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' is,
VIJv .iViUUl
city cr L-UrCtstER.
DssrKRTa'n!cJ sTi8' wiTU BuEGi.i.
Tlie dwellidif Ot JY W. Maury, Esq ,sr
Wilmiugton, Del., (who, with hit lamily.is
absent at tho springs,) was entered by two
burglars on Thursday nijht last."' Mr. Win.
MrNalii 4nd MrVJnai EL,' (Vatieswlit) wera
laepin f'u tha'seoonj ' ilory.'were sroused
by 'an attempt to open -Xh door-of' their
room, tn J on N ina in utt discovered a.
imn corning down! from ' the
with an (rut ljad uf articles
third story,
- i I' - , -. . ; ; '
Wire Gazette says: . . v, .
' "Mr.' Mcfttir haVinj s reiWr,ISred twice
at the man d'cendiii th third story Ittair,
and then once upon him wh-j was des;end
1 i to the first fl jor, an I .follofl 0.1 thi lat
ter I) the back or siJo doar,. into the yard,'
whith the burglera bid -opened previously,
an J where they obUfned egress. Mr. Nones,
next fired upon the man desceiidinsf from.
the third story, with amair sing'rtS barreled I
tiiifnl llns man hftttliir, lii.ftkjif limn renrhoil
pistol.lhe man navtiir by that time rached. which require only proper devel ipniont
th small silling room. lrjthe- second irtory j to supply to coinin-iru. an I tlis arts, cvery
of alie back building, wlWre- the Window by 1 . : J . ', ml0,lficlurcl Bnd domes
which the r3caU .-had entered remained
upon on lb'!, portico, with , which a. grape
arbor caminun'icated-. .The min' exclaim
ed, "My Gol, ham killed!" and stooped for
ward. whereHnnn Mr, Nonaj -ulied unon
liim nrirl rlpilrinr-l,im nArl,n kl Billi lita '
CRipty pistol, closed, with 'him; . A. severe
struggle ensued, in which the. fellow being
large und athletic, got the better of Mr.
Nones, (who is but biy of some 17 or 19
yearrf of age.) and having gottnn hiirt under,
commenced, choking him, when he Mr. N.
railed to li s companion from below stairs
for help., Mr. McNair re-ussended the stairs,,
saving he had two or three loadj yet left for
the rascals, and bidding Nones hold onto
him until ho would give them to him. This
seemed to frighten the scamp, who, releas
ing Mr. Nones, fled tow irJ an J .tli;uugli,(he
open window, Mr. McNair iiv- the mean
tim3 giving him ons shot mre, the oiily
one the piittol woul 'dWcharge. .
Mr. Nones' nighVthMhes wore complete
ly torn to pieces in tho seufll. Tne fel
low whom Nones assaulted was a negro,
which fict the former determined: by the
m ill of his person and the fuel of Iim wnol"
while they were struggling, lie dropped
Ms plunder of course. It is not known
whether they bid previously carried off any
thing or not, SB u me of the. family are in
Jowp. The follows escaped, one , through
the adjoining yard uf Mrs., Fell, whoro hi
lootRteps were? plainly' apparent. ti next
tnoriiing. ' .'.-. i: i
fjf The Pilgrim CelcbtHion-at Plymouth,
Miss., on Monday, mint, have been a mag
nificent afT.iir. , A letter from there to the
NeYork Times, ihtcJ M jnjiy . afternoon",
says: .... ,..,,. ,; ... i ,
The day was ushered in by national sa
lute, anJ ringing of bolls at sunrise.' The
town 'was Soon alive. It was a matter of
astonishment where Ihe numbers could have
been su eti away who . turned out Irom
every, hotel and private .dwelling,.... of largu
and small proterMion. Then in .carua the
trains from Tloston,' laden with their human
freight from the tnvn anl country. ; In they
poured, filling the line cf procession with
wondering eyesj and frcdh ond h ippy faces.
The whole' town was covered with archos,
niottos and decorations. . . .
Nor was the religious aspect of the day
forgotten. AtOJ A M., divine service was
lioiJ In the First CJiQrih, which was well
jltended. 'Tim military o-nd civle ' procei
niqn l large and imposing. . Arriving at the
l'avilien, tbo invited gtiuats- stij ollmrs, to
whom tickets were ifutad, were usJieiod in
by the committee" of arrangement; .and
while i despatch th'is, the collation In being
discussed by some. 3,51)0 poople. 8uun ,thu
large i'dvilion will be filled with the, eio.
quence of Kverett, Sumner, Halo nnd thu
rest. ; Hon. R. C. Witlirop is at Niagara,
mid unable to be present. .
, A melancholy event occurred this morn
ing tucast abloom over the rejoieing of the
day. ' Hon.' Nathm Mitchell, J'ldgi) of Bos
ton, dropped suddenly (load, at the house of
Mr. Wm. (i Davis, a few!. minutes after his
arrival from Boston. . , . . ;
A Nw Political MoveviwT.. A call
tin been ixsued by certain citizens ofNaw
Itnrypurt fur a Convention of such people of
MussMclmsoits, without ilimiction of.pirty.us
wih to, abandon ull existing parties, ami to
organise under entire now issues and mean
tires an "Iml ipendeiit Stdto an ! National
Union Party, upon a broad, deep and lasting
foundation.1' ' This Convention Is culled to
meet in Newbury port, on tho 6th of Sf p
tcmher next, and ills announced that iitvi
iiort.ihavt been .extended to Millard Fill
more. Thomas II. Ilantini. Kdward Everett.
Daiiiel S. Dickinson, HiifnuChoate, Robert
Toombs, A. II Stephens, A bbott Lawrence,
Lewis Cass and other distinguished -, vie -men
to be present. .' Whose axo is to be
ground by the movement is not immediately
obvious., .The Whig nnd Democratic par
ties showed considerable life and strength
during the list Presidential campaign, and
ars both lulTiejenlly, lifeless now tho "Un
ion" element which, by speci4 grace, wa
nestovvcii upon the. Democratic parly, hav
ing left that org'Aiiixiilion weakened by , it
contact.' If. ildoi'i as well alone, it will
"run itslf Into tho ground" early . A Na
tional Uli ion Party Convention Is also call
ed to meet in. Washington on the 2dd nf
unit Kebrunry.-iSrii.jyidW (.Miss.) Jlf
fu'jlican. ? , t. v,t t y
A mvsl.f'tii.rs is Water. The idea en-
terlalnedby moat of persons that all Wllcr li.ir cny auu Aluens.n so. mucn. oiu oi re
whether : found iii. springs, wells, brooks, ' pair In render it impossible for? buat.-to
pnd or ciaUriis, or even thul frmh rain puss, Tho packet wa detained on thisac
water, is filled with living creatures is, a far count last ovenin-'. m
r. tne mivruscnpu eiianin in iu ascrriuin
vitlioi: t. foiinJ at ion Water Is a compound
i.i.ivyu cusps nyiiroiren ,anu oxycen nnu
tho eletence of animalcules In It Is alto
irether dependent on certain cases, priuci-
, pally oiMl rontrai.t with vegetable mitter;
thus if yen. take bowl of water, and place
a handful of hoy or other vegetable matter
in it, in few dayttlHJ trtp will bo covered
with scum, which by putting a small quan
tity under the microscope, will bo found to
be a miss of animalcules, but is still of the
lower order, most of them toeing tho mon-
. ads; the smallest of this class Lair.j so win
ute that 90,000,000 can swinnabouU in one
dtop.--Ke-;hangt pnprjr.
Ts "Umited Dsjjociiact." Tho, AJ
, dan; Argus, excluims with great fervor, and
ikltlt deep mortification.
"How long Is tho democritic party in this
Utate to b disgruced by such associations!
. W-ss there ever a mare disreputable coalition
Kr.v-htre than that known as 'the united de-
mocracy of.Ninf VorkV " -
- 'i'hero probably never was; and what may
..ha said of.the "United Democracy of Nw
yprk",wou!d pplL with equal truth and
power to that Urger and raor "disreputable
coalitioaV.wbich last Summer overshadowed
tha whole Republic. Had resulted In the ele
" vatinn of Pierce. ' V ' -' ' "
' Lecofocoism is certainly in a bad way.
The tutumnoi frosts will r.Unesslta.decno-
, f 'VlTQT; tJ:P.3TLE.3 hat removed his OT.ce t
.Ivh, not Trkiclini s.rnt.and nsr- hitdwss
o01l SsRBO."V. take firourtetx
this evening-, tliat lesson which was so
strenuously recommended' by tho .ancient
philosopher "Ksviw- TilTSEtr," '-Know
Thyself." ' "
In the advance of tUe West, our relative
greatness raiist soon, be determined. The
position which Lancaster is to occupy a
moiijf tins , cities of Ohio depends, entirely
upon-the exertion of thoso- who aro to-day,
upon the busy scene of action-. With ener
gies enjial to the destiny which, lies within
I'wer (fraap, tlie people of Lancaster can in
crease Iter trade' and" wealth fi-fly fold-with
in, a few years. 'Energy,' the exertion, pf
that energy, and that exertion in a right
spirit and under a "pull altogether"' are
necessary to' compass" the rosttlt which,
should be attained. . '
' Lmrastef is situilcd' almost in. the- geo
graphical centre of til's great Hacking Val
ley,' which present soil exu')0ient in its ca.
pocity' for production and fertile as the tiiis-
bandmon could desire, and minora! resoiirc-
tic uses. ' "
We are in the mid-t of all these advanta-
cos. Thry ore above u,
aove' us, ' below lis,
around in, yet wo do not knoiV-ourselves."
Other cities of fewer advarilageii havo al
ready cast their arms ii various directions,,
supplying by tntrgy and well directed art
efficient substitutes' for the great ways
which nature lus furnished iilhers. . Like
the id. er wo aro permitting th summer to
pa3S. ' Wi arc dallylngby the wjyiido with
the flowers uf the present, t ikioj n heed'
of the harvest which by properly directed
industry would gather in tho future. By"
ajW'bye qur destiny will be fixed and be
yond our control. IVj do not "lino to our-
The psople of Lancaster arc -loo dcepJy
interested in the nnprovennnta gnhj-on
under the auipie.es of one sister cities, to re
mjin careless any louder, T.13 property
huldersof Luncastcr shoiiid look to- these
f.icts. Why Ij tho contrast s bold be
tween the action of tha poople of other ci
ties around u and thoso of our vicinity in
regard to subscription and o.Torts in works
designed to increase tho circle of city trade
Thero is soma cause foe this diatitistion.
JVhat u itf . Ti) say tlt capital has been
concentrated in other cities and is .scching
invostincnt is to proclaim the result from
some hidden cause, and not to eliminate
the cause Itself! O-'iginally the field for Tts
action in jiiany. places that aro now ahead
uf us was tnoro limited than here, . ond yet
by the exertion of capital anl industry, on
their part we are behind them in population,
in trade an I manufactures and in facilities
of transportation. Works of groat public
importance can 1)3 pushed through . readily
at other point, lire, propositions are
made, the people urged to take hold, and
then die for the pr ipor onargy to push them
to completion. We do not "know ourselves."
' Lt us not wait. Lit tho rear ostato own
ers cuino forwjirdvanj ajsist in , pushing 'a
long thoso facilities thttt aloiio oiin.eaouc
our prosperity --Tb united citorgy'Of our
citizens is now wanted in tho - cvnetrirati n
of the proposed railrpij djwn the Valley;
Tile Importance of this ro id is obvious to
all. Tin new. trade is to . b J opn?d tho
slrabge f lues to be. Introduced ir.to .town
tlm customer In m rkot the ' chipnoss of
articles to lite misses by reason of increased
supply the r.aw. demand . for- laho -tho
swelling greatness of ond-ciiyII these
things will bo felt dirootlyj ami wa shall
then begin to behold the fruits of' our own
Industry snl Lancaster will advance. La
bor is essentially tho basis of wealth. Wd
must put our shoulders to tho wheel. We
inudt take our coals, off and g at business
1 4 will bo a s'.iamo, a biirniuj shun", a m is t
unlucky sign, a most untoward result if this
y. iirk ii coil pushed speedily through.
Mdanchdj ArtfaVfi) On h Tnu.-liy
morning a serious accident 'occurred to the
son ofSamuel (Jrabil, of Greenfio'ld town
ship, in this connly. It seems that the
young man was ongoged in driving horses
j attached to a threshing machine, when by
somj niis9tei) his leg caught In one uf thn
wheels, and horrible to rolite, wa torn com
pletely oir.T D.' P. Carpenter was sent for
and dressed the leg. Thoyoung man was
a pout 17 years old. This i truly & heart
rending occurrence,
' Nicholas flreene, tho young man, arreted
1 la.tTvaek.oi charge of horse-steuling, was
xaminod before Dsfj. MoiVeigh on FrfdayH
last, and recognized in the sum nf 1000 dol
lar for hi appearance before the Common
Plea Court, in default of Which ho wa
committed.. . '
rt i n..,'.n..,.l k,.b l,.,iu,i
, , ... ', . .
iti iitiu:i,
On Thursday evening, tha 33th ull., by
the Rev. John M. Lowrio,. Mr. THOMAS
MAIM.OW of Z thcsv;ile..O.ito Miss MA
KY ANN LE.WW, of this city. '
On Thursday nvonlng, 4th inst., at the
Tallmadge House, by tho Rev. A. Brooks,
town, Va and Mrs. KM1LY BTONL'.'ol
Somerset, O.
On the 4th Inst., by the ReV. J. M. Mc
Rlroy. .Mr... 11 F.N RV SI1EU HORN-, and
Mis MARY tJROVCU.allof Cfem .town
ship, Fairfield county, O,
:.(:, IMI'.I). .
August Sth, JAVB3 RlCBSMiTlI.ngsd
CO.years and. 9 months.
CITV ItlKKKY, NO.' 1.'.
ZlNK k BISII. iVoln sr, TMitcaster, OAM,
four doers Wtst aftht HmM Vallty hank.
Where fresh Hretd, Itutkt, Callus, and Craekert can
he had every dav.
H'e have employed tho very beat workmen in ou
line of business and will toll at whol jaala and retail
st the hwttt frict.
Wear determined to give froiioml Satisfaction.
All orders from the city or county fur Hretd; cakes;
tods, butter, water and lloiton crackers, will be
promptly Oiled. Oive u a etll.
I.ancaiter. July SI, 1SS3. . J51XK aBISH.
N B We also keep on hand a seneralassortmentol
FAMI'.Y OnOff.IUES, which will b told tt the
lowsst rates'. - ZINKS.B18H.
:,. - ITurla 1'vin'ft Cublii . , .
A :0 t'ncUi Tom's Cabin as it Is," for tale at tb
s7Vjtty uook store, opposu? winner a no.oi, o
riovorpr iu, lost ti jym
'T'jiesebviko VauiT III CottlesT Straw
berries, raspberries, blackberries, currants
peaches, in Tact any fruit may be preserved
in air-tight bottles so its to retain Its natural
flavor with but little labor or expense.
The following is an excellent mode:
-Fill the bottles quite full with fruit not
quits ripe; place them, with the corK put
lightly into them, to a copper with cold wa
ter up to the necks, and gradually raise the
temperature of the , water to ICO degrees,
and. uot exceeding 170 degrees,-Tahr.
Keep theiu.at this temperature half an
huurj'then taka- each out separately, and
fill it up with boilin!? water from a kettle to
within an inch of the cork;-drive In the
cork firmly, tia it over, and, dip it immedi
ately into bottle wax, uiid lay the bottle
down on it side to keep tho cork always
damp. To prevent fermentation turn each
bottle half round twice or three times a
week, lor two or threo weeks; after that
they will need no further care. . The corks
sliould he soaked in water two or three
days before used." .
A nother mode is to tie the corks before
putting the bottles in the water. The heat
i expells titc air irom ttie trult. As soun as
I ilia battles nre conl encu jh, apply the seal-
uig-wax, 1 be secret exists in exhuusting
the air from tho buttles and. making the
corks air-tight,. ' ........
List Wednesday evening most revolting
murder was committed about .threo miles
cast uf O'ocrlin., Olii j. . Tiie facts are a fol
lows; A man named FuJIin in, it is alleged
had slandered a Miss Harbor and another
young, lady. , The,, brother of Miss Barber
aivU u Air. J.ovell, the lover . ol lhor utiier
slandered girl, took the mitterup. On
Wednesday morning they went to Fullman
to talk the m Utcr over. lie repulsed them
with fearful threats, mid became desperate
ly enraged. They left him and returned to
their work." After supper one of the par
ties proposed that they take their rifle nnd
go over to r oilman und frighten mm. Ac.
ling in accord mco with tlie proposal, they
tookuheir yuns (a rilVo and a sliot-goo) and
startej. On arriving they found Fullman ;
and his wifo in a Held rakinz buy. Lovell
advanced to him and said: "Well, I've come
to have it out." Pullman seiaed a pitch
fork ond toade desperate plunse at him
his wife clinging to him, shrieking and en
deavoring to prevent his striking Lovell.
li-fc succeeded In' woimdinj him in three
places wi'h the 1 fork. Huraged beyond
control at this, Lovell Iked hi piece, nudg
ing P., and lodging tho content in his
wife's Iwe id, wounding her dangerously, per
haps mortally. Lie U:en .handed ih empty
gun toU'irher to relo id, took, the loaded
gun and started for home, Pullman follow
ing him with .his pitchfork. After going
some distance,; Lovell turrrcd round, rx-claiming,"D-nin
if I don't ahoot yotiony
how!" lie freed, and Fdllman being bat
two feet frum hiim received the, whole
charge in his sid , tearing him in a horrible
manner, and (killing him.-, instantly, n?
leaves a f imily of three children. Tiie mur
derers were immediately arrested.
A. Shout SroRv:. A.i live dollar bill-, of
tlie btate lflnk- cf. KjuUi Uarohnt, vss
shoivn to tlm editor of the St. Louis D1imi
crat, with the following endorsement ou its
"Tin's is tho last five dollars, William, of
an estate nf .920,000. left mo tlirao years a
go by my father, and unless I make a raise
wuh this to-tught at a gamo of poker, I am
a goner.
January .27, 1858 C. W. Uebmam."
Under this is written in nuolUor hand,
"the unfortunate writer of tho obovo shot
himself in his room in Buffalo, at 4 o'clock
on tho morning uf tho 2 jib of January,
1850. !...'.--.. ,' !
..-'' . VJit a mournful story - this
short record tells. A youth of promise enter
ing upon life futlol bright' hopes succeed
ed to a noble inlieri'ance, parsing a career of
debauchery, led on by the wretched nlluro
mantof tha gaming table until home,
friends, hualtb-, ropivtution, soul's salvation
are all ruined, and then tho en I "setting
lilu upon a cast ''. and giving a discharge in
full of ull earthly dem tu Is nt tin mux.lo of
the deadly pistol, the rope, the poisoned cup,
the calm flawing river. "Tis tru, lis pi
ty, pity 'lis 'tis true."'
fcTt always lino u good to meet and
to take the hand ofso hearty and Iruo a gen
tleman as General Sanheiison, of L'lnci.s
tor. We In I tint pleasure yesterd.iv. He
Lis gettiA into tin sear and yellow leaf, but
ho is sound, an J tlrai,rlit ass white oik,
God bless him and inu'tiply hi days In tho
land. O. X J M:
I'OIt S.VI.K'.'
rilMR mrfeMifnoiTwiih-s todispnso of hi STEAM
L Ml 1,1, ir..i;U VI. I''A!iM, titiiatn in I'cri v county,
tliii'i, o.ia lull iuil(Vo!ii thn Ir.wn of Nmv F, vIm'oii
tt'iu ClitL'iiiiiall.lVilniingii n -A Hiiinsvillo Itnil idu I.
Tin .'arm cn:ii,i:n4 IIW a.'roi of b.'autU'ul land, in
a hih state rf cult t v .Hon, with a gtnd r'niilOrchird
an I sewral n-v.-r-f ill In' springs nt'exi-pllent wit.'r.
On It aro the Mill (now in tuiu ossnil o u'ralion) anJ
tun I.velliii II in ins, Sloi-o.Ulackonith Shop, Staid. a,
S'.vhIs, (tc. Thn Mill is tiippli-jd with roil lro;n tho
vein now op .nd on tin pivniis.is, by jn iani of rail
cars, at tn usp .nso tint pxenedlng two ci-uts pni'bnsh
el. The capicily of tic vsin is autli dsnt lo continue
he supply at tin tame co.t ts tluve t hst for tho
nt.xt t JiAnsaiul years tu rome.
Also, ICll terns ol ex -silent TANO, situate In the
rnunty t'ore'Ri I, hrno-fnurth' eft milo from the
lit il II. nd and two miles Irom New I.cxinalon, with
r)ulliu' ll.nHj, Kriii' Or '.hud. K,iriitgs, as. Siv
vnty acrvB tra clenel anil the balance i-ovored with
t Inavv gi'JW'lh of ec d ent timlwr. This faint is
valuahlu fm its mil and Tiinb.ir, b 'ing onlv three
fourth'' nf t mil i from t at.inm.Saw Mill, lately erect
od on the above inoiitiouo 1 Hail lined,
I will s .ill tho ab.ivj preinies til tognther. or In
pare o! i. to suit purchasers, on very favorahln terms.
J7''nr turther iiiforiiMtinn spil tii.rheaub
scrl'o.'r, on tha premises. 11, C. CJR A NCI Kit.
Au.uit llth, 163.
IS horohv Kivnu tint llonrv, Unory Jim n McFad
d m an ( his wile Mavy MrVadden, ihe prue.initnrs
and ovvivirt (il'lhn sovui'tl lota conUinnd within th4
t 'at and id" iliotrt ) the town if Suyar Krovu. known
ts llnery'itd- ition to aid tim,hv filed tlvir po
titon in thn cl.'r's o:Ho of thi roirt nf com una
Picas, of Kali liiild cnuntr, Ohio, pi'.iyinij the rarallnn
ol thn pi it an I ail lillnn sforuatl.l in I" that application
will Ixi irmlo-at Hit nex'. t.irm of saiJcom t for such
vacation. -HUNTRil
i KINCK, Attornsys fjr rotitionors.
August lOtth, 13.
Ciiardinn Kit'p.
ON tho 5lh daynfSnptnmSer, IS5T, tit 10 o'clock
A M , nu thi' preiuisna will bo told to the high
est bidder tlm f.illjwiiil reil esitte, is thn property
nf Cii'clilial d I.enris I). -L'. Diliimtiach, minor chil
dren of Ui'O. V. l)otl.n!iach, ducnudJ, to wit: Tho
Kast half of inlt. inunher sevjiilvnioe, In thi village
of l.llhopilia, Kalrlield finnity. Illitn; siil'j set to tho
dower nf the wld iw of tin dollars per year. Ap
piviaed al 4."0i Terms of tale1-ono-. half csv.li In
hind, in.l on J .half i'l olio yir with intornst sicui-nl
by mortirafie.. MWA Dm'KNHACll, Uuaftli.
an.ac. lUCNUlf C. NOUr. Attorney.
August 10th 1HDS. d-It-w-4t.
nit. (luvsoTrs Yb.li.uw dock a.nu saiisa-
PAWLLA, f.,r the core ofdisetso,- or at a Spring-
purfltr oftht blood and as a general tanicjor tin
ysfm,4i MwMed'.
. Tht cucatlva powers ofthis JCxtract aro truly
wonderful, atvUll Invalids thoulJ ina'ie immediate
rial etths "YaiUAvr Ook X.su Sarsapahiuu. "
H csnant Injure the most d.dicat patient,
SEBK liopa, lifa and vigor from this purclj vegetable
rsmtiy,, Therefore, hewaverbwkin lit health and
aplrits, howovorknthaonw to himself end others, let
no eat despair of recovery; let the patient ouly un
derstand that bit bops of physical restoration Ilea In
Oiiyaott'e Kxtractof Yellow Do:k and Saraapai'illa,"
and puriuade hta for his ' , , ,
LIKK'3 SAKE. "...
to try' It, and w bars no hesltstlon in prodicttag'lds
spaedy restdrttloll to oaltbi''r t v ; ;,. i
JTl djc.bie'ant. ! : -A
New VorU Market
New Yorc, Ag. 9. Flour, Sale w"est
ern'canal 6000 bbU 5,V8(35,25 for common
to strait state &, t95,31 for mixed to fancy
Mich and lad. Wheat, sales 1109 bi red
and mixed at 1,21; 1400 bfl white OVio 12$
G$ 1,33 for ordiimry to prime, part to arrive;
4100 bu red southern 1,39; 400 bu next (en
esee on private terms. Rye, sales 1000 bu
southern 83c in store; river held 8i387c
Oats, sales 46(346 for state and western
Corn, sales 25000 by 7374o for unsound;
7475 for western mixed; 78 for southern,
and Jersey yellow. Whisky, sales 350 brl
25j26c for Ohio; 28 a 28J for p-ison.
Pork, sale 15,00 a 15,63 for mess; 13,87 a
13.00 for prime.
Beef Sales 8,00(3 10,00 for country mess;
12,00a 12,87 furcitv mess nnd repacked
Chicago.' Cut meats Sles unchanged.
Lard Sales 10 a He. Butter and Cheese
Sales unchanged. . i '.
Chicago, Aug. 3d. The receipts of Pro
duce are small both by canal and Railroads
and sales aro limited. Wheat is unchanged
with a milling demand above receipts.
some ol the new crop has commenced com.
ing jn, and commands the highest figures
Corn has agaiu advanced, but thero is a di
position among buyers to draw ofT from the
market, if the present advance tendency
continu'. - Oats is firm, and unchangod,
the local consumption taking nearly all that
comes forward. Rye is a shade better, with
some inquiry. Barley is nut wauted. We
notico sale ns fol'ows!
Wheat, 3d bu fair spring, to mill, at 71c
101 do good winter, to store, at 8 7jc;40 do
do tu mill, at 88c; 607 do prime do do to mill,
all)0(i?ajc; and 150 do prime new to do at
95c. Corn, sales of, 2000 bu afloat, at G5c,
and 2,500 bu to arrive, at C2jc atloitt. No
sales at the depot, but holder offered G8G9
per GO lbs. Oats, sale of 93 bushels from
railroad to store at 37c per bushel,-Tribune.
Cattle Markets.
New York,' August 9. At Washington
Ifrovs Yard Ortered.2400 beeves-all South
and West. The warm weather help tode
press the market. Prices steady at from 8
to 9ic per lb, for good retailing qualities.
About 300 head were left over unsold. At
Brmoninfs turner Ball's f;ar) Offered,
6.249 Sheep and Limbs. All but 600 sold
ut from 3 to 4,50 for sheep, and 1,63 to fi for
lambs. A few extra sheep sold at from 6,
50 to 8,00. About 600 left over. Cows
and Calves Offered, 1 15 all sold at from
23,50r3 32,50 to 4 J.00. At Ultim'icrlani's-
(Ihidson Iiio:r liutt's Htad OlFered, 250
Beef cattle; price ranging from 7 to 9jc. 70
Lows and. Wulvos ottered, and sales were at
25 to $50. Adso Sales of Sheep ut 2 Is 3,50
to G,50, and Limbs at 203,50 to 4,50. 4,200
Clcvclan X II;irkct.
Cleveland, Aug. 9. But little doing to
day onRiver in consequence of obstructions
in canst preventing. bunts coming uow-n.and
we li i vo no actual transactions to note; 63c
is offered for prime yellow corn; 1,05 prime
northern, mixed wheat; l,14 asKedf or white
Buffalo, Aug. 0.' Thero is no cliango
to note in our market' this morning; bust
ness is quiet and inactive, holders of both
flour and grain nre above hovers' view
buyers are wailing tho New York market;
the receipts continue light; sales in fhur
do not exceed 4 10 bit Is at 4,75 for good
urauds Uluo and alien. In gram in trans
actions that we could hear of. Corn 67c,
buyers offering, CUG5o. Whisky Sale'
Hi HI at 21c.
Another t.'rcnt Cure C Dyspepsia. .
mfAttonishlnjr success of the Oxygenated llittors
NRIVHAVEN, JVmoer 28, 1351.
Messrs. Tltei,tfitcs & Aiitliri, Gentlemen, I leal
that no a.inseiif pride, or delicacy, should itor me
from expressing publicly, my gratituJo, -6r thas
tnnUhiiig power tnd etfli tcy of your Oxygnntted
Bitters, in restoring nn to health, after su.'fering
inuothan six yoirs from Dyspepsia, tn I. Ivor rem
plaint, dining whicfi time, 1 bid tho best mcilical'ld
rlco, with no benefit except temporary reliefs .
Home three y ."i' ago, my cam bucains more hope
loss, from an atta.'k oCdiarrhtut,, which confined mu
to my bed foroijjht weeks, earning groat prostration
of tho tvlttitu lyt'-m. I obtainod a littlo relief, but
t'lo diai'lh.va contiiued, and the constant pain tnd suf
l.irlng I oiklurod, can hardly be described; thn mos'
dolicite food d'ntrojsed may ousini; severe hotdtche,
lUtutun ), inc' activity of the Muiuach; my spirits'
too, at times, wero-ao depressed Irom the disease,
that I felt ss if nothing could over nuke mi choerfiil
agiln; evert tho singing of birds, and music, of w hich
I was alivays so fund, tended only lo till my soul with
sadness, aud rcador my spirit iu;a'o lodiny and do
pressod. About twp.monthtBgp, I was so much reduced, that
I could eat scarcely tny Coil whatovur, and was
obliv-ed to take my bud, In dispsir of ever golting
any better, and fjaling. that try ilineasn was beyond
tha power of Modielno. Atthis-tlieo L rjtd some of
tiie certilkttos of runtrkible curos.hy the Oxvgen.it'
ed nittnrs, tnd ohtainnj a bottle ef tie inedlcina.--llnu'ever
surprising, It is nsvertheloss true, that I
ivasaiinost Iqimediately relinved of ovory symptom
of my various cnmplaiuts, tnigjiiwd so rapidly, that
1 was a won lor 'to a'l who knew me, after using four
or live bottles ol the. medicine
1 am now in bolter health thin I have, enjoyod for
many years, and attribute my lostorition.-by the
graco of (Jo:!, to your invaluable medicino. 1 ihall
picoinmendtni'f who suffer from any similar com
1 lints, to try this ivoiithirful remedy.
Resnectlully yours,
Kn. 24 Fair Street. MARY HANOVER.
nKKD AIISTIN t CO., Wholesale Druggiits, No.
'20, Merchants' How, Boston. General A -wits,
t'i'rice l per bottle six boltl s lor $5.
July 'H. Sold by KAUr'r'MA.N i Co., Lancaster.
Another Urilliitut Triumpli of Dr. 8. A.
Wcnvcr's Medicines,
furs of Ulcerated Sort Limbs on an Old Qentle-
nun 71 nears nf age, who had suffered lo.'A them
2D years, and had been treated in the best Knglish
JlospititU,. without any relief.
Tare-i Mile ITay, Joffcrson Co., N. Y-, Feb. 0 1833.
Messrs. S. A. WuavaiK a Co Oontlumsn: I have
been afflicted (iir the last k8 years with. a vary bad
eduction of tho sltln, and hivo-haj auVsnteen vuuning
sores on my leg at one tiin and hive boen for tho
past year uuibloto luavo my house for Ihe most part
of tho time. 1 hsve used all I've remoJlot thtt I
oould hear of, tnd ill to uo purpose until I learned
from your agents Messrs. Schuyler, Putnam a Co.,
that Weaver's Syrup was recommended for ray com
plaint, lat first did not think It worth while to give
It any tttontion.but htvir.gdiada circular placod in.
my ha nil, I at lungtli cam to the conclusion that it1
could do ice uo harm, If it did no good. At this time
my leg was a complete aora from my ankl to tho
top of the calf or tho leg. I have now. taken two and
rlulX bottles of your Syrupy used. ons small box of
Curtto, and my leg is now all heaU'd upland is sound
aud well. 1 am now 11 yoais of agn, aud had given,
uiall hopes ol over bein cured. . 1 have been in the
best Knglish Hospitals and bavo tried every means
thai huiujninfconuity could Invent, but without any
favorable result until this time. , .
I have felt it a duty that I ow to you and to tho
public, thai Uioso facts should become known,' tltat
those who are similarly afflicted may avail them-.
solves of you Madldnos. .. Should any on doubt Ihe
facts above ataltiLyou are at liberty to' rofertn any
of my neighbors In this place for the truth of theso
statements, and aviso as to my character for truth and
veracity, -..i .
Iam gentlemen, very truly, yoarty.
W't certify that ws aold tha medicine to Mr. Wis.
Barber, known as Or. Weaver's Syrup and Cerate,
and that his stateinonts In regard tohli condition aud
cure, are true In a very respect, and also that ha 1st
respectable and worth citLsen, and entlUed to credit
for any statement thtt bo may roako. - 1 '
8CI1UYLKH, PUTNAM CO., Morohante.
. . I. N. Harris a Co., ClnclnnaU, gennral agents for
the South and West, So'd in Lancaster, wholosale tnd
retail by KautFman a Co., and by druggists gsuuvally
in tho bUtsi. i .-.;- ', .':...'
" '' " ttusiuess N'otlcei''
1 hiva this Amy dijpoiJ oTths Cszatts astsMiih-
msiil to Thomas S Si-aoohth, Esq. AUthoieU
dsbtsd to ma for Subscript ion. Advertising or Job
Work, sroruMctlutW sollcHedto-saills without de-
ly. Umil lb Ant of August MnctJ iobscriution ac
counts "n bo pild tt tho nla of (f rdollasr par yew.
After thtt tv 1 wilt ha compears to eolktct t a
heivy oxpenao and shall Doeesnrify ba Vnder (hs
oecouity of ctmrging tho highest torms. I giva im-
plo time, noweeerf for a ttlemsnt, sjul would much
prefer tint those iadebted would pay their accounts
uder the Arrtefflsrv - OEOBOE WKAVUR.
mtS, ima.
N. B. la my tbmce, SccOffnts can ot teftfed tt
Ihe ofRcei
Jonis Ruffiier and fittc Rutfner,
David TiisiiH h HaWunl,!. -;r.. V
J. HoIkUy St Mi la'.eot hit wife,
Stait. Smoiy. k itebeco his wife, j
Jtcob Kud'ner, Joi,u HenthaBre '
la r.rfflU.
Fah-field Common
iwary nis wire, Roles at Kmily
his wife k VVillam Criat inl,t 1
on of Wm. Criit k Ann hit wile J
nowdee'd .
'li.'K defeadants are herebr notified' that thepcti
X liouera on this dar filnd in tho Cerk'a office of
the court of Commjo'PIa for the emmty tf-jresald
thtt certaia petition praying that partition be made of
tho following described preniiian.situitnd in Fairfield
counl y, to wit: a part of auction No. 20 P. 17 11.17 and
leacriuea ai u'liowa, Jieginniuj; at Uie a. vv, corner ol
aid sec., thence .V. 40 four pole chains and 50 linka to a
pott, thence N. 74 du.n-ees K 3 chains ind fin llnl
to a post, thence N. 60 dt trees fc. 7 eliains and BU links
to a post, thence 18 rfiaies to a Dost, thence S. 4
cliaina and 50 links to t sycamore, thence K 3 3 chains
and 25 links to a poat, thence S. ' 40 chains and 6(1
links to a post, thence W. 68 chain) and Kit links to
ihe place of begioninj. containing SIT 73-100 teres.
niauirar l rial o equal unatviueu ( pana
tlieroof be set apart In severalty to the petitioners,
who hold by pnrcht ts tha intereat of til nfaaid dul'on
danls in ttid lan.la, except the aaid VV'a. Crist and
that on equal 9th part thereof, ba ant apart to ttli
minor defendant Win. Criat and that aaid pet! ion
will come on to be heard al the next Oc'ober term ot
said rmirr. .......
JOHNOARAGIITY, Attorney far petitioner. ;
June 37, IMS,... -. .. (Miw
for the suppression of Houses ofT'iplIng and Intern-
8ko.' 1. Be It ordalneil by the Truatoes of Rich
land town ihip, in the county of Pairflnld, and State of
unio. mat irom, ana alter ine lauing enect. ol tint or
ilinince, no person or persons, aha'l be t"owed tn
sell, "arter, or give awty, tny spirituous vinous, or
imlt liquors within ttid township, exaenLfir Aledici
aal, Machant -tl, or Sacramental purposes.
Sko. 2 If any pernou or persons shall soil, barter,
orivn twav. any npirituoas, vinous, or malt liquors.
wiimn aatniuwnanip oAcwpu lor rue purposes apiciiiou
in tho first section ol this ordinance, he, she, or they,
shall be deemed guilty of keeping t house of tippling
and intemperance; and shall, on conviction thereof,
before any Jintieo of the I'etce or court having Jur
isdiction, be fined for the first offence the turn often
dolars,tnd tho costs of prosecution; tnd on fai'ure
to pay said fine and costs, ho, she, or they, shall be
imprisoned in the jail ot. the county for the term of
ten daye; and for the second tnd every subsequent
offence, he, he, or tliny, on conviction thereof, aha I
bo Imed no m.iro than lilty.nor lost th n twenty dol
lars. including cos's of prosecution, and be imprison-'
ed in the ait of the county not less than fi linen nor
mora thantwenty days, at the discretion of the court
Sr.c. 3. This ordinance shall take effect slid la?
in force from and after the 23th day ofjunj A. D.
Dik. Bakkh
Jacob Kakkk TrnsMn.
JamksPhick j
Attest Mii.tox Bakkh, CU rk of Richland town
ship. July 21, 1853 4 4t
185a mm
t.tf m
A Nil nAr.rns ir
Salt, Fish, rinster, nnd M'ntcr I.ime,
LIRF.llAI.Ctsh.and advances madeos cotaij;nments
of property, for sale in- rhn or eastern markets. ,
Proprietors VcsUTrnns. Line, Ohio Cnnnl
Aoknts ron
For fn.l'.;)'ior passage, spply tor
j. u. iiiuuui'., rso. i curt'andt St., tsw YoiU.
Western Transporta'.ioa Company, Erie Canal,
Via. Uuffaioiow Vork, and Oswogo l.ine.via.Oawego.
ranraiKTmis Asm- aokstts.
8 O CIASK.tCO.. Alli ny. New Vork.
S VML'I'I. VIOKHAN, Dutfiln. New York.
' J. M. DYflKRT it CO.. Oswego. New York.
A.Q:STIni, JIt3nii.dal,N.V.
v. n;Bi!HKic. rr stiiite v b .sr.m. ,Mia.
S. Kl. AN N' AO N, fil.J' S nub WhirvM. flnl.
JAMK C. KVAXS. Sbi;. CiiiihI. lliiflalo.
' Griffith's Western Mne,
MtopsiFTORS A.nn sorisTS.
V.vaw ORirriTH.No.33 ropiilisslin'nn ihrl'ru'iW.V.
W.n.8 Tow i., corner Rli er Ststo sts.Trny, N.Y
J. M GTi-riTii 4 co., Long Wharf and Ship canal,
uuuaui. iiurur ro-lunrcutnis general y. April
Joseph iiowiir.r, a- co-s
o. 81, South Second St.,. Philadelphia,
1 etthnr so'd on Commission, frej of storage, tt 5
j l.r cum. h nu no uniiir nurgc. , ol value sc.
vanced in cash on receipt of Leather In Philailnlnliia
and accounts sent with balance nn sain nfsame
Leather b iing in groat demand In Philadelphia, quick
sales at rem inoraling prices msv be denendod upon.
Best Tanner's Oil, por bbh, OF, gal's lilrrol'?1, cash
falcutta Kips- t.W)
Dry do do- ,-J
Referencea W. Swan, Pre I. Ptste, Ilk, Colum
bus. Il n-bort. Oiiitr.irTanner.rtnihvire. Kairfiled Co.
Oid 'trd a Kastmin, Zinosville; . titone ik Cochran,
Merchants, Newark.
Communications sddrensnd lo the above firm wi'l
mesit wlth prompt attentions
Scioto Gtettu ploase copy l-fim.
rrvn.n ron svle,
TltK'Kx'erntK'B Committee nftho Fa irfiellf County
Agricultural Society will receive propositions
for the FtrmNorth of Lanrantor.nn Saturday tli-6th
of August. For inlormatinn as to terms, and qua.ttv
ofland resnrvod lor fair urounds, enquire ofthn un
dersigned. JOIIX HEUF.R.Prss.
. J. C. Wfaver, See'y.
July 3V, 1S53.
DocTnas Scott i-Ktve have formed a partnership,'
for Ihe pirrp-.se of practicing DENTISTRY.
They gusrantM mi Ira satisfirtion in sotting Artificial
Teeth, and nil (plug) teeth to arrest decay tnd pre
serve them for life. Their ollice is the time recent
ly occupied by Dr. King, in Connell's Hosv, where
they will be most happy to see their friends who
may wish the condition oftheir mouths ImpiSsved.
n. scorr. wm. a. kino.
Lancaster, June 14, 1H".3. , 8m.
nAVE just received and opened tl the Old Stand
of Julian & Ui.nicn.aa entire
fiicenjic, BoolirShotss Bonnets, rrasols,ete.,
Which have been bought for cash tnd will be told
for r assi or cousthv i-hooick tt very small profits.
All that is necessary tn convince bin era that the
ready pay system is preferable to tho old way of do
ing biliinnis, ito i-sl.l and examine their prices.
iiC'ai.h paid for all kinds of tilain. April
I'nirficld County Agricultural Society,
f 11 HE members tnd all other parsons who feel an
1 Interest in promoting tha welfaro of the Fairfield
Counts Agricultural Society; aro resnectfuliy to
quested to pay to the-Treasurer ofsaid Societ y, the
Ion for membership without delav. in oris, r that tha
officers mav be enabled to make the necessary pre-
Juration, for the Fair to bs held In October next.
I Is hoped tha, all will tee the necessity of prompt -nnss.
Tickett will b prepared lo furnish members
it lime, of payment.
For convenience, payments will bo reel ivod tt tho
store of Messrs. Reher. Kutz Co.
J. C. WravsiB, Scry. JJ11N RF.BER, Pmst.
July 19, li3. ' .
r . . . , ,. . ....
iJ aving reiurnea 10 ine city and erected l large
rebuilding in the rear of the brick house, on the
enrnertif Broad and Chesnut streets, one souara south
ofths Market iHouss, intends manufacturing upon a
aw acaiw MiiucTarions sriicms oi
Rcadstensfo aud Chnlre, Wl ich he will keen
always on hsnd, together with a large assortment of
iincinnau manuiaciure. nistong experience in tne
business will enable him- to have manufactured at
homo and imported L-om abroad tb very best of
work, snd as he intends to. employ non but the most
skillful 'workmen and usotheboat materials, he flat
ters himself that he will give general tarislactkm to
all who may favor him with "Hheir tastom.
Tha public are invited to call tnd examine tin is
sorlmonl. The ntrtnoe to tha rooms is upon Broad
street. D. K. t ISIlEL.
Laoouter.May SQth, 1853. . .
N. B. Repairing don on the shortest notico, and
lo the nnatnst and most workmanlike manner.
Charges reasonabl. - i ! x ; , ' s ;
i i , , i i . i ' I.
L . i ; i lUaiiis: SubiMvua , ',',.
-' ' '"' r.-m?rSl
on hand. I am this day in reeeipt and openinir the
following stylus of PIANO', for tale at iManufac-
turer t pricea, rangiug Irom a.vu to fji'u. r mmm
edfor fir years.
2 seven octave Louia XlV.richly carved;
- 0 seve octavo, carved top moulding;-
1 aoven octave, plain, round corners;
1 leVsnortave, AVilian attachment; ' '
irai octave, round corijcri;
0 aiffcfcfavo, rnuhd corners, top luoulding;
3 aix octave, hall round cornets; .
3 aix octave, square cornora;-. .
A aoven octave, richly rar'ed totfJoir;
t' seven octave plain boudoir; '
2 8i octave, carvod boudoiri . . - ..
2 ti octave, -plain boudoir. ' A. R V.ED,
llnstdn llado Itoonts, Columbus, Ohio.
Attaint 4, 1-63.
MKLODliONS Just reenived, tfina assortment
from tha celebrated and unrivelod Mnnu'actoi-y
of Carhirt tt Nondham, New York. Prices ranging
fio-n $13toI2S. ' ,- .
Columbus July 29. . A. REED
Sevijn Octave
O ttosewood Piano Korte, nearly new;
wneuociave. iifHoimw vaae; . - ,
Oue t octave.Manoaiiy caio. or sale rery chetp.
Columbus, July 29. A. liKbiD.
" Piano for Swlc or Kent. ':
fy 'IE subscriber has on hull a Piano, whlrh hss
X boon In iisti about a year, nf gon.l tune and finish,
and from one nftiw best. minuVactories in (rorminy.
It will bo sold Ion, or rented upon reasonahle lorins.
, August i, ins. o.n -pa. rmi.it'LA.vJt.. .
' r ' . CAUTION! '":
A LL rerjoss an hereby wrnel against buying
tY fi-omi.ieCIIAULKS itftANUT. a note made to
him or order, . V. myself and ,Wm. ink, dated about
the Kthof Julv. Hi3. end pavaole o:i or about the
Hth of January, 1HL Said note was obtaiued un-
lainy ami is witnoutonsmin-aiion. . i win itiermoro
not pay the saino. jM AXIMILLI.VN Ol ANL ,
Uiuoastcr, Auguit 4:n, l-w.
RKEDSi BAUOIIMAN', continue at Iheir old
slant, opposite the llocka.'3 Valley liauk. Main
street, where they koop always o." hand and matmfsc
ture toordor all the latest a. i uiosi approved
for Men and Women. The riput,'ion of the
eatahlishmniit for the best of work heeds nd commen
dation. They uso the best matt-rial and einptW the
most ski lful workman and are thus enabled to su'nly
thoir customers with the neatest snd best nf the Va
rious articles in thoir lino. All kinds of Boots, Shoes,
Uuskins. etc., etc., are embraced in then-stock, which
has just boen replenished be their Spring purchases.
The patronage of tho puMic is roHpectltillv solici
ted, who aro invited to call tnd examine tho assort-
ment. No efforts will ho spared to please thoso who
favor them with their custom, either in quality oi
price . ft, B.
a.ancasor, niaren n, ihj i
- Messrs. Clarke, M'rijht A Co., ;
HAVE taken, for a term of years, the Foundry
owned by John Arney, Ksq., situito upon Co
lumbus and JJrnad Streets, In tho city of Lancaster,
where they arc dntermilied to be nn hind with all such
articles in their lino, as the country requires.
various pm terns, warranted a superior trtii le, togeth
er with all minor articles in the Foundry line. .
CLARKE'S Cornstalk nnd Straw Cutter,
An a-tie'e superior to all others of the kind in the
country, and nu to which svn invite the special at
tention of tho Ktrmnr. This machine for cutting
shock corn for high feeding, or fattening stock, will
-tvo Irom 80 to 4lper cant. Cord Fodder, when cut,
it nearly or quite equal tnhay for f.ieding either cat
tle or hovses, maUing an acre of well saved corn tod
dor worth two scren of tho has" grown hty in Ohio.
riicy are calculated for oilhcr handnr horse power.
We ire also preparing lo furnLh to order
Ftrmers give ueactll. Kreryhndyglve us s call,
tnd huyorgooi tnd wares, our ploughs and shares,
and we will try in turn to buy your corn, your wheat,
your flour, your moat, youT hay, yonr osts, your
rag bank notes, or slight yott may uesiro to spare, of
broken pots and other wire". We thorefe have the
highest nope, without dusiifiilnq airy joFie, thst .veil
trill give s lihnval share of patronage In us who are
determined to do biifinem nn tlm most libera-! forms.
. : i- CL4KKK.- W'RKillT & CO :
Lancaster, February 10, H23 . . 4U .
. ' ,. ' NOTICE. . .
t my lustasire an- arttachment was (Ms day issued
by'Jacoh !m!ich. K.sq , tn acting Justice nf
the Peice of I locking Township, Fairfield comity,
Ohio, against the property ami effects of Aaron llios
rand,. a non resident ci'suid county, for tiro satn of
M37l). .
This 5th day of July, A. D. 1S53.
" . a MARTIN'.
8aeonl for Adam Householder, sen., I will sell
tho House in. I Lot on East Main street, known
ts In Lot No D, in Ruber's addition to the City ol
Lancaster, now in the occupancy of Mr. Samuel
(leulev, and naar the rnslduncu or 'almon- Shaw,
Esq. Torms favorable, and liths indisputable.
July 7, IS5J. 9-4-m.
niv'ng just received roin Cincinnati, a most
extensive an.l mcs's Faahinnahla Stoult. tgaia
thankfully address Ihe liberal public:
Thanks to the I'lililic wo rejoice
W have a gen'roiis Pufcllc's voire
Our warm aip.l his rosrh'd thoir hetiti.
Thcv nobly lielpM in it the start.
And'hnlp us still, and soein to shout:
"Hurrah-for IIouivson snd Tuout!"
In facf. thoy quickly bought lis out
And for tho'ir money bamains got ,
At famous SooriKi.'ii'a t"ir.Rroom,
Andstlllthocry is "Wf they comer"
To pluase thoir taste and take thoir cyo
Wejusrhavo got a now supply
Of other Hiiois sud Shoes-, and ditto, ,
From glorious Cinrinniti City,
And those with thoso of our own maUo
Will surely Fairfield Coun'T take-. -
We mean, its suatom far tnd wide, v
Till sll aro pless'd sud all suppliod!,
'Thelites Ciitrinmiti Neics!"
Como read it in our Boots snd Shoos:
ForOnsm f.mk as said before.
Of not a bios a varied store., .
From Congress down to re'ry-days, , . ,
Of lowest piire 'though highest prai e,
So highly polnh'd lameand cash lo win,
The shaving folks may shsve Ihoroiu
Fnr I.AniKs, latost fashions too.
From tbiy boot to tidier shoe.
Which fan the lovers' ardent llamca
As worn bv Cincinnati dsinos;
Tha Jenny t.i'li that tell a tale ...
As sweet ss Swedish Nightingale.
And say, when worn the streets about:
'I come fromlnnisns &Tkobt!"
The 7tHj.f.it, Tlrons'd; tho Patent Calf,
A ud Knttt limit, to soft snd safe
Tho (Iv'lers ofthn various kinds . ,
To please the various foet snd minds
The great A'one Swrnsnd French Morocco,
Toother shops a downright "sorA-er"--
In short and long, the Ladies know
Wo blowair breezes tcAen tits blow! -
For CiMi.miR.v. protty boys tnd girls,
Who Smilh spplause tlirough flowing curls,
We have the nowest snd the best - ' '-
Ceme one, come all, the Slock to test; '
Where each t sapient, foot-adovnor
Throws the Public -'into fits" at SCOFIELD'S
Laaeaslar, 0io, May IT, 1833. .-
DRS. Cridor & Williams have made sn improve
ment In the art of inserting artificial towth' on me
talie plates. Tho Improvement consists in- sodder
big teoth on plates, s as to prevent them from cou
nseling end springing while in tho act of soldering
and tooling, which will avoid all Jilliculties thar Den
tista so invariably meet within constructing full sets
of teeth. A patent will be secured in a short time
then snocimons can bo seen tt our office.
Lancaster, June 16, tttda. 1 S3
.. , - . STORE.
THE subscriber has commenced' the above busi
ness in the room lately occupied by John t,. Tut
hill as a Hock Start, directly opposite the Court
House, whore her will deal in, and supply ever v thing
in-th ,
Hook, Stationery and" Fancy tine. ' '
Purchasers are Invited to call and-examine bis
large and well selected stock, embracing Miace laee
ous. School Books. Blank Books, Stationery, Ftncy
Articles, and overv thhu nertalnuif tn his business.
They win And him always on hind, retdy and wining
to supply their wants, it pricoa that cannot fal Ito
live thoroneh 'satisfaction, and he trust that by
prompt attention and low. prices, ha still roceiva a
nerai. patronage.
; tds,y 24,laE , "B 0NNKLE "A gdnh I
I :-
r'' ' '' ".' " -ffl
O R Vi A T
mTVamcmvr ksu me.vgeiue,'t-
The ni'ist StuTpbud'oirs CbtK-era hr tVe"
World '
TMl give two Eihihiltoni al Lmcaster on
Tridii, Aitguft 12fA. ' -
After iii.)st arduoi s labo and aa enormous outlay,
Mr. Rlco has suct-eeilud in thoroughly niganiziur this .
extensive establishment on a.scalo of unptraileleil .
magnincence, and antictpauni an Increase of patron
age, oilers his friondi, instead of Hie ordinaiy Circus
perioriuanr;!', . ..... . . ,-.
A Illppoilrome nud .lennjcrie.' ."'
The former eomHinihr all the best features of thi
Circus and Gymnasium, Vocal an I Terpsichoresn
entertainments, military school of the menage by
mrs uanxico. ami meirreatest stud ol horses eod po
nies in tha world, ami tho latter a .j - ..,
.Iliignllicent Collection or Animal and
- 1 .
N stive and foreign,' .consisting of Leopards, Tigers,
Tier Cats, Panthers, Wolves. Black tnd firiilv
Betrs, (one of thi httor tha largest nnn ever seen
this side of the Rocky . Mountains,) .Ostriches, Won,
keys, Oin-ang.Ontangs; the remarkable Lvsus Na
tuhsk, known ts the
The "Happy Family," snd one of the most eitraor
diuarv Hues ever collected, nii'nlieiing over
Native tn I Foreign, llvln? fognther in perfect hT-monr;-
the relnbrited Hraham Cattle, tnd TWO
LIVK ALMUATOR3, Trom to 1.1 foet in leng h.
'In ail. lit ion to these and many other attractions in
thi part ol Ihe establishment , ; i
Thn Keniwnr-d Cliinrtso Fnniily,
Consisting of fivti pnr.ioni, includini the Royal Prin
cess J'wan Yel.o, the most beautiful creature nf her
high rlass who evoroscapad from the Celestial Km
piro, her foet being only two and a half inches ill
onstli, will appear and givo concerts, both vocal and
ostiuuiental, using their uativo instruoiests
A Monkey und Pony Performance
Will he given at each exhibition, and MR. Fit A NR
HAMILTON, Ihe Lion Tamer, will enter Ike rage of
the large and beautiful Brazilian Tiger, ho will a'sus
perlorm his
Gen. Jackson, In the circle, to the wonder and as
touiahineitt of all; ho will also onter Ihe cages ofs'V
eral oilier ferocious Anin.sls. . .
Persons can vi.it the Menagerie wilhoat visit'nr
the Hippodrome. .
Price Inhoth is only Fift'j Cents. Cl.iI.Ircn aid
servants hall price. ; ' '
Thn newly designed anl magnificent Pavilion is
cajisblu ol seating live thousand persons comlorfahly.
C. 11. CASTLE, Agent.
This company will exhibits! Baltimore on l'tmr- -day,
August 11th, Winchester Saturday August Ullh..
An Invnliinblc Hook for 23 Cents.
xJVivlsJ jioxtiis. Anew edition, revised snd
improved, just issued.
Ds. lluxTKH'a MumcAL MsKtrxr. an ittsn
nook von 'i iiw A-f ri ierrn Con lining sn outline
of the origin, progress, U eatment and cure f every
lorin of dieaso enntracted bv promiscuous sesual
intercourse, by anil" sbiisn. or by sexual excess, n Ith
advice for I heir pi'reiitiim,'W'ittit in a fiiuiHar
stylo avoiding all medical tcahnicalities, and cvt-rr-iliinl
that would offend the ear of decency, from the -result
nf mine twenty years sncenaifii! pi.ctico, ex
oliislvelv i.e voted In tha cure of diseases ol a deli-
csteor privsto lu-turs
To whii
lich is adi ed. re.lnts for the rm-( (if the a.
bore diseases, and a D-eulUe ou the causes, symptoms
and cute ol the Fever snd Auuo, for Iwemy-tivn'
cents t copy; six copies one dollor; will be fnrwirdr d
to tny part of tho l.nitod Slates, by mail, li ce nf post
ago. Address, postage paid, i'ni,don & Co., Publiabj
art, nr"box l!Mi, Post Oilico. Philadelphia
'This is. without exception, tho most comprcfmir- -sl.o
aud intelligible work puMiahttd on the class i f '
di-oases of which it treats. Avoiding til lechuical I
terms, it tridressns itself lo the reason of its readers. -It
is froo from a1! objectionable matter, and no pa-
rent, however fastidious, can objoct to placing it in
the bands of his sons. Theauthor hss devoted many '
years to (ho .treatment of lho various complaints
Irestod of.and 'with too little breath to puff.' and '
'too littJe presumption to impose,' he has oll'ored to
the world at tlie merely nominal price of 25 cents,
tho fruits of eome twenty years most successful prac
tice." 1Ikiiai.ii.
'Nolcachor or parent should be without tho
knowledge imparted in this invaluable work. It
would save years of pain, mortification and sorrow
to the youth under their charge." Pcoplk's Anvo-
A Presbyterian. clergyman in Ohio, iu willing of
'Hunter's Medical Manual," says. Thousands upon
thousands of our youth, by evil example and the ip
lluoncc of the passion, have been led into the habit ol
self pollution without realizing the sin and tearful
coiiseipiences upon tlicinsclvrs snd (heir posterity.
The constitutions of thousands who are raising fami
lies havo been enfeebled, if not brokon down, snd they
do not know tho ttiiso or the cure. Any thins that
can be done so to enlighten and influence (hepublit
mind as to check, snd ultimatoly to remove this wide
spread souireof human wretchedness, would ennf. r
tho greatest blessing next to the religion of Jetua
Cnrist.en lho present and coming generations. In.
temperance, (or tho use of intoxicating, drinks,)
though it has slam thousands upon thousands, is not a
greater scourge to Hi human race. Accept my
tbenka-essbohairoftho alllicted, snd, believe me,
your co-workur in the good work you tro so sctively
engnged in." .
Oeecopy will be forwarded' (leriirolv envcloprd
and postsue paid, on receipt of-26 cents, or tix copies
fbrtl- Address, CUSDEN i CO., Publishers, llox
llMi. Philadelphia. : . ? ...
Rnokuclltrii, Canra?scrs and llools Agents, sun.
plied on the most liberal terms. - . . '
Lancaster,. May 19, 1853. - l-v.i
S man, for salett Ihe City Book Store.
June !. 18W. B. CONNELf , Agt. '
A LARGE. quantity of N0VKLS, latest publica
tinns.f.n- salo at the City lloik Store.
Juno 9, 1333. B. CONNELL, Agt.
KEY to Undo Tom's Cabin, for sale at 'the Pity
Bookstore. II. CONNELL, Agt. .
Dress Wo nis for aalo at the city Book Store.
" . ' ' B. CORNELL, Agt.
Agoodsssortmenl of fajjcv Anrrcr.rs for sate at
-the city Buok Store. B. CONNELL, Agt.
ai.iv I'apko and Window Suadks for sale at
the city Book Store. B. CONNELL, Agt.
Hcteived Ihisdny t II. It. HUNTER. it CO..'
iMuin Street Lancaster Ohio. '
A Large lot 6'. surio. Wrapping Paper, which
will be sold st very low prices. ..'' ,
Lam-aster, inarch ST, 1853 ' ' -''-'
Family Flour.
Prime article, Daniel Ream's best white whoa
A r lour.for sale tt
H. a. HUNTER & CO.
I AV lnilow Glass. '
fTABOXES City Brand; just received s't ' - .
Frnnc Is Myers Estate. '. '.',"
NOTICE Is hereby given that the subscriber has
been appointed and qualified as executoref tha
Eslste of Francis Myers, late of Fail-field County,
deceased, dated at Lancaster this 27th dtvnfjuly,
I86j. nllCHAJt.!. nllbKS.
Executor of Fbakcis Mtcxs, Deed. 3w.
, lUAXI.nil.IAN, .OlANL.x
WHOLESALE and -retail dealer - In Grocefiss
and Provisions, Foreign and Domestic Liquor-;
and InsporSer of German Wine. , -, r . . j q .'
Main street, Lancaster, Ohio. ' 10-ly. .
ATimart, Intcllig'ftbf young mm, who can read ta
'write and hae-some knowls-Hc in the retail tra
Lancastor.JuTy llth 1853.-. -
'kifn&ZMmwexMvZim-wr t: MondajFHfl'tiodsejif bad repcTeT
Hn?; 1tKJiJisiisvw " y--i,tBWm&iSg'STlla.M uiwi l

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