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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, March 28, 1911, Image 4

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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xaEUKC sBsmsfi ac arts.
-- 'SEE 3KWCEEE TaUFfli:
The New i
mount vernon. ohio
aorrUL WoolacJLy
Subscription Bate $LS9 per year.
Entered at :ho ML. Verses Ov posfr
effice as second. -claaa: mutt isattec
itip!as2 Patfiri Will Soon Bi
Ready Far Ojeraiii.
-Success cf Recent Flight of Fotileta
and Parmatae From Larede ta
Eagle Pass Prompts War Daoarv
ment to Make Further Expert mants
vln Keeping Tafc en Movements
Along Rio Grande With Blrdmert.
'Mora Aviators on. Ground.
San Antonio. Tex. March. 2T". En
couraged by tho success of. the flight
of an array biplane from. Laredo ta
Eagle Pass several weeks age, the,
aero nautical detachment ot the Uolt
- ed States army signal corps, under
command of Major George O. Squiar.
Is scan to begla to put Into actual
practice the plan, of patrolling: pac
tions of the boundary along: the Eia
It Is learned that all plans bad
been perfected for duplication, of the
spectacular flight of Lieutenant Ben
jamin D. Foulols and Philip Pama
lee, but that instead of one long-distance
experiment such as theirs, reg
nlar aeroplane patrols of ahortor
length will bo Inaugurated. KJor
Squier returned to tho division, camp
at Fort Sara Houston after a week,
pent in riding: along: the tortuous
course of the IUo Grande between
Laredo and Eagle Pass on, a survey
of the ground.
New Aeraplanaa on Way.
Tcday three ertra avlutors attach
ed to the aeronautical division, of
the signal branch of the service ar
rived from the army presidio at San.
t)iego. They are First Lieutenant
Paul W. Back of the First Infantry.
Second Lieutenant John C. WalltoroC
the Eighth Infantry and Second Lieu
tenant George L M. Kelly of the
Thirtieth infantry. Throe more- aero
planes, one Wright and two ot the
Curtlss type, have been ordered from,
their respective factories and will be
ready for aervlcu along- the border
within a week.
After Fouiol and Parmalee fin
ished their (light they reported that
during most of the time In the air
they could view the country for 2(1
- miles on. either aide of the river, and
that the movemest of a single harao-
man over the opca .plain was plainly
Insutrcctoa Say It Wilt Not Grant
Reform Demanded.
"El Paso, Tex.. March ST. The-now
Mexican cabinet as outlined will not
e satisfactory to the Insurrection
ists. With the axceptlon. of General
Reyes, who may cu Into the cabinet.
there Is not a, man named for thn
cabinet In whom the lusurrecto.
have -confldeuce or who they btjiiev
"D.-1U be- disponed to grant them eun-
"essions. "The war will havo tu so,
on until we take Ulax a. priaullr.,
Bald a prominent Insurrevto.
Juare: is on tha anxioua sunt as to
the whereaboub ut Jone Do La. Lux.
Blanco and hla robul cuutuiaud. Thr
'were near Caaaa Cramteu the luttur
' part ot the week. Wanlanr they will
attack tho town or will lu.ireh on to
Join Madera at Ohlhuuhua or am
coming tu Juarez. a bu& bean ru
mored, is not known, ilut Juurec Is
trtshUned again.
XW3 from Nngalea. fully ciin
firmed, is that the victory of tit fml.
rate at La Colorado. Honors, attaiuat
the rebls who bud token, that pluuau
was complete, and that many ntl)ls.
and horsta wr 'tupturml !termi
ailla. tho state unoltul. In bo .itMtigly
dafasded th.At there la no dauttnr
from an attack, but th bllnf pre
vails bow that tha uiovMiuaot uctluat
llarmosltla waa mnraly a. feint to
-draw In the troops (rum, Mmallor
tewna. In thin th nibuls vrnru uu--cessful.
Many uuitlor towns ar.
now left UIIIirOU.-CLn.L
"What la thit afflict ot taklnc a cold,
-bath viry morulngr"'
"The cblef ouu that I've notlotL la,
an uuiiuiimerablu dunlre tu ivll very
tiwdy ulut to t'ltlHbunr Uibiiawh.
V3ou m-t a man who want tu. know,
. tsrt-i way to UtiiKlor Qunuo &. Co.
3ni cU nlm wbitn nd whom tu turn.
Okm- lanitmarita. blooka and alalia tu bum.
It u could ixttt blin aa b faU
AnS fur relief mora vlctlua bailat
SIIif burly vanlahea (rota aUtht
. Il- oiii-v- ualit ba'a UuatarwLuultn.
Htm iniooiuoonobnjliuwllU -Whrrn- .
. -Xjoavtlttnd aUalcfltWttyleutLhlm Ihertt
iluffjUU- tCZSl-WMk.
IK KuKAL llllifLii olliUj.8pffis
It all the 30V009 horaes used, is yKffrewdfiilTens IbiaHSJ5BsHssejaifilfcJi
rural free delivery servicer off ther psett-
office department: were? stood, is. ass,
straight line front New- "Earir. ta SiUB
Francisco, there would be a. horse-- ev
err 4ff yards. Tha distance, as aa
craw- flies Ir 2Z50i milesi.
Forty thousand menu toda the? wari&j
and. practically all csrrferns awrr toro,
horses, while- same? aT thmrn barer
three, made neceaaacr hr Ions; sandy
and hilly routes.
Now-, these horse om am averages
last amy; three.- years at the: wmfe.
which. Is extremelr hardl Ther are
worth, sayv $1001 each.
So It follows, that the: carriers- nmsl:
have' one now: horae. an. the; average,
everr rear ta the tm at 5s000,0CH)E
and. this three; millions: goete to: theLweathcrr nTni" Kins cnatK atsfi
tanners alone the different Hi. E.D.
routes for the moat part.
It costffJIOO a-iearrtafhedlKharae
aufllcienUy; well so that ha- can: atamfi
it to draw; his backboard; or- huggxr av
er the average: H. B". IT. route m we
And the farmera. benefitting; another:
J'J,000,00O froat this: aourcat
The figures, grmr atupemlDusi. TlrejfffliaiC their tnrrmmr
sound like Standard: oil air war- statist
Thus to have: $12.000.0&ff armuaUt
paid over to the fannersE whichj thep
did not receive heXora- the: days oC
on mexicam. acnsEni
Haw, Uncle Sam- Wilt Kej
Tah orr the: Mexican- Wars.
I ?p: ,
. punas AjLaa.tttT.tarr3 1
'h tt 1 1 H'-t"tlM:i-.Mj,i. i. i.ii-i
M-rii ttr. iian- rr. -it i
J !ttrl .in kuoU luttiuntr tat
j l-rtiHV' t ulac lui. wMtwL 'ua
4. ne- i'liiM. a foUantK
j- Mliiimtr of forriiai iaalra-
y FttuiBlai Da- ti. Birni.
J,. Mlnlstur or ttuauue Jtwar 15
" MlnUlw- ut Jtutlt!, mrtnu
J SodL
4.. allniatrt- toraeiita Maituell Mjj.
riruln y ltlvrau
MlniBtop nC nubile litatntetlom
T; Vtm KatunaLi
TJ MihIhi- atr eimmuaieattttuh
JL Nnriu lmltunc
Mliilmwr uf( bb andl :kv
T' GnniMlvM Caatu.
T- IdtnaitltHir ami- Ctaiu- on- Unw
only mituiFn- ot tlm- utai oaliietu
D- Im Hurra, wttt Rroixtol bs-
T sut.-uid aa .unhuMfcutsr to-
X iMimsttim by Joaquin Oj tia-
4 mm)i ,ir Ulwuii vu-urubiaac uw
Hk- untiMit mlttuiter' to loaffaku,!.
ttmt t1 i"M.'H' i'.ci?.i!.ii'.i: ii.fci!
Prompt! Cranpllanca; Avals tfe
L'aklng; Mhcbr. m trhtna. haa- de-
eidHdi not ta nwiat the- demand autdb
upon hen lu the. uitituatum, seat Crmn.
Husate. aad. a ai nsault th Ctum&it
foralum boani: ttatliiitl: the Hussion
miuiater banc M; tctirnatnvniir. ,- i-
nuta furrmai? aaojdeaitnt In. thu de?-1
maads. ut to uaar' atwernmBnt wilLi
ba dallvwreil today avoraL ounier?
aneea buvMn. the uiusnlitaca.: or than
fnrwlKiL boant ariMedaul thor nuiilteaa
Uon ot lite aurrimuijc ait thu- im. oC' H
hi... H
.4. nan- uttunauiuiu hew mat Quant
was awatlaallj? unaultaBua. ta ttn
it woa- uadwotnadi ibatt tha huant-
Rsa'if.- si. 'aw'fc
sj i
w.htrfi:refiTferTnM7 tttrpUtT
tortsreiew. am eecaaiamitt
biles, eoatt thaBL S" tH tssus SBIOOaiuOi
annually. HfirrewelSaxaJSB!TSBiSi
berzeifisairfasr biesci- deniteE.
reahilce saiesBstc h- tnaiteeK.
It coats VSB x. sear tie toxig- an Sxttaeij
rxhirM- 1tarrmfsrTmrrtjT-thyri-mW
eriy soodl atad! to iteejp veimtifie? IZ
dfiiaiy mcasrr aOMOOT isnzxe to
l-a thee- act: off hmmtn-jftj j
eras. bJarHnmithat. cgBiwUjStat.
Shndli rncrcaacts Ire coststc?
tritBE case lc Q&rthsicahsize o
oerrtr trtxss thre H H: IT. tona. TXaes
sell the; Bi ET m. rEHScheaxr .aErnmnsi!
atornimaws, amH nvwtiwr Cte-
l&pcavecB fnc raiajy TieathErr Tdajts'
nrofit to thg ttTTrrrg qg atamc SaaOPtU.
'Our each: maiQ canine; audi eaKSiaiJfl'
thnt- tTrmrtyfr i;in ntrTin
TZtnss wee fflrH tSHs !. S1 Hi rmriviixvTz.tEBBBissaznai
ssfsosilBs: St&QOOjCHlOi aissai&Q' 1-
equipjsenc. wsics: Ise j nyrm r?n-ru
Hot: iff ths SX&OGD&OO; nes iccmscHBx.
iooKk piTstte hits, diTtder tt Sa? -WWOOl
the; nwm fear ugraanstrawmggitetatE
ttwH ymt wilE fft UiH: wwt- mrtr
$?50 jjeir xeazr as luss ohs: wsaee.
fiag aBmnianw scarp' tieigi haas
nn, war oiflto unsBratthB tan nHfwwriaaiistaeBHesficaam-mlfiE
rmrflwrithmSallHS. HfelfcraBriaiieaer
man: KIchmsBc has nwar- waiBr i-.
niena? amfi l&eE Jjat ardtewU a tfesa atf
W musoiiiaiass for: thes Gferxnaos. rs .
They wiUJ her delivensB ams mm caen
SeJd: avrriett- lc thw amia. mb it :sh
QHrrrrfrr that: 6ferraac3y wiK leaavcam-
i ingr undona- tip overrai&s ttei? Kraataji
armr m: the? m-ogrcsss it !ai atosuijj'
made: irr the aatemaearlaBEtaC mxiszxst,
At the; sacse; (itnis his has ntocscl
ardfiir i ttr thee SS3mr psaee e
siEaeriatgruna. Tatase: wiB; hw :
ey-ojr OThnrao?i3awer'mB3crBss:sa
will have a; mrasseaiTtsyoOj ttmn
shellsi wilt ban aa. destlffiG fBrta!faca!5:rtI!p-::m,osttt)2HB'
that ts inxaniacii to wsnait aaTyatwtrW.j'
-hat cutneaE tnthirc xisireti
thane whjsrc thsay exniodse
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woichr olramnimp . w - bo. ",2BEn eff jhet aa asaia iree. JQgaJ
wha formerilF itoiih this
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murrawr nuprc ac Bimrntiwr jokS-ss Oaoas U-2.
FOrhea- has ahuwrc mxiBit; at '"- sajgA- -
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m-aiteml that rims; shuasc rfiw rsn
and. ore fa? coHiideac off laai atafiaB-
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Young America
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Spring Silks
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