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pae THmni,
Of A lit. Vernon Man Found
Dead In Mansfield
Edith Emerson, A Stenogra
pher, Dies Tuesday
And There Is A Mystery
About Her Death
Coroner Is Called To Make
. An Investigation
Hi- i I
Tody Found On The Bed
.Fully Clothed
(Mansfield Nows)
MIbb Edith Emorson, aged 25 years,
a stenographer In the ofllco of tho
Ohio Brass company, was found dead
in hor room at tho homo of Mr. and
Mrs. Curtis Hardgrovo, 265 West
Fourth street, at 1:45 o'clock Tuesday
Tho cause of death is not known
and Coroner Maglott Is making an In
vestigation. Miss Emerson came hero
from Monroeville ahout nino. months
ago and was for a tirao a stenographer
In tho ofllco of tho Ideal Electric com
pany, later going to the Brass works.
Sho mado arrangements to secure
board and room at tho Hardgrovo
'homo about a week ago and went
thero at 11:45 Tuesday to got dinner.
Sho ate hor dinner, but complained of
having a headache and went to her
Mrs. Hardgrovo asked her If it was
in tho naturo of a sick headache, but
sho replied that it seemed to bo a
nenjous headache. Mrs. Hardgrovo
heard nothing moro from tho young
lady, but whilo getting ready to go
down street In tho afternoon sho went
to tho girl's room and found her lying
faco downward on tho bed. A hur
ried investigation led Mrs. Hardgrovo
to the belief that tho young lady was
dead, but sho summoned Dr. Brown,
thinking that life might not be ex
tinct. When tho physician found that Miss
Emorson was dead Coroner Maglott
was summoned and an investigation
lis now In progress.
Miss Emorson had had no callers
slnco tolng to tho Hardgrovo homo,'
but remarked a day or so ago that sho
would havo to call up hor gentleman
, friend and tell him of Lor change In
address, 'as ho probably would not
know where to And her.
She stated that sho had been taking
stomach medicine given her by a local
physician, but nothing In the naturo
of medlcino had yet been found in
hor room and nothing was found to
indicate that she had taken anything
after reaching her room Tuesday
Tho circumstances in connection
with tho girl's death aio regarded as
peculiar and a very thorough investi
gation will bo mado by tho coroner,
who Is not ready to advanco any theo
ry at this tlmo as to tho probable
causo of her death.
Sho leaves an Invalid mothor at
Monroovillo and a brother who lives
at Mt. Vornon and Is a traveling sales
man. Tho girl was fully clothed when hor
body was found on tho bed, hor dress
bolng tho Bamo as that In which sho
returned from tho ofneo at noon.
Wo onco hoard of a man who could
llvo very comfortably on ?2 a week,
but ho was a FIJI Islandor.
li f l M r I ft... ! M
April 10th
Being Sunday inter
est will be allowed
April 1st
On all savings depos
ited Monday, April
WestSide Public Square
Installed By The Elks On
Tuesday Evening
At a regular mooting of Mt. Vernon
lodgo, No. 140, B. P. O. Elks, hold on
Tuesday evening tho following olllcers
woro Installed, tho appolntivo officers
to bo announced by Exalted Itulor
Byrns at tho noxt regular mooting:
Exalted Ilulor A. L. Byrns.
Estoomcd Leading Knight George
Esteemed Loyal Knight Earl Bast
Ian. Esteemed Locturlng Knight Ed
ward L. Parkor.
Secrotary Mac P. Stephens.
Treasurer1 Robert StaufTor.
Tylor Julius Jlcadlngton.
Dolegato to Grand Lodgo meeting
at Detroit Edward M. Coonoy.
Altornato Stephen J. Dorgan.
Trustee 3 years Edward M. Coon
oy. Trustee 1 year C. O. Snow.
Two porsonB woro elocttd to mem
bership and at tho conclusion of tho
business meeting a pleasant social
session was held.
, '
Llko to deal with tho Buckeye State
Building and t Ionn Company,
Rankin Building, 22 West Gay
St., Columbus, Ohio.
5. Courtesy of ofllclals. Our ofH
cers and directors appreciato tho bus
iness of every one, whether largo or
small. Every callor receives courte
ous treatment. Wo are glad to re
ceive borrowers and wo are glad to re
ceivo depositors. All aro welcomed
cordially. Our customers are also
pleased and In return they send their
friends hero to deposit money and to
borrow money. Assets $3,800,000.
Beady to loan on good farms $100,000.
Entertainment Given By The
Chicago Glee Club
The last number of the season of
the High School lecturo courso was
given In tho high school auditorium
Tuesday evening. The entortalnmont
waB furnished by tho celebrated Chi
cago Glee Club which hns a flno
reputation all over tho country. In
splto of tho threatening weather, the
room was almost filled before tho first
number was announced. This was a
very successful finish for tho lecture
courso which has been a thoroughly
good ono from tho start to tho finish,
ovory entortalnmont being extremely
interesting and highly appreciated by
ovoryono who attended. This season
has been so encouraging thnt It Is
very probablo that a great effort will
bo made to securo a courso of entor
talnmont for tho next, year that will
If possible, excel that of this year.
Tho Chicago Gleo Club is composed
of only four Blngors who evidently
havo, almost reached tho mark of per
fection In harmony and melody. Each
part was excellently rendered, the
first and second tenors and tho first
and second basses all blending In ono
making tho most inspiring harmony
Imaginable. Besides this, tho solo
work was pleasing In tho cxtromo.
Tho bass was tho feature of tho enter
tainment. Seldom Is a bass of such
merit hoard in Mt. Veronn and those
who hoard him should consider tho
fact that they havo had tho opportun
ity to hear something out of tho ordi
Tho trombone quartet work was a
featuro as it was practically now in
this city and Judging from tho storm
of applauso given on Tuesday oven
lng, it was much appreciated.
Tho character acting was very en
tertaining, tho idea of tho plot being
takon from tho rustic IndlanaHoosIer.
In all It was probably tho most pleas
ing entertainment of tho soason.
Now York, April C Old Trinity
Church was tho sceno this atornoon
of a notable gathering of educators,
churchmen and other swho assembled
to colebrato tho semi-centennial of St.
Stophen's College, at Annandalo-on-Hudson.
Tho collego was chartered
in 1860, though It had been started
some years previously as a small
training clasB In the roctoryf tho
Church of tho Hlly Innocents,' at An
nandalo. It is said that about ono-
twentieth of all tho communications
of tho Protestant Episcopal Church
in tho United States nro undor tho
pastoral caro of alumni and former
students of St. Stephens.
Report Shows The Wheat In
Good Condition
In Ohio As Weil As Most 01
The Other Crops
Summary Showing Condition
Up To Present Time
Tho following Is tho official report
of tho Ohio Dcpartmout of Agrlculturo
on tho condition of crops April 1:
Increase the Yield
Average Ohio wheat yield per aero:
Southern section, 12 biiBhcls.
Central section, 14 bushels.
Northern section, 1C bushels.
State avorago, 14 bushels.
PoBSIblo state average, 30 bushols.
The folowing roport, computed from
roturns recoived from returns receiv
ed from tho official crop and llvo stock
correspondents of tho department, In
dicates tho condition of wheat and
other crops:
Condition compared with standard
average, 83 per cent.
Crop of 1009 still in producers'
hands, 16 per cent.
Weeks of snow protection, 8.
Wlntor Barloy
Condition compared with standard
avorago, 88 per cent.
Condition compared with standard
average, 8S per cent.
Condition In crib compared with
standard average, 95 per cent.
Remained unhusked during winter,
10 per cent.
Damage to unhusked during wlntor,
12 per cent.
Damago to fodder during winter, 22
per cent.
compared with normal
ylold, 90 per cont.
Buds wluter-kllled, 7 per .cent.
No Calamity In 1910 Wheat Crop"
Official correspondents of this De
partment estimate tho present condi
tion of tho growing wheat plant at
83 per cont compared with a standard
average. This Is a decline In con
dition of 10 per cent since tho issu
ance of tho last report, Dccombor 1st.
In comparison with condition on cor
responding dato last year It shows an
advanco of 21 per cont. Seeding gen
erally was lato, and fear was express
ed that an early winter would cause
serious damage. Tho plant, however,
mado remarkable growth during tho
month of November, and went into
winter in flno condition. Throughout
tho severe weather It was well pro
tected by a heavy covering of snow,
and whilo a fow correspondents noto
damage by lco covering tho fields aft
er tho disappearance of tho snow, its
dccllno in condition Is attributed
chiefly to tho extromo drouth pre
vailing during, the past month. The
plant is suffering badly for want of
molsturo, and warm rains during April
would greatly Improve ltB appearance.
Of tho harvest of 1909, It Is estimated
that 16 per cont of tho crop remains
In producers' hands.
Winter barley and ryo show the
same growing condition 88 por cent
compared with an avorago.
Tho condition of corn in tho crib
is estimated at 95 per cent compared
with an avorago. Ten per cent of tho
crop remained unhusked during tho
winter, and it is estimated that this
suffeied damage to tho extent of 12
por cent.
Fruit prospects aro oxcellont, being
estimated at 90 por cent compared
with an average.
Farm work generally Is well ad
vanced. Many correspondents report
oats seeding aB noaring completion
and corn plowing in progress.
thoy cannot reach tho seat of tho dis
ease. Catarrh is a blood or consti
tutional disease, and in order to cure
it you must talto Internal romedios.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken internal
ly, and nets directly on tho blood and
mucous surfaces. Hail's Catarrh Curo
Is not a quack medicine. It was pro
scribed by ono of tho best physicians
In this country for years and is a reg
ular prescription. It Is composed of
tho best tonics known, combined with
tho best blood purifiers, acting direct
ly on tho mucous surfaces. Tho per
fect combination of tho two ingred
ients is what produces such wonder
ful results In curing Catarrh. Send
for testimonials free.
l J. CHENG V & CO., Props.,
Toledo Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, prico 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
8econd and Final
A second and final account has been
filed In probate by William T Harry,
executor of James Harry, showing
tho following: Uccclved J15.094.81,
paid out 15,024.10, balance $9,470.65,
Marrlago Licenses
Wllllnm Gcorgo Gowcr, chief clerk
Mt. Vornon Brldco Works, and Georg
ia Luc-llc Cainpboll, both of Mt. Ver
non. Kov. P, E. Brlnlnstool.
Lawrence Brlckcr, baker, and Flor
onco Botklns, both of Mt. Vernon.
Ilov. J. T. Blnck.
Deeds Filed
C. M. Gruhb to Emma C. White, par
cel In Howard, ?2,C00.
Harry M. Pattornson to Ralph Y.
Strublo, 128 acres In Wayno, $1,440.
William T. Harry to Kalph Y.
Strublo, 128 acres In Wayno, $7,200.
Lewis A. Wortz to Calvin B. Hlg
glns, 20 acres In Mlddlobury, $1,233.
8lmon M. Herzog to Sarah McDon
ald, 1.35 acres in Wayno, $1,500.
Simon Sylor to Richard Barton, 128
acres In Berlin, $0,600.
Fro D. Simons to Lucretla L. Au
ten, $396.
Joseph Larlmoro to Ilosa C. Sutton,
157 acres in Hllllnr, $6891.
W. II. Larlmoro to Itosa C. Sutton,
157 acres In miliar, $2,200.
A. II. Wright to Walter L. Lewis,
part lot 178 Union ,add. to Centerburg,
Laura E. Chambers to Stephen A. D.
Bamhart, 145 acros In Mlllor, $9,450.
Elected Manager
The baseball fans of Gamblor met
last evening and elected Mr. Roy
Jacobs manager of tho baseball team
for tho season. Tho first gamo will
bo played with the Kenyon team on
Suurday .
If you aro thinking of starting a sav
ings account, now Is the time to do It.
All money rocelred by ig between
now and April 10th will begin to
draw Interest at 4 per cent on Apr. 1.
Payments mado after April 10th do
not begin to draw Interest until Oct
ober 1, unless in excess of $50.00.
Put your money in now and get the
best terms possible.
5 East High St.
"Honest Statements, A Square Deal and
Good Values"
Lowest prices, all prices in Plain Figures and one
q can't pay more than the goods are marked at McCormick's.
J No fake sales every month; no old stocks and manufacturers' mistakes at
? "50 cents on the dollar" that others failed to sell. No second hand or used goods
g that have been taken back for non-payment; no raising of prices and then reduc
( ing the'm to make the bargains look big. No damaged stock but all dry well sea-
soned goods that will hold together and give perfect satisfaction.
A ' - :
q Come here and see our furniture and low prices, a few of which are given below:
. Rockers
'i Ipl 1
Ilockors, llko cut, largo and
well mado, slat back, finish
ed In American do oH
quartered oak . . . .pt . 4 J
Over 300 different styles to
choose from.
We have the largest and
w "
Into A Swing Hole And Was
liadly Injured
Josoph Smith met with a very un
fortunat accident of tho Camp Glass
Fnctory Tuesday night near eight
o'clock. Ho was walking along tho
floor near whero tho blowers work
whilo on duty and as tho building was
darkened to a certain degree, ho did
not soo a deop swing hole directly In
front of him and as a result, ho fell
Into It, alighting in a pllo of broken
glass. Ills right nrm and leg woro
badly sprained and numerous lacera
tions woro sustained on both legs. As
tho man had no homo ho was taken to
tho Knox county jail whore Dr. P. L.
SIngrey was called to render surgical
Of Public Schools For Month
Of March
Supt.J.S.Alan furnishes the Banner
the following figures from his report
of tho Mt. Vernon public schools for
tho month of March:
Total enrollment 1,665
Monthly enrollment 1,515
Avorago dally attendance 1,395
Avcrago dally absence 114
Tardiness 81
Neither absent nor tardy 683
Per cent, of attendance 93
Per cent of regularity 46
Entered 16
Transferred 3
Withdrawn 34
Truancy 6
Corporal punishment 55
Tardiness of teacher. ... 3
Visits 28
Visitors 69
A great argument In favor of the
automobile Is that gasoline really Is
qheaper than corn and oats.
Are what you expect, and receive, at this
Big Furniture store.
Sideboards (oak) 89.75
Bed Springs SI. 50
Ded Springs, woven wire.. $2.00
Bed Springs S2.50
Iron Beds
Iron Beds SI. 75
Iron Beds S2.50
Iron Beds S2.75
Dining Room Chairs
Set Chairs S475
Sot Chairs S5.75
Sot Chairs SG.50
Reed Rockers S2.35
Wood Rockers S1.75
Wood Rockors S2.00
Go-Carts S .08
Go-Carts S3.75
Go-Carts S5.00
cheapest stock of furniture
ty-five miles.
Established 1849
Weak end mmernble. If you have KM
nay or Bladder trouble, Dull head pains,
Dlzxlneflii, Ncrvoinne, rains In tho
back, ana feci tired all over, got n pack
aso of Mother Oray'a AUBTItAMAN
LICAP, the pleasant herb euro. It never
fall. Wo havo many testimonial from
irratefut people who havo used this won
derful remedy. As a regulator It has
no equal. Ask for Mother amy's AU8-THAI.IAN-IjI:AF
at Druggist or sent by
malt for Wets. Sample KltDES. Address,
Tho Mother Qray Co.. Lo Iloy, N. T.
An Indispensible
The time has past when a
five or ten minutes off will do.
Train will not wait, nor pub
lic meetings are not postponed
on account of the late arrivals.
Business engagements are ex
pected to be filled promptly.
If your watch is not running
to the seconds bring It In and
let us put It In order for you, or
If you haven't a reliable watch
select one from our stock, and
you can depend on having one
that will tell you the correct
time for years to come.
R. B. Ankney
6c Co.
Jewelers & Opticians
4 8. Main 8t. Mt. Vernon, O.
r......... ......
: i ou jrjiow
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meal from stomach distress
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1 Don't Know
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t you wouldn't continue to
1 suffer. Just get a bottle of
I Baker's
I s
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j Baker's Drug Store
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no. 2U3 mi. vernon a
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Steel Cart, llko cut, collapsible
folding in a small package. Leath
erette top, seat and sides of best
material. Rubber tires, r
spring seat
Folding Steel and Wood Go-Carts
as low
within a radius of forty-
,1. -.n4-Mi
u-Lj- -diiim
4 per cont Intoroat compound
ed four Umoa a roar In our
Savings Department. Money
deposited by tho 10th day of
April will draw lntcroot from
tho 1st day of tho mbnth.
Open Saturday even
ings until 8 o'clock.
Savings.Bank &
Trust Co. "
Mt. Vernon Ohio
5 "J" ! I" ! "J" J ! "i" HH
1 ML Vernon "W
i B. A O. R. ft. Jfa
4 East .ty
f. No. 14 ..... E:6S fc.iK.ity
No. 4 -. . . ...11:18 . m.
No. It .......... C:4i p. m. b
Ho, I ..
J No. 7 ..-.....
J. No. 17 ......
J No. S .....
j No. 15 ..............
, 7:2 m. )
8:15 a. m. H
8:57 a. m. ty
1:44 p. m. fy
8:50 p. m.
Nos. If and 17 dally except tf
Sunday. Other trains dally. i
4 ' &(
! a, a. & c. n. n. 44
South Bound .Jj
4. No. E0I 13:41 a. m.
No. 020 0:68 a, m. j
No. b04 . 7:44 a. . .ft
"No. 518 ..11:00 a. m. 4
4 No. 205 .13:H p. m. .$,
J. No. 508 ..-.... 5:16 p. m. 44
. No. E0 :J7 p. es. HH
f. North Bound fa
No. E07 ....... J:X6 a. m. 44
J No. E01 . 7:14 a bb. 4
.$ "No. EOS .., 8:19 a. m. 4)
"No. EOS ........... 1:21 P. m. 4(
fr "No. EOS .... b:SZ p. m. fe
"No. Gl ..... 1:62 p. ra.
.J. No. 621 .... 7:19 P. . ft
4. 'Daily except Sunday, )
Sunday only. 3
It's Good Very Goal
We sell all kinds Fttd
Sole Agents
Purina Poultry Feeds
The best known feed
for chicks or chickens
The Northwestern
Elevator & Mill Co.
w soda
is Now open
with a full line of fresh
fruit flavors. We are again
using the
Furnas Ice Cream
and are prepared to take
care of any orders largo
or small.
"Try our Crystal Orange
ade. It Is the best mado."
East Side Public Square
-l,l... .... .-.I..IOJ ....., ,. -' .9
J j

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