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Tiuslnyt Jnnunry, IB, 1DIO
MnmiiMmWiiiiui iii
rn s'-wt in. wwwiiniiBfi
nor For Pension Agency,
President Taft Said to Be Dissatisfied
With Manner In Which Present In
cumbent of Columbus Office Treat
ed Candidacy of Colonel CurryVand
Is Not Averse to Naming Dark
I Horse at Compromise Friends of
Athens Statesman Active.
Washington, Jan. 15. Former Con
gressman Charles II. Crosvcnor of
Atkoas, O., Is mentioned for appoint
ment as pension agent at Columbus
us a compromise solution of tho
situation presented by the contest of
General Warnock and Colonoy Curry
for the place now held by tho former.
No formal application has been marto
by General Grosvenor, but somo of
bla friends havo bestirred themselves
In his behalf and have met with en
couragement President Taft entertains a vory
kindly feeling for tho Athens veteran,
has a high opinion of his nblllty and
tla long service among tho leaders of
tho Republican party, and Is under
utood to havo Indicated his dcslro to
Athctm aiatfHiiiiin Who Ih Mnulloiiod 1'or
ColumliiiH rcuulon Agency.
lvo tho gunurnl fliibutnntlnl recogni
tion of his rogard. Ohio callers at
tho Whlto Houso have hoard General
Grosvounr's niimo mentioned In con
aoctlou with tho Columbus ponslon
Tho roport that General Warnock
ttau luisurvd of reappointment and
that Colonel Curry had abandoned
liopo of uecurlng tho piofcrment and
radically withdrawn from tho race,
eeinn prematuru In light of dovolon
loonta hero within tho past 24 hours.
Colonel Curry's ft lends nro still busy.
3t In stated hero that tho president
la not altogether pleased with Gen
ral Warwick's courso In lotting
Colonel Curry believe ho would not
tieok roupiiolnl intuit and thon huiUIou
If IHIng his application, and tho pre
diction Is inndu that In thu end a com
promise candidate will ho named.
Trulhfulnros conMntt loss In Htntlntt
true facta than In conveying a trut
lrapreilulou. Sihvpiinoil
CHICAOO Cnttlit. lloi-vcn, Jl 1Gjf7 8o
woutorn MtcurM, i 140(1 15; Mockers nail
feudem, IS 00JJ6 10; cowH mill licltem,
IS lGftB SO C(ilvcs-7 85W8 10. Hhetin
ad I.uiiiIih Kullvu Hlii'up, II OO0U 10;
wenti-rn, i 000 IE; unlive lambn, JO 'JS
ftk K0,. wi'Hti'in, JU 3.'iiii8 7R; yiinrllliiM,
10 7tW8 00 IIvkh I-lKlit, fl8 SO.
mixed, R 45WS 85 liwivy, JS COCfU 00;
rouKh, JS UUitfS 70, pIkh, J7 Km .
Wlm.it -No S red. 1 20yi !i7. Corn
Ko, 3 lilti 07fii7'iO. O.itH No. 2,
EAST BUFFALO -Cnttlo: Uxport cat
Ue, J il 25(J 75, uluilfo Milpplmr HtfCix,
15 OOtfO OH; liutrhor cattle. IS 25310 GO;
tillciH, 13 0065 7S; fnt cowh, 13 Hit
I 'il; bulls. 'J CiiSfO GO; tiillkcrn mul
tpiinKiiM, I'd oocou oo cuivcM tin nodp
II 00. Hlii'ip uiul Liimlid Mixed Hhuip,
IS 00, wotlii i. V O0o 30; owes, G 2Gp
S 7G; luinliH, 17 0US 7G, ycuilltijfH, 17 I'S
07 7G Uok lli'nliM, 'J Id; medium1,
1 1G, VorkUH. IS 90fc9 05; iIkh, ID 'JO;
fOU.thH, IS 208 44, Htimri, 17 0007 GO,
CLEVELAND -Calllo I'rlmo dry-fed
caltlu, K 8&MU GO, fat iitci'ia, JO OOOtt :S;
JidforH. 14 ooi6 GO; cow, 12 2501 00;
liul h, IS 00i) 00, mllUurx unil HprlnKcrx,
III WiJ-GO 00 Calvin-llO GO down. Klircp
und Ijimlia Jllxcd nheep, IG OOJfG GO;
ewes, IS 00G GO, IiiimIih, (I 00 W 8 CO.
UOf- Ilo.ivks, J 'J 00; niiilluniN, 19 00;
Torlscni, lit 0, plBH. i 7GWS X5; mlxml,
II 00. rouulirt, IS 2.1, utugH, 17 G07 7S.
PITT8DUnQ-C'ntllo Choice, C 7GO
7 00; prime, IG GOtfC 70; tidy butohorH,
It G0UG iU, frcali (own, 25 OOCfGO 00.
ColvtH Vt-Al, 16 009 76. Hlircp nml
Jjamliii l'rltnn nvthvra, G 04ir 10: Kood
mixed, IG GOifG IG, lamba, 10 OOifS 6G'
SriaillliKs, IS 00&7 GO. IIoks I'llmo
liOJ-vy Iiokh and im-dliinm, 10 OOya 05;
btuvy Yorkcra, IJ 00; llultt Yorkuta and
pics. It on oo,
CINCINNATI Wheat No. 2 red, tl 23
ifl fi. Corn No. 2 mixed, Ggfl'Jn.
5atn No, 2 mixed, llftll'Aci llyu No,
3, 8tO850 IarU-113 G5. Hulk Jlcntu
112 2G Haooti 111 00. Cattlo 12 00G 35.
Bheop 12 7SOG 7G.5 Lambs tOiti CO.
TOLEDO Wheat, II 26; corn, G9o,
b, GOUo; rye, B2o, clovcreced 19 00.
Men From AH Over The
Country In Wasliinoton
To Attend Two Important
Relative To Conservation And
Uniform Laws
Washington, V. C, Jan. 15. For tho
last fow daya every train arriving in
Washington brought n nutnbor of dis
tinguished men from different parts of
tho United States to tho national cap
ital, among them governors of states,
othor high stato officials, representa
tives ot railroads and other transpor
tation companies, officials of lnsuranco
companies, financial institutions and
lnrgo Industrial corporations, promin
ent merchants, lnbor representatives,
heads of agricultural organizations
professional men of all kinds. Tho ho
tels are rapidly fllllnc up and by to
morrow night, it Is oxpected practical
ly all tho delegates and members who
will attend tho two important confer
ences to ho hold hero next week, the
annunl conferenco of tho National Civ
ic Federation and tho annual confer
ence of governors in thu interest of
thu Conservation of tho national re
sources, will bo assembled hero.
Tho conferenco undor tho auspices of
th .ritloiiai Civic Ko le ration will lo
gin on Monday and will continue until
Wednesday Tho conference of tho
governors will begin on Tuesday and
eloso on Thursday. Tho sessions of
tho National Civic Federation confin1
unco will be hold at tho Oolasco thea
tre, those of tho Natlonnl Cofleorva
tion conference ot governors In tho
Hast loom (A 'ho Whlto Ho'iso, l( li
do rod by I'rosldcnt Taft for thnt pur
pose As tho objects of the two con
ferences coincide in many ro3pccta
and, In a gonoral way, tend In tho
snmo dlicctlon, tho stato governors
guthoririg hero for thulr annual con-
fureucu on Conservation aro expected
to tako an active part In tho deliber
ations or tho civic conferenco, tho
scopo " which Includes practically ov
ory "lc and corporate intorcst in nn
offort to bring- about uniformity of
statu legislation. Tho Nntlonal Asso
ciation of Uniform Stato Law Commis
sioners Is Included in all state delega
tions and will tako a prominent ra''t
In tho conference.
Tho Civic Federation conferonco will
bo opened by Seth Low, president ot
tho National Civic Fedoratfon and
President Taft has consented to do
llvor tho opening address. Ho will be
followod by Alton II. Parker, chair
man of thu program committee mid
Governor Augustus 12. Wilson, of Ken
tucky, chairman ot tho couimlttoo of
govurnors. According to tho plan
mapped out by tho program committee
tho various topics of discussion wilt
bo Introduced ouo alter tho othor and
amplo opportunity will bo given to
discuss tho propositions that may ho
submitted. Tho purposo In holding
this conference Is to develop tho rec
ognition of thu need for uniform stato
legislation by having all Important na
tional organizations, promoting uni
formity In any Held, state boforo tho
conferonco clearly and succinctly Just
what they doslro.
Among tho distinguished rupresouta
lives of national organizations attend
lag tho conference will bo Louis 13.
Pearson, whd heads tho delegation
'from the American Hankers' associa
tion; Climbs W. Eliot, from tho Na
tional Conservation association; John
F. Drydou, iroui tho Association of
Llfo Insurance Presidents; Joshua
Strango, fiom tho Farpiors' National
congress; A. A. Spraguo, from tho
Wholesale Grocers' association; Fred
erick W. Lohniann, presldont of tho
American liar association; Charles J.
Uonaparts, president of tho National
Municipal loaguo; J, 1. MeFarland,
president of tho American Clvlo as
sociation; David lloluuian, president
ot tho League of American Municipal
ities; Joseph K. Itausdoll, presldont ot
tho Nntlonal UIvoib and Harbors
congress; Irving Flshor, president or
tho National Health association; Cur
tis Guild, Jr., from tho American For
estry association; Andrew Cameglo,
John Hays Hammond, IOlllui Hoot, Al
ton II, Pnrkor, Homy Wado Hogors,
Samuel Gompors, John Mitchell, Wnr
run S. Stone, James Duncan, Walter
L. Flshor, Jamoa It. Garllold, John G.
Mllburn, William Allon White; Kugono
S. Ilonjainlu, presldont ot tho National
Association of Clothlors; Martin S.
Decker, presldont of tho National As
sociation of Stato Hallway Commis
sioners; Allon It, Footo, president of
' tho Intornntlonnl Tax association;
JnmoB a. Cannon, aeorgo I). Cortolyou,
I Goorgo F. Sownrd and David It. Fran
I tis, representing tho New York Cham
ber of Commerce; W. C. Gorgas, chief
sanitary officer of tho Isthmian Canal
Commission, who hends tho delegation
of tho Amorlcan Medical association;
D A. Tompkins, president of tho Ap
palachian Nntlonal Forest association;
John A. Hnrtlgun, presldont of tho na
tional convention of IiiBUranco Com
missioners; Murdo Mackenzie, of tho
American Nntlonal Llvo Stock associa
tion; Chnrlca D. Walcott, of tho Na
tional Academy of Sciences; N, J.
Hacheldcr, Master of tho National
Grange; J. 13. Stcrrett, president of
the American Association of Public
Accountants; Frank Chenoy, president
of tho Proprietary Association of Am
erica mid hundreds of others, includ
ing the presidents of various railroads,
oxpross, telegraph and other Industrial
rorpoiatlons and officials of national
lubnr organizations.
j j j j a j 4 ! t v
T L f Jtt i ! ? 9 J
Hurry Wellninn
Mr. Samuel H, Ptcrman, secroenry
of Mt Zlon lotlgo, No. 0 F. & A. M.,
father, Harry Wollman, had died at
from Miss Viola Wellmnn, at Hot
Springs, Ark., stating that her
father, Harry Wollman, had died at
that placo and that tho Interment
would take place at Joncsboro, Ind.
The deceased was a member of Mt.
Hlon lodgo and of Clinton Comman
dory No, D, Knights Tomplar3. He
was a builder and contractor and left
Mt. Vernon nbout a year ago.
Margaret Spaniel
Margaret, tho threo year old
daughtor of Mr. and Mrs. P. J.
Spaniel of North Marlon street, died
nt tho home of her paronts, Friday
aftomoon at about flvo o'clock after
a short Illness.
No arrangements for tho funornl
have yet been made.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Aahburn aro
spondlng a fow days in Buckeye City
tho guests of Mr. Ash burn's slBter.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvoy Flshor -wont
to Danville today to spend a itew
days with relatives. -
Mrs. Charles Johns of Now Castlo,
Pa., loft Saturday ninrnln.; for hnr
homo after a several days' visit with
friends and relatives In Mt. Vernon
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D'Arcy and
daughter, Allco, of Tiffin, Ohio, nro
spending several days with frlonds
and relatives In Mt. Vernon.
Dr. G. D. Arndt attended tho Liza
Lohmauu concert at Columbus Fri
day evening.
Mr. John Hunt roturned home
In Columbus Saturday morning after
a sovernl days' visit with frlonds
and relatives In Mt. Vornon.
Itov. A. 11. Williams of North Mc
Kenzio street went to Killbuck Sat
urday morning to attend 'to somo
mutters of business.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Potor Allordlng vent
to Mansfield Saturday aftomoon
whoro they will visit with Mr. and
Mrs, C. N. Allordlng for a few dnys.
Mrs. 11. C. Kaiser of Akron has
beun visiting hor father and mother,
Mr. 10. D. and It. Stump of this city.
Mrs. I), L. Wlnolnnd on her way
homo to Wost Unity, Ohio, stoppud
hero making n Bhort visit with Mr.
K. D. and It. Stump of this city.
Miss Juno Reynolds was callod to
Columbus Saturday morning by tho
serious Uluoss of her mother, Mrs,
James Reynolds.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Culp of nunr Mart
lnsburg, loft Saturday noon for
Jaoksonvlllo, Florida, whoro they
will spend tho rest of tho wlntor for
tho boncilt. of Mr. CuIp'b honlth.
Mr. and Mrs, R. II. Yalo of Wayn
esflolu, Ohio, loturned homo today
aftor a short visit with Mr. nnd Mrs.
lllilph Ransom.
Mr. Harvoy G. Hammond of Mill
wood, who luiB bcon spending several
years In Florida, Is oxpected homo
tho first of next wook.
Mr. John Corcoran of South
Rogers, who has boon 111 tor somo
tlmo, was taken to Mt. Cnrmol Hos
pltal, Columbus, Friday, whoro ho
will undorgo an operation, Mr. Cor
coran stood tho trip to Columbus
vory wall. Ho was accompanied by
his daughtor, Miss Elizabeth Corcor
an, a trained nurso ot Columbus.
Dr. N. It. UaBtman experienced an
unfortunate accldont Saturday after
noon at about ouo o'clock. Tho doc
tor wnB driving on Wost Gambler
street when his slolgh'was acciden
tally ovorturnod, spilling him on 'tho
ground and breaking tho shaft, No
othor damage was done
Tho busiest and mightiest little
thing Hint ovo was made Is Cham
berlain's Stomach and Llvor Tnblots.
They do tho work whonovcr you re
quire choir aid, Theso tablets change
weakness Into strength, llstlcBsiioss
Into onorgy, gloomlucsa Into JoyouB
n ess. Tholr action Is so gcntlo one
don't roallzq thoy havo tnkon a pur
gative. Sold by all doalaiu
, , .?
Editor Heads Committee to In
vestigate Food Question,
Investigation Into Causes Leading to
High Cost of Living Will Begin
Early Next Week at Sidney or Ma
riettaInterests at Work to Pre
vent Employment of Trust Duster
Wachenhelmer as Attorney For In
quisitors Deaton After Hocking.
Columbus, O., Jan. 15. Lieutenant
Governor Treadway named as scnato
members of tho food probo commit
teo Daniel W. Williams, Itopubllcan,
Jackson, and I. W. Gotshall, Demo
crat, of Fulton. Mr. Williams is an
editor and Mr. Gotshall a manufac
turer. Speaker Moonoy, for tho
house, Vinmed W. W. Norrls, Itopubll
can, of Cleveland, and Louis M. Day,
Democrat, of Rosa. Mr. Norrls is a
lather and labor leader and Mr. .Day
is an attorney.
Soon after their appointment the
members of tho committee mei and
organized by electing Mr. Wllllnms
a3 chairman and Mr. Day as secre
tary. The question of selecting an
attorney wns left open until aftor a
conferenco with Govornor Harmon and
Attorney General Donnian, slated for
Tuesday. Even boforo the commit
teemen woro namod it was known
throughout tho legislature that a de
termined effort was being mndo to
keep Its members from selecting ex
Prosecutor Wachenhelmer of Toledo
tho man who sent the lco barons to
Jail as its attorney. It Is rumored
that Attorney Gcnoral Denman will
offer tho services of one of his assist
ants to perform tho legal work ot tho
Appeals to People.
Chairman Williams has Issued an
appeal to tho people of Ohio to assist
tho probers by coming to tho front
with specific Information In regard to
any high, unreasonable or exorbitant
prices for foodstuffs, especially In
small quantities as bought by labor
ing classes, and specific information
relating to combinations on tho part
of any dealer or dealers in food com
modities. Judges, prosecuting attor
neys and lawyers aro asked to fur
nish Suggestions for remedial legisla
tion and for overcoming difficulties in
enforcing present statutes.
Tho commltteo will get down to
business early next week, cither Sid
ney or Marietta being selected as tho
point for the Initial Insertion ot tho
Senator Deaton of Champaign coun
ty Introduced a resolution calling at
tention to tho report of the Interstate
conimerco commission, which met In
Columbus Alarch 18, 1909, and inves
tigated alleged discrimination. The
roport was to tho offect that tho To
led' & Ohio Central, tho Zancsvlllo
& tVcBtcrn and tho Kanawha & Mich
igan nro controlled through stock In
terest by Uio Hocking Vnlloy Hallway
company, a parallel and competing
line. Tho resolution declares that
this roport of tho InTorstato coni
merco commission indicates that tho
laws ot Ohio are bolng violated. It
la set forth that thcro has bcon per
sistent nnd bitter complaint of dis
crimination In rates on tho pnrt of
shippers, especially coal operators,
whoso business Is said to havo been
damaged by tho combination. Tho
resolution thorcforo directs tho attor
ney gcnoral to bring action against
this alleged monopoly, to tho end
that discrimination may ccaso and
shippers bo treated Justly. Tho reso
lution wout ever to Monday.
Worcester Gets Big Damages.
Manila, Jan. in, Dean C. Worces
ter, Insular secietary of tho Interior,
has been awnrded $30,000 damages In
his libel action against El Round
monto, tho leading organ of tho Fili
pino Nationalist party. Ho sued for
$50,000. About a year ago Mr, Wor
cester procured tho arrest of tho
manager, managing editor and three
members of tho stnff ot Rcnaclmien
to, charging thom with criminal libel,
with tho result that two of tho de
fendants wcro each sentenced to six
mouths' Imprisonment and fined
During n blinding Bnqwstorm at De
troit, J. F. Chapman was struck by a
streetcar and Instantly killed.
Mrs. Holdslioo and her daughtor
Anna woro fntally Injured in a. gas
explosion which wrecked their homo
at East Liverpool, O,
Flvo porsons woro injurou 5t OftSH
brldgo, 0 when a niotor car bocanio
unmanageable and dashed down a
stoop hill and through tho intorurban
Not to bo outdone by his father,
who slipped on nn icy sidewalk and
broko his left thigh, C. D. Watts of
Columbus, O., foil on tho snmo spot
and broko his loft leg,
Charles L. Warrlner, former treas
urer of tho UIg Four railroad at Cin
cinnati, is now known as convict No,
39.GC7, havlnp been rccolvcd nt tho
penitentiary shackled to nn drdluary
thlof. Warrlnor stolo SGIS.OOO ,
I . . ., . .
1 i . . ....JU.-ii., jtt.hfc.ai&iiu.iae, ii.L. , .. r..,.". .-..?Li ,
Tho following program prepared
by Miss Seymour was rondored in
chapel on Wednesday morning:
Music High school orchestra
Itccltatlon Desslo Pattorson.
Piano solo Ethel Simmons.
Cornet solo Virgil mack.
Reading, Interpolated with vocal
selections from "Tho Messiah" Gor
trudo Fleming.
Music High school orchestra.
Tho program was oxcoodlngly good
ospoclally Miss Fleming's recitation
which was novel and showed vory
great talent on tho part of tho
Mr. WInans haa received word
from Mr. Pattorson, Instructor in de-
bato in Newark high school, that tho
schools would meet each other In the
reverse order from that of last year
tho afllrmatlvo teams to go and the
negatives to remain at home. Newark
will como hero to dobato our nega
tive team and our affirmative team
will dobato with ZancsvlIIo at Zan
A practice debate open to tho gen
eral public will bo hold In tho high
school chapel on the morning of tho
2Cth day of this month between Mt.
Vernon'e two toams. Tho debate
will bo formal, rebuttal bolng given
and there will also bo a decision
announced. Both of tho teams aro
now working hard on this debate and
It Is oxpected that It will bo an in
teresting one.
Miss Mcintosh announced Monday
noon tho following divisions of the
successful debaters in tho prelimin
aries held a week ago last night:
Affirmative Bessfo Patterson, John
Gotshall and Donald Harper. Nega
tive Ituth Pitkin, Carrol Conard,
Dwlght Hobbs. Alternate for afllr
matlvo Louis West. Alternate for
negative Harold McDovItt. Sho al
so stated that this order might bo
changed before the Triangular De
bate which takes placo on tho even
ing of March 10th. at Mt. Vornon,
Nowark and Zancsvllle.
Mr. WInans announced Thursday
morning that there- should bo no
snow balling in front of tho high
school building by tho pupils and
that If this sport is practiced, it must
bo confined to tho limits of the back
yard. Ho also read a section from
the- stato law icgardlng schools
which states that this Is Illegal.
From now on, stnrtlng last Wed
nesday, there will be regular chapel
programs prepared for each Wednes
day by the Instructors In tho high
school. This will continue until tho
end of tho school year. When school
opened last Septombcr, tho wholb
of chapel tlmo was devoted to niu
slb, but this was sometimes cut short
on account of necessary announce
ments by Mr. WInans. Mrs.- Bnkor
desired to havo full periods for tho
study of music In tho school, so two
one on Wednesday and tho other
on 'Friday, woro set asldo for hor.
This was Introduced sovernl weeks
ago, and now, In order to utlllzo tho
tlmo apportioned for chnpol sarvlc
os, tho forenamed programs aro pre
parod and rondorod.
AVctJclnbte PrcparallonforAs
slml!aliiiihcIuoiIanilRcdula tlngllieSiomafhsaniUJmxIsor
ncss and Rest.Contatns nciltor
Opium-Morphinc nor Mineral.
Apcrrecl Remedy for Cdnsllpj-:
t Ion . Sour Stomach.DlarrhMi
Worms .toiwuisionsjiewrisn
rtcssandLoss of Sleep.
TfccSinnIc Signature of
uiirantccd under ihe fovA
:ii irjitiiiiwiiirM
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
Sltil -" "ImII 1 SI Kill
4K HifT liTMliTiiif I '
lxl'rl I n it'i 11 in 1 11 1 "
Is On The VergeOf Food And
Fuel Famine
Chicago, 111., Jan. 15. Chicago Is
on tho vergo of a food and fuel fam
ine today, - Snow storms in tho west
are holding up all the trains.
Girls In His Hotel To Discard
New York, Jan. IG. Thomas H.
McNeil, who founded Smith & Mc
Neil's hotel fifty years ago and now
at the ago of 87 Is able to go to the
hotel every morning at G o'clock,
made a startling discovery when he
walked Into tho dining room whore
tho young women waitresses from
the restaurant woro eating. Ho not
ed that most of them wore wearing
rats in their hair.
"Kelly, this won't do," said Mr.
McNeil, calling ovor the superinten
dent of the waitresses. "This is no
ballroom. Toll tho girls to tako those
baskets out of their hair. 1 won't
havo it. Our girls never used to need
those things and they can get along
without thom now . Have them tak
en right out."
Mr. Kelly, whoso popularity with
the young women In such that they
gave him a $200 diamond ring at
Chirstmas time, knew It was useless
to attempt to stay tho decreo. Ills
voice shook as he carried tho anti-rat
crusado all over the two floors of tho
restaurant, but tho command was
not less stern and peremptory.
The crusado included about fifty
girls and there was an immediate
stampede to tho dressing rooms to
comply with the order.
Shoes May Cost More
Boston, Mass., Jan. 15.--Tho qucs
ion of the readjustment of shoo
prices, made necessary by the big tar
iff changes and tho Increased cost of
production, ras discussed at a big
conferenco of shoo and leather men
hold at the Somerset Hotel today un
dr the auspices of tho Natlonnl Shoo
Wholesalers' Asoclatlon of tho Unit
ed States. The conference was at
tended by sovoral hundred represen
tative shoo manufacturers, dealers
and salesmen from nil parts of the
Kuupp HiH-aks to Alabama Farmers
Annlston, Ala., Jan. IG. A state
wide convention of farmers and
others Interested in tho development
of agriculture in Alabama was held
In this city today under the auspices
of tho Annlston Chamber of Com
merce. Tho principal featuro of the
meeting was an address by Dr. s. A.
Knapp of thoJJnlted States Depart
ment of Agriculture.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Sicma.t.nrA tf
For Over
Thirty Years
i'v,1 '
ffi Ah
Sloan's LSnlmcnt is the best
remedy for sprains and bruises.
It quiets the pain at once, and
can be applied to the tenderest
part without hurting because It
doesn't need to be rubbed all
;ou have to do is to lay it on
iehtly. It is a powerful prepa
ration and penetrates instantly
relieves any inflammation and con
gestion, and reduces the swelling.
Here's the Proof.
Mr. L. U0J.AND, Bishop of Scran
ton, Pa. says: "On the 7th of
this present month, as I uas leaving
the building at noon for lunch, I
slipped and fell, spraining my wrist.
I returned in the afternoon, and at
four o'clock I could not hold a pen
cil in my hand. I returned home
later and purchased a bottle of
and used it five or six times before
I went to bed, and the next day I
was able to go to work and use my
hand as usual."
Sloan's Liniment
is an excellent anti
septic and gernt
killer heals cuts,
burns, wounds and
contusions, and will
draw the poison
from sting of poi
sonous insects.
26c, 60c. and $1.00
Hlmin'a book on
hnri-, cnttlo, ahrep
mid poultry sent
IVce. AtlUreiH ,
Dr. Earl S. Sloan,
Boston, Mass., V.BJu
What Governor Dcnocn, ol Illinois
Says About. It:
ovornor Donnon, of Illinois, owns n mv
01 innu la htittkiucm-'Tun.
Onnndn. Jlo lum eald lu
nn Interview:
Ah nn Ami rlpnrt I em
aollKlitol lu no tlio xp
xnitrknlile nroKroun of
Wustijrn Oumuln. Osr
pooplo otd Souklng .vroM
eaiifld, und 1 hato not
mu uoununrjr in cnoU'
It JLt
mot ono who Hdm
ho had cinflo a uUtako.
Thoy nro nil ilolun wall.
Thorn i sen rot it n mm,
inunltr In thu AIM Jlo or
WfHitprn Hrrttna tlmt hau
not n represent at lm lu AlaaitoU..
BuskntUiowan or Alberta."
125 Million Bushels of
Wheat in 1909
WpKtwn Cnnnda field crojw tor
19U9 Kill rn.lljr vlold to tin-farm,
or 17 (1,000,000.00 In rnh.
1 rcollonif-etoniUor luOut-lw,
ami prt.-oinptlnn of 'lOOncrtw
lit J.OO nn ni-ro. Unllnnr and
J,ftnd Compimlw lituo land for sain
nt ronftonanla prlooa. Mnnrfnnn
era lmvo paid for tlu-lr InuU out
of tho nrooiMMla of ono crop.
Splpiirtlfl rllmnto. c-oimI hcIiooih.
rxrcllont rullvwiy fnrllltloa.lnw
frelKlit rntpn, worn!, hiiIlt ami
lumber cnilly obtnlnixl.
1'or pamphlet "Lout lliut Wwt,"
particulars as to unltnhlo location
oud low wttlera' ruto, nppljr to
Unp't of Immigration, Ottawa,
Can., or to Canadian Gov't Ajroat.
413 Unrilncr Hide,
Toledo, Ohio
(UflO addrcfla noarost yon.) (11
's Cherry
will relieve that cough
25c & 50c
A Bottle
will cure your cold
A Box
-Sold Only By-
Lorey's Drug
115 South Main Street
Sign of the Owl Clock
Wo havo discontinued to run
our Huckster Wagon at Monroe
Mills and will pay within 2c of the
selling price for all produce at
Monroe Mills or Mt. Vernon stores.
Mt. Vernon, O., Cor. High & Norton
lEMa H
iiiy rtrvjPTnw'
IIjU'b k A
! - IV 'I
WjSpT-H ' 'fr"BBrT :sZSMmM.u-fi'W?S
rL''a4MK"'''i'l'wV.' ,,.'; rVfV-
WWflWIWWWlMIIII IH II y TIB 1WITI u.- ..., ... , I MMBiiM M

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