age, tall, and
of rather prepossessing appearance. Her
carriage is remarkably erect. She wears the
Bloomer costume a straw hat, a jacket of
thin black material, a light vest, w ith bright
buttons, a tunic silk skirt, and light boots.
She started for the fir6t milo at six o'clock
in the evening and accomplished it in 12j
minutes. Tho average time of each mile
varied from 12 to 13 minutes, which, for a
woman, may be considered really wonderful.
Nearly 300 persons paid a visit to the fleet
footed American on the first day. -
-The British Post Office. Official re
turns have been made public of the business
of the Post office of the United Kingdom,
for one year 1852, as compared with each of
the thirteen previous years, jrrom mese
official data, it appears that the increase in
the number of letter since 1840, (when
cheap postage was introduced,) ia fully 125
oerxent: and the net revenue has increased
from 500.789 to 1,090,419, although tho
actual receipta are notyetequal to those of
the year 1839, (tlie last year oi tne oiu sys
tern.) -
fjT-A Royal prize of 1,400 francs has
been ottered lor tne nest aramauo protec
tion of three to five acts, to be produced in
th Theatre Roval of TuriB: another of 1,-
000 francs for the second best, of from two
to five acta; and third of 800 franc for
Arrivl of a Caravan from Red River.
A caravan of 133 carts, (32 of which be-
ong"d to the Selkirksettlemcntion the IJrit
ixh si Jo of iho lino) arrived at St. Paul,
Minnesota, on tho 19th ult., in tlurty-two
dnvs from Grand Cote, on tho Red Rivor.
The traders and hunters at Red rivor
have boon unusually successful during the
past season. Tho caravan brings some six
hundred bales of furs and skins, and were ob
liged to leave a largo quantity behind.
Rt. Rev. Provincier, the Catholic Bish
op at Red river, died a fow days before the
train left.
The business at Red river, on the Ameri
can side of the line, is mostly being con
centrated at Grand Cote, about thirty miles
west of the old settlement of Pembina, and
four or live miles south of tho British line.
The residents have ensaced quite extcn
sivciy in fiatming, and the soil is found to be
exceedingly productive.
Public Bathino Houses. There are in
London, nine public bathing establishments
onened: five in coiirso of erection, or under
consideration, and four oilier parishes have
sdonted tho act. Out of London, in Lng-
antl and Irolanu, aircuuy mere uremiuusi
twentv-fivo establishments. Hie frencn
Government has voted 600,000 francs to
assist tho promotion of such institutions in
France, and a scheme was set on loot lor
erecting fourteen establishments in l'ans,
at a cost of 2,000,000 francs. Venice con
templates an expendituro of $100,000 for
the erection of baths. The Norwegian
Government, the Belgian Government, and
the authorities at Hamburg, Turin, Munich,
Amsterdam and Lisbon are writing to Eng
land for information on tho subject of baths
and wash houses.
$i3.30O 50
1,205 CO
1,479 00
1,389 60
1.429 00
1,221 00
burst in the chorus, in all sorts of voice
We wont into tbe blacksmith shops.where
the prisoners, by a refinement of puul.h
ment, were made to forge their own fettors,
themselves fettered. '.'Srri tinvs sixteen,"
sang the solo, a he raised his hammer,
"(jne hundred and tvelee," was roared out
in answer, drowning the clang and bang of
iron. In the woman's department there
I was a shrill tempest ol vulvar tractions;
the cooks recited astronomical facts while
mixing their rice. Even the hardest cases
ro;i fined in solitary eel's, were going through
their "a-b-abs," through a hole in the door,
to a monitor standing outside.
mit the holder until tho 1st of October
The Baltimore nnd Philadelphia railroad
company, the New Jersey railroad company,
and the Delaware and Raritan canal and
Camden and Amboy raiload nnd transporta
tion company, it is said, all agree to trans
port goods for tho exhibition free of charge.
Among the recent additions to the Amer
ican department of the Crystal Palace, is
the Lord's prayer, engraved iu old English,
on a gold dollar, and on a three cent piece
n italics, by Mr. Overnougli.
Scenes About the New York Crtstal
Palace. A letter from New York, speak
ins of tho "sights" in the vicinity of tho
Crystal Palace, says:
As if it was not bad enough to have
scores of Uelonneu animals on exmtmion
wooly horses, and horses without any wool
monkeys, dancing bears, baboons, rattle
snakes, anacondas, and other like monstros
ities. Model Artisto Exhibitions have com'
menced business, in three different shanties.
Vulgar paintings of Gods aud Goddesses are
hung out for signs to attract the lewd, and
though clearly coming within the prohibition
of the statute, not the slightest effort is
made by the polico to abolish tlie abomina
tion. Tho houses in which theso disgrace
ful allurements are permitted, aro but tem
porary concerns, tho intentions of tho pro
prietors being to demolish them as soon as
the Exhibition closes. Tho ground on which
they stand is all leased at enormous prices.
For the privilege of pulling up a two-story
shed in 42d street, to exhibit "Views of the
UniVorne," the owner paid $3,000, for IS
months., The other wonder-mongers nave
been obliged to pay proportionately high."
Texas Salt. Tho New Orleans Pica
yune has received from Cropus Christ! a
sample of salt taken from a salt lake about
seven miles from that place. It is clear
colored, well crvstalized, and of eood taste.
The editors of the Nueces Valley say that
Total 9,500 10,003
"Millionaires in California Some of
the largest incomes in tho United States
are now enjoyed by gentlemen of San Fran
francisco, who, four years ago, were far
from being rich. It is said that the annual
income of Samuel Brannon, Esq., is over
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars;
whilst that of J. L. Folsom, W. D. M. How
ard, and several others, is but little, if any
less. These large estates have been made
within Ihe last three or four years, by the
rapid rise of real estate in and about San
Francisco. In 1847-48, lots were purchas
ed for 15 or $20, which are now worth over
Rion.OOO. On the chief business streets, in
favorable locations.ground is worth from 50fr
to $1,000 per front foot, exclusive ot the Im
A Monster Packet. A toamer 375 feet
in length is about to be built at Louisville,
to run as a packet between that city and
Memnhi. She is intended to be the most
magnificent steamer on the Western wat-
$8,147 00
This gives the gross number of visitors
duringthe week as 20,1 14. and tho daily
average as 4,352. The cash receipts from
transient visitors, are over and above tho
amount received from the sale of season
An Address from "The British Society
of Fraternal Democrats," to the citizens of
the United States, appears in one of the
Naw York papers, urging upon republicans
in this country tho duty of "aiding .the fiscal
effort for the triumph of democracy in Eur
rope," on tho breaking out of a European
war. The moment, the address says, that
the great powers of Western Europe engage
in mortal conflict with the Russian colossus
the hour of Europe' uprising will hav?
struck; Italy and Hungary will sprin? to
arms, the long foretold War of Principles
will begin.
Visit to Berkley Sprincs. Tlie Brit
ish Minister, with Messrs. Marcy and dish
ing, left Washington on Saturday morning
for Berkley Springs, in order, it i said, to
proceed with the negotiations upon the
fishery and reciprocity questions in a quiet
manner. This is dono W request of the
Secretary of State, who desires to avoid
the frequent interruptions met with at the
Arrival or Funs fro the Yellow
Stone. Tho steamer Robert Campbell ar
rived at St. Louis on Ihe 24th nit., from a
trip to the month of the Yellow Stone, with
over 3,000 packs of robes and furs. The
Campbell made th trip from St. Louis and
hack, in 70 durs.and proceeded 180 miles a
hove the Yellow Stone. She reports snow
in some or the high latitudes, and myriads
of mosquitoes.
A Point in the New Steambiat La w.
We learn from the Cincinnati Commercial
that the local inspectors of that city have
notified CaDt. Leathere, of the new Nut-
they are informed that the supply of it at chcz, who has placed cast iron heads on his
tho lake in question is inexhaustible. boilers, that unless they are removed, and
Small boats can run up to the beds; and . wrought iron substituted, the boilers will
one hundred bushels is the average product not pass inspection. Capt. L. has appeal-
A Son Killed bt his Father. The
Clinton Republican, published at Wilming
ton in this Slate, records the murder of a
son bv Ihe hands of his father, in Wilson
township in that county. The father's
name is Reuben Mills, anil bis son was for
ty years old and blind. The father is near
ly seventy years old. The wretched man
struck his son with his fist, knocking bim
from his chair on the floor, and breaking his
neck. The occurrence took place at 9 o'
clock P. M., on Tuesday last at the house
where the parties reside. The old man was
arrested the next day , and held to answer at
the next term of court, in the sum of $500,
and in the default of which he was commit
ted ty jail.
A Locomotive Village. The Illinois
Journal savs that a new plan of accomtno
dating laborer on railroad improvement
is practiced on the Chicago and Mississippi
railroads. The entire working force on
this road is one hundred persons who live in
cars fitted up for the purpose of boarding
the men. and are pushed along as the rails
are laid thus securing the advantage of
having the men always near their work.
This locomotive boardin? house or village
comprises fifteen large covered cars.wilb
all the necessary convenience for cook
ing, eating, and sleeping. They carry the
cows along they graze, alongside, and are
nut in their stalls when the locomotive
village changes ground.
The CoiTA Affair at Sjitbna. A com
mnnication. oubliahed in the New York
Courier and Enquirer, says that the Eng
lish papers have made a mistake tntneir
accounts of the trouble at Smyrna, by eon-
fouiidiii" Commodore Duncan N. lngra.
ham, who
The dumb-founded antagonist, overcome
by this profoand logic, immediately paid the
(jyBoy are omeiim endowed, says'
the N. O. Picayune, with remarkable mem
ories. The Keen family of the" State of
Texas, consisted of three girl and a boy
the latter only three year old. Tbey were
all sitting around the fire one evening en
gaged in telling how far back they could
recollect. One of the girl recollected
when she had "a doll that winked with both
eye." Another recollected when ahe w
a little baby at the breat and Nancy tick
led her feet" Johnny Koen, who w the
last and least of them, said he recollected
"iru than that."
"How wo!" (aid the girl in a breath.
"Oh! I recollect three week afore I'ze
born, and howl cried all tbe timeorear
Vibta gal!"
"Thi U a pretty time 'o uight to come
tkulkin? hum. von drunken brute. Whar
yon peeo, eh!" exclaimed Mr. PotU, when
she saw Mr. Potts practicing the corkscrew
polka on tbe staircase. Been hlc beenl
Why hie ye see, Sal bis Sally, l'v
been tothe hlc temperance) mass hie
meeting, and I've eat too m-much lemon
ade." "Eat what!" Ye-e hie eat that
too." At this juncture a heavy quel h an
nounced tbe downfall of the head of the
Potts faini ly.
(fCj stupid member of a Western legis
lature, was one day asked what, in hi opin
ion ought to be done to a man who would
deliberately commit anon. The lawyer
looked puzzled, but coon gathered himself
together and replied:
"I go in for making him pay fifty dollars
to the State, and marry tlie girl!
(yA new temperance drink is described
by the San Francisco Herald, composed of
"three parts of root beer and two of water
gruel, thickened with a tittle soft squash,
and strained through a cane bottom chair."
to be had per diem.
Railroads in Nohtk Carolina. The
Wilmington Journal says there are at least
400 miles of railway in North Carolina, in
stead of 285 miles, as stated in some of the
papers. There aro also nearly 700 milos
more in course of of construction or pro
posed to be built, 320 of which, on the Cen
tral road, are far advanced to completion.
Between 60 and 60 miles will bs finished by
April next. .
,t-Roger A. Pryor, Esq, late of the
Washington Union, and the author of the
article touching Russia, intends, it is said,
publishing a democratic journal at Richmond.
Abolished. Imprisonment for debt has
been abolished in Massashuaet by the Con
stitutional Convention now sitting to reform
Ihe organic 'law of the State.
ftrThe tobacco 'crop of Kentucky, ae
cordintr to letters from various sections of
that State, published in the Louisville Cou
rier. presents a gloomy prospect. Some
assert that a two-thirds crop cannot be
crown, while others contend that there will
not be a half a crop.
Celebration. The New York City Anti
Slavery Society have made arrangement
for the celebration ot West India emancipa
tion on Thursday ,by a steamboat excursion
to Flushing, L I., and a meeting in a
beautiful prove near the landing. Wm.
Lloyd Garrison is to be the orator.
G3-The'Chicago Tribune eaye, that in
two years from now. between three and five
thousand miles ot railroad will be in opera
tion in Jlhppirv
commands the U. S. sloop-of
war St. Louis, with Commodore Stringham,
chief of the suuadron, who was at the lat
est dates at Constantinople, on board his
ar ship, the frivate Cumberland. Ihe
correction is important, inasmuch a Com.
Slriugliain has been widely censured for
honoring the Anstrian envoy, Brock, with
a national salute, which Bruck is the per
son who was guilty of the grossest injustice
towards an American consul, some time
back, tearing down his flag, etc.
fr7-llnn. Roht. J. Walker, the newly
apponted commissioner to China, arrived in
New York on r rutay nigni. nv wu..-
main with his family a few weeks m me
Metropolitan, when he will visit Wiscon
sin and the West. He will return, and
leave for China, about the first of October.
fHolTTtfus Choate, it is aid, writes
uch a shocking bad hand that he had to
take a clerk in his office to Danuoth College,
to decipher his hyeroglyphics, in order that
the newspapers might obtain a copy of his
eulogy on Webster.
ftrGrisi nJ Mar'8 are eP0te, t0 ha,7a
said that they will not start for America un
,:i a nnnraao.OOOl is oaid them in advance.
Mr. Hackett ha gone to Europe perhaps
he will smooth the troubled water.
TrT tub Ohio River at H Falls.'
A correspondent of the Louisvdla Courier
proposes to tunnel the Ohio river at tb
Falls for railway porpoee. U think cb
a work wosld make the falls the radiating
. . . i r ..;. -
point ol a great uumuur " -j
Punchy. Boy: "If yer please, mam, wa
yer lookin for a little dog!"
Yonng Ladies: "Ye,ob, y es."
Boy : " Wasn't it a spannel, mum!"
Young Ladies: "Oh, yes, he wa a most
beautiful spaniel, with very long ears."
Boy: "An then, mum, it's the same as
flew at master's big dog here, wot been
and swaller'd of it."
OrOne of Jacob's horse-pistol had two
CWTs the other day. They will be exhibit
ed at the World' Fair.
05rA Frenchman once trading in Bos
ton market, was interrupted by an imperti
nent would-be-waggish, sort of fellow, who
ridiculed him by imitating his imperfect
manner of speaking the English language.
After patiently listening for some time, the
Frenchman coolly replied: "Mint fine
friend, you vud du well to stop now; for, if
Sampson bad not made no better us of the
jaw-bone of an ass dan you do, b would
never killed so many Filistmes."
A Keniuckt Lawyer's Afmal. 'The
thonder roared, the moon rolled, lbs stars
winked, the ky wa a complete wett gen
tlemen of thejur of darkling darkness on
that night; and yet thi man did, with mal.
ice aforethought, teal forth Into tha shades
of a lone farmer's house, and then and there
maliciously pisened hia prindle yaller dog.
Convict him, and tbe prayers of a weeping
nation are yours!'
The Cleveland Tree Democrat mate the
following terrible announcement:
"The chambermaid of Jonea' fcric yard
haying given the barkeeper of Madiaon's
ferry, the 'disappointed lov-yer took 'Horrid
revenga' by stabbing himself with word-
fish." ;-
ftrA friend af ours placed an egg-plnt
under a goose the other, day, and hatched
out twelve Shanghais and a top-koot
Whether this will read to any vevolution ia
the ponltrymarket la yV to be een
03-The boy tbai was killed at Troy, (N.
Y.) oo thefoartb, by the explosion of a bai
drum, la gattieg better. The coroner "sat
on him" till h was glad to com to.
ftj-At dinner the other dy, wag, (a
very funny wagtaaid, sitting opposite ft
lady he observsd that every time she crook
d her elbow her month opened!
hi third best, of lrom one to nve ocw.

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