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, TTT-CWlrt
FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1912.
' ':'. ' .
' , - - -
rTf'M' "B iurr
Two Little Girls From Knox
County Made To lleg
On The Streets Of Thirty
Towns In State Of Ohio
' I'M
By Woman Who Promised To
Give Them A Home
The Children Were Brought
Back To Mi, Vernon
By Juvenile Officer Purcell
On Monday Night
Juvenile Officer Patrick Purcell re
turned from New Philadelphia, O.,
Monday night, bringing with him
Mabel und Helen Johnson, aged 12
and G years. Both young girls are resi
dents of Knox county and are tho
daughters of Mrs. James Johnson,
whoso husband was killed about one
year ago.
Mrs. Johnson Is tho mother of nlno
children and since tho death of her
husband has been unable to provide
for all her children. Some months
ago a woman from Loudonvillo visit
ed Mt. Vernon and agreed to take the
two children, Mabel and Helen, to
her home and there care for them In
a proper manner.
It was recently discovered, how
ever, that Instead of sending the
children to school and giving them
aj. home, the woman compelled tho
children to beg on tho streets and it
has been found ithat tho children
were In no less than 30 towns in var
ious sections cf Ohio, begging.
The children told Juvenile Officer
Purcell that they took in from $5
to $15 porf day begging on the streets
and the money was all turned over
t o the woman, who agreed to give
ihem a home. According to the state
ment qf the children, if they did not
havo a good day begging then tho
woman would beat them with a
paddle. The oldest child exhibited
marks all over her body to prove her
statement. The oldest child was
dressed In a long dress to make peo
ple believe that aho was much older
than she really was.
A short time ago the two children
appeared on the streets of New Phil
adelphia and went from store to
Htoro and from residence to resldonce
begglug from the people. Finally Pro
bate Judgo Barnhlll of that county
ordered tho two children brought in
to juvenilo court. Tho two children
were questioned by tho probate judge
nnd lo him they told their story, how
they left Knox county, how they were
compolled to bog and turn the money
over to tho woman, and how they
were beaten If they refused to beg.
Judgo Barnhlll at onco notified tin
juvenile 'court of Knox county and
on Sunday, Juvenile Officer Patrick
Purcell left for New Philadelphia and
arrived home with tho two girls on
Monday night.
The woman who took the children
from Mt. Vernon, and who promised
to give them a horns and the proper
care and attention, is now located in
Canal Dover, and It is quite likely
that some action will be brought
against her at an early date.
Upon reaching Mt. Vernon, Mon
day night tho two girls were glran
to tholr mother, but on account or
her destitute circumstances she will
be unable to care for the children
and the authorities will endeavor to
find a homo for tho two little girls
In Kiev county. Both girls weio.es
coodlngly bright for their age and
the oldest is capable of doing house
work. Juvenile Officer Purcell will ' on-,
deavor to find a homo for them at
For rheumatism you will find noth
ing bettor than Chamberlain's Lini
ment. Try it nnd seo how quickly it
gives roliof. For sale by all dealers.
"They say: 'ah well suppose they
Hut does that prove tho matter
true.' "
Listen to tho other side, of tho
story. B. B. Molendy can toll you.
Still in town. Tunes, repairs and
sells pianos. Residence 'phone 809
blue. Sample piano at Jno, J. Pfouta',
6 V.. Vino street.
" i
Lets Go At A Coshocton
And Two Men Have A Very
Narrow Escape
(Coshocton Age)
Itoy Moore, bottler, and William
Miller, prominent transfer man, were
slightly injured and had a hair-raising
escapo from death, and the plant
of tho Centennial Bottling Works,
near Fifth and Main streets was
wrecked nt 11 o'clock Monday morn
ing when a CO-pound gas tank contain
ing a high pressure of carbonic acid
gas exploded In the bottling shop.
The loss to tho plant Is estimated
by Marlon Patterson, part owner, at
about $300, covered by insurance.
That Mooro and Miller escaped
with their lives seems miraculous.
Both stood not three feet away from
tho big iron cylinder when It explod
ed breaking every window in the
plant out of the frame, tearing a hol&
through the roof and jarring the en
tiro section of town. The roar of tho
explosion was heard in almost ovory
section of town.
Moore was standing at tho bottling
machine with his back to the big
iron cylinder used for containing tho
gas used In pop and soon water. Ho
was about three faot away lrom tho
tank. William Miller proprietor of the
Buckeye Transfer & Feed Stable in
the Schalch alley stepped into the
workshop to talk to Moore. Ho was
standing on the opposite side of the
bottling machine from Moore.
Without any warning and with a
loud roar the big gas tank which
stood against the wall of the building
lot go. Glass, broken lumber and
pieces of Iron fell in a shower nround
the men. Particles of the glass and
splinters of the lumber struck the
two men on the face and hands in
flicting slight cuts but not seriously
injuring them.
The gas tank which measures
about five feet long with a diameter
of about eight Inches was blown Into
many pieces. One of tha smaller
pieces cut through a halt Inch board
with which the room is celled and
went out through tho roof. The larg
er piece of tho tank struck the wall
and glanced up through the celling
and out the roof. About one-fourth
of the roof was torn away. The tank
was found later on the roof of I-tel-man's
plumbing shop building tvo
hundred yards away.
To Keep Charter List Open
To Secure Members
Owing to the fact that a largo num
ber of classes of new members taken
In recently tho officers of Hiawatha
Lodge No. 824 L. O. O. M, havo re
ceived a special dispensation from
Supreme Dictator Jones for an exten
sion of keeping tho charter open an
other thirty days. This has been
granted to give all the advantage ot
becoming members of the Moose
A Mcose hunt has been recently or
ganized by the members, and in all
probability the' Moose will have the
largest membership of any lodge In
Mt. Vernon.
You will look a good while before
you find a better medicine for coughs
and colds than Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. It not only gives relief
it cures. Try It when you have a
cough or cold, and you are certain to
bo, pleasced with the prompt cure
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ers. E
Of Gladensburg High School
To Occur April 24
The commencement of tho Bladons
burg High school will be held In tho
town hall on-tho evening of April 21.
The Senior class will give tho play,
"Undo Rube". Music will bo fur
nished by the Snow orchestra of Dan
ville. Tho members of tho class aro
imi Wiggins, Gladys Elliott, Alta
Balrd, Clara and Harry Hess.
Mr. Sherman Foreakor of Gary,
Indiana, was a visitor In tho city ov
er Tuesday.
Arrested On A Charge Of
Disorderly Conduct
Uose Koblnson was arrested at her
home on East Front street at about
9:30 o'clock Monday night, charged
with disorderly conduct. Instead of
being put In jail, she was ordered to
appear before the mayor Tuesday
morning. At this time alio pleaded
guilty to the charge and was lined
$5 nnd costs.
Chief Clements made a trip to the
neighborhood of the Robinson home
on East Front street In response to
several complaints which had been
received. Ho found that the com
plaints wore well founded aud acted
"My little son had a very severe
cold. I was recommended to try
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and be
fore a small bottle was finished he
was well as ever," writes Mrs, H.
Silks, 20 Dowllng street, Sydney, Aus
tralia. This remedy Is for sale by all
Elected By Knox Co, Branch
Of Humane Society
At A Meeting Held In This
City Monday Evening
At a meeting of the Knox County
Branch of the Ohio Humane Society
held Monday evening at tho Y. M. C.
A. building, tho following officers were
elected for tho ensuing year:
President William H. Smith.
Vice President Mrs. George Mor
gan. Treasurer M. Nixxon.
Clerk Lyman J. Keen.
Humane Officer Jacob Lybarger.
Trustee One Year William A. Hos
ack. Trustee " Two" "Years-Clinton M.
Trustee Three Years Mrs. Clara
Humane Officer Lybarger read a
partial report of the year's work and
the full report will be published with
in a short time.
Don't be surprised it you have an
attack of rheumatism this spring.
Just rub the affected parts freely
with Chamberlain's Liniment and it
will soon disappear. Sold by all deal
The United States senate on Mon
day confirmed tho appointment ot
Postmaster S. G. Dowds of Mt. Ver
non for tho second term.
FOR SALE All kinds of plows,
harrows and stoves. Stokes' junk
yard, N. Sandusky St. Closed on
Saturday. 1!)
Miss Marguerite Allen of East
High street went to Oxford, Ohio,
Tuesday morning to make a sexerhl
days' visit with friends.
FOR SALE s. c. Buff Orphlngton
and s. c. Brown Leghorn eggs, aud
Indian Runnor duck eggs. Mrs. J. R.
Drape Howard, Citizens' 'phone. Dan
ville, X-79. 26
Mrs. G. W. Shipley, residing just
north of the city, is suffering with a
badly sprained right 'ankle which
she sustained in a fall Sunday even
ing. Very low homeseokers fares via the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to points
in Northwest, West, Southwest and
British Columbia. Call on or address
nearest B. & O. Agt., for particulars.
Miss Weida Boyer left Tuesday
morning for her home in Williams
port, Pa., after a several days' visit
at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. E. W.
Jeffries on North McKenzIo street.
Knox County Pomona Grange
will meet at Y. M. C. A. Saturday,
April 20th, promptly at one o'clock,
sun time. Lot every subordinate
grango bo well represented, as tho an
nual election of officers takes place.
f I I4 f HE I I J" ! I f f I I
r S f f I I I J I f 'i f ! I
A son was born Tuesday morning
to Mr. nnd Mrs. John W. Rudln of
East High street.
Dr. C. C. Crldor, vetorinary sur-
geon. Gradunto and licensed. Res-
dence and olllco, corner Gambior
and Mulberry sts. Calls answered
day and night. Either 'phono.
Boll COW; Citizens' 173 Blue.
Of A Farmer Tor Shooting
At His Stepson
(Mansfield Noun)
William Able, living three and a
half miles out on the Ashland road,
was afrestcd Monday by Contable
Foley on a warrant, charging hi in
with shooting wititglntcnt to kill his
stepson, Heed Graves. Able was giv
en n hearing before Justice Schoeffer
late this afternoon! Ho waived tho
roudlng of the affidavit, pleaded not
guilty and was bound over to tho
court of common (pleas. He was
locked In the county jail awaiting
ball of $1,000. Ab'lo telephoned fof
his wife to get ball' for him.
According to the story ot the offi
cers, Able had been drinking Satur
day night and it Ist'clalnied he began
as if rehearsing or'a moving picture
film, by shooting lip tho family. His
object of attack !wa his stepson,
Reed Graves, who spoiled tho picture
by making a rapid getaway. Tho
stepson came to Mansfield that night
and swore out the warrant for tho
arrest of Able. Sheriff Carroll and
Constable Foley went to the Able
home Saturday night after dark but
Able had fled.
Monday Constable Foley went to
the place of the alleged shooting aud
found the accused at home. It Is
told that Able and his wife had patch
ed up all dirferencoH and he had
promised her he' would turn over a
new leaf Both shed copious tears
when the constable made the arrest.
Able Is CO years old and is known by
Ills sobriquet of "Cuckoo." Ho owns
a lnnn of nearly 100 acres, It is
For Commencement Of
Walhoidjpg Schools
Commencements exercises of. tho
Walhondtng high school will be held
May 4 at 8 o'clock in the Walhond
ing Disciple church. The baccalaure
ate sermon will be preached by the
Rev. W E. .Bridge of Coshocton on
April 28, at 3 o'clock at the same
The following program has been ar
ranged for the commencement exer
cises: Music. -Invocation
Rev, Perry Neldon.
Oration, "Some Strange Comers, of
Our Country" L. Walter Og'.e.
Oration,, "Success Its. Worth and
its Dignity" Nina Leatn Cummings.
Class History S. Jackson Wil
liams. Music.
Class Prophecy Zella Irabolle
Baker. . '
Class Address Prof. C. S. Mart
.zolff, Athens, O. ?"
Music. ,
Presentation of diplomas.
Benediction Rev. Perry Neldon.
The following is the class roll: J,.
Walter Ogle, Nina Leota Cumrohigs,
G. Jackson Williams, and Zella Isa
bolla Baker.
Scarlet and silver are the class col
ors, pink tea rose the flower and the
motto is "Not a day without some
thing done."
Here's a Kidney Treatment We Want
You to Try at Our Risk
With advanced age comes derange
ment ot the kidneys and associate or
gans. Nature Is unable to perform her
proper functions and requires cer
tain outsldo aid.
We aro so confident we havo the es
sential aid for restoring strength, ac
tivity and health to weak or diseased
kidneys that we aro willing to supply
It with tho positive understanding that
It shall cost tho user nothing what
ever, If for any reason it fails to give
entlro satisfaction.
After a thorough oxporlenco with
the most successful kidney treatments,
we aro satisfied that Rexall Kidney
Pills embraces all tboso qualities so
necessary for giving prompt and per
manent roliof in cases of kidney and
urinary allmonts.
'inasmuch as a trial of Rexall Kid-
noy Pills can bo had at our ontlre
risk, there Is no reason for anyone
hesitating to put it to a practical test
Try a package today, on our guaran
too. Price GOc. Sold In this communl
ty only at our store Tho Rexall Store,
Ed, Dover.
Destroys The Merrill House
In Ulica
I'tfca, O., April 17 Another file
broke out In Utlca early Monday
morning, In which the propert of
Daniel Morrill was g'uttcd and the
furniture practically all destroyed.
.Mr. and Mrs. Merrill were away at
tho time, but two roomers were in
tho house. One of ttteru nad arisen
at midnight to go to work, and left
the other, W. h. Rice, brother of Mrt.
.Merrill, alono In the nousn. The lire
started from unknown reasons under
the staircase and Mr. Rice was saved
from Incineration by Jumping from
the second story window A partial
Insurance Is carried on tho property
which was located near the Llckins
Glass company plant,
Miss Sadie Beach
Miss Sadie Beach, aged 22 years,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Beach, died at 4 o'clock Tuesday
morning at the home of her parents,
two miles north of Bladcnsburg, after
an illness of two years. The deceased
Is survived by her parents, by three
brothers aud three sisters. The fun
eral Thursday morning at the house at
10 o'clock.
To Select Delegates to the State, Cir
cuit Judicial, Common Pleas Ju
dicial and Senatorial Conventions.
TIip ilelopateH nlecteil In tlie xr-vr-ral
townships and wurus In Knox coun'y at
tlio primary held May 21, 1512, will mcot
In u county convention at tlie Court
House In Mt Vernon, O 011
Saturday, June 1, 1912, at
1 O'clock, P. M.
for tlie purpose of selecting delesati--. to
represent the Democracy of Knox, county
In the state convention, circuit Judicial
convention common pleas judicial conven
tion and senatorial convention, as follows:
Eight delegates and eight alternates to
the Democratic state convention to be
held at Toledo, O., June 4 and 5.
Eight delegates and eight alternates to
tho circuit Judicial convention to be held
at Canton, O.,-Jun0 27.
Forty delegates and forty alternates to
the common pleas judicial convention to
be held at Newark, O., July 5.
Forty delegates and forty alternates to
tho senatorial convention to be held In
Mt. Vernon, O., June 11.
Tho several townships and wards aro
entitled to the number of delegates In the
county convention as follows;
Herlln I
Brown , K
Clay I
Precinct A 6
Precinct H 4
Mt. Vernon
First Wnrd A r,
First Wan! 1! 5
Second Ward A..,, 5
Second Ward It 5
Third Ward A I .. C
Third Ward 13 !
Fouith Wnrd A 4
Fourth Wnrd U 5
CoIIgkc- I
lluirlson fi
Hllllar S
Howard .' il
Jackson , 5
Jefferson 4
I.lbeity , C
Mlildlebury 3
Mllford 4
Miller . .1
Monroe 5
Morgan ,.... 3
Morris ,, 5
I'lke 7
Plratnnt 4
Union 10
Wnyno It
By order of the Democratic County Cen
tral Committee
Willis IJebout.
Secy. Pro Tern.
Homer Follln, residing In the state of
Kentucky, and whose more particular
pluco of residence is unknown, and Ern
est E. Follln, residing In the City of Do
troit. In the Stnto of Michigan, will take
notice that on the 23th day of March. A.
D., 1912, Lloyd I). Levering, as guardian
und next friend of Hoss It. Levering, llled
his petition In the Common Pleas Court
of Knox county, Ohio, In Case No. 9183,
against the above nnined parties ct al.
praying for tho partition of certain real
estate mentioned and described in said
petition as being the property of tho es
tate of Daniel M. Follln, deceased, and
for other and further equitable relief, said
premises being situated In the vitiligo of
Frednrlcktown, Knox county, Ohio, and
standing o. record In tho name of Daniel
M. Follln and Elizabeth Follln.
Said pnrtles are required to answer on
or before the ISth day of May, A. D..
1912, or Judgment may bo trijten against
as guardian and next friend of Itoss R.
Levering. '
F. O. Lovcring.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Dr. J. A. McGill's
Famous Female
Are a famous remedy for
ail female diseases
Suffering Women try
n Samplo
For sale By all Dragglrts
Call on your home druggist
for book nnd free sample
1 permanently cured so that you can eat any
kind of food that you crave? It has been done
not only once, but in almost every case when Cham'
.berlain's Tablets are used. An instance: Mr. J.
Pominville, Stillwater, Minn., who had spent over
$2,000.00 for medicine and treatment was perma
nently cured by these tablets.
hand. Tell us the kind you want. A child can easily run it.
The clothes are rubbed, squeezed and thorouehly washed, far better
than they can be by hand. Aladcof everlasting I .ouisiana Red Cypress
Wood. Order one on trial from your local dealer. Write direct to us
for booklet on washday hints.
THE BOSS WASHING MACHINE C6., Norwood Station, Cincinnati, Ohio
For E. L. WOLFE, Bladensburg, Ohio.
By HALL & BURTNETT, Danville, O.
Your Spring Suit
Should.be one made for you one that fits
you to the minutest detail. If you wish it so, I'm
the tailor for you.
All The Most Popular New Shades
JNO. R. DOELFS, Tailor
1 Door East of Curtis House Office
I &
- '" Riirvliire Occurs
Of M. P. Church Celebrate
Their Anniversary
With A Most Interesting And
Entertaining Program
The anniversary observed at the
M. P. church was grsatly enjoyed by
all who were privileged to attend.
During the afternoon two hundred
and fllty-seven persons registered,
and tho time was devoted to making
new acquaintances and renewing old
friendships. At 5:30 as many as
could bo seated were invited to the
dining room to" partake of a feast of
good things. The tables were beauti
fully decorated with carnations and
tulips, that were generously present.
ed by Mr. George Spearman. As fast
as the tables were emptied, they were
refilled again until an had been
served. At 7:30 they asseraled in
the auditorium to listen to a program
of choruses, solos, duets and quartets
which was highly appreciated by all.
Each one taking part deserves a
great deal of credit for making the
entertainment such a success. A free
will offering for tho building and re
pair fund was one ot the features of
tho day. At tho conclusion of tho
program chorus and audience joined
in singing "God Bo With You Till
Wo Meet Again." Seldom is one
privileged to witness such kindly fel
Indigestion ?
indigestion can be cared.
The Washing
Machine that
Really Washes
Clothes Clean
THIS is the famous "Hoss"
the machine with the
mechanical wash-board im
pro cd by the liich speed, fly
wheel attachment. Can be
operated by Klcctric, Water or
Engine Power as well as bv
Rupture. Piles, Fistula, ?
NO C'JRE NO PAY. Send 2c stomp for Book how we
cure nd testimonials. Some may be your neighbor. (A
Drs. HAINES & HAINES, c'oi.St.II
Room 52. 101 N. High St.
lowship and christian spirit as ir&s
manifest throughout the day. The.,
committees in charge are to be con.
Taken By Commissioners To
wards Paving Viaduct
The county commissioners at their
session on Monday took the first steps
towards the paving of the viaduct. Tho.
commissioners decided to hold a con
ference next Monday with represents
tives from the Mt. Vernon Street RalU
way and the Ohio Fuel Supply- Co.,
relative to the changing of the street;
car tracks and gas line on the viaduct
beforo the paving is commenced.
The commissioners expect to award
the contract at an early date and
have the paving completed early la
the summer.
Account Filed
An individual first and final account
has been filed in probate court by Wil
liam M. Koons, one of the executors,
of Culbertson D, Taylor. The account
shows tho sum of ?3,000 to havo been
Deeds Filed
Mary A. Cell to P. V. Owon, lot 339,
Hamtramck addition to city, ?6,2E0.
Hattio Wingelr to Charles W. Edt
wards, parcel In Clinton, $1,000.
Mr. O. Ransom went to Columbuj
Wednesday morning on business.

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