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FRIDAY, JULY 22, 1010
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I .
Of St. Vincent de Paul Ob
served In Local Cliurcli
m liigli Mass On Tuesday
Tho Catholic church today keeps
the festival of St. Vincent do Paul,
known In history as Uio apostlo of
charity and founder of tho Sisters of
Charity, who now number somo 50,000,
In overy part of tho world, engaged In
various works of charity, education
and religion.
As this Is the namo of tho local
church and parish, tho day was cele
brated by high mass sung by tho Itov.
Father Mulhane. Tho closing exer
cises of tho spiritual retreat for tho
Sisters took placo also. This has last
ed for eight days and was conducted
by Itov. John of Magulro, a Jesuit
priest from Chicago. About forty Sis
ters were present from various points
In Ohio, Barton, Bellalre, Bridgeport,
Maynard; Martin's Ferry, Dennlson,
Corning, Shawnee, CIrclovlllo, In ad
dition to thoso In Mt. Vernon,
Mrs. Addlsoit C. Dickinson went to
Newark today to visit for a day or so
with friends.
Mr. Nelson Burrls of Chicago is
spending several days with his fath
er, Mr. Chenoy Burrls of Danville.
Mrs. L. B. Wright of Lima is spend
ing several days with relatives in
Miss Nellie Bliss of Newark is
pending several days with relatives
In Sparta.
Miss Mame McQurck of Cleveland
Is spending several days with friends
in Mt, Vernon,
Mrs. Maggie Brock of Cleveland Is
spending several days In Mt. Vernon
tho guest of friends.
Miss Lola Stokes of North Norton
street is spending a week in Sandusky
the guest of relatives.
Mr. Rodham Tulloss of East Gam
bler street Is spending several days
with friends in Cleveland,
Miss Wlllia Spltzer went to Colum
bus Tuesday morning to spend the day
with friends.
Miss Beulah Currln of Zanesvllle,
O., has returned homo after a ten days'
Tlslt with Miss Coreta Harris.
Miss Georgia Crltchfleld of Dela
ware Is tho guest of Miss Nellie
Crltchfleld, East High streot.
Mr. B. F. Cornell left Tuesday morn
ing for his homo in Peoria, Ohio, af
ter a several days' visit with relatives
In Mt. Vernon.
Mrs. Barbara Carle has returned to
her homo In Mt. Vernon after a sever
al days' visit with relatives In Colum
bus. Mr. F. D. McGlnley of Memphis,
Tenn., is visiting his parents, Mr and
and Mrs. W. S. McGlnley, North Cath
erine street.
Miss Marguerite Davis returned to
her homo in Centerburg Monday even
ing after a several days' visit with her
grandmother, Mrs. J. L. Dovalt of
South Vernon.
FARMS FOR SALE 50 acres, 3
miles from city, price ?3,500. Also a
stock and grain farm, containing 250
acres, has four producing gas wells.
Now 9-room dwolling. Price $52 per
acre. Stream & Rimer, tf
Harry Hale, city editor of tho Ad
vocate, is taking his vacation. His
placo on the desk Is supplied by Frank
"Woolson of Mt. Vernon. Newark
American Tribune.
Mrs. John Splndler returned to her
homo In Mt. Vernon Monday evening
after a several days' visit with her
daughter, Mrs. A, L. White of Lima.
The following magazines are now
on sale at Perm's store: Judge's
Quarterly, Alnslce's, Short Stories,
Good Housekeeping, Popular, Blue
Book, Pictorial Review, Scrlbner's.
Mrs. Delia O'Connor and Mrs.
Georgo KIser of West High street and
Mrs, D. B. KIser of Chicago, who is
visiting with tho former at their homo,
left Tuesday morning for Woodsflold,
Ohio, where they will .spend several
days with relatives and friends.
Those Pies of Boyhood
How delicious were tho pies of boy
hood. No pies now ever taste so
good. What's changed? The pies?
No. It's you. You've lost tho strong,
healthy stomach, thq vigorous liver,
tho actlvo kldudys, tho regular bow
els of boyhood. Your digestion is
poor and you blame tho food. What's
needed? A completo toning up by
Electric Bitters of all organs of di
gestion Stomach, Liver, KIdnoys,
Bowels Try them They'll restore
your boyhood nppotlto and apprecia
tion of food and fairly saturate your
body with now health, strength and
vigor, 50c at G, R. Baker & Co.'b,
F. Fink, Fredrolcktown.
For Deceased Soldiers liuried
in Cemeteries
Can De Obtained If Applica
tion is Made
To Capt, M. M, Murpby De
fore October 10
Deceased ex-soldiers, sailors and
marines of tho United States, of all
wars, whoso remains aro interred in
any of our cemeteries, and whose
graves aro not marked by monument
or headstone, can bo furnished raarblo
stones by tho government, free, and
freight paid to tho nearest railroad
Captain M. M. Murphy. Commander
of Joe Hooker Post No. 21, G, A. R.. of
Mt. Vernon, makes requisition twlco a
year for headstones, and If parties In
any part of Knox county will furnish
him lists of names of such un-marked
graves, giving the name, company and
regiment, date of death, location and
namo of the cemetery, name and post
ofllce address of the person who will
receive and set up tho stone, also tho
name of tho railroad station to which
tho stone Is to bo shipped, ho will bo
glad to include tho names In his next
requisition. Unless all of tho partic
ulars above mentioned are furnished
In each case, tho stones cannot be or
dered. All lists for 1910 should be in by
October 1st.
At Frederlcktown
In honor of tho birthday anniver
saries of Mrs. Kirk Ramsey and Mrs.
Nellie Brown of Frederlcktown the fol
lowing persons were entertained at
tho homo of tho former on Sunday:
Mr. William Bartlott and family, Mr.
Earl Denman, Mr. Frnnk Krafft, Miss
Etta. Glbbs of Mt, Vernon;- Mr. and
Mrs. Kirk Ramsey, Miss Florence Wil
son of Frederlcktown, Miss Myrtle
nnd Miss Nellie Wilson, Mr. Wnlter
Sherron of Bollvllle, Master Arthur
Brown of Sparta.
Miss Ida Beach entertained at her
homo In South Vernpn on Saturday
afternoon in honor of Miss Marguerite
Davis of Centerburg. Tho afternoon
was very pleasantly spent In games
and various other amusements, Thoso
present were the Misses Ida Beach,
Marguerlto Davis, Mary Berson, Ota
Popejoy, Lenna Jacobs, Pansy Morey,
Eleanor Torrey, Mildred Popojoy and
Ida Beach.
Probe o! Biol and Lynching Be
gins In Earnest.
j j j j j j j j a jf
J I J ! i i I ! J I I 4 I
Wheeler Samuel White
Wheeler Samuel, tho seven-months-old
son of Mr, and Mrs. Samuel White,
of Liberty township, died Monday nf-
ternoon at 2 o'clock of stomach trou
ble. The funeral Wednesday after
noon at 2 q'clock. suntlmc, from tho
house, the Rev. Lewis of Sparta offi
ciating. Interment at Hendding chap
el. o v
J. E. Cayhoe
A telegram was received in tho city
by Mr. Charles Knerr, stating thnt his
uncle, Mr. J. E. Cayhoo, died at his
homo in Wooster, Ohio, Sunday morn
ing. Tho death was due to a sun
stroke, which occurred a short timo
before his death. He was forty-eight
years of age at the tlmo of his death,
and Is survived by his wife, two sons,
four sisters and flvo brothors. Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Knerr of this city
left Monday evening to attend the
funeral Tuesday. The deceased was
very well known In Knox county, and
had many friends and relatives in
and near Mt. Vernon.
Napoleon's Grit
was of the unconquerable, nover-say-die
kind, tho kind that you need most
when you have a bad cold, cough or
lung disease. Suppose troches, cough
syrups, cod liver oil or doctors have
havo all failed, don't loso heart or
hope. Take Dr. King's Now Discov
ery. Satisfaction is guaranteed when
used for any throat or lung troublo.
It has saved thousands of hopeless
sufferers. It masters stubborn colds,
obstinate coughs, hemorrhages, la
grippe, croup, asthma, hay fever and
whooping cough nnd Is tho most safe
and certain remedy for nil bronchial
affections. 50c. ?1.00. Trial bottle
freo at G. R. Baker & Co., F, Fink.
Places Responsibility For Trouble op.
Shoulders of Lawless Element
Among Saloon Keepers Tells of
Other Attacks on Leaders In Dry
Movement Denman Plans to
Bring Leaders to Trial In August
While Excitement Runs High.
Newark, 0 July 19. Tho grand
Jury that Is to conduct an investiga
tion relatlvo to tho riot of Friday,
July 8, and tho lynching of a dry de
tective, Carl'' Ethorington, on tho
samo night by a mob, began its la
bors when It was charged by
Judgo C. W. Seward. Attorney
General U. G. Denman and his
assistant, William Miller, aro hero to
work with Prosecutor P. 13. Smytho
in presenting tho evidenco In tho
William Wurstcr, a 19-year-old boy
of Zanesvllle, was brought hero un
der a first degree murder charge. It
Is claimed that he adjusted tho nooso
around tho neck of Ethorington.
Attorney General Denman uddrcss
ed tho court. He asked tho rourt to
say in the record that tho proceed
ings were by the authority of Gover
nor Harmon nnd the authority of this
com t. Tho court announced that tho
lecord of tho court would so show.
It was indicated by tho coiirt that
Dr. J. N. Wright should act as fore
man of the Jury. The other members
aro: Theodore F. Ball, carriage
blacksmith; R. S. McKay, manager
Newark Paint company; James E.
Jones, dealer in carriages, wagons,
etc; L. P. Sisson, secretary of American-Devon
Cattle club; Cliff S. Kerr,
feed and coal dealer; Frank J. Kin
ney, stove mounter; J. F. Keller,
fanner; Edward Simmons, farmer;
Robert H. Evnns. farmer; George W.
Smith, farmer; J. O. Cooksey; Thom
as Orr, farmer; H. A. Billman, farm
er; ilorton Butt, farmer.
The Judge's Charge.
Judge Seward, in his charge,
among other things said: "The court
ventures to say that tho Immediate
cause of the terrible tragedy was tho
fact that quite a number of men en
gaged In the retail liquor business In
this county made up their minds to
disregard and prevent the enforce
ment of a law on that subject, passed
by both houses of the legislature, ap
proved by the governor and ratified
by n majortly of more than 700 of
the legal voters of the county. An
attempt by somo of tho citizens to
enforce this law resulted in an as
sault on witnesses almost in the im
mediate presence of the court; in .an
assault upon the house occupied by
tho court; in threats of death and
destruction of the homes and loved
ones of thoso who were engaged In
tho prosecution, if they did not de
sist, and finally in the shooting of
Howard and tho lynching of Ether
ington." At tho council meeting ex-Mayor
Athorton's resignation was accepted,
Mayor Ankelo's bond approved and
W. D. Fulton elected president of
council. Councilman Elmer O'.r was
named president pro tern, and Phillip
Vogolmeyer elected to fill tho vacan
cy caused by Fulton's promotion.
Newark, O., July 20. George Bo
hon, president of the Mercer Nation
al bank of Harrodsburg, Ky and ad
ministrator of the estate of Carl Eth
erlngton, tho Anti-Saloon de'.ectivo
lynched litre July 8, made formal de
mand on tho Licking county authori
ties fpr tho J5.000 damages author
ized by tho state ito bo paid by tho
county' to tho ostato of persons
Bohon said that ho would bring
suit In tho federal court for ?40,000
damages against Former Sheriff
Linko and his bondsmen. Ho has re
tained n Columbus attorney. That
Ethorington was but a few. months
over 17 years of ago when lynched
was declared by Bohon.
Tho grand Jury Is making slow
progress In Its probing of tho affair.
But a comparatively few witnesses
havo teen examined, and while it has
been tho belief that they would finish
their work In three or four days, It
'i now thought that it will bo almost
a week before a report Is made.
Tho first man to bo released out of
tho 25 or 30 In custody for the lynch
ing was William Wurstor, the Zanes
vllle lad, who was arrested with tho
charge of murder against him,
Wurster's father at onco secured
tho services of an attorney nnd a
determined fight was made to get tho
lad released. Tho chargo of first de
gree murder was withdrawn and
Wurster was admitted to ball in tho
sum of $2,000, which was furnished.
Cupid Captures Murderer.
Warren, O., July 20, Love dor an
old sweothcart cost Philip Gaetano,
convicted stayer of Edwin C. Wilson,
his liberty. Ho escaped from tho
county Jail following his sontenco to
tho penitentiary for life, and walked
to tho outskirts of Youngstown,
where ho spent a day with a woman
ho onco courted. His delay thore re
uulted In his arrest at Nowcastlo, Pa.
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B f Miss Lewis e
oftttitt tatttotttst t ttBtettttt ttft
First Annual
Mid-Summer Clearance
Sale of Footwear
10 bignnZgain Economy Shoe Store ' bi8ngai
Sale commences Wedne.s a. m., & closes Saturday Night, July" 50
In order to reduce our fine and up-to-date stock of footwear and to make room for our heavy
fall stock coming in now we will offer a reduction of 25 per cent on each and every pair of Shoes in the
store. These shoes are thoroughly reliable, new 1910 stock, and are sold under the strong guarantee by
ourselves and the makers. If not as represented goods will be exchanged or money refunded. The fol
lowing prices speak for themselves:
Men's Department
Men's Carpet Slippers, 50c value, uow. . i . . -29c
Men's Leather or Velvet Slippers, 75c value,
now 39c
Meu's Tenuis (black or white) Slippers, 75c
value, now 63c
Mien's Buckskin Outing Shoes, They Will "Wear,
$1,75 value, now.' '. S .39
Men's Heavy "Work Shoes, They Will Wear,
$1.75 'value, now S 1 . 1 9
Mien's All Solid Waterproof Grain Shoes, $2.25
value, now SI .69
Mien's Genuine Outing Elk, $2.75 value,
now S2.I9
Men's Genuine Easy Elk, $3.50 value, now. 2.85
Men's Viei, Tan Russia or Patent Colt Ox
fords all now 1910 models, regular $3,
$2.50 and $2.00 values, now $ 1 .69
Mien's Oxfords, in Patent, Tan or Gun Metal
' Calf, $3.50 value, now $2.48
And scores of similar bargains that we have
not the space to mention.
Children's Department
Infants', Children's and Misses' Shoes, San
dals, Pumps & Oxfords at the following low prices:
Infants', sizes 0 to 5 39c TO 89c
Child's, sizes 5y2 to 8 69c TO 98c
Child's (large) 8y3 to 11 98c TO $1.35
Misses', sizes 11 to 2 $1.23 TO $1.69
Women's Department
Women's Carpet Slippers, 40c value, now 24c
Women's Leather or Serge House Slippers, 60c
value, now 39c
Women's Leather or Serge House Slippers,
$1.00 value, now 83c
Women's Strap Sandals, high or low heel, plain or
Patent Kid Leathers, regular $1.25,
$1.50, $1.75 values, now 98c
Women's Soft Shoes For Tender Peet, including
Juliets, Prince Alberts (Rubber Gore) Bus
kins, Point Slippers ,and Oxfords (Lace) in
plain kid or serge cloth 48c TO $ 1 .98
Ladies' Ankle Strap Pumps, Sailor Ties, and Ox
fords, in Tan, Plain Kid or or Patent, All
iNew 1910 Styles, High or Low Heels,
all sizes . . . .' 98c TO $ 1 .98
Boys', Youths' and Little Gents'
) department
These Shoes are solid and will wear. Here
is the great opportunity to save money on your
school shoes for next fall.
Little Gents' Solid Calf Shoes, sizes 8 to 13 ., 98c
Youths' Solid Calf Shoes, sizes 13i2 to 2. . .$ ,23
Boys' Solid Calf Shoes, sizes 2i2 to 7 $1.48
Economy Shoe Store
Room formerly occupied by A. A. Dowds' Dry Goods Store, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
On the .Corner Main and
Gambier sts.,
Claiming that through tho negll
genco of tho Mt. Vernon Bridge Co. ho
wns permanently Injured and disabled
while at work on an addition to its
nlant at Portsmouth, Joseph Downing
yesterday sued tho company In com
mon pleas court for $10,000 damages.
Tho accident occurred May 22, Down-
Ing's hands wero badly Injured. Frank
S. Monnett Is his attorney. Columbus
f ;
' 3
--o A sfewJLiDMiurfiW-- Mm' ZUUti i nclWMjH.LM.W.U ,e4-A mt 4lH(JrtrtfriiVlialJ 4 JUbWi ifcfc Hll!l MtljLAki .Jtiu ft i.AHIUt&i i i w- l "1e4i't-nVl '
- Jr&itoiwtoM
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tilfeuJi. U iktJklid Utu.ULjteJUl.tJ.U.. ,

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