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tp nmNic haven.
Aug. 22. Mrs. P. J. Parker and son,
Thurston, returned to their homo at
Mt. Vernon Sunday evening after a
tow days' visit with rolatives here.
Misses Avice Nelderhouso and May
iilack went to Mt. Vernon to be pros
tut at tho Teachers' Institute.
MIbs Cora Workman is attending
Institute at Mlllershurg this week.
Mrs. Edward Simmons, who came
aero to attend tho funeral of her
taothor, Mrs. J. N. House, last week,
returned to her homo In South Da
kota, Monday.
Jnmes Weeks went to Hammond,
Ind., laBt w6ek where ho will aeok
employment as brakeman on a ra"
load there.
Weeks & Dowdall had nulto an ex
citing experience near hero recently
when they wore going up a steop hill
Vlth tho separator hitched on behind
the engine with a chain, When near
tho top of tho hill tho chain broke and
tho thresher started at a rapid paco
down tho hill backwards. When near
tho bottom, tho foro wheel struck a
Stono over-turning tho machine, and
&S it turned over and over several
times, was a total wreck. It was
in such bad condition that thoy cannot
havo It repaired.
.Detectlvo Martin of tho C. A. & C.
VftB in town Sunday Investigating tho
theft of twcnty-flvo dollars from tho
depot cash drawer horo ono night last
Tho 0. A. & C. Btoam shovel has
ftgaln moved to tho Hunter pit two
ttlloB west of Gambler.
C. S. Starnor, who Is watchman on
tho C. A. & C, spont Monday with his
family at this place.
Mrs. K. S. Stnrnor nnd son, Ken
neth, woro guests of rolatives hero
last week.
Tho stock of goods of Kohl & Banks
Will bo sold on an attachment suit
hero next' Saturday. Tho storo has,
been closed somo tlmo as tho sonior
partner, Mr. BankB, suddenly left and
80 far haB failed to return.
Tho Infant child of Nelllo Zimmer
man died hero last week and was bur
led In tho Brink Haven cemetery.
.Cholora Infantum waB tho cause of
Georgo Sumtlmor Ib wearing an un
usually broad smllo caused by an
other daughter taking up her rosi
dence at his homo. As this Is tho
second daughter, and tho first 1b now
17 years of age, It causes tho smllo to
bo all tho broador.
Aug. 22. It. E. Parish and family
were tho gucstfl.of Squlro FIshburn
and family Sunday.
3. H. Needs and wife woro the
guoBts of relatives at tho Btato farm
Quartorly Mooting at Ehonezor next
Sunday, Aug. 28.
M. B. Hurloy was tho guest of Frank
Johnson and family Sunday.
Quito a number' of our local sports
havo gonu to Mohican on a flBhing
8ovornl from horo attended tho
pionlc at 'Gambler Saturday.
Chester Johnson was tho guest of
Hay McGlnley Sunday nftornoon.
Ireno Parish was tho guest of Lou
ella Spry last week.
Mrs. Geo. DenklnH and daughters,
Kthol and Elma, of Amity, woro tho
6U08tB of MrB. Frank Johnson Friday.
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Morgan Hurgholdor and son, Dan
iel, aro spending a few weeks dur
ing tho hot seasons in northern Mich
igan. Guy and Ernest Tucker were nt
Ashland hist week vlHltlug their sis
ter, Mrs. fllddle.
Mrs. II. 11. Hobortson entortalned
nt dinner last Thursday tho following:
MrB. Phil, Uonortson of Contorburg,
her daughtor, Mrs. Geo. Shore, and
her daughter of Slmwneo, MrH. Win.
Hupp and sou of Centerburg and Mrs.
T. O. Youngblood and two hous.
Mrs. Earl Cramor of Orvlllo visit
ed her husbaud's parents hero last
MIsb FIohbIo Kenner of Hollo Plain,
Iowa, vlHltcd her aunt, Mrs. Smith
Oearhart, laKt week.
Mrs. Ella Ilolllstcr is improving.
Her son Elmer and hlB wlfo of Lock
spent Sunday with nor.
Aubroy and Holen Sliaffor of Col
umbus aro visiting thulr undo, Georgo
Shaffer, here.
Mrs. Bertha Thorpe nnd son, Clyde,
of Sparta Hpont Monday with Mrs.
Tho W. C. T. U. had n meeting
Monday nftornoon at tho homo of Mra.
W. 0, Thatcher. Tho 'niomborahip
now numbers about 25.
Aunt Lib Snyder died 'Monday morn
ing at tho ngo of 83.
A largo congregation of pcoplo at
tended tho farmer's picnic nt Lyon's
Lako Saturday,
Mlsses OHvo nnd Lucille Itogcrsiro
spending their vacation with their
grandraotbor at Centerburg.
TVf DSIO lovers will bo afforded n rare treat nt the coming Ohio State Fnlr, to be held In Columbus, Sept G, C, 7, 8 nnd 0, ns on each of tho above dates
Weber's famous organization, assisted by Blanche Berndt MehnlTey, America's sweetest song bird, will give concerto afternoon and evening. The
fame of this organization Is worldwide. Tho amusement program of tho exposition this year is the most elaborato In its history. In addition to tha
baud concerto, harness racing, twonty-threo feature ncta nnd other novelties arc dally programmed, whilo each night Pain's thrilling spectacle, "Battle
In the Clouds," will be presented. Each evening's performance will conclude with a ?5,000 display of Paln'.s Manhattan Beach fireworks.
? ! tXi T j j j
4 "I I 4 $ 4 4 4 I 4 4" 4 4 4
Tho Leedy Ilcunlon, which was hold
on the 17th, In tho grovo of Samuel
Garbor near Ankcnytown, was a great
success both In point of attendance
and In tho mattor of entertainment
for thoso who woro fortunate enough
to attend. Over thrco hundred and
fifty people sat down to dinner and be
fore tho afternoon program over soven
hundred pcoplo rolatives and friends
of tho Leedy family woro present. Mr.
Samuel Garbor acted as chairman.
Letters of greeting were road from
California nnd Georgia. Short
speeches woro mado by many of tho
old fiiondB; recitations and songs of
a hlgty order woro given and speeches
dollvored in five mlnuto lengths by
membors of tho reunion. Addresses
woro dollvored by Bov. Thomas of
Independence and Rov. Thos. Hnmbly
of Fredcrlcktown. Ono of tho main
features of tho day was tho singing
of a song "Tho Ninety and Nino" by
an old couple, Mr. Lyon and Mrs.
Mnuk, nged respectively 82 and 84.
Officers for tho coming year were
elected at this rounlon.
Thoso attending tho Modlcal As
sociation picnic at Mt. Vernon last
Friday woro Dr. and Mrs. Eastman,
Dr. and Mrs. Norrlck, Dr. Ackerman,
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Wllklns, Rov. Thos.
Hambly and wife, Miss Eula John
son and Mr. E.. W. Waybrlght. Tho
str numbers of tho program woro an
addrcHs by Dr. AVagner of Gambler
and rcndlngs by Mrs. Rudolph of Mt.
Vornon nnd Miss Eula Johnson of
Rov. Thos. Hambly will preach at
tho Berlin Methodist Church noxt
Sunday afternoon at tho usual hour.
Mrs. C. C. Day of Seville, Ohio, vis
ited with hor son Mr. F. A. Day and
family on Monday and Tuesday.
Miss Anna Cashier1, Miss Maud Mc
Klornan and Miss Nelllo Trobrldgo
woro in Clovoland tho past week on
business bont.
Mr. Fred Scarhrough and family of
Newark visited in this placo tho past
Mrs. Marlon Hathaway and son
vlHlted near Halomantown on Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Dnrllng were at
Sandusky on Sunday.
Miss Gortrudo James was tho guest
of Miss Elizahoth Durbln of Oherllu
for several days.
Mrs. EllBha Wagos was a Mt. Ver
non visitor 011 Saturday.
Chas. Harry was in Norwnlk on
Snturday on busInoBB for tho J. B.
Foolo Foundry Co. Ho also visited
his brothor, Win. Harry, of Ashland
on Sundny.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hurst woro In
Snndimky on Sunday.
Mrs. Earl Zolinun wbb In Mt. Vor
non on Saturday.
Mrs. F. 0. Wagner was n Sandusky
visitor recently.
Mra. Fred Harris and MrH. Jesso
Harris woro guests of Mt. Vernon
friends last Saturday.
Attorney D. T. Ewlng of Mt. Vor
non wns in tha city on business on
Mr. nnd Mrs. Leedy of Ankcnytown
woro visiting their daughter, Mis.
J. F. Amos, on Sunday.
Elslo Wort of Mt. Vornon Is visit
ing Floronco Irvine.
Mr, and MrB. Shipley and family of
North of town spent Sunday with her
brother, Harry Brodorlck and wlfo.
MrB. Plank of Butlor has boon tho
guest of hor daughtor Mrs. ' Fred
Brontllnger for a tow days.
Mrs. John Wost of Mt. Vornon Is
visiting her brother, Charles Clink and
Otto Ewors and wlfo woro guests In
thu homo of Mr, nnd Mrs, Fred Bnrn
lmrd and mother, Mrs. Alico Barn
hard, . MIsb Esther James of Akron Is vis
iting hor mint, Mrs. Ortho Jninea.
Tho following, porsons woro enter
tnlned during tho last week by Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Stlueniotz at their hos
pitable homo on East Collcgo streot:
Mrs. J. O. Hurt of Newark, 0 Mr.
Solomon Stluomotz of llllleboro, 'o.,
a niece of Buffalo, New York, Mr.
Charles Brown and wlfo of Manches
ter, 0., Mr. Robert Brown and wife,
Mrs. Rufus Athertown 6f Frederick
town, Mr. Geo. Harty of Miles City,
Montana, and Mr. Charles Stlncmctz
of Sparta, O.
Mr. Henry Hoofllch and sons Roy
and John were in Mt. Vernon Sunday
visiting the former's daughtor Alice,
who was operated on for appendi
citis last week.
Mr. Howard A Day of Seville, broth
er of Mr. F. A. Day of this place, spent
Saturday last In Mt. Vernon. Ho was
accompanied by Mr. Harry Frazler of
Seville and thoy were making a trip
on motor cycles to Dayton, Ohio, to see
tho Wright flying machines in their
trial trips. '
Mr. W. C. Barrett, proprietor of the
creamery in Fredcrlcktown, visited
friends in Fairvlcw tho past week.
Mr. W. L. McCracken and family of
Chestervlllo visited with tho family
of Mr. W. B. James on Sunday, last.
Pnrty of twenty woro entertained by
Helen Groff on Saturday last. Light
refreshments woro served.
Mrs. John Popham and daughtor of
Erlo, Ponn., woro tho guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Thos. Popham tho past week:
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Bpnch and dau
ghtor of Crown Point, Indiana, visited
Dr. H. S. Darlings family last Sun
Dr. C. II. Wright was In Columbus
on business tho past week.
Tho 28th annual rounlon of tho
James family will bo hold at Rogers
Lako on Tuesday, September Cth.
The public Ib invited to attend tho
missionary convontlon to bo held nt
tho Fredcrlcktown M. E. church next
Tuesday and Wedncsdny.
A number of delegates from this
place went to Brink Haven on Wed
nesday to attend tho convention of
tho W. C. T. U. being hold there.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. W. Parmenter of
Steubenvlllo visited his brothor, Mr.
B. F. Parmontor, in this placo the past
Mr. James G. Ralston has boon elec
ted to tho position of teachor In tho
grnmmar department of tho Utlca
schools. Hero's wishing him success.
Tho Motliodlst church and Sunday
school will hold their annual picnic
nnd outing nt Rogors Lako this week
Mrs. Sophrono Dnrllng ontortalned
Mrs. Ellznbotii Ferris and daughter,
Mrs. Whito, of Dowana, Illinois, tho
past week.
. Mr. William Cover and Mr. Porry
were nt Nowurk on Friday last.
Miss Vera McGugln roturnod homo
Sunday after visiting sovoral days
with Miss Mary Bennington nt Gam
bler. Mrs. C. H. Wright nnd son Paul
went to Columbus on Tuesday last
Master Norman Day of Bollvlllo vis
ited relatives In this placo tho first
of tho wedk.
Misses Golda, Vclma nnd Ethol
Splcer spout part of last weok with
Miss Cleo Woodward of Ankony
town. Tho Lyon Reunion wns hold August
18th at tho homo of Mrs. Robort Dar
ling. Whilo tho numbor did not equnl
that of formor years, those present
enjoyed it nnd a lino dinner wns
aorved. Wo regrottod tho absonco of
many familiar faces, who in former
years met with us. Wo as a body
moved that wo placo on tho minutes
regretB for tho nbsonco of our much
loved prosidont, Isaac Jnckson, who
had so miraculously escaped death in
a rccont accident, also tho sorlous in
Jury to his daughtor, Mrs. SIpo. It
waB moved that wo moot noxt year,
tho third Thursday In August, 1911,
nt tho homo of Mrs. Hollo Modlo.
Tho ninth annual Lowls' rounlon
was hold nt Bryant's school house,
about four mllos west of Fredorlck
town, on Thursday Aug. 18th. This
school house Is situated at or near
tho contor of tho 1000 acres of lnnd
doeded to JamoB Lowls as early nB
1805, or porhnps oarllor. Tho con.
ditions woro nil that could bo doslrcd,
tho day being very lino. Thoro was
a goodly attendance 150 being proB
out. Among thoso from a distance
were Mr. and Mrs. Wolfo of Seattle,
Washington; I. S. Lewis, Albion, Ind.,
and his son James of Auburn, Ind.;
Clinton and Leo Lewis, of Chicago
Junction; Mr. nnd Mrs. Calvin Sin
grey, of Kansas; Dr. SIngrey, Mt. Ver
non; Dr. Wm. Case, Mt. GHead; James
Lewis, Mt. GHead, and many others.
About tho noon hour lunch was an
nounced by the ringing of the school
bell by L. B. Ackerman, who had
taught school hero a half century
ago, and we sat down to tables groan
ing with tho best that this goodly
land affords. After dinner tho presi
dent, Wnrren Swetland, called tho
meeting to order and delivered in
address of welcome. Tho sOcretary,
Mrs. Minnie Sellers, read the min
utes nnd made a financial repoit of
the last reunion. On motion tho Con
ger families were invited to Join with
us nt the next annual reunion to bo
held at samo placo on the third
Thursday of August, 1911. A short
program was rendered. Music waB
furnished by Miss, Eva Dalrymplo and
Mr. W. E. Blackford. Reading by Miss
Mario Dalrymple. Remarks were
mado by Dr. Caso nnd others. Tho
exercises closed by tho singing of
"God be With You Till Wo Meet
Mrs. John Popham and daughter of
Erie, Pa., aro guests of Thos. Pop
ham and wife.
John Truesdnll of Cardlngton was
visiting In this placo for a short
Mr. nnd Mrs. Beach of Crown Point,
Indiana, were guests of Dr. II, S.
Darling on Sunday.
C. W. Koons of Mt. Vernou was
In tho city on Monday. '
Geo. Ralston was at Mlllershurg to
visit his brother for a week.
Mr. E. O. Jones nnd little grand
daughter, Jennie, havo returned from
a trip through tho west.
John Barr and wlfo havo been vis
iting their son Eugene Barr in Mt.
Arthur Sllllmnn is homo from In
diana to visit his parents, Alex Sllll
mnn and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W. Parmenter of
Steubenvlllo aro guests of Brothor
Frank of this placo and Charles of
Green Valley.
Prof. W. W. Borden and family
havo been Brink Haven visitors.
Mrs. Will Montis nnd Mrs. Guy
Bartlett spont Thursday with Mrs.
A. A. Dowds and Mrs. II. M. Ball of
Mt. Vernon.
Miss' Opal Shlploy of Mt. Vomou Is
the guest of Miss Burdoll Long.
Mrs. Mnrion Hathaway and son
Dell nro visiting in Newark.
Mrs. Shaffer nnd daughter of Nor
folk, Va., Is visiting hor sister, Mrs.
Loriu Mnrplc.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Coopor of Mt.
Gilend spent several days tho past
week visiting at tho homo of Mr.
Glenn Preston.
A most delightful tlmo wns had at
tho meeting of tho W. C. T. U. hold nt
the homo of Mrs. Davis on Monday
evening. The program was prepared
by Mrs. Crowoll nsi follows: Piano
duet by Miss Floronco Ely nnd Miss
Grnco Norrlck, vocal duot by Mrs.'
P. L. Wllklns and Mrs. J. B. Footo, ad
dress of welcome by Mrs. Thos. Ham
bly, responso by Miss Davison. Tho
lntter has Just returned from Europo
where sho visited soven countries.
Sho showed pictures of many places
visited and recounted hor experi
ences in nn Interesting mannor. This
was followed by a piano solo by Miss
Mary Davis. Light refreshments woro
thon sorved.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray of Cardlngton
moved to Fredorlcktown this weok
nnd will make their homo In tho Stru
b!o house.
The union service tUIs coming Sun
day will bo hold at tho Methodist
I- '
Miss Lydln Miller of Illrnm collcgo,
who has beon thp guost of Miss Mol
lie Penhorwood tho past weok, depart
ed for IlolmesvIUe Tuesday ovonlng
whero sho will visit relatives and
friends beforo resuming her duties.
Agricultural Bet! Decides to
Ignore Streetcar Strike.
WIN Meet In Columbus to Discuss
Means of Bringing Labor Dispute
to Successful Termination Local
Workers Pledge Support and Pre
pare to Wage Blttar Commercial
and Political Warfare on Those
Who Ride Cars.
Columbus, 0 Aur. 24. The stato
board of agriculture decided to hold
the state fair as planned, beginning
Sept. C, whether the streetcar strike
Is ended by that time or not.
A request that tho Columbus cham
ber of commerce put up a guarantee
fund of $25,000 to assuro ths pay
ment of oxpenses and premiums was
not complied with.
That there is to be a concerted ef
fort of organized labor throughout
the stato to help Columbus streetcar
men win their strike has developed.
Fred Fay, national organizer, and
member of the executive board of
tho carmen's union, now la session
at Detroit, received a telegram say
ing that the executive board indorsed
the position of the Columbus streot
car men and that the exocutlve board
was considering' plans for calling a
.:onference In Columbus of represen
tatives of organized labor throughout
the stato to carry the strike to a suc
cessful termination.
Fay wired tho executive board fa
voring this plan and recommending
that in addition to representatives of
the Ohio Federation of Labor and
the central bodies of the streetcar'
men's organizations, that the repre
sentatives of tho Bteara road organ
izations also bo called into this con
ference. This meeting will probably
bo held eoino time next week in Co
lumbus. Detective's Character Assailed.
It was given out nt tho governor's
office that no police powers of any
kind had ever beon conferred by tho
governor on any detoctlves employod
by the R. J. Coach detective agency
of Clovoland and doing strlko duty In
Columbus. Such a bharge wns made
by tho Columbus Federation of La
bor whon a resolution was passed re
questing the governor to rovoke any
powers granted Coach detectives.
Secretary Long explained that tho
statutes glvo tho governor 'no author
ity to confor police powers on men
omploycd by a detectlvo agency. Ho
muy, however, grant pollco powers to
rogularly employed wntchmon or do
toctlves for steam and electric rail
roads, but the law limits the number
of such men with pollco powors to
ono to jach five mlles'of track.
Tho charucter of R. J. Conch, chief
of tho detoc'fcvo ngency, Is attacked
by labor organizations, who allugo he
Is an ox-convict.
Representatives of 33 of the GO la
bor organizations of the city hold au
enthusiastic meeting and pledged tho
Bupport of evory member to the
streetcar mon in their strike. By the
terms of a resolution, adopted by
unanimous vote, tho actions of per
sons both In commercial and political
life are to be closely watched in tho
future. This Is understood to mean
that merchants who ride on cars or
permit their clerks to ride will be
boycotted by union men and public
officials who patronize tho Columbus
Railway and Light company will bo
tnken care of nt the pplls by the
8,000 union voters of tho city.
Two unsuccessful offorts woro
made to blow up streetcars on tho
South Side. Practically no damage
was done,
A squad of pollco wont to Dana
nvenuo and Went Broad streot short
ly before midnight on a tip that a
dynamiting had b'eon planned thore.
Nothing camo of It.
JIIss Dltwllor of Mansflold is spend
ing sovoral days in Gambler tho guest
of Miss Cora Putnam,
t' Mi 111
Ohio State Fair Entries Heav
iest In Its History
Amusements Galore To Feature Ex
position Program
Entries in tho premium depart
ments of the Ohio State Fair closed
last Saturday. In number nnd excel
lence they surpass thoso of any prev
ious Exposition. Famous stables,
herds and flocks of tho Union will
compete for tho liberal premiums of
fered. Every class is liberally filled.
Tho battle of the breeds will rage
from the opening day until tho clos
ing date.
Tho women's, art, farm products
and horticultural departments have
more entries than ever before. Tho
machinery and merchandise displays
aro tho grandest In the Eposltion's
history. A complete exhibition Is as
sured In each of its seventeen dis
tinct departments.
Visitors will note the many Im
provement and aMornments that have
been added to building and grounds
since tho close of tho last Exposi
tion. Each of tho mammoth exhibit
buildings has been freshly painted
and the interiors tastily decorated.
Now walks and shady driveways have
been constructed. Unsightly structur
es have been razed, and in their stead
will greet tho eyo exquisite flowering
embellishments. The park grounds
are now a veritable scenic paradise,
unequalled by any pleasure resort In
tho state.
No effort has been spared to make
tho 1910 Exposition a grand success,
Novel and instructive exhibits, depict
ing the progress of the people, will
be installed. Every walk of life will
'be represented In tho thousand or
more displays. Amusement and en
tertainment galore will feature tho
Exposition program.
Stars of the amusement world in
feats of skill and daring; Wober's
prize band, spirited harness racing
nnd Pain's masterpiece, "Battle In the1
Clouds," aro daily free attractions.
Tho Exposition will bo open both day
and night. Nothing can now mar its
success, nnd tho managers confident
ly predict that on' September 5, C,
7, 8 and 9 the turnstiles will register
the largest attendance that has ever
entered the gates of tho Ohio Stato
Gold Hedal P7our makoa delicious boKed
ituO. RnonA.
for Infants and Cbildron.
fhe Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho
Signature of
-Bs Sure
Special Diamond Rings
$.00 $7.50 $10.00
$12.00 $18.00 $20.00
$25.00 and $30.00
Others up to $200.00
Positively The Largest Stock
In Mt. Vernon.
Damp proof, does not corrode or rust, and always prevents a sunken
grave. Not lust as good, but bettor than any vault mado from any ma
terial. Weight, 000 pounds. Prices reasonable. Manufactured by
! V IIJESI,l1i.Vffoon,0.tS'opheonN0o35R1.2R85d
Now York, Aug. 21 Tho depnrturo
of tho steamship Prlnz Eitcl Fried
rich from New York today marks tho
inauguration of n now steamship ser
vice to bo operated by tho Hnniburg
Amorlcnn lino between tho United
States, Cuba and Jamaica. Tho Prlnz
Eitcl Frledrich nnd the Prlnz Slgis
nuind, both 5,000-ton ships, will bo em
ployed In maintaining a regular fort
nightly sorvico between Now York, tho
chief ports of Cuba, nnd KIngs'ton,
Mt. Vernon, Ohio
B. & O. R. R.
14 5:60 a. m.
4 11:24 a. m.
7 8:26 a. m.
No. 15 8:50
Nos. 16 and 17 dally except
Sunday. Other trains dally.
C, A. & C. R. R.
South Bound
No. 506 12:41 a. m.
No.' 520 9:58 a. m.
No. 622 6:30 a. m.
No. 504 8:57 n. m.
No. 518 10:55 n. m.
No. 602 12:25 p. m.
No. 608 5:10 p. m.
No. 500 9:37 p. m.
North Bound
No. 507 2:25 o. m.
No. 601 7:24 a. m.
No. 509 8:34 a. m.
No. 503 1:26 p. m.
No. 605 6:53 p. m.
No. 619 6:62 p. m.
No. 621 7:10 p. m.
No. 523 (To ML Vernon
only) 7:30 p. m.
Daily except Sunday.
Sunday only.
We have Just received a fresh
supply of pure, unfermented
Grape Juice made from choic
est Concord Grapes.
It is a delightful, appetizing
and strengthening drink for this
kind of weather.
Pints, .
laugher's Drug
To See-
Steel Reinforce!
Cement Burial
A reinforced,
poured, Cemenl
Burial Vault
forSalc by all UnderfaKers

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