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:, r-frAe -. Mb 3 svSJ i.
TrLrasirnrc ikteiiiqence.
- -. L.Mtcr Troni Californiiu
New Yobc, Oct. 5 The stunner Ores-
(Fit City arrived at this purl Ut night.
first shipment from that couulry to Iba Uni
ted States. '.- :,.;.. .-
The Cresceot City left Aspinwall on tbe
morning of tbt 35th ult , ind when two day
oat met the stesmsbip Star of. the West .and
Men a. ship wetto the (.'aires dumasled. . -
The health of the Isthmus is reported
good, and the weather pleassnt. - '
D-Ues front Aiutralia to ihe 30th July.huH
reached Panama. Tbe miner there were
agitating for a reduction of tax; large meet
ing bad been held, tod thus .attending
were armed to the teeth.
Great ' excitement prevailed, and fresh
disf orerie of gold had been mafe. '-
The morning intelligence is favorable! '
Br this arrival we hare further particular
of the affair at Cbancha, in which the Cap.
tain of the American ship Defiance, wit
wounded. . ' .
It appear the Defiance was going to tea,
add fired a salute to the other American
vessels, for which she was fined. A second
salute was fired, which so enraged the Peru.
iau commander, that tie wetit aboard lint
Defiance with three armed boats crew, and
after severe enoountrr, seized' the Capt.
and bound bim, and then threw him into
one of the boats, by which he was severely
injured; snd the Pernvisn officer and rrew
took the Defiance to Culluo, and the Capt
was retained in confinement. ' '
Mr, Olur.nrjr Minitter at Lima, forthwith
chartered a steamer at Bolivia and pruceedod
to Chench. to investigate the affair, and ha
sent dispatches to Washington. .
Business was paralized throughout the
Republic of Bolivia.
M ist exciting stories had reached Santia
go dt Borgia, of gold discoveries on the river
Amizun sad its branches. It is stated that
'gold is found over a distance of 40 leagues,
and tbiit those engaged in washing were av
eraging 23 pound of goldeacb per duy!!!
Great Fire nt BulTiilo.
BojrraLo, Oct. 5. The gale noticed yes
terday, continued all night with much vio
lence. A Ore broke oat this morning, on Evans
street, and before it was aubdued, over one,
hundred building were destroyed; some of
them valuable brick buildings. The burnt
district embraces an era of five sites; the
wind was very high during the fire. The
loss is estimated at $300,000.
The name of the schooner reported losl
- yesterday, wasOnedia; the was loaded with
0,000 bushels wheat, bi und for Toledo, and
was owned by Capt. Allen.who was drown
edin her. She was run down by a steamer
bound up, and sunk in fifWn minutes. All
glands were lost except cook, who clung to
ine most lor nnura until na was r acued
bv a life bout. The gale blew all iilght
with terrible fury.
A denpatch from Michigan- City, stales
mat me u- a. steamer Michigan, is ashore
noar that point, i i a critical situation.
New York Stale Whig Convention
Syhacusb, Oct, S Tha State Whig
Convention met here to-day, and waacallod
to order by Hon. E. D. Morgan, Genoral
Bruce appointed temporary chairman.
Gen. B. made an appropriate speech, urging
tbe necessity of harmony, and after appoint
ing a committee tonomlnnte permanent of
ficers adjourned till a P. M.
- KraAOCSE, Oet.- 6th. The Convention
reassembled this hfternoon, and Washing
ton Hunt was appointed President of the
convebtinn. After organization, J." M.
Cook was nominated ae Comptroller; El
drigeE. Spacing, Treasurer:E. W.Lonvens
worth Secretary of State, and Ogdon UofJ
man, Attorney General.
; Great excitement prevailed.nnd the chnir
man had great difficulty to preiervo order
WaSHfSOTOll. Oct. 6. The Hon. gnm.
Medairy, Minister to Chill, and Dr. Maisey
of Mobile, Secretary of Lotatlon, are In
Washington, at the National. They pro
pose to sisrc 10 vnui in a woes' or two
1 Nbw York, Oct fi The oteamer Africa
nailndto-day for Liverpool: she touk S800,
000 in gold. ; .. ,. ,
. fully Inform therltlanaof r'airlleld
rJ"ndiheadoinlnt; count! ea.t hat theyara on
'' kV handaauaual, at their old aland on door
Waat of Slocum's X)ri Ktnra with a large und
unvia annmaiM oi avan illinB in tnelr line.
Thl Wittier purrhaaea liar baon aelectad with
eaie and are larvdr than uaual.
. LADJKa! Whivntaknpclaloarvlt making ou)
puruhaaeaan a to pletae you.
P U-. 1 II. .1 I ..1L1
neiwraa iiiiieui .orTininK. Iran a JENWT LlT)
Btramadown to th amalleat chlldran'aahnaa.
i W kiva alio ea hand and are prepared to maketn
- OmHrmt't BuH and Htamlett Oallimm. rv.
mat Uoota, ke. W have also juat received lot of
VonifrMfB noma, on ariiritt.
GUM WIIOKH.-W. have on hand a larva and...
ealmnt aaanrtment of Uum fihne and Handala new
rtlrl. We have both the H.ht and heavy kind,
which are much autiwlor to former artirlaa. We
riavann i.aiiuar am maaea-tium Huola.
riNWNU8,l.-We.ir- alaoornparad tofuml.h
fShoemakoraand r'indlnKStoreawllh Kin.linna nfeverT
deacriptloa, tuch aa Kua, Hegl, lloot-webbln.,8hoa.
(tringa, Lacea, fcr.
Koluth. Moocco blndluga. c.,alwaya on
nftnn - 11 - . , .
. . Ia addition loth work an hand, wa ar prepared
a heretofore to mauufactureevarytt Ing lu our line.
Our own work needa noreromramdatlon. W hno
by proper attention to our buatnaaa. to aeeure fair
.hare of tbe public patronage, aa we will.hv.yih
on hand to wait uponour cuatomeraand Jo ourbiatto
plnaaa thetn
W A STKl). Th aub.crlber. will t.V. o.a or two
good and Induatrloua boya tolearn tlie HonttmJ aknm
making Raoaiw. WUHK, BON t WORlt
lnnaatm, January A, INftS. M
NEW .ooilN, :
WTF.tr now la tha recelnt nrnui- n.i..
t nudtumiiif rNtork of Good, In Wt their
' Trf, in in
vvtiich w offer to tha puMla as the nvwt intareatlnf
- . . rr ,"""" "- "ruuHui 10 una maritet.
to which we. invite the publie attention, and which
vr Mill teUoo the mint rramjnuhU term, at Ih Old
.v .uw,..,..uuu(v bln , lna ewan riotei. .
- ' 'ITK. Jr. & JULI AN.
Uncaater, Apv'U7,1a. dw3inSl
He I J mrtsn Tth Oivl.ion Ohio Milill
I-ancn.ter Ohio, Kept. A.laal.
PlS i B J"?1" a" DORSO-t-You are hereby
ji "lnnrl:"' eommandeil to ord.-r tl
.1 i-l. ,i '"V"- l-ta-t..r, to ataemhle at
. J,,T '" of ,n,,'r,nn WKDVKSOAV NF.XT
tli-m inat rt7 o'clock. R M.; and whan there
i.r.i lu tWi tha f..ilin. ,U .- 1
it I . " io cummanu
aid roaipanv.to w t: One Cant. In. VI... i i...
tenant.on Secnnd Lieutenant and one third Lieu,
tanant. By order of JAf'OH B')PB, Hiig. tlen.
kirat Brigade, 7lh Dlvialon, Ohio Militia.
TViccordanee wh t the (hrgnli.g ordnr, yon will
I ..emb'e at the time and plac above tpeciaed.
aJid than i and ther proceed to elect the several offi.
( a aa therein required THOMAS 0. D0OSON
Uiraatr,6Wpteaiber37,lHo3 -
OO f f WhiIl Hbbl, V.notl,. Bed
J ,Ur,h,...Ra,Ud 1 do VallowOchr.
5 Kega ty Whit Uad, M) do Llnaced Oil.
iri'l ,!th,r?r ")! doaplTurpntlii
'f '""en. w ao japan Varnlah
1M do. do Yellow "4 deCopal d .''
'Mi do Amerirui Vermtlllna 1 do atipaoach dnftc
u rwved and tor aal at the city Drug Hor late
8b rtng 500 passenger and one million r""r. , . " " r i voj nn, . im mom
j it :.7 u : i j r. 'killful workmeo ami ae th kn4 matenata, ho flat,
dollars in gold, including 400,OiK from llTI bimtAS ,h h9wt ive , Mtimlalioo"to !
Australia br Adam Expresaa, being he , who ny ftvor him with -tVh- cuatom. i
- rVRMTl'BE WARE KCOMS, ' "...
D.K. ThllliL '
Hsvlrti nturaad to tha c'ty and erected a targe
bui kknein the ri of the brick ao. oa th
. canter of Braid d Cb 'snul streets, one square ml k
i of the Market Huute. intends manuttc'iuiiur ape
iigc icvi an iu rBrnTt Brittle ri
CVIliM'.T I VRjuixi'uE,
! BeodxttMids nnd Cluiiro. Wtich ha will Wp
I.U.vaoa. hM.l.tortlMr with a !. M.or,Mt of
Cia--iaaati mualacture. Ilia on eiport nc in the
heme end imported from abroad the Tory bent of
T1 puWir tr Invited to call aotlsxaumi tha aa
oiriini-Dt Tl entrance to tU wmt ia upon timad
treet. O K. r'lotlEL.
Lancaatnr, May 20th, tSEX'
N. B (tapaa-inf doaa nri thihortt noti-. and
the iK'at.Mf and moat worktcanlik aianaer I
Blneknmitl nntl Vrterinary Sairacon,
OKFtRS hia wrvKeat the public in
tho capirity ol Velaritutrp Hmr
f ceo, and ospccially in thetrratanwat "f
d'tramd feel, ilia 'on experiena in
skneiug hordes enahlea liim to conlident
Iviar. that hn can and will live full a
ti'alicUiA. lie luwarailed himself of all
the lightu of Icienco in treating tho riHnus forma of
diseased teat to Mhich the honoli liable.
Ill ahnp hon Untad atroet, nearly oppoaits the
North public ai.bnoMioune
Waeon an.1 BtURi ironed on abort notice, and all
otbor kinds of arairtilng done with neat neaa k donpatch.
The noble Ifane pursuea hla daily toil
. la Bik;, Coach, or in the larmar'a field;
ntraiutn each nerve to tread ft turn the aolt,
. With patiant apiiit nut dijpoaedtoyiuld
He niakse t wiiu your moni-y I declare it-r
A a t I'm tha man to nhoea bin right
Lancaator, March 1 1. I VU. . fl. tlARltETT.
Dfcua Wohki for sale at the etly Book Rtore.'
, B. fiUNKELUA ft.
rill IE Proprietor Infnrmi Ih public that teveral
J thousand dollara have bena expended in entire y
retittini and hirniahingthla hnuae. ile flat! era him-
aolf that hn can furniah to hit boarderaand to the tra
velling miblie accnmmodatinua canal to Ihoxe of Ih
bent Hntela in I ho Heat. Ilia tab e If alwava furnUh-
ed with the beat the market affords hia triable it
larce and ia fine condition Having had eonaidera-
hln experinnra in hnN-l kenplns, he hopea to receive
a tun antre oi tno puuic patronage, n
un?aer.nno. Ann it. imi
r T-Ohio Stat im an. ( Ihlo 8tate Journal. Ohio Eaffle
tnd Tele jriph, uncaatnr, pubiuniorone year.
"ocToai Scorr i Ki have formed a pnrtnonhip,
tor the parpoie ol practicutg UbnllMlil.
Thuy giiaranxw en ire aatinfiiction in telling Artilicial
I trtll, anu nil tpiugj leeiil wimw nucay anu pre.
aerve them for lllu. Thir otPce It the aan recent.
v occuoied bv Dr. Kin if. in Connell't Row. whera
liiay will be moat happy to tee t hoi r frienda who
niay wian ine coouiuun oi inpir muuiria iinvruvi-n.
; h st orr. WM. U. KING.
Lancatter, June 14, lSf'3. 8mh
Vim It' A R'iltil Tiicivry Itoniovfd
r1 F.flltnlC SMITH hat removed hit Chair and Btd
" Jf atead r'artnry from the corner of Wheeling tnd
Colunibua ttreuta. to Htanliiry'ii , Building nn fllain
tireet. fun duort Kant af (hi Hocking VaUeu Bank
iiuidirctlUfTonleln' "-nirKena aiort. lie naann.
lanrfltl nitouaineaaanu inienaaKneiinv nn
hand the laxgott ana sett ttannment ot
ver before kept in thit place ; eonaiating
in part, of Cane teat, Cottage, Buttlj,
French, Scroll top, Village, common and
Cliildrnn'a Chaira.nociablaa tnd Sotteet.
All detcrlptlont ol 1IKDSTKADS manufactured of
either t'hurry. Walnut. Maple or Sugar.
Ilia work will all be ma.loof the very beat material
by good workmen tnd of the latent and moat approved
oattorua. It will be inlorior to none manulactured
-Uewher tntl will bo told at th very lowuat pricet.
A continuation of the very liberal patronage of the
public ia rnapectfully aoliriteil. It it the Intention of
th auhacrilwrto keep a full andganoral taiortmept
at all timet, to that f.e will be entblcdto accommo
dat both aid andnewciiatnmert with anything In hia
line. In connection with hitoatahllahmant it Mr. Q.
L. Kcliert'a Cabinet tVare Room, to that cuatomera cat.
be accommodated with all article a requtait to com
plete a full aaaortiuent of Household k urniture. Call
and tee. OEUUGK SMITH.
Laiuaalar. November 1, lnll. 26
. . wanteo, .,
IN Plntrlrt No. 7, Pleiaant townahip, Fail-field
nuntv,tii, a aehoel teacher ho in competent
to teach all the higher bran-hea of in Kngllth Edu
cation A good tearhor can find employment lor ten
montht In a year it a good aalary. Information can
be had by addressing the undersigned, it Lancatter,
Ohio. JOHN A. FbTTEltS, Dutrlct clerk.
'To the tJcnniin of Fnirfleld Connly.
ed tha aervlrea of a GnnMAir Saleimait, who
will b found eentlnmsn on acquaintance. Coin
audaeehim. JOHN O Vtll.LOCK, Agent.
. Inoaitnr. April 50. Eagle and Telegraph copy.
WO. 6(5,
. . RKi.V OF THE
Pati-Lork & M&tl-Sow.
1 Jar now receiving nn of th
large! etnrke of Hardware they
hare ever had. V a can aay without
boeallnc, that ourttock tieauil to
thtt of tny hardware ttabihmnt in contra! Ohio,
andbv far th largeat tn be tound In thia market We
have always hail tho repiltition of keeping the great
est variety and bast quality of gooda, and telling a
little lower thtn any othnr nitabliihinnt,ttid ire do
terminrd to he ahead ol all competition lu th way ol
good bargains. ' May 4, l"6l
or Water Elevator.
Tin undsralgtu'd In otleriiig to Hie i iti.ona orLan
caaterandit vicinity thia valusMu mode ol raia-
Ing wator from tiatnrnaand wnllt.ind leela confidant
na'can ranoor taiiaiacuon to an ruaaonatio porsolia
wanting tha trtir lei having mid tome valuable im
pmvamenti in th Curb, lieel, Holer, in turning th
edg th buttons nn th eliain. which iddi maierl
ally to It! durability tnd aaa la raiting ih water;
they ire applicable to clsti-rni and walla ol ordinary
dnptha snd when properly put up, are lost liable to
get out oi repair man tny otner momoa ol drawing
water. noma hi in
Important AtlvnntHge
of the above nrinrlule. consist in keeolnir the aim
ronabv tgl itlon citired by tho rnvultitinn of th
chain when in motion, and the reaction of the water
in tailing fmm the tub when Ilia reel is stopped, in
..!..- ..... I.I i ... u - A ! 1,
g-(liTia; in" n.irr .tiiu Hiiunm Milan uiawn, lu ult
p using with tho valves, which are liable to gel out
of repair In tha ordinary pump, and In nol freezing In
winter, which alao wavenl the tube from crakina:
they raise the water as easy If not easier than any
othnr marhaulral pi Indole
Th a hove article la WAaaAitritn to b of good
materia la and well paMip nr thoy will be removed
ana no pay or roromuuna asked lor th trouble.
Thankful for tha liberal patronise tlretdv boatow-
ed, bo wllllendoavor tn rehdnr an equivalent tnall
wlioainploy him. lti'feraee to any or tU for whom
h haa don work. Hhop on Main atroet, Connell't
How. idov the l.aglotllllie. V. . UI.Vr.ltLY.
Uncaalsr, May IU, IB63. :.. .. ti-ly.
Ir, S. P. Tfltms I' Eilt-iirt of
Niiroiiliui tllti.
Til E remarkable santtlv powera of J?r. g. 1,
Totwna ttartaparilla, hive Induced numer
ous tttiunptt to counterfeit It, and make fraudulent
usaol Dr. lowNtMifo'iitAMatotecur theaale of
tPUHinvi autici.vi.
Thtt tnunterl'alta and Imitation only raovt) the
VALoautth oKiuimi.j and no hioh coMru
WKHToouid ba paid to Dr. S. P. Townsend't Extract
of Sarttpirilla, than laborinut efforts JStt have bB
made by many to gnt up aomnthing li It.
a tepp y oi in uenulu Article, kept conatantlv
i baud bv
Auguatt, lh69
IvTevr Proeens of Nelf.actlnR tiKWaalxiHg
IfMEa OARAtlllTV. at hit W.tchmaker and
Jewelry httahlithnjiint, thre doors east of th
Hock lug Vsllcy Bank, ia now tnd at ill timet pre.
pamd to Ualvanltl Watdie or any other metalie
attlclet with tho purest Oold, in a minner tn defy
th beat of juilgei, and warranted to Hand better than
that done by the old principle of a Battery, on th
moat reasonable tonus and ahoitest nntlce. e.Darl-
roeniciab seen at hit Hhop, Th htghett trice
paiajor aijurnia uoia.
Lanotater, January S8, 1383.
OSlAN,Themipioa.Klrk White, Moor. Shelley,
Tupper. Scntt. Umpbeil, Miltoa, Mr. Hemana,
ana roesitoi ament, ail lor aai at tn cuy boo
ttora, eppealt Sliaaffer'a hotel, hy
April tl..(. v , , JOHN 6EABLES. ,
' FARM, FOB' 8AI.E.", ;
THE Kxcutlv'emmltlee ofthe FalrAeld County
Agricultural Socletv will roceiv propoaitiona
for th farm North of Lancsster, on ttaturday th 6th
of Auguat , For Inlarmatlon as to terms, and quaJtr
sf land reserved for fair arcundt, enquire of th no,
dmlgned. JOHN KEUEH,Pr).
I. C. Wa!Avan,S'y. .
July r. ibsa. '
CF$0 CllAI-LE.Cil
WHATKVEB cocronh With mJ happlneat
of a paapla is a! all llmM oi tba moat vatuibl
itnpoHaoc. I lafca it for raateal that everv parxo
will da all ia their powar to as- I ha Urea af tkvir
cbUitnMa, sad that evary parsoa wiilandeavor to jiro
moi 'krirowa health at all aarrifirM. I fral it to
I ba mvaty to aatanaly aaaura you that trwM.it-
I TrTJT .hi
! juiTta wtS
rl L?... .1
eonUDg to tn piiion oi ina moat ceiuortrra i n;i-
e prufiarTraaaoa or a ur mpirny ui
atonMtrh.pirkiuKat th noa, kardaeaa and ruiinMot
the bvllr, dry cough, flow fcver.puloa irregulr; re
memher that all thao donota WUKM8, and you
auouldat once apply the renedrr
An article founded upon scientific prinripl, com
pounded with purely vegetable euhntance. being
perfectly aafe when uUn. may be civen to ibe noitt
tenner infant with decided beneficial ettect where
bwtlnmplainlmdJimkmtkV9 made then weak
aao OUDllliailMl. l ww Lviiiira im iu y .MM
yrup are lurh. that it ataada Vlthou' an equal in tha
catalogue of anedicinei in rivilit, tone and atrel tth to
tha atoroach, which ntakea it aa UMaltakle remedy lor
thoae afllirted with dvpenaia,the aatooiahina cure
perinrmed b thia anrup alter phyaiciina have tailed,
r the beat evioeaco oi ita aqperior euicacy over all
Thla it th moat difficult worm to deal my of all that
infent tho hilmaoayHera, rt grnwa to an almoat indefi
nit length, becoming an coiled tnd ftatncd in the
intoatinea and ttomacn, effecting the health to aadlytt
to cauae St. Vitut Dance, file, etc , that thoae tfllictod
aeldom if ever autpnet that it it Tap II orm batten
ing them to an early grave. In order to dottroy thia j
worm, a very energetic treatment mutt ce pu bum,
it would therefor b proper to take 6 to H of my
liver puia ao aa to remove an ooaii-uciior. mat tne
worm tvrtio miv act directlv upon the worm, which
mu t be taken in dotea of two table tpoonaful three
time t day; thete du-ectiona followed have never
beer known to fall In curing th siott obatioat oat
of tape worm.
Nn part of the tvatem It more liable to diaeaae than
the l iVKa, it aerving it a ftltercr to purify the blond,
or giving the proper accretion to the bile; an thtt tny
wrong anion oi the uvor enertatneoiner imporrani
Dtrtx of the avutom. tnd reaoltt vtrioutly, in Liver
emnplainlt. Jaundice, Dypepit, etc. W should
tni reloro wntch every tymptom mat mignr inuirate
a wrong action of the Liver. Theae pillt being com
poaedof vonTtvnd riAKTi furnished by nature to
heal tha tick: Ntmely, lat. An F.xpkctoiiakt, which
augmentt th lorretton from the pulmonary murua
men brane, o' promotes th diachtrge of tecroted
matter 3d. An Al.TKRATivr, which changnt in tome
inexplicable minner the certain morbid act inn ol the
tvatem. 8d A Tome, which givca lone tnd atrength
tn the nrvout tyatem ..venewuig health and vigor to
til ptrtt nt tne body. nn. a cathartic, wmcn acta
in nerferl harmnnv with the other initredientii. tnd
hperaling on the bowels, anil expelling the whole matt
of corrupt tnd vitiated matter, and purifying the
blood, which deatroya diaeate and rettorea nea un.
TO nsMALrs.
Yon will find Iheae pilli an ipvaltiahln medicine in
many complaint! to which you ire tuhject. Iti ob
alructiont either total or partial, they hive been
found of inestimable benefit, reatoilng their Function
al tningnmcnttto t healthy action, purifying the
Mood and other fluid to ctfectually aa to put to flight
all complaint! which may rise frnm femals irregu
laritiea, aa headache, gltidineit, dimness ofaight,pain
in the aide, back, etc., etc.
None genuine unlet, signed J. N. Hobenaack, al
others being haae imitation.
ITT Agentt wishing new supplier, tnd at ore-keepers
desirnut of becoming agents must tddrett the Pro
prietor, J. N. Hobenaack, Philadelphia, Pa. ,
I'RICF. 25 CF.NTS, F.ACU. - .
Whneaaln agent! for Ohio, J. & C. Bhasbrt,
Cincinnati, Ohio. .
M. Z. Krelder..
.. L. Slnrum. ..
B.B Walter...,
E. Knlb
Otto H. Mailer.
J. it. Snndermm
O. F. Htmlln ...
........... ..Lihicister.. ''
....What Hui)iville.
Somerset. '
. .. .AmandaC
November 18, 1863
NOTICE to Tinti:siii:itsi
1 TAKE thla method to Inform the Threshing Ma,
china men of thia tnd th idjtcent countiot lint J
am eatabliahed for thia year at V. M. Beery Si Co'
Foundry, in Lancaster, where I will attend to
that may be confided tn my charge, particularly the
Matailloa Machine, having the Muaillon ctitingi
complete, both forth Power tnd Separator. Hav
ing worked sometime In the Maaaillnn Establishment
I shall be well prepared 'o repair thoae machinea.
will, alto. In addition to repairing machine, put ul
to order, Iron and wood-itiv cylendert.
I will get up to order an excellent article bv which
tn gum tawa; and alto manufacture to order a Self
Resisting 8aw-fxg Loader, a machine thtt will do
more work, for leaa money, than any other machinu
for that purpose now in use One of thnae machinea
can be teen after tho lint of April at the above nam
ed Foundry. . A. VAN TRUMP.
Lancatter April 6, IH83.
t). KtVFFItl AN CO.,
KEEP constantly en hand,Wbito Lead, pure, in
Kegs and dry, Vonetian Laid. Yellow Ochre.
Pniasiin Blue, Rod Led. Litharge. Unseed Oil Sperm
Oil, Corn Oil, copal Virnlsh, cotch do., chrome Yol
low. do. Green, llos Pink, Vermillion. Lamp Black,
Turpentine, Lard Oil, Fish OII.AIcohoUipin Varnish,
that win nnt turn yellow. All of which will b told
ow for cash. aept. 1
OF tha latest pub'lcttlom, for tale at the city book
store, opposite Shselfor'i hotel, by
April 'Jo
' (t-ATa or rnitABBLi-niA.)
Vcnllletlng tVOottamarWIg Menrclnrcr,
Opposite the Capitol House. Columbnt.
AN Extenalv asaortment of Ladle tnd Oenti.
mnn't Wiaa. Tnuneea. Scalnt- half. vt'lirs. Inve.
piecoa, litck flair, Frizetlt, Putft, Cur'a and colored
Work. Also, Ilracelota, Necklacea, Betdt, ''Ings,
Creases. Plna.Outrda and Chains.
flf Hair Work repaired sod dreased. Ordara faith
fully executed. Jin 6, 1803. fim34
Received thla dav direct from th Manufacturer, '
I Piece M Oil Carpet '
g 6-4 "
r : 6 . 4-4 :;'
4 7-H " ' , ,
A " 3.4 ii l , i
New ttylt and the very belt quality, and will be
sold low KH, WUITK ft LA TTA
LtnciBter, April 30, IH03
Merchandize of every description,
Upon the moat favorabl a term! tftlnit
av tub
By Marina or Inland RoutM. between Eaatern China
nd til ptrtt of thaMiatiiaippl Valley, and upon Ul
Alao taken uinal upon all kinds of Inturabl pro
party, al moderate rates of Premium, by i
For Lancatter tnd Falrfiuld county.
N February 8, 1863. ' lm
Nailer id Builder ami Itlet'liiinlr.
rpiIK subscriber la now establiahlng in KXTEN-
m. riivs. iivnaita tA.uu,
At Oleaytt Wharfs-feat f CotHtnba and
.(. Hl(b atrl LaBcatler.
and Intendt keeping conatantly on hand all klnda of
Lnmber t nd i oil for til, s. ...
Hit extensive scquslntance and knowledge ef Lum
ber, will enable him to teleet tho beat autlitie. and
tell at inch pricet, will mvrit th patrouag of
generous piiniic. ,
having apeclil bill! to fill, will find It to their Interest
to ran on him botnro purrnailng lawhere. -
?r tie wilt also tnrni.n at wnolettle and Hetail,
MK and CKMKNTaf auperlor quality: "
Belle vins In th old maxim, that a nrmAt fUmnnre
la better thin i ilov ehilling," my terms will be cash.
August ai. V1U. J. VAHIA
r. xmowirs -
Eatarwce or Jaiuittcir OliiKcr.
TH19 Kaaencela t preparatloa of unuaual xcl
lean. Inordinarr dlarrhosa, Incipient cholera,
la inert, la all aea at i .i ji .i
function it it of InaatlmlhUni.,. n...i..t
"'T.'S0' ef1"nlholr and ummr complsdnta
ol ehlWrefl. lt la peculiarly etflcacioua: ao faaulyor
indlviduilahoald ba wlthetitlt , ; -
lprepard only by If. Bnowi. at hia Drug and chem
.i.'Tf'Jf- Jyr,M' Jftk and chclnut.,t,U
PMlMlelphiajtni tot tat by all tharMpctabU Apo
thecirlea in tha I'nlted Slate ... , r . .
Soldbv M 'a lajriedar.ln Laiwnir,E v.ik d .-i.
rilU,andbyDruggiattvry whara. Nov, 4
DOOR Mats, Brooms. Sugar Buckets, covered
Boies, te., st H. B. HUNTER A CO. .
1UK9U A ItlllVAL.. -
HAVING pairchtwd th lotereat of Mr. Jaoo
Piout lutlaa I)r Uaeda busineaa. in th Mae-
muken Root, on dotrr H'atofMcunr. Xeber and
Kutx t ctfnre. Main Btrta, lttr. unto, M
having added tiiereie a large ataortment ef
Selected with the greatest care In the Faidera ci
tiea, rcspectfullv aoTicit a ahare of public patrouage.
Their Mock constat! in part is fol!owa:
LAnika' IXt-rat (iooDt.auchaa Baregei.Ginghunti
Lawnt, ralicoei.tilka, at tin, linen lustrea. Alpaca!
deltnut.eto, ' The alov asaortment ronaiatt of ev-.
ry -variety of the lot ft and moot beautiful ttyleaai
will b tohl it low teat any house in r'airlield county.
QNKTLataf Kja'i Daaai Gonnt, tuch a clotha, cat,
aimerea, tatutett Jetna,tiimbiooma, laatinga, twaeda,
linen, plain and bar'd, twilled Mnhrgan camlet, etc.,
cashmere, satin, ailkand Marieillea Veitinga. Their
assortment of Ci-orm Attn CAiitMKaitt it oMe bttt
ana moat durauia ktnda. Their taaortment ot b ma
st k a Wjca ia com posed of the latent md mwt
fashionable variety, and embiaci alroo-t every de
icriptjon. In audit inn to the above thoy have the
usual asaortment of Mualini, Drilling, Sheating.Tick
ing, Uinbrelia and Ptraaola. ia ill their varietiei. .
A One laterment of the MoaT Faihiomaslc Bom
mrra, of all qualitiat, Miraea' Hounrt end Flat,
Men and Boy' J'oina lsafand Leghorn Hat.
A large aaaortiuent of Boot and HJioa. Oaiter and
BtuAin. Also, all other articles uaually found In a
Dry Goods store, together with i largo asaortment of
QIIKKNSWA UK, eery cArop
Tho citizeni of Fairfield andidjoiningeountieiir
reapoctalul I v Invited to call and examine the above
atock of Goods. Every effort will be made to phut
hem aa to variety, quality and to price.
U'We invite our Aumiah frienda to call, aa we
have been careful to purchsie gooda to luit them.
angar, vojfet ana tu aiku aj apva ai aw rimrt
on Ikantt j
Se invite the attention of country merchanti to
our lines at iiry Uooda. which we are prepared to aeil
to them it pricet which etnnot fail to pleat.
ITitn paid tor wheat. l(y,uorn, uataaad wool
Lancaster, April 13, 1H63 , ,
JACOB F. 11F.CK. . , '
n AS just opened tn entire new ttock of Sprinp;
and Summer Cood-i, In filestore room late
ly occupied by O. W. Kriemnr. nn door went ofSsm
uel Beery't Grocery, Main Street. Lancaator. Th
atock consists in part of
Veatingt, Jnani, Valveft,' Delaini, curtains, Glng
himt, l awnt, ktney Pilnta, Muslim bleached and
brown, Ticking, Bagging, etc.
and list, but not leait, a splendid assortment of
of ill stvles tnd of tha best mike. I would respectful.
ly invite my friends mdth public in general tn give
mo actll and examine my ttock before purchasing, as
I em convince any one that thia ia th plac to pur
chase goodt it the lowest ratea in tha city. The
goods were purchased at the lowott cash pricet in
the Kaat, and will be told very low-. Call.and exam
ine foryourtelves. .
(Ty Cash paid for Wheat- Country produce taken
in exchance for Goods. J. JT, BUCK.
Lancaator, April 31, 1863 .. w3m&0
WOULD respectfully announce to the citizens of
Lancaster and vicinity thtt they ire, tt usual
in receipt of a very heavy ind wellielectad ttock of
Embracing every variety and ityle to be had 'n the
Kaatern market, to which we invito th attention ot
every body, at we intend tolling tt chetp tt goodt
cm b aold West of the Mountain In addition to our
urge ttock, will b lound a genoral assortment of
Partaolt and Umbrella!, Queensware and O'asswere,
Looking Glasses, carpeting and Matting, Wall Pa
per, Bordering ind Window Blindt, cotton eoverlet
and carpet iirn, Hitting, winding tnd candle-wick.
Alao. a good atock of FINE UliOCKHlh a. To.
baccoet, etc., and indeed, every thing usually kept
in auirua anu niuro mo.
In exchange for floods, at the biirhest market nrlc.
And let it be understood that they will, iu no cat,
refuse all good bank notes, gold and specie smooth
quarton ano ntnnpences not excopittd.
Lancaator, April 3", 1H53. .
T HAVE iuat received bvthe Canal Rnat Weatwlnd
1 afresh supply, and can now offer to mr friends and
the public in general. a large ind well assorted lot of
cnoice uroceviea. 1 ne following article! 1 would
rnuommpnq in particular: -Boat
Green Hio Cotfae, Prime New Orletni Rugar.
Rice, Kreah Raisins, Ltrd Oil tndTanner'l Oil,
Mackerel No. 3, without deception,
Dutch Herrings, Codfish in good order;
Soft Soon by the gallon or barrel, '- "
Claret Wine in cask tnd boxes, pure cider vlnectr.
A general assortment of Tobacco, Na'lt, imported
anu uum,,., it; .iquors ana importcu eegars.
Lancaator January 7. 1H63. K. BFCKiOR.
WILL attend to professional buainaas;in Fairfield
county tnd other parti of tha State, in the
filito Court, tnd in the Circuit Court of th United
Stiles. .' i :
OrricB In F. A. Foster's building over Kauff
inin't Drug Slot, Main Street, Lancaster.
H. 11. HUNTER,
April ft. im. IVM. E Fl XC.K.
JJ'Telegraph and Eagle copy and charge this office
" A CAltl.
THF, motto ofthe Philadelphia Communion Star
Is, "Kvrnr Tob ouoiit to Stakd ow iti owb
Bottom;" hence ttld eatabliahment keeps nothing
on nana io cannier witn inn Hardware merciianf ,Jew
eier, urornr, uiotnier, Bnonmaker, Hitter, or any
thing nutoftheatrli'tlin of Dry Gooda. Think of
tnn an ynintereitea ina let tne Agent ot the Commit
tlon 8tor realize that vnu look lo vnur intareati.
The moat iplendid itock of Drv Gnodi ever ottered
In Lanctitar, for variety, atyleaml cheapneat.can be
louna ai ine rniiiaetpnia uoinmitiion otopa,
Lancaator, April 15, 1H63. .
THE subscriber, at his shop on Chesnut
street, immediately East ofthe Old Bap
tist Church, is prepared todo all klnda ol work
connected witn nb. ouuneitin inn best mtnnor.
hn hat in hla employ on of th Terr beat
workmen, who ia not surpassed in thii branch of the
ousineti. meet win n made reaaonibie. Ine pa
tronag of th public ia respectfully aolicited. -l.atioatter.
Murcb 9, I8.r3. 8. HENNICK.
11. O. I1UNTEH & CO.,
Mala t., ppilte I ke It ocking Valley Bank,
-i Caih Dbalbi IB
n AVE just received and thall keep on hand a full
and constant aupply of Staple Groceriea, Frufti,
Nut, Splcet, Saueee, Pickles, Catsups, Ae,. together
with many other srtirles necesssry in keeping House.
Also, a Urge snd well ae lie tnd ttock of Paint, Oil
ana 'yc-cuujt. Lancaster, May j, laoa. 83
T II AVE Juat received and offer for atle at reduced
- pricet, tor cash or country produce,
' GROCERIES, NOT10N8, 4c, '
Consisting In part of Rio OofTe, Orleana, Losand
i.iimp sugar; n. urtnint ind Pitgir house molatse
Golden bvrun: A VAMIKTY (IV TKAS starch. Pen.
per ind spices, ground ind in th griin; Mustard,
Cod blah. Mackerel and White-Fish; Fsncy ttoap.
r -.,... taraie ana an otner article uauitiy Kept in
an ettabliahment of th kind.
ICTAshbrook'i Whiskey by the barYel, choice Li
quor of tit kinds by the gallon, ate -
Lancaster. April 39. 1853 JACOB CLY
. iJ"! na Telegraph copy for 9 montha
PEVOL it prepared to furnish all klnda ol
VaTs 8teHm EiisjiiieM. upon short notlc and at
Cincinnati and Pittiburgh price. . .' .
AIm, all kindt of Mill (tearing. Hoiating Scrwi,
Regulating Scrawl .Jack Seraws; Fuller' Screws aod,
viuer crsws. ,
Mill Spindles of caitlronorwsought, i'
Balea tnd Drivers. . lu. ... . '"''
II will alto furnish th tnrkcr Wheel to
tuit tny liead of wit or, snd with either iron or wood
ahalt. Alao.th Atkiliton Wheel fit udii above
Th patent on the Parker Wheel ha expired and con
sequently tney ran be htd much cheaper.
lie alto contlnuni to make llesnl's Thresblns
lHnchinei ind keeps a lot eonttantW on hand; war
ranted the but In Ohio. .- n i 4
All thtahoveartlclea Will bemad with ipscial
cire and by the beat workmen, tnd willbe warranted.
All uidaotrepuring(tonnponth thorteat notice.
He also keep conatantly on hind, ALL KINDS OF
CASTINOS, usiitlW kant ia Foundrv, He haa
Completed hit front ihop, o that than who tall,
The known quality of Ihe work done it this estab
lishment lortnany years piat.ls'th beat guarantee that
In future, the subscriber will labor tn desire tha na.
. r i-i. ... , ,. ! 1
sxnnag i uw puuno. nn to VI lea vxaminaTinn.
LncattrAprii -a, luaa U. Oalvuu
" wild rnp.RRY ANn tr vriMPANip -
fTUIS Sam artlcl formerly put op by n dor
S. - MSHis, buij . uses, BOW put up tn ooili COtV
taming nearly fiv timet tha quantity it tl per hot.
tlo. For ult br OTTO W. KiLEMER.
Laneaatw, March 10, 1S53
Dr.OwMitHlaayrowatsI k-strtMM at .
TEILOW UfiCl AND 8 klii ti IILli.
1 8 NOW POT VP IN THE LARGUT alaed toot
Jltle. and Is acknowhadired WbetheksMt SAKbAl'A
H1LLA toad, aa is certified by th WosDisrci
I'veKtithaa performed, tbe original coplet of which
are in the poaaeaaion of the Prop rioter. Remember,
thiiattheonlyTBlJE and ORIGINAL article-
Tha Modiriiie, when eaed according to uiructiost,
Will Cure. Without Foil
ScaorulA oa Kinoi Evil, CAeisa,' Towoat,
Cnvmnira of tub Si, t-BTtieirLAS. Qnaom.
ie, SokB-Krat, Rixswobw ea TtrrTnaa,. .
, Kcalb Hbao, KttnrMATUii, PAUtaur ,
. . tub Bonks or JoiNTa, olb Sorki
' . abb Ulcbsi, SwittmB or v '
tub GLAtrna, . Syfhiu, .f' r' ? :
... DnvxMiA.BALT Rhbum, . , .: j- I
,. . DllEAlB OV KinBKTI, . . ,
Loss or ArFBTrrK,
Diibaib AunutnoK turn rate.
Mcnorav. Paib ib th Sid amd Shooi..
debi, Gxbbbai. Ukiu-itt, Dbopsy J.umauoJav-
The J3et Femnle Mctllcine Known.
The peculiar maladiea to which femalet are aub
eet, commonly produce great bodily txhauatlon, tc
companied by a depressed and often gloomy stiteo
mind. Ai the lyitom decline in tUength, there it a
lost of nervout oower. and thil very naturally Im
pair! the energy of th mind and disturb! th qut- ,
nunity ni ma temper jt,vexy wsuuiu numin si.
has auffered from female complainU will admit thtt
to b the mournful truth. Now, toobttin relief, hi
only necettiry to tfop the tendency to depletion and
debility. Thia ia don by renewing that tountain ot
nealtnana itrsngtn, tne bl.uuu, inuno meaicine sc.
compllihei thia detinble result so speedily tnd rom-
Jock and RarssDArilla." i " ..
Ladiei ol pal complexion ana contumpuv nsnits,
and tucn as are ooniutatea Dy tnose oDstrucuons
which femsles are liable to, are restored, by the nsa
of a bottle or tvrc. to bloom and to viaor. fs ;
Scrofula and Cancer cured tyJir. Guytott'i Ex-
tract oj xeuow jjoi k ana aartapanua.
q q i.q--..-.q . ...q ...q- q
Irregular or TJisordered Menatruation, cured by
AND SARSAPARILLA.' From a practicing nhyai-
cian in Elizabethtown, Hardin county, Ky.,
Klizabkthtowh, r eb.83. IHfto.
John D. Park Dear Sir: I have tried DrJ GUY-
SARSAPARlLLAin my practice for the cure of Dis
ordered Menstruation, and find it to hat s very fine
ettect. -...
In one rise, there wer very alarming convul
sions, which occurred in auick succession during the
menstrual period; and lllerth tecond attack ot mat
kind, I advised the use of Dr. Guysott't Extract of
Sarsaparilla during th interval, and my patient naa
not had a return of her eonvuliiona tine. At th
next period th felt tame slight convulsive sensation,
but not enougn to aemana meaicai attention.
I remain yours, C. K. McGILLv
q q q q q-q
From E. L. Rice, Fq.,Attorney-at-lae Cincinnati.
A child cured of Eruption in a very few day by the
use of only a part of i bottle ol the yellow Dock; ind
- CiBcnraATr. Jun lOtb. 1863.
To whom it may concern: I have watched cloiely
the effoet of "Dr. Guytott'i Extract of Yellow Dock
and StriipirilU," tt it hia beep used extentirnlv
within my observation, tnd 1 am convinced, both
from observation and experience, thtt It it of real
benefit to the afflicted. In the easet for which it has
been preacribed it baa acted with the certainty of a
tpeciuc, effecting eurei that ire wonderful. A case
has just come under my observation of child af
flicted with eruptiona. Ita lac was on friehtful
ore, really painful to behold, and the whole tyatem
was deranged, "Dr Guytott'i Extract ot Yellow
Dock tnd Sirsipirilla" waa administered, and i in
incredibly thort time the face wat healed, th con.
ttitution restored, ind the countenance to Imoroved
and beautified n to give it the appearance of another
Thii Ii an unsolicited ttatement of a lingle "ate out
oi many tnit nas coma under my immediate observa
tion. . . E. L. RICK. .
Quart bottlet. 1 per bottle. Six hot ilea for (5.
N. E. corner Fourth tnd Walnut ttroeti. Cincin
nati, Ohio, General Agent for the Wett, to whom all
order muit ne inaratiea.
For tale
ie by Kautl msn ft Co., and M. Z. Kreider,
r; C. r oiuler, Baltimore; 1'. Hane, Hleisant
villa, lluell, llolmai Co., Carroll; I. H. Sunderman,
Amanda, . A. Davlsann, 1 anion, r,. Kalb, Hush
ville; O. H. Mealier oi Co.. bomeraet; 8. D. Buck
water, Hallaville; M. A. Patterson, -Vdelphi; Troup
It Tiekardt , Circlevlll. March 17, 1853 . 4m4fi
fl ATES In the Ttllmadge House, hti got s ' fresh
vjs aupply ol every desert
cription of gooda in hit line
too tedious to mention
Lancaster. May 39. 1831
T HAVE removed my office froroTallmidffe'a Block
JL to Fotter's Building, second floor, tnd continue to
give my undivMed attention to the tettloment and
.u . : ... .ut l- L' ,.i .1 I ..!;: ...
nniwIHKivi J.ISI. Ill J- Mil I10.USIIU ujviiiiik IUUIIIIIJS
Uncaator, Nov. 93. IR63. J. P. niUMAUOH.
T ...". maiTffw an o-.r " "
fl AVE been filling up their rtock again snd will
1 1- keep conatantly an hand all klnda of ,''!.
which are warranted pure.
to which w invite the attention of the trade.
Quinine,' ' Opium, Morphine, Calomel, '
Tajinio. ,. Soda, - Chloroform, Blue Matt.
Magnesia. Pink Root. Sirttpirillt, Senna.
Can be'hai. by tho quantity or smsll parcelt it '
Sept, I lbJ2. KAUKFMAN at CO.
rTIIE public aro notified thtt I hive diaposed of mv
X entire stock of Goods to Messrs. Rising ft Lyons,
who will hereafter conduct tha business at the. old
Those Inilubtod to m ire requested to call ind
aettle their account immediately either by cash or
note. I return my acknowledgement to mv old
friouds a-.d customer who so liberally patronized
m. j will oa lound at au lusei at tne nid stand res
dy to sattla. - , JACOB PLOUT.
Lancaster, March 16, 1863 4m45
1 1 oust- Knililliiir ni:iti IiiIsl. '
TTIFFrNS'EB. WHITK t LATTA offer olr.. j
It, i: i i rt ... jVH
lJ nhliMM L.li,nnm.nl. I. Ih,.Im ..J
those about building new house and barn XilJL
Th superior mislity of th Nail, White Led,Qla
and Hah sold by ut it generally admitted. ,
We now offer fiir lain, ' '
nfN) Kegs Jnnlsti Nails, Spikes and Brad 1 ,:
40.IHKI I.lghta Kxtft, lfrxlO and 1Ux14 Window 8tth
8"U Boxes Window Glsst . , . .
2(H) Kegs pure White Uad '
'ilKI Doz. White and Dark Knob Locka & Latch!
- 30 Barrels Unseed Oil .-.,.-
Also, Strap Hinges, Door Buts, Hssps, Hooks tnd
Staples, etc. . Kr FINGER, WHITE ft LATTA.
Lancaster, May 4, 1863
George nummtl'i Premium Essence of Coffee
One Package at 16 cento will tave 4 lb, of Coffee!
THIS Enenc wat lately awarded with silver
modal In h Amaricanlnstirute, New York, alao
with the first premium for tcb article! inth Frank
in Institute, Phiisdelphii. ,,.
Sold Wholesale and Retail, at the propriator't sole
rMrt,318;Ciilowhiiitrewt,Phlldelphia. Alao.fortil
by our Agentt, ind it the principal lJrug nd Grocery
tore throughout th United State.
. Thii Essence hat been proven by many theuttsd
of the rlcheat and moat respectable famiuea, at well
as by th poorer elsas of people, ilmott through th
whole Vaited Stitet.to b by far th battjireparatloa
of colfe vr offered to th public. Coffee mad by
thii Faience it much more who eeome, mora delicate,
finer Havored, perfectly clear, and, in very Uataiwe,
auperlor to the finest Java Coffee. -' . , . . , .. . . .
In order to give full tttiafartioa and proof that th
above article fa perfectly healthy, and to thow some
thing of the deterred reputation it haa gained tnd just
ly entitled to, wa tnnex t few certificate kadjrtooio.
mnndationa, particularly relating to health, from Dr..
Booth and Dr. Chilton, practical chemiita and Amly
tiatcof the cities of Philadelphia ind Nw York,
nr-.., College Avenue, Tenth ttreet,below Market, )
Philadelphia, Beptembcr4. 1861.
I have examined th eatanc of Code manafacrnr.
d by Hummel, Bonier and fiatl Ihat its tea
itltuenti are not in the least injurious to health, It
may be uaed freely and with perfect taldry.
Pre. of Chmlafry appUed to Arts, Frtnkiia Iiutirut.
. No. 78 chamber etreet, Nev York, Aug 23, 1H51,
I have examined an article prepared by Messrt.
ilummet, Bohier and co , Philadelphia, called Essence
of colfe, Which it Intended to be nsed with coffee,
for th purpose of improving it, I And It fro not enl y
lama any thing injurious to health, but, oa the eoa.
trary, th Ingtedientt of which it it tompoeed ar per
fectly wholMsia. J. R. CHILTON, M. IX ChamLit.
- - Foraale by O. KAUFFMAN ft CO., Agent, -.
-. v a. and other Leruftglstt and Grocers gauaraUy
Lancaiter, Ohio, Augiiat 3, 1U63 . ,f.
" Willow Wagons! Willow: Wayon
TUST received direct from Now
si York.Sdo. Willow Wagons, ,:,
, 8 do. WHlow Cradle - Jl
Z ;i neatt Cloth Basket ; '
SO d Market npea and eovertd b
8 dos. Willow Chair . - a
9 do Can Rocking do . for sale cheap St :
Bci.u ror T23 liti? c c,
Consumption, Decline, Aathtni. Bronehltia; WaitlB
f tt, I, iA.h Niffht lisreatt. Siiittins ef Blood, oop
' ant Cough, Dimcalty ot Braithing, Cold, Cough,.
. . Inttuenxa, Phthitic, Fti hi th Side.tnd ill
Disease of tl Cbaal IU unga.
arvBBBn ro a Brr.
' Aiad It laf hr tki natxt Walleal ChUdl
. tt I eatimated that l&O.UUO oersonl di innuallr In
the United States, with consumption, and Profeator
F.berly lay I that a vatt number of these could be liv
aa bv th timelv Baa of ami nroroot remad V.
- db. hall' bauam arsis tct al th boot of th
disbasb at obcb, and such is its speedy effect, that
any on using it freely according to directions for 34
or 48 hoars, tnd not entirely satisfied with Hi mrili
may return It and receive back his money, mokbt
wru, at etiBrartri.1. BBrrritDBO. Th most dis
treaaing cough ia frequently relieved by a lingle date,
and broken up in a few hour' time. The tfrlicted do
not have to take bottle after bottle before they find
whether thl remedy will afford relief or not,
Call ob the agent and get s pamphlet gratia. . Thb
TiEATitB on tosirxmos alone is worth more
thin the price of thii medicine. You will find certi-
nciteaot r-HTJieiABi in uikoibbati, nct ol others
who cures har bees effected hare at horn, where
the can be found.
Tha public have been Imposed upon by remedlea.
recommended by certificate which, have always
originated frnm aome unknown aource. We baliev
that tnedicin pocjiiig raJ merits will effect
cure wherever it is used, at bom at well at t broad.
Thia It no Paregoric preparation, but on which if
used in sesloa will ttve the lires of thoutandt; and
persona may make this bargain with Agentt from whom
ther Durchue. that in averv cue whera it it nsed
I reel y sccording to directions, and entire ittlsfictloa
is not given In 24 or 48 hours, they ran return th me
dicine, and their mobbt will b cheerfully refunded.
Dr. ITalT BA 1,8AM, i o Paregoric Preparation,
but a Medicine which make cure at horn
, where the partic can be found.
The Orcist Congo. Ctmnimpf Iv stsmtdy
RF.ADER! have raa a cough, Which yo ire neg-'
lectin under th idea that it it only a common cold,
and that it will soon "wear itself out?" Let friend
tell you, Id ill kindness, what will soon b th proba
ble result, In a short time. If you continue to neg
lect yourself, you will begin to feel sens of tight
nest tnd oppression across th ehait; accompanied
with frequent aharp darting ptini. - Then, s dry hack
ing cough will tet in, and when you raise anything it
will be a thick and yellowish, or white frothy matter,
ttretked perhtpt with blood." If yon still take no
msdicin. that unpleasant ivmptomi will increase.
tnd you will soon hava hectic fever, rold chilli, night
iweati, ropiout expectoration, ano men great prostra
tion: If von still neglect youreslf, s few weeks or
montht will see you consigned to the grave, leaving
your friends to mourn how rapidly consumption did
Its work, ind hurried yon awav. Friend! have von
no ciute to be tUrmedf In th ibov sketch yon mty
see in a gltss, how every case of conaumption pro
greases, with more or lest rapidity, to a fatal termination.-
Of all the thousands and million! whom thii
great Destroyer his gathered to the tomb, every tin
gle case began with a cold! If this hsd been attended
to. ail might have been well; but, being neglected, un.
der th fatal delation that it would "wear ittelf off,"
it transferred itadeidly action to the anbttance of th
LnngBveKcitinc there the formation of tubercles. Cold
after cold added feulto the name, until thete tu..
bercles begin to soften and suppurate, leaving by
there ulceration, great cavities m ine Lungs At toil
crisis th discas is vary dilncult of cure, and often
timet sets at defiance all human meant.
In tbe litter, or wo- it ttte. thi medicine will of.
tentimei irrett the ditetie.or check it rrogreti, and
will alwtyt make the patient more comfortable, and
prolong his life, and it b therefor worthy of a trial
but in its incipient or forming periods, consumption
is as curable as any other disease, and na. mail's Bal
aam forths Lunst. if taken at thla time, will nn it
aa surely ai It ia taken) We earneitly exhort tit who
hive a cough, or are lubjeot to colds, to keep the me
dicine by them, and whenever you take cold, eradi
cate it thoroughly, and at one; by thi powerfully
healing compound, and leave your Lungs uninjured,
io carry you in iiui vigor iu a gutm oiu age,
tdDS3sy)sa3)ieaasi us a 39 a
Mbiiri. BABcntCo.: Dear Sirs The public gen
nrallv are fully aware of the thousands of remedial
lor diseased Lungs, under th titles ef tiarsaparillae,
Pllla, Piastera, Linimentt, etc., that are daily brought
to their not ce through the newspapers, by way of
advertiaement. My object in writing thii note for
publication, la to induce the public, or at least those
wnosreaunce-j iinney win use ptieni medicine), to
use one tint contain! articlei of hkal vss in rtrr.Mo
babt miEAiKt. I im conaclout that, in to dnina. 1
m acting most unprofeisianilly, and demgstory ot
ss inu-.rasis pi nieuicii sciunce anu uie regular prac
thinners of medicine. -, . ....
Th Medicine to which 1 refer ia "nn. hall' bal.
a am ron Tne lfhos."- I htv pretcribed it in i
lirg nnmber of esses, and alwavs with srooKti,
One case in ptrticultr, to which I wish now to refer
wit GIVEN UP bv several phviiriant who hid been
esl'nd in consultation with mi self. The patient hid
all the symptoms of confirmed consumption, such ss
cold night, sweats, hectic fever, harassing cough, with
I : ! . l. l.i r .l i.t . , ,
cuiiiiiiuvu pain in me mue m tne rignii.ungt attended
with severe disrrhcea' He commenced immedlatel,'
to get better, bvth use Of the above-named medicine.
tnd wai loon restored tojhis usual health! I have also
foand na. haii'i balsam the most vsluable Eanec
torsnt for breaking up distTessbig Coughs and cold
tnai i nave ever used. w . u. w KlUriT, M U.
We. the undnrsiirned. Phvsicisni of Cincinnati, eer-
tifivthat Dr. Wright't statement are tntitled to th
tulleitaconlidence ol th public, tnd ctnfully corrobo
rate whit he hit said, hiving uaed db hall' bal
sam In a number of case, with th happiest effects!!
..,. ,-. ..,. J. 8. LAWHON. M. D
. WM C. SMITH. M. D..
Tha Genuine itened "O. R. BAKER ft CO."
For tale by O.
catter. '
W. Kramer tnd h. L. olocum, Lin-
March 17, 1868a
, For Sal or Rent. ( ; , , .. ,t ,
' I iIIE subscriber will sell or rent his valuable tnn-
X rtv In Graenfield township. Fairfield county, O.,
consii log of a NF.W SAW MILL of th most lm.
proved tnd iclontlflc plsn, with a Grist Mill and
other miehinerr formikim broom handle. dIsa tar
ing lath, fencing boards, tnd many other trticlet of
greai value. Alto, two good uwelilng Mouaet and
Stabling, auitabl for cnnvnince ; 100 fruit tree
of til kinds in good bearing order, with eleven aci
of land, all in flrtt rat order. . ; . 1
For further particular inquire of the subscriber
living en rue premitet, 3 must soutn oi l srroll.
Aug. 94fl& ; : . JONH B. 8NYDh
Doth Wholesale and Retail." Ll
R. Fielding hai just received Iron New York ind
Philadelphia, one of Ih largest atock ofJJat and
Caps that hat sver come to this city of th itteat Im
proved nyes, emoraciug every variety ot shape,
snra snd size, consisting ot th late spring atylsd
Mot skin utt, unsurpassed in unio lor durability tad
fineness, Alto, Young Man's Hata of ill kinds
Summer Halt consisting of Panama, from $3 to i;
Pedal an China fttraw B; aid and Leghorn; Ma
nilla and Palmleaf, Kommtk hat. bothFur tad Wool,
im irier ana wiuui rjeaver mr nuniMi, th lit
spring ttyle Cattimer Hat, weighing only 4 ounce.
All sorts of Boy's and Children's Fancy Hata,;Kur
nd Wool, and Straw. 'Also s few Ladle's late styled
Riding Hats, all of which will ba sold on tha most
raiiontble terms, lower thin ever before.
N. B. Country Merchants will do wall by calling
and tximiuing my ttock before buying elsewhere.
JAMES GATES hat just added to hi ttock,. st hi
old stand1 ia the' Tallwtadre Houa." a
.i jij : '
piniiqiu v.nsiY ul . ,
iii.i.i.'i i i. . - yr .
n nice no win aianoie oi it aa reaann- r
able prices anv other similar atneksvc
of th same quality eaa ba pach(tjdlnh West
ern country. j' v---4 ,.(. f
Hit Watches ar ofthebastmikeand of auoerio
quality. Hit Clock are of every variety sndofth
bettmanufactur. Kit lot of Silvet-W nre it ex
tansiv and etnnot fill to nleta. . HI Jewalrr I oi
th molt beautiful patterns and Mas be f looted with
great ctra.n . .,. j. ' ' i
II keep on hand, alas,' Cutlery, fanel. Looking
uiasaet and r lite,- Britannia net, mueicai inair
bmbM, Giruidal. FaBt. Packet Book. Brusbee,
lot of fine Stationary and a yariet j ol atful adot
aamantai article! .
H hi taken apecliloar In salectlng hii ttock t
nit thi tmurkst tnd invites tha public to call and ex-
tmin for themaelvec.
Laneaatar.JoB 19
" ii '.i' I '. M i . e
, Of tt fct talltjr alwayi ob hand. '
VTELLOW Rio Coffee. Green do. Jtv So; Young
' 1 , Hy too Teaa, Imperial dot Black dot Orleana and
Loaf Sugar, Bolton Byrup, prime artlcl, Orleans
Molaaua. 8uinr Hons do: Tobacco. Bevara.elnin
knret, Nntroeg, Mc ett etc it . . , v .. jv
Heptemoer n. , KAUFFMAN& CQ
As Reat- for Henry Faranm br Philadelphia.,
will eU tbe property known lithe Beet Man
ion Houte litutted on Main ttreet, a th city o
Lancistor. Thii houts Is one of th most fceautifa
and well finished private reitkiraee ia Cawtrab Ohio,
ind will be aold at s bargain te the purchaser., Tha
tills it Indisputable. . -" P. VAN TRUMP.'
June 9,1863. - ..'ii.;'1 - r.
0. S Journal copy for S Insertions; charge; this
- i)
The Cheap Hardwire: fitorei
ot ib wit, roa tmn. V- ' '
P $lX3r,,lni owepenins.t
J. th Cheap Hardware Star, a awwralaaiulrt.
.11 of which b.v. bee. prcbwd du.cTbS" th
minuctureri t.d forelga import., 'ihood.
htv be. purtkawMl with grot em, .o4 at vr
now th Urgeat tvw epaaW ia UaotUr, aud coa
skts In prt of th Mowing . ' w .
u uvzrn .atieei uras oeyTnest' '" in L-
German steel iii'Il
Tl 1 v- .
86 '
onus sryinei;
- Aisorted Cora Feytheti f
. . ' Grain Cradlet, with tcvthtti
Hty and Grain Rak;' -
3, 3 and 4 tin Forks; . ir .: ,
' Assorted Shovla: . .
S Sickles: - vvrI '
1N pair aaaorted trie chama; . - . . . , -60
Wagon snd plow hai net; T'
24 - Breast chains; - .. , -..; .: ..
20 Lock chains, . , . - .. . "
60 Log chains: ' ' "
With a varietv of other mruU 4 kf.L it..
tlon of ftrmert U esMcUIly diraetei far thl y wi 1
do wU to call ob P. Bop bofor thoy purchas else. '
BBrhaaaBBV. fVaMV K-lll mmnram . I la.
- Next in ender, P. BOPE hat provided "general as
tortment for th BADpLtBi. of every variety f
modt in their line of butipeia, iurh at Pid-hooki, '
Terret. Halter tnd Breeching Ring, hory, brat
lined, Silvr tnd Brat fiimt. Hr... ..A
u-'f"1 o " u ;,Vry P0-Gig Harnett, long ind
"u L i A . ooi oi rerr OMcrtptioa,
te which Saddler ar J miJ .k. ni1 . 1
EJfn 'rWtajlng theMgooirroia P. BOPE, a
he ia determined to sail
th. Was evsr bjari oT Mo'r."' '
BUIUaEKSt inthL7TllD nADr.
60 niaeea Co.-k I " s il- ' -i-K-
6yardBailndnaatido-? i : :.v. i
. 26 PceatortdDaaaak : , ,
S"" ;"?rt?1 CU- Rstlaetta,
, .5 drab, bin and green ci
i i. .. : nrwa
green Ctoth.
' ed Brnalin and hear duals.T
.11 J1""" enameled Latthers , . .
100 SetUsilv.r. "il. t.' . 'T
With a variety af gZad. Sa i "XL
merate, all of 'which willlesolj lhpriinit
to the idvantag, rf thi. bnaeh '.nKs to Vol
to their inters. oncs tnd. ,It. PrBOPE I'M
there' money to be saved, ,
a ne t. A Kf KPi TER8 are not forgottea T B0PI'
hw also provided for he bone and finw. of thecoun. ,
hy, who build our cities tnd tnwnt, and ha. n hind
btwt, o, 661 and 6 feet X Cut do: Iroa and ateel
Square, Trying Sau.r.. 3 to 12 inch; to Inch'-
M '! Hatchet. ,dtH.mm.ra
i? m Brace and Bitts, (rem 9 te ii-
dollais; Mortic and 8ockett ChislsTsinl or in
rrcle.h,,ldb' 'dd'dvfou' "3 " '" '
.rU l ? 40 ,hif un,PrtIrt ch of Industry, but
Pleasure ia showing them his good. ,
nUtive" P" " TlewUchTi'!,"tonih the '
ror A oemakor..', lu-l
r,ebkWhM r" "i " ! Boot Morocce-,1
French Morocco for Udi!AwlblAle;lsiinstks-V
een tnd Bhoa Hammers; Red, green, blue and black
Morocco Lining; P ink snd Burf.h, i" toge h. -
;. v'Wliti:V'.':v:
P. BOPE want you torn!. .for him: U hi'.leda '
tIX'c,: Vr Plck,! hi Cw-r-5 hi. ugl '
I t," tV." ra", 5" Iron .nd
fiSTaV..'. 4fnV vhif Bk'-lth's Vie; B.Ilow,
nd rtiaa; of which he has a auperlor loVnd will
sell to you o cheap that you wUl b pIT" oni. '
tottrVhU ,ml? d?JI he " ,0 krinJt '
WON CT0RE '&?-.-- ?OP8
.: ' For the GtrasmitBS. '
900 Rifle Barrel., 16 Aw. RilULock.: ' r '
' lBl "
.,9 P- Swedgod H.mmer i- : . ,
"hafon1 h.nj " ,U '"'''' d people, P. BOPE
iufiSd J.dn of every firiety of good...
suited I for all c .see. pf men. In every v.rfet, of l-
.Kr."'"' P"":.ion.l, A Wrtl,
- ------v. .i im uiu cuaioaera.
eene.allv : .1 .... . .
will ..II l "7 """ig uwtn ill, mat lie
will tell good, cheaper W w.h thia in othiv be-J .
Lancaitor, June 1. IH63.,-, - , , t ; ,.:v ,
OUEAT, A1I I4t llOM '
c : t r op.ocur.T., ct. d p. sV.
. - AT THE MEW, STAND, ' ,
One Door Ka.tor tR. Hacking Valley Bank
T . al r.t, l,n.t.r, Ohio,
ion of hi. fi iend. and the public in general to hi
nl?.thifUI,?v.,h elty ,tJU ha tte" M"K.
Selected ...Z" FX '"P-rlor. choic. tnd wel,
elected taaortment ef Groceriea that hat
lXuryb5dy.w.t w,,h", ph.i n.p, J5,;
!Tn . .iial,d PI tha .worth of oey iaTufl, to
call at thi. eerebnind est.bUahm.nt. - ; . ' ' J"
Th ttock coniist In part of th foUowing aiUoles
l,ft"ifrCiNeW r""' LMf' Cra,h'a nd P"!''
ized, NewOrletnt MolaitM tad Sngtr-bout doSu-i
gar-houae Syrup snd Natural do., o? Crane 8 yrup
Imperial, Yoanf Hyson and BlackTeas; 3
tiTMl KU,, Angliah, Walait w
ttpUev-tepper, Alaplce, clovst, clnnatBon, Ifnti
megs, Mace, Ginger, etc. , t . ; ,. . , ,
ic,,Ar.,i8,,f,ck,'r, i j 9. eoi
-i'Flah, tnd a Urge lot of White Flsh.Pick
erfdet.,expected onnd will be here In due seatoa.
it wholeaal. and retail. ., . iH
8ea Grais Ropet all iiset, Bed.ord..Woeden.ware,
W""01-0,'. Bucket, and Tub, alao Bishop,
rick., B.king;Powdr, Smoking tad chewinc Tobacco,
Sect it. Pipes, etc.
Wiaea and Brandy Port snd Mutest Wines
nr the very bett, alto of U"t fine Pal Ottrd Dupuv
Brandy, not to be told let thia by the bottle.
At the Old Stnnd of George J.Wygnai. '
THANKFUL for put favors, the subscriber n.
spec tin 11 y informs hi. old customers snd tbe pub
lic generally, that b ha now full and templet
Stock of FAMILY GROCERIES, mbnciatT in
usrv, tire following arucica- ..
COFFEE-Rio and Java, of th beat quality;
TCI.V,.. nu. ..J l.l.l, ' ' - J
SUGARS Pulverliad. crasbud. loaf. Cuba
and New Orleans;. - . .-
MOLASSES Best Golden Syrup, Sugar houte"
ind New teant; ', .., v. . .. ,
swttisii f 'IsFISH White Hah, Mackerel snd Cod,
aiball freah; alao,. herring; -.' ' -
TOBACCOS A prima artida of Butiell and Robin
son'a Cavendith and Allen'i bett pound lump; alto, a
good article of tpun. Nail Rod and tlx Twnt; alio,
Anderann's fine cut chewing end smoking Tobacco;
. SPICES Pepper, Alaplce, Ginger, Clove, Cinnte
mon and Pepper Sauce; ' t
DYrVSTUFFft-Indigo, Maddtr, Logwood A AlTum,
LIQUORS Port-Cliret, Muct and Malaga W ines;
prim articl of'Coniae Brandy Jiew England Runv
Rye and Whet Whitkay, sold fa ae lass quantity
than a quart.- .....'. ... , . t,
. Betideta great variety of articles Usually kept at
similar atabl ithmente, all of which will be told alao
low pricet a t any other haute la tho city.-- '
: A continuance ofthe patronag ofthe publie isr
spctfullv solicited.. . GEORGE . WYGUM.
Lancaator, August 4, 188 .-ml
' '' I V ' ' ."I 'l I I, In,' I, I 1 I, Ii. 1 1 ,
KEW 4ROOt.f-' '-t:!T
WE har now received Urge sad complete it '
tortment of New & Fashionable Goods.
whlcM we ire dally exhibiting sad selling al ih oldL '
Stand of Rjcikhvbb abd Son. . ,
All w aak or require, I, that persons vlshi'ng ourr
city la purtult of good bargains, will giv aa acail
We deteatAum at-gtry, sod. betldea.our goods,onct
ominnf, rcomuend themselves. hir ttock w CulB
wis bought In a cash aaaraet, end we are taUanwU
withtmall profit. W can lupply our cuatomem
with almott every thing heart can wiahfbr, Irom am
nunc of Indigo to a koatkead af Bwtar: or from a
yard of 6, cent Calico to afull tuit of clothe f on W.'.
Of She, Hata, Bonnets, Has KibboM, farsatUH.
tllks.ltwni.bireget, da lilnaa, gingham, calicoes,
cloths, cauimeraa. Satinet, tweeda. a . we are welt'
applied at respects both qualltiaa and price.
W keep ob hand the best of Fnmilr irocerieisvv
uch it Ts, Cofiee, Sugar, Molaa, Syrup, Rice,.
opicet, mm. t ';',ftV'ti,.''1'-:J1,,
And wa arealwava IllDDlied with a laswe anil valtt..
able stock of Ready Made Clothings mad tier,
at horn, em tpecial order, aad therefore greatly pre
farableto that Imported trom aaatern tlop-ahop.
trj-vaan ana couuery rrocme always taken in
hang for good. . . BE1NMUND 4 MAitTIN.
, AnrllOV, ioo ,S4ti., .v-s(-rsr -,' WS'
nREPARED ttrlctly bi accardaac to th fonrmlir
X ef th Unltd State PharmacotM-ia. lslv revil
ed by authority oi tn National Medical Convention.
en haad and for ! hr
UTXU W. IL.lLat.gLa.M. .
., vus oinniao, silver ad brae plated i
Harn, 1, 1. 9 and 4 long apot, and aU everplatad .
Lancatter, March 10, 1SB3

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