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The weekly Lancaster gazette. (Lancaster, Ohio) 1852-1855, January 11, 1855, Image 4

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. t'
TItursiaj Morning Jan. 11,
' ; .. tthe raosT srmiT. .
' v Ha comes, a come the Frost Spirit ceiaasl
y. Jr"e may trace hie footstep new, -
' On the nated woods and Moated Iclds.
And the brown hilre vrlthsee'd brow.
Ba baa amittoa the leavee of the itrajr old trees,
Where lb pleasant dream came forth, .
" And tba wtuda that fallow wherever be goes,
y- .Hm shaken them dawn to the earlb.
!J Be comes, be cornea the Fro-t Spirit eomtwi
From the Frozen Labrador!
From the icy bridge of the northern seas,
-- Whore the white bear wanders o'er.
Where the feheruian's sail Is ititT a llh li e,
And the luckiest- from bolow,
. In the aunloss'coid of the aunopli jro, . .
V r" tula the marble statues growl
. tie cornea, he cornea the Frost Spirit coiues!
And the quiet lakes.shall foel
'"Th torpid toach of hla gluing breath,.',
.. Aud th ring ofthe skater's heel; .
And the atream which dane'd en the brok'u rocke, .
.' Or sang to tht leaning grass,
" Shall bew agalu to their winter chain, . .
' And la mournful aUeuee pass.
' He cornea, be eeraes the Frost Spirit comes!
' Let moat him at we may,
And turn with light of tba parlor grata
Uie evil power away;
And gather closer tho circle round, .
' When the flro light dances high,
... And laugh at theahriek of the bafllad djnJ, -At
hla eoundlng wings go by!
Tobacco and nucchni.
, With tobac.ee and Bitch js you pass of the day,
,. '. To Bacchus tobacco you puff,
Bo yon me up your system anil driv j bJallh away,
v., , Oh! Ituotono polsoif ononglif ' .
' la not Bacchus himself strong enough for the deed?
."j. Why, tobacco can dry you alone!
But tobacco to Bacchus the grape to the weed
la the crualosl folly that's known.
'," TcESlXK WOHDt,
, ' ., . . It Is not much the world cun give
With all Its subtile art,
' ' ' '' And golden goins are nut the things,
, To satisfy the heurt;
I "''..' Bui, oh! if thoie who cluster round
' Tho altar and the hearth,
' Have gontle. words and loving smllus,
. - . How beautiful Ii earth!
0A divlno losson .la beautifully enforced In the
'tatting ltnej,by Sir Matthew Halo:
' A Habath well spent,
, i-. -.Brings a wook of content;
And health for the tolls of to-morrow i
But a Sabbath profun'J,
" 1 - Whatsoe'er muy bo gnlii'd,
Is a certain lorprunnerof aorruw.
XiTln turning over the lows of ' Alion
Locke,' the following most noblj thouglif
Beerm to stand out upuii the pugo, ft if
written with Cite lijlit rftdiiuiiig from tho
faooof fcjuint John: "Tku all the heroes,
prophots, poets, philosophers where you
will fiud tho trite aemitgoue tho speaker
toman; simply as jnni tho frioridofpub
lioans and sinners, tho storn foe of tho
Scribe and Pliarisoe with whom was no
respeot of persons where is he? Socha
tes and Flato were noble; Tuhousiit and
CoffFOTzms, for aught wo know, arc nobler
till; but what wore they, but tho exclu
sive mrstaogues of nn enlightened few,
like our own Embhsons and Stiuuhs, for
the poor, tho Buffering:; theoppressed? The
People's Friknd! where will you find Aim
but in Jesus of Nnznroth?'
. Can philosophy, from the depth of its
subtleties; from tho enthusiasms and trans
Itlionsof its gorgoous pictures; from' tho
bewilderments of its enticing mysticisms,
produce any such practical, convincing
proof of its fitness for man, as this para
graph asserts the Christian faith to be?
Volume upon volume, tomo upon tome,
lubvrinth unon labyrinth, have been
wrought by the idealist from the days of
UONi'UTZEM to tho uays ot umkiison; ana
yot, the Bible, alone, an were to all the
wants of the moral and spiritual man it,
alone, answora to that tense of the inlinite
.which is implanted within every breast
Sandusky Reghler.
Plain Hints from a Yodso Farmkb.
'Tin said 'a word to the wise, 'u sullioient."
Always take ono or more agricultural
papers, for every numt er will give you in
formation which will benefit you in dol
' Ha admonished that a stitch in tini ; saves
nine, for the laying up of one rail or nailin
one board may save the ninth repetition
Unruly stock.
Colts must liavo a great deal of cxer
, Don't bo afraid to plow doop. Aeiomore
oata in tho spring will make many more at
Early fruit trees should be protoctod from
the frost by spreading straw around the
roots which will prevent tho buds from
starting. ;
. Feed your fowls th year round if you
Would make them profitable.
4 Oiva your calves, which you Intend to
rslso, a littlo line hay; and as soon as pos
sible turn out to grass.
Have a separate pen Into which yourpigs
can go aud got holltd coin and milk.
Innovations Upon old precedents should
bo tare. . .." '.
Ja lge not hastify,but exami 10 well bo
fora you decide. .
Keep cloar of Shanghais.
Lima should bi ance,ibl to poultry.
' Make the most of everything.
Never half do anything: you may thus
lose more iu one day than a mouth .can re
store. .,,,' ', '
' Ofton inspect your stock and keep a sharp
look out for disease and act idents. ,
' Pure water should bo applied to every
tiling " " . V
Quality not quantity should bo tho max
im. ' ' . , .
' i-k tin m it
iiKLiuioN. wiiaiflrer 01 exooiionco
wrought into th soul ilisclf, bolongs lo
Dotti worias. ' Jtonl gooanosa doo not,
fame onnnot last forever, but a eonsciunco
void of ofTenoe before Qod ami nvtn, is nn
inheritunco for eternity. Ruli'ion, thoro
fore, is a necessary, and almo.tt mdigponsa
blo eloman in any human chnraoter.
Tlior? i$ no livinijf without it. llolifjion in
the tie that connect man with liU Creator,
and Lold him to Ilia throne. If that tit)
is sundered or brokon, he floats awnv. a
Worthless atom in tho nniverso, it propor
' attraction all gone, its dostiny thwarted,
and its wholo future nothing but dai knoss.
J !.! J J....L a ... '
uijouiauoii aim ucsin. a man will) no
aonse of religious dut is he whom the
Scriptures desoribed -in so terse but tor-
, r'diki' manner -as 'living without God in
th5 worl'l Much a man is out of his be
iiie; out of tjie circle of all liishaDDinesK.
und.awarrfcn, awBy, from tho purpoaes of
iiutici4iiuii. vni tr t'UJlcr,
2 Doiit"Uud LesitaUnsf upoq that
roauiir.ioa oi Tours-sspui it inrougli. . .-
I ' Lota SriLt. "No longer a lovorl" ex
Jolaimed ai ago J pt'riarch, "Ah! you mis
tike me it' vju thiuk a 'e bat blotted out
my heart Though th"Sj silvor bairs tali ,
over a brow nil wrinkle I, and a check all :
furrowed yet lam a '.overs. ill. 1 love the
beauty of the miiden's blush, the soft tiut
of flowors, the singing of birds, and above
all, thus Kery ring i:i the glad laugh of a
clul 1. 1 love the star rg!it meadows wiiere
the butlor-cupgrow with utmost the same
enthusiasm, as when with my hair flying
loose in the winu, and my cap in liana,
years ago I chased the painted butterfly.
I love you aged d ime. Look at her. Her
fa:eiscaro-worn, buit has over held a
smilo for" raj Oftoil have I .hared the
bitter fup of suri-ow with herand so
shared it soeciel almost s wee .. Years of
sickness liuve stolen the fns'in-'ss of her
life, but. liki Die fa led rJ8, lln perfume
of her loxe is riisher t!i m when in the full
M lorn ofyout'i an! nvt'u ity.
'fV'o her. wo have DlatvJ buds in the
Dale folded hands of tho dead, to
t0o'e her, i
w.-piovr, lit lo ginvos. liiroiign sorm
and through suiishitio we have clang to
gether; anil now as siie siis uiere wun tier
kn'tting Lei ctp nu intiy frillud.the old style
kefcliiot' crossed, white and brim about to
heart that has bea'. so long, and so truly
for mo, the dim blue eyo tint shiiukingly
fr u s the gin I d ty; the" sunlight, throwing
b'-r a parting ft II, kis oi her brow.and
loave-s o.i iw ftinttraciryof wrinklos.angel
ic rtdiiiiioo: I sac thou 'h no one else can,
t!e bright, gla I young f too that won mo
first, shine through tlioso witl.ored features
and trie g-owlin love 9f forty years thrills
my hear, ti 1 the liars come.
8iy no a j ti l I cai n lonjorbo alovcr.
Though this form bo bowed, God has ira
planted eternal love within.. Lot the oar
bo ihiaf, tho eye blind, tho hand palsied, the
limbs withered, the brain clouded, yet the
heart, the ti tto Iioart.may h il 1 such wealth
of love, that all tho powers of death, and
the victorious grave, shall not bo abla to
put out its quenchless flame.
Penn and Stow. Wm. Fenn and
Tlios. Siory, traveling in Virginia, were
caught by a shower of ram and uncere
moniously sheltered themselves from it in
a tobacco warehouse, the owner of which
happened to be within it, and who ac
costed them with
'You have a groat deal of impudonce to
trespass on my promises; do you know who
I am?'
To whieh was answered no.
'Why, then I would havoyou knowl am
Justice of tho Pence.' -To
which Story replied, 'My friend hero
makes such things as thee; ho is Governor
of Pennsylvania."
The great man quickly abated hishaugh
tiness. sV
Wo.tTii K sOwi.sq. I is said that a small
piece ot rosin dipped In the water wlnoli is
p'a e 1 in a veisel on tho stovo, wi)l add a
r .. ...... ,
poculnr pi'operty to iiiu aunospnore ot mo
romi, w'nch w.ll give relet u persons
troub'ed wi h a coiii'h. Tho heat of tho
watur is 8afl':e'oat to throw olthe aroma of
the ro tin, aid gives tho same relief as is
s T r !e I b.' a o jmb is ion of the resin. It
is p e'ertl h to tho cmnbus ion, because
tin cva' ora ioa is more durable. The same
resin may bo used for weeks.
A church has recently boon built in
Davenport, Iowa. The following notice
was appended to the advertisement of the
oneniiirjr of the edifice: "The chewers of
tobacco nro earnestly ' requested to avoid
the use of the nislo m the church, or else
spit in their kaUf" A fellow who indul
ges in tho filthy practice of chewing to
bacco ought not to be allowed to spit in
nny other place than his hat.
There is no greater obstacle in the way
of success in life, than trusting for some
thing to turn up, instead of going to work
and turning up something.
c i.orniNd i:nronuiM.
Cltlsenf of Luncastor ft ponorw from ta Country
liKOJWiinr. NMITH,
fll'll'. attiintliiuof persons wuntlng clothing Is re
I spi'i'tfiill)' cfillinf to the IniiueiiHo un'mrtnienl of
Mum, lln)s' mill Children's. He winlivs ilunileratoiMl
thut tlarmenti iif UmU$ urtttinatimlli kept in At0
tabliMhmrnl, uml that be has lived prlui'lples whli'h
govern tliem. The clerks are Instructed to ruresent
Iriitiifully ull artlrliis sulil by them, and If, niter the
iHin hiuo, purlieu are not SHilnllnil, Ilin gariiiimts tuny
ho encltiiiige.orlhu money will bu vhuurl'ully refund
ed. A purtlul list urrivud:
frock uuil Dra ('oats.
l.tr, ri.vi, aaowi), otivc, i i.iutT io sisi.stiUT.
Mlitflo ltrcut(Ml HiimIiioiisi outa.
nivnniiiiRB KCHsav, nirinu mixed, i loth, nun,
C4sa, nuAa nuasKiN, sii.vkii uhav, CAssiMERa asn
MoT-n.Rn, ni.i a. riNfY ntul iiriv TM'Ksn. lso,
llluck uud lllue CLOTH tjHOKT SACS dt FKOC'KJ.
nine and Brown sei.TiRt ci.otii rno' a OVKHCOATS
Hlitck, Itlue, Hrown ftc Olive D.ivonitliire liursey do;
Blue, lllui.k,Orny. VVhllneyund Drub ilu
Hllnl Cloth, suine KxtrR Long, do;
Hluck, Hlne rniI ilrowii Cloth, SKfsirlor. doe
Drub KiubrotUerud Cloth Sues mid Walking COATS.
Bluck and lliue CLOTH some Extra Flue. .
Vesting. '
ri.ilu Bluck SATIN, Figured SILK ami SATIS; .
SILK; Fancy SII.K ami SATIN:
Hlnrk CLOTH ami Pi.n-y (' A.SH1.MKH1S; .
hluck mid Funoy VriLVKT;
Fancy Velvet aud Silk HA LL VESTS.
Black and Fancy Colered UOKSKIN;
" and Bu.'kikln ' doj
Devonshire Kersey and Oxfnrd Mixed do;'
Hliult, Itliieiinil Puncy Colored K.M'INKI'J
J-'tirulwrtiiig lionila.
Hll.K, MKHINO, AIX WOlH., Red.Gray and Wlilte
TUN KHU N. A tit iruaruiilned in all Instances.
HALF llosK Oakimy and bliutlitnd Wool, Merino,
vvuiio ami uruy uuuns1 wool, Anglisli aud Ueriuan,
Cotton, White ami Colored.
Ol.t)VKS.Hliu'k, Wliltu ami Colored Kid Gloves;
'I bread Hllk and Niaiiolllnn I'limli do!
Ilrsb liurk Ot.t)VK.riulid OAUNTI.KT.S,
CHAVATS llluck Fancy Satin and Milk Cruvate, '
hloi'KK AMI I tba, uf all doaurlitlous tinuoaslble
Uoys and Chlldcru'e Clothing.
Black and colored Cloth Frocks! .
" ' Hacks;
Caaslniore ami Tweed Froi ks and Suoksl
lllack and Colored Overcount
Mottled, Uray ami llrown Whitney Ovorceattt
Black, Hlliennd lln.wn Cloth .luckets.
VKH I N lllaek Cloth, Hlark and Fancy hllk VKstat
Twe.id andColoruilCssslitiL.re do.
FAXTALOO.Nrl Ulack aud Kaney Colored Casslmere
and IJoesklu:
rtnilnet, Tweed and Cottonade;
Culldruii's Hluck and Colored Cloth Hull.;
" " " ". Jackets;
" " " ' latitways splendid.
PUilXISIllNO G0011Merllio blurU, Coilou and
Cotton Flannel llrawers;
Musllu KhlrK. Lilian Hnaorns,(;ollaracVVrlstbainls;
Cotton and Wool Hiilf Hose; Casslmere tiloves;
Husiiendei's, llaiiitkercbtefs. Ties and
, Laucaslcr, November III, 1K4.
Jnirtea Jrlo.InliauiT
w f A VINO established hlmseir In the niannfactnrlng
I 1 of TIN, t'OI'I'bK aud HHKKT-IKON WAHK in
(V.'s B. s lvr Wntoftkt larking VtlU
Bank, Is nreimred to furnish tbe neonle of tills county
wltb every liilutf that iniiv be needed le bis lino. Ho
keeiison fiauil everv variety of COOKl.N'O aud IIKAT-
ini. nruvr.riror wutiuand uiiai, consisting in pari
of tbe l.ln Air Tight, Western Queen.
Triumph, Buck, Fresldentaaud Preference for Wood
and Hlai k diamond for Coal, Also Flnuglis. Plough
Nhures, rtugnr Ketllus di llollow-waro. All oftne above
nrtieles will be aold as low aaoan be bought elsewhere,
lie Invites citizens generally to call unit examine his
N. H, HoiiM-tpoulliig At lobbing done upou short no
tice. Old Copper, Hrass, Pewter and Iron taken lu ex
change fur any nf Hie above krtlglrt. J Mo.
Lancaster, uioy 1, 1C54. .
Jl lie, i'i i ' iMnitWirMuf m4i;ini'iMaww'
For tti rapid Cars of
cno turns, m iioopi.vg-c oit u,
. To cori a CoJ., with HiO-Aca o aoRRaea o
tiik Uoov, Uaelhe Crr ydereou going to bed,
nii.l wrop up warm, to sweat during the night.
' For k Colo id Coluh, take It morning, noon ana
ovenlrig, according to dlrectiuns on the bottle, and tho
.lilllcilliv will sn.ih be rumored. None will long suf
fer from' tliis troiilile when they And it can be so readl-
l. ......... I U. ,ll..l uith M.Mln.1 miiffli frhlith
breaks tiiei nt' their rest at r.lght, will find by taking
the Cktrrf ft Coral on going to oeu, muy may se sure
of sound, uiilii.iken sleen. and foiisemient refreshing
rust. Greut relief from siirfering.ttnd an ultimate cure,
is arTimli'd tu thuusuuds who aro thus aJliicted, by this
invaluable remedy.
From Its ngreeablo effect in these eases, many And
Ihemsi-'lves unwilling to forego Us use wbon the uecea
slty for it has ceased.
To Sinokrs sr friur Sramsas tbia romedy la In
raluuhle, as liv ita action on tin throat and lungs.when
tukeu in small qiiunlilles, it removes all hoarseness In
u few hours, and woudetfull) iuereaseaUiepoworaud
tiexlbility of the voice.
Asthma iagenenilly much relieved, and often wholly
cured by Chtrrf Pectoral. But Ibura are some cases
n obstinate as to yield to no uu-iliclno. C Alrry -
toral will pure thorn, n they can Bacuren.
HaoruiTia, or Irritation of the throni and upper por
tion of the lunirs. may be cared by tnking Crr Pe
toral in j'uiill midfreiuul dose. The uucoiufortablo
fit.,iritiiiii 1 Kiinll rftlltived.
roa t:ai:or.-uive an eineiic 01 anumou;. w w mi.
lowed by liirgeaml freueut doses of tho Cherry Fee
toral, until it subdues tho disease. If taken In season,
it will not fall lo euro.
Wiioopmn Coi on may be broken up ana soon cured
bvlho use of Cherry Federal.
'Thr Inri.niiii Isspeedll) removed by this romedy.
Numerous InsUiuces have been uuticcd where w hole
fiiuiilles were protected from any serious consequeu-
ces, while their neighbors without tue cuerry j ecio-
rul, were suffering from the disease.
Knpeuted iiistmieus are reported hero of patients who
have been cured from i
Uvrii Coi-i.iii i-s by Hits renioiiy.eo many mai mere
oun ho no iiueitiou of its healing power on these dis
eases. It should be perseveringly taken until the pain
in thusiile uud other unpleasant )inplolu cease.
Foa Comsi 'mptiiik In its earliest stages, it shoald be
ta.en under Hie advice of a gncd Fnysiciuuif possiblo,
uml In every cuss with a cnroful regard to the printed
iirtetioHi on the bottle. If judiciously used, and the
patleiiiiscarefiill) nursed iucaiilliue,ltwillseiauin lull
to subdue the disease.
Fur settled Consuhi'tiok In Its worst form, mo quar
ry Feetorul shouM be given In doses auitmun lo weal
the patient requires and can bunr. It always affords
some relief, uud not uiifreiiuenlly euros those who aru
cunnldurvd iast nil cure. There are ninny thousands
iculterud all over tne countuy, wuo luei unu suy iiiab
they owe their lives and present health to the Cherry
This romodv Isofrered to the community wun the
ciinll.l.iiicu wo fuel in an article which seldom fails lo
realize the hnnnlest effects that cun be desired, ho
wide is the fluid of its usefiilnessaiid ao numerous th
cusesnf'its cures, thut almost every section of the
euuutry nboiimln In persiius,pulllelykiinwii, whohave
lieeu rcMtoreu rroin alurnnnir Ultu evun uesiieruio uis-
eiiscsof tho lungs, by its use. When onco tried, its
superiority over every oilier medicine of ita kind. Is
too uppnrent ta escnjie otiscrvnlion. and where Its vlr
tims lire known, tho nnblle no lnnirer hesitate what
anil. I. ile to employ for tho distressing and dangerous
unections uf tho pulilionnry orgiuis, nicn lire inuiueiii
tnelimnte. And not only lu forinldahln attaeks upon
tue lungs, out ror uie miiour vuriuiies 01 i,unm, vunns.
Ilnrseiiess. etc.. and for Children It is the nlcusiilitoil
mill anfeat muilicluu that can bo obtulned. No family
should be without it, and thosu who bave used It
nnver will.
Frepurod by James C. Ayor, Fraclicul and Analyti
cal I'tiemist, Lowelt, Massachusetts. Frlcu.S cents pur
Box. Five Ifoves Tor 91.
Sold In Otto W. Kreumer and K. L. Slocuni uml on.
Laneuslor, Ohio. , liec W, 1S54 'itu'ii
Cheaper than ever before Offered in
ASlatelv nurrhascd from 1'. Hoochis interest In
the Hiirdware bnslueis, aud In addition tu hla al
v larie stock, is now iliillv recuivimr. direct from
the AfonuiKiirsrsand ;irsr, n liiriro purchuse of
uew goods, whiili will make his stuck of Hiirdware one
of the niOMt evtenslve to bo found iu this uiarket. Ills
fucilitlusfnr purchasing uuil nrriingeinuuls w ith iUuuu
fiicturors, w liicli are eiuil tonny, will cuulilu him te
offer nil descriptiong of Hnriiivure, at loiotr prltes than
ar othar ttibtikintnt. Tho jitteulion of Farmers
Mut-iiANii s is Invited to the oxtruordinary lmiuce-
meiitsnow held nut to them In the way of great bar
gains fully sailalled that if they coiinilttlnilriiwn in
terest they will be certain to cull ami examine his pri
ces before purchasing elscwhoro. Ily close attention
to bnsiuess, uud nj coiifinniiy Ko.'piiignu uaiio a inn
aiid'coinplole ussnrttui'iit mnl the bent goods, he hopes
to secure a lurgu share uf the putrouago of the Farmers
and .MecliniiicHofthe cuuuiy.
April 'JO, H it.
tluogy nnfl furrlago lfTnkora
"" Tll.l. IIihI, al Uie JYcw Jlurtlvart filers, opposite
tho TitUtiinli'e HouM,oHii of Die largest and best
seliK'lu'J sto.'k of Trimmings overopuuod In tula mar
ket. Couxistlngiu part of
JIHi 1'ieces Kiiumrd llnck asid Canvass,
. 1.1 Fauey colored do.
50 l( all Wool is nd union linntaskf
50 Hides nntf ut mid F.uiim'ld Leather,
llrnss and Silver I'lnted Itnmls, Top Frops,
Slum li Joints. Luces, Spring, Axels, ete.
Lancaster. April -ill, If 5t JOHN El'FINGKR.
IlOt'Si: 111 ILD1.IIK ncroT,
OILS KFFINOKK would luvllethe attention of L'tr-
Wtnleri and Hitutt HullJer to his large stock Of
list, Iniihllnir itinhirltils. 'I'hev will Oml riiiiHtiLutlv
on hand, the heit jiinliita Nails, r!tiikesniid Brads;
'I'lie most iimirovud Hour Locks mid latches;
W'tiitlow Gltis uud Hush of ull sizes;
f oiicklln timl Wood's I'ure White Lead aud Oil;
Hour and lllltul 11 Is, Shop Hinges, Bolts, eto.
Those about liulMittg will be eertnii: to save moanf
by oxnmiiilng niv prices bufore parcbuslng elsewhere
April 'M, le.VI.'
nirir.liunlc,ai Tool.
Qt'lTF.H to all trailesnnd of the most approved make
Butcher's ('Htsteel, Firmer and rnirkal'sfiongea,
Hpcar nnd .Inrk'on'a Cast and Hprlng Htaei Saws,
lluti tier's lloulile and Hinglo Plane lruua,
(lilo Tool Company Planes,
Masons and Plasters Trow Is, 1
Cooper's Drawing knives, etc., for sale cbsapby
April '.'0, 1M4. JOHN KPKlNGttK.
Sr'iA's Blork, ts.wssa IA Tallmtilgt Ilumt
awl nhiriftr't Ihttl.
TTASJusliipened a large and beautiful assort-
I I incut ol KH..tUY 91AUK IWIHIIVli, to
gether with as choice aeleelion of Cffas, Cn"i
mrrss and Vmtinsi. All of which hua bono select-
ed with greatcare and with spaclul reference to tho
wants nnd tests of this community.
Itls long experience lu this branch of business, Is ft
sure gHTiuilee tluil his stock embraces the choicest and
best vuriety, anil his purchase bus been nisao upon such
terms that he can sell at Iho LOWEST P08S1U1.B Pltl
DF.S. ,
Tho publie are rospoctfilHy mqnostad to call and ex
amino his assortment. Ho has on band a geuoral as
sortment of
And la at all times pruiutred to uecommndnte his old
friends, either with an excellent article of Kendv made
Clothing, or to MANUPACTUKK TO OltDKIi, nut of
tno nest materlul and iiv.most acconipllshed workmen,
any style of garments, FOB MKN ANOBOVH, in the
best and most fashionable manner. Ho la oontldeut, in
this respect, that he cull give general satisfaction
. Ills assortment enibruces a general variety of
Linen Coult, Veilings, Httspoudora,
Dress do Piiiilulooiis,, . Hosiery,
Sink do CruveU. Undershirts.
Cnrpot-bngs, together with all other articles usually
Repi in a ueuticuiQii's rurnisniiigMoro, anu inanuiaO'
tured In the most fashionable styles.
Hhaa boon piircbdsed of woll-bstabllshed houees In
the F.astorn cities, and Kill brwarranttil to be made of
good iiiuterial anil lu a tlurnbto manner.
He respectfully Invltea hla old customers and other!
to pall at his new establishment, where he will at all
tlmoa be ready to wuit upon them w 1th voon eoona at
Tna i.owkst RTit. To Inst his promlaea, he asks an
exainiitniiou oi ins sioea: in trauu ana tne aty.te and quat
ity of his nuinufacturo. T. TOJiti,
Lancaster, May S, IM1.
7"1,UI'1,tR1(p IhUopportnnltyto return thftlrthnnka
to their iiniiu'roiu iriunus ior uie very ut.orni
ituiroiiniro nermoiora uxioituvo 10 tiiem.nuu
uitKiirn thuin thut no pulns nhall be nartl to
uriUiit tho Aututrhifr roputntlon Mlruady attaln-
ou. nnu in orocr u meoi mo irrtauv tncroiuiH.
tu'mtum m tui'M j.tuLiii4uiiient ior noott mid nhoe.
thoy have hi Hiltllltoii tttthulrowu manufncturlnrJuittro
cvivoa irom iii misi n vory laro aim rwtiiionuuiotot3K
giknuriiinK in pari a iniiowai
Mfii'i Kino Ciitf, Kip uml ennme BooU,
Ot'itU pal. Calf Gnitors nnd Tloa,
Kiiitkliia Htitl MnnrnMa. '
AUkln1nof LnJte and Jrilnsot Boon, Hhoci, fillppors
Alan, an Mftortmen. of th best quality ot Children
faneranil nlnln Hhooa.
lu at) ditto n lo the tkbova Wn kpa cnn.lrinlkmannrfln.
luring lastly, for tul and also to order, all kinds of
will eomiAro In price aud quality with any stock lu tU
Wostoru country.
may 10, ie&4 .
fTHKamlerslgned will sell a parlor all hla land,
I (being about VtNl acres) In rlloom Township, one
mTiQ West of Carroll. .The Farms as to quality, con
dition and convenience, can't be surpassed. as
Upon them are U superior rlprliuss,3 Dwol-ixJ
ling Houses. Orchards of ehuioe fruit, etc. A '
Those wishing lo purchase call and see, as I am de
termined (n sell. S A Ml) jU CO. MAN.
December 14, 1834 St
Net. M JHatt Street. ....
IN palling the atteBtinuofthe public to their new ad
vertisement, would embrace the 'opportunity of re
turning their tbauks to their old frieuds and the publie
generally for Ihelr very liberal patronage lo time past,
aud would .most respectfully aollcito a coutluuance of
the same, as they are determined to spare uo effort te
luakeitboUiplttjssantandprofltabletoany and all per
sons wishing to purchase Hardware of any deacrtplion
of them. Fouliufrsntlntlod with their exporieuce in the
bujiwossand pieaua of keeping up a targe stock, that
they cun offer ereater Inducements to the publio tliaa
eairearej'eeiAsscar iataeci'rrer vies aire. They are
well aware of too necessity or small estaotishmenta
making up In blowing and pufflug w hat they lack iu ma
nyolher iarticulurs, Uiey wish therefore W avoid any
thing oflhat kind, and are autlstted after receiving their
entire new stock, which is now arriving dally.thut a look
ilirough tneir es'sa'ie ssreiirrsaiBeia will aatiary any
one that the Ortat liurflvaarm Start is the placo to find
w hut they want aud at low prices. Tbeir stuck w ill con
Ut lu part as follows:
Pittabnrit JnnlataNaiU,.Splke& Rrade
CAKFF.NTERSand Rnilderawlltpfease tuke notice
thuttko new drm of WHIT'S or LATTA will sell
none but the best Juniata Nails. All Naila aold by ut
will be warranted. We have now on baud,
550 Kegs Nails.Siiikesaud Brads,
SiH Bnie.rtxlO.KUISan.l W-4.'itv Glass, '
i!M Kegs Win. Wood & Co'a Pure White Lead,
10 Hurrels Linseed Oil,
3 Barrels of Futtv.
In addition to the above wo have vory lanre stock of
Building Nartiuart of evry ulscription, winch will De
aold cheaKirthan ever. WHITE dc LATTA.
tjincaster. April ,
OfiA nnApoundeofKOLLEU IKON,
IM'.'IMI 20.IK-0 do Hammered Iron, .
J 500 poiinda Cast Steel, to 2 Inch square, .
Soil do English llllster Steel,
40 do Double Shear da
IK) do Germnu do
l.'ilK) ! rtpring do
10141 do American Bllsterdo
In stnreand foraaloat low prices. by -
April ail, 1H54. WH1TK t LATfA.
rons. Chisels, and Genres. Bench Planes
I. Mqi
Mouldiuir and Bead. Match and Tulde.Hatchetsand
Hand Axes. Broad it Clionolnir Axes, l'rawinir Knives
of all kinds. Steel aud Iron Squares, Guagva and Try
Squares nil elzes, Improved 'forcing Machines, riana,
fanuei, leiinent Kipntiig. wen ana compass dawa,
Cross Cut and Mill buwa, for mile ny
April till, wtin c er uivt t a.
4 Dm. French Willow Wagons,
tf do Common do do.
J do Gig Top Cabs
ff do Square nud Ronnd Cloths Baskets,
- 10 do Market Baskets, open and cov'd .
Willow Oailles.Ac
Rocking Horeesund Wheel Barmwa,
Pnt Cloths Flus and Grass Malta, by
April aa.l-'.M. WHITE A LATTA.
AnvlUsVicciand Itlnckemltli'aKellowe
OA Anvils, weihiug from lU0toS25pouudsoacn ' '
mjJ 15 Solid Boxod Vices, -
pairs nincssmiin n oeiiown,
Sledges, Hammers, Borax, die. for sale by
April-.-o, ir.'.l; WHITE ds LATTA.
Farming tiuplcmeute.
OA Dor.. Cast Stool Pol'd Hoes,
riJvl'- 1,0 2, 3 and 4 Tine Steel Forks
50 do Grass and Grain Kcyllioa,
- 6 do Wollord'sGraiuCradlea,
!b( do Scythe Snathes.
60 do Hay uud Grain Bakes, '
4 do Bramble Scythes, drcclienn by
April 29, 1854. ;WH1TK Ac LATTA
fi:i.i.oi:s, spokes and nuns.
IITElinvo now on hand, and which by our arrange.
V menu with the manufacturers, we eon offer at
thelrbiiinrprii'KBwiinrriegui atiuou..
15 Sets Bent Follows, -
UK) " Spokes,
125 ' Hubs,
75 " KmithentShafU
" Buggy Bows.
April 29, 1W4. WHITE & LATTA
Tln-Plate, Coppers AVI re, eVe.
f f Boxes ICniid IV Tin Plato. '
llf Niiuareaud KlOFlate do
Titi'tl Copper
. Sheet and Bar Zinc,
Sheet I run and Wire,'
To Carriage and Uuggy Blakot's).
dl'KINGSnnil Axels. Brnssaud Silver Bunds, Stump
Joints and Top Frops,KuumM l)rllla,Duekand Can-
vuss, Eniiml'd uuil Fateut lather,ull descriptions Hbud
Linings, Moss ami Miileablu Iron, etc. A grout variel
nfotlior goods in that line, to bo had clump ut the Or tat
( i o. ..e u-uiTi.' i ,'rr ji
aaruv.r, arm m . , .4. . u ma a . .
Lancaster, April 59, lf.il. . ,
M'niiteil 10,000 New CnHtomer,
la tddltlon to tho old stock on hand.
Bacon, Flour, Fish, Halt, Olusaware, Stoneware, To
bucco, Conlngc, Twine, Kotlons, Fruits, ,
Ji'uts, Candles, etc.
WIT ICS Hiti utuintion uf tho citir.on-of Fill rflolo an
iltt.ul nn In imiMrlor l It, oiio tiowr WuhI of litBitlil
ttund a ml IttitiuHllJituly iKljt.liiititr iIib Dry OouJs Mt.re
uf Munnr. Kuuor, ivmr, ot t.o., hiiltu ne win no jtioiiri
od to una all f lit ithl eiiiil'Miturr, mid tun tUouauuJ
novr ouutt. 11a httfl lUtuu up hi poijtlnlylo
Wit pre ponniiH from the com. try hnvtiifr Uielr Ijidlei In
tuwn, will flinl h pUntsuul rulrtnt. An xtontvo VVurfl
botmo lu Uio roar, with un Av loatlintr from tho buck
yard tu Hla front utmi, wild h nuu uiiunuig pinco.
ALSO, FiCEU 1 (HI llOKi:st
Ilavlnir th B'lvnntucc of tho rallnmd ho Is nrunnrod to
olt whttloBulo mitl rel.'ill for tho nlmhlo slxpuntttt. Ac
cntmiiotliithifr ultrk romly to wait on you frotu the
chUtl'i rent lo tho tfoiitlouiuu'B llioujuuu aulluri.
a prii v iin.
Kovtuwiit CoRNin or Bhoadway andThibo Sthtbi
' Cinci.iniit), Ohio.
rnni.H now and toiuno.llint Hotol.from tU location
I la admirably calculated for the acrommodulion of
tho busings Mon, a wull as parilos of pleasure visit
I hit tho I'ilr. It utiiiilo tK'CominodtttloiiK have boen'rt)
iitl-tuvroucwd by au addition of forty lodtriiifr rooms.
rviUliltvsa, ' iuiiiiiiiijfm nmi t,iuniit nm titu irii.i.isi v
trttt'uou,miU the unremitUni? alt out ion of the Propria
tor uud blnAiMiitiu win liimiro auiuiuction.
CluehiHutl, Juuuury 1(0437
OAR HUM, I'll M.N.
HE undorslgnod hnvlng purchased tho Grist
l::;l II I and I
JiULj!. Hoy
Flouring 3 tit lie rutornro owned by lieu,
yuolils. deceased, would hnruby Inform
the public that It Is his purKisn to niuko this Mill what
It should bo, a Grist mill for tho accommodation of tho
neighborhood iu which it Is located. And having so
cured the services of an experienced Miller, Is prepar
ed, as ho belluves, to do work culculutud to please,
and theruforn solicits patronage.
muyuu, ino-i. j. n.Mir.n.vuri.
Dissolution of l'nrtnership.
TOTJCK tshorehy given, that 1 have purchased (he
entire Interest of my partner lu the firm of KV
PKHT i llANMIM.al Carroll. Ohio. Thu partner
ship heretofore oxlsllnguudorlhu above name Isthure-
roro iiissoiveu ny niuiuui consent, tins nun uay oi uc
tobor, 1H31. The boobs, notes uml assets are left In
tho hands of Ao Nvvrrt, Carroll, wheru ho may at
all times bo fouud ready to settle.
The undersigned has received a full Slock of Goods
which be will soil aa low as they can be bought any
where In iihlo, inaiiKrui ror past mvors, i respect
fully solicit a continuance of public pMrounpn.
Carroll, Oot, a, l34 an auam Miiat.
Estnte of St. Clnlr Mill or. ' .
TT0TCE la hereby given, thut I have thla day boon
11 duly appointed AdnilnlstrHtnr of tho Estate of St.
Clair Miller, deceased, late of Fairfield comity, Ohio.
All persons kuowlugthrmaelvos indebted to said Ka-
Intu aronotltlodtn inuke tinmmllato and prompt pay
ment, aim persons to wooiu tue jistate is inuooieu win
presentthelr accounts for scttleiucut, duly utitheull
caied, within one year. KI.IA3 M1LLEK, Adui'lor.
Nuvomber Id, rH54 4w58
ANe'f nnd well Selected lot of Grocerie
HAVE Just been received by the subscriber, at hla
uldstniid. where he will be bamir to meet bis
customers aud the public generally.
. Groceries will be sold by me ns cheap and of as good
quality as can. be found lo any almllar establishment In
the cltv. ,
I have Just received a choice lot of Crabberies, Lem
ons, Figs, Pruns, and also a general variety of Nuta,
audi as Almonds, Hraill Nuts, Coco Nuts, Ac. Also, a
splendid lot of Old Wastc.ru Kesnrve Cheese.
urjUnuo J. lYIUUH.
Lancaster Feb. 7, IMa 4 . .- .
RISING , it .I.YONS,.' '
4 RR
been ofii
RR rinw rocelvlng at their old stsnd, as tine a stock
r FANCY end MAfl.B 1IKY UOO lH as haa ever
ffored III this market, consisting of every article
in the Dry Goods Hue, together with Vint Stock J
Boat aad Saers, Oceesries, (assasviars an4 (?ass
vers, all of which they are determined to aell as low
as any honao In Falrtleld county, outirv cash stores not
excepted.- -
They beg loave to tender their earnest thanks to the
citizens of Lancnslers and vicinity, for the very liberal
share of patronage they have ruouived sluee they have
been .in business, and hoie for a continuance of the
same, assuring the public that no pains shall be awred
on iheirpart to give entire aatlsfuetion. The usual ar
tides of country produce tukon la exohaJigo for Goods.
Lancaster, Mareh 111, 18S4.
Attachment Notice.
Henry Bowers, Plaintiff,
- against.
. Andrew De Graff, Defendant.
it,: j
milK Defendant will take notice that at my Instance
X on December 7, 1854, an order of nttnchinenl waa
Issued by G. 8teliiman, Ksct., against him for tho sum
of tlr 0. . HENKY BOWKRM.
Veeunibortl, 1B54 Sw33 -
Attnchment Notice.
, H . . 1 .. . ,.. mu. . 1 r r . ,
.e.iry mnnu j, ri n, pi, Anorew no irrnn, mienuaut.
r II H K Defendant will take notice that at my instance.
I an order of attachment waa this day Issued agaluat
aim oy t. Biemman,csq., ror tne aumoi at vrt.
useeiuoer7, 1BS4 IwXi WXsiaiKV NUOalT.
4'- -
- -
or-" :
Tna most powerral King on the face of the globe now
felirus supreme In the Awsrioeo Itruublio. Tbs power
of the eroxin.t bwds of Kurops sink iulo InsiguiAcauee
wlteo couipared to that of our American King.
Kuropran Klnga euipluy the powvr mitd In thsni to
iuereaw iiie ric.luts of the rich aud lordly, and to reduce
to groairr iniiwv wed uVgradatiua tbe "oe and unpen
ieul. Our American Kiug guw k.rlb with wiual lllliit
wesa to the tordlv niansinu and humble cabin, ready alike
lo administer relief aud to oiler beulth and bapppiuesa
lo tbe lofty and lowly, the rich and tbe poor.
la the Tksth WoMuat or tat Woold, aud th gwatMi
bUf"lnK "-T offered to afflictttd liumuiili to the euffennj
ihIIUoims Lb lwoior eau any, relWf in t youi eomuaud.
You Imta uly to una thU uigicni reuiedy. All thosa
who Htill auOur, and will not accept tlte proOured bain,
dfr.ir not til pity of their fumiliua. -
TUu.tvoNduriul uunliai,!!, during the briwf period alnca
U Innw.luotlou. baa auricd bappiuusa to the brarta of
thiUritd, aud uiuda lib a oliarw lo many who Uerwtofora
M-trfirJt-il it only aa a paititui anu uiiiwrt.oie
Tu Llie wluUa niih all UuiuMttta, Kuibrocatioua. Pala
KllWm, and Tain Kxtractora, aud lt mllifuiia uf Rlad
toti)(ii proctaim tba iuriu of the Rrwkvt Amerluan
Kino f I'rtiw." a prepimtlon coiiipoiwd aolely of
blt and rooi-f produced by Awarica'a own tkU aud
bouuieou soil.
Wunuld a-"k the Ladies, who are alwajl com potent
ut what ta and a hut la not a valuable nunlly uindU
cina, ro do u. a ipecUl favor by givlu, the King of I'm a
hi Us bhulf, rwoniuMuU it. apuak well ana oitaa oi it,
sod mm that it U urtcd by their attlic(ed nuihbora. The
Ijulien ar ttUavscliarltuiiie,aua wnau nwy uiuuca tueir
uiU'iiMi, frieuds to um this really Ttiiuabla uiedicitie,
thev ttill lw doing an uut of befievolciica that they can
wel ba (nut f. This in a powurlul aud truly uiittfleul
ffiiicilj !r all extL'rul dic-HMra. ttortM, swelliugn, bunis,
ttti-l for many mraruai aiuiciiors, n wttcriiii vuis,
vet U in pttrfci'tiy hiinnlw)-, and incapable of produclnti
the Ivin't Injurious elfocu tu tba juosl delicate ejuea or
vtt-lakfltt OOUHtltlltltrU.
It la ttntirely uwltraa to follow the old and worn-out
uutt-s of wt'iitifrs pertunued by this medicine. It eottta
but Utiirv-live ceiirji to tr It; aud Or. Hull stukus his
reputation on tua ixiuf ot vuu uuiug
iimre limn be i lmms fur It.
u aouid oiik. b.tve you tue luwuntaiism or uouti
tlieM aru not pleasant coiupauloiitt, and we know that
yttu vouia like to Utire tiwm away aa aoon aa poouw.
then um
Would you be cured almost immediately, of Bowel
!nttii.ii.int. Dtiietitfr.'. Smuiuer OoiuulainL tJholera Mor-
tnu, I'rnmp Oulic, llead Ache, Tooth, or any otlior oube
il pain, the rctiiviy U aiuipie auu tue cure ceruiia.
Would yu hiivtt your Sorea, fiwelllni, Cuts, Durns,
Hi nldt, HruiMiM, or any other wouuda beulua, we repeat
It, tine tlie
Woo Id you be cured of Scald Head, til iff Joints, Sore
Tiifout, Seuniljjia, Sore Ureaaf , l.uiol.o, Turter or King
Worm, Isult Itliuum. ItiLs of i'oivmouj lusouta, Ohapped
Uandct, and all otiier Sort), either dry or running, we
tuy n-.au and uuu, vgua aauafji U Or. Johu Uuit'tt
Would you be cured of King's Kvll, Canrr. Tumors,
Krnptiims. or any dir-eaxe of the Skit cauned by Impure
hhrod. thMii me !r John Bull's SarMparlilu Internaily,
and the Kintt of Pain externally, nothing eau be wore
eertalu thau a speedy and effectual euro.
DR.. JOim BULL'S "...
This mcdlrlna, when UMd ocoordlng to directions, will
jure, without full: "
or Kinn'ci Krll,
Canoum, Kruprlona
, - of the Skill, KrVFlpH.rui,
, - Tumors, Chronic Son K ea,
IHnitworm or Tetter, Hpuld Head,
- TlheutuutlMui. I'aln hi the Hone ot
Joint. Old Hor.'H and Ulcers. Swellhijr, of
- the tilandu, Byuhllis, Uyapepida, rialt Khemn.
Dia-a-eit'if the Kidneys. IHwi.ito arming fumi the
tiae of .Mercury, leosnof Apwrite, Pain In tho Hide ami
Rhoolders. (ieneial pehiilty, l.otiibiiifo. L'onilhvi, Col. Is,
Drirysslautidl('H,('ojniveiier.s, Hronithltis,WaukiiiHOf the
Cltmt, 8ore i'hroai, Pultnnnury Afti't lions, and all other
liitveaMtifl id lug to produce Consumption. Liver Ooni
pluliits.KuumleIrn'iiIarirlesnnd0omplaiiirM,1w -plrltK,
fitk anl Nerruus Iluatiai'.he, Night
Sweuts. KxpoiiirfS, or Imprudonce In Life,
throul vonititui)onai inwiises. anu as a
bpriiiKtindSuniiner Drink, aud Oeueral
T'miti for thu Syatem. and a gentle
. and p'esjtittit purgative, it la
superior to lllue Lick
and t ongreHs Water,
Bill: s. or eldiiii - i
Powders, '
ft Is'a rMnarkable fimt, that among the hundreds of
fin i nei. f: phvi-lclaiis who have exainined the recipe by
wlilcli Ituh'ri HursHparllin lit prepartMl, not one has con
ilfinited it, but all approved It, uod couiuutnd it tu the
hlghe! lenns. slimy phynlciuns exprena themselves
strongly lu the belii'l' thut It is dooidedly the bent pro pa
nt ' hm of riiirmipirMia that h:ia ever been placed bo lore (he
pulilio. Altlimiyth there are ninny physiciaus who A-ol a
loiUt tnuuki to having their nauius anpended t6 the recom
inendaiioii of any purth'tilur reuifdy, uotwithunding
thev niMV npprovu of it in thu highest dgree, there are
oil.'i'i-i who niuikly yield their support in fiiror of a
reim-'ly whii'h tltey know is capable or doing so luueU
gMid lu au atilictesl community. Am au evidence, rusd the
tttliouiui; froitt old and respectable physhdans, of higU
sunJiittf lu the uouiiuunlty lu which they lire:.
Q" Twllmony like the following rundiTS superfluous
all noniiiiniitson theefllt:acy of Itull's Snrsapurilla. Kroui
r. I' Yaiithdl, Prt'loiwir of t'lieinixtry tit the Ioui-vili
Mudleal Colluite: I hare looked over thv list of iui(rwdleiit
eompsiliKdohu Hull's Compound tlxtmoSol ' ruHptiit-illii,
and have uo helUition in saing that they form a wilVi
couipuniLauduu that promises well in rhrouin ilUfawi,
to wlili-h U is applicuhie, L. VANDKLL, M 1).
IrOuUvilltt, June U, 1H4S.
Wlnti lr. rylw, phyiduian by appohituient to the Lou
isville Murine Hospiuti; says of hull's Surmparitla :
LoimviLLs, March 20, 1H-IS.
1 havs examined tho premriptiuti lor the prvpurutiuu of
Joint Hull's ariuipiU'lHa.and I tx'liuve the coin lit inii-ion u
be an itXLvileiit oue, and wwll oukcutated to product un
altu;iiivv iuiprtiScdxn uu the syiiUuu. I have ueU it Intrli
In pulilio aud . private prtunhii, and think It the Iweit
tutlcieol SU.rHi.pk.iiHu uow lu use. .
lUildeut Physician Louisville Marine llo.-piu.t
Ucltcf TcsUuiihi J' tUau was ftcr OObreil la favor f
. ttuy Medicine
Bev. E. r. Skliou, Uev. E. Sltvf nstin.
1 I.ouuvillr, Hay aOth, 1319.
Ke have used Johu Dull's bariuiuuriiaud have kuuivti
It tu be used, with eutlre satlsfiuttieu aud we lutvu no
hMllalieu in slating our baiter, that it is a sale and
valuable liicilb-al coiut'eutid, aud culeulared to priMluir
iiiiivb Heed and rstieve uiucU sullui-iiig ) aud tlielelun,
wuul.1 cheerlully aud most earuvsliy recuiiiiiienJ ir tu tbrf
atllt.d. oKUJN,
(Slgn.,1) K. BTKVK.3UN.
We earnestly Invite all persons wno are suffering wlih
an) of " the ills that llwti i bsir tu," lo cull ou lr. Johu
1 lliitl's agent, and get a copy of Hull's Family Joui-inU
i.kvtk; uud fur ilia sake of liuiiisiiity, we hope mat a
aluir lhaivtju.il will nut iMifi.uml itiioillliiit tOi;in Hull's
buiMtfiarill a THtAb, alter reiiuinif, aud reeelleaiiu. at th.
atone time, that it is luinosnlble for the lloclor to uublt-h
tbe unlll part of the uuuiber of curliiicates of astounding
cunts pluiui.d b.r bis bsnuptirilla. Tlie aimmut v(
uwuujiiiiy voluntarily nhuwurud ou bull's SiirNiparliU,
fioui vrvll Rliewil and aiftUUKUhtlieU luuivi'limis, uetu ,u
. uuliiic and unvote lite, bus been DelTrOtiv bveiwueuniiig.
. U-ba.euU.i llUI.IB Principal tllHoe, west siae Filiil
vet. nrst iteur esiew anuu, i.ul'uu.s, i.
Forsiilobv G. KAUFFMAN It CO
Laucastor.Jul) 20,1854. ii. L. (SLOCUM ot CO.
' I. K.i FISIIEL. -
nAVlNO returned to the city and erected m large
hulMlnir in the rear of tho brick bouse, on the
tamer of Brtad nni Ckttnnt Street; enetqnart South
las Market fcais. Intends liitinufaclurlug upon
a large scale all the various articles . ,mm imv
UX of Cabinet Furniture,' Bedsteads ' . T
fftand Chairs. Which he will keep
. Inlwavs nn hsnd. Inirntber with at5oJ '"
large aasorlment of Ctnclunali inauufactare. His long
exierloncu In the business will enauio nun to nave
manufactured at home and Imported from abroad the
vory best of work, and aa he Intends to employ none
Dill the most skllirul workmen anu use tne eesi mate,
rials, he Halters himself that he will give general ea.
Usfarllnn to all who may favor him with their custom.
The nubile are Invited to call and examino tho as
aortment, The ontranec to the rooms Is upon 'Hroad
Street. . 1). K. FISHEL.
N. B. Rermlrlnc done on the ahnrtosl notice, and In
the neatest and most, workmanlike manner. Charges
reasonutiie. iianeaster, atay au.
f MPEKFKCT health has kept me from
hit ottlce nart of the tiiuo for some
mouths. I have gained mr former
strength and will not hereafter be ab
cent irom my. room uunng ousinessnours. .
Filling Teeth receives niv snorini attention, I glTi
certlHod guarantees for all my gold fillings to be affec
tive during the lives of tbe parties. 1 am able after
near 20 years attention to the Teeth to give every per.
son the juosl positive assurance that they can aave
every loom ny timely ana iroqueni attention,
OFFICE Ewlnir'a Ilriek.oa the Hill. H. SCOTT.
TTPFdr these who have tbe TOOTH-ACHE and
will not have them extracted, I have a remedy that
seionru rails to give reiiei. Also, idem rowoera.
urusnes, etc.- u. ouuii,
Lancaster, Decomber 6, 185431
Main Street, Lancaster. Ohio, '
4 OF.NT for Knox Mutual and fraternal Mtui
II R ire and Life Insurance companies.
DtKtmber 10 1363.
A H iXPALLlBLU KbVEKY for aorofula, King's
'evil, rhouuiallani, obstinate eiilanooua erutilloua,
oimnles or Dttstulcs on tlie face, blotchee, bolls, chronlo
sore eyes, miff vroriu or totter, scald-head, enlargement
anil palu oi me nones " jouiw, iiuuwrn uicersj sy
philitic disorders, lumbago spinal evmplainta, and all
diseuars urisiiiK from au Injudicious use of mercury,
in,,,rtiii,iir.o iii life, or luiiiurity of the blood.'
Thlsaluable medicine, which haabocorue celebrat
ed for the number of extraordinary cure, effucled
through llsnroncyrhae lnducod the proprietors at the
uraiHit reauestof their frieuds, to olTeritto the nubile.
hichthcy do with the utmost confidence In Its virtues
and wonderful eurutlve pmjieKles. The followliifrcer
tiiiciitM. aulocted from a lanre number, are. however.
strongor lostluiony that the mere word of tlie proprie
tors; and are all from arontloiiien well known In their
localities, aud of tho highest respectability, uiuney ot
thein now reslilluglntne city oi Kicnmoua, virtrinta.
F. Uoyden, Esq., of the Exchanire Hotel, Kluhmond,
known uvery where, says he has scon the medicine
called c.rtir' spaaisn hivtcrr administered In over a
hundred cases, In nearly alt the diseases for which It ia
rocouimended.with the inoat astonishingly good results.
He says it is the most extraordinary medicine be has
everaoen. - '
Aoua iss Fkvrr Reset cars I nercny eertiry'.tnal
for throe years I bad Ague ana rover or tne most viO'
lent doscrlntlon. 1 had several Physicians, took auan
titles of Quinine, mercury, and 1 believe all withont
any porinaueut reller. At last j tried carter's Spanish
mixture, two bottles of which effectually cured me.
aud 1 am happy to say I have had noithercbllta or fever
since. I consider It the best tonic In tho world, and the
only medicine that has reached lnycnse. J. LOAGDr-A.
rJRivER L.A.BI, near iticiimonu, Virginia.
C. B. Luck, Est.., now In tbe city of Kichmond, and
for many years In the Post Onlco, haa auch confidence
in the astonishing enieacy of carter's Spanish mixture,
thut ho ers bought upwards of SObottlus, which he has
glvenawayto the afflicted. . Mr. Luck says he has never
Known it to tan wnentaaen according to airectlon.
Uf. ...Ilia", ,iii-,ioiiia. ' ntni.mw, u.iu iiiiuivilj OI
tlie city hotel, in tho city of Richmond, says be has wit
nessed in a number of Instances the effocta of carter'a
Spanish mixture which were most truly surprising. He
says In u ense of consumption, dopendeut ou the liver,
the good effects were wonderful indeed.
i. ,t n..n;i.. Ul...ul..lu 1 r. t. r
. Sutnuul M. Uhuker, or tne tne nrm or tinnserec Mor
ris, Kichmond, was cared of liver complaint uf eight
years standing, by the use of two bottles of carter's
Spanish mixture.
Ureal cure OJ ocroaie, no itiiiuura oi ,uo mcu-
mond Kepubllcun had a survaut employed in their press
room, cured of violent acrofala, combined, with rheu
matism, which eulirely eisublcdhim from work. Two
bottles of carter's Spanish mixture made a perfect oure
of him, the Editors, Inn publio notice, say they cheer
fully locnmniend It to all who are afflicted with any dis
ease of the blotd. .
sriU anurasr eurt of Scrofula l had a valuable boy
cured of acrofula by carter'a Spanish mixture. 1 con
sider It a valuable medicino. JAMKR M. TAYLOR,
Conductor on tbe K. r. at 1'. K. K. Kichmond, va.
Salt hkeum of 90 I'sars ttandinr cured. Mr. John
Thomnson. residing In tho city of Kichmond, wus cur
ed by three bottles of carter's Spanish mixture, of salt
rheum, wnicnnenna ncanyzu yuara, ami w hich an uie
Fhysiciansof the city could not cure. Mr. Ihompson
Is a well known merchant in the city of Richmond, Va.,
and his cure Is most remarkable.
William A. Mutthows of Kichmond, Virginia, had a
sorvantcured of Syphilis, la tho worst form, by carter's
Spanish mixture.
KU'hurd K. Weatof Richmond, waacured of scrofula,
and what Physicians called confirmed consumption, by
three bottles of carter's Spanish mixture.
Kdwin Burton, commissioner or the Kerenno, says
he has seen the good effects of carter's Spanish mixture
in a number of syphilitic rases, and says It Is a perfect
cure of that hvrrlhledlsonso. '
William G. HarwoodorRii'hmond,Vlrginla,cnred of
old sorei and ulcors, which dlsublud him from walking.
Took a few bottles of carter's spanlali mixture, and waa
enabled to walk w ithout a crutch, in a short time per
manently cured.
Principal Depots at M.Wnrd.Closo A c, No. M Maid
en Uno, Kew York. T. W. Dyott & sons. No. ilW.Nurth
till street, Philadelphia. Bennot and Beers, No. l'-'5
Mnin street, Kiehminiil, Virginia.
And for mil J by KtttilTiiinii and co., Lancaster, E.'Kalb,
Rushvlllci It. B. Walker, West Kushvtlle; Porter and
VVclrstetu,L)lhopolis. and Dealers lu Medicine every
w here. Doc. 17, W53--ly
Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Chronic or JTeroocs Debility
Diseases of the Kidney, .
AKDallillseascsarislngfrom a disordered Liver or
Similiter,; such as consumption. Inw ard plies, full
ness of blood to the head, acidity of the stomach, tiati
seu, heart-buan, disgust for food, fullness or weight lu
the stomach, sour eructiitioiis, sinking or fluttering at
the pilof the stomach, swimming of the head, hurried
and ilitniult breathing, Muttering ut-the heurt, choaking
orsuirorulion sensations when In a lying posture, dim
ness of vision, dots or webs before the sight, fever and
dull pain in mo non,ueneioncy oi uerspirauon, yellow
ness of tho shin and eyes, pain in the sidu, buck, ehest,
limbs, etc., sudden flushes of heat, burning iu the fiosh,
oustant imaginings of evllot greut depression of spirits,
Or. lloofluiitl'sCelebi'nted Ocrman Ilittnrti
Prepared ky Dr. C. Jackson, at the German Medicine
Store, JV'u. l'-U Arch Street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the' above diaossoa Is not excelled,
If ooiialled. bv any other nreparutiou In the United
States, us tho cures attust, In many cases after skilful
livslcians nan luiiuu.
'fhesu Hitters are worthy the attention of invalids.
Possessing great virtue in the ratification of diseases of
tho Liver mid lesser glaiids.exorclslng the most search-
g powers In wcnknessanilerjcctions ol tne digestive
organs, they arc, wilhal, suit', certain nud pleasant.
Read and be convinced V. Krssklmrir, Jeweler,
Wooster, Ohio, December 8ud, lWl, said: "I embruce
this opportunity of Informing you of tbe great benefit 1
have ilorlveil irom tne use oi nr. nouiiunu's ueriunn
Bitters. 1 have used them for chills und fever aud dis
ordered stomach, ami found relief in every case. Thoy
are the best remedy for disordered stomach, 1 think, In
existence. "
P. Koi.tv, Itloomtleld, onto, uctooer 7, ii-mi, anm:
With ruelliica iifBrntltndo I take my pen lo Inform you
of the incalculable benefit 1 have derived from the use
of Hootland's Gorman Bitters. 1 have used them for
tho Liver eoimilutnt. and take pleasure in recommend
ingtbein to thu public as the sufust aud best remedy
nniir n n.e '
Tho Editor of the Wooster Democrat, Muy 8, 1853,
said: 'lloaand'aGermau Bitters This Invaluable me-
ic ne Is du v nerfurmlng cures ortno most remaraaiuo
character. We do mdspuak of this medicine without
a v n..u l,.,le of ts etneuev. as we nnvu inert it in our
family, anil tluil It to bo the only thing needed lu llvor
complaint or dyspepsia.
OoiiRAt Oi.shkr, Cambridge, Ohio. November 17,
lM'J, siiid : "My those porsons w ho havo used your Hoof
land's German Blttera, thoy are considered an Invalua
ble remedy fordyspepsia."
jrf'You should bear lu mind mat tnoso rtitters are
wriuvi.v vva.Tkui.w. thorobv nossessliig advantages
over most of thu preparatlous rocouiuieiiaoa tor sum.
ar oiseiises.
For sale hv KnnfTiiian rk CO.: E. Kath, Riishvlllel 1!
B. Wnlkor. West Kushvillb; Porter Welralon, Lytho.
polls, und Dealers lu medicine every where. .
VWUIIiU.lllfllW 1. ' -
Family Graccrlea, tluecnsware , A.cMoVe.
vK'IT.V n itm RKVftlOSI has become nronrlutnr.
by purchase, of the Grocery Store of II. B. Hunter
Sc Co., to n hleli lie hasust added a large and superfine
variety of Family Groceries, now arriving nnd to arrive
from Chief nnuti. und other marts. In making his pur
chase ho biiM bud In view the accommodation or his
frieuds and discriinntiug publie, for all seasons. He
commends to their attention, among other urlieles, at
prices that ciiliuot full to give sullslucllon.
0ONFECT10NAK1ES of all kinds, for families and
parties. .
Uanaies, l nrmgonia .nimnuiis, xwigusu wutuuta anu
tiniranan aiiis, Mgs una uutes.
Jctitss,uua lieiuiine tor jellies, r nines, etc.
Of Famlls Groceries he will only mention Phil, po'
dercd and crushed SUGAR. New Orleana do.. TEAS
Kin and Java COFFEE. Mi ces. Molnsses. Gotdon Mr-
tip, French Chocolate, Muehroon Walnuts, Tomato
lntaiip, anpionuiu miui nnyio. s-tar9 t.n,
other articles lo numerous to nut down here. '
Nottoforiret.nlso.Lluuors.ltrnndvfi the alck and
convalescent, cigars 3 years old, ajnoaking and chewing
TOBACCO, Pow der and Shot for the Sportsman.
He will Keep on nana a variety oi raiaia, rarwtsa
aaa japan Qiniiu.ii iiiiimuuv-bura ,,x u,v ,,ii.,i. .
Jvol least, a large anu utii assortment oi tKs.a.icarv.
Earthen ware, rrtnen ware ana jLnjrtten uiaeewart, ai
. Woodenwart. Taos, uuentts, etc.
frpllo hones to obtulu a fulr shalr of tho publio favor
In his new undertaking, ana ioors ior tne appronation
nnd palronnge of Ills friends. Having been compelled
tnrollnuutsh his former business us Injurious to health.
hewlllmakeafolrtrinlofthls,tosoeif it will not front
bis purse, as wen as nis neaun. it tne experiment, (to
which he will dovote his undivided attention) does not
succeed, he will be able he trust, to serve the publio in
onto other oeoiui capacity.
Mayalcj4. riiiiA tt. JUAittftt.it;nois.
Oeagre Oraitfre Seed and Plants.
'Win B undersigned havealarge amount of Osage Or
1 unfre Seeds and Plants of the best nualitv.suruaased
by none in the country, which they w 111 soil ut the lowest
market price.
At from 33 to 40 cent, per rod, with a fulr deduction
where targe contracts are mane.
At from 75 cents to tl rod- the payments aa fol
Iowa X when the hedge Is set, and the balance when
it will unswor the imrpose of a good feuoe.
HrilKiKK tirtuvtn. -
For what disinterested ludge. will say it la worth, fas
fomparoa wun goou n'neesj wnen it is completed.
At VI to for rou, to ne paid ror wnen eoraptetoa
jAMbc siifflriRM at uu.. uavton. onto.
Jihis RttarrRR, College Corner, Butler ooaUty.OhlO
jsMza mcurrw, Aiexanaeravuie, unto.
nzRiiaiiR Lus, Dayton, Ohio.
Mar 1, JH54. G. MARTIN, Agont, Carroll. Opla
Opposite the Oanrt Horn, and Fcutal
KW ADDITIONS are now being made to the fur
nlturo and convenience of this already First Class
otel. Travelers will find tbia house decidedly the
moat Mimfnftsbls wlaenln ZAnnavllle. ana tne nronrle-
tor spares no pslns to make his guests eomfortable.
There are attached to the above house, elegant BRICK
DROVB STABLES, which are very capacious.
Maicho.J.oJT-Kia WM. A, Jl'ltiiH Propaiotor
Door Enst of the Old Checkered Stored
TTAVIJIO recently removed their establishment from .
I I T.U. White's block, to the rooms adjoining the td
Checkered Storend nearly ojipoaite the Hocking Val
ley tsauk, and made numerous additiona to their stock, .
tuke this method of Informing; their friends and the pua-
iii.t.uDivii, wis. wr; -' irvparea 19 euanuiacilirf)
with neatness and dispatch all article pertaining tat
their line of business. They bave employed the bees
workmen la the Htatn and manufacture their artlolee
irom tne oeai matenaia.
Thoy keen constantly on hand a general awortaaeaat
o kite loiiMwing anicioa. ,
Raddles, Bridles and Harness. ' ,' . J.
Carriage, Wagon aud Kldliir Whine. .
.ruiiKa, .i(tb, va r w, XMiprs, - - ...
Hi ogle and double Mattraases,
All kinds of Ply-nets, eto. ete. ' '
All of which they will sell CHEAP for CAftH. AM
i - - 1 ' i . . . . n ' -r
work made to order, or purchased at their establish
ment, ia w.rristid to be made of th BEST HAThV
rtiAi., ana in a werauiannae manner.
Tr7Call andexauluetorvoueself before -- -
eewlver. Maf iafBaiiwtW
Meter. Clarke, Wright & Co., .
nAVK taken for a number of yeare, the Poundry
owned by John Antey, Esq., situate . Cefma
bnt and Broad Streets, in Iks tity of Lamcasltr, where
they are determined to be on hand with ail aucat arti
cles in their line, aa the country require a.
.Miu-Ooanng, Machine CASTINGS and
PLOUGHS, of various patterns, war
ranted a auperior article, ioaretbar with
all wluor articles tu the Foundry line. ...
CLARKE'S Cornatalk and Straw Cotter,
An articles superior to all others of the kind iu the
country, and one to which we Invite the special atten
tion of the Farmer. This machine for cutting shock
corn for high feeding or fattening stock, will save from
30 to 40 per cent. Com Foddor, when eut, is nearly or
quite equal to hay for feeding either cattle or horses,
making an acre of well saved com (odder worth two
acres of the best grown hay in Ohio. They are calcu-
w. ..uo. .-. or iions power, we are sine
preparing to furnish to order .
McCormlck'a Reaper and Grasa Cutter and
j jaourc'i W neat Drill. ,
Farmers give tu a call. Evervbod . iv
and buy our gooda and wares, our ploughs and shares!
and we will try in turn to buy your aorn, your wheal,
your Boor, your moat, your hay, your oats, your rag
j j wow oepare,oi oroaen
Eota or other ware. We therefore have the hlgheat
ope, without designing any Joke, that you will give a
liberal share of patronage to us w ho are determined le
do business on the most liberal terms.
February 10, 1854. CLARKE, WRIGHT at CO.
ORGANIZED for the Encouragement and General
Diffusion of LITERATURE aud the FINK ARTS,
on a New und Original Plant
This new Association ia designed to encourage and
popularise tbe Fine Arta, aud disseminate pure and
wholesome literature throughout tbe country. For
this purpose a Galle,y of Arta ta to be permanently
founded, width will each year contain a choice and
vuluuble collection of Primings, Statuary, etc.,
For JFree Diktributlon.
The Association will also publish and issue to Its
memhors each yoar, the best Literature of the day.
consisting of the most popular Monthly Magazines.
Reviews, and Pictorial Library works. ".
Tu OmcRRROF the A ssoci iTio k for IPS4, have the
pleasure of announcing that the subscription books for
'lfe,c.ur.e1", ,e,n ,now 0i" '" that the first annual
distribution of Works of Art, contained In the above
Giillery, will take ntuce in Januarv .....i- i.t,. ...
cnslon there will he distributed among the ineinbera of
L ZL' : i'. ," UI l"arge, several hundred su
perb W tirks of Art, among which will bo tho origin 1
and world-renowned statue of Him Powrrs,
' . , '" Greek Slnrc,
purchased at en expenae of over $5,000! Also, (large
and very choice collection of magnificent OIL PAINT
INGS, consisting of he best production, of celebrated
American and Forclgh Artists, among which i are th
works of RoRTao, Mrckcr, Rasn, Ki.m Gi. 1
CLo7,F,sr,((rx,.n'a olher eT"t American' .
ArtisU, which, with tbe constant additions maTle
hrough an agen t now In Europe, will rende r "his " fur
tho most complete Gallery of Art. in the United State.
The Literature
published for disseminating among the memhersof the
Association, f, ,M4, w) f ""J ' "OT he
Monthly Magazine., Review., Ae.. viz: j?.rp,X JwS
?"';"' "i"mi 'r'"e'i XuictcrU,l,rPc;Jv'.
Lady's Book, and Graham's Mafatine: togc her with
. The association Is open to all; anv person mav be
come a member on the payment of3 which entitle,
hin. to a membership and one of thj.bove M,,gi !
o, Reviews ofr one year, and also te a frae icket in
drl'tUnWne!lBoLr.'"d f"m0 "t.,hc "hnye P1o.llcals ro
dorlt needless tosay any thing In their praise salt la
conceded thut, as literary organ.. ,oy ?nr in ad!
Vance of any of her, f the world. Tho rubllshcr'a
price of each of which Is Invariably 3 . hi5
.??. 1,1 b"net ".three dollars' worth of aterl-
o.i w... ' . ",, .et ,n ,he ltrlbutlon of the
nost Magnificent cnllectfnn nt i...i.. . . .
UtTye'lUul t0 olie oldTmVrlcan Art-.
ThrGim.rrv Of the Association l.1....j a....,'..-
V Htv. where Rrp. '''"""""'""
ferte-f) for It. and In Vi,." ..- X''V?."m,"n
If" 'AnZ'Z ensuing;0..;:01" V" f W0rk
am. , rrso ns desiring to become hiembera. ran hv
..'itiu.' in?,,!?ni,''e"' wllhany month the choose,
and reltpn its being mailed to thein nronii.flv on tba
Phl1.0LlV,;7m',,,,,hl','ee, 'rom the New" Vork and
Phllarielnhia Publ .hr. t.,L il . x...,
desired. . .,, u
" Icif o Irtirrst felt In the nilvnnecmeiit.f
th,FI",A.1.' "? the hflief that this Association
mi, wun mo powerful afd of Litori.ture, Lecouie nt
lice aa.rcro;y..,1 )( uot nil,vuU , d
nroiiroges tho P ne An.. 1...1 ji....i... u.
Litorntnro throughout the laud, thereby adupling Itaolf
tothepreseiit wan ts and tastes of the American people,
enabling both rich and poor to inuke their homes phea
sant ami attractive, by the aid nf Sculpture, Paintings,
and the best reading matter which the wide range of
American Foreign Literature affords. V
, , . ""',"'IU"rdv,1,1tg"lorived.by Joining
tills Assnvlntlon, are " "
ist. All personsgetthenH value of their subscript
ton alike start, in thi. .h,.., ..c u ii.
Literalure; . a
.t. tiieyaro at the aame time contributing toward
purchasing choice Works of An. 1,. 1..... k. ji..
tribitted among themselves free of chargo; '
3d. Each member Is also Indirectly encouraging and
!..,...., wjim anu Artists or the country, dla-
Diirsing many thousands of dollars through Its agency.
'1 hose WhO purchase Mnn.lna, .. ...... 11 1
obsorve that byjoiningtho Association, rs.y rscs.vel.
Afn-a:in,W fret Ticket iu t he OHnual distribution
at the same prlco tiirt how fat forthe Magazine alone.
Itnnv. Hrivum.n I .....I... n . . i. . i ' . ...
.. u.w.,o ,it.uir.Ba. tiiucustern macs,
Row lork, or Western offioe, Sandusky.
Persons remitting funds or membership, should mark
loiters," Registered,'' and stato the month with which
.thoy wish their inuguzlnos to commence, and also their
Post Office address in full, on ha receipt of which, a
eortlfleatoof membership, together with the lnngazin.
TS"' lorwaraeu 10 any part orthe country.
II r'Ofllces Of the Assoclntinn. .1 tl,A K.,l..brt.n,.lm
MHVRXltin (1 HI.' n OU U-n..l..... V... -. ... .'
3, Water btroet, Sandusky, Ohio. Address, (nt either
jl), C. L. DF.RRY, Actuary C. A.oV L. A
ITPV. M. GR1SWOLD, Hon. SocroUry Lancaster,
of which moiubershlp may bo obtained. Sept. 14
"ITTOULD respoctfully annonnce to tho citizen, of
yf w Laacastor and vicinity that they are as ueual in
receipt of .very heavy and wollselectod stock of
' Sprinj and Sammer Goo '
Embracing every variety and style to be had in the
Eastern market, to which we invite the attantinn nf
every body, as wo intend selling aa cbeaas as gooda call
" " u, ,uu .uoiiiituius. in auuuiou to our
largo stock, will be found s general assortment of ,.
' Boots, ghoei, Bonnet, and Hats. .
Parasols and Umbrellas, Looking Glasses,
Queensware, Glassware, carpeting and Matting
Wall Paper, Bordering and Window Blind.;
Cotton coverlet and carpet Yam, -
Batting, Wadding, candle-wick, etc. etc.
Also, a good Stock of Fine Groceries, '
Tobacco, dtc. In short, everv tblna nannllv knnt in a
Store, and more too. - . -
Wo would say to dur old friends and customers that
we return our sin oure thanks for their vory liberal pa
tronage extended during our business career among
them, and ask . continuance of the same. We will en
deavor to ploose and give satisfaction to .11 who will
favor na with their custom. All kind, of country pro
duoe taken in exchange for Gooda for which the high- '
est markot price will be paid. - May 30, 1854.
G- DE VOL la prepared to furnish aH kinds of STE A M
.EXGlNEri.upon abortnotlce and at Cincinnati
and Pittsburg prices. . .
Also, all ltlnda of Mill Gearlne. flolatlna Rerewa.
Regulating Scrowa. Jack Screwa: Fuller'a Scrowa and
Ciuer ScrewR.
Mill Spindles of est Iron or wrought.
nuiosana i7rtvers,we., etc.
Ho will also furnish the PARKER WHEEL to' .nit
any head of water, and with either Iron or wood shaft.
Also the ATKINSON WHEEL fit up aa above. The.
patent on the Parker Wheel hat expired end conse
quontly they con lie had much cheaper.
Ho also continues to make DEVOL'S THRASHING
MACHINES, and keep. lot constantly on- hand: war.
ranted tho beat In Ohio. -': .
All the above articles will be made with especial care
end by the beat workmon, and will be warranted.
All kinds or repairing done upon the Shortest notice.
He also keep constantly on hand, ALL KINDS OF
CASTINGS, usually kopt In Foundry. He boa eont-
fdeted bis front shop, ao that those who call can. exam,
ne his work.
The known quality of the work done at thla estab
lishment for many yearafraat,ls the beat guarrantee that
in future, the subscriber will labor to desire tbe pat
ronage oi tue piiuim. - ne uviteeexamination.
Lancaster, May 10, 1854.
sjwatcaator, wsazajt
vTaT71LL rive attention to the nurehaatnir and aelllns
of Heal Estate, also, to the procuring of Pea
aionssnn nounty unui,
OFFICE In the Brick Block, nearly opposite
UocklDg Valley Bank. may 10 io64 M

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