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atieastcr fecitc.
Uared noralnr. Ja. 9. 1833
. xhm Shirt Tall Jury.-
Hot very long since, nd daring a eea
aion of the Probate Court in this city, an
aggravating caseof potty larceny came up
for trial before his Honor, the Probate
Judge. Before' the trial commenced it
leaked out that the defense had brought
witnesses to impeach the States' evidence,
which, it was generally believed,' could
easily be done. , Ia order to counteract
this tocncever on the part of the defense
the Prosecutor determined to fight the en
my with their own weapons, and immodi
ately summonsed several additional wit
nesses for that purpose. After, eonsidera
Us difficulty in selecting a Jury of "twelve
(interested men of good standing," the
trial commenced. Witness after witness
was impeached, until out of about two doz
en but tw were left in the possession of
that brightest of all earthly jewels, a good
character. ,-.
' After listeai ig a "full day to the testi
mony inthe case aa I the weighty arguments
of Counsel, the Jury retired about five o
- 1oek ia the evening, weary and wan, but
for the life of em couldn't agree on a ver
dict. '
, In the morning, bright and early, the
Julge and Prosecuting Attorney repaired
to the Jury room to ascertain the result.
Stepping op to the door the Judge gave a
. louJ rap. which, after torn little dclay.was
gently opened by one of the Jurymen, who
Informed the Judge that he was sorry he
eould not let him in "as the Jury had a
V.lttt prtvalt matter on hand they first wish
ed to dispose of." '
... After the lapse of a few minutes the door
wat again opened by tlio same gentleman,
who seemed to be the door-keeper for the
occasion, with the request that "the Judge
will please walk in."
All this tine the Prosecuting Attorney
was Stan ling in blank amusement and won
dering what the deuce oould be the matter
. Just as ha was about starting to leave, the
door again opened, and with a polite bow
the aferesaid door-keeper politely invited
nim in
Dut imagine his surprise, on entering.
. to see the Jurymen with not one slitoh of
clothing to oover their nakedness except
tbeir shirts. Qn inquiry, it was ascertain
eJ that three of tha Jurymen had lost their
pocket-books and had adopted this mothod
f search to find the thief.
Warxiho to "American AuoAcrrr. -
The follwing warnings uttered by the Brit
ih prints immediately after the presumed
fall of Sevastopol, are worthy of being kept
in mind by the American people. They
re only spocimons of the very general tone
adopted about that time :
. "Oar foes have ha I a forewarning wiih
wuai sort oi a people tuoy will have to dual
an 1 our transailiintio cousins will become i
irile les insolent and overbearing, when
tney ana thai tne noet wluoli summers u
the Baltie, can, without cost or effurt.win
Or in the Oulf of Mexico. Xorth British
Review. ,
"Eiiglnnd and France togotherare strong
nnugn to Diaa nearly all the world ovei
' to keep tha peaoo. When Russia is setilud
France may abate horarmy, and England
her navy, but we must not disarm. W
must still be ablo to say "No" to our livt-lv
young brother across the Atlantic, if lit'
wants cuba, or takes any other little vagary
into his Ueai." Blackwood's Magazine.
To Amiricans. Against . the insidious
wiles of Foreign Influonce (I conjure you
to believe me, fellow-citiiens,) the jealousy
of a Tree peoplo ought to bo constantly a
wakc. It is one of the most- baneful foes
of Republican Government. Washington.
I hope we may find some means in fu
ture of shielding ourselvos from foreign in
fluence political, commercial, or in what
ever form it may he attempted. '. I wish
there were an ocean of fire butwixt this and
the Old World. Jefferson.
Foreign Influence is a Grecian borne to
the Republio we cannot be too careful to
exclude its entrance. Madison.
It is time we should become a little more
Americanized; instead of feeding the pau
pers and laborers of England, feed our own;
or else in a short time, by our present pol
icy we shall be paupers ourselves. Jack
ton. " ' If ever the liberty of the United Stales
. is destroyed, it will be by the Romish
Priests Lafayette.
Bcrstwo ov a Moumaih Prospects of
a Volcano in Akransas. We learn from a
. gentleman in Scott county, that a moun
tain, about five miles from Waldrcn, lis
ecpfaded three times during the last week.
The explosions were very loud and terrific,
. causing the earth around to quake, throw
i ag-up stones and earth and Glling the at
mosphere with clouds of dust and soseke.
The report of ese f the explowoas was
neara in the vicinity of this town, a few
mornings since, . a distance of 45 or 60
miles. The earth on the mountain lias
sunk to a considerable depth. The people
in the vicinity are very much alarmed
These are the facta, as far as we are able to
learn; but we hope to hear more fully and
particularly in a few days. What does it
mean? Are we to have a volcano in our
State, belohing forth fire and smoke, and
hurling red hot stones into the atnsoantwiM
and filling the valleys around with melted
Java fort SSnuin Ark.) Herald, Deo. 18
New Bank ix Akbow. We are gratifi
a u oe bdio to announce mat measures
have been nearly consummated forcstablish
ing in Akron a new Bank. It will be em
phatically a home institution; the stock
ftemjr almost entirely held in this vleinitr.
; " and our soundest capitalists enlisted in its
?, behalf. ' The necessity for suoh aninstitu-
V tion In our midst is acknowledged on all
mbdu; una we leei mat me new institution
will deerve and enjoy the fullest measure
oi lennuence. jseaeon,
IcallroaaV Proceeding.
, Tho completion of the Cincinnati, Wil
mington St Zanasville Railroad fromZanes-
vuie to A4ncaier is a matter oi great im
portance to the people of jiiis county. In
its present state, they do not reap the ben
efits of the road fully, either in facilities
fr business or in the increased vslue of
land. As yet we have no connection with
the eastern rilies. When the road is com
pleted to Z.tiieaville, we shall have a direct
communication with . 'Baltimore, Philadel
phia and New York. '. Tl e business of the
road then in the transportation of passen
gers and freight will undoubtedly amount
to ten times the present rste, and their re
ceipt will be equal to' almost any road of
the ssme extent in Ohio. We may expect
to see as many passengers over this road
daily, as are seen upoii the road from Co
lumbus to Cleveland. It will be a first
class road, and tha lands of ' this countv
hich havo, in consequence of the road.
been enhanced at least 25 per cent, will
receive a farther increare in value. But
independent of this, the vast convenience
of the road to our citizens cannot be esti
mated. What would our county be to
day without U? What sensible man would
consent to see it removed or destroyed?
It it is or so much importance to us in its
unfinished s'ate, what will il be, when it u
nitvs us to the cities of the Atlantic?
But important as the completion of this
road is to our county, it is probable it will
not be completed' without material aid from
our citizens. - Money csqhot be- raised in
the east, except upon such terms as are ru
inous. This company is compelled to ap
peal to the people on tlie lino of the road,
tor tl:at pecuniary assistance which they
expected to ' receive from capitalists in
Wall street. Uut they do not expeot or
ask this aid, in the shape of further sub
scriptions to the stock of the road, but in
the shape of loans secured by an ample
mortgage upon the whole road, with all
its machinery, and bearing a good rate of
ntcrest. J hey propose to sell the bonds
of the Company at the low rate of 75cTit8,
on the dollar, upon which bonus, tho in
terest is 7 percent, payable semi-annually
in New lork. Una, rate of interest, time
and place of its psyment, being considered,
is equivalent to mora than u por cent. 1 he
investment is perfectly sate and the remu
neration is reasonable It is safe because
the whole road and its machinery, and all
i he stock subscribed, must be sold and ex
haustcd, beforo the bond holders could suf
fer. The interest would bo paid, though
the stockholders would never receive
dollar of dividends.
The Company has received strong as
surances that tho amount ot bonds which
they propose to sell in the other counties
upon the road, will be taken by the citizens
thereof. I hey expect the people of Jf air
field county to take bouds to the amount
of 975,000. We have the money here if
we will consent to invest it.
What may bo the consequence, if the
people will not aid this Company, and the
money neceisnry to the .completion of this
road cannot be raised. lho least disas
trous result will bo that lho road must stop
at Lancaster and we must lose all tho ad
vantages of a line of railroad from Cincin
uati to the Atlantic. This is tho least of
the evil resulting from the failure of the
roaI. I here are othorsof greater danger.
If no more money can bo raised, tho Com
nanv cannot nav the interest unon tlieii
present debt, for tlieip present receipts are
not tho tenth and perhaps not tho twentieth
part, of what they must be when the cars
can run from Cincinnati to Zanesvillo.
the interest is not paid, the present bond
holders will foreclose their mortgage, and
tHke tho road for their debts, 13 y this e
vent the whole stock of tho Company will
be sunk. Not only will tho individual
stockholders suffer, but the county will
loso the VZUO.OOO, which our commission
ers subscribed, and lho peoplo must bo
taxed to pay this sum of money, which i
the event spoken of, will be forever lost.
The road would pass from tho control of
our oitizcns into the lands of strangers.
It will not cost much to finish the rond
from Lancaster to Zancsville, and wbe
omplctcd, the rooeipts of tho Compnn
ennnot be less than $600,000 and perhaps
8900,000 per annum. It will then be in a
oondi'ion to pay all its liabilities, and meet
the interest upon its bonds, and the bonua
themselves at maturity, with promptness,
Will our citizens fuller such a calamity
as mo luiiure ot the uompnny to Happen,
when by lending Iheir money upon per
feotly siv and profitable terms, they can
prevent it. Will our rich men, especially
those who have, grown rich among us, ex
orcise a little liberality and public spirit to
wards this important enterprise?
A statement concerning the present con
dition of lho road from Mr. Corwin is found
below. , .
Januart, loth 1055.
Sih: The cost of completing the Cin
cinnati, Wilmington and Zancsville Rail
road from Lancaster to Zanesville as esti
mated by the Chief Engineer is as follows:
To complato grading, bridging, track
laying dec, (including every item of ex
pense except iron) from Lancaster to the
Tunnel 82 mile, 845,000. To complete
the road from tlie west end of the tunnel to
the Muskingum Jlivcr, 20 miles, including
every item aa above, except iron 8(13,000
Total, .
Iron estimated at 950 per ton
,-' Editorial Convention. . -
: The following are the resolutions passed
by the late editorial . Convention held in
Zancsville. We commend and freely en
dorse all but the first resolution. ' If the
Lancaster Gazette can in any honorable
way.be instrumental in securing the speedy
completion of the Cincinnati, Wilmington
and Zanesvillo Railroad, the Company is
heartily welcome to its columns, and the
conscience assurance of having been an
humble instrument in completing this great
public enterprise, is all the remuneration
we ask. The withdrawal of our free pass
has not in the least weakened our efforts
in behalf of this road. The following are
the resolutions:
t. Retotoed, That in -view of the aid
rendered by the Press in the upholding of
uie rauroau inieros-.soi wnio an aiil.wnn-
!out which, confessedly, our railroads could
not have been built, we regard the with
drawal of tho free passes heretofore ac
corded to Editors as ungenerous and mean;
and that hereafter our columns shall only
be open to railroad interests aftor "com
pensation in money" shall have been first
tendered and accepted.
2. IteenlveU, I hat we will fearlessly
and truthfully examine into railroad abuses,
with their petty tyrannies -and extortions,
with a vie w to protect our patrons, the pub
lie, in their rights, property and lives.
3. Jteeotved, 1 hat we earnestly repro
bate the practice (too common among edi
tors) of personal vituperation and abuse
as derogatory to the dignity, influence and
! a.i..i
wen Doing oi me press; and mat insieaa
thereof we recommend a enndid and dis
passionate discussion of principles, of offi
cial conduct and qualifications.
4. Jteeotved, That we recognize no ob
ligation which would prevent us from nn
intrepid expose of all the frauds of money
ed rascals and speculations of defaulting
othcers; and that strict accountability, po
litical integrity and public morality, shall
be our motio and our aim
6. Reeolved, That wo shall devote all
the impulses of our heart and the dictates
of our judgment, to the cultivation of that
entire cordiality, which should pervade a
profession whose instrumentalities Are
thought and whose sympathies and inter
estsaro to closely interwoven with the ele
vatiou and interests of the whole people
6. Reeolved, That we regard it as emi
nently protective of the interests of .the
press, that the prices of our papers should
not only be paid for in advance, but that
an advance be made upon our present sub
'cription Dricos. in order to afford us that
tair living remuneration for expenditure of
time and money which other trades and
professions enjoy,
7. Jteeotved, i hat we earnestly recom
mend to newspaper publishers of thii
State to establish, as fur ns possible, uni
form rates for advertising and job printing
and with this view, we would further re
commend that publishers in the snme town
agree amongst themselves upon a scnlo o
prices, and bind themselves as honorable
men, to nil here to it in all cases.
0. Resolved, That we would commen
to publishers in tho ssme town, in no case
to underbid each other for the purpose of
securing advertising and job printing; but
to maintain a good feeling and friendly bu
Siness relations.
9. Resolved, That in view of the hoav
losses sustained by tho press of Ohio in the
publication of patent medicine advertise
ments, we will not, after tho expiration o
present contracts, publish any notices of
that character, unless payment be made in
advance, or guaranteed by some responsible
it). Jieioivea, That as soon as conven
ient, we will ronduotour business upon the
cash principal, in so far as is practicable.
ah suosci'ipuons, ativcruscmcnis anu joo
bing, to be paid for strictly in advance, ex
cept where we have mutual dealing with
11. Reeolved, That meetings of tho Ed
itorial Fraternity of Ohio bo huld annually
on tho present anniversary, and that the
JESSE LEO UN Eft, Probate
ude of FairfioM County, 0.iiot
ill tako notice that 1 liavo al
ready secured a sufficient number
i all nfctsnry blatiKs lor my ol-
ficial term, and that I will repu
diate alt contracts fr printing
blanks made by sttid I.eolmcr
. he peoplo of I' airfield c )unty
expressed a dct-i-e, at lho last c-
cction, to havo a retrenchment m
ieir county expenditures, and I
am determined, so fir as lam
able, to gratify their wishes. . The
Auditor and Commissioners will
tako notice accordingly, as my
blanks arc already secured at a
ring to tho county ot one-
half the fimner expenses for the
smnuMvork. V,E. SHAW,
rebate Judge Meet.
Jan. 23, 1855.
First Door East ofthe Swan note!.
OU R Slot belnic now mropltUi, w tn nn.j
ofr-r Ih. mo.l hole. ,d ck..lCl'S? M '
xponed to ulo In Ihi. market, ronii.thiKorV..,. J.!!
nd Ihilclrcn.and In uo about lho dwelling,!,.'!
choice tfkit. O.... Dr. .4 jp.r 0..i.,
Alto . choice lot of China. i.T-.. 7l:.Tl'
ware, of B,.ts,Sk0u,su,r,, 4,.; for M ,loi) of
. f elected and Cheap Grocerin.
tho Smool farm, four milee louth of Loncialur, upon tlie 7V. Srr, Cufftti, MilatttM, Spttn d m'
tho Loiran rovd and Canal, contaliilnc lH0ucrts with being Tory choice. 'tr
u wines in view orthe timet we are determined to
ill without retard to nroSt. in ni,.. .i.. !. J
rrTr.:.!'1 ??ttct'oa ot ou' nockaod payment of our
liahllitlea being our (rroal objoct. . ..
1.0 iiuunc iiiaruiure ooioro bnytnr elaewhem m
Invltocf toeianiine oiirn.len.lld .toVt ' f "W6r
lucaeter,Kor.8-3m WHlTK.Jr.4 JCLIAU. '
IN VlKTUKofanaa1rment made to me bf Rob
ert W. llenniliff. dated Dec. IN, 18S4, 1 will tell to
tae uiguett bidder the following rod eatato to wit:
On Salur-lart February lO, 18331
at lho Court Homo door In Lnncaater, alx acreaofland
attiugar Crove, lu KalrSold county, upon which la
greeted a flrstctnw flouring Mill, with three run of
French Han, ia complete rumilug order, for inor-
chauiing-aud country won, aaia iniu ia aiiuateaon
tlio Hocking Vulley Canal, with aa abundant aupply of
water, and all the modnrn Inprovomenia for aucceta
ful milling. There la also upon the promises' a good
dwelling, a ware house and blaekamtlh shop.
Aio at ine saineiitne ana piuoe, a lurm Known aa
Valuable Lands for Sale.
By reference to our new advertisements
it will be be noticed that William Latta,
Esq., offers at private sale several very val
uable tracts of land. Persons desirous of
dealing in real estate cannot find a better
opportunity than the one here ' presented.
The high prices now given for all agricul
tural products, render tilling the soil am
ply remunerative and therefore desirable. Hie Improvements, consisting of a good two story
. . . - I brick house, a attaclous bam. uud all other riutbuild-
. ...... : . . . i i i. . . . . . . . .
uobivr ill vesiuiuni cannui. UQ Iliauu. ings. i nisiaamoaiauairanie inrm ana oaersthe In-
- - laucementeora arat ratenometn all.andla regarded
a . r . r las one of the finest tracts of land In the country.
oau vwUHKKMCSS.-voe Uy last woes Also at the same lime and place.tho farm' known
l?il l ! I f ir rt r .:.. as the Perry farm, adjoining tho riuioot farm and tha
..ouguimuui mr. ivukb, ui tuia vuj, ,,,, of tho- Widow Worthlnglon, three ami a half
met with a sad accident by its apron taking .Tn1 MERCHANT TAILORS
nrc its npc.k' srm anil ono Biua was ' surnosseo, neany an cioarra.ana oners rare
ure. Its neoe., arms anu ono SIUO jlnduceinenis. to purchasers, as a first rale Corn farnt.
burned almost into a crisp. The improvements area tolerable house an J a new
nrniyc.T.u tt Tnocx.
' irrfra Sim, whore Ihey are oiMirw
. T-l 1 1 I a . .a a a A I . - I
Y ALTER MCf ABLAND. iZiSC.r AD OSieemea aim uif. tonr n 100 iown or " " l
p..; j - - - ; cilUMLU nnanD j H'nU
u w ou acrw, wuirw win oo aoia . 'o ro now mnnufacturiiis er
atr.n.i.itfllPn.lsitn ...it r... ..t. TdnetV of 5rill af X laV kt..a. iaT. . .t'
fjaeJ in CXaminin;? a Circular Sawr. while There Is in thin tract two huntlri'd and fifty acres ctrBi "w m tho samo quality of poods nod word earv
i- r o i . i 1 ed.uiider pood board fence with locii.tpoHU-. Sove- pnrchaaed alany otherestublUhraen. inthedw-i
I tl mf inn in M t UnniilK d m ailuna clinn . 1 .1.1. .1 I l. - t.i.ri 1 I 1 lint r e".l lath 111 o la tnnnn !..,... .1 . .a .
a luvviviit iia iui , KJitj uci a a&j4v,iiiiu ouvu 1 rut u vrtMiiiiir anu mri o imhi inriis. nam tniiu is bi.u- I , "" mmu unuvrineir OWtl Stllr
. . 111. a l i. it '1.1 ntLl within three ml Ion of Lofrnn on lho Lnncntr n, and is eone(uontly SMperior to that which l
in tll irt? ha1 liia funit hand hnrrihlw . n ...1.: . t,i , .. 1 biOiifht frnm eth t.u... t.. . n w.H1,n.
. a..4 wj s 4 uw - mmuu mv i w ij i ruin, mm uNHi ui u kiiiu,imk riiOf tiuitr viiu rani ram 4"f 1 ivcs, i nvy nave biio on band
anu antoitmiir uiti innns oi 1110 lata jonn uosanu is ro
r&rdefi an a firtt rate wheat and ffrana fann and tovelh
er would mukeoue ofthe best stock farms in tt Kkloff
Sftch Nichtsi ' ! Couuty. Terms of sale will be made known In r" arU
to each soporaie tract on tne my or rtnie, tut I im
mangled, losing two fingers and a thumb.
h J 11 SI ?r ,rc;rart:d in nnufactue to order, ffi
5?,?'nlholrmPjJ -of workmen and are at
tintus nrriiarou m innrn rite ha .
Wfl unilArsinnd frnm n. rAlliiKlrt ftnnrrn. i ral credit will be triven on all Till p indliiiifLblel,
1 , PANIKL Slbt-ORD.
Clerk of Court of Common Pleas
of Fairfield County, Ohio, will
talto notice that I have already sp-
curtu all lho Ulanks ncrcssnry
or my ollici.d term ol ollico at a
saving to the county of onc-luilf
tho lormcr expense lor tlio same
work. I shall thereforo rcpadiaio
all contra, ta for illanks mado by
said Kagay lor my official term,
that the object of Governor Medill's recent
visit to this city was to organize a Council
of f'S.tch Niclits," a secret political organ
ization composed of foreigners and Catho
XlUlWllllSlilllUilirr UB "IISUIJ 11U1 rut
with which the editors of lho Eagle look
Awlirnoa of K. W
Lancaster, January 11, lr'55 30.
TTPHocklm Sontluel nloiisa coor. and ehanro this
The nubile are roinnrifiiitw .ntij ..it
amine theirstock, and while thankful f, ihl i.S";
pationnKo they nave enjoyed, thoy uunro their old cus
tomers nnd all othn thnt u,n hi ... . ' VM"
gmjds and work. SPHlVfiEB ' TBm
Loncastoi .Aprils, 1854 -...-v..
Tho I.aat Chance nmt the I.atat oppor
tnnltw in the -werld to wave Money
TlVcKti'.',?t1i,0."hi!ne',r,p?',P,fu,,y Jvertl.os the pub
lirtliuthehasou band for sale, en reasonable term,
for cash, a ,,;,(, assortmentnf ' " n,"" rs
Fresh nad -Vcll Selected iw.u;..
Comrl.l . . . ""'
Fi7; u:..' 7 aHT0d from i
udoii secret ortranizntions. we are reliahlv Fkomthis day UJtTiLTHii 1st of april. ipm. K,,f"H'Ml.n,r'iU'''J,'i''i Kingdoms, and o0. Z
. . . .a. ..a eaW. ' ' ""r'"!",aiel..arf .,
m. viiait v.iuia I inouwrimnittAnihrnAna. Ik. . r'
TTX A VISO concluded to remove to tho West In a fow Aqueous Eitrttt. t . e ,iU,M,
D. Tallmadg-c, Esq.
Ye notice the failure of D. Tallmadoe,
and hereby notify the Auditor to Esq" of lhis on? is lin S'3 rounds
flint riit.mt ne I itl in lTi kflrTfiv 01
informed they arc not only members of tbo
Society but tllAt one Of tbem holds an -I I- i-hs,we havo detormlned to give our friends HU stock of Surgical Instruments is of the best onalli.
i in CnA tj;i,. T .la th... .in .....k.J 'i y r nil niocic orfnmilr Grocer!..
' 0 vviiituranii ri. ' u.u. n .... Li .1. rrenchand American Porftimnr in ..... ...
K. ..'k. aiT'l-k "'"I Havana and common 7 nu'J. ." 5.""' """r
.....j uu.IKn. me ..mo miiu "i wtiums ori'ire. anu tk.... . ; .," . ' -u,:"'i'K ana Bmoaioe
tn convince them that there Is no hnniuiiit in the mattor, """qiiamyor wines, Brandies, dec. nail v.
pimii wAiiM.ii mir man., i nose ncstrina; to lay in W1...1 r A, uov, skronr uiuer Vlnerar.
a good stock of Clolhli.a; for their families will tlnn ""m,'w Gluas and Glass Waro, together with all ihi
iuiaaeooacuanco.vvesiiail,also,oiroredaflno selected '""' !""" mooicines, and an endloss variety of
in this city.
1 n"- ..i..i,uioii,uiii:idu s. uitu aiiubtou 1 - 1" , . J- SB IS c iiuiui
Stock of Jewclrr and. Walrhca. xA, olh !"!motal and useful.
50 por cent lower than over was offer in this markot. compolontand arnari.n...S re,,cr
f.tm.. . . ttj.m all md 0 t ir-tn I ln.i.a I .
.is enoitgli blank? to see him thro'
Ins official term.
of Common I'loas elect.
Jan. 2.. 1 855.
G. NI.VO.N At).
7T7Tliose havln accouuts to aottlowith lho abova
llrtii, will pleniocom'j forwnnl nutl soltlo tlie aumo.
Lancaster, January 11, iejo 3d
14th of February. Tho proceeds will be
appropriated towards the purchase of uni-
ItisotT ItolhinKlsiii In Congress.
There is cortainly a wonderful change ,
in public sentiment, when such speeches
as tho following is the stibstanco of, are
boldlv made in tho American Congress:
Iflr. Smltli's Speech Sum.
Mr. Smith, of Alaharua, said, tho time
will soon come when American Legisla
tors will be forced by the voice of tho pco- eirecl" ,n lh0 c,,e of Mr- R"y. wondorfui.
1 IIo had boon given up hy several physicians; had t
pie, lotatio me sianu on 1110 great it.meri
enn question, nnd act; all racro parties, and
party organization will havo to give way
before it. lie assumed the New Associa
tion, being oomposed entirely of Native
Amoricans, can have nothing at heart but
the glory, honor, and welfare of tho coun
our exchanges, it is but justico to
state that Mr. Tallmadoe has finally ar
ranged matters salisfactorialy and has a for
tuno of at least 950,000 left.
Firemen's Ball. A benefit ball will be
I . , T , . , . ., sL win stiii 011 mo nmooi rarm, tour mnos Miutu of
given to tlio rtremen ot tins city on the ljmcastor, on J7a7a, yaor sa, less, tho following
v iionuoi vvorK tiorses; l pair Grey uuggy do.
ju r ine toiin. ono nim two yoars oiiit
3 Yoke of Work Oattlo.
1 licavy Voice of Durham, nromlum. tbo bosl In tlio
1 thorough broil Bull. I thorough bred Cow, which
took tlio prom
oe exiuuiiuu a
6 Pull Urnoi
im head of Hues mid Pics.
1UU hoad of French Merino Sheen, full blood.
5 head ol Ntoors. two and three years old.
19 houil or Yoarlinfr ami Ualvos, I Yearling Bull,
1 miRKX wua auiitioias.)! 01 nuruess,
1 nnoui urui, I rtonpina; Machine,
corn in tne i;rtn. nny in uie biacK,
A lariro lot of Fodditr. '
3TU0 lui't KoiicIiie Bonrds and a lot of Fencing Posts,
rarmnifr uicnsu. ac.ozc.
A crodilor u mouths will bo erlven on all siimsor S3
and upwards, tho purchaser frivlng note with nppniv
ed security. No property to be rumoved until t-jrms
are complied wtui.
until an is soin.
11. KIFFOR1), Assignee of K. w, Donning.
January ii, lBoj M
Oct. s, 1854
Al. Z. KRKlnpp
A"ii. 100, Main Strut, Lancuitir.
April si,
Great Sale of Personal Properly. Ap.
rrHEundorslsnod, as asMirnee of It. W. Bonniiij;, P 1K4, B. COXMELL, Agent.
i will still 011 , mo htiioot farm, four mllos South of m ILAHK'S Commentarv on th. niA ..j kZTT
April ai, ik4.
MRS. Partlnirtnn's Carpet Bag of Fun, for sale .
tlio city book store. '
Iru xi, iro4. B. COSNEI.L Ar.nl
Soo tho oortillcato ofMr. Turner H. Ramsey, for many
yoars proprietor of tho Farmers' Hntul, Fredorlcks-
burgh, Virginia, and late ofthe City Hotel, Richmond.
Dr. John Minge,of the city of Richmond, though
regular physician, and of course opposod to what ho
called quack medlclnos,was obllgod to say that its good
most of the quack medicines, and was on the vorgo of
lospair.as well as tho grave, when ho tried Carter's
Spanish Mixture
We rcfor tho public to his full and lengthly cortifl-
cnto around the bottlo staling bit euro.
,.Soe advertisement. Jan 4 ImM
On the lPth instsnt. hr the Rov. 3. A. Jameson. Mr.
In this City, Tuesday morning, January 83. nil
Droit nun. i tnnrongn nreu low, wo rn rsTIIIKOIil . . w , , n
,lnu. at Cloveland.pedlgree of which will T"t the cit)tow. '
d ciws! 4 Milch Cows, A .riUl. IKis. B. CORNELL, Agent.
rP?EMV."pL,t;hteirror,4l8l"leelly book sure.
J. Aprilll 1854. B CONNELLrAge'r.
JM city b
April 31,
ERS'and Emirrant'aRnnV f. .... .v
bookstore. " "
B.C0N5EI.L, Agent
,., tl..t 1 . 11 in IIH9 Liij, j iivS'iitj im. ni i iie , jniiiinry aj. irj.,, nt
try; ho had no doubt they desire toexcludo u,e rosid.tnroorHcv. a. n.rk.iv tho iter. j. p. Hoin-
n .1 1- . n il l- miind.Mr. WILLIAM I,. MANBON and Miss MARY
Catholics, not because they are Catholics, A heck, both or this city.
For Sale or Rent.
OJEVEItAL lino farms and houses anil lota forsale
or rent oa reasonable terms. Al
Lancaster, Jan., 11, 1805 Sw3S.
apply to
butbocauso they are so intimnU-ly connect
ed with foreigners that it is impossible to
. ., ., . ., , , , In San Francisco, Calirornla, on the 29nd of Decom'
separate inoni, increioro iney would nave bajrut. of consumption, .Mr. iihnky schkkidkk,
r.. ..r.i... f.i- ....i i- i..,,i.i.t U..L..I.
I der, aged iJ3 yoarsand & months.
Mr. NrlincKlcr left this city for California about
llireeyoars since Unshod with hones of a speedy re
turn, well rewarded by its golden lands for his dis
tant journey. Bui Ml dlseaso had its clutching grap
upon him among strangers Ina distant land, it was
lightened, and doutli claimed hlmnsits own. His
trii'ihls here mourn lho lnsi of a beloved son uim
brother, and many youthful companions a valued
to tako the whole, or exclude tho wlfcole.-
lle laid down and argued from the follow
ing premises:
first No emifirnnt shall bo allowed to
Icnvo tho ship ho comes in until ho ro
Bounces ins allegiance to all loreiu;n powers
Hiid swears bona fide to becomo nn inhabi
tant of tho United States; and this shall bo
made known to him by tho Captain of the
shin beforo ho takes Dassnse.
becond rio emigrant can bo allowed to " J"a ' ssjj.
lttlld until hO produces a passport from the rOR tbe benefit of the tsignct Flro Englno and
nrouer authorities OftlO Uni ed HtatOS a- iioso to mpany, a o,(i wiuue given on tuoauovo
I ' , . I'll , . , . evening, at i union anil rninporuiiro Malls,
proceedings of each mcotiiiff, including tho
addresses, essays, poems, dec, oo puultli
ed in pamphlet form, convenient for pro
12. Reitilved, That tho next Editorial
Convention bo held in Columbus, and that
all the editors in Columbus bo considered
a committee to mako arrangements for the
,. $200,000
The abovo does not include tbe hi id
over the Muskingum River which will cost
to complete it about 831,000, but this sum
can Im carried into the floating debt. The
floating debt of the Company is about 8140
niirt ir i. r . i ..
iiiuviuc wr tins, nowevor, me
Com nanv h
uncollected subscriptions Jc county bonds.
The iron, it is believed can be purchased
on favorable terms by paying 9100,000 on
delivery, and that rewdue in nine or twelve
With 9100,000 to pay oiiiroo and 8100-
000 to pay on work and materials other
than iron, the Company coald complete
promptly the cnilro road from Lancaster
to Zanesville. The Cooiranv have issued
bonds including first andseooad uorgages
to Hie amount or nineteen hundred thou-
unu oouars. ji uus second mortgag
bonds, four bnndred and fifty bonds of
ViiHJU eaeti are unsold. Tiieoe bonds bear
seven percent interest, pavabU aemi-an
nually in New York and are secured by a
mortgage on tne wiiole road, ita mtohioe'
ry, and the entire property of the Compa'
ny. '
To provide the means to complete the
road the Company propose to sell these
bonds at seventy -fire per cent on their par
value, at which price they will offer profi-
rauie muu iai invesxmeni.
F. CORWIN, President.
larMartin Vnn Buren, tho celebrated
lion, belonging to the menagerie of Rxr
mono (S uo., wiiitcring at Auburn, is
dead. Tho history of this lion is not
i ii j ;i c ; v-
wuony uevota oi interest, no was pre
sented to Martin Van BcruN, duiinc tho
time he was President, by tho Emperor of
Morocco, who also sent the rrenidentat
the snme time a pair of full blooded Arabi
an horses. As lho President of the'Uni
ted Stales is not permitted to receivo any
gift from any foreign government those ani
mals were sold at auction in tho city of
Washington soon after their arrival.
Raymond it Co. became tho purchasers of
tue lion; and ever since he has been known
by the name of Martin Van Buren. The
lion at the time of his death was about 30
years old.
Siiookino. Daniel Tracy, a salosman at
Mr. Gill's Agricultural Store, fell into one
of Mr. Wm. Aston's Soap Kettles and was
so badly scalded that ho died soon there
after. Wo learn that Mr. O. Case and
Mr. Tracy were looking thro' tho Work
of Mr. Aston, who was showing them.
Mr. Aston and Mr. Case ascended a pair o
stairs to the platform, which is on a level
with the 40 barrel kettles, but Mr. Tracy
ascended a back way and whilo walking
stumblod and fell, partly against a post
which gave way, and ho was precipitated
into the boiling lye. Tbe poor fellow was
rescued with all haste, but too late. He
was 40 years of age. Celumbus Elevator.
proper authorities of the United Statos a
broad iiom wuioii no comes, which pass- Lancaster, o h i o.
.rl. alinll ...nfoin Itin i-oniiii-omnnla r,f .1,- Both Hatls will bo supplied with the best mnslc.and -t 4.
r .': .-.j - . decorated and prepared for tho occuslon In the most Terms or salo cash Inband. Vrit. POTTER,Sherln
ureb piupuaiuuil
IToticn is hereby given,
mHATonthe 10th day of Janimrv, A. D. 1951, the
I. undersigned Sled thoir Petition In the Clerk's
Olnco ofthe Courtof Common Pleas of Pairflcld coun
ty, pruylngtho vacation or those parts of lho 13th A I
loy lying between tlio Lots Nes. 13(1 nnd 137, and Lots
aos. m ann m in tne Town or.LrfCKViiia, ami tnnt pari
or North Alley in said Tdwn; running rrom the Itlh
Alloy In a ho'ilheast-irn itireciion to th-3 Township
line. Hitid Petition will como on to be hoard ou tlie
tint day or the next Term or said Court, or as soon
thoreaiter as conns?! ennnonoaro.
Mrth, A Rnii.airn, All's, . A. E. MITHOFF.
January II, lS5 33
SherUPs 'Pule.
BY vlrluo of a FI. F.t. Ir. Pa. to mo directed rrom
the Court or Common Pleas ot Fnlrfluld County
and Htatu of Ohio. I will emoso tesalo hv nubile out
cry, at the door of tin) Court Honso, In lho city orLan-
cuter, on SwuritaytMa KIM diH of February nert, .1, u.
IH.Vi, butnoen the hours nt 10 o'clock A. M. and 4
o'clock. P. M.of salddav. tho r illowlni reul Estato to
wit: lu ol so. rorlv-oue nn ami rony-two msi nt
lho third addition of in-lnis to the town or Baltimore,
lakon at the suit or J. P. Ward, agaiust Peres Man
Init No. 41 appraised at t-0. Lot No. 43 appraised
HASJust recolvod his SPRING ad SCBMBK
.. P'y.0' "ATS CAPS at hleoM stand. ......rsr
laumaagi llouf.Main Sircar, .o.-..(,r. flaw. Fit
siock lias been selected with care and embrace
Ifcverr wnrletrof HatitCaat, j.
Including Whlto Beaver, Molskln, No. I V
audit Ch naanil Poilai ki... ..j i .- lamai.
Ilats; Mun, Boys and Childrens Palm len", from 1W tw
r.:T.J K? "' ?" Wooi:Rossutb rial..
Bos and Childrens Fancy flats, which will be sold al'
the lowest pricos. Leghorn Hats washed and bleach
at lho shortest notice. TTr-Don'tforrnt Ihenlsc
MayarlB34. M. SMALLET.
One Ilnndred Dollars-T FvetsI
tTVK DIRECTORS or Tin Cooroi.iTii Abt iv
Litisary Assorianoa, lately organized in Ban
dusky City, Ohio, rorthoencourogomont and genera f
ditTusloii or Llteraturoand Art.olTera PRIZE tl FOB I
..v., ui.cv wi.i.Aioiiir ine ur.ni una to Powers
world-renowned statuteorthe GHEEK. SLAVK.wbich.
wltl) many other valuable works or art, are to be dis
tributed among tho members orthe above Assorlatios..
jno uues, wnun shnulil not exceed flfty lines la
longth, must be handed In previous t the 1st of Oelo
ber. al which tlmo a committee r Hterary gentlemea
of New York, whose names will appear, will decide-
uii,une iiieriia anu awaro ma pniewna suoeeaarij t-
rouuiosenningtn their productions, will pleaser
give the Arststania or their Ode, together with their
mai name anuaunrcss, in a asaarars, sealed envelope.
Communications should be addressed, post-paid, ta
u. iT.nni, Acinary i;. A. at 1. A.,
Care Knickerliocker OSIre. 348 Broadway, New Ter.
ftinr.l 1 IkK. .11....... . .
u.ri'iin u n.wijiatti, aanaiaay.
Benjamin F. Townsend,
Margaret A. Townsend
eloganl stylo. Tickets will bo Tor sale at lho store of January Bill ld5j avrNoMpfJS,
Third-The Consuls shall be instructed fei
not to give n passport to any person unless 'r ptd
ono of sound mind, body, and pood char- ,.
acter, stating that said emigrant has novor M. B. Gregory,
been convicted of crime nnd said Consuls jVioR.1-Muiii'ai!
A llh-
Groenfleld Ip,
t arroll.
Robert Sailor,
N. Ebrlghl,
O. P. Channey,
J. O. B. Henuick,
lr. Hull,
riainucl Rndgors,
John G. Hreslin,
Henry Wilson,
Alox. R.'iudorson.
Col. Morgan,
A. P. Kiissell,
Oonrgi Weaver,
J. C. Hazlotl.
Oakley Case,
T. B. Cox, Jr. .
A. W. V.hrlrht. M. 11. OrogorT.
T. R. Nlaua-hter. John McClulland,
.a t i , I J. R. Muinaugh, V. J. onihor,
iniirrop ni iimrin I ismiinn. Rfiiii. in iifnHU4 I iAi... I ....i.... fi il Knrrv
n t.liA nnmnnnaalmn hill, tliat It rnst Mm Laucaslur, Jan. , I8jJ.
shall reiuso passports to all notoriously se- ' J- t .
Uliiuua nnu ivuuuvua ioiouun, iiu till llliil- I Kllllball nail,
Ina a nm nanriAil JIIO. M. nraseo.
- . . . John Uudabaugh
jrvuiia i.no iiiHui.tii.iiuon jaws sniiuiu jamcsniny,
- .. l.l . , t ii r..: T. S. Hlauirliter,
uo ou in n-puiuuu no iu yiuveiii. mi lurcijju- Jlnll BaiiKliinaii,
ers from votini? who havo not become nat- Newion schioich
r, ,i , . . A. C Worthlnifton.
uranzeu, proviuuu uini, an dovs mai. aru wniiam H. Kuokeu.
under the age of ton vcars, on arriving at Vh.'" . !;"",'
iweniv-oue, snail uu uuiiMuuruu ciuzvus in o, H. Perry,
every respect. Foreigners should not bo y,,"rlM0"ini'''1'
allowod to -oto, because they can never cui. a. MtVoigii,
appreciate republican governmont.
I T GRUIinharlng returned to Lancastcrand intend
lal . to remain pormanoiitly In thlsctty, unit naviugro-
i coiveu instructlonsirom an exponenceu iionimt irons
mo cut ot now i one. nno ootaiouu a Kiiowuiiieoorine
I business, now respectrully lenders hisproressiouiilser
vicosto clllzons or Lanrastor and tho public generally.
He is nronared to norforin all nnonillous upon the
ITui'lh.siich as Extracting, Pinging, Filling, regulating
tho Teeth, treating spungy or deceased Gums, destroy
ing corves, romoving luriur, etc.
ArllndalTeeth inserted on Gold Plato rrom one to
full set: also Artlllrlul Crowns set on healthy roots
without puln, so as to answer aiitno purposes oimas
iicni on.
. Evory onerntlon In Dontlstry essential to preserve
md bcaulify tho Tooth, and give thorn a healthy ac
tion, nnd Improve tho bronth, health dTastc,perrorniod
In Fairfield Cohsmm Plea.
Petition for Divorce),
rilHK Oorcndaul la hereby notlded that Ih Com
I. plalnant has this day Sled in the Clerk's Office of
the Court aroresaid,hia petition, therein demanding
dissolution or the marraige bonds now subsistiar be
tween them, and assigning as causes therefor; First.
wiiiiui aosence mr mnro ma n mreo years: ISocona
adultery. JOSEPH A. fHA W, All'y for PaUUouet
January 3, lH5i635irjl,7J
Attaehmeat Notice.
Hunter and Son, j
airninai . In Aitachmsur
Andrew lie Graff,
rllE Dofendnnl will take notice that at our Inslanaar
an order or attachment was issued aarainst hi in
liccoinbor8,'lHS4,by G. r!telnmnn,Esq.,a Justls ofthe
Peace of Hocking lowushin. PalrDeld eountv. Ohio.
for Ilia sum of SHD 91. and that this cause has baeav
continued to January SO, PS4,at in o'clock A. M.
uueomoorvti, irt a34 nuiMbK ca KOn.
Berorm Needed.
It will bo scon on reference toour sketch
of Congressional proceedings, that Mr.
John MeC'lt'llaiid,
Charles Raluey,
W. O. Clnrko,
II. hclinowor,
I on mndoratu torms. Ladioainthu city or comity, "will
bo waited on nt their respective places of residenco. If
it be requustcil. no charges maoo or examination er
eoiisultution at htaollee. .
OFFICE On the Norlhonst corner or tho 1'ublls
I Rnuaro, one door rrom Main stroel. .
Ijinoastor.Septoniber 28,1854 SI .
Attaohment Notice.
William C. F.mblch, PlalnlKT,
Michael ljinti, Defendant,
Prokate Coart, FalrDeld Connty, Ohio.
Benjamin Olngsr, Guardlau of Thomas, Dtiniol and
Emma Ginger.
Sarah E. Ginger. Widow or Danlol Gtnror, deeoasod.
raillll'.l VU HM.li l.A.UN.
three thousand dollars a year above his pay
of eight dollars a day to hve!
m i r r 1 ...i.
i ins coniession (im we can iouh upon u
in no other light than a confession,) shows
one of two things that the price of living
needs reform in Washinrton city, or the
hnhiti nf mrmhtrt run u Ira soma chanTo' TY "Irtttn r an order tn me directed, out of the
naousoj memoers require some cuano0. J JprobeCoiirt, FairSeldC,innry,ohio,lshnllpm-
Iiuro wo iiuto uiailiuur in llio ouunia eeuu to sea at uuone auction to tno uignesi oniucr, on
rising in his place and declaiing that eight
dollars for every twenty miles travel in
jrointrto and roturniii"; from Washington,
is so far below the necessary sura demand
ed to live at htcnmti his desires and habits.
tk.it..:. ti- ..i .,,! .jj;,j I Section; thence West along the Huartor Section line,
that he IS obliged to expend 111 addition Utl porches to apoat: thonoB North, parallel with the
4- I f 1 .i.1! W..I K......I.... r.... ... 1. 1 m h...i... ... .
vo nis pay nnu perquisition i siuuiuiirs in j - y-y- -
r . , . , , . post; thence East parallel with the South boundary
alio nnv vi IASat iviqu aniiiuaiir u iuoui- n
It pi
the promises, situate In Born Towuship, In said county
On Mondays .If arch 6, 1855,
bstwaen Ilia hoars nf 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
P. M. of said day, tbe following real estate, to-wit;
n nan oi tne norm r.usl uuarter otNurtiou nn. iu, iu
Towuship No. 14, Hango No. IH, bounded as follows:
commencing al tne rioutn. Knst corner ot saia viuurtor
At the Old Stand of neinmnnd A Martin,
fi AVE Just rocetved'a large and elegant assortment
l of NEW (iOUllN, comprising a vnriuiy unsur-
pansen, ana wnicn iney win sou at grvat pargains.
i noir stock consists oi .
Cloths, Casslmorest Cassiuets, Jeans, Ac.
Vostlnrs. of. nil tha cllffurcnt stvles:
And for the Ladles French Morlnoes,Thalbot Cloths;
Alnacas and lie Laines of all kinds;
Calicoes. Giiurhamat Flannels, and every article in
the way or liross uoous to oo lounq in tne citiest
K hawls. or cverv variety or nue. size, ann maionai.
nress and Bonnet Triminlnirs. beoutlfu Inssnrtinenl:
BoiinelaKilk. Velvet and Straw which the Ladles
all declare to be the most heaulirul nnd fushlnnnble.
In addition to their stoatc of Cloths&r., Uiey have,
and will constantly keep on hand a largo and excellent
THE above named Defendant Michael Lantx will
lake notice, that at my instance .an action was com
menced buroro Alfred MoVeigh, a Justico or tho Peaev
in anu lor ine Township or Hocking, Fairfield eounly,
Ohio, on the li3rd day of December, 1P54, against said
purondunt, to recover the sum or 69. and an order
of attachment issued thereon, the said Defendant
being a non-resident of tho county, and th said asus
Is set for trial on the 37th day day of January, A. Dw
troo, at o cioca, r. m. .
Laneaster, Deeember 37, 1854 3w34
milE subscriber has removed his eslsbllshmevl lnle
I his New Rooms ACeriA Sid Afai'a 8twt,r ZiaS
If Bitk. and has fitted them up In a style unsurpassed
Inthe West. He hopes that the publle will appreciate
his efforts to please and extend to him a liberal petron-
flga. Every thing hasbeon done that conld bedonetw
ensure succoss in every department ofthe art. and hi
plctiirescannot bosurpassod. V.M.GH1SWOLD.
N. R. Pursons wishing to learn tbe art will have graaa
facilities fordoing so here. -
Hours rrom o'clock A. M. nattt s o'sieak r.M.
Lancaster, Novombor 16. 1865 SS
Am Acroa Srkt to tiii Lunatic Ast-
lcu. Robert Maywoodrmerly an actor
of some celebrity in this city, was yester
day sent to the Lunatic Asylum. It ap
pears thai Mr. May wood has but lately ar
rived from Trieste, Austria, where ho had
bcenli vingm greataflluence with his daugh
ter, Miss Augusta Maywood. a danseuse
of some celebrity iu Italy and Germany.
It ia said alio has a villa on Lake Corao
worth half a million of dollars. Mr. Msy
wood arrived here in the ship Virginia,
and has manifested symptoms of aberation
of intellect .V. Y. Mirror.
The common Council of New-York have
voted gold medal valued at 9700. and
the freedom of the city to Commodore
ferry, for bis serviees Id Japan.
bors included!) a sura about equal to six
teen dollars a day during the sitting ot Con'
cress in addition!!
If this bo so, why is it that membors
contrive to to drag out the long session to
such inordinate length? It is strange they
should remain so long at Washington, at
such ruinous expenditures beyond their
i r. i ... ,f i
ine of aald Quarter Section. 4e narchoa to a nost. to
the East line of aald Suction: thunce South along tho
Suction Hue, 21 perches toths place or buglnning, con
taining Kit Acrus and Six Porches, more or less to
g.Mlier with all Ihj Improvement thereon, froo of
Vrmt of Saia One-third in hand, one-third In one.
andoiietlilrd lu two years, with tntorost from date.
January 18, IBM (l37pfSl,J0
stork or HEADY MADE CI.OTIIINa, got up wiUi
taste and aiiperlnr workmanship.
Ilooli and .-ihoen; Huts mid Cups, at prices wondorfuly
low, Hiieonswarii anu uiasswure.
Coflee, Sugnr. Tea, Tobacco, Spiecs, Ac,
alwnvs on hand
TTTTho new Arm tender thoir thanks for the en
couraclna: ninnner In which they havo been received
as Well by the public generally ashy the old patrons or
the stand, and bug leave to assure all, that traoonatant
attention to their wants and a determination to koop
up with the times will secure a continuation and en
largement or tbolr business, they will not fiiil to attain
that end. Country produce taken In exchange for goods
uiucasior, ubio, January 4, iwo a
HE subscriber rospectfully Inform nis friends aaat
pay, when U is evident the public business
oes not reauireMt sacrifice.
We have been told of an honorable mem
A PINE chance Tor a Tailor Is olTsrod in Clrrlerille,
to go in an established business, by the subscriber
who Is about to go In to Panning, and will sell out the
rooq will ot s business that Drtngsan Income or 1, nnu
lollars a year. Apply lu person or by letter to 1). B.
deoraorer Hogers, Adams d Co. 'a Rtore.
Possession given on the 1st, of March.
Circlevlile, Ohio, Jau. 18, ieU 37.
ber of tho House of Representatives from
the State of JNew York, who expends from
ten to twenty thousand dollars to secure city Prpertr for Sal.
his return to Congress, who boasts that 'HUE subscriber will sell at private sale tho Brick
1 1... ..... .!.. I .JL ". ontho Northeast corner or High and
1.0 muni muiiov xs.cii i wiav, .11 mo ujie- wueollng streets. There Is all tho needlul conven
ratl3nl IS this cry about "Short commons" looou me property, enchase well, Clstorn, bubia
.1 . pleasantly situated ami Is altogether ouooftbo
nOW being got Up intended tO draw tllO at- roost desirable privalo dwellings in the city for further
tenlion ofthe neonla from tooclosean exam- "Lcul.Y,.l,l.Tl.r?..0,f Isaac winters.
I rfuii. o, iroj ...ji .
inationof this subieot?
There is rottenness in Congress, and it
ia time it was probed. . We are clear in our
convictions that eight dollars a day and
Afrlcultural Notice.
UTOTICE Is herobv etven that on Satnrdar. Februa-
ill ry S4ta, the Mombers orthe Fairfield County Air.
ricuitarni aocieiv. will moot at tne iourt tiouso in ino
,, '.I . T ! 1 .III Wl JMIKH..I,IUI III. UUIIVno l l-.VU"H UIIIV1. .VI
milnnrrA f wtlhAnt ,mimm! i. n . aM..,.A u uuw. sr ui'Ul.uuH Huv.
the trrvirft nf Memhtrm nf Cnnnrme ira J,B' IM 11
worth! When they begin to talk ol twenty-
Hoase and JLot for Sale.
HE snbserlber will dispose of a house and lot In
East Lsneaster, where Mrs. Conkle now resides.
favorable terms so the ourchaser. For Dartloulara
about them and sea. what wa ara coming tetmsanauue,niinireoi 'g
to. Ohio State Journal. j.B. is, ie-4w$7.
I four dollars a day being neeessary to live TtV
I at Washington, the people had better look 0 r.
mUE subscriber n
X publle in general, that he has much enlarged fear
at to the vartolv. Ho has Jnst opened and has for sal
wtvon.No.l, Mnrkcrel orthe best quality.
?g?xj&At, best Plcklinsy Vlnearatr, and
a small Meek of Dry ttootla to suit cuatomara,
all of which will be sold low for cash orapproved com-
trv prounce at nia in sisna, corner 01 uroaa ana
Wliiumg DtroeM, au nearly opposite tne nroaowar
ilotcl. I. CHURCH.
n. rj. nutter, nnenn, i.ara ann t;om aseai waaieo
Lancaster, September!!!, 1854 SO
araft Acraaof Srst rata un Land and bottom mea-
al dow, alarga linproveniout, apple and peach
orchard of the best grafted fruit, many elegant springs,
a hewed log barn and hnnae, a largo quantity of bowing
timber and saw-logs. The land tube sold in lots or
together, situated on a good road, SH miles from. Lan
caster, and one mlla froia Pratt's Saw Mill.
Portorma apply to uhabuib uinw.,
Madison Township, Fairfield county, Ohio, or ta
Land Agent, Lancaster, Ohio.
September 7,1SS4 llf
Puvatciri4i,0crLiiT, aD OarnoranicaL Fcaaaoa.
HAVINOsrs'td ftrmtnenllf In Clillllchothc.ofrori
his professional services to all who are afflicted
with anv orthe following diseases or deformities:
Amaurosis, Opthalrala, or lnflamation ol the Eyes
Gramolar Lids; Watery Eyes; Cataracts, Specka and
Ploms, encctunlly removoil; Stniblsintis or Crose Eyoi
eared lnt few seconds; Plnsis; Club Foot; Hair Lip;
togetner witn every otnur operation Belonging so tus
oporniive ourjrwon.
urrito waouie-B mora- rtesioonca niy 04iae
TTpNo charges ror exuiLlnatio
Address Chllllcolbo, Ohi Mayl.lHSjWlr
that h
HE ondoralgied would respectfully announce
tne cuizona 01 pairnoiaaua enjoining .counties,
he desires to soli at private salo the lVoolaaa
Factory situated in the town of Ilavwessaport,
rairneiu county, unio. itio macninery la pnneipauy
does work equal to any I a the country, and has a larga
run of custom. There Is connected with the Factory
a good and oonvenlent Dwelling Hooaesontaln
lug rour rooms, and also four finely situated lota,
Tho out buildings are numerous and eonvenleaW
Persons desirous of making a good bargain In thla
kind of property, would do well to oome and eiamlnav
sain premises. junAi nan a. aiiaoa)
liavenaport, Octobers, 1844 Si '
Attachment Notice.
. Simon Beery, PlalntilT,
Andrew Do Graff, Defendant,
H E Defendant will take notice that at my ktstsnewt
ILL be received until the first or February nevt.
brine Directors of Rub-School District. No. IV,
Hocking townshlp.forbtiildinga Prame School House
in tne aoove uistrict. mouei ncnooi nouse m yir
trlctNo.9, length 311 feel, breath 84 feet, the highthK
feet story, soir-suppnrtlng roof. Foundation, firteer
Inches above the ground at its nearest approach to the
sills. The contractor rurnlshing all the nmlorlals and
complete the House by lha Brat of July, 1HM.
Deemberll8, VB14-M C, B. POBTKal, Claris.
I on Decomber 11, Irl54,an order or attachment
sued by O. Stelnmau, Esq., against him for the sum
or Siva xa. oijsun h&bkx.
jJooember 31, 1844 3w3S .
fjnUE creditors of B. W. DENNING ara notified to
I present their claims againsthlm to the undersign
ed lor adjustment, aud those Indebted to him will-,
ploaae call and settle. DANIEL SIFPORD, 1
Doc. 28, 1854 34 Afigntt R. W. Dinning.
Estata of Maria FalrchUA,
OTICEIs hereby given that I havo this day been
itor on
f Faii
field connty, Ohio. A. O, ALDBED, Adma
la appointed and duly qnallled aa Administrator o).
tne Kstase 01 saaaia. r&iacntLn, acceanvo, mw .1 r.
ir.-vrxn r nMiTB fenr. t trorwmowrw-rwav
Daoambaras, lcM-tS4
Hiet-vw aV"W"

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