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Need Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Brookfleld, Mo. "Two years ago I
Was unablo to do any kind of work and
oruy weigiicu lis pounus. mv trouuio
UillUa UilCK bU II1C
timu that women
may expect nature
to bring on them
the Change of Llfo.
I cot a bottlo of
Lydia E. Pinkham's
vegetable Com
pound and it mado
mo feel much better,
and I havo contin
ued its use. 1 am
very grateful to you
Yam now enjoying." Mrs. Sahah
Lousionont, 414 S. Livingston Street,
Jirookfield, Mo. '
.The Change of Life is tlio most critl
cal period of a woman's existence, and
neglect of health at this time invites
disease and pain.
Women everywhere should remem
ber that thero is no other remedy
lmown to incdlcino that will so suc
cessfully carry women through this
Irying period as Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, mado from na
tive roots and herbs.
For 80 years it has been curing wo
Won from tho worst forms of femalo
ills inflammation, ulceration, dis
placements, flbroid tumors, irregulari
ties, periodic pains, backacho, and
nervous prostration.
If you would like npcclnl ndvlco
about your ciiho write confiden
tial' letter to Mrs. Pliilclinm, at
JLynn, Mass. Her mlvico ia free,
and ulwuyH helpful.
Do your roof a leak? Are you
ready for the fall and winter
The best thing we know of In
prepared roofing Is PAROID roof
ing. It Is made up without any
COAL TAR and will not become soft
or run like coal tar preparations. It
remains pliable and does not break
In the cold. It requires no paint for
at least five years after It Is put on
a roof. We used a piece of the roof
ing 8 months as a door mat, and It
was stll pliable.
Bogardus & Co.
Wht Prof. Shaw, the Woll-Known Art)
CuUurlit, Says About Iti " ;
J wouM winnc r ruUo tnttlo In Mrntcrn
(JunuJii tnnti in tluxnrn It'll tr
It chi aiir uikI ollmttto
Ix ttrr lor tho umhm.o,
nur innrki t will lm
roo ru r titiiri your
iirmorH ill imxluio llio
ttiitplitH, Ulitat run lo
icrnwn ii n tntlioOOtli imr
nllol Knl intjua nmiliiit
tho I nO nmtlnnnl iHunl
iiryl. iour uunnt laml .
villi Ui i nk on id a into
Iwyoml ri'ntmt ifiiicitp
tlon. Wo Jutn 1'iinttvli
JMHItllO hi tlio lift I tc tl
fit til in iiliirwi ul.fi Ufitnt.
hotrma to tulcu untliU JaitU." Wtntilj
70,000 Americans
tvllli iiloriiiMliunUiMlii Irtiomm
In WcMorn miudu (IiIm jpjir.
IWOH prmliu c! iiuul hi r litrifo
i nt of tvlti'iil, ciiiIm iiinl Inn h t
In lultlKlou lo uhl( Ii tlio nllln
I'XtHirM UIIH llll IfHHM'llhO Itl'lll,
I'utUu riilulmr, ilMrylnu, mlitl
fnrmlnu imt uruln crowing In tliu
rnvliu vn tit Mniiilolui, biiAknt"
lltf'WMII 1111(1 .AHm'TOI.
i'n liium 1 cml iiii1 tui'-t'iniM
tUtil nri'MNi wt'll n InmU In hi
by railway unit lainUomi inlnM.vrlll
Itnivltlii limnc for iiiIIIIoim. '
Ailiiittultlii Mill. Ik nliliritl ell
IIIJlllS ttpllMMllil t IiooJh iiml
itiiircltcH, una itoiHl rill Ium j it.
lor M'ttN rn' rut i u, OiixrutUo
Utvraluro ijt Jtmt itt" hnw
to rt'wh tliniountrr nit Ifithnri nr.
tkiilnrii, wrltutn rlui-'t, of ItumU
6iiitltii, Otlttwii, Ontiudii, or to thu
nuutthiri lnvrntitnt Atont
413(iuriliiLT MUlu'..
Toledo, Ohio
(I Two mhlri'wN ncaii'Mt you) t'ii
Meetings for tho examination ot
teachers will bo held at tho
Mt. Veronn, Ohio,
The first Baturday ot every month
Pupils' Examination
The third Saturday ot April and tht
econd Saturday in May, Examination
'will commence at 8:00 o'clock, a. m
Address all communications to tin
Clerk ot Hoard of Examiners.
Organization of Hoard:
O. M. IJAltnEIt, I'resldont,
Mt Vernon, O
W. W. BOItDlON, V. Prcs.,
Froderlcktown, O
O. M. aitUDD, Clerk,
Conterburg, O
For Peter's appetite try baking powdej
Wfcultn made ox Uold Medal flour. l"n
' m n
'" f '
t -.j. r
Mr. Tlioinns Sweeney has returned
to Youngfltown after a week's visit
with Miss Olllo Dial.
Tho Misses Qrnco Fnddls nnd Dcrtn
Hall spent Friday in Gambler tho
guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Georgo Hays.
Mrs. Chnrlee P. Ituch of Centerburg
visited In the city Friduy with rela
Mr. Loyd Barber of Detroit, is
spending several days with relatives
and friends In nnd near Mt. Vernon.
Professor nad Mrs. A. W. Dorr of
Wooster avenue went to Howard Sat
urday to spend Sundny with friends.
Mrs. Martha Hill of Columbus spent
Saturday in Mt. Vernon, the guest of
Mrs. William Porter has returned to
her homo on North Main street after
a several days' visit with relatives in
Master John Mead has returned to
his homo on East Sugar street after
nn extended visit with relatives at
Pontlac, Mich. .
Miss Mamo McIIalo returned to her
homo on West Gamier street Friday
evening after a several days' visit
with her brother, Mr. John McHnlo of
Miss Olllo Drys nnd Miss Cnreta
Priest of Newurk are tho guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drye, West Front
Miss Vivian Dowds, of Mt. Vernon,
is visiting Dr. nnd Mrs. It. It. Black,
of West Fourth street. Mansfield
Itev nnd Mrs. Ira J. Houston nnd
son, Itobert, returned Friday from an
outing In tho northern part of tho
Miss Tnmson Hess of West High
street went to Danvlllo Saturday
morning to spend Sunday with relativ
es nnd friends.
Mr. F. J. Brown left Frldny evening
for Dlckerson, Md., whero ho will
mnko an extended visit with his
daughter, Mrs. Allco Hyatt.
Mr. and Mrs, Silas Parr have re
turned to their homo on North Gny
street after a two weeks' trip to var
ious points along tho Great Lakes.
President Carl N. Lorey of tho
board of education, returned homo
Frldny from tho Peary Sound district,,
Cnnuda, whore ho spent threo weeks
camping with n party of friends.
Mrs. Mnry Richardson has gone to
the homo of her daughter, Mrs. E. E.
Tnrr for a reBt after caring fo Mrs.
JnmcH Patterson of Hiawatha Park
for tho paBt two months.
Mr. Philip Wolmor and nephows,
Hlclmrd and Charles Kalbfas of
Springfield, Ohio, nrrlved In tho city
Friday afternoon In a touring car
to mnku a several days' visit with
Hev. and Mrs. William E. Hull and
Miss Fiances Dormoely was a visitor
In Columbus this afternoon.
Mr. Edward Coonoy was n Columbus
visitor this afternoon.
Miss Mm lo Culllson of Columbus Is
upending several days with relatives
In Danville.
Mr. Nelson Harris of Chicago Is
spending several days In Danvlllo tho
guest of IiIh father, Mr. C. V. Burrls.
Miss Cnthoilnu Sapp of Danvlllo
spent Satunlay In Gambler tho guest
of friends. ,
Mrs. Jacob Chlldors of Danvlllo Is
spending u week with rolatlves in
Mt. Vernon.
Mis. John Stoiiebrook nnd children
went to Thornvlllo, Ohio, Saturday
noon lo spend Sunday with relatives.
Mr. Hud Heal has returned to his
homo on West Vino street nftor spend
ing Roveral dayH In Akron on business,
Mrs. Cliailes MiiHtollor returned to
Columbus aftur a short visit with
friends In the elty.
MrH. Edward Ii. Parkor loft this
afternoon for Springfield, O., whore
she will visit with fi lends.
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Leo loft tills
afternoon for New Yoik City to re
main for ton days or two weeks.
Messrs William Ponrl and Bon
Smith of Sparta attended tho Hartford
fair on Friday.
Mrs. Genlo Davis Is confined to her
homo near Sparta by a severe attack
of illnoss.
Mr. and Mrs. Eisner, who havo
been spending several weoks in Gain
blor, returnod Friday to their homo
In Cincinnati.
Tho Buckoyo team of Columbus
nnd tho Danvlllo team played a gamo
of baseball at Danvlllo on Saturday
Tho Mt. Vornon Ornys and tho Con
torburg baseball team plnycd a gamo
at Hiawatha park on Saturday nftor
noon. Uov, Wm. E. Hull' left today for
Zancsvlllo whero ho will olllciato at
tho Episcopal church In that city Sun
day. Mrs. O. M. Sanford, who has tiocn
tho guest ot her daughter, Mrs, It. C.
Curtis for several weoks, loft Friday
for her homo In Cincinnati.
Mr, nnd Mis. Wm. It, Basnott and
daughter loft today for Monnlngton,
West Virglnln, to spend two weeks
with rolutlves.
Mrs. Donabollo Vincent, who has
been seriously 111 with n severe attack
of typhoid fever, Is somowhat improv
ed. Mr. Itussell Hogardus will arrive
homo from Cloveland tonight where
ho is employed, to make a short visit
wth his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. P,
Bognulus. of North Gay street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. IlUBsell of Can
ton, O., nnd Mrs. Hurry Fatldls of
Upper Sanduskyjnre tho guests of
Hon. nnd Mrs. W. E. Scfton, North
Gay street.
The Hlnehart and Meyers family
reunion was held at Hiawatha park
on Saturday. A largo number were
present from vnrlous points of the
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. B. Cochran, Miss
Lulu Cochran, of Mt Vernon, nnd Al
va Hose, of Cleveland, are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Orvillo Weir, of Bow
man street. Mansfield News.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Beckwlth of
Bunyon, Michigan, spent Frldny in
Mt. Vernon where Mr. Beckwlth was
attending to some matters of busi
ness. Mr. Edward L. Parker will leave
Sunday for Springfield, O., to attend
tho fall meeting of the Ohio Retail
Shoe Dealers' association of which he
Is secretnry.
Many Uses Foreign to the Original
When Mr. Roosevelt dug from the
nsh heap of provincialism the word
"frazzle" and applied it in nn observ
ation that soon becamo a verified pre
diction, ho attracted tho attention of
scholars and was hailed as a kind of
benefactor. When, a scoro of years
ago, a Northwest MIssourlan pulled
tho word "dope" from Its Isolated
mooiings and placed It where it has
been equipped with more different
meanings, perhaps, than any other
word in "tho languago," he becamo
equally a benefactor, but has ever re
mained unknown, "unhonored and un
sung." The word "dope" Is a name that
was originally applied to axlo grease.
It was probably coined by some In
dividual who regarded It an outrage
that tho now lubricant should have u
longer nanio than tho "tar" which It
supplanted. Possibly, too, "doping"
also came into uso in describing the
act of applying tho article. Indeed,
excessive applications of anything
might thus havo been designated.
Those, howovor, were gortninly the
only definitions and derivatives of
tho word known until Its introduc
tion into other clrclos by tho North
west MIssourlan mentioned.
The circumstances under which tho
word was remlntcd no doubt accounts
to some extent, nt least, for the fact
that Hh author has remained un
known, whllo his famo Is still unsung.
It was at a sanitarium that tho word
wus given n now moaning, to which
constant additions aro still being
mado. A bottlo of medlclno used bore
simply tho Information that "a tea
spoonful must bo taken every two
hours when awako," and It was whllo
discussing fidelity to thoso "direc
tions" that tho lack of a name tor tho
remedy was noticed. Then it occured
to the MIssourlan to refer to it ns
"dope," n, word which ho had heard
a typical backwoodsman uso In tho
sense above niontloncd, The nnmo
beenino popular at once, and when
now patients ennio they took It up
and Innocently botinycd It to the fac
ulty. An effort wns mado to find tho
eurpilt, and tho uso of tho nnmo was
forbidden under tho ponalty of dis
missal. It sttick, howovor, and was
soon can led throughout tho country.
It In not surpilslug, perhaps, that
the nnmo was soon applied to tho
"disease" ns woll as to tho remedy
designed tor Its cure. Iu fact, as has
boon stated, It has takon on many
new definitions and Is used in ncaily
ovory vein pf human expression, be
ing a handlo which fits widely varied
sontoueos, and affording a short cut
to really 'Important information on
uumoioiiH subjects.
It Is not claimed, of courso, that tho
Incident was nn Inspiration, nor did
tho recastor of tho word dream that
ho was enriching tho languago. It
soonis proper, howovor, that this In
cident, given on tho authority of ono
who has watched tho flight of tho
word Into tho upper realms of popul
ar speaking, should bo mado known.
FOR S A L E Eight-room frnrao
houso with soft water bath, hot nnd
cold water up stairs nnd town, Pat
rick furnaco in collar. Located north
oast comor Wost High nnd Mochnnlc
streets. Will sell cheap it sold within
noxt two wooks, Will soil for half
cash, balanco long time, G yonrs if
wanted. If not sold, will bo for rent
Sopt. 1st. Inquiro nt tho property, or
soo owner, ParkWorloy, at tho C. & G.
Cooper Co. ofllcos. tf
' '
miles from city, prlco ?3,D0O. Also a
stock nnd grain farm, containing 250
acros, has four producing gas wells.
Now 0-room dwelling. Prlco ?52?pei
aero. Stream & Rluior, tf
Denman Instructed to Probe
Disorders at Columbus,
One to Attorney General Calls Atten
tion to Deplorable Conditions At
tending the Car Strike, Another
Declines Request of Labor Leaders
For Forced Arbitration and the
Third Guarantees 8afety to All
Those Who Attend State Fair.
Columbus, 0 Sept. 3. In a letter
to Attorney General Denman, Gover
nor Harmon directs hfm to proceed
forthwith In an Investigation of the
lawlessness which has reigned for
six weeks in this city. In an
other letter, addressed to the
labor committee which appeared be
fore him last Wednesday evening, he
answered thnt he was for law and
order first, after which ho would dis
cuss the proposition of n settlement.
Besides these letters he issued a
statement calling upon the citizens
of Ohio tovnttond the Ohio Stato fair,
assuring them of protection, nt the
same time giving the prospective vis
itors to understand thnt the violence
In the city Is' confined only to such
parts as they would not care to visit.
In his letter to the attorney gen
eral, the governor says:
"Now that your work before tho
special grand jury at Newark has
been concluded, I call your attention
to the intolerable conditions existing
in Columbus.
"Unfortunately, and contrary to
tho custom prevailing In most of tho
counties of the state, tho court of
common pleas of Franklin county ad
journed July 13 until Sept. 17. Un
der the power vested In me ns gover
nor of Ohio, I now direct that yon
nrrange with tho prosecuting attor
ney of Franklin county that the
grand Jury which has already been
summoned for the 18th Inst, shall
give Immediate attention to the vio
lators of the laws who have so sig
nally disgraced the capital of tho
state since July 24 last.
Wants Complete Investigation.
"I also request that the attention
of the grand Jury be not confined to
cases which will bo brought before
fhem by commitment from magis
trates, but that they go further and
make sweeping Investigation of nil
crimes connected with tho pending
streetcar trouble. Let tho Investiga
tion be swift, thorough and suie, nnd
all of tho lesourccs of tho Btate will
be at jour back to assist In punish
ing crime and making scoundrcllsm
odious In this community.
"Especial attention is directed to
dynamite outrages. Th men who
are conducting this guerrilla warfare
against society must bo discovered
and punished lf civil government is
to continue In the land. No mercy
should bo shown tho terrorist who,
lacking courago of tho mob and riot
er, skulks In dark places, sets his
deadly stuff and then hides himself
to await tho explosion with fiendish
glee. The stone-thrower nnd tho in
tlmldatar are alike guilty of crlmo
under the laws of tho stato and will
not bo tolerated In Ohio."
It Is understood that a force of de
tectives under tho pay of tho stato
aro on the job nt present, and, llko
the Newark lynching, many persons
will be haled before tho coming ses
sion of tho grnnd Jury who least ex
pect It. Besides tho detective forco
of tho company has been busy for
weeks nnd havo a long list of names
of persons who havo mingled with
the mobs. It Is probable that these
pel sons will bo charged with Inciting
Addresses Labor Leaders.
Iu Ills letter to labor representa
tives, who requested tho withdrawal
ot troops and forced arbitration, tho
governor leplled:
"I did not understand that any fur
ther nnswer was expected than tho
one I gave when Mr. Mnhon and oth
ers called on mo Tuesday evening. I
tohi thjEPi that. I am bound to. employ
tho power nnd authority vested In
me to aid In putting down vlolenco
and disorder, and shall keep on doing
this; that I shall continuo to use my
friendly offices to help bring to an
end tho unfortunnto controversy be
tween tho company and its uulon em
ployes, as I havo constantly done
from the stnrt, but that tho request
made of mo was not of that nature.
"On the contrary, it was that, by
threat of official denunciation and, as
stated by sonio of tho committee, by
withdrawal of the guard, I should
undertake to compel the company to
yield to tho demand for arbitration
ot all claims, Including tho dlschargo
of o cry employo who refuses to Join
the union, which appears to bo tho
chief point In controversy. To com
ply with this request would bo to
break tho policy of not taking sides,
which I consider tho only proper ono
fgr mo as governor to follow."
Criticise the Governor.
The committee, ot ten, representing
tho Mirlous labor unions of tho city,
root Friday night and decided to call
upon General Manager E. K. Stowort
of tie street railway company In nn
effort to settlo tho strike. Following
the conference It will bo definitely
settled ns to whether a general sym
pathetic strlko of all labor organiza
tions will bo called.
A commlttco has been appointed to
draft a statement criticising tho gov
ernor for tho statements ho issued,
both as to tho union us well as to tho
letter of Instructions to Attorney
General Denman,
Deputies nre making a search
throughout centrnl Ohio for Alfred
Strader, tho suspected dynamiter.
The deputies spent tho night In in
forming surrounding towns of the de
scription of tho man and of tho re
ward of ?1,100 offered for him by
Sheriff Sartaln nnd the Columbus
chamber of cqromrce,
Found Dead at Home.
Upper Sandusky, O., Sept. 3.
Frank Genr, son of ex-Senator Josepli
Gear, was found dead In hls room
with a bullet holo In his head when
his mother-in-law, Mrs. Savage, re
turned home from a party. She also
found the door locked. Indications
point to suicide. Mrs. Gear died sud
denly about six months ago.
Missouri Pacific Boosts Wages.
Omaha, Neb., Sept. 3. The Mis
souri Pacific railroad announced a
voluntary Increase In all calories
averaging G per cent, the raise dating
from Aug. 1 and affecting all em
ployes In Nebraska. Tho first notice
of tho increase was when all em
ployes found the extra money In
their pay envelopes.
Mr. Judson Poland of East Gambler
street, has resigned his position with
tho Mt. Vernon Railway and Light
Co. nnd has accepted-a position at tho
Manford Russell grocery on East Gam
bler street.
WANTED Ilousehelp, 300 N. Main.
Mr. Harry D. Crltchflcld returned
to his home In Chicago, 111., Thursday
evening after n brief visit with rela
tives. Mrs. Edward Lawman was taken
from the Mt. Vernon hospltnl to her
home on Enst Gambler street Thurs
day evening after undergoing a suc
cessful operation.
FOR SALE Fine grain and stock
farm In Knox county, 131 acres level
land; good 9-room frame dwelling, 3
good barns and tool house, all paint
ed; good orchard; three good wells
and wind pump; good gas well pay
$200 per annum nnd free gas; fine
location In good community, -milo
to school, one mllo to church; R. D.
nnd telephone. To close nn estate
will sell at the very low prlco of $G5
per acre. Farm can bo divided If nec
essary. Call or address J. E. Lltzen
burg, executor, R. D. 4, Centerburg,
Ohio. Doll 'phono 402.
Professional Cards
Office Rogors building, No. Ill S. Mali
street, Mt. Vornon, Ohio. Rooms 2
and 3, second floor.
All buslnosa of legal naturo give
prompt attention and especially to
practice in tho Prob-to Court. Office,
No. 0 East Hlgll street, Mt. Vernon, O.
Now 'Phono, Office 104; Residence, 354
Luther A. Stream Wm. F. Rimer
Farms and city property bought, sold
and exchanged. Properties rontodand
ronts collected. Fire Insurance a spa
clalty. Representing 14 old reliable
stock companies. Accident Insurance,
llvo stock Insurance Plato glass in
surance, avtomobllo insurance. In fact
wo can insure any property you may
havo. Surety bonds of all kinds. Call
and soo us. Room 1 Slpo .bldg.. South
Main st. Cit. 'phono No.' 447 Black;
Boll 253 R.
D. F. & J. D. EWING
David F. EWIng John D. Ewlnp,
Olllco, Jvlrk building, cornor Mail
street nnd Public Squaro, Mt Ver
non, Ohio.
If you own anything, have
It Insured
18 E. Gamblor St. Mt. Vornon, O.
Citizens' 'Phone 231 Red
Office in Aral old block corner ot
East Ill4i street and Monument
Squaro Mt. Vornon, Ohio.
Oflico and residence, 18 East Vino nt
Citizens' 'phono, 52, Oflico hours: 2
to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m.
Man and Wife Fatally Injured
, and Auto Victim Dead,
Cleveland, O., Sept. 3. -Galloping
madly through tho crowded public
square on a call to West Third
street, where a sailor 'had been hit
by an automobile, an ambulance
plunged Into n throng of streetcar
patrons, killing Mrs. Ferdinand
Schlegel,' 57, instantly. Delay caused
by thp mobbing of tho ambulance
driver, Charles Garman, who wan
saved by a squad of police, caused
the death of the automobile victim,
F Hawkes, 57 years old. Mrs. Schle
gel's husband, 78, Is believed to be
dying also, his Injuiles being critical
because of his age. His arm was
broken nnd he was seriously bruised;
We have found an absolutely pu
OLIVE OIL Is entering more and
more into dally use in Medicinal,
Toilet and Household' uses.
People are beginning to give It a gen
eral use In cooking, Instead of Its
heretofore limited use in Salad Dress
Minerva mmi
has had much to do wltn Increaslnc
the popularity of OLIVE OIL here, ai
it Is a genuine oil of fine flavor ana
costs only
50C ill!
115 South Main St.
Mt. Vernon, O.
As Usual Arc Charac
terized by
! Si
Soft Mellow Pinisli and
Distinctive in Styling.
The Standard of Merit.
Equal to Any $3.00 Hat
Oct it at
Your Hatter
Just Across the Square
Auto Supplies
Dusters - Gloves - Caps
and Auto Trunks
I "GolCBontT I
I Hats I
A Reliable Remedy
Ely's Cream Balm
Is qt.l(kl absorbed.
Gives (clicl at Onco.
It cle discs, soothes,
heals nnd protects
tho diseased inera.
brano resulting from Catarrh nnd drives
awny aCdld in tholload quickly. Itcstores
the Senses of Tasto and tiraoll. Pull slzo
(0 cts. at Druggists or by mall. Liquid
Oreura Balm for use in atomizers 75 cts.
Kly Brothers, CO Warron Street, Now York.
Notice Is hereby given that tho
undersigned has been appointed and
qualified administratrix of the estato
late of Knox county, Ohio, deceased,
by 'che probate court of said county.
August 1C, 1910.
Frederloktown, Ohio.
I It's Good Very Good
We sell all kinds Feed
I Sole Agents
: Purina Poultry Feeds
: The best known feed for
chicks or chickens
jThe Northwestern
i Elevator & Mill Co.
The Merchant
A Banh Check F
If you have a checking ac
count with this bank and set
tle your store bills with a
check, your merchant will sel
dom fail to give the proper
In case of any error in
amount or otherwise your
cancelled check, returned to
you by us, will furnish undis
putable evidence as to date,
payee, endorsers, and amount.
No reason for argument, no
chance for dispute, no loss of
Gambler BanKIng Co.
7vvvvvrvvvv?vvv??vf vivvvvvv
Mt. Vernon, Ohio
B. & O. R. R.
No. 14 5:50 a. m.
No. 4 11:24 a. m.
No. 16 G:02 p. m.
No. 8 6:31 p. m.
No. 7 8:26 a. m.
No. 17 8:57 n. m.
No. 3 '. 2:44 p. m.
No. 15 8:50 p. m.
Nos. 16 and 17 daily except
Sunday. Other trains dally.
C A. & C. R. R.
South Bound
No. 506 12:41 a.
No. 520 9:58 a.
No. 522 6:30 a.
No. 604 8:57 n.
No. 518 10:65 a.
No. 602 12:25 p.
No. 508 6:10 p.
.No. 600 9:37 p.
North Bound
No. 607 2:25 a.
No. 501 7:24 a.
No. 609 8:34 a.
No. 603 1:26 p.
"No. 505 5:53 p.
No. 619 '. 6:62 p.
No. 521 7:10 p.
No. 523 (To Mt. Vernon
only) 7:30 p.
"Dally oxcopt Sunday.
Sunday only.
Go'4 Medal P7our makeiTdellcloua baked
(tuft RBOD4.

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