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TIlurlny Nrnta;, Sept. ?, 1 80A
' V t:--'- t-.-;-- --t: -Lil-- r, 1
', - X-JTOch PATnonc Sdhscribms .till con
1 ' (inuo to ejpnsss greak dissatisfaction at tlio
"P'ourse we have aeen proper lo pursue in
'itjlaUon io dtUWieitun 4ol tlio Cunamon
8cnool. n 8evenJ : oi tlii - denomination
have had 'UWir names taken front our sub
'tptw,&tiVitb!.Q,'ttti past 'week. A-
mong the most distinguished Of these' geo
'ertien,' We mention' IIo. ' TVoelA, 12wo,
Ki who took oaoasion-to fawr us with '.a epo-
cud mossajre! deno'uncintr our paper in tlio
roost titter iefms. 'iisk keTlfrarirYl sheet
v.'d W'jnsuk to'hii family,' This ineskagc
tleiivcwd to lis by his s6u,7vlio far
r.'Ii'tUeVfctfttod that he yrieliod.it distinctly nn
i "S rftaWstooifthai bci. was npl only , ''.bitter en
! tflhiyV ,no7,.h'uJ 'would remain" -so through
: fi,'n4'thattLj was tmt th' expression
'.L 'qt the 6tntimcuM of every member of the
pithily connection.', Of course we rely up-
""tl the son's1 rorewii not tecling disposed
to believe that he - would misrepresent his
own father .r ;;:?. -'-;.-v
i We. deny Domaatho right to.Uiacoal'yiuo
jjvpar-fiwtMveyit'Keiqc.tthto him
besr ld'dd1 66,'!. but .When V are the ob
, jeot of a pociaV message and denounced as
publTc blrtckguard, wo generally take the
. priVIltg '.orrfitrfipg n ."bur 6wn way.
Whit is 1 it that we have done that hould
bring upon us t)ie anathemas of our Cath
olic fellow-citizens? ;W are confident that
we have never indulged ia any personal vi
tuperation and abuse; but on the contrary,
have strictly adhered to the cardinal prin
ciplesWtiio rnatteV.nnder discussion and
. We fuel confident that the soverest hits we
have 'given the Romish Church was in
those instances where we took occasion to
lue liberal extracts from lend! ug Catholic
' journal.': .".
The Catholic journals, for years past,
have been unceasfnjf in tfiefr denunciations
vf tho I-otestaut religion." To all this we
liad no objectiou, for the simple reason that
-: we did not considor it witliiuour province
, "to enter into any religious controversy.
7 We' were satisfied that the Protestant jour
..iwjs 6f the country were amply able to meet
jtBf,o'tjettibJ!8 thC Romish' Church could
'"possibly urgcund therefore contented our
' ;lf with bcinji a 'silent though interested
;r.t. - O. . i
y spectator.; '.' " ;-;':'' ' ' ' '"
1 The Catholic journals, however, stepped
beyond the bounds of prudeuce, and are
.Very bitter in their denunciations of the
!ommon Schools of the country, declaring
. these nui'surius of Amoiicau Republicanism
'.'houses of prostitution and crime," and in
u'iintuih as our sisters, brothers and friends
hnve nil' received Iheir educijtion in thoso
schools, we interpret tho language of those
journals not only into a threat against our
rwubltJauUriu but a"l3ras ft dirJct nhttrge
;igainst tlic chastity and integrity of all A-
niencans, male or,' fomnlo,-who .hwo re
;eivud their education in these sch6ols.
They have dc-nounccd the Cotjimon Schools
okAmcrica; nursuries of Ilefcsy and Infi-
delity , and demanded a division of tho Pub
lie F und. As Hn American journalist, we
teem it a duty wo owe to ourselves and
; our. country to lend our feeble aid in put
' tiiig dowii this auti-rcpublican sentiment
(hji. legitimate offspring of Romanism.
'".RL'l.igioiis toleration is a truc and glori-
' miis. ideH,,buX'4be toleration pf, despotism
Worse than that of tho Middle Ages js quite
different idea, and a person 8 sincere re
ligious belief that the Popo should roign
supremo, r even, exert any politicftl influ
jca over our .American people, is a religi
Ous belief that should kot be toldvatod.
Every belief that interferes with tho rights
. m,f others is an evil which onr free govern
taont must remedy. Bo Ions' aS a man re
spools' . arid holds sacred the priviliges oft
i felloweitimns, lbngcan he safely bo
allowed to folloA otlt his own opinion of
right. , - But the Roman Catholic crusade (o
America is a war not only Upon Our relig
ion butllptiH-thrjytcttrfemwuVrf' principles of
our free institution:'' It is a political cru
sade to raisu the red flag of Pius' IX on A
mcrican soil. . It is' not Jniy t6 erect the
cross And establish tho worship of the Vir
' gin ;Mary, but, it in also to establish the
temporal power of a foreign despot.
; 9
Tita ttriti-Sobraska Convent ion of Cuya
hoga COilnty, has nominated tho following
.; ticket! Probate'iudgeraniel R. Tildkn;
" Sheriff if." If, SpangTer; Auditor, Wm;
Fulldrt Clerk,' Johrr Barf' dirimisshmer,
1?. Braneh It'wffl bo. clerfted by nn im
jueltse majontyi . . . : -1 , , , y;
' " Honj- J. R. Giddlrigs 1a $niig td. Illi
nois to tato part in the effort to overthrow
, the rule of tho Douglas Democracy in that
! .Stato. ' lie is ddtohlscd to speak ift Chi
cago and olher places daring the month of
' September.:- ' ' , ; . .
The stoamer Lady JSigirli On" lief f 'pfrtss
age to Buffalo, struck a rock- near Mni-
- toHve.and sunk alongside the plof rtt that
pTace.. passongers ort board,
"' all of whom got off safely. '.V.- ' "'
. -- ; 1 - - . .
A" dispatcli from ' Buffalo, states, that the
Erie and Kalamazoo' Bank; had. promptly
. ; redeemed all the hills presented,, and ' that
the run on the Bank -haa rooased. Better
'. let the bills remain there. however jj
.i.- ' " 1 n p 1 i 1 11 1 k 1 . .i
. The wheat erop of Wiseonslit.is reported
.to. be abundant. Thr-'irranBrles of the
. ifarmers were nevr uuea more pieniuuny.
' The total numbtfrof deaths iij'N.'.V. 4a-
. ' :, . . ' ....'...... ..1
wing ineaOT'weeK was ci; " , ,
1- r'
i The reat exhibition hall ot inventors, in
lithe: east wing of the 'Patehjt 0(iice,''is '288
iCfte't Vng and feet wide,' nd a'Tuagnifi-
5epf 6neitis.
.i&r the Lancaster jQacU-r i i ,
'i IfB.Y.EurroJi: 'As I'am. not a likw
Nothing in the technical. sense of the word,
and do not like to be sot down as Knowing'
Nothing in tlio literal sense, I was riot quite
prepared to bolieve the assertion of the
Ea'gle upon ' the eubject of tlio Romish
church.. I nnderstood. the' position 19 be
this, that the Romish church wus not to be
held responsible for the declarations of Dr.
Brownson as tliey did . not embody the
teachings of that church, and were repudi
ated by tho members of " it. How much
truth is there in this? ;:. ' . : ;
1st.. Cohsidcrahlo outcry has indeed
been made against him of late by some of
the 1 itomish presto BnJ-new of the au
yrf'j 't churehlfas been exerted a
iatnst him, ' either to sliuthis'mouth or to
proe hfrn'a heretic; every article' ho has
publudieAJias becn seen and appoved by
his theological censor appoihlcd for that
rjprpiswbyi tis Wshof trjditjthis very
monfeTif the honors' of 'hew foreign pro
fessorship are prepared for this very Mr.
Brownson. lie is really as much endorsed
as ever by tho Romish church. .
2nd. The doctrines for which he has been
sondemncd by a portion of tho. Romish
press are about'tlio only liberal .'doctrines
he has tittered sinfelio turned Romanist.
As long as he abused America no- Romish
Journal uttered a word ftain9t him. Lot
me give two specimens of his writings.
At one time he says,, speaking of his own
country: -
"In real well being, in tho refinements
of life, in the culture of the soul, in the
higher civilization or in the true national
or individual .virtue or happiness we arc
far below the lowest Catholic Slate."
"There is no people on earth that has
less of moral and mental independence or
less individual freedom and manliness."
"The liberty we boast is merely the lib
erty of the mob to govern us as it pleases."
"Our Common Schools amonnt to little
and cannot bo named with those of Aus
As long as Brownson's Rview held this
kind of language, as false as it is insulting.
no voice of disapproval was heard from
all his Romish allies. Bat a few months
afterwards his lying oraclo put forth a fow
Words of truth; and immediately a few
whelps, untrained in the secret reasons for
his flattery; barked forth a noisy but un
authorized disapproval. And what were
the words of this man that Romanists will
not endorse? Here aro a fe w of them
'After God our first and truest love has
always been and wo trust always will be
for our country.
The real Anglo American people are
staunch, uncompromising republicans and
prefer, death to slavery, they aro naturally
sober in their views, moderate in their de
mnnds and loyal in thoir hearts. . . They are
naturally an orderly and law abiding peo
ple." They tire not loyal td mtfn, but loyal
to law; nnd no pcople'iire better disposed
to respect tho laws." " . -
"No nation is bound to admit foreigners
to all tho rights nnd immunities of native
born citiBeus "
; "For foreigners to claim (is a natural
right to be placed on an equal footing with
nativo bom citizens is ent rely to misintcr
pret American Republicanisn."
These were the sentiments of Browhson
that called forth tho anathemas of a few
Romish presses, lie might Call his native
land all tho hard names in his vocabulary
and it would all bo right in their eyes: but
to praise our instituting is an unpardonable
sin. O
But 3d how much credit is duo for even
these words of Nr. B. which hnvo' been
condemned? lie comes out and telb) his
friends lit substance You do not under
stand ihe; we .'ire in the minority; it don't
do for us to speak too plainly. Every thing
wo touch is sure to fail
Brownpon never spoko a truer word than
when in his late apology ho said that any
tbitfg tho Romish church touches in this
country is Cure to fail, fhe Romanists
havo fuiled in every effort they have yet
made; they are bound to fail in every one
they yet try; and now especially they have
awakened a feeling that will forever pre
Vent all attemnt on their part to seize pb
iiticnl power. The history of the world
shows that Rome is essentially intolerant
iiiid intriguing! the very name of Jesuit:
ism is a 6ynonym for nil that is false and
mean and cunning in securing nn end.
Brownsdri however was Ohiy half trained
After hilving acted the unscrupulous Jesu
it, his courage forsook him arid . h'd did,
what no thorough Jesuit would db, bo cOn
fessed his lie.
Here aro three thiiiis thori td be cbnsid-
.; . 'f t M .'I t JSJ'V. ,.."
fiL, The- Eomish church has; not by any
authority ! denounced or disavowod ,; Mr.
Brqwsony ytppjr ja honored with' a
new promotion! . .
ih .Th.o few. ptoses Ihdt have dcrfotiiifccd.
hirh have ptotested agaifist the cmly iiberal
and republican vielvs his bra'cle ever lit
tered; while fdr years thtfy gloried in his
tittorarice Ofviie .falsehoods and, slander's,
and of the claims to persecuting power
which, ehoraoterize tlio church of Rome.
3. Even these sentimorits wore" uttered
like a Jesuit; he did not mean what he said;
and he and his less cunning friends think
alike after-all. , They were o'nly mistaken
in hia motives' ''..' ' ', " ' V. . ,:,
The present state' of fooling against the
Romish" church' has nothin'g whatever to
do with the VigbU of conscience aQiong that
people. Mnch ;a Protestants abljor the
religious teachings of that' church, "Jhey
have no disposition io burn, a single Dduay
bible; por ,ep 'AMriualI'rjauoh less the
reader8;of it.- Jhrunifarm opinioB ' Mlfet
ery,man 'woahir God as his -COifBeieriee'
diciasv ut the IUrnUtch uxch U a grat
poritigai erjg ne. t 6I19 rules" the Ut5 elic
where, and. ttkhue the right to'do it her'
She classes heresy among the mortal ties'
and declares that the 'civil powers should
punish it. She Lai Interfered with our e-
flections and our public policy, and churns
(ill the fight to do o. This is thp aspect
of IlomanUra Uiat has called forth to much
opposition; and thousands of freemen, who
know little and care little for her theology,
will use their tight in resisting he abom
inable anti-republicanism..
What a farce it is to speak of persecution
gainstthe Romanists in this country. Why
Archbishop JIughes say the rights of con
science ncrer have been violated in all the
history of the world. - And he must know.
For he is the apologist of the Inquisition,
and he has heard about the Hugnenots and
tiicotuerhcrcucs," jj ..-...-. .
Me fUughtsre on IhAlmt Nonntaiu cold."
SucV . adllwrity can writo thus; ! do
not, admit thaf from the beginning of the
world up to' tills day, there ever ha been a
violation of the rights, freedom, liberty or
divine sovereignty of tTwihuman conscience.
After such an declaration how can Roman
ists suppose that their rights have ever been
violated in free Amejia or claim, that jjiey
are porsoonted' If iHtrnihg Eier for re
ligion docs not violate, conscience," surely
freedom of speech against Papal politics
does not violate it. , CASS1US.
Tub American Freemav vs.'tiie Popish
Slave. Bro.. Pratt, of the Jersey City
Sentinel, holds this pointed language re
garding the manly stand taken by tho ex
communicated Trustees of the Roman Cath
olic Church at Buffalo, a full account of
whose position and action was given at the
timo: ', -
Reader, what would he Ihovgltt bit body
of Americans, (aye, what would become of
them, ) it Uiey should emisrrato to burope,
Asia, or even Africa, and attempt to take
tho reins of thoso governments into their
hnnds and Americans ore far better
qualified to do so in foreign countries than
are the foreigners who come to this, we
say What would bo the result, if Americans
should even question their right to govern
their own anairet
We question much whether they would
come ort as well as did Bedini the Pope's
JN uncio who was mignanimously allowed
to flee in distjrace from the land ho sought
to pollute with his unhallowed tread
from the shores of a Republic where he
was universally abhorred, even the Koman
Catholics themselves, w'ho despised and de
tested him from the bottom of their hearts,
as has been strikingly instanced by. the
ttoman Catholic Church of Uutlalo, Whose
members possessed too much of tho spirit
ot Republic freemen to sell their proporty,
their souls and their bodies to the Pope of
Jtome, or Ins JNuncio. Aye, this noble
body of Roman Catholics deserve to be
held up as an examplo worthy of imitation
by every Koman Catholic Church in the
land. Happily these men possessed the
inlelligeiico to know that by making over
their property to 11 foreign power, tney
'would berjreting in .direct violation of the
Constitution of the ' Uniled' States, and not
only so, but that by complying with the
1 oi)o 8 monstrous demands, they would bo
perjuring their souls before God and man
(at least that portion of them who. had
sworn allegiance to this country) and
subsequ?nt events hnve proved that their
patriotism was equal to tho ta.sk, and that
they had more respect for "God and Liber
ty," than they had for Popish and ecclesi
astical slavery. ' ' . '" '
Would to' (tod that every Roman Catho
lic in the United States would break from
the iron voko that binds them to foreii'n
dictation, and yield allegiance to no other
powertrian Gotland the"htarsand htnpes.
Then would they bo free indeed, civily, po
litically and ecclesiastically. 1 leaven hast
en the day when the glorious Civil and re
ligious lights of the nineteenth century
shall causo Popish bigotry and Roman su
perstition to 'vanish like the mists of tho
morning before the glories of the rising
sun, and when the Roman . Catholics of this
land shall blot out tho word "Roman" from
their creed, and style themselves tho A
merican Catholic Church.
jtTho - Anti-Nebraska men of the
Green county Congressional District, havo
agreed to run Hon. 'Aaron Harlan, tho
presontablo member, for re-election, with
out the formality of a Convention. The
time and place for a meeting had been a
greed upon, but.; Judge Probasco having
refused to submit his olaims. to. that body,
and there bcinz no other competitor m the
field, by unanimous conscntthe call is with
draWn, and Mr. Harlan's namo appears in
the papdrs of the district. He is an able
man; hasbeenatrup and faithful represcn
tiitive, rind will bo re-elected by a large
majorilys ' "
Nittnow Escape.--A few days sincc.Mr.
Curtis Hunt attempted to' drive 'his team,
with a load of poods Worth abodt 8700.
throiiglv a road which prtsscd by. a piece of
woods, in which, the tire Was ragm;?, in
Stoddard, N. Iff, but a violent gust of wind
broiiffbt the flames all around liitn soropiu
y that he was forcd.d tb fly for.his life, on
ly saving one of his horses. The other two
horses, loarether frith the tvatfoh' arid croods.
were consumed. Mrt Hunt and the res
cued horsed were severely burned.
MoMBERs-'lBT Mississippi. -Jarhe's ,R,
Gillespie, son of Dr. Allen Gillespie, of
lirenada, Aiiss., was snot dead, by a man
named May, in ! Lalhoun co., on Sunday
6th inst. Xfay was undergoing au exam
inatton fit lrtst advices. Maiof J. G. Pett,
an old man of ciarhty, was found dead .near
Harrisonburg, ' Miss.,' "shot through both
knees by a nne ball and his neck broken
On Tuesday, 8ih inst,. He Is sdpposfed tot
have been killed by Benjamin Stanly, with
Whom he had an old quarrel. ' ; - J
DkatK On CuwriNotfAit'a Island. The
Buffalo Reporter learns from Captain Cam
erori, Of the rropeIler ."'. that the in
habitants 6f Cunningham a Island, are dy
ing off rapidly with the disease called the
bloody , floi. . .The ; mortality hvso great
Itbat but few of the younger portion of 5 the
population k are spared- Our. Informant
states that during-his stay, of i couple of
1 . ... . I . .1 .1 1 J ' . I ' 41..
: A',rGHAT CoCKrhv!" MW o Amer
ica. Toe grctet -Kisn, "Uke him all m
all," of ihe hurt band rod years, was Oon.
George VashiftgtOBan American.
The grcatort Docl;rof Divinity wa
Johnathsn"E'JwrH n Amrk'fin.
rl l. r, Am.ri.n I
"IS-""- - - 1 " - v-. . j ... 1 :
The great "flivinj. Sculptor, i. m,w m Loawiue-v,, J V
ram Powers an Amncw
The greatest of living Historian is Wn.
Harrison l rescou an American.
.... . . i . 1
There has been no. English writer in the
present aio, whoe works have bo:n mark-;
ed with more hunnif,more refinemt-nt, or j
more grace, than those Of Washington Irv.
in'' an American
Hie greatest LexiaographtT, sirice
time of Johnson, was oah Webster
-an !
American.' ' ;. . :
The Inventors, whoe works havo been
productive of the greatest amount of beneh t I
to mankind in the last century, were God-
Si? M 'VhltnCJ'-ftn inscription of the Crime. ist-Aken from an Ale p er" bC.CO. -mericans.
, . , (..... . . . iwi 1 f. t.?r..i a-
l !.... n.-.-.i.i .,1.1.
celebrated violinist, Paganini, died at Nice
about fourteen years ago that the bishop
relusoa to allow jnnno oe buried in conse
crated ground, on account of his having
died without receiving the sacraments.
His executors had the body removed to a
private place, anil commenced legal pro
ceedings; Tlic Cbiirt of Nice having de
cided against tlwmthejr appealed to. the,
Archiepiscopal Court of Genoa, which re
versed tho judgment of tho . lower court
and ordered the remains of Pagnnim to be
interred in the cemetery. The Episcopal
Court of Nice appealed against this de
cision to the CoHrt ot Turin,' which has
since confirmed it. " Now, as three appeals
are allowed in ecclesiastical matters, the
Court of Nice has appealed iu the last re
sort to a tribunal of judges to be appointed
by the Holy see; and there the matter rcst6
for the present. .
. An Artificial Woxdze. They have
sunk nn Artesian Well in St. Louis 2,200
feet, and are still boring. It is to got pure
water for a sugar refinery; At the depth
of 700 feet a vuin of salt water was struck,
and at ljS'JO feet an immenso vein of sul
phur water hurst forth, which has been
running ever since its discovery iu a large
stream from the mouth of the well.
This water is tho same as that of the
Bluo Lick Springs in-Kentucky, and pos-
Jsesscs a purity and freshness of taste quite
superior to that which reaches us in barrels
and casks: It is carried off by a large sew
er, leading to the river.
It seems too wasteful that such profuse
quantities of this celebrated water should
be permitted to flow away, butthe refinery
needs tho clear, unadtiltcrutod element, and
it must have it- nnd nothing clso. Other
medicinal waters have been discovered, wa
believe, but they have been of little conse
quence "' ' " :
iTA Correspondent of the Boston
Post, writing from Fprt Leavenworth Kan
sas Territory, under date of August 16th,
says: "yUhin a fortnight I have noticed
an increase of emigrants, large wagons nnd
small, filled with families and their beds,
with their cattle and plows, are passing dai
ly. In the steamers p and down the riv
er, iu stages and on foot, come the people
who will swell our first census. And as
the weather becomes-cooler, the" number
will increase. . Settlements of considerable
importance are under way .30 miles north
of hero, opposite tho thriving town of St.
Joseph, 40 miles west of the trrasshonper,
as Well as south of the Kansas rive, Ht Va-
ka-husa; favorable accounts are frequency
heard lrom these points that everything
goes on peacefully and brisklv. I am not
aware that one serious quarrel has occur
red in Kansas.
An! The Tax-Pavino Time! Tnx-pav-
ng time, like tho election, is coming. It
is lime to wake from rosy dreams to practi
al-hto. if ace tpo music, ve good men of
tloss! trot up to the duplicate, Uo.T your
hat and pay the Locofoco n."e.s!iment!
hike the roses of feuaron is tho fragrance ol
that tax-paying 1 hour! But remember to
pay it before the first of October, for after
that the treasurer is forbid taking anything
less than a ten dollar bill on any hank out
of the State undera penalty of one hundred
dollars aud individuals of ten dollars! And
would not it be a good idea to take your
childreh along, And as Hannibal of old,
swear them on tho duplicate never to vote
for such men as ihlposcu the present condi
tion of thirds? &ioo Gazette.
Siiocki.vo OrDcuRniiSCE- Tho BufTalo,
N. Y. Express, says: that tho corpse of a
Ucrnian woman, was laid out; in tliatcity,
on Wednesdrty last, and a lighted taper
placed, according td . custom, in the hand
of the deceased. Through .the neglect of
the watchers, the candle ignited to the bed
clothes, and, before the fire tfas discover
ed, the corpse was nearly consumed. The
dwellinsf was saved with mucu uiluoulty.
"Tho Washington National Monu
ment has attained to the height of one hun
dred and sixty feet. A granite block has
just been sent for insertion in it, which
was quarried from a boulder found on tho
old entrehchment where Putnam and his
troops encamped on the eve of the memor
able battlo of Long Island. ' '
Tub DaiIlu is a native of the marshes
of Peru, and va$ named after Dahl, the
famous Swedish botanist. It is more than
thirty years since its Introduction, irito Eu
rope, and it is now the universal fovdrite of
florists. Tho number of known varieties is
about 500. .
TltK FeMal6 Traveler. The Countess
Ida Pfeiffcr, the qelebrated German Trav
eler, took passage on the boat for Milwau
kie from Chicago, on the 22d. She is en
route to the farltorth on a tea-drinking so
cial visit to tho settlements 6f the Hudson
Bty Company.
Russian Annex.ItIoh.; A Liverpool pa
por sayj: ."Within littlo more flian half a
century, Russia has advanced her frontier,
towards Berlin, Vienna ano Paris; 700
miles; towards Constantinople 600; towards
Stockholm 630; and .towards Teheran
1,000'- .7- -
.Oil the 17th 6f Augiist, t)avid Law
rence was killed, in Pulaski cbimty; by one
of his negroes. Mr. L. had ordered the
servant to do some rnowing. 'When the he
grtftilrried On him ahd cttt him to two with
a scythe. , i a-
What it pirtsna Upoif. -Tho Portland
Argus thinks a man' polities should not
be judged by his religlorii .' Neither do we,
for some have no religion, -and some hare
a questionable sort. ' ''. ' . V '
, 1 Aji.-r-inij wwuiiLwuMiiiiHWim., ftl tms I mK. bo rpad wi 'i ;;!ir.
Tne Criiiza. The new from" 'the seat
of war leaves no doubt about the determin
ation of the allied powjre to invade the
Crimea." This U the Cnt ofTensive rnas-
Inre of any jr ni rrcpnrf fM has Lefn
. undertasn by the icj s'mce .tl.e com-
iii.in-i.-ti 1 ...
. " "J
oa lie peuinsula wlxse defences wiil ofler
any great obstaclf s, -i Sovastfpol. ' What
the fortifications for hind defence msnow
be. oi not MAm h well nnferstof
1 r wT
English traveler as but slight; but invni
evident that he had not 3 good opportunity
for obv.rvation, being constr;urt.d in bis
movement fin a unt of leave to make t
(explorations.' Time eno
since, tho Ciinrocaccmea
mulo the landward defences
some degree wi th tho p
-eaward. "The foHowW b,If
article ia tlio Journal of Commerce, and
"Thc Crimea is a peninsula of about
eight thou&.ind square miles, possessing a
gaater variety of na'.urd resources than
K-rhaps any territory of , cqur.l extent in
Europe. Three siile of it are washed by
the Ji!ck Sea, and the - North cast ddc
by Uie Sea of Jiial. . It foruis part of flie
Russian"" goVcftmifbi 'of TAurithi; and i
present .conni'ion, as a cointrT ncjiec'e.J,
uepresFfj, anu oeoaQ.isa kianoing :es'i
mony to the evil influence of Russian ru!.
So far frorri keeping pace with the progress
of th! age, the Crimea has sadlv retroern-
Jler products .1-0 shipped ofl in
considerable quantities to Russia, much of j
them extolled from her in return for the
Czafs protection. The fertility of ccro '
parU of tho Crimea is so grunt, that fiver-1
al of the mor. valuable of the fruits of the 1
enrth can be cukivaleJ, with but slizhl
labor, in the crea'.cst perfection, and to n
astonishing eiient of increase. This was
known to the ancient Greets, and was ta
ken advantage' of by Greece under Ler
system of colonz-ition.
Six ceniiirics bxfvra the ChrUi'ua era.
they had bffl'ua to "farm colonies on the I
x- . 0 . '.- f J
iortnern Shores 01 JX?a Elinor; una we
learn from Strabo, and c'hfr writers of
antiquity, thnt thcy prefirrod :.'is peninsu
la, from its containing so many induce
ments to industrial enterprise, tiarticruHrly
in the richness
of its soil, which, if
affirmed, was found to yield a retain of
fifty limes the seed. At one time, mdocd,
it was considered the granary of Greece,
especially of Athens, who.se territory,
being of small extent, and of induTerent
fertility, was unable to maintain its large
population by its own produce. There is
a deep classical interest in this subject.
Demosthenes has, more than once, had
his eloquence excited by it. Betides
skins, dried fruits, wines, and an endless uh
variety or other products, for which the
Crimea, with ita appurtenance, ha? com-!
parativtly inexhaustible resoaives.' The
population has become a very mixed one.
and on this aoeount is only the more likely
to snst-iin an S'lvaneeJ civilizntion and in
dustrial progress. " The largest proportion,
ho "doubt, coiish-Xsof Moguls nil Turks,
imiUd under the common designation of
Tartars; but there are Greeks, and Russians,
and even Germans, in considerable num
bers among them, and these hitler have,
for some time past, it is said, been rrtp'ully
if.-?Thc Wheeling Gazelle is vastly mis
taken when in speakinrr of the C. W; k
Z, Ritilroad, it nays that "thtrS. is not a
shovel, now at work on tho line," botweer.
Zancsville and Lancaster. We are inform
ed by the Engineer in charge of tho work
between this city and Lexington that not
only is the greater part of the ro.id nearly
ready for the rail, butthat upon every
heavy unfinished s-cctiou a3 large a force is
constantly engaged as can work with any
degree ot convenience and rapiduy. 1 he
whole work will now be pushed forward
to a speedy completion with renewed ener
gy. Zones. Cimr.
-The New York: S:nto Convention of
Universalists lately held their annual ses
sion in Auburn. Resolutions in fovorof
the Maine law; denouncing Slavery and
the Nebraska swindle, in opposition to
war nnd the course of tho administra
tion in tho Greytowji aCair, were adop'ed.
Tho meeting Wa attended by tho leading
men of tho denomination in that State.
The telegraph announces the dath
0f the Rev. Leosap.d Woods, D. D., of
Anaovcr lneoiogieai seminary, and re
cently President of Bowdoin College.
Dr. Wood was 84' years of ag. His
death has been expected on any moment
for several Wcekfr. -
I-'lcx, The Abingdon (Va.) Dcmosrst
learns that this dreadful, complaint is
-icoitrgiiig various neighborhools in that
section of country..- In tho Rich Valley
towards the Salt Works, and up on tho
Liiuvel, its ravages aro distressing
--Miss. Frances M. Osgood, eldest
daughter of Rev. S. Osgood, late miss
ipiikry to Burmah, and now agent of the
Missionary Union diod very su Idenly of
oholera, at Indianapolis, Ind., a few days
flg- " . -.7 . . . .
- Over five thousand copies of the
Weekly N. Y., Tribur.t circulate in Iowa.
Their influenco iir the recent result in that
State was no doubt very decided. The
Nebraska men say the Trilune 5s what
beat them. -. ,
.The new Tempeianca lav iri Connect
icut wen' m to operation on the 1st of Au
gust. All .reports concur in the opinion
that it is, and will be enforced, and that it
will do much good.
Durinj? the last six morilh. 70 ranr
rlage licenoes have been issued at Louis
ville, and consequently 1 524 hearts made
happy. ' 7
A reward of 81,000 is offered lit St,
Louis for the murderer of Mr. Vjolett dur
ing the late riot.1 His brother offers it, '
-The cholera has nearly disappeared
from New York. . The daily reports have
been dif continued.. ,: . . ,,. . ; .
- The late destrutive fire at Troy, N. Y.,
it is said, destoyed property to the value of
one million ot dollars.
- DiBCotrKAohfo. John B, Gough, the
tetfiiperance advooate, . stated,- m a .late
Mrli tn Tittwlnn. hnt ont of 500.000 TJCT-
sona who had'.' sitrried Jthe-. piedre -in- tria
.United Sta(ea,-42ri;ooo hl broken i.
i-eadstutfs, it still exports hides, morocco 1 rnHKowmnor thciBCLEViLLE mtiV
other fine leathers, silk stuffs of East- 0 in!P'JZw.pZCir.tot'ir''
fiibric and pattern, ctimeli' hair, wwl, i;oo ' n.rtUitiXR 31ILT.
"CO-ngzscr&r' laTixiiGgrcir: - r
LauHMer markets."
G.zirrs Otncx. Srpt 7 We quflts
what at 8 1.65 & ; Ftonr, a SC;
Com, E.ye.C2: Oate, 2o$35; Parltr;
C!; Dried a?7Sc!!.l,W:Dr;ed peaches.
81.74; Beans, ftl.CQ;Han. .7; Bn-on, 5.
Salt, t.DO. No cnirs'! in o'ter flrticl.
. '
Ctrri.W.;flcpt.k 4W)itaf 1,70(3 1,-
85 :
Corn, efiA -Oaw;
cC- J''
Lwd, prta DaO.
- Silt 1.68.---
1 5 Vi.-g.5?925: a!aon do. 3.23.
. Freights, price! " ' a follows:
Flour to Tbnaw?ra6V ButTitlo aid Dun
Lt:k, 12Jd. btl; Provisions do, 1,25 $
ton; Gri in io. 3jc bu. To Og'en;
bnrg Flour 35;" wst 7c, pork $ bbl
oGcwhiikcyflc. ToOiwego, provisions
2.2$ ) tori; floV ZWciTi Cz, wheat 6Jc.
- --- - Kcav Yorfc 2:irbcr
1; m6r
wtt Pilr-wi J7r C!?rijiiml ani -Toledo
Pjiilroad G8; NewToik 'Cer.trlC7J; Clce:
hn.l and Piu.'bu?gli 44; Cleveland, Colaao.
'bu? tir.d Cracinrmtr V)A.' -.
Co'.'xin mnrc-t.df.n. . .
Tlonr Finn with nn ojrrard tcaut-r-ey.
e: and wemm vjuo. S'ate
89,C3nlO. Cood Ohii0,87sl0.
' . Wbf a rk-s ofJOOO bushels of Ger.es-
'! v2,15. . . .
Can Snh.s t' 37,00 3 busheU mixJ at
51 white CSaSCc, yelw C7aS3c.
ProvKinriF UnshangeJ.' "
Whis-kfy Film.
- ?'e :y. orit .Cattle tfrtrkct.
Nfw Yop.e, September 4. The total
number of b'eyes oCered durirg the wek
ns 4260. The sales were made at Sk to
10V for gd to extra, indicatW no change.
Sheep and Lambs are considerably lower
Y.1,000 head sold at 22,01 to 56 each.
There was some speculative demand .for
j corn fed hogs at 84?4 J, gross.
-, ' Cincinnati .ItJuiket.
CicnrsAn, September 6. Flour Dull
t Jsaais?'). ; . .
hion &sh of 100 hhds sides at' 6Jc
pac'sed, being aNlechnef 4c.
Whiskey S2c sifd Jess lirm. -Butter
ActiV and k-itc" at 14ai5c.
.ChecA lCc, and rbieipf Ught.
nwhlnTT now in perfect mnntn? order, har'ntr
J on tuorou.j rcpwn.a, ...
"',0aw Oae Coopct's Shop,
cn a bnild tiy erected f-rr ani nt?d S"Teral yeara ata j
at rw 1 r it a rtciairjt "J .Matort. vowing m n. 1
OS'.ft Tinnl i-. ntrtivti Ohio, and a aafPlant W A
TKH HUWtU to be hud at al!fnic- from the Ca -
rial to rau the mtchlaery of the Mill. It it not uerei.
iarttn asr ear thinz r favomT ihe F."arit!; Mill; I
br n viral thdnrof the Coart Huaa: ii. Circia
tille. at 10 o'clock. A M. -
T-.Mfi On-thSrd in hsnri Tial-1-.f-e in one and two
veara. with intifat. ' U.K. HfiLGES, 8d., Jig tul.
Citcieviila, OhW, Ansutt is, iiit 2 17
ji;st nccrivcn at tur
U'NNY JIFMOKIES, fH. F. fiowc.)
Fn',hlnnl Famine: H3TdT.mi"i. (Dieters)
UrUia end Lily. ,'fi. 0e! .Smith): Rota Woudrjllt..
fi.kw:.ck PpntDit;.;lTii.h.(.slriirScrtl
Tha rW H-rarr r.dr!!ri (Of iaraa.j
' Hinv-hnlA Wordafor AtifU't .
Water i:r Maouwl !. Mie)
llrdropathle Hair.iW Hlitiician do . -
Frolukrhi H-nioAjuhie Pmttiet,
' H' .trpiiih'C'''l3'jol!(Dr.TtlljiFowItrnMeaior;
KiVftat-al Ptytkoknre.ri'fvi.l)
P:i.lct p'iviif the 8;vnt VV.i.11.
The flciiulch-trt ofd-jf t'cinrtfl tAntpaehJ
h..wn,un af Wt Apocil4vticae)
Ti'4vjlieraGui'i8 Uirorii Hi; U s f.r 1S54
- Wustem ut? di
TauV j Sottnna for Sojtt-nbcr.
Alow Sheet elniic,. 11 fjllowt:
Prima D.tuna Nooe Ah! Yt-t. I Keai-mhjr; '
. AnntoMar; Gd l.i'yitoar Yaafcea Girlt
I Rr:rnPrn;'i?r h" I loved hfr; Verier H;-ran
Swoui etper Bella nt Ancoi.n; Shfllt of Ocean
1.H t Lie Convent 8?ll; tlla B -; o'd Bob Ridley;
Thorcret (brh-cjn Hjaven: My Mother near,
M'lrninnm Soa; My Home. My Happy Home
Oit in tne tilllr nlifni: Our Ch:ldiiola Veart
Oh! .Mutt wypart tonirtit: f bllrtiiood's Haj.pj-Dart
Cha.te Codoi'ta (norma); Ah! Fonnly I Ri'uicmber
A'ii 1 n.n fondl thine own: Holly Wood. Waltc
S lrar LVod7; Uroam l.rfedn; F.ilry Bell. do. , .
Primn Dia: Mountain BMI. Sciiotii jch; Oipay 'tn
.Ncwj.ol do; Raindrop .1": filind B..ytdo: U.cra do
IUi-;.y Family, Polta; Shanthoi do rtotwbud do
St. 'ij-rult do; i.iniiy SiUedo; lonna Bell do
Violet do; tT3 lietn, Y .Hia. I). B.MTDGE.
ljninos!5r,Aufatt31, lcil 17
f ANAV.'AV from lha ul'5crIhor ahont ftri wor-kt
tinm, HA VII) IIUi:i.lt, an indented apprenff.o
tt'i'e CuNtwt. Itiitlna-t. Ail perannt ara funvartrcd
I from harhorint nr trntiini? !nm un try ucojitt, oa I will
! p .T no doirVj of hii cntractlnr?.
Ft talc of Jacob Half inn a. .
OTICE lhorebyiten,tht wo have thla day be?n
3 d ily appolirtaatA-lmuilsintor. on ttie tr.iate ol
JardO rtctl:'.n, orcoM'?a. lain or rnwio couniy.un.o.
i'arsont ttiijivin tUrntlYea Indebted VO aaid avttato
ar requesu.J ti, mak-j Imnieniute py:pti-.i, ard ail
ihitju huflnir dalmt iifrilnirt anid EsUta will proteot
thoai duly aathenticuted for arttlo-n'rit wrthin one joar.
DAMEL HOiFilAS, j " ""
Aurri't 10,1534 tw)9
"rvrrxTv boilZaus uev.ajS.
IOi-Ttme days since, a GOLD CI AC" and LOCK
4 KT. vulnaMu to tha ownnr at containhia; the hair
of hsr decK-ised call lrn. The above reard will be
l.aidbyretartiinjraaldLorVfltto THIS OFFICE.
Laucatter, Augutl 17, 1C51.
PltoroSALS will be received by the BnderaicfleU
rip U 0 o'clock of Saturday the filth Intt:, fif tha
rr!vll..?e of opcnlnr an EATING HOUSE and SA
LOON, Intl.le the Fair Ground, during the uoxi Coun-IrFalr.-
After the expiration of the time'Dmd, the
blda will bo canrased and the privilege, awarded to
the highest Maponsihle hlrmer.
, KAStEI. S1FFOHD, Prealdent'.
tancaster, August 17, 184. ,;. . ...
i i
Estate of Susan. G.-Hccehrr.
VJOTICE Is hereby giwn, thai tha undertfFneil has
l rhisdayquKliSbdaSthe Exeeoior of ioa last will
and testament of Mrs. Scats G. Baccir:a,deceaaod, re
lict of the late Gen. Philemon Beechor.
Anjrntt 7, 1654 3wl4 P. VA TRUMP, Ett'ti'.
. , DOCTOB ,'?rVAGEXyA1.3 i
HAVING practiced his profaayon forlhe past Eigh
yearv has now located hiftself permanently !
l Daa ri.iw iwno. ii"j,c
Hosldence, Shr 'r't H
F1CK In C. T. fir Jer'a
er, Jnlyt, VX.f
Law OlSco. .
. ST.CET HOrSE, . . ,
Oppotlte M Cnnrt Hooaa & Foanlaln
f- . SANESViLLE, Oni(. ,. '
1TEW-Al)IIT10:S aw ow heinf made to trrejar-
1 e Dltara and eonaanienoo oi tuia air r irat
Hotel. Traelera win uca taie rouaq uocm
w..ti.r,mrnrublanlacelnanesTille, aid tha
tor aparot no paint to maks h'.t guests eomfortah
There are attached lo the aboe houee,ele(rent BB
DKOVE STA BLBfi, which aru Tory eapaciomt. . . : ;
af arch f, 1844 U!m WMi A . B ' N t H Proprlotnr.
. X 31 laaoici ef4t aore antcr of all eotorj !h use.
-TfOrB ooexpiart mono i
oi. Jnat recetrpd at tha Bn1
. W , Bj.JJCDGB.
ftn4tor, lull
3gH r.as espied I risn, wmia nnj m n-iia V.OJM.uj, ;iw l.nf'r,vo)rjiD,.Kvir.f-.Aoiii' roan
t of the war to l t.iwm, ; -waciieri r.o. I, DW9 u v,,1.jliaw.lMi-u xgs;
i a i ss . i . t a w M i v. t m v J t ' - -- - ...
rodiziousshAWofiir) .5.3. fUUhJ,75 100 lbr, Jlaokerel. ! -Z . Zil-
M:w 1 ocr, anpteajfter B.-i-JJoney ti
r. ' JStooM hfXir;. 'Exehanre fl ria, ' , . .
Erifl 32i; Pr:--i!li(( Jl-iilroad 6S
lvanitirMn 107- anfi.infat mm Bourn-oat tie 1 any hoqae tn'lwiacotiwty, opumcwaa atoavaaiti
rU(U't Ma"iiW4ji eommaaoa u ttt fivmai 1 excepted. .-' - . ... '
otprlce. :T . - Thjy beg Tet V nmWt wriit"aiawyao pi
e aor.e prop-rtr Willi? dpr;-.! of a, pnb'.ic tils Htizeut ofimeei'derandTiciniry. for the aery liberal
1 li o rsilar the liUa dar of hcpieua : .(-,.iir irrwtr hna.rerlTrul at wee therhcr
Tne hecoud Ai rivatl. ' Ajois. Price Sl.ufl in large Botttea. .
OfR lr and aplenrtU ir.Oct of Collars. Embroil Bold by Kanifman dr. Co, and B. 1 Stoentn, ijjnto.
riet. Under Slaatet, Sheuilzeiw 4c .hayletc vx?u L"1C" -r a, rei '..A.ir.r. No ST ZnoarSaa
' Sought and earrtad awar before allowlnS:iu time ..VjL r ? ' ' ?W
towTarktWam-wawinhaTrhrecntorafresi. rttWex Street, Cveland, 0. ,
laafew Uys, -.miaJii.jiiua.i.. . . '
' 1 . ....... I ....,.-. I VITi IU.
ci.v;iS:f Am. t?jt.:m - . j a n au
Q.tix to tAJte.sm -: :-T -..?fs.
' d pu.ii;) I w.-.i. i.-1 jm " C n.ainriftu.
n ti..'. Mr Li: ; , rnu
B5Uc, I ntit9 " m r4n iii
Tut t' :n. 2 T." t . "r?r frin M
3.10 A. A- r ro' ( . 'Tunrwll 11. 1 A. H.
liuiru-i, iUl.irn Cmriauu Mtrfil t.
Tu'lMwawArfl Artwami'laui.'ii TnloWt'iJtiMe
tr,tlO.Ui A. tf. MlrriT3tH llirlvndiMf.MI f.
7' L rl Acronnt'uA Trait. Iv9t C littiftc&ll
17.30 Ai '( n!-f tt Lal.fSN'? ft' H. W.
Trmir.i r ii nop Uti r'w-. u,w .i ? ir.il Al Aifld44
S'.TSi'j,fcjT;IJi. W M; import, f nnoiv, Nw
Hliift Y.eaii'.i.;. Kui:f.i:iV.i, f.' utCfvm 6o.
'A'llJo,niyt.bl.,riirtnti B-i't "W-inriaF, f4 A
Jil.'.tt1 U'jint Bond. i7 Iw-!:l. b'ii"rwrrili' va
I llrtni n.U Lit vU, (a m, j :t ) "
. IsOwiilir ltr' Kriiiil-i I LI ?4i.-Tf'.lJl ti
Lutit Miuai iwset, at to Uw e-jtl'-o at-oi nn ut nn.
K. W. vroorWARU.
MTh Omirttn" Lio will ell focn'l uiWr
MnCirt Ui frou'tttt.trktM t vty part bT ltv.
H. B. KUGOLU, ComUrtor.
TTBCtfH''mo't m ponlM far be
fHMrMtln:tniilii'l. Wiloii th aamt k r
iirrmA 1H Caviwrm ArrUirt flrh imW l
tmortrt.' r - : i
HAVI!CGe'Af riiiiltii Cb'llltiotha. or
k! pr'H'tit.l ervlee y IT lwf rn iiont
wtiliaity of th ColltWing 4armVm
' AnnTOf,i. oj,o.itmiA,')r latuftmsow of Ui EfM
ViTat., .TMWiirlflx,w.ff strtCffil4 'oKC" lir
nnd la fov iKf ajltt Pwsli; Clui Fast; tUTr Up:
0 FF K, E W 4'.e 't Cm- Rl4 or. c Cl'.r Zs ajc
lot An.tnf.tin .
Aireu C4i;lUeoUi, On
Vv,,tfvh lr
c.ro. ii.satT: x:KcnAST.t Alter,
HAS iuit Ttnvjl M St'KWO ATiD SHICH
MTLlyof KEAY-2iIADB CMITKlKa, toihjf
with Uriw Uki btifalM"t'iWttCiA',j?M
mtru, rut'mf$,ei Hinttvll lnbirM-l-f4 with
c-nt eare, nU enbrssn ery rtly of (rtr.nBD'
Weir. Hi Ro4y ild Clothlnr l m4 Of te
imttrlel, dloineUtettjl,ltttkMfU)Uii
ctid VeiUnci win b Bunuf.cturcl toorcur In tc nol
and futaloMtils tuiiLr. ft k la kh m-
Utind ' , ...... -
rj-Tk' Umtit fritti Kill it maintuntil JJ
White lie IntoiMl to iell tki bort of ts ml pst
ot ooloinr but Uo et of wirlr, )i lutenwt alto la
!t(of bU stodt wrire Hia -will cwawtDow th
t'bUcii Uut hu tatabuitiaieot It tbt cbe.pal a tko
eit ' -
fle wilt alsoltosp on Jtitnd or istiitatiir9 tTnr,
ratm tanttt Btrvt c'MVr, wEIcft ntl b laid
tbe loweu rats. For roo4 and (ber Ciotblnr, for
Men cd Bo. of in dMcrlptioiit, be iniefldi to tW
(Itk a repauiton tor th . .'-, 4
"Tairlieia Conntr Clatblag Store,"
at the cheaper In tlx Hy; and Be Inrltet all wS6 with
10 purr has to er.tl aod exaralnv htv nnrtrinuu h
hcnarflilrnSUiat ha caar offer lhm lopenor' loanoo
mecta to aay other. " . ; -
He kaa on hand a Vttfriri4 eteell'tl aMor.mert
of GkT. Sttpetler,;Ho, Evoeka, iiwerchlefi,
CraTaU, IThibTtUa. TrnDki, eta.
-rr-atawaxan m Puck fa ra &frra
fiU i Join-Lam or m Ortttiy Sim-t. Call and aei
foryaoraelTev He will uka pUaaiira iit ekowrcK hit
ttoek, aa ha la conldenl that be eao pMaae'all who wlali
to purcbaaa. Hit atoek oC Clothtec la roaaaOantUTw.
andtr lila own auperrialon, and the otnojtcara laK
art4 to hire tt of tha Terjr boat Ma4. . . ' I
M-.i. W. F. SmotF., ooa of th bt eoPora fn Ihe
Watum eoautry, been employed ia -Una depart
ment, and cannot fail to pleaae all who wink 090 fita,'
uejt aiH naH'Ra'o)e. and mk at the axpnaeof ewrrfort.
Tne atopic of CloiSai Caiaimirea. VetUncj. Remi
liane Clo'.Mn?, ete., ra warrantea eriMr ani inn
ifket. and ihsbeauWol Tarietj of stylet aval faahtos
Made Clo'.hlu?, ete., la warranted eoeal tor anJn the
mtiot fail V, pltsae OMry taate. -taiiana .
Jaipur, y U, 1854. GEORGE S.iMHH.
Vr jsot'sTBrwiTTnBiv.iii "
ItliHXO Or ttOfS, -A
RE norelTlnjrat.lherrid irl,uti!talw)e
r a in ki wuirket. coetlfirra- of arara drtlclo
Of PASCY !llii- i arbeurt 1 uyuj'niflMMC.a.
u,, r-r" Gdt Una. tM5tkor wllh a Ftm. Kink rt
e.... , r;x-n. Qururin .avat ttlvt
n af which tfieT ana determined v aallaaiow
u.n in iniaini.. aa& hone for a coatmoavoo of
same, aatnrtmr uityt;iicrjiB no pajnaaoau
on their part to fivt ar.tfre iaU(atllen. The utual at
tide of country prodoee. talteh In vxchaligi for fjooda.
Lancaater, March.21, 1854. 'm . . ,;
Aoi itt;. ,
a PPLICATtOS will be made hT the rrcler-icnail,
V Eiecntora of lha laat Will of Jaenb -Kaber, 33 ,
(aw of FatrSeld county. Ohio, drf-eea-vd, after Ue expi
ration of fonr weeht from the puMtcalrnnof thfswrjtlca,
lo the Predate Coart of aaid ounnty, for an ordartp dla-po-e
oT ceral drtperato deta d:ie to taid Ertate, ae
cordinirio the provltionaofthe Statuta tn roth aajtaa.
All persona Interested will talce notlo sfcwdlt?!.
JOH.T freed;
Jan3,13l.i-J ' . " .. ."
Ctat of Jalta c. iUce ': "i
"YTOnCE 1 hereby firon. that I bare this day hj?'
dnly appoinud
Adtninittratnr of tha Eaiata of
U.m iinmA Wl ftf Fnlrfl.'td M'jntT. Ohio.
, Win
are wq ie"d to make Immediate payment, and thoat
Uar.uciaimaa)tlnat aaid Katato arwaaahocllad topic
i-.-ul t)inlulvautnitllcaledtth'.ooiia year.. . .,'
JunaS3,l54-4we WMH. HICP, Adtnfor.
n . . . ...i... .L.-.Lla Indlitrf ftrv aitl.1 - Batata
FAK.il (Oil 94IJE. "
THE eubterioerwonid inform Uti. eitlieoa af Fa'
8-ld and aiJj'jinldf.eotioitea that h would ae!l op
on rcaanuahla tenoe, at prirate sal Uie farm o which
he no rwiUot, In Grot nf.eld towsaUip, FairS?l.l aim
ty, Ohio, and titnaUxl tome Sre and 4 ha!f niilv f.-J-n
Laiicaatt:r and eniaiptra; cite hanlrerl and 0fty-fo.ir
acres. The farm U Halt improved and la aaiTug On "
bett affricoitaral aaaln thu ewissy.
Mafn, . VO HOVtK.
VwlnnSIc Fatrrrt tor Raj:
t. Ji f AKXcTOtaimiigSlAeerotU.w; 1
-rra f of C'onrcrclt.ir .Mail I ton tcwnahiD.ktiowu
"yf lhe "Wei, r-'arin," with ao vcallaaii wtt
,4 priTilc?. will be aold by the nhdemlgued, at
priraio sale. For'ternw appW to i -.. '
lai,caMer,Jnne7,lW4 A.'IcVElCU.Icnijff s:t:
, -; .- - afl - at
NOTICE. . , . .
I? hort'rr tfic a that apVlrcatlcn M He miJi? .t the
Ovvamorof Ohio, fpr tho pardnn ol JmeaM. D"Tnt
acinti'i in ttia Ohio PuUntiary, eorlcled of th't
I Ar t7..lvMAt.l MnbivJ.nrl f.ntanAAit frih iHraMnflliMa
years. . ,s :..,'IiiKa4Jr. Jtine ab.iojiii-J'
- Estate of attriauel C. Ktit anbatnf at.
rTHE uodersiarhed.haTe been duly atotatAd-"nl
I Qualifiedaa-Adminnitratorauponlh'e Estate of Sra-
UdT C. Slautcaugh, Uba of. FatrSvld-coanty, dca.tael.
M. A. HAiuntirn,
JOH.'iVO. MART..-. ,
"Ian-aiter, July 13, 1851 4wl
1 1, Eagle copy.
icrlb9rbv,n rinrchaaed Se eiia
r Ituc toDtcnoor wmt nnrchuea we euannTOTnaTri
I of K. Bl':8-i. wiifthe phsuaed to aocooMBOylii'rt
all WhO HlflV rO hl aitrrli-t in tho anor liee. Ha
It pKv!rtow(S.the beat modpa inatraiaeata, asa ta
propred-l' p np petan-t hi the latest and inoit ap
prnvoii .yrto. . Hoort froaa S o'cloclcBtlJ 4.
- hm j&t', DecomberT, 1853. V. M. CRISWOIT).
7i..B..loatPKtiona g'.rea U Uie auri and ar.arai&
ftvniiahed If desired.
jostjt P. HAttTiir. . a. ewiso.. a. a. aTAax-0K
Main Street. l.aertr.-Oato.f. t
INTEREST paid on DeposjaPrafta and 5ota, !:
locted and-rentlttad iWtera Kxohanta and Uxr
boucht aud sold at cJpnt ratca.
January 4, 18J4 ry ' '
: y. -ii f
Stramirj aatrrelopeatacnt.
KcientlSc Man v dally balnfrliig to Upht, .-. InT3n-
tfont.anntne trchr i-ruKross is
ouward; pri3."ji
BLn,orb"mlna,io.wlll b oioaaed. K)tii( that
ftHooce fji loa- research torr.bkie,hMTa tTOu..'. he-
fore IhePuOMc, the areatesl Woiatre. or x'a AaSo tn
sarc4 core
raatfett V
tho .At cle.of EMEHSOS'S AMHMaA
ST'.J? (TIVK. a niirru na BifiYaa aitil 16 Itr-
tide. ol u-amtni
tat 0ia raoit Famim. Ee Clreulua to be hia of
. ALrUtO flacTKICU, , ,-. (
ilaTToasr rejrt&aLLea. at .t,A.,-.jcrnot eyrin
.rvacav 'ario wuicaaL iaaa ati, '
tXTTTtlUr ifi attertlnri ti the pircbMli ejri je'llttg
Vf tt'ltti Ewte. alto, to the piiwuiius ef Pen
8loria,. Bouni" lda. - . '
OfTlCB 1n it.' B-ick ElocS, jisarlr or-ulw fa
Hoctlng VaUaj Ban. . . . - ujr Vr4 If
tine-wen-.-erparta'sdrem.-uig h'taa t. ITi.H.pati-
pan pa
see n
allied noma fnir ot ii re tnilea fro-n Lrt?v., r-at ro-
i "7 nTnflrn"BW .i .tin wiii
babl in 8oanwet'.rn df-?t- Trorc t ; A
joaaonahle reward will-he ailewcd fctirr---" '-s 5
at the Mailt Oaaetiw 'Jtnr, at to T-t p-ii t -t ..vm
abrmtaof ;a'lthot 'he acli'T 'W buyer of tbatl woautd waot
lailu. laiifHiartV'inri', ri-
;-, (. -r. IatorrSnthm "TVaviitoa.-"- : .
u jk iOUTtneeth cf Fanynarf. jbsivimk r-
v 1 .7.-I'l UMinty told ant oonvr-a a tract or atppj -
uiy ia i TJtQT-hwetra part ef the KTaia : riaio to a rwirsoa
.1?? pee oa horse bac: and wtthor .e.l Iho h jrt. In,
IUK.1 1. n,n .,tmr tun land.oraaJl tba .ce-. -tor ni
- s !

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