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Slje Wtchl Gazette.
ly.-.U..', A IIUJT. , OOTIRKnii,'
' to tauionKB or stays .
ro HCIITitT Or TAT. :
roil eopatx . Junax, ,
rOK om or FUBtlC WOi.;
x JOHN WAD D'E L L . . ;.
' 'Thursday Evening, Sep. ,
Cokditioh or Political
Parties. The wery trik!ng eontraat pre
united, and leave all (quibbling to tbair op
pooeuti. , Tba faction of Locofocoiiro that
elevated' Pierce to power, tre now waging
war of extermination on each other,ndlhe
Whigi ought to look on calmly and not mln
gla in the battle. So Ion at tbe Locofoco
an a disunited a the now are, they cni-
not inflict any of their moit iniquitous meas
ures oo tbe country. . Whito engaged in
destroying each other the prosperity of the
nation may probably escape tho destruction
with which it seemed to be threatened at
the close of the late Presidential contest.-
Let the Whigs then retain their uuiou, and
whep again thoy shall be called on to select
a candidate for the first oflfiee in the Gov
ernment.they will.ifdUcreet in their choice,
achieve an easy victory over the broken, fal
tering and plundering ranks of LocofecoUm.
But we must keep united, we must enter the
field with the determination to sweep from
power the corrupt and Irresponsible dema
gogues that have burthencif us with a double
amount of tsxes and administered our laws
to suit the whims and caprices of mere par
tisans. -' " '' ' '
i'M The Pbeseht
... - .
'eented in the condition of the Whig and Lor
cofooo parties at this time cannot be but
gratifying to every man that is convinced of
". the troth of whig trinclples. The Whins
'devotion io the same measures,' The Loco-
' focoi are split into several factions, each
one of which ia sedulously engaged in efforts
to acquire the control of the party. There
is no bond of union between them. Thpy
- regard each other with feelings of distrust,
' averJnri. and ipulmmv. . Thev differ resDect-
- i j j j i
Ing personal predilictions and the policy of
... the Government. . One faction is devoted
to Internal Improve ments, and another fac
tion is equally zealous in its opposition to
.'sucb improvements, One faction clamor
- - for the extension bf territory, while another
...is in favor of peace and harmony. A few
- believe in the wisdom and ability of Frank-i-Jin
Pierce, while the- majority .take another
view of thatinterestingjsubject Cais'h'as hia
worshippers, Benton has his backers and
V Douglas .'finds favors . in certain quarters,
while occasionally, in squeaks and grunts,
'"' and other dismal sounds one hears the name
. . of Allen . pronounced with' reverence! The
;3 Locofoco temple, like a heathen temple of
7 old in Roino, is filled with jargon and die
'":ord, sod each worshipper, as he throws in
, eehse on the common altar, offers up a
; prayer for some demigod of very dubious vir-
The difference in the condition of the two
' f, "political parties is Interesting as it shows
. very plainly the different objects they have
In View, ; The Whigs, are; in favor , of tbs
"prosperitr of the people and endeavor to
'"promote' it; the Locofocos are in favor of
men and are engaged In efforts to advance
personal interest ".Tbej : VVhigs, naving a
common-object look to it and are united;
while tbe Locofocos having many different
("' Objects are rent asunder.: The Whigs wish
f to produce the greatest good to the greatest
'' number and agree us to the means by which
. ' . .. result so desirable can be attained ; while
the Locofocos are in tout only on the success
. rit individuals in whose elevation they ex
I'.'i, pect to be benefitted. '., Tho '. Whigs are pa-
triotio and the 'Locofocos eelfhh the for
mer act with reference to measures, the lat
ter with reference to men
' - Such are' some of the characteristics of
r the Vhig and - Loufoso parlies. The L
"'cofocos are divided respecting both doctrine
-,- auti c uioii ; lie bii.iw it ia a uuiii.iiuii rp-
mart: mat cue country nas out lime pros
'pect!of benefit in the'feiids of LQcofocoism,
as that party has, extraordinary facility in
,- healing its intestinal disorders. But, while
- ': we admit' - that the past countenances the
remark, we think there are reasons for be
lievingthat the various factions in Locofo-
coism can scarcely again be brought to co
' -'operate together in a common purpose.
, The' bold experiment twice undertaken by
- -the Baltimore Convention in' bringing into
the field a man previously not thought of, ,
" "' . uThs btjing of a mm mt's birth1'
.an extemporaneous candidate, and elevating
him over the heads of the veterans of the
party, will not be tried again. ' ; That rash
'experiment may now, In view of all itsre
, jaulta be pronounced a failure. , . The candU
n.udate of the party was triumphantly elected,
v- but their measures, less fortunate, cannot
' be consummated." The party has a Presi-
rfent who exerts 'po influence. : He has nei
" ther the ability nor. the confidence to direct
the party and the strange spectacle is now
- presented to the world of a Locofoco Presi
. dent. who. thouizh he baa been remarkable
. careful to endeavor to please all portions of
, ,'.hi supporters, Iim offended a large majority
eif ' them.-' Bcarcelv more influential than
Tyler, ha ia infinitely inferior to all his pred
' VceMbri in the pder to control and direct
Vvthe movements of the party that elevated
'''"him to his station. If .thai- consummation of
lcert'ain tneasures was the' object 'of the LoV
. cofocos in the late Presidential contest, tlielr
victory is likely to be bootless to them.
"j,rheyi elected ;,thoir.. candidate, , but -their
"principles" cannot succeed. Opposition
JtQ Internal Impf'avements is outof the ques-
tio. Bui then it is not the first time in the
' ffajt pf'ttus world that the labors oft moun-
'- tain have given birth to a ridiculous mouse.
: - that Jofty . pretensions ,. and tremendous
movements have been followed ,by impor
tant results. ' ,' ".'.. . ;
The Biltimbre experiment naving thus
faited, we do hot suppose that Locofocoism
V trill ever undertake to bless the country by
'.'t the election of another"Oreat Unknown!' to
' '. i th Preside Bcyr,;,Kot daring to lift another
junfortunate' member t)f the "illustrious pb
. !7. ecure'lup ta thftsupjight of fanje.CJiow will
-.' tb6 m'agioiar.s, sooth-sayBrs,' "and astrplbgic
gentlemen of the party manage te nominate
r nne of their prpminont men and, satisfy oth
: Ws! i If ene of the encomely kieade of the
k- LdcofocQ hydrate marked out for dlatinguish
- - 3d favor and high station, will not' the other
""r heads growl, bark, '.snap,' and 'gnash their
. V'jteath most,.furloualyJA . .,,,,.-.. i"
rU,', ". A aire of the present conJitioa of po
;' litical parties must we think. Inspire, every
- ? -Whig-with hope and - confidence in the uc
'j' cessofnie principlesj' Let "the , Wblgs re-
NT' tain their onion," harmony,' and devotion to
-measure and they will triumph, in .the next
jsidenU'af et)htst.,; lt.Athem. '.continue
' BtJirait-MAKtiio. We find the follow
ing communication from Mr. Philip Pby
sick, of Germantown, Philadelphia county
Pennsylvania, In the last number of the A.
merican Farmer.'' ..'.
To Ike Editor of the American Farmer, Sir:
The Philadelphia Augricultural Society
having awarded to me their first premiums
for the best butter, for the last two or three
years successively, persons are continually
applying' to me for information, as to my
method of producing ' it. its ' manufacture,
Sic. ...-.'.-.
'The Philadelphia market is, you know
full well, most highly celebrated for the ex
cellen.e of its butter, so that the obtaining
of this premium every year for the bost of
tbe best, is naturally a matter of no . small
gratification to me; but my real motive in
sending this communication fur your Jour
nal,U to get.rid of the. trouble of writing
long letters to gentlemen and ladies l never
heard of before they took it Into their wise
heads to make me pay postage for the Aon-
or of answering their queries.
I am not aware of anything new orun
common tn my lormuia, ana pernnps my
success is . more attributable to a well found
ed system, and entire cleanliness, than to
any other cause; but however that may be,
here it follows:
About one week before the day of exhi
bition, I turn all hands that can be spared
from other work, into the spring-house to
wash, to scrub, to white-wash, &c, in short
to purify and clean the floor, the walls, the
shelves, the doors, &o., as perfectly as hu
man means can prevail in extinguishing
every thing of a tiUhy nature or unpleasan
smell. Do not suppose from this, that my
spnng-houje is neglected during other por
tions of the veur: on the contrary, it is kep
in more neatness and cleanliness than any
other one I know of. The tin pans are then
put into a large' boiler; and boiled for one
hour, then taken out and scoured with white
silver sand awl pure hard toap then rinsed off
In pure clean water and put away for use
Three days before the exhibition, the cow
ure brought into a clean pen near the
spring house; at day break their udders are
washed with plenty of water and wiped with
a clean or towel quite dry.. Their milk i
then drawn into a tin pail that has been
cleansed as the pans were. The milk
theft strained 'through a perfectly clean
muslin straiuer into the pans and placed i
the spring house; the same process is to b
gone through at night, the next morning
and eveiiiiig.which will m ike four milkinss
on the next morning, the whole of th
contents of the pans, milk and cream unskim'
ed, is thrown into a churn, (this churn is on
of thclcoinmou barrel kind, it has been rins
ed out with boiling water, with about of
a peck of hic'ioru ashes and Iivj coals take
directly from a burning fire; this' was stir
red about for some- tune by turning tn
crank after, Which the ashes and water
were thrown out and the churn ' rinsed sev
eral timesj with boiling water;) the cows
are then to be washed and milked as before,
and this milk strained and poured warm into
the ; churn the operation of churning
then commenced:it must bo performed very
very slowly; the tenacity and hardness of
the butter depends entiroly upon slowness
In churning; to produce a first rate article.it
should take at least three hours; when the
butter has thoroughly come, it should be
collected together with a cloun wooden lad
le and laid upon a clean linen cloth, spread
out as fiat as possible ond not moro than
two inches thick, then take a clean coarse
cotton bag, large enough to hold a half
peck or more, fill it with ice, and with a mal
let mash it down fiat, and about four inch
es thick; upon this place the linen cloth
with the butter. on top, let it remain until
quite hard, then place it if possible, Upon a
clean marble 'slab, add very finely pulver
ized salt to taste, and then work out the
butter-milk with the wooden spoon or ladle,
spreading the butter Oat . aguin and again
and.sopping up the butter-milk with the
linen cloth. This operation must bIbo tie
performed very slowly; when entirely di
vested ot all butter miik.maKe it up in torms
of pounds or half pounds. -
lam well aware that all this is very
troublesom,but what good thing can we
have in this world without care and atten
tion?. :-.', - I'.'- - - - ' '. ""
- As regards the best kind of cows, I am
sorry to differ, with most of my fcgricultural
friends inasmuch as that, after an experi
ense of more than twenty years, I find that
the beautiful and stately Durhams, dn not
produce butter or . cream to compare at all
in quality with the humble, 'and I must ad
mit, very mis-shnppen and ugly Alderneys.
I have had no personal knowledge of Dev
oiu or Ayrshire, never bavins owned one.
Mv Alderneys were imported some years a-
go by Mr. Sarohette, from the Island of
Guernsy -a- different animal altogether
from the English A lderney ,or rather from the
Alderneys. that have been imported trom
England. I have frequently . had eweet
cream upon my table from these Alderneys,
so thick or rich, or whatever you please to
call it. that It could - no", be poured from a
small mouthed pitcher without the aid of a
spoon. The milk of ono good ebwof this
breed, will impart a most beautiml yellow
color to the milk of four or five cows; they
are exceedingly hardy, and stand our - cli
mate better than any other lmporiea oreea.
Should vou deem this communication of suf
ficient interest to publish it, please correct
any inaccuracies, as I have not time to write
it over. I am very truly yours,
, , . :: ' v ;,. PHILIP PHYSICK.
N. B. New milk is the most effectual ab
sorbent of sulphuretted hydrogen gas, " et
id omne genus,'.' that I am acquainted with,
which can be added to old -milk and cream
for tho purpose of purifvinff it without in
jury to the butter; this is my 'reason for ad
ding the last milking quite warm from tho
cows to the old milk in the . churn I do not
require my people to skim our milk, because
it ia a waste, of time, for one reason, and Tor
another, because I think- the. milk , washes
all offensive matter out ot the . butter; be.
sides the butter-milk is sweet slid not sour
.as Is usual, for I maintain that perfectly pure
and sweet butter (lot the test be a chemical
one,) -cannot be mad front soar cream.
Ohio StT Stoci The Auditor of
State publishes a letter in tbe Sute Journal
n explanation of so long withholding from
the public the particulars io the late for'
geriet on the above bills. He says that
-was a fixed belief that unbroken silence
n that quarter was essential to the discov
ery of the authors of these forgeries, and
that aeemiog inability on the part of the
Auditor's Ollice to relieve iUelf from ass.
icion, would tend to produce Jess caution
nd watchfulness among those with whom
the fraud had really originated, has hereto
fore induced him to abstain pertinaciously
from all . commitments or explanation,
whether by letter or newspaper. He says
that motive for tbia silence no' longer ex-
st, and that Important arrests at Cinrin.
ati has already been made, and that he Is
ow at liberty to notice, without further de
lay, some of the many erroneous statements
that has gained currency and states officially
a follows, which could not have been pub-
shed sooner aor fear of alarming the real
erpetrator of the fraud and then notify
them that suspicion must henceforth rest
port them:',. ' ' ' ' . .',
First. That tbe forged notes on the Ohio
State Stock Bsnks, or any part . thereof,
were not ttoUn from the Auditor's Office;
second. . That they were not fori from the
Auditor's Office; -. . - - i -
Third. That they were never in the Au
itors office; and,
Fourth. That they do not bear the gen
ine signature of the Register.
As early as April last, the undersigned
became aware that a small amount of forg-
notes on two of the Ohio State Stock
Tued:iy EienlDR, Kt-pL C, . 1.7.3.
Ent .Cott'AHioss- Parent cannot be ' IFtlIayC)
too careful in 'selecting society "for their chil-1 Wm mt inrih --t t. inm ib4 lu d4
.Tf REr-ofT is PaaUAHt.T os th Cu- Sden, and young men cannot be too choice ! iTTTl,
bai StAV TlAP. The Important report I in their asociats.' The adage has lost no. i(' Jt Hm- t'k ro th- Una ibycs
torn th wf of MM wpii iiul -- a T
Bonks had been put in circulation. An
mmediate scrutiny was made into the coti
llon of the bank accounts, in charge of
the Register, and the result of the investi
gation precluded all possibility that the
forged notea had ever been in the bands ot
the Register or within tbe wall of the
A uditor's office. ' The mode of. determining
these facts was a conclusive as it was
simple. On the first day of May, 1853, the
notes on hand were carefully counted, and
their amount duly noted.. Next the re
ceipts of the various banks lor registered
notes delivered to them by the Auditor,
were carefully exnmined and their aggre
gate amount ascertained. These two items
were then added together, the next step
was to procure a full and careful statement
from the Engraver, exhibiting the amount
of notes which had been sent to the Audi
tor up to the first of May. With these duta,
the following result was obtained:
Receipts of sundry banks for , ,
registered notes delivered
to them bv the Auditor. 8837,390
Notes sVill In hands of Audi- '
tor on May 1st. , 203,482
Commons, by special eornmitteo on slave
ry and the alav trade, alleges that the fact
i Dotorioo, that luve-trading vessels are
fitted out ia Cub under the guns of Span
ish men of war; that great facilities are af
forded to the importation of negroes; that,
when ooce landod, tbey are called natives,
and all attempt to trace and liberate them
are commonly defeated; and these abuses
have increased - precisely in proportion to
the bribe accepted by the Cuban govern
ment. Up1 to 1810 the Captain-General re
ceived half a dollar for every slave import
ed; butGen; O'Donnell, in 1 8 13, succeeded
in raising the fee to three doubloon a head;
nd with the exception of Doncha, who re
fused the bribe, the same blood-money has
since been levied by every Governor of the
island. Nor does the crime stop here. Tbe
Interest involved in this trade arc mainly
those of high and mighty pertonagea at Mad
rid, who have power to obtain the recall of
any honest officer, and who. contrive to
keep up all the horrcrs of this system to
gratify their own avarice at the expense of
humanity and of the national interest.
Commenting " opon this report," the Lon
don Times discoursges the folly of protect
ing Spain any . lunger in the enjoyment of
her slave trade, and partially recommends
that she tie handed over to the tender mer
cies of the American filibuster.
by the company be keep." To yauog me ? f""?! -'"' 'r ,h '""" of
especially, it is of infinite importance thst ' And rhy-Mfd-miimirV Hra y' oo the
,y Le furnl-bcd with crnion. fXT
i uj not i urn i j in. lits-gtir h, trt.
Brig I Mm or ia tm rW fcua tor 0M yst.
Wrp aot far the p. ttywgh h ho!J in lit gloom
Lovrd forms that bv mnk in mi in the tomb;
lxd -irth ring iattt hni;h orthomang: '
A IVS UM IOM " U MT BiUa alnng
ing generous heart aoj honorable, virtuou
sentiment. Say the distinguished Robert
Hall, In bf "Works," recently poblUhcd by
Harper Sl Brothers: '.
"Society i tbe atmoophere of ou1s;ad
we neceariiy imoioe trom n onminnj tow. cUiha nt M for thy m i. ttxir miHh.
Which IS either lllfccllou vt Mtlubnous. l.n thir herU had boa cluui-d by mm frcxt of lata
The society of irtous prrsous i enjoyed ."r'h ... '
b7ond tbcfr company, w.'le vice ..rn7.lT 'rit'T; ",UBg'
shng into soluuJe. The society or the coin- Tihm j'mii f oirow.Ui u su Uy
Panv vou keen ia bulk Lha inJieation uf i Tht niwei not soma untmun lo HkWmi our wit;
' ' ' . I o... r tUm k Li : .1.-. J
DUI CHI' inn" ....... Wm. .m w . ,
K rm lo i luniina tha crown for ftaa akina.
Trta fafarn ia a'ai a laa frtwaaM ia hi
Oobuld U ia nduau, sad ji:4 it witb duwan.
PARtLLA. tor tha en ofaiMaaa, Mat a tlprinf
purijltr of the lleoi tni a grntnU tank Jot th
tyrtert, it nvicaUd. ' '
Th eontir powart of thit Extract ire truly
angels bow and devil tremble, you will !r"0'' "Ju "". m.a. unm-aa
hear contemned and abuwd. Tbe Bible rf D S.ArA.n.t
' II rin-KK injur (n? ro'TO amiruv psiiDl.
SKKK hnp.IHnd rigor frera OiUpurelf trf'tabli
remed j. TWfbre,hovr br.--n in hhh and
tpixiu. fciwovartoathionn to himwlf anj ethart, lat
ooena dmptirof ratovary; M (ha patient only un
iMrjtaM thV Mt fcn'p. of phvtVat restoration 1l in
tiarwn't r.idnetiA Yalfovf nyek and SftMajartlla."
and puraaaae tuaa ror bu
, UFK'S SAKE. .; ,
to try h. and we hare no h-aiutioa ia f rajuing tla
jj-edv raatnratioa to health.
JSa aadriirtiicaient. ' " ' "
your character and the former of it. In eom
paoy, when the pores of tbe mind are open
ed, there requires more guard than usual,
because the mind is tbee passive, Either
vicious Company will plesao yon, or it will
not; if it does not please you, tho end of go
ing will be defeated.. In such society you
will feel your reverence for the dictates ot
conscience wear off, and that name at which
Amount of notes furnished tol
Auditor, as per statement of
engraver, .
Excess in favor of Auditor,.
A similar examination was mado on the
19th August 1853, exhibiting a similar re
sult. The excess in fuvor of the Auditor
consisted, in both instances, for extra notes
on nine banks.seldom exceeding two sheets
(38) on any one bank, and, m somo
cases, a smaller amount. --
Having thus given a formal coroction of
certain misstatements more particularly af
fecting the Auditor s department, I am glad
to feel safe in adding, that tho extent to
which the forgery of the notes of the Ohio
State Stock Banks has attained, is probably
much less thau was at first anticipated, and
perhaps vastly less than it was intended
soon to carry it. Developments which have
been brought within my immediate knowl
edge, during the progress of late investiga
tions, justifiy the opinion that not more
than 815,000 of the genuine impressions of
the Ohio State Stock Bank notes have ever
reached the hands of tho forgers; and that
two-thirds of that amount have never gone
into circulation, and are still without the
necessary filling up. Other developments
bearing bn the same subject, afford BiifBcient
reason for believing thut the forgeries, as
fur as they have gone, are not limited to the
Hiotes of seven banks, as was recently sup
posed, but extend to at least eleven, if not
to the entire thirteen.
It is not proper, in the present communi
cation, to enter into a detailed statement of
tbe circumstances which led, the arrest of
the wretched man now in custody. It is
sufficient to : state that his guilt is not a
mutter of suspicion, but lias been reduced
to certainty by developments which will
come beforo the public in due time. Ilia
nosition as bank note printer in the ollice
of the engraver, who was employed to pre
pare and furnish the bills of the Ohio btate
Stock Banks, gavo him every desirable fa
cility for committing the fraud. To enable
him to print the notes in suoh quantities ss
they might be required by the several banks,
it was necessary that the bank note plate
should be placed, from time to time, in his
possession by the encraver.and whilst thus
in his possession for legitimate purposes, he
also printed from it the notes wnicn. nave
since received the forged signature of the
officer of the State Register.
Highhanded Outrage. -The active part
taken by Mr.' Jolliffj, counsel in the late
slave case before Judge Flinn, in tbe meet,
ing recently held in Cincinnoti, where a
large number of citizens had met to take
steps preparatory "to the impeach meut of
Judge Flinn before tho next Legislature!
iiigmy mccuseu me juuge, anu tbe next
morning at an early hour, he stationed him
self with other friends, near the corner o1
Fifth'and Vine streets. . At about 1 Mr-
Jolliffo passed diagonally across Vine with
bis market basket on his arm, preceded by
his wife and niece, when he was suddenly
assaulted by some person unknown or un
seen by him, and felled to the ground. Mr.
Jolliffe states that bis first impression was
mat ne was KnocKed down by on express or
meat wagon, uniil he heard a voice calling
him a d J Abolitionist, and the person
assaulting him continued his blows after ho
had been felled to the ground. Marshal
Ruffin, who had been but a moment before
conversing with Flinn, observing the Judge
in the act ofinflicting the blows upon the
prostrate Jolliffe, ran up'seized Flinn and
took him br fore Esq. Chidsey, and made af
fidavit of tho complaint. The Magistrate
bound the Judge over ia the sum of $500 for
another hearing. - - '
will supply material for unmeaning tests
and impious buffoonery; the eontequenceof
this will be a practical deviation from vir
tue; the principle will become sapped, and
the fences of the conscience broken down;
and when debauchery ha rorrputed tbe
character, total inversion will take place;
they will glory in their shame. -
A ARCTic-Iiotrso Vessel Spoies.
Steamer"Uncle Sam," arrived at Valparaiso'
reports that on the 23th of July she was
boarded by the captain of the brig Isabel,
lying at Port Famine, at which place she
bad put in for water. The Isabel is owned
by Lady Franklin, and bound to Behring's
Straits in Sesrch of Sir John Franklin.
Cuptain and all hands well. By the way,
bottle, containing a letter, purporting to
come from Sir John, and dated in M iy last
has been picked up on the Irish const. Sir
John is made to say ha is detained oo an
island by the native. Of course this is a
hoax. '
Coart orComr?fin !, rtr9t! J v f
. 1.1 FAkiiil
Kr brt Too' vt
JX.kmg ar4
coun'y. Ohio,
tv. Ohia. -
r1llE(dDtr.a.Uit t.ka aalk that aa t..
X (Mb day of April, A l l v.1. tha aairl kobatt .
Toole AM a Pxitioa ia tba cnurl of raaaaaaa ltaa
at airfield coanry. Ohio, wnara the tarae at aar
poduif, dmuaDuinft partiuoa af tha a.uowii.g are
mtM. aiiaaia ia aii) county. and baowa by feauif in
bail al Vum loatr.wvit (,'uartrr r? "r"a w.
H. ia Township No. U. ot ban, a No. !
Alto-' The fnllowint; oWrtnad Lot. tatuata ia aaid.
county of t'airualta, kaawi by beirif fart af tit
Northweat Qaanrr of oectioa No. K of Towikip
No I, rn Kanea No ML bayioalnf at a atraaa an tba
half taction line 41 parabaa linka katt af tha bant b.
waat coraar of aairt Qaarler bactioa, a4 laauinf
frara tbeaea ICatt 15 ebaina 60 linaa aa a aaat aa laid
baif aertion Una; tttuare Nortb M oVgraaa Kaat IN
chaiaa ?A 1 to lit to a pnai; thanaa foutb 40 aWgreee
Watt 50 Mnka to foall ibeaea North 0 atr(raa 1
chain 60 iiaka ta a aoat aa tha Vtaat bank af Clear.
creek; thnuce fkiulh I I chaine ti 60 linka ta lha
ptaeaof bojtlnnlnir. Mine tame tract on wfelca toe
Cardiac. Factory aaeraclad ana containing! taa aaraa
mora or laa. The aaid lisbart k. 1 aula aeaiaiaa
that partition be niM'a of aaid prartlaaa aa faliewat
to ttia aaid bVbart K Taola Ibraa imb; lo tha aaid
Mary Dr'ongone-lifiK; to the aaid Joarpb. Toola aoa
fidh.and toaaij Saury Tooro dower ia tha whoia.
At tba aaat or October Terra of aaid eoart aa as
plication will be taada by tba emit rained, ktr aa or
dur that partition may b made c, ol toad praaiitaa.
1 O.aC D MARTIN, AU'yt for Uatoaadant.
Aiicutt W, wl
Aa Iavnlaible Jlook fur Ceaita.
rtfKtfs cop,M t"L0 " M Tit MB
JUULF mural. A aaar aditie. savltfd sad
improved, juat fanned.
Da. Hrara.'Ri Mitnreat Maroii jaa mirsi
aoa ton tua Arn icTk:a Coa ainiar aa outline
of tbe origin, progreaa, treatment and cure of every
torra af di tut cootrutad be proauteaoaa anaat
intrcourae,by telf abaa. or oj sexual axcaat, with
adrire for their prerention, wrirren ia a familiar
atyle arradina; all raadbrat tecknbalitiaa, eadertry
ibinc that would otfaod tha ear of oereacy, frooi tha
remit ofaoraa twei ty yean tneetaaful practice, ex
eluaivelr overfed to tba cure of ditaataS al s deli
cat er private aitara
To which it adried, ra.-elpti for tba eura af the a
bove diaeatfit, and a treatiae an tbacaataa,iyaiptonit
and cure of the 'erer and Acne, for twenty-Are
eeatl a Copt: i enpiaa nwadollor; will ha fontarded
to any pert of the t ailed State!, by aaail, tree of peat-
tgav Aoureaa, poaiaopaia,, oaoea at vo.v rabutn
era, or' hoi 1, Fort Olbca. Phi'adelphia.
"Thlt n without eaception. the moat eempreben
ai.e andintellieiMe work Mbliahed sa the claas of
diaeaaea of whirh ittreala. Avoadinc all tacbaical
,. Komeraet, I'errr Conntv Obie.
eoiBucTKO tiare m er thi eaoca or
r. oomimh;.
' Thai inrtiiulion eowbinxa in iu plan of ('.duration,
avert adi-amaen that can be derived from the punc
tual an J cunacii-nciont rare beitowed on the pupila I
in trie varioaa trranrnea or irneretre. tunable to
their anx -. alt to the ttrict attention to poritenett, lermt. it aodrataes rtaelf to tha artaaoa ai ita readera
aeatoeaa ant nunl prtnciplet. .. lit u Iree from all oojeelionaole matter, and ao pa
llia Aciif.mjr ia tituaiej on an eminence in the I rent, however fattidiout, eta object te placing h la
v-irinitvnfSnmoraet. The location ita reryhatlthy (the haadt of hia Bona. Tbeanthur haa devoted many
ne, and tlierorralioa(;roandairetpaciou. It haa yeart to the treatment of tha earioae eaaaplaintt
b-n ineorpuratcd by the State lgilarare. . - treated of. and 'with too litlla breath to pun.' tad
Tlie hwlihol tho acholara ia a snuject of roiitiooal j too liO'r preeumption to impote.' be hat ottered ta
itt-vnion. A mild and maternal tyatem sf govern-I the world at tha merely nominal price ol 86 centt.
ment. far as may be compatih a with tha atrrrte't jtheirniliof aoaoe twenty years stoat aueceatful prac-
tuaniaon itreffuurwacip in 3 win oe oeawrvea. j ne i lice nrtAJO.
More Lykch Law m Missodbi. As a
young lady, residing near Columbia,' Mo.
was returning from a funeral recently, she
was seized near a thicket by a stout negro
man, who attempted to outrage her person,
but her screams attracted the attention of a
gentleman in the vicinity, who hurried to
bcr aid, when the wretch made h's escape.
He was, however, soon after arrested and
"No teacher or parent thould be without tha
knowledge imparted in thit invaluable work. It
would aave yea re of pain, mertiiieataoa and torrow
to Die youth aoder tbair therge." Pkofls's Avo-
improvemer-l of tba pupil, at ajao their docaeatic
comfort, will be att-nd.-d tn with the grcatft aoliri.
rude Trmir lint will be whnleaome and abundant.
The honra of relaxation are to diatributed that the
am lent w ill nutauiha- either corporally or mentally i riir.
from apr.lictvn. j A FmbytertaQ eTergyman in Ohio, in writing of
The Reli-jion profowdani tiulht in thit Inatita- !"liuntert Medical Manaal," eayt. Thoonnda apoa
tion it th Catholic. All the young ladie. without ! thouaandt of our youth, by evil example and the ia
Bxeeption, will be expected to tttend the pnlilie re-1 duence of the pasaion, have beea led into the habit ot
ligioaa exwciaia of tbe Academy. aelf pollution without realizing tha ain and tearful
The acholaatU year commences on the firtt of Sep- j ronxequencea upon rhemaelret tad their noaterity.
tember. nH terminatei aometime in the beginning of j The conjtitutionn of thoatanHi who are raieing faml
July, with the pnblie exhiUtion. There wil he two lie !v re been enfeebled, if aotbrokea dowa, and they
aeaaionaof fire montht each. do not know the cants or th cure Aary thing that
Committed for triul, but on the next day the ; the pupiU will beheld every two 'monfh; after whHi I mind aa to check, tnd ultimately to remove thit w ide
al r-pon 01 ineir prmiciency , etc., will DO tent to
iu.u. .iv, puKu.. "" ' ""o thei, prent. oreuardiant.
Tub Sultak Aitn the Uhited States.
Mr. Marsh, the American Minister at Con
stantinople, on his recent return to that city
trom urcece, where he .went about a year
ago on the uflairsof Dr. King, was hand
somely received by the Sultan. Mr. Marsh
was accompanied by the commander and of
ficers of the Levant, and by Cuptain Walk
er, of the United States army, and made the
Sultan a proper address, in which he gave
him assurances of the entire sympathies of
tho President and people of the United
States in the pssition in which he is placed
by the demands of Russia. The Sultan, in
reply,' expressed his satisfaction . with the
good feeling which exists in the United
States towaids himself and his cause, and
assures Mr, Marsh that it should be his con
stant endeavor to cultivate and strengthen
them. -
him confess, and hung him to the nearest
F.ia B'XRdKO-
I L?oird tnd Tuition pertemion ofuvemontht.
including tmhographv. Heading, Vtrmng,
Arithmetic, ICnsli'h Grammar. Geography,
r'lain Sewiog. Markiug and Fancy Needle
work, per eeaaion
$5 00
11 00
a oo
to oo
f5-"The veteran soldier Sir Charles Na
pier," says the Loudon correspondent of a
Scotch paper, "is dangerously ill s-j ill
that hia physicians give no hope, and the giatinan-v
report was current on SatarJur that the Bedding andwa1hin4.il fatd by the Inititu
veteran wasdead. At sllevents hisappear-i tion, form an extra cbaigeol A3 each.-.
ing at Cobham is out of the question. The 1 tint csnntt. .
last time I saw Sir Charles, with his hook-! Fv each of th Foreign Languages -
ed, hawk-like nose, his keen gray eye, his 1 of rW ',e"",,
long, flowing hair, mingled with the de-! m",,c on'h Viu
srending beard and inoiibtaches, was when Mimic on the Harp
ul Ilia Innornl ,ifll,o Diibo r.f VTo 1 1 i n r '. Vocal Muiic. ......
, - , . jt-m 1. " 1 Drawing and Painting in Water Colors
feebly, and with apparent difficulty, he H PJ,;ngi w-.th m.terul
walked up tho nuve uf St. Paul's, holding Iuliin Wax Woik
one of the tassels uf the pall ' of his old I Kmhroiitn-y.. ........
commander. I thought the scene had shak- i J;
en him perceptibly, and it was hardly lo be , 1,, wrK) take lenont oa the Guitar will furniah
wondered at. For fifty-four years ha Sir their own instrument
Charles been in the service of the country .lie I tcim or hit kholiiii.
was burn in 1782, dud received his commis-iorthngrtphe. Tteeding Writing, Arithmetic, Plain
siou when twelve years of age, while he 1 Sewing and M irxiiu;, pr teaaioa $4 ou
has been wounded, or encountered aeci I Tl.a above with tngah urammu-tnaoeog-
Other branches a the tame price ta for those who
bord at the Inttilution.
l.--The currantexpentei to be paid atrai-annmll;
in advance.
apreadannrreof ha man wretriiedneaa, woald confer
the greatest Meaaing next to the religion of Jetoe
Cnriat, on tbe preannl and coming generation!. In
temperance, for the ute of intoxicating drinkt,)
though it hat tlain thoaatndt upon tbontanda, ia net a
greater acoarga to th human race. A crept sty
thanka on behalf ofthe afflicted, and, believe me,
your co-worker in tlie good work yon are to actively
$TH 00 1 Ore copy will be forwarded faeearery enveloped
3 00 f and pottage paid, en receipt of26 eenti, or six copies
ifurl. Addreaa, COSDti k CO., Puhliahara, Box
10 00 i I9fi. Philadelphia.
Booktellert, Canvuxterl mud Bilok Agents, tvp-
I pilot on the most antral terms-
j Lancaater.Hayl9.lb6a.- , . t-iy.
e 00
8 00
12 W
10 Oil
3 00
B no
dents in his military career equivalent to
wounds, to the number of tweuty-one. At
Corunna, according to Hart's Army. List,
before Sir Charles was secured by the ; d0ctinn to be made for ab.enca nnlet.
Frenchman, who took hiin prisoner, he had
his leg broken by a musket shot, a bayonet
stab in the back, ft sabre cut on the head,
?cveral of his ribs broken by a spent ball,
and severe contujions on his head from the
butt end of a musket. It was these last!
n nar-il bv airkn!
3 Letter writ-en or reeeivrd bypupila. to ha
au'.iject to inspection, except correapoikwnce. with
parent or guardian, and a I letter, coming to the In
atitutien must be post-paid.
4.Thiirdaya are dayt of recreation. Boardera
are allowed to visit their parent or guardiant ones
The Troubles tit Vekezdela. The civ
il commotions in Venezuela continue to
spread. " At Barcelona, the government of
Gen...Monagas had published a "warning''
to the foreigners, and among them the Jews
in particular, wherein they are accused of
being tho instigators of the civil movements
there transpiring, as well as in other parts
of tho Republic. On a representation or
the Jews, and some other foreigners, to the
Dutch Consul at Caraccss, a Dutch brig of
war of 14 guns,repuired to Barcelona from
Laguayra, and it was stated that other Dutch
vessels of war were momentarily expected
to arrive there.-
Senator Douglas is Const astir ortE,
Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, U. S. Senator
from Illinois, was In Constantinople about
the first of August, and was to have had an
audience with the Sultan, but. was unable
to defer his departure for Russia until the
day set apart, by the Sultan, to receive him.
A letter from Constantinople, in the New
York Tost, however, says:
Senator Dauzlas, during his visit to this
place, had an interview with Resch id Pacha,
the present Minister of Foreign Affairs, and
. . . ... . - T . L!j n t ;
late urana vizier. rvescnia racua ia now
at tbe head of the Sultan's ministry, and di
rects the present rather difficult affairs of
the Empire. The Senator (Young A merica)
expressed himserr asmucn gratineawitn tne
interview, and formed a high estimate of the
character and attribute of the Pacha. : He
assured Rescbid Pacha that American sym-
oathies were all warmly in favor of Turkey,
in ber present difference with Russia, and
that the people of this country regard her
cause as a most lust one, In reply,' the
minister expressed hi thanks to bepator
Doughi. The agent ofthe I'orte, who vis
ited the United State some years ago,' suid
that the Sultan and "his government were
much gratified by the manner iu winch ne
bad been received there.' v'" '-
fjy Mr. Hall, of Cincinnati, was living at
the latest reports, - but there was no hope
of his recovery. ' His murdorer was again
committed to jail till to-day, when .lie will
probably have liis preliminary examination
There was great excitement in the city, and
the expression generally, against young
Ames. We suppose- to-morrow's. mail will
give the full particular of the trial. . .
OrThe People's .Conventionlield .' at
Cleveland on last Saturday to nominate a
county ticket, aelected John A'. Footeas
candidate for Senator and Messrs.. i owsjey
and Burtori for Representathe.' JThe Her
aid peik favorably of the nominees. '
which struck him down, and it was a kind- j mThfunirorn, u , white dr for aummer tnd
hearted French drummer who pulled him black during the rest ofthe ynn with white tun
out of the group who were about to dispatch I bonutt, trimmed wilh blue ribbon. No particular
him, and so saved the life of the hero of iml?rT J u " ?. ' .
I. K.
ri aving returned to the city and erected a large
1 ADlll
barticuUr attention rou.-l be paid to neatnees
6. Boarder are required to bring with them table
furniture, vix: two ksiveaandfork.table-apoon,anl
detert tpoon, glat tumbler two platea eupandtan
cer, four table napkins, four toweU, waah batin,
combs, brusha.&c.
7. All communitiont renwetimi the- A'-ademy.
ililinein the rear of the brick houte. on the : tddreated to the Sitoerior of St. Marv'a Literary
coi ner of Broad and Cbeenut treet, one auare amah Society, Somerset, Ferry county, Ohio, will receive
of tha Market House, intendt manutactuiuig upon a 1 prompt attention. An extra charge ol $10 00 per
Urge scale ail the variont u ticlet of . - mon'h will be made for the vacs' ion u tppnt in tha
. XXmy rVaSVtVRE,.. rts. been rec.nUy erected a !W -vdcom-
Heatlsteada and Chairs. Wllch he will modiout building. which will afford ample meant ot
tlwavt on hand, together with a large assortment of j-emfering a large boaiding tchool perlectly eonvl'ortr
Cincinnati manufacture. IHs'ons experience in tho i ,11. 0 0 . -
Efficacy of Railway Signals. Tho ef.
ficacy of the signal system on railroads was
proved on Satuiday last, on the Hudson Riv.
er road. An axle of a car in a train was
discovered, near OaK Hill, to have become Char(,'eareaonable.
heated to such a degree that it melted. Im
mediately a brukeman jumped from the cars,
exhibited the red flag, and in a moment, for
miles distant, red flags were raised by the
flagmen, - notifying danger. ' .Trains: ap
proaching were warned and stopped until
the disabled car was switched off, and the
train passed safely on its way. " '," ' ,
' Mexico not DisrosEO to War. J . M
Cohrad'EJitor of the ' Brownsville FIag(
business will enable him to have manufactured at
home and imported from abroad the vei-y best of
work, and at he intends to employ none but the most
skillful wnvkiiien and use Ilia beat materials, he flat
ters himaelf that he will give g.inei-al tatialaction to
all who may favor him with "their custom.
The public are invitadto call and examine the at
surlunsut. ThcouUanot to the rooms is upon Broad
street. . D. K. MSUEU
Lancttter.Msy 20th. 1833. . -
' N. B llopairins done on tha shortest notice, and
tho neatest and moat workmanlike manner..
states that there is no talk of war on the,
frontier, botween Mexico and the United
States, and no war-lile preparations art being
made bij the former. To prevent smuggling
which is carried on to. an indefinite exten
on the froutier, a corps of revenue rangers
consisting of from twelve to twenty mount
ed men, have been organized, who patrol the
river from its mouth to Loredo, and this has
probably been magnified into a hostile array.-''.:
''..; ,, , ' ' - ... -
How tq Cheapen Gas. At a recent trial of
a newly invented Gas Regulator, in the
works ofthe Sorew Company,, at Provi
dence, R. I-i it was found to effect a saving
in the consumption uf gas equal to thirty.
nine per cent. Two accurate tests were
.made-aiid both ahowed that without the reg
ulator 1,800 feet were burnt in a specific
time, whilst with it but 1,300 feet were re
quired, an equal amount for light being bb"
taiued, : , , ''. ' v, . . '. - " -
Most Ttev'd 3.' B PoRCVtL. Ciocionati.
Rev. C. D. Bowliko. Somerset,
Rev. Jhks Whclas, ."
Kev. Ni l Tooso. ..
Bev. C- I', MoTOOaBf. Zmetville,
Uev. J. M Yon .a, Lancaster.
August 19. 1853. 3ml6
AT his old stand on main street, between Heber k
Kutx't store and John Lvons, has just received
and opened a new and well aoWted
shed private roiideuces in Ceutral Ojiio ' It embracet the very beat of black tnd Blue French
old at a oargain to tne purcner. j ne anj j-i
June V, 1853.
A 1 3B"Dt for Henry Farnum of Philailelphia.
at-Wiil soil tlie property known as tho Reese Man I
aion IIOUHB Riruaiea oa :iiaiu aire!, m inncn; o
Lancaster. This house it one ot" the most beautifu
and well fmi:
and win hA anld at a banrain to the di
tlllab Indisputable. P. VAN TRUMP.
Fire, Slariac and Inlaa4
.3 HA7. RI. C. H. KORTHAM.lt SEKLRr,
JQ W XBIIirRTO.N.W. Kf'.I.UlT.n. W. R.HOrinrKI,
O W.ft,KK. L.HIJffHBEy, , -T. BEI.KN Af,
W.TUa.VLL, K. lill.M. W.A.1VAKD,
- D. W. CLAJthT, Pretidtjat.
WM. CONNER. 8ecrelary.
The attaation 01 property holder it reapertfally
caltml tn the aunerior advantaeea for Fire. Marinm.
and liland Insnrnrt offered by tha
ritOT'XJnU l.TiUtl.Cr. l,UIr AWT.
The uratleraigned hat baea furniahsd with blank
policies, signed by tha officers of tho toaopaayi alo
with blaiik renewal receipts, for contiauuia; policiea
already istued, and it duly snrhorized tnd prepared,
at A rent of aaid company, to make insurance lor any
period of time, not Lett than one month aer frreatar
than aer pa yeara, upon buildings or their contents, oc
cupied at theellirts. Stores, frarehousem. Churches,
Hotels, Banks, Court Houses, ColUgrs, Ice., fcr.,
snd their contents sgainat LOSS8 OU )AM
AGE BV FIU.E. Alto, on Dar Goect.
GRocKRijut. HUxurACTosKD Gonna, JPori'c,
llorSEHOLD Fnaitrrr,Liv Stock, and eveiy
other description of Mkhohakdizsi and PsrasoHar.
PaorsaTT, shipped or to aa shipped par good Steam
boat or boats. to and front JpoiuU oa tha Western
Waters. or between Kastara Cities, (via Lake or oth
er inland route, snd ant town in tho Wester a country
against the hanrds of Inland Transportation.
Also, on Shipmetittof Good, Wares sad Merchm
dise, per good Teasel or vetieli, betwaea New Or-h-sns
and Katem ports between New Orleans tnd
other Guff porta between ail American port and
English or European port, or to tny other maritime
port whatsoever in the Atlantic watere, against the
Perils ofiht Sees, at Halts ef Premiere aa Lew as
Ihott of any other Rtrponsiblt Institution -
Ij-The attention of Aleirhants ia especially re
quested to the superior advantages and convenience)
of insurance at Mm, under aa "Open Polieu," cov
ering shipments by tpeeilio endorsements, or ander
a "Contract Pofiry,". covering all shipments what
ever during any agreed period at current rates cf
premium charged by other companies for aceonnt of
applicant. xi whom it may concerns. Loaset prom pt
ly adjusted vndsi the superrision of tha aaderaigned
local AKnt.and parable in bank funds, oa the spot.
or if desired, stA'ew York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Baltimore, harmtston, Ass Urfrant, at. lnu
Ijouiiville, Pitlsbunh, ot tar other agreed point in
the Uuited Statet.
For further information respecting ratea ol preml
am. etc., applv to the aaderaigned.
WM P. CREED, Agent for Lancaster snd Fairfield
County. ... . l-t-tw.
' fCTO. 8. Jotruai copy for 5 insertions; rhargo this
otfke. : - -
JUNE 30, 1S.13.
TT ecairnd this dav tt tha cheap store fnpnoslto
sLVShaetfer't Hotel) a large variety of Fancy dresa , r,Je UD in best manner and embracing
la n..k...l.i. Dam.. . 1 1 .1. i .ml nripm. 1 . - . I I
nnHy.iiaivaoa uatH.
floods such aa tlain Beruus of all colors. and prices.
Kigd ucrages of many stylos. sn3 cheap, some very
handsome, at only cents a ytrd. ,-'.'
' ''.';' '.''Parasols. '.-
A now ttock ut opened, at greatly reduced prices
. bv
June 30, 1153.
W.T.,WBE. .
rT ow opening, a fresh lot fine English straw, plain
ITI Leghorn, Krench Lace. Gimp, ami various kinds.
Some more of that tamo tort at 60 cents et II toon
. June 30, 1H63. ... - W.T.WISE.
Hosiery, Notion and Nio Nacka : '
In innumerable variety at W.T.WISE'S.
, Qncenswnre.
A . bargain may now be had bv toy one in want of
- a nica dinner or tea aeu, uy cau"s y
Wiso't, whore s hu-ge and coinplotoly assorted stock it
now unpicking. ... . .
June 3", IS53- "" ' '
Knulish cloths and cassimeret. which will be sold
low aud made to order in theiatett atyles and by the
beat of workmen. Also, a beautiful vsriety of . t
Which hare been selected with greet care, from the
latest and most faahionablo patterns, and cannot fail
to please. .
LLUlin" rva nr.., ti. u i. .
a Urge
In addition, lie baa on hand tha beat of black satin
nd aillr Va-tiiura. snds larira variatv of hosiery, tut-
penders, handlierchiefs, cravat- and in a word all the
articles uauai'y aopr ar nucn an eaiauusnni-iiii-
ilia long experience in the business anablea him to
Durchaselhe best of Goods and Clothing at the Low
est ratea. so that he is enabled to (jive hia customers
as good bargains as can be obtained else where; and ha
WOUKl aiaure me puuiic inac n ia uoi io oa oubiu
either in the quality of hit goods, the atyle of the
woik or tha price Dy any otfter ettaDJiaamanr.
CALL. ArMU dr. c..
The old customers of the establishment and all
others who mav fat or him with a call, will find him
willing to do just aa ho says, snd hit goods ol the
kind recommended. - -
HT.Kcmc.a6er the Place for An Goods and gnoa
Bargainr. -i - : UHUtlum.tt.aMjn.
Lancaater, April n, -
Litbbabt Pieaot. -The New York Poet
late that Harper' Magasine for Septem
ber contains a itory called Uncle Bernard'
Story, which appeared In Putnam'e Month
ly for June, where it wa. duly copyrighted,
an d that the publishers 6f Harper .re liaple
to heavydatngefor the pirafiy '' V- '
nRS. frider 6c Williams have made an improve
.nM.t in the art of ioaorlinn artificial teuth on ma-
talic plato. The iinprovemeut conaistt in aodder-
log teem on pities, ai at io uro.triiw iuwu uum
trading and tpringiog while in the ct of toldering
and cooling, which will tvoid all difficultict that Don
lists soiuvaiiably meet with in constructing full sets
of teeth. A patent will be secured In a short time
then specimens can be seen at oar office.
Lancaster, June 16, 1853. . . l-
THERE will be offered tt tmbtie eolaa Baturioy.
the 1st day of October, ISM, at tha deaf af tha
court-house, in the city of Leaeattef, between 10 o'
clock, A. M and 4 o'clock, Y. BL.tnaieiua law
and tract of land, lately owned by George KUaa, late,
ol I. airfield county, oereaaeo. .
i qis larm 1 situate two rauea nono oi a.
fs composed of l0cre,more or lessbeint ta entire
qatrter ) Has on it good springs end Fanning water,
a fine Orchard, two dwel ing hoaeas and a bsra. and
more than 100 acre of it Iniprovefl ana unaer oi n
extinn the retidue good timber laad. Possession
will be given the "st of April nest, eaeapt at to tho
growing crop. The title it good beyond a question.
Term one-third in hand oo the day of sale, re-lduo
in two equal pavments at one a ad two yeart, wilh la
tere at Iron) tne'tima posseaaioa bsl be given.
JOHN BARR. Kxeentnr
Of the Estate of Oeorgt Kline, dteaasei.
August 31. By JOHX D MABTIN, Attorney-O-Eag'e
tnd Telegraph intart until day of taia-
j DiNeolution.
THE undariiigned copartner, heretofore doing bn
sinrsa nndr the name and firm of Giaiu and
Brandtis this day dissolved Dy rouruai con.oi.
busineta will be continued by Mmnuliaa Giaaa.who
will tettle the bookt of tho o'dfirm. '
, Lancaster, July 14. 1853. . 10-lm.
STAnSERY & VAN Tauiap,
Attorneys at Law
1 HAVE Removed theirOIBceto the room formerly
occupiedby Wm.J. Keeae, Esq., Immediately oppo-
aitethe residence of Dtniel!luSord,q.
- Lancaster, March 18. 1H60. -
Iraaa Varulali.
A NEW article, eaoresaly for iStovea, Urate, ixoa
XX Fencet.ate., luasreooived at
Businese Notice. .
1 hare this dav disposed ofthe Gazette astabliah
ment to THOXAi S Sj.acon.TBt, Eaq- All those In
debtedto me for Subscription, Advertising or Job
Work, are respectiully solicited to tettle without de
ity. Until the first of August next J subscription ac
count isn be paid at the rate of two dollars per y etr
After that time, I will be compelled to collect tl a
heavy expense aud thall aecettsrily be ander the
neeeraitv ol ohargmg the higheat terms. I give am
pie time, however, for a settlement, and would much
prefer that those indebted would pay their account
. .. a -. ... rt.nbrwL.ivrn
unner tne nrr oner. uLuftutiiai.
M...K lfisa.. " fc! " - - -" - ;
N. In my absence, accouuri caa 'o settled it
riceorrpositethe Tsilmadg lioate, it tho old
Thshaviae d teased taetb. at trell at thoaa
who have no taeih.tre invited lo call, wkb tha aa-
th.t ihuv can fill earinua teeth ao at to lave
them and render them useful during life. Artificial
teeth inserted, from one ta a full set, oa gold plates,
and warranted to anwer tbe purpose ol the natural
onrans in the most satiifactory manner. Being per
manently located in Unraatar these baring work
dona will not. ineurtheritk IneWimtio tha employ
ment of trtntieut Ucntittt. 1 oev ao nor win uujpuj
ed to fill tenth partlv with tin rnU.and then fimrh tho
phis by inaertiiigarayerof gold oa top, end then
ihargo the price ofegold plug, like tome profession
al maa of great note aiid prateaawnt have aeea doing.
June 15,, lSoa-oam.. ....... ; s-, -. . . -
' Faltfield County AfrTieett"""' sloclety.
rilHE members tnd stleiher Psotu i who feel an
JL Interest la promoting the welfare of too FairUald
Couuty Agricultural Society. "3?"
niZted toVr t TreaursT rfmMmy, th.
fee t raembevthlp without Way, inord-t that tha
oiTicara mav be enabled ta make tbe necessary pro
P?rZ forth. Fair to b. heUU October next.
ft ia hoped that all will tea tho aeceetrty of prrmpt
neta.. Tkkat wiU be prepsxad to lulU'jb, aaaaUta
at lime of payment., ' '.'..,.
For conreniene, paymenU will be rewired at tha
store of Messn. lUber, Kutz A To.
J cTWaavra, 3. JOEX REr2vVt.
Julf 1J.1BS3, -,. , w. . -

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