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MT. VERNCflf, 0., TUESDAY, MAECH 21, 1911 No. 23
'WV'V "va
Texas Maneuvers
Garter Prepares To Move-Next Four Days Will Witness
Evacuation Of Fort Sam Houston-Liraantour Look
ed Upon As Man Of The Hour In Mexico And Much
Is Expected From Meeting With Diaz Eoglisb
Capitalist Says Revolt Not Worth Mentioning
San Antonio, March 20. This
taornlng witnessed tho first move
ment toward the border of tho army
of 16,000 men of all branches of tho
service mobilized here under com
mand of General William H. Carter.
They will be followed In a short
Umo by every detachment of
vcry branch of the divisional
camp at Fort Sam Houston. It be
came positively known tbat the com
mander of tbe army doeB not expect
to "be'Jhora"hlnfself or that his troops
will be hero four days hence.
It Is known where those who first
left San Antonio were going. They
re tbe men of one squadron ot the
eleventh cavalry, who aro going over
the Southern Pacific lines to the west
In the direction of El Paso. Where
the rest of the army Is to bo sent Is
not known, except to the small group
of officers constituting General Car
ter's personal staff. Tbero' Is a
strong belief among the colonels of
regiments and their respective staffs
that the divisional army Is bound for
the border along tho Ttio Grande and
vest along the Arizona line, where
the chief streams of lnsurrecto sup
port are carrying munitions of war
across the line.
It may be stated positively that
the cavalry squadron Is to bo rushed
out to the westward to meet a re
markable contingency. The officers of
the Southern Pacific railroad have
urged tho war department in Wash
ington to give protection to their
treat and expensive bridge over thf
Fecos river, near the town of Via
duct, In southwestern Texas, nnd less
than 10 miles from the boundary of
the Mexican state of Coahullo. With
in the last week the Insurgent bands
that have been operating along the
American border east of the Mexican
town of Presidio del Norte havo been
known to have crossed into Texas
more than once. A week ago a brush
between insurectos and federals,
which occurred partly on American
oil, was reported from El Paso.
Railroad Asks Protection.
The railroad people havo notified
the war department that they fear
some contingency, whether the pass
lag of American troops over their
lines or an attempt of tho insurrec
tea to embarrass the Diaz govern
went by committing depredations on
American property, will lead to the
destruction of the great steel bridge.
They could not replace the structure,
which springs 225 abovo the Pecos
river, within the year, so the South
ern Pacific people have told tbo de
partment. There Is another reason for the
sending of tbe Eleventh cavalry
squadron out ahead of the army. Re
cent reports have said that the Insur
rectos have established a base at
Presidio del Norte, Just across the
Sio Grande from tho American town
at El Oro, and that through this
Mint they have been receiving their
largest shipments ot arms and muni
tions. Marfa, Tex., on the Southern
Pacific line, about 60 miles north of
fresldlo del Norte, has been one of
the chief depots for the receiving ot
contraband for secret shipment
across the border to the lnsurrecto
ae over tho river, and Del Rio, 170
miles west of San Antonio, has been
another distributing point.
Aa to tho general movement of all
the troops at the division camp at
Fort Sam Houston, tho utmost se-
a crecy is maintained, ana utue do-
IAm the Indubitable fast that Gen
Show Signs Of Be-
eral Carter expects his command to
move sometime, within the next four
days can be learned. Something that
the commanding general said in con
versation with a vistor at the camp
Is the best proof of his preparedness
to move. This was his remark:
"I will get my men out of here on
one and a half hours' notice when
the order comes. We will simply
move out of camp immediately, leav
ing all tents standing and with a
handful of beans and some hardtack
in our pockets.
, .Nothing will -go --but 4Whatevery
man carries on his back. Heavy im
pediments can be left behind, and
with one day's rations with us we
are prepared to pick up our commis
sary at different points until we ar
rive at our destination."
Pearson Discusses Situation.
Dr. P. S. Pearson of London, who
represents the Pearson Interests In
Mexico, which Include Investments -of
English, Canadian, French and
Belgian capital amounting to $125,
000$00, arrived here from San Fran
cisco and El Paso. In discussing the
Mexican situation Mr. Pearson said:
"There is not enough of a revolt
down there to demand intervention,
and certainly not enough of & revo
lutionary government to merit recog
nition. I don't think anybody can
figure out why this army mobiliza
tion and Its inherent threat Is or
dered." He emphatically doed that
the Pearson interests had asked the
United States to intervene.
Word that came from Mexico City
Indicated that the preparation for an
Instant Movement may have bearing
on tho political squabble in Dlai'a
capital, -mi English mining engineer
and financier from Mexico City
named Pursell, who passed through
San Antonio, said that upon the
events of the days immediately fol
lowing Llmantour's arrival In Mexico
City would depend the solution or
the complication of tho whale situa
tion across the line.
"Limantour is Indeed the man of
the hour down hero," Mr. Pursell
said, "for he brings with him tho
possible solution of all the difficul
ties. It now 1103 between him and
Diaz as to whether Mexico is to pas3
through this crisis or not. All Mex
ico knows that Llmantour was in
conference with the Madero family
In New York, whom ho used to serve
as legal counsellor; that ho brings
with him from them the irreducible
minimum on which Francisco Ma
dero and bis insurrectos will con
clude a peace, and that this demand
Is for great reforms, Including a fair
election and a real representative
"Tbero is great doubt about Diaz's
accenting these termr. He Is a very
stubborn man and he will not eat
humblo plo easily. But Mexico ex
pects him to accept them, at least to
treat with the Insurrectos as If they
had a fair grievance. If ho does not,
the revolution will surely gain In
violence and strength, and there will
be a very grave situation for Diaz
to face."
Mr. Pursell added that recently the
people had been as prone to blame
their grievances on Diaz's ministers
as upon the president himself, but
that of lato there had been a grow
ing manifestation of nnger against
Diaz. He confirmed tho report ot the
stoning of Diaz's palace, as reported.
in theso dispatches, saying that sev
eral had been arrested as a result ot
the affair, but that it had no great
political significance except as an in-
Keeper of Mexico's Purse
Man of Varied Attaiiiments
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Photo Copyright by American Press Association.
JOSE YVES LIMANTOUIt, the minister of finance for the republic of
Mexico, Is a man of varied attainments and ot much strength of char
acter. He comes of an old and wealthy Mexican family and has been
President Diaz's financial manager for nearly twenty years. His father
nnd Diaz were long time friends, and as a boy Limantour knew and admired
Diaz. He did not enter tbe government service until he was thirty-five he
Is fifty-seven now though he had previously been nn alderman of the City
of Mexico and had been In the Mexican congress. After serving for a time as
assistant minister Tt finance, really doing the work of bis superior, who "had
been instructed to give the younger man a chance to show his nfttal, he be
came tho actual financial head of the nation and set resolutely "about solving
Its monetary problems. Within two years he had ended the deficit that had
been a yearly problem In Mexico.- Within a few years he had raised the cjedit
of the nation and had gained for It the confidence nnd respect of financiers
all over tbe globe. Eight years ago It was reported that President Diaz was
preparing to retire nnd would make Limantour his successor. It was said
tbat the plan was for Diaz to stand behind his successor until the country
was reconciled to the change and the possibility of a revolution was averted.
For some reason this plan was not carried out Minister Limantour Is a great
lover of flowers and is a practical horticulturist. He Is also a lover of music
and is a skilled performer on the piano. He Is affable, but dignified, and speaks
English perfectly and without the gestures common with Latin Americans.
The photograph reproduced above was taken in New York a few days ago,
and Senor Limantour personally expressed his approval of the likeness.
dlcatlon of the. growing unpopularity
of Diaz in tbe federal district.
Weybrecht Wants Names of Citizens
Eligible to Military Service.
Columbus, O., March 20. Adjutant
General Weybrecht will ask Gover
nor Harmon to Insist that the town
ship, ward and precinct assessors
of personal property this year make
two separate lists of person liable to
enrollment for military servico with
in their Jurisdiction. The lists will
be returned to' auditors of the coun
ties to be filed, and the adjutant gen
eral will keep copies.
Steubenvllle, O. March 20. nJosopn
Helm, 46 shot and Instantly killed
his 16-year-old son, Joseph. Jr., then
locked himself in his. grocery, tele
phoned the police and blew out -his
own brains. Helm was choking his
wlfo when the son and daughter In
tervened. Releasing the woman, he
drew bis revolver and shot the boy.
The wife and 'daughter were serious
ly, if not fatally-injured, by two more
well directed shots.
Athens, O., March 20. -While cele
brating his thirty-ninth birthday an
niversary at his homo John Male was
stabbed so badly that death re
sulted in a short time. Garfield and
Robert Johnson are under arrest,
charged with second degree rauraer.
This action is in compliance with
the authority of a law passed in
April, ISO-!, making every able-bodied
citizen between 18 and 45 a member
of tbe reserve militia and liable to
call for military duty.
Rush Troops to Hawaii.
Washington, March 20. In accord
ance with a decision of the war de
partment to strengthen tbe defense
of Hawaii, two battalions of the Sec
ond infantry will sail from San Fran
cisco tomorrow for Honolulu. The
troops are now en route for San
Francisco from Ft. Thomas, Ky.
Dayton, O., March 20. The recov
ery of the downed body of the young
man who, in his flight from n pursu
ing mob of high school boys at MI
amlsburg March 13 leaped Into the
ley waters of the Miami river and
thus met death, was Identified as
that of Harry Edwin Wilson of
Wheeling. While here he was em
ployed In ft restaurant.
ilffi FATAL
Zanesvillo, O. March 20. Mies
Carrie Miller. 50, was fatally burned
here. She was carrying a burning
stick ot wood from one fire to light
another with which to prepare her
breakfast, when her clothing was ig
nited. Not a part of her body was
left nntouched.
Cincinnati, O, March 20. Anthony
Gabl, confessed robber, whose career
makes him resemble "Dr. Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde," pleaded guilty to two
charges of housebreaking and one of
pttlt larceny in the police court, and
wept throughout the proceedings. He
was given sentences that will keep
him in the workhouse for four years.
Interest In the case was consider
able and there was a craning of
necks In the courtroom to glimpse
the man who posed as a. philanthro
pist by day and robbed his neigh
bors by night. About 20 housewives
were ready to testify against htm,
but they were not needed when the
prisoner tearfully admitted tbe theft
and asked the mercy of tho court.
Columbus, O., March 20. June 7
and 8 were the dates set by the ex
ecutive committee of the Ex-Priscn-ers
of War association for the an
nual reunion and campGre, which
will be held at Findlay. More than
150 former prisoners of war are ex
pected to atetnd the reunion from all
parts ot the state.
When the Glasses Stick.
If two thin glasses have stk on
In the other place them In rather warm
water and pour cold water In the up
per glass. .The expansion of one and
the contraction ot "the -other loosens
Thought Husband Burglar.
Chicago, March 20. Mrs. Jessie
Schenk, wife of Charles Schenk, su
perintendent of the Northwestern
Gas, Light and Coke company, who
was shot and killed on the front
porch ot his home In Park Ridge, con
fessed to tbe police that she was the
slayer. She said she had mistaken
him for a burglar. She Is being kept
under surveillance pending a thor
ough Investigation of the killing.
Leaves Infirmary For Farm.
Findlay, O. March 20. James Ba-
char, an aged resident of the county
Infirmary, received official Informa
tion that he has fallen heir to 160
acres of land In Morgan county, Colo
rado, rained at $125 an acre. The
legacy comes to him through the
death of a son, John Bachar, without
heir. The aged Mr. Bachar will quit
the Infirmary at once and go to Colo
rado to claim the estate.
Six Kiled In Mine.
Columbus, Kan, March 20. One
man was killed by an explosion in
mine No. 16, owned by the Missouri,
Kansas Texas railroad, at West
Mineral, Kan., and fie men who went
down to rescue blm were killed by
blackdamp gas. John Joplin, super
intendent of tho mine, led tbe rescue
party and was among the killed.
CHICAGO Cattle: Beeves, SS M) 5;
Texas steers. 34 405 (5; western steers.
34 ,565 W; stockera and feeders. 34 000
I 10: cows and heifers. 12 05 $0.
Calves ?6 3508 50. Sheep and Lambs
Native sheep. 13 0005 15; western. II 25
435 25: native lambs, 15 W 50; west
ern. l 25G 69; yearlings. It 7565 C5.
Hogs Light. 6 9507 25; mixed. 3S !0O
T 15; heavy. J S7 05; rough, 33 C50
( 39; piss, 33 S06I 20. Wheat No. 2
xsd. 39S0c. Corn No. 2. 47647KC
Oats No. 2. 30e20Hc
EAST BUFFALO Cattle: Export cat
tle, 15 SS6 50; shipping steers, 15 750
W; butcher cattle, IS 2501 0; heifers,
14 0385 (5; fat cows. 13 4065 15; bulls.
S3 7505 25; milkers and springers, 125 60
CIO 00. Calves IS 006) 50. Sheep and
Lambs Mixed sheep. 34 0Q5 00; weth
ers. 15 0001 35; ewes. 14 5004 75; lambs.
IS 7507 00; yearlings, 15 506C 00. Hogs
Heavies, 37 25; mediums, 17 2507 40;
Torkers. 37 4067 55; pigs, 37 (0; roughs,
40; stags. 3S 0005 25.
CINCINNATI Wheatl No. 3 red. 3141
Mo. Corn No. 3 mixed, 4SH94JO.
Oats No. 3 mixed. ,2JS3Mc. Bye No.
t. 294e. Lard 38p5. Bulk Meats
fl T5. Bacon 111 S7fc. Butter Cream
try extra, 23Uc; creamery firsts and see
ends. 2362SVic; dairy, 18c Poultry
Springers. 15632c; hens, 14c; turkeys.
Ufc Eggs J416c Cattle 13 239
I 25. Sheep 32 2564 IS- Lambs II 219
( B0. Hogs Butchers and shippers, 37 M
07 35: common, 37 00 P7 35.
CLEVELAND Cattle: Cholca steers,
15 7196 35; good to oholcs steers, 35 309
( 00; heifers. 34 O0C5 25: fat cows. II 25
94 50; bulls. II 7505 23; milkers and
springers, 330 -00SO 00. Calves 33 00
Inn Sheep and Lambs Mixed sheen,
31 CO; ewes. 14 60; best sheep, 14 75;
lambs. 13 0093 75. Hogs Heavies, IT tO
97 10; mediums. 17 2097 20; Torkers,
IT 40; roughs. It 0003 20; stags. 15 000
TOLEDO Wheat, Mo; corn. 4t(4e
sua, UUe; rye. lOa; cloveneed, W II
Mi HI Mi
Head Of Tuskegee Institute Rons
Afoul Of Carpenter
Accused Of Insulting Wife-Negro Educator is Ron Down
By New York Cop After Exciting Chase And isjieof
To Hospital For Repairs-Victim Of Irate Husband's
Club Denies Allegation And Says He Was Merely
Hunting for Friend's Home In Dark Street
New York. March 20. Booker T.
Washington, head of the Tuskegee
Institute,, was brought into the West
Ona Hundred and Sixty-ninth street
station by an officer who bad chased
him np Central Park West, after a
scuffle in a hallway at 11U West
Sixty-third street Albert Ulrich, a
carpenter, was arrestsd en Washing
ton's complaint, charged with as
sault. Uliich told the police, that he
had found Washington peerlns.
through a keyhole-la, an &?artmenLa.t
tbat address. Washington had two
or three scalp wounds and was
taken to Flower hospital for treat
ment. Ulrich told the police that Wash
ington had been hanging around the
hallway at his home and that when
Mrs. Ulrich went out to give her
dogs an airing the negro addressed
her In a familiar manner. He went
out and asked tbe Intruder what he
was doing there. Tho negro made
no reply, but struck out, barely miss
ing Ulrich. He then ran into the
street, pursued by Ulrich and a po
liceman, who finally captured the
fleeing negro.
Explains Actions to Police.
At the police station Mr. Washing
ton told Lieutenant Qulnn tbat he
had been in town since Saturday.
He said he received a telegram from
tho auditor of the Tuskegee institute,
D. B. Smith, asking him to go to the
home of Smith's cousin, also named
Smith, at 11 West Sixty-third
streeL It was while searching in
the dark for the street number that
the encounter took place. He said
that Ulrich ran out of the apartment
house vestibule and came at him
with a club, and pursued him for
several blocks, beating him from be
hind. Before Washington was taken to
the Flower hospital Mrs. Lola Ulrich
appeared In the station house and
said tbat Mr. Washington was the
man who had spoken to her In the
hallway of the apartment house. She
Cleveland, O., March 20. Tom 1
Johnson, twice congressman and tour
times mayor of Cleveland, Is dying
at his apartments in tbe White Hall,
a family hotel overlooking Wade, ,
park. Mr. Johnson can not survive
more than a few days. The former'
mayor, bis family and his closest
friends are aware of tho situation
Chicago, March 20. The plant of
the Monarch Cold Storage company,
located at Cass and Michigan streets,
was destroyed by fire, entailing a
loss, estimated at over $1,000,000.
Negro Educator Roughly
Handled by Carpenter.
said that Washington had said
"Hello, sweetheart," to her, and that,
she had seen him walking up and
down in front of the house for somi
time before- this bapnened.
and are bravely waiting tbe endi
Many of his friends have already
said their last goodbys.
"How aro all the boys? Tell them
to be of strong heart and to be
came. I am game," was the message
Mr. Johnson sent to his friends,,
through the few closo personal
friends admitted to his bedside.
About SO firemen were overcome by
smoke and escaping gases. Largo
qualities ot eggs and fish wer
rtorcd in the bulldlne. ;
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