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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, January 07, 1910, Image 1

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If ESTABLISHED 1836 ' MT. VERNON, 0., FRIDAY, JAN. 7, 1910 No. 2
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I SAY mniFlERS C5Bpnl opposes status niin tr
SdW QJp J l V JJL-I J a JflP JJ A 111 & If AX' " vfflIOTBBJ Important question awaiting lcgUla- XP A. a. S. j 3 LJ a. U B JL-JP
I" 4ir ' Ml" tll!SMlMH l,vo conslQcrat,on received !U .death I t ,
'Ml I'ti' $F". itfl'3SPBI ' ! knell at tho outset when Governor
'fill '! -Jk-, s xvwmvifBWliill 1 Hughes sent a Broclal message to tho
llli I' &?& - ,j' 1 BJiwSsPnW I legislature opro3lng the Taft Incomo
ilfy. I 'iSai?.?ii -f j4.' ,raM4fKM,i'iSwPPw I ......m.. ' v n- nt nnn-.-
H I nniplafnno Tinrl TanH UFifh Wroplf v SSKi,srol?SKS: I HUBhc8 waa evcr rocdvcd wlt"1 such t
H 8 rlllS mil IS I Ml MUSI IV 1 1 1 1 Will It l-3l' jffMm&MmUkJl ' satisfaction In Icpislatlve circles as I
1; kliUIUllUUl U I III- 1 UUll ?? 1111 I! Ul 11 Umpimf . jWjSWmMmSK&l I I Ms "mo tax message.
i WfW rinTimrn.
Believe That Omission Of Redundant Words And Changes
In Phraseology Hill Result In Endless Litigation
Former Governor Campbe'I Defends Himself And
Colleagues And Says Task That K( q lired Years To
Complete Should Not lie Hastily Judged
Columbuo, O., Jan. 6. Preliminary
consideration given by legislative
committers to tho report of the stato
codifying commission resulted In tho
grousing of a sentiment that may1 re
sult In the entire report being thrown
out, unless the codlQers make satis
factory explanations. '
Members of tho seven subcom
mittees say they found thousands of
phrases had been changed by tho
omission of words, said to bo redun
dant, and that hundreds of sections
bad been rearranged. Among house
members, where tho most dissatisfac
tion over the report seemed to be, the
Bontlmcnt was that the codlf.ers had
not only exceeded their powers by
actually legislating, but had also been
too keen in drawing flno distinctions
and had "split hairs" too fine.
On tho other hand, reports wero
circulated that the law booic agents,
whoso business would be seriously in
jured by the proposed printing of
tho code by the state, had stirred up
eomo of tho agitation against it.
. Other Cases Recalled.
Borne legislators recalled tho ex
pensive litigation that has resulted
over Improper punctuation of stat
utes and the difficulties judges have
encountcredrto ascertain tho meaning
Of now sections changed by tho mero
rearrangements of words and omis
sion of them.
Ex-Governor James E. Campbell of
tho codifying commission Just as
Btrongly declared that the report did
not change tho meaning of a single
Btatutc. Ho declared representatives
Jumped at conclusions too quickly.
"I have spent more than threo
years, with my colloagues, compiling
(tho code report, and I am oositlvo
that tho moaning of a 3lngle statute
lias not been changed," said Governor
Campbell. "It was a big task for us
in three years, and it is a monumen
tal ono for tho legislators to intelli
Kotitly rovlew In threo weeks.
"Instead of Jumping at conclusions,
oftcr a threo hours' consideration of
tho report, legislators should ask o
codlflers to oxplain changes and re
arrangements. Tho services of mom
bers of the commission aro always at
tho disposal of tho subcommittees,
and I am suro we can satisfactorily
explain away all alleged discrepan
cies that arise."
Senator BeattyWIII Direct Work of
Columbus, O., Jan. 0. Following
nro tho members of tho gonoral as
sembly who wll, conduct tho inquiry
Into tho manner in which the public
business of tho state has been con
ducted: Sonators Beatty of Wood county
(D.) and Deaton of Urbana (It.).
representatives Winters of San
dusky (D.) and Riddle of Bellofon
talno (R..).
The nppolntmonts woro announced,
by Lieutenant Governor Treadway
and Speaker Mooney. Senator Beat
ty, who is chairman of tho com
mitteo, indicated that tho first
work. of tho committee will bo-inves
"tlgatlon of tho offices of W.H.Phlpps,
etate oil inspector, and John I.. Sulli
van, public printer. Both aro Repub
licans, permitted to hold ovor by Gov
ernor Harmon. Tho governor has
publicly commended Sulllvanls official
work. Both Sullivan nnd Phlpps are
candidates for tho Republican nomi
nation for secretary of state, nnd the
charge that will bo investigated im-
meQTatcTy Is that they Tiavo used their
offices and expense accounts for cam
paign purposen. For ytho present no
investigation of the offices nf tho
state treasurer and fire marshal will
be undertaken by tho probers, that
work being left to Attorney General
Denman. Tho first meeting of tho
committee waa held today.
Beatty Well Qualified.
Senator Beatty, a l.ni:er and oil
operator, is on expert accountant and
well qualified to cross-examine an
official regarding what his books
show or don't show. Senator Deaton
and Representatives Winters and
Rldlle have served as prosecuting at
torneys of their counties, and hence
are familiar with grand Jury investi
gations. Both Deaton and tliddlc,
while county legal officers, made rec
ords for investigations of local graft
Tho anxious legislators arc plan
ning for somethiug that will appeal
to tho people at home. The increased
cost of living they all know to be h
live issue. Tno national government
has Just lecognized it.
At least a score of legislators ere
figuring on some way of showing in
terest in this popular trouble. It U
known that Governor Harmon has
considered the situation, which he at
tributes mainly to the high tariff and
the trusts and combines.
The houso has an object lesson In
Increased cost of living. The heads
of stato institutions are appearing be
fore tho house finance committee this
week. All want Increased appropri
ations for their institutions. The rea
son they glvo is the Increased cost of
living. This expense of feeding and
clothing tho wards of the state has
doubled per head In 10 years, they
say, but they don't know why prices,
nro higher.
Enforcement of the Valentino law
ngainct combines Is ono remedy pro
posed. Another U a legislative in
quiry into conditions and catiaes, to
bo followed by full publicity.
BtcuDcnviile 0., Jan. C John Hur
lock of EkoyvJUo accidentally shot
and fatally wounded his wito whilo
cleaning a revolver and snapping It.
His wifo who Is 18 years old, exon
erates her husband.
ChlllIcotho7 O., Jan. H Tho death
of John Schlegel. aged 27 years, a
prominent young farmer of 'lwin
township, occurred as a result of an
'accident. Schlegel wub on his road
homo when his team "became fright
ened at a passing object nnd tho
I driver was thrown Jo tho ground with
I such forco that ho" was rendered un-
I conscious. '
" ,r,a-'3i4ifeyjvi,i'ftn(.MT'!ffi i&s .jsi.-vv r g ii ni : 1 i n
r - ;i.pr!y?jnii-j.i-T! Ki" ',(-! A'."5w'- ftT7-v..tvTw ,r inn
j. tii.! a Vk -ii( inv'W-ii"- '',.mi.i i.f-i ntrt.n rj-t-n, ,r 1- - n k n 1
hmlmmmWwmmtwZs ,. u ill K U 1 1 L
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Till' furtlK'ninlni; InvcxtlKntlon of the dopiirtincnt of the Ititrrlnr is cou
toniilMtitl nt Washington wtin much tippivliciisinn on the part ot tidhfreiils
of bull) Klili's to the cinilniviTsy. TIium who rollmv events elnsHy nnd nu,
on the ttiitde. or, rnthrr. 11 re tnmlllur with (iillclal iillnlrs. believe that a
setisiiiliin will result tiernre the senate committee nets tar Into Hie Inquiry.
Whether dUeredlt will full upon the llsiillncer or the I'lmhot f tiroes no one
beeins Inclined 10 rii.v. nut the riitiiniiiii lull: Is t tint siiiiieiindy Is bound to
"uel hurt." Mr. ISulllnger declares he cour'.s (lie fullest luvestigutluu possible.
Berlin, Jan. C. A convict who has
been released from tho Sienna (Italy)
prison has mado sensational t evolu
tions to tho I'ollco about tho assassi
nation of IClng Humbert in July, 1900,
nt Monza. He told a detailed story
of tho organization of tho plot, tho
drawing of lots among tho anarchists
of Paterson, N. J., to decide who was
to commit the crime, and other par
ticulars relating to Gaetano Brcscl,
tho assassin, which he claims ho
heard 'from a fellow convict, a noted
anarchist hailing from Paterson.
Tho police aro endeavoring to ob
New York, Jan. C. Guard Henry
Girkens was killed When a Brooklyn
Rapid Transit train ran down tho
Wlillamaturg bridge Incline at full
speed and collided with the rear end
of an empty train, waiting at the sta
tion. Canton, O., Jan,
G. Jljted
by the
woman ho loved,
Joseph II.
25, traveling salesman of Hagerstown.l
Mil., shot himself in tho head in his
room at tho Courtland hotel. Ho lies
at tho point of death at tho Inglesldo
hospital. "I did It becauso I love
her. But she wouldn't have mo. I
love her. Wiro Gladys and tell her
about this."
Brokpnly, in a period, of conscious
ness, Sharer told this much of his
troubles to Lieutenant Wielandt.
Then ho continued muttering incohe
rent sentences about Gladys. On a
bureau in tho room stood tho photo-
Pco'rfi, lU., Jan. 6. Tour p'ersonH,
Mrs. Llnton-Davlson, her two small
children nnd Joseph Pncey, wore
burned to death in a fire lu tho Ho
veuden livery (stable
tain" a "confirmation of the slory,
which likely will lead to tho arrest of
Brcscl's accomplices.
Switchmen Anree to Arbitrate.
Chicago, Jan. 6. Switchmen, in
conference hero since Dec. 15 with
representatives of tho western1 roads
ovor wage demands maqo by tho
union, decided to submit tho whole
question of advanced pay and
changes In working conditions to fed
eral arbitration. Tho conference
closed with tho best of feeling ex
pressed by both sides.
Bcllefontaino, O.. "Jan. C Attorney
Jay Miller announced that ho would
not again contest with Congressman
Ralph Colo for tho Republican nomi
nation in tho Eighth district. It was
Miller who tossed tho coin with Cole
and lost two years ago.
graph of ?. ".ianCsoUio glfl, which he
sald was Gladys M. Shlndle of Cedar
Rapids, Mich, Letters for which
Sharer had been waiting many days
aro at tho Buchtcl hotel in Akron,
awaiting a claimant.
Three Killed In Explosion.
Marquette, Mich., Jan. G. As tho
result of an explosion of gas at tho
Chocolay furnace of tho Lako Su
perior Iron and Chemical company,
threo men are dead and ono is In a
sorlous condition from partial as
phyxiation. STOEFICE
Clillllcotho, 0., Jan. G. Burglars
robbed tho postofflco at Hallsvllle,
this county. They blow open tho safe
nnd secured $100 In stamps and from
fCC to $70 In money.
Canton, O., Jan. "C. " ttalph Cook.
15, ran away from his home In Am
sterdam, Jefferson county, and was
locked up In tho courty Jail charged
with -being a horso thief. Ho was
caught here with a horse which he 13
accused of taking from the Minerva
plant of tho Metrorolltan Brick company.
Akron, O., Jan. C. Despondent be
causo ho was out of work and his
wife was ill, Harry A. Nettle, 32,
came homo and drank carboilc acid
In a room adjoining that of Mrs. Net
tle. "Goodby, my sweethea-t. I'm
done for," he said after taking the
Western and Central States
Swept By Blizzard.
At Many Points Mercury In Ther
mometers Seeks to Hide In Bulb,
Recording Lowest Temperature
Known In Years Telephone and
Telegraph Wires Break Under Load
of Ice and Make Communication
Dlffrjlt Fishermen Lost.
Chicago, Jan. G. Extreme cold
weather prevails throughout tho cen
tral states, snow storms and blizzards
continuing to rngo in all directions,
this city being no exception to tho
general rule. Sorlous Intorferenco to
train service has resulted, and hero
tho streetcars wero seriously impeded
by tho hoavy fall of sleet.
From Milwaukee it is reported that
tho blizzard was followed by consid
erably lower tomporature. Tho storm
caused local street railway and Inter
urban lines much trouble, and some
of tho latter wero tied up by huge
drifts. Dnmago to telegiaph and tele
phone wires throughout tho stato is
also reported.
Extromo cold provall3 In Nebraska.
At Omaha tho thermometer regis
tered 10 degrees below zero and at
Lincoln 14. Clear weather prevailed
throughout tho stato. In Kansis, Mis
souri and other southwestern states
rain, which fell during the night,
frozo and prostrated telephone nud
telegraph communication. Railroad
trains wero from qno to ten hours
Fishermen Adrift In Blizzard.
Halifax, N. S., Jan. G. Forty fish
ermen of tho Dover and Whitehead
fleet In the Canso district are miss
ing in eight boats, which have been
adrift slnco Tuesday. Tho seas have
been high and the thermometer has
been below zero most of the tlmo.
Texans Shiver In Bllxzard.
Dallas, Tex., Jan. 6. The worst
blizzard of tho winter U raging over
north Texas. Tho morcury i3 2 de
grees below zero at Amarlllo nnd
down to 8 degrees abovo In tho coun
try tributary to Dallas, Herman, Fort
Worth nnd Gainesville.
Avart tho Grouch!
,TVo nro on eunh no brief a time,
WIiph nil Ih Kulit nnd ilone,
1 wonder that wr over let
Our .touches Kpoll mil run.
Uetrolt Fren Press.
President Fxp'alns Recent Decision
lis To Patronage
In Interview Willi National Commilteeman Rosewater,
Chief Execultve Denies Intention To Use Bij Stick
In Attempt. To Discipline insurgents, But Says They
Must Vote For His Meisures If They Expect
To Land Jobs For Their Friends
Washington, Jan. G. During the
course of an interview with Victor
Rosewater. national committeeman
from Nebraska, President Taft re
marked to his caller:
"I want you to help correct the re-1
ports that are being circulated to the
eCect that I am using the patronage (
club to whip so-called insurgents into j
I line. There Is a well-founded custom
' that has become almost a rule that 1
1 in making certain appointments, such
I as postofflces, the president should
I act on the recommendation of the
I members of congress In whose dis
trict they He, if repre.ented by n
member of the same political party. '
This obligation resting on the presi
dent Is reciprocal. The Republican
congressman is under a simila): obli
gation to support the administration,
measures recommended by the presi
dent to carry out platform pledges on
which both of us were elected. I
have not turned down recommenda
tions of insurgent congressmen, but
am simply preserving the status quo
to impress them with their obliga
tions. This statement of the president
was provoked by the publication of
reports that he contemplated with
holding patronage from those Repub
licans who withheld their Mipport
from the regular organization of the
houso. The president make3 it clear
that the club may be used on insur
gents who oppose administration poli
cies, but nothing Is said relative to
the proposition that patronage may
be denied insurgents who are not
supporting the Cannon organization.
Insurgents Say Cannon Crowd
Need of Disciplining.
Washington, Jan. G If President
Taft is really sincere in his expressed
dcslro to follow out the policies of
Theodore Roosevelt and to bring
about the reforms which his predeces
sor sought, he will have to make his
appeal for support to such men as
Senator Aldrl.b and Speaker Cannon,
for the insurgents In congress are
already pledged to the Roosevelt
principles and no .coercion is neces
sary: If tho big stick is to bo used
by the president, he would better use
it on me reactionaries nnu btkuuij-i-tcrs
than on the so-called "rebels"
This was the declaration made by
the Insurgents, whose recommenda
tions for aprolntments are being held
up, especially In the poatofflco depart
ment, presided over by f'rank H.
Hitchcock, In r-n effort to bring them
Into line fnr the president's so-called
legislative program.
Senators Want Investigation.
Washington, Jan. G. The senate
followed the example set by the
PUtsburg, Jan. G. Trainmen ontne
Pennsylvania system have as a body
failed to vote to Join other railroads
cast of tho Mississippi river In de
mands for better wnge3. This is ad
mitted here by C. A. Green of the
Pennsylvania employes' grievanco
house and, stirred to action In re
sponse to the high prices of food sup
plies which have been agitating the
consuming public for several weeks,
two resolutions were Introduced di
recting an Investigation Into the al
leged increased prices ot the neces
saries of life, one by Senator Elkin3
of West Virginia and the other by
Senator Crawford of outh Dakota.
Resolution to Probe Ballln.er.
WashlnRton, Jan. 6. A .congres
sional Investigation of the general
land office and the forest service of
the government growing out of the
Eo-callcd PInchot-Balllnger contro
versy Is provided for in a Joint reso
lution Introduced in the house. Sen
ator Jones offered the resolution in
tho senate simultaneously with its
presentation to the house by Repre
sentative Humphrey ot Washington.
Seattle, Wash., Jan.'G.-nying he
was tired of being hounded by his
guilty conscience and having fear ot
arrest ever before him, Roy Edwards,
21, confesesd in police court that he
was a fugitive from Justice and was
wanted for embrllng money order
funds at Harriaburg, Pa.
East Livcrrcol, O.
ed with numerous-
J?n. G. Charg
thefts and rob
prominent fanil-
Howard Riley,
berics, elx boys of
1 eSi Franl nupe
George Burchart and Harry H mley of
this city and Earl Black nnd Charges
Johnson cf Wellsvllle, were irreste'd
at a dance hall. They were taken to
Chester, W. Va., to answer the chargo
of holding up tho agent of the Chc3-
ter Pennsylvania railway station and
stealing Uquidgold worth $200.
True Enough.
"This la a haivli. rntisli world." com
plained thi inimp with the weak c-hli.
"Yes. ll Is rather crusty." admitted
tho Rpnlojjlst.-Boston Henil.1.
committee. There Is nn
that another voto on tho
nia system may be asked,
as the
unanimous consent of Jho bl
with 185,000 employes, will be neces
sary to tho success of any such ven
ture. 1
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