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Subscription Rate $1.60 per year.
Entered nt the Mt. Vornon, O., post
office as second class mall matter.
To Be The Star On The Ken
yon Tennis Teim
Gambler, O., Jan. 30 Tho Konyon
tennis schedules shows that Kcnyon
will havo a splendid list of attractions
this year. Maily and Beatty will be
the principal members of tlio team. In
asmuch as Marty Is champion of Ohio
and Beatty runnorup In the West Vir
ginia tournament, thoy should havo lit
tle trouble winning all of tholr match
es. The Bchedulo Is as follows:
May 13 Michigan at Oamblor.
May 19 Wooster at Gambler.
May 20, Kcnyon plays In the Inter
collegiate championships at Delaware.
DcnlBon and Wcslcyan will also prob
ably play at Kcnyon. A trip Is being
arranged which wi:i Include Michigan,
Chicago, Indiana and Illinois. Maity,
stnto tennis champion, will captain the
lost To fltterbeln At Met
Boll Saturday
Gambler, O., Jan. 30 Ottorboln de
feated Konyon horo 31 to 27. Tho rirat
half Konyon had tho gamo woll In
hand. Duo to tho Injury of Gaines tho
Kcnyon team was biokon up and Ot-
torhcln went ahoad. Tho gamo wna
rough throughout but tho roforoolng
was very Impartial. Cook for Otter
bcln, played a splondld gamo and It
was on account of his good work In
tho second halt that Konyon lost.
.Showed The Effect Of
Scientific Feeding
Wooster, O., Jan. 30 Tho Stalo Ag
ricultural Station at Wooator has ap
parently provod-lti 'theory that' If hogs
woro fed certain foods which would
r.roduco bigger liraliiB they would bo
cumo better manuerod, moro cloanly
and would provldo bettor .pork than
Uiu ordinary tiwlne. Tho oxpoilmont
wns Btartod a year ngo last fall with
10 solccted pigs, which woro placod In
sanitary, mortem puns uud ronred on
apodal food nuulo from HOluoted
Kouio months uftor thin troalmunt
tftiid cleanly life, ,whon lot looso from
tho pen, thoiio hogs showed tbclr
bleeding by not associating ut all with
tho common hogii an IHo station furui.
ITnfoi luimtoly lor. Uio hogu, howev
er, thero was nci''wuy of telling how
much binlns tho brain food had de
veloped In them without a post-mortem
examination. So thuy woio killed
na a sacilflco to mrlonco.
'Iliclr menL has linen pronounced by
exports to lie tho most micciilout and
tender over soon nnd tholr carcasses
1 will bo sold at u big ndvnuco (Ivor tho
rugular maikot pilco ot pork.
Columbus, ()., Jan, 30 A nalutn of
'twenty-one guns, supplemented by Uo
iplaylng of tho imllonul ulrn on tlio
Trinity church chimes, iinnounuod tho
formal opcrlng UiIh morning of tho
fourth Nutlonul Corn Exposition, for
which preparations liavo boon gtitug
forward for nouily a year. Tho oxpo
Hltlon, which will eoiiUuuu until Feb
ruary 10, Ih the largest affair of ItH
kind ever hold In tho United fllnlos.
Four of tho largest buildings on tho
Ohio Stato Fair Grounds tiro :?nd
to Iioiieo tho oxnlbilii. Tlio display In
cludes a wide vailaty of coicnht and
grains from noaily ovory qtnUi'iu Uia
union, togother wllluliialruetlvo oxhlu
its from tho Department of Aereiil
turo at WaBhlugton and uiiuuivoas
etuto agricultural colleges and tp,r
'Jmont stations, A nuiiihor of ci for
nco3 of wldo Interest and Jmpor. nco
will bo held during tlio exposition per
iod, Preaidont Taft will visit tb ex
position and deliver un address oo (bo
..cloning day.
Copyright. 1910. by Associated Lit
erary Press,
JiMt-phim UtMidcrxuu was u mini of
forty when u startling event took plueo
in 111 life, lie was also u widower.
lie was exactly live feet high uud
weighed 110 pounds. These llgures
will convince .vim tlmt JuKcphus wus
nut uumlieri'd among the mighty men
of earth, lie hud tried various ways
of making it living, uud In pursuing
them he bud got the rcutiitlou of be
ing keen. He hud ill last turned ped
dler mid wus driving a horse uud
wiigiin iiround the country with dry
gondii, notions, groceries and ttuwuro.
TIiiii'h the way he came to meet tho
widow Koplier, who lived on n farm.
The widow hud passed forty. Suo
was large uud bony and strong. Sho
wus not handsome. The only thing on
en rill she feared wus (he law. Sho
hud once been arrested for klcMng n
inn u uud hud spent ten duys In jail.
The sheriff hud made her stay as
pleiisnnl us possible, but she had nev
er recovered from the shock.
Peddlers lire u Jovlnl lot, and so are
widows, and In time these two camo
to i-nll each other Josh and Sally.'
Things would have gone no further
but for the little man's keenness. IIo
never made u sale to the widow with
out client lir; her. nnd one day when
lie heard that she hud come Into pus-sc-odon
of $5.00(1 lu cash through the
death of n brother Josephus saw his
wny clear for the future. That money
would set up a store In the village,
mill he would become a thriving mer
chant, Jiiseplitis went courting. IIo found
the widow behind the plow In u Held.
As lie courted she plowed. Hi luid
no object Ions, as lime was money to
Imtli of them. Joseplllis confessed
that lie bud entei'taliied a sneaking
iiD'ei'tlon for the widow since Ills llrsl
call, and, though she didn't say much,
she seemed pleased.
Joseplllis wus told to call two woek'i
Inter, hut nt the end of nine days hn
wus buck again. He siild it was hH
lieniiiig heart Hint rctclr.'d him. Hn
linil cut the time down, hut the widow
was ready for him Several days pre
vious she hud gone to the village uud
paid a lawyer $5 to answer the ques
tion: "Can the law trouble a wifo who
Hi ks her husband?"
And his answer had been:
"Not lr you do not lick him too hard.
Then Is neither assault nor battery In
what limy be called u moderate licking,
lion't break any bones nnd1 don't sorb
oitsly Injure his eyes."
"1 have bi-en thinking." said the wid
ow to .loephus: " have been thinking
uud wondering If you loved me."
"Hcnvcus, cun you doubt It?" ho ex
cln lined.
"And you will nlwnys lovo mo?"
"I'urever and forever!"
"Then we'll say two mouths hence."
"One month a week n day!"
Joseplllis knew of u store to rent In
the village, uud lie wanted that $5,000.
Tin widow Insisted Hint she must have
two weekx at the very shortest, and n
date was settled on. The marriage was
In be private and be celebrated In her
Ilium. In due time the happy day
came round-ii preacher nnd two wit
nesses uud the deed was done. An
hour later, as the happy couple woro
left aioui. the widow changed her
dress, rolled up her sleeves and brought
out u new horsewhip bought for tho oc
casion. "What's up?" asked the wondering
"Take off your coat and iitnnd out."
"For what, love? I want to talk
with you about opening n store la
"I'lenty of time for that. Josephus.
The first Hale you nuide to tne wns flvo
yards of roller toweling. You boat mu
on the price uud on the measure, I'm
going lo tan your Jacket for It!"
"Hut. love"-
Slii look him by the collar nnd laid
on the whip till lie hollered. A wo
limn who could twist u plow n round
lu -l:iy noil could handle the little
"The second sale," continued tho
wife iih she rested, "wan live tin pans.
Four of them leaked, and you boat ma
out of 10 cents beside. Here Is lick
ing No. 2."
"Hut I nm your dear husband!" ho
protested as he squirmed iibont.
"And (hut's whv I can lick you and
dodge the law, Here goes!"
Joseplllis' hide was tickled apnln.
He attempted to fight, hut was taken
by the hnlr mid his head banged
nt'iiliiHt the wall till he grew qulot.
When the performance was over nnd
tin wll'o bad got her breath she said:
"You sold me ten yards of calico for
n dress and warranted It to wash. It
was three-iiuarlerH of a yard nliort on
Ihe iiiciiRiii-p -ntul the colors ran Into
each other. Josephus, somo mora
"I'll turn ynu arrested for thin!"
"You cim't. Thill's what I paid $5
to inalte sure of Come to time!"
And Josephus wns licked for soiling
short weigh! groceries, nnd for charg
ing fill cents loo much for n pair" of
shoes, and for selling tilnck stockings
Hint rroelted. and when ho hud got bis
last stroke the wife said:
"JtwcpliiiH. ilarllng, It wns n cousin
of mine that got the $5,000, but you've
got inn, nnd horo wo dwell, and you
do the farm work and do it woll or
you'll get some more of this! Tho
mercantile business is not for us.
dear. What we want is the free nil ot
the cnnntr.v. with honest price and
roh1 measuro thrown In!"
Daughter of New York Mil
lionaire Strangely Missing.
Unknown Woman Belleve3 Daughter
Killed In Central Park.
Now York, Jon. 30. Tho pollco
will bo nsked to drag the lakes of
Central park for tlio body of Dorothy
Arnold. A telcphono message to the
Arnold homo suggested to tho family
a plausible explanation for her disap
pearance that sho had been mur
dered In tho park while walking
homo after dark on tho morning of.
Dec. la and was thrown into one
ot the lakes. It was a woman who
phoned, and she told Mr. Keith that
thero could be no doubt that Dorothy
was In Park & Tllford's storo at
Fifth avenuo and Fifty-ninth street
at G o'clock en tlio afternoon of Dec.
12. Tho family had assumed hereto
fore that Dorothy bought a hox or
candy nt Park & Tllford's at about
1:3b s. m.
Senate May Decide Dean Bill's
Falo Tonight.
Columbus, O., Jan. 30. This week
promises lo bo an unusually busy
ono lu both branches of tho general
assembly. In tho senate. tho
Dean bill to modify tho county
option Inw Is on the calondar
and If not tnken up tonight will bo
voted on tomorrow, and in all prob
ability passed.
Effort to get tho Stockwoll bill,
committing Ohio to the Oregon plan
ot choosing United States senators,
out of the committee on elections,
which Indefinitely postponed It last
week, will mo made.
It Is promised that Senator Yount
will Introcluco tho tolophono morgor
bill tonight.
If n bill which Is to bo prosentod
Into today by Senator Dore of Seneca
county Is placod upon tho statute
books, Ohio will do away with th
Australian ballot. Doro will present
the coupon tlckot plan, which bo
claims has merits superior to tho
ballet tlmt has been In ubo.
Under this law each party tlckot Is
prlntod on soparato sheets, with each
nnmo on a coupon, that Is easily torn
off. When a voter goes Into tho
booth ho Is given all tho tickets that
thoro aro and two envelopes. Into
ono of theso ho puts tho slips con
taining names of mon for whom ho
wlshos to vote. Into tho other he
puts what ho doesn't want. lr ho
would vote a straight ticket ho Is
anved tho bother and Incouveulenco
of tearing. The plan has boon trlod
In Wisconsin.
Officials Hear Captain Kldd Hid For
tune in C.ipltol Grounds.
Washington, Jan. 30. Tho local
fortune hunters who aro anlxous to
ranko money without going through
tho formality of working for It havo
boon encouraged by a report that
Captain Kldd, tho noted captain of
tho pirate Industry of years ago,
burled fomo ot his surplus woalth In
tho capltol grounds horo. lu a lottor
to Elliott Woods superintendent ot
the capltol, an anonymous informant
Bays that ho knows tho osact spot
where Captain Kldd placed this
Mr. Woods hns directed tho capltol
pollcoinon to arrest all persons en
tering tho grounds with pIoks, huov
els or any olhur excavating lmplo
meats, Plsclntj tho Dlnmo.
.Tudgo (to burglar on trial! ITavo
you anything to nay, prisoner? Bur
glarYes. your honor, I was only act
In' on mo doctor's advlco to take somo
thin' afnre golu' tor boil. Boston
Thero Is one word which mny servo
ns a rule of practice for all one's life
that word Ih reciprocity. What you do
not wish, done to yourself do uot do
to othoiu-ConfticIus.
Pretty Narrow,
Mrs. rioyle Is there much room In
your Hat? Mrs. Doyle I should say
not! There Isn't room to glvo any
body n broad hint,--Judgo.
Schedule For Kenyon Has
Been Arranged
Gambler, O., Jan. 30 Dr. Walton
has tho Kcnyon football schedulo al
most completed and whon tho Nov. 4
date has been filled his work along
that lino will be nt an end. It is al
most cortnln that Kcnyon will not
play a Thanksgiving gamo next year,
although a number of good offers have
boon made.
Oberlln-and Kcnyon tried to cot to
gether on a football date, but nothing
camo of It. Howover athlotlo rela
tions with Oborlln will bo kopt up In
other branches.
Buchtel is trying hard to got on
Konyon's schedulo and they may pos
sibly got tho Thanksgiving date.
At a mooting of managers hold to
day, It was decided to have moro can
didates for tho coaching position visit
hero. Watson and Waters of Williams
aro receiving somo consideration but
Gray is tho ono best bet. Tho foot
ball schedule is as follows:
Sept. 23 Practice gamo at Gam
bior. Sept. 30 Ohio Wesleyan at Gam
bler. Oct. 7 Reserve at Cleveland.
Oct. 14 Allegheny at Meadvillo.
Oct. 21 Case at Cleveland.
Oct. 28 Ottorboln at Gambior.
Nov. 4 Open.
Nov. llO. S. U. at Columbus.
Nov. 18 Donisoh nt Granville.
Nov. 2G Wooster at Gambler.
In A Fall Down Tim Cellar Steps Was
Miss Llna Jacobs
Miss Llna Jacobs sustained a num
ber of very painful InJurios nt hor
homo on East Burgess street Sunday
afternoon. Sho was starting down a
steep flight of steps Into tho collar at
about threo o'clock and stopped on
somo object on tho step which caused
her to lose hor balanco nnd fall, ano
alighted at tho bottom of tho Btairs in
such a manner that hor loft arm was
severely sprained and hor body bad
ly bruised. A deep gash was Inflicted
In hor chin when it camo In contact
with tho corner of ono of tho stons
during tho fall. Dr. C. K. Conard was
called to render surgical attontlon.
From TIir Residence Of Judge Walgtit
On Sunday Evening
Early Sunday evening sncnk-thlovcs
stolo threo valuable silk umbrollas
from tho porch at tho rcsldonco ot
Judgo J. B. Wnlght, East High stroot.
Tho pollco woro called. Tho uullty
parties aro believed to bo known nnd
nrrests will probably bo avoided If
tho umbrellas aro roturned to tho
homo of Judgo Waight.
Tho following letters romnln un
.Iahncd In the Alt. Vernon postofllco:
To avoid delay lu delivery liavo
four mail nddrcssed to street nnd
Qiimber, P. O. box or general dollvery.
llnkor, A, it. ' ,
Urltton, Mrs. Pannlo
Urown, Mrs. Cdfti (3)
Uuinett, H. W.
Co., I-'. J. Pratt1 &
Dunn, Mr. nnd 'Mrs. Howard
FItzorgald, C. A'. ,
Gardner, C. A. . ,
Grant, Mrs. Ghaflos
Hammer, Mrs. John
Haas, Earlo II.
Jones, Mary 13. , -,'
Lucas, Miss Florence
MoElfach, Mrs.-Ara .."N
Hnstlo, John s.'
Itiloy, Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry -
Itoblnson, Uarry"'"C.
Saunders, Dr. ''',-
Shields, Clcon '
Trlbby, Ernest ' '
Wright, C. II. ,
Works, Tho Illesy Uottllng
Sheridan G. Dowds, P. M,
Columbus, 0 Jan. 30 A largo at
tondnnco is promised at tlio annual
mooting ot tho American Breeders'
Association of Columbus this week,
tho sosslons boglnunlngWodesdny and
continuing throo days. Tho mooting
will bo hold In conjunction with tho
National Corn Exposition which opon
ed today. A series' of lectures, illus
trating tho various phoBos of plant
nnd animal breeding will bo glvon Sec
retary ot Agrlculturo Wilson is the
prosldont of tho association nnd will
prostdo over tho annual meoting.
Stricken Wl'.h Apoplexy at
His Home In Portsmouth.
'iff .'''(' '' ?" W aKSK-3IHWK
George H. WatMns of Board of Pub
lic Works Seriously III.
Columbus, 0 Jan. 30. Dr. Frank
L. Watklns, stalo registrar or vital
statistics, was called to Portsmouth
by the serious Illness or his rather,
Gcorgo II. Watklns, president of the
Ohio state board of public works,
who wns stricken with apoplexy at
his homo In that city.
Watklns' term as president or tho
beard will explro next month and, It
Is said, ho was slated Tor the posi
tion or superintendent or Ohio's ca
nal system. He Is 53 ycar3 old.
Big Convention Will Probably
Adjourn Tonight.
Columbus, O., Jan. 30. The con
vention of tho United Mine Workers
of America will, If the unforeseen
does not happen, adjourn this even
ing. In the discussion that followed as
a result of charges of graft made by
President Lewis against olllccrs nnd
members or Local 405 or District 6,
In Pennsylvania, Vice President Van
Blttner or that district asserted that
the statements made by Lewis woro
incorrect and intimated in an ad
dress from the floor that Lewis was
playing Into tho hands of tho opera
tors or Pennsylvania In making tho
grart charges. After a discussion
lasting several hours the report of
tho commltteo on the president's,
vice president's nud secretary's re
ports was adopted,
A resolution calling Tor tho di
vision ot tho U. M. W. of A. into
Canadian and United States divisions
was piomptly voted down. Another
resolution condemning the county
commissioners for not allowing Em
ma Goldman to speak In Mcmorlnl
hall also wa3 voted down.
Upon tho report of tho committee
on constitution, delegates voted to
demand ovory othor Saturday as pay
day and that no work shall bo dono
on that day.
CHICAGO Cnttlo: Braves. Jt 7Gfl)7 01);
Tc.nu nt errs, U 1505 30; western stccrR.
$4 60(SG 70; Btoolters mid feeders. $3 90
S5 70; cows nud liolfcrs, f COCgG 00.
UnheH lit 25(S!l 25. Slicep nnd Lambi
Nnllve Hheop, 12 D0jl 40; weHtern. 12 70
Cu4 35; native Iambs, It !50G 25; wust
ern, 11 756 20; yearling), 14 E0i5 00.
Ho4 Light, 17 G57 90; mixed, 17 05
7 9); heavy, 17 6007 S5; rcush, 17 G0Jj
7 70; piss. $7 507 83. Wheal No. 2
red, 9U&97'4c Corn No. 2. 40!.J4GV4o,
Oats No. 2, 33U3:tta.
EAST DUFFALO-Cuttle: Export cat
tle, ?G 15ffU t)5: shipping steers, JC 00
G 15; butelipr cattle, IJI 25G 00; heifers,
13 73fP. CO; fat cows. 13 5005 23; bulls.
ft OOtJS 25. mllkets nnd springers. 125 rtu
l&OO 03. Calves 110 00ij)ll 75. Sheep nnd
Lambs Mixed sheep, $4 0001 15; weth
ers. $4 0004 35! owes, 13 7504 15; Iambs
13 250C 00; yenillngs, 14 7505 25. Hogs
Heavies, 17 SO07 90; mediums, $8 000
5 10; YorUors, IS 2008 30; pigs, 18 350
8 40; roughs. 17 00; stags, $G 0006 50.
CINCINNATI Wheat: No. 2 red. 93o0
Jl 01. Corn No. 2 mixed, 4804SJio.
Oats No. 2 mixed, 3P,35c. ltyo No.
2, 87089a Lard 110 10. Bulk Ments
111 00. Bacon U2 37Vj. Butter Cream
ory extras, 27VjO creamery nrsts nnd
seconds. 24026o: dnlry, 13Vj01Sc. Poultry
Springers, 12014o; hens, 12Ho; tur
Uoys, 1902On. Eggs 1020e. Cattle
li tO0G 10. Sheep 12 2504 15. Lambs
14 0000 10. Hogs Butchers and ship
pers, IR 0008 05; common, 17 2508 15.
PITTSDURG Cattloi Choice, JC 60
6 83: prlmo, IG 4O0G CO; tidy butchers,
16 1006 40; heifers, 14 0006 00; cons,
bulls nnd stags. 12 6005 76; fresh cows,
jr.0 OO0GQ 00. Calves Veal, 16 0009 50.
Fhnep nnd Lambs Prime wethors, 14 15
04 25. good mixed, IS 8004 10; lambs.
14 EO0G 00. Hogs Heavy hogs, J7 90;
lioavy mixed, IS (04S 05; mediums, 13 15;
tenvy Yoikers, 18 20; light Yorkers and
pigs, 18 250S 30.
CLEVELAND Cnttlo: Choice steers.
15 7606 25; helfors, $1 5005 SO; fat cows,
S3 7503 00; bulls. 13 7503 00; milkers
nnd springers, 125 00060 00. Calves
19 25 down. Sheep nnd lambs Mixed
sheep, 13 6003 75; owes, 14 00: best
theep, 11 00; lambs, 14 6005 85. Hogs
Hfnvles, J7 70; mediums, 17 8007 90;
lorkevrs, 13 0008 10; pigs, 18 10; roushn,
17 70: stags, 15 7506 50.
TOLEDO Wheat, 96o; corn, 4So oaU,
Myc; ryp, 84o, cloveraeed. IS 37,
Will Make Two Speaking Trips
Covering Many Miles.
Lincoln Memorial Celebration at
SpNnnfleld, III., Occupies Promi
nent Place on Pronram Cincin
nati, Columbus and Cleveland on
Visiting List In March He Will
Swing Around Southern Circle and
Spend Several Days In Queen City.
Washington, Jan. 30. President
Taft's schedule of spring tours is in
tho hands of White House oUldals.
Whilo tho Itinerary will not bo so
long as that of last year, tho presi
dent has engagements that will take
him over thousands of miles of terri
tory and keep him away from Wash
ington for many days at a tlmo.
The first big trip will begin tho
second week In February. Tho presi
dent will go to Springr.eld, 111, to at
tend the Lincoln memorial celebra
tion. On tho way he will drop ofT
for a few hours at Columbus, O., ar
ter which ho will make a quick trip
over tome or tho trolley lines In cen
tral Illinois owned by Iteprosentattvo
William B. McKinley. Mr. Tart Is
expected back In tho Whlto House
by Feb. 12. t
A trip which will bo a little longer
In point or time will begin March 8,
when the president will leave Wash
ington for Atlanta, whero he will
speak beforo tho Southorn Commer
cial congress. From Atlanta tho
president will go northwestward
through Tcnnesseo to Cincinnati, his
nativo city. Ho will stop at Nash
ville nd Chattanooga, and possibly
at other southern cities. Tho presi
dent will remain in Cincinnati throe
or four days and will thpn mako a
short trip to Cleveland. From Cleve
land ho is expected to return to
Washington. Ho will bo gone at
least ono week on this trip.
West Virginia Democrats and Repub
licans Reach, Agreement.
Charleston, W. Vn., Jan. 30. The
differences between the Democratic
and Republican members of the sen
ate hnve been sottled by an agree--ment
which provides that the Repub
licans are to unite with tho Demo
crats in another election or United
States senators to fill the vacancies
paused by tho expiration or tho term
or Senator Nathan B. Scott and tho
late Senator Stephen B. Elklns. Wil
liam Chilton and Clarence Watson
have already been chosen for these
places by tho Democrats. Thero has
been somo question ns to whether
Chilton and Watson were legally
elected, and tho purpose or holding
another election Is to make certain
that thero will bo no legal objection
to tho members rrom this stnto be
ing seated by tho United States
The agreement Turthor provides
that tho Republicans are to bo given
the president or tho sen-He, ono or
tho chler questions which thoy hae,
been holding out for. Dr. Hntliold or
McDowell was chosen Tor this place.
It also provides that Senator Hoarno,
whoso seat is disputed, should bo
seated until a committee appointed
to Investigate tho merits or tho case
should n..c a report.
New York Police Club Anarchists
Into Submission.
Now York Jan. 30. In a battle
with rollcemen, moro than 1,000 an
archists and sympathizers woro put
to rout at Broadway and Leonard
street. Tho anarch! ts. wild with
enthusiasm over a turbulent mass
meeting, were on tholr way to tho
Japanese consulate to protest against
the hanging In Japan of Dr. Denjnlro
Kotuko, his wiro and 10 students.
Tho light reached Its climax whon,
nf tor Pollco Captain Hodglns nnd the
resorves ot two stations had charged,
10 policemen wrestled with tho mob
for possession of tho rod Hag which
had waved at tho head of tho pro
cession. A score of men and women
wcro felled with clubs and rovolvers
beforo tho pollcomon captured tho
flag and arrested live ot tho march
King George Causes Arrest of Newi
paper Correspondent.
London, Jan. 30. On Wednesday,
before Lord Chief Justice Alvorstono
and a speclnl Jury, tho libel suit or
King George against Edward 1 My
Uus, representing the Paris Liber
ator, growing out ot tho publication
ot tho rumors that his majesty, when
Prince or Wnlcs, was morganatlcally
married to a daughter or an admiral
nt Malta, will corco up for hearing.
Myllus is out on $100,000 bond.
According to a statement in tho
Liberator, tho defendants Intend to
fight on a plea ot Justification and
to subpena the king as a witness.
Tho constitutional law, howover,
makos It Impossible for his majesty
to glvo evidence In his own courts,
notwithstanding ho may bo asked to
do so.
is propelled, you notice, by eith
er hand or foot power. It's very
easy running and does the work
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San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 30 This
city today became the scene of tho
legal skirmishing in connection with,
tho fight that is being waged by tho
Soattlo reformers to bring about tho
recall of Mayor Hiram C. Hill of that
icityr w thb 'United states "circuit
court of appeals the case of Frank H.
Scoboy and others against City Comp
troller W. J. Brothwell of Seattle, to
enjoin tho payment of warrants Issu
ed to defray the expensos of the spec
ial election called for February 7 to
vote on tho Mayor's recall, camo up
for argumont. The suit was brought
to test the legality of tho special
election. Tho outcomo of tho fight
i is awaited with keen interest, owing
largely to tho fact that tho contest Is
tho only ono ot its kind in tho history
of American municipalities, with tho
oxception of that which resulted In
tho recall of the mayor of Los Angele3
several years ago. Los Angeles was
tho first city to Insert the "recall" pro
vision In Its charter and tho success
with which It was employed there has
led to its adoption by many other cit
ies during the past few years.
Springlleldl, 1111., Jan. 30 Tho cas
es of S. C. Pemberton and Joseph S.
Clark, two mombors of tho Illinois leg
Islaturo who nro accused with former
"Stato Senator D. W. Ilolstlaw of con
spiracy to commit bribery, were called
for trial todny in tho Sangamon cir
cuit court. Tho two legislators are
chargod with having demanded sums
varying from ?1,000 and $1,500 from
firms competing for tho contract to in
stall now deskn and chairs In tno son
ato and houso chnmbers of tho capl
tol. This Is the second trial of tho
accused. Tho first trial was held last
November and resulted In a disagree
ment of tho Jury.
Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh will
euro a lamo back. Rub It on, and rub
It In thoroughly. One good applica
tion at first is worth several light
Boston, Mass., Jan. 30 Tho Now
England Skating Association has com
pleted arrangements for a notable in
ternational raco mooting to be pulled
off tomorrow night nt tho Boston
Arena. Noarly all tho spoody skaters
who have bean appearing in the cir
cuit moots this winter will tako part.
Among them will bo Edmund Lamy,
tho American champion, Fred Logan
of St. John's, Russell Wheelor of
Montreal, Fred Robeson nnd Lot Roo
of Toronto, A. G.Andorson of Chicago,
Carl Aheroth of St. Louis and Charles
Fisher of Milwaukee.
Wisdom often consists of keeping
what you know to yourself.
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