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mn jujii 'hii'ijto-
VI .
TUESDAY. JUNE 14, 1910
i f
I'oal Has Gone Out Of Fash
ion In The East
And Each frock Must Have
Its Own Coat
Cloaks For Evening Wear
Are Very Handsome
Some Pretty Cuff And Collar
Hose This Summer Must
Match Costume
(By Florence Fairbanks)
Now York, June 11 It is certainly
tos bo regretted from considerations
of economy that the separata coat
that might bo worn with any cos
tume, has gone out of fashion. Each
frock intended for outdoor wear calls
for its own coat or wrap, and oven
the sheer summer muslins, the elab
orate afternoon frocks and tho ev
ening frocks are accompanied by cor
responding coats and accessories if
they come from the establishment of
a prominent designer. The long, all
covering coats of silk, tweed, serge,
etc., designed primarily for motor
woar but often used for trotting pur
poses, are almost tho only offerings
In tho genuine separate street coat to
be found in the shops.
Tailors mako up coat and skirt mod
els which aro worn with blouses to
match, or frock and coat model for or
dinary street wear. There aro quan
tities of silk coats, satin, taffeta, moire,
corded silk, crepe, mcssallnc, etc., but
they aro made en sulto with frocks
and aro seldom adaptable to other
costumes. In Paris these silk coats,
often of vivid blue, are almost in
variably very short and prone to piqu
ant, old fashioned lines. Even the
Eton Is once more In evidence, and
along with it come quaint little
basqued affairs, loose, frilly short
jackets. Husslan coatees with belts
and with poplum reaching only to the
hip line, picturesque Dlrectore models
with big soft revcrs, shoulder capes,
etc., funny little dolmanlike wraps
which havo capes over tho shoulders
and scarflike draped fronts crossing
surplico fashion.
There is no end to these short
coats and wraps and each is more
chic than tho last, though you need
time to accustom yourself to their
abbreviation. Whether they are so
generally becoming as the longer
coats and cloaks is a question, of
tasto. It is true, they consort better
wltli tho short skirt which is pre
dominant in Paris, hut tho long flow
ing lines are kinder to the average
It .is a well recognized fact that
American women, as a rule, aro far
more conservative than their sisters
in (Vance. The' Importers know this
and they usually ordor the original
models modified to suit American
tasto beforo bringing them over here.
However, not all tho costumes pro
'duced by tho famous designers in Par
is aro bizarre. Many of the handsom
est creations aro devoid of any sonsa
lional features and may bo worn by
tho most conservative women.
Long coats and cloaks for carriage
and ovoniug wear aro lovelier than ov
er before, and tho triumph of tho sea
son is tho filmy cloak of chiffon, net
or laco, usually without lining other
than another tone of chiffon. The sea
son's veiling mania is reflected In
these diaphanous summer cloaks,
ana hero as In tho chic frocks oxquis
ito color harmonies aro obtained
through superposing one sheer layer
upon another of contrasting tone.
Sometimes, however, tho cloak Is of
ono tone, the color contrast being left
to ho frock worn undor It. Sheer
black or white is often oxqulslto
whon a colored frock glows softly
through Its veiling folds, and tho
sarao 1b true of sorao of tho neutral
tones such as tho popular pinkish
beige, sand color and the grays.
Sometimes a plain chiffon is laid
over a flowered chiffon, and there aro
beautiful models in shaded chiffon,
unllned and finished with bordering
marabout. Graceful models of this
typo but lu plain one-tone chiffon and
of simply draped lines aro offorcd at
very modorato prices.
All sorts of odd littlo shoulder
capes or wraps draped in chiffon,
lace, satin, etc., are being exploited
by tho French deslgnors, . but usually
en suite with frocks. Oddly" enough,
Dlroctoiro modes, supposed to havo
vanished, aro reasserting themselves
dot only In millinery but In coat and
frock dotalls. Dlroctoiro coats with
revors, Bhouldor capes and waist
lino shortened In the back if not nil
uround are nutnorous In Paris, and
tho short walsted frock has never
bean really out of fashion for even
ing and houso woar,
Nino out of ten frock models Im
ported from ParlB havo kimono
sleeves. Often tho blouse is of tho
simplest sort, plain over tho chest,
shoulders and arms, very slightly
fulled Into a waist baud or girdle,
trimmed only around tho neck and
sleeves and relieved by thin gulmpo
and undersleoves. Where tho blouse
Is of chiffon or other sheer stuff, there
is usually flat trimming upon thu
foundation, showing vaguely through
tho veiling, or a scarf drapery of viv
id color under thu chiffon.
Sometimes thorc Is not even this
veltod trimming and the model
achioves distinction in tho simplest
fashion by tho boauty and harmony
of tho colors and tho exquisite mater
ial, combined with tho perfection of
the cut. Sometimes tho not of trim
ming is supplied by line Jet embroid
ery. lho plaited frill is perhaps tho
most pronounced neckwear fad of tho
season nnd is offered in every Im
aginable variation nnd irt overy de
gree of fineness and daintiness. There
aro frills of laco ana frills of linen,
frills laco trimmed, frills hand-ora-broldored
nnd scalhped, frills with
lino embroidery designs ruunlngialong
every second or third plait, frills of
white with narrow borders of color,
frills of flno white laco edged by the
narrowest of black laco, trills of col
or border with white, dotted frills
with white or colored hems, frills to
llnlsh a collarless frock neck, frill col
lar and cuff 'sets for coats, trills to
run down ono side of a central box
plait falling ovor plain plaiting or
with black laco falling over cream
laco or chiffon, frills running down
each sldo of a central laco or em
broidery band and many other varia
tions. Somo of the prettiest cuff and col
lar sots havo flat bands on collars of
laco or embroidered linon with tho
plaited frill bordering them, and
thoro aro close stock collars with
frills running around 'their lower edgo
just at tno base of the throat.
Owing to tho great popularity of
tho plaited frill as a collarless neck
finish thero Is an increasing liking for
fiat turn down collars llnely embroid
ered nnd lace-trimmed, and these aro
shown in great quantities in all tho
iashionablc shops. Somo of tho finest
are very expensive, however.
Exquisitely embroidered collars of
tine linon aro modish for wear with
tho low cut coats and are distinctly
becoming, especially when tho blouse,
as Is so often tho case, is collarless.
The hard lino o'f tho coat collar
against a bare throat is unbecoming,
and a lingerie collar if flno and dainty
improves the eltect wonderfully, iho
plaited frill collar is grotty and be
coming too, and Is much worn with
tho tailored coat.
Embroidered piquo collar and cuff
sets for tho coats aro practical and
smart, If not so dainty and becoming
as tho flnor sets of linon.
A belt of patent leather, preferably
a black one, should be vorn with a
separate waist and skirt.
A now trimming feature which
promises to become decidedly popular
is the many-colored ostrich plume.
'lho stockings this summer are In
most cases two-toned, matching tho
costume or in contrasting color.
Coarse blud linen frocks, embroid
ered with blue and coral silk, aro
made for young girls.
London, Juno 11 Society and tho
stage were both represented in tho as
semblngo which illlod St. Margaret's
Chapel today at tho wedding of Miss
Adellno Geneo, tho wonderful Danish
dancer who recently llnlshod hor
American tour, and Mr. Frank S. N. Is
Itt, a.promlnent London sojicltor. Fol
lowing tho wedding ceremony a rccop
Hon was given for the bridal party
nnd guests at tho town house of tho
Duke Wwd Duchess of Newcastle,
whoso Intimate friend and legal ndvis
or Mr. Isltt has been for many years.
$100 REWARD, $100
Tho readors of this paper will bo
pleased to learn that thoro is at least
ono droaded dlseaso that sclonco hns
boon able to euro in all Is stages, and
that is catarrrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is tho only positive cure now known to
tho medical fraternity. Catarrh, being
s constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional troatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Curo is taken Internally, acting
directly upon tho blood nnd mucous
surfaces pi tho system, thoreby des
troying tho foundation of tho dlsoaso,
and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and as
sisting nature in doing its work. The
proprietors hnvo so much faith in its
curative powers that thoy offer One
Hundred Hundred Dollars for any caso
that it fails to curo. Send for list of
' Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Tole
do, Ohio.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Tako Hull's Family Pills for constipation.
Returns A Verdict At Two
. O'clock in Morning
In Condemnation Suit In
Probate Court
Smeeth Gets $300 And Anna
For Land Located Near Vil
lage Of Millwood
Shooting Episode Results In
Dam.ige Suit
In tho caso of the directors of tho
Milwood special school district vs.
Lepley et al., in which the plaintiff
brought action to . ondemn land for
tho purpose of constructing a school
houso lu tlie Millwood special school
district canio to a close at 'I o'clock
Saturday morning when (tho jury re
turned a verdict fixing 'valuations as
toilows: To J. W. Smeeth, land $300,
damuges $100. 'io Anna Leploy, land
$425, damages $125.
Thu case which was conducted be
fore Piobate Judge Berry and tho
jury lu the common pleas court room
was warmly contested on both sld.es
and in order tj complete the caso a
session was held Friday night. The
caso went to tho jury at 1 o'clock
and it was 2 o'clock Saturday morn
ing when tho veruiot was returned.
Wants Damages
A damage suit has been filed in tho
court of common pleas of Knox county
oy John ShomaKer against Charles
Conkle, tho result of a shooting epi
sode which occurred near tho village
of Howard on February 28, 1910. It is
alleged by tho pialntlif that without
any provocation tho defendant shot at
him with a shot gun and 'that several
of tho shot took ottect In his body and
as a result ho was Ul and disabled
front work for many days. As a re
sult of such shooting the plaintlit
claims he has been uamageu to tne
extent of $1,000 and asks judgment ior
that amount. The attorneys for tho
plaintitr aro W. A. Hodack and Owen
6: Carr.
Court On Saturday
Judge Charles W. Seward of New
ark arrived In tho city Saturday morn
ing and convened a session of com
mon pleas court at 9 o'clock for the
purpose of hearing motions for now
trials in tho cases he has heard at
this term of court.
Deeds Filed
Thos. J. Porterflold to Martha Mc
Kee, lot 15, part lots '2-16, Illations
burg, $3,300.
Win. F. Hauger to Lucrotla Wal
ton, lot 52, Uuckoyo City, $i)00.
Engines To lie Ouilt By Ohio
fuel At Homer
Tho Ohio Fuel Supply Company is
now lotting oontructs tor the en!arge
niont of the facilities ut Its pumping
station at Homer. At present this state
has six gas compressors of 1000 horso
power each. These are used to force
natural gas through the 18-inch main
to Cincinnati, and also for Zaucsvllle,
and also other localities which recelvo
their gas from the north Hold.
Now tho company will install two
additional compressors of about 1300
horso power each capacity at tho Hom
er station. The new compressors will
bo In Hhape to phico in servico by tho
coming wintor and with tho abuudnnt
supply of gas from West Virginia by
the 20-lnch main completed from Cal
houn to Sugar Grovo last wintor, tho
company will bo In position to give Its
consumers all the gas needed. "
Chicago, Juno 11 The marriage of
Miss Mnbel Maddon, daughter of Con
pressman and Mrs. N. D. Madden, and
Mr. Paul Henderson took place this
afternoon at tho summor resldonco of
tho brldo's parents, "Castlo Eden,"
near Hlnsdalo. The bride was attond
od by Miss Lionno Adslt of Albany,
N. Y., and tho, best man was Mr. Lion
el Gardiner of this city.
Attempt To Burglarize The
Lincoln Fiats
Robbers Made Escape Be
fore Police Arrived
A very bold and persistent attempt
to rob certain rooms lu ttie Lincoui
natb on t-ast Uambier street was uiauo
oiirriuay nlglu. Tho burglars were dis
covered in luiiu, however, to prevent
tuuii making away with much booty.
At nbout twelve o'clock, an attempt
was maao to enter the rooms occu
pied by Mr. und Mrs. Hay Uurnett on
the third floor, but the men were
buuglesome in their work und Mrs.
Uurnett wus awakened by the noise
and an alarm wus made. Two men
were seen to run as far west us Main
street and then disappear, lu about
one-half hour, another nolbe wus
heard in tho hallway and Mr. Uur
nett made an attempt to learn the
identity of the would-be robbers by
stealing upon thern, but they wore warn
ed In somo manner and again made
their escape. This time tho two men
turned north on Ulackberry alley and
were lostslghtof. Thepolice were notl
lied after tho second attempt but noth
ingll could be found of the men.
On searching tho building niter the
excitement had died down, all that
could he round to he missing from any
placu was a marble top from a fine
maud which was, standing in the hall
way. i1'J4'l,irl'i,'i"i'i j
The Wythe Funeral
The funeral of the late Goorgo
Wythe, who died at Mercy Hospital
In Columbus on Friday morning, will
occur Sunday afternoon at two o'clock
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Seavolt on North Sandusky street.
Interment in Mound View cemetery.
Mrs. Ella. Richardson
Mrs. Ella Richardson, formerly Miss
Ella Harper of this city, died at her
homo in Chicago on Friday morning
nfter a several weeks' Illness caused
by cancer. She was a widow, forty
two years of age and is survived by
her brother, Mr. Earl Harper. The
remains will bo brought to Mt. Ver
non on Monday morning and will bo
accompanied from Chicago by Mr.
Earl Harper and daughter, Miss Edna
Harper. The funeral will occur at
Mound View cemetery on Monday
morning, interment at Mound View
cemetery. ""
Sthiq r.RFAT QTnrir ops
with its wide range of
age, every class of people, excepting only those who have not learned that it is
a waste of good money to buy shoddy, poorly made furniture. As a matter of
service and protection to our patrons, we rigidly exclude all unreliable goods,
but this does not mean that we do -not have the" lower priced furniture. Our
grades and prices run down as low as is safe for any one to go, and our prices
on the medium and lower grades of furniture are below those quoted in any
other store in this section of the country made possible by our selling for
cash, discounting our bills
Don't take our
Suits, Settees, (-hairs, Tables and. Rockers,
finished in green, Baronial brown, natural, ete.
jadc in wood, reed and cane. Convert your
porch into an out-of-door living room. A big
shipment of porch and summer cottage goods
have just been received and placed on sale.
Buy now and get the benefit of the full season.
$ Fireless Cookers. The finest line of Refriger
J . ators in the city
"IMM" ' " I III , MM a
A circular recently lasued uy the
Doiiuruuoiii of Agriculture o..,d, in
ine furmer must acertaln juoi what
ni bon iiuouh, uo soiM vao i muir
auppiy uuu lue elements ui luuui toou
aio ueeueu in uiuereui uuai.i.wua by
uiiiuium piums. Tnis cuii oe uv.ic.miii
eu ii a watcti on tuo growm oi tno
pianis on Uiu lanu. a tueio i u rapid
grorttn, auu an aounuauce oi iui ana
oiuik, it ib proot mat tuere ii a good
buppiy oi nitrogen, ft cuere n ..ot u
proportionate quantity ot fruit, uu oil
ueeus pnoapuonc uciu; and m.o...J tne
pmnt not uuve a goou coior m.u tut
iruit urops beiore it reaches a fair
nizo, potuaii in ueuuea.
"ou in ouyiug commercial fertilizer,
uiu lurmer bnouid buy it ior no con
tent oi tuese buustuueerf. it wii. rare
i bo neCeusttry ior tue luiiucr to Duy
mitogen u ue uaa uuveu an ins manur
es uuu grovtii a goou uiop ox cuopuau,
cs tie stiould.
"it is tne law now that every bag
of leriuizur must havo ou it buiiitpeu
just wnat lood it contains. una is
uiiowii ut pt-icentuges. lu oilier words,
in 100 pouiius ol lertiier it ulioi tliere
aie bo many puunus of ihe ptuicular
BUOstaucea. n, ior luhtunbe, tuu sacK
is labeled:
niiiouii, 3 per cent.
Soluble phobpuoric acid, G per cent,
neverteu puopuoric aeiu, iv pur
i-oiusli, 2 per cent,
u incaita:
'iiiree pounds nitrogen,
bix pounua soluble puosphorlc acid.
Four pouuus reverteu plioapuunc ac
id. Ten pounds available phoaphorlc
Two pounds of potash,
thus giving to pounus ot plant rood In
a iUu pound suck. In a ton ot 'such
a fertilizer thu purcnuser secutes to
pouuus nitrogen. 120 lbb. soluble
puospnoric aciu, SO pounus i everted
phosphoric acid and 40 pounus pot
ash. What is called "available" Is tne
bum of the boluble and tne reverted
acids." v
The circular says that ammonia Is
nothing hut nitrogen in combination
with another substance of uo value.
Inserting the ammonia in the formula
is apt to deceive one who does not
know the distinction. It is the pounds
ot plant food that are wanteu, und not
just a sack of stuff the majority of
which is of no value.
"Taking acid phosphates as an ex
ample," says the circular, we find that
thero is a great variation in their
composition. Some run as low as 10
pounds of available phosphoric acid
to 100 pounds. Others contain as much
A'ii - IAai J, $J JL
grades, is prepared to serve to.
and buying in such large quan-
word Investigate it will
money to you.
Established 1849
as 14 to 15 pounds. As phosphoric ac-
id generully sells ut ubout o cents a
pound, tho former would bo worth CO
renU a hundred, whereas tho latter
would cost 75 cents. In buying, then,
it is economy to tako the high grade
goods, even though they cost a little
Reformatory Doring
Hours Of Plunier
Out of respect for Thomas It. Plum
mer, night captain of tho guards of tho
Ohio State reformatory whose funeral
is being held this afternoon, the entire
Institution was closed from 2 to 4
o'clock. Tho flag at the institution has
been at half mast during the day and
officers of the Institution will act as
pall bearers at the funeral. Mansfield
I Lodge Elections
tiiiiimifiMiiim HioHiitiii
Kokoslng Encampment
The regular meeting of the Kokos
lng Encampment No. 38, I. O. O. F..
was held on Friday evening and the
following officers were elected:
Chief Patriarch S. A. Green.
Senior Warden F. C. McElror.
Junior Warden M. D. Rice.
Tho Golden Rule degree was con
ferred on one candidate at this meet
ing and the Royal Purple degree will
be conferred on the next meeting
Chicago claims to have more hap
py homes than other townB. But
the Chicago idea of happiness Is dif
Notice is hereby j;lven that tht
undersigned has been appointed and
qualified Executor of the estate of
late of Knox County, Ohio, deceased,
by the Probate Court of said county.
May 14, 1910.
Walhondlng, Ohio.
WAlk A A
(The largest within a rad-
ius of 45 miles) $
the best possible advant- J
Mrs, Clyde h. Weaver wns a rUltor
In Columbus Saturday afternoon. i
What Prof. Shnw, tho Wo II-Known AktU
cuiiunst any adouc m
"I won Id ivpncr win. cwttlfl tn Wnrtfrn
UAtiadu than In tho rorn hnt vt
J rhouiHT Hna cllmal
letter for tho purro?-.
loar market will im
F'two fiwtr thon yoar
(irniffr will prodncnth
rippll. Whcnt rn N
nllcl 1U) ml Ion north of
tim Int Ttmt lonnl tmnnd
nrrl. Year TACftnt Jaml
will l tfikon ut n muj
Iwiyond prcnt corn-op
tton. f hnrn rnrraah
pnopm In tin finite
liomM to Uko up thin J ami." tlitlj
70,000 Americans
In Wntrrn Cnnmln tlil yrnr.
1IIOU prmliiiKil nnothor tnnrv
crop of nrlient, ontu iiml bnrlpr.
In fulilltlon to nlilcli ttio rnttlo
cxprl win dn limnmao linn,
Cattle ralnlna, dnlrjlm. nlimi
TArminff And grain crowing In U10
proTlnccn of Mnnllotm, Kjuliat'
climran anil Albrrln.
Treo liorurfttrnil anil pnwmn
tlon nrpn, as well an lamli LaM
hr rnllwnr and lni cnmnnlcj,wlli
prorlilB liomcn for million.
Ailaptnliln noil, lirnllhful ell
mnt. aplrndlil arlinols and
clni rear, mul jrootlrnllnarn.
or atttlcrt' rate, dowrlptlrc
literature "Lt Ik-it Went," how
to roocu thAroantrrandotliTtar
tlcnlan. write to Snp't ol Imnl.
BTAtlnn. Ottawa. Onnada, or to tt
Uuuxilan Corernmcnt Agent.
413 Gardner HUg.,
Toledo. Oblo
fUeft nililrwm tipnreet ynnt r
In pursuance of an order of the Probata
Court of Licking cuunl Ohio, I will off
er Tor alo at public auction on
Thursday, the 29th day of
June, 1910,
between !) o ciuuk toreiioou and 12 o'clock,
noun upun tuu iirniiioerf, lim unutviUttl
uiiR-naic of tne lolluwuit; Ueacriueu real
oiiuuto In tho County of Knox, State of
Oi.iu, uuu m tne xuwiiujiijj in joiner una
uuu.iueu uuu uescnuLti ad lotiuwa: llo
mt, mi nuniuer a, in Uiu & quarter be.
uu.i oi inu d '1'imridiilii, li nuiiue, U a.
til. 1-MiiiUa eAUl.mvu io cuiLaii tiv acted.
A iou inu ununiucu ouo-liulf of lot nuin
tiei wo. In me . uuui-mr aecuuii ol liiu
Din '-Luuiisini) anu i-ui ituiio u. a. M.
L.unui in bulu itlluer 'luwiuniu. jUiuX
comity, Uiuu, Cbiiuitiieu to contain lux
Appraised at K.VA.Vl.
'iciniu ot uuie. jiieinlrtl cash on hand
on uuy oi nuie, oin.-ii.uu in one ycjr,
und one-lull u in two eai'B, ueferred pay
ments to tii.ur lnteiesi Hum uuy of sum
una to ue occurtu oy u ntortuuge upuu
mo iji'enime.), tir uu cujsn ul inu uitlou u
ine .aici.uacr.
Administrator of FreuericK i. i'i,inipa,
lu ijusuunuu ot mt oriifcr or the Probata
'.'Ufl'l UL A..l.twllit .UUtl.j, OiilU, 1 WIU UU'
vr ior buic ut puuttu uuluuu uu
Thursday, tue 2yth day of
dune, lyiu,
oetween if uum.a. ii.cuu .i Vi ocioeK
licuU Ujju1 i.,c JJicilxiocd, U.ci ui.QiViUcU
u.it.-.iuu ul li.u iuuuwviu ueoCriajcAl rca
"ouuuie lu the County ut Kxiux, .State of
Uuiu, alia ul uu i.iv.jaiip oi Aimer uuu
uuui.ucxi mnl ueaiiiutu ua luiiuWd. xo
jut, iui imiiiuer i. ut tile uuru.r bcu
tjuti ut1 tuu u j.utiiiilp. i i4.iie, U. o.
i. IuJIUd UatlliiUttu iu uUiilUilt j. UCrt,
.Aili. uioeu Uk 4,tj.A.
itioo inu unuiviutu uiit'-half ot lot nuni-
Oct ip 111 litU o Kt uat'tci &,CUUU UL (.UU
uni 'J.uWnal.JiJ uuu iwtii avtAUjju u, o. M.
jaJiu lu btt.u ltiiutu 'ainoHut jXXvjC,
vuuiuy, Oiuu, bakijuuteu lu ctuiUlit vjL,
vpiruihea ut tJ,U.W.
Uuuiu:. ut bun. u,iinird cash on iiand
on uuy 01 aitr, uiic-utu'U in one yt.ta
uiid uiie-titiru in tu j.ura, ueluxit-tt pay
uicULs to uvue inieic-. ituiu uuy ol adit
uuu lu uu bicui cu uy u iuocttau uyoit
tutr Utcllildea, ot uu tuau ut tuo oJtlOU uC
U.U UUICliUfin-i.
it. s. h'vuros.
Kxccutor oi! KUzabeth I'milius, uuuvadeU,
mmn uu
John S. McConnell '
Frank u. Sliowero,
ivnux tummon Plca-i.
Iiy virtue ul un eAeuuiiuIt lasucd out
ol ine cuuxt uf cuiiiiuuu pivna ol Knu
uuunty, Ulilo, auu to inu auecieu. 1 H1U
uuer lur omu ul tne uuur u tue court,
aoue, in jviu VeiUun. xnux cuunit iju
Saturaay, the yth Day of
uuly, lyiu,
oelween the nouio ul X p. m., und 3 p. in.
ul aiu Uuy, tuu lolluwuit; ue&cwuuU louud
uuu leueiueuta, Lu-wil.
Situated in Hie lownalilji of W'uyno lu
tl.u county ot ivnux uuu mure oi uuiu,
uein lut iNu. it v ooio auuit.uu 10 tiiu
iuttt,e ol v reueiiuKiuvvu. in lite tiaia
Louiny and btuie uciuiuiut; lu a pidt ix.
curueu lu tue buico ol tne necoiuer uf
viiux county on inc.- .am duy ui Atuy,
Uiu, in piut uoo.. .",0. i. pub'en ili uuu uj.
Appi'uiaea at tlbo.w.
'It-una ot bulu luau.
Sheriff Knox County, umo.
P. L. Wllkiua, atluriiey lur piuiuttil.
John Klnnard,
Sally Ann Hawkins et al,
jvuox conuuun Pleu.
By virtue of an order of salt Issued out
of the Court ot Common i'lsua of ivnox
touuty, uiiio, unu lu me directed, 1 will
Uiier ior uale ul the door 01 tne Court
.House, ui Mount Vernon, Knox county,
un -,
Saturday, the 9th Day of
July, 1910,
between the hours of 1 p. m. and 3 p. m.
of said day, tne lollowinto' described ittnu
unu tenenienu, to-wlt:
Sltuuted in Milford township, Knox
county, Ulilo, and bounded and described
ua toiiows: it being pun of tno west half
of the southwest quarter of aectlon nine
in township dve, range fourteen, com
mencing on the west lino of uald lot sev
en rods north of tho SycumOru roud
twelve and ono hulf rods; tuence north
two rods and thirteen feet and a half to
a stake and btono; thence west parallel
with the Sycamore road, ono rod and a
lialf; thence northwest in a right augla
with tho Johnstown road td'lho center ot
said Jolinstown road; thenco bouthwest
along the center of suld Johnstown road
to tue lino of lots; thence south along
said lino to Jjie placo'of beginning.
Appraised at 110.00.
Terms of sulo Cash.
Sheriff Knox County, Ohio.
Walght and Moore, attorney for plaintiff.

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