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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, August 16, 1910, Image 8

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mmuMmv u.wt w"g iUm. j. mi, mmfiwmui Ji UM
Doctor Says His Condi
tion Is Not Alarming.
i. --'
Hoosler Physician Dispels Alarm Felt
by Friends.
IndlnnnpollH, Aug. 1G. Tho condi
tion of Jnmos Whltcomb Rlloy, who
Buffered a stioko of pnrnlysls thrco
weeks ngo, Is Improved, nnd hopes of
Mb recovery mo growing, though
friends still foar a second stioko of
paralysis. Dr. Carleton McCulIoch
says tho poet's condition is iiot
alarming, '
Now Geeks to Represent Oklahoma
In Federal Senate.
Guthrie, Olcln., Aug. 115. Tho pro
gram is already fixed in Oklahoma
Democratic circles in cusa Senator
Gore should for nny reason lobo his
toeat in the United States uonato as
& result of tho present congrosslonal
bribery Inquiry. His successor will
b C. II. Haskell, by nppolntmont of
Loo Cruco of Ardmoro, recently nom
inated by the Democrats to succeed
Haskell as governor. Haskell sup
Tortcd Cruco for the nomination and
Will utump the statu for his election
In November, and In return Cruco
"will nnmo Haskell senator In cast- of
r vacancy or support him to succeed
Robert L. Owen when tho latter's
term ns United States senator x
pires. This slato was admitted by
Democratic Icndois.
CHICAGO- Cattle: Hctivoi, 54 C0f8 25;
TtxiiM Hluen, J3 G0(fG 00; ucHtcin HteeM,
S 001H 75; ntooIitiH and fi'cdor, M 00y
C 25; c'iwh nnil lielfirH, fi COjfG 35,
ColvtH Ji; GOOS f.O Htioup nnil LiuiiIjm
Native slicop, K J5Q4 3G, W.Btcni, J GO
U 'id; niitlvo Inmlin, 14 254j.il 75, woit
im, (4 vr, f(C. CO, jciirllncH, $4 0066 40.
Hurh I.lKllt, S IDiffS 1)5; inlxril, $7 GW
8 86; hf.ivy, 17 C0H HO: ruiiKli. 7 GOfl)
7 85; pIish, 8 60ff' 00, Wheat No 2
rJ, U MMfl 03. Corn-No. 2, 0710
CVdf. OittH No. 2 (ni'W), SG'Jo.
EA8T DUFFALO Cuttlo: Export cnt
tle, )0 E0W7 GO; ililpiiliiK HtcciH. to Hip
C GO; butcher cuttle, J 5 2057 00; lii'lfem,
14 OOftG 7G, fut chh, JG 00415 25; bulla,
15 roo. S0i mllkcrti anil nprliiKi ni, KG 00
3t5 00 CiilviiH JU DOii'10 00. Bliecp and
Linl)(i--MIKl shorn, $4 G0f4 7G; wuth
H 00&& 40. ewes, J4 25f4 76; Ininl.s,
K. C0W7 00, yaiiillnK. IG 60)G 00. How
lieavlt-, JS ti0fD 00; ini'illuniH, JO 00
0 15; Yinkeis, J 'J 20(I9 40, (iIkh, J9 50O
(G, rmiKliM, 17 254j7 GO; ituun, jo 60 Hi
7 00.
PITT80URCI-C.ittle: Choice. K 35
7 CO, prlmr, 7 107 30; tidy butcher,
16 00(10 60, liulleiK, JS 00(f5 75; cuwa,
bulli nnil Htnua, 12 GOQG 60; froBli oows
and nprlnKt. 125 OOQiO 00, Culvcn
Vol, JO 00 09 25, Ulieep mut lmb
Frltnr withem, tt 26()4 40; uooil mixed.
3 80(i 1 20, lumbi, Jl 30Q7 00; yuarlliiKii,
83 606 GO. 11ok 1'rlina htuvy lios,
J Uttt 00; moJIuniH. JO 104f0 16; heavy
tnlxtd, JS kGMS 90; bsuvy Yorkers, 89 15
r 20; IlKhVYorkLrN, J9 4609 60; pIbb.
89 GO.
CLCVELAND-Cnttle: Choice nteerii,
l C0t7 00, lulfcrs, 83 60 Oil 25, (at conn
81 004 GO, bullM. 84 2504 75; milker
and aprlncork, 830 00O00 00, Calve
38 2G down. Bhcep and I.mbn Mixed
htp, 33 250 60; ewfi, 83 7G04 25: belt
htt, 81 GO; lamb, 84 60O0 76. Hon J?
89 10; pIkh, 39 40; roui(h, 17 2607 jf;
CINCINNATI Wheat: No. 2 red. 31 do
431 02 Corn No. 2 mixed, 60HO07C
Oatn No. 2 mixed, 3586',4c. Ityo No.
2. 80 J 62c. Hulk Meat-J 13 37H llaoon
814 60 Iird 811 30. Cojlle 3J 00O 36.
Bheip 31 7504 16, Lambt 33 7600 90.
Houk-35 C6t(iU 20
TOLEDO Wheat. II 03J corn, 6SHo;
ota, 38',, c, rye, :o; clovornecd, 38 70.
A Menu Jinn.
"IIo is tbo most inconsldcrnto mnn, I
"IIo refuses to glvo .a vrito nny
grounds on which to get ju divorco with
' alimony."- Chicago Post.
Eggs 22c j butter 24c.
dough for sowing machines. tf
Sharp's for cut flowers, 8 N. Mnln.
Gem Laundry, 7 N. Main St. tf
Mr. Edson Dreeco of North McKcn
zlo street spent Sunday at the Caves.
Mrs. Wlllnrd Wheeler of Znnesvlllo
Is spending sovoral days with Dr. and
Mrs. G. R. Baker of East High street.
Miss Mary Flanagan of Cloveland is
spending several days with friends in
Mt. Vernon.
Mr. J. Sinlthhlslcr of Cleveland is
spending soveral days in Mt. Vernon
tho guest of friends nnd relatives.
Mr. E. W. Dreeco went to Center
burg Monday morning to attend to
somo matters of business.
Mr. Otis Tier of East Pleasant
street went to Akron Mondny morn
ing on business.
Messrs. It. C. Knox and John Ran
dall of Frederlcktown spont Sunday
In Mt. Vernon, tho guests of friends.
Mr. Edwnrd II. Wing of Cleveland
spont Sunday in tbo city tho guest of
Mr. Waiter W. Styers of Cloveland
visited in tho city over Sunday with
Mr. Burch Crltchfleld of Columbus
spent Sundny in tho city tho guest
of relatives.
Mr. Harvey Hammond of Millwood
was tho guest of friends in Mt. Ver
non over Sunday.
Mr. Allen Pink of Pittsburg, Pa., Is
n guest at tho homo of Mr. C. A. Dope,
East Gambler street.
Mr. Charles Dermody of THTlii, O,,
Is tho guest of relatives nnd frlonds
in tho city.
Miss Bessie Itnfferty of Nowark Is
spending several days in Mt. Vernon,
tho guest of friends.
Miss Clco Wilkinson of Pittsburg
Is spending soveral days with rela
tives tnnd friends in Mt. Vernon.
Mrs. William Fundls of Pittsburg
Is spondlng sovoral days with frlonds
In Mt. Vernon.
Mrs. Annlo Oldrold of Donvor, Col
orado, Is spending soveral days in Mt.
Vernon, tho guest of her niece, Miss
Itotta Hill of West Vino street.
All kinds hats cleaned and pressed;
shoos shlncd. Cc; pool room; harbor
shop; cigars nnd tobaccos. Geo. May
roraats. 100 W. High.
Mr. Joseph McMnnls returned to
his homo on South Jnckson Btreot Sun
day ovenlng nftor n soveral days trip
to Niagara Falls. ,
Mr. W. n. Wilkinson returned to
his homo In Pittsburg Sundny after an
oxtonded visit with relatives In Mt.
Miss Mnrguerlto Bedoll hns return
ed to her homo on West High strcot
nfter an extended vlBlt with frlonds
in Pittsburg.
Mr. John Starncr of Newark is
spondlng sovornl days with his par.
onts, Mr. nnd MrB. J. J. Stnrnor of
North West street.
Messis. Georgo Thayer, George Ew
Ing, Charles McKay and Frank Cran
er spont'Sundny In Nowark the guests
of friends.
The Essex baseball team dofcated
tho South Veinon team by a scoro of
10 to 12, on tho Essox gi omuls on
Snturdny afternoon.
Miss Helen Gordon hns returned
to hor homo on West Sugar streot
nftor an extended visit with lolatlvcs
In Columbus.
The Missus Clara nnd Minion Ens-
mlngor of Columbus tiro spending sov
eral days with their grandmother,
Mrs. Claia fioidnu of West Sugar
Mr. John Hlshong, formeily of this
elty, was In Mt. Vernon n short time
Sunday In a big Wlnton "Six" nuto
mohilo eniouto from Cincinnati to
Mr. and Mis. S. T. Stormer of Mt.
Vornon will spend Sunday nt tho
homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. H. C. Zchnor In
lltienu Vista atreot Newark Advo
Dr. Chailos Wilkinson left Satur
day afternoon for his homo In Can
yon City, Colorado, after tin extended
visit with relatives nnd friends In
Mt. Vernon.
Mr. Jason Davis, omployed on tho
reportailnl staff of tho Columbus
Nows, rotmned to Columbus this
morning to resume his duties nrtor u
woek's visit with rolntlves In the city.
Tho board of directors nnd olllcors
of tho Knox County Agricultural So
cloty nro actively engaged In sundry
ways to mnko tho" fair this your n
booming success, A Httlo holp from
each nnd every ono will bo greatly ap
preciated by tho socloty.
Miss Charlotte Ackort of Elgin, 111.,
who is tho guest of Miss Colomnn, ro
Biding on tho Woostor load north of
tho city, onng two bcntitirul solos nl
tho Presbyterian church Sunday morn
ing and ovenlng. Sho possesses tin
excollent volco nnd tho solos wore
grontly appreciated. Miss Ackort la
grodutito of tho CoiiBorvntory of
Music, Oborltn, und was a clnsBmnto
of Miss Coleman,
Mr. C. D. Sculley of Pittsburg spent
Sunday with his family In Gambler.
Mr. Frank Mooro was a Columbus
visitor this afternooon.
Mr. C. T. Kadcllffo of Cleveland
spent Sunday in ML Vernon the guest
of rolntlves.
Hon. C. V. Trott returned to Co
lumbus this afternoon after a short
visit in tho city.
Mr. Georgo E. Sweeney of Columbus
spont Sunday in the city the guest
of his daughters.
Mr. John Georgo went to Newark
Mondny noon to attend to some mat
ters of business.
Mr. Malcolm Piatt of Cleveland
spent Sunday in Gambler the guest of
Mr. Lou McFadden of Cleveland Is
In the city spending several days with
relntivcs and friends.
MIsb Ethel Itnmscy of Bladensburg
has ncccpted a position ns operator
In the Gnmbler telephone exchange.
Messrs. Dwlght Tllton nnd Dean
Hancock of Martlnsburg spent Sun
day with friends In Gambler.
Mrs. Harry Weaver has gone to
Barnesville, 0 nnd Wheeling, W. Vn.,
to visit with relatives and friends.
Misses Fanny McGough and Fanny
Dermody left today for Now York City
to attend the mllllnory openings.
Mr. Joseph Hardin nnd daughter re
turned to their homo In Gambler Sun
day after n several days visit In Cleve
land. Miss Stella Fish returned to her
home In Gambler Saturday noon after
an extended visit In Nebraska and
Rev. B. F. Rhoades 'and family of
Norwnlk aro spendflg soveral days
with Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Stoylo and
Mr. .and Mrs. S. A. Williams of
Gnmbler nro spending several days
with relatives nnd friends In Pataska
la nnd Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
Superintendent of Schools John S.
Alan and wifo returned this afternoon
from n visit with relatives at Greon-
vllle, Pn.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Church have re
turned to their homo on East Hum-
trnmck street nfter n severnl days'
visit with relatives In Sunbury.
Mr, Everett Becks of Cleveland Is
spending sovornl days In Mt. Vernon,
tho guest of his brother-in-law, Mr. F.
G. Mnrdls.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Stokes loft Sun
day morning on n two weeks' trip to
Cloveland, Detroit nnd vnrlous other
points on tho Gront Lakes.
Miss Nnnnlo Ogllvle,, who was call
ed to tho city by tho death of Mrs.
C. A. Bopo, returned this afternoon
to her homo In Atlnntn, Ga.
Mr. Robert Clarke nnd Miss Kelley
of Cleveland spent Sundny nt the
homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Clnrko,
North Main street.
Mr. rind Mrs. Hnrry C. Dovin and
two children, Besslo nnd Fletcher, left
Saturday evening for Chicago, 111.,
to visit with Mr. and Mrs. William
II. Pratt.
Mr. M. B, Hnrrod of Mnrtinsburg,
O., on August 2, shipped cloven sheop
to Washington, Pa., receiving tho sum
of $175 for tho cloven.
Mr. John Bowden returned to Ak
ron, whero ho Is employed, Mondny
morning nfter spending Sunday nt
his homo In Mt. Veinon.
Eveiy farmer nnd every household
has something which Is worthy of n
plnco at tho fair. Bring It along nnd
help mnko tho fnlr a glorious success.
Mis. Wnlnwrlght Dnvls and Httlo
son, Wnlnwrlght, Jr., of Mt. .Vornon,
Intl., Is tho guoBt of hor parents, Mr.
and Mis. C. A. Lnfovcr, south of tho
Mr. Georgo D. Lowls of West Vir
ginia, founorly of Mt. Vernon, Is
spending sovornl dnys In tho city tho
guest of his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. L.
II. Lewis.
Mlas Dell Stevens of Day ton nnd
Mr. MeKlnnoy of Troy returned to
tholr homes today after a short visit
with Mr. and Mrs. William Gower
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Cnmpboll.
Tho Mlssos Alllo and Allco Fryo of
29 Enst Gambler strcot loft Sundny
morning for Clovelnnd nnd Dotrolt to
attend tho millinery openings. Thoy
will visit othor places of interest bo
foro tholr return.
Mis. Josoph Rogors nnd two dniigli
terB, Lillian and Esther of Pittsburg,
aro spending sovornl days with Mrs.
Rogers' daughter nnd son-in-law, Mr.'
Ernest Brown of West Walnut street.
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Miller of Ash
land, Ohio, nro tho guests of Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. F. Smnlloy, Mnrtfnsburg road.
Mr. Clifton Goorgo of Chicago, 111.,
Is the guest of his parents, Mr. nnd
Mrs. William Goorgo of "Rosoinny"
farm, south) of tho city.
Mr. and Mrs, Lawrcnco Bradflold
nnd Miss Fnlth Frnzco loft this morn
inf for a trip In Mr. Bradllold'H nuto.
Today thoy nro attondlng tho Bloom
field School rounlon nt Bloomllold nnd
Sundny will bo spont nt Camp Sychnr,
nt Mt. Vornon. Mr. Brndfleld from
thdro goes on to Contorhurg for n vis
It of n wook wllh rolntlves, Dolawaro
Children's Black Cat, Pony and Iron Clad
25c value, per pair 1 3c
Children's Black and Dark Ecd Hose, 15c &
10c values, per pair 5c
Children's black and tnnjace hose, 25c value,
per pair .' 1 5c
Ladies' tan hose, lace and plain, 25c value,
per pair 1 5c
Ladies' tan hose, lace and plain, 50c and 35c
values, per pair 29c
Ladies' colored hose, 25c value,
per ixiir 1 3c
Men's Socks in a variety of colors, 50c value,
per pair rT 25c
Men's Socks in a variety of colors; a big bar
gain at per pah' 1 3c
Men's Balbriggan shirts and drawers, 50c
value, each . .'. 39o
Men's Balbriggan shirts and drawers, 25c
value, each , . i (9c
Children's Nazareth waists, 25c value,
each 1 5c
Ladies' sleeveless knee length Union Suits,
$1.00 valuo. ., : 796
Ladies' ankle length pants, 50c value. . . .33o
Ladies' ankle length pants, 25c value. . . . 1 5o
Ladies' sleeveless, knee length lace trimmed
Union Suits, 50c value 33c
Ladies' lace knee pants, 25c value f 5c
Wash voiles and Persian Pongee, 25c to 39c
values, per yard 1 5c
Lawns, 25c value, per yard I2C
Lawns, 121.c to 20c values, per yard. ... 7c
Colored Dundee, 15c value, per yard. .8 l-3c
Apron Ginghams, 614c value, per yard. . 5c
Ginghams and Eden cloth, 1210 value,
per yard 8 l-3c
Bleached Muslin, 121c value, per yard. . j 0c
Unbleached Muslin, a bargain, 12 yds. . . $ f
Unbleached Sheeting, 9-4,' 25c value,
per yard 1 9c
Bleached Towling, 10c value, per yard. . 7c
Unbleached Towling, 10c value, per yard 7c
Bleached Towling, 12c value, per .yard 9c
Mr. Warner W. Miller returned to
Columbus this afternoon nfter spend
ing Sunday In tho city.
Miss Cniolyno Jointings returned
this afternoon from tin extended visit
nt Qiiin cy, 111., Chlcngo nnd St. Louis.
Rov. Leo II. Young of Hastings, Ne
braska, left Monday morning for Port
Clinton, Ohio, nfter a sovornl days'
visit with rolntlves in Gambler.
Mr. Charles Brown of CInclnnnti.
formerly of Mt. Vornon nnd Fredor
icktown, Is In Mt. Vernon tho guost
of friends.
Mis. Sndlo Bovlngton, residing just
north of this city, underwent n suc
cessful oporntlon nt tho Mt. Vornon
hospital Monday morning.
Miss Helen Nnzor returned to hor
home in Danvlllo Saturday nftornoon
nfter n week's visit with relatives In
Mt. Vernon.
Mr. J. It. Kennedy, nmnngor of tho
Mt. Vernon Medlcnl and Surgical San
Itnrlum, went to Marlon, Ohio, Mon
dny to spend sovornl days with rela
tives. Mr. and Mrs. Orol Letts and Mr. nnd
Mrs. William Chrlsmnn nnd son,
Floyd, of Homer, nro spending sever
al dnys In Danvlllo tho guests of Mr.
nnd Mrs. W. S. Sonst.
Mrs. MoArtor was taken from her
homo on East Wntor street to tho
homo of Mrs. Roeso on West Chest
nut street Sundny evening In McCor
mlck's nmbulnnco.
It is said of nn Atchison woman
that fcho weeps as easily ns a fountainpen.
.ff t ! 4
Tho eleventh annual rounlon of
tho Motz-Rolchert families will bo
held In tho Clora. Horn grovo on Wed
nesday, August 17th.
Tho nnnunl reunion of tho Ilar-rod-Biggs
family will bo hold August
18, at Union Grovo in Harrison town
ship, Knox county.
Tho Lohr reunion will be hold
on August 18 nt tho homo of Mr, and
Mrs. Joseph Lohr who reside near
Tho soventb annual reunion of
tho Stockdnlo family will bo hold
Thursday, August 18, nt tho homo of
Mr. Jnmos George' AH relatives nro
Invited to nttend,
Tho annual reunion of tho Bell
nnd Hnyos families will bo hold nt tho
Union Grovo Church in Harrison town
ship, Knox county, Ohio, on August
20. Everybody invited.
-o- V.
Tho Simpson rounlon will bo
hold nt tho old homo of John Simpson,
ono-hnlf mllo north of Howard oi. Aug
ust 25.
Tho annual Knox-Morrow county
picnic will bo held at Lyons Lako on
Saturday, August 20. Tho speakers
of tho day will bo Hon. Georgo II.
Chnmberlnnd of Elyrtn, Hon. F. A.
Stodo, Hon. J. C. Chriswoll. Thoro
will bo band concerts, boat races, two
Sale Combined
Men's work shirts, 50c value . . . 39c
' Children's Rompers, 50c value 39o
Children's Rompers, 39c- value 29c
Children's Rompers, 29c value 1 9c
Misses' and Juniors' Duck Suits in white,
tan, blue, pink and lavender; $5.00 and $6.00
values S 1 .98
Ladies' Linen Suits, $8.00 and $9.00
values $4.98
Large Line Ladies' House Dresses,
at 98c, $1.19, $1.25, $1.48 & $1.98
Ladies' White Lawn and Batiste Dresses
lace and embroidery trimmed, $6.00 value. -82.98
$10.00 value $5.98
$15.00 vto $16.50s $7.98
Ladies' White Shirt Waists, $1 value.. 38c
$1.25 value 69c
$1.50 to $1.75 values 89o
Ladies', Misses and Children's Muslin Goavus
45c values 29c
50c values 39q
85c values '. 1 69c
$1.00 and $1.25 values 1 89c
$1.50 to $1.75 values 98c
Ladies' White Petticoats, speciallv priced
r 39c, 49c, 69c, 79c & $1.29
Ladies' Combination Undermuslins $1.25
values 79q
$1.50 values gjjc
Princess Slips, specially priced
at 69c, 98c & $1.48
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Muslin Pants
Priced at I9c, 29c & 39c
Ladies' and Misses' wool suits in dark colors
and styles suitable for Fall wear at about One-Half
price and less.
We have just received 127 Ladies' and
Misses' new Fall Suits and there are more coming
in every day. Come in and see them.
i . On all Carpets, Bugs, Linoleums, Mattings
and Window Shades, we are giving a discount of
Ten per cent.
These are only a few of the special prices to
be found here. There are other reductionsAJust as
good in every department.
baseball games and other amusements
during tho day.
Tho eleventh annual reunion of
the Lecklltor family will be held nt
tho homo of Arbolla Hlzer, two miles
west of Butler, August 27.
Tho Penler family rounlon will
be hold at Lako Hiawatha park on Sat
urday, August 27.
The Bodoll-Wlllls family rounlon
will bo held at Riverside park on Sat
urday, August 27.
Rov. HcDanlels of Defiance, O.,
will preach In the Brandon Baptist
church Tuesday evening, August 10.
Rov. McDanlols was formerly the pas
tor of the Baptist church at Brandon.
The Christian Endeavor Socloty
of Mt. Pleasant church on tho Mar
tlnsburg rond will glvo a soclnl on
Thursday ovenlng, August 25th, on
tho church lawn. A cordial Invitation
Is extended to all.
Tho meeting which was to have
been held on Tuesday evening, Aug.
1C, by tho citizens of Harrison town
ship to discuss centralization of
schools' has been postponed until
Tuesday evening, August 23.
Tho third annual rounlon of tho
descendants of Christian and Eliza
beth Bnughman, tholr kindred friends,
will bo held at Moxnliala Park, Zanes
vllle. O., on Saturday, Sept. 3. Sovoral
members of the family reside in Knox
Tho annual reunion of tho 'teach
ors and pupils of tho Qunker school
will bo held Friday, August 19, on tho
school house grounds.
Tho eighth annual rounlon of
the Clark family will be hold at New
Castle on Saturday .August 27.
Tho Knox County Grange and
farmers will hold n picnic nt Gambler
on tho Kenyon college campus on
Tuesday, August 30th. 'l. T. Tabor,
state grango lecturer and Dr. H. W.
Jones of Gnmbler will deliver address
es during the meeting. Tho collego
buildings will bo openfor inspection
during tho day. Every farmer and
member of the grango Is cordially in
vited to be present. '
Tho second degree will bo con
ferred nt tlio regular meethng of Quin
dnro Lodge, Np. 316, I. .0. O. F. on
Tuesday ovenlng.
Tho ladles of the Phefethla class '
of tho First Baptist church will meet
Wednesday afternoon nt 2:30 o'clock
at tho homo of Mrs. Royal Bartlott, s
No. 12 West Chestnut street.
Tho Wander, Knylor and Stllling
er reunion will be held Thursday, Aug
ust IS, nt William Kaylor's grovo near
Greer. X program will bo rendered.
Music by tho Danvlllo band. Every
body welcome.
j w i
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