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Monday LToninp-. ini. l, is4d.
CoMFLEXi'oa or tbsrrxt Lesislatubs. .
A our as we can come at it from the re
turns novv In, tW' next . Legislature will
standla the Sdnats36 Locofoooa,7 Whig
and i .Frewsoilors; House--1!!) Locofooos, 1?
Whigs and 9 Freeaoilcra. '-' - ' '
" The interest of the Slate and people are
pow under the aole control of L-icoIocoiam,
and we ma expect them to ahapa and con
roJ ita legislation, according to their pecul
iar views.. If the ojxt Legislature la, to be
composed of no better material thaq was
the last, we "may look In vain for any thin;
good to eminate from that body. Tliey will
not even be able to amend and -correct the
misapplied labor of their predecessors. L
the people watch, with a jealous eye, the
next General Assembly. V- "
- .,' . , i .. .
The Yellow Fever is Bermuda Ad
vices from Bermuda, to the 4th inst. state
that the yeliow fever continued to prevai)
i i certain districts and especially among
the troops with a good deal of ; malignity
Among (be Jutcst victims were Hon. G. V.
Ells, .Lieut- Rnyal Artillery, and Mr.
Thompson, the band master of the SGtli
, JlegH." The epidemic had been making ter
rible bavoo.among the convicts. The to
tal number thai bve died , belonging to the
prison-ship Thames, since the breaking out
of the fever, Op to tho 1st inert., had been
sixly-four.'fTbere liave also died, belong
ing to the ship.eight officers, Including three
lent to ber. At Su- George's the disease
was rapidly declining, - ' -
The Orncuv Vorg, Tiie official re
turn .of .tho lute election in , Pennsylva
nia enow a total voto fur Jude of the
Supreme Court, of 232,492, a full'ng off
compared with the Pretideniiat'vote last fall,
ol, 101,859 vptes. - The Native American
vote is higher, for Surveyor General, be
ing 8,159, the Free Soil vote is 3.6G5--
The Democratic majorities runge from 37,
415downjU2S,421, .
A New Tows in ViROIRIA. It is stated
that certain capitalist have purchased same
eleveq hundred acre of land just below the
duyanduite tivor, in Virginia,' for which
they pny $33,000. They contemplate lay
ing of a portion of this tract in town lots,
which are expected to tell well and readily,
Guyandjtw being Ihi fosus of a grand sys
tem of railroad. -r ...'.
The Goano Mosoroi.r. It is etatod that
a powerful organized effort Is in progress at
Washington to Induce President' Pierce to
undertake such .vigorous ineasurea as will
break the Peruvian guano , monop'. ly, and
throw open the trade to American enter
prise. Various agricultural societies have
ent committee to visit the . President for
i his purpose; and it is said that tho Presi
dnt,. feeling the importance of the subject
to our agriculturalists,, has determined to
open negotiation with Peru lq reference to
it. . , i. id Ji t,.r ' . . .., .. j
II oo Slauqhtrriro at Wiikemro. Mr.
Michael Herr, of Baltimore, and Mr. C. A.
7.aaua of WWIufi mm TtM4,jr,vminenc
d alaughtering hogs at their extensive pork
lioue in East Wheeling. During the day
they despatched 330. Mer. Warren.
Dunlapdi Co., of the same city, have com
inenccd alaughtering, and expect to kill $50
000 worth during the leasun. The prico
now paid ia (5 net. '
Temperance ir Pittsdur3.-TIio Grand
Jury of the-Allegheny County Criminal
Court has just made a long presentment,
complaining ' In very strong terms, of the
'evils arising from in.emperauce in that lo
cality, and earnestly advocating tho adop
tion of a prohibitory liquor law.
Aburdarcr or Game. Never was game,
say the Winchester (Va.) Republican,
more abundant than at the present Reason,
In the fields and woods partridges, pheasants,
turkeys, squirrel and the like, are found In
great number. , . , .
03"The Cemanohes are Rgiin committing
depredation in Western Texas, wherever
the IT. 8. troops happen to be absent. . A
party of them, on the 29th ult., made g de
scent on the settlements eljrht mile above
Helton, and atole 'J5 horses, with which they
. decamped, A party of 15 volunteers start
in pursuit of thorn, v ,
Claim or Jodor Brohsor.Ii t stated
that ex-collector' BroHaon, of New York,
will claim about $4,001) as his share of pen
al duties collected during his brief admin
' islralion. This, added to 83,000 alary,and
ordinary fees, makes $7,000 for aix month
service. - . . ... , .... ' ",' '
. 05"A very thin audience attending the
tragedy of Richard III, at Windsor theatre,
Rome time back, the orook back tyrant had
not sufficient philosophy to eudure this neg
loctof hi powers; for 'losing all patience in
the (ent scene, h exclaimed, with omphtsls,
"I'U forth aniwiilk n while", and very com
posedly went home to uppcr. . ,
Death or Remirotur, tue Bridur Buil
tier. The Southern paper announce the
death of John R. Remington, at Galveston,
Texas, on the 18th uit of yellow (over.
Mr. Remington wa well known aa the in
ventor of Hie "Remington Bridge," and
; many other nw brancbea of mechanical In
dustry j ,: v , ,
Yellow Fever at the South. The
yellow fever ia caid to be prevallng at Set-
tna, Ala ..to an alarming extent. A de-
patch had brei) received at Mobil for a
, physician aod nurses. Several new cases
have also occurred at Montgomery; and at
Mobile, on the !8thinst. the weather wa
unfavorable, and some new cases reported.
Strangers ar advised to keep away. '
''-' '""" " '.. ' ' - ' t
. Ex-Collector Bromsoh. The demoerat-
" ie(hardshel') convention 6f Oranga county,
N. Y, has declared for Mr. Bronson a their
choice lor U. S. Senator in place ol Govern
or Seward who term expire In 1855.
Caral Break. There is a break In the
Erie canal near Rockport, N. Y.-80 feet of
- .the tow path being carried away; which it
win tax ttiree or jour day to repair. ,
" -' CtrCathsriue Hays, we see it stated, lias
ent over cty thousand dollar to purchase
'' 0 estata in 'relaod, f, . , . t ;i , f j. t
tfTAi Salt Lake city they bare theatre
which coat $80,000.
Tuesday Evening;, "Kov. I. 1853.
Late aed Irterestiro from CertRal A
merica. Advicea from Costa Rica to the
8ih Inst.iRtate that hostilities were Mill be
ing carried on between Guatemala and Hon
dura s A party of men under one Senor
Rubi had invaded the territory of Uuatema
la, and sacked some t wns. On the other
hand, a party of t hree hundred men under
the command of Col. Zabala bad landed in
he port of Omoa, belonging to Hondura.
The co.nmandenl of the latter port was shut
op to the Caatle with his garrison, being on
ly provisioned for eight days. Forces had
been sent to the essintanee of the garrison.
A o Interesting account in given of the re
ception of Hon. Solon Borland. U- S. Minis
ter to Central America, by the President of
N icaragua A brutal outrage had been com
mitted on Henry Greer, an American, by
the alcade and troop of one of tho Nicaa-
guan towns, " Mr. Borland had demanded;
the punuhment of the aggressors, and the al j
cado had been arresteJ and sent to the cap
ital fortri il.' . ' '. 1 -
It appears the attack was made on Mr!
Greer and Dr. Fanning, because they re
fused to give up a aum of money four d on
the body uf an American, who was drowned-.
The so dier fired upon Mr. G. and lodged a
ball In his breast", which it is supposeed will
cause his death. He was also beaten by
the soldier u-lili the butts of their muskets,
and bath of tbem conveyed to jail, but' Mr.
G. was su soquently nlluwed to be convey
ed to the house of a friend, where he was
said to be dying at the last account. '
Mr. MaVcoIeta, minmier to the United
States from Nicaragua, is to leave fur Wash
ington on the 1st cl November.) ". t
CrIIorace Greely delivered the address
at the I jtliann State Fair on Tuesduy last.
It wss able and suggestive, lie concludes
as follows. . . -- ' - , ' ,
j As for me, long tossed on the stormiest
wave of doubtful and arduous conflict, I
have bnjrun to feel, since the sharfe of forty
year ft II upon me, the weary, tempest
driven voyager's longing for land, the wan
derer yeurning for his hamlet whero in
childhood he nestled by his mother's knee,
ad was syothed to sleep on ' her breast.-
The saber down hill of life dispels many
illusions while It develops of strengthens
within us the attachment ' perhaps long
smothered or overlaid, for "that dear hut,
or home." And so I, in the sober after
noon of life, whom its sun, if not high, is
still warm, have bought me a few acreaof
land, In the broad, still country, and bear
ing thither niy household treasures, have
resolved to steal from the city's labors and
anxieties at least onerluy In each week,
wherein to revive as a farmer the memories
of my childhood's humble home. 'Andal
ready I realzo that the experiment cannot
coH so much as it is worth.' - Already my
brook mariners a soithing even-song to my
burning, throbbing brain ; whispers to my
strength and patient trust in God. And
thus do I faintly realize, but for a brief and
flittiiis dnv. the serene j iy wlncti snail ir
radiate tho farmer' vocation, when a fuller
and truer education shall have refined and
chantened his animal cravings, and when
science shall have endowed him with her
treasures, redeeming labor fi 6m drudgery
while nii idrupling its efficiency, and crown
ing with beauty and splendor our bou.ito-
ous, benillccnt enrtli.
Governmert Receipts ard Expendi
tures. The following Is said to be an ac
curate ttatemont of the receipts and expen
citure of the Unitod Stales for. the fiscal
quarter ending the 30th September, exclu
sive of Treasury note funded and trust
funds: ,i
Recepts from customs, $19,713,823; sales
of I ind, jil,4i'J,S(li 05:miscellanRous sources,
ano.silj 47 total, ai.338,770 61. .
Expenditures Civil, niisuelluneuus In
tercourse and publja debt, $.S,l.r)9,l7!) 54;
Interior department, pension and Indian,
S40.2I3 01; War Department, $j,U33,8(i3
40; Navy Department, 8,113,120 36 total,
1115,01,383 70. . ... .
The receipts for the same quarter fast
year were SI6.3M.3J9, of which $15,723,
934 were from customs.
The Chirksk are buying up American
vessels and American aeamon for tho war,
The San Francisco Herald aays:
In addition to the chip Hamilton, we
loam that several large vessels have re
cently been purchased by Chinese merch
ants, and are now bdlng fitted out in this
port, for the opposite coast of the Pacific..
They will b navigated by. American sea
men, but will sail under the Chinese flag.
This will enable them to 'visit Japan, and
we are disposed to think nich is the pur.
pose of their owners. It is said that they
are desirous of reaching Jedilo about the
time Com. Perry's squadron ha brought
the Inlander la terms. '
CCrThe Editor of the Green Castle Ban
ner say that he found a curiosity in a print
ing office at Ousport:
'One of tho gentlemen connected with
tha establishment is a blind man, and sets
type remarkably well. He is tho first
blind printer we have, ever coma across,
He stutod to us that his average day's
work was about 5,000 ems) and that he had
on several occasions, set from 7 to 9 I His
letter Is distributed fur him, and his onpy
read by his partner, his , memory being so
perfect, he can retain from four to six lines
when this is Jinidhod ha eric at the last
word 'sol,' when another sentence is read,
and thus continues on through the day.'
Frercu Remedy fob Cholera. The
French paper publish the. following rem
edy for the cholera: - "If the patient ha
not vomited the poisoned matter which
cause the disease, and , which looks like
rice water, he must take a soup apoon full
of mustard dilutod In a glass of fresh water.
This will be ejected immediately, and thon
h swallows a glass of brandy, in which ho
nrows ten grains of Cayenne pepper.
This strong remedy produces immediate re-
uei, ana after an hour of repose, perspiration
and alcep are restored to the patient."
Proorkss. Geo. W. Clinton, Esq , the
"hardshell" candidato for the office of Sec
retary of State in New York, closed hia
apeech in ihe Park on Monday evening, by
expressing the hope "that this glorious con
foder y ahall cover not only this Conti
nent, hut the isles or tho sea, and Cuba, and
Ireland shall be cmbracal in our arms.
' KkWucxt Coal. The Big Sandy New
ay a vein of Cannel.eoal ha beendiscov
ered on the Big Sandy, sixteen miles from
the Ohio. The strata is four feet thick, and
the sample the editor haa seen were of ex
cellont quality. A vein of bituminous cni
three and a half feet thick, haa been opened
on me mg Danny.
(ttrMr. J. R, Broadhead, who haa been
appointed Naval Officer in New York.l the
author of a History of New York under, the
Dutch Government, of which one volume
haa been published. Ha is better known in
literary than iu political circle. ,
OMessrs. Diago, of Havana, who late
ly railed for SI, 700.000. ic ia said, have of.
ered to pay their creditor at tha rate ol
S 150,000 per annum, with interest at aix per
C-C. P. Salisbury, an old printer of
Cincinnati naa iauq neir to 18,090 in cash
For Ahead. -The Ohio Statesman, no
ticing the removal of the Collector of New
York, says: . '
"We do not think that a very alarming
atate of politics will arise on tha above an
nouncement. It ia a matter of amusement
to us to Ohio, to aee the splutter made orer
tins matter in the east"
The removal of Judge Bronson and the
spp dnlment of Herman J. RedSeld will
create something more than a 'splutter in
the East,' we have no difficulty in predic
ing. The appointment has yet to be acted
upon by the Senate of the United Statea,
and, in the opinion of the N. Y. Express,
"it will be fought to the bitter end" in that
body: Before that fight is done with, the
innocent young gentleman at the capital of
Urtin, who is so mush amused, will p-oba
bly discover that there issnmnthing besides
fun in it. A pp? aring in the shape o f a lo
ci! question hitherto, the irritation which II
has occasioned has been movly confined to
the State where it originated; but when it
becomes nationalized by being brought into
the Senate, our word for it, there will be a
breeze gotten up, whose roaring will be
heard io every quartet of the Union. Cin
More or the Srow Storm. At Hager
town, Md., on Monday, snow fell to the
depth of a foot. Such a snow storm, it is
said, t)e oldest inhabitant doe not remem
ber to have occurred there in October be
fore. At Frederick, Md., and at Martins
burg, Va.; il covered Ihe ground 5 or 6 inch'
es. On the mountains west of Cumber
land it i several inches deep. At Win
chesfer, Vs., the snow was 7 or 8 inches
deep.' Not since Oct. 4th, 1336, when ft
(ell to the depth of 20 inches, has there
been such an early storm ol snow there:
Jiy a note from tie postmaster at f air-
field, Vs., we loam that they had two feet
of snow there on Monday, an -unusual
thing for October. InJCarroll county, Md.,
it fell to. the depth of 0 or 8 inches.
Ts Late Show Storm. On Monday,
snow to the dopthof one anda halfinches fell
about sixty-five miles above Petersburg, Va.
At Hollidaysburg, Pa., the snow is reported
to have fallen to a depth of one foot, and
two feot deep on the mountains near that
place by four o'cljck on Monday after-noon,
at winch hour it vvaa still snowlnir. At
Harrisburg, sufficient snow fell to rover the
ground some six inches, had it not melted.
Four or five inche- of snow fell at Albany,
on Monday afternoon and night, but only
served to make predestrianism disageeable.
snow also fell at Rochester and Pougkeep-
sie N. Y. At Staunton Va.. it wa from 12
to 15 inches deep,in many places, it is said,
breaking the limbs of trejs.
The Ysliow Fever ir Texas The yel
low fevr.T still prevails at Galveston. Dur
ing the three days ending the 13th instant,
there were 13 deaths. The deseae is par
ticularly severe upon vessels arriving there
from Northern port. . The Captain, . mate
and three sailors of the bark Norumbega
have heon attacked.-. Of the bark Trinity,
which had left port, the captain died, the
first and second mates and seven sailors were
sick. At Indianola, there were 11 deaths
in seven days, and 87 since the disease broke
out. ' At Lavaca, Dr. M.Johnson, Capt. G.
W. Adams, and 85 others had died. .
A Ciiarob Articipatep. A young lady
in a eiiiss studying physiology; in the hisih
school of Sandusky, made answer to a ques
tion put that In six year a human body be
came entirely changed, so that not a parti
cle which was in at tha commencement of
the period would remain at ti,? close of it.
"Then, Miss L.,' said the younf gentle
man tutor,' in six year you will cease to be
Miss L. ' Why, yes sir, I suppose so,' i,
laid, very modestly looking at the floor.
Trouble Amino the North-Westerr
I a duns Mr. F. A.C. Hatch, who return
ed via Red Lake from Pembina, on Sunday
last, informs us that a war party of the Chip
pewas, who whent out from that nlace a few
weeks since, had returned with the scalps of
sixteen Sioux, which (hey had csptured on
the Sheyenne. Another war party which
had returned to Red Lake on the same day
of Mr. Hatch's arrival there, brought with
them one scalp, and reported having had a
sovere engagement with the Sioux on the
plains, at which severl of the latter were
killed. Minnesota Democrat, blh inst.
ftrThe Genova (N. Y.) Courier states
that those who urge woman's rights, can
see thu doctrine fully illustrated in one
department. Iwo coal barges run frcm
Geneva tu the Pennsylvania mines, both
of thorn owned by one man. but one un
der the command of the husband, and the
other of., his wife! Slio is perfect master
of her craft, lifts coal with herculean
strength, and orders her laboring men a-
bout like a sergeant or dragoons. She
manages financial affairs herself, aud wo
be unto him who disobeys orders or cross
es her path. Her voice rings out liko a
shrill trumpet, and all stand aghast at the
sound. .
War upor the Potato. We soon ex
pect to aee medical andscientidc works writ
tan againit potatoes as an article of food,
in ranee, the War has actually commenc
ed, as the Society for the Encouragement
of National InJustry in Franoe has of
fered a prize of one th isand franc for the
best treatise "on the evil attending the
universal consumption of the potato aa
an article of food."
Eddcatior ir New JEnaxr. The friends
of educatiou in New Jersey held a State con
vention at Trenton; on the 91st Inst. Gov.
Fort presided, and resolutions were adont-
ed, derUreing it to be the duty.of the Stale to
make liberal provision for general education,
and that the laws should be so amended as to
make education not only universal but free.
Various appropriations in furtherance of tha
object were reoomeudod, a well a the es
tablishment of an educational Journal. '
Chanqbirthe Value or America r Coir.
A letter from Nassau, N. P., states that a
material change, ha been made there lately
in the value of Amerioan cold. Bv order
tn council, Sao piece pas now for 19 68-
100,, and the ollior gold coin in the same
ratio, except the one dollar gold piece, which
i at two percent discount. The new A met
loan half dollar will not now pass except at
even greater loss I, e, to any amount. .
The Court spent the most of the forenoon
to-day in hearing the argument of counsel
on the question of the admissibility ol N ich
olson's statement about the transaction
alter the burning of the boat. On the part
of the defense, it it claimed that, aa he I not
on trial, and, aa they claim, the remark
were not made ia furtherance of the conapi
racy, they are incompetent. .The Court
will probably decide the point this after
noon O. S- Jour'.
Episcopal Gereral Corvehtioh. On
Saturday, the proposed amendment to the
conatitutlon In relation to the mode of trv.
Ing bishops, was adopted, after the withdraw
al of the proposition for the continuance of
tne joint committee to report upon the sub
fee- at the next general convention. Rv
Tho F. Scott, of Georgia, waa then elected
Milonary bishop of Oregon. The conven
tion, probably adjourned tint die yesterday.
7Ai T. (Stewart. Esu.. ( of ih oTi.r'Ma
Building, corner Of Chambers street and
Broadway,) haa bonght the Metropolitan
Hotel for the sum of f 550,000. ?, Sun
Ueo. II. Smith ha just received ; bi
stock of Fall and Winter Clothing, and ia
prepaired to meet the demand of hU .nu
merous euatom.Sra in a' way that cannot be
surpassed by any. clothier in the city. Hi
present stock surpasses any that he haa
heretofore offered to the public, and hia
workmen arejibted for tha tasteful and sub
stantial mannei1 in. which they get up their
work. Hia "crook," Mr. Singer, ia mas
ter of his erf, and can suit tha taste of the
most "fast edious dandy." His atore Is on
the North side of Miin street, tinder the
magnetic Telegraph office. Further infor-'
ination can be bad by consulting hi adver
tisement which will be found in to-day's pa
per. Now don't forget to give him a call.
Map of the City of Lancaster. Manfred &
Simpson have laid upon our table a beauti
ful map of this city. ' This is what our citi
zens have lopg needed, and we are . bappy
to say that it is executed in an admirable
style, and offers, at a glance, a correct view
of the corporate limits of our beautiful e ty
The work coulJ not have fallen into better
hand. These gentlemen have : been very
successful in getting up maps of the vari
ous cities in this State, but none more so
thaq the one they have just completed of
this city. Of course every man in the city
will procure one. Mr. Manfred is now
stopping at the Tallmadge floase and our
citizens will find in him trait of a genuine
Improvements. -The go-ahoaditiveness of
Messrs. Tallmadge and Shncffer is doing
much towards the growth and improvement
of thia city. Their flag-atone pavement
will add an attractive and substantial fea
ture to Main street. ' We trust the proprie
tors of property on that aide of Maiu street
will aee the necessity of extending this im
provement down to the canal.' A number
of our business; men on the north side have
expressed their willingness to lay a similar
pavement, and only wait the action of those
above them. This Is a good idea and the
prosecution cf the work will add greatly to
the beauty and convenience of the city.
We think some measures should be taken
to seenre good and substantial pavements
on Broadway and Columbus street. It
would not only add greatly to tho beauty
of the city, but would greatly increase the
value of property. Let our citizen remem
ber that good pavements end plenty of
shade trees are ,tho chief attraction to ft
city, and the sooner we begin these im.
provementa the belter.' . . , .- i .
, EJin'gerVhTtefZaUa This firm hag
again advertised a new . stock of Hardware
and Cutlery, and afTordsysuperlorlndueements
to those wishing to purchase' anything in
their line. There is no mistake but that
this firm sells Hardware and Cutlery as cheap
any other establishment in Ohio, and we
take pleasure in recommending it to all
classes of our citizens. What they say
you can depend upon. Read their new ad
vertisement and give them a call. They can
be found on the South side ofMain street,
Immediately opposite Rising & Lyon's
store. "
Alt mpted Burglary. On last Satur
day night rr attempt was made to break In
to the Silversm.'lh Shop of Mr. Benniger.on
Main street, near the canal, The chap
who attempted it was an ingenious rogue
and would doubtless have effected his ob
ject, had it pot been fur the alarm of o
large dog : inside. Several ougcr hole.
were bored on each eido of tho bolt which
ecurcs the window, ai.d but little work
would have been further required to cna-
bli the villain to secure an entrance. The
raacat ia unknown. -
Work, Son $ Work again invite the at
tention of the public to their new and well
selected stock of boots and shoe. Aside
from their own manufacture they have just
laid n a very large stock of city manufac
ture, all of which they soil cheap. .They
employ the very best of workmen, and are
therefore able to give their customers am
pie sa iafaction. , Their Shoo Store is on
Main street, immediately below the City
Drug store. See their advertisement and
give tli em a call.
Probate Judge. We learn that the Gov
ernor ha appointed Jeiao Leohner.of Rush-
creek township, wa believe, to fill the va
cancy occasioned inthe Probate Judgeship or
thia county by the resignation of Judge
Radebaugh. If Mr. Leohner provea him
self as faithful and a competent' a hi pre
decessor, the peoplo will find ' no cause to
complain. Judge Radebaugh bears with
him, in hia retiracy, the beat wishes of the
entire community, and fortunate indeed
will they be if they find in Mr. Leohner a
man of equal ability and Integrity. ,
"Some Pampins." Through the polite
ncssofF. A. Foster, Ejq., of this City, we
have been allowed the agreeable privilege
oftasleing part of a aweet pie pumpkin,
raised by Mr. Pugh Murphy, near Carroll,
Ohio. Ita weight was upward of 80 pounds,
waa five feet one way and four feet nine
inches the other in circumference. .'We
think it was much larger pumpkin than
any on exhibition at the late fair, though we
are not positive. ' '.-'
. Our Railroad. a notice a large num
ber of wagona engaged in hauling tha raila
along the western end of the C. VV. & Z.
Railroad, where the workmen are busily en
gaged in laying the track. The weather ia
very propitious and we may expect tho
work pushed rapidly to completion.
ft-Tho editor of the Qaiette is informed
for hit own satisfaction,, that we pursue our
own course In regard to conducting the Tel
egraph, without reference to Ihe auggeationa
ot Whigs, or the promises of any one. irt-
egraph, . . i ., ;.
Well, truly, what a aaliafaotlon itia for us
to know that the editor of the Telegraph pur
ue ait own course in conducting that jour
nal. But verily, verily, we aay unto you,
whatever course you may pursue, the course
you have pursued is anything but an inde
pendent one. "' Y" ' ' '.'!
1 fCT We play our own "game," and when
we wish advice, application will be made to
those who have given some evidence oi Hon
esty and ability to render it. Telegraph. ' ,
Then we advise you not to go to the Au
Utpr and Treaurerv v " ' ;.v
lYbat hag Become of the Com 111 li
fer! : -f ' -;.
Mr. Slatgrter: Will you allow me,"
through the local column of the Daity, a
enquire ot the whereabouts of the Commit
tee appointed t3 secure, tad have published,
tha address of General Saoderson, delivered
before tha Lancaster Literary Institute at
its closing exercises last winter? It seems
to roe that they have not come up to the ex
pectations of the public, and they would
gratify many of our citizens by making
known the reasons why they have not acted
in this matter before. It ts highly impor
tant that this address should be published,
and I can sea no just reasons why. it should
be held back. By making an explanation
tbey would oblige a -. - . PIONEER. -
Lecture, There will be a lecture' deliv
ered on Sabbath evening next, by .Divine
permission, in the Presbyterian Church, on
the unity of Protestantism and the Diver
itie of Popery. ' '
Perjury J. Whateley, awitneaio the
Martha Washington case, has coma -out in
a Card, acknowledging that ho had perjured
himself in a preceding trial. ' '4-,
. (Kr We refer tha reader's attention to the
inquiries of a "Pioneer." He speaks of a
matter of great importance to our citizens
ftrDaniel Jackson baptised thirty-one
colored folks in the river at Petersburg, Va,
the other day. . . .. .. ,
At the Swan Hotel, on the 30th day of
October, by Alfred McVeigh - Esq. Mr,
LINS, daughter of David Collins Esq., of
Amanda township, r airfield County Uhio.
On the lt Inst , by Rev. N. Westerman
LENA LATER, all of this city. '
At the houe of Horace Huber, two and
a half miles from this City, on Thursday
evening, Oct. 13th, at B o'clock, Mrs. Eliz
abeth Huber. The deceased was a native
ol Maryland, born April, 1771, was Grand
IJaughter of Ool, ureosopor distinction In
Md. and who was shot by the Indians while
defending from their ravages the frontier
settlement she inherited In an eminent de
gree that clearnees, strength, and vigor of
intellect peculiar to the Revolutionary pe
riod of our history. Emigrated to Ohio at a
very early day, and settled on the Hock
Mocking, at Lancaster, when that now thn
ving and populous City consisted of a few
scattered Log Cabins, with the course of its
future directs designated by hack and bla
res, on the trees ol the primeval forest, a
pioneer indeed, ol three quarters of a cen
tnry ha fallen, and O how solemn and im
pressive is the reflection, that soon, very
soon, there won't be one survivor kit, of
(hat original and noble stock, to reconnt to
us, the thrilling scenes and adventures pe
culiar atone to frontier life. She had lived
for years a constant member of the Protest
ant Episcopal Church, and God in his rrrer
cy has lot her down to the Grave, in tire
sweet calmness and composure of entire re-
singnation to his will, full of years, and lull
of gray hair, she sleeps the long sleep of
death, while her Immortal spirit has1 gone
from the trials and vicltudes of this life, to
partake of the bliss of Paradise, She died
as only the Christian dieth. Peace to her
ashes. (Lancaster O., Wheeling Va., and
Cumberland, MJ., papers plense cony.V
TiJJin Whiff.
Complete cure of the Rev. A. nolle,
Of a Ion - stmliig and most ajgiavated ease of Salt
P.iifx'jii alioOomral Health roBlorod, by Pr S.
A. Wkavek's Canker and Salt Hheim Srnvr.
Tho following cortificnte from th Rer. kvawsTvt
Soues, (brothorofthe lato Hov Dr. Bollos, ol Bos
ton) tii-1 formerly editor of tho Christian Secretary,
pabiLh?d at HartfjrJ. will be road wilh Interest
'm;niliig asltda-o, from a Biptist clergyman, ex
tensively known and of hlga standing throughout all
lha Northern StiUs.
Cor.ciiBtTiH, Ct., April I351.-Dr S. A. Wo.iyor
Dear Sir Between two and throe ys.iri since, I was
attacked with Salt Rheum upon my loft 1 g- The
eruption was at first vary trilling, but exceedingly
troublesome; being attomled i usual by a burning,
itching son-stum. or soon however, It began to
spread, and In tho course of a year vory nearly en
eirnpassed tho wbole limb about ths knne untilMho
O ish became raw to mora than the bignois of both
my hands. A copioui diacliargo of s watery him or
had long compelled me to keep It bandaged bnlh day
and night. The irritation continuing an increasing
rsndored ms at tlmos, unablod to walk without limp.
ing.. Ruing entirely Ignorant of the nature of
tha complaint, I dirod not apply any remedy ts
hosl it, snd became alarmed st tha possible re
sult of ths difficulty. At this stage of the diteaie 1
happened to read in a Now London newspaper,
statement by Win. P. Bonjamin, Esq., of New Lon
don, ol his having boeq alllicted lor years wilh Salt
Ulioum. of which he had been our En by your Canker
tud Salt Ifhaum Syrup. His description of tho dis
ease and its action upon tha skin, at once satisfied ma
thst mine waa tha same disoase, and I instantly re
solved to rosort to tha same rme.ly that cured him
a medicine of which, till then, I had never heard.
I immediately procured a bottlo of your Syrup and
a box of Cerate, snd commenced the u-a of both ac
cording to directions. Bufore I had finished the third
bottle, I was oomflb,tkx,v cuhkd of ths Salt Rheum,
and what waa more.experienced a wonderful ronova
'ion of my general health. From my own expe
rience, and from what I have sines learned from my
own acquaintances,.! have perfect confidence hi thn
Syrup as a sovereign remedy for the Salt Rheum.
end you this statement from tho simple deslr thst
all who are troubled with this fiery and treub'e
some complaint, may at ouce resort 'to Dr- 8. A.
Weavers Cankar and Salt Rheuai Syrup and be
poodily cured. ' AUGUSTUS BOLLE8.
I. N. Harris k Co.. Cincinnati, aeruural aaaola fos
the South and Weit, Sold in Lancaster, wholesale and
retail by Kautfinan & Co. .and by drugglata generally
in ina ois.
Oxygenated nittars, ' '
Dyspepiia, Weakness of tho Limbs, and General
Debility carod by using the Oxygenated Bitters.
PouoHKBCFsrc. Feb. 1. 1851 -Messrs. Reed. Aus
tin It Co., -Gentlemen, I send nu a statement of
my Case. I waa attacked with Dyspepsia about a
year since hail severe psins in the atomach, colcness
of the extremities, heart-burn and water-brash, loss
of sppetitn,Hstiilonca,conitipstinn and irregular atato
of tho bowele, weakness of the limbs, and great loss
of llesb and strength; indeed, 1 became so much re
ducvtl. that my weight did not exceed one hundred
snd twelve pountis I was, In fact, a mere skeleton
I ceuld not attend to my business, and bocaine
giiioinv and low spirited
J hsd tried all the medicines generally msde nae
of in such cams, and waa attended by a re-poctable
physician of the town j but, finding myself gelling
worn, gave up all expectation of recovery In thia
state, I was prevailed upon by a friend, who had used
your "Oxvoknatkd Uittkhs" with succeiis, to take
them, which I did, without any confidence in its use
in my caae. Yon can foim no idoa of my thank
fuineea, when after taken one bottle, I found my
self much better, my appetite returning.' and my
strength and general feelings much improved. It
is now four months since I cominanced taking your
Oxygenated Bitters, and I am constantly gaining
Strength from tlieir use My weight is now twenty
pounds more than whou I com"i,d taking them,
and I am attending to my ordinary business, with
cheerfulness, and in full confidence ot returning
health. I conscientiously recommend your Bitters
to all afflicted a- I have been, iu full confidence it
will cure them as it haa me. J. BANKKR. 1
RKED AUSTIN k CO., Wholesale Druggists, No.
96, Merchants' Row, Boston. General Agonts, : .
irrPrica tl per bottle six bottles tor $5. , .
: Oct. 81. Sold by KAUKFMAN k Co., Lancaster.
OF ths latest publications, for tale at ths city book
stora, opposite ShssCTer's hotel, by ' .
April 26. " JOHN 85ABLK9.
, of Common rieas.
Alemndet II. CeU mil Jimns Cs'dwell, lnfnt
. children and heirt-t-lw of Jms U'0eii, o-
(Hira, by Kl.bth Utldwell taoir Boner sno
0.v, f!.,n t.1 ai .if !T itminsl
Joioph Caldwell, Alfrad Cmldwell. Samoal Ctldwell.
i rurloj 17. .Martin. Admimnrnw or inn r.ri
thesaLt Jimns Caldwell. doreawl, Michael Rilny,
flaming &. Tingle, and Samual McCla'len, creditor,
of the said Estate defendants.
rilHE non-resident dulondanla, Alfred Caldwell and
A Samuel Caldwoll. will tikn notice that on the
8th day m Sopfwntnr, k-O. 163, thn said Plaintiff
filed their Petition in tht Clerk's Olfice of tha court
of tomum pleas fir iid county, - letting forth in
ubatance, inat on tna wrtn day ol July, A u i nvj
the said Jmo4 Caldwoll, docs sod, ennveved alt hit
ftatate to tha naid Alfred and SamuoV Caldwvll, ia
truit to pay hit dobta and to aupport hia family during
lis iii, n iin yu m uwuujo u, mv reiuunuer dji
last Will and Testimenl; that he died on the HHh day
of October. A. D. 1M. Intestate, lowing tha nlam-
titla his havra-at law. That in the execution of the
tru it in May or June, A. D. 1843, tha aaid Trustees
sold and conveyed tha following described Real Es
tate, parcel ot tne said trust estate, fraudulently,
without adequate consideration and with thn intent
to defraud the creditors and heirs of. the said Jamoa
(. aldwnll.that is: lot acres southwest ouarter of sec
tion No. 6, township No 19, land range No 31; 8-26
acres south ball ol lection No 6, township No 2, and
rjnro SI: 316 acres east half of section No -24. tnwn.
ship No 13, and range No St; -157 acres northea.it
quarreroi section im n, lownanip io w, and range
No 9.1. in Pi.n'illnrnintT. Ohio, and Ifill .r. nnril..
wast miarter of section No 33, townahin No 13. and
V HI i.MAnwaKAnn,.
stance.that the aaid canvnyancr so made to josnrh
Caldwell be set aside, and that the said land be sold,
nd tha proceed- be applied under lha drad of trust,
and that a tract of 531 acres in the south-east corner
of the north-wont quarter of section No 23, township
No I A and range No 20, In Fairfield county, Ohio,
remaining in tho trustees, be sold, and the proceeds
be sDnlied undirthe said deed of trust. Thatan..
-me n-imtt ana Braver or ino netirinn i. in anh
count be taken of thedebtsof the said Estate, and that
the Trustees be removed and another trustee heap
oointed to execute the said trust, - .
Yoa wih appear and dimiur, n'ead. ct answer tha
said petition by the 19h day of November,or the same
win Da laaen aa (rue ana conirosea uy yon.
fti. KAirAi, I lerk.
Of the court ofemtunon pUasJor Fairfield county.
Watch-Sinker anil Jewelry Establishment,
A Fresh ft complofe ansortment of the latest styles
of Gold and Silver Watches, flocks of in
endless variety and of the heat and laraeat assortment
of everything in the Jeu-etry line in tne city of Lan
caster, all of which I shall not alone warrant in re
tard to quality, but cannot besurpassed in price even
by calumnious competitors. : In connection with the
above article I hare also on band a most splendidlot
! i . Ir' t : - ,' : 1 I ..: I
Ol Avcuruvoni, viuiiur, iiuiiu uun,, niuHi(.-uuxt;i, a
hosvv stock of PocUot cutlorv, Colt's and Allen's Re
volvers. Portmonlei. csrd-caies. Spectacles, chains
aud guards, and thousands of other fancy axth-les.
Thankful for the iberal patrnngn I have received, I
solicit a further continuance of tha same, expecting
from an eniigiui'npn puuiic maundy win iry nie uv
lore oei.is miscumca dv men or no .veracity wnar
ever. In conclusion I would say. that any article I
warrant, it not goon, tne monnv Mian oe reiunoi"a
. April 90. 2 doors East ef Hocking Valleg BarJs
Ur-1 oiograpn copy . . .
FISH. White, Pickerel, Trmit snd Bsaforsalch
he 1 bbl. IbUl. J bbl.,at - IWL.IIi l . 2-Brr
' or Water WevntorV ! c
Tlieundorsignodin offering to the citizens orfjn-!
easier and ita vicinity this valuable mode of raiiu :
ing water from cisterns and wells, snd leols confident
he can render satirfaction to all reasonable persons
wanting the arflc le; having mado soma vsluablo im
proremonts in Ihe Curb, Heel, Roler, & in turning tha ,
edge the buttons nn the chain, which adds materi
ally to ita durability and ease in raising 'he water;
thoy are applicable 'to cwterne and wells of ordinary
depth, and when property put up, are less liablo to
get out of repair than any other method of drawing
water. Some of the ,-'
Importrtnt AovnntntrcR ' - y
of Ihe1 above prmctple, con.ist in keeping (ho WAT
rune by agi atinn csnsed by Ihe revolution of the
chain when in-motion, and the reaction of the water
in falling fiom the tube w hen the reef is stopped, in
getting the water cold snd purer when drawn, in dis
pensing with the valroa, which Sre liable to get out
of repair in Ihe ordinary pnmp. And in not freezing in
wintOT. which also prevents tho tube from c raking;
they raise the water ssessy if not easier than any
othr mechanical principle
The sboVB article ia WAaaAifTKn to be of good
nruorials and well put up or thoy will be removed
snn no pay or recompense asxeu mr tne trnuDio.
Thankful for the liberal patronage already bestow
ed, he willtondeaver to render , an equivalent to all
who employ him. Refnronceto any or all for whom
he has done work. thnp on Main street, Connell'a
Row. above thn Eiglo flirice. C. F. BEVERI,Y.
Uncaster, May 19, 18B3. . 6-ly.
rUIlNITl'IlE Yr'AItE RDOJtfi, , ,
.D, K. riSIIEL.
Raving roturned to the city and creeled a largo
buil.llnf in tho rear of the brick house, on the
corner of Hroad and Chesniit streets, one square snuth
of the Market House, intends manufacturing upon a
largo sole all the varions articles of . .
nnndstcmla nnd Chrtira, Wlich he will keeo
always on hand, tngnthor. with a largo nsortmont of
Cincinnati manufacture, llis'ong experience in the
buiinc" will enable him to have manufactured at
home and imported from abroad the very boat of
work, and a hn intends to employ none but the most
skillful workmen and ueo thn host materials, he flat
ters himself that he will give general satisfaction to
all who may favor him with ;tnir custom.- . Z
The public are invited to call and examine the as-
sorlmont. The entranoo to the rooms is upon Broad
street. U, .. lSltfcL.
Laucastor, May xutn, inoa,
N. fi. Rrtpaiiins dono on thn slirrrtnst rmtice, snd
In the neatest and moat workmanliks manner.
Charges roasonable.
IljokS for the Million. ' ' J
TIIE undorsijnnd, in presenting his NEW STOCK
OF BOOKS to tho citizens of Fairfield county,
feels justified in saying that a larger and more com
plete assortment of n"w and standard publications
waa never before offered in this city. Having pur
chased hia stock on the most liberal terms, he fuels
satisfied that he can supply his eustomors at cheap
er rites than Hs ever been known ia this market.
Iln invites thr tlentlnn of the reading public to the
following list, which ia only a sample of his entire
purchsso: ,.',.'
Vanity Fair, a Novel withcut a hero, by William
Thackeray, ....
Ths Nile Boat. . . -. . .,,,'
Family Bibles, at all prices.
Pocket Bibles do " ' --i,-- ,
- Ilvinn Books of all kinds. ;
Gift Books of all kinds. .
English snd Gorman Catholic Books of all kinds.
. Doway Bibles. '
Note Books of all kinds. -v
. School Books of all kinds, at wholesale and retail
prices. i - , . ,
A lars lot of dp, Letter, both Commercial and
Envelope Paper snd Blank Books of all kinds.
Novels, latest publications.' - .
landscape Gardening and Rural Architecture, by
It will be. aeon bv ths above that he has consulted
the interests and taatea of tha entire community , and
loaves no reasons why evory family should not be
in possesion of a small I.ibriry. Thankful for the
liberal patronage ol a generous public in 'days agone,'
he oaineatly invites continuation of the same.
. - . ... i.-.; JOHN SEARL8.
rfT-Store immediately opnoiiito the Washington
Hotel and one door west of the Savings Institute. -
Lancaster, Bopt. 4,. 1853. J. B.
,.: Hubert Carries" Ktnte. - ,
NOTICE is hereby given that tha snbecriber bsa
been sppnlnted snd qualified aa executor on the
estate of Robert Came, late of Ksir field county, da
coased. - JOHN D. MAR US.
October 19th, 1853. ,
Exccntor's Sale. ,
f)F,RSONAL property belonging to the estate of
b. iiouc. tramps, aeceaneu.consisiinjr 01 ictdtm neia
of fine lierscs, a quantity of corn in the crib, wagons,
Harness, and household and kitchen furniture, will
be sold aa vendue on Saturday the 'fith day of No
vember. 18M. at tha lata residei oa of tha d e ceased.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A . M. Credit ol 9
months on sums over $3, on note and secni-ity.
Executor ol Robert Carnes, dec.. .
Octobel 10,1853.
!iEW C.OODS.v :.:.
"VTE have now received a large, and complete as
v v sonmonioi rstiw or a usniuniiuic nuuus
which we ara daily exhibiting and selling at the old
land of RKfRTMUND AMD So.' -
- All we aak or require, ia, that persons visiting our
eit in Burmiit of rood barcains, will aive us a call.
We detest humbuggery, and, besidos.our goods.onre
Sxamincd, recomtnena inemseivea. vur biock is iiui
was bought Ins cash market, and wa are satisfied
with small Drofita. Wa ran supply our customers
with almoat every thing heart can wish for, Irora an
ounce o f Indigo to a hogshead of Sugar; or from a
tiardnffii ent Calico to tfullsuil nf tlothrsforti.
Of Shoes, Hats, Bonnets, Hose, Ribbons, Parasols,
silks, lawns. bareges, delaines, ginghams, calicoes,
cloths, caaatmeres, batmets, tweeds, &c , we are wall
supplied as respects both qualities and prices. -
We keen on hand the beat of fniailv (irocerleti.
such as Teas, Ootl'eo, Sugar, Molasses, 6yrup, Rice,
spices, stc. "',','
. And we arealwava annnlied with a larvA and vain.
able stock of Ready JHade Clothins;, made here
at noma, on special or art, ana tneretorti greatly pre-
raraniero mar imporiea irom aaaiern aiop-snopa. .
. "TV-Cash and country Produce always taken In ex.
change for goods. . REINMUND cV MARTIN.
- AnrilSO, 1853. T. i ,-r-i ,,. S9 ''
Dicks 'vVonis for said it the city Book Store. 1 j
... 5 ... . . . v . . y. O0NNELL.A gt,
State of Ohio, Vnirhold county, a.
- nonixsps & TnoTJT.
HAS juit arrived horn Cincinnati, and Is srrant-ed
lor public Inspection and purchase, at th .
bratad Scorim-u's Cof, disgonaliy opposite
SioMr'itt(t"-"iit" As tiur motto h
alwaya boan - Ths Littlnt Profit and tha Hucrmt
Sa(s,"onrsalnaandonr fame hava been propor.
tinnably extenaive,arTordingthecheapejt, finest, and
moai eoiurui rv.bioi ,u w-,r iidv. m lact, they
apeak for them lrea. U anjruaga.ofeiniof4 hni
luncy which the'public parfectly understand!
Young Ladioa, when a shopping out , " : i -Remembsr
Kosmsoa & Tjioirr, . : i ; j t . .
Their sorvicos enmmsnding
': To get tha best of understanding, .. -..
Ana following the goldon rule. , .
. A vast iinprovement of the sofc
Young Gentlemen, who hearts har woo ' '
By wearing work we pride upon, .'
, Don't pass by Trout & Robinson,
Whose Boots and Shoes in av'ry creak - :
Their itronz and last ing nature speak: -.
We bet we'll Shot you sights this time,
And ftfvcyoti Boot in wsy sublime! .
Thinkin the D-iblic for thflir verv liberal nairnn.'
ag9,W9!ak a continuance of It while directing their
ax. ewion w our cunap idkii vwmpriHing, is pan, Tna
following. For i Gentleman, the fashienabla Red'
Top, Congress, Kip, snd the best coaran Boots, Shoes"
and Slippers, of every grade. For Ladies, the Jenny
Lino, tne uron?ed, ra eoi van, rrench Morocco,
liosette. None Such, Os iters. Buskins and Bootees.'
including the mot rolebrated Qum Shoes for both
Qentlemen and Ladies. In fact, ire have for the
Ladies ths mot fashlonab'a snd extensive variety
ever offered in this city. For Children every kind
which cannot fail to pfoase. Findings of every da-
scrlption for the trade. ' ...
H.rwarenpectlully direct sttention to ths work
men employed in our manufacturing and rftn'rnB
department, who are famous in our line, especially
Richard's, who out-Richard Shakspeara'a Richard.
r. L- liJ. L I I'll jii..,.. . .. '
iujt b wr .rtwry y.uQ noooay else, l always iu the
superiority of His -workmsmhip. . , . i -
i-snciHer. Ohio, September 38, 1833.
PI E It C II A.N .T T A I L O It S. .
ym , CIKirsui-.tt &
' fiPRlNGEtt & TROUT,
IJiTTAVE received at their C;i.othio EaTAR
IfT R """I'T in OUrN-'s buildine. betw...
uib iim-ius uu.. . j anmadca'a F,.
,....(, . ,.,........r., -l--"" ana xter.4
slve assortment Dl ,
. And are now manufscturUg every variety of
Which they will sell as low as the same quality ol
floods and work can be (purchased at any other estsb
tihment in the city. Their clothing is manufacturad
under their own auperviaion and is consequently su
perior to that which is brought from other placer,-
They have else on hand, a beautiful variety of
Which they are prepared to manufacture to order
They have iu their employ the best of workmen and'
are at all times prepared to make the best fits and in?
the litest "tylea. All their vivrk vrtl I bt varranUd.
The public are respectfully solicited to call and ex
amine their stock, and while thankful for the liberal
patronage they hare enjoyed, they assure their old
customers snd si) others that they will labor to give
general satisfaction both in the quality and price of
theirgooda and work. SPRINGER fc TROUT.
Lancaster, march 31, 1863 . . , . ,
1953. Til TELEEGRAP3I LIKE. 1853v
WOULD respectfully announce to ths citizens of
lancaeter and vicinity that they are, as nsual
in receipt of a very heavy and well selected stock of
Which have beon'ie'ecfed'with great cire as to style,
quality and price, embracing every variety of style
and make, to be found in the Eastern market, to which
wa invite tha attention ot every body, as wa intend'
to sell them aa cheap aa any other establishment can
soil West of thn Mountains. - " '
Id adtlitfon large and splendid assortment of
Looking Glasses, carpeting Wsll Psper, Bordering.',
and Window Blinds, cotton and coverlet Yarn, Bat,
ting. Wadding and candle-wick. Alao, a large lot ot
Circlerille s'lannel. Blankets and Stocking Yarn,
Boots and Shoes-, Bonnets, lists snd Csps ol aR kinds;
Also, a good stock of GROCERIES, Tobacco,.,
arc, In phort, everything usually kept in a Store,
and more to.
' W would sjyto our old Fri.indi & Cu tomers
that we return our sidcere thanks for their vary lib--eral
patronage extended durtng our business career'
among inem, and asK a continuance 01 the same, we
will endeavor to prersrand give oatisinction ts, ill
who will faver us with thnir ruatom. All' kind's of
country produce taken in exchsitgs for Goods for'
Which the highest Market price will be paid. ,
f . v.. ,a tor.n -
ajaucait w, vui. 10, kxiii.
An Invnlnnlile Dook for 85 Cents.
'JVvU1 movthi. Anew edition, revisod an
improved, just issued. . -
IJ. ittrHTcn a AlvrncAi, nlARvAr. Airn nAirr
Booxron thr Arr'ncTrre Con aininc an outline-'
of the origin, progress, freititieitt and cura of every
luimpi aiNaB0 ruuiisciHU iiy .romiacuous sexuap
intercourse, by self-abuse, or by sexual excess, witli
advice for thoir prevention, written in a familiar
style avoiding all medical technicalities, and every
thing that would offend the ear of decency, from the1
result of some twenty years successful prsctice, ex--
ciusivoiy ceroisa io mo cure oi oiseaaea oi a oou-
cato or privets niture . . i. :
w. To which is added, roroipts for tha cure of the a-'
bove diseases, and a treatiae on the causes, symptoms'
and ctrre of the Fever and Ague,-for twenty-five'
cents a cepy; six enpies one dollor; will be forwarded!
toanypartuf the United Stater, by mail, free of post-
ago, . AanresH, postage paiu, - osonn ce u)., ruousa
ers,OT"box 196, Post Oihce, Philadelphia
"This is without exception, the most compreneri'
le and intelligible work published on the class ot
diseases of which it treats. Avoiding all technics!
terms.it tndresacs itself to the reason of Its readers.
It ij free from all objectionable matter, and no pa
rent, however fastidious, can object to placing it la
ths hands of his sons. Thesuthor haa devoted msnr
years to the treatment of the various complaints
treated of. and 'with too little breath to purr.' sod'
too little presumption to impose.' ha hssoHored to'
the world at tha merely nominal price of 25 cents,
Ihe fruits of some twenty years moat successful prac
tice." Ukbald.
"No teacher or parent should be without tha-
knowledge) imparted in this invaluable wok. . It ,
would aave years of pain, mortification and sorrow
to the youth under their charge." Prorti's Anvo--
CATB. . i '''..,--'
A Presbvtenan clerrvman in Ohio, in writinr BP
"Hunter's hledical Manual, " say s. Thousands upon'
thousands of our youth, by evil example and the ln--fluence
of the passion, hare been led into the habit of!
self-pollution without realizing the aid and I earful'
consequences upon inemseivea and uieir posterity. ,
The constitutions of thousands who are raising faml--1
ies ha va been enloeliled, if not broken down, and they'
do not know the cause er the cure. Aay thing that
can be done so to enlighten snd influence the public
mind as to check, snd ultimatel y tn remove thia wide
spread anurce of human wretchedness, would confer
the greatest blessing next to tha religion ef Jens'
Cm-Ut, on the present and coming, generations. In-,
temncranco. for tha usa of intoxicalint drinka.V
though if has slais thousands upon thousands, is not a
greater scourge to the nnman rce. Acrept my
thanks on behalf of the alllicted, and, believe mf
your co- worker in the good work you are so actively'
engaged in.'
Ore copy will be forwarded (securely errrelspad?
and pottage paid, on receipt of 20 cents, or six sopiea
for i I . Address, COSDEN k CO., Publisher, Bo
198. Philadelphia- . ,
Booksellers. Canvassers and Book Agents, su-
piled o the most liberal term.'
Lancaster, may i, iooj. . - i-iy.- -
Daguerreotype Sky-Light Roora.s
TIIK subscriber, in calling ths attention of fha
citirens of Incastarand ths surrounding coun
try, to the subject of Daguerrsotyplng, feels war
ranted in saying, from au experience of over tohr
years, tnar. ne is prepared io execute uai.ua.k
nEOTYPlkS in the most approved stvle. and war- .
rants entire satisfaction in every case. -
' no win Hisvp ciruaiBmiy on nana a una variety or
DAoirrmfticoTYrc Stock, and s superior lot of GOLD
LOCKETS. , , '
Persons wishing Daguerreotypes, and all othei-aw
are respoctlully Invited to call and examine his ipeaij
mens. ' ' '
P. S. .Instructions given in this most beautiful
art, on very roasonable terms, and apparatus ftrrttish
ed if desired. ... , r .
Rooma in Uinsy'a frame bnilding, one door west ol
the Hocking Valley Bank. R. B. McBRIDS.
Lancaater Aug. 34, 1H53. "v . . -
$10,000. Worth, of Spring-, Sumner and fil
... , Clothing, nnd Furnishing Gooda. '
- Checkered Store.- i
WSJ are now prepared to clothe tha Uving spirit
of our country. The Farmer, Mechanic and
day laborer, not forgetting the profession tha Law- .
Jrer, Doctor and Preacher; also, tha gentleman of
eisure. The Artist and even down to tha moat tan-,
tasric exquisite, can be accommodated with every
thing in the fnrnishing lina, from top-to toe. Wat
cannot possibly mention, in a single aJvertisement -ths
many articles in our lina. But certainly it is aa
item in the history of old Fairfield county, that noth- '
ing in the clothing line has ever been offered in this
city that can bear tha mostdlstant'comparisoa to that
quantity and quality of tha piles of clothing wlaow
lay before you, for yonr inspection. Every article)
in our lina is warranted. Youth's and Boy's clothins;
on hand. -- - COUUJLAH k C f t
, May 13, ;aE3. ... '-, . ; ... .'., ' -
M0DREN BaliderV Cuid .for ale at the eky.
Bookstor. Ang.V. , 4 CONNiiLLj isnt

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