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Tutfdajr, "February 15, 1010
rAaK nvn
Ancompislicd In Stale Fire
Marshal's Office
And Some Erroneous Views
' On Part Of Pub ic
A Great Reduction In Number
Of Fires
Of Incendiary Origin Since
Of The Fire Marshal's Office
In Ihe Year 1001
would Boom to Justify It. Tho first
full year in which tho department
oporatod was 1901. In Hint year
thero wn 291 ncondlnry fires re
ported to ubj In 1902 222; In 1903
190; In 1904 1G8; In 190597;
In 1-QOC 134; In 1907 12C; in
1908-2JJ7. Tho statistics for 1909
aro not yet Completed. Theso figures
certainly, spcLk for themselves. How
great ,kns boon tho repressive ef
fects of tho work of this olllco can
not, of courso, bo estimated.
Ao has been remarked abovo, the
running down and prosecution of In
cendiaries Is tho only ono ot tno
means used to attain tho ends of the
department. Tho work of Inspection
and education against fire dangers,
whllo less known to tho public nro
of equal or greater Importano?, out
cannot be denlt with In this article
It is hoped that theso fow obser
vations will help to a bottor under
standing of our work on the part of
tho public and lead to n heartier co
operation In It by nil our citizens.
State FIro Marshal.
Tells Trusts Not to Get Scared
. at Bugaboos.
Columbus, O., Feb. 14. It Is ap
parent, from certain questions which
aro frequently asked of officers iof
the stato 'flro marshal's department
that thero Is still consldorablo mis
apprehension as to Its functions,
among tho citizens of the stato.
Ono of theso questions Is, "Does
your department Investigate fires
whero there Is no Insurance Involv
ed?" Another Is, "Does your depart
ment assist In prosecuting persons for
setting fires unless the property was
Insured?" To both of theso ques
tions cho answer 13 "Yes."
In order that this matter may be
cleared up In the minds of our peo
plo It would seem necessary to mere
ly quoto a sentence from tho law
which created tho ofllce of state fire
"Tho state flro marshal
shall Investigate the cause, origin and
circumstances of every flro occurring
In such city, village, town or town
ship by which property has been de
stroyed or damaged, and shall es
pecially make Investigation as to
whether "such flro was tho result oi
carelessness or design."
From this It will readily bo serpt
that tho duty of' tho flro marshal to
investigate a flro is In no wise de
pendent upon the fact that the.build
lng burned was Insured.
This misapprehension of., tho scope
of tho flro marshal's duties doubtless
arises from tho fact that the depart
ment is supported by a tax upon the
gross premium irecelpts of tho stock
Insurances companies doing business
In tho state, tho public drawing tno
hasty and false lnferenco that be
cause tho department Is so supported
It Is not Interested unless insurance
is Involved.
Tho ultimate object of tho depart
ment Is to reduco tho loss by fire
Tho result of flro Is absoluto wasto
of human effort and capital entail
lnrr a heavy tax upon our people. It
Is tho enormous loss by flro which
keeps up Insurance rates. Aslosses
aro reduced, flre Insuranco compan
ies aro benefited and tho public 'in
turn finds its benefit in a reduction
of rates, or in other words, a recuc'
tion of its insurance tax.
Tho prosecujtion ot -ncendiarles by
this departmenc Is only an Incldont,
ono means, by which tho ultimate ob
ject of tho department abovo referred
to is sought to be'iaccompllshed, and
of tho results of these prosecutions
tho public aro tho beneficiaries.
It very frequently occurs chat at
torneys in defending arson cases
which havo been Investigated by the
department, in their zeal to earn
their fees and save their clients, at
tempt to belittle tho work of tne
department and criticize Its methods.
Our work, wo bolleve, should be Judg
ed by Its results. A few figures
Lost To Ohio Wesleyan On
Gambler, O., Feb. 14. Ohio Wes
leyan defeated Konyon Saturday bj
tho scoro of45 to 2C. Kenyon play
dca good, hard game, but was eas
ily outclassed by tho Methodists, who
displayed some of tho best team work
ever shown at Gambler. The flrst
half went entirely to Wesleyan, the
scoro being 2G to 10.
In tho second half tho Konyon
players got together and held then
own. Konyon, as usual, played a
game characterized by Individual
playing and lack of team work.W?s
loyan wns much stronger on team
work and had tho game In choli
hands from tho start. Thompson and
,Copo played tho best game for tnt
visitors, whllo Henry showed up besi
for Kenyon.
Why tho ttuclccyo State Building and
IiOnn Company is tho Safest and
Best Waco For You to Deposit
. Your Money.
4. Its president, secretary and
cashier do. one thing and ono thing
only, and that is to ca're for tho in
terests of the company. They are
not engaged in any outsido business
enterprises to divide their attention.
They glvo their whole thought, time
and energy to tho company, whose
assets are now $3,G00,000, all se
cured by mortgages on homes. Five
per cent, paid on tlmo deposits. Ran
kin Building, 22 Wesc Gay Street,
Columbus, Ohio.
(See fifth next week)
wanted'to RIDE
When Well Known Insurance Man Cried
Head of Poctil Telegraph Company
Returns From South and Talks In
Optimistic Voln of Business Condi
tions Sees No Cause Kor Alarm
In Posslblo Adverse Court Decisions
or Proposed Laws Is Going Ahead
With Needed Line ESctenslons.
Now York, Feb. 14. Upon his ro
turn from an Inspection tour through
tho south, Clarence II. Mnekay, presi
dent of tho Postal Telegraph, and
Commercial Cablo companies, de
clared ho was thoroughly satlsflod
with both conditions and outlook.
"If tho telegraph business is a ba
rometer," ho said, "the south has lost
nono of tho impetus that began be
foro and continued in a modified do
grco through tho panic. Tho people
down thero havo becomo philosoph
ical as well as prosperous, and do not
easily get oxclted. We began to make
plans for extensions, enlargements
und general expansion of facilities
throughout the south more than a
year ngo, and tho net outcome of my
visit Is that we shall go ahead as de
mands requlro In all directions.
. "Pending decisions by tho supreme
courts may be and doubtless are Im
portant, proposed legislation in con
gross may or may not bo enacted, but
what of it? Properties aro not going
to bo confiscated and the country Is
Of Over $1,000,000 In Real
Estate Valuation
Of First Ward Shown By The
! .
Common Pleas Court Con
vened Monday Afternoon
Sheriff Sells Two Pieces Of
Property On Saturday
Oilier Items Of Interest Tram
Tlio Court House
slgnmont ot cases was taken up.
Sheriff Hnlca
Two properties wero sold by Shor
Ift P. J. Parker at the south door of
tho court houso Saturday afternoon
as follows;
la tho forccosuro suit of Pora ft.
DObout vs. Margaret Clark et a!.,
houso and lot la Gambler, sold for
In tho partition suit of Mary It
Hall vs. Scott Hall, 25 acres In Jack
son township, sold to Lemard ana
lloea Mavis for $1,350.
I a
of Deposits January 31
1900 $200,789.83
1902 283,669.65
1904 463,040.85
1906 634,001.25
1908 745,762.21
1910 806,093.98
West Side Public Square
A very humorous occurrence took
place on tho C, A. & C. depot plat
form Monday morning when tho
train duo at 8:19, pulled in at tho
station. Awell known insuranco man
of this city, who went down to "seel
the cars como In," was suddenly
seized with an evident deslrt to have
somo fun. Ho began to cry "taxi
cab", and in tho spaco of a fow sec
onds, ho was confronted by two fash
ionably dressed ladies who desired
to take a ride" In tho taxlcab. It was
a sort of a set back to the Insur
ance man who had not expected any
respenso to his calls, but his usual
quick presence of mind did not fail
him and ho was in a position to
"Square himself" after a few bits
of broken speech. Ho statel to tho
ladles that ho had merely remarked
to a man on tho platform that tho
taxicabs wero not allowed to como
closer than ono ''block to tho depot
Ho also said that ,ho had probably
mado tho remark In a rather loud
tono of volco and begged to bo par
Report of Horn school for January.
Tho per cent, of attendance, 88. Tho
following wero nolthor absent nor
tardy during the month: Ronald
Green, Frances Horn, Itha Laugnroy.
Conard Laughrey, Lambort Laughroy,
Colphas Lopley, Bruce Loploy, Bud
McKeo, Charllo Reed, Etha Whlt-
moro, Ollvo Whltmoro, Walter Den
nis. '.
London motor bus drivers are fined
for being ahead of .tlmo, but rarely for
being late.
Telegraph Magnate Who LaughB at
Fears of Trusts,
not going to smash. On tho contrary,
wo havo only rid ourselves of silly
apprehenslpns of wanton official as
sault upon legitimate business to en
Joy goneral prosperity, which condi
tions wnrrant.
Waiting Will Be In Vain.
"If we are all going to wait Mil cap
ital ceases to be timid, and labor de
mands less instead of more, and
statesmen stop seeking popularity,
we might as well shut up shop and go
homo. The only attack we havo now
is an attack of bugaboos. Tho courts
havo not been suddenly deprived of
knowledge of law, nor tho administra
tion of patriotism, nor congress of
representative ability nor tho Ameri
can people of common senso. It may
and doubtless will take somo tlmo to
adjust legislation to meet tho require
ments of chnnging conditions, but
that is no reason Why business men
should get scared and sit like bumps
on a log till all questions are finally
and definitely settled.
"If tho beads of big concerns show
the white feather, the thousands of
business men engaged In lessor af
fairs will bo disheartened and a
period of common npathy will set in
without reason. Such a policy is not
only nonsensical, but wrong. At
least that is my opinion, and our com
panies aro going to act accordingly.
Wo are doing moro business today
than evor before, and tho npparent
requirements for tho Immediate fu
ture nro greater than over beforo, and
wo are not going to bo swerved from
our original determination to rrovldo
tho additional facilities thnt wo foresee-
aro going to bo required."
Tho real estate appraisers of Mt.
Vornom havo completed 'tho First
ward and tho footing shows an a
gregato of over $1,700,000. Tho
present duplicate shows a total tax
valuation of tho, real estate of the
ward of $GG0,000, In round numbers,
making an increase of over $1,140,
000 for the ward. This propor
tion may. not result in each of the
other threo wards of the city, but it
demonstrates that tho aggrogato of
tho city with the personality added
will make such a total that a one
pr cnet. tax rate will be sufficient
to furnish amplo revenues
Injuries Sustained By Falling
Down Stairs
Partition Halt
Jcsslo F. Durbln has commenced
a suit In partition In the court ot
common picas of Knox county against
Louisa -Uratlett ct al. The land In
question Is located in Mt. Holly, now
Drink Haven. Tho attorney for ihr
plaintiff Is A. J. Workman of Danville.
Common Pleas Court x
Common pleas court convened
Monday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock
with Judge Wlckham of Delaware on
tho bench. t Tho members of tho pet
it jury of the February term report
ed at this time andtho regular as-
Admlnlstmtrlx Appointed
Rebecca Floreneo Wilson of Ccn
terburg has boen appointed adminis
tratrix with tho will annexed, of Geo.
A. Wilson, giving bond In the sum
of $1000. Tho sureties are J. S. Sut
ton, M. G. C. Johnson and W. O.
Phillips. Tho appraisers arc J. S.
Sellers, T. J. Lyal and W. O. Phil
Account Filed
A supplemental to tho final and
distributive account has been filed
In probate court by S. M. FIshburn,
executor of Daniel FIshburii, show
ing tho following: Received, $G,-
19S.23; paid out th'o same amount.
Tho U. S. Government In its "Pure
Food Law" does not "indorse" or
"guarantee" any preparation, a3 soe
manufacturers In their advertis
ments mako It appear. In the case
of medicines the law provides thai
certain drugs shall be mentioned on
tho labels, if they aro ingredlsntB ot
the preparations. Ely's Cream 3alm.
the well-known family remedy for
cold in the head, hay fever and nasal
catarrh, doesn't contain a single in
jurious drag, so the makers have
simply to print the- fact chat It com
plies fully with all tho requirements
uf the law.
Miss Katherlno Mead was sovcrely
Injured at her home on East Burgess
street Sunday morning. Miss Mead
was starting to go down a flight of
cellar steps in a hasty mannor when
sho was tripped causing her to fall
heavily. to tho bottom. In an effort to
save herself, her lelt arm was thrust
forward, striking on tho lower step
In such a manner that It was very
badly sprained. Dr. James F. Leo. was
called to render surgical attention.
To Beating The State Out Of
HI ....III I
And Involves Public Printer
In The Graft
The following letters remain un
claimed In the Mt. Vernon postofflce:
Advertised In the Dally Banner.
To avoid delay In delivery, have
your mall addressed to street and
number, P. O. box or general deliv
ery. Bloylock, Wm.
Brown, Rev. Father
Carman, Louis
Dunn, Mrs. Roso
Fosnough, J. W.
Jones, Mrs. J. W.
Jonson, Stanley
Kline, Herbert
Kohler, Henry
Langton, Tom
Montgomery, James L.
Nickol, Ml3 Lizzie
Roth , Rev. W. J.
Sellers, Jacob -
Sevcrns, Phillip
Shafer, George
Shoyle, A. E.
Slmpkins, Wm,
Stretton, Mrs. Lille
Union Post Card Exchango
Wahl, MIes Grace
McWIlliams, Miss
Columbus, O., Fob. 14. J. If.
Brolsford, Dayton partnor of Mark
Slater In years past, and who had)
a lapse of memory when put on tho
stand by tho stato graft probo com
mittee last week, has madn a full
confession to Chairman Bcatty of tba
picbo committee, Tolatlng tho detatla
ot tho transaction by which Slater;
bought goods from him, whllo Slater
was supervisor of state printing.
According to the confession, ho
and Slater divided $13,700 drawn,
from the stato treasury on vouchors
for tho payment for stock never de
livered to the state printing depart
ment. Brelsford said that ho received
$3000 for his share and Slater mado.
a "clean-up" of the remaining $10,
700. All the stock sold by Brelsford to
Slater, and which stands on tho books
for something over $16,000, was pur
chased by Brelsford In Cincinnati for,
$1700, and was sold to Slater lor
$2300. This was the only bona Ada
transaction, and upon it was basoflt
the ficticious transaction by which,
tho two cleaned up the $13,700.
This confession was -made to Chair
man Beatty, Sunday night, at a pro
longed conference between him and
Brelsford, and tho latter went oa
the stand, Monday morning at 0 o'
clock in' tho state probe Investigation'
session and related the details of tno
transaction to the committee.
I The Finals,,,
f$M!dmid$!mi! Goods tea
BiyxaM j-jrmm -,
-Will be held at our old quarters "ON THE CORNER" From
at.. Feb. 19 M1 Sat., Feb. 26
Sams Sort of Goods.
"Am I really and truly your first
and only love?" queried tho dear girl.
"No." nnswered tho truthful drug
clerk, "but you aro something Just aa
good." Pittsburg Dispatch. ,
All tho yountr men at present
View dlrectolrc3 with alarm.
If eMi nro ono slzo from top to too,
Wheio shall ha put his arm?
Valo Record.
Celestial Studies
"I tell you In thnt railway collision
when I was hurled off my seat 1 saw
"Of course. Tho cars wero tela
tcoped." New York Journal.
All weathers mako a world, you know.
'Twas bo from the beginning.
Rise up unci with the country grow
And keep the world a-splnnlng!
Atlanta Constitution.
This will be a sale of Odd Lots, Remnants and discon
tinued lines from our own and from the Mantz Stock.
This will be a wonderful out-pouring of extraordinary
bargains. Everything must be sold and neither cost
nor value will be considered. REMEMBER the dates
and wait for this sale if you value your hard-earned
dollars. Watch for the adv. giving prices and descrip
tion. : : : : - ; -
Each day brings new arrivals of the Spring season's new goods in all departments.
WWWMWWWWiilMiMliMMilMMMiMiiliMMWWi ' - " " II I - I
New Ginghams, Laces & Embroideries
We especially announce the importance of inspecting this line at once, as the demand will be
unusually great in this character of merchandise, and at the present conditions of the market it will
be impossible to duplicate the values later in the season that we are now offering. WE ARE PRE
211-215 S. Main St.
Mt. Vernon, O.
i t
4-4-JSuut tn
tL .!. , jj
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