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y -niiiTiTTT f'-f r-a-jsjr wywvs;
FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1911.
San'- g
t,ne -
- "J 4
At cDBjrQillj' good lecture tu sir
M Ik Use Dit-dple chorea faere Sattzr
4taar erenlss br Mr. Radisitl on
"Hse? Heroes." Tie proceed were
lar the benefit of the school library.
Charles McDonald of Tlrerton -ran
Sft asr ifflage, Eatsrdar, and had C. S.
Stexrser aatitUag him in duplicating
Ma Barbery orders which he has tor
spriag's dellTerr.
tmilia Bailer made a business trip
to XL Vernon last Saturday,
B. 8. Day spent Friday In Columbus
Xra. Barbara Slmaerman died at
fcer home Jsst north of this Tillage In
Jefferson tcnnublp, Friday, and -was
Varied In the cemetery here Saturday.
Kr. R. E. Lcller of Omrllle spent
Ssfiday the guest of C. C. Leiter here.
Walter Sapp, a twelre-year-old boy
( this Tillage, "as throw- frtm a
ksrrse owned by Dr. W. 8. Putnam,
VrltUj erenlDS when he iras return
tag from the rlrer, -where he had been
watering the animal, and the horse
tepped on his leg cutting It quite eer
Jeaslr. Dr. Putnam dressed the In-
Mrs. Jende Smith has sold her
property here on High street to H. N.
Zhrfght H- Hyatt of Kllllwck and J.
J. Hyatt of Tlrerton -were In our Til
lage on business Saturday morning.
J. D. CrfH, engineer on the hill en
Cfse here, was off on a Tacatlon. Sat
rd&y and Sunday and Enginenan
Seckels was woridng In his stead.
George Hoagland and C. Fllger of
Dstca Bun were In our Tillage over
fiarrey Stamer of Clereland, who
Ta been the guest of relatires here
ter the past two weeks, returned to
Cleveland, last Sunday zooming.
William Sheldon, of Klllbuck, was
fee guest of his brother, Charles Snel
4tea of this place Sunday.
Henry Didinger of Holmes county,
transacted tmcJsees here Satnrday er-
JUts Ida. Workman Is the. guest of
Mr. and lira. R. U. Lewis of OrrrHle.
Mrs. Raymond Miller and daughter
KeBIe, of Carallo, were the guests of
Qrrrflle Smith and family here Satur
day and Sunday.
C C Letter Is doing a land office
business as J. P. here, having another
trial set for hearing before bim next
Mrs. F.srnsTinth Gaumer of Carallo
was tie guest of ber sister, Mrs. S. E.
BasJza. over Sunday.
John Messenger has reEigned as sec
ond trici operator for the G, A. L. C
re and will more on a farm near
OirrHle. Norman Robinson becomes
stcocd trick operator and Harry
Workman third trick man.
T .S.J".I.S,J
i .y. .. . .", ,T, .. ., . . .. .. . .Tr
Mr. J. W. Wetkley and daughter,
Jennie, were called to Shadrside by
(he death of Mrs. Wet-iler mother
e butt Saturday evening. Mrs. Week
tey was not able to attend the funeral
mx she is coffering a serere attack of
a grippe
Mr. and Mrs. Holies Hunsie are re
joicing over the antral of a new
4 11 9T$Ar at their home Jest west of
The Ladles Aid Society of the
iCethodixt carca gare the "Old
Maids CftBrealJon" to a crowded
Tfitvcec on last Satarday evening. For
ty (iolltrs was taken in during the er
girg and jiy 1W person were
vsahSe to gals an entrance at the
Mr. Val MSler had a public sale at
lis veSUassct south of town on Thure
4T. Mr. MUier has purchased land
2ft Michigan and expects to locate
Mrs. Her. Smith's father. Mr. Jones
f Ehreve. O whot wife died recent
ly, has come to make his home with
Mrs. Smith.
LUl Dorothy Howard, who has
beea eriousy ill with pneemocla, is
JsepxoTfcts aiowiy.
-J -r r r - -5 -2 4
z 3 5 4 ! -5 -a : 4 -f- i
Misses Cltra and Marjarie Snydw
&3kd Miti Minnie Bechtel were guests
C WIRie-a Brahaker and family Sun-
A. R. Workman, wife and daughter
Tiated at S. H. Workman's Friday and
Sttsrdsy rrturdug to their home in
X4xrtiia Saturday sight.
Mrs. Se Workman of Coinmhus
asxat a. few days at EL J. Workman's
WfcsSdd Carher and wife were
VMEts of Jas. Gsthrie and family.
Artimr CacseL the dlrtrict Sunday
tiool secretary of AshUad, visited
He c&ttrch ef the Brethren Sunday
m&ixA Sunday.
Hngh Klrkpatrick and wife visited
at Su H. Workman's Satsrday.
u2c Burger and wife were guests
CW2eitm Brshaker sxd fa&Sy San
ur. Taylor Jtangta Jtas moved on Benja-
k4k BtT pJxca this wtk.
Q. H. BtsittJ sad Anhx CzamJ
were guesU of S. H. Workman and
family Sunday.
J. R. Deal and wife visited their
son, Omar, Sunday.
At a meeting of the Methodist Sun
day school last week the following of
ficers were elected: Mr. J. C. Dague,
superintendent; Mr. L. J. Duke, as
sistant superintendent and librarian;
Mr. W. C. Bartlett, secretary of Sun
day school board.
Mrs. Guy Bartlett entertained a
number of friends at a six o'clock din
ner on Friday last.
Mr. Albert Harrison was reported
very ill .the past week.
Mr. Morris Levering Tlsited with
his brother, Mr. Fred Levering, the
past week.
Miss Mary Mann visited with Miss
Pearl Staats at Amity several days
last week.
Mrs. Sherwood of Delaware, Ohio,
and Mr. Levi Walker and family were
entertained by the tatter's mother one
day last week.
Mr. M. H. Rhule and family of Dar
lington visited Mrs. Rhule's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Wlnand, last week.
Mrs. M. Mitchell Tlsited with her
daughter near Chesterville the past
Mr. J. W. Weekly moves bis family
to Lexington, Ohio, this week where
he will engage In the bakery and res
taurant business.
Rev. Jones has gone to Chesterville
to make his home with his daughter,
Mrs. J. H. Smith.
Mr. Dale Heskett was married on
March ISth at Sioux City, Iowa, to
Miss KIna Verne Messman of that
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Squire visited
with friends In Chestcrrllle last week.
Mrs. Orvllle Weaver was called the
past week to Pearless, Ohio, to care
for ber mother, who is In a critical
Mr. Wet MIddleton of Coshocton,
Ohio, was the guest of Rev. C. L. Lew-
Is and wife the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frailer visited
with the hitter's parents In ML Ver
non a few days last week.
Mrs. Genie Davis, who was recently
called to Minneapolis, Minn., by the
Ulnefs and death of her sister, re
turned home the past week.
Miss Agnes Vail visited her sister,
Mrs. Harley Van Sickle, of Bloomfield,
a few days the past week.
Mrs. W. J. Buckmaster of Sparta
visited relatires in this place the past
Mr. Haskett of Lucas visited her
sister, Mrs. A. if. Terry, over Sunday.
Miss Jennette Page of Delaware ac
companied her grandmother, Mrs. W.
S. Cummings, for a short visit In
Frederick town.
Mr. Fay Whltford of Columbus vis
ited his mother, Mrs. A. L. Whltford,
the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Milter of Phila
delphia, Pa were guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Brumbacb, the
past week.
Mr. Carl Smith and bride of New
ark, Ohio, visited the relatives here
the past week.
Miss Clara Bover or Gallon, Ohio,
visited her sister, Mrs. W. H. Klme, In
Fredericktown the past week.
Mr. C. D. Rlnehart of Jacksonville,
Floiida, while on a business trip to
Indianapolis, Indiana, stopped over at
Fredericktown on a short visit with
friends and relatives.
Mr. W. C Xorrick of Ackerman, O.,
visited with bis brother. Dr. J. H.
JCorrick, the past week.
This is the time of the spring vaca
tion for the colleges of the state and
the following are expected home this
week from Ohio Wesleyan University
at Delaware, Ohio: Mr. Corwln Arm
strong, Mr. Arthur Hambly, Mr. Foy
Herendeen, Mr. Irvln Klrkpatrlck and
Miss Mary Brumback.
Mr. Wilson Bradrlck made a busi
ness trip to Howard on Monday last.
Mrs. F. Morrow, who baa been
spending the winter months In Flori
da, returned to her home In Frederick
town on Monday of this week.
The Pythian Sisters of this place
went to Bellrille on Wednesday of
this week to organize a lodge there.
Mr. and Mrs. John McCoy are set
tling on the Job. 1 Braddock farm this
The following persona were enter
tained at a St. Patrick's dinner on
Friday last in honor of Miss Edith Ir
vine: Mrs. Jennie Ball, Mrs. J. B.
Foote, Mrs. Thos. Hambly, Mrs. J. W.
Anders, Mrs. John Lewis, Miss Mary
Adams. Mrs. Sadie Bums, Mrs. A. a
Huddle, Mrs. William Montis. Mrs. J.
R- In-lne, Mrs. Warner Bradrick.
Mr. Lawrence Garwood, who spent
the .winter rusticating in Florida, re
turned last Friday greatly tanned and
much improved in general health.
Miss Wlthrow will have a millin
ery display of new spring hats Satur
day. March 25th.
Mr. Clem Marshall of Doyleatown,
Ohio, a former resident of this place,
visited friends is this place the first of
the week.
Mr. M. J. Fawcett was the lucky one
to receive the twenty-are dollar kitch
en cabinet given away by Huddle
Denxsaa Ust Saturday evening. The
store was cleared for the crowd and at
the appointed bour a large number of
people came to see who was to get the
prlre. Little Dorothy Wagner was
chosen to pick out the tickets taking
two at a time until she got one with
a blank and the other the lucky num
ber. It took about twenty minutes of
drawing before the prize number was
Miss Katberine Mullln, who has
been visiting In Van Wert the past
ten days, Is now visiting her parents
north of town, and expects to return
to Wadsworth In the near future.
The Woman's Christian Temper-
Kext Sunday morning the district
superintendent or the M. E. church
will preach at the Methodist church in
Fredeiicktown and administer the
ance Union held a Frances Willard
meeting Friday afternoon, March 17,
In the parlors of the Baptist church,
at which time there were 60 present,
consisting of members and their In
vited guests. Program pertaining to
the life or Miss Willard, was render
ed which was as follows:
Song America.
Devotlonals conducted by Mrs.
Song Rescue the Perishing.
Recitation Welcome By Master
Lawrence Hicks.
Why We Hold This Meeting By
Sketch of Frances Willard By Mrs.
Song "Ohio Is Going Dry" by W.
C. T. U. quartet.
Reading Frances Wlllard's Influ
ence on Young People By Mrs. How
ard. Tributes from members of congress
read by different members of union.
New Dixie Song By Quartet.
Paper By Mrs. Hicks.
Solo By Miss Ruby Showers.
Reading "The Other Wise Man"
By Mrs. Noble.
Free will offering.
Piano solo By Miss Sllva Eastman.
Paper By County President.
The Glory Song By Quartet.
The following from the pen of Zela
A. Durbln of Emerson, Iowa, Is also of
Interest to W. C. T. U. workers:
"I had expected this letter to reach
you In time to be read at your meet
ing, which I know was the second
week In March, but possibly you can
use it later on. Tou will remember
that when I was visiting you, your W.
C. T. U. was trying to pass a curfew
ordinance, and of course, I remember
Its fate. When I returned to Iowa I
told our Union about It and they sug
gested we try to have one passed In
our little town. Our ministers came
to the rescue, offered their services,
and talked with our business men.
Wo circulated our petition and pre
sented it to our mayor and council.
Well, the ordinance has been in force
now for three months, and we consid
er it a grand success. And now we
have borrowed another Idea of yours.
I told tbem about your invalid chair.
We got busy made some money and
now own one which we have Just
loaned Tor the first time. Another
thing' we learned from your Union.
Tho yearly visits to the county Infirm
ary, taking with us the little gifts of
cbeer. So you see, dear friend, that
the seed you have been sowing there
In Ohio Is bearing fruit away out
hero In this llttlo western town.
Please give my love to tho women of
your W. 0. T. V. and tell them I have
not forgotten the time when wo lived
there under the Shadow of tho Open
Saloon. I can well remember how
hard they worked to put It out, and
you see It meant so much to us, for
that was at the time our boys were
growing up, you know.
"Now, dear friend, do not get dis
couraged for our work is moving on
and the W. C. T. U. still lives."
Mr. and Mrs. a M. Hlldreth went to
Columbus on Tuesday of this week on
a business trip. Mr. HUdrcth also
went to Clrclevillo before returning.
Mrs. Gueno went to Warsaw on
Tuesday to make "a short visit with
her parents.
Mrs. Fred Harris spent Tuesday
with friends In Mt, Vernon.
MrsvC. E. McCutcheon was a Mt.
Vernon visitor on Tuesday of this
Rev. D. M. Pressley of Louisville,
FCy., who has been conducting revival
services In this place the past three
weeks and about a week- ago was giv
en a call to the pastorate here, last
Sunday accepted the call and is now
preparing to move to Fredericktown.
The revival meetings were continued
until Wednesday of this week. Rev.
Pressley will be compelled to be away
a couple or Sabbaths soon but does
not know what tbe dates will be at
oiqo 'notuaA 1K
jrsuta o -a ooit 'sit 'oet '001
nas.Hv ni oies joj sio( Suipunri
Mr. and Mrs. E. R, Coyner are pre
paring to move to Mt Vernon.
A pleasant birthday party was held
at tbe home of Mr. Frank Davis on
Thursday night of last week In honor
of tho seventeenth birthday anniver
sary of his daughter. Miss HaxeL For
ty friends participated.
Tho following were entertained at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Fln
neli last Satnrday: Mr. and Mrs. W.
The following Is tbe official report
of the Ohio Department of Agriculture
on the condition of wheat and distri
bution of live stock:
Condition of wheat at present, 83
per cent.
Number of stallions: Thoroughbred
runners, 73; trotting stock, 810; for
eign bred draft, 1012; American bred
draft, 1214; other pure breeds, 234;
unknown breeding, 830.
Pure bred bulls, (all breeds) 7791.
Pure bred boars (all breeds) 12540.
Pure bred rams (all breeds) 17430.
Per cent of different breeds of cat
tle: Shorthorns, 1G.82; Aberdeen An
gus, 1.93; Herefords, 2.46; Polled Dur
hams, 2.33; Galloways, 0.43; Jerseys,
15.00; HolsteinB, 6.36; Red Polls, 1.73;
Guernseys, 0.86; Ayrshlres, 0.18; De
T. Shaffer, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Thom
as, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Squires, Mr.
and Mrs. James McN'ay, Mrs. Nellie
McCracken and son.
The following friends were called to
Fredericktown by the death of Dr.
Darling: Mr. and Mrs. William Wells
of Ft. Wayne, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Leon
ard of Gerard, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Simons of Detroit, Mich., the latter
being the daughter of Dr. Darling.
? T ? $ ? ! ? ?
4. MT. ZION 4
Sunday school was organized at Mt.
Zlon Saturday evening and tbe follow
ing officers were elected:
Superintendent Emanuel Taylor.
Assistant superintendent D. A.
Secretary Evaline Schooler.
Assistant secretary Gertha Hall.
Treasurer Geo. Harris.
Librarians Ethel Van Winkle and
Annie Johnson.
Chorister Geo. Harris.
Sunday school will begin tbe first
Sunday in April. Everyone Is cordial
ly invited to come and help the good
work along.
Mr. Isaac Welrick, a highly respect
ed citizen died at his home near here
March 16, after a short illness with
pneumonia. He was aged eighty years
and leaves three children, Clarence at
home, John of Zanesvlllc and Mrs.
Rollin Davis of Jelloway, besides a
host of friends to mourn his death.
Tbe funeral was held at Mt. Zlon Sat
urday morning at 11 o'clock, Joseph
Myers of New Guilford, officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. AuBtln Neely and Mr.
Win, Mercer, who have been sick are
much improved.
Ross and Guy Van Winkle spent
Friday and Saturday with Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Schooler of Utica.
Mrs. Florence Davis has returned to
ber home near Jelloway after spend
ing two weeks at the bedside of her
father, Mr. Isaac Welrick.
Miss Delia Morrow of Fallsburg
spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss
es Gertha and Bertha Van Winkle.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Underwood will
move on a farm near Hunts Station
this week.
Miss Flora Taylor of Bladensburg
spent part of last week with her aunt,
Mrs. Margaret Haydcn, who Is critic
ally 111 with pneumonia.
Mr. Lewis Scott and family of Esto
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Har
voy Burch.
Master Geo. I'orterfleld and sister
T.ibble, spent Sunday with their grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morrow spent
Sunday with Geo. Harris and family.
Mr. Leo Donahey has gone to Ga
lena, where bo will work this summer.
A. P. Grubaugh and wife were Sun
day guests of A. C. Harris and family.
Miss Edith Stofer returned home
Tuesday from Mansfield after a week's
visit with her sister, Mrs. Charles
Willis Parsons and family spent
Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Squire Fletcher.
a M. Rice of Danville was In this
vicinity last week on business.
W. H. Harris of Morris township
was In this vicinity last Satnrday and
purchased a very Una bound.
Ed Moore of Palymra was In this
vicinity last week buying cattle,
Willis Parsons lost a valuable colt,
from distemper last week.
Miss Geneva McManis returned
home last week after a month's stay
In Richland county.
DUmore Harrison of Butler moved, j. 4. 4.
Mrs. Ada Yoakum, who was operat
ed on Tuesday, March 14, at Mt. Car
mel hospital at Columbur. for trouble
in the duodenum. Is getting along as
well as could be expected.
Clyde McBroom is suffering from an
abscess on his Jaw.
von, 0.31; Brown Swiss, 0.07; other
pure breeds, 0.81 ; grades, 37.15; Na
tives, 13.56.
Per cent of different breeds of
swine: Berks li Ires, 10.13; Poland
Chinas, 29.03; Chester Whites, 17.37;
Duroc Jerseys, 17.58; Yorkshires, 0.84:
Hampshlres, 0.33; Tamworths, 0.23;
Unknown, 24.49,
Per cent of different breeds of sheep
Merinos, 17.34; French Merinos,
2.61; Cotswolds, 3.38; Oxford Downs,
2.18; Shropshire Downs, 14.71; Hamp
shire Downs, 0.85; South Downs, 4.86;
LIncolns, 0.63; Dorsets, 0.50; Cheviots,
0.07; mixed bloods, 24.37; grades,
Note Above report complied from
returns received from 935 rural town
ships of the state.
Mrs. Perry has gone to Mansfield
for treatment tor cancer.
Vint Robertson of Centerburg spent
Sunday at homo with his parents.
The season for making maple syrup
has about closed. Edward Miller
mado over 200 gallons.
Claude McBroom has tbe mumps.
Jonathan Tucker has been under
the doctor's care for nearly a week.
Mrs. C. E. Griffith of Philadelphia,
Is visiting her uncle, W. A. Winter
mute, and other relatives.
Hanford, Cal., March 22 The case
of James Ward, charged with the mur
der or "Tommy" Clayton, a racetrack
follower, was caled In court today for
trial. Clayton was shot and killed In
a drunken brawl last October. It Is
understood Ward will plead self-de
Catarrh is not merely an affection
of the mucous membranes; it is a
deep-seated blood disease in which the
entire circulation and greater part of
the system are involved. It is more
commonly manifested in the head,
nose and throat, because of the sensi
tive nature of these membranes, and
also because they are more easily
readied by irritating influences from
the outside. The symptoms of Ca
tarrh, such as a tight feeling in the
head, nose stopped up, throat clogged
nnd dry, hacking cough, etc., show
that the tiny blood vessels of the mu
cous membranes are badly congested
and inflamed from the impurities in
the circulation. To cure Catarrh per
manently the blood must be purified
nnd the system cleansed of all un
healthy matter. Nothing equals
S. S. S. for this purpose. It attacks
the disease at 113
head, goes down
to the bottom of
the trouble and
makes a complete
and lasting cure
the blood. Then
the inflamed
membranes besrin
to heal, the head is cleared, breathing
becomes natural and easy, the throat
is no longer clogged, and every un
pleasant symptom of the disease dis
appears. S.S.S. is the greatest of all
blood purifiers, and for this reason is
the most certain cure for Catarrh.
Book on Catarrh and medical advice
free to all who write.
the BWirx eszcaia co., aumu, 0.
will be held at Buckmaster & Lewis'
Livery Bam, Fredericktown, O., on
at 1 o'clock p. m. One car load of hors
es ranging In age from 4 to 6 yrs.
These are good farm horses, suitable
for work or feed out for the Eastern
market. They were purchased In the
best breeding sections of Illinois by
Mr. R. F. Elder, who has bad many
years experience In purchasing horses
for the Eastern market.
These horses are every one pur
chased from tho farmer nover been
In any market, many of them right
out of harness, all well broken and
ready to go into work or the feed stall.
Mr. A. F. Fisher has been shipping
horses Into this country for tho last
twelve years. His horses have always
given the best satisfaction and will be
sold under a positive guarantee. A
liberal time will be given to test hors
es and If not as represented money or
notes refunded. These horses will ar
rive on March 2L Parties Interested
are cordially Invited to come and look
them over before tho day of sale.
Auctioneer Loudoavllle, O.
On account of bad weather In Blln
ols, tbe purchase of these horses has
been delayed, necessitating the post
ponement of tho sale to Thursday,
March 30.
More Eggs and less feed if
you use tlie
I Eureka Oil
, Cup Perch
and keep your
hens free from
the red mites
ich oap their
blood every
night after go
ing to roost.
Sold only by
Incubators, Hovers & Poul
try Supplies
Just Published
Wel.ttr. HEW INTERNATIONALDictimury,
(C & C. Moms Co., SpriagflelJ, Mail.)
surpasses tie old International as mnct as tbat
book exceeded its prt'eiesser. Editor In
Chief, Dr. W. T. Kami, former U. S. Con.
of Education. Tbe definitions Hare been re'
arranged and amplified. Tbe nsnber of terms
defined Las been more tnan doubled. The Dy
molorr. irncnTici, rrcncncUtion, hare re
ceiled naipimj icmhxlf labor. The Ian-
mate of En-U.b Lteratcre for oyer seven!
centuries, tbe tenairtlocr of tbe arts and)
sciences, and lit eTtry-da7 speech of street, '
sbo?. and boosebold, are presented wilb full-.
nui and clearness. In sue of vocabulary, in
riebness of seseral information, and in con
Tenience cf consultation, tbe book sets a new
mark is leiicozripby.
400,000 words and phrases.
6000 illustrations.
2700 pages.
Vril, la li pi&&i!xr f,r Speciaai Pacta.
Lewis B. Houck, executor of the es
tate of Ann -A. Merrln, will sell the
147 acres homestead farm of dece
dent, nt public auction on Friday,
March 31, 1911, at 1 p. m., on the prem
Ises In Berlin township, Knox county,
Ohio, one mile south or Ankenytown,
and three miles northeast or Freder
icktown. 10 room house, large barn,
running water, a good farm In every
partlcularj ., 137 acres u nppmised,, at
57,000.; 10 acres appraised at ?G00
Russell B. Sellers, auctioneer. For
particulars, call on, or write, Lewis B,
Houck, executor, ML Vernon, Ohio.3-29
Joseph M. Strieker
Martha A. Woir et al.
Uy virtue of an order or Rale In parti
tion Issued out or the Court of Commor
Pleas of Knox County, Ohio, nnd to m
directed. I will offer for sale on the prem
ises three miles northeast of Uladensburp
In Jackson township at two o'clock, n. m.
Monday, the Third Day of
April, 1911,
the following described lands towlt:
Situate In the county of Knox and Statf
of Ohio and belnir In the KnrthTrr.f nmr.
ter of section 10. township 5 and ranpp
10 and bounded as follows: Beginning at
the northwest corner of said quarter fac
tion thence south Si degrees east 19 chain
nnd 10 links tn a stone; thence south 1
degrees west 15 chains nnd ? links tn .
stone; thence north SDil degrees west IP
mains una it unKs to a stone: thenrf
north 1 degree east IS chains nnd 83 Ilnkf
to the place of beginning, containing 3
ui-ica mm w roust
Also, the fnllowlnir ifMirihMl tM.t n
the same township, county, state, section
ana quarter section bounded as follows
Beginning at the southwest corner of said
quarter section; thence north 131.14 rods
to a stone; thence east TO rods to a stone
thence south With Millers Innd f fni-morlrl
to a stone; thence west to the place of
beginning. Containing CSS acres more or
less, ana otn tracts being land of which
Albert Strieker died seized, and contain
ing 73 acres more or less.
Appraised at SXS71.0O.
Terms of sale One-third in hand, one
third In one year and one third In two
years from date of sale, with Interest
Deferred payments to be secured by a
mortgage upon the premises sold, or tbe
purchaser may elect to pay all cash.
. Sheriff Knox County, Ohio.
Columbus Ewalt, attorney for plaintiff
Notice Is hereby given that the Board
of Education of the Millwood Special
School District. Knox co.. O.. In accord
ance with a rvKolutlon passed bv said
Board on Feb. 17th. 1JU. will offer for sale
at public auction on the premises, nn
Saturday, March 25th. 1911
at 1 o'clock, p. m,. the following described
real estate, to-wlt:
Being lots numbered thirty-five ran and
thlrty-slx tan In the town of Millwood
Knox co.. Ohio. Also their lnUi--t tn a
lot or parcel In tho village, or Millwood
Knox Gx. Ohio, known as the Meetlne
House Lot and recorded as such. Bound
ed and described as follows: Bejctnnlnc
at the northwest corner of lot sixteen
(15). thence east ten rods (10); thence
north six (6) rods; thenco west In a direct
line eleven rods to the place of beginning
estimated to contain one-fourth of an
acr more or less.
Fifteen per cent of purchase price to
be paid on day of sale; the remainder to
be paid when deeds are executed and de
livered, which shall be within 39 dav,
rrom day of sale at tho option of the
Further terms of sale are now on file In
tho office or clerk of said Board In said
above mentioned resolution which are
open to Inspection and will be made
known on day of sale.
Nn sale to be binding on the board until
confirmed by It.
The board wilt also offer on the same
day the small office building located on
By order of th Board.
W. W. WHTTNKT. Clerk.
m. U. VOHE
7611 Visit to Mt. Vernon
Monday, April 3rd
Curtis Hotel JJftfr
5ER lit.'i. Ste Ilia riiliuwci
L. F. VOKE, PH. G., M. D.
Graduate, Ohio Stale Unlvenltr, Stnrllig Med
ea! College, American College ofUptotncuy. Eight
'ears of College and University training. Neailr
wenty years experience In tbe trrament ot
To Chronic affections of the Lungs. Mead, Nose,
Throat, Ear. Bronchial Tubes as Cu.rrn, Con
sjinpiion lead tates', Bronchitis, Asthma, Etc
Stomach, Liver, Bowsls, as loHieilion. Dyl
peisia, Uilliousness. Cootipaion, Diarrhoea.
Blood, Heart, Skin as Rheumatism, Eciema.
Pi nples. Blood Poion, Scrofula. Bad Blood, Etc
Nerve, Spine, Brain as Epilepsy, Fns, Neural
zia, Hetdtcne, Sleeplessness, Disiinesi, Nervous
Exhiuuion, Detoondencr. Loss of Memory, Etc
Kidneys, Uladdcr, Prostata as Diahetrs. BriphtV
Disease, Inflammation of Kidneys and Bladder, Etc
Piles, Rental Diseases and Varicocele treated
withoit me ol knife or detention from buiness.
No matter what the disease, II It Is chronic,
obscure or difficult, yoo are Invited to call or
write r2rdlnj It.
Your sifht too precious to be trifled with. J)c
lVctive vision If often caused by disease. Glattef
filled and furnished.
The remarkable success of Dr. Vole:! Home
Treatment for Women U attested to by hundreds ol
satisfied patients. Itsares many suffering women
from dangerous operatious. AttoniftbJne Results
.Many c ises pronounced hopeless have yielded read
Uy. Women suffering from aoy d.sease or wealo
nest peculiar to their sex are Invited to call or write
ma p ft Dr. Voke wants a private, heart-to
VI HU 11 hearttalkorcorrespondence wlthevery
man who Is weak, nervous, broken down, diicour
aged, or suffering from any disease caused by Ignor
ance, excesses, contagion, Incc-npr ttnt treatment ol
neglect. Successor failure In life depends on ynui
physical aod mental condition. Do not put off a
matter of such vital Importance Do o met hind
DOW. Write tod ty if you cannot call. Everything
confidential. Consultation and advice free, a
He ho made regular visits to this community fo
nearly fifteen years and has established a perm
Dent practice and reputation.
tils practice U limited to Chronic Diseases, an
be has spent practically all hs life in the study an!
treatment of tbem. ' -
Hie Specialty: To devise and furnish at a !o
cost successful courses of home treatment for thost
who have no time or money to spend at expensive
hospitals and sanitariums.
He Is In the prime of life (forty-three) and m
his very b-t for g od work.
HU practice consists mi My of rare and difll
cult cases having failed to secure satisfaction else
At least three-fourth of his patients are sen
to him by firmer patrons.
If he thinks he cannot benefit you he will say so.
Dr. Voke best references are his many friends
and patients, the result of fifteen years practice Ja
this community.
Tbat Dr. Voke Invite, searching Inrestlgallon et
his work aod methods of treatment. And that h(
charges absolutely nothing for consultation anc
examination Your case will receive his best at
tenlion. Everything confidential.
HI charge are so fair and reasonable that tbt
poorest woi king man or woman need not hesitate U
applv for treatment.
Writ for Free llooVlet, "Practical Suggestion!
on How to Keep Well."
' L. F. VOKE, M. D.
370 Wear sixth avc Columbus, ohi(
Bigger Profits,
will come to the man who takes care
of his orchard. Hare you San Jose
scale on your trcos? Get a
Deming Spray
and some Lime-Sulphur solution
and check this terrible pest.
$3.50 to $10.50
Sherwin - Williams Lime
west Side Public Square j
Miss Maudo Ward of Los Anpniod
California, is spendlnr several daja
in Mt Vernon, being called here by
the serious nines of her brother. Mr.
Hollla Ward of Chester street
"I - i-urr " - -. - '- ' v . -
j- k ,

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