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Tucsilny, February 15, luJO
I'kLti bE ly
ajmmJ-iL'mjJli-!Ji.'-ajj-.uu,jiiJUuimiu,,nm-i ' i'-umb. "niiiiniiPi.Mnaiw'm -
Lexington, Ky., Fob. 11. John T.
Bclf, need 1C, of Grundy, V. Vn..
mntlo application for n charity l'uss
'to his homo today, and In explaining
his presenco In Lexington told May
or Skldln that Harry Hamilton, ol
Toledo, Ohio, was murdorcd, robbed
and thrown from a circus train be
tween Alt. Sterling and Lexington
on tho night of July 7, last, and
that ho did not fall from tho train
as was alleged by his companions.
David Simon, of Chicago; John H.
Thompson and John McNovItt, of To
ledo, wore held hero for a day on tho
supposition that there had been foul
play. Self says that ho has slnco
been working for his board and
clothing on tho farm of John Kasii,
near Valley View. Tho three mci
who wore In custody hero aro graft
ers. Their wlurcabouts now aro un
known. A petition Is being circulated by
Mr. Omar Stephens of this city ask
ing for an appropriation of $25,000
by tho stato legislature. The ap
propriation to be used for tho build
ing, establishing and nqulpplng anew
building at tho Ohio State university
to bs used as a poultry husbandry.
The petition contains a quantity
of wiltton matter concerning eggs
and poultry. Up until Friday morn
Ing, Mr. Stophens had secured ono
hundred and twonty-fivo signers.
Tho lecture at tho Baptist church
Thursday night was splendid; tho
address by Mr. Sumner W. Vinton,
a missionary to that country, was
intensely Interesting and instructive
and tho views, both tho slides nnd
tho motion pictures wsto the very
best. Mr. Vinton told of the lite
of tho natives and the cllmato of tho
country which together with the
views made the situation In that
land very real to tho audloncs. Mr.
Vinton and his family have been lo
cated in Berma for thieo generations
and in that timo have been able to
establish self-supporting churches
that havo a total membership oi ovur
11,000 baptised members and in ad
dition to this thcro are as might
bo expected large numbers of peo
ple who are friendly to tho work.
Annually thcro is an averago of
000 accessions to tho churches that
this famtly aro at .the bead of, or
from 9 to 10 per cent of the mem
bership, whilei in this country there
is scarcely three per cent, annual
increase to the church. Mr. Vinton
Is confident that there is no bettor
Investment for tho churches than
Foreign Missions, becausa of the en
couraging results on the field and
tbo reflex influence at home.
Mr. D. B. Grubb presided and
spoke of the canvass for missions
that the men of tho church aro about
'to make and Mr. H. S. Campbell
said a few words relative to tho
Laymen's Missionary movement.
(Klllbuck Nows)
Jame3 Purdy, a resident of this
place, has a farm just out of town
Ho also has a cow, a calf and sever
al hogs. Thcro Is nothing strange
about all this, but a very strange
thing happoned In wfylch th3 hogs
ilgured prominently, and the inci
dent wns witnessed by tho tenant
on tho farm Sam Lowe, a man
whoso truth and voracity Is at par
Ho wont out to tho barn tno
other evening and In a JliTy dls
covered whore tho loss of milk,
which so often occurred for some
tlino back, went, for thoro In inn
bain lot was ton-month-old calf sue-;,
ing and two hogs- sitting comtort
ablv on tho other aide, each with
a teat in its mouth seemingly bont
on out-doing tho calf.
A peculiar occurrence took place at
tho G. It. Bukor drug store on South
Main street Thursday evening. Mr.
P. T, Baltor, who Is employed in
tho store, returned to work cfter
suppor, smoking a clgi)r. Ho wont
into tho back room, as usual, to take
off his muffler and ovorcoat, wn;cn
he hung on a nail on the wall. In a
fow minutes, small wreaths of smoke
woro Been issuing from tho back
room into tho store. An Investiga
tion showed tho overcoat, lately nuug
on tho wall, to tho blazing briskly.
Beforo tho flro could bo extinguish
ed, tho coat was completely ruined.
Tho origin of tho flro Is a mystery
although it Is possible that in re
moving tho coat, tho lighted end of
Mr. Baker's cigar camo In contact
w'th the cloth and thus started the
Eydtkuhnen, Fob. 11. Alarming
reports of the condition of tno czar
ina woro received horo today. Hor
condition, which has been known Tor
Bomo tlnvo to bo critical, has grown
worso, until she Is now no longer
able to recognizo her husband or
hor children.
Richmond, Va., Fqb, 11. Howard ,Chlcago, III., Fob. 11 Extensive nr
Llttlo, lover of scores of women, nnd rangoments for tho decoration and il-
th' cold-blooded murderer of soverai
pooplo, was executed" hoio totlaj
Little wont to the olectrlc chair ap
parently pHlgnod to his fiuo and
died "game."
Burton, O., Fob. 11. Mrs. .Nancj
Hayes, 00, and Mrs. Frank Covort
G0, wero both burned to death It
tho destruction of tho Hayes home
by lire at daylight this morning.
Mrs, Hajes, awakening to find the
room filled with smoke, rushed out
to secure aid and thus escaped death
As he left tho house the roof foil In
and the building soon becamo a mass
of flanios. Tho cause Is not known.
Mrs. Covert lled In Chagrin Falls.
Sho had boEn nursing Mrs. Hayes
through a spell of sickness. Slit
slept on tho second floor wlillo Hayes
and his wlfo occupied a room on the
flrst floor.
Blueflirlds, Via Wlrolcss to Colon.
Feb. 11. General Chamorro has,:!.
000 well trained soldiers undd his
comniand and will bo able to cap
turo Managua whenever ho (teems
tho time opportune, according to the
statements of couriers who arrived
here today.
Hamilton, 0 Feb. 11. Burglars
smashed In tho plate-glass window
of A. Seldenstlckor's Jewelry store
on High-street at 2:30 this morning
nnd secured nine watches. The rob
bers Jokingly carried off a glass Blgn
of a jewelry surety company, which
read: "One Hundred Dollais He
ward For the Capture and Convic
tion of Any Person or Persons Bob
blng This Stoie."
Omaha, Neb., Feb. 11. After a
desperate battle with a young female
attondnnt, Alva J. Wetzel, delirious
from typhoid fever, jumped from
the third story of tho Omaha gen
eral hospital last night, dying a tew
hours later from his Injuries.
The nurso left tho room for a lew
moments to renew an Ice pack, leav
ing a young girl In charge of the
patient, who had been quiet all day.
Hardly hnd the nurse closed the door
behind her when Wetzer leaped rrom
tho bsd and darted towards the win
dow. Tho girl grappled with him
and shrieked for help.
Although clinging to him with all
her strength the girl was only able
to hold Wetzel for two or three min
utes, and beforo aid could reach hor
the- crazed man had hurled the maid
to tho floor, thrown up tho window
and jumped to the brick alleyway,
nearly '40 feet below. Ho fell on his
luead and shoulders, breaking his
neck, but lived for several hours.
Groveton, Texas, Feb. 11. Fight
ing in tho dark with a man whom
ho believed to bo a burglar, S. T.
Lockard, early today, stabbed tho
man to death with a butcher knife.
Procuring a light, Lockard roimu
that he had slain Charles Swlnnoy,
one' of- his friends.
Swlnney, a prominent citizen, dur
ing a temporary lit of Insanity had
broken from his attendants and en
tered Lockard's homo.
Tho latter was awakened by the
screams of his wife and found the
Intruder leaning over his bed.
o ,
New York, Feb. 11. Benson Lang
tbo messenger for Hornblowor &
Weeks, bankers and brokers, who
permitted a ton-thousand-dollar bill
to vanish from his poES'sslon last
Friday, was 'arraigned In tho Tombs
police court this afternoon.
In making tho charge against tho
boy a member of the Arm declared
that ho believed the boy was a vic
tim of a woman who acted as an
agent for a gang of gamblers and
confidence men.
The boy was held again on a short
affidavit, which alleges suspicion
that he committed grand larceny,
until 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Wooster, O., Fob. 11. L. II. Sov
eronco, of Cleveland, will donate to
Wooster university $500,000 If fra
ternities aro abolished. Dr. Sever-once-
has always been opposed to fra
tornltles at a Christian collogo, and
tho trustees at their meeting this
week rpfused to recognize tho Pht
Dolta Theta fraternity,
Pittsburg, Pa., Fob. 11. Emily
Mclntyro, a beautiful young society
girl of the South side, Is dead at
her parents' homo under unusual
Sho had beon a great lover of
peanuts, and had been cautioned by
the family physician against eating
too many. Last evening sho wont
to a party nnd ato peanuts most of
tho evening. Sho came- hdmo near
midnight and retimd. Lnter hor
mother found her dying,
Tho physicians ascrlbo death to
too many peanuts,
umlnnt'on of Chicago on tho occa
Inn of tho thirty-first triennial con
'lavo of tho Knights Tomplar of tho
world aro being wonted out under the
llrectlon of n local committee. The
-onclavo Is to he hold during tho sec
ml week of August. Over $50,001'
will bo expended for decoration and
Uumlnntlon purposes alone, and ev
ery hotel In tho city has beon ongag
d to to limit for tho nccommodatloi
if tho 100,000 members, who will conn
rom nil parts of tho country wltl
nclr families.
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 11 With p
largo and representative entry list,
'ho second, annual tournament of tin
International Bowling Association op
ens In this city tonight, and will con
tlnuo for twelVo days. Not only hah
ast year's entry list in to dlfferont
classes been execded, but tho prize
(nonoy offered In tho various event
ts considerably larger than before
Purses nnd prizes aggregating $4,000
In cash will bo distributed among tin
winners. Chicago, Winnipeg, Du
buquc, La Crosse, Superior, Mlnneap
oils nnd a number of other cities are
represented among tho contestants.
(Riverside, N. Y., Cor. New York
Hermnn Henderson has a chlckci
roost wJiich has no duplicate in thl
r any othor section. It Is a live goat
Every evening, as soon as the goa
lies down, a motherly old hen hops uj
on one of his horns and compose:
herself for n night's rest. Billy doe
not resent It. In fact, ho has become
so accustomed to It ho cannot sleoi
unless the hen Is there. She had tin
sotting fever last spring. First slu
tried to set on top of Billy's bend, be
tween the horns. Ho stood It for
day and a night and then robcllcd
She next settled herself on tho broat1
of Billy's back. Twenty-four hours o
that sufllced for tho gait. Mrs. Hon
derson noticed the conduct of.the hei
and put her on n setting of eggs in
the chicken house.
When night camo Billy was dlscon
solute. He walked up and down the
lane, calling for the hen. Sho replied
by clucking angrily. Billy stationed
himself near the hen-houso door nnd
slept there every night until tho per
'od of incubation had passed. When
the goat saw her march out ono ev
ening with 15 chickens trailing be
hind her ho was crestfallen because
she did not notlco him. As the sun
sank ho went to tho old place and lay
down. Soon tho hen approached,
hopped up on his back, called her
chickens to hor side, tucked them un
der her wings and sppnt tho night
theio as comfortable as a hen could
be. Now she nnd tno chickens roost
there every night on the goat, and he
seems to enjoy it as much as they do.
(Washington Cor. Now York World)
Onco upon a time, when Senator
Robert Taylor, of Tennessee, wa3
"Fiddling Bob" Taylor, and on a lec
turo tour, ho picked up an old railroad
man who was on the bum and trans
ported him North from Louisiana. The
bum wns an interesting follow and the
Governor enjoyed his conversation
Immensely. While tho train was roll
ing along between Lake Charles and
Alexandria, on a brancli of tho Texas
Railroad, It entored a thick plno for
est. All of a sudden It stopped. A
lone flagman's shanty was tho only
sign of numan habitation. A passen
ger on tho trnin grabbled a small
handbag and got off too train.
"Governor," said Senator Taylor's
bum friend, "a man that gets off at a
place like this is guilty of something."
(Wilmington, Del.) Cor. Philadelphia
Tho congregation of St. James's A.
M. P. churcn tonlglit decided that col
ored mothers must purchaso black
dons for their children.
Thero was a hvoiy debato on the
question whother colored children
should play with and fondle white
dolls tho snmo as white children, or
lies black dolls, as a matter of race
prldo. George W, Bonson, of this city,
nnd Rev, R. T. Pennington, of Clif
ton Mills Colored Mission, presented
tho opposing views, after which the
congregation voted for black dolls.
Tho congregation also camo to tho
conclusion that In heaven negroes
would still be black and that thoy had
better stick to moir own color on
Mr. Wilson Buekmastor of Sparta
went to Fredorlcktown Friday morn
ing to attend to some matters ot
Tho nine-year-old daughtor of Mr.
and Mrs. William Frost, who resides
east of Sparta, is 111 at the homo of
hor parents,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. D. Stoushton
and daughter, Holen, and Mrs. D. M
Carver of Lock went to Sunbury Fri
day morning to attend tho Larimoro
Tho Mt. V'jrnon) Dramatic club
will glvosa play, "Tho Way of a Wo
man" at tho Fredorlcktown opera
houso on Friday ovonlng, Fob. 18,
for the benoflt of tho Fredorlcktown
high school alumni association.
rnENciif.it n t
Clve Pllot'o LIconao.lSfDrrrria je ia
Pochs After Long Flight.
Calio Fob. II. Mad tre do In
Ilodio ms wen an plr i I'.ot'B ll eni.i
from tie French Aero club 1 llyl m
four times mound thu avl.ulon icmuu
at Hcllorolls, a total distinct! of 12
miles. She Is the frst woman to se
cure this distinction.
Baroness do la Pccho planned a
visit to America during the recent
aviation meet at Los Angeles, but a
fall from her aerorlmo, causing se
vere Injuries, prevented her tomlng.
Akron Rubber Plant Riitod Cy
5100,000 Fire. "
Akton, O. Feb. 11. While flremii
were battling with flames originating;
in an explosion in the big factory of
the Lyon Rubber company, nine men
wore Injured, six seriously and one
perhaps fatally, when n second tank
containing 400 gallons of benzine
let go.
Tho second explosion wiccked the
big building, the walls falling on a
group of firemen and tho head nf the
company, O. G. Lyon. Adjolulns
buildings wero shaken, as wero othe
structures three blocks distant. Tho
fire continued until after midnight, a
loss of more than $100,000 resulting.
R. L. 'Jackson, a fireman, may lose
his life because of his injuries. His
eyesight was destroyed, his right hand
crushed to a pulp and his left hand
mangled. Fire Chief John Mertz and
Firemen Frank Rutman, Oscar Stair
and George Fink, suffered serious I
juries under tho falling wall.
Falconlo Says Reception of Fairbanks
Was Impossibility.
Washington, Feb. 11. Monslgnor
Dlomcdo Falconlo, arostollc delegato
to the United States, In an interview
discussed the refusal of the pope to
recelvo Former Vice President Fair
banks at tho Vatican. Mgr. Falconlo
Bald that the holy father could not
have acted otherwise, and said that
the pope did not wish to offend "his
children," whether Catholic or Protes
tant, and upheld Archbishop Ireland
In his declaration that the Methodi3t
church In Rome had been proselyting
unfairly. "Tho holy father loves his
children everywhere, both Protestant
and Catholic. Ho would bo deoply
grieved to offend them," aald Mgr.
Falconlo, "but you know Rome la the
parish of the holy fatho-."
Labor Leaders Fined.
Chicago, Feb. 11. Martin B. Mad
den, former president ot the building
trades council; M. K. Boyle, official of
tho electrical workers' union, and
Fied Pouchet, former business agent
of tho metal workers' union, wore
sentenced to pay a fine of $500 by
Judgo McCurcly. A Jury had found
Madden, Boyle and Pouchet guilty of
a charge of conspiracy
Doctor Arrested and Released
on $50,000 Rail Bond,
Independence, Mo., Fob. 11. Charg
ed with first degreo murder in con
nection with the death of Colonel
Thomas H. Swopo, Dr. 13. Clark
Hydo was arrested and brought to
this city. Dr. Hydo with his
attorneys, was waiting at the crimi
nal court building In Knnsas City for
tho doputy to arrive from Independ
ence with the warrant. Dr. Hydo was
brought to Independence to bo ar
raigned beforo Justlco of tho Peaco
Loar and his ball bond decided upon.
Dr. Hydo gave bond In the sura of
$50,000 and his hearing wa3 set for
Attorney Frank Walsh, in behalf of
Dr. Hyde, dismissed tho llbol suit
against tho Pulitzer Publishing com
pany, John G. Paxton, Dr. E. L. Stow
art and Dr. Frank J. Hall.
If FJodi.1 A. Keller Is Filed
In Probate
i Number Of Hatters Fron,
.PmlUe Unit
rwo Marriage Licenses Is
sued (in llmrsday
Tho last will and testament o
Klodla A. Keller, late of Mt. Vernon
has been filed In probate. By th
terms of the will she gives certal
! arsenal effects to Miss Anna Evans
Airs. Allc? Hannam, Miss Ella Bt:ck
or and Columbus Ewalt. Miss Ell
Brlcicr is also gUonthe sum of $2
All the icst and residue of tho pro;,
erty, both real and personal, Is gh
en to Mrs, Dora Black. ' Columbui
Ewalt Is named as executor of will
which was signed Nov. 0, luuy, ii
the presencj cf Mary Myers and Et
ta Dowlcr.
Mishcy Estate
Lola M. Walker of Mt. Vernon ha
been appointed administratrix el
Christian MUhey, giving bond in tin
sum of $7,000. Tho sureties an
Jay Walker and E. H. Walker. Th.
appralsotB ar J. B. Grubb and Pearl
ey Turner and L. C. Harmon.
Inventory Filed
In the matter of the estate of Mar
'garet Brock, an Inventory has been
filed, showlns the following: Pei
sonal property, $555.25,
Mnrrlnfrc Licenses
Clarence N. Whitehead, farmer,
Harrison county, Kentucky,) and Em
ma Ault, Mt. Vernon. Rev. J. T.
Wm. H. Sidle, farmer, Holmes
county, and Mao M. Lepley, Jeffer
son township. Rev. E. O. Meaa.
- !-
Deed Filed
Tosa Spurgeon et al. to Edward
Shuman. lot 7, Gardner addition.
Gann, $750.
Comes To "Si" Vooriiees Well
Known Ball Player
Marlon, O., Feb. 11. Afcer Mrs
M. B. Voorhees, nee Miss Emma Uh
ler, a society leader of this city, nad
made repeated efforts to get her di
vorce set for hearing here, sho re
ceived a messago today lnformln&
her of her husband's death In a hos
pital at Wadsworth. He was known
as "SI," a professional ball player.
"SI" Voorhees played baseball with
tho Newark team several seasons ago
and pitched for that team In the city
against Mt. Vernon.
Chlllicothe, O., Feb. 11. Elmor
Grove, fie-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. James Grove, of Jefferson ave
nue, this city, was killed today by
tho explosion of a can of Kerosene,
which ha was pouring into a light
ed firo. Another child of the same
family burned to doath In a similar
accident several years ago.
(Klllbuck News)
Daniel Deetz went over to Knox
county last week and purchased one
of tho finest and largest mares In
that domain. Ho can say with much
pride that he has tho largest mare
In this township. Bet a hog he has,
-h $ ' ! ! ! 4 ? & i l J "i"
A daughter was born Friday morn
ing to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cotton
of East Gambler street.
Mr. Glen Fullor of Cloveland, for
merly of Mt. Vernon, Is In tho city
on business.
For Infants and Childreu.
JTib Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho
Signature of
s, P-' '" ---r ' "lMm'HJiMjslS3PL.A, W.SL it &
rT--' ' iiiii-wi.wiwinim .!. miiiifmnn yq
The 'Imiisti'ii'ttt'" Itj Ilk hiti'M tliiny In tin- i-llllnvnrtifir world. '1 he lurm
iirlplnaicil in Siilnullcnl. .Mo.. iii'i - mi' .in . iii.ii 'Ixmsii-ri'itfit" Have Juti hold
u uifcliiiK Willi ii li- hi tlif iii-'.-iii.x.-iiiiiti mm spri'.-iil ol I In- Winm-ITH MNs,inrl
l)i'U'lniiiii'ii: assiH-iiiiinii in- iimiii'I ut tin uoiiii'ii uliu ui'iir prmidl) the
title "IliiiMi'ii'tif I in i, i j- mis .i mi il (.urruu, u pruuiliicut auc .'ty
Wlllll.lll ill M l.i lll
TIio Kind Tou Havo Always Bought, ana Tvlxicli has been
in use for over 80 years, lias borno tho slgnatura of
- nd has been mado tinder his per-
-iyTr sonal supervision Blnco its infancy.
rfuzSVY, tfCSUy. Allow no on o to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and" Jf.st-as-good"aro but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment,
Castorla Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
gorlc, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Dlorphino nor other .Narcotic
substance. Its ago Jo it3 guarantee. It destroys "Worms
nnd allays Fevcrishness. lib cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Tcetliing Troubles, cures Constipation
nnd Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho mother's Friend.
Si Bears the Signature of
The EM You Hare Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Are large stockholders. It is their business
to direct the affairs of the bank and to
make personal examinations of the busi
ness, which they do at regular intervals,
thereby having an accurate knowledge of
its affairs, and safe-guarding the interests
of every depositor.
The Dirsctors
H. W. Jones Sylvestr r Baker
George YV. Bennett K. P Webstsr
Barker Kewhail C. N. Wyant
The Gambler Banking Company
Gambier, Ohio
9 9
The Guaranty Savings
' v
Bank and Trust Co.
imtm ii i'AJpmi '

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