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CITY OP liscAsiiiT
Tuesday Evening, June 13,. 1831
Rail Road Matters The Hocking Val
ley RoQil.--CaKKixa Borland, Esq., Pres
ident of tho Hocking Valley Road.has very
politely laid upon our table tlio third an
nual report of tho condition of tho North
western Virginia Rail Road company.' The
report bIjows that the finances of the com
pany are in a flourishing condition. The
report of the chief Enrincor, Bbnjamim La-
TrtoBK. Esq.. eives a" flattering account of
.the future prospect of this company in ro
iferencc to the great lines now being pro
jected West of the Ohio river, and as the
.subject is one of very great importance to
the citizens of this and the adjoining coun
ties along tlio Hocking Valley, wo subjoin
a few extracts from the report showing the
interest this company feels in a connection
with . the Hocking Valley road. The re
port says that a good extension for the
North Western Virginia Railroad can be
had by intersecting the line of the Marietta
Road at or some mils East of Athens, and
this lino prolonged up the fino and fertile
Valley of tho Hockhocking River to Lan
caster will give still another and very de
sirable route to Ciucinuati, while it will en
sure a connection at Lancaster and Colum-
"hus with tho whole of tho vast and compre
hensive system of rail ways branching North
' and West ' from these centres of trado
.through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and the
remoter States and territories in that direc
tion. Tho change which has taken place
in the position of the Hillsborough Compa-
. ny and its relations with this Company,
should not therefore bo a subject of dis
couragement, as alternative connections
with Cincinnati are at hand, and tho origi
nal route through South Ohio, by Pome
roy to Portsmouth will doubtless be reviv-
" ed and executed in duo time.nnd will afford
even a more ' direct connection with that
'. portion of tho Slato and with tho Kentucky
Railways to Louisville, than tho former
route' via Jackson should that routo bo in
deed beyond recovery, which is not conced
edas there are local interests which will
. utow sufficiently stronz in the course of
time to complete it, and thus restore all that
iiow appears to havo been lost by the un
ion of tho Hillsboroug and-Marietta Com
panies. .The lino f rem Parkersburg to
Lancaster is about to bo surveyed by tho
Columbus and-Hocking Valley Railroad
Company, recently organized under tho
General Railroad Law of Ohio,' and that
; Company, looking solely to a connection
with Baltimoro through tho North-western
Virginia and Baltimore and Ohio Railroads,
is earnestly striving to securo tho required
vapilal to construct their road. The local
interests in tho'upper part of the valley next
t) Lancaster, will be strong enough proba
Lly to raise- tlie raoauS to make some 45
miles of that easier portion of the line, bav
in" it for other interests to fill up a space of
25 miles more, which would reach to the
Ohio River at a point eight miles from
Parkersburg, at the superior silo for tho
bridge, by means of which tho juncture
with the Hillsborough Ro id was projected.
The line of the Hocking Valley Road -will
tlierefore bo common with that of the orig
inal Hillsborough line to that point, a cir
.A'umstancc affording a double inducement
to the construction of the bridge in a posi
tion which is thus shown to bo - so com
manding.' .
The distance would not exceed 78 miles
from Parkorsburg to Lancaster, whence by
Railroad already completed to Cincinnati tho
distance is 125 miles. .;-'fhis route, to Cin
cinnati would thus be 203 miles but some
1 5 miles longer than by either the Marietta
- or Hillsborough lines, as they aro now unit
. ed. To perfect then tho connection of the
. Northwestern Virginia Riilroad with Cin
cinnati, by the Marietta lino, so soon as that
line reaches Athens, there is wanting only
'33 miles of railroad from Parkersburg to
' that point and 45 miles more of road up
the Hocking Valley to Lmcaster completes
an alternative connection with Cincinnati,
through a road already in sucoossful opera
tion. :'.'.','.
.. In speaking of the superior advantages of
. a connection with tho Hocking Valley tho
; report holds tho following language:
" "The day has gone1 by when oitherenpi
tal or enterprizo can be tied up by rcstrict
irc legislation and wc may look with con
fidence, in addition to the flattering indica-
tions already foreshadowed, to an early oon
hection with that productive region iden
tical with Virginia and Maryland in tho
character of its population which is dos
lined to throw upon tho Northwestern
' Road, and into the City of Baltimoro. ana
mount of traffic more than sufficient' in it
self to justify any effort that might have
( been made to secure it. Tho want of a great
Southern line of travel has long been se
verely felt, and preparations will be made
' at an early day, by the improved facilities
which will be held out, on tho completion
.of tho Northwestern Road, to throw back
" the whole travol of Kentucky and Tennes
see, into the natural and legitimate channel
from which it has been diverted."
The American Nation. The West
minister Review, aftor comparing tho cen
sus of Groat Britain witn the United btatcs,
says the whole civilized world owe respect
" and ' gratitude to the United States for
' what they aro doing in education. . ''As
for what the American nation is to become
at its present rate of progress, is really an
overwhelming idoa. There may be a dem
ocratic republic of a hundred millions of
- citizens at the end of this century."
JtA writer in the New York Ex
press proposes the Hon. Ed. Bates, of Mo.,
as a candidate for President, and the Hon,
Robert C. Winthrop, of Mass., for Vice.
V j twit is stated that the fugitive Burns
1 is a regularly ordained preacher in the
Oor Book TadlbXoiiJoi Quarterly t
tlte J dinburgh, the Forth British, - ami the
Westminister Reviews, and Black toood's Ed
inburgh Magazine. Leonard Scott Je Co.,
Fublitheri, 79 Fulton and 54 Gold streets,
Xew York. Thcso periodicals are tho crit
ical censors of tho British scholastic and
literary world. By their criticisms, they
aid readers in the selection of standard val
uable books; and by the epitomes which
they present, often obviate tho nocessity of
consulting works too voluminous for gen
eral examination. They fill a place which
American magazines cannot supply; for
they discuss topics relatingmoro strictly to
the affairs, political, religious, scientific, and
literary, of the continent of Europe. They
are conducted by the best talent of Great
Britain; and aro enffajred with the most
important questions which, interest or agi
tate the civilized world. Whoever sub
scribes to them all, may read the ablest
representatives of the principal parties into
which tho people of Great Britain are di
vided. Tlie Edinburgh Review is tle exponent
of the Whig party in Great Britain, having
from its commencement advocated Free
dom and the rights of the people. When
the war, apparently of extermination, was
waged against France by British Tory rul
ers, and during which occurred the second
great struggle of England with our own
country, this Review first unfurled the flag
of resistance, and made, by its unanswer
able and eloquent appeals in behalf of inal
ienable rights, the halls of British legisla
tion and even the throne itself to tremble.
The graphic and stiring delineations of thoso
events, presented in the pages of that dis
tinguished Journal, exhibits tho truest por
traiture of those perilous days to be found,
perhaps, in tho language. Its influence
was becoming so apparent, that at length
the leaders of the Tory party, at whom
tho thunders of its eloquence were espe
cially directed, found it too powprful an in
strument to be resisted by ordinary means'
and hence they established the "Quarter
ly," or as it is distinguished among tho
American Reprints,
The London Quarterly Review, whereby
to counteract that iufluonce which its pow
erful rival exerted against their measures.
Tho two great political parties thus made
strenuous efforts through their respective
organs, for the promulgation of their antag.
ouist principles; and during a long series
of years, these two leading Periodicals have
concentrated tho labors, the talent, and the
influence of the adherents of the Whig and
Tory parties of Great Britain.
The Westminister Review. This able
Journal was established under the patron
rge and support of the ultra-liberals, 60
styled, of the British House of Commons;
among whom Roebuck, Mill, Bowringi
Professor Long of" tluj'Lonu'on University f
Miss Martineau, and others whoso names
need not be quoted, conspicuously figured.
It was for Some years under the editorial
supervisionof Jeremy Bentham, from which
fact it obtained tho sobriquet of the mouth
pieco of Benthamism. This work has ever
been especially devoted to tho' great topics
which interest tho mass of the people: its
pages have been rife.it will bo romoniberod,
with a series of poworful articles, tending
to the reduction of Tory and exclusive pnv
ilegos, hereditary rights, kingly preroga
tives, &c.
It has recently been united with tho For
eign Quarterly Review, the more attractive
features of tho two Reviews being now
combined in tho Westminister, and thus
adding greatly to its value as a literary peri
odical. The Xorth British Revitw is a work of
more recent origin than thoso already do
scribed but is, nevertheless, destined to
occupv as prominent a placo in the Re
public of Letters.
The trreat occlesiastical movement m
Scotland led to its establishment.
It is not to be considered strictly a Theo
logical Revicv), for topics of every kind cal
culated to occupy and interest the well cul
tivated mind aro introduced. Political
questions, not so much iu their parly as
pects as in their general character, arc con.
siderod. Literature and the literary mer
its of works aro discussed, and discoveries
in mental and physical science unfolded;
the discussion of religious, subjects, how
ever, iu a dispassionate atid Christian spir
it; forms a distinct feature of the work, and
will continuo to occupy a prominent place
in its pages. ' . .
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine is
less exclusive in its character than tho
works already noticed; its contents may bo
considered under the general heads of clas
sical literature, biography, narratives his
torical and fictitious, poetry, critical analy
ses of now works, tfec, &c. The high or
der of its disquisitions has long rendered it
proudly distinguished in the 'department of
Greek and Roman archsoelogy; while its
franco of elegant fiction may be said to dis
cover a masterly power and skill, unsur
passed by any of its numerous contempo
raries. Again, in its biographical depart
ment, and narratives of voyages and trav
els, no less than in its papers on subjects
purely scientific, this admirable Periodical
has ever displayed resources unquestion
ably superior to any similar work in the
world. As to its political opinions.although
deeply infused with Toryism, to an extent
the most zealous partisan could desire; yet,
so witching is its rhetoric, and so consist
ently uniform is it in its anti-republican ob
liquity, that, however obnoxious its tenets,
it is impossible for the reader to fail of be
ing charmed by the perusal of its brilliant
It is at this time unusually attractive from
the serial works of Bulwer and of other dis
tinguished writers, which grace its pages as
original contributions, appearing first in
this Magazine, both; in the British and A-
Parifn r.nitinns,.
A Fmiors Elktiast at Laeoe Three
Htrscs Killed Xumerous Wagons Dcmal-'
ished A number of Persons Injured. Tho
largo elephant Hannibal, atUichcd to the
UroaUway ilcuagene, which was on exhi
bition at Pawtuckct on the 3d instant, got
loose from his keeper on the way from
Ptwtucketto Fall River early - yesterday
morning. Before starting, his keeper made
him lift the binder part of a wagon loaded
with 3.500 ponnds, for the purpose of get
ting it into line. It is supposed thatthis,
although not unusual, might have suggest
ed to him the mode of attack which he a
dontod afterwards.
When about seven miles Irom 1'awtucket
he became furious.turnod upon his keeper,
who had to fly for his life and tike refuge
in a house, tot free and rushed along the
road, destroying everything in his way.
Meeting a horse ana wagon belonging to
Mr. Stafford Short, he thrust his tusk into
the horse and lifted horse, wagon and rider
into the air. He mangled tho horse terri
bly and carried him about fifty feet, and
threw the deal body into a pond. The
wagon was broken to pieces, and Mr. Short
considerably hurt. The, elephant broke
one of his enormous tusks in this encounter.
A milo further the elephant, now grown
more furious, attacked in the same manner
a horse and wagon, with Mr. Thomas W.
Peck and his son. ' Ho broko the wagon
and wounded the horse, which ran away,
if r. Peck was pretty badly hurt in the
hip. . .... ' . '
While the keepers wero engaged in se
curing the smaller elephant, who had not
however, manifested any signs ot insubor
dination, the larger one cot off from them,
and went through B:irneyvillo, when Mr.
Mason Barney and another man mounted
theia horses and kept on his track as near
to him as was prudent, giving warning of
the danger to the passengers whom they
mot on the way. The elephant would oc
casionally turn to look a,t them, but did not
attempt to molest them.
The next man in the path was Jur. i'carco,
who was riding with his little son in a one
horse waon. lie was coming toward the
elephant, and being wamod by Mr. Bar
ney, turned arouu'i ana put the horse to
his speed, but the elephant overtook him,
and seizing the wagon, threw it into the
air, dashing it to pieces, and breaking the
collar bone and arm of Mr. Pcarce. Tho
horse, diseng.igcd from the wagon, escaped
with the fore whecls.and the elephant gavo
chase for eight niilus.but did not catch him.
The ehphant came ba:k from his unsuc
cessful pursuit, and took up his march again
on the main road, where he next encoun
tered Mr. J. EJdy, with a hors. and wag-
on. lie threw up the wuoie csiaoiisnmeni
in the uamo way as before, smashed the
wagon, killed the horse, and wounded Mr.
Eddy. Ho threw the horse twenty feet,
over a fence into the adjoining lot, then
broke down the fence, went over and pick
ed up tho dead horse and deposited him in
tho road, where ho had first met him.
He killed one horse, and pursued ntioth
er, who fled to abarn;the elephant followed,
but at tho door was met by a fierce bull
dog, which bit his legs and drove him off.
Once on the rou'e, the hccpcr being a
head of him, saw him plunge over a wall
and make for a house. The keeper got iu
to the house first, hurried the frighteded
people within to the upper story, and pro
viding himself with an nxo, succeeded in
driving off the furious beast. The elephant
finally exhausted his strength, and laid him
self down in the bushes, about two miles
from Slado's Ferry. Here he was secured
with chains and carried over the ferry to
Full River. A part of the time he ran at
the rate of a mile in three minutes.
Melancholy Scicidb. A Warning to
Young men. A friend writing us from Cir
cle villc, under date of June 8, says tho
Portsmouth Tribune, gives the following
graphic account of the suicide of a young
lady named Fuller, who was living with a
Mr. Brown, in Darbyvillo, Pickaway coun
ty: "A young lady, living with Mr. Brown
iu Darbyville, drownedhersolf in Darby
creek, yesterday. It seems some young
man had been paying his address to her for
some time: on that. day ho sent a note to
her by Mrs. Brown, advising her that ho
did not intend to marry her, and was about
leaving the placo: she read, andexelaimed,
"My God, what will become of mo!" She
crossed the street, passed through a house
without noticing the family, rushed upstairs
where the falso one was at work, and caught
him round tho neck kissed him said she
had come to bid him a long farewell. She
then ran across a field, and plunged into
water fifteen foot deep. A man ploughing
near by, supposing something wrong, ran
after lir, but only reached in time to see
tho bubble where she had sank., one was
taken out in about two hours.
The young man fled to escape the indig
nation of a deeply sympathizing commu
nity. . He will, no doubt, realize that he
cannot escape the bitter recollection of the
irreparable wrong done his unsuspectiug
Important from Texas The Indian
War Terrible onslauglU upon the Whiles
Twenty-three soldiers, thirty Mexicans
and six American killed.'
The New Orleans Picayune contains im
portant news from Texas the dates being
to the 31st ult.
The threat of tho Indians to wage a des
olating war against the whites, was being
carried out. .
An express which had arrived at Galves
ton, reported that the Indians, to the num
ber of 500, had rallied under Wild Cat,
tho noted chief and commenced a slaughter
upon tho white inhabitants. .
When about thirty miles wast of Victo
ria, they full in with a company of twenty-
five soldiers, whom, with tho exception of
two, they killed.
They next attacked a party of Mustang
traders and citizens, killing thirty-six ot
their number, of whom thirty were Mexi
cans and six Americans.
When tho express left, the fighting was
still going on desperately, and the Indians
had been heard to say that they would des
olate the whole country to the borders of
the Rio Grande.
Tho express rider had his horse shot un
der him by a ball fired by one of tho Indi
ans. .
SrThe citizens of. St. Louis have de
termined to erect a monument to the mem
ory of A. B. Chambers, Esq., late editor
of the St. Louis Republican.
3Tlt is stated that more than 75 cattle
have recently died in MontpeKer, Vt and
vicinity, from the effects of being bitten by
mad dogs. ' , , .-, . ' . .
Tho Russians Iliipu'sod!
Tux Obiii Imscboknts!
New York, June 12. The steamship
Pacific arrived at this port yesterday, with
Liverpool dales to the Jist ult.
Commercial Istklliokn(,ii. Liverpool
Market. Richardson Brothers reports de
cline in Wheat of 3d, in Hour id, and in
Corn 2s.' Their qiiuta; ions aro, Philadel
phia and Baltimoro Flour 33s G-lGy'.m, and
Ohio 39s Cd; white Wheat 12(;12s C J.and
red do Is 4d.
Brown and Shiply report great dullness
in Bread-stuffs at a decline of 3d on Wheat
Cda2s on Flour, and 2s on Corn. They
quote white Wheat lis 6dal2s 6d; Corn
39s CdaS'Js; Western Canal Flour 37s 6d
a38s, and Philadelphia and Baltimore 3Ua
30s Cd. 1
McIIonry reports the stock of Beef much
reduced. Pork was dull. Bacon was in
largo demand, buHh imports being exces
sive, prevent an advance in prices. Lard
was improving under large or Jen, though
prices were la2-s hss than by previous advices.-
Tallow was moro salable. Rice was
dull. -
There was a hotter demand at Manches
ter. Londos Market. West '-India Sugar
was rather lower. Foreign was inactive.
A cargo of Havana No. 1 1 soli oa ' Change
at 2 1 s 6 J per cwt. Coffee was in good de
mand. Hemp was tending downward.
.S.-il'potre was dull and cheaper. Linseed
Oil sold at 37s CJ.. Scotch i'ig Iron 92s,
Funds were exceedingly strong on Tues
day, and Cosols closed at90ga9o- Afier
official hours they fluctuated somewhat, but
firmly" closed at 91.
Gkneral Intelligence. A telegraph
dispatch from Belgrade announces that feil
istria held out on tho 26th. The Russians
had been driven back four times with severe
loss '
The Jmrmd St. Petersburg says two frig
ates cannonaded Whulandon tho 19i.li, aud
on the next day approached Ekenaa, but
were repulsed. ''
Two thousand Greek insurgents are post
ed near Denmark, in Epiru. A- French
division had arrived at tho Pieroens.
Russia had presented tho Greek Govern
ment with two vessels of war.
It is reported that tho town of KafiVa has
been bombarded and captured, i:i couse
quence of the authorities refusing to deliv
er over to the allies ssveral Russian vessels
in harbor.
Naples had officially declared Lor neu
trally. The detached forts at Haugo had boon
destroyed by three steam frigatot. The
Russians lost heavily. The British had
only three killed.
A very hostile feeling is being felt at St.
Petersburg against Austria, snd it is rum
ored that the march of the Russians upon
the frontier of Bdckoviva has commenced.
The Naples Gazette publishes a decree,
which cmbodief a declaration of neutrality:
"1st. Armed vessels shall not bo admit
ted into the ports or roadsteads of the roy
al dominions of the two Sicilies, nor shall
they be furnished with nuy munitions or
ship stores: 2d. Privateers with prizes shall
not bo permitted to enter the porta, except
from stress of water; 3d. Nothing will be
allowed to be bought from privateers; 4;h.
Subjects aro forbidden to t ike service from
privateers; 5th.' Vessels shall not carry for
any of the Powers contraband articles of
war. Letters of marque shall not be grant
ed. The division under Gen. Forey will not
go to Greece. He has received counter or
ders to proceed straight to Constantinople.
Letters from St. Petersburg, dated May
20th, state with' confidence that a note had
been received from Austria and Prussia,
calling upon the Emperor, in energetic
language, to evacuate tho Principalities up
on the Danube with tho shortest possible
delay, and in case tho same is not attended
to, that means will bo Liken for an active
narticination in the war against Russia by
thoso powers. But as tho case stands at
present, there is not tho least probability
that the fcmperor will pay uie iousi, aiieu-
tion to it.
A Russian steamer succeeded in sailing
out of Sebastopol, notwithstanding the
blockade, and captured an English mer
chantman in the Black Sea; but being dis
covered, the prize was cut adrift and the
steamer got back safe to Sebastopol.
The Nova was free trom ice .on me xnu
ult., and had risen so high that nn inunda
tion was feared.
Fifteen of the stono bridges over the
Neva were to be broken down, and the re
mainder mounted with heavy cannon.
Tho Emperor of Russia has boon quite
It is reported that the vast mercantile
quarter of the city Riga has been demolish
ed by military authority, in preparing the
city for defence.
It is also reported that tho allied powers
intended landing 17,000 troops in Sweden,
preparatory to that power declaring war a
gainst Russia.
Adviccsfrom Constantinople say that a
Turkish corps at Kava almost entirely dis
persed on the approach of the Russians.
Letters from Turin state that a - contin
gent force of 25,000 men had been de
manded of Sardinia by France,, for the
Eastern war. ;
There were 30,000 Turks in possession
of Kajovaon the 17th.
The Chancellorof tho Exchequer had an
nounced, through the London journals, that
he could not. pledga himself unconditional
ly that there should be no increase of the
funded debt.
Odessa, at tho la it accounts, was closely
- Tan new neutral vessels were allowed to
nass from Odessa to tho Black Sea, except
r. . .., , i i .
those laden with coals and naval stores
On tho 23d ult,, Sir Charles Napier was
before llaiigo, and was about to attack the
principal forts. ,
The Retribution had captured several
Russian prizes in the Black Sea, an official
account of which had been sent to England.
The Greeks had got 150 Turkish soldiers
within, a church, when they closed the
doors and burned them up alive
The adheBion of the Germanio Confed
eration to th. Austro-Fruseian; treaty it se
Todatism. The CWWi Herald tavs
that Mrs. Mow att, who was recently mar- j
rieU to Mr. Kitchijc, was a favorite actrow,
and a pleasing woman, but what has nhe
done to make her marriage a matter of im
portanco to the Nation, and to juntify the
mniciionnpon:ipublicof tliomostletiT'hy i
Evening Post, edi'cd by Wif. Ccllen Bnr
ant, a poet who ha-i written some of th,.
best thing i the English languag; boasts, is
dLW ...!.. . .
0 , . u,ii., . uiuru ucuws oi j
I the ceremony, of which the following are
The weather, fympa'hiiciiig with the oc
casion, was highly propitious to the gather
ing of the romp my, but . so to their ep
ara'ii.n. The tiun'hfd considerably shea' li
ed his fiery arrows, and a timely rain the
night previous haj laid tho dus, so that
most OI tr.e eu;U Wen uu' in
he disla, ef;,, ' ,:''T '
the tfiHUiii e from tl e .y be.ng about five
miles. A show. about five oVbx-k, when
a portion of the company were ab-mt Z
turning, was the onlv tontre temut of il,
otherwise altogether joyful occasion. -
The bride advanced to her nlace at the
end of the saVxm, Waning upon the arm of
her father; tho groom following, Waning
upon the Arm of Mrs. Ogdon.
After a prayer which the Itevcmtd gen
tleman reduced to writing and furnished
he I'tdt, for Car flie "Itecoiding Angi-1"
might neglect to register it, the ceremony
pro::eded as follows:
Mr. Wilkes then addressing Mr. Ritch
ie, said, "William Ritchie, wilt have this
woman for thy wif.-?"
' "I will," was the prompt, tLough al
most inaudible rep! v.
Then addressing the bri.le, he said,
"Anna Cr:x, wilt thou havs thb rum for I
thy hu.-bsnd
'I will," was the respond, in a cle.-.b.t
slightly trcmulou-, tone.
-Mr. U ilkes, then ,'rJuro:sing them both !
"Do you, in the presence of the Lord !
and before the witnesses, declare vour
intention to perform your du'its faithfully,
in the marriage covenant, according to the
Divine Laws?"
They answered, "I do."
Mr. Ritchie then phc-id a ring uponth
fourth finger of the bride's left hand, uui
hol.linrr it there, said:
..,- . .. . . r ....
"VVItU tlllS Wig I es;iOUC tftee to IXl mV
wif,-. in the nitme of the Lord Jesus Christ,
who is the bridegroom ot his church."
To which the. lady an.wared, ( Mr.
Pitchie still holding the ring on her finger. )
. . . i .,
lb be my liusband, in the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ, who Li tho bridegroom and i
husband of his church." i
Mr. WilliUS then ioinod their light hi nd.S. I
and said:
- -
"In the name of the Lord Jesus
I pronounce you husband Slid Wife. Ye
iir.i rmfiro lu-n t.nti.r,,. (l..e . "
It is important that the public should
know that Mr. RircniE's
reply was
"nromnt" thouT-h his "tihei-lints" ro"P to ! ""! Julf "' l'IJ 'real committee, to causs the work to
pro.npi, lliougll ills pnetlllifc-s roc I he done and the expense thereof, togelber aim live
his throatand. made it "inaudible;" and :prci.tpaity.ab.iibarharg i:aii,.taiid bj coi-
' lecl -d tit tuih o o .-r or owners of s.i,d lot or part of
that the chai min" widow Was "clear" Up- ' 'ut.and bs a lean np-m th samo uitil paid, also,
r I any person or persons, owner or oa ners of lot or part
on the point, th0U"h "slitrhtlv tremulous." 1 "' '" hereafter ma'is orcoutraa any s:de
r ? . . . I wnl or pavement contrary to the provmions of the
I tr is also a fact of thrilling import that ; frst ae. uoa of.suii Oniiuatee, ahall. upon conviction
t , ,, I before the .tlajor.f..rfjit and pay for erery dar, he,
both answered "1 do "all tO WOUSt. ! 'he or ll.ey alwil sular the same lo raniain, aftor'oeing
. . . .. ' duly notiflediv the treel committee, to make and cou-
Important too IS It tO know that the bride- J trait the same according to the true iut.-nl and meau-
... ... , ,
groom placed a ring, ( if the makers name
. ,, . .. ,i, j r I
had been given it WOUM Iiave m.lue IllS lor-
tune,) upon tho fourth finger of the bride's
left hand, (was that right') and held it
therr1! . -
We had some doubts whether the Ting
was a "good fit" and whether or no the
"union was safe" until reading farther on,
we found that the groom was "still holding
it there," until "thebiide and groom retir
ed aboutsi.t"- and, only think of id "with
them a lrge portion of the company!"
Out upon such toadyism. Mrs. Mow
att and her cpouse are very nice jieople
and if they are forbearing and love each
other, will be happy young folks and grow
into venerable Darby fnd Joan; but upon
tVirt am (lav thev werft tied, a thousand ;
counles cauallv as talented, cooa ana at-
fectionate were married and tho only notice
the Press gave the two thousand was
On tlin 7th Instant, liv tho Hi'v. Mr. Blaclt. Mr.
Willi E and Miss OKEY," both of PodunW Ilellow.
Convention of t!ic Youns .Tfcn'a
Christian Association.
Bcffalo, Thursday, Juno 8. A nnmrr
ously attended Convention of tho Young
Men's Christian Association of the United
States and Canada is now i n session in this
city. Associations of Boston, Pittsburg,
New Orleans, Cincinnati, Springfield, Cleve
land, St. John's, Louisville, Chicngo,
Quincy, Peoria, Toronto, Quebec and Wor
cester; are represented. George W. llelme,
of Now Orleans, was choson l'ri'sident; II.
A. Robinson, of Massachusetts, Mows Ly
ford, of Maine, R. A. Young, of Missouri,
J. Holland, of Canada, J. . Jachfo-i, of
Pennsylvania, ice Presidents; ana vv . j .
t, str i vvt ir kln.:Lil r.C
laiiecs.oi tYKsningtou, . x. uutuv..,, v,.
Boston. Secretaries.
The object of the Convention is to devise
some organwed method for promoting
Cliristi.mUy throughout the Ameviean con
tinent. Washington, June 10. The decision of
the President of the United States, in the
case of Major Wise is, that he be suspend
ed from Ins rsnk and pay for the period of
six months.
The Presidr-nt approves tho decision of
the Court Martial.
The Houe wont into Committee on the
Pacific Railroad bill.
Mr. Chuiston, of Georgia, spoke in favor
of tho acquisition of Cuba by straightfor
ward ncgotialions.
Raiiraod Projkct. A correspondent
ot me Lexington xcuuKraius
. ., t . n n
gesis the construction of a railway be'.wen
Lexington and Nelsimvillo, a distance of
, sixteen miles. The cost ho estimates at a-
bout 82'J0.00Q
Bv this means, using for the purpose the
Cleveland and Zanesvillo, and portions of
the Wilmington and the Hocking Valley
roads, he anticipates an advantageous con
nection between Cleveland and the Ohio
river.-Zane. Cow.
Nbw Orleans, June 7.-The President's
proclamation' against fillibusters excites
considerable attention here, but the friends
of freedom in Cuba itia- said have bo per
fected their arrangements as to not act con-
LaiMUifr Market. ..
Gazett Orriat, Juno, 15, 1854 We
quote wheat this morning at 1,75;
Flour. 8(; 8.2.1; Corn ( Shelled 4()v fW
PK'5.33; Dried Apples, 1,00; Beans. 100
-u';,i ujc; sugar, ij(jojc; Tea, 45(2,
Tcexdat, Jane 13. Flour Sale yes
terday afternoon of 110 bbk superfine at
.i"1" .'" nor ai i.oj; ana
iima 11 M e ol rhnn
txtra at 9.33: Citv
MilU extra r"tail at 10.
Wheat Market quint.
Corn of 8 AH) bn from store at
!57c. -
j Oats Hell at 40o f;om cars, with no
i sales.
j l'(,rk We hear of no sales; held at 12,
1 7 Vi 1 3 mess.
Bu'Vr Smnnwha nn'iva mlnnnC'n.
w' prima new at . 15c,
an , j d(, , g 1
f,i iiu ,pi V'
fnm"-wA 811,811
" - u . . . u J I . . Ul 111
S York M u k u
Ntw Yoair, June 12. Flour, unset
tled, 3J00, Lbls. at 8(48,75 Sou-hern de
clined 12c; 6JOO,oli at B.759,81.
Wl.i, dull..' - -
Com, tritle lower, C0a87c.
l'rovibiorm. Pork dull, Baef firm with au.
upwaid tenancy. Lard tirm.
' ' . WiuaLryj Olio 27.---
Money market un-jhangeJ, stocks are
higher. ...
C'iHcinnati I;iiK-.
Cincisxati, .Juno 12. Hour, flnt, buy
:T6 are holding off an 1 selk-rs more anxious
to realize. Fricc-s moo; nominal.
1 lovision-, nothing doing. Licsc-ed Oi!
Su. Wl,i,ky 22c.
iiTMr. Towiri, the mavor elect of
88""3t"n'M tlie foU th V'" who ha,
t-cvated to that offiw dunng the last
'Lir.y-;wo years.
To am-r.d tn fir :!n:.c2, Sxinc the wi.lth of ibo Eide
' or fev m :nv in tl,e cii) of Luicuator.puMd Uia
1-th Oaj 01 April, lc34.
I. lit it or't.nnt'i by the City Council uf Ikt Ci
r3' .-.", Tlt-IUis Ural ;am ofau urdloance
jutiiu-d An Old. imiic. tiKii.sf Oi' iit'i of tiie aidi
aalk or pat -ci-i.t, iu th towi. of Lancaflt.-r. pnit',.J in
I2IU April, le'M. b, a-i anjsiided aa tl rcud: 'I hut the
arjtjlii A the alki or puTciu lit, afmll h rrtfafl-.-r be
ai foil iws.in 'h, fol!.m-iiu: njtindd tre.-t, and parta of
ilr ;la, t'l-ait: On Main, i. jlati'n tiroad and Sittoml
lr: -l, ai,d on Lroad Mrcl, l la-.ien M.iin an. thp Tir.
Ula,iuCaru.:nlr'aa.'ldltiu. F.fKen UjV. oij Maln.frnia
;.tn. t.;yj fi; on whesum, temui. F.iriu
I .., twaiwa, tvuidiaa;. funer, Watrrabd-Kii.V
! -Nin.-fj-i; on Brll alr.-.-t, froai boJia Alley
Kf. U. ic ,( fdrthcr oriuinti iw tke attkorit (Yare.
suii. 1 nt a ,i:ill I, . trie djir of all p'iTyins. oa-neraof
aiiy I torpjrtof.,t, frontiiiif on Main atr-set, between
Lei.tr ; Ati-.- uid Scvoi.d mrct, and on Uroad, between
Ma:ll i-lrtf,-! mid t!i-f L trci . tl evt-nd llr A.rt-falj
or I'."u?Ui,i-orreapiidii.a; uii ths drn aattiun oi
tflia I lfi1.L:il.' al.fl ur.,1 r 1 i . l.r.,r tirnt t.1 :h., f . K.,-
! --yor, Ce 1 1 tiu acee;Ui.C3 of th-3 coinm.fj on streitj
I and All st.
K. -l' ,;. n. . . ,.i
. -..-..hi-
That If any peraon.owner orowne.-sof any jut or
i lh j Ciri le. or on Minn street, between ft,ter All.
,, , uiKctii .ujia ,M
and netoi.d straet. shall after iaa first day of September
n.-j,t, n .-e:-t or refuse to s;t oat the curtinir to the
fidtli of tftan feet, as Is pre-wnbed by the nrst a--c
tion of this Ordinance, it shall be and is uerjnv made
ing oi luia vniiiiaiice, an; auui 1101 eceeuing nvo dol-
lars, nor ijssthsnone dollar, with cost or prosecution.
SE". 4. Taal the Orrtinance entitled an Ordinance, flx-
lug Hie ilde-italks or pav.-mei.ts in the town of Lancas-
ur, uae;d rhi 1-tu. April, 134. b? and. the aame
hereby r?pehl Jd. raAie-l June A. lr4.
C. DTTKSBA CII, Prr, CilfCnitcil.
Altist Jon B. I'.iiD. fit; Clerk.
June 10, ltil.
Accepting anJ ddlcaiii.j cartnin .streata apd Alleys in
th-, cit of Laneudl-T.
BE itertnatd He Citf CoaanV a ( Cifa, tf
LancaMier. That ttii street and Alievs laid off and
ujijiroiriiil-d l John C. Wearer in .M-miM rro.pjct ad
dittoii and ub-di-i.ion of Lt,r. be and the tame are
hereby accepted and .iedicatd for the public us and
coi,veiiii-iice,tire -:il,Iy ti th3 Int and description of
the aame, &a r.-i-nr-lcd in Hie KeeorUer,s Oniee lor Fnir
IteM county, in Pl .t B ,r,i. -No. 1, l,ire 13. dec.
Thi' Ordlli-nce to lake efl-'ct ami h in forre trim and
after it Uff.il pul'liritmn. Pasied June 5, lHj4.
C. HiiliSliAi. il. P'tidct City t'uaaciL
Attest Jon H. Kttu, C.: Cltri,
June lu, ki4.
iu Ordinance
Levying Taxea for City purposes forthe year 154.
CSEC. 1. Beit or-lnimedb the Citf Cwtciloftke Citf
uf L.xetter.. That a Tav of on and a bull mill on
ui.n all property sui.j-ct to taxation for State and coim
lioilaro: raiuaut.n )e,ai.ii ine same la nereny 'evieu
ty purposes, aithiu the incirporuled llmltaof
' Uie city
oi lamcaster for my purposes.
'J. Be it further QrAaiied bv the aa'Aarify afore-
eaii. That a Tux of Flve-LiLMhs ( ) of a mill on the
dollar of valuation, be, and the same is hereby levied
npon ail properly subject hi taxation for State and coun
ty pnrioses, within Uie iucoruiruled liinitaoflhe city
nf iatneaster, for the purpose of contritiulinir to the
maintalnancc of the Fire Lieparttnent within said city.
M:';. j. He It Jurtner uraiitea oline aar.tertrjr ajare-aa',,1-
Timt a Tat nf I'mir Thn.i.and Dollars be. anil the
s.iine Is hereby levied ujon all proyerty subject to taxa
i tion for Mate and couut; purposes, w ithiu the incorpo-
rat-d limits of the city of I.-ineaster, for the purpose of
1 defrtiyingthe espens-is of tuition in tha Public Schools
iu said ,'ily forCie current year, pursuant to an act pas-
sed by tin, Le-i'slnt'ir of Ohio, February 1!), lH-lH. for
th.. support and better refiilatiou of Couimon Schools.
Puased June 1-2. lal.
O. 1)KE.HACH, Pretident Ci Coaan'I.
Attest Jons II. Held, City Clerk.
Junel?, 1W4.
LaitrnterA:'eT nrli Junction Uatlroa-1
TOTICE it aereliy ptvfn. that Hoik! for subscription
1 to Ihe Capital Mock of the "laincasler and Newark
Junction Hail Koad Compauy," w ill be opened by the
p-. l-sons, and at the times and places named and speci
fied below, to-wll:
By James 1(. Maiiberry and Israel Dillo, at Sewark,
on Monday, the luth day of June net.
tty Jam?s Uarvey, James lairiuiara and James Lyons
at Hebron, oa the -.'utii dy of J line next.
Py C.T. B'lisll ami David Hooper, at Thorn port, on
Bv M, j,-, nl,d o. p. undnn at Salem, on
' -riinVsilav. liie 4?hil dnv of J-ine next.
We.lnmdae.tiie siat day orjun? next
, Ujrktr-ha 0l uj Ja 3llrnrlUe, ,t
Mill .rspnn.on Krlilny Hie S'Jrd day orJ'i i next.
Kv T. P. AiiiorooJi and David Cupp. at I'lausuitvillo,
on ilie i:li day of June next.
I'.y s. c. stumtaucli, Panicl Kutz nnA Elias Perry, at
Lui.'cnsur, on Monday, the Sulh day of June nexi.
T. P. AfcllBKOOK,
Mayi;,lf34. Corporator.
f RS. Psrtlnrton's Carpet Bag of Fun,
for sale al
IT the citv book store.
April SI, icil.
B. CONNELL, Agent.
JTtAKMERS' and Emigrant's Book,
for sale at the
"f citv nooK store. -.
April S1.1HM.
B. CONNELL, Agent.
Try" ANCY Articles In great variety, for sale at the city
s oook store.
April 31, 11-54. B. CONNEIX. Agent.
"1 1 1.T Monlitlntrs for Picture Frames, for sale at the
w v-:tv Imolt store
A pril 41, 1S51. B. CONNELL, Agent.
' A nfH
-, 0 p giaUh tor M e(t ,tor8i
! .prii si, kit.
11. tOJiXELL, Ageut.
CILARK'S Commentary on tho Old and New Toata
jmrM, forsale at ths city bioV store.
April ill, 1M4. B. CONNELL Ageut.
TVWiK Lamp Llrhter, for sale at the city hoott atoro.
JL AprllH, !Si4. B CONNELL. Agent.
ffVIE Old Brewery and New Mission House, for aale
t the city book store.
B. CONNELL, Agent.
APPLICATION will be roads the nndarslgnad,
Rvoeutors of the last Will of Jacob Huber, Sen.,
foj of Fairfield county, Ohio, docaaaad, after the expi
ration of four weeks from tho poblicaUoaof this notice,
to the Probate Oonrt of said county, for an order to dis
pose of certain desperate dobts due tq said Estate, ac
cording to tlio provisions of the Statute is such ease.
Ajjjiotpa iutoierts4 will Uis notice aaoor MTfe
Wni1l5i.-4wflri - . issarrr.
- '--' ---' '' . - '
TTAS lit!? pirMn4 Iron P. Bon hi InUrert to
I I lb H v1war alnej, nd In il'jKt'-B l' hi! I
re.Jy Uugt Mock, U unw dsil; imliltr, l.rM IVom
Ui Jfirrw.iid v'l, Urr" par tuum f
now rani. whidi will niiko kli tlork trf lUrawni .-
vf th'j ni4 nMlv lo tcfouna In Uili atrfct. H
fKilalrarparcluuiatii4wrMcaiaaU tih Kmi-f-turan.
whKh mrt )ul ' ri, will vnaLLs him l
oiler all dftgoripttot of Uartf war, ot fr
yrruojMaM. Tbo aluia on o(. PtMCt
onij MccHftftir a U lnvila.1 lolfao OklruOrvliiarf lift'l''
maniafMw oatd om to ikam In tbo wjjr oT trott bar
fain fully o:i'iafltfd thai tf lbf oonr-Ut Ihjlf wn II -lorenl
Ihef will iMrartalo lo till and ouiuuio bla r
noa baton) parchaitag olteoharo. Kjr o!o altaj.!
lo balneaa, and by ooimtaoUr koaptrrt? on Moil a fuU
and foioploto aMonimBina iko boat goo', ns hnj'-,
lu aura a luiffo aharo oftlia palrottugo of J?krmra
auu a-nwHCT OI Ul vowiy.
April IkU.
T0H5 KFFI.NGER would Inallath ouuiiloncr Caw
90 paarara a raaaa iimtufrt u, ma Mrva riqc
H',uia boiMiitf matariala. Tbar will Su.i curt:it
ob hnnl,tbe best JunlfUa Xallt, Slfcaft4 Krbjt,;
Th moat appmrwf boor Loi-va ai1 LitlUi
aioefc cf
wuioow uua ana sa9 or an mrsx
Concklln and Wood't Pura Wblto Lf.d trd OH,
boor and Blind B la, Fhop BIubms, B-iliv otc.
Tl,oae abont bulld;nf win baeerulo to aava money
by eninltilnr my pricaa bofora pUvauuliicoUairuera.
April M, U&i. .
JIx-lBtr.a Tawta,
Cs CITED to all tradoaand of tlio stoat iM-imJ rr.alr.
Butcber'a Coat Steal, Flriaar and Sarkat'i OoufetM,
hprar iMjntn'i (.aitand k-priof st-l Hava
Milt' taer'a Double and Sln;o i'Uoa IrtHM,
Ohio Tool l.'ompany t'lan,
M&aortsnd Plaatan Trowla, 1
Co)iKr'a Drawlbf kolvat, aic, for aila cheap hj
April l-4 1 JOHN EPFiiiOF R.
. v f .
n;f and Carrinjra.. Tinker
ILLflnt,attAs .- Htrtmar t'arr, oppoalta
tho TAlmmt tlvm. one of tha tn-f b..t
:ctod fto-kof Trlffiujlnnevor otraned lu tht, kin
ket. Con-l-lioat In part of
lCi i'lecoa ctaamlid Duck and Crnraa,
1J ' " Fanev rrilo'wl Uo.
. Ju " - v an Wool and niilon rjiuoaaka
' So Hi-lea PsMiU and KnatnlM Lali.'v-.. .
Brass and
Silrar Pltlja l3o-J, T',pirDa.
stump Joints, laices, bpll.-.r,
Lancaster, April-;, ltil. JO
Arfrlcnltriral Tl'ar; Hero.
F?i!MEifR should bear In rMiA wbcnUw y want :o
paicriac tbelr ParmlnTooh, Ikittyaiil til -1 al
the ew Hardware Slois, esia of the latest sUcs to ba
found In the wisrket. All of which huve baan nurchas
ed dlreafy fron, ihe.'.Iaiiufactunr-snd will M s'ld lost ,
Consistii.ir of Ca and Crermsn Tl-ei Corn t-A F'rasr
svtthes; H:et Biaos Hoes; Hay and Straw Po-; IMoc
Scjihes. firkin t'raT and Ra'xoa; Scvthe Enaties.
prildi, IrM
snn iiinos, spauea, urain rcoona at-.,
JOHN tffl.(&EI!.
GEORGE 8. FATUf, in.
PHrificisa, Occlutt, Afo OaiH9rmcai. Sl-cocot.
UAVIGI.-afri aermaaca'fl In Cn'.WMicthe. sT"i
hi. profes-tonal services lo all who vra aflilcto-1
w.ib any of the following di?iuas or d, fwrn";eai
Ana-.irai". Oythnlmia, or Inltamatlon of tha Kfsa
Grainelar Lids; Watery Kyes; Catanicis, St.ecifs ar.d
Pleins. effertuaily remove.!: Mrabisuics or Crosa Jty
cured in a few seconds; Pta.ds; t:iub Foot; lialr UAi
lozether with evsry olhsr operaUoa belonging to Uia
op .--ative Sory-ton.
OFFICE Wad. lie's Bloc- K'esLiosoe City House.
TTT-Xo et-ar(r - s for exan iar.Uo
Address ChiiLcothe, Obi Vay!. 1io4 ly
Katie of Keal j;itt by order of Court
ON S'ir4ai t Is Ht h ifar Junm, -M. between th
hours of 10 o'cl'rf't, A. M. and and 3 o'cloilr. P. Ja'.
on the prorata, will be s-.ld totlie Mirliet Mdd"r, tha
following fiesl E,.-tf.eiti.-propertyofiacfa' nt,4ar,
d .ceased, to-wit: Partofthe Northesst U '.artor of Sec
tion No. IT, 1ownh;p No. Ill, KanT3 No. 17, beinmr.
at a stone at the NAV .corner of the Iritidsof Jaeobtoo.;
thence N'onh 2". poins and about 0 feet to a atotu at tr,t
line dividing :b.i lands of Jonahsn D. ZooV and Fran
cis Myers; tttence We-t 13 poles to a stone-, tbemi
Southeast 29 iole to the place uf beginning, oontaiaiU;g
One Acre, mors or le.s.
Also, a traet of al it One-l-slf an Aera, Vvlnw ris o(
above trat. South of Franeis JByenl, tract, VVaat oi JoLu
Oood'p tract und North of Jacob" Good's farm.
First tract appmised al $115.
Fecond tract apr-oisd ct 7.
7'-"s of Suit One-third In hand and Oil rss!d-;
iniaotnuel annual navinanla -lth Interest frs Ibe
Jayofsala . J.IMF.S V.ISHtR,
Mm'tvt of the Eetatftf Dsaid W-slar, tUuated.
May 84, 1654 4S
Valuable Farm for dales
4 FAKM eontalnln 913 Aeres. on the w-.tera
sv. of f'l iarcreek,lt Madison township, known
loilras tne "VVuisz Farm." with tn excel; nl water
privik-Te, will he told by UiJ oi.durilued, at
private sale. For terms apply to
LancaaUr, Jane", ltii4 A. McVilG-n, LniAgtmt.
THE BisetiUve Commines of the FalrT.e'.d conn'.y
AaricnltorHl Society, at a meotlnr held on fiat'ir-
di last, adioaiyjied to meet ajrain on Satnrday .ho lvth
dy of Juno next, at 10neloea, A. M., at the Waatilnsr-
ton Hotel in this city. The attendance of all the mem
bers la requested. X. bCHLElCH, Secretin-.
Jane 1,-scs. -; .
. -Estate of Jesse Hedje.
tTOTICElaherebytrlTen,that I hare been thta day
i duly appointed aa Administrator on the Estate of
esse riedpes.sleeeasea, late ot r airneio county, tinio.
Mayas. 1b. ABRAHAM HEDGES, Admnor.
4TT0RXET sss focascT.Loa aT' Law, JreTlca or TBI
rXACB ad aaNaaaa Laao AOajrr,
Laaeaater, Ohio,
WILL tfs-e attention to the purchasing and seliinir
of Keal Eitate, also, to Uie procuring of ten
sions and Bounty Lands.
Hocking Valley Bant. tuny id 1CS4 u'
OFFICE In the BricK Blocit, Boarty opposiw tiia
n AS Just roceive.l front Philadelphia and rJewTor-,
C.f Ifiat nas ever come w vaia eitj, .t wit aa
litstt issraovas arvi-xa, embracing STeryWi
vari?tv of sliapes. aorts and siiea -onslst- ay
inznf'lHO lato Sprint- Style MOIJJ-SRIN
HAT, unsurpassed in Ouiu for durability and Bnenesa.
Also, Vsan; .Tim's Hats of all unu;
Summer Hats, consisting of PANAMA; .
Pedal and China Mrnw;
Braid LEtiHOKN and MANILA;
Palm Loaf; rloss'ith Hats, both For and Wool;
Pine Oner and White Beaver, for 8 o miner; .
The latest Spring Style Cassimera Hats;
All sort cf loy & Children' Fnncy Ilata,
All of which will be sold on lie most reasonable
terms, lower than everbefr.ro.
S. B. Country Merchants will do srell by calling and
examining mv stock before pnrchaalt :t elsewhere.
Lancaster, May 10, UU K. FIELDtA'G.
CAItllOLt, .TIILI.S. "r
f-HE tinlerrljned havlne purchased the Orl.H
t-i''! L and Flourinir Mill horetofore owned by Gen'
ji-iLJ- C. Keynolds. deceased, woald beruby inform
the public that it is his purpose to maita tliw Mill wV. n
It .li'iuld be, a Gri-tt mill for the aecominoAiitlon of the
nchr'.iborbood in ahich it is located. And havlns -cored
the services of an experiancod MRier, is prepar
ed, as he believes, to do work calculated lo pleaae
aud therefore solicits patronage.
May , ISM. .- 7. HADEBACH.
Jjj'EaRle pler.scopy. ' '
Opposite the Court Hons end Founlala,
VEW ADIWT405;8 are now be'mr made tothefnr
i nlture and convenience of Uiis already First Clssa
Hotal. Tra-relcrs will Snd this hotwe decidedly Ilia
most cnmfoirtable place in Zaises-vttle, and the proprie
tor sparct no pains to make his goests comfornoHv
There are attached to tho above house.eleg-.int BKIC Il
DKOVE STAB1.US, which are verycspucioils.
ilarchS, UH lim WM. A. SOKES, Proprietor.
Sale ol neal Estate br rae pi Courts
OX oar)av. the C4' itay of Jaaa, 1S4. on the pr.
..i. a. it, iha man of Baltimore, will be sold to tho
hiirheat bidder; the following Keal Estate, as tlie pro
nerivof John Co, deeeasod, to-wit: Five undivided.
Sixths of 1M No. Five (.1) In Kcfuare So. 8. In the town
of Baltimore, Fairfield county, Ohio, subject lo the pay
ment lo Jane Cox, f widow of s-iid John Cox) and her
asMcns. on Ihe'lst day of April, 1855, and yearly and
each and every year thereafter, on the 1st day of April,
during the natural life of the said Jane Cox, of the turn
of Ten Dollars; and a rateable proportion of said sum Us
be paid to her representative for the fear In which she
tnuy die.
A pnraiaod at HWO. . '''.-'.".,
Tsi-ms of Sole One-tUIrd In hand, ann residue la
two enual annual payments with Interest from the day
Of sale. R- OU1CALT, aHaitae
Of Its Eilats of Js Cas itctmmti.
Msy 10, 16J4-OW -
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Scientilic Men are daily bringing to Ibht, now lneo,
Hons, and the March of Progreaa U onward; porsma
Bu n. orbeeoiplngso.will ba ploased to learn, that
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fore the Public, the greatnat Woroaa or rmtoa, lo
,he Article of EMERSON'S A.MEH1CAS H.W KK-
8TOKAT1V IS, a araa cc ro nxi.osava aim v pre
vent Hai -ae Psllino. Feo Circulate to bs had of
Agents. Price Sl,uo in larpe novuea.
Sold bv bUiuffmau & Co-., and E. L. Slocuo, Agents,
t.?",tir)iV. - rf
l r.. rtnnr.ll OI vis., 1 rvpucwJia. jny.aii "i" "-.
Street, t levelaost, u. .
May4, ltit.
Ji.TOTICE is hereby given, that the Llreetor as
i made a call for the payment of 5 per eeot. a
at. aims the
Mock subscriptions so thu
eombanr. uayaote in ju aays
after this Hat. - JOHN D. M ALT1N, 7ai"ar.
UneeatM, Maj 17, l4r HT esglS top weeks.
catrs his Note sod marked with
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his collar. AL7 oris who mar ff.i' Icfermailoa as to
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