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'-' Temfkbakcc The following English
ocieties have sent delee-ates to the Whole
World' Temperance Convention : which
meets at New York on. the . 1st proximo:
Tl. T Rmitv free.
too Ban J af Hope Society, Liverpool Deugh
, Jer of Rechab.Wakefioid (Yorkshire) Tem-
perinea Society, Whitehaven Total Ab.
alienee nocieiv. i ne credentials ui muro
than three Hundred delegates ii ia mm nave
been received. Thia ia the convention in
which females taka apart.
" Onto aso Miastssirpt Railwit. The
: greater portion of the lio from this city
. . - k iiM.n(i.kit r, f tha Jaalt,,r,ikni1 Ia knit
' Indianapolis road ia graded, and the iron ia
' fill arriving to lay the track. It Is intended
.to have the road run by the 1st of December
next. Ci. Uat.
Colo Watee. If you are dry, drink pure
cold water. ; It ia aafe, aalutary and invigorating-.
, " ;. .
If you would use a beverage provided by
Clod aud free from th nolunn and imnuritv
fuund iu intoxicating drinks, use pure cold
.! , If you wonM have a good relish for food,
,' and have it digested, use pure cold water.
, If you would enjoy a calm state of mind
and be saved from impatience, fretfulness
and evil passion, tlrink nothing but pure
cold water, and thia will eontribute largely
to auch reault .
If you would save your property, spend
'. nothing fur inebriating liquor, and drink
cold water.- ,- .
- If y on would live lone, drink pure cold wa
ter. 1 hose who used this as a beverage.
, usually live longer than those who drink in-
r toxlcatinf liquors.
- ii you inirsi tor oisiuiea annas, ana ma
'curse of Intemperance la upon you, drink cold
water and nothing rise. It ia a sure rente
dy for drunkenness.
- .'. dT" borse thief, named Warner, escaped
from our jail on Sunday afternoon last,
through the door in the rear of the building.
ni nas not Deen neara ot since ne let. it
I is aaid that the noise in the court bouse on
- Saturday afternoon frightened him Into a
disposition to effect his escape. He no
dtlllht thnnrrht if in-line urn in AnniA frnm
. such a source, be had belter tramp, St, tramp
, he did. Somerset Pott. :''
" Cobiocs Apfeararci or the Schuylkill
River. The Reading Gazette says the wa
ter tu the Schuylkill appears to have chang.
eu color within the last ten days. It usual
greenish hue is turned to blue, for some
cause as yet unexplained. Some attribute
it to the dregs of the coal mines which are
. emptied into the river in Schuylkill county,
. and other to the sinking ol two boat loaded
witn lime.
Waahington Irving is a very great man
but not calculated to shine or create a sens
ation on public oocasions such a public
dinners, etc. t ins feature was admirably
described by Moore, who described him a a
poor lion, but a capital domestic animal.
Washington, Sept. 2. Cspt. J. Leroy of
the Navy, and Capt, Baker of the Marine
corps, died recently, of yellew fever, at
tinsacola. , The epidemlo I appearing at
Attornoy General Cushing disavow the
authorship of the BottnnPoit Cosst affair,
but laud it ability. '
Gen. Clark returned yesterday from hi
inspection of the Soutnern route for the Pa
ciflc railroad. lie went to a point west of
ntredoport, La. tie report-i the route more
favorable man many railroads running
inrougn new England or new iork.
Washinotor, Sep, 9. Woodward, the
murderer of his wife, wa executed this
morning, lie made no confession, and met
hi fat with apparrant indiffurance.
Nkw York, September 1. A private let
ter from St. Thomas give a few (ddltionnl
particulars of tha Insurrection at M ortons
, The uumber of house burnt nd plundered
-were 133. The number In the country 7
The civil authorities, supported by the Eng
' lish and Danish soldier, have declared mar
tin I law, and were quietly suppressing the
rebellion. Thirty of the chief a tors had
been arrested, and are now under trial.
By the arrival of the Hermann and the
ntiiils ol the Europn we have a few addition
al items ol interest from Europo.
A frightful accident ocuured at the new
Crystal Palace at Lydonhain by the falling
of a scaffolding, killing 11 men.
A great Are at Dover had destroyed pro
perty to the amount of 50,000.
. , Pmr.jiOELrHU, September 3.-The House
of Bishops reassembled at Camden, this mor
ning. The Priest requested those who
were nut member to retire, when Mr.
Doane made an eloquent appeal to theHouse
to open the door to the public, and offered
a resolution to that eft'uet. The matter is
now unde.r discusion.
CiNciMaTt, September 1. A meeting of
citizen was held at Masonic Hall to-night,
to take measures for the impeachment of
JudgeFlynn. The resolutions thalFlynn
' ought to he impeached, passed unanimously,
Committee was appointed to prepare and
bring the matter before the Legislature next
winter. -'
BeLTiMORR, Septomber l.-W learn that
the yellow Fever ia increasing at Natchez.
BaLTiMORK. September 3 The Whig
State Committee Convention yesterday,
t-' nominated Richard J. Bowie, of Montioine-
, ry, for Governor, and Dr. J. Hanson, of
Jjoitlinore, Comptroller.
."'New York, Sep, 9,- Order have been
; received to fit out the - sloop . of war Bt
Mary's in eight days. -
Ngw URLXAtis, Hep. 1. The total num.
1 ber of death from yellow (ever, 103.
At Mobile the number of death by fever
averaged ten a day.
Philadelphia, September l.-The House
of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal
' Church, assembled to day at the Odd Pel-
. ' low's Hall, Camden, to Investigate the case
of Bishop Doan of the Diocese of New
, Jersey, . Bishop Brownell presided and said,
in accordance with the rule of the ' House
the proceedings would be private. A mo
tion to adjourn to Burlington wa undor dia
cussion. - New Orliar, August 28. The total in
terments the past twenty-four hour, were
183, of which 154 were death from yellow
fever. The decreaae 1 owing to want of
, Accounts from Natchex say that the great
est alarm prevail there. More than half
: the population had left the town in conse
quence of the revftge of the yellow fever.
The authorities bad also left, and quaran
tine regutationa were no longer enforced.
Baltimore September 1. The Whig
, . Sttts Convention met this morning, Samuel
- Hamilton wa appointed President a reso
lution to nominate the whole ticket wa
. advocated. .. ., , . ;,.
ROW THEN I - ...
af ATES Id the TsllroaJire House, has nts fresh
VX supply of veTydescriptioaef gpodsinolt line
too tedious to muntion." . -Lasa),:t!ayS,ll.
Further by Uie Eur pa.
Bostor. A oeust 30 LoDo,Aug. 31 LI
Franoe.thd Emperor and Einprre have re
linquished their contemplated journey to
Diedtfor the present. A rumored compli
cation of the Eastern question ia assigned
the reason. ' The Revenue during the first
half year of 1853 wan 3,663,449 florins more
than iu the first 6 month of 1853. It ia
rumored at Vienna that ahould the Russian
make an inroad intoaervice; iheAustrians
would occupy the for Ires at Belgrade, for
Austria would never consent to Rusaia tak
ing possession of the key to Sclevonia and
Hungarian pros.; tea.
- The Kalisch correspondent of the Aus
train Lloyds wrota that, although negotia
tions for peace were still going on at St,
Petersburgf!, the. war department were as
active aa ever.
The Berlin National has a communica
tion from Russia, dated 12th inst, which
state that the Emperor's acceptance, of the
V lenna proposition was not uucondiliona..--The
evacuation of the prioripulilie was
made dependent on the acceptance of the
proposal ot the Porto without alteration or
amendment. -
The Porte will not send off an Ambassa
dor until an order i sont to draw the Rus
sian troop. .
Tha Cx:.r will notsend that order till the
Porte ha signed an agrecnieut which is
tantamount to a concession of every point
in disnute. and havinir cot so far as to be
permitted to aend an ambassador to St. Pe
tersburgh. There will then be two questions
indemnification of expense and the ex
pulsion of all political refuetia. The form
er will be waived, but as to the latter, al
though much has been Slid, Russia will pro
test by this opportunity on having Turkey
at a disadvantage, to obtain a measure which
the firmness of the Port refusedtwo or three
years back, and Austria, will join in enforc
ing the pressing demund. "
Advices have been received from Con
stantinople to the 6th inn. It is stated that
in an Interview with Rescind pacha the
Persi an ambassador bndp-tven full and pos
itive assurances of snpport in case of need.
Measures have been token to collect an ar
my of 63,000 men at the disposal of the Sul
tan. The government has ordered the
bishops and archbishops to return to thoir
sees immediately and it has been understood
that Russian and Urecion agents are busy in
several parts of the country to ferment dis
Recent advices from the Belgrade Dis
trict, mention that the occupants of Servia
were arming at that point; 30,000 militia
were ulrcady armed.
Letters from Malta state that a courier
had arrived at Constantinople with new
that 20,000 Austritn would occupy Servia
a a check on any revolution that might ar
ise out of the occupation or the principalities
by Russia.
The Prince of Servia say ho will regist
with 60,000 men.
The last accounts from Constantinople
says that public opinion is strongly in favor
of resistance.
New Orleans nnd Mexican News.
Baltimore, August 30. By the mail we
have New Orleans papers late as due.
The New Orleans Bue gives a detailed ac
count of the operations of tho Howard As
sociation. The number of patients treated
by the Society, to August 90, is 4,564; of
these 2,300 wero discharged cured; 720 died,
and 1600 still remain under treatment.
Tho total expenses per day was $1500
The Society was providing means & homes
for 1GJ orphans, most of them infant. The
Society had 300 nurses in it employ.
Among the deaths Is John H.Graham, of
New York, and L. B. Heme, of Ulster coun
ty, New York.
The Orleans papers contain new from
Mexico to the 9th instant.
The black vomit was prevailing at Aca
pulco, and was growing very fatal. Gen.
Manuel Villadi hid died of the disease. '
Advices from Texas say the Rio Grande
Vulloy had given nearly a unanimous vote
for Pease and Dickinson, candidates for Go
vernor and Lieut. Governor.
Quarantine had been established at Pen
sacola, and the New Orleans packets die
continued running. .
There wore five death from yellow fevor
at Mobile, ou the 23d instant.
ItulKintc of the Atlantic.
Buffalo, August 31. We karn from
John Uutterfleld, of the American Express
Company, who returnod to this city last
evening from the vessels anchored on the
ground where the Atlnntio sunk, that the
storm for the last two or three nays ha de
layed the progress ol raising her.
It has been ascertained that Hie Atlantic
lie with ber bow pointed in the mud, and
stern upward.
Two chain aavo been secured to the
wreck by means of dragging them under.
Another chain la to beaecured to the wreck
when tho process of raising and moving her
towards the shore or shallow water will
commence. . .
Mr. Bishop has lost no confidence in his
ultimate success in raising the Atlantic and
bringing her into port.
They have been now right day at work,
and hopes are entertained that much will bo
accomplished during tha next six days.
Political riKlit.
Buffalo, Aueust 39. The Democratic
Ward moetinus for the election of delegates
to the Stato Convention, took place here
on Saturday.
A dispute arose between the friend and
opponents of the Administration appoint
ment. Tho latter were completely routed,
and the ballot boxes, Sic, smashed. The
night wa general and somewhat protracted
. New York, August 39. Caldor, tho
man charged with fuigery, and elulined by
tho British Uovcrnineut undor tho AsliDur
ton treaty, was this morning discharged by
Judge Edmonds. He decided that the testi
mony was not sufficient tu sustain the com
p aint, and that lie could not hold him for
thu purpose of receiving further testimony
ituui cjiigiuuu.
Savarrah, Aug. 30.-The Savannah and
uun ttstiroad Company has been organized.
"t puouc meeting to-dy the citiaeiuau
thoriied a subscription of one million dul
Isrs for the construction of an air line route
to Mobile, with a branch to Florida. Seven
agent were appointed to procure the fund
Washi rotor, August 31 A duel took
lace yesterday between S. Q. Davis, mom
erof the Virginia Legislature, and Robert
Ridgewav, Editor of the Sentinel of Liberty
published In Virginia. Dsvis fired tw
without effect, when Kidgeway declined to
ore, and tha partlea became reconciled.
Railway Disaster
Saratoga, August SO. A collision took
place last night, on the Schenectady an
Saratoga Railway. Daniel Astrader, the
fireman, wa killed, and several Injured bad
Relief tor Haw Orleaaasa
Pittsburcb, August 80. Thia city ha
remitted $5,000 to .the Howard Society at
New Orloana. Collection are still being
made, and the whole amount collected will
probably reach 18,000. ?
Cheese! Cheese!! Cheese!!!
TUSTrecolred, a fins lot of English D.lrr. Pine
J AVplesad aUpiago Cheese to be sold lew tor
May 8, 18,a. ota
UavSng just received rom Cineuuntl, ssost
ntniv and more Fashionable Stock, agaia
thankfully address the liberal public:
ThanKs to i he r-ubil. w e rejoice
We have (enVou Public's voice
Our warm appeal has raach'd their heart;
They obl y help's at t the etert.
And Bolp us still, and seem o about: -
Hurrah for Robihioh and Thout!"
In facMhey quickly bought ne out . .
And for thoir money bargaina got
At famous SooriKl.u's Cnnnisaroom,
Andstillthecry is "ti they rome.
To plesse their taste and take their eye
We just have got anew supply
Of other KooU and Shea, and dUto,
From glorious Cincinnati City.
And these wilhthose otourown make
Will auroly Fairfield County take:
We mean, its custom far and wide, .
Till all are pleaa'd and all supplied!
"i"h fjotent Cincinnati Newt?' .
Come road it in our Boota and Shoe '"
ForOicifTi kmk.h aa aaid before.
Ol eatables a varied store,
Krom CungiW down lo 'rw-rfJJ,
Ol'lotvest price though higheat prai-e.
So highly poliahM lame and raah to win, '
The ahaving folks may shave therein-. 1
Vor Laniiea. latett tashiona too. . ,
From tidy hoot to tidier eho"
Which fau the lovera' ardent names
Aa worn bv Cincinnati damea;
Ths Jeitng Id 4 that tll a tale ,
Aa aweet a Swediab Nightingale,
And say, when worn the atroeta alwut ,
"corns rVomRnamaoit JtTaotrr!"
The SaiHat, Bronz'd; the Patent Calf,
And Roteiti Boot3,o soft and aafe .
The Ua'tert ot" the various kiuda
To pluaae the various feet and minds
The great Non$ Much and French Morocco,
To other ahops a downright "jorAr"
In ahort and long, the iMiliet knew
We blowair breezes xohen tee blow
Koi Chii.uhk!. pretty boys and girls.
Who amile applause throuuli flowing curls,
We have the uuwest and the best
Come one, come all, the Stuck to test;
WhAM Mch i MDinnt. lonl-adnrnar
Throws tha Public 'into at SCOFIELD'S
Lancsstor, Ohio, May 17, 1863.
Great illeilii-liie forWoiiiis in :ltilil
ri'ii iiimI others.
1 1 .H 13 Medicine has been manufactured by Smith
I. and Atkinson for snveral years, and has been uod
with great success bvPhysiciansanJ others, in various
parts of the Unitod Statos, many thousands of bottles
havD been sold, and tho universal approval it has me,
with In sll quarters wher" it has been introduced!
...una thai it naoil Milv 1 trla' to SSLisfv tl)A mOftt in-
credulous of its great value.the size of the bottle has
been en'argnd, so that it is one of the cheapest as well
ai most valuable Worm Medicines everoneredtotlie
mihlir- and the soraon buvini this article lets the
full value of his money lu quslily, which is alact well
worth remembering.
Bo careful tn ask for "Smith and A tkimon t Amer
ican Worm Killer" and aeo that the name of Smith
ni Atkinson ia on the Bottle tn raised Letters.
Relief for msn and beiat. The horseman's hope,
or Farmer s Kriond. Arrangements are now made
for the supplying the public with this great remedy.
hlch has been uied with wonderlul success Dy tnose
who hsve had an opportunity of testing its virtues
Nn familv should nodect to hsve a supply: and sll
persons would do well to koep some by them to be
uanrf in cbsa ni acciaenr in man or norse.
Con unnsKs. etc i or tho cure ol sprains bruises,
saddle and collar sans, sweuea joims, iiuiuhbi auu
weskoess of the legs, old sorns, scratches, etc.
Vn M for the cure of rheumatism, lumbago.
sprains, swellings, bruises, sclstic pains, stiffness and
wknaa nf the limbs, and othur accident! sndsttltC'
Hons to which men and animals are liable.
Pepared only by Smith and Atkinsok,388, Baltl
mnrn afreet. Baltimore.
Kor sale by Kanilman a co., Lancaster; Jonn ueo-
nard.Bssili&.Goehegan, Baltimore; Isaac Jones, New
Salem; E. Kalb, Kuslivll e; utio ri. M'ei-eraco.
Somerset. A'so for sa'e in Circlovil'e, Ohio.
This nrenaration has been belorethe public s sutti
olnnt time to have its merits fail 1 V tested and tha re
ports received from various parts ot the country,
prove it to be one of the mnat valuable remedies ever
uoren, onin ro man ano nurse
August ao, 1S0-J. 10
George Ilammel'i Premium Essence of Coffee
BT Alf rFACTrHSlD ST Oakiiel Boiilbh (t 00.
One Package at 10 cento vllltave 4 Ih: of Coffee!
THIS Essence was lately swarded with a silver
modal in he American Institute, New York, also
withthe first premium forsucharticles in the Frank
in Institute, fhtiadolphla.
Sold Wholesale nd detail, at tne proprietor s awe
DeDOt.tlS.Callowhlil atreot.Pliilsdolphia. Also,forsale
by our Aents, and at the principal Drug aud Cirocery
stores throughout the United States.
This Kssence hat been proven by many thousands
of the richest and most respectable families, at well
as by the poorer class ol people, almost through the
whole United Statos. to be bvfsrthe beat preparation
ol'cnll'ee ever ollerod to the public. Colfoe made by
this Kstencoia much more who esomajinnre delicate,
Iner flavored, pnrloctly cloar.snd.ln every Instance
nnorinT to tha finest Java Colfoe.
In order to give luusatisiaction ana pmoi mat tne
B DUVU HI 11CIU in pm tun, y MUMlkli; , uu w .ihi- -,iniw
thini ofthn deserved ronutationit has gained and just'
ly elltlf leu ro, we annex a lew commaies aim recom
mendatinns, partlcu'arly relating to hoalth, from Dr.
booth and ur. ijniitnn, practical cnenusrs sna Ansiy
sists ol the cities of I'lnliulelphta. and New York.
College Avmue, renin irreei, oeiow maritei, I
Philadelphia, September, mi.
I have examined the easenco of Colfoe manulacluv
d hv iluminul. Bohlnr Ht ro.. and find that ill. con
stlluenta are not in the least injurious to hoalth, it
may be used li-oeiyanawiinreriert sstntv,
. "I. kL'.1 TlA-t.lT
jnnir.o nuuiu.
Pro . of Chemistry applied to Arts, Krankdn Instilule.
Nn. 73 chamlters street. New York, Aug i'J, tool.
. . . ; I . . ' i . i r ,
1 nave nxamiueu an ariicm prHmreu ay nicnsn.
Hummnl. Bnh'er and Co .PhUadolpIiia, called Kawnce
of enlfeo, which is intended to he used with coffee,
for tho purpcise of Improving ll, I find it free not only
irom any ining injurious to naann, out, on ui con
trary, the Iniedientsnf which It is composed are per.
fectly wholoaome. J. R Cllll.TON, r. U. Chemist.
Knrialubv O. K All I"' 8' MAN & co.. Airnnts.
and othor Druggists snd Orocers gonerally
Lancaster, uiuo, Aiigusi o, 1004 '
NO, 156,
siyx OP TIIR
Pad-Lock & Mill-Saw,
JLiarenow receiving one of the
largest stocks of Hardware they
nave ever naa, ns can ssy wiuioui
boasting, that our stock Is omul to
that of any hardware ontibiUhment in central Ohio,
and bv far the laninst to ba found in this markot. We
have alwav had Iho reputation of keeping the great
oit variety and bost quality of goods, and soilings
ternitiird te bo thoiil of all coiniietiilon in tha way of
linn mwHr Limn biiv tiinm rBiauuBnuit it,, hiiu sin iw
good bargains. may 4, i"oi .
Of tha liest Qnelily eltveyt on hand,
YELLOW Rio Coffee, roon do. Jsvt do; Young
Hyton Teas, Imperial do; Black do; Orleans and
Loaf Sugars, Boston Syrup, prime srlkle, Orleana
.i.i n. uniiAii.a. ".hi... Knnira rinnimnii
cloves, Mutinogs, Macs, etc etc at
Neplemlitrr Ii. . K A L r p .VI A IN vV tu-
KEEP copttantly on hand. White Letd, pure,
Knusand dry. Venetian Lead. Yellow Ochi
lllue. Red Led. I.itharire. Linseed Oil.Sperm
Oil, Corn Oil, copal vtrnih, coacn ao., enrome iei
low. do. Green, Rose l'lnk, Vermillion, Lamp Black.
Turpentine, Lard Oil.EishOil.AlcohoMapan Varnish,
that will not turn yellow. AU of which will be told
low lor tesn. - - ,.
rpiIE subscriber, at hit thou on Chetnut
X street, lininediatelv r.t ol the Uiu l)p
Hat i;hurcn. is ursparea iouo an aniuoi m
connected with hi. business in me uesi manner.
MK8, (())
. best of IS
h In his emnlnv one of the very
workmen, who is not surpassed In thit branch of the
Diisinest, I'ricea win no mane mumim". m yw
Ironage of the public It respnctlully soiiciieii. .
LIUICHrtier, HIHIXIl IU-J. O. ur.ii niv.
A NUMBER ofdeslrabi building lots. In Hunter It
It Weaver t addition to the city ol Lancaster, they
will be aold on very reasonable tnrma. As lone de.
lavs are dangerous, these quick times, call soon aud
make your selection ol a lot, whilst they can be
bought at a low price. Now Is the time for those
persona who tre desirous of obtaining a good location.
inquire or J, V. WEAVER.
June IB, 1833. 6-Gw
JEN lilt A.1, NOTICE.
THE public re notified that I have disposed of my
enllre stock of Goods to Messrs. I.vnn..
who will hereafter conduct the business at the old
Those Indebted to ma are requested to call and
settle their accounts immediately either by cash or
note. I return any acknowledgements ta n- nM
frieuds snd customers who so liberally patronlgied
ma t win ow louna si au luu, ai ine oiq atand res
dy to settle. JACOB PLOUT.
lAocaster, aiarea is, loos 4m Ao
Tt SrtI.Whit, Pickerel. Trout and Bas for saleby
ne i via oea. I eoi.,ai vi.ruia. o. -m
Jaaadlea, Dyspepala, Chrauate e Ssrveei
Dekt'ltjr, Dieeaeeseif taveKtdsieye,
ANDalldiaeasesariaincfroina disordered Live!
and Stnnarh. .i.h constioatioa. fullnesa, ol
bloed to the head, acidity ol theaUmaehauea,heart'
burnJissnJittorlood.tuHnessor wekhtin theslomsch.
our eructationa.auikbig or fluttering at tnu ra m .
atowach, swimming of the head, hurried aud difficult
hn,thin- fluttarinv at ih heart.rhoakingor sufloca-
ting sensations when ia a lying posture.dimnose of vis
Jni.nrwh.)uroratk.silit. fever.dull earn In
tle head, deficiency of Mrtpiralion.yellowneaaoltae
tLrln finrl avsni nfain
In theaide, oac,cnes,i mi ,-
sudden flushes of heat, burning in the Reah, constant
oiagmingt of evil, snd great depression oi apir.i.,
Prepared ly Dr. C. M. Jecksoss,
No. l!IO Areas Street. Philadelphia.
Their power over the above disesset is not excelled
If equalled, by any other preparation In the United
Wales, as tne cures attest, in many " '
r..i v.u.u;.n. i,d r.ii.d
The Bitters are worthy tha attention of Invalids.
Possessing great virtues in the rectification of
diseases of the liver and lesser glands, exercising the
snnat tut aws hints' nnnArl inwAi kness k affections of tha
... . f . ... i r : a. -.1 . n
digestive organaneysrewitnai,aaie,ceri""-j'"i"v
ri-mm ihAUltAatAn RfiS."! ' "
Tha editor said. rWemhor 22d "Jfr, lfooflalld'$
CeUbrated German Bitten for ths cure of liver com-
plaint, jaundice, dyspepsia. Chronic or nervous doblll
lv. is deservedly one of the most popular medicines
rtv,.. Th l,iiiar have been used by thou
sands, and a friend at our elbow aaya he has himself
received an effectual and permanent cure of liver
complain! from the use of this remedy. W are con-
voiced insi, in in nse Ol mese uuw,",
constant) v gains streueth and vigor a fact worthy ol
great consideration. They are pleasanr in tatte and
smell, and can be used by persons with the moat deli
cate stomachs with safety, under sny circumstances.
We are speaking from experience and to the afflicted
we advise their use."
'Sco-rT'tWa-KK iY,"one ol tha best Literary papers
published, aaid, Aug. 35: "Dr. Hoofland's German
Bitters, manufactured by Dr. Jackson, are now recom
mended by aomo of the most prominent members ol
the faculty, as an article of much ellicscy in cases ol
female weakneas. As such ia the case, wewouiaaa
vlseall mothers to obtain a bottle, and thua save them
selves much sickness. Persona of debili'ated consti
tutions will find these bitters advantageous to their
heslth, as we know from experience the aalutary of
feet they have upon weak systems." .
The Ilon.Jf!. D. Hikelivk, Mayor of the city of
Camden, Hew Jersey, says:
"Hoor laud's Gkrmait Bi-meRS. We have teen
miny nattering notices of this medicine, and the
source from which tbey came induced ns to make in
quiry respecting its merits. From inquiry we were
narsiisdoil lo use it. and must say we found it speci
fic in ita'action upon disease of theliver and digestive
orgsna. and tho powerful influence It exerts upon
nervous prosirsuon is rainy aurpjiaiun. ii.
nd strengthens uie nerves, orining mem 11110 a nam
repose, maKing sieep reiresiuiig.
It this medicine wst more aenerally used, we
are satisfied there would be less sicknots, aa from
the stomach, liver, and nervout I vstem the great ma-
inritv nf mil and Imaginary diseases emanate Have
j .......- , jC,.
mem in a neauny conaiiio,,, suu yu w,u ucuti,
to epidomlcs generally. 1 nit extraorainary ihbui
film wa wniilil advise out friends who are at all in'
sposed. to give a trial It will recommend ilsell.
hnuld. In Tact, he In every family. No other me-
..inM nn nfndiirA aurh Al'idnnCAB of merit."
. . .. r , , in
Evidence upon evidence naa oeen receivea hkb
the foregoing from all tactions ol the Union, the laat
three years, and the ttrongest testimony in its favor,
is, thst there it move of it used in the practice ol the
regular I'nymciaua ol rnuaueipma,inan luumer
. mmKinad. a fact that can easily be established.
and fully proving that a scientific preparation will
meet witn tneir quiet approval nusu yiuuvou omu
Ln thia form.
That this modiclne will cure Liver complaint and
Dyspepsia, no one can doubt after using it as direct
Ad. Itacts sDHciricallv uonn the stomach and liven
it Is preferable to calomel in all biliovt diseases
the effect it immediate. They can be administered
to female or infant with safety snd reliable benefit
at any time.
TV hive the written signature el C. M. JACK.
SON upon the wrapper, snd his name blown ln ths
ottle, vmnout wnu a tnev are wpunuus.
t or sale, wnoiotaie sna retail, ins
Nn. Qll ASCII street. one door below sixth, Phils
elphia, and by respectable dealer t generally through
A'rtres Iieaucea. lo enanie an classes ui invauus,
to eniov the advantages of their great restorative
Lowers. Single Jlottle 75 esnt. For sale"
v notesaie ano iteiuu oy orum uwnii,
Wooster. Ohio. State Agents. Also, for tale by
K AUKs MAN ft i;u.. Lancaster, utiio.
It. B. Walker, Weat Kuthville: E. K.lb, East Hush.
vllle; J. w. Clement, Hreencsstle, John tndsiey.
Uthopolis: U. Kobertt, uoiumDus, ano oy doners eon
orally. September 16, lab'l.
iro coMPnoMisE of conscjenu
AMES GATES hat just added to his stock, at hit
oldstand in the"Tallmalg House," slargeand
nlondtd variety or
WAKE, JZWLBY, ftc, to., MJ
.... ... ,,i I! r UkU
vvnicn newm uinooieoi si ss mmuii.tw,
hla nrlrns SB inv nthor similar stockN
I tho same quality can oe purcnaseu ,u un fionv
rn ..nllnlrv.
.... ,t. . . , 1 1 . I ur..,
Hit Wutehes are ofthebnstmakesnd of superior
quality. His Clocks are of every variety and ol the
beat manufacture. Hit lot of SilVOI-Wnre it ex
tensive and cannot fail to please. His Jewelry is ol
tho most boautiful patterns and hta beeu selected with
great core.
He keeps on hand, also. Cutlery, Canes. Looking
Ulassotand flatet, uritannia nets, miisicsi instru
ments, Oirandolet, Fans, Pocket Books, Hmshes, s
lot of line Stationery and s variety ol useful and or
namnntsl sr.lclna.
Ha hat taken soecialcare In tnlerting Ins stock to
suit this market and Invites the public to call and ex-
nine for themselves. JAMLS t,Ali.B.
Lancaster, June 13
oilrc lo Itiillclcrs ntil ITlcrlittnirs.
rilllE subscriber Is now establishing an EXTEN
At Oleay's Wharf, font of Columbus and
lllirll Mtreets, I.eluoalcr,
nd intends keeping constantly on hand sll kinds ol
Lnmbor and Coal for sale.
His extensive scnuaintance and knowledge of Lum
ber, will enable him tn select the bost qualities, tnd
sell st such prices, si win mom tne patronage oi a
generous public.
UUIl, Ur.llo AIM." LU.MllrlLIUUO
having special bills to fill, will find it to their interest
to call on him before purchasing: elsewhere.
U -lie win siso nirnian ai wnoresaie ana iteiau,
LIME and CE MENT of a superior quality.
Believing In the old maxim, that "a ntmoie Htxpenrs
ia better than a slow shilling," my terms will be cash.
August St. VVM. J. UAH1A
TAKE thlt method to Inform tho Threihlng Ma
chine men of this snd the adjacent counties that 1
am oititbliahnd for this year at ('. Af. Beery & Co's
Foundry, in i.ancister, wnere i win attenu lo
that may be confided to my charge, particularly the
olassuion oiacnine. nsving ine niaaauion casnngs
complete, both for the Power snd Separator. Hay
ing wonted anmeume in ine niasNiiinn jusiaDiisnnionr,
I shall he well nrenared lo repair those machines. I
will, also, in addition to i-epaiitng machines, put up
to onier, iron tnu woou-aiave cyienuers. .
I will net up to order an excellent article b which
tn gum lawa; and also mtnulacture to order t Self-
HeaiatiDs Saw-Lov Loader, a macmnelhtt will do
more work, for lesa money, thin any other machine,
for that purpose now In use. One of these machines
can be seen alter the first of April at the above nam
ed f oundry. . A. VAIN TltUiur.
unctater April 8, 1H53.
BInckmith nnd Veterinary Burgeon,
OFFER8 hit terviceito the public ta
iho ranieifv ol I'sfcrinoru Sur-
geon, snd especially in the treatment of
atneaseajeet, tin long eiperioncw m
shoeing horses enables him to confident
ly say, that he can ind will give full sa
tisfaction. Ha has availed himielflof all
the liuhta of arlenro in treaties the various forms of
diseased teet.to which the norsais uaoie.
ins shop Is on urosa street, seariy oppoa.e ine
worth public school-house.
: Wavnns and BuvEiaa Ironed on short notice, and all
.L.T 1- -r 1.11 j :.i A.... a, J..n.l.k
glues mnuaoi aiiiiviunguuuai wiwmM'i" wwoj,.,.
The noble Horae pursues his daily toil
In Buggy, Coach, or in the farmer's fields
. Straining each nerve to tread turn the soil,
With patient tplrlt not dlapoaed to yield
. He makea (I wlui your money 1 declare It
And I'm the man to ahoes hint right.
Ltncaiter, March 11.1843. B. GARRETT.
ZINK k BISH, Afaiis ifr(, Imcaster, Ohio,
four doors West of ths Hocking Valley Bank.
Where fresh Bread, Ruaks, Cakes, snd Crickers can
he had evArv dav.
We have employed the nr( beat workmen In our
lineof bualneas and will sell at wholesale and retail
at the lomst prices.
We are determined lo viva seneral tatiafartion.
All orders front tha citv or county for Bread: cakes;
soda, butter, water snd Boston crickers, will be
promptly filled. Olvaus a call.'.
Lancaster. July 91. JS68 . ZINK BISH.
N. B. We also keen on hand a loneralaaaortment ol
FAMILY GROCKU1ES, which will be sold at the
lowest rates. . ZINK BISH.
Dr. Gnyeott's Improved Extract of
tlea, and is acknowledged to be Hie best SAtUjAPA
UILLA made, aa iacArtilie,! bv tha Wonnmri'L
funics it has peiformod, tlieoriginal copies of which
are in the poaaeaaion of the Proprietor. Remember,
this it the only TRUE and ORIGINAL article.
n-L- ft. t , ji . I : .,...
me meuicine, wneo nseu aceoraing i uuwb.u..p,
Will Cure. Without Fail
ScaoroiA on Kimos Evri., C'amcjsjis, Tuwoas,
Ekuptioks or ths Skik, i.ysiritt.As, Chkok
ic, Sokk-Etks, RmawoRM or Tkttxks,
Scald Hkas, Rhkosiatism, Pains ih
' thi Bokks on Joints, old Souks
. , aud Ulckhs, Swzu.uia or
tub Glahds, Svrnii.is,
? DrsvEniA, Salt Rbkum, . r
CisKAt or Kidnkys, ,. , ... .
Lous or Apr-KTrnf, '
OisxtAsa aiuiduxo reosf ths us or -
The Bet Female Medicine Known.
The peculiar maladies to which females are sub
set, commonly produce great bodily exhaustion, ac
companied bv adenreased and often eloomy I state 0
mind. Aa the system declin a in strength, there it s
loss oi nervous power, and tnis very naturally im
Daira the enerev of the mind and disturbs the equa
nimity of the temper Every candid woman who
has suffered from femtle complaints will admit this
to ba the mournful truth. Now, to obtain relief, it is
only necessary to sIod the teudcucv to depletion and
debility. This it done by renewing that fountain of
health and ttrength, the BLOOD, andno medicine ac
compliihet thia desirable reault ao apeedily and com-
Blete aa "Dr. Guyaott'a Iinprovod Extract of Yellow
lock and Sarsaparilla."
Ladies of pale complexion and consumptive habits,
and auch at are debilitated by those obstructions
which females are liable to, are restored, by the use
of a bottle or twr, to bloom and to vigor.
Sa ojula ana l ancer cureauyjr. uuysou a.x-
tranoj xc""V jmck ana aarsaparwa.
f ' tj . ' J tj tj ' EJ
Irresular or Disordered Menstruation, cured bv
AND 8ARSAPAR1LLA. Krom a practicing physi
cian in Elizabethtown, Hardin county, Ky.,
J-.LIZABBTHTOWlf, 1 eb, 'Id, IKo.i.
John D. Park Dcsr Sir: I have tried Dr. GUY-
SAKSAPARILLAin my practice for tho cure of Dis
ordered Menstruation, aud find it to have a very fine
In one caso, there were very alarming convul
sions, which occurred In quick succession during the
menstrual period; and after the aecond attack ot that
i i i . j ' ) . i . .rn 1 ..... . c
Klliu, 1 auviHtiu ma iuq ui ii . uiiyui.i a x.xiiaci ui
Sarsaparilla during the Interval, and my patient hat
not had a return ol her convulsion! since. At tho
next period she felt some slight convulsive sensation,
but not enough to demand medical attention.
1 remain yours, u. ft. niciiiuLi.
q q q q ,..q , q
From E. L. like, Esq., Attorney-at-laie Cincinnati.
A child cured of Eruutlon in a verv few dav bv the
use of only a part of a bottle ol the yellow Dock and
uncissati, June lum, inua.
To whom it may concern: I have watched closely
the ed'ect of "Dr. Guyaott'a Extract of Yellow Hock
and Sarsaparilla," at it hat been used extensively
within my observation, snd 1 am convinced, coin
from observation and experience, that it is of real
benefit tu the alllicted. In the caset for which it hat
been prescribed it hat acted with the certainty oft
specific, effecting cures that are wonderful. A esse
hst just come under my observation of a child af
flicted with eruptions. Hi face wa one frightful
inre.rGallv nainful to behold, and the whole avstem
was dersngod, "Or Guysott's Extract pi Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla" was administered, and in an
incredibly short time the face was healed, the con.
atitution restored, and the countonance so iinDrnved
and beautified aa to give it the appearance of another
This Is an unsolicited statement oft tingle "ate out
ol many that hat come under my immediate observa
tion. E. L. RICE.
Quart bottles. $1 per bottle. Six bottles for $5.
N. E. corner Fourth and Walnut streets, Cincin
nati, Ohio, General Agent for the West, to whom all
orders must be addressed.
Forasle by Kauffmant St Co., and M.Z. Kreider,
Lsncastnr; C. Ecidler, Baltimore; P. Hane, Pleasant
yille. Buell, Holmes Co., Carroll; . II. Sunderman,
Amanda, IN. A. Uavlssnn, isrlton, tu, Kalh, Rush
ville: O. 11. Mmller & Co.. Somerset: 6. D. Buck
water, HallHVille: M. A. PAtteraon, Adelplii; Troup
i lcKarui , iircieviue. marcn i t, iooj in40
Eatabllshed 18 years ago, by Dr Klnkelin, Northwesl
corner ol Ihirdand L'nlon strevls, between
Spruce and Pinestroots, Philadelphia.
Einhtcen yean of extensive uninterrupted prac
tire spent in this city, have rendered I'r k. the meat
expert and successful practitioner far asd near, in the
treatment of all di eases ofa private nature. I'ersom
alllicted with ulcers upon the body, throat or legs,
pains in the hesd or bones, mercurial rheumatism,
strictures, gravel, diseaso arising from youthful ex
cesses or impurities of the bloud, whereby the con
atitution has become enl'eobled, are allircatcdwitb
He who place himself under the care of Dr. K.,
may religiously confide in his honor at a gentleman,
aim couuuumiy reiy upou ins skiii aa a pnysician. ,
Younc men who hare Injured themselves bv seer
tain practice indulged iu a habit frequently learned
from evil cnmpaninna or at school tho cll'ucti ol
which arenlghtly felt, even whenatloep, and dostroy
I 1T-.1-- l I I l.
eiiiii inula anu uonv, annum aipiy iiimieuiaieiy.
Wetkness and ronntitiitlonaldebilitv.Iosti of muscular
enorgy, phyairal lassitude and general prostration,
irritimmy ami an nervous atiectiont. indigestions,
tliigeiahnoat of the liver, and every disease in a la
ws y ronneatod with the disorder of the procreativc
lunciiont curou, inn luu rigor restored.
Klnkelin en KelfIresrvnllon Ouly 93 eta
Thit Book lust published Is filled with useful infor
mation, on the Infirmities and diseases of the Genera
tive Organs. It addressesitaelfalike to Youth, Man-
noon and uia Jige, and annum oe read by til.
The valuable advice and impressive wsrnlns it elves
will prevent yean of misery and tutl'ciing and lave
annually thousand! ol livet.
Parents by reading it will learn how to prevent the
aestmciion oi inoir cniiarcn.
.'A remittance of 36 centt, enclosed In s letter
tddreised to Dr. Kimbklin, Northwest corner ot
Third and Union ttreets, bctweon Spruce tnd Pine
streets, rntiaueipnia, win ensure s DooK,nnaer enve
lone. Der return ol mau
i'ersonsat a distance may address Dr. K. by letter
. . u , . 1 1 i . i
pnsi paiu,j anu lie curni ai noma.
Packsses of Medicine!, direction!. &.C. 'forwarded.
by lending s remittance, and put up secure from
damam or curiosity.
Book-iellors. News Agents, Pedlerc, canvassers, and
all others aupplied witn the above work at very low
rates. . aepiemoer ii, ino. jo
' DAOUi;Klti:oTYrE .
Sky-Light rnvillon. ,'
ATELSON &1CO. take pleasure in announcin
ll the citizens nf Ijnraster and snrroundins-
counlry that having located their Daguerreotype Pa
vilion on ths North side of the Public Kuiinre.
they would lay for the special benefit of all those
who wisn to obtain these vaiuaois keepsai,es; thete
beaiitilnl Penciling'! of I he Sun, Clothed with all the
britlientand ewr.atVKnaT beauties which the com
bined powers ot Nature and Art can produce, fail not
to can ai uie ravilion and naveyoui JUikeneuea tk
en while Life, health and onoortunitv admit. Hi v.
Ing just irrived from Now York and Philadelphia and
V-..J -.1-1. I -11.1.. t -l.t .1 1
naving viBiim au me r.aaiern ciuea, liiey are pre
pared with all the latest improvement! to taks Like.
nesaesof a stvleand llchness of execution notinferi
or to any ever taken we 4 of New Yortf citv, and far
superior to any ever taken in Sou thorn Ohio. Aa
they have aU ihe latest discoveries in the Art, they
caojiafely say they defy competition. Pictures taken
of various sizes, alto viewi of Buildings, Landscape!
ind Scenery, roppioi taken of Digueriwotyps Paint
ings and Sculpture Likenesses of children taken in
(air weather, between the hours of 10 o'clock A M.
snd 1 P. M. . ..
. prPlcturesasIow M 1,23.
N. B. Post Mortem rases attended toon short no
tice and at fair pricea. Instruction! carefully given
in ths Art and apparatus furnithedof the latest style
on reasonable terms. Aug. 4. 1853.
Merchandize of every description,
Upon the most fayorabl tsnna against
By Marine or Inland Routes, between Eastern Cities
tnd ill parts of Die Mississippi Valley, and upon ths
western n tiers.
Also taken as usual apoa all kinds of Insurable pro
party, al moderate rates of Premium, by ,
v ' - For Lancaster and Fairfield county.
February 5, 1863. I in
WHATEVER concerns n neaiin ana n..u..
of people it at all times of tha Boat v alueble
r i i. r... ...ni.l that every Deraeo
importance. 1 1" " - -,L u. .k.ir
wi l do all Ib their poweT w
hlhtn. sd U.t every person wli .P
note Iheir own heslth t aU sacrifices. I feel it to
Iheir own health at all sacrmces. a .u
rduty to solemnly assure you that wojJMS.ac.
am to'tha opinion ol the most celebrated phyai
are the primtrv cauaet of s large maiorily of
be my s
. to wfikh children and adult, sr. lisblei If
you have an appetite continually cnangeaoio iro.
Hkind of loeSlto anoth... bad breath, pain h. ths
aln to the
fullness of
atoroacb, picking t the nose, uardneaa and fulli
. 7 ,,'ri ?...(. nw fnvnr. oulse lrreruli
tneDeiiy.u.j -R' -j" ,- -W.ip Ma .-J -
.., m
member that iu T 1
should it once apply the remedy.
a.'.rflrlA founded upon tcientific principles, com
pounded; with purely vegetable suWances. being
perlectly tafe when taken.&may be given to the most
tender infant with decided beneficial effect, where
towel complaints and diarWurahave made them weak
and dobilitaled, the tonic piopertles of my worm
tyrup are such, tnai ii annua wmioui an equal id me
-i..iL... .f mAdieinea in slvins tone and straneth to
the stomach, which makes it au mfaiiable remedy for
those alllicted wun uyspepsia, ine asionismng cures
norliwmpd b'thia syrup alter physicians have failed.
ft he best evidence of its superior ellicacy over til
This is tho most ditlicult worm to destroy of all that
infant the human system, it grows to an almost indefi
nite length, becoming so coilod snd fastened in the
intestines and stomach, effecting the health so sadly at
to cause St. Vitut Dam
seldom if ever suspect
ce, fits, etc, that those afflicted
"'"" 'T irsneuiKwe ri
ing them to an early grave. In order to destroy thit
worm, a very energetic, treatment must be pursued,
it would therefore be proper to take 6 to 8 of my ;
liver pills to as to remove all obstructions, that the
worm syrup may act directly upon ths worm, which
mu..t be taken in dosei of two table ipoonaful three
times a day; those direction! followed have never
been known to fail in curing the most obstinate cat .
ol fepc worm, . . .
Nn oart of the system Is more liable to dlsoaaethm
the Li vkr, it serv ing at a fitterer to purify the blood,
or i-ivinir the orooer secretion to the bile; so that any
wrong action of tho Liver effect! the other important
parts of the system, and results variously, in Liver
complaints. Jaundice, Dyspepsia, etc. We should
thrrefbre wstch overy symptom that might indicate
a wrong action of the Liver. These pills being com-
Kosedot foots and plants iurnisnea oy nature 10
ealtho sick: Namely, 1st. Au Expectorant, winch
augments the ascretion from the pulmonary mucus
men.brane, or promote! tho discbarge of tocreted
matter. 2d. An ALTuiiATirK.'whicliehangei in tome
Inexplicable manner the certain morbid action ot the
tvstem. 3d. A Toxic, which givei tone ind ttrength
to the nervous system, renewing health and vigor to
all part! of the body. 4th. A catkaktio, which acts
in perfect harmony with the other ingredients, and
operating on the bowels, and expelling the whole mass
of corrupt and vitiated matter, and purifying the
blood, which destroys disease and restores health.
TO ruxviAixs. .
You will find these nilla an invaluable medicine in
many complaints to which you are subject, Iu ob
structions eithor total or partial, they have been
found of inestimable benefit, restoi ing their function
al anangementt to a healthy action, purifying the
blood and other fluida to etlectualiy aa to put to night
all complaints vhlch may rise from female iiTegu
laritiea, as headache, giddiness, dimness ofaight,pain
in the side, back, etc., etc.
None genuine unless aignedJ. N. Ilobenssck, al
others being base imitation.
UTAgenls wishing new tupplic!, and ttore-keopert
deiirous of becoming agents must address the Pro
prietor, J. !i. Iiobensack, rnuadeipnia, rn.
Whoesaln i cents for Ohio, J. & C. Br avert,
Cincinnati, Ohio. . ,.- , - . .
M.Z. Kreider.
'.".'.Wfcst Rushville.
. .Aminda
K. L. Slocum
R.B. Walker......
E. Kolb
Otto H. Mcellor....
J. h. Sunderman . . .
D. F. namlln
November 18, 1853
HAVING purchased the interest of Mr. Jac
1'i.oitt inthe Dry Goods business, in the JU
cracken lloom,pne door West of Messrs, lleber and
Kutz s (Store, Muin street, jMvraster, unto, and
having added thereto alarge assortment of :
Selected with the ereatest care In the Eastern ci
ties, respectfully solicit a iharo ol public patrouage.
1 neir siock consists in pari as lonows:
Ladiu' Diixts Goons. tuchsaBarccet.GInKliami,
Lawns, calicoes, silks, satin, linen lustres. Alpacas
de lanes, etc. Tho above assortment consist! of eve
ry variety of the latest and most beautiful stylcs,ir,i
will be sold as low ta.it any house in Fairfield county.
Gkntiemksi'i Dikss Goods, such as cloths, csi,
nerei. satinets.Jeana,Cmbiocmi,lastings,twecdi,
ion, plain and bai'd, twilled Mohegan camlet, etc.,
caalimera. tin. ailk ami Marseilles VfrKtiiiffB. Their .
assortment of Cloths amd Cassimkuks isofthe best
and most durable kinds, 1 heir asscitn.inl of Sum -
mkr lvr is composed pi the latest tnd most
fashionable variety, and em bi acts almoit every de-
tcriptlon. In todition to the above they h.ve the
usual assortment ol Muslins, Drlllirgi.blieetmg.lick-
ing, Umbrella! and Parasols, ln all their varieties.
A unoassormenr 01 tne most r ABiiioHAii.a: jinir -
Dry Goods store, together with a large assortment of
yur.n-niviifct., very cneap.
The citizens of Fairfield and adiolninK counties are
respectalulty invited to call and examine the above
stock of Goods. Every effort will be made to please
'hem at to variety, quality and to price. .-
O" Wo invite our Aumish frienda to call, ta wa
have boon careful to purchase goods to suit them.
Sugar, Coffee and all kindi of Spices at all timet
on hand
We inv t the illiinUnn nf rounlrv merrhanta to
our stock 1
lo them 1
Lancaster, April 13, 1863
For the cure of fever ind ague, chill fever, dumb
tguo, intermittent fever, liver complaint, jaun
dice, enlargement of the spleen, and all the
various forms of bilious diseases.
Thia invaluable medicine wa prepared from an ex
torsive practice of several y earl in a bilioui climate,
and is never known to fail of curing lever and tguo,
or any of the diseases ibove named.
IP" From 8; K. Oary, Eiq., Counsellor it Law, to
the Agents at Cincinnati: -
Cincinnati, October II, 1845. MesBrt. Sandford
& Park: In Juno last I wai attacked with that most
alllicting and unpleaaant disease, the 'chill and fever.'
The paroxisms returned daily , and were very severe.
My physical energies had been much impaired by 1
previous attack of bilious fever. Having tried sev
eral favorite remedies without relief, a friend in
whom I had conlidenc" recommended Dr. Osgood's
India Cholagogne. 1 procured a bottle, and followed
the accompanying direction.. The co.i.equenc. was
naa but one paroxism alter taking the first dose,
snd my general health was rapidly restored without
K.r.. l.u '.I??! i'"?,.""
no. w. ,D uutl.v w , w WilCI Ifu.M'l,. Mlllluai IV
re., 1 . (Inn of iKem III bin.
wl.n.v2?t. !
.-i?. r my du(y' 11
iticica, wun inn same results.
for eight months, and 11
use of rhe Cholagegue.
ii myrpleisui-e in its sanativo power.
Yours truly, 8. F. CARY.
For isle by J. T. PARK, Cincinnati. Ohio.
North-east corner of Fourth and Wulnut streets-entrance
on Walnut street to whom a Holders mustba
dddrcaseil. fold by K AUFFMAN & Co., Laucaater,
March 17, 1853 ., 4m45
WORK, SON & WORK would respect
fully inform tho citizens of Fairfield
'and tho adjoining count ies, that they are on
hand ai usual, al their old atind one. door
West of Slocum's Drue Store, with a ante ana
splendid assortment of everything in their line.
Their I i't'nfer purchases have been selected with
care and are largor than usual. .
, i.AiJlK.S! wohavetiuenspeciiicareir, majung vm i
purchases ao as to pleaaeyou. ' ' j
We have i llttleol everything, from s Jsjt Likd
BnsKiKdowntothesmsJlestoiiuaren-ssiioBa. .
We have also ou hand and are prepared to maketo
order. ' ''
Gentlemen's BusJHti and Seamiest Baiteri, Con-
grois Boots, lie. Wa have also juit received a lot oi
Congreis Boot!, a fine srticle. - . i
GUM SHOES. We have on nana a large annex
eellentanortmentofGum Shoes and Sindalt new
article. We have both tha light and heavy kind,
which are much luperio to former article!. We
hive also Ladioa' tad Miaaea' Gum Boota.
FINDlNOS.fcc We are alio prepared to furnish
Shoemakersand Finding Store with indingi of every
dearriptinn, such as Kits, Pegs, Boot-webbing, Shoe
strings, Laces, sc., . . -.. ' ,
Sole Leather, Morocco bindings, fcc, ilwiys ea
hand. '
' la addition to the work en hand, we are prepared
s heretofore to manufacture every ttjng in our line.
Our own work needs no recommendation. Wa hope
by proper attontionto our business, to aecure a fair
hare of the public patronage, is we willalwayabe
on hand to wait upon our customers snddo osrrbostto
please them. .
, WANTED. The subscribers will tike one or two
good and industrioui boyt to learn the Boot and Shoel
making Business. WORK, SON tt WORK.
Lancaster, January 6,1863. . . . 8ft,
THE subscriber hasjuat received st his jewelry
Shop, one door West of the TaUmadge noaae. s
lot of COLTS REVOLVERS, which he wil
tell at reasonable prices. GAT8.
Lrncaater, mar.-h34, 1863 -
kit!, of all qualities, Mitses' Bonnets and Flats, fTpHE undersigned most reipei-tfully calli the atten
Men and Boys' Palm Leaf and I.tghorn Huts. I L ion of hia friends and the public in general to his
if Dry Goods, which we are prepared to sell X'" T.. :'!" ouB"-u" - -
it prices which cannot fail to please. . 6"-"""" J Y "'i " oyrup.
aid for Wheat, live, Corn. OiU and Wool. 1 Imperial, Young Hytoit and Bl tick Tens;
The Cheap Hardware Store,
tEUiae oAua thu eTsaa'aiaiiiria
orin ur ohio, roa cxin.
p,BOPEh..Ju.t reeled and aoweeenlngat
X the Cheap Hardwire Store, a sormr.l
men! of Enelish, Oerman and Aanericaa UsrrJware.
all ef which have been purchased direct from the
uiauuivtuuiB ,uu iinviga vuponsni.
. i i t ' . i .
'I llAM J -
ntTe been purchased with great cave, and at varv
low pl.iMi w.htcn wUi fl, him to taks the iesoV
Ino uaruwaro iraue in Lancaator. Ilia slock im.
now the largest ever opened ia Laucaater, sod coa
aistt in part of the following: -.
20 uozen Laateei tiraas Beythas; . '
15 - German ttoel sas't
... , 4 m Brush Scythet; -. . , " .,
' 85 " ' Astnrtod Corn Scythes; '.' ;
S " Grain Cradles, with acytbea;
85 " Hay and Grain Hakes;'
, lfl " 8, Sand 4 tine Forki; j i ,
30 ' Assorted Shovels;
13 Sickles; , . . .
1H5 pair aaiorted trace chains;
60 " Wagon snd plow bainesa; ' . . it "',r
34 " Broaat chains;
20 Lock cliaiua; , ..
60 Log, chains; '
With a variety of other goods, to which the atten
tion of farmers ia especially directed, for Maty will
do well to call on V. Bops before they purchase else
where, si they will aave money by It. "
K' . : .. .I-.- II UJUl i.. i ! 1 1
xio ui uiuu, . jjvji iu lias proviuou a loanu -.
. . r . i. . r. i imm tm. I r : ... m
aortmAnt for IliA RADnf.lTTW nf nm varintv nt
jgooda in their line of business, such at Pad-hooks,
arrets, tuiterand Breeching Kings, lory, brass
lined, Silver and Brass Rings, Brssi ind Silver
Buckles, &e., of every grade. Gig Harness, long and '
short top Coach Harnett do. silver and brass plated.
Harness, 1, J. 3 and 4 long spot, and all overplaled
Hames ; Saddler's plush, ailk do, hog skla seating; '
3 cord Thread; Saddler's Tools of every description,
to which Saddlers are directed, ai they will saver
money by purchasing these goods irom P. BOPE, ia
he is determined to tell Saddlery at Hardware cheap
er than was ever heard of before in thete parts.
And now- for the BUGGY AND CARRIAGE
BUILDERS: in this line P. BOPE of Lancaster, can .'
not be excelled anywhere In the west. He bas on. .
band 40 hides f stent Dash Leather. ::,. t
en . .
uu pieces loacn Ltce, , .
6(KH) yirdinaU and paste do, :
!' 25 Piecos assorted Damask, ; V; . '
. 10 Pieces sll worsted, . i. . -
20 Pieces assorted Csl. Ral'inettt, ' ' 1 -6
Pieces drab, blue and green Cloth.
60 asa't enameled muslin and hesyy duck.
25 Hides enameled Leather, - -
100 Sott silver and brast paint and sand bands,
With a variety of other goods too tedious to- run- '
merate, all of which will be aold cheap. It will ba
to the advantage of this branch of mechanics to look
to thoir interests once, ind give P. BOPE a call
there's money to be aaved.- .. - , -' -
The CARPENTERS are not forgotten. P BOPK.
hat also provided for the bone and sinwe of the coun
try, who build pur cities and towns, and has on band
for them Hand Slid Pannel Saws; Compass snd back
Saws; 6, 6,6) and 6 feet X Cut do; Iron and steel
Squares, Tring Squares, 3 to 12 inch; i to 2J inch .
Augurs, best make; Jack, smooth and lore Planes; .
Rabbit, Moulding, ic , do; Hatchets and lllamners,
Iron snd wood Biacet; Bracet and Bittt, from 3 to 13
dollais; Mortice and Sockett Chisels, sing! or is)
setts, to which could be added four score snd tea oth
er articles in this important branch of industry, but
lulHce it to lay, let the carpenter! call on P. BOPE,
and he will take pleasure in showing tliam his goodi
and sell cheaper thia ever which will astonish tha ,
natives. - - .- ...
A word to the Shoemahers. '
F. BOPE has on hand a fine lot of Boot Moroceoj
French Morocco for Ladies; Awl blades; luting tacks;
Peg awls; patent and Common peg awl handles; Pin
ceri and Shoe Hammers; Red, green, blue and black -Morocco
Lining; Pink ind Buff sheep, do; together '
with many other things in this line, which are otfered
cheip. .... , ...
Blacksmiths Look Out t ' ' ,
P. BOPE wants you to mil e for him; ill his tledga
Hammers; hit Stone Picks; his Crow-bars; his Mat
tocks.&c, and in tuin wants to sell you his Iron and
Stoelj his Anvils; his Blackiroith's Vices; Bellows,
ind I- ilea; of which he has a superior lot, and will
sell to you sothoap that you will be amply com
pensated to give him your first call. Ironmuat come
down, and P. BOPE will do all he can to bring about
in desirable an object. Don't forget P. BOPE'S
For the Gunsmiths, r . ..
Now on hand and for tale cheap .
300 Rille Barrels; ISdo. Rifle Locka! " .
. 10 do. Bil let Moulds; 10 doz. Wipers;
100 Sett Brast Mounting; , .
" 12 Dos. Swedged Hammers ;
Side pins, and other fixtures, all of which will ba '
told cheap by P. BOPE.
And now to all classes of men tnd oeonle. P. BOPE
has on hand s superior lot of every variety of goods,
suited for all classes of men, in every variety of oc
cupationmechanical and professional. A general '
assortment ol Hardware and other goods for lunilies
ind individuals, to which P. BOPE begs leave, re
spectfully, to call the attention of hit old customers,
and the public geneially, assuring them sll, thst lie
J"1' fell goodi cheaper lor can h thin any other house
in thia region, ii hia motto wiU hereafter be 'Ready
pay and smsll profits.
Lsnoiitor, June 1, 1853. '
' ' ;. ' ' "' ; . ' ' '
a, .
m. VitUw.. 4 M
Qts gr
il w a
t AT THE NEW 8TAND. - - "
... ... . ,,
I a Do"r -sistof tho Hooking Vnllty Bank,
1 airi, umuiir, uuio.
, If not the largest in the city, still he flatters himself
on us oeing one 01 ine most inperior, choice ind welt
! selected assortment of Groceriea that has ever besu
broughthcre. Therefore. beltknownandunderstood,
, that everybody who wishes to purcbuo cheap, good
articles, and got the worth of Iheir money ic full, ta
call at this cerebrated entablishment. "
. The ttock consists iu part of the following titlcloi
x. n.l.... r r c..i .j' ' j r,'.,"l.
. uii n',wti,w.iaar.irw.
Rice, etc., Fruits, Oranges. Raisins and currants;
Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Filberti, English Walnuts
aud Pea Nuts;
Spices. Pepper, Alsptce, cloves, cinnamon, Nut
rooga, Mace, Ginger, etc.
wy7ynv Fish. Mackorel No. 1 and 9, cod?
ZSL&3Fih, snd alarge lot of White Vish.Pick
ereletc., expected onnd will be here in due leason
It wholesale ind retail.
Set Ansa Ropes ill sixes, Bed-rordi.Wocden-ware,.
luchaa Washboards, Bucket! ind Tuba, also Bishop
ricks, BakingrPowder, Smoking and chewing Tobacco,
Segara. Pipes, etc. ...
AVines nud llrondy. Poit tnd Muirtt Wines,
nf the very beat, also of thit fine Pale Otard Dupuy
Brandy, not to be aold lets thtn by the bottle.
r TmnrtTtria
rssoncc of Jniiintni Ohiprr.
THIS Essence Is a preparation of unusual excel'
lunce. Inordinary dlarrhcea. incipient cholera.
-' "XZZLZ, .PhT-"
, in ahovt, in all ciset of prostration of the digestive
.- V 'h,amic cn. .llmmRr Sminf.
1 ll , fTiidrcn it i!
s poculiaiiy elllcacious; no family or
lf bn without il. : .
individual .houll be without it.
..m,.nu 11.
' CAOTIOH-Be lUretO get thegCJII
Mprepn-edonly by F.lnown-.at
i J'AiorfcfpA.n,and for aale by all tl
CAirrioN-Be sure to got the genuine Fasence, which
; nil tirug ana crm
and eheanmt-streett
'hiladclvhia.tnS for sale bv ill the respectable Apo
thecaries in the United States.
Sold by M. Z. Krieder.ln Lancaster; S- Kalb, Rush
ville.snd by Druggiatt every where. Nov. 4
, For Sale or Meut.
THE subscriber will te'l or rent hit valuable prop.,
ertr in Greenfield township. Fairfield county, u..
couiii'Ing of a NKW SAW MILL of tha most im.
proved and scientific plan, with a Grist Mill and :
other machinery for miking broom handles, plaster
ing lath, fencing board a, and many other articles of
float valuo. Also, two good Dwelling Houaes and
tabling, suitable for convenience ) 1U0 fruit trees
of all kinds in good bearing order, with eleven acres
of land, all in nrit rate order.
: For further particular! inquire of the subscriber :
1 ,i i n l . c i,
living en ine premises, muea aouto Ol iarrou.
Aug. at, 1U63. JON U S. SNXD&K.
Both Wholesale ond Retail
R. Fieldinu hat hist received Irom New York anil
Pliiladolphia, one of the largest stock of lints find
Caps that has ever coma to thit city of the latest im -proved
stylet, embracing every variety of shap,.
aorta ind sixes, consisting of the late spring styled)
Mole skin Hit, unsurpassed in Ohio for durability andJ
fineness. Alio, Young Men's Hats of ill kinds
Summer Hatsconfiatlng of PuneesasVoasi $9 to 4,-l-PedalanA
China Straw; Biaid and Ltghorr Ma--nillaand
Palmleaf, Kossuth Aots.bothjFurand Wool, ,
Fine Otter snd white Beaver tor summer, the late -
. In Ciitnu,, If . I wAtahinir Atilv A nun. am
AU sorts of Boy's and Children's tancy Ilata,;Kur
and Wool, and Straw. Also a few Ladle's lata styled 1
Riding Hats, all of which will be sold oath most:
reasonable terms, lower than ever betore.
May 14, VXHs. v .... stVUHKK laXDlNQ.
N. B Country Merchants will do well by ealllnri
and exam bung my stock before buying elsewhere. -
"f7P"tVAItI Ii. SI.OCUM,havlng purchssethay.
Mid entire Stock of Drags and Medicines ols'
George O. Beck.now ofiera theaame foreale, together?
with alarge and well selected new a lock at the OldJ
Stand.knownssthe City Urus; Store, where may
be found a large and complete assortment of Drugt.Me
dicines snd Chemicals, Paints, Oils, lye-Btuna, Cilaaa
Ware and W lndow Glasa, Bruahea, Groceriet, Finer,
Articles, &e., which will be sold wholesale and retail,,
city " KUtVAHU. 1 btiUturifc,
Cancaster, April 84,1861. ' .' . ' dwl4

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