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jaiiy ntornins Jan 11.1855
CV W. 4c 85. BAIIr ROAD,
"A Jack Knife."' :
. Who, Und reader, along the wliole route
of the incinnnti, Wilmington & Znnesvllle
Railroad ever though of comparing this
grtat enterprise to ns insignificant an item
In the world' mocnanisraas "aeltknfu,,,
an instrument to be found in ' every .Yan
kee'! pocket in the land. Don't laugh. rad-
- er, curl your lip and with the exclamation
.'from the sublime to the ridiculous" pass
"this article- by without further notice; but
bTe patience and we will tell you a "tew ;
- things" connected with the history of a
Jack Knife that may "lead you 4iank-
fa - - .i '
ipg. - . - ;
: Well, as the story goes, once on a time
a ship was driren out of her course, and
cast away within sight of an unknown
- -coast. All on board might have escaped
in'tbe boats, though rather crowded, but
one of the passengers, on their refusing to
admit h trunk in any boat, remained in
the ship to unfasten it and getout his pock
et book, which contained notes to : the a'
mount of 20,000. This be thought
. would not detain him a moment, and he
requested them to wait; but in the hurry
- and confusion of the moment, he could not
immediately recollect what lie bad done
with the key of the trunk. Having found
it at last and secured the money, be per
ceived to bis dismay that every boat was
out of sight, while the ship was fallings-
part, and suddenly he found himself in the
sea. Catching at some article tlint 'was
floating by, be clung to it almost uncon
ciously, not relaxing bis hold even when
hi? sensos were failing. Fortunately be
was floated to land, and when be revived.
he found himself lying on the beach. As
sooa as bis strength returned, he ascend
ed an eminence, but could see no sign of
the wreck or boats, or of any human crea
ture. But as he was leaning despondintrly
against a troo, he was suddenly startled by
being , slapped on the shoalder, while a
.voice to hU ear exclaimed 'what cheer, my
hearty?' Turning round he gladly receg
nised one of the crew,dc inquired what bad
become of the rest?
Why, I don't know, but I suppose they
are safe by this time, but I have seen noth-
ing of them,
. 'Were you with them in the boats?'
No, I stayed on board to the last.' "
." 'And so did I, though I was not aware
of your being aboard. I hope you suc
ceeded as well as I did in saving your prop
erty.1 .
'I had nothing to save but a jack knife
and a plug of tobacco both safe enough
in my trowsers pockets '
. .. 'Then why did you not think of saving
yourself at once?
4No, I could not think of leaving the
ship as long as the planks held together.
Hhe could not say. I was not true to the lout,
Bat come, comrade, lot us see what kind of
quarters we have got into.'
They travelod some distance without any
sight of a habitation. . Necessity quicken
ed their bigonuity, they were successful
occasionally catching fish, oysters.or bird,
in all which the sailor's jack knife proved
of invaluable jorvioo, in preparing the
proper snares and weapons, in opening the
oystors, cutting up, or cleaning the fish or
birds above all, in striking a light to
make a fire for the purpose of cookery.
Once, also, when they were attacked by a
wild boast,, the sailor by a promptness or
Ins jack knife savod their lives
.- They bad lived in this manner for some
months, when arriving at the opposite side
of tho island, they found it inhabited by
savages, who conducted them to their
ling. The gentloman, anxious to concili
ate their copper skinned majesty, produced
a fivo hundrod pound bank, note, and po
lituly offered it to Lis acceptance. The
king examined it with some curiosity, ap.
plied it to his nose and tongue, and being
pat'mfied that it was not good to oat, re
turned it with contempt. The gentleman
soon found out that his twouty thousand
pounds could not procure him the smallest
consideration. The sailor.on the cpntrary,
in a fow days became a personage of great
importance for the many Servicos which
lit was anahledto rendor with bin jnck
linlfe, among a people whore iron was un
known. They liberally supplied all their
wants, and bis rich friend was glad to prof
it by bis bounty.
One day, as they -were attondinir tho
king, on an eminence overlooking the sea,
they descried a distant sail evidently pas
ing the island. They .kindled a bonfire
and hoisted signals but they did not sua
ceed In attracting notice. ,,
If we only bad a boat,' exclaimed the
ailor, "I think we could ' get within bail,
and she does not stand far out.'thouch it
is plain she intends to pass without touching
wis way, ,
. The gentleman produced bis twenty
thousand pounds, and offered it to the king
in exchange for a canoe, but bis majesty re"
jocted the roll of paper, and turned to the
ailor with a single word 'knife -
The bargain was instantly closod, the
jack knife received by the king with no
less delight than was experienced by the
Englishmen as they jumped into the canoe.
. 5y dint of hard paddling, and a favorable
current, they got within hail, and were
taken aboard of the ship,, which proved to
be an English vessel homeward bound.
As they came within sight of the white
cliffs, the gentleman took the sailor apart,
and bandrd bim two notes, which amount
ed to a thousand pounds, and said: - 'You
must not refuse to accept this, tot you have
done me more than twenty times as much
Ms I caul J have done. 'I trusi you may
find these biKs, one day or other, ; asusefu'
as your rtck knife has been. I hare learn
ed by this time Uiai man's wealth is to be
measured, not by tiS extent of hi possessions,
but by the vse he tan make of what he pos
sesrre.' Notwithstanding, kind reader, the re
gion of country which . 'we arer-proud to
call our borne, is acknowledged in the na
tion's history to be the finest agricultural
and mineral portion of this great continent.
yet, airing (povr pectiK.tr situation, all our
vast resources, all our wealth, all our
"black diamonds? are like the poor ship
wrecked traveler's twenty thousand pounds
ain't so much as worth a couocto stem
the rapids of the Hocking, and not equal
to a Jack knife in an emergency. What
signifies mountains of iron if you ctn't usb
it? Why raise millions of bushels -of pro
duce when you have no horse to carry it to
market? Why raiso wheat, corn and.ryo
when wo have no wagons to haul it from
the fluids, and no mills to grind it? What
signifios living in a fine sountry if wedon't
cultivate it? As well might we live in
some barren desert as to bo blest with
wealth and not uso.it. Verily, verily, we
say unto tlie moneyed farmers ot the
country who are holding back the wheels
of progress, better by far invest your means
in "jack knives - ana tooin picus mrtn to
allow a "penny wise and pound foolish"
idea to take possession of your heads, your
hearts and your pockets. In fine, never
drain a mill-dam to find a ten cent piece,
and if you have wealth invest it in .some
thing that will benefit yourself, your pos
terity, and above all, your country. Wha
the "Jack Knife" done ' for the sailor the
V. W. Je Uailroad will do tor you.
The Indian cared -nothing for the rich
man's money for tho same reason that tho
marls of the world will care nothing for
our iron hills, our coal mines and our pro
ductive fields they can't use thorn. "A
man a wealtn is to be measured, not by the
extent of his possessions, but by the use be
can make of what be possesses."
LrNCii Law in Mariposa Jack JloarJce
Flung by the Peeple. Tho citizens of Mai i
posa wore all Inst wock in a state of great
excitement, la consequence of tho murder
of a man named James Hot ing., a tall, fine
looking Kontuekian, by n one-eyed enm-
bler, known in many parts of the State ns
- I T- V W
jacK ivoai'Ke. norm? went to juanposa
from the neighborhood of So nor a about the
middle of Inst week. . He became intoxi
catcd on Saturday evening, and was taken
by Itoarke and put to bed in the hi Dorado.
Next morning ho missed some money a
bout 9 ICO which was in his pocket the
oveninir previous.
During Sunday and Monday lie made
some inquiries to discover the thief, and
from fauts elicited by liim, became con
vmced that itoarke was tue person.-
Itoarke, previous , to tho robbory of the
monoy, hnd represented himself as boing
broke, and Una was ; pretty generally re
ceived by his associates as true, After the
events of Saturday evening, he appeared to
have somo funds, and was betting , rather
On Tuesday morning bo and two others
were sitting in the El Dorado Saloon, when
Horing cntered.nnd insinuated that Roarke
had robbed him. . Roarko said that he
must not make any 'insinuations ; against
him; and that ho was too well known in
Mariposa; and that if he did make any such
insinuations, ho would shoot tho top of his
head oil". , Tho deceased replied that if he
took the top of his head off he would have
to take lha bottom off with it. lie then
rose from the tnbh where he was sitting,
draw his pitUol, cocked it, and presented it
in tho direction of Rortrko. Mo G real im
mediately stppcd between them, oaught
the pistol of the deceased and pointed it up,
whon Roarke reached round Mr. McGresl
and shot Horing, while hold by anothor.
After receiving a mortal wound, Horing
fired at Roarke who was flying, but missod
him. Horing died, nnd Roarke - was ar
routed and confined in tho county jail.
The people wore very much excited a
gainst the murderer at tho time, but . their
indignation slumbered until Saturday last,
when the agent of Adams it Co., reports
that Jack Roarko was taken from the jail by
a large crowd of the citizens, nnd bung un
til deud, on a troo just ouleido of the limits
of the town. ,
An eyewitness odds:
"Arrived at the gallows, bo ascended
the platform with the rope about his nock,
madoabriuf addjess, in which ho denied
tho report of having proviously killed a
nnmber of men, as fabrications, together
with some other charges which had been
industriously circulated to his prcjudico,
doolared hie regret in not being allowed a
trial by law, returned thinks to the sheriff
and parly for their efforts to retain him in
1 1 . - J j e
legal' cusiouy, auu wuu iu expression oi
"Uod. bless my sonl , submitted, and was
hung. , .
JdTCol. Benton in a recent locture, has
shown that the country between Missouri
and California, in tho (attiudoor nearly in
tu laniuuo oi waryianu, H well aunptod
to cultivation, and Capable of forming
five great States. Kansas be would di
vide iuto two States, Eastern nnd Western
Kansas. These two Slates each have a
territory of five thousand squnre miles.nnd
according to Mr. Bonton. they will proba
bly be ready for admission into the Union
within the next two years. For the third
State, Mr. Benton takes a section, nf
Rocky Mountains frem tho 37th decree of
XT .1. T -.!... J- .1.. i. . .
Hunn iiHuiuue ioiiieii, masingan area
of sixty thousand square miles. For thu
fourth State he takoe the valley of the TJn-
per Colorado. ' Thie region forms part of
territory oi utan, anutno process of set
tling it with the inhabitants is already bo
fun. The fifth State comprises tho remain
or of Utah.-' ' ' '
Dr. Graham m Stati PKisoif.w-Dr.
Robert M. Graham, conviotod of the man
slaughter of Co). Lorinir at the St. Nicholas
Hotel in August last, and sentenced to the
T! r I . .
froTthe ToX aXren
Sing Sing. - It is stated that Graham will
be placed in the medical dsn&rtmnntof th
prison as assistant physician. .Vi York
Vommernal Advertiser. . . ( ,
Discipline and Order.
In order that any school aystem may ac
complish the object for which it is estab
lished, it is necessary, in the first place, that
powers, auffk-ieutly ample, should he con
ferred upon those entrusted with the ad
ministration of such syetem. In our own'
State, with a single exception, nnmtly.the
power to compel the attendance of idle,
street children, such powers have been
very liberally "conferred. This topic ' may
thereforo, for the present, be dismissed
from further consideration. '
In the next place it U of essential im
portance that the local authorities who as
sume the duty of administering a school
system, should not only have liberal and
enlightened views of the ends to be attain
ed, by the establishment of such school sys
tem, but that they should be deeply inter
ested in its success, and give to it such an
amount of attention and care, as "shall ' se
cure for it the most entire public confidence
and respoct. ' Important, highly important
and liberal powers have tWn delegated to
tho membe rs of Boards of Education of our
State,, and much ability, much knowledge
of human nature, much ' disinterestedness
and business talent, ore required to meet
the trust reposed, in a proper manner. In
employing and discharging teachers, in nd-
muling pupns to me buiiuuis, ur in tiasi-
fying them ond promoting them from grade
10 grnue, arm in ine reguiiir nuniiuisuiiuuii
of all that portion of tho disciplino which
lies boyond the legitimate prerogative of the
toaciior, mere is constant requisition ior
those higher qualities of calm judgment,
decisions of character and moral courago,
which are supposed to be absolutely . es
sential only to much more conspicuous
public stations. ..
In addition to thatintelligence and fore
sight whicli are requisite promptly to ap
prehend tho principles and methods, neo
essary to the intellectual and moral ad
vancement of children, the school directors
need to possess tho true idea of the relations
existing between the governor and the gov
erned,, "whether found associated in tho
school room or at tho family firosido. " As
required of deacons in tho churches.school
directors ought "to rule their children nnd
their own houses," veil; ought ever to be
ready to afford that protection to timidity
or injured innocence, or, uispcnso 10
"young America" tlmtoven justice, nnd to
his blindly affuctionnto, indulgent mother,
that wholesome admonition, which the
circumstances of the caso may require.
Now there Is, wo believe, considerable
diversity of theory and practice, on many
of tho points just specified, among the local
school authorities of the fetatc; oud, in ns
much ns wrong theory and wrong prac
tice on the part of those thus holding pow
er, is likely to provo highly prejudicial to
all true educational prosperity, notwith
standing the presence of all othor good in
fluences, these several topics ecem to re
quire a enrcful review. Let us commence
with the consideration of a most ruimus,
yet very prevalent policy in school inter
ests, namely, the doctrine of expediency.
While communities observe that the school
systems of our State; or any of therrt, aro
administered npoh this basis, in wholo or
in part, true prosperity seems to be out of
me quesiion.
If our public shools arc ever to take rank
in respect and true dignity, they must be
conducted on principles of strict ins'.iccnnd
impartiality.' It should ho constantly borno
in mined; that while our schools may be
common, nmd be free, they aro still sacred
public institutions, established for the bene-
tit of the whole people, and that tliey can
not, therefore, bo cxpoctod to humor in
dividual caprices, promote private or sol
fish interest), or yield points of wholesomo
discipline, to correspond with tho particu
lar preferences of their warmest supporters
and friends. Like tbo dew and tho ram;
thoy should dispense equal blessings to all,
special mvors to nono. "
Lot us supposo that a teacher has been
selected for one of our public school with
out nny favoritism whatever, but thnt.aftor
a fair trial, he or she is found quite in
competent for the duties assuraod. Will
such teachtrbo promptly discharged nnd a
hotter ono sought? Unite possibly tho
teacher is n very nmiablo, worthy person
has a fucble constiturion is without
property or influential friends nnd needs,
very much, the employment nnd tuo row
pensntion paid for it; or, the teacher;
though manifestly nicompotent, has a cir-
?.le ot very influential friends that will bo
alienated if ho or sho is discharged; or, a
strong und open opposition will bo made
to tho schools nnd school ' system, or n di-
reut attack commenced upon some tender
point. Again, somo rowdy boy, from some
particular family, who has never submit'
tod to restraint ot any sort at home, can
not see why this wholesome dootriiie should
be taught in tho schools in short, he is
turbuleut and rebellious and authorities,
finding his care surrounded with some dif
ficulties, cvAhiXq expediency to their aid
to carry them safely through. This is, by
nomenns universal, with school authori
ties, but the tendency is quite too strong
in this direction, both with respect to in
efficient teachers and disorderly pupils.
This temporiising policy is disastrous to
tho true prosperity of nny school system.
VOme in what slmpe it may, it is to be con
demned, despised, repudiated. It is vast
ly underrating the intclligenoe nndl,moval
sense of almost any community to yield
palpable points of duty to expediency. L
. . . . ..- ....
uhIIv, the parties themselves to whom con
cessions have been made, are first to feel
and to exhibit their want of confidence in
a system thus conducted. Lot us remcra
bcr that wo all bow, from necessity, to tho
administration of exact justice, howover it
may conflict with our soluh intorosts.
(Jtm Journal vf JiJucahon,
Allied Forces in the Chimea. Accor
ding to a correspondent of the London
Times, tbo combined forces landed by the
Allies at Uld fort tn the L'rrmcn, on the
14th of September, amounted to 67,000
men, since which time up to the middle of
November, reinforcements arrived in tho
Crimea, making the total forco; 114,415
men. from this must bo deducted tbo
loss in battle, in tho trenches, by sickness
&o. 17,300, leaving on tholStbof Nov,
an effective force of 04,115 men. Since
the latter date 27,385 men have boon ship
ed for the Crimen,' making, according' to
mis snowing, a total force of 121,500 men.
In theso totals are included 7,000 British
and French sailors nnd marinos, acting as
land forces. . The aggregate Russian forco
opposed to una army amounts to about 1 1 2
uuumon. ; -
W W business of
St- 0U19 18 dono; irgn P"vate Bank
en. end tbe aggreirale footinir of their ox
1 changes, for the year amount to forty mil
ioni of aollare,
(For the Ltucutor GaseUe.l
' EdTon Gazette: I notice an article in
the last Ohio Eagle added to the Spread
Eagle joke from the Statesman, (which by
tho by I think very good,) in which the au
thor of the same has endeavored to give
something equal to ' it, but bears upon its
face a mct signal failure. It is flat and
nothing cute or smart iu it, and more than
that there is not a word of truth contained
in the whole AHicle;characteristie, however, 1
of the man who penned it. On the other ,
band there is truth in the former article-
There was a deed came in- tho office under
tho new administration in which there was
something resembling an American Eagle
in tho corner. The gentleman to whom
tho deed belonged was anxious that tho Ea
gle should be copied, and that, too,' a cor
rect copy; and upon hearing his reason for
the request, must confess that I was anx
ious to accommodate him, and not being
possessed with, genius for that kind of artis
tic skill was induced to call upon tho Dep
uty Clerk who cheerfully volunteered his
servicos, for which he will accept my
thanks. The picture in the corner of tho
d ied, as be informed.mo was an exact copy
of tho Eagle sent from the Ohio Eagle print
ing office on the night of tho lato election
in this county, and taken on its return with
tho result of tho different townships. Foor
bird, that never before had been' compelled
to announco to its nristers that sent it forth
such news as its now drooping wings fore
told; that proud tnglo grown fat and long
necked by its froquc nt pickingsin the coun
ty treasury. That Eagle, in its prido and
glory that had ofien in shrill notes pro
claimed fi om the highest porch of the
county oflices'that democracy was triumph
ant; backed to tho tune of twelve hundred
majority. That Eagle ns tnken on its r.-
turn by a citizen who resides in tho town
ship which tho well fed bird two weeks be
fore tho election said would roll up two
hundred and twenty-five majority for the
old line nominees, was compelled with the
death rattle in its throat to gasp out twon-ty-nine
for tho American Boys. It is a
copy of that same Eagle wo have on record,
all that is left of tho onco proud bird, but
hope it will not bo my lot to bo called up
on to place on Tccoru mo picture oi the
samo when it will receive from the same
hands in 1 G50 a few more arrows from the
same boys that sent it limping back to that
f V -Pil 1
nosiwnic.il one oi ine mumuois or us own
party said it had lain too long in. One
more arrow aimed by the steady hands that
aro wnitin? to draw one more bow unon it
and its carcass will bo a fit subject for tho
undertaker. 1 lion should the feeders nnd
pnmpercrs of thai bird wish to castonomoro
look upon it, wo will without the usual fee,
show them a copy ot tbeir favorite as re
ceived in this office about tho days that
commenced tho downfall of that spurious
democracy of which it died an advocate.
- llbCUUDttlt..
Tu e Em pire Cm Bask Fai lure 1 00,
000 used by a Director. I ho recent sus
pension of business by tho Empiro City
liank has resulted rather seriously to a
majority of the Directors, in cpnsoquenco
of one of thoir number having previously
become indebted to the institution m tho
sum of 6100,000. It seems a gentleman
of high standing in tho community, Mr.
Leggett.wns a leading morabcr of tho bank
direction, and being reported to possess
wealth, it was deemed no risk to loan him
argo amounts. Sinco the bank closed, an
investigation into tho affairs 1ms taken
place, and yesterday it was discovered that
Mr.Leggetl owed tho bank 100.0CQ. It was
thought liis indebtedness would not exceed
torsascert lined their mistiue.lus understood
that the operations of Mr. Leggetl have
involved fchjali I1, l urily, Jisn., to the a
mount of somo $40,C00 or 50,000, by "Sir,
Purdy s endorsing n portion of his nnperu is
counted in thoEnipiro City Bank. Afew days
njro Mr. 'Purdy was surprised by tho re
cciptofa letter from Mr. Leggctt in which
ho stated to Mr. Purdy that hc(Mr. Purdy)
hnd been hs best friend, not exceptuifir
his (liefrsott si 'father. Ho was exceed
ingly sorry to snv that all lie owed JU
Purdy ho could not pay him, nnd ho must
look to tho world for it; as before C o'clock
that evening ho (Mr. Lcggott would bo no
morei .
Efforts wore immediately made bv Mr,
Purdy and those interested in tho Empire
City Bank, to find Mr. Lcggott, but tho
ofl'ort8 wero unsuccessful, as they wero hi
formed ho had not boon seen since tho 28th
of last month.
Mr. Leiigett was a partner of Tlios. J
Sloan, li.sq., and co-proprietor of tho Ji.m
piro Works, foot of East Twenty-fifth street
nnd ins mysterious uisappoarance Mas ere
atcd quite a sensation among tho nierenn
tuo community. -A. Jr. limes.
tho English army at Sebastopol. Tho
London papers thus refer to his case:
He is a young officer, n minor, and, as it
seems, not much ot a hero. In the battle
of the Almn, he threw himself on the
ground, and screamed I am frighted,
can t fight. ,. Jord unglnn sent him word
that in tho next buttlo ho was expectod to
distinguish himself by bis gallantry, that
his cownrdico might bo forgotten. But at
lukormnnu he ngaiu behaved as cowardly;
two officers, therefore, wero sent by tho
Gonernl-in-Chiofto castaway his epaulettes,
to break his sword, and kick him out - of
camp, llo returned to England a disjrracr
cd man;. his family .disown, him, and the
clubs are closod against lnm. , , -
jC27Arrison 'tin rcmnins very much in
disposod, and is now under the special care
of the jail physician. Since his sentence
Arrison has grown pale And haggard, nnd
begins to exhibit in bis features a hopeless
ncss of escape from tho sontence which
hangs over him. Almost daily ho is vis
ited in his cell by a young lady, to whom
it is intimated he is betrothed. ' Thoir con
versation, although of a confidential char
acter, is had in the presence of jailor
: Indiana Organization of the Legisla-fitr.-
Adospatch from Indianapolis, dated
the 4th inst., says: '
'The Legislature was organized to-day,
The Senate elected Solon Furman " Princi
pal Secretary. ' Tho House olectod David
Kilgoro Speaker, and John Levering Clork
Tho Governor's message will be delivered
to-ruorrow. Ho will stronglv urge re
strictions against abuses of free banking."
XSTTho Lousvillo Courier Bays a preach
erupin Boylo county, lately prcachod
from tho following text: - .
- "Believe and repent or you will be damn
edand a Hardin county jury can'i savo
you'." . :-, ;
Jt"We notico W, S. Beaty has issued
a prospectus for a new Democratic paper,
to be published in this city. It is Under
stood that it is intended to supplant ti e; JEt
gle. It will bo culled the American J)em
ocrat. Wo suppose this name, is adopted
in. order Jo conciliate: Americans and. Lo
cofoeos, but as Mr. Bxatv has never seen
Sam" it is doubtful whether bisrulo will
work both ways. Pecuniarily wa wish the
ontorprlso every success; politically we
have no sympathy with it, ...We think,
however, he will find that it is : a day ido
lata to resurrect the rotten carcass of a de-
functparty, as the people have cut loose
from party drill, and will no' longer be. led
by the noso by a sot of corrupt politi
cians. We would state that the "Amer
ican Democrat" has no connection with tho
American Party. Mr. Beatt was the bit
ter enemy of that party at the late election.
A Chance for Bargains. ' 3..' '
; By looking over our new advertisements.
it will bo seen that several fine tracts of
land are offered for sale. Bo suro.and read
them. " -' . ;- ; .
Sco tho certilkata of Mr. Tumor H. Ramsey, for many
years proprietor of tli Farroora Hotol, Fredorkk j
bnrgh, Virginia, and late oftlio CHy Hotol, Richmond,
Dr. John Mlnge.of Hie city of Richmond, though a
regular phyalclan, and of conrae opposed to what ho
called quack medlclnea.was obliged to say that Ut good
eficels In the case of Mr. Ramsey, were wondorful.
He had been given np by aovoral physicians; had tried
most of the quack modictiios, and was on tho verge of
dospalr.-os well as tbo grave, when he tried . Carter's
Spanish Mixture. . -. . . .
Wo refer the public to bis full and lengthly certlfl-.
cato arouud tho bottlo atating his euro. .
re advertisement. - - Jan 4 lmW --
IflAltuiED, .: . .
In this Clty.Thnrsdny, Jnnuary 11, IPS.?, by tho Rev.
J. F. Kelnmiind, Mr. LEO KOLD8 and Miss A XI U.
CAIiPliKTEK, both of this city. . ... .
On the 31 t nit.. by the Rev. I. R. Wolz, Mr. JEDR-
1)1 A I ALLEN, and Miss MARY IllCGtE, of the vi
cinity of Koyalton. -
On ihnfthinst..1iT Iho snmo. Mr. WTI.LIAJI JA-
C01lti,nndi'.ll(ACHEL lii:AL'Xi.LLAK,of Uio vi
cinity .of CireoiicT.tle. . .
Cliarity JLosIsc No. 7, 1. O. O. F.
At a rerular ineotlni of Charity Lodge Ko. 7. Ii 0.
0. F. the following resolutinus wero miauimously
W lieri'lis. it nnm pioascij uroa in uis iiiHcruiwioie
wlvlom to remove from us by deatlt our lato- worthy
Brollrer John H. Head, therefore,
Ucsoiveil, That In tho ddceaaour Brotncr uonn, ins
fnmllv havo lost a sonorous and uffoctlonnte husliaiid
nnd f.ithor, this coin innni'.y, amongst whom he ionic ami
honornbly livou, a good ana luotiit cau.'ii. nno our
Fratornltvann txeuipinry eno wen ocioveu iirnwier.
Itoaolvad. Th.it wo sineorolv coinjolo wi th the rola.
liviis und nir.ny frauds of our departed Brother in this
sud and afflictive dispensation. '
Hi-snlvod. That Ui token or respect lor tno memory
oftlio deceased our LodRo Room be enshrouded in
nioiiruinc for tho period ofthlrty days.
Kesolvo'l, lliata copyol ineo resoiunoiis m seni
totlie family of our departed Brothor; and that they
alio bo published in tho papers of this city.
TIIOSvC.. WHITE, Jr., M. Grand.
ClUfi. DnEHRACH, Socrotnry.
. I'or Sale or Rout, . .
"MEVERAL Alio farms and house's and lots forsalo
3 or rent ou rcusonuble terms. Apply to
Lancaster, Jan., 11, 1PJ5 0w30. : ..
Tot Rents
Beechers corner. Includliiir lrfit and Fta-
ble, will be for rout from the Hrstnf next April id
foroneyeor. Foriuforiuatlon and tnns apply
to H. A. GEI1ELE1.S, Ageut.
Lancaster, January It, lNJ-33i r
Rotire is horrbjr given, .
riHAT on tho lllih
lay of January, A. T). IPS.'i, the
. uudeririied HI1
1 their 1'etilion In the Clork'a
Oliico oftlio Court of Common Plena orFairlleld coun
tv. nrnyiiurthe vocutioii of tlioio parts of the l!Uli Al
ley iyinir. betiveen the Lots Nos. lHll and 137, and Lots
!im. Ir, nun tn the I own of jjoekvitlc. and that part
of Korlh Alley In said Town, running from the Itllh
Alley In a Komii3arrn direction to the lowns'nn
line, Hum Petition will com'i on lo no beam on tuo
first day of the next Term of said Court, or as soon
morcallerns-cnunael can lis ucuru.
MinTi& Mem.airii, All's. A. E. MITHOFP,
January II, 1S55 3d ,
' Shori.Ts Pale.
JY vlrtno of n 11. Kt. Lev. Fa. to mo directed from
the Court of Common Pleas of FairDeld County
unit htnte of Oil o. 1 will expose tosnl,) nv nuollc oill
cry, uttlio door oftho Court IIousj, In the city ofbnn-
castor. on Saturtlatf i he 1II.-A ilnii ot t r.bruurtt net. Jt. it,
1KH, between tho hoars of 1(1 o'clock A. M. mid 4
o'clock. 1. M. of said due. Ilia follnwinx real Est ill to-
wit: In lot No. Forty-one (-11) uml Forty-two (4S) In
the Ihlril aililitmn or in-luln lo tho town oruaiuiuore
taken at Ihssultof J. P. Ward, against jPcroj lion
Lot No. 41 appralacd at $240. Lot No. 42 appraised
at 4j.
Termsof sulo chsIi In hand. VM. POTTEH.SUorlff,
January hth 5.oj0pfS3,
Tbo I.ait CSimico nnd tho Laii oppor
tunlty tn tbo ;ivorld to save Ttloucy.
TVA VINO concluded tn remove to tho West In a fe
1 H months, wo hiivo determined loirlvo our friend
and all Fnlrfhdd County a very eood oiiirortuuliy, sucli
as thev will never havo airalu, to lay tu u Hue supply of
Winter and Hpriuf CloLlilnc;,?5 percent lower than
Ihoy ever boucht the sumo kind of Goods before, 'and
In convince I hem that there U no huiiibujr In tho matter,
we shall exhibit our marks. Those desiring to lay in
a (food stock of Clothing for their families will Unit
tills a good chance. Wo suall,atso,oforcd a lino selected
Htoclt of Jewelry and Wntclica,
SO per cent lower than evor was ofVr In this market,
Ceata eat, come all nnd gel (treat hnrgtim,
' JOSEPH FRANK, Salesman,
jTT1,,0, having accounts to solllewlih tho above
Hrm, will ptonsecome lorwaro aim settle uio same.
Lancaster, Jauuary 11,1855 3d
Great Sale of Personal Properly,
fHHK andnraipnod, a nMlenoo of R. W. Ponnlnir
X will toll on tbo IS moot Farm, four mlltis South of
I.m.caMor, on Monday January 291H55, lh follotrlujf
lnpony. iowii!
v nt'naoi worit iiorsns; 1 pair urtsj uaggj ao.
10 Fine UntU mul two years old; , .
3 Yoke of Work Cuttle. .
1 hoavt Yolio of Oiirlmm, nrorulnra, th best In th
1 tliorouch bred B'lll. 1 tnorntiith brtsd Coir, which
took tlo prnmf (tin ut CloTolunJ,pvjdlgreo ut wtiicb will
ttFull UroodCowsMMllohCows
IfitHiad of Itnir and HIrj, "
VH head of PriMit'li iMoriao Sheep, full Mood
5 hond or St'ior-i, two aud Ihroo yoarx old,
IDIiend of Yurlln(t!i mul C1voit 1 Yoarllnff Bait,
1 Hny with adtmUletL't of Hitrnoaflj
1 WiiHut I Kouphijf Muchlne
Cora hi tho Crib, ll.iy lii the btauk, .' .
-A Inriro lot of Faddor. -
2700 foet K jucliiif l ardi and a lot of Fencing Posts,
ruriimiff liioiisiu, Acc eve,
A croilli of H inonilu wilt be riven on nil snma of ft!
and imwnrdi. tho iturctmsor irivlnif noto with nnnmr
vuscvuniy. no projterif v do romoTou uniii iarm
nrvcoiiipiiou wuil omq w conunao irow any to aay
unuiau i Rom.
i. HIFKORO, Alffnoe of ft. W, Donning.
January 11, irtM 30. , . .
1 Ff not bofor sold at prlTntelf ,1 will olToratpnbll
X"aio,ai inuuonr oi tuo i;ourinouo in mccuy ui ian-
castor, ou SatMrrf .1, February 3, 1H5A, at 1 o elwi r.M
inu lotluwtna: valuahia Iraols or KOal estate, Ttxt
No. 1. 1JU Acros or l.niul iiuat ouo mile fiust
tjtneastor,beliigull that part of the Cox Farm socnllod
lying Ksvtt of the Mill Koad. which runs South fron
the Toll G ato. This tract embraces alrout 100 acres in
a high state of .cultivation and nbout 30 acres of valu
able timber! and furms one of the finest and most pro1
duetlvefarma hi the county. There aro oa it a good
rurni House, Karn and other Improve monts, render
ing It a comfortable and convenient residence.
No. 9. 30 Acre lying directly West of the above and
In full view of Lnsicusler, About one-half of this traet
Is eleared and the balance Is covered with beautiful
growth of limber. The timbered part la gentle
ulovatlon fronting towards Laucastor, and presouling
a choice location for a country residouce, while the
whotp ailnrds all the eonvoniencea for that purposo.
It has oft It a tonant house stud good orchard, aud U
wen ienceu. -
No. X This tract is known as the Ring Lot.' It om
braces abont 30 acres er good land: It bason it one
of Uio best Quarries of building smno in tlie Valley,
which lies immediately on -the Bull Koad that passes
through tho tract. The tract la well watered, and there
Is on it a small but comfortable residence.
Termsof snlo.ono-llilrd the purchase money on tho
(rst offAprll next,and th balance la two equui annual
pavlnents with Interest.
v Th above tracts will b sold at any time at private
sale, and tfooteodlsuoaed of, will bo sold at pnbli
sale at the time narn.d. WILLIAM LATTA.
Lancaster, January 11,1835 4wM - , : ,
WILL ecnlract with Packer and
Plrs for tb transportation ir
unftt Freights, from Lauciuler,
i-i.i... ,n .m.i htlliotli to mid from iJiiciuimll Dy
OWIoCaiilaihioKivor. 1 will make It to tho In.
toreil of HiVpers to soud their freight by this route.
. . - O. V. 8fc.AKL,
' Dec. 21, 1FJ 4wSS- gent for Scioto Ho. V
r ; " vi'.S T ISTKY. T
JORCBfthavin returned to Uncasterandlntend
, la reinalu permanently In thltty, and hvlngra
vciva-l Instructions fr.m an experienced Ik-nliat- from
tho city of Xow'V'urk; and obtained a knowledKOofth
bnsiniws.now rvapoctnuly landers hlaproiatJUouaiMr
vlcesto citixeiis of Lancaster and tho public generally.
He Is prepared to perform 'all operutioua upon the
Teem, such an Extracting, Pluglng, Filllng.rcjralatlng
tho Teeth, troalingitpunjry or deceased Xiuuls, destroy
ing Nerves, removing Turtar, etc.
ArtlncialTeorlt imerwd on Gold Plata from on to
Full set: also Artificial Crowns sot ou healthy roots
without pain, o aa lo anawcr alllho purpoeee of mas
tication. ' - - :
Kvcry operation m ijemmry essential to preserve
id beautify the Tooth, and irlve the m a healthy c-
.enjind improve the breulh. health A Taste, performed
on moderate terms. Ladiosln the elty or enmity, wlll
be waitod ou at their roapocllvo places of residence, if
It bo requested. So charges made or examination or
consultation at hU office.
OFFICE On the .Norlhcn.t corner or tha Publlt
qnare, ono door from Mifin street.
Jjtncaster,8pUihhorSc,t!i4 Ut I v.:'
jrer sacitvn at-
Opposite Sbiclfcr's Hotel, Lnucaster, Ohio.
FTOSliV MOOXand other Comalitlcs tram Punch
i 8. Autobiography of an Actress, by Mra. Mowatk
Journey to i;oi.trui Atrica.ny uuyura layror . , .
Kana9 ud Ncbinslrn. by IJnlo .
riunny Muinoricsol'Forolrn Lands, by Mrs. Btoww,'
Tho Hotter Land, by 'i'hoinjisoR .
NupoleonA ills Army, The Cninp Fires of Kapoloon.
A Hue lot of Annuals for 1855, audit ttus lot of small
III Books of all kinils.
CnllioilcPrnver Boohs. Episcopal PrtyerBoofcs,snd
Inriro lot of Family liiuloe aud Pockot Uibloa at
reduced prices.
School Bnoksnnd Blationo'ryat Wholesale Retail.
Pocket Wallets. Port Mouiea. and Pen Knives, for
salo ntthoBook Ktoroof JOHN KF.ARLKN.
Oct. US, 1S54 3 . OpKtif Bhrfftr't UattU '
. tin!,ESLa X!t RETAIL DCAl lit
Maittretl,nearliliposititlit Tathnaigi Houie.
GAin takes ploasnro In calllns the attention oflrls
cantomors nn.t country inorcnams sreiiorally. to
urffost suck of Connor. Tiiijfnd Sheet'lron innnu.
fai'tnros evorbrouirlit to this market. Ho takes Kreat
puinsto keep coiiataiilly on hand a large variety of
every thlnjr that can possibly be wanted tii his lino, nnd
llatturs himself that from his long experience In the
Tim and Sheet-Iron Business,, v
e will be able toe! vo full satisfaction to all who mav
fnvor htm with their work. Having a prueticnl knou-1-etlfre.of
the busino4, his aoloctloua are tnuda with a
view to durubilily, stylo and cheapness. -
Maiiiiracturrd to Ordr. '
Hanlo keens in his employ somo of tlio best work.
men that win bo secured, and always huvin? on hand
the Very b.-vtt material, is enabled t0 inaniifactiire to
rddrmiythimrand every tlilntt duslrnble lu his lino.
inns Rood stylo aud ou as luir terms as can any whore;
he had.
All k;iitiH of Ktoven, Ac.
Nover ltt thff history of Lancaslot was Ihoro an astab-
llsliiueiitthi'tlvopt on lwuid n larger and more completo
UMoi tinont of stoves, of all kind and vnrietWM. lie $
abo prepared tvilh n larji-e 'ininber of Firt Orates, and
irtue uecoiniimdatinit bl liH customers keeps on hand
liirso utiantilyof Fife Urick. ntanufactujod oxiireiis-
ly with n view to puttinjr up Orates, 4.-0.
In Hue, any aud evorythin? needed In hisltnccah bo'
secured byitiYint him a call, and ut prices ns reniuii
ablo ns can iio obtained in any oilier establishment In
tho Ftitln. liin.much us his present stock Is crroullv
inerliirtolilsfonnorln ouaiility, nualitv. Vnrietv nnd
he.-iun.s, he foils conlldeiit that persons ffivina him
can wiueonwuy nu-niyoeiiiriiroii ana amply satisfled.
IAR Just rucelvcd from Plillndeliihta ami KowYork,
v.irs mul nus over come lo this city, nrthojr4 ,
i-iTRSt iMpitovED sTTT.i:, einbmchijr eroryrv
varlntr of sluipus, sorts anfl Bizus constt-Lj
Ijicof Uio latj Snrinir Ktvle MOLE-KK1M
HAT, utisuriuHsiul In Oliio for durability uud fineness.
Alsot Voun rricn'ss Hats ol nil JUntls;
Puminor Iliits, coiislsllnir of PAKAM.A; ', ,
Pertnl nml ('blim Hmw; ' ' i
Braid I.KOIIOKN and NAXIlAt ' ' ' ' ' '
Pultii Iifiif; Kossuth Hate, both Fnand Weol;
Fine Ottur.'inil Wlilto H-iiver, for Sninmor; t
Tho latest Snrlnc Stilo Ciisimcre fintn ' - .
All sqrtxnf'lSoystV ChilU runs t'uncy Huts,
. liDTIl tVll, WOOL A AD STKAW) - :
All of which will bo Hold on the most reasonable
terms, lowur than everbeforo.
11. Country Motvlinnts will do woll 1t cilllnrand
eniuf itiuir my stock before pitrcliasltifr cNowhere.
unijfsioriiilj- iu, iwa ; 11. I' lliLUl.Mj.
HEW TFIHM ArSD Rm goods.
HIARTIJf, ;il.SY & CO. .
At the Old Stnntl cf Ecinrmmd & IKartin,
Tf"T A VE .lust rorolvctT a lnrge nnd clccranta.,,sortmiiit
S I. nf'JJKln7 GK)DS, comprisinir a vttrivtr unsar
imssdd, and uliicli they will sell at ureal bargains. s .
lliPlralock cotislalsot
Olittiis, Casslincres Cf.sinets, Jcnnn, Ac.
Ve: tliiRS. ofcill theillflumit stylgi
Andfor tlie I -a Ik-s-Prcncb Merliiiiei,TbaIbot.Clolh:i
Aljuicns and Hc I.ttiues nf nil kind;
Cmicoes, Ulucliums, Flunnnls, and etory articlo in
the way of Jlress Croods Iu bo found ill tbo cities;
hhawla, of every vnrluty of huo, size, and tuatorlM!
1 Irons nnd Bomirl Triiiimlnes, boautirn Ussnrtmotit;
houiii'U Sill;, Vulvet und Strnw which Die Ladies
all decluro to bo the nio.n bruullfiil and fjshloni.blo.
Iu ai'l'lilion to their toil: of Cloths, &c., tbey have,
and wilt coiistiintly kecouli:iudn Itirpuuud excel lent
stock, of KKADY MADE CLOTHING, got up wiltl
Ifmln nil il Mill, (trior work mil nstitn.
llootsand RhosHiitsand Caiis,at pricos wouderfuly
low, liucens.vurii uud (itasswitro; . .
Coffee, Kunr, Ten, ToSjco, s?ice" c
. always on hand. ' '
TryTlia new flrm tender tliulr thanks for tho en-
eounuriiiff manner In which they haye boert roceivod,
as woll by lb; puliliG poiiorullv ashy tho old patrons of
tho 6tituii,.aiiU bi'u leave to nssuro tiii.iiiaiiTuuousiniii
nttentioM to Uieir wonts and p. determliiatlou lo ko
up with the Hun's lyill sucuto a continuation auu en
liirjremciit of thoir butlness tliey will not fall to ottnln
thai und. Country produce titkon In exchange forguods
i.uncusfcur, viuio, jiwiuwij , w w . . i
. V KEMOVAI- - r
ZINK " B I S H, .
WOVI.n respoctfiilly Inform tliolr customers,
tho citizens Fenerully, that thoy have ikxovid
their Establialimeiit to the .North side of Main Mroot.to
tho rooiuformorly occupied by tin Philadelphia Com
minion Kers, whore thoy aro prepared to furnish
K'rcali iireud, Iliiulm, Cakca fi Cractiere
v l,Nn AmW-nd the verv best workmen In our
line ofbusiiiew. and will aell at wholesale aud retail
at the lowest prices.
Wo are determined to (rive goneral satisfaction. All
orders from the country for Ilrcad, Cnkes, Soda, But
ler, Water and Boston Crackers, will bo promptly
nileo. uive ns a ran. .
r..ncn.t(r. Miirch Ml. lffl. . join IV uinil.
N. H. We also keep on hand a germral assttrtraent of
FAMILY GROCERIES, WttiCU will no boki in uie
lowest ratoa. . ., ,. ziimv oi uiHit
. SAMUElj . BEEHT 1 ,
wj-irrOUliT) respectfully annontice to Hit cltljent f
y a Lancaster ot viclliii) cnai ne uascommeuceu iuv
Ilroaa HffhtKusjU & Cracker linking
In connection with blsforiner baking, &ia now prepared
with everv thine In the above lino. Having In his em
ploy the best of bakers, ho fools ronfideut that he can
nlefisQ hII w lio biiiv fuvor him with a call.' ..
It f l ull ni Ills more on j,iiuu nireet, auu uisu in ma
Bak'e-Hnust, corner of Columbus it Mulberry streets.
Lancaster, July 14, 1654. , ,r ,
Stagcmen aud all who have agood Horse,
ESNETT G ARBEIT respoctfully reminds
ou Unit lie Is still hammering away on
S'reetimike ClOo Lancaster, wuero He
T la alwa;
iv.v. ou linnil In treiit crlmiled horses.
' Anox
most di
Anoxnurlotiee of nearly ft) venrs. and monv year of
that time under tho Instruction of nn emliient Veterina
ry Sturgeon, enables him to confidently undertake the
most diftlcHlt eases. Ill SHOEING ho holds himself
.....nnil to nolle. ' .
Ills reputation is now o wen Known mat nor
ses are sent to him to be shod from most of the
noloiiborlnr cities and towns. His Shoeing Shop
accommodations are so ample that no detention
ordolay will ever occur. BENNETT OA BRETT.
Lancaster, August!!, 18J4 linilO -.
x vatxahi-e farm for sale.
) (f Acre of first mte np Land and bottom mea
)lf dow, alarge iuiproveniont, npplo and pcuvh
orchHrdof the best grafted fruit, many elegant springs.
howed loabarn and house, a large quantity ofhewing
timber andaaw-logs. The laud to be sold In lots or
together, situated on a good road, P' miles from Lan
caster, and one mile from Pratt's Saw Mill.
for terms apply to CHARLES DIBBLE,
Madison Township. Fairfield ronntv, Ohio, or to
) . Land Agent, Laucastor, Ohio. '
optemokr 7,lSa IBlf ...
CEOItCE 8. EATON, Jtt. to.,
PnvsirtnraVX, OcTLtrr, iliD OaTnoriDicat St-oio
TTAVlNffca(' permanent It, in Chllllchothe.nfferi
II S.nis protessionnl sorv.'cna to ull who are aflllcted
with any uf tho followlngiliseaseaDrdefnrmUles:
. Ainmtraawi, Opthalmia, 'or Innanintion of Iho Eyos
Gramulnr. f.ids; Watery Eves; Cataracts, Hpeeks and
Plems, effertnully removed"; Btrnbtsmus OrCroseKyes
cured ln;a tow seconds; Ptasls) Club Foot; Hair Lip;
together wfth ovory other operation belonging to tin
opernnve rturpeon. . .
Of ftur. waauie's Block- Kesmonc Diiy noua.
TTPNo eharge for exnir laatlo -
Addres V-hUlleoUiehi
May,l4r-Jr .
rirat l)oor tust oftbe 8wa Hotel. '
OtTJ Slock balng now eomploto. We art nmrmrad U
exposed lo sslo In this market, eonsiathigor aver dial
rrlpilonorDKYUOODti In the w..ui, U.,V7siU
- - - - .... v i non. v Oman
teleeteil and Cheap Groceries,
tlis Tiai.Suert, Coftu, Molatiu, Sfim m4 trmrn
All wlilctiln rlew of lh times w aredsteranlrsd lo
sell wlthont ifarard to )mHt, iu order lo elos ap thm
same, tlie reduction of our stock and payment of oar
llahilitlea helng our eroal object.
mo puuno iiiuroiure uoroia buvlna; elsewhere are
Invited lo examine our(lenciti1 stuck.
'uuunixur.s-iii i r n nil IS, Jr. JOLIAH,;
S?3 arniVcifcu v vnovv,
Mil rS0,!'"' ",olr C'""lnt Establishment
,i 'r oi.r,, wncrf iner are open'
variety of Spn.f ,,i sm w; -'
sell aalow-aa the same onalit, f rooi, alld Worj
be purchased at auf otioroslnblllmcnt in the eity.-i
....... .,,...K mmiinacuiroa under tlielr own super'
vision, and Ie conseoiiAnttv munsri l, ui.t
bjouKht from other place,. The, hove also on band,
which they uio prepared to maniiraetue to ordor. The?
hiiroliiibolromploytlrebost of workmen and are at
all tlinesn ronared to mako tbo best tils lu the la Lou
Styles. AH teirVori Kill helarrantei.,
riiepublionro rospeclfully sollcttcil to call and ex
amine iheirstork. an.) wl.lli n...l-, X..
jntroniure they hnvo enjoyed, thoy auure their old ena.
omers and all othera that Uiov will T.hrt. m JJZ1
V?L''M'i'xcUn? both lu tUeoiinlltyiuid orlce of their
goods and work. BPKINCER TROUT:
ijoncaaler .April'j, 1854 ,
' . NOTICE. . .
JT EJ,,Mt,'" of Hocklnr Townahl. at
their October nteotina; ordered that tho Text
tie Li otllrlw f ' '"wins:: McOuffle'a Eelee-
tie hpolllna; Books McGufflo'saorle, of Headers 1, , 3,
4 ani 5; linv's Practical Aretlimolle, 1, a and 3; do? All
Kobra, land Bud n.mtComstocto'e PUilophv,Pliui.or
b jru" ''"'''""'sGeojrruiihlamtAtl".!.- ,
KovemborS, im MARIS LEVERING, Clerk.
Estate or Isaac J. Hall.
TVTOTICE Ishoroby given, that I have this (tar
11 duly appointed im Administrator f the list
;?iYe frtl deceased, lata of Fairfield co
i mo. Persons knowlna: tliemaelves lidi,ir) i
Estate of
tstnteareronucied to make i,r.mr.,ti,.i 2
persons liarinjtcliilins asaihst suld Estate are notified
to present them duly authenticated witlilh one rear.
November 83, le5l 4w2!l . ... r .
r a vir. niiuorsisrned respnctfnllv advertises
for eni'i i! . h;'"." f,"o. 0" rooaona
iorcaj.li, a complete, assortment of
the Dnb-
reasonable term
Frofthnnd Well $pPf tr..i !tfriii-.
. . ,
i oinpnsin
"is slock Of Surgical InstrumeuU la of the he.t.,.u,..
A Fllll Stock nrFamil. ..r.
I'ol.acco; best ,, I f
and limiork-d. medicinal nJ t: We
imUw Glnss nnd Gla,a Ware, toireiher wl
...,..i r:.- ., . . ' ' r.. nmiTO
ir Vinegar
i ;. i iP :,,0," "f"-loa, nnd an endless vorietv of
'''nnd ewi both nmnm,.i..i ...a ,..., '"""" ,
nn an tha.
PliyHlcinnsprascrlptlonsputiip with gre'af care b si
V"ilutoiitaiid experienced dispenser. '
OoLM io-. ,M j ai. z. rkKKIDEH.
JJft.-0, gj4 Jfp. m,Mai r.rt, La.cael.r.
jHm ui , 1.-..4. BUNNELL, Agent.
A p'Jf1,"14 b'"U --0M, A. Bo'..JamTn"arel
J'!lLri' JHo' B. COKSJtU,, Agent.
nK.K,8 Co,,nm"'l'7 "n the Old and Now TeaU
Vvmont, forsalo at tho city book store. '
RS. Parflnirton's riinmi li..niiil .. ,
the city.l,ok store. ' 8 ' 9
April SI, lt. B. CONNHr.L Agent .
rF,".JfuOI,1Bp!wo.r'r nI" Kow -Mlulen Honse, for sal
B ut the eii-book atoro. . ' '
irni.i. . B.CONNEIA, Agent,"
TYlR r.1mP LI'eTf for anle n the eWv boot . sfeiW
J. AprU-JI -lew. . , H V-omLh. Agent.
E Ait In
city i
. 1 Ul,
AHMERS'nnd EmigranfsBookrfor 'aaie' at tir
wwk siore. ... i . ...
B. CONNBLL, Agent. .
HA,SJMi,?i'.fiTilll,l'f!PRI5'! l,d BtlWtER-''' '
,.l'ly,' "Als CAPS uthisofA stand, .w..i,f- .
7;.wus oi..f,JIi Stref.. l.tneatltr, Ohio. HI
ve,.wi seieiieo wmi ciire unit embrace
:,.Hlic udlnjtWhito Heaver, Woisklu, No. I
. and a Chinaiiad Petlnlfclraw and terliorn
Hats: M
)7y,. Also Men and Bov's 'u, nn.l ivmnt ... i?...
Hoys nnd Childrons Fan"cy lints, which w'iil be sold a
tno lowest tiriccs. Lochorn nt Hnuhnrl anil rilanixhai
at tho sliortftt notico. ITpDou'tforiret thenlnce.
ways,lbM. . M. SM ALLEY. -
Ono IlTnndred Doflarw'ro Peetut
Tnii DIKKCTUKH or Tna CetioroiiT is Art ah
1.: rEiiiii v AarauivnoK, lally nrgnnlied in fan
ditr.ky City', Ohio, for the cuciMirmeniciit and general
intrusion ol l.iteraltirrand Art.oiiera PKI.U OFONaV
HUNllliEU UOl.LAHS for the UKST OiK to Powers'
world -renowned ai;-.tiite of the G KEEK HLAVE.wblth
with many other viiluiihlo worksof art, are to 1e die
trllmtud among the inombersoftlie ubove Association,
The Odes, which should not exceed llfty lines tn
length, niital be handed i i proTiousto the 1st of Octo-"
ber, t which time H cotiimlttco of literary gentlcmea
of Xew York-, whoso names will appear, will decide
upon tho merits uud award le prize to the successful
Poutsinaendlnrln thoir nrednetlnas. will r.l....
Civo tho lirst stunia of tlielr Ode, together with their
,ui,i uumu nun uuuress, in n leiflrarfeitteu cnvolopo.
Coiiiiiiutiictniotn shuilil be addressed, post-paid, to
j. ... ir.hp i .Aciunry v. A. oi t. A.,
Care K nickerbockor Otlieo. Mt Broadway, New Tor.
Sept. M, IcS4 or J Water Street, Sandusky.
In Fairfield Common rieas. '
Benjamin F. Townsend, j
against ' .
Mnrparet A. TownsendY
Petition for Divorce.
njHE Bofondantla hereby notified that the Oom
8. Jduinunl has this day Bled in the Clerk's Oflloe of
the Court aforesaid, lila ietillon( fhoreln demanding a
dissolution of. the mnrrulge bonds now enbaislinc b
tweeuthom, and assigning as eanwa thcrefort First,
willful absence for more trrn ft three years: Second,
adultery- JOSEPH A. PlUW.Alt'y for Petitioner ..
. January 3, lEOi-flwMpfl,;j ,
Attachment Notice. ,: s .
. Hunter and Son, ) .
against 5 In Attochmsnt
Andrew He Graff, ..... . '
THE Defendant will take notice that at our Instance
an order of attachment Was issuod against him
1uceiiiber8,'lrTi4,by G. ttiiiman,Esq., Justice of tbo
Peace of Burking township, Fairfield county, Ohio,
for the sum of g -O 91, and that this cause has been
continued tn January 90, lf4,at 10 o'clock A. M.
DecomberSS.ltlSt 3wM . HUNTEK k SON.
Attachment Notice. '
. . William C.Kmbtcn, Plaintiff, )
against, In I
Michael Lantz, llefendant. )
I Attachment.
THE above named llefendant Michael Lantk will
take notice, that at my instance .an action wanom
moncod before Alfred McVeigh, Justice of th Poaoo
iu and for tho Township of Hocking, Fairfield eoanty,
Ohio, on theOrdduyof December, 1P.14, agahist said
Defendant, to .reoovor the sum of $-!5 09, and an ordr
of attuchineut Issued thereon. The eaid Defendant
being a lion-resident of the county, and the said cause
is sot lor inai on tne u.iu qay uuy .ot January, A u.
1855, al 2 o'efock, P. M.
w iiii.iAM u. xiianiun.
Lancustor, December 27, 1854 3w34 ;v-i '.
?lHE subscriber has removed his establishment Into '
L his New Booms A"rt Siis Maim Street, ow Binm
Bish, andhns fitted them up in a style unsurpassed
luthe Went. lie hopes that the public will appreciate
his efforts to please and extend to hlra a liberal patron'
ago. Every tiling has boen done that could be done to
ensure suouosslneverr department of the art. and hist
picturescannoi do surpasses. V.M.UK1MWOLD.
N. 11. Persons wishing to learn the art will bate great
facilities fordoing so hero. ' .
. Hours from 9 o'clock A. M. nntll S o'eloak P.M.
i Lancaster, November 10. 1SU5 Si ' .'
; .. NOTICE. . .V,
THE sitbscrlbor respectMly Inform hie friend 4
pnblicluTeneral,thath ha much enlarged 61
to the variety.'. lie has Jest opened and has for Sale
wrfff!-nJlIo. 1, iTInrkcrvl of Hi best quality.
i?C-vS.t3Also, lictt Tickling Vinegar, and
(small (Stock oi Dry Good to auit customers,
all ot which will be aold low for cash or approved coun
try produce at his Old stand, corner of Broad aa
Winding Street, and nearly opposite th Broadway
Hotol. , I. CHURCH.
N. B. Butter, Bacon, Lard and Corn Meal waated.
Lancaster, Kptmber21, 1854 80
HE undersigned would tospectnilly announce to
tho citizens oi rairnctu auu aajoining conntie,
he desires to sol I at private ale thorVolOTat
l'ortor y sltuutod lu the town of IIrort,
Fairtleldcountv, Ohio. The machinery Is principally
doe work eipial to any la the country, and has lrg
runofcustnm. There Is oonnected with th Factory
a good and convenient Dwelling House, contain
Iiik four rooms, and also fout Burly situated lot.
tLThe out buildlnn are Dttmeroos and' conveniens.
Paraona dealma of mikliw a aruA hara'aln Id thi
kind of property, would do well to comoand examlni
aaidpreail.es. : JONATHAN K. MLBSeBl
.. Havonsportj October!, 18Vt B - t ; 4 , J
choice WkiH Uf4r. Urt..mmt n..i,, i,rf
Qloru.Clvtlt; C.itrr, VttU Kf.talintf.tt. it
Alsoa choico lotoft'Iilna. Glainn.....

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