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To Leavenworti Prison For
Tbree Years
Was W. P. Harrison Former
11897 and xotd bis Columbus borne on
Kast Broad street, lie purchased a
Hills district and later owned another
borne at Arondale. The latter be re-
centllr sold. He Is 57 years old and
was the father ot two children, both
of whom are now dead. He Is now Wr
ing with his wife In the Walnut HIUs
Siaks Into Clair W&en Hears
T&e Se&teice
Mitioi For A New Trial is
tk ' i
eefeaiaat Also Get Fise Of
$1,000 And Cost
Cincinnati, 0 March 25 William
P. Harrison tren.Med as he read from
the" tips of Federal Judge HolHater,
Friday, the words that his ears could
not hear, and which ordered him sent
to the federal penitentiary at Leaven
worth, Kansas, for three years and
imposed a fine of $1,000 for using the
mails with intent to defraud. Harri
son is almost deaf.
"Mr. Harrison will please stand up,"
said the judge.
Harrison did not hear, but his at
tomeys signified to him what to do.
As he arose ho showed, for the first
time during the trial, the signs of the
strain he has been under. The hand
that went to his left ear to aid his
hearing shook like a leaf in the wind
as the judge began delivering his sen
tence. As Judge Holllster reviewed the tri
al Harrison's nervousness increased
When sentence was pronounced, he
strained bis eyes to catch the words
from the lips of the judge. At the
words, "I sentence you to par a fine
of $500 on each of the two indict
ments.'' Harrison smiled, but the smile
faded, -as the judge continued, "and
sentence you to serve' one and one
halt rears on each -Indictment In the
federal prison .at Leavenworth, Kan."
Harrisonjsank back In his chair and
seemed stunned.
A.mpIon for a now trial was filed
before' sentence was passed, but was
A. motion for stay of execution to
allow his attorneys to take an appeal
to the federal clrcut.court of appeals
wasmado, and Harrison was released
on $4,000 bond, signed by F. H. Kin
ney" and Joseph Levitch.
The case against Harrison has at
tracted country-wide attention as his
firm, The World Manufacturing com
pany, doe3 one of the biggest mail
order businesses in the United States.
The indictment against Harrison fol
lowed his arrest by the postoffice in
spectors. He was charged with hav
ing used the malls to defraud in the
sale of "The easy way clothes wash
er" and "The home vacuum cleaner."
The trial began February 21. Both
sides summoned witnesses from dis
tant points of the country. The dem
onstration ot the workings of the vacu
um cleaner and the washing machine
'to the jury formed one of the interest
ing features of the trial.
Judge Haynes brought into court
250,000 letters from the files of the
World Manufacturing company, which
he threatened to read, but they were
not introduced.
The attention of the government
was called to Harrison's mall order
business some years ago when he was
arrested and tried on the charge of
using the United States mall for im
moral purposes in connection with the
sale of a vapor bath cabinet. He was
acquitted of that charge, but ever
since the government inspectors have
bad an eye on his business.
He was arrested several months
ago on the charges under which be
was convicted and the trial has been
going on about a month. The jury
was out six hours before it brought
In a verdict of guilty on seven counts.
Harrison has been spoken of as a
millionaire, but it is reported now
that he 13 practically "broke." Practi
cally all of his wealth was made out
of the mall order business. He started
in the pump business in Columbus and
failed. He then saw the possibilities
of the mail order business and made
money rapidly for a number of years.
Otuslde of that business, however, he
made several investments that turned
oat bad. One was In a 20,000-acre
tract of rice land. His Investment in
Columbus was not highly productive-
and he lost heavily when ho with sev
eral other Columbus men went Into a
deal for a lot of property north, of
Columbus which It was thought at that
time the. government would take over
for a military poet
Harrison moved to Cincinnati in
Second and Final
A second and final account has been
filed In probate by M. T. Gaines, ad
ministrator of Isabelle Gaines, show
ing the following: Received $2,491.09,
paid out the aasae amount.
The Brltton Estate
Win. E. Burt of Centerbnrg has beea
appointed administrator of Edward A.
Brittoa. Bond $200, The sureties are
W. C Trent and W. H. Larlsere. No
Deeds Filed .
Jesso F. Myers, guardian, to C. F.
Colville, 71 square rods la Pleasant
township, $50.
Ik Tie Act Of Sfeifliiliii Is
A Lical Stars
Sfraiger Is Arrestee Aii
Leckei Up Ii JaU
Oaie lis Kaie As Piters
Aii Ciiciiiati lis Sue
StsffeSiiei As lelif Cii
KCfei Wit. htfteij
6f Tie Fistiftlce At ialaiia.
0. Ills Week
Rev. L. W. Mnlhane, who recently
underwent an operation at ML Carmel
Hospital, Columbus, has recovered
rapidly and nls condition was such
that he was able to return to his home
in ML Vernon on Saturday afternoon.
He was accompanied- to this city by
a committee from the Knights of
Columbus, going over on the morning
train and returning with the Rev.
Father In the afternoon.
Of EDfertaiomeofs By Tiie
H. E. Sunday School
Three entertainments have been aK
ranged to be given by the M. EL Sun
day scnool, varied in their character
and of much fnteresL The first will
be on jilarch 29th and will" be a lecture
by Rev. E. D. Barnett on. "The Yose
mite Valley" illustrated with stercop-
tlcon views. During bis-vlslt to that
famous region, Rev. Barnett secured
a wide range of information which he
presents In a very entertaining and
Instructive manner. The viewB will
add much to the lecture.
The second entertainment will be
on April 12th by the; M. E. Sunday
school orchestra assisted by Mrs. Iva
Lewis Rudolph in readings.
The third will be on April 26th and
will be a lecture by Rev. Thomas Ham-
bly of Fredencktown on "Facts and
Fun or the Southland."
$$. .z. .x. .z. .g.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Paul of Coshocton avenue Fri
day. A daughter was born Friday to Mr.
and Mrs. William Grubaugh or East
Front streeL
A man giving his name as Freder
ick Powers was arrested at the Wool-
son department store on Friday after
noon ty Lieutenant of Polce Robert
MeElroy on t. charge of shoplifting
preferred by Mr. S. M. Woolson. He
was taken to the county Jail where be
Is being held to await a hearing.
The man entered the store and ap
peared to be examining the goods
with the intention of making a pur
chase. Little attention was paid him
at first but after a time his actions
became suspicious and as aresult he
was watched. He was sees to take a
number of hair dressing articles from
the counter and put them In his
pocket. He next went to the display
window and took a paint brush and
started to the door. He was imme
diately accosted and detained until
Officer McEIror arrived to take him in
to custody.
At the jail the stolen articles were
found on Powers' person and In addi
tion, & number of stamped postal
cards. Ho was roughly dressed and
gave Cincinnati, Ohio, as his home
when questioned by Officer McEIror.
Powers Is an entire stranger In the
city and will be held until Monday
when a post office inspector will arrive
to make an Investigation. This pre
caution Is being takes because of the
recent post office robbery at Gahanna,
Ohio, when a large number of stamps
and postal cards were stolen. The
prisoner is snsplcioned of being Im
plicate! In that robbery.
When taken before 'Squire Koons
Powers entered a plea of not guilty
and was returned to jail to await
hearing which was set for Monday
morning at 9 o'clock.
Mrs. Margaret Hall
Mrs. Margaret Hall, wife of Allison
Hall, died suddenly of heart trouble
at her home about one mile east of
Bladensburg Saturday morning at 4:00
o'clock. She was- about 72 years of
age at the time of her death and is
survived by her husband, one son and
three daughters. The funeral at the
Bladensburg Disciple church Sunday
afternoon at one o'clock. Rev. A. B.
Williams of ML Vernon officiating. In
terment In the Bladensburg cemetery.
larse Fnitf Ii Isai
torn Tiwislfp
Joseph Grobb. residing In. Morria
township, telephoned to Sheriff Parker
Saturday zsorni&gf that he had dis
covered a stray horse in tie road sear
his home and asked what disposition
to make of the animal Sheriff Parker
cotlced Mr. Grobb to hold the hone
for several days to see If. anyone
rlalrrs tee aaleeaL
Iijirei Wis Eipfeye
Floyd WIHIaaaett, who is employed
at the ML Verseahandle factory, set
with a very paiafui injury while at
worx on .rnaay uier&caa. He wax
operating a buxz saw and was la the
act of pushing a thick board against
the saw when thy blade caught ?nd
threw him a distance of several feeL
Luckily he was thrown away from the
saw instead of against it bat, as It
was, both of his. arms were painfully
sprained and braised. Dr. James F.
Lee was called to render surgical at
tention. T
ActiBg'As PoiiceJnlgDir-
loelMayir's Afeseiee
nej Ii Ills City
Ttf Net Seirclei Sat I
The pellce were notified; Frfdar aS-
teraean that counterfeit. nwn7waxaeJ
las: drcnlated. fa. tae dsr or that as
tern were bulngr made hy cersai
men. to pas it. The repeat waa ta ta
effect that, two men, emglnywi: a ffttf
Casts, glass. Cictnrr. wr Ba joasw
swa. ettae-ncgusr manejr aadl am fcs-
veartga-tfea was: lainetExteJr maAr.
No bad asoner waa. found, fa th ?e
sesdea off ettaer at tie- isax rmr-i-sassjdaa
and no arrests were nadte.
40 HUH,
IifeKflaTifcjIki Trai
ll CMstLIie
I eit Tim 1 A TresfIg-5
date leuM
"SSe Ssr Ore oi-fl ZhffhEs 3s
vxmB fee- asp uc r Ooarcfe ttod
easooe B; cnseH Iff HidTs rtm-a,
Bum B1 iwii mt immMKi ii ah Iruittt)-
teKaraaSmni am Uhwwa.tjjt uil i, otttt
mtt asr IWtw"!lnur jnto r V.tt Stem.
TrteOa. Q.
J,1 c,,r,' ft imraiflr.
SSf Sf?"'g!?lg 2 NWMiui 3wrttatmiifl
jrasars. rr- n moss jjrar twate. Biflfl
Profcstal Cards
Tn reaSna aialSi5C ttbeK.E
canrr?n ra sxtkktB csmsimes -w3ti'J
nrrrmfti fa&erguc Bier. OinzzsL it fyeizgi
Weafejaaa unfircrifisr w5o isE 2isrse I
az tie amnfir. w.1nmi St auwiixs xax t
CactSre Csacars.
Xs. WVirttrm i EiftSiacm wtmt to
JwfisSc Stersfivr aaan cm SuafiaaEs.'
Estiii5eief I13X
ZS years eC esmsinS suksssx.
Bee x. asrasiiy "Sasiieq: aaa Las"
OSivm jEoeera iaMlnc No. Ill
Msiit sartwLJCL Veraoa, Obis.
2 anfl J, Becemt Sok.
All ina&ttms ef lsal atare &nm.
pramff. nffrnHint sad nnrnriiHj- te.
sraeliae 3& tbe Tnkatm CewL OS
Na, S TmA S3sb street, MX. Tan, O.
--ew -aeate, Ufiee 164; geeidsai X.
persons were
vjcargta, marcs: Z5 Fcety
killed ttu ntcrafrts
when the "Dixfe Flyer- cix the AS-
Untie Ccast line went tfcrueh
trestle ever the AJapapa river. Fwe
coaches were derailed.
Cs3ansa nr ti zcast yuivvBt
eC aSISig: ticaus wins w5A sa iiisiJLuse
Gteir era temtzt aafl sere i.'i-.iyrj
5"bt2ir w fitausaifl Zacstet Jcsre 5msi
adifei ta 3CL Vecsaa sasanji 51s xb-
It &as nesrer faSSsfl ts jay Ii2 ssl-
agnnai $ti5&sxa.
A, ssZe iHhtst to l5n ta xsre xaa
Kcoato x cossSzcz&us suirjtoa.
The preaasi: Ss xSwiys x. sosi. 5f2ae
Ita 5t?3 za sare.
I Tar caa su4fia2 as. zs& ttme lor
f tie aKci cC TVr g'i" j'tij-
SI 52iSs Smare.
CScesrs as! Trceets
Jc&a 3E. EsralL Brett. ttss 7rret,.'
Wec Erf. Xxis EresL 2attre3
OiiiTir'i SirtsEs "V
M yam vtm aeytMng, hv&
H Insartid
WILL X "Boc"
X Seat QtaMer street Vt V. n
" w "
caasssar Thamt 3 Xe
LaierA.Strem u. Wia. F. Mta
Fsrac ssfi city reyerty tHn&L, wMk
ssd excaced. Prepsrtles rotes aaA
nszta ectZkcteK. Fire lutarasee a sp
x3s3t7. 2eeeBtlxc 14 old relhU
f&otk casrpcxie. Acdiext lassrasee,
22tb stock IfiBEraase. PIsie rl'tn Is.
ssrsace, aztoaioKIe iBsnrance, Is. Suft
we ess. lEsare any pmerty yoa a7i
iuwe. Bnrety oonas of aailnds.. CaU
HJflses-ns. Hoom 1 SIpe bidg, Sostk
Heia st. OL phae No. 47 Btaek?
3snr2 3
OSes la Arnold llock eoraer c4
Sast Elji street sad Wmnmnrt
9 ssre, KL Teraos, Obia.
During tho absence of Mayor C A.
Mitchell from tie 'city Justice of the
Peace Harry W. Kbons wfll act as
police judge and will haye charge of
all criminal cases coming' under the
Jurisdictiott of the ssayor.
Far lis Ceecrete Eefttateg fan At
Mwsi Yte3f Ceselery
Bids were opened by the Board of
Control, Saturday noon, for the con
crete retaining waU 504 feet in length,
which Is to be built on the west side
of Mound View cemetery. There were
four bidders, as follows:
W. H. WesL $2 per lineal fooL SL
OTS. A. B. Davis, $2.64 per lineal foot,
$1,330.56. t
J. A. Stoyle, 5L71 per lineal foot,
W. H. Ralston, $2.40 per lineal foot,
An award was deferred until the
next meeting of the board.
E. !. Gear; Attg-. H. H. & H. 1L
Greer, ataazsan.
S". I. wxxzZSo. BrtsL 32sa C. &
G. Ccccer Cx
wia. Kt.i ;r.:r Sitgafeiar SteJs
I O&ce asd reiadesce, IS t'Tt Vise St.
csszssr "pnone 2. OSes horars: B
At Danville
Hiss Resale Greer entertained! at
supper at her home fa DaxriHe en:
Fridar eTening. The faUowtns werei
present: Miss Euta. Jefferson, 3as fji
r.naioem luce, iLias jiary Elce, fppt: .
Anra Keldon and MTw JeaHfe McKee.p
Apron Shower
For Mrs. Laiimcre
Thirty ladfps particisated s aa
apron shower given Wednesday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Ida E. MnxS.-
hell. Lock; for Mrs. CTiartes Larfmcre
of ML Vernon. j
Fefreshments were serred !""T the'
afternoon spent most pleasantly. The'
erent was in anticipaticn. of the de
parture, April 1st, of 3frs. Lar&aare'
and children for Toppenisfi, Waa&L j
C"K". HcKee 2eS2 Vir:i ;n
Easas-3i. ASsa 52as
to 4 xsd 7 to S js. so.
Hother Cay's Swtsc Powders. Cur PhtA fc
CerCii reSef for FcTsriaficcffl tt 3 .
RtirmrfT, Tfytfiftrr; Dlacners mara-amC tpriaat
tie &jre!a amt liatroyWaraia-. TZrey Brxioin?)
CoMa fix St ttrracsL Tieyara- ao-pliamci & tt
Used br ilotleri torSSjeaa. T5y m-swrcE- I 1 15 DffCTOS JfcL S Ss. UUlS St.
"" . - -1 --tjj 1 '"ri gi - -r- tll'T " rIJFirto B UJht t I n
" r-r-y-L. .-- -;-!.-.. B t ,- H lj7 j. .If .
r.TteETWu reineav ior
Congr? Cniiii), Sore
5rtoaS, CoEgestiaB. of
tha 3Gsmgs, Deep Infam-
znatfon and Pneumonia.
Jmos CteicaaiSaB cd Jfcaina TaZ-
law, OH EtaeaSjjcsa Cssaihar,
MffTiSrfl, Oatl OS, Txrpsz&ze,
Prejged Oay Bj'
K. O.R. R.
Owr Remodeling Sale is at an opportune time
You will be wanting furniture this Spring and can purchase it at a great saving bv buying novrr before the 1st of ApxiL
Our wonderfully low prices are moving the funiiture rapidly, but the floors are still crowded. Excavatiag has begun,
in the basement, for an elevator, which will run from the first to third, floors. Soon the building extensions, floor raisings, elec
tric wiring and papering will begin ; then we will need floor space, and the cut prices are whafe "we are depending upon to move
the furniture.
Buy Today and Save Dollars on each Purchase
Princess Dressers 10.50 Oak Diners, set, $6.00 Oak Sideboards, $16 JO Bed Davenports, S19.00
Buffets, $16.50 Combination Bookcases, $140 Sitchea Cabinets, $14.
Pillar Extension Tables, $10.00
Ka. if.... 6: (9 a. m.
Xa. 4.". .11:S8 s. jk..
S. !. E:SJ 5. m.
Ke- S. c:u 9, m.
Kb T. 8:M a. m.
Ko. 17. 1:57 c a.
Ka. X....... ........ .2:58 p. jk.
K3.1E .ID: 68 p. x.
Not IS tad 17 diHj- exec?!
Ee6t. Ottr tmtas -lOj.
C, A. & C. R. R.
&ath Esand
K& 0C OX:a a. as.
Na. ES0.......... t:EB au jk.
Ka. 23 C: a. s.
"Ofa KM 8:M a. k.
"2a. ilS 10:ES a. a.
"Hs. ESS .12:35 b. m,
Ka. ES S:l9 j. k.
Na. 500 i:i7 j, jj.
Nsrtfc Bsand
Ka. 507. 2:25 a, s.
"Xa 5QL. 7:24 . at,
Ka fOf J:J4 v k,
Xo. SOS 2:03 p. a.
Na. 505 6:52 p. sb.
Ko. E1S izii p. .
Na. Ea 7:19 j. k.
"Ka. SZ8 CTo Mt. Yroa
alyj 1:20 p. m.
DaUr ezeet Basday.
Suday eslr.
Iron Beds, $1.75
Arm Bockers, $1.50
All Goods Delivered Free
jOne Plain Cash. Price
Free Ambulance Service
W F P P- T1K
per cent, in
terest on
Many of the Urge fortunes a?
toiay were started by a saving
iccount of only one dollar ts
begin with.
We would be pleased to explain
the advantages of our Savings
Department to you.
Come In and talk It over.
The Guaranty Saving
Bank and Trust Co.
Ut. Vernon, Ohio.
Opea Saturday evenings fraen
7 ta B Q'ateek.
Jnt lesmed that Gold VMi) TSsbp u
'hP "

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