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Friday, February 18, 1010
The Origin Of The Fire Appears To
Be A Mystery -
Plant A
Officials Make No Statement As
To Rebuilding Plant
Nearly Two Hundred Men Thrown
Out Of Employment
' The most destructive and disastrous fire that has oc
curred in Mt. Vernon in years resulted at 7:15 o'clock Mon
day night when the entire plant of the Mt. Vernon Bridge
company, one of the city's growing and substantial indus
tries, was completely consumed. The buildings burned
With great rapidity and in an hour after the alarm had been
Bounded the buildings were in a mass of smouldering ruins.
Mr. James Israel, secretary and treasurer of the com
pany, stated during the prpgress of the fire that the loss
would be very difficult to determine at the present. How
ever, he estimates the loss from $100,000 to $125,000 on
which there is an insuranco of $80,000.
Tn the present chaotic condition of affairs arising
Irom (.ho disastrous fire, no determination can bo reached
by the company as to iis policy in the matter of rebuilding.
'An adjustment of I ho loss with the firo insurance compan
ies and the clearing away of the debris will bo the first
things in order and after these have been accomplished
the question of whether the plant is to be rebuilt will be
acted upon.
Tho origin of the fire appears to be a complete mys
tery. Jt is known that it started in the south end of the
'largo building extending almost to Chestnut street, but
other than that tliero is no possible way to account of the
origin of tho blazo which wrought such havoc and des
troyed the entiro plant in so short a space of time.
Tim Flro Discovered
It wus JuBt 7: 1G o'clock that tlio
tiro wasllrat discovered, Tlio blazo
fnB first noticed liy two noraoiu nt
bout tho , same tlmo ono being
Night Watchman John F. Stono, and
tho other MIbb Clara Frohso, daugh
ter of Mr. August W. ProhBo, fore
man of tho plant. Miss ProhBo hap
Snod to glance out of tho window
t nor homo which ia located on West
Chestnut otroot and dlflcovorod that
too ontlrc BGuth ond of tho Boutli
building of tho plant was lu n mass
ot flnnios. Miss Frohso Bont In tho
lrm to tho firo department. Tho
alght watchman upon discovering the
Sames wont to tho onglno room and
sommencod blowing tho wnlstleoh
VJle plant as ho was unable to got
Hr V -- VH m MAnrK
Mass Of Flames
to a telephone to soml In tho nlarm.
Tho engineer on n freight train Bland
lug In tho 13. & O, yards also assise
od In sounding tho alarm nml ropoat
odly blew tho whlstlo on his onglno.
Oiigln u Mystery
An has beon stntcd tho origin of
tho Ilro, which resulted In tho de
struction of tho plant, is a conipleto
mystery. It is ovldont that tho blaze
started In tho cxtromo south ond of
tho main building in what is known
nB tho "laying oufroom. It Is hero
that tho largo glrdors and othnr parts
of a bridge nro aBEomblod. Thoro
wns no rags or waste or grcaso ot
nny kind that might causo spontan
eous combustion. All over tho plant
thoro tuo munoroua gas stoves used
In heating tho buildings and In tnat
section of tho plant whom tho fir
started thoro nro sovoral stoves. It
$125,000, WITH
TO $80,000
Is presumed, therefore, that tlio
blazo started from one of these stoves
probably becoming overheated and
setting ilro to some of tho woodwork
in tho structure.
That tho lire started very quickly
is evidenced bythe fact that at G:50
o'clock Night Watchman John I
Stone let Engineer John Crostou out
of the south door of the plant, Im
mediately at tLo point whoro tno
blazo started. After lotting tho en
gineer out, the night watchman lock
ed the door and went back to tne
engine room. Thero has been no
night forco employed at the plant
for some time and tho engineer was
the last person to leavo tho building,
outside of tho night watchman. As a
mattor of fact no one was in the
building and it possibly could not
have been set on ilro, although a
number of porsons advanced that
theory Monday night.
After tho onglncor had gone homo.
Night Watchman Stono went to tho
englno room for a fow moments nna
then had occasion to go to the south
part of the shop. As ho loft the on
glno room ho discovered immense
flames rolling up from tho soutli ex.
trcmity ot tho building near tho
door where tho onglncor had gone
out only ilfteen or twenty minutes
ucrore. uunning to mo engine- room
Stbno ronnmcnced to blow tho whlstlo
on tho plant, but in tho meantime
Miss Prohso had discovered tho
blazo and had sont In tho alarm to
tho department.
Tho department niado a rapid run.
but beforo their arrival tho building
was in a mass of flames, tho ilro
lighting up that section of tlio city
liko day.
Klnint'H Spread Itapldly
A Htrong wind wns blowing from
tho southwest at tho time and was
In the light direction to carry tho
flames entirely through tho plant to
tho Sugar streot entrance Tho var
ious buildings burned liko paper box
es and In a remnrkably short spaco
of time tlio buildings wero in ashes.
To Sato Machinery
By tho tlmo tho dopartmont nrrlv-
cd and thrco lines of hose had beon
stretched all hopes of saving any
portion of tho buildings had beon
abandoned and Mr. Isrnofdlrectod
tho firemen not to throw any water
on tlio buildings In which wns locat
ed the machinery. It wns tho bellol
that If no water was thrown on tho
machinery that a larger portion ot
It could again bo utilized, othorwiBO
If water had been thrown thnt it
would causo tlio machines to crack
Owing to tlio hent about tho build
ing It cannot bo dotermincd nt tho
prcbent time whothor tho machinery
can be used again.
All that the flrcmen could do was
to koep a number of streams playing
on adjacont buildings to keep tmun
fiom catching on Ilro. At sovoral
times tho oillco building, whtcn is
located Just across tho streot fiom
tho plant, was In gicnt dangor a nil
two lines of boss woro used lu throw
lug wator on the roof and siuus of
this building.
At tho tlmo when It looked as If
tho oillce building might sonu be
dblozo, employes and willing hinds
wcuL to work In cnrrylng out vnl
ualdn blito prints, records, drai'tus
Instruments and othor articles frnn
tho cii'co, but dangor was soon pasl
.did everything was restored to its
proper placo in tho building.
An JCvcltliiK HcCno
At tho tlmo tho ilro was at Its
hoight tho throo largo Iron smoke
stneks ovor tho englno room on tho
east sldo of tlio building, near tho
II. & O. trades, foil with n crash and
following this a terrlblo sound wns
made- by tho escaping steam in tlio
bollors nilnglod with tho roar of tho
sas whon tho pipe was disconnected
from undor tho bollors. Thoro wns
an Immonso crowd of people In tho
tclnlty of tho onglno room and many
thought that tho bollors woro about
to oxplodo and tho crowdsstarted to
run. Thoro was a groat amount of
oxcitemont for n short spaco of tlmo.
Tho gaB In tlio onglno room only
added to tho fury of tho flames whon
tho pipo under tho bollors beenmo
dIUconnoctod. Thoro wns no way to
shut, tho gas off ns tho cut-off was
so noar tho blazo thnt no ono could
get within any distanco of It In safe
ty. Tho gaB could not bo shut off
at tho gato for the reason that tho
water works power house Is supplied
by gas from tho same company.
Danger of Implosion
'Another exciting feature connect
ed with tho firo was the discovery of
somo gasoline, paints and oils
in a small building located to the
north of tho main building. This
fact was made known to the flrenven
by employes of tho plant and Chief
Tlckard stationed two firemen with
a Urio of hose at tho building and
kept a stream of water on tho struo
ture nil tho tlmo tho flro was In
progress. In U1I3 manner tho ex
plosion wao prevented.
Vortunately thoro was no ono In-
Juied during tho progress of tho fire,
although a numbor ot porsons had
narrow escapes from falling electric
llirht wires. Tho top of n polo burn
ed off just west of tho main build
ing and a numbor ofwlrcs fell across
tho street. Pollco ofllcors wore on
tho scene and kept tho crdwd back
so that no ono was Injured.
l'nsqensTH Hcltpl
At tho tlmo tho flro was at its
height tho cast bound fast lino on
the B. & O. railroad, dua at 7:29
pulled into tho station. Tho pas
sengers wero greatly oxcltod ovor
tlio fli'ti and overy window on tho
west sldo of tho train was raised and
every passenger was looking out to
catch n gllmpso of tlio burning bulfd
lilt? Crowd Present
Shortly after the flro broke out
a largo crowd of people commenced
to nrrlvo on tho scono and in a short
tlmo tho streets woro literally block
aded with people. Owing to tho ln-
tonso heat it was impossible to got
within a half a squaro of tho firo,
Tho B. & O. railroad yards woro
crowded with peoplo and tho stieots
wero a perfect mass ot humanity.
Smoldered All Night
Tho blaze continued until elovon
o'clock and it wns midnight whon tlio
department returned to tho onglno
house. After the blazo had been
extinguished the dobris smolderod nil
night long and occasionally thero
would bo a small blazo start up, but
It would soon dio down as every'
thing combustlblo had been destroy'
Tlio Loss And Insuranco
As stntcd nbovo it Is ft very dlf
flcult task to determlno tho loss at
tho present tlmo. Thoro has been
no Inventory for somo tlmo and
it is impossible to detormino tho
amount of woik on tho floor at' the
tlmo of tho Are and what amount
of this work can bo saved. Mr. Is
raol Is of tho opinion that tho loss Is
from $100,000 to $125,000 on which
thoro Is an insuranco of $80,000, car
lied In difforont companies. Another
tiling to bo taken Into nccount In es-
tlmnting tho loss Is whothcr or not any
of tho machinery can bo again used
Of courso, if tills machinery, or nny
part thoroof, can again bo utilized.
tho loss will not bo qulto so great.
History of the Plant
The Mt. Vornon Bridgo company
was organized in this city many yoars
ago, tho original plant being located
on West Vino streot abutting tho
propoi ty of tho B. & O. railroad com
pany. Just twenty yoars ago tho
plant was moved to tho location
which Is occupied nt tho tlmo of tho
flro on Monday, Tho plant occupied
n block, oxtondlng from Chestnut
streot on tho south to Sugar street
on tho north, Tho uulldlngs ot tho
plant woro framo with a metnllo
covorlng of somo kind.
During tho twenty years that tho
plant occupied tho prcsont location
It wns closed down for somo tlmo,
but elovon years ago It was purchas
ed by tho present ownors and has
boon running full forco evor slnco.
Tlio ofllcors of tho prcsont company
nro James Wostwntor of Columbus,
prosldont and gonornl mannger; Jas.
Israol, secretory and trensuror; Irvin
M. Wolvorton, chief onglnoer. All
of tho nbovo ofllcors nro heavy stock
holders In tho company.
A Touching Incident
During tho progross of tho flro
and when tho blazo was destroying
ns speedily ns posslblo the- various
departments of tho plant, n largo
numbor of omployes gnthorod near
tho scono of tho conflagration and
many cried liko children as they saw
tlio placo whoro thoy had worked
for bo many yoars destroyed by tho
firo domqn. Especially was this
truo among the oldor mon, who had
started as npprontlcoa with tho com
pany and whoso halrhad grown whlto
in tho faithful performance of their
duties to tho company.
Mnny Men Out
Mr. Israol stated 'Tuesday that o-
cr ono hundred and fifty men would
bo thrown out ot employment as
a result of tho flro. The Hie coming
In tho middle of the winter will
probably mean hardships 'for many
Mr. WoHcrton Not Here
At tho tlmo of the flro Mr. I. M
Wolvorton, chief engineer of tho com
pany, was absent from tho city, hav
ing started to Cincinnati on the 5:15
train over tho C A. & C. railroad.
Ho was located in Columbus by tele
gram as ho was about to take a train
for Cincinnati. Mr, Wolvorton re
turned to Mt. Vernon on an early
train Tuesday morning.
Condition of Machinery
While it will perhaps take n week
or more to fully determine whether
or not tho machinery in tho plant
can again bo used, yet it Is the opln
Ion of Mr. I. M. Wolvorton, chief
engineer, that tho machines aro
worthless and can nover ho used
again. Mr. Wolverton made a brief
examination of somo of tho machines
as best ho could among tho debris
Tuesday morning and was convinced
that the machinery has been ruined
by tho Intonse heat.
Why Flumes Spread
Ono reason why the flames spread
so rapidly through tho plant was that
thero wero six or eight gable win
dows open lu tho south end of tlio
plant and the same number opened
In the exticmo north end of tho
plant. This created a draft of pow
erful forco and the flames swept Uip
entiro longth of tho long building.
This Is proven by tho fact that Uip
roof first caught flro and was con
sumed nnd tho flames then spread
towards tlio floor of tho structure.
Sympathy Expiessed
The Knights of the M'accabces at
their special rcvlow Monday night
ordered placed on their minutes a
resolution of sympathy from the
members of the Mt. Vernon tent to
tholr fellow mombors who wero em
ployed nt tho Mt. Vernon bridge
plant and who woro affected by tho
flro Monday night and to offer overy
assistance needed. The tent also ex
pressed sympathy for the Bridge
company. Many of tho employes at
this plant aro members of tho Mt
Vernon tent.
As To Rebuilding
Whlio tho ofllcors of tho Bridgo
compnny havo nothing to say at this
tlmo as to their futuro Intention in
tho way of rebuilding, for tho rea-
sons that that phase of tho situation
hns not yet been reached, yet ttie
hopo is expressed on overy hand by
tho citizens of Mt. Vornon that such
a conclusion for notion will bo reach
ed at an early day. It is a great
calamity to 'the larga( number of
employes of the institution to bo
thrown suddenly out of employment
and tholr earning capacity bo crip
pled almost in tho twinkling of an
oye. It Is also a severe blow to tho
business Interests of tho city to havo
BudSenly taken from tho channcels
of trado tho largo amount of money
coming with such, regularity on the
pay-days at tho institution. On uv
ory sldo much sympathy Is oxpressed
for the company ovor Its heavy loss
and to tho cmplpyes in being thrown
out of employment.
By Gas Fumes Wwe Mr. And
Mrs. Thos Stream
Man Fainted WMIe Telephon
ing For Physician
Mr. and Mrs, Thomns Stream of
North Sandusky streot woro over
como from fumes of natural gas
Tuesday morning and Mrs. Stream
had a vory narrow escapo from be
ing asphyxiated. Whon Mr. and Mrs.
Stream arose Tuesday morning both
wero 111, "but tho formor went to tho
Coopor works, whoro ho Is omployod,
Uo decided to go homo during tho
morning to seo how his wife was
gottiug nlong nnd upon entering a
room found her unconscious on tho
floor. Mr. Stream ran to tho Colo
grocery and tolophoncd for a pay
slclan. Whllo ho was tolophoning
ho foil to tho floor unconscious. Dr.
James P. Leo nnd Dr. C. K. Connrn
woro called to attond Mr. and Mrs.
Strenm. Both recovored from tno
offeqts of tho gns fumes boforo noon
nnd nro now considered out of .dang
er. A fow minutes delay In treating
somo cases of croup, ovon 'tho length
of tirao 5t takes to go for. a doctor
often proves dangerous. Tho safest
way Is to keep Chamborlaln's Rem
edy In tho houso, and at the first
Indication ot croup glvo tho child a
doso. Pleasant to take and always
euros, Sold by all dealers.
New Brige$ To Be Built in
The County
To Take Place Of Those
Washed Away
A Verdict For Defendant In'
A Case
Heard In Common Pleas Court
Other Items Of Interest From
Court House
Tho county commissioners at their
regular meeting on Monday decided
to robulld two new bridges in Knox
county washed away by recent high
water and tho county surveyor was
directed to prepare tho nocessarj
plan3. Tho plans will call for a 190
foot single span at the Balcom
bridgo and ft 120 foot double span at
the Troutraan bridgo. Each bridge
willhavo a sixteen-foot roaaway.
Tho commissioners nlso awarced
a contract for tho removal of the
Balcom bridgo from the creek for
a. consideration of $S7 and also the
removal of the Troutman bridge from
tho creek for $107.
A contract was closed up with
John Itumraell for 11,000 feet of
plank for tho Predoricktown bridge
at a cost of $319.27.
Common l'lcns Court
The case of Pultz vs. the Wright
Lumber company, which was tried
before the jury in tho court of com
mon pleas on Monday, tho Jury re
turned a verdict for tho defendant
in tho sum of $77.13.
The case of Dover, administrator,
vs. Kirk was commenced In tho court
of common pleas on Tuesday.
Fourth mid Final
A fouith and final account has bo?n
filed, In probato by H. M. and John
Baxter, executors of John Walnrlght
Baxter, showing tho following: Re
rolved, $15,671.41; paid out, $14,
415.12; balance,, $1,256.29.
Marriage License
John Cromp, laborer, Loudonvllle.
and Ethel May Tomple. Itev. Wil
liam E. Hull.
Deed Filed
Alonzo GIbbs to Eliza E. Dodloy,
parcel in Jackson, $SU0.
Under A Horse's Hoof And
Badly Injured
Elmer Weaver, son of Mr. and Mrs
Peter Weaver of Brandon wan nndly
injured Monday afternoon by being
trampled by a horso. Tho boy wns
leading a horsq into the barn wheif
tho animal ho was leading wns kick'
ed by another hoiso in tho barn. Mr,
Weaver was also knocked down and
was trampled by tho horse's hoofs,
Ho was badly injured about tlio neck
and face. Dr. Coburn of Homer wns
called and rendored surgical atten
If troubled with indigestion, con
stipation, no nppotlto or feel bilious,
glvo Chamberlain's Stomach and Liv
er Tablets a trial and you will be
pleased with tho result. Theso tab
lots invlgorato tho stomnch and llvor
and strengthon tho digestion. Sold
by all denlors.
Chas. F. Urschol, a district school
toacher from Fostoria, entered the
Oborlln Business Colloge" last May,
and loft school Inst Friday to accept
a position at Robinson, 111., to which
ho was recommended by tho college
R. R. Waltman loft Bchool Fob, 1.
to accept a stenographic position nt
tho Lorain Steel Plant, which was
secured for him by tho college Both
tho above positions pay $G0 por
Tnonth to begin with.
There' Is a grent demand for stu
dents trained In tho Oborlln Business
This contractor cot results.
Some years ago a contractor build
ing a railroad in a warm climate was
troubled a great deal by sickness
among the laborers.
He turned his attention nt once to
their food and found thnt they were
netting full rations of meat and were
drinking water from a stream near by.
Ho issued orders to cut down the
amount of meat and to increase greatly
the quantity of Quaker Oats feci to,tuo
He also boiled Quaker Oats and
mixed the thin oatmeal water with
" their drinking water. Almost instantly
all signs of stomach disorders passed
nnd his men showed a decided improve
ment in strength and spirits. Tins con
tractor had experience that taught him
the great value of good oatmeal.
The cost was small; 10c for regular
lite packages; it is also packed in l&rge
she family packages at 25c. 53
I HavelMNQficed I
S That whenever an operator re-
; ports a lino as "Busy" she adds,
J "Shall I call you?" This Is an
; offer to complete tho desired
connection Just as soon ns poss!
I bio, and if ncceptod by you, will
savo you much annoyance. Why
I not accept the offer and thus
5 help us in our constant endeavor
to give ycu most
: Satisfactory
j Service
j 'Central Union
I Telephone
: Co.
Attorr&eysatLaw .
Offlco Rogers Building, No. Ill &
Main street, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Room
2 and 3, second floor.
All business of legal nature gives
prompt attention and especially to
practice in the Probate Court. Of
fice, No. 9 East. High street, Mt. Ver
non, O. Now 'Phono, Offlco 101; Resi
dence, 354.
D. P. & J. r. EWING
David F. Ewing John D. Ewlng
Offlco, Kirlt building, oornor Mnln
streets and Public Squaro, Mt. Ver
nou, O.
Farms nnd ciltv nrnnnrtv hniicrlit anl
and exchanged. Estates admlnla-
taroa . ADstraeting title. Firo Insur
ance. Money loaned. Rooms 3 and 4
Union Bldir. .1. Mnln nt. r.tv Mimm..
. Offlco, 370 Green; Residouco, 633
1 1'rnnn
If you own anything, havo
It Insured
18 E. Gambler St. Mt. Vernon, O.
Citizens' 'Phono 231 Red
Luther A. Stream Wm. F.' Rimer
Farms and city property bought, sold
and exchanged. Properties rented and
rents collocted. Firo insuranco a
specialty. Representing 14 old relia
ble Btock companies. Accldont In
surance, live Block Insurance Plate
glass insuranco, automobile insuranco,
In fact wo can insuro any liroperty
you may nave. Surety bonds of nil
kinds. Call and seo us. Roofa 1 Slpo
Bldtr., s. Main St. CIL 'phone No,
147 Black; Boll 253 R. I
Oftlco in Arnold block corner of
Kast Hlcll ntrpnt nnri Ms.n...i
Bquare. Mr. Vernon. Ohio. I
Office and reslrinn m v.aat i7i-u
streot, Cltlznne' 'Hhone 12. Offlca
hours: 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p, fc.
Professional lards
Jlf '1
tL. 4fcSI i-iji-.?T
WMwpiWWWw ngy w w
tyHmwwjw wmmn9wmi
fivlfl-. f VI .1
V k.Av-AWi.'
3JCi..ii.f; ftr,,Aa
HfW w 1

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