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! LI
Ordered by Father to
Tour British Empire.
Snares Fortv liolv Rollers
In Oneway
Pittsburg Gathering Indorses Lake-
to-River Deep Waterway.
Pittsburg, Deo. 19. Moro than 200
Sromlnont man from eastern Ohio,
northern West Virginia nml woBtorn
Pennsylvania attended a mooting
called by Mayor William A. Mageo
at tho Pittsburg chumhur of com
aaerce, to discus the project of a
4cop -wator canal connecting Lake
Erlo with the Ohio river httro. En
thuslasm woMr expressed by every
delognto and It was the oto of the)
mooting that the plan' was not only
Soaslhlo, but that the $50,000,000 coat
eoud bo met. Plans for tho eauBO
feave already been drawn, pointing
wit that by draining tho Beaver rlvor
considerable portion of tho dinar
might easily be constructed, Tho
Ittko terminal would bo at Ashtabula
Harbor, O.
Short Feeding Poor Policy.
If there In not enough feed on the
gtlucc to carry the hogs tlirough nnd
lit them quickly nnd If prices do not
cciii to warrant the piirchuso of feed,
then It Is much better to market them
nt onco rather than stunt them by
tobort feed In tho winter. A stunted
knlmul never made anybody money.
Jury Disagrees.
Chicago, Doe. 10. Tho Jury In tin
trial of CharlcH 13. Erhatcln, accuhed
r "flxlng" a juror to acquit Lee
O'Nolll nrowno, In tho lattur's see-
na trial for hrlbory In connection
with tho election of William Lorlmer
to Rio United States senate, dlsa
4reed and was discharged,
III and doRpoudcnt, Nannie llymer,
IS, asslHtant pontmlstrcBtt at I'latto
Clty, Nob., hanged herself.
MoxIco'H biggest oil gusher has
eon drilled in near Tiimpleo. It lias
cjipaclty of 110,000 barrels a day.
Brigadier Goueral II. C. Has
lrouck, II. S, A lotlnd, died at his
Homo Jn Nowbnrg, N. V aged VI
Josoph I Klton of lllllslioro has
keen elected HupiirlntPiuUint of tho
Ohio Soldiers' and Sailors' Orplinns'
At nnffalo, Henry V. Allen, 7.1, do
poiident, le.aimd from tho tenth
tory of a building and his body was
reduced to a iiiuhh of pulp.
Wnshlnrlon, Dee. lit. Honor Hon
Anlbal i .'wi, minister from (ihllo to
tho Dulled States, died suddenly at
"tho Chili in legation. Death was duo
to hoart disease. Tho newH of Hcnor
Cruz's death spread quickly about offi
cial Washington and caino an a shock
to many, for he was a prominent Ilg
wo at tho bamiuet of tho American
society for the Judicial (settlement of
International disputes,
It Is piobahfo that Mr. Knox will
equont tho uso of a battleship or
tbcr war vessel to convey tho body
Honor Cruz to Chile.
Benton Harbor, Mich., Doc. 19 It
was a big day yesterday for Brother
Benjamin, lender of tho Holy Hollers'
Religious Society horc, nnd a bigger
ono for 20 long-haired nnd bearded
apostles nnd an equal number of sis
tors of the sect, who wcro married
lb a wholscsomo ceremony that broko
through tho rigid rules of Benjamin's
faith, which hitherto had lgnore'd Cup
Id. A local magistrate, 'Squire James
Weldon, tho "marrying Justlco of St.
Joe," tied tho knots and In his own
words It was "soino ceremony."
Tho score of marriages today nuirlc
tho end, it is believed, of celibacy in
tho religious colony founded hero by
Brother Benjamin some years ago.
Thirteen couples wcro married In
ono party and seven In another. Ac
cording to popular Interpretation,
Bcnjnmlu'H fnlth fallcl to recognize
tho llttlo god of lovo. Teaching thn
worldllness of tho physical body, tho
Holy Hollers' doctrine, at least until
recently, failed to admit that truo lm,
plncss could coinq through wedlock
Lovo was frowned "pon and tho S3xcs
were separated.
Recently ono of tho prominent mem
bers of tho sect. -William Hannnford,
an Australian, foil In lovo with a pret
ty sister of tho colony. HIb lovo
know no bounds nnd In tho end ho
married his sweetheart and thereby
started Cupid on a big task.
Seven couples were married In the
afternoon and 13 In tho evening, I ho
prospective brides nnd bridegrooms
grouping themselves In n semlclrclo
about a specially built altar. Tho
bridcR woro flowing gowns of white
silk nnd satin, and tho bridegroom?,
with flowing hair and unshaven faces,
which is tho Holy Rollers' custom,
were clothed In ordinary habile. Thoro
will bo no honeymoon trips.
Congreva to Adjourn Wednetday.
Washington, Doc 19. Congress Is
wtpected to adjourn Wednesday for
the holiday roccss and not to resume
fcualncas until Jan. 6.
Columbus, 0 Doc, 10. Tho find
ing of traces of polaon In the stom
ach of Florence llnor, the 19-yoar-old
Crovo City girl whoso dead bodr wiu
(found In a vacant lot on the West
Sldo of this city, has given new
agio to a cose which so far ha
ftafllcd the local police department.
efforts to locato, among tho nu
merous young men of her acquaint
ance, tho ono responsible for her
condition, have proved futile. It has
lo been Impossible to locato the
physician who Is supposed to havo
administered an anesthetic, prepara
tory to performing a criminal opera
tion. Now the question which confronts
tho sleuths Is, was tho poison taken
Hflth suicidal Intent or administered
j soma ono who would bo benefited
y the glrl'B death?
Good For the Runs and Lightens
the Grain Gill.
Alfalfa Is as much an egg producing
nialerlal as It Is n producer of milk.
It Is rich In nitrogen and mineral mat
ter, Hum providing tho hens with sub
stances that are derived from It In
forms most suitable for tho purpose
desired, l.lme Is an essential sub
stance In tho production of eggs, anil
there are semi' that use oyster shells
for supplying tho hens with lime, but
alfalfa contains limn In a soluble form
and ready prepared for use.
Thtfviirlous grains are deficient In
llmi'ianrt when fKiultry receive no
food but grain'lt. Is Imposslblo for the
hens to lay perfect eggs, innny being
soft shelled. When tho needed ele
ments are supplied and tho hens lny
regularly Die carbonaceous matter Is
appropriated by tho eggs, but If tho
hens do not lay (hoy become fnt nnd
remain In a condition that Invites did-ease.
Alfalfa or Wowr, by displacing part
of the grain ration, supplies the hens
with Mihstiiiici'H which uro lacking In
grain mill provides bulk fond and heat-
lug food. It Is good both In tho dry
and green Ktate, and happy Ih the poul
tryman who Iiiih an alfalfa patch for
his hens lo wander In. They enn get
animal and green food at tho name
time. If you don't raise alfalfa your
Holfybuy It by nil meaiiH and save half
your grain bill.
Merit In the Sire.
A boar's greatest value Is In tho
bfecdlug power. This quality In n
Biro Is something that can bo told only
by trial. Indications as seen In .tho
Individual amount to llttlo In deter
mining prepotency. Along tho lino ai
ancestors that are shown by record to
havo been strong and truo breeders la
n big Item In favor of tho untried boar.
However, because Individuality la of
little value ns an Indication of n boar's
prepotency doeu not mean that hull
vldunllty should bo Ignored, that wo
would do JtiBt as well to shut our eyes
nnd draw. Wo want all the merit lu
u sire wo can got, so thnt If ho proved
n good breeder wo stand best clmuco of;
gottlng food pigs pigs like their sire.
What's tho UieT
He novfir looks
When high winds flirt.
For every aldrt'a
A hobble uhlrt,
Houston I'oat
"Id thnt tnnn crazy or what?"
"No: don't you sie he'n acting In
t'nnt of u moving picture camera."
Butter 28o; eggs 38c.
Mr. Georgo C. Vail )xcnt to Newark
Monday noon on business.
A stick pin mjkes a nice present
250 to select from at Penn'o.
Judge J. II. Weight made a business
trip to lltlca Monday noon.
' Mrs. V. It. Fisher has returned to
her homo In this city after a several
days' visit with relatives In Chicago.
Special prices on Waltham and El
gin watches at Pcnn's.
Miss Ruth Ralston, who In attend
ing tho young ladles' school at Chov
oy Chnse. Md., Is homo for tho holi
If you want a watch to keep correct
time to buy a Ball $20.00 to $60.00 at
Mr. Frank X. Farrell, who has been
In Colorado for somo time past on ac
count of his health, Is expected to ar
rivo In Mt. Vornon this overling to
vUit with his mother.
A Howard watch makes a .beauti
ful nnd useful Xmas present, $3.75 at
MIsa Cora Bennett, nurse at the Mt.
Vornon Hospital, left Sunday for her
homo In Toronto, Canada, where she
will mnko an extended visit with her
- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Slack of Marengo
spent Sunday In Sparta with Mr.
Slnck'e parents, Mr. nnd Mrs, Charles
275 gold watches to select from for
Xmas at Penn's.
Miss Lorctta Taughor of East Ham
ttamck street will lenvo Tuesday
morning for Tiffin to mako a several
days' visit with relatives.
Embossed Xmas cards 10c per doz
en at Penn'o.
Mr. John Burgoon, who sustained a
paraletlc utroko. at his homo near
Bloomlleld overal days ago, Is gradu
ally growing weaker and I1I3 condition
Is critical.
Get your pictures framed for
Xmas, CO selectlqns of mouldings at
Mrs. B. V. Huffman of Mt. Vernon
visited Mrs. Anna Marshall and Mrs.
Caroline Shccdy of near Mt. Liberty
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Fawcott of Buckeye
City spent Saturday In Columbus with
friends. .
300 art pictures, prices 25c to 75c,
just received for sale at Penn's.
Dr. (loorgo F. Smytho of Gambler
will preach n tho Ploasant Valley
Chapel, near Monroo Mills on tho ov
oiling of Christmas day.
A grand Christmas gift can bo se
lected from iho many kinds of ruga
shown at Arnold'). Whether small,
medium or laTgo slzo you will find a
lot of kinds and you aro always sure
of getting tho lowest prices.
Mr. J. A. Parish of Buckeye City
spoilt Saturday In Columbus with his
daughter, Miss Anna Parrlsh, who Is
a patient at tho Protestant hospital.
You will profit by shopping at Ar
nold's china 8toro.r,Grnt;"d!8pmjH(,and
dnz.tlng varieties. All of your gifts
aro ready hero, and you will find an
swers lo your ChristinaB questions.
"IMgomont" that "creamy" crncit
or sold by Popploton, Bast Gambler
Vorno M. Lotler and Mrs. Leflor,
formerly MIrb Alberta Darby of Wash
ington, IiKi., aro hero to spend tho hol
idays with friends, bolng nt present
at tho homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. B. D. Hor
ron, North' Mnln street. -
Solid meat oystora, cortlflcd as Han-
Itary by tho officers of tho stato In
which thoy aro grown, sold by Popplo
ton, IOuHt Gambler St.
Mr. David A. IJphnm wont to New
ark Monday noon to attend to somo
business matters.
Mrs. John Harrison of this city left
Sunday evening for Bnyport, Pa.,
where sho was called by tho serious
illness of her mother, Mrs. Simon
Novor too much light In a room nnd
no plueo where beauty can hotter bo
displayed, Somo now gas shades and
burners that glvo pleasuro to every
ono lii the fnmlly nil tho year through
makes a rico Chlstmas.
Mls3 Cnthorlno Russell, who Is at
tending tho Conservatory of Mus'c at
Cincinnati, Is homo for tho holiday
vncatlon with, hor mother, Mrs. J, B.
Thoro will bo a Christmas enter
tainment at tho Hotilah church on Sat
urday evening, Docombor ?4.
"Rver Wonr" aluminum In all kinds,
of p'eces and Just what tho houaow'lfo
' would llko for Christmas. A now
shipment JuBt received at Arnold's
china store,
Mr. David Parker of Chicago, for
merly of this city, is making n savor
nl ilnya' visit vlth relatives lu Mt.
Vornon. This Is Mr. Parker's first
visit n,twonty years.
Mrs. Henry Wright and daugfctor,
Miss Urlen, of Gnmblcr hnvo returned
to tholr homo after a several 'days vis
it with rolatlvca In Lima. x
2v I I4 'I i ! ! l ! ! ! HE I !
-fi liltlNh HAVION. 4'
4 I4 Hh v I kl ! I i fa ! ! I I
Walter Slate Is now assisting Agent
II. O. Church with IiIb duties here on
tho C, A. & C.
Messrs. S. S. Day, J. J, Hyatt, ami
Mr. Klefcr mado a buslncBa trip to
Orrvlllo ono day last week.
Our-citizens were without gas from
Friday at two o'clock to Saturday nt
7 o'clock owing to a break In tho lino
between Howard and Danvlllo.
Schmld & Hyatt will ship several
cars of s'tock from this placo Wed
nesday. Edward Pipes, conductor on tho hill
cnglno here, was a regular attend
ant at tho recent show given by The
Modern Rcmcrdy Co. nt thl3 placo and
was so well satisfied thnt tho business
was a financial success that ho made
purchase of all t,ho slock they had loft
at tho clo-30 of tholr stay hero. What
ho could not get Into tho house he
stored In the barn, and ho Is con
templating organizing a comedy com
pany soon nnd will start on the road.
It is nlso reported that tho will get a
few pairs of boxing gloves and havo
boxing In connection with tho regular
Mr. Percy Greer and sister, Rossle,
of Danvlllo were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Barnes over Sunday.
Mesdames J. J. Hyatt and C. E.
Slate wcro business visitors at, Co
shocton, last Thursday.
C. S. Starncr Is preparing to take
tho stato examination for teachers at
Columbus, Tuesday, Dec. 27th.
Mrs. D. N. Roach fell on tho ico
near her home here ono day last week
and severely injured herself, tho lig
aments In tho knee being torn looso,
which necessitated tho calling of Dr.
W. S. Putnam. At present tho Injury
Is doing as well as could bo expected
under tho circumstances.
Tho Misses May Black nnd Avlco
Nolderhouse, teachers In our schools
here, made a trip to Mt. Vernon, last
Mrs. Normandlo Robinson was tho
guest of her son, Sherman, at Glen
mont, ono day last week.
Mrs. S. E. Basin returned Friday,
from a short visit with hor daughter,
Mrs. P. J. Parker at Mt. Vornon,
Mrs. Wm. Bailey and son Wallace
woro guests of Prof, and Mrs. W. W.
Borden at Fredericktown last week.
Miss Euuim Church, of PipelBville is
tho guest of her brother, Elmer, here.
Mrs. II. O. Church spent Wednes
day In CohnnliUH.
August Blanchard of Glenmont was
the guest of John Wqrkman recently.
Mrs. t. T. Sapp and Thomas Win
slow woro calling on relatives at Ca
vallo, last weok.
Do not forget when wanting auy
silvcrwnro that you can got tho best
at Arnold's china store. For forty
years headquarters for dependable
silverware tho beHt mado. A choice
lot of fancy pieces that make nice
Pressnts for All: I
: Bibles and Books of all :
: kinds.
Photo and Post Card
: Albums. :
I Desk Sets, Ink Stands j
i and Stamp Boxes. :
: Fancy Boxed Papers, :
j Fountain Pens and
: Gold Pens. s
' Games and Educational
: Works for Children. :
i Make some selections :
: from our stock. i
. . ! I
: Arnold's Book :
I Store ?
Suggestions .
Gillette Safety Razors
$5.00 and $6.00
Flexible Flyer Sleds
Daisy Air Eifles
85c and $1.50
Scissors and Shears
35c to 85c
Asbestos Sad Irons
$1.75 and $2.00
West Side Public Square
& wt
Upee Every Evening, i
Toe Store of Quality occupies first place J
in the minds of those who -wish to J
purchase suitable & economical Xmas J
m Hull umbrellas the kind that always
has sold at $5. Tho covers are made of
$ silk and wool the right combination to
turn water with tape bound edges.
Two detachable handles go with each
umbrella, one for ladies the other for
9 gentlemen. A $5 values for ,$3.75
There is a limited number only. Come
Other uood servicable umbrellas for
ladies or gents at . .$1, $2, $3, $3,50, $4
it Mm
Registered U. S. Pat. Office
Reinforced with Linen for
Men, Women, and Children
Cadet StocKmgs tor men, women
and children; the kind that wears. .25c
Burson Hose for women have seam
less feet; a variety of styles, pair . . .25c
Ladies' Silk Hose with lisle tops;
black only; per pair r ; .50c
Ladies' Onyx Silk Hose with lisle
tops and lisle feet j black and colors,; per
Ladies' Onyx Silk Hose All silk,
black and colors; per pair $1.50
Men's Wool Socks;
per pair 15c, 25c, 35c 50c
Men's Lisle Socks assorted colors;
four pairs in holiday box; per box. $1.00
Men's Silk Hose in black and colors;
per pair , 50c
In this department a Xmas box goes
with every purchase of 50c or more.
If you are thinking of Underwear,
come to us and say "Munsing wear"
with the accent on wear.
You will find perfect happiness in
perfect fitting Munsing Union Suits.
They please everybodjr,
Water won't.
hurt them.
Worn with complete satisfaction by
most particular people.
Prices $1 to $3.50.
Jabots Now assortments of the
prettiest Jabots and collars we have
shown this season. Don't fail to see
them 25c to $1
Children's plain white handkerchiefs
three in a box, per box 15c
) Children's picture handkerchiefs;
six in box; per box 25c
Men's linen handkerchiefs,
each 25c and 50c
Men's linen initial handkerchiefs;
each , 25c
Ladies' and men's handkerchiefs
put up in sealed packages; perfectly
sanitary 10c to 25c
Ladies' handkerchiefs; w(T believe
we have tho biggest and best assort
ment of ladies' linen handkerchiefs to
bo found in Knox county. Judge for
yourself; prices range from. . .25c to $2
Knit Mufflers for men and women;
all colors; made to fit and wear, 25c 50c
and $1.25.
Ladies' Silk Scarfs in plain colors
& handsome Persian effects 50c to $3.50
If you need anything in sheets, pil
low cases, blankets or comforts, come
and see this big assortment of new mer
chandise. , N
Cotton Blankets in white, gray, tan
or beautiful plaids; prices. .69c to $3.75
Wool Blankets in white, gray or
plaids; prices $3.98 to $10
Comforts in various grades;
from , $1 to $4
Lamb's Wool Comforts Pilled
with pure lamb's wool; best silkoline
covers; light yet warm; a beauty;
each r. $3.50
Jacquard Cotton Covers; let us show
them to you $4 and $5
Bath Robe Blankets. .$2.25 to $2.75
Steamer Rugs Heavy wool blank
ets for outdoor sleeping or for carriace
use $5 to $12
Hand Embroidered Sheets and Pil
low Cases If you haven't had time to
work them yourself, buy them ready
made. Linen finished sets. .$2.25 to $5
Pillow Cases; per pair $2.50
Bed Spreads All white in plain,
fringed, fringed with cut corners, cut
corner with scalloped edges $1 to $5
Blue white or ellow spreads. .$3.50
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Collar pins set with 1 -"illiant import
ed stones 25c
Initial shirt waist pins. 50c
Fancy back combs 50c to $3.50
'German Silver Mesh Bags.$1 to $5
Finished pillows, satin tops. .'.$1.25
Pillow Tops, all kinds 25c to $1
Finished pillows, embroidered with
silk floss, satin ruffles; each. . . ..v$3.98
Ladies and Children's Knit Slip
pers 50c and 75c $
holiday box 25c and 50c
Fancy pin cushions 50c to $1
Perfume, all odors 25c and 50c
Toilet Soap, 3 cakes in a box 25c
Variety bags 50c to $1
Fancy Belts , 50c and $1
i i
Select the gloves nowj If you don't
know the correct size we shall exchange
them after Xmas.
Ladies' Kid Gloves in black or tan;
at $1.00 and $1.50
Ladies' Cape Gloves for street wear;
at $1
Ladies' Kid Gauntlet Gloves for
driving; per pair $1.50
Ladies' Silk Lined Kid Gloves; tan
only; per pair $1.50 ft
Children's Kid Gloves; Adler brand; ft
per pair $1.25
Ladies' and Men's Knit Gloves;
per pair 25c and 50c ft
Children's Knit Gloves; per pair 25c ft
Children's Knit Mittens; ft
per pair ? 15c and 25c J
Children's Bear Skin and Astrican
Mittens; per pair ,50c
There is also a complete line of loath- ft
er bags, imitatibn alligator skin and real
alligator skin bags; prices 50c to $6.50 ft
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Real leather bag, large size wifh. coin
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ficles $5 and $6.50
fMmniikmit Goods tk)
w jj -3BEE4Lj!iZZHLiIj5i
rMLVJ- "- 4 i
WW V9fim WlUMMfc MnWtWMfcm ! HMtfunMW tptmmMXt.m imn mmrmfm f P" -vmmm,m W -- w .. - -,? .- iiiimctwIi1H-' '" "K H" ' MM h iimIWH ! urn JaJMaJ)attaiaTialataiaMIBiaAMaBiaiMHW AjJjM
J(Jr.rflI-... rTn--TTBaiartaMaaBYMaPaMM

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