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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, March 28, 1911, Image 1

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acyres: ss, Tmrt ; Sn.25
Fire Seeds Nearly 0oe Hundred
And Fifty Mo Eternity
Girls Forced to Leap From
Eighth story Windows.
Pier Morgue Filled With Charred
Remains of Those Unable to
Escape From Building-Women
' Faint In Arms of Nurses as
Work of Identifing Dead Pro
gresses. New York, March 27. Conditions
which ellowed nearly ISO persons to
fee trapped In a. 10-8tory Jmildins
when, fire started and proper means
of escape was lucking, were de
nounced by architects, city officials,
state factory inspectors and various
dric bodies.
District Attorney "Whitman said:
"I do not believe that a more im
portant subject could be put before a
grand Jury than the Inexcusable con
ditions that seem to prevail all over
Manhattan, l'crhaps the laws are
not drastic enough; possibly such
laws aro not rigidly enforced; at any
rata it will -9 essential, I think, for
tao grand jury to spread oeiore tne
public the exact situation. If the
right kind cf laws are lacking; public
opinion will get them. If the taws
haven't been enforced, the grand
Jury may be able to find out who is
to blame. Fire Chief Croker tells
me that the shocking conditions at
the Asch building are duplicated all
through the factory district and. that
(t has been impossible for him, de
cplte numerous appeals and protests.
to mako any headway. Fire Commis
sioner Waldo agrees absolutely with
bis subordinate. I can not believe
that an occurrence so shocking can
pass without something definite be
ing done to protect the thousands of
workers, who seem to be helpless as
things are now."
Two Gfris Crashed Through Pave
ment Light to Basement.
New York. March 27. Three more
bodies were found In the ruins of the
Asch building, corner of Washington,
place and Greene street, occupied by
the Triangle Waist company, when
searchlights from fire apparatus were
turned upon the blackened walls and.
firemen with lanterns Invaded the
premises. This Increases the num
ber of deaths to 145.
Firemen felt for hours around In
(ha water under a hole In the side
walk vault lights on the Greene
Street side, a hole made by falling
bodies, but discovered nothing. One
of them, happening to look up, Baw
tiro bodies of young women beneath
.which he and his companions had
walked many times. The two dead
elrls were lying on a lattice of steam,
ipes, about four feet below the hole
la the vault lights. Their bodies had.
broken the concrete and glass vault
lights of the pavement and had fall
a through the sidewalk hole to the
taam pipes.
Later firemen working- in the cel
lar of the building came across, a
body at the foot of. the shaft of the
two freight elevators on the north
side of tie building. It was so badly
urned and mutilated that the fire
men wer unable to tell whether It
was a man of a woman. Charles
Atcaraan of fire patrol No. 2 found
part ot an arm and shoulder near the
sorts end ot the cutting room, of the
eighth floor, where the fire started.
bMtt&th a Ella cf wet faster sad
bits ot warped sewing: machines.
Shortly after this a. hand was. found:
on the window ledge ot the- fifth: floor
on the Greene street aide, evidently
broken from the wrist of a. failing:
body. Two charred arms and x
burned foot were found on. the ninth:
Bodies Taken ta Morgue.
Two dead bodies and the hits or
charred remains were sent, to the
morgue. When the body found at
the foot of the freight elevator shaft
had been, sent to the morgue there
was a tow cf to pine coffins: painted
a. dull red stretched along: the south:
side of the covered pier and 63 along;
the north side, each, containing; a.
body which. In. most cases, was un
recagnizablc. Twenty-six ot the 63 coffins along:
the north side cf the pier were- cow
red. Knowing- that these hadles had
been Identified. Of the line- ot IS
across the pier the lids of seven, had
been, fastened to the coffins-.
The relatives or close- friends who:
were looking- for their dead at the
pier morgue began, to- come an: hour
or two after the first body arrived
,there acijj thesu.were.stin, ux. Una; at
dawn. The line of people waiting: a
chance ta leak, at the victims at the
fire strong from, the pier entrance
back on Twenty-sixth, street, a. Ions
block to First avenue, and then south,
on First avenue to Twenty-fourth-street
There were- froek-coatedyouns
men carrying: canea who laughed and:
chatted with well-dressed girls aatl
line Jostled slowly eastward toward
the pier entrance. Walte-capped-nurses
from. Bellevue and the allied
hospitals really had more to do with,
the handling of the crowds than, the
police. On. the south, side of the- pier
was a white-enameled table. Many
times there would be heard a, shriek
and a nurse would clasp her arms
around the woman, who had either
begun to grow- hysterical upon, recojp
nizlng her dead or who had fainted
from the horror that lay stretched
sll about.
Blame C'ffaret Stub.
Max. Blanck, one ot the proprietors
ot the Triangle company, told the?
reporters that It was against orders
to smok in. their lofts. The report
ers, while clambering- over the debri
on, the eighth floor, at the place
where the fire started, saw amid the
half-burred pocketbooks, shoes and
bits of clothing-, a, scorched cigarec
box. In another part ot the building:
were a number of halt-smoked cigar
ets. lying on, the floor. Around same
of the bodies cf the men. who. Jumuect
and in the packets ot their clothes
were quantities of matches. Ciner
Croker said that he believed the fire
was caused by a. smoker, who tossed
either a. match, or a. lighted cigaret
on. the flocr among- the piles at in
flammable flimsy stuff used in. the
manufacture of waists and lingeries
There was not an. outside fire es
cape on the building, and a. few mlnr
utes after the fire was discovered the-
windows were black with, girls.
"Don't Jumpl Don.t Jump!" yelled
the crowd, but the girls had. no alter
native. The pressure ot the? mad-
I dened hundreds behind them, and the
urging of their own. fears were toa
strong. They began, to fall, to the
sidewalk in. a. terrihla rata, ot fflesa.
and blood.
In. such, a. horrible stream: did the
bodies overflow from, the windows
that the fire nets, stretched by the
first company to arrive, were. soon,
gorged beyond capacity. Twelve:
bodies weighted one net ta the burst
ins point, hut the bodies kept an.
tumbling- ta the pavement through,
the meshes that could not longer
support them.
The building- standi with. shelL in.
tact and barely scarred rather only
smudged. The partitions of architec
tural tillnff between floor and floor
are sound, and It la impossihla tor
one who did not see It to imagine
how the flames- ux so short space:
could have wrought suck havoc;
Seven, hundred hands. 5Qu cfr thent
women, were employed by the. shirt,
waist company. They sat la. row at
tiefer whirries macklaea. tha tahlas
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us now; tn make?Iac& wvi nnp; mnfi 1&1 twriftinTyj,, .m Tmgr. amB
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others- turn out They arttmrt:teKvairccirtrtEtottsmrnthmttt
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struct the Irish, crochet r.imw'Hr and! gamOouaunnsti Tsrresiis StSH-a:
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the loom tn weare- a: aqnara- yarrE. EUtem Stwae- tSrtss tfte mmul-r ame
leather work, and dhrins: har spares momesra.atis' tnxnsuss- oaQrjxnnliiEs ttfeai
eurrectly reproduce- the- neantiflti: trisaj &anapKs. Xfis- rr-4i3F tUsjr a
not militant suHrnajftes. andrhlTT5utrIISirS3S5SttHB tramdfrnr.aans- m
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and. said: she- would? be? afraid? tort gni too tfce? tnni or? ttJerE.
before- thent piled with: flincsF dtitfr. f
the floor littered witir cltitlr. this airt
itself: fnlL of flying: inSammahla dastU
Scvem Eead: Irr Wrecks !
Qcillk. Ca Mtirrfr STr-Stveai nerj
sonsr were: killed am mors tham a;
dozea Injured when, the; "Dixie; Hfcer
on: the: AHfyntftr Coast Hiw;. rnsnins:
between; Chicago: am JnckMmnllfe.
Fhi was wrecked an: a; treatlfc utbe
the Alanaha. river, near- hara The
first: and second-class coacgfWE tmE
the first Bullmam sieenerr went: intOD
the river; earning- away about; ant
feet off trestles I
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rtuiMy ARU SDJEO i
Anstin-. Te:c. Marefe 2T1 T5t niB, i . tn Ak. i,l- BB!S "a"i rfWff' S B
gust battle:- aE the? Mrrtirrr: rjavaluticnBaqs;i wsdk tfS2 ttB aznB ffi wanmS -
was, recenUr fought la as remcta'parnrrfi. a-iior-sLte Best SS Sdltefi ararl
af the- torritorx- oT Tepiix. acranUns
ta- tha.- statement of Harry Wltois. a3
young: man: belonging; ton au nrominent:
Austin, family, who: iss Sghttcs; wiiki
the rebels; Itt: that: part at the- cuuntry:
la a. tetter receiyed' hera "Wiltons szqte
the rebel: farces; hsd: lusc flnisnwa
twa days' encasement with: fnderaE'
ysnltt. O- Mreh, ST. -ClkinE: tb
tew- into, their awa hands; amfi KoiUfi:
" """ -
aver the.- heads: aC city olTTcifiiir. am
police, a. partar of: IK Gboanat caunijj
faxmerov, headed! hjr Eroaecutics: Aatt
tornoy Frank Z. Johnaoo, canductodB
a. succeaafnt systematic: raid! oa ate
off yntn'- hllm tigrnr saloanSL Trwan .i
dray loads at whiskjr were csntnraUii
and hauled: lnta caurc A. scara! aC ar!
resta area ezpecled ta rtiault ftrmttfag
Palls: ta His. Btsstifc.
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of the: Bnm ulanls-- H'.am ctunD3xts
factory mt i matuntHy kUlftdt
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Start A llfMnd Campaign Against
. Fulton Bill
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