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Te4ny Sycttlng, Oct. H, 1838.
OrAttoTBey Gentra! Cushlnf't opinio
on tht Texts It taUUoa router, U It statedi
has been full; approved by President Pierce. '
The opinion pronounced by eminent legal
men exceedingly able tnd learned,' acca
piet about Bfty manuscript pagea,tnd ia dee.
lined to enhance the fame of.U author, The
tiftnion recommend the retention of the
five million! by the Treasury, until farther
legislation on the part of Confess s had,
and on the main poinu fitlly sustains the
course of President Fillmore's administra
tion in relation to tho tubjeet Mr. Cuah
ng, in his opiniou.lt is .alsoaaiJ.liandsome
Iy compliments the ability and legal learn
ing of the Hon Ret erdy .Johnson Attor
ney General under General Taylo? J
Ma. Souu't Reckptios i MadbW, Tho
Spanish official organ at Madrid, tht Heral
do, ts discussing the; aubject of Mr. Soule'a
reception by the government of Spain. ; It
is said that the Spanish Capinet had agreed
lo allow Mm lo present hia credentials, the
covernmoal tenerv tog- to Hself the right of
tending him Hiajasnpor. titoum us. ueprV
from th strictest diplomatic propriety Jn his
aneeeh to'ber. 'Majetty the Queen, 1 The
speech ejrtwea; bjf'MrSoulo on the ere of
departure tor Spain has raked op. the old
embers of oisatifctlonf"'iind We' press
were criiicisinf him and bis tentintenta lery
... .. ,... -v- ; :
freely. . Bv .-
The National , foteWgencer 1 confirms, the
statement we hare; already given,! that - the
Austrian Goife4hientj!" about " inootKUago,
consented to the liberation of ' CoseU, on
condition that b shouM'.bo put w board of
an American vessel, and return direct to the
tthited State. ' This-vietorminatlon the
Austrian Minister Bl,:'Constahtihopla'.was
Instructed to eornmunicale to Mr .Marsh,
the Amenpan- MwIsterV ,Tbr Intelligen-
eersaye: :?J&;JrVSZ QU.
It appears thai naCotsta was one of Koe.
tutu's party when"tbo' Hungarian; trow n,
AW, were taken .from Buds, it was supposed
that he could give information of the dispo
sition ofthtJavrticIa wbiob might Jlesd to
their recovery rand Able w learn, was their
motlre, erona of motives, which indue
kod his seliiire M Smyrna! About . the last
of August the isslng regalia wa discover,
ed, tt our roador: ore; already . informed,
near Orsora, lust without :M.ya.nl"""
border, to ! which' -Koseoin first' ed. The
recovery of the crovrn ahd Jewel, tother
with tne necessity prelj'ey ng the French
-.....! (mm: the disagreeable en-
jVHU xv- as - , , A
sagemente to keep Cossta induced tho Aus
trian Government t? cpnaent to bis release,
on the condition atatoq aoove..T .t ...... ..!
' FbancbVsbsos Rdssia. It Usaiid that
European letter; received j'ln Washington,
from reliable authority, slates that France is
treating with Sweden and Den'mark for. an
alliance, offensive and ' defensive, against
Rossis, in the event of Franca becoming in
volved in war on the Turkish question.-
Russia , is also" eridavoring to form an, alii-
anee with the same powers. .The people of
Sweden and Denmark, it ia alleged, are In
favor of the alliance1 with France, but the
Government will endeavor to maintain strict
neutrality." tf forced to take position, they
will side with France and Turkey.'
Niur Tott.Oet. 8. The O solid-ido
Thb Qotbaob at Tbk Cbisch itwvt.
l I . J . t L li L ' t . I 1 ...
r n .Eiirrnpinocui v tninotiimn l .... . ,ir.m. u a ,.,
Ledger, wruins frutn tnevbinchs Islsnutor' D . . ... , , . f
the ontrsjro te Ctpt. MrCrern, states that
be was taken sboard the Peruvian 'euirj-
ship as I there chained band ana r.xi to a
Great Cbarbbbbt Crop i MisitEtoTA.
The papers speak of the abundant yield thia
year of tbvoluabloruft. -The berries are
gathered both by the Indians' and'whites.
They 'lV3?K".'.Vwel in
Minnesota!! There are a great many ertm-
berriet 'rn Indian mni Michigan, Hea lake
Michigan. '"The regular pritie-'there a few
yrirs ago wis (r eenti 'a bushel; ; ftow it ia
ia to aV-i'3onruoh for RaiIroadJVr-- vf u
... . f ... ,, .- ; .: . i r v.., -v
T.iTs ror Rro.iJ-Advlfces' from Rio de
Janeiro to""iho '.iStbv o August.state that
yelW fever;andj(iarrhe wefe stllj acquir
ing. numerous" ict5ms, In. vPara, Brazil,
there were feora entertained of the scarci
ty oftta:ionpiUys- ued
an order creating a public depot in tbe city,
There 'was a project about being reslisedor
building a . railroad and electrio telegraph
between SBahU ,nd Joaieiro. !" ' "
; ttCTTbe Slj:Controt for the Tehuante-j
pec road, it. Is t aid, is completed:5. The eop
tract wa ".madewith Sykes t Co., of Shef.
fiM,'Bnglah6feonipletef thr plan)t road
ifrom Sucliit, 6o tho Coaty.Coalcos river to
the Ptclficji'distance' of j li miles, in one!
year from the first of December, and a rail
road" fromeif topcBani 163 miles, in four
years front Jt'ha first ofJBCii)beiv..).'.rj
J. L - L .Jl L..-g
. Fubtbbb Pabticulabs or trbTbocbles
at thb Chiscba Itsp. We gas an ac
eount, yetterday, of, tbe' harah treatment '
and Imprisonment of Captain IeCrornr frf
the American ship Defiance, by the Perovi.
an authorities, at tbo Chiocha Ialands.' Tbe
following additional particulars we gather
from the New York Express: ......
It appears Vast to order, pr oh i biting the.
killin of pelicans, under eonaky el e floe
of it, had been Issued, whick order one of
the ssilors of tbo Defiance disobeyed, waa
arretted tndputlw irons..-, Next, morning,
the captain of the Defiance went to the
guard-ship, paid tbe fine, and tikes? the re
lease of toe man. This was refused, where
upon the American captains in port, tome
twenty-nre In nomber, waited upon too
commander to endeavor to effect the release
of the tnan,.,.Tbfy were , received by tbe
commander with en order tobia. marines to
load their muskets with ball cartridges, fol
lowed by an order to the captains to leave his
vessel, but while doing this some of. them
were seriously Injored with the. bayonets
at well a the bin-ends of ihe muskets in
the hands of the marines. -.''. '7. ".'
Sometime after, the Defiance, when go
ing to sea gave a - salute to the ' other A
merican vessels, and in a few minutes af
ter she wss busrded by the authorities, and
a fine, according to the regulations, wa ex
acted to the' amount of twenty dollars.
which wss paid immediately by the cap'
tain, . be atlhe same time saying they might
wait, for tlicv would hsva an - aonortnnitv to
collect another, On the second gun being
fired, the Defiance was again boarded by
two boats from tbe Peruvian man - ol war
Rimac and the iruard-ship. One of the men
in going over the eide accidentally discharg
ed his musket, and was immeuiaieiy snot try
the lieutenant,. Capt..MeCreren was then
arrested, put in irons, receiving a deep cut
in the head with an axe. and pitched bead
long Into tbe guard boat and then beaten
with the butt end or tneir muaaeis, roweu
on board the man of war nd put ,tn eon-
nnement,. charging mm . wun uio muruer
Committed by the lieutenant.: The Defiance
was broucht to 'Jallao by one oi ma lieu
tenants of the Peruvian,, navy having ar
rived in the harbor on tbe 10th of Septem
ber. "She was' subsequently abandoned to
the authorities of Peru, and Is in-their poss
ession, the United 1 Ststea Minister, Mri
Clay, very properly refusing to receive her.
He immediately proceeded to the Chlnchas
to investigate the affuir:. T.j '. '!'",'
A letter in the - ew aorn journal oi
Comme'ce... dated . Ctllto, Aug. SB, titer
narrating the difficulty, says:-: i..-.
'.Since writing of tho affair at the Islands,!
understand that an- investigation was held
before the American '.Minister; Mr. Clay,
and the Peruvian authorities, which ended
in . removing toe coiumaooani ,oi in- is
lands, and no duubt heavy damages will be
recovered, as Mr:1 ClaV. 6w Minister, ' has
forwarded his despatches hjr this steamer,'
concerning the tflair.. .(!. . t -
l.'A ,"'-. i i i i n n tiinninnn ., a i ., ,4 .
Motemekts or Sabt AiiiAiit Mexiw.-
Santa Anna, it is said. Intends to proclaim
himself Emperor, as soon as his ( plans can
be completed and hia proposed army of 80,
000 men organized, ;, Jn recent apeech to
his troops, at the capital, be referred some
whst obscurely to compaigns fn which tiiey
would have to prove their valor ; Tho new
Mexican Minister' to Spain,: late Mexican
Consul at Havana, Is to be recalled for his
complicity in the affair of tbe Lady . Suffolk
slaver. Santa Anna, it it also said, haa
written to the Captain-General, pointing out
tbe necessity ' , of. hia immediately sending
baclr the Yucatan Indians.
Immebsb Lump or CoAb. The mammoth
. . ". ' ... I , .L O I
coal column to oe exnioitea in mo rjrL
Palace; New York, from the Baltimore Dia
mond Mine.near. Wllkesbarre, Pa., arrived
at Philadelphia on Tuesday ... The coal is a.
specimen of the . valuable deposiu of the
Wyoming Valley, and tbe four pieces form-i
ing th coldmn are 6 feet square at .the top
and base, and weigh' 27 tons;' Tbe pieces
when put together- in the palace, with ce
ment, will' form t solid column S9J feet
high. ' ' '
Wrds'day F.rrnlns; Ort. 19, S3S-
ring-bolt In the tl-tk, and there .kept like
tbo ;-r ;r.::: izyt sad r.:;h'j
ot t soul allowed even to see him, not ex
cepting bit son, a boy twelve years of sgt.
Whilst there connned a man- coctrived to
speak to htm tellinf blm. to eat or drink
nothing they jdre bim, ts it wss poisoned,
In this state be Wis onlil n doctor.sentdowa
bv the minister tt Lima to Inquire into the
affair, demanded to see bim In the nsmd of
the American minister, when be vers un-
illinily was allowed to see him. He in
stantly demanded lilt reteife from Irons,
saying be could not live forty-eiht hours
longer In that position. ; His son then was
allowed tq see him' for the first time.- He
has since been slowly recoverinz, though
terribly wounded.- The writer sdds that a
duel wat about to be fought bv the Peruvian
official who committed this outttgeand an
American captain- . -
and Bronswiek, held their fins) tnetiog
jrterduj, and airreed neon a plat for tnif
tii g the three places under one rity govern
monk ., The plin has now to be submitted
to the people. -..-, r-- . . ,
Tbo Government ha in sontfrnpiaUtio
the purchssing of Mr. Vsnderbilt's yacbt
the North Bur. to send to Chita Ibt newly
appointed Minister.
The Steamship tVachinton, for Uooth
smptoo and Bremen, sailed with 49 patten
gers and 9313,000 in specie.
Niw Yoit .Oct. IO.Slesmer Illinois,
from Aspeowall, with California mails ar
rived at quarantine at 10 o'clock this irmrn
ng. . She brings 63 J passengers and nearly
1 190,000 ft) freight, ' , ..
Dates from Rio Jsneiro f Ao?. 28 were
received here vesterdar. . Coffee was quiet
sndbnt little doing. The bills approving
the contract made by the 'Government for
tbe navigation of the Amazon were adopted
by the Legislature on tbo J5ih. ,
The Adiibistbation abb The New Yobh
Pouticiam Secretaiy Guthrie, it is said,
at the - instance of the President and the
rait of th Cahinet.'has addressed a letter In
. 1 . . . ii j f nr t.ii i i
other officer, of the custom, at that port.l5h,"'T',,,,VM,,
AVErecMvei at tholv ri.(VtHiiio 1!ts-
luiiMicitT In Gl nnlWins. Mwm
informing them that the President does not
approve of their coorso in conferring the
offices at their dispoal upon persons who do
not stand upon the Baltimore platform. . Ia
other words, the "hard shells" are not to be
preferred to the "softs," who tre reco?nied
as. tbe friends ofharmuny thd conciliation
in the party. The "softs" are hereafter to
bare the preference.-' The collector, it will
be remembered, is a "hard shell," and It is
intimated be baa been giving all the offices
to bis wing of the party.
. , America Bible Uiioh. The fourth an
anal convention ol the American Bible Un
ion for the Revision of tbe Scripture was
commenced in New York on Thursday, In
the Broom street Baptist Church. ' Rev. Dr.
Cono was : elected President and- A- I.
Kelly, Jr., of Baltimore, one of the - Vice
Presidents. Among the delegates present
was Chas. Fornuharaon, of Baltimore. The
annual - report states the year'a receipt, to
have been $27,594, and the balance now on
hand.f 4,487.. Various reports were made
and speeches delivered.. Rev. Dr. A chilli,
of Italy, wss pne of the speakers. Several
committees were appointed on the transla
tion of the Bible. Dr. Ueorge Austin, or
Maryland, waa appointed on the German
translation. . , .
CitLonofoBM and Choler a . Tho Lon
don press mentions a successful application
of chloroform upon a man of immenso phys
ical power, while under t violent attack of
cholera. , While )n the most violent parox
ysms of pain and spasm, the chloroform
was administered, and the struggling giant
tamed into the quiet of t sleeping infant.
Tbo function, being suspended, the horri
ble symptoms ceased, the medicine, becsme
absorbed,' and in an hour the man was re
store.' to consciousness, and the disease was
conquered..- t- -i Tk. ";,, i
Ani iro how mnfrlitTtnr v variety of
, At " Tie HaMtn a KeitucKf.'
Cll lortteTiiii,
vi bo wi4 'h oH'J'rfns, nur, f. 'i
Co Unra hoir Svki. A ATtoa't art,
Can two tli erfr. ptvawtr! j ' "
' Bonlll tSr-l-'iVp HUrrt ' M thnKM, "
Vbr Mrl Aj I t ithmm n(rt, - ' -t
And hIkivi av 'hiotufclStlif-a - - ' '
MV tuir ini turn hnptTr! -:-
i U IUm -.--,..
'''-" Tbo tir tod Un tiotnn '-
Cam all ys ftllsM oilhnna . . . . . , . '
Miko looliwaB)lciaa, . .
How r jm charm lb Umti -
Withool milU-ihaTSa IvMarwl
H koe tow mUrimotfl jays . , .
- In Hjmtm't arm an lori'ju,
Witkoat rlMM thara mj akiti boaCrva
W hictt iiiVn ack baaa vUtoriour-t
O Hani Watwn.
Tha btir tad fact adoraor! '
Com all yooprac Falrflal.tiaaa, -
Vnm rewttrr 4 from eit w, -Com
IrtTn at ehetipmt raUm I aiag - . .
ThatntthiaUMMydittyl -.
Cono with your (-, bag and abort
' tlf ovy nah aa4 ttation, -
Tbe JiKn to awko or irb to oaorW r .
AadatiiM by tnaalunnstioai .
OMaai Wai-oa, - i ,.
Ton bair and Ueo adornrtr! - -. j.-
Coma try y tkilt nrh fn'Umtm, " 7 ' " "
A goldos ibougKf, bjr sracioua , i
Tho tool ire If! at ovor cut,
. -Th room ia fiiwaoA tpaioa! . . . -Com
va.1 that Sammft M'oTtva abavaa .. ,.
Tho faca, bat am (h porkvt, . .
AM baa aoi lnra'tl, likaathor abopa, .
To braa like PavtllrockotU . ...
O H Vtmic-m,
Tbo bairaadracaai'aniiH , , .
r.Ubio, boatoaiMr iM, lKa.
1!f jtnnmo tj a iakt.k stoot already
on Kind. I in thfo ij In rnrdpt and nt-miar, 'ho
fulluwir.f atyl( of Pf tXIK tin aalo at Manui'tc
mrr'i tic, nnxlnc froia 3 U0 to S0. n'arraaf-
tA fnrjlrt .
iwi Ktvo Looit jiv.ricniT cirrcij
1 Mtn wlirt etrvoJ top wouldiny, , "
1 tefor1r. f'tln, twinH i-ftmrj
I trsno'-tirA. A'liaa tttmchnwnt ' 1
1 rit Aev, roonl eimri;
1 tia artAVo, rmoi eornrtt. to aKMiIdb j;
3tixnctar,twll rontid eorn;
S (ia artava, xpttra cnrar-i; ( J
4 anrmactarri riebly ntTvl bovlolr,'
t oeven octavo pltir. boudoir; r-
5 H nrttra, earrad bnaanir; '
2 tii octava. plaia A. B'T.D,
llA.ioa Puao koomi.Coluntm, Oblo.
Aopi.t4.1-6.J. '
n tKD mW-Ona (ana tktavo
tto KWood PUno r"ort. warly air; ' V -
Oneloctaye. n.mood Ca; ,
Ona E orttv'.Vjhoty caja. Kor atlt try f Hoc a.
Culumba.. July J. . A. tiklV.D.
Romil V TROtT.
(Iba liiraior Imvuis drmt-rly lijrnl nutlei
M .u' ii... .1 h i , . ... i .
Which tWwHlaa l Mlwaf th? aMo qn.llly ?t '
"Jonjr xstinK rvt mior.
TRY. tobarribar would laiaartfully ba taara re
raU (b atuiutioa Kit follow tltiana tn th
tvi l.ti ba baa onra mnra portmaanily fabah.Hl
kinaarli ia lha asanunu-tum iTn t.J ImimI i
Wat,tnJifTpar-d t anil, at th law-. p.....i i
ralaa. ri lhii.4 (Hal raa poaaihly Is amU in 1 v '
liaa. Ilia akaa) ia kaaMMbatrly opaoaita tha T'Lk.
aatisa llona. Mui Mr-. lAvaitrr, (,,. whrra
ba conatairilT hrm aa kaaa a biyit f - fuVi S
st arrrt iVafHptlw. rr'-"". f W'nnd. cl and
rrr.k tt.vra, rtaw oat fo tairfy arw.ra. jaaal
10, 7 aa4 S plaia arovat, Una aad Wood tto . and a
larsa arm 1 bar of aoal rSirior MoTaa, reirmna ana
Kauey Ortlrt .,.-, all of which ba will al ta
tbaap at toy hnoaa Wa-t of tha aMon'tina. iio ia
vitoa hla aw eaeuwaava aad alkw-eiliaaa tamanlly
aad tiamlN baa aiock flnra amwhaaiuf
1 aocaitar, gaptsmbar !M, tfiSl
anAda mnA urnrb can ba purthatad at anv at bar oatab-
Tiahmant in tho city. Thair clothing ia'mtnufartiirsd
under their ovia tuporviaion and it consequently tu
perior to thai which it broucht from othnr placet.
Thy have also on band, a baautlfnl variety of
Which they ara prrptrad to ininiifartara ta ordar.
They have In thair etnploT tha beat of workman and
are at all timet prepared to make th heat fitt and in
tha lataat rtylfla. All their work mil he vmrrwtird.
The public are respectfully solicited to call and ex
amine their atocb. and while thankful for tha liberal
patronage (hey haveenjoved. they aatnra thair old
customer! tnj ill othert that they wilt labor to giro
reneral aatitfartion both in the onalifv and price of
theircooda and work. 8PRINGKR A.TKOUT. .
ajtacaatar. march 31, 18J3
OiTThe Cholera In Great Britain Is stead
ily increasing. At Newcastle there bas
been 935 deaths, and 80 a day seven times
as many as In 1331-'32. At Gateshead, in
IS days, there were il2T, or nearly' twice as
many as in 183I-'32: ' The disease wss vis
ible in Hull, Durham, ilebarp . Eton, Ber
wick, Darlington', Windsor and Belfast, bat
had decreased-at Manchester .
.-.') :
". Thb RBWti.Hl; Tot,e.in .tl?di;:
ent 'townsbipt of thii' bounty j not all in,
ahd We have; concluded to Wait until the full
Kitrraav-.MnaMt btton publlshinrr t
synopsis of the,yotev Medill'a majority will
probably reach. I69O. t? is reported that
tboTfoeomtTotltT in Frtnklln: wlil .,be
lOOOjtndln PlcXaway 50p.' j
ItrtsHSiita; PniBofiiBt. Th late Austra.
, lit ptptrtott.to'tht tdvicet from Van Die-
John Mitshel it s-ateUed ' aa an" abscon
Jer. and a reward of 2 'or such lesser 'sum
s may jbe determined upon bj( the convlptiilg
magistrate im ouetod ot .bis .apprehension.
"The Colonitl Times taysK' We understand
that Messrs.' Mitchcf and Martin' Jiave pro
ceeded to join their compatriots in America.
There are only Iwo leJVVrM-
, . Jri 'tpmteao wttlt tble rumor, wbiihby
tbe way i peeoa tefuiFmauon, we may men
tion that ,h,pprlt,yonstitntiod,vbf t refcent
data, state that k gtiitleraan, : recently ; re
turned from irobrt-Town",'hnd &n Interview
wrilh Smith-0,Brr8W,1'.,.'Norfolk -Island
wibWi "Jt ' IfonJ',' jNiija enjoying" excellent
keaTtbl bA'wM.WYlng In 4 boteV wbero bo
wm supplied w itk every comfort sad luxury
Jiocduli. aealro; Her bad none f the 'an.
ipearanco of oonviott he dressed In a eimie
.lar-aty le it liei tdt,dne - - -IriraPlT
tjovernment. tilowed. him t circuit of . ten
sniloa for tuterclMt and be baj only t4 report
rbimBcIf dnce a month to the' police authorl-
. Hiti,'a v ?-"'' ra.ttff,"-,;?-M
r ( I ' rrr,,..
'A Remaki-abu WoA.--Tbero la now
'residing In Bowling Green, t woman of eol
ajr. who, it is said, Is the' mother of 19 chil
41ren,tbe ybriiitfest of whom It fiow'.in tip
etc,!. a.. ( '. : --'- " ;' -. J-t: - '-
Savakrar atid Flobida RArtHosti. It is
announoed that arrangements are about to
be consummated between the Savannah and
Florida Railroad Company, and tbe B runs
wick and Florida Railroad Company, the
result of which is expected to be the con
struction of railroad from the , Atlantic to
the Gulf of Mexico.. , .
. ...... : T- . ' ' f
xApplioatiob fou Baiks. The applicai
tlcnt for new banks to be made to the next
Legislature of Pennsylvania, " exceed in 4
mountof capital even 'millions of dollars,
and for re-cbartera and extension of capital'
over six mlllldoe-togetber, about thirteen
and three-quarter millions of dollar! ' !';
i . -1,. i. .1 .
Libel Suit. H. IL Robinson, editor of
the Enquirer, has ordered Messrs.. Pugh,
Pendletcn and Stanberry to commence suit
against Gen. Cary, editor of the Ohio Tem
perance Organ, for ilbell. " The damages are
laid at $30,000. in ' .' r
. CCrSnowi tc the depth of one , or. two
inches, fell in Western New York on Mon
day."' I -Jf'a '"'l 1 .Jin- ' .
;".C3!kCot.dlan Oatmeal has grown to be
aa iaiDorlant article of commorce between
Canada and tbe United btales. Accormng
lo the "IJorontq Leader, Philadelphia, Cin
cinnati Boston and New York are the mar
kets to which most of the Canadian oat
meal find its way. :,
IM'aisV Ijquob tAW.e-The. Whig legis.
lative candidate in Allegheny county, Pa.,
are all pledged to vote for and support tho
Maine Liquor Law in the next legislature.
Among them is Cbarles Noylor, formerly
member ol Congress from tbe Third District,
Philadelphia. i
-;) rjTTT" ' ,-.l tTT. .'.: ' i
Washibotoh, Oct. 8. Mr. Marcy re
tamed to the city yesterday when a long
Cabinet session wa Immediately held. ' (
Death o a; Ow; Coavicr. John Wilr
liama. who is said lo have been an inmate
At Port Gibsom Bliss., there bad oeen 450; oi neany eyery ,HuiM..i.. jr. ....- -..
deaths pp to the ?9th 'tilt,' irtd 50 were recently escapeo ro.n . . '
still sicat.H. I" some . eases , wnoie tamuiee i r r-- ""-v " . r".
were down." Six bbvsioians wdre 1 on the .et trots mo - enecit ot "
20th ult., and another requisition bad been
made on the New Orleans Howard .Asso
ciation foi the ; nurses. Tbo publisher , of
tho Port" Gibson Herald had fallen a vic
tim to the epidemic,, and tho, paper had been
suspended. At Washhuton.t small town
in Louisiana, Dr. Herd' and S3 Others had
died of fevor during th Irst twenty days of
September, and .7(1 - persona were . lying in
on the 22d ult. A great many ciliiena had
fled,Tot sufficient remalnrrig:ti bury"he
dead, -Those who remained wertt"neary In
f starving condition, being dependent upon
a few nlanters. who tent provisions in carts
t.i .vitbina half a mile of the, town. ' Tho
um nf ft 1.000 baa been remitted from New
Orleans, by the Howard Association, for tbo
relief of the sick at Galvettoiti; rZZ
PRO T li C T I O N
' ' Fire, Marine and Inlnnd
-j OF ' "' : '
nAnTrono, cox!.y : '
- i?tco it po hat r.r i 8s.
.fi. l!.Mtrt. C II NOR I'M MIR pnEf.KV. '
jvoiv vurimi'ii.N.H' kki.i. ;a. . w. luttmrrNf
D IV.ff, :K, l..,li;M'HM.hV, T. Bf?I.K,(r'.
WM ISHiM, II I'KI.DKN. It. t l.MlK.
W.TIiaLL, 1 K.IIII.I.H. - ." W.'A.tVAkD.
-. . WM nil.l.UMfi.
. D. W. CLASS, rresldruk '
WM. CON XF.tt. Sect etarv .
The attention ot property holderi la retpectfully
called to the atiperior a.lrtntagea for .Frr, JTaHna,
and i-iuina tnenranee onered by mo
'Theunderaigncd haa been furriihed with blank
policiut, aignod by the olUcert of tho enmptny; alao
wttn DiaiiK renewal receipt!, lor continuing pnticiet
already Itttued, and it dnly authorized and prepared,
aa Agent of taiil enmpany, tointke insurance for any
period of tima, not lett than ana month nor greater
than aeren year, upon bmidine or their contenta, oc
cupied aa Iheelltiip, Store, (t arehtnuwe, Churchee,
lutete JSai.At. (,'ourr Hoiuee, Volume, tc, atr ,
and their contenta aiainat I.U.SH Ult J)AM-
AV.H nY K1KK. Alto, on . Dav Goorja.
Gaact-juKa. . MaavFAOTvaao , OoRnt,, Paom'cic
IIot7iEHot.nFuaitiTtTRK.Livi: 8t6ck. and eve t
other detrription of Mrt-eHAnriizn and Praaoxai.
moPEBTr, antpped or to be ihipped per good Kteam
bnat or bntta to tnd from pointt on the Western
Watera, or between Eaitern Citiet, (va Iyalcea or oth
er blind route, and anv town in the UV-ief n country
a ainat'he harardt of Inland Tmmportarlnn.
Also, on Shipment of Goods, Warea'ant! Merrlun
diae, par good vcatel or reaaal, betveen New Or
l.iani tnd Kastera ports between New Oru.ana and
other Gulf pni la between a1! American porta and
English or European port, or to tnv other maritime
port wl.itnoever in the Atlantic wateni, againtt tha
Prrilt nf the Stat, at Rule qf iVcnti'ai injur Lywet
lhoe aany oth-1 Heeptnuilile InetitvUon .
Ij'The attention of Menhanti ia etpecit'lv re
quested to the tupprior advantagea and convenience
ol' insurance at home, undur ta-'Op'n Policy," cov
ering tnipmentaby ai-Tcifio endorsemertt. or under
a " Co.Uract Pollen, covering all ahipmenla hat.
ever during any igreod period at current rata ef
prpnuumcbarged by otlter companiet for acconnt ef
applicant. ' oi whom it may concern." Loatet prompt
ly tdjuited undei the tuporvition of the underaigned
raecbar'a aiel near Mtiimn's aWau Il..lul. ami
natefiilly adilrraa tha geiirruua public in tlu
lllowini llnaai " '
Tbo PrBLic kmw. tha Pi sue tell
W1h titave rlieia clann, wlfi alure ibem we I';
N wuiMler llwt vat Shop ia r-ntiui
Tpe baat of all tha Hfain ar.Miti.l.
(Vhertt wa. in HHta f enri..u earprra,
OlUciate at Citf Barber
With hihcat ak.ll uii.l mi'.n keen.
Our twui k i in onr c.it..ni aeen, '
8i pleaaiug lit the s-nllaoen.
They're vary tare tu eiiina agaiu:
J.ll ak, wlu brat can fit tliein all
K..r private rnrty or a r Imllt
Tti fn trrclmrcll. and lie while there
.The a.lmirHiiiul of thef.itr;
Tocbul with la.liraat their bmne. '
Or gl.il alleml them when they rojmf
Tha Athtwer it anil all etimliiiMi
Tit H LL Az. B LA NCHA MJ bike the tl.i io'
We fir- u lirap? I.M-it nackataj - -
Weal.uve the face anil nt the xickela!
We cut the Unir iutiia Inttwt a'yle.
And lite llie f itllMilialiln xll.
B tweet witb av'ry I'ai-kj cliarm.
It take Ihe ladtaa' hearia by elurm!
We have iertntnery f.w il
At rith at Ceylon's tnicy rnlri
The fttieat in llie market ..
. And worth Ha weight ia pri-ciooi gold!
t'time one cotne all whii tirnl ourahi,
Anil help tha Citf Batiert' inula
Wifttn.iW nnr logic aidat airavail:
The LACTr.ni-M t.ever fH.- '
LaiHenier. OUi.i. Sept. 17. 1653. . .'
nAf jut arrlvad tram CinrinnttL lad it arranged
lor public Lntpaer aa and annhaae. at tha cele
brated ScovicLD't (i, dngnully opposite
STiatr't fr'wivataiirro ffoTKr.. Aa'oar aaotto bat
al-vtva been 'The LlttUH Prnfite and tha Bigfint
NaU, our calea and oir fimt hat be-1 propov
tiooiblt pxtea ire. aCoralnjihaehnipe-t, fia.ttt, tnd
moirt en luring art'n-lae in oiir lina In fact, tney
epetUfor tiuwel In Ua-.THje ntftelolnf it bril
liancy which the public perwetfy uadarrtand.'
Young Ledixa, whea a thnpofcaj not " " J
Reme-nbcr Hosiatnv fcTaeo-r,
Their acrvicet eammandiog
To ft tha beat of t!erUinlirg, T - f ;- -
Aaa following the golden rule.
A rait ircarovaaeat af rha ao , ; -
' Young (lentlvnM-a. whs hearta bars woo .
Bv wealing work we pride upon, " .
floa't paat by Tmut ft R)btnonv
. . Wbnaa Brota taxi Khaea in ev'ry cretk "
Tneir atrong tnd ratting na'ure tpetir. ' '
. Wa bet we'll Shoe yon tight thia time, v " .
And g.'eryoB B'Wt in wty ublime!
Thanking Ihe public tor I heir vet y liberal patron-,
ae,wkatr a caalinuc tern ot it while, diracting their
at ention to oiir cheap ttock, eamprl'ng.in part, tha
follovcing: For Gtmr'eaaea. tha .'. tbienabie Rad
Top, (.'ongrtttt. Kip. tad tha beal eoane Uoota, ghoet
tnd Sltppara. of every r.rada. For Liea, the Jenny
l.ind, tha llmnzcl 'Pt'eot Cilf, F reach Morocco.
Kotette, NnnaSvcb. Gait era, Buakina ,an4 Booteea,
including the mo" celebrated Cen hkoea (or both
Gentlemen an-l Ladiet. In hct, wa have for the
Ladiea the moat faahitmaVe tnd evenaiva variety
ever offered in thi eitv. For Chlldrea ervwrr kind
', which cannot fail to please. rindBge af eery da
tcriptioo for tho ra te.
C7"Wo rarpeetfully direct at'efition ta tha work
I aion emp'oyed in oar roannfactoi.nj and repairing
Iticna ana. who ct-lti'horrU hakipeare'i RirJiard,
for ha it Aimc",(.nj nahody e)-e,)ewaua ia Um
tuperinrity of bit workmtn hip.
Lincawer. imu, aepreniDer aa, irriJ, . '
Somerant, Terry Count r Ohio.
sossverss tiarras -or rait - omoss '
'' ' ' ST. rMJttsta. ".'" i-.
- Thit InwlfwHoti eomblre-t fn IH plui of R,Juralici, t
every advantage that can be derive from iAe punc
ttaal and coajacUaainua care kaatoaed a tl.a aapllt .
la tha variant bran, haa uf alM!Hg3, tuitalla ta
theif tev; tt alto tn tha ttriet trtentioa ta poutesate,
aaa'aaat and mnral arlnriplet. . ' . t
vieinKy of Someraet. . Tha Jncation taa very hetlthy
Me, indtheraereaiioagmiioilitretntcuiua. It aaa
baen incornncatad by the State Leghlattrrw. ' '
Thakealthol Ihaacholtra Uatnbtaet of-eotrtlaaal
attention, A aaild and aaatarnal ayatem of gnrara ',
meat, attar aa may be cnmpitibe witn tha ttrK'wt
attention to regular ditcip'lne will ba abaerved, Tho
impravameet ef lha pupilt. ta tlao their doawttia '
coaalbrt. will He atuanded to witb tk graataat tflliri- ,
tttdo Thair t'let will bewhaleaame and abundant. ,
The honrt of retaiatlon art to diatrllmtad thai tho
ato.lent will not inU'av either corporally ar aenUlly
front application. ;
Tha Weliaiaa arofaaaed tnd tiugkr In thia InaHlav
lioait the Catholic. All the young ladiet. wi'hoat v
aareptloa, will ba ev parted to attend the pnbtic ra
iigiont evreraea of tha Academy. ' - "
flia efhnlaatic Tear eotnniancea on tha firw of 3aa- '
teaabar. tail tarrarnatoa aometiiaa in tha beginning af .
Jul v, with tha public exhibition. There wil ba two
aeationt of Itva montht each.
Ta axeita emulation ia ttudy, aa avamlnttioa at
the pnpilt will ba hjetd every two aaoot ha; altar whir ,
report of thoir pmAciatw f, fee., wil) ba teat to .
thair parent, or guardian. ,
. rua soaanito. ,t
PcardiMTnitinn peraeaiioaof flvemontht, ,
iacludint Orthography, Reading, Writing, '
. ArrrhmatVa. Fmrliah Oramtur. Oeocraphv , ''
Plaia Bewiag, Uarkiag aad Fancy Naad la
work, par taaaioa. ....-......-....
Bedding and wathmg. tt roans try tim tnautn
, FiiEti Navigatioh or the la Plata.
A ietter received In New York from llio Ja
neiro, announces thei conclusion of an im
portant treaty between the United. Slatea
and the Argentine Confederation, which is
understood to secure the free navigation of
the river - La Plata and "fit tributaries, and
also tbe rights of conscience to bur citizens
who may sojourn there. Similar privileges
sre secured to ns In Paraguay. :
. Fiat of a Sobmabiiii TBuuAra.'The
K3ng of HblUnd lately,' delivered, hit usual1.
speech to the States General, concluding; by
25 minutes naat one o'clock P, M. " It, was
Immediately1 translated, transmitted by tel-
egraph to London, and composed; tn4 pub-
lished by three o'clock ' the tame afternoon.
The line traverses nearly one hundred miles
on the bed, pr the Gorman ocean. Tha
apeech contained f,75D wordsJ' " K'f
Turn Ytttow FevtR at .South.-
The Augusta Chronicle learns from Mont
gomery, Ala.", . that the yellow' .fever, was
spreading in that city , and a. perfect panic
had been produced among tne people- &u
those who could et hwa were leaving.-
At the Pensacola Now Yard , on the 28f.h
ult.. the decease wat rapidly declining.
There hid beert Be'deatht there ; since it
broke out in July, tnd 9 or 10 at Pensacola,
At Milton., Flo... it is said to te atill raging.
Cincinnati, Wilmington rmd ZanewiHe
Kailroad, open to Wilmington One Daily
Train, (SunJayt etceptad J On and aftar Monday
Auguat loth, until further notice, Traint will runat
loliowM '
Leave Cincinnati from the depot of Ihe T.i(i!o Sfi
ami Railroad it 6 P. M.,fnr Morrow ClarkarPle.Sli
go 4 Wiliuintoa, arriving at Wilmington at 8 15 V. M.
Returning leave Wilmington at 6 A. M., arriving
in Cincinnati at 9 ISA M, connecting at Morrow
with tha Knpress Train on Ihe Little Miami Road for
the WoTthand east.' "
rare front Cincinnati ta Wilmington fl.fi"
For other Infcmnatina and t ckett. toolv tt Ticket
0tfice. orner of Broadway and Front ftreeta, and tt
the Liltlo Miami Depot, or of Wtn Milner, station
Agent, w iLniingion. v. hikjuwakij,
uiginerr tna perintenaent.
loctl Agent. and payable in btnk fundt. on the a pot,
or if dn!ired.at'Jvu) Ybrfr. Barton. PM'adetvhia.
Baltimore, t harleslon, New Orlmns, St. Coul;
Louisville, P'.txburgh, or my other agreed point in
For lurthor information respecting ratet ol premi
um, etc., apply to the undersigned. ' '
WM P. CliEKD, Agent for Lucaaterand Fairfield
County ' ; .- li-Av.
In Room above Philadelphia Cornmlatlon
more. Main Rtrert, laaettter, (thia,
WILL give tpecial attention to tha collection oi
notea and account!; Preparing ebttractt of title
to landt; proceeding! in partition: talct of landt by
Administratora and Gutrditnttnd account! for.tetUa
mnnt of EtUtet, etc, ' Bit chargea will be moderate..
March SM, 1853. ,
ttY..e aad Telegrtgh eapy 1 year, anil oharra
thit otfica, ,,..,.-,, ,!: i, ..,. ...
: 'V'T VT' 'NOTICE '. '".;.',.-, .'Tm
IS hereby given that Ilenrv, Beery Jamas McFad.
dan and hit wile Mary McFadden. the progenitor!
tnd ownert of the aeroral lott contained within the
teat and td Itk to the town of 8uia grove, known
at Beery 'e addition to atid town.havt filed their pa.
titon in the clnrk't oliice of the court nf common
Pleat, of Fairfield countv, Ohio, praying the vacation
oftheplttand tddition tforntad and that application
will be made at the next term of taid court for inch
vacation. 1 '' . ! i
HUNTER ft FINCK, Attorneys for Petitioners. ...
Augutt lOtth, 186S. :r ' - ' - '.. ..::
OLLIK'S Ancient Hittory for taletttho city
Boob Store. . W CONNKLL, A rent
UCK'8 Theo'ogical Dictlonnrv for tt'e tt tha city
Book store. At.gmt iv. u m.'inr.'.L, Agent.
T.atnte of John JtriRht.
TVOTICE la hereby gtven, that, the usderatgnad
xshta Doen ouiy appointed ana quauntxi , aw
mloittator on the Ettato of Jonn BiuoiiT.clnceaeL
, Sopt 3, 86a-4w2l L. HELMICK. Adm'tor.
Jl'IfB SO, 18S3. -.
Received thit day tt the ehejp tVtre nfpntUe
Shariff.-r't Hotel a UraavtrietT of r"tncv dreat
(Jood a inch at plain Bsrag.ta of ill colon and frieaa.
Fig'd ucragea of many atylet. and cheap, tone vary
handaame. at only I'H centt a yard. '
n, i. nux ,
..' ' Pnrnaota. - "' ...
new stock uit opened, at greatly raikicad pricea
Jum 30, lisa.' '. : ' ' Mr.T. WISE. ...
$35 (V)
i 04 ,
Stoto of Ohio. Foiifielsl connty, at., Conrt
-t, . . nf common Pleira. ..... ..
Alexander II. Caldwell and a met Ca'dwell, infant
children an.1 heii-at-law of Jamet CfdwelL de
cwavd. by Kllzaberh Caldwell their BMher aad
net friend, pltjntllfa.crit.'naf - ''
Joienb Caldwell. AH red Caldwell. Samuel Caldwell.
Charlet D. Alartin. Adrainittrator ef tha Eate of
the aaU amel Caldwell, d-cea-a-d, Michael Bilev,
Fleming 4 Tingle, and Samuel McC'li'lett; cmlitoft
of the taid Estate defendanfi.
f tVi E non-residant d.-fnTiJanta, Alfred CaUwelt and car, four
JL t&aauel Caldwell, will take notice that an tha I comet, bi
acngert to and from the train in any part
... . II H. BCGGLKS.Co!
Hth dav of September, A. D. 163, tha atid Piaiaitiffi
0The Omnibua Line will call for tnd deliver pat- I filed their Petition in the Clerk'a Office uf the conrt
ot tneruv. ol common pieat t-tr aaia county, tetiing inrtn ut
Conductor. tubttanre. that on the Wth day of Jul v. A. D IK43
fCTThe Company wil not be reaponstble for big-. tho atid Janata Caldwell, dare aad, auaivaied all hia
gage exceeding .oU ui vt'ue. anlaat tha tame ha re- Karate ro tee nut At. real -aaa ma a wetU.Ja
tainea) la ibe Coaductot or Agent, and freight paid at ' trUkttopaVhiadeataaBd'ovapport ni&raily during
the rate ot a paaaage lar averv to"0 in value above ! hia lirH, with pnwavtw diapaaa a tbe ixaaaiader by a
uucamouai,, Augutt si, loo 1 laatrvniana laaiaaaeai.rnaaaaaiauawiDa waa;
OttKTnoer, A. 1'. tM,mnvut. ana piain-
tilfa hit heira-at-law. That m the eiacution of the
tnwt in May or June, A. D. 1H43, the taid Trueteee
an extra charge ef loaach..,.
. sxts cnaaoE. .
Pw each nftha Forelvn Lanmarea. '...'. . ft 5 Cfl
MuticonttM Piaao, par taaaioa........... 12 ("
UtaolPiano I,
Muiic on the Guitar..... 10 00
Music on the Harp
Vocal Mutie
Drawing and i'aintiagin Wtttr Coora.-v., 8
Oil Paint inra wivh material. ............ .. 13 wt
Italian Wax Woik.... 10 0t ,
Kmbroidery ..-;' . A Mi
Attroootnv, with lheue of Globe 3 IMt ;
Bketorie, Philoanphy. Botany tnd Chemlatry 6 IW
Tbota who take leuona on the Gaiiar will furaiah i
their owa inatrumrnt ',
Tebki or oair tcnotans..
Orthograp. Reading Writing, Arithmetic. Plaia
Sewing and M.riting. per teaaion. ...... i 4 00 '
Tbaabova with Kaglitb Oraaunaraod Gaog- . - -
rtphy ,.....-......,.-.,. a w
Other branchet at tbe tame prtcet aa .'or tboaa waa
board at th Inttirotion.
1-The carrentcxpeaaea to Be paid tami anauaXly .
In advanc. - '
2 No daduetioa ta be auda for aaaanca Bnlaaa .
et naed by tlcknev t. ,
t Letter writ'en or received by pnplle, to I
aubject to ina paction, ascent eortteapoadeaca at ith '
ptTerrtaor guardians iua.la4 kttaraoming to tha In- '
atitulio-i au.l be pott paid. . . ,
4. Thurtdayt are daya of recreation. Botrderv
are allowed to viait their parents or guardima once r
aaaoarh. - j ,
b.Ta wUforra it a white dreat for tnmmef and
black during tbe reat of tha year; with while sua
hornet, trimmed with bine ribbon. No particular -aniformityaf
dreat ia raqaired during tt week, but '
particular attention moat ba paid to neatneat.
BaartVr are requirad to bring with Ikam tana'.
furniture, viz: two kntvet tnd forka, table-tpoon, an I
detert tooon. (laat tumbler, two clataa anp tnd tan-
ir table napaine, tour taweu, vua oaaio,
hruahe.fce. 7- -
cammuiiicationa raapeetim? the Academr.
addrraaed to the gnpea-inr of St. Mary'a Literary
bacietv, Someraet, Perry roanty, Ohio, will receive
proaaM atteaaraaa. Aa antra t barge ot (10 00 par
month will ba aaede tar the vac' ion sT epast ka the
Ai latiy.
There haa heaa reeeatly ereeTed a tarr aeat eom-'
taodioaa building, which will aCorat aaapla meena af
itailaiaig large boarding acbool perlactlycoaoibrt-
WHOI.KS M.E and retail dealer In Orocarin i aoU and conveyed the following daacraSed Heal Ea
and Provision!, Foreign and Domettic LIjuoii ;tate parcel of tbo aaid trott eitata, fraaauUetly,
and importer of German Wine.
Main t'reet, Lancaster, Ohio.
uithn.it adaouata aooaiiWaticn and with the intei
lodefraudthacreditaraand kein of tlis taid James
Ca dwell, that iat I6t acrea tonlhwett antrterof aer-
lioo No. 6, towoahip No H. and rangai No 31; 336
... . r .i a- a . .: x . ,.i --J
4 NTJMDKR of dntirab'e building lott, in Hunter h ! acta anuth hall ol aectioa Ko 6. township No 12, and
iV Weaver't addition to tha city of Lancaster. They I range 31; 3J6 acrea eaat half of aectkOiiaM, town
will he told on rerv retainable terms. Ai 'one de- I shin Nn 1Q and ranee N 91: 157 acr.A aortheaat
lava are dangerout, theie quick times, call toon and ! quarter ol tectinn No H, townhip Nn 11, and lange
make your aelection ol a lot, whilat they ran ba j N0 31, in Fianklin county, Ohio, and 1j6 acrea north
bought at a low price. Now it tha time forthote wett qntrter ef aectioa No 33, tvwnsbip pia A, and
perannt who are oettroua ot obtaining t rood locanon.
Knquireof - - i. C. WEAVER.
June 16. 1653. 6-
IJAP13 A large tot of cap. Letter; commercial
B'otling and counting-house Paper tnd Blank
Bool! of tlfkinda for ttla at (he chy book store, op
roiteShtfur't hotel. by '
April 26 JOHN SEHLM.
- , DYEDl . ... .......
TOtJ e'tn ret Logwood,' K-rt Logwtvxl, Fustic,
JL cam Wood, Blue Vitriol. :
Indien. of the beat mil lit V tt
September 6. . v . t KACFFJ1AN It CO.
,T-T.'i' "i ' ' I ' r ---r-. J . r
To the Citizeus of Fairfield Ovnnty.
TI1K Board for the Equalization of Ihe Valuation
of Real Property, wil 1 meet fur that purpt t e on
tha 40th day of September. . '., .
. Sept. 7, lboJ. . . DJ oruer ot ine not:
i wnAPPisc paperV
Received thit dny at H. B. HUNTER dk CO.,
Mnin Street Lancwa'er Ohio,
A Large Jbtot auperior Wrapping Paper, which
will be told at very low prices. .. . 4
Lancaster, march 31. 1833 :.,,.
ranee No 10. ia Morrow Cf UntV
The o'.ject and praver of the aetitlaa la, in tub
stance, tl, at tha laid eonveytneva to auda to Joseph
Caldwell be aet aaide, tnd'ihjt the said .and ba told,
tnd tha eroreeda he appli- d under tha deed af trust,
tnd that a tract of 63 J acrea ia tha scoth-etrt rornar
of the north-rreat quarter of tactiot No S8, towoahip
No 16 and range No 0, in Ftirfiaid county.. Ohio,
remaining in tha truatae!, ba to'-, and theproeeeda
be applied ondtt tha taid deed of li-art. Thai an ae
ennnt ba taken nf the deb; s of tha taU Ettite.and that
cam Woo3. Blue Vitrio'. Madder. coDooras. Alum, i "rrtataet na remove, ana anovuax aauaaaa aa ap.
. .... 4 I TtA.MM n. mmu rhe as Id USEE.
... if aa I set s.
Moat Hev'd J, B Puncux. Cincinnati,
ter. C. P. B..v.Lia. Sunieraet,
lev. Jtact Whilai, . '
Rev; H. D Torso. -Bev.
C. P.'MoiiTnaBr Zaneoville, ' -' :
Bev. J M Yonao. Laucaater. - '
Angttat . I53. - : ' BI
TDWAKW t.ST.OCTTJf, having purchatetba
JUi entire Stock af Drntrs and Medieiaea of
Gaorga O. Beck. now asTertthettmo&raale.together
with a large aad wall telectedaew alack at tha Old
Stand, known aathe City Dins Storo, where anty
befound atargeartdcornpletetapmrtmeTHofDrrigaJila
dicbtes and Chemical!, Pirnta.Oile, Dya-un"i. G'ata
Wire and Window Glaaa, Bruahea, Groceries, Fioey
Article!, ke., which will be told wholesale and retail,
apoaaareaeonable terraa it tin be purcnaaed in tha
Uacaater. April 34. 1051 - - dw6l
Walker's and Cleveland Ale, ' -':
And a great many articles too tediotii ta mention -Pertnni
will pies ae call and examina for tbetnaelvea,
nd lam confident will bedaliehted wtthlhe.r viailto
id rwtitioytna I9.h day of Novfmburr thaaams , purchaauig. , U- A. t.tBU.WN.!
iJiUBtri. aw iow. . ,.
said natitaonhvtha la.hrtav
will be taken at true and contested hy you.
M. iCAGAT, f7rr.
Of the court qfeomovm pleat Jo f airfield county.
September 33, 185i,.".- ,: 6wM
Pfo. 81, Sonth Second St.. Philadelphia,
v' " " Fky-Light Pavilion.' ';. K ' .;
XTCtDnvicn . l L. ,MHul.lk
rswi H. t.mj v.v. wan yir-mnt w w w
1.1 tho citwerm of Laneaaer and rarronnding
country that having located thearJhurrierreotvpa la-
- i , g . vtlion on tna ionn a.uo m I'.-s a uvuu rmnw-
Leather aold an Conmiatioa. frea at ltorag, at 6 would aay fir tha apneial benefit of ail tboaa
pertent. with bo otber-chanrs. , at yah ad- wi,B ta MlM onluable kpkcni theao ,
vaneod in caah en receipt of Loathe an Pbiladelphua, keantilul Pevnlirr't of tha Sim, Clothed with all tho
and aceeuata aent with baiar.ee on aaia ol aaaae. brilltentand atrer faiitir.g heaetie which the com
Leather being in great demand lo Philadelphia, quick Unaed powera of Nature and Art can pmduca. fail not,
salei at remunerating prices mat badaaended upon. tBetn ,t the Ptvilionacd kave youi Ukeneaaet tak-
rlettTannerlHitMrliOUaitg loarisii, casn ; , whi . Lif. nlto aYidr cmpnrtunitsr trimit. llav-
ho,,6, -
Pad-LofK & Mill-Saw.
I.J are now receiving ne of the
avi. s
largest etotke of lltrdware thru
hace ever had. We can at V without
" bottling, thai our itock 1 equal to
.b'lshment in central unio,
t. ssr.tr r oi jiiuiit s . . i..r. k...i.re eata
rnm4 EaaeMe ft k preparttion' of anuroal excel-! and bv fir the ttrrnat to ba found in thit aaarluU . Wa
I i; i ' i : : .. ; . ... I ., J i , i XFl.u,v,ln tiipnaK.
J. teaca. luorainarv uiarjuuns, M..p.vmi t-' . nave always uati mu roi.u'....vB . ....
est variety ins DOSl qiiainy oi fnoim, " J"""
OirTh' 8t. Louie papers - note tn
advance in the, price i of . leaj, nnJ ale of
about 4,000 pigs Galena, in lots,, at t5,87J
ner 100 lot." :": .-a :-.i.r, .
1 WABHtitotot, Oct. ia.-The eiiiWen return
t Mr. Marcv to thia city, was induced by
the receipt of despatches touohioii .tha out-
ragatShanrjhea Islandt;.--"'
tirTho- ttvetni eonere of Phiiadeipniaa
Kite thoao tn Ne York, aro about to raite
tut price of brandy to W cents 'gl?'.;
fihdaai ' natainei ' were told on "tho
alreett in Fhiladelphitt on TwOTsday, for 70
tents soeHel.1 o ..--i 'j v-n H.-.i.f,w.
. sjgihjear.t.,'.
. . t ... rr .T-rrrr:"..
-x A LLIOED COAL J-tJlUM.-s-fteriotit enarea
Uf4 been tntde in SchuyVlll.fiountyaPa.V
against certain eoal operators, of defraud
ing their customer-anJ'tne Reading; Rail
road Coipsny by lalsS cerllficfltei of weight
These charges have Inducsd -a .meeting of
the (Joarbperatbrtt'ndbusirietui rnilj 01 'tha
county, for. the purpose of oisking' trrsage
nteptsjor a thorough tnvestijratlonv'.1','?
.KyAboUt t-OVIrty tolored persons hat a
left WsahiBtdrt county lately - tat LI
ber(t. ' '...-) ertt ivt,ai 4e-'sl tV ln,
-'' OCrft le'thoocht that ork will riot 00m
mtnd over $4 iq Wytira ; county, Va.;. this
in thort, In all ciaea nf prattratioa.of the digeetiv
function! it it of ineatimtble value During the pre.
vtlence of epidemic cholera and mmmer complamtl
ol children.it It peculiarly eHlctcioua; no family or
individual ahould be without It. ..
Crmo!t-Be tureto got the gent In Fjtence, which
isiprnptred only by F. Bbowm, athia JDrttg twirf rAcm
leal ttore, N. E. corner ofJXfth and chcHWtHlreclt
Phllailc!phin,nvi for tateby all the respectable Apo.
thectriei in the I'nited Statet ,
, Sold bv M Z. Krieder, In Ltnctater; Kalh, Ruth-
vllle.and bvDruggitta every where, , '. . lov. 4
Ntvirr. so Uulltlcrtt nud meelinuJra.
THKtuhacrlberU now ttiMithin at KXTEN
SIVE LUMBER TJlRD, .. . ' . v
AA taiaar'a Wharfr-foot ot Calwaahoa aa.d
. k. .n . Hick tlraataa Xaavcattar .' .
and tnteadt keeping cMataatly ot.hand allkiodaaf
Lnmber ansJi oairoraaw " -""'V:- -. t ' . :
. Hiateaalva acanaiotance kna kaowlodre of Lnat.
har.iH enable him taeelect the beat quaktkoa. and
aeU itauch -pHcee.aa' will merit the patjonaga of a
rensroua public. .. .e.
having (pec 11 Milt to fill . will find It to thoir Wtreat
to ealion him before pnrchating elsewhere. , , . -
(tT-He will tlto furnith at VVholeiale ind Jtetall,
tlMS and CEMENT of a anperior quality. - ,
Believing in the old mixim.that "a ntaxtr Steaaries
laneijAr uian m awu. ee.v... n. i ' : -
UAt KRREOTyPES. ' ' -;
TSE aubtcriber it prepirrd to execute Pigcur
reotypn In the moit approved ttyle, having juat
obtained a wnote or mmmmvin .uai.w w a
rlor kind, wilh' which he can Uko Daguerreotyet
about halt at large aa me, ana vsrtimi snsiiaiactiua
1. ewers, eaaa. He will keen on hande almoat every
.Unr M and alto a tapesior lot of Oold locket:
Porsnnt wlihlng irarnerreoiypea ana an snnen.
areretpectlutiy mviwa wtiii ana t"...
VlIIIT-ll-. .... .... V . , . m ,
u a t..traM Mii etven in tnie. tna 'moaxtieauuiui
and fascinating of all arta, upon the moit reattmtble
terms : "." " ' t 1 ' '
Rnomt In Mr. Oleav'S Frame Building, Fjitrance
one door Wettof tha Mocking Vtllay Btnk
Uncaater, March 18,1863 . R. B. McBIIlDE.
RANAWAT from the aubtcriber on the 21t
Augntt,inttait, Hawar Chkitxii, aged fifteun
Jaart, witnoataay jam wh. sou.... i - -v
forwarnany peraenor peraona from harboring or
trusting him oa ray , account, aa I will not pay any
oebtaal hiacoutraoting., Tba abova reward will ba
paid to any puraoa returning aaid boy to any hputo in
Rich and townthip, half mile aouth of Roshvllte. O.,
but no ch.
Calcutta Vina . - ! '; ,, . : ale1?
Drv do - do ... - . r- .. .: .
Rifereace Q. W. Swan, Pre-V htate. Bit, t.oiuni-
r iust arrived front New York and Philadelphia and
having riaited all tha Eastern chiea,' they are pra
pared with all the latest inrprovemeatt to take like-
km HrUar. n.;M, Tanear.unshvilla. air (ilea Co. . : ( - , L.kM nf n, inn ami i ni'mtri.
Gni ard Kaatman, Zanatriile; Stone a. Cochran, r to nT ever taken we of New Yorat cilv, and far
Merchanta, Newark. . t ., . . I superior ta anvevor taken 1n Stmthera Dluo. Aa
Communication arldreaaed U lha above firm wlil tneT have all the latest diarox-eriee h tre Art. they
meet with prompt attention. ... . , ; . canjuifeiy lay they defjt competition, Picrurea taken
Scioto Gazette pleats copy , t , - , - 1-ant. ! of variona aizas alto viewa of Bnildinga, landacapee
charsea patd erthankt given. . , r
aatXToS?. GtOUUii S. UKNI?S0S.,,
' ;' .t ; i,.;,.- FOB THR tADtES., r v v. ,,7'
A FINK Lot of Albumt, of ill kladtjotd fine batik
expressly for lha adiea, at tha city book ttore
opposite ehaffer't hotel, by
PISH. Whlte.Tiekera), IVout tnd Bs for ialeb
9. Say
lltHe lowBi-than anv other aatablishment.and are d
terminc d to be ahead of all eompet it ion in the way ol
oou bargains. nmj-s, -o
Dick Wonka for sale at the oitv Bonk Store; '
,- , .'r-;--: -,'.--J. ...
Hooks for the Million. . ,
TIE undersigned, in pretenting hit NEW STOCK
OF BOOKS to the citizen! of Fairfield county,
foelaiuttiAcd ih taying that a larger and mora com.
plete ataortment of n-w and tundard puthcationa
waa never before atferad tnthra city. Havana, par
chaaed hit stock oa tha nrott liberal tarma, ha reel a
aatiafied that he can supply hia customers at cheap
r rates than haa ever been known in this market.
He invitet Ihe ittentioai of th reading public to the
following li. Which h only a ttmpleof hu entire
pnrrhaaei'- ' ' '" -
Vanitv Fair, a Novel wtthoutahero, hy Wrflsam
Thackeray.-' ---
The Ni" Boat. ' r " - '
v. Family Bibles, at ill pricet. ' . ' --x
Pocket Biblei do '' " ; """J
H n Booki of all kind. ; 15 I " ' f
Gift Books of all kinda. -
English tnd German Catholic Books oT til kindt.
i. lloway-Biblea., .. ,
Note Book! af all kinda.' . ,, .
r, Pcbool ikiokaat aal kinda, ttwholeaals and raun
A iargTlot of Cap, Letter, both Commercial ani
Envelope Paper tnd Blank Books of all kinda. '
- Nnl. UlMrt mthlacatinna.
Ltndtctpa GavtVtning aad - Uural Architecture, by
Uownmg. a . . -
It will be teen br the above that he has rotrmRed
tha iMereeti and taatea ef tha entire comnrunity.aid
latvei no reasons why every iamilv abould not he
hi poneaioa of a. amall-Ubrary - Thankful for the
liuoril'pirranage of a ganaroaa public in 'dtyaagone.'
he aanwatly lavtas a eaat Mali Iton el lira same,
V'. -J . ; .i-.-" v ., JOHN SEAKLB.
(p-Storo Immediately opposite tha Washjsurtoa:
Hotel aad sate door weal of tbo Seringa lustitvUt.
Laneaater, aapt.4, 1868. . -t (
s. ja';-"
Furtniutr lMtpliuui. .
FARMERS will find at tha Ootot Bontoar Store
e very deacri prion and tha beat quality aft arm
ing Implements. We have tor aa hani,
35 Dna. Caat Steel Hoea. s . . v
. 96 .. An-et'endl.trainccal'iSUel She-ell
. 16 " . Snyder'! and Rowlands laeg handle da . ..
S " Sett Cuhivator Taelh -
M " VVtldron't,Dirling'aaUinb'iGraiaScythet
30 do - do do Cora . do
... fj Oriran't and W'aJdron't Briar .do,
' 6 'jl 'WollorJaindYiokee Grain Cradles "
) Scythe tMiathaa .-''
60 . Cait-ateel Hay and Straw Forks ; u
IIUI M BjmI llav Oakee . . . i '. i
r300 " Scythea Rillna. C-umcrvek and Indian
Pood btonee. . - c, .
AH of which we have pnrchtted direct from the
manufacturer! for caah tnd will tall as low,. if not
lowar than last yean cricee. , m.;'" .j
t Uncaater, May 4, 1852 ,, , W '
and Scenery, coppiee taken of IHgtterreotype Paint
ing! and Scnlprara Ukeaaeaea of children takes In
lair weather, between tha hoursof 10 o'clock A- M.
and 1 P. M. . i .,........-.: ;
fTrPictoretinalow ns t,e5.
N. B.- Pott MnrteVB eatet attended toon thort no
tice and at huT pricea. Instructirmt carefully riven
in tha Art aad apparatus furniahedof tbe latest atyla
onraaaouable terma. . Aug. 4. 1863.
... ' o - . .:..-'.."-.
LIFE ' ,- "
to EattUithed Company, at tne loweat aafo
AeeLTTa-.WLf. CREED. Agent. Dr.
JAMES WHITE, Med. Exam. . . : .
N. B. t-i!itormant intureo.
Aagatt 13th. 1863. . : ' '
Tobacco n4 Cignrs-, a
LA ROE ndtUMriolMofCiriiar.doTcar arxt-i'siit
, Fairateld County Agrlcaiturot Society.
ft.nE nfembert and all olheT persomwho foal an
1. interest in promoting the welfare of lha Fairtiald
Countv Agricultural Socioty. art rerpectfiiilv r-
maMtaai.tn new tame xraaaurer ai nu imuiT, uia
ee for memberthin without delav, in oi-drr that tha
officers mar be enabled to mtke the neceisary pre
pirationifoTthe Fair to be held it October next
ft ta hoped that all will aee the netetaity of prompt
aata. Ticket! will be prepared, te iuraiih members
at time ef payment, . . .
. For convonionce, paymenlt will ba received at tna
atoreof Measra, Reber. Kuti & Co. '
, 1. C. WKXvm, Scry.. JOIl REDEIt, Pretf.
Jury 18,1863. " t y v. .- .' . , '.
' ITiiclc Tow; tbln ,
AND ' Uneia Tom't CiWa aa tt ia,for tars at the
cit V Book Store, op potato biitfor't Hotel, by . ,
...W.! .V.l- Di'HOlwttOH."'-.-' V .i '
THB anderigned copartnora. heiajtofora .doing Va
atn -it under tha nsma an4 Arm ef Gitm and
n.Jii. Kia dav ditalved by mnlual eooaent. The
will ha cottinnrd by Maximilian Giana.wbk i
wiUmhooktoftho orov '
ZISK k BlSH.Jirata afreef, acoifcr, 0Wv
Jour ioort Week of the Hocking I alley Bat.
Where freak Bread, Ruslu. Cakes, and Crackart cm
WaVaelmpioyed the very Vest warkmen In er
line of busineat and wiU aell at wholeaale and retail
at tha lowewt fricet. '
Wa ara determined to give trenoral tarUfaetion
AU ordera from the city or eounty for Bread; eeitea,
anda, butter, water and Botton mcltera vm
promptly filled. Give ot eaU. . '
F Tancaiter. July Si, 18BS ' ZWK iBISlL
N B. WealtoVeenonhaodagewriluiortmentol
K.sMftr r-ni-irr.IitES. which will ha aoM at the
T ni"".. .. - . i .
loweat rttot.
At tho City Boahttora. oppaalla haaffar'S
. . Illiln.
maa NUthtainaBlock houte.lhe Ihwardedlego
. '?.?.?iu. d tha Gold Beaiona, I Ick
lev, """"" -f r.lifnmia. E
....... . . , .
P..Vi'?R.jK-; the Nile Boat, Arlvtc
leon ana uts .. ' - . t,:..
r4 Wrnnao, Ufa of thr S"J,ZZi7.
, Lancaster; July 14, 1853.
lilgas Kiickata., covstnaA
,l. nuki uiiu.
K-ta-a. Proof inlni. ' '
aHttOCOLlTE COLOR. "heap d durabUalaj ,
winter, 11 maw .- ,w. tf .. t
ni :,.. ta I a-A a i-i r:,!l t' .1""-; r)
1 Vrx v.i. T- !! c i fir n ...
.!x.'v.aA',.t" mi i
t' l?)i,Ui-!S ,l
Si. tu

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