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lyiBEZ-. ZIIL-MiULL.rn. r, . J .. - - iii in . I .&mm mm "'""" 'J.1. L '. . "T" "'''. i juii MiilfciMMtii'i tiaJilinhi tlilaiitllM innillllMIYtnitTTtift1Trfftt1'Tln'1tffrlPfc
Friday, Jnnunry 28, iOl
It ?
'CHames L. Tliompson For
James Li. Thompson, residing
&boui two miles south ot Homer In
lilcklus county, was arrested Tues
day afternoon by Constable Milton
Slmpklns on n warrant sworn out
fccforo 'Squlro Hartcr, by Thompson's
former wife, charging htm with wil
fully deserting his two sons, both
(minors, and falling to provide for
them, food, shelter and clothing. Tlio
hlldren, aged eleven and fourteen
years respectively, aro nllbged 'to
feavo boon deserted on March 20,
11904. The warrant was sworn out
toy Mrs. Ida M. Wood, tho mothor of
ftho children. Tho hearing Is sot
tor one o'clock, Friday aftornoon, bo
toro 'Squlro Hartor.
$ 2 l ! 2 ! I I i i J J '
J jj!!fI!4f5
Mrs. Mien Doiii)
Mrs, Ellen Doup, wlfo of George
Doup residing about ono mllo west
of Amity, died Tuesday afternoon at
hor homo after an Illness of tubor
cuIobIb. Tho deceased was 75 years
f ago nnd Is survived by tho fol
lowing children: Albort, Jacob,
Noah nnd Mrs. Emma Cain of Amity
and Mrs. Ida Simmons of I'lko town
ship. Tho deceased was nlso an
aunt of Messrs. Gcorgo and Walter
Doup of this city. Tho funeral Thurs
day uftcrnoon at 1 o'clock from the
home, Itov. Goodwin olllclatlng. In
terment In tho Amity comotory.
Frank IIouso
Brink Haven, 0 Jan. 20. Frank
Houno, aged 20 years, son of Mr, and
Mrs. John IIouso, diod qulto suddenly
yestorday aftornoon nt tho homo of
Ills parents In this village. Tho de
ceased was a crlpplo nil of his Hfo
and It was his custom to alocp late
in tho morning. As ho wns not up
by noon his father went to his room
and found tho young man had sus
tained a paralotlc stroko and wnB un
ablo to movo. Death occurred a short
tlmo afterwards. Tho doceascd Is
survived by his parents and by five
t Chlld'H Death
Tho ono-yoar-old son of Dr. and
Mrs. Monroe, of Toledo died Monday
evening nt tho homo of his parents.
Tho body wns shipped to Sparta, O.,
whore tho funornl wilt be hold nt tho
foomo of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Vail.
Interment at Illoomflold comotory.
Mrs. Monroe was formerly Miss Gor
irudo BIIrb of Sparta.
At Ilcctory
Mr. Hnrvoy A. Ilanna of Brink
Haven and MIkb Mary Oortrudo Mills
of Mt. Vornon woro united In mnr-e-Iago
at St. Paul's rectory at 8 o'
clock Tuesday ovonlng by Itov. Win,
E. Hull, rector of Ht. Paul's Episco
pal church, Tho young couplo woro
attondod by tho parents of tho brido,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles W. Mills of
(Rldg-wond inenun and Mr. nnd Mis,
II, H. Dulr. Mr. and Mrs. Hanna left
t B:G0 ovor tho II. & O. for Chi
cago and after a two weeks vmlt
will bo at homo In Brink Haven,
floiitli Vernon HrlioluiH
Knjoy Hied It Mo
Tho Fourth and Fifth grailo pu
fills of South Voi nun schools enjoyed
bob-sled rldu to tho homo of Mr.
Slum BliiimoiiH In Democracy Monday
ovonlng, whoro u good tlmo wns Inn!
and an oyster supper served. Ono
of tho features of tho evening was n
French song Hung by Jules Illofnos
nnd Ouorgo Phllllpp Those piesont
woro Frauclno Vnndowolt, Kiiinm
ItosB, Mildred Popojoy, Boxy Fllppo,
Wabol Ute, Hnzol Stykor, Vora Hurt,
Ettn Wolf, Eiuella ItrnsBour, Floront
IMillllppI, Geo. Phllllppl Harry El
wood, Frank Elwood, JiiIcb Blefnos,
Loon lturtz, Leon llary, Elroy Kalsor,
Oludys Phlllpu, Edwin DoVault, Goo
VanAmham, Clnro Lepley, Maurice
HI co, Itnlph Wliltahead, Jo raid Popo
joy, Elmer Cuuuluglinm, Sammy
Haymond and Wllllo Chostor. Thoy
woro chaporoncd by Miss Simmons,
the. teacher,
Tho will of tho Into John FnrBon,
tho mllllotialro banker and broker,
Which wns admitted to probnto In
Chicago, 11!., n few days ago was wit
nessed by a former Mt. Vernon boy
llr, Harry II, Parrott. For the past
several years Mr, Parrott had bfon
cnshW for Mr. Parson In his Chi
cago office.
Mr. Charles V. Orltchflcld wont to
JTJolumbua thin morning on business,
To Prevent River Pollution
To Preserve Fish
Farmers And Fishermen Fram
ing Jl Bill
Ohio llshormon and farmers are
framing a bill, which Is to bo Intro
duced In tho legislature at this ses
sion to prevent tho pollution of tho
streams. At iresont tho state board
of health has control of this evil, but
sportsmen and farmers are anxious
to placo tho regulation In tho hands
of tho stnto fish and gamo commls
Under present laws, when a
stream Is polluted for tho purpose
of killing tho fish, tho caso Is pro
secutcd by tho fish and gamo com
mission. But If a stream Is pollut
ed with no lntont to kill tho fish and
Incidental to getting rid of waste,
tho fish and gamo commission has
no nuthorlty over tho caso, accord
ing to an opinion by tho attorney
AVhen complaints are mado to thf
llsh and camo commission In such
eae3 they aro turned ovor to i'iu
stnto board of health, with tho result
that no nctlon Is taken for Bevoral
months, nnd sometimes for n yenr.
In this tlmo many of tho Jlsh In the
stream dlo. Fishermen claim I hoy
could bo saved if nil such cases wure
put In tho hands of tho fish nnd
gnmo commslson nnd prompt nction
Mnny thousands of fish aro klllrr!
annually by tho pollution of Btronms
nnd pondB In this state, much to the
detriment of tho sport. Farmers clnliu
their Hvo stock often is mado sick
and killed by Impurities In tholr
drinking water.
Under present laws It Is next co
Imposslblo to keep rcfuso from be
ing thrown Into streams by manu
facturers who aro looking for It eaiy
Saved nt Dentlis Door
Tho door of death Boomed ready
to open for Murray W. Ayors, of
Tronslt Brldgo, N. Y., when Ilia life
wns wondorfully saved. "I was In
a dreadful condition," ho writes, "my
skin was almost yellow; eyes sunk
en, tongue contcdi emaciated from
losing 40 pounds, growing weaker
dally. Virulent Hvor trouble pulling
mo down to donth In splto of doc
tors. Then that matchless medicine
Electric Bitters cured mo. I re
gained the 40 pounds lost and now
am well nnd strong." For nil stom
nch, liver and kidney troubles thoy'r
supreme. COo. at a. It. Baker &
Son's, Mt. Vernon; F. Fink, Frodor
Don't Have To Marry Now
Says Lecturer
Chicago, Jan. 2D, Ib an unmar
ried woman nn "old maid" nt twenty
olKht? I
Decidedly not, according to Mrs,
Ilonry Jnffrny, who addressed the
West Sldo Coeduetalonal club, 2858
Washington boulevard, yesterday.
"An unmarried woman ot twonty
oight Ib an Important factor In soclnl
and business llfo," alio said, "and sho
probably Ib bettor looking at that age
than any other. At ono period of our
civilization alio might havo boon nn
'old maid.' But that tlmo has paasod,
Sho doesn't hnvo to woi ry now un
less sho wants to. Sho can go into
buslucHB, tnko up n profession, nnd
do many other things but sho Is not
an 'old mnld.'
A largo audlonco of women np
plaudod tho Bontlmcut of the aponk
Mrs, Mnrthn Ewlng nnd Mrs, Alice
Hill left this morning for Cleveland,
being called, thera by tho serious ill
ness of tholr brothor, Mr. William
Mrs. Mlndn Lylo of Mt. Vernon,
Ohio, Is liuro, called by tho serious
Milieus of her aunt, Mrs. .Christina
Ervln. Mrs. Ervln Ib 78 and hor
condition Ib gravo, owing to hor ngo
and the ravages of Brlght's disease
Hartford City (Ind.) Tlmos-an-zotto.
For Infants and Ohildrou.
tiie Kind You Havo Always Bought
Boars tho
of (Ziffi&c&
Of A Man And A Woman On
Serious Charge
An affidavit was mado Tuesday
morning In 'Squlro II. C. Wood's
court, by S. M. Itico, who resides on
the Columbus road, against Clara
HIco, his wife, and Johcph Jorls,
charging them with adultery. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Itce had not been living to
gether for somo tlmo and' during the
tlmo that Joris was not at his work,
Rico stated that ho had been living
with his wlfo. At first ho Btatcd
that ho hesitated about taking ac
tion on account of tholr two children,
but decided to swear out a warrant
in 'Squlro Wood's court. When Mrs.
Blco and Jorls appeared before
"Squlro Wood, they entered a pica
of guilty to tho charge and Jorls
was given a fino of $25 and costs,
which ho paid. Tho woman was re
leased, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is
not a common, overy-day mixture.
It Is n meritorious remedy for all
tho troublesomo and dangerous com
plications resulting from cold In the
head, throat, chest or lungs. Sold
by all dealers.
To Be "Broke" According
To This Experience
Neiv York, Jan, 25. "Hero's tho
last quarter I'vo got In tho world;
glvo me somo oystors and go as far
as you llko," said John Olson, a sail
or, to William Gnu, proprietor of a
market In Hoboken.
As tho third oyster was pried apart
Gau uttored an exclaramatlon. There
was a throe-carat pearl.
"Well, that's tho best luck I've
had In a long tlmo," hu observed.
"Isn't It a beauty?"
"Walt a minute," piped up the
"busted" Olson. "Didn't I buy the
oystors, nnd didn't you tako the
money? My oyster, my poarl. Hand
'cr ovor!"
The oyster man protested, but tho
snllor argued so conv!nclngy that
Gnu Anally acquiesced. j. Jowcler
appraised 'tho Jowol at $200.
Have you a -weak throat? If so,
vou cannot bo too careful. You
cannot begin treatment too early
Each cold malcco you moro liable to
another and tho Inst Is always the
harder to cure. If you w4ll take
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy at the
outBot you will bo saved much trou
bio. Sold by all dealers.
Routs A Cow In A Tennessee
Dickson, Tonn., Jan, 26. A plain,
cvery-day gander at tho head of a
(lock of town geese, todny put to
(light a cow In a despornte battle
viewed by half tho population,
Tho cow-geesn light took place on
Mufn street, and was started by tin
gceso i of using the right of way to
"Betsy," tho prottlost Jorsey In town.
Tho gecso passed, but ono old gan-
dor was game enough to tackle
"llotsy," getting n Btrnnglo hold on
"Betsy's" iiobo nnd causing hor to
null tho Held hastily.
Tho ineldont was not without bet
ting featuro, ono sport clonnlng up,
as ho bucked tho gooso to win.
Held In Tim Illgli School Auditorium
Wednesday Morning
Tho preparatory debate nt the Mt.
Vornon high, school on tho subjoct,
"ltcsolved, That a Commission Form
of Government for Municipalities is
Proforrnblo", was hold In tho nudl
torlum Wednesday morning, tho nf
Ilrinatlvo sldo winning, Tho dolmte
whb proparntory to tho dobates with
Nowark and Znnosvlllo, which will
eonio In tho near future
Thoso on the teams woro: Alarm
ntlvo Bcsso Pnttorson, Loulo West,
Donnld Hnrpor and John Gotshiill,
Negative Until Pitkin, Harold Mc
Dovltt, Dwlght Hobbs nnd Carrol
Conurd. Tho Judges woro: Miss
Soymour, Mr, Ainu and Mr. King.
Quito a number of visitors woro pres
ent nnd enjoyed tho dobato vory
Caught In Food Chopper And
Finger Cut Off
Mason Halbort. who Is employed
at tho farm of Mr. Fred Ball, north
of tho city, met with a very painful
accident whllo at work Monday aftor
noon. Mr. Halbert was operating a
food chopper when ho accidentally
caught his right hand in somo heavy
cog wheels. Boforo tho machine
could bo stopped, tho hand was bad
ly cut and bruiEcd. Dr. J. F. Lee
was called to render surgical atten.
tloji, It being necessary to amputate
ono of tho mangled fingers.
Making Life Safer
Evorywhero life is being made
more safe through tho work of Dr
King's Now Life Pills in Constipa
tion, Biliousness Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, Liver troubles, Kidney Diseases
and Bowel Disorders. They're easy
but euro, and perfectly build up thp
health. 2Gc. at G. It. Baker & Son's
Mt. Vermin; F. Fink. Frederlcktown.
Strikes Ground And Produces
An Oil Well
Dalhart, Texas Jan. 2C. Mrs.
Itosle Pottls who owns a farm near
here, declared today that n bolt of
lightning struck tho ground on tho
mountnlnsldo near hor homo recent
ly nnd uncovered n spring of crude
oil, which is now producing 200 bar
rols daily. It is claimed that sho
han been offered ?10,000 for tho
small 'tract of land which previous
to tho uncovering of tho spring had
barely yielded a living.
A Wretched Mistake
to endure tho Itching, painful dis
tress of Piles. They'ro no ned to
Listen: "I suffered from Piles."
writes Will A. Marsh, of Silver City.
N. C, "till I got a box of Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, and was soon cured."
Burns, Bolls, Ulcors. FeveT SorB.
Eczema, Cuts, Chapped Hands. Chil
blains, vanish before It. 2Gc. at G.
Tt. Baker & Son's. Mt. Vernon; F.
Fink, Frederlcktown.
I J I 4 f "r fr ? r 4 I "I ! I
.J. imtTTTS !
j. .j. .j. j j. j j ! ! j
A son was born Tuesday morning
to Mr. nnd Mrs. Albort Tarr of E.
Burgess street.
A daughter was born Tuesday noon
to Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank L. Beam of
East High street.
Chamberlain's Cough Itcmedy Is
a very valuable medlcino for thront
and lung troubles, quickly relieves
nnd cures painful breathing and a
dangorously sounding cough which
hidlcatcs congested lungs. Sold by
all dealers.
Kingman's Cut Appeared In Paper
And He Sues For Dairagcs
Mt. Gllead, O., Jan. 20. Attor
ney S. C. Kingman todny brought
suit against tho Sontlnol Publishing
company of this city, asking $10,000
damnges. Tho nowspapor is tho prop
erty of J. W. and II. S. Griffith, the
latter at ono tlmo bolng a mombor of
tho board of niaiiagera of tho Ohio
Tho plaintiff claims tho dofondnnt
attempted to Injuro his character by
publishing an nrtlulo In tholr lssuo of
Jnnunry 29, 1909, In which artlclo
ho Bays woro malicious charges. Ho
further states that in an Isauo of July
1, 1909, tho nowspnpor published his
cut Inserted upside down on tho first
Ho said tho cut was placed In such
a position for tho pui . t humil
iating him.
There- Is nothing that causes more worry and discomfort than a chronic,
fostering ulcer. As it lingers, slowly eating Into tho tissues and surrounding
flesh, and by Its tondonoy to grow worso In ovory way, It suggests tho possi
bility of bolng cancerous in its naturo. Efforts to honl tho utcor by moans
of salvos, washes, lotions, oto ulways result in failuro, boeauso such treat
ment can havo no possiblb effect on tho blood whoro tho impurities and
morbid mattors form, and aro carried thorugh tho circulation to tho place,
to keep it op n, irrltatod and dlseasod, Tho impurltios in tho blood must
bo romovou boforo tho healing procoss can bogta. 8, S. S. goes to tho
fountaln-hoad of tho troublo, nnd drivos out tho gorm-praduoing polson3 and
morbid impurltios which keop tho ulcor open. Then ns this rich, purlftod
blood is carrlod to tho diseased placo tho hoaling commonccs, tho inflam
mation gradually Joavos, tho discharge- conses, now tissuo and hoalthy flesh
aro formed, and soon tho soro is permanently cured because- tho source has
boon destroyed. 8, S. S. doos not niako a surfaco euro, but by supplying
tho blood with hoalthful, tissuo-bullding proportloa it begins nt tho bottom
and causoa tho flesh at tho dlseasod spot to firmly and permanently knit
togothor, nnd tho place is loft bound nnd woll. Book on Soros and Ulcers
and any medical ndvlco free to all who write.
Comes To Judge A. C, Thomp
son On Wednesday
A messago received In Mt. Vernon
Wednesday afternoon announced tho
death of Judgo Albert C. Thompson
or tho United Stntcs court which oc
curred this morning at his homo In
Cincinnati. Judgo Thompson was
woll known by many members of tho
bar In this olty, having occupied the
bench in U. S. court In Columbus
for soveral years.
All tlio Rood qunlltlcs of Ely's
Cream Balm, aro found in Liquid
Cream Balm, which Is Intended for
use In atomizers. That 1c Is a won
derful remedy for Nasal Catarrh Is
proved by an over-Increasing mass
of testimony. It docs not dry out
nor rasp tho tonder air-passages. It
allays tho inflammation and goes
straight to tho root of tho disease.
Obstinate old cases havo yielded In
a few weeks. All druggists, 75c.,
Including spraying tube, or mailed by
Ely Bros., DC Warren Street, New
Alienist Is Under Arrest For
Pittsburg, Pa Jan. 2C Dr. C. C.
Wiley, a prominent physician and
alienist for Harry Thaw during tho
first trial, Is under $1000 bond to
answer tho charge of larceny by
balleo brought by Miss Dora Pedder.
Dr. Wlloy was arrested by n con
stablo on January 18, but tho fact
of his arrest was not generally known
until last night, when he summoned
for a henrlng today.
In her complaiar- Miss Podder as
serts sho entrusted Dr. Wiley with
$1100 worth of jewels two yenrs
ago and bad boon unable to get them
Tho busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever was made Is Cham
berlain's Stomnch and Liver Tablets.
They do tho work whenever you re
qulro 'their aid. Thoso tablets change
weakness Into strength, Ustlessness
Into onergy, gloominess Into Joyous
ness. Their action Is so gentle one
don't realize they have taken a pur
gative. Sold by nil dealers.
Dested The Composer
"Goo Goo Eyes"
Detroit, Jan. 2G. Hugh Cannon,
who wroto "Goo Goo Eyes," "Ain't
That a Shamo," "Bill Bailey" and
other classics of rag tlmo, was sent
to tho Elolse poor houso yesterday at
tho ago of 30. Ho told the story of
his llfo In short expressive senten
ces. "I quit tho coko easy," ho said.
"Fifteen days In tho jail cured me
of that. I hit tho pipe In New York
for a year and stopped that. I wont
up ngalnst tho morphine, hard and
quit, but booze-, red, oily boozo
that's got mo for keops.
"I stnrtod vhon I wns 1G; I'm 3C
now, nnd except for sovon months
on tho wntor wagon, I'vo been pick
led moat of tho tlmo. It was twenty
yenrs twonty black, nasty, s:ck
years with only a little- brightness
now nnd then .when I made good
with somo song."
Master Earl Cranmor Is very HI
with appendicitis nt tho homo of
his paronts on West Chestnut street.
Somras Alcohol Qifleslfcioiras
Is alcohol a Ionic? No! Docs il make the blood pure?
Nol Does it strengthen the nerves? Nol Is Ayer's
Sarsaparllla a tonic? Yes! Does it make the blood pure?
Yes! Does it strengthen the nerfes? Yes! Is it the only
Sarsaparllla entirely free from alcohol? Yes! Ask your
doctor about this non-alcoholic medicine. If he approves,
your confidence will be complete. J.C.AyerCo.,Lowcll Mass,
Dulluiiysl Dull lilrlsl Uu.lmi-nl Dull women! Heavy-headed I UownhcarUdi All
very often due to cnn'.'ip.t on' YeMhccurclssocasv. Aycr'sPills. Ask yourdoctor.
With tho advent of the season for
pruning shrubbery tho thoughts of
tho woman who queens It ovor the
vine-covered cottago begin to turn to
contemplation of the prospects of her
flower gnrden for tho coming sum
mer, and she commences to plan for
something new In tho lino of color
and fragrance. She will not bo dis
appointed, for the early spring cata
logues of the propagators show that
somo new varieties were developed
during the past season that will be
available for cultivation this year.
Of the flora there are mentioned
two roses which havo been deemed
worthy of recognition by the Amerl
can Bobc society. Tho new beauties
aro to be known as White Killarney
nnd My Maryland. These are said to
bo especially adapted to the American
climate, and the prophesy Is mado by
tho society that their attractiveness
assures their popularity. Tho former
Is a white flower of extreme delicate
tint, and tho lntter a pink of rare
There Is also to bo on tho market
a new rambler, christened tho Violet
Blue, a Gorman novelty with Im
mense panicles of violet-blue colored
Mr. E. W. Mendonhall of Colum
bus was a visitor In tho city the first
of this week.
Mrs, T. B. Frederick and son, Con
ney, spent Wednesday with friends
and relatives in Acadcmla.
Mr. It, F. Mantz went to Gambler
Wednesday morning to attend' to
somo mnttors.of business.
Mr. Joo Miller, tho well known
nowspapor man of Newark, who has
mnny friends hero, Is seriously 111
at his homo with pneumonia.
Miss Helen Nnzor of Danvlllo Is
spending several days In Mt. Vernon
and Centorburg, tho guest of friends
nnd relatives.
Mr. George Baxtor, who has for
the past several days, been 111 with
pneumonia at his home just west of
Brandon, Ib doing vory nicely.
Miss Florenco Brock of Mt. Ver
non and Miss Verna Clark of Coshoc
ton spent Wednesday with mends
nnd relatives at Bangs.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo Edwards of
North Norton strecUwero In Fredor
lektown Tuesday nfternoon to attend
tho funeral of Mrs. Wealthy Spry.
. Mr. J, E. Porter left Wednesday
noon for Wheeling, W. Va where ho
was calleU by tho death of his aunt,
Mrs. Elizabeth Porter.
Mr. Joseph Loverlng left Wednes
day noon for Pittsburg and Wash
ington, Pa., whero ho will spend sev
oral days with friends and relatives
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Culp returned
to their homo In Glcnmont Wednes
day morning after spending a few
days with relatives In Mt. Vornon.
Mrs. W. T. Swlivsle will lenvo
Thursday morning for Wheeling, W.
Va., whero alio will attond tho funer
al of her aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Por
ter. Miss Helen Wright of Gnmblor re
turned to her homo Wednesday
morning nftor spending Tuesday
with relatives and friends in Mt.
Vornon. ""
Mt, L, G. White, consulting en
gineer of tho Mt. Vornon Railway
and Light company, arrived In tho
city Wednesday morning from Col
umbus to hold a consultation with
Manager Mitchell.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Nethera nnd
son, Bobs, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Doolittlo of West Gambler st.
1 The
Guaranty Savings
Bank and Trust Co.
flowers. Then there Is tho Thousand
Beauties rambler, which, as Its name
Implies, produces roses of almost ev
ery hue, all on tho same vino. A sin
gle cluster of tho flowers will bo n
bouquet In Itself. Hence Its vory
fitting name.
In nasturtiums thero Is tho Mikado
pink, which is said to bo the most
exquisite shade of pink shell Imagin
able, and the Mikado white, differing
from It only In color.
Thero Is also a new dwarf nastur
tium, tho Tom Thumb Queens, aimed
to stand up without tho aid of a
climber. It Is of light green color,
prettily marbled and variegated with
silvery whlto.
Progress was also mado during the
past scaspn in developing something
new In sweet peas. There will bo of
fered this spring tho White Spencer,
said to be without doubt tho largest
and most magnificent sweet pea cvor
Introduced. Tho new Princess AHco
Spencer has a delicate shade of lav
ender In Its extra largo wavy flow
ers. Somo new shades of coloring will
be found in tho orchld-flowerlng pan
sies also, tho colors running mostly
to lighter shades.
left Tuesday night for Jacksonville,
Fla., where they will remain for tho
rest of tho winter for tho bonoflt of
Mrs. Nethers health.
G. W. Taylor was taken from tho
Mt. Vornon hospital to tho 1:20 train
on the C, A. & C. Wednesday nfter
noon In Chnppelear & Co.'s ambu
lance. Ho was taken 'to his homo
In Mlllersburg.
Messrs. Carl N. Lorey and George
Coyner, as members of tho board of
education, went to Columbus Wed
nesday noon to attend tho meeting
of the state organization ot boards of
Pain along the back, dlzzlnesB, headache
and general languor. Get a package ot
Mother Grays AUSTrtALIAN-LEAF,
tho pleasant root and herb euro for all
Kldnoy, Bladder nnd Urinary troubles.
When you fcei all run down, tired, weak,
and 'without energy use this rcmarkabls
combination of nnturo'a herbs nnd roots.
As a regulator It has no equal. Mother
Gray's Australian-Leaf is sold by Drug
gists or sent by mall for 60 cents. Sam
ple sent FKEE. Address, tho Mothor
Gray Co., Lo Iloy, N. Y.
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Purina Poultry Feeds :
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