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TUEflDAY, OEcStoBER 20, 1010
AdK riv
! t ! ! r H i r tr r
I IHItTllb .J.
1 .. ', .. .J ,j .J. .. j. ,. ,j, ,j, j.
Bom, Hundny morning to Mr. and
Mrs, Dascom Llttlo of 7711 Kuclld av
muo, Clovoland, a bou, Uascom Mt
41o Jr. Tho parents aro well known
In Mt. Vernon.
A dnughtcr woa born Sunday morn
ing to Dr.ynnd Mrs. J. Carloton Roll
or Rrooklyn, N. Y. Dr. Uoll Is tho son
of Mrs. E. W. noil. North Main Btroot.
Certificates of Deposit are tho 8afcat
nnd most Desirable Investments
Tho Buckeye 8tate Building and
Loan Company, Rankin Building, 22
West Gay street, Columbus Ohio.
1. Safety, Theso certificates aro
secured by first mortgages on Colum
bus homes, amounting in valud to bov
cnteon mllllou dollars. Homo loans
aro tho safest of all mortgage loans,
Our appraisers are very careful. Such
securities afford absoluto protection
to our depositors. Our ossots over
(Seo second reason next week)
"i ! f ! f 4" i t" 4" ! l l h
l '!,4 f i
Infant's Death '
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Eu
gene Ilecmnn died at the homo of his
parents on North Sandusky street on
Saturday afternoon at about one
o'clock. The child was six days old
at the time of his death.
Wilson Wright
Wilson Wright died at his homo
about two miles south of Howard on
Saturday night at about ton o'clock.
The death was sudden and entirely
unexpected as Mr. Wr'ght had appear
ed to bo as well a susual until a short
time before bis death. Mr. and Mrs.
Wright returned to their homo on
Thursday evening from South Dako
ta whore thoy were visiting relatives
and Mr. Wright seemed to feel even
better than usual although he had,
some time before, been affected with
heart troublo The deceased was 6b
years of age at the time of his death
and la survived by his wife, two sons,
two daughters, two brothers and one
sister. Tho funeral Tuesday after
noon at one o'clock at the Howard
Christian church. Interment at Gam
Jacob Paul Schafcr
Jacob Paul Schafer, the nine
mohths-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Schafer, died Monday morning at one
o'clock nfter an illness of two days ot
croup. The funeral will tako place at
the residence, Round Hill, Wednesday
afternoon at two o'clock. Interment
in Mound View cemetery.
To Atoms Were Nine Per
sons In New York
New York, Doc. 19 Nino persons
are dead, elgnt are missing and sup
posed to be dead, and more than a
score were Injured as the result of a
mysterious explosion which wrecked
tho milk depot and carpenter shop of
the Now York Central railroad at For
tyniuth street and Lexington avenue
After a woman has named the baby
she still has considerable 'fun out of it
by worrying over whother some othei
name wouldn't have been better.
FOR RKNT A farm. Address S.
Bebout, E. Chestnut St.
It- Si .-U-U'-1.! -
Just Across the Square
Awarded At The Corn Show
Saturday Afternoon
A List Of Those Who Re
ceived The Premiums
Resolulioos'Adoptcil By Corn
Growers' Association
And Two Fine Addresses
Given During The Day
Corn Show Was A Great
Success This Year
The close of tho third annual corn
jhow of Knox county occurred on
Saturday aftornoon. Tho show was tho
best that ha3 yet been given In Knox
county and was a great encourage
ment to (he farmers and all who wcr.c
tho owners ot exhibits and those who
wero Interested. The quality of the
corn shows an Improvement over that
shown last year and that fact alone
goes ""to fchow that the annual meet
ings or shows are very beneficial to
men interested In ngrlculture.
Tho lecturo given by E. D. Wald of
tho Ohio Slate University on tho
growing of wheat was Impressive. Mr.
Wald. who Is well learned In wheat
growing and agriculture mado corao
very pleasing statements In relation
to tho success and advnnco mado In
wheat growing during tho past few
Another Impoitant matter taken up
on Saturday afternoon was tho pass
ing of tho following resolutions:
Resolved, That we, tho members of
tho Corn Growers' Association, offer
a vote of thanks to tho merchants
of Mt. Vernon and Knox county for
their cooperation, support and assist
ance, in making the corn show a suc
cess. Wo wish further to express our
appreciation and thanks for tho cup,
for tho premiums land for tho kind
treatment and courteBy shown us in
every way. Wo appreciate that the
assistance and encouragement will go
far towards making a great improve
ment In tho crops of corn and grains
In Knox county. (Signed)
J. H. Bone,
William M. Carlisle,
J. II. Jenkins,
Qeorgo W. Bennett,
J. B. Morton.
Tho work and judging and exam
ining" the corn and other exhibits,
shown at tho show, was completed
on Saturday afternoon and tho premi
um and prize winners are as follows:
'Class A. Best 10 Ears Yellow Corn
1st, $10 In gold, Now Knox National
Bank Barnhurt Brothers.
2nd, $7.50 in merchandise, J. S.
RIngwalt Co. Oeorgo Bennett.
3rd, $6 pair wool blankets, Meyer
Lindorf Co. R. P. Cunnlnghnm &
4th. $5 In merchandise, Frank E.
Klrby C. F. Welsh.
6th, merchaandise, F. L. Young
Frank Lahraon.
Gth, 1 pair $1.G0 slippers. Silas Parr
C. P. Moree.
' 7th, food chopper, Bird Brothers
B. E. LItts.
8th, corn grader) L. A. Weiss
Oeorge Sapp.
Class B Best 10 Ears White, White
Cap or Mixed Corn
1st, $G In gold, First National Bank
C. W. Paazlg.
2nd, $5 rocker, McCormlck & Son
John P. Wolfe.
3rd, $2 In merchandise A. A. Dowds
Workman Fawcctt.
4th, merchandise, Woofson Co.
Georgo A. Hayes.
Gth, ono year's subscription to Semi
weekly Republican Frederick Burt
nett. Cth, $1 In merchandise, Fred Lawler
Georgo E. Purdy.
7th, $1 in merchandise, O. Popple
ton Chnrles Colwoll.
8th, $1 in merchandise, I. Rosen
thall C. P. Moiee.
Class C. Best 10 Ears Sweet or
Pop Corn
1st. $5 'In gold, Tho Guarantyj Sav
ings Bank & Trjist Co. George Hess.
2nd, $2 In money, Knox County
Corn Improvement Association Fred
C. Ball.
3rd, merchandise, W. A. Porter J.
H. Jenkins.
Class D Best 10 Ears of Corn,
Any Variety
1st, $5 In gold, Pomona Grange
George Leonard.
2nd, $2 in gold, Knox County Corn
J Improvement Association Hoy H.
3rd, $1 In gold, Knox County Corn
4th, CO cents, Knox County Corn
Improvement Association - W. P.
Gth, CO contH, Knox County Corn
(Improvement Association Honlth
Class E. Best Peck Winter Wheat
1st, $10, Northwestern Elevator &
Milling Co. O. R Nixon.
2nd, $D, Leo Dial C. P. Moree.
3rd, $C Eaglo Mills James McKIn
strcy. Class F Beat Peck Oats
1st, $3. Wool worth & Co. Jerret
2nd, $2, Woolworth & Co. M. A.
3rd, $1, Knox County County Corn
Improvement Association C. P.
Class G Best Peck Potatoes
1st, $5 'in gold, Knox County Savings
Bank C. F. Welsh.
2nd, $3 hat, Milton Lewis Charles
3rd. singlo bhovel plow, Sapp Broth
ers F. D. Gullbert,
4th, ladles' purso, L. C. Ponn D.
W. Flautner.
Cth, one year's subscription to tho
Semi-weekly Banner Workman Faw
cett. Cth, $1 pocket knife, Bogardus &
Co. W. E. Blackford.
Class H. Clover, Red and Alsike
1st, $2, Knox County Corn Improve
ment Association J. K. P. Lauder
baugh. ,
2nd, merchandise, Fish & Lybargcr
J. II. Jenkins.
3rd, GO cents Charles Colwcll.
Class 1.
$25 by John Cunningham to Grange
making tho best display of cereals
First. Pleasant Grango; Second, Clin
ton; Third, Wayne. ,
For the best display of corn In the
county. ?G.G0 Tiffin corn shelter, giv
en by C. L. Bowers, Centerburg
Barnhart Brothers.
Special for Hllllar Township
For best display ot corn from III!
liar township. 1st, pair bIioos, Hom
er C. Smith F. D. Gullbert.
Best display from Hllllar, Mllford
and Liberty townships:
1st, $5 keg of sheep tonic, Earl B.
Williams B. W. Hunter.
2nd, $4 pair lady's shoes, E. E. Mc
Guiro F. B. Gullbert.
3rd, ono year's subscription to Cen
terburg Gazette John W. Ransom.
4th. ono cold blast lantern, Barker
& Tayno C. C. Hoarlocker.
Best display of potatoes from Hll
llar, Mllford and Liberty townships;
One $4 toilet set, C. B. Smith F.
B. Gullbert.
Best display of wheat from Hllllar,
Mllford and Liberty townships:
1st, $2 horso blanket, E. D. Updike
James McKInstry.
2nd, ono $1.75 saw C. W. Stlne
mates F. D. Qllbert.
3rd, ono 75-cent hatchet, C. W.
Stlncmates Charles Wlntermuto.
For best peck of wheat from How
ard, Harrison and Butler townships:
Ono barrel of flour, Tho Wolfe
Grain Co. Marcus White.
For the bestten ears of yellow corn
from Howard, Harrison and Butler
CO pounds of buckwheat flour,
Wolfe Grain Co. Marcus White.
For the best ten cars of corn from
Monroo township
$3 hat, Cramer & Son George Ben
nett.! For best peck wheat from Monroo
50 pounds 'of flour, Monroo Milling
Co. C. M. Bowlinghouse.
For tho best samplo of corn at the
Knox county show from Jefferson,
Brown and Union townships:
$5. by tho merchants ofDanvlllo and
Buckeye City William Strieker.
Special from Frcderlcktown
For MIddlebury, Berlin, Morris and
Wayne townships:
1st, $5 In gold, the First National
Bank, for thu best samplo of yellow
corn C. P. Moreo. f
For tho best sample of corn, any
1st, 50 pounds of buckwheat flour,
Clark Brothers LItts.
2nd, $1 In merchandise, Taylor &
Son J. II. Jenkins.
3rd, 5-pound roast, Hoy Simons
W. L. Shrader.
4th, 12-pound sack of stock food,
Charles Fink Marshall Phillips.
Sufferers who say they havo tried
everything without benefit aro the
people wo aro looking for. Wo want
them to know from glad experience
that Ely's Cream Balm, will connuor
Cold in tno Head, nay Fever, and ob
stlnato forms of Nasal Catarrh. This
remedy acts directly on tho Inflamed,
sensitive membranes. Cleansing
soothing and healing. One trial will
convince you of Its healing power.
Prlco 50c. AH druggists, or mailed
by Ely Bros.. G6 Warren St. Now
Absolute secrecy assured. Complete
Instructions, legal forms and blanks
sent for $2 money order. Federal Leg
al Bureau, Dlv, B., Washington, D. C.
In The Sum Of $10,000
Wanted By Sarah Doty
From The City Of Mt, Ver
non Ail tilt, injuries
Were Received By A Fall
Over Pile Of Bricks
Five Marriage Licences Are
Issued In Probate
Ullier items Of Interest From
Temple Of Justice x
, Sarah R. Doty has commenced a
3ult In the court ot common pleas of
Knox county against tho city of Mt.
Vernon, asking for damages in the
3um of $10,000. for injuries which she
lllcges to have received In a fall on
North Gay street. .Tho plaintiff' state1
that on September 15, 1910, the pave
tnont on North Gay street. In front of
tho John Sanderson property was torn
up and that tho excavation was left
without light-) or guards at night. The
plaintiff states that on tho evening
of September 15, 1910, she fell over
tho excavation and struck on a pile o'
bricks on her back and that as a re
sult her spine has been permanently
Injured. She dates that she was com
pelled to remain In bed for a period
ot six weeks and expended the sum of
$75 for medical attention. She there
fore asks for damages in tho sum of
$10,000. Lewis B. Houck is tho attor
ney for tho plaintiff In this action.
Marriage Licenses
Sherman H. Shaffqr, farmer, Bell
vllle. and Mary B. Wilgus, Mt. Vernon.
The Rev. Wm. E. Hull.
Daniel McKce, printer, 'Lisbon, O.,
and Hazel G. Marshall, Centerburg.
James Temple, farmer, Jefferson
township, and Eldora M. Swigert,
housekeeper, Buckeyo City. Rev Mr.
Halsey C. Miller, farmer, and Edith
Mao Hicks, both of Jefferson town
ship. Tho Rev. Arthur Osborn.,
Thomas H. Frazler, farmer, and
Mainio Daugherty, both of Wayne
township. Tho Rev. Thomas Hambly.
Inventory and Appraisement
In the matter of tho estate of W.
W. Owen, an Inventory and appraise
ment has been filed, Showing t,ho fol
lowing: Personal good3 $29, monoys
$31.40. securities $150, jcil 'estate
$600. Tptal $810.40.
Deeds Filed
Amanda Brlcker to Wm. D. Stough
ton, lot 7 In Lock, 750.
Sarah M. Bradfleld to Judson Lon
oy, part lots 42 and 43 in Danville,
Carrie Mitchell to E. G. Smith 36
acres In Harrison, $600.
Lucretla Georgo to Joromo R.
George, lot 41, old plat, Mt. Vernon,
$1.00. ""
Thomas Mooro nnd Joseph RIppy
wore arrested by Officers Alsdorf and
Georgo on South Main street Satur
day evening for Intoxication and fight
ing. Tho men were raising a great
deal of disturbance and wero engaged
in a fight when taken Into custody.
They appeared before Mayor Charles
Mitchell on Monday morning and on
their plea of guilty to the charge mado
ngalnst them, thoy wero given a flue
of five dollars and costs and wero re
leased. KJNOX
C3. Is there any more sensible
Xmas gift than ono of our pass
books with the first deposit en
tered in favor of tho recipient?
G4. If you prefer to give now
money, crisp, clean bills, or bright
and shining coin, we'll bo glad to
exchango new for old If ou call
at our bank.
Society Notes
Mr. James Tonvplo of near
Grccrsvlllo and Mrs. KliJoru 8wl-
ert of Danvillo wore united In
marriage at tho homo of tho brldo'b
parents In Danvillo on Sunday even
ing at about seven o'clock. The cer
emony was wllnesicd by a numbor ot
guests and was performed by Rev. S.
P, Moody, Mr. und Mrs. Temple will
mako their future homo in Danville.
Tho wedding of Mr. Oeorgo A. Wil
liams and Miss Laura A. Dugan, both
ot South Vernon, was Eolcmnlzcd at
tho homo of the bride's parents on
Saturday mort.Ing at about 10:30
o'clock, tho ceremony being performed
by 'Squlro George S. Hartor. Mr. and
Mrs. Williams will make their home in
South Vernon.
Mr. Daniel McKce of Lisbon, Ohio,
and Miss Hazel Marshall of Center
burg wero united in marriage on Sat
urday afternoon. Tho ceremony was
performed by 'Squlro Harry Koons at
Li j office at about three o'clock. Mr.
and Mrs. McKoe will make their fu
ture homo at Lisbon.
On Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock,
the Rev. Wm. E. Hull united lu the
oonds of marriage at St. Paul's rec
tory, Mr. Sherman II. Shaffer of Bell-
vllle, Ohio, nnd Mlts Mary U. Wilgus.
af Green, Volley. They' will make their
future home in Bellvllle.
Badly Lacerated in A Corn
' Husking Machine
Mr. Well Robinson met with a very
painful and unfortunate accident
yvhilo at work near his home In Sparta
on Saturday afternoon at about three
p'clock. Mr. RoblnBon was operating
Ji corn busker and had just placed a
f umber of Btalks In the feeder when
Is right hand was caught In the
machinery. Before be could extract
iho hand, threo fingers had been bad
ly crushed and mangled by thq sharp
teeth In tho feeder. He went to the
office of Dr. Lawrence of that place
V'here the necessary surgical atten
tion was rendered. It was not neces
sary to amputate the fingers at the
timo and unless something unfore
seen occurs, the operation will not be
Looking Alter The Poor Of The City
At Christmas Time
Over sixty baskets will be distrib
uted by tho Salvation Army the day
before Christmas, Saturday afternoon,
between one and four o'clock. No bas
kets will bo given without a ticket.
Those who havo promised to send do
cations toward the Christmas effort,
please send them by Friday. The en
tertainment will bo held Monday ev
ening at 8:00 o'clock, following Christ
mas, when the children will take part
and receive candy, oranges and toys.
The Salvation army has also distri
buted fifty tickets to poor children
and widows to? a dinner to be Ueltt at
Wlsner's restaurant Christmas day,
Mr. WIsner bearing tho expenses him
self. Arrested On Charge Of
Assault And Battery
Mrs. Susie Conrad was arrested by
Constable Milton Slmpkins of 'Squire
Harter's couu on Monday morning on
a warrant sworn out by Ray Frost
charging her with assault and bat
tery. When arraigned before Justice
Harter, she entered a plea of guilty
to tho charge and was given a fine of
$10 and costs which were paid.
Chicago card parties nro giving
steak big, fat, Juicy steaks as first
prize. Next wo shall hear of tho ex
travagant limit of bacon prizes.
"There Is only one infallible way of
testing buckwheat cukes," remarked
tho man on tho car. "If they make
your nack itch they are genuine."
i iwvvidviid
soma ciaus' Headquarters
The Toys you want aro here at the prices you'll h
glad to pay. A few timely suggestions of the thous
ands of toys and gift things for girls and boys to bs
i i ii.
: iouna at mis Dig
I Chrisl mas
Sewing Machines
89c to $1.50
Dressed Dolls, 10c to $5.00.
Undressed Dolls, 6c to $5.00.
Paper Dolls, Sc.
Dolt Dresses, 39c to 75c.
Doll Buggies, 25c to $5.00.
Doll Beds, 25c to $1.00.
Doll Tables, 25c to $1.00.
Doll Furniture, 25c up.
Doll Houses, 10c to $1.00.
Child's Chairs, 25c to $2.50.
Teddy Bears, 25c to $2.50.
Oewlng Machines, 89c to $1.50.
Stoves and Ranges, 25c to 98c.
Tub and Board, 10c.
Wash Sets, 25c and 50c.
Tea Sets, 10c to $1.00.
Trunks, 10c to $1.00.
Pianos, 2.c to 98c.
Clothes Baskets, 10s and 25c
Brcomo, 10c.
Poodle Dogs, 25c to $1.00.
Fur Dogs, 10c to 50c.
High Chairs, $1.20.
Books, 5c up.
Games, 5c up.
Hair Ribbons, yard 10c and 25c,
Moving Picture Ma
chines, $1.00 to $4.00
CHRI8TMA8 TREE ORNAMENTS Assorted Ovals and balls,
tinsel and artificial snow, paper bells, wreaths and garlands. A thous
and different shapes and varieties at T.. .'.'.. 1c TO 10o
TREE CANDLES Assorted colors 10c box (36); candle holders
10c dozen.
Soma craus'
On the Corner"
Special 20 per cent
Discount Safe
Economy Shoe Store
An actual discount of twenty per cent is being giv
en on our entire stock of footwear. This includes
p complete stock of Men's, "Wonien'b and Chil
dren's Shoes, Slippers, Rubber Boots, 'Alaskas,
Do Not Be Misled I
There is only one genuine 20 per cent discount sale
There is only one
Economy Shoe Store
and that one is on the corner of Main and Gambier
Streets Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Extra specials in Warm Lined Shoes for Tues
day, Dec. 20.
"On the Corner"
AHICI9 aivrc!
- Toylabd f
Sleds, 25c to $4.00
Express Wagons, 69c to $1.60.
Velocipedes, $1.50 to $2.98.
Hand Cars, $2.48 to $3.60.
Shoo Flys, 50c and 75c.
Rocking Horses, $1.50 to $6.75.
Bleda, 25c to $1.00.
Flexible Flyers, $1.50 to $2.98.
Daisy Air Rifles, 50c to 08c
Grocery Stores, 50c to'$2.00.
Drums, 10c to $1.93.
Game Boards, $1.00 to $3.75.
Indian Costumes, $1.25.
Wheel Barrows, 25c to 75c.
Police Outfits, 50c.
Shooting Galleries, $1.00 and $2
Humpty Qumpty Circus, $50c to
Electric Motors, 48c to $1.00.
Electric Trains, $2 to $S.
Iron Toys, 10c to $1.00.
Tool Chests, $1.00 to $3.75.
Building Blocks, 25c to 98c
Magic Lanterns, $1.00 up.
Moving Picture Machines $1 up
Post Card Projectors, 98c up.
Steam Engines, $1.00 up.
Blackboards, 25c to $1
xmas Store
"On th Corner
(I ' If
xxiutiuo, .ucggiuga, xiuu, J
"On the Corner

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