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FRIDAY, JULY 22, 1910
? f.tiiBju,mMniiiiiirgiawiinHrjp
n i
. i
I' B
Of 75 Cenls Per Day Allow
ed liy The Commissioners
To The Members Of The Cily
Board Of (teview
Now Receiving A Salary Of
$3.50 Per Day
Howard Bariieit Released
From County Jail
Ify A Writ Of Habeas Corpus
On Tuesday
The Knox county commissioners at
their weekly session on Monday al
lowed the mombers of the city board
of rovlow an Increase In salary of 75
cents per day. In former years tho
board received ?5 per day for their
services, but this year tho commis
sioners cut tho salary down to $3.50
per day. Tho members of tho board
protested ngalnst tills, pointing out
tho fnct that thoy gave up their tlmo
each day to tho work and tho com
pensation was worth more than the
amount nllowed. On Monday tho com
missioners voted to Increaso tho sal
nry of each member 75 cents per day,
so that they now rccclvo $4.25 per
lay for their sorvlces. This salary
lates from tho first day of Juno when
Uio board first commenced the work of
tho year.
Bartlettt Released
Howard Ihirtlctt, who has been con
lined In tho Knox county Jail for somo
ilnys past on n charge of non-support
of w.lfo and minor child, was released
Tuesday morning by Probate Judge
Horry on a writ of habeas corpus. Tho
application was made a day or so ago
by llartlett'n attorney, M. 13. Sapp. Af
ter reading tho transcript from tho
court of 'Squire S. Ilarter, Judge Mer
ry gavo Unrtlott his freedom on ac
count of defects In tho records In tho
case Tho transcript showed certain
tgreoinonts between tho defendant In
tho caso and his wife, whereby ho
agreed to pay her $10 per month, hut
thero was no record of a hearing. It
wns on this point of tho law thnt tho
court gavo Uartlett Ills freedom, hut
explained that ho should bo compelled
to contribute- to the support of his wlfo
and minor child.
At tho conclusion of tho hearing,
'Squire Ilnrter asked Uartlett If ho did
not mnko threats that lie would kill
his wlfo and hor father when he gpt
out of Jail and that 'Squlro Ilarter
would bo trented the same why. Harr
iott denied that he ninilo tho statu
mont and snld. "I am not ready for
tho electric chair yet."
'Squire Horter Insisted that ho could
produce- witnesses to piovo that Uart
lett mndo the statement and concluded
1y saying, "Von will probably have to
nloiiy this under oath In a short time."
Judge Horry then gave Uartlett
some advice and told him to got that
notion out of IiIh head of trying to kill
Swlrjcrt Estate
W. V. Walkey ban been appointed
administrator of Henry W. Swlgort,
giving bond In the hum of $:t,:00 with
, ,,.-. I I. - - . .1 - ' 'I! I I llll! , .1. II. , ,,.. , , i, ! I, - ., , I- I I .1 I . i -
I '
THESE FEATURES should appeal strongly to every man and ev
ery woman in Mt. Vernon and Knox county when Hiawatha
Lake Assembly id mentioned. Knock off from the grind of routine af
fairs, attend every number of the 10 days' program that you possibly
can. Hear the Educational lectures by statesmen, orators, preachers,
professors, hear tho high-class musical programs, enjoy the lectures on
popular subjects ones that will, while making you laugh, leave good,
wholesome 'thoughts.
Mingle with the crowds and rest and build up your minds and bod
ies while enjoying the immense feast of good things.
.T. 11. Walglit nrnl Frank Mooro aa
Inventory and Appralsmcnt
In the matter of tho estate of Noah
II. Ttllon an Inventory and appraise
mont lias been filed In probate show
ing tho following: 1'oibonal goods
$2,715, real estato $2,140. Total ? 1,855.
Marriage License
Hcrbort William Kuhlman, clerk,
Arnold, Pa., and Loulso Mary Ilrust,
Mt. Vernon. The Itcv. I). A. Morris.
Deeds Filed
Georgo U. Ilollabaugh to Mary B.
Karleywlno, lot 23 In Martlnsburg, $1.
Simon J. Dudgeon to Fred K.-Park-or,
G8-100 ncrcs In College, ?272.
Jasper Gaddls to John II. Wcrtz, 70
acres In Mlddlobury, $4,550.
J. W. noynolds to N. C. Reynolds,
52.15 acres In IHlllar.fl.
N. C. Reynolds to J. W. Itoynolds,
495 acres In miliar, $1.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets gently stlmulato tho liver
and bowols to expel poisonous mat
tor, cloanso tho system, euro consti
pation and sick headache. Sold by
all dealers.
K. Of P. Picnic To Occur At
Hiawatha Park
On August 17 Program Be-
jno Arranged
Tho second annual county picnic of
tho Knights of Pythias will bo hold
at Hiawatha park on Aug. 17.
A commltteo from tho four lodges in
tho county hns tho arrangements well
In hand and Is planning a big day for
tho organization, nnd from reports n
large attendance nnd u good time aro
Grand Chancellor Hoko of Van
Wert, nnd Grand Keepor of Ilecords
and Seal Bcatty of Toledo hnvo noti
fied tho commltteo that they would bo
present on that day, and this will cer
tainly lio a treat to tho Pythlans in
tho county, as "Unclo Bill" Bcatty Is
known personally by about nil tho
Pythlans In tho stato of Ohio.
Tho program of tho day Is being
mapped out and will bo published Int
er, hut tho chief attraction will bo tho
baseball contest. Last year Haw
thorne lodge of Centcrburg was tho
winner, and this year thoy will hnvo to
play some to rotnln tho trophy, as
thero aro three other lodges very de
sirous of obtaining possession of tho
Hag. Besides tho ball gamo thero will
bo other contests that will afford
amusement to tho spectators and pro
lit to tho wlnnors.
Thero will bo a short program In tho
nudllorlum In tho aftornoon, consist
ing of musle, short addresses by tho
giand officers, etc.
All Knights of Pythias and' their
families In tho county together with
tho Pythian Sisters, their frlondB,
nulghbors and relatives aro cordially
Invited to bo present on Aug. 17.
When tho stomach falls to per
form llii functions, tho bowols bo-
eouio doraugod, tho liver nnd tho kid
neys eongostod causing numerous
diseases. Tho stomach and llvor must
bo restored to a healthy condition and
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets can ho dopondod upon to do
It. Knuy to take nnd most offcctlvo.
Sold by all dealors.
Placed Under Arrest By
Officers And Siieriff
After Refusing To Get Off A
C. A. & C.
Conductor King of tho C, A. & C.
rnllway hud a most exciting exper
ience with seven tramps nt nn early
hour Tuesday mornjng nenr Center
burg and as n result five of tho sev
en were nrrcsted in this city and arc
now locked up In tho county Jail to
await action on tho part of tho ofll
clnls of the C, A. & C.
Tho seven men wcro discovered on
tho freight train at Centerburg Tues
day morning and were ordered off by
Conductor King. Tho tramps refused
to get off and finally nil seven of them
started in pursuit of tho conductor,
who made his cscnpo by running Into
tho caboose and locking tho door. Tho
officials of Mt. Vernon were commun
icated with nnd when tho train rench
cd this city at D a. m., Officers Hough
Alsdorf and Sheriff Parker wcro nt
tho station.
As tho train stopped and when the
tramps saw the officers they started
to run In the direction of tho neoves
plant with tho officers in pursuit. Five
out of the seven wcro captured and
locked in the county Jail where they
gavo tho following names: Carlos
Abbott, Pearl Walter, Frank Tuthrow,
William Jones and Jnmes Ilngans.
Soreness of tho muscles, whether
Induced by violent exercise or in
Jury, Is quickly rollovcd by tho free
application of Chamberlain's Lin
iment. This liniment Is equally val
uable for muscular rhcumntlsm, and
nlways affords quick rollef. Sold by
all dealers.
i '
Injuries Sustained By RolSin
Itollln Stoyle, a coro-mnkcr at the
C. & G. Cooper works, sustained a
very sovoro Injury whllo nt work at
tho shops on Tuesday morning at
about seven o'clock. Mr. Stoylo wns
romovlng u coro from tho oven when
tho chains, to which It wns attached,
broke. Tho freed end of tho chain
flow and wrapped around Stoylo's
head and face, indicting sovoro bruis
es and lacerations, In addition (o tills
tho end of tho chain struck his right
arm violently and badly bruised It.
Ho was taken to tho office of Dr.Jnmcs
P. Leo whero surgical operation was
Tho world's moat successful medl
clno for bowol complaints Is Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera nnd Diarrhoea
Remedy. It hns rollovcd moro pain
nnd suffering, nnd saved moro lives
than nny othor modlclno in uso. In
vnluublo for children nnd adults. Sold
by oil dealers.
A camp, consisting of about fifteen
young men from JAistorln nnd Shelby,
mumbors of the Knights of King Ar
thur, are In camp on the Helen farm,
Just bouUi of Gamblur. Thoy nre In
chargo of Mr. Hadley of Boxloy college.
AUG. 4
. O '- if
Unconscious For Two Hours
Was Russell Sellers
In An Accident On Monday
Mr, Russell Sellers of North San
dusky street was very badly injured
whilo at work at nbout three o'clock
on Monday nftcrnoon. Mr. Sellers,
who is employed nt tho Kelfcr meat
shop, was at tho slaughter house, east
of the city, nnd was assisting In nn at
tempt to drlvo n steer up tho chuto to
a point where it was to have been
killed. Tho steer began to act In an
erratic manner and Mr. Sellers rnn
swiftly up. tho chuto to head It off
when his forehead came violently in
contact with a heavy plank, which had
been nailed across tho chuto about
five nnd one-half feet from tho floor.
He was thrown backward and wns
rendered unconscious by the blow. Ho
wns immediately placed Into a buggy
and driven to his homo on North San
dusky street whero Dr. S. K. Dceley
wns called 'as soon as possible. Tho
Injured mnn remained In n stato of un
sciousness for about two hours after
tho Injury. On examination. It was
found by tho pbyslc(an thnt tho In
Jury was not noccssnrlly of a serious
nature, but the greatest of caution
must be exercised In order to keep It
from becoming dangerous. On Tues
day morning, Mr. Sellers Buffered a
groat deal of pain In his head but was
pronounced to bo rapidly Improving.
Teething children havo moro or less
diarrhoea, which can bo controlled by
giving Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. All that Is
necessary is to give tho prescribed
dose after each operation of tho bow
els more than natural nnd then cas
tor oil to clcanst tho system. It is a
safo and suro. Sold by all dealers.
! ! j ! ! j j
! ! ! i j j j j j j j
Millwood Society
The Ladles' Aid of tho Millwood
DIsclplo church met at tho homo of
Mrs. Bonnie Hammond July 14, nt 2
p. m. Program ns follows:
Song Blessed Assurance
Scrlpturo lesson, Peter, 2nd chapter,
by Mrs. Mary Doollttlo, after which so
ciety repeated tho Lord's prayer.
Topic for discussion, "Brokon Prom
ises." Miss Elizabeth Rlghtmlro gavo an
interesting talk on tho subject follow
ed by romnrks on the subject by oth
ers. Select rending by Mrs. Minnie An
derson; subject, "Tho Ladles' Aid."
Reading by Mrs. Martha E. Butlor,
subject, "A Persistant Faith.
Reading by Mrs. Francis Country
man, subject. "Bo Yourself."
Reading by Mrs. Bonnie Hammond,
subject, "Phllotus and Nancy's Trip to
Closing Song, "Tho Rock thnt is
Benediction by Mrs. Golia Tnggart.
During the social hour refreshments
wero sorved by Mrs. Alwllda Ham
mond, Mrs. Francis Countryman and
Mrs. Bonulo Hnmmond. Next meet
ing July 28th nt tho homo of Mrs,
Golla Taggart.
Girl wanted for general housework.
Country girl preferred, Mrs. E. II.
Kalrchlld, 402 East Gambler street.
Tolophono No. C73.
HIAWATHA LAKE ASSEMBLY furnishes its patrons the best
that is to be had, and if it is to be kept here it must receive sup
port. The management does not beg for money with which to meet the
big expence, but offers a program worth double the money, and antici
pates the hearty support of all.
If the solicitors have missed you in their rounds, call the Rev. P.
E. Brininstool by 'phone and he will see to it that you are supplied with
a season ticket at $1.50 or an evening ticket at $1. Or you may pur
chase these at stores in the city. The reduced prices will not prevail after
next Monday evening.
In Person Of Dr. S. C. Lind
Of Cleveland
Trustees Hold Regular Session
On Tuesday
The regular monthly meeting of tho
trustees of tho Ohio Stato Sanator
ium was hold Tuesday at tho Insti
tution, northeast of tho city. All mem
bers of the board wero present and
Dr. S. P. WIso of Mlllersburg presided
nt tho meeting.
Superintendent C. B. Conwell an
nounced tho appointment of his as
sistant physician in the person of Dr.
S. C. Lind of Cleveland.
It was decided to Install complcto
fire equipment nt the institution and
accordingly a chemical cnglno and
hoso and hand chemicals will bo pur
chased. It was nlso decided to install a light
ning' rod on tho big stack at tho power
The usual number of bills for the
month weroallowed.
tit f !! xj!4!4jj!
? ? a tit t a tit ti
S. J. Workman and wife visited
with S. II. Workman and family Sun
day. Zack Burger and wife wero guests
of David Hivoly and family Sunday.
Levi Burger visited with Henry
Hess Sunday.
Mrs. Emma Brubaker nnd Miss Mel-
Ho Smith called on Mrs. Mary Work
man ono day last week.
' Miss Lola Bechtel spent Sunday
with Miss Wealtha Workman.
Samuel Montis and wlfo of Fredcr
icktown spent Snturday night nnd
Sunday at Jackson Bochtel's.
Miss Millie Smith of Loudonville
visited trlcnds In this vicinity last
Mrs. Esther Voecho of Cleveland
has boon visiting friends hero.
Roy Swank and wife of Butlor vis
ited with his parents, C. G. Swank on
Dr. nnd Mrs. L. L. Williams and
Mr. and Mrs. O. ,1'oppleton spent tho
day In Brink Haven.
Mr. Lester Scnrs of Sparta is con
fined to his home by a severe attack of
Mrs. Fnnnlo Klmes and son of Spar
ta is spondlng several days with Mr.
and Mrs. John L. Dodd of Chesterville.
3tJp& SZJp $S&JP
Mo3t porsona, oven those who are ordinarily strong and healthy, need ft
tonic and blood purifier ln'tho Spring. Somo havo no particular ailment, but ore
weak, debilitated and run-down. Winter life with its decreased amount of out
door oxorclso, and tho fact that cold woother has kopt the pores of tho skin closed,
prevented tho propor amount of waste and refuse matter from being expelled
from tho sy3tom. Those Impurities entering tho circulation have thinned and
woakened tho blood, and tho body thoroforo does not rocolvo a sufficient amount
of blood nourishment. Tho gcnoral bodily weakness, tired feeling, fickle p
potlto, poor digestion, etc., show how anaemic tho blood has become. Frequently
skin dlsoases, pimple3, eruptions, etc., broak out and this Is cvidenco of the im
purity of tho circulation. S. S. S. is tho best Spring tonic, bocauso it if the
greatest of all blood purifiers. It is the only modicInoW which you can rely to
supply tho system with tho needed tonic cflcels and at tho same time purify cvad
enrich your blood. Tho uso of S. S. S. at this timo may save you from a long
spell of sickness, and it will cortainly prepare you for tho Btrain of the long,
hot Summor. S. S. S. is made entirely from roots, liertw and barks J It is Nature's
tonic, puro nnd hoalthful. It rogulatos dlgostion, tones up the stomach, Im
proves tho 'appctito and promotos strong, vigorous health. This will be your besrt
Spring season if you uso U. S. S. for your tonic.
Assembly Talen
About tho only way that ono can
hear tho best lecture at Hiawatha as
sembly is to hear them all. If ono
takes a program and studies it closely
ho is soon lost In hunting for what ho
would llko best. Tho program through
out is excellent. Tho Sunday school
hour each day will bo of rare vnluo,
the dally Blblo hour will be exception
ally attractive, tho kingdom hours
will bo filled with mighty good things,
tho mission study will bo highly nene
flclnl, .the afternoon lecture hour on
each of tho ten days will bo filled with
musical entertainments and nddrcsses
of educational value, tho recreation
hour will bo pleasant, the primary
hour of Sunduy school and mission
study will be real pleasure, tho vesper
service, (conducted by Dr. Stucker),
will bo attractive, nnd tho eleven
evening attractions, without exception,
will prove very entertaining. One of tho
latter Is "Sour Grapes," a lecture by
Edward Amherst Ott. It Is said that
'this lecture will drivo away tho
"blues" for a year afterward. A sea
son ticket Is certainly worth lots moro
than $1.50, the price that prevails tho
remainder of tho week.
Down in tho littlo town of Saman
tha In Highland county, there is a
man who is tho village doctor, tho
undortaker, the druggist, and an
agent for the salo of tombstones. Re
cently1 whllo on an auto ride, tho par
ty met with an accident. One was
killed, three wore Injured and the
doctor, etc., was scratched.
Ho burled tho corpse. Ho set tho
broken limbs of tho others and ap
plied somo of his medicine which ho
procured from his drugstore, to his
own skin. He is now trying to sell
the noire of tho deceased a tomb
stone. Not only has ho many voca
tions but he is ono of the most popu
lar men in tho community, being
school director, Justico of tho peace
and having acted as land appraiser
during tho last appraisement. Colum
bus Dispatch.
Mr. Charles Jennings of Mt. Ver
non spent Tuesday in Chesterville at
tending to some business matters.
Miss Bcsslo Fox left Tuesday noon
for hor homo in Bollnlre, Ohio, aftor n
novcral days' visit with relatives In
nnd near North Liberty.
James Rogers nnd Fredorlck Wolda
of Gambler spent Tuesday with Mas
ter Kenneth Harper at his homo on
East Gambler street.
WANTED A woman for n good
second girl. Apply to Mrs. J. B.
Wnlght, 300 East High St.
KSSfti Visit to Mt, Vernon
Monday, July 25th
Curtis Hotel fKSfiRf
L. F. VOKE, PH. G., M. D.
Graduate, Ohio State University, Starling Med
ical College, American College of Optometry. Eight
years of College and University training. Neatly
twenty years experience In the treatment ol
To Chronic affections of the Lungs, Head. Nose,
Throat, Bara, Bronchial Tubes as Catarrh, Con.
sumption (early stages), Bronchitis, Asthma, Etc.
Stomach, Liver, Uowsls, as Indigestion, Dys
pepsia, nilllousneis, Constlpaton, Diarrhoea.
Blood, Heart, Skin as Uheumatlsm, Eczema,
Pimples, Wood Poison, Scrofula, Bad Blood, Etc.
Nerve, Spine, Brain as Epilepsy, Fits, Neural-
tla. Headache, Sleeplessness, Dullness. Nervous
Ixhauitlon, Despondency, Loss of Memory, Etc.
Kidneys, Bladder, Prostate as Dlabetes.Brlght'l
Disease, Inflammation of Kidneys and Bladder, Etc
Piles, Rectal Diseases and Varicocele treated
without use of knife or detention from business.
No matter what the disease. If It Is chronic,
obscure or difficult, you are Invited to call or
write recording It.
Your sight Is too precious to be trifled with. l)e
lectlve vision Is often caused by disease. Glassel
fitted and rurnlsned.
The remarkable cuccess of Dr. Voke's Home
Treatment for Women Is attested to by hundreds ol
satisfied patients. It saves many suffering women
from dangerous operations. Astonishing Results!
Many cases pronounced hopeless have yielded read1
lly. Women suffering from any disease or weak'
ness peculiar to their sex are Invited to call or write.
nil C ll Dr' Volte wants a private, heart-to-IV1CIM
hearttalkorcorresppndence wlthevery
man who Is weak, nervous, broken down, dlscour"
aged, or suffering from any disease causedby Ignor
ance. excesses, contagion, Inco-npetent treatment cf
neglect. Success or failure In life depends on youl
physical and mental condition. Do not put off a
matter of such vital Importance, Do something
now. Write today If you cannot call. Everything
confidential. Consultation and advice free.
He has made regular visits to this community fol
nearly fifteen' years and has established a perm
nent practice and reputation.
His practice Is limited to Chronic-Diseases, ans
he has spent practically all his life in the study an
LMtment of them.
HIS Specialty: To devise and furnish at a tow
cost successful courses of home treatment for thoit
who have no time or money to spend at expensive
hospitals and sanitariums.
He Is In the prime of life (forty-three) and ai
his very best for good work.
His practice consists mainly of rare and diffi
cult cases having failed to secure satisfaction else
where. At least three-fourths of his patients are sen'
to him by former patrons.
If he thinks he cannot benefit you he wilt say so.
Dr. Yoke's best references are his nany frlendi v
and patients, the result of fifteen years practice. Is
this community.
That Dr. Yoke Invites searching Investigation a
his work and methods of treatment. And that h(
charges absolutely nothing for consultation anc
examination Your case will receive his best at
tendon. Everything confidential.
His charges are so fair and reasonable that thi
poorest working man or woman need not hesitate M
applv for treatment. i
Write for Free Booklet, "Practical Suggestion
on How to Keep Well."
L. F. VOKE, Nl, D.
In piirsiiaijco oC nn nriler of tho Pro
brfto Court of Knox County, Ohio, I will
offer for snlo nt public auction on
Saturday, the 30th day of
July, 1910,
nt tlio nremlses tho following described
teal estnto, to-wlt:
Tho followliiK premises sltunto In tho
county of Knox anil Stato of Ohio, being
tho iiortli-ou8t quarter of section nlno
toon. (19) township five (3), rango ten (10),
of tho unappropriated land In tho Mili
tary District subject to sale at Zanesvllle,
Ohio, containing eighty (80) acres moro
or less.
Also tho following described real es
tnto situated In tho county of Knox, In
the Stnto of Ohio, and In tho town of
nindensburg, and bounded nnd described
ns follows: Being n part of lot number
f?ur (1) township llvo (5), rango cloven
(11), In snld county nnd Statoi and bound
ed ns follows: Beginning 4.91 poles west
from tho north-west corner of lot num
ber 39 In Porterfleld's addition to tho
town of Bladcnsburg. Ohio: thence In a
south-west direction 3.0S poles to a corn
er; thenco south 10.81 poles to a corners
thenco east 3,25 poles to n corner on south
bnnk of run; ttienco north to tho pjaca
of beginning, nnd containing ono-fourth
of an aero.
The first tract above described Is In
Jackson townshfo. 3VS miles south-east of
Rladonsburg. and will be sold at 10:00
o'clock on tho premises, and tho second
tract is 'located In tho1 town qf Bladcns
burg, nnd will be sold on tho premises at
2 o'clock p, in.
First Tract appraised at $2,400 00.
Second Tract appraised at J7O0.O0.
Terms of sato Ono-thlrd cash, and bal
nnco In two equal payments duo. In ono
nnd two yenrs from date of sale, or pur
chaser may elect to pay all cash.
Deferred payments to bear Interest nt
six per cent per annum, nnd bo secured
by mortgage on premises sold. ,
. . , , B. L. JONES,
Kxccutor of Jesse Hardest, deceased.
Columbus Ewalt,
1.WS&T".'" B,"'"''
Sum ? irg.""'y
fM issaMiaiii i mat rTiin iri

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