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T unu irtLis.
tM erer cooing do we the street,
A uoll ia tnotioa chanced lo aMeU
A preity (crows p to I
Wfco uad aa though k Uvd M egg.
Abu fe.red lo break theia or kit leg
t Aliiuatldv boyl
With Utile mind, ud Hole galas, .
Aad t-.ul legs, aid liuta bralL,
And plutbad -op hands aud feet;
Srcaot itWk moui.eh, and oil-id hair.
tad Into with m cure.
g r ItU, SO MUl
' Ptdl watch him wllr How on hit brow
Vftl marked th year Gad doth allow
To, mak a man; but yet hla sir
' Vipoka thaiiaotthlld'a Bind then)
h scs at virtue, laughs M get
lA duoed borel" ha call (ha sage;
Nor would ba deign to kuow
. Such aa eai themselves by toil:
' The rery thought bia tulud doth aoilt '
Moat daiaU) lady beaul
, ' ' ' ' ' . . .
He worship beauty, pralsesgrace,
Adore a woman to nor face;
' But when th lady's past.
Declare bar agly. oa itaa ilorill
Yet tblnka ka'a been eoufouuited civil,
As4 hope she thinks htin fasti"
, On who to weslth's shrine humbly kneels,
A lackey does si fashion' koala,
Who walu ob rower, to rank bow low,
- - A t,o to prid a modern basal
Stat Fam Iijms. The Fair will com
insnco on Tuesday, St-pt, l9Ji. Jos.E.
Houtxs, Esq, ' late 'Superintendent of A
rnericAQ Miwjliin&ry at tie World's Fair in
London, and at the Crystal Palace. Nut
York, and now "of. tbe Newark Machine
Works.is to be Superinttndentof Machine
ry, and the Mechanical Department at the
8-Ata Fairat New irk. A lirjo amountor
' machinery, propelled by steam power, will
h on exliibiiion. . A building 208 feet in
Jtinih has been e rocted for the mechanical
display;' Dr.' Babbitt, late Superintendent
of the Agricultural departmont of the Crys
tal Palace, will also actaaone of the Super
intendents. Prof. Turner, of III., a pronii
..nent Agriculturist, will deliver the annual
address. .
Members of committees and Editors are
requested to register their names at a place
which will be designated, near tho entrance
gVea, immediately on thoir arrival. Com
mittees will be called at 1 1 o'clock on Tues
day at the Executive Committee's Tent, on
the 'Mound, In tho eentre of the grounds,
. and radiancies will there be filled.
One of the bert Brass Bands in the State
will be in daily attendance. An abundance
of hay, .atraw and water will be delivered
at the stalls and stock pens free. An ex
perienced police force will be in attendance
from the Urge eitios, but still visitors will
need to be on the' lookout for the light-fingered
The driving ring for roadsters and blood
horses xs one-third of a mile in ciroumfor
enoe. : Seats will be erected for ladies, on
the inner side of the embankment, over
looking this ring, forming a fins 'Amphi
All applications for premium', after the
Fair is orer, should ba addressod to Thos
Mooou, deputy Treasurer.of Board of Ag
noulture, at City Bank of Columbus. As
set forth in the premium list, sinjlo admis
aiou ticket, will be furnished on Thursday
ana jnday, at 25 cents,
Railroad Superintendents will this year
lurnun more liberal facilities to visitor
man ever before.. .15 of the 17 railroad
rotates that will bo made availablo at tho
time of the Fair, will carry upon all trains
without distinction at half fare. On tho
Cincinnati, Xenia and Columbus, and tho
Ohio Coatral roads, full fare will bo charsr
J on regular trains, and extra trains will
be run at half fare.
i The Cmcinnati, Hamilton and Da i-ton
nd the Mad River and Lake Eiie Railroads
will charge half usual rates on stock and
articles. All other roads will carry free
exoept the Cloveland and Toledo Railroad
Shlppera will generally be required to pav
on going to the Fair, but the money so paid
will pe refunded on return of the stock or
articles. Those who go to tho fair in their
own conveyance, will find good hitching
ground protected by shade, and feed con
venient, and will thon beprovidod with
means to retire to the country at night for
ooomraooations. lutonsive preparations
ara oeing mad by the farmers, and by the
cilisens ofNtwark, to furnish accommoda
tions. The Newark Maehino Company are
preparing to lodge COO persons iri thoir ex
tensive buildings, newly erected.
JThe lottery drawing, aJvortisod to come ,
n. me State fair, au in no uwy connect
f teith or countenanced ly the Board of Ag
ruuttur,. And, iti. .probable,, that prop.
rfy intended for these lotu.iJs win be pro
libited from the Fair grounds, and any at
tempt to sell ticket on tho Fair-grounds or
in Newark, at the timoof the Fair, will be
dealt withasthelawdiricti.
All itCm a nf ,
W1 .u.uiuinuon mat win prom
" io me convenience and comfort
Of visitors, will be posted during the Fair.
Banrnta an ti .
..I! .i , imosi ovpry one
:Z '" , Y8 U0 01 ftf.0il for bruises and
A phiHlwiththe blosabma of St. John'.
Zi w,Vuyp,."cura Prfor,''"n) and atur
lea With n i n;i ,:n :r i '
iv- a. i. .'"'." " pincea open id
uw sun. uisis Ka i n i r.. i .
The plant is very abundant this
The pi.t i.::"f;!nil,ott,:i;
iv gmner mem. .
Doo Mats Nearly every Vind of mat
famh:n tha Pioaehool. at Sp
i of oak-
TAt" frnd lh,' mosdrble.o says
tho Ohio Journal f Educalim." 1
?"Ta t.h9 Keneron, x tha heaviest
; Swie, , wbeu it is iQ our power
to repy
TTn editor har, ,teil ej to th
Canaiian Par amnt. - . .
lian Parliament,
L.sa -trtnb is pnlUng on la be.
f3"rtm gnu abrjuld hmo tn Jnl
Tui Clocd Trantlattd from th$ Ger
man of Reinici.r One hot summer morn
ing; a little oloud arose from the' ses, and,
like a blooming; playful child; lookod thro'
the blue sky, and over the wide earth;
which for some time had lain sad and
languishing from the effect of a long
drought. '
As the little cloud sailed through the
heavens, she looked on the poor people be
low, working in ine sweat of tueir brow,
and suffering from fatigue, while she was
free trom care and toil aud was borne along
by the light breath of the morning.
"Alas!" said she, "if 1 could but do
some good to die poor people there below
something to lighten their labor.to soothe
their cares, to supply food to the hungry,
to refresh ttie thirsty 1"
And the day went on, and the cloud
grew larger; and as she grew, the hopes of
men were turned towards her.
But on the earth the heat still increased.
The sua glowed and scorched, and beat
on the Iliads of the laborers still they were
near fainting; yet tbey must work on, for
they were very poor.
They cast a look of entreaty towards the
cloud, asit to say, "Ah! you can help us!"
"Yes, I will help you," said the cloud;
and immediately began to descend gently
towards the earth.
Bat now occurred to her what she had
beard in the bosom of the ocean, when a
child; namely, that the-cloud found death
whenever tbey sank too low, And came near
For some time she descended, and al
lowed herself :o be carried hither and thith
er. At lougth, she stood still, and said
boMlvand invfullv
"Men, I will help you, happen what
'Ibis thought made her suddenly cri?au
tic, strong, and powerful. She had never
even thought herself capablo of such grant
ness. She s'ood over the earth like a be.
nificent God, and raised Ler head, and
it - . . . .
i-pren:i ner wings ovor ine niiJUs. iter
splendor was so groat that man and beast
shrank from it; the trees and grass bowed
their heads; but all saw iu her a benefac
"Yes, I will help you!", continued to cry
die cloud. "Receive mel I die for you!"
It was a rainrhty purnosfl which she
therein executed. A bright light shone
through her, thunder roared, undying love
iranspiercea ner, ana sne sank to the earth
dissolved in a flood of rain. This rain was
lior deod; this rain was her death, in it she
was glorified, Over the whole land, as far
as the ram spread, arose a bright bow
mado of ihe ticost rays of the sky. It was
the Inst visible manifestation of her great
1C 1 t i .. T. i
oou-.nn,i luuiiiii iuvo. iu snoi t time, it al
so disappeared, but the blessing confuted
oy me cloud upon suHering and relieved
man lonr remainod. Tit School fellow.
Lirit os tub Sidewalk. Mr, Foster,
author of "New York in slices,"and other
similar works, in his la.t production, "Fif
teen minutes around Nuw York," makes
the following reflections. "
We live on the sidewalk; we dine, dress,
talk and make society, in public; wo marry
for money and live for appoaruncc. Our
shops havo all their goods in the street
window; woman are made of cotton, aud
the ideas that should enrich their brains,
are developed in flaunting finery, upon
their bonnets. Even our splendid hotels
and public houses are vonoered with mar
ble, and stuffed in with old brick-bats
their magnificence is only skin deep. The
parlors . are palatial, whilst the bed-rooms
would disgrace a country tavern. Our
steamboat builders spend a hundred thou
sand dollars in useless flummery, and
gaudy upholstery, and save two dollars
a month by employing an ignoramus or
drunkard for engineer, who blows the
whole concern to tho devil, on tho first fair
opportunity. i
"Our uewsnaDois cut eali ntWa'
throats aud spend . thousands upon thou
sands, in printing the larirest s heals, and
getting the earliest intelligence by tele
graph, of events which would be deemed
utterly insignificant had they transpired
uuuii meir own noses and even nr
eliurclies exhaust the purses of. their con
gregation in building spacious edifices and
furnishing tiiem extravagantly, while hun
dreds ot miserable, Ctod and man forsaken
wretches swelter in vice and fiUh, aud
starve nnd rot, around their very walls.
Ostentation and heartlessness are tlm vi..,
of the day and their worst feature is, that.
wnusi mey make so many wretched, thev
ao not oonfor either dignity or happiness
upon their owners. - A little tas'e. a little
. . .
. . .
aspiration lor' rehneinont, and a little
genuine human nature, would he a million
nmos newer tnau this universal human crys
tal palace into which tho world i
ing itself. 4
'Motter, where do a tha rwnnU
rUn ,i:..o I - ,...! r . r ""
n.oj uio; bnkiju a nine Doy, 'To
..vii, 1Ujr sou, u mey imve boon trood
V..1I lU
tvny uo inev dirran monw
es for them, if thev all t. Tinvin?'
D.. . . O
iniu to ins oarpontor smv son. and hi- no-
some chips to make ready your father's
li rrva
A pi rns missionary from Aikansas.striv
itig; to arouso the seal of a distant commun
ity tO KOIld moailS fO thllt Olllio-lirnnoH lon.l
informed thqin that his people were 'preach'
hungry!' 1
A joker onco. observod concerning the
threo dnys ague, (or ngur, as popularly
pronounced near the tropio of cancer,) that
liu never know but one man ouredof
't. and diud by a tree falling on him!'
Th lrishmnn in Von, V...I, k v
iJd lo nuwuung of tll0 CMiM comn
mu, hniorHl chancier a man needs to sell
rum, (old a volume of truth.
The Basket man says that tho 'Cidiforny
l. H,oy.,tliri,;v. itupT TO
2ever itst with the
.r,, p.!i,s " roiiucs
,,. "' re misiortunes, and
he mast sacred thing on earth to each heart
Men in former ages, though simple and
plain, were irreat in tli.mVaa ...,i
pendentofa thousand thimr. Ki,.k i
since been invented, to supply perhaps the
6 niuuu is ejiincl. Uruyere.
There are few persons to be found, whn
not more concerned for the reputation of
tVl knl .1. as a '
.uu wuse, man lor nonstv and
virtue. Spectator. , . .
We should be careful to deserve a ffood
reputation, by doing well; and when that
about the cncceM. Xochetter. .
Thmm who minds his own business, it
teaming otbia geatl i-qn-silive wife
n-lrg-. js-,.m )T.i-1t. r?.-m.r . n . nnisnT miT 1
(b Door East of the Old Checkered Store,
A VINO reconllT ramored their raWtbllahinent from
T.U.W hUe'e Muck, to the rooms a.lloinlni the Old
heckered Store.aud nearly opposite Hie Hockinr Val
ley Bank, and made nutneroua adclltlona to their eloek,
take tble melbod oftuformlngtbetrfrtenda and Ibe pub
lie soneralty, that tbey are f-re pa red to manufacture
witu neatneaa and diapalcb all article pertaining- to
thoir Una of botnneea. They have anploTed tbo beat
workman to the State and manufacture Ibelr srUclea
from tbe beat materials.
They keep eonatanllf on band a general assortment
oi ine lounwing aniciea:
Saddle, Bridles and Harneas,
Carrlaro. Wajron and Hldlnr Whina.
I ruua. k so v ai p xBa,
Single and double Maltraases,
All kind of Fly-nei,ete. etc. .
All of wblch tbey will sell CHEAP Tor CASH. All
work made to order, or parchaaed at lhir ulnb1ili
tnent, uirtUiins to be mado of the UHST MATE
RIAL, and In a workraanliko manner.
IPPCaU and examine for j ouri, jlf before pnreliasine
eleawbero. Mays, 1KS4.
Wanted 10,000 New Customer,
.. In addlUon lo tha old stock on band.
Bacon, Flour, Fish, Salt, Gluastrare, Stoneware, To
bacco, Cordage, Twlno, Notion, Frails,
Hula, Candloa, &c.
TSVITES tho attention of tbo eltlzensof Fnlrdcld and
ailloluinx eounlies, (o bia new UstHbllihmonl. which
la Sited up In anperlor style, ono dour West of his old
aland aud Immeul.ntelv ailloinlnr the Drv fnla store
of Messrs. Rebor, Kutt t Co., where bo will be pleas
ed to see all of his old customers ami ten thousand
new one. lie has fitted up la gocd style
Where persons from the country harlnir their Ladies In
town, will Bud a pleasant rctroat. An extensive Ware
house In the rear, with an Islu loading from tho back
vara to rut trcnt anop, wnn a aue mtctiir.g- place
Harlnt: the adrantoge of the railroad he ia prepared to
sell wholesale and retail for the nimble sixpence. Ac
commodating elerks ready to waft on ou jront the
child's ecut lo tno gentieiuau's thousand dollar.
April SO, 1654. -
Messrs. Clarke, Wright Ac Co.,
HAVE Inlten for a number of years, the Foundry
owued by John Aruuy, Esq., situate po Colum
bus and Broad Strttts. in tA ci'rv of Laatatttr. vrliere
the are dotermtued lo be on haud with all such arti
cles iu thutr Uuo, as the country roqtiiros.
-Vru -Mlll-Oenrlng, Machine CASTINGS and
TSJ; PLOUCHS, of various pultcma, war-
uzzzjum ramca a superior articio,togotaer with
ait tniuor articles iu tua rouuary line. ,
ilLAKKE'S Coraxtulk and Straw Cotter,
An articles aupartortn all othors of the klml In the
country, and one to vhlrh vu invito tho special uttou
Uou of the Farmer. This machine for cutting ahock
corn for hleh fuudlna; or f.itt4nluK stock, will wrs from
30 to to per cent. Corn Fodder, when cut, is irmrly or
quite onuat to nay lor lodtung uiiiier mine or nomes,
maklug nn ajro of wall itaved corn fodder worlh two
acres ot t:ie uodt grown uty in uuio. inev aro calcu
latod for tilthor bund or horse power. V aro also
preparing to furuish to ordor
JlcCormieU'alteiipcr nnd (russ Culler nnd
Moore's W heat Drill,
Farmers giro us a call. Everybody glvo us a rail,
and buy our goods and wares, our ploughs ami shares,
aud wo will try lu turn to buy your corn, your wheat,
your flour, your moat, your hay, your oats, your rng
nauk uutos, or aught yoii muy dcslrw to sparo, of browou
pots or other ware. We tuoaforo have tho highest
hone, without deslznln any luKo. that von will ,.lv
liberal share oCiatronatre to us who aro dctermina.1 1.,
do business outtio most liberal tortus.
February 10, 14. CLARKE, WRIGHT & CO.
ramilj-Croccrlca,Quccntvur), A:c.,Ac.
IRILX G. BARUENCHON bus become proprlclor,
by purchase, of the Grocery More of H. 11. lluutor
Co., to which he basjuat added a largo and superfine
from Cincinnati, and nthor marls. In making his pur
chase be haa bad In view the accommodation or his
friends and discrimallDir nubile, for oil iiuiii. II
commends to their attention, among other articles, at
prices innicanuoi inn to give sutlsiui tion.
CONFECT10NAH1KS of all Winds, for rnmllloa .n.l
(,'ai, rorrogonla Almondj, English Waliuta nnd
Brrzlllaa Kills, Figs and ilulca.
je(e,atit Uelatlne ror Jellies. Prunes, Ac.
Of FamllsGroeeriesho wllloulv innti.,,. Pl.ll nAw.
lered and crushed riUGA R. New Orion,,, ,i 'H:iu
KloandJava COFFEE. Kulcon. MoU,... s,
up, French Chocolalo, Musliroon Walnuts, Tomato
Culsup.asnlondldlotof iiiifjij Oiars Ckettt, and
other articles lo numerous to nut down bore.
ttOforiTOt.also. LlotlOra. llmnrlvC.r Hit, I'.lr'nn.l
cotiralesceut.eiBarsS years old, sinoaltlngaiul elioivlng
T01JACCO, Fowderand Shot for the Sportsman.
Ho will keep ou hand a varlotyof I'ainli, yarniih
and Japan of his own maiiufuctur for tbe trado.
noiicasi.n lorgeand run ussorlmont of Qursmwars,
Eartktn mart, Frtnek tiara and Eaglitli Olaaawara, ul-
FT'llo hones to Obtain a Silr ahnlr nflhi, nnhll.. tnrn.
Id hla new undertaking. &n.l look fo, ti,., ..i.i.r..K.ii...
aud patronage of hisfrlends. Havlna- bieu mninell
to rollnoillsll his former buliimts ni lolorioii. ,., i....,ii
he will make a fiilrtriulorLhu.io ir it win .., r.rtn.
nispurso.as wen as nis hiwith. If the evi.orlmont, (:
mo, uo nevute ins iinaiviaeu attention) does h
win oa ante no irust.i, in sjrvo tho nittillu
some oilier useful caoacitv. ' - '
COOT A.D cTlloa sTOKK.
m m i ui lu mice thlsopportunlly to Mturn thoir thank
t r w iiiotr nitinaroui rrieuds for the very liberal
imiroiinKe ueretoioM oxteiuted to thorn, an
unure mum mat no Dillis sllall l,a nro.
jjkl susiuin ine nsiterlng ropululion nlroady attain
demand at there EitaMlihmenl for fiools ami sl,,,
they have lu addition tolhelrown iiianiiraclurtiigjiisl ru
celv.od from the Fast a very large aud fashiouablostoiU
vwuiina in pari as lotlow S:
Wen's Fine Call. Kip and coarse Boota.
Geuta pat. Calf Gallon and Ties,
,.". .. ,D;"1''11" J Monroes,
Allklndsof Ladles i:d Misses Boots, Shoes, Slli.pc
and Go tars. "
Also, an assortment of tbo-bMt qnallly of Chlldrou
faiicyend plain . Shoes,
in audition lo the above we are constantly mauiifiie
luring larguly, for sale and also to order, nil bin. I.
Boots and ohoes. which wo huve nohesibincv In aaylni.
w, lomparo in price aud quality Willi any .lock In Ihe
uuiry. may IS, lrl.il
D. K. Mill EL.
Hhn'i'i nG r1,".,i!"!j ,0 ,h? f'Tn orecled a large
blltlilinff lu the roar nf th krlv i..... .T..
V ISJ Marktl Hanti, Intends umiiufaclurlng upon a
ff. large scale ulllho vi
UV of Cabinet Piirnllii
fand Chairs. Which
' 1 'always ou hand, to
i f . milvuiauil IVI
ll ha will keen
iu hand, together with a 1
larao assortment of Cine 11,11,11 miinnti.inM It., i
sinifi,, in in. k..:, ""'k
... U.,VB, wlll aiuinie mm in havo
u,tu uouia ann imported troin abroad the
rerr best of work, nnd i. 1..1 i. ... - "
K, ,i. , . '."." rm uio none
i i k I womiieii anil use Ihe best mate-
i ., . " .. '"""on iiimnawiH giv geiiorul aa
llsfactlon to all who may favor lum tilth their cii.lotu.
Ihe publli-are nvited tn iuiII ! .a....
J """' onirnuco 10 1110 roums Is lllmil llroad
, S , , U. .. KliiHKL.
n. ll. Repairing done on tha shortest nollco, and In
me iiraiesianu most worknittulika iiiiinnnr. ClinrL'os
JIUIIIH. I . . . . ... "
s.anasivrt oiny vu.
Jam Itlcllnnaiiiy .
TTAVIXGestnblUhed hlmsnir iiiTiw h...i.i.. j..
lofll.N.COI'l'hR and NIHiKT-IKO.N WAIIB in
i!s Building, ant Dtior rVittaflki Harking 'aH
Ban t, Is prepared lo fiiroish tho people of this county
with every Ihlnglliat may be needed In his lino. Ha
keeps nn hand every varlotyof COOKING an. 1 11 K T
INti STOVKS f. 0OD and C.vCoslaTli g ,7 port
of I he Lion Al, Tbrlil. Wo u .V. P"
Trliimph, Buek, Hra.ldi.nts and Preferonco forWood
and Hlack Ulaninnd for Coal. Also floiigha, Plough
art tries will be an Id aa low lis ran be biiuirlii elauwhero
He Invites clllsohs cnnarullv tn r.n ,,,,.1 ........... ,,i .
oiinrua, riuirar neiiiua oc iiihiuw-wmm, au nr,K..
S i .. . . Jo.wh.T rae.MAIVA.MY,
,i , oso-apoullii lobbing ih.no uH short im-
...... ..... ..,.,, ruwiorauit iron lukell In x
change fur any of the above articles, J M0 .
Iiiastor, may 1, lfi
TUB untlurflgiied hnrlnir ben prmlntPd Aonta ftr
Adam Co. In Laiirjtitor. rastiei'tfuM v .ft..r tiwsir
aurvloeato Murohonti. Ban ken mul nth.trsi w.Msrti.avsi
Ee and inuipl trannil fur Morchamlia, Money aud
LlKlU Prihvofnll kliuN. nt rntua vnrj row forlliw 11a
lun of thu rvlcot hcrforrtioil,
Mesaenirora In rntrfi of contlgntixnU lea U it ras
ter dttl I v fr the K wt aui Vi.
)rfOoodt, Patkuffju. Ac, will bedoltvorod linmo
dUU'lyon HTT l,fr$9ef thrg.
i n. pnienoa oi citittuua n trier nook Is left
Ta Its Crarfli.,, aftna !(.. raas SVict.r,!..'.
of I
i'S. l3ia.W ' July. 1RS4. the Court of Probata
t.L"",'1 ?wi ei" o.,;.c3
-lS?iL- .Vh.,.?"der,'"'d r" Uowauc. wlthinit"
monlli from the tint abova saantlonaJ. . IkX. -in
not b (811114 to i
i payment.
larment. '
-jr. ... "." T :"''""il, Ml
Fmhrl. Il.lbfa. r. i -a:
A PtaHlot,lrlTd and selling at
ii i T ' B,f "I U. V. MtOI IVLKY s CO.,
Main street. Any ordor left at the Shoo Sloro for pack
egestobaaeattsstor West will be called for fri of
l2V . ,,EF1'KKH. t'KA TT WOOD, Agtf.
iJ.U, w, JCJS.
4v i m
V . . . V
' tli-V'V
Tna most nowerfnl King en the faoe of th glob bow
rvisiia Miprriua In Hi Aiuorlca llcpiiblio. llw fower
.( the crowned lirads of Knr sink hiro iiisiguilleauos
hru eompsnl So that ef our Auntrlcao King.
:ui-op.aii Kinirs rilor llie power vestini iu them to
iivrviwe Ihe rkhes of the "rich and lordly, and tn mluea
li. gn-airr mi-4U-) and aVgrndaliou th poor and di-n-Jrut.
Our Aini riran Kln tin- forth with niil wllllng
uiwa tn ine lordlv niAukii and bumble cabiu. rad.r allka
u aamiiiblxr Riu,f and to olli-r lieallli and bupppiuras
io the lofty and lowly, tlul rich and tha poor.
It tha Taunru Vixti or tui World. d lh retvt
blrwiinjjttf-ru'T'! to nftlk'ted ItuiiiMiiiy, lo the minjritig
iuillioiidt tli Doctor can my, relief Im bC vnur oomaiMitl
Vou lift. M uml till atuurjcul roLiitxly. All thn
who still huITlt, anil will itoi wi-fpt tUe pruffercd balm,
di-rHTTe not th pity of itw ir fkniiittM.
TULtt woutit-rful tumliuitiii, during tha brief pcrioj ilnca
ifn iutrottuctiun, tuu fttrrWJ s.aiplna to th hMrtnof
tboaiiiU. aiisi uiude IffeArhnnn to many wboliitratolura
crK-nnU-tl it only tu 4. uiuful tid DiUemtilv uxbteuc.
To tho vriml't ir) all UuiuititiivKurtroeiitloiiN, ;ilo
Ktllrr ih! fuia Kxtwctyrf. ,mr4. tt million of kM
toii(iif rorliilui Ui lnvrir of tha grout AmuricsvD
King isf Pain," 11 prcitnsutloa cuttliKislrd Mittily of tclsV
bltu miii route, pruMiKoU by America's on rkU mi1
bouniouft w
We wonU svk tli T.ADiBs,wbo are alwtiTi consistent
jmlges of what Is ant wlnit u not valuable frimtly inmli
vine, to do u a rpwial favor by gtvinK tint King of 1'aln
a btnglti trial, tuii if mtUfw:(ry, cxrl thfir liillot-nc
lu its belialf. nsrominttnii ii, ek well knd uttvii of It,
aud mm Unit It U umft) by tlttir aiilictwl nvlgtibuM. Tim
IsM'ttc are tilunya cbaritublu, ami wltvu tliey Induct Ibt ir
itullurinif frivmU to um tlila rvally vwluabla iutlicln
tuuy win iMt ooiug au uki 01 iMiiuvoiruca tlm tuoy cud
wall Ira prvud ut Till I a powerful mid truly nmlrnl
rvtuedy ur nil DXfitrniU dlMtamta. mn, awulllngK, bums,
fcc, uiid lor nt:tuy luioruai aiUiutiona It btauvrLitiu cure,
vt it u mrrt;iiT ru
hiiruiltfuA, and lnct)Kibl nf itruduciug
die kat injurion iV.ctj ia IU tuostt Uvlicaw ow or
tin wt'iikuKt count it n tinn.
It Ia entirely iikWvm to follow the old and worn-out
svaieiu of iiulHt-shinu; to tue iiuullc (Iioiimulu of eurilU'
siti' of wonder iKirlnrun-d by thia medic inu. H conti
but tnenty-llvo cetit to try ft : and Dr. bull fuk his
wuli-iariied reputation on (U King ut I'oin dolug oil and
uioi-e tli:in Jio iilititim for it.
Wu wmtid tthk, bnr you tha .tlieumatliui or Gout:
tbcw ur ut tentsaut coiutHiuloiM, aud w kuof that
you wouiu tuo to unrti tue(U awy an aoou aa i-oaaibui.
(Hen un
nuld you ba cured ahuoat linDielUtcly, of llovrel
i'otHlhiht, ly miitery". Summer CoiiiplaiuC, tliulera Slur
but, (Uhuih uh;, lU'na Artie. ioiiLU,or any otUeracua
or p.iiti, the remedy w siuipie and ttio cute cwruia
W'nuld yon 1 1 five your Buru, Swelitu, Cut, Hums,
acuii. nruitH,, ur any ucuar uvttuua ucaieu, we repeat
Hi use tue
U'ouM ymi be ctm-d nf Son id H.-ad. Hi iff Joint, Sor
TliroH.,-Nfural)(iii, .Stjre UreitiH. (.uuibuti. 1'ottur or King
Worm, Hrilt. it.iiTum, ltitiN of l'oUitioUA lu.-wdta, tMiitpped
llHiidx. and uil other i.rea, eitliur dry ur running, wa
-ay i.g:uu ana ng iiu, Auua ucHawUt w ur. Joim iiuu a
- , -Krxa ok rAix."
, Would ymi I'd cured nf -K.njr Krll. Onnr, Tninora,
r.i upnons, or miy tiiiue or ttiu Kin cnuxed iy impure
HUH., mm na ur iuii ntiii is siiMnparliHt liiternaliy,
nd the Kiul: ff ISiti exrartmllv. nuMiinx c;m be mum
rarcuiu umu a itpueiiy oita viieetual cure.
TIU lueillMn. t!ien used aocordknt to dlructioni. will
or Klng'a Kell,
( aucerii. Krup'iuiia
nfrhetkin. Krvlp.:lnv
Tutiitri,('1irniik) ?ior Ky,
Itinworm or Ttutir, Hp.thl Hetut,
k Itliminm'iwui. Pnitiff In tht Hun or
.tolniji, Old Sur. and UV en. HwcIIIm nf
tin) (Hand:, HynlilMs. Tytne"lH. nit Uliuunt,
lHiw.im'R'if the ki'liia. ltsMi4ouiiiri"iu!r from fh
Ui-euf lert ury, 1sf A ppii Us I'niu in tbtt Mdeiind
H! i nu idem, (lenentt Debility. l.iiiib:n-n, I'nniin, Cold.1,
Uina-y.sl!uudine,((U' I veiled, Ul'iiiciiitw,t tmkiiHrHsurrba
i iui"t, Mire i nronf, i-uiuifinnry AiifCitona. And nil nt tier
li.cniH t Amtintrf o pnut urtrt'mntnTii ptinn . diver t 'uin-
liiiiit,Kuiiilii IrngnlHrhiii nn U'lsinplAininJivr
w tfplrltn, Klek and Nervtiua llin,iaclin, Nlirht
ttwv.-tta. rWpourii, or Iiuprudenre In lA(mt
i linihlc 4 'oiittr it )lit.'un!4, nnd ii-
spt'liK und Summer Di Ink, an J OenerJil
TtinU' fur the System, ami a mnitlg
uud pleiiMut pur:tivH, liU
Ktipdriar tn nlue Lick
and I 'nnroxn Wnrer,
tf.il'H.or ."- iJUig
K i a rr-tiMtkulile Tn-f, tli.it amoni; tin) hiindreJd of
fiiiiixiut pUfiiiua hn have exiimiucd (ha rcciixt by
blfli IhillM !.ninp:ir.ila in pmpuri'd. not une luut enn
lt iiiml'1 it, lint- aU itppinved it., and cuinuimid it In the
liinli'Tt leriim. Miiuy plivfu-faini exprc-gi tlimn.wnl vc;
irixiiiy in tne rwn.-r tiiii it m u.t-Mrdiy Hie Lf.if prupii
uihmi oi ct.iv-M p uilift tluti. Itiia ey.ir been pla(.ed bulbre ihe
pubiie. Aiiliou rli ilieru are ninny plivk-UiiA who fuel a
ru.ut'',iiire m having timir ti'iuius appended t tho mi'in-
nun l.ui-iu of any pnrticul.ir reniudy, notwUutiinudiiig
tliv Lui nppiure nf It lu the liiliiiot decree, tht.re are
utjitrn uii iraiiKiy ) lent inur oiippnrt in f.iror of a
remedy wiilfh they kunw lit e;itmbio of diiug ua inueU
iC'imI hi an filllict4)rvnnitiitiuiry. Atmi evidenrn, n-nd rha
i.tllMwiii hoiii uld Hijd le-pectahle plii. Junit, of high
AiuuiJiii lu Uie ujtuuiuuity iu wltu'li Lliey lirut
IT- I'wtluinnv like lb following rsndnrs siiriBrMTiou.
nil roiuiniiis ou tlieviniMcy of Hull's 3.irN,iuriiU, s'roui
Or. I,. I1 Yiinili'll, Pi'oritssor of Uht-iuirtiry iu tha UnUviv
Mb.liiiil t:mlete I I have looked over tlm lUt of ilnri-Jmiif r
compiu.ng .lolin Hull1. IIoiii pound fJxtructnf iirHujnirillii
uud Ituva no butitutimi In so.iiug that they furm ante
eiiuiiioiiiiil. ami one that prouiined wull iu i-hrouie ili.tMur.es
lo nlilell It is appiienhhr. L. I'. VANOIil.l,! M ll'
l.uni.ilil., .luue U, lHU. '
H Inn Ur. I'yles, iiliisleinii by appulmuient In the Lou
Urilki SluriLa Uoaplial, suta of hud's aarMiparlila:
l.ouisvni.1, .March ao, ISIS.
1 have examined llm pri.siri,tioii fur ilm pi'eniniiiu uf
John bull's Sarsiipurllhl. and I Irrllem tllf cnlilliluiliioii to
Iki uii exi'vlliiiit .one, and well eiiluiili,ttfd to produce ttn
ihui'iirtru tuiiiruarluu ou the ionium. 1 Imvu ussj it boili
in iuhiie and private praelli-e, aud think It tha 1m.i
ai Ucla us Sura.ip;u-ili uuw iu Umi.
SI. rVi.K.1 M. I ,
' Rcsldaul rbyslchin Louisville Aliuiue llurpiial.
Holler Testimony tlim was f ver UTered In f.iriir of
suy Jlttllclue,
Ror. K. r. Sclios, Kct. K. Sicvf uton.
Louiaviut, May UOrh, 1HI9 '
IValiava ued John Itull's S.irwintirlllii. jui.l Ii.,,., kn.ii.
It to bit umhI, with uilr aaLlKiiiuilou ; and wa huve uo
bM.llntioii tu auliuic our buitar. that It Is a mile uud
vmIuhIiIs ui.dleal compound, and nuleiilated to priiiluov
uiuclt goud and rulLva tnuuh rHiiTuringi aud iliuieloi-e
aould uuwili'uilv aud uioal aai-uwstlv rvcuniiueitil It to tin.
aUliutad. . W. SKIIllV.
Signed) H. ilHYKSiOS.
W earmwtly Invll all persons wno aro siilTurlng wlib
ii of ' tha ilia that llwil la ll.ir to.'-' lu ciill ui, In- .I..I...
Uuil's atuiit; aud out a eopy uf bull's r'uiiillv Journal
tiKsrls; and Ibr tha suko of huiiiauity, wu hupu that a
tingle individual wlll not ba found utimlllug lugive bulla
Suiupaviila a tiiial, alter rwtding, an i racolli'eiliig, u tlia
wiuia lime, that ll la iiupoMtble lor the Doctor to publUb
Ilia tiiuth part of tha uumbernf cerlilluatf juf lutouinlinu
curve pefoi-uied by liis- Saranprirllla. - The amount uf
MraMwoiiy vuuiHcaniy arrowwnei oit im uull s Surra paillla,
fi-om wull kuuwn and distinguUbvd iudlrlduaU, botlt lu
public and privala lite, llaa beeu unrfi'Otly ovurwlialuilug.
u.y va. rfiuirt nubiia rriiH'Hiai umee, west idoa aitiu
l, Ural dour Iwluw AUiiu, Louiaviu.ii. Kr. , '
Forsaloby , G. KAUKKMAN & CO.
Lancaster, July SS, 1PM. K. L. NI.OCUM Si CO.
jEKi nir.s, rn.iTT & vooi,
Dealers In Wool, (Jrain & Produce gcuor-
"iy on vomniisian cxclnalvelr.
SflOiNXlit 1 Kll with the rinrlnn.il. U II,l..-,
j Zne.vllle Rnllroad and llorlilng Valley Haekut
Lino, ar nreimred tu rwruiv and .hln ...l. ,.. ...
amount iiv I'un.l or allr..u.l , .lln... L... x.r..-
aril cities on lh moat favn'rubla IrrniL nv .nn.il...
ginid. to our rare, owners avoid the expense nf drnv
age from railroad lo canal, on tho rovorso, tho only
house roniieek-d by canal and railroad, boih.
lrfAgenta for the anlo of HALT. All brand, konl
constantly on hand and sold al wholesale at Miinurti.
ser'aprlceaonly, Moyl.NKH.
WOULD rospectftillT Inforia Iholr euslomen,
the riilseiisgunorully, that they hare aawovtn
Iholr Esulillahmenl to the North side of Main Street.to
th room formerly oreuplod by Ihe Philadalpkia Can-
oi--., wuer tuoy are preparvd to ruaileh
Fress. Brand, Ituisksi, akra V rratrltera
We have employed the rery best workmen In onr
line of business, and wlllaoU al wlioleaalo and:' retail
at Ul tawsat pritta.
We ar determined to giro general satisfaction. All
orders from thy country ror Bniad) Cakoai Soda, But
f' .J" " Boston. Crackers,, will be prouiutly
Slled. Give us a cull. s . r
Lanraatsr, Martbsl, - ,. SI.NK or BI8I1. '
H. H. We also keelp on band a general assortment 6?
FAMILY GROCERIES, wbleli will lie sold at the
lowest rale. .. ...... w v ZINK fit B1KH
To Carriage asnrf Bninrr Flalkera. .
J CJPRWG8 ahd Axola, Braas and Silver Bands.-Htrrmp
L iO Joint and Top PKpa,Knwi'd Drills.Vuek and Can
r vs.,. Enaml'd and PM.-ntlaiher jll doarrlptlnna Head
uiunira, suns aau jwaieanw iron, etc, A great variety
or other goods In that line, to banad cheapalta Oraai
Uarduart Start ot WHITR i JLATXA.
i-rncaslr, ptila, WU. '
tlTTlB it UBEUrUj;.
"TSTTOULll respeotfqilT aaRoooe to tha elliiowa o
f Lancaster and vicinity that they are as Ksisat ia
receipt of S rery heavy and well salscted stock f
- Sprinf and Summer tioo
Embracing very variety and- sty I to b bad In the
Haute m inarket. lo wklrk we Invito tbo attsHllon of
every body, aa w Intend selling as ebeap as goodawa
bo-aold Weat of tha Mouutaisuu In addition tu our
largo atock, wlil ba found a geuoral aasortweukof
Boot, Shoes, Bonnets and Hats,
Parasols and Umbrellas, Looking Blames
Quecnswar, Glassware, canictiiig ami Muttlng '
Wall Paper, Bordering and Window Bliud.;
' Cutton opverietaad rarpel Yarn,
Batting, 'Wadding, candle-wick, ete. ete. '
Also, v good Stock of Fine Groceries,
Tobacco, Ve.,1n short, every UiUig usually kept la a
Store, and more too.
Wa would say to our old friends and customers that
we return onr sincere thank for their very liboral pa
tronage extended during our business career among
them, and ask a coulinuauce of Ihe same. We will en
doavor to please and giv aatisfartlun to all who will
favor us with their custom. All kinds of country pro
duoe Ulen In exchange for Goods tor whirk tbo high
est market price will be paid. Hay i!U, ldS4.
' th it rratriaa or tbi atoop.
A N INFALLIBLE KEMKDT for scrofula. King
t evil, rboumuttsm, obstinate cutaneous emotions.
pliuplos or pnstulea on the fuco,blolclius, bolls, chronic
ore eyos, ring worm or tettor, scald-head, enlargement
ami pain of Uie bono and Joints, stubborn ulcers, sv
phllitic disorders, lumbago spinal complaints, and all
uiseusus arising from an Injudicious tiso uf mercury
iiooruuuiiru m iiiu,ui nupuriil ui inu uiuuu.
'ThUvaluablo inodiclno, which huabcoomo celcbrnt
cd for tho number or oxtraordlnarv cures cffocied
through Its agoury, ha Indttcod the proprietors ut the
urgent requestor their friends, to offer il to tho public,
which they do with the ntmost confidence in Its virtues
ono woiiueriuicurauve properties. I lie following cer
tificates, selected from a lurgo number, are, however,
stronger testimony that the mere word of the proprie
tors: and uro all from renllemen well known In their
localities, and of tho highest resneclablllty, mnncy of
iiiem now reaming in ine eiiy 01 nicniliona, Virginia.
P. lloyden, Exq., of the Excbatico Hotel, lilchmond
kuowu every whoro, says be has seen tbe medicine
called cirter' sraatsn sini ii administered lu over a
hundred cnsos.ln nearly all tho diseases for which 11 is
recommended, with the most astonishingly good results,
lie says It Is tho most extraordinary nicdicino ha has
Anna sno Fivaa foi care I ltorebr cortlfy,thal
for threo years' I had Aguo and Fever of the most vio
lent description. I had several Physicians, look quan
tities ui ttiiiuiiiu, murcury, -anti i oetlovu all without
any permanent relief. At last 1 tried enrter'a spanith
auixture, t-o bottles of which eneclnally cured ine,
and 1 am happy to say 1 have had nuilher chills or lewr
since, i consider it tho boat tonic In the world, and Ihe
only medicine turn lias reached my case. J. LONUUK.Y
llasvin Dm. near Kiclnuoud. Vlrtrlnla.
C. II. Luck, Esq., now in the city of Hicbmond, and
for many years in the Post Orilce, has such conlldenco
In the astonishing elttcacy of corlor's Spanish mixture,
that ho ors bought upwards of 50 bottles, which bo hns
gl von away to the allHclod. Mr. Luck says he has never
known it to full when taken according to direelion.
Dr. Mingo, a practising Physician, and formerly of
tho city hotel, lu tjiq city of Richmond, suys he hnswlt-
uaseeii in a numoer oi instaiicea tno euects or carter's
spauisn nirxture milch wore most truly suriirislng. Ho
suys In, a case of consumption, dependent ou the liver,
the Kood erTocls were woudorful Indeed.
hninuel M. Drinker, of tho tho flrmof Drlnkor At Mor
ris, itiinmonu, was cured or liver complaint of eight
years standing, by tho uso of two bottles of carter's
spniiisn mixture. . .
flreat cars of Strofala. Tho Eillton nf the Bl,b
ninnd Kepulillrun bad a servant employed lu their press
room, cureu oi violent acrotala. eoinhlned with rln
mutism, which entirely uisnbled him from work. Two
unities ot carter's Spanish mixture made a perfect curu
oi ni m, inu iMiiio rs, in n puiiiiu notice, anv iney cheer
fully lei iinend It to all w ho aro aflllcted with any dis
ease uf the blood.
htill another ears of Scrofula,- had a rnlilnblo boy
i un-u ni Bcroiiini iijr carter s spnninn mixture. 1 con
sidorll a vuliinble iiiodlcine. JA,IKH M. TAYLOR,
Coiiilurtor nn the K. P. tk I'. K. K. Klchniond, Vu
Bait Rhtuin of "II fsar atandinr rnrad. Mr. John
1 liompson, reslillng in tho cily of Klchniond, was cur
ed by thrue bullies nf curler's Spanish mixture, of still
rheum, which ho hud hourly SI! years, ami whlih all the
1'hvsirlnnsuf Uio cllv could not cure. Mr. TIioiihimih
Is n well known inorclinnilu tho city of Klchmond. Va..
uuo losi-tiru ia moil n'liiurkaoie.
Wlllliini A. Mutlhuws nf llli Innonil. Vlrrrlnla. hml
servant enred of Syphilis, In the vi oral form, by carter'
Spanish mixture. .
Hlchard U. Woatof Rlrlimonil, wnscnreil of sernfiiln,
unu wiiiu rnj-.ii-iuns ciiiieu coniirineti ciiusuinplloit, by
throe bottles of curler's spnulsh mixture.
r.dwln Uiirtou, coniiuirsloner of the Revoniio. anvs
ho has seen the good i-lfi-i tsof carter's spnnlsh inlxlnre
luanuinburof syphilltlo rases, aiidsnvslt is a ncrfoct
cure nf that hyrrihlo disense.
vtllllum Cr. Mnrwood of Ulchmnnrl. Vlrrrliila.cn red nf
niu sores aim ulcers, wnii n itisuiiled him from wnlkiug.
Took n few bntlloa of enrter's spnnlsh mlxliirn.iiiul was
cnalilcil to wnlk without a crutch, In a aliort time por
iniiiiently cured.
Principal Depots at M.Wnrd.Clnse Ac., No. P3 Mnld
011 Lnno, Row York. T. W. Ilvolt di sons. Nn. l3 '.North
i!d street, Phllndelpliln. Ilenuet and Beers, Mo. 1EJ
muni street, iticiimonn, irginhi.
Ami forsnlil hv Kniiffinan nnd co.,I,ncnsterj K. Kalb,
Ru.hvllle; II. H. Wnlker, West Kushvllle; Porter and
Wolratolii.Lythopolla, and Dealers In Medicine ovurv
where. Dec. 17, lb5J ly
tilt EAT H.1IIG tI.S I.X IlIIMTIIll.
STILL continues at hla old stnnd. oa Main Stratt,to
daara Eatt af Ike Hocking Valltn Bit,where will
ho found a (reuernl assortment of all kliidsofCAIUNKT
KUHMTUliri. which Is admlllod bv all to be ll,.i i.nv-
est and cheapest over before kept In this city, from thu
plainest to tno unci, con-
isiing or r J f, solid
niahoennv C'ltnlr.
ttJ""" ' satJ'f,
Tabled, Stands, Flue lledsleads, Muttrcaso and Look
inir musses.
CINCINNATI FURN1T0RE. Ho wlll also keen nn
baud a general assortment of Cincinnati Furniture,
which will bo sold at a small advance unnn eltv nrlrea.
thus obviating the necessity of citizens going elsewhere
iu uuy rurniiuru, uy making it lo llielr aiivniituge to
purchase of the subscriber, odorlne them either homo
or city manufacture.
i ne long reputation or his establishment mr the bosl
work needs no commendation, but would lust anv. aa
liter la so much said In these Inlter liu) sulmut expe
rience and good workmen, thutall work sold by me will
be warranted lobe right.
Thnnkful ror past favors, bo respectfully solicits a
conllnunnre nf public patrminge. In the same building
Is Mr. (i. Hiullh'sChalr ami Bedstead Factory, ao thai
customers can be accommodated In all kinds of Furni
ture. Call awl soo our large and splendid lot of Furni
ture. GEOKUK L. EClvKUT.
rnrmfrTTaiii i i in uni
TIIR subscriber has associated with him Mr. I.' K.
HAUnln llionndurlaklng business. This branch
or tho business wlll hereafter be conducted nndor the
Arm name of KCKERT dc II A IX. 'Tbey have a good
II HAKSK and HOUSES alwuv S reailv tn attend flineriila
The snbsertbers hnvo now, and hereafter will keep con-
.laimv ,, iinuii,an bij lea aim aisoa ot tomni roauy
made, ao Ihat they will bo ready lo furnish thorn In a
few minutes notice. Tliey will promptly attend funer
als' any whore In tho county without oxtra charge Th!
i "i avepinfr iiieni on naiiti wtu onaiiie idem to
funilsh thorn nt reduced prices. ECKEBT St HALL.
jjiiensiur, roorugry 10,4r-iiill ,, . .r ,
OiiponltBShirller's Hotel, l.nncnster, Ohio.
IOIIN SK A RLEH roajioctfully Invite tho attention of
the puhllc pi tho rocont aildlllons lo Ills stock of
noois, nmtioiiory, Ac. Having made arrangements
Willi H. W . Durbv dc Co.. Publisliers. to forward all
new piibllenllons, llms plucliur tho rending cominnnl
ty of tui, city and vicinity en ah equal fooling with Cln
clnclnatl readers.
A large stork of School Books always on hand and
for sale wholesale or retail.
1 ho followiuo' cnmiirlsua a nortlon of the mlscollan-
eona works Just received:
r.very man's owu Uiislnoaa Book.
Blank Books of all kiudL fur uiln at whnleln .nrl
retail. . - - . -
Family Bibles of all kind and at all prices.. '
Pino assortment of Novels, latest publications.
A splendid lot of Portmnnies of all kinds.
POCkut WallutM. Pr,nm.MtwM Tnnll, Uni.h.i .rl C...1
Hot Com, the Lamp Lighter of Kew York,'
Bleak House, by Dickons, Shady Bide At Sunny Elde
Ihe Flush Times of Alabama and Mississippi,
( hrtstiun Purity, by Foster, J vears In California.
1 he Second War with England, by HoaOley,
I're.eoll'i Peru and Mexico.
Kcw York, Ita Upper Ten aud Lower Million,
women's Medical Guide,
Swan's Revised Ntiilutes of Ohio. ... ' ,
lVo ning'a Works on Archllortiire.
ItownlllV's Prillts anil TTnilt Tm nnrl itm.1 itarir.
'I' wllUh I " requested to call aad see for lhcmsr-1 ves.
t VM Sitwea rlaa.
WILL be received on the Srst train to this City from
the S'outli, comprising articles In every depart
menu lb Sue wo are receiving evervlhlng which I
(wniiucled with the comfort ami even luxury of families
and perrons. WHlTlt J. JUUAN.
prll a, kSn, . - . , . - ..
wma two, .
Sotrrnwnr Coaata orBaoaawaT Tbisd Strtss
Ciaolaaati, CM!. : ', -
k; winner proprietor.
T1H1S new and eommodlott Hotel, from It loeatlon
I la adinurably calculated lor the aecotaniodatioa of
tho bnsirres Men, as "well a parties of pleasure Yrtt
Ingvhealtf. It" ample accommodation bav kanre
eently Inoreanid by an addition of forty lodging rooms.
Neatneas, cleanllaoaa and comfort ar tbe principal at
traction, and th aaramltUng atteallon of Ui Propria,
tor and hla assistant will Insnr aktlafactioa.
Clnclnaall, January 1B84 57 '
C"1 liK.VOI.IspnnarvdtafurnishallkuxUofarriAaf
1T.KtiISKb,apott'hort nolle and at ClneUnalt
aad Pittalinrg prtcoa." ;
Also, all kinda of Mm Geartnir. Rolatlng Re row,
Reiniiatlug Sentwa, Jha. aorowai jTullsr'a Hurts aad
Cider Screwa.
aliil Swindles o?1 Iron or vVrouhU' "
Jtttlesnud Drivers, .Ve., Ac.
; He wttl also farniaii the PARXUtt WHEFX to ntt
iinv head of water, and with either Iroa or wood . abaft.
LftlsotbeTCrKlNKOK WRKKL At op aa above. Th
pelentan tb Pa nor tvruui naa axpirea ana eoiuo
auoatly tliey con be had muck cheaper.
Ho also contiuaeslo make DKVol3 THBASHIKO
MACH15ri!,aad koapaatoteouttautly Oahnd; ar
ranted tb beat la Ohio. . . -
All the abeva article will be made villi especial car
and by the beat workmen, and will be warranted.
All nda orrenainns; none upon uie rmortost notice.
Ho Uo keenaconstautlvon hand. ALL KINDS OP
CASTINGS, usually kept la a Foundry. He haa com-
fileted his frout shop, so that those who call eau oiniu
ne his work.
The known ooalllyofthe work done at this estab
lishment for many yaraust,la th beat guorrantee thai
In future, the suiitcrtber win laoor to -oeslro tha pal-
ronilge or tne puiilic. no inviivs oxamiuaiion.
Laueastor.JlaylO, liiii. fiDKVOL.
A NEW and singularly successful remedy for the
j , cure oi att eiituua uiseasoa costivenesa, indiges
tion, Jaundice, dropsy, rheumatlam, fevers, gout, hu
mor, uervoumesa, Lrrltabllitr, Inflammations, buad-
acho, pains in the bruat, aide, back atid limbs, femule
complalutsietc. Indeed, very few are the diseases in
which a purgative medicine 1 not more or leas requir
ed, and much sickness and suffering might be prevent
ed, if a harmless but offucttialcathasticworo more free
ly used. No person can feel while a costive habit of
xmoy provaus; besides it soon generate aeriou and
often fatal diseases, which might hare been avoided by
tho timely and Judicious uso of a good purgative. This
la allko true of colds, Jmerlsh symptoms and bilious
derangement. They all tend to become or produce
no iiw, eeaieu auu loruiioauie uistenirrs wnicu load
tho boarses all over tho land. . Hence a reliable family
physic Is of the first Importance to the public health jind
this hns been perfected with consummate skill to
meet that demand. An extensive trial of lUvlrliiM. l.v
Physiciana, Professors mid Patients, baa shown results
surpusslug any thing hitherto known of any medicine.
Cures have been effected beyond belief, wore they not
auvmuminim uy pursoiisui Blica exuiieu position ana
vuurueupr as iu loruiu inu suspicion OI untrillll.
Ainong.tho many eminent gentlemen w ho have testl
fled in fuvorofthese Pills, we may mention:
Doct. A. A. Hnyes, Analytical Chemist of Boston, and
Stale Assaj oroi'Miissai hnselta. who highly Professional
tunrncicr is enuorsea oy ino ....
Hon. Edward Everett. Senator of tho TJnlled Rlates.
Bobert C. Wlntlirop, Ex-Spoakor of the House of
,ei resell mil vea,
- Abbott IdWronco. Minister Plen. tn Fnrrl.nrl-
John B. Fltxnatrlck, CaUiollc Bishop of Bostoni also,
Dr. . R. Chilton. Prcticul ChaniLtof Vow Vnrk I'.lv
H...I,, n.l K " ' '
Hon. W. L. Marcy, Secretary ofKtnte.
Win. B. Aster, the richet liianin linArlr,
S. LelOlld Slid df Co..Pnilirilllnri. nf Uir. UUfrnnllf.,n
Hr.1,.1 r.H .l." ' '
Did space neruiil. we could trive manvtinmlmi ...
tUlcatos from all payts whoro tho Pills have been used,
but evidence even more convincing than tho expe
rience of eminent publle nien. la found iu their effects
upon iriiil.
Those Pills, tho result Of lolnrlnvestiirntion mil .ln.lv
...... v., ,u ,,iu ,iiuiivai, uie newt unu most COIIllllelO
which the nrosciit state ofinedleal ni ii-in-e mn i,Ar.
Thoy arevomtKKindednui of tho drugs themselves, but
of tho medimilvlrtuesonlyof Vegetiiblo remedies ex
tracted bv chemical process ill a slate of puritv, and
coiiihlnoiltogelheHiisuehn ninuiieriia to iiisu'ro the
boat rOSIlltS. TllissVStem Of COIIlIIOMltion for Inr-iHi-lm..
has boon found iu Uio ehorry Peclirrul and Pills both, to
produce a more efficient remedy than hud hitherto been
obtuinod hv any process. The mason is perfectly ob
vious. While bv the old mode of composition, every
medicine is burdened with moro or less of acrimoni
ous anil injurious qualities, by this onch Individual vir
tue only that ia dusired for Ihe curative erteet i. nmini
All the inert and obnoxious iiiiiillles of each .iili.ini....,
emproyed are left behind, tho curative virtues only bo-
reiuinu. neiicu ii is seii-o veueui ine cnects should
prove as they bnvo proved more purely remedial, and
the Pills a surer, more nowerful nnililoio ioili...uB il.im
any ninor meuiciiie known to inu world.
As it isfreoilOllllv exiiedieilt that III V liieilleino. .nonl.l
bo taken uu.lor tlic i-oiinsel of an atlendliig Phyaicliin,
and ns.he could not properly of thu remedy w ithout
knowing Its cnmiroatllnn, 1 havo supplied the ncciimlo
cwniiiii.e uy w uicu ooin my roctoruiuiul rills are uiude
lolhn whole bodv of Practitioners In tho United Klnte.
and British A merlenn Providences. If however Ihero
should any ono who has not received them, they will
v,' riui.ijm, i,,r,,iir'n-o ej man 10 ins reqiieM.
Of all Ihe Patent .Medicines Mint are otlered. how feir
would be taken it' teelr coin noull Ion un. Limtvui 't'l.i.
inn consisi in ineir mystery, i unvo no mysteries.
i lie com position otmy )irepanilious Is laid open to nil
men. nnd all w Im are eounielent li, liitliro ,,,, ti, .i,i.
Ject freely acknowledge their rnuvH lions of Ihoir In-
iruiiiic merits. 1 he cherry reclornl was pronounced
h seientlllc men to bo n w onderful nieilli ino before lis
effects were knnwu. M,uuy oiiilueut Phvalctuus have
ilecbirud the sitme thlnir ut niv Pills, and even mom
eonlhloiilly. and are willing to certify Hint llielr' antici
pations were more than realised bv thuir si'i-ru unnn
trlnl. , " - t -
1 hex nncrate bv llielr rrnwnrful lnflueiier. nn Him Iu.
tenml viscera to purify the Id I ami nliuiiiliiio it into
houltliy union remove llin obstriictiotsof the slomuch,
bowvls, liver and oilier organs of tho, Irmly, restoring
thoir Irregular action to iienlth, uml by rorrerliiig.
wherever they exist, such derumreinents us uro the flr.t
oritrln of disease.
Prenared bv James C. Aver. Prncllenl nn.l Annlill.
cnl coemlst. Lowell, Mnsiuehiiaolts. Price 33 cents tier
llox. rive Boveji for $1. ...
Sold hv Olio W. Kroahier ami V.. T.. Rlor-mn nnd en
Lnnruslor, Ohio. Jutioi, 1K31 ami
D)tptjisla,- Jaaadic, Ckranic ar A'treact Dcbilit)
Viitnirca of I he Kid Hptja,
AKnu11tlicauarlliigfrnui a disonlereil Mvor Or
Moinneh: such os coiisiiniiition.lnnaril nlle.. full.
uesanr blood to the head, uciilily of tho slnmach, iiuu
aea, huart bunn, disgust for food, fiiilness or weight in
tho stomach, jour eructations, sinking or fluttering at
the till of ihe stomach, swlminlmr nf the head, hurried
unci ilimcuil breathing, fluttering at the hoiirt, ehouking
orsull'ociitlnii aensallous when In a lying posture, dim
ness of vision, dots or webs before the sight, fovcrmid
dull pnln in the boadrdeflclency of pttrsiiiratlun.yellow-
neanui iiiuauu, aim eyes, pai n in tne aiuo, nnek,enesl,
limbs, etc., sudden laisu of heat, burning in the flesh,
viisiaiu iiuagiuiiigs ill oc great uupresslun inspirits,
Dr. IIooflnnd'K Celebrntcd t.ermnu Bitters
Prcparrd ha T)r. C- JnrUon, al tha flerlna Mtdkint
firers,AV. Arch Street, Philadelphia
Their nnwer n. nr IIia ,hnr. ill. n. an. 1. nnl nvr... It.. .1
If equalled, by any other propnrutiou In Ihe Hulled
Slutes.as the en res 5'tosl, lu muny cases uflor skilful
phvsii-laiis had failed.
These Bitlora are worthy tho attention of Invalids
Possessllia aruat vlrluo In the rutllleatlnn nfiliuinan. nf
Uio Llvor and lessor glands, exercising tho most seareis
Ing power In wesknessnnd effections of the digestive
organs, they are, withal, safe, certain und ploasntil.
Asasf and ha convinced. F. Kkssblmkir, Jeweler,
W'oostor. Oklo. Decomboriltid. IKil. said: l nmlimnn
thlsopportunlly of informing you of the groat benellt 1
nave uori veu irom tne use ot nr. iioonniul'a German
Hitters, I have used them for chills ami fuverauil ilia.
ordered atomach, and found rulleflu every case. They
re tne uest remedy for unordered stomach, 1 think, in
AiMi-uru'. t ,
P. Fot.av. Hlonmlleld. Oliln: October 7. 1PM. said:
W'llh foellnirs nf ifratltitde 1 tnko mv nun tn Inform thu
of tbe Ineitlciilnblo bonetii I havo durived from tha. uso
of Hooflnnd's German Hitters. I have used them for
tho Uvor complnlnti and tnko pleasure In recommend
ing them to thi puullo aa the safest gud best remedy
now In uso."
The Editor of tho Waoetrr liemacral. tHni 0. 1S.-.9.
aald: "Hiiflniid'sOeriunii Bltters.--Thls Invaluable mo
diclne it dullv performing (uros of the mnsl roinarknblo
character. Wu So unlspeak of Oils medlclno without
a knowledge of lis oMU'uey, us wo havo tried II in our
family, and find It tn be tho only thing neoded lu liver
complaint or dyspepsia.
Ootaadz CLaKKK, Cambridge, Ohio, November 17,
iroa, mi,,,; --at iiioao persons w itonnvo used your Hoor
land's German 4lltlers, lliey uro considered mi lnvulua
blo remedy furd?ncila,"
ICiYob ahoul'd boar iu rhlnd that Iheso Blllors are
MraiH vaerrsaiavlbeciqij; possessing advautasH's
over most of the propurulions recommended fur simi
lar diseases... '
For sal bv KnufTnifln A co. F.. Kalb, Rushvlllct R.
B. Walknr, Wost Hiuhvlllo; Porter i Wotrstun. Lytho.
polls, ami Denier In inediuliio every where.
December 17, Ii-JJ ly
. . CARD.
ct'-ontsE v. no Ki.r.T ca.,
Ti halossate aast HeSall Bvalara 1st Ravata
mm ansaea al all kindaaad ialitls-a,
- Mrs. Greene's Block. Main Street, Lancaator, Ohio.
June J,WI. . '
n AVE Jnst received and are now opening at their
extensive estublishuient, tho largesl ami meat gen
eral assortment ot siesata sac Kkaraa
. ever bmuglit to tlUscity, o, ,,t .;-1 ,
(r In this line, caa aag will aril mi Tea.
prUee lamer than ana ether h.ateinaraat ej thie axarktt.
a,u aiin-a t-xrii.i.i. in pan OI
toil case Men's, Youth's and Boy's wear, each as Patent
Leather, FreuAica If, Oak touuod calf, Kip and coarse
Men's Patent Leather and Congress Gaiters,
Oxford and Kossuth Tloa, Pumps and slipper.
A very large stock of Goat, Enamelled, calf, Kip and
coarse brogans from 8U ooiila to l,r per pair.
V.,iiii, .. tu.vi. a... ..j i ...
Patent Lenttrer,cnlf, Monterey and Enamelled Leather
. brocaus from 40 cents tn l nnr nalr.
The ladles, M issos and Little Ones are largely provid
ed for In thoir line: ,
too case, com prising Ladles' Gaiters of all enlnnl mr
, from f I lo t !M per pair, .
Morooco.busklns frrmi Jt) eentato-tlJS tier pair.
Slipper from SSoenu to l par pair, all other kinds
In entiles variety and uropurllomblv low wrima.
Thousand nf pairs children's boors and shoes, all kinds,
and at all prices, at from Mif cents to 75ela ner nair
' G KO 11 SO, S i O C K LE Y A CO. 1 nte nd neUher to
blow nnr brag, but mark what tbey aay: they are tk
U'!te.,?!,,' 1,8 lirestatook In the market.
"iS.'1 l "'"s defying all eompeUtlon. -
' ItT00" Snd try aud buy., ' " .
In addition to the above, we will manufacture to or
der any article that eaa ba .nil., 1. ,..nu.
jpalis( done In teahortostpoaiable notice. , .. .
' Ml aaist Mferaa k'lsistlaiax. . '
'We hate aluo a lare assort men jf Shoemaker's
Kits and Finding of all kinds, which we will sell lots
r than an; rtllisr bnilse In the eitv. -
Lanctorcr, Juns 7, iwt, '
rensuisscsaS A rrmsivr-naaait.'
tuforiued that
tb rtocklng ValiTawmally
Athene at noon Ibr Lancaster, (Sundaysexeepted) lytnA
over at Locwa ta avoid night travel aad arrive rn Ua-
simt ur v . n H wim n fa TO
caater in due usae to connect w ith th Train on th C.
W. Si t. Rail Road and with th Liana of Coach to
Chtlllcolh, Zanoaville, Columba aad Newark.
. Reluming, will leave Lsuioaaler oa th arrival (fear
and coaches at half peat 4 o'clock, P. M., remaining at
Logan evor eight and arriving at Athens ai is Ji.t aext
IrrBy this arrange mnl paaaemgars and Wialf aistter
w 111 be carried soma eight hoursii n advaaea of tk form,
ermode. - M.S. KERlDKKox SON, Proprietor,
lay lg Sia H. CROSrl, General Agent. .
JtrpHocklng Sentinel, Athena AleaMuger aad Demo
crat please copy, . .
Chcajaei1 thajs ever befora Offered 1st
AS lately purchased from P. Bone hi Interest (it
the Hardware traalaea. aad la addition to hla al.
reauy targe atoca, u now daily receiving, direct Iroa
Ihe Manufacturers and Importer, a large purchase of
new goods, which will nake hi stack of Hardware on
of the most extensive to be found la tola aaarket. Hia
facilities for purchasing and arrangements with Manu
facturers, which ar equal lo any, will enable htm to
offer all deseriptiong of Hardware, at iasfsr pritea than
mat other tataiiiahmant. The srtteutroa of Pnaaaaa
and Maon.sK-s Is Invited to tha extraerdlnary Indue,
ments now held out to them In the way of great bar
gain s fully satisfied that If, they consult their own In
terest they wiU be certain to call and examine 'hut pri
ces before purchasing elsewhere By eloaa attoation
to'buslncss, and by constantly keeping en hand a full
and complete assortment ana tha beat good, k kppe
to secure a large share of the patronage of th Farmers
and Meehauicaoflhe ooanty. - , t
April i!6, 1M4. ' " '
Meeraamlev) Taala. .
STTtTRD to all trnrlos and of Ihe most approved" make
Butchor'a Cast Steel, Frrraer and Backet's Gouga, ,
Spear and Jackwur1 Cast and Spring Steel Saw.
Hotelier's Double and Single Plan Iron,
' Ohio Tool Company Plane, ...
Mason and Plasters Trowts, :- -Cooler's
Drawing knives, ete., for sale cheap by
April as, 18i. , . JOB KFF1KGEK.
Usilgr aud Cagriaga Slalaera
TT7'ILLIInd,attha ffen Harimara Stara, oppeaits
the Tallmade Haute, one of the largest and beat
selected stock of Trimmings ever opened in this mar
ket, Conststtngln part of -
100 Plccos Eunml'd Dock and Canvas,
13 w " Fauoy colored do.
SO u- all Wool and union Damasks
SO Hides pateul and Knam'ld Leather,
Brass aud Silver Plated Bands, Top Props,
Stump Joints, Laces, Spring. Axels, ete.
Lancaster. April ?, lCSt , JOHN KFF1NGKR.
f OHS EFFING BR would Invite the attention of C'ar-
? pentertant Uaaee Bntlder to hi large slock of
lousa bulldinir . 'materials. Thev will find constant!.
on band, the best Juniata Nails, Spikes and Brad;
Tho most approved Door locks and Latches;
Window Gluss and Sash of all sixes; .
Coucklln and Wood's Pure White Lead and Oil;
Door and Blind B ts. Shop Hinges, Bolts, ete.
Those about buildinr will be certain to save mmrf
by uxumliiiiig my price before purchasing elsewhere
April so, ico-t. - - .
Cd, main Street,
IN calling the attention of the public to their new ad
vertisement, would embrace the Opportunity of re
turning their lhanka to their old friends and the publlo
generally for thoir very liberal patronage in time past,
and would most respectfully solicit a contlnnanoe of
the same, aslhcyaru determined to spare ao effort to
make it both pleasant and profitable to any and all per
sons wishing to ourrlraae Hardware nf rlAMrtntlnM
of them. Feeling satisflod with thoir experience lu the
busiuussand means of keenlnlr un a lunra stock, that
lliey ran offer creator inducement to the publie than
ana other ealaHiahment in the cite ar eiciairg. Tbey aro
en un-uru oi ine uecussuy oi smau estaoushinonle
mukliiE up In blnwlnir and nufllnr what tbav hick in ma
ny other particulars, tliey wish thorefore to avoid any
thing of that kind, anil are anliafied after roeolvina. their
entire nuw slock, which Is now arriringdailvdhala look
through thoir ettenaiae aatahliahatani will" satisfy any
ono that the Great Hard vara Stare ts the place to flmt
what lliey want and at low prlcus. Thoir Mock will oon -slst
in juirt us follows:
CARPENTERS and Bulldors will please take notice
that tho new linn of WHITE ck LATTA will sell
iione but the best Juniata Kails. All Nails sold by uj
wiilbow iirninteil. We have now on hand.
.Vrll Kegs Nails, Spikes and Brads,
S-50 HoxesSxIO, ItlxK and 10x14 City Glass.
SUO Kogs Win. Wood & Co'a Pure Whito Lead.
3 Harrols of Putty.
In nddltlon lo the aboro we hava a vrorvl.rrr. .Iaw .1
Bititdimr Uardwara uf evrv dluirlntlnn. hlnk win
sold alieaper than ever. . , j; WHITBdt LATTA.
Ullicii.ter. A prll !M, IKM.
JDini arBarnronn,lofHOI'I'SD IKON,
tl ll JO.OOOdo Hammered Iron,
j.hbi pounu last eteei, S' to 8 inch square,
aiU do English Blister Steel,' --4HI
do Double Shear do , ,
"no do . Gorman do
Mini do Spring do . '
1ISI0 do Americaii Rlisterdo '.".,
1 n store and Tor sale at low prices, bv '
AprllM, IHil. WHITE tk LATfA.
II.ASE Irons, Chisels, and Gouges, Bench Planes,
I Moulding and Bend.Match and Table, Hatchets and
iluml Axes. Hrouil ea Choiiniinr Axas. llrnwin H.irM
of nil kinds, Steel and Iron Snuarea, Giiagea and Try
Squares nil sizes, improved Boreing Machines, Hand,
!... .... I TV . t, I i tar v s - "
. luniieiii nipping, weo ana uompass Maws,
Cross Cut und Mill Saw, for sale bv . -.'
Aprll 29, lf54. WH1TB A LATTA.
c Titfriatr, Vetpfvr, Mire, dte.. .
iif Boxes IC and 1 Y Tin Plate.
HI f Square and 100 Plate do
Tiii'd Coppor
Shoe! nnd Bar Zinc,
Sheet Iron and Wire,
Copper and Iron Ulvlts, by
4Dox. French Willow Wagons,
S do Common do do,
S do Gig Top Cabs '
fl do Square and Round Cloths Baskets, "
HI do Market Basket, open and (OT'd
Willow Cradles, die.
. Rocking llorsos and Wheel Barrows,
Pat Cloths Pint and Grans Mattf, by
April M,lrat. . WHITE A LATTA .
Aalla,Vlceaaait ckaaaltksMlI)WS
Qf Anvils, wnlghlng from 100 to 225 pounds each -ill
15 Solid Boxed Vice. , i"
12 pairs Blacksmith 'a Bellow, .
Sledges, Hamniors, Borax, An. for sale by '
April 20, 1854; . WHITE A LATTA.
1 arming laaylrmeitta.
Of Pox. Cast Steel PoI'd Hoes, -(iVl'JO
do 2, 3 and t Tine Steel Fork '' - .
. 50 do Grass and Grain Scythes,
S do Woflord's Grain Cradles, " '
SO do Scythe Snathes, .
SO do Hay and Grain Rakes, ' '
4 do firuuiblo Scylhea, Ac, cheap by '
April 29, 185t. WHITE A LATTA.
ri:f.Lor.s, sroKEi Mm urns.
WE hare now on hand, and which by onr arrange
ments with the manufacturers, we caa offer at
thulrblllufprleeawithrrleghl added. -
15(1 Sou Bont Fellows,- , . - ; " '
WO " Spokes, ' ' "". '
' US " Hubs, ' " .)',..; i
75 " Rent heat Shafts
HKI " Buggy Bows.
Aprilacra,.' i " -WHIM A-tATTrr
Af.rnR wiiiiiiAiasir ;
practice in tbe Courts of Falrfleld and ad
iiw eountles.
Ho niay be
be found dnrinr ballness hnnn, ii..
nf II. H Hunter, Eso. nnj J, isji.
rmmf tttmm mmem rtastta. .
TIIR nnderslgncd hare a large amount of Osage Or
a n go Seeds and Plant of the best quality .surpassed
by none In tho eonnlry,which they will sell at the lowest
market price.
At from S3 to 40 cent per rod, with a fair deduction
where large contracts are made. .
from 75 cents to rod-the payment at tol-
IP'oT wheu the """f" ""t nd Ine balance whsa
U will answer tbe purposo of a good fenoe
For what disinterested Judges wlll say it Is irOrth, h$
compared with good fences) when U Is completed. .
At fl to l,25 er rod.lo be paid for when completed.
JAMES BUMPTER A CO., Day too, Ohio.
J.wtsSnicvTaa, College Corner, Bntler eounly.OMo
JsnisMcGaanr, Alaxaadsrsviile.Ohlo, .
Baajaatia Laas, Dayton. Ohio. ' '
Mur j.lrst. G. JaUKTIN, Agent, Carroll, tphio.
?V 'smmin fnsrt, "
SI f AVE removed theirClo thing Establishment
Ji 1 1 to the TaUlmadga Black, frit dorr last of
Hsu. Laeta'a Hardware stara, where thev are epen
ng a large and eitensiro assortment of SPRINO iND
SUMMER GOUUS, and aro new manufacturing every
variety of Sprrnf . amd Camasr Weary which !
sell as low aa the same quality of good and word eaa
be purchased at any athar establishment la the dry,
Their clothing ia manufactured under their own enper
vision, and is consequently superior to Ult 'which la
biOu'ght from otlier places. - Tbey bar also on band,
heemtifal earns Vlotha,Omaaimtraa, Ver'-ni.a,e)e.,
which they are pd.-tiared to manulactne ts ordor. They,
have la thelremploy the best of workmen and r at'
all time prepared to make th beat flta la the latest
Styles. JlUknrmarhwiU haataa-rmatad..
Thepnhlioar twapectfutly niteliadto 011 and .
amine their stock, and while thankful for the liberal
patranaga tbey bar anlnyed, tbey aaaare their old cus
tomer, aad all others that they will labor to give ven
tral satisfaction both In ah quality and price of tHalr
goods and wwt, SPBINGEJt TBOUf ,
loDcaster Ji ptU 8, J9M

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